Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 13
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THE CHEESE TRADE. Tk* Commute# on Cheese, consisting of five mem fesra of the Produce Exchange Identified Willi that trade yesterday adopted a sot of rules to govern it. It *U decided that a lee or $15 should bo charged for ?very reference caae; that on all salon of elu-efo (when not otherwise agreed upon) the seller shall have iho right to demand payment at the tlmo ot iiuxMng the title and, il tho buyer requires It, the- seller must, when practicable, transfer the properly to such vessel ?r warehouse as the buyer may designate, but that tbo title remain* veiled in tbe seller until conveyed by delivery of the proper docutucnta. In the abaenoe of ?peclal agreement all cheeso purchased "In store' ?ball be understood as being ready and designed lor Immediate delivery. but the buyer 1* to have forty - eight hours In which to have such cheeso inspected i and weights tested. Tbe testing shall be by a regu larly appointed city weigher, who shall be a member ?f the Produce Exchange, and his fees shall bo p 'Id by the seller; tot less than Ave boxes or more than ten per ceil of the whole lot shall bo a test. All over weights shall offset equal amounts of short weights on each particular factory or duiry. but overweights on one factory or dairy shall not offset short weights ou Mother. A charge of two cents |>er box shall bo borne by the buyer, which shall cover the cost of cooperage and inspection, SANITARY POLICE ABOLISHED. The Board of Health were to-day served with resolu tions adopted at a special meeting ot tbe Hoard of Police to the effect that members of the police forco will no longer make sanitary inspections or serve pa per* of the Board ot Health. The lolloping are tho resolutions:? Resolved. That the sanitary inspection and reinsertion or ?remises to determine whether tliey are in condition u*i? tffrom to health ir? dearly ^portion of the dutiex ot the Mbordiaetet of the Board orTiealth, who are nupjxwcd to have been appointed and employed on account ot their special qualiHcation? fur decltiiUK with intelligence upon ?ucti aanitery quentiont; that Much iunpectieiu ?l?ould be snade exclunively by the Board of lleultlu The Board of Police, therefore. do not consent that this class ot Unties eliall be imposed upon ordinary putrolmou of too police SMtesoived, Thst the ordinances or the Board ot Health Known as the Sanitary Code. sre. and st all times have been, and will continue to be entmced by the police forcj in tbe ssme manner as ordinances l?y tbo Common Conned ud statutes of the State, for violation ot which criminal punishment may be inflicted. Such ordinance*, therefore, ssn be enforced by tha police force onlv by the personal arrest or offenders and tbe instilutiou ol criminal proceedings against them, and tbe police force cannot properly bo engaged officially in any civil, legal proceeding. Resolved, That the execution and enforcement ot tho Sanitary rules of the Hoard or Health liutended by the' language of tbe Health law) cannot be construed to include er ineau tbe service or ord'rs and notice* of the Board ot Health, which service could uulte us well and more cheaply, be performed by any icrade ol the employes or the Hoard ot Health, and in view ol the insufficient number ol the ibico and their arduous and Increasing duties it i* impo?sible to coaseat to the employment of patrolmen upon sny other than police duties. This action, GeDeral Smith state?, has long been con templated, and is only carrying out the settled policy ol tbe present Hoard ol Polico to make every member ol tbe force do pollco duty. Tho Board of Health, ho claims, can aa well serve their own papers by cheap clerks as by patrolmen, wbotu the citizens pay $100 per month tor protecting lite and property. The members of tbe Sanitary squad will, In accord ance with this action, be soon transferred to different precincts. PREPARING FOR THE ELECTION. At a meeting of the Board ot Police yesterday Com missioners Erhnrdt and Nichols were appointed a com mittee on elections. This selection was made in order thut both political parties would bo equally represented la the matter of appointing and dismissing poll clerks *nd Inspectors of elections and attending to all other tffiiirs appertaining to the approaching olection so lar as the Police Department is concerned. DEATH BY SCALDING. Ann 11. lfalone was scolded to death by falling Mito a tub of hot water on the 226 ulL An Inquest was held yesterday by Coroner Woilman. and the Jury brought In a verdict according to the facts. mTHTC(1rjVM A merchant, wHoTTnhTs former Fosiflo.v J\. as supercargo. has collected much valuable informs* tlon on the trade and commerce or foreign countries, will give instruction to young business men who might be de sirous or perfecting their mercantile knowledge liy a prac tical method; he would also be willing to oxchaoge readings la French. Spanish, Italian and German tor Kngl sh with ladles of literary cultnre. Por particulars address MElt VHiHf, box 501 Post office. A' FAMILY"BOARDING SCHOOL?O.N A FARM. 14 miles trom New York; scholars can remain during the summer vaeatlon, receiving tt? best esre. For circulars, it, apply to Mrs. H. C. MORRELL. Manhasset, L. I. GERMAN LADY (TEACHER) WISHES? A POSITION in a private famtlv where she could teacb French and German or music during tbo vacation iu exchange tor Board; best reference. Can be seen on Monday, rrom 101<> 4 o'clock, at 35 Union square, third tloor. or address M. J. M., Claverack College, Columbia oounty, X. Y. NNOUNCBMENT.?TEN PRIVATE WHITING LE8 SODS for ftl. Academy lith av. and st Circulars.' GOLDSMITH. ~k GRADUATED PARISIAN ?aDY, TEACHES A. French. Ilteratnre and music, whose engagement will be closed about the middle of J nne, desires for tlist time a wood home in a private family, city or country, in exchange lor her teaching. Addrees, for three days, P. P., Herald Up town Branch office. BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP. ARITHMETIC.? DOLBEAR'S Commercial College. 1.1D3 Broadway, remains open day and evening all summer. Pupils entering new secure private lessons on low terms. REXCH CONVERSATION AND LITERATURE? BY a Parlsla ?35. Address] ? Parisian gentleman; thirty lessons at pupil's i FRENCH, box 127 Herald Uptown Branch Til BENCH, SPANISH AND GERMAN THOROUGHLY J taught and with pure pronunciation, by l'roleseor WONDERMaN, 1,263 Broadway. Redueed terms. /TeRMAN. FRENCH, ENGLISH TO FOREIGNERS.? \JT Call or apply for circulars to Professor KUTINEB, at 217 East 35th st. OMR BOARDING SCHOOL FOR~ CHILDREN*; healthful location ; short distance fmui city; will re ceive best of eare ; terms for board and Hugllsh branches, B4fi per quarter for children under twelve; music extra. Address Mrs. II. B. SEYMOUR. New Canaan, Conn. INSTRUCTION GIVEN IN TIIE'aRT OK "LETTER writing and a stylish handwriting guaranteed. Lessons la English, grammar, music, Ac.; Vnpils prepared lor ex amination ; all lessons strictly private. Call ou or address Miss H.. 34 Clinton place. ISS U. HANDY CORRECTS STAMMERING AND all defects of utterance; also articulation to d.-ar unites 113 I ast 31st si., PAINE'S HCSINl.Sjf COLLEGE. H2 BOWERY, CO It n.-r Canal.?C'rrinereial, English and classical, best instruction. luwe?t prices. (JPaNISH AND FRENCH LANGUAGES AND UT O erature thoroughly taught. ANTONIO RAMOS, 41 West llthst. V* ACATION.?IIOMK FOR BOYS IN THE COUNTRY; bathing, boating, riding, gymnasium, base nail, cro ?uet; careful supervision. O-rculars at Franco American nstltute, Prof. ROl.SSEL. Director, l.-Ml Hroadway. TURAXOCK BEM1KART.?OPEX FOR BOARDF.BS during months or July and August; delightfully lo cated In Lebanon Valley, on the Hue of II. Ex. Railroad, ad jacent to railroad depot and telegraph office ; rooms commo dious ; terms reasonable. Address Misses WOOD, New l.ob anon, Colombia county, N V. " KIROPE. jpifnfsr? Americans visiting Par's are invite.l to inspect the English Store of JuNES, No. :i Boulevard le fapuclues. directly op posite the Grand Hotel, who lias an extensive rtock of fancy Leather Goods and Stationery, Note Psp?r. Illuminated In gold and colors; Die sinking, Engraving, Visiting aud Menu Pai4<; Dressing Cases, travelling Hags, solid leather Trunks Perfumery. Brusl e-. Jewelry, Uloves, Yolgtlanders' Glasses, Ac. Londou. 1* Gulden square. Regent st. KIN K ARTS, TBeTn'sTUUCTIVK PELLEGRINI . I; V I.I J. I; V. toil tbe benefit of tlie "I'mbtKljr Heme," <?j?eu ut 14 ^lmtott piic? 011 Suiiduy till <1 P. M. Aduiiin?itm 2.w. llKSTAIKWTs. t'TXAf?Y% iffkAK AND CHOP KliiUHK. .V7 WKST 2ntti ?t.. New York (U?ck?t Court bunding}. M Live and let live-hroadway and fulton. Lsdles' and Geutieuieu's Din in j Room: Soft Shell Crabs our specialty. SANDY SPE.NCKR, Caterer jjlllt'BhhANKatlS. UrXEiTI'AlNTS. ALL COLtiRS, GROUND IN <iIL ? Euglish Roof Paint, liquid Slate I'aiut for leaky roots; paints, ail mixed, ready lor use; price *>tic . $1, #1 .'?<) per gallon Send for cardol' colors ami testimonials. Hot Roof, lag (Ml. 4tv. a gallon. NEW YORK CITY OIL COMPANY, Sole agents. Iltf Maiden lane. Newspaper reporters ark pcrcuaming Shavne's celebrated ball ounce Hat. They wish to keep cool. Price $ ?><'. Fonnd only at .* HAYNE'S, Wal lack's Theatre lluiidiri.r. Teas, in qlantTties of "? lbs. >.\d i pward. Sold at wlodesale prices by THE ELLS li'.A t'im PANY. yol Fulton st., botween Church and Greenwich. Hotel kee|>ers, grocers srnl l.cgc consumers apply for cir mtur. 1??/i CKNTEnNIaI. * l oiiDEIlS RECEIVED X I I O. and irstlinate. given lor Decorating house., panlic halls. Trinuiphal Arche-, Je. ; all sinds of Irans ?arenries. lllnminatlo. s aud Floral Lllocts for the coming Centennial celebratb u. I- DEUTSt.ll. 1,4.14 ltioadwsy, between ?il'tli and 4l?t st?._ AlTUOLOt.i. tTENfiOJi?UNO* THY DESTINY; Do.SI HE IM posed uiwn l.? pretenders . no to 1 '?.* c.t 41-t St., near Broauwsy; consult Ihe yrrsteM ilvine llalrvo>ant; gives luck; causes marriage*, tells everything accurately, t-ut this unt. WUXDRRPl-L ril I I D GIFTED WITH SECOKD sight nrutn birth, tells everyihinz without nue?tioning; absent trieuds, living or dead. 1-3 Wet 40t,i st-, near Broadway A hi Kt>kOUSK.?PROFr.JHtUrt 1,1-sTKK, IU ?1TII W. ; send tor circular. Address box S.SUV I'ost efllce. New Tor*. AwSk FRENCH LADY TKLLs"~lFORTUNE^.?SO. 531 Hth av.. near .'IJi! st.. first tloor BUSINESS ANU MEDICAL CLAlRVOYA.NT? N*oT to be equalled; names, likeness, Ac Ironi fax-, to t<l. tIBIee l? We>t A)lh st.. between tit Is and Vt II ars Amj^L -Ml iMPosirioN 'dir. \ti.*r i:r.-i\r..?> claTk . voyaut. Mrs. FOSTER, 3t t.e\luxt in av., uear - Ub St , '20*. Is tXH. MRS MINOR Gl\ r.s SPKcFaL ATTENTION 'Hi Matrimonial Mu.lses. Ladio or geutleiuen for alshed with valuable Iium uistlou. Send your adc.ress tor liters or repl> to inix -.V> I'ust - nice, llubokeo. N. J. RK M. E ROARK. CLMItVoYANT AND II1CAir ing Medlnin. ''-t- Hudson St., New Wrk, wTpIERCE: 111 K > LAlRVOVAN I AND TEST ME diaiu, lor a short lime uu'y. '_*?>7 West ?"th st. M M M M ME. COLLINS, A RELIABLE AND I'RL'STWORTHY clairvoyant. a"3 Mi av., near I7tll St. ME. HEN* KM'. GENUINE ASTRO LOG I fcT AND ?Mr el Ue Crystal, 91. 'MJ Uth av.. near lBth st. AMCSISMKifV.1. Eacle thkatbk. BROADWAY AND JKID ST. Mr. josh HAKT I'r.ii.rieUir and Muuaj;er COMKDY .-EA.ti"X. MONDAY EVEM SO, JUNK 5, 1K7U. the cultured and accomplished I-.motional Ai lisle, HENKIETTA CHANKKAL B i Mm. K. n. j, remembered through her iliintMtalliin witb ser ol' iIih tiioAt brilliant Mini t:t Jtroftil triumphs in domestic cuiuedy Wnow" to tile it:. ir.ipuUtuti Ktay^, .. i,i hate tbe honor nf making licr v. alt. r an HUvlltf of several yearn. In * now Aiiiiriiau l>l?,v. in I.mi r set*. to he now pre sented for the hr?l til i>- in New Yurk, villi elaborate new sceuery aud a .truus cast, until 1ml PARTED, br Mr. f'iilton W. Tnyloure. Grue SliirUv. an lieire,. .Mr* HENRIETTA CliAXKRAU Mr*. l?4iui?a De Wolf, of til ?v MU> 1Folen Tracy M> De Wolf. her siep-dau.-htor Miss Auuiu lileakley MIs* .1 aim Kirklaud. a superior woman .Mr*, E. D. Vandaren Maud Dhlrlty, aged 7, and not (palled Little Nelllo Dor.ey Shirley, Director in the National True I Company ?.. Mr I'rank Mordaunt Hurry Anton, a journalist. Mr. W. K. liurrough* i'onrtlimit Du Wolf, a Wall (treel I roker. ...Mr. O. Waverly Lutlu-r Eirkland. ? young artist Mr. K. D. Alien Silos Stausbury, President ol the Trust Com pauy Mr. T. F. Egbert. Frank It. I ley, * iMntirml clerk Mr. II. N. Wilson Alec Hruik. Shirley'*colored siirvint Mr. Willie Maurice Otto 1'arkar. a Oeriuan ijrocer .Mr. li. A. Mortimer Pate .^cribner, ( New York \ Mr. .Vugelo Torriiinl, Jr Dii* (Juincy. ) Detectives, ' Mr. T. C, luwper. RTSOFM8 OK INCIDENTS. Art I.?Tlio "Neat" at Stnten Island?The''roquet I'arty? A Orasb In Wall Street?failure of the Truit Company. Act. II.?Tba Defalcation ?Shirtoy'a I.ant (Hit?Falsely Ac cused? 'Ibe l.eap into the Htrwam?I'arleil. Act HI. ?An Offer of >1 urriuge?lluiimu Wolvc*?foreclosure?Tlio Widow'. Malediction. Act IV.? Society lose. a 'Pillar"?At Her Mercy?Tlio Mli?lng Booka?"I-'rom the Other World"? Vindicated and Aveugeil. The how Scenery by R L. Weed. Mechanism*. bjrK^laa Waldron. FAI'.TKD Mutlnee Saturday, commencing at 2 o'clock V. M. Orchestra stalls, $1 SO; |>ari|net cbalra, 91. OOTIDS TilEATUBr " aTmeE AI.ME? FRENCH Ol'B&A BOUIFE COMPANY. MONDAY EVKKl.VU; JCNB 12. For nix night. alid one matinoo only. Rentroe, after her most brilliant European trlumpbi, of Mile. M Alt IK AIM EE, the Queen of Opera BouflTe, togethoi with her complete company. The erotit will lie signalised by the first performance In several years of OtVeubuch's inerri si work, LA VIE I'AUISIKNXE, produced with entirely new Costumes, proper Scenery and a O BE AT CAST. Box oltice opens Friday morning. ^cademv'ok m i siii. CKAND ENGLISH OI'ERA OERTBUDB COBBETT. NORMA MONDAY' EVENING, JUNE 5, AT 8. POWERFUL ORCHhsntA?POLL CHOBUS. NEW SCENERY, BY MATT MORGAN. NORMA GERTRUDE COBBETT ADALGESA ALICE H04MEB POLLIO CHRISTIAN KRITSCII OBEVESO ALCl'IN BLUM Lessees JBFFBYS A CO. Musical Director and Conductor Caryl Floris POPULAR PRICES. Admission $1 Reserved seats, Si 00 and 92, ticcordtui; to locution. PARISI AN VARI Kl'IKS. ] Tt'EJSOA V. TIH RSKAY AND I'arislun Varieties. I Saturdav .Manures. Ewnium at S, { ltith at. and Broadway | Alternoonsat 2. Coolest aud bust ventilated Theatre' iu New York. 10U FIRST CLASS ARTISTS. 1W> Most popular, liveliest aud extensive entertainment In New York. FUNNY, FRENCHY AND PIOUANT. New Hpoclalties. I Naw Artists. I New Sketches, Ac. 33> Hours. I Begone Dull fare. | 3)^ Hours ^ LA F1LLE 1>E MADAME ANGOT Produced with a lull and juiwerlul cast: condeused la one act, with Iho scrubs. NEW LIVING l'lCTl. UBS, " l>cwitcliil>Kly boautilul. sensutioiutl and voluptuous. LA MINUET. MY WIFE'S BIRTHD VY. SNIPE, THE TAILOR. Diane et PativTe Puysant. Mile. Bertlia. I Finest Hallet ill New York. I Senor Novlsslmo. The celebrated i'arisiau artist Mile. Elisa Matilde, Miss Rose Koene. Messrs Wiu. Forrester and John Uaurlev. lute of the Julia Miulicws t-omle (Jpera C'>iu|iany, Miss Minnie Harrison, Miss Emily Prior, Miss Mtiinleiiall, Miss Biaucbo Elbe! ts, Horace Weston, the Von Bulow of Kanjoists. Mr. (icorgo Atkins, Mr. John Frauds, Andy Scott, Honor l.eelair, I Frank Steele, and our regular army of artists. Popular Prices. | GREATEST Bii.L. | Popular Prices. GLOBE THEATRE, 72S AND 'rS> BROADWAY B. W. BUTLER ....Manager the standard family theatre. COOLEST THEATRE IN NEW YORK. Finest and most attractive hill evor presented. L'nquaU fiod indorsement and success ot the latuous BRIAN FAMILY, the most accomplished artists in America. Grand ovation nightly to the wonderful necromancer, COMTE DE CAtiLIOSTBO, in his mysterious feats of Legerdentaln and communications with the dead tiliilnsopher, Altntus. Mr. T. M. in his original Operatic Extrava. Kausa, eutitlcd FUN IN THE KITCHEN, with full company of old favorites, including Messrs. Ttllly Barry, Senator Hob Hart, E. BliW, G. Reed unit Miss Elfie, Master Dure. Mr. T. Hall, Miss Laura and I DO superb ar tists every night. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. ITUVttLI THEATRE. ~~ Ktb St., between 2d and 3d avs. SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT 2J? and EVENING AT 8 GRAND ENTERTAINMENT. followod by a choice VARIETY 1'l.KFOBMANCB one minute alter 12 o'clock. MOXD VY. Jl'NE 5, (Whit Monday) TWO GRAND 1'hRFOBMAXCES TWO AFTERNOON AND EVENING. with THE BOHEMIAN KaLLET TROUI'K. ?J ITU STREET OPf.BA HOUSE, BETWEEN 2D 0"X and 3d avs.?C. S. tiray. Sole Proprietor aud .Mana ger; W. W. Newcorob. Magu Managor; Ned Straight, Musical Director.?The ne plus ultra of amusements. Sec ond week ol tlio entire now enmpany from Theatre Combine. Totally eclipsing all former efforts and opening a nevi? regime in the world of amusement*. Americans nt Home and Abroad. Monday evening. June and every evening during the week, and \\ ednesdtiy and .Saturday matinee, Kate Ferrast. Louisa Duval, Le-lie and Sharpiev, I?>u Ho>raril aud lilty specialty artists. Milu. Uruiiella, W. W. Newcomb. Mile. > arlotta. Lord and Oaks. K1RAL1Y S ALII AM I! 11A PALACE, Broad st.. above St>ruce, Philadelphia. Third week and continued success, aBgUND HIE Wi.RLD IN Hii DAYS, AND FASHIONABLE PItuMENADE CONCERT IN Tllh ILLUMINATED GARDEN. /1IIICKERING II ALL. \J GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL t'ONCEKT, under distinguished patronage. TUESDAV, JI \E 0. AT a P. M. DEBIT OF BENORITA ESM UtALDA CERVANTES, IIA It PIS I E to the royal aud imperial Courts of SPAIN. pobtugai. AND BBAZIL. The fidlowlng celebraled Artists have kindly volunteered t<l IkKdi&t *?? Miss ADELAIDE PHILLIPS. Messrs. FERKA.NTl, VILANOVA, til DIN anil GOULD.S Accouipanist Sl^. MODEUATi Tickets, with reserved seats, #2. For sale at >chubcrth'a. Union square, and at (/'bicker ing's. where programme* may lie baa. finHE HKST NEW Ml SD\ ' DON i FOBGEl TODRBAM I of Me. I picture title juitfe, Hr.; "Kih.h >li? aua 0?II Mo Votir hnr riiig," Homier, ; "Colninbiii'# ? ?itrrinvr patriotic Schoeubrmi. li c ; ??T tlio. Clen" nnt\ "MwmbcHmv on tin* Motmt?i|n" .j?i.????). Muck, fUvmit wtcol plutc phti:rc, ouch ? <; "I he Liberty liell." tlir benl collection "J patriotic in it 4c (pnperi, 5 H- niuik-rt. \VM. A. I'O.N I' t%p.. 547 Broadway, llraiich ?ti re, 3U Union ncjurtrft, New York. QTIIAI SS' NRtt" W.VLTZ. -Till*; AWKllUiAS KXI'O 0 ?itlon," Ju*?t out, 7"k\ nmiod. l>i)U\VOKMl k CO., 23 I.'ti ion square. A \ \i t'MMi'i, %CTRKS!" xsii DKJJCATIC reader prepare la tics nod jfantleiiieii l?r the stntf?, in atnicta atuat(*ur? anil dirccts rt*Hear* ; voU*? tuiloiim for tl?c? pulpit, bar and n-okiii^ tbv wrivaent voiee ;?niootlt mimI jMiwerful iu oii?? i-mirae of lc?vcmtt: ^aimtnctlon t/uuran tcod. LADV TKAZIJi, bo*. l*u*t olllce. STilioifiiu, lioxibo, rJicaH? in one luoutlt. tilt*Oth ?v. >?* liu.-l:t I>pnrioi. folwncl rtlOMA.s >fOXSTEUY. Xtfii'l TTfKHi ????.NILS Oil. 11YMV" MI HJO ,\Y ?? l*ain?-. a? p<?i itM im d ni this ??jo uiojr ccreoioulei at l'liilndelphia. I'rkie ;>K*. in sheet muti*a form, and Uk\ In octavo liirni for cln?rn?w*. .No Ion coot pic tr without tiii.H ioA?(ii>tictint h> tun Alwi iiownln^ ? 'attiotia "Cviituu March," with enp*rb titlo in coiot* : price t#?c. l?ii?U.N it t'U.. No. 711 Broadway. Vi uh k \xs i iilTn r, havimi uecovkukd kKOM IU her l?oi / and nan .rerun* Ulnc*?, will resume hor dm* matle In^tmction on Monday morning, it II o'clock. Urn iuat>c !nto?o{ renin vol to 1(1 L niou Huiiarc, at Mtiiiuons A \\ all'"', ihlnl floor. ??l?d to aco old and new pupil*. LL lit 1 LaUY I iMIluXH UIaPlXvKU AT TIMS JV <iltANf> f?ll A UOU AMI VltlL HALL, AKiiVish kuomh, hi-Mohhunv Mtair. oXlMi, KKM'i.Mt, H HOOT I .Hi J till) ofjl AV. iu one tnontli. hahla K?pn..ol. Colon i i Mt?.\?ThRY. "TAKUfcTf A fALMKKn Ui.liiMMi TKA1.N ? f) ^uliothi^ of it* prto-?*?*s? and expected arrival to-dnr will bo |H??te I ?>n the I'l/mouth liinrw and at tha 1'lltu , Avenue Hotel /"VraJid maohkd o??5?;e?t?thim KUDDAY) ait> ! V,I tsrnxun and i*.v,nl9i|( at Kink, ??Ud at. aud ;id a%. Ad- I U.V.: ladle, iree. fi'iii. Miim.i; ??<m-i \?n.i.-. at hkkthuvkm kaiX 1 ..ill si . near H..werjr. will Clintiuue vv.ry Tue.da) aud i Sulurday during Jntie. VI.i. who sWi in \ii -d: wiLi. M?T mihit Till: ti - a - i? HII.VDOWrt AMOYL.E ROOMS TO morkovv mo nr. "liUMK'IOIi'n" Ki.MCI.SO AND XPAR lo Utii .ii sq uir. .-enil lor cireular. | / 1|;\I MM Al. M-l ruRri I'ATKOM/.K THE OR AND j \J VK11. AM" -IIADOW D.l.NsAXTI'.. AlltaVEE I IJDOM.-. rO-MORBOW \111 II f, CUMME.ICIIIO AT ? | U'OLUCK Ji 11r 11. I*0PE. DRAMATIC \I;T ANI? KLiiC'L'TIOM, ?> . Actar ??d IMO RLOflOX TO i.ADlhs oltiiR.v ELOCL'liuMaT. XEtM1.S. Addr??? rif hl.> wav UALt AMV8BHKHTI. _ B'XlOV SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager... Mr. A. M. PALMER LAST WKKK OK TIIK SEASON. Last fi\j> performances ut ilie charming play, ?:oxscirncb, * itb It* heautilul nines ?ml great cut. Klti 1>A V EVENING, June U. the l??t nljjiit of the sommiii. wilt be presented to each geu tleuinii entering the thentre accumpanieil by a lady ? copy uh the Union Square Theatre Souvenir nook, elegantly bound iu satin. MONDAY EVENING. Juno 10, reappearance iter* of tlto wonderful VOKES FAMILY. w ALLACK'S. COMPLETE SUCCEM of the popular and talented artists, MIL AND MRS. W. J. FLORENCE, who will appear EVEBY EVENING AMI SATURDAY MATINEE, in Wooli'i great American comedy, the MIGHTY DOLLAR! NEW SCENERY TnD A FINE CAST. \v /MLMORK'S CONCERT GARDEN. OKKftNBACH \T M?<ll>on and 4th in. and 'Jtlth and 'J7th ?t? Messrs. SHOOK A PALMER Proprietor* and Manager* Mr. E. O. GILMOBE Business I'irector LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS of the illustrious and world renowned mssetro, JACQUES OPFEN BACIi. assisted bv his m?_nifireut orchestra of OVER 1<MJ SKILLED MUSICIAN--. M. T1EXBI KoWaLSKI the celebrated Pianist aud MAX M.VUETZRK a Conductor THIS EVENISO, JUNE 4, LAST OP THE SERIES OK OK KEN BACII SUNDAY EVENING CONCERTS. PROGRAMME. 1. Overture. "Prelschiits" .....Weber 2. Hymn a St Cecile Gounod H. Selection* from "IjaJiilve" (TlieJewess) Halevy 4. Kantasie, "La i Iran do Duchesse" Offenbach 5. Ballet do la Neige Offenbach 6. Kantasie on "I ienevieve dr Rravant" O flan bach ?. Piano Solo. "Venire a TeriV Kowaliki H. Burlesque Polka Offenbach U Overture, "liuu<li?Mta" Blcliter li l. "< iflenbnch i aua" Offenbach 11. l'rayer. Irotu "Mown iu Egypt" Bosslnl lit Centennial March iOr?t tune) Ktede SPECIAL NOTICE.?The iuauaremen4 respectfully an nounce that Mr. 1'. S. G1LMORE and his FAMOUS MILI TAKY HAND will make their reappearance at tkis Uardeu on Suturdsy Evuuing next (June 10). OOD'S MUSEUM WOOD'S. MONDAY. June 5. 187(1. Second week and triumphant succom ot New York's favorite actor. GKORGE 0. BONIFACE. First appearance of the talented actress MAUI E STELLA. aud well know actor, WI1.I.IAM M. WAKD. Every evening and Wednesday and Saturday Matinees, W. S. OILBKBT'S two act Comedy. SWEETHEARTS. Entirely new scenery, by Sig. Arrigoni. Ilenrv Spreadbrow George C. Boniface Jenny Xorthcot Marie Stella Also Robertson's three act Comedy, DAVID GAliRICK. David Garrick George C. Boniface Ada Ingot Marie Stella Siiuon Ingot William M. Ward MATIN fc.ES Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the four net Melodrama. XRVEH TOO LATE TO MEND. R. D. Ogden. Louise Sylvester. A. H. Sheldon C" ~1KMTBAL PAKE GARDEN, J /th av . 5Hlh and 50th its. Messrs. SOULf. A APPLEBY Proprietor* URAND CONCERT THIS (SUNDAY) EVENING AT & GRAND SUNDAY CONCEKT. GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT. D. L. DOWNING'S GRAND ORCHESTRA. D. L. DOWNING'S GRAND ORCHESTRA. GRAND ORCHESTRA GRAND ORCHESTRA. D. L DOWNING...... Conductor. Midi. MARIE 8ALVOTTI, Prima Donna. Sig. A. KAHIM, Baseo. Iierr LANOENBACH. Tenor. Mr. JOHN HAMMOND, imperial Cornet Soloist. Sig. FAlUNI. Sig. FAKINI. THIRTY-FOURTH GRAND CONCERT. PROGRAMME. PART L Overture. "Kuryanthe" Weber "Ave Mnrla" Schubert Grand duetto t'roin "II Trovaturo" (4th act) Verdi Muie. SALVOTT1 and Sig. FARINL Gems of the Opera, "Rlgidotto" .......Verdi PART II. Overture, "Midsummer Night's Dream",.Mendelssohn Allegretto, "eighth Symphonic Beethoven Solo ? Sig. A. PARINI. Cornet Solo, "Carueval ile Veiilse." Varie Arban Mr. JOHN HAMMOND. PART 111. Facteltang No. 4, "The Crown Princess''.... Mendelssohn Trio, from "Atilla Verdi Mine. SALVOTTI. Sig. KARINI aud Horr LANGEXBaCU. (iavotte, "Circus Reus" Fliege March, Tannbauior Wagner Admission, & c. Package of ten ticket*, 93 90t V The Hall of tho Central Park Gurden la to let for Sum mer Nights' Festivals to Qrst clan* societies, nightly, at the close ol each Concert. Apply at box olttce. PA UK THEATRE. BROAi>W AY AM) _"iD ST. THIRD AND LAST WEEK. Till'. NEW I Mrs. II. C. HOWARD as TOPSEY. UNCLE Mr. O. KUNKEL. U. (). HUWAKl). BIJOU I 1IEKON and regular company. TOM'S iSLAVINS GEORGIA JUB1LEE S1NOERS. OLD time PLANTATION MELODIES. CABIN. PANORAMA ofthe MISSISSIPPI. REDUCED SUMMER I Admission. Site, and 24c. POPULAR PRICES, f Keaorved seats, f I. Evuiiiug ?l K Wednesday nnd Saturday MATINEES at 2. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON and EVENINU, Oraod Testimonial BENr.FIT to Mr*. <1. C HOWARD. Mr. .lOSEPlI MURPHY will appear June 12, in the "THE KERRY COW."ly Mar>deu. ELLY k LEON'S MINSTRELS, ?. 23d it., near Mk av. l.VEKV EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINEE. K Ki tly nnd Loon, I Coolest theatre la New York. Tbo Only I-won, I Reaort of beauty and lush ion. Edwin Kelly, MONDAY, J une 5. and until turther I^w Benedict, I notice, another thorough change. A Wallers and Burton, bill of pure Minstrelsy. THE TWO Edwin Lester, | OFP 1JIS. "Norma or Tltiena In a C. 11. (iordon. I Minstrel Band,'1 introducing TUE Japanese Tommy | ONLY LEON. Tlie Skidniorea. la und nil the I and Out. Benedict's New Oration, favorites. Walters nnd Mortou'i new Song aud | Dance, Kalooluh. MATINEE f | Bo* office open all day. SATURDAY. ?> IjlNTERTAlNMEN T extraordinary! J Repeated br special request. startling EXPOSURE! SPIRITUALISM and ITS AGENCIES O.V TRIAL. Mr. W. IRVINO lllSlloP, CI1ICKERINO IIALL. THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1876, at h p. k. Hon. JOHN It. BRADY has kindly consented to preside. The proceeds ofth a entertainment will be devoted to a merltnrioas charitable institution connected with the Chureh ol the Mrangcrs. Mr. K. F. MULLER. Organist. Admission, Wc. Reserved seats, SI. Iicketa may be had at fchubertli .V Co.'s, 'j:t Union square. X. II.?Mr. Uiahop having received an invitation from the Rev. Drs. Schenck, Tnlmaue anil Morra; tlie lions. Demaa Barnes a:ul John W. Hunter, and other prominent eltison* ?it Brooklyn, to give an entertainment in that city, will hold a "(irnnil Light Seance" at the Academy ol Music, on Mon tHf ne ?t.. mi the evenlug of Monday, June 11, In aid of tha Flower Cbarit.v. ?GRAND ItKVIVAL ! M . POSITIVELY KOR THIS WP.KK ONLY. JEM MACE AND OKOKUK ROOKE in an exclllUi.' enciunter with the Gloves at HOWES * CCSlflNli'S GKKAI' UNITED STATES DOUBLE CIRCUS. afternoons at 2, evenings at H o'clock, corner Sth nr. aad tilth at. THE MONSTER CIRCUS TROUPE. Admission to all only 2.V. TUESDAY NIGHT, alter Co regular )>?? nnrtuaure, OEO. ROoKE and "STEVE" TAYLOR WILL CONTEST WITH THE GLOVES, Tor half an hour, for ?oU) ASIDE. No extra cliar ire. \r aihon'richkliku. ?>th >t and "Lexington 1*1 av.?tu reply lo nmneroiia applicanta for lessons. I re ?|welfully stale that I can only receive such prpila as ..-an come properly prepared to undertake the aerioua task ol entering the profession, and with the lueuna necessary to ra in aucret* me for time and trouble expended on their iu atraction : to ?iich aa can hillil thoae obligation* I will charge inviellwllh proper presentation to the public at an early date. MATILDA 1IEKOV fPHE SWELL GENTLEMEN oi~ THE CITY KRK i OUENT THE GREAT Sll ado Wit AT ARGYLE ROOMS IO-MOKROW N11 ? IIT. SCIII T/.KN PARK.?A URAND CONCERT WILL BE 11 veil in the Sell ti I Ac ii Park, tfmoii hill, on l*uuday. June 4. Iroui :i to 7 P. M.. by Louis Eckert'a band of 22 piece*. Admiaaion 15 cents each. /"* re at est Dancers or the-day at grand U s'1A Do W AND VEIL MALL, ARuVLE ROOMS, TO morrow n : i , mi. N'KW MUSIC?"THEY SAY I'M A~~VERY"TOUGH Man," " I'm off to Philadelphia,'' "The Geat Cfiileo mal Show," " l'v.i only lleeu llown to the Club" ami Htm other*. leu cents each. liARDINii'S, 22t> Bowery, oppo site Prince at. Send stamp lo* catalogue. All the pretty girls will enjoy them selvks at grand -iiadow ball, akoyle ROOKS, Ml-MORROW NIGHT. Shooting. KKNCING. BOX I NO Taugut ix sl? lessoua. till* Htn av. So habla l-.spinol. Col, THOMAS MoNSTREY, CI II ATE A U MABILLK vakIEiib*. J Lfcst week ol me DUCHESS OK MURRAY UILL The Roman ntatur, AMERICA PIlOTECriNG HE it HUBJECTS. THE ORIGINAL FRENCH MINI ET. Living Tabieaux b> the handa miest loruiu>l ladies in tha world. The coolest theatre in the city aud Ilia linest Variety I'eili iinanes uatani. A call al this theatre will repay the visitor, i-llli st. and .'M av. Evenings at ?< P. M. Matinees 'Tuosday, l'hur*day and Saturday at 'J In the afternoon STi:\MiEltS DON T Miss Till. FUN AT THE OKEAT VEIL AND SHADOW DANSANTE, ARGYLE ROOMS, ro MOMKOW NIGHT. / lONSTABLK'S HALE OF COLONEL WOOD'S MUSEUM \ y flilladelpiila. ? lu be sold at public vendue, on Wednes, ?lav, Jane 7, lS7tf at HI o'clock A. M., the Pictures, Cun cm mi and Convex illasset, Koantain. Wardrobe, l-ookiiiir Glaasea, Priatnalic Column and Lights, Ac., together with I he right, title and iutereal in and lo the unexpired term o tlie l^asj ol Colonel Wood's Museum . lo be sold without reserve, urion the premiaea, northwest corner of 1Kb aud Arch sta Philadelphia. JOHN KEI**I1. Constable. HJ. montague'S BENEFIT To MORROW (mon . day) altaruoon. June ft.?A few choice Seats at .-i nl BEKT .? CO.'H. Xll'iilim Mfaan /jJ_RAN'D MUSICAL EN fertainmenth ON BOARD thu steamer PLYMOUTH ROCK to-day (SUNDAY). See tho detailed advertisement under tba heading "EXCUR SIONS," in to-day'a Herald. Jubilee Singer*. Weston, tha Uanjoist; Mad.lgal Bey*. Moiart Glee Club, Church Cblaat, Ac,, A?, l.iir*K?K\VV 0~L?*PIC THEATRE. ?124 Mroadway, near Bleecker st. Mr. JOHN P. pOOUi . Minager MUMMER SEASON. POPULAR PRICKS. Adniihkluii. L'.r)ovuu Benervod Seat*. .? ? .Vlcents, Family Circle ... l.r? cents. Furlur t'lmlr- II. STILL IMKhASKD ATTRACTIONS. Mr?t appearance in America of the distiugui-hed opera boulle artistes from till- I'licatre de> VsrietLs, Perls, and the leading KreuWi ihmtrea. Ml!.., DEI.I'll l.\ E AKD Jl'UK I'AHi'Al., ?!?? wilt appear hi M. I'nul lleuvion's opera nouffe I'ACiLA AX l? PIETItO. ririt apjiearance of tliu colored Comedy Giants, Messrs. QCILTEK ASli (iOLDKD'lI. First appearance .?t tin- youug descriptive Bailadlst, Miss ANNA MORGAN. Eighth weak of the great pantomime, ii i'm ptv ut'MPrr. with its gorgeous scenery, magic trick*. brilliant transforma tions, rich costume* and bountiful bu Ids. THUKK HOURS OP GESl INK KI N. The best mid elieuocst entertainment In New Yurk. MATIN KK> WEDNESD A Y ANU SATURDAY AT 3. Evening. doors open at 7,'a; commence* at s. Box Olke opan dally Irmu 10 A. M. to 1(1 P. M. KTH AV. Til KATtUL I " *J __ Extraordinary Matinee SATURDAY, June 10. Repetition (by request), , positively till*time only, | EXTRAORDINARY MATINEE of the great ItenelH bill, _ PROU PROU!! | SATURDAY. JUNE 10. SOL. SMITH RUSSELL I and JENNY LINDtl | Both plays entire. ! Ml? FANN\ DaVEN I PORT in both pieces. | RWI AVENUE THEATRE v Proprietor und Mauagei* ...Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY II WW 000 11 09 v>t> no on ll W iltl oo (4) 11 9.M0 oo on II UO 00 00 II 00 SKI OO CIO 100 TIMES. 11 060 000 100 TIMES. 26T1I WEEK!! 7TU MONTH!! POSITIVELY LAST WEEK BUT TWO! PPPPP II QQqq V U EEEE P P ii g q u uk PPPPP II 3 O u IT KKK p n q Qq u uk P II qgqij UUUU KKEB <?> w MR. AUGUSTIX DALY'S GREAT PLAY OF TO-DAY!! MIsh Kanny Dnvenport. Mr. John Brougham, D. II. . Uarklns, Jami". Lewis. Mo. PIQUEl PIQUE!! PIQUE!!! I Smith Russell. W Davidgel | (.'has. Rockwell, Sydney, | t'owell. Mrs. Gilbert, Georgina Drew. PIQUE! will be acted EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, lu eluding SATURDAY NIGHT. %? The'JOHIi performance and LAST NIGIIT of PIQUE will be CELEBRATED on FRIDAY EVENING. June ??, on whleh occasiou the theatre will be DECORATED WITH ROSES and BRILLIANTLY ILLUMIN'AIED, and a SOUVKNIR ol RICH ami UNIQUE ds.itu will be pre sented to every lady. The performance in every tense will be THE AUTHOR'S MGII I'M BOWKKY TUEATIlK MONDAY, June 5. engagement of the celebrated Equestrienne Actress, Miss KATE PIS II EH, ?ad bar world renowned Arabian Steed WONDER, la tbo great Equestrian Drama, MAZEr EPPA. PIANOFOUTKS. OIIUYVS, div. A ?por ke'nV, uPRidftlTTSquare and'grand Ai Pianos of our own make; also tor saio and rent, a number of tine secondhand Planus, in perfect order. WILL IAM KNABE Jr CO.. No. 112 5th av.. nbovo lrith St. private family, omm to kuropk, will sell their elogant tour round Steinway <k Sous'Plane at a bargpm; an elegant upright Windsor Piano, in use three mifntlis, cost $l.<..00, lor fJfiO fall at private resi dence 130West 8M st., near C.tli av.. tliU day or Monday. BEAUTIFUL PIANO, *75; CHICKRRINO PIANO forte. every improvement, at great sacriuca; Parlor Organ, very cheap. J. RIDDLE. 13 Wsrtriljr place, near Broadway. A* GREAT OFFER.?WE WILL DISPOSE OP 10J flrst class, new and second-hand, square and upright Pianos and Organs, including Waters', at extremely low prices for rash, or on Instalments. Instruments to rout Irom <3 to $7 per mouth, in city or country. llORAGE WATERS R SONS, 4*1 llroadway. A -OLOSING OUT LAKUB, ELEGANT STOCK OP Ai Plauos at hall price. BABMOKB'S estate, 3tW Bleecker st. $liX), #l.riO, #^(>0. PIANO FOB SALE?AT A 8AC BI PI OB; CITY luaktr; but little used. 74 Clinton place. BARE 0MA.N0E.-4M0 POB MAtiNIFlcKMT EOBK> wood Pianoforte; 7 octaves; carved case and lags; eosi$0 O; mo'lern Imuroveiut'Uls: Chiikeriug maker. McDONALD'S, 57 East Utb St.. near Broadway. If MLE41A NT EOMIWOOD PIANO, L ATEsfsT YLE", cost #l2"i, for $130 cash; Stool and Cover; also a Wheeler A Wilson family Sewing Machine, cost $75, tor cash. 337 Bleecker St., near Charles. STE'IN WA Y i SON'S 7'^ OOrAVE BOBBWOOD Pianoforte, all Improvements. Ill use six months, name on plute, lor |U75 cash. Call to dav or Monday at pri vate residence 4/ West Itlth St., Iiotw^an 5th and ?<th avs. A" ha nhsiTm e ~h( is ewood pi a no. Bit ><7?T and Cover, for sale: price :fI7f>. Apply at HV4 West 47tli st' A For casii-lady neeiuno money immkdl?tk ly, will sail Hrst rlass Piano, bought naw January, tor oua-third cost. !>t>5 West 14th st. OK SALE? a"NEW VIRST CLASS Vl ANO AT A SAC riflce. 2m lltli av.. uosr West 'JOth St. C"Treat "Iibuuction i n pianos-mw must br r sold this month. Call or seud tor Illustrated Cata logue at the factory. No. 2U3, 200, -t)7 M ost 17th st. C. I). PEASE i CO. fTreat" bargains.?new and second" hand T Pianos of tho best quality low for cash at PISCHEB'S, 4?> West 28tli st. RhAT REDUCTION IN PBICER?NEW FIRST class square and upright I'fhuolortes and second band Pianos and Organs !'or sale aud to let. T. Ll'DKE, Ware rooins aud factory UO Eust 4th st., near 2d av. PIANOS (SEVEN OCTAVES) TO RENT, FROM ?4 TO C7 per month; rent applied. E. V. liUMSDAY. tVi East Oth st. near Broadway. IANO&?IP YOU WISH TO RENT OR BUY CHEaT ast and best, call on M ERRKLL, No. H L'ulou square. PIANOFORTE WANTED-?Ui WILL B|> UIVBN FOR one if suited: must be nearlv now: grand or square, carved legs, round corners; Hrst class maker. Address, for two days, L. P. G., box 22 ) lii-ruld uttico. PIANOS FOR SALE OK RRNT?9> AND #10 MONtFT, splendid 7 octave overstrung Piano, (1U0. F. CONNOR, 137 37th St.. corner :>d av. * Piano" wanted-alsi> house and woori a good instrnnieut: will pay for snme lu board at a first class summer resort hotel; also a llorse awl Buggy. Address W ILSON, llerald office. 5 X BALL * CO.. 13 EAST 14TH ST.-TUB PLACE Os to buy and rent llrst class 1'lanos aud Organs at low prices. Wll EN PIA no" DKA LE US AND 5 AN l~-'ACTUR. era stop robbing tlie public with high bogus priced ViauoK, aud want good Pianos, ut I'.iir prices, call on J. P. I ALE, who will supply all fjr less than half their bogns prices. AI AC ?AN ELEGANT t: HICK E It IN t VROSEWOOD Piano: fourrouud corners; tone sweet aud pow eriul; guaranteed genuine; iu pvrlvi't order; (tl'JTiw J. MURPIlY. 117 Greenwich avenue. KUH BAIOb. NY"0NE I?K*lRIN<i TO PURCHASE A KIBST clw Reataurant In bent location in the city call ul 176 Kulton tt. J. 0. I' I.KKUaN. CHANCE.-KOE ?ALh, THE PRKSENT OW.NKR going to Kurope, it nice Merchant Tailor Store, with a line stock of Krelicli Cloth. of a tuperior ijuallty. No. 36 Uth ?v. ANKLKOAXT hI7a?:K WALNUT CARINKT WlikkkhK ,k Wilton Srwitiir Miicliine, coat #1 13, for I#; tlm nearly new itompatir. utile drawer* and drop le?f, #Xi. Cull at H i Kniid tt.. liter Bowery. ANKW OABIHET l!AJ?K~W?MK?ti?r?K?INO MA chine. cott SI35; will tell for #30 I'nil nt Ifll rtoud eV A KIKHT CLASS HAKKUY-UhSr LOCATION IX Brooklyn; excellent buaiuca": aptondid opportunity. MAl.i(Nr.. No 6 Ley tt. *7 WitKELER A VtIX>SON JIALP CABINET mT J\ chine, attachment!, auo a Dumo?tiP, per.ect order. No. :i Wooeterat. ?!lAN?K.-4?io ?i LL 5 UTA 5 ROA I> W A V FIRST cUu licataurant. worth iie*Hiilly tittodup; lease; runt, #411; central locution: nin-t ?ell, UAMPIIELL, No. 7 VVett Md nt. i V OLD UYABUfUii) UllUii STOKE IX~NEW j\ Vork city mutt be told. Addreat immediately J. P. T., ileruid nlUiv. A Told but ablish ed deco ntokb rui MbK, liow doing well, wild ? iflHxl opportunity tor largely Increm-Ilig tue bualncan . the atock aiid ail ttie appointmcnte err Urai etnas; rentou for selling, "loo inauy mint lu the fire.'' MNm CA1IPHUR, UtrtMtfltt. VERY klJitiANT COHNBit LlyUoll STORK PoU kale, doing Uin; butlltvae, cheap lor cetb. Apply, Iroiu Hi to - o clock, IKI Wall it., room 1-. A I ?Til K BTTk'K AND FIXTURES OK A NBA* AL Uciitieinen'a turniahiiig Store, on tin- leading ave nue; ?allala. tion given. Apply to UlllliVt. OOhl/iii A CO.. 27 Lltpenard ?t. Aharoain in skwi.vo ma<miink.h-i>owknTT(T, ?9": Singer's Family, $J.'> to 935; Wheeler Jt Wil ai.n't, Wlllcox A Uibbe'. 9i? tu 933. At MACAU I.A VS. 61 llleecktr it., uear Hroadway. RARE CHANCE To PCRt'HA.Hk TBSSTSEXB Sewing Machiuea.?We will tell I hit week. regaidleat of rout. Wheeler A Wilton, half and full cabinet: singer, teliiilv improved: Willrox ,t (Ilbh*. Ororer A Kaker, Secnr, Howe. Weed. V ietor and Home; theap machines ere nearly ?ew. and will be told at prices ranging Ironi flit to fXi, with attachment! complete and warranted. WIIITK A CO., 5H7 3d IT. a -Columbia yacht cLun iioi hk. Foot wkS$ Jx, 57th tt., ?lll nu aold or let; two ttory frame building ; excellent place tor boat letting ettaklithinvut, shipping ..Ihc- or aalooo purposes. For lurlber pariiuaiars tppiy at the club lioute. TV I It.ST CLASS lioWNTOW N 1AIPU and iiVXCH A Room for talc; good biuluest: low re at. HIIaY, 1IU Mr >? iwaf. aRHoo.m. IMIWN TOWN. IPLMlttlkiV FfTTBO up. for aale cheap, or will leate It for a teim of ytnr? to It retpoiiallile party: it t? now Uoinii a nice biitineta. Ail 4reat PROPr.RI'y OWNER. l>ox I:?7 liertid olHce. tlolXKR LlylJOR STOItK ANli MMJ.lAKIJ R(Xi d, ) with Stock, Plxtnrea and l.eaar. Tor aale ; one of the beat tlaiuiii in llie city. D. IH>OI#INO, ISS Rleecker tt., comer Maedougal. D~Rl;(rSTOR14 IDlf MALH-IMH ? E?TAHLISIIED"; will lie aold cheap on lu'n.unt of III health of the pro piietor. Apply lo A. J. MARVIN, eornar North Oxford at, and Park uv . Hrooklyu. ItL'tj"SIORK?AT A POnlTIVK BAMIAIX, IX A lieantlful New l iiKlaud city; nio>t ilu^iraliie In the piac?, aud tirat cla-a in all Ha Hppolnlmenta; a ill inventory will tie aolil lor lor the lieat nt reaauut. Ad drea* b ix I .IM7. Poa; olMce. Sprlnictie!d, ilaaa.. or latrick lauil ? .Airency, *1 llevkmaii at.. New Vork. Dura moini Kit sal.-: in riTv-Ksf ahli.mTeh over '-1? teara : price low ; termteaiy. Aildrett HRL'OS, lleraM 1 ptoau Itra.ieli udfee. DRV OOOUS BVMlNKMrt POR SAl.fci A'l YONV?MS witb Stork and Klxturea c?aipl"le. Apply to or ad' drett P. SHANNON, palmer, Warburtoii av . 'noiker?. V. V"_ DMTILLEHY LIUI'UR BT'tKK tOlt OALK OIIEAP Oood leaie, low nok. ply to PETER Me^LAiiE. M Mlrray tt. B FOR SALE. UKLKUANT SODA WATER FOUNTAIN. Fi EST CLASS ii will Im> mU nk a great sacrifice If applied fur at once SALTER A LEVY. ??. liHlK K A LE?LAIJKK BEER SALOON. OOOD LOCA J. tlon. on Htli av.; or Store. Including fixture!, will bo runieil Inquire at S.V1 tit It ?v. i3uk halk-an :.frahlimikd mani fa< ti rinT; X Business In Brooklyn ; will be hulil low, a* the owner's time and maaoa are required in aiuidtvr builuw* in a differ ent locality. Address bo\ J.J-ci \ ork I'ont office. II?OK ."ALE? A imilKINt. S safe. MEDII M >l27T. ? iublnatiou lock, vuljr cheap 67 Murray *1, secoud It our. IJkJic SALE-MEAT MARKET UN AVENUE CONNER, doing a uood business. J. A. Dl'NN. Auctioneer, M> ?<1 a*. uu KALk-uooti tkT'ckIKti work. injure for carman, at 174 aud 17.r> Weal at. tiVJR SA LB-FIRST CLASS CORNER Liyt'DK STORE, doing Aral class businesswill be Hold cheap : no agents Apply to TREAUY A RL'SSELL, Brewera, tirceuwlch ar. and I Itb st. 655 BALM?A FIRST CLASS CORNER Llyl'OR J? store, doing a good bur.ioess; will he sold cheap, on easy terms For full partlculsrs address M. k Jleralu ..ftice, I poll SALK-A WINK ANI) I.IMII ROOM, eTe" guntly fitted up; day trade : can be bought for less tlinn half ita value. Apply at I3tf Fultou at , New York. FO SALE?THE I.E Ask, UaVINU FOUR YE A Its TO run, of a Road House near Macomb's dam, ou one of the leading avenues of this city, now doing a good business, to gether with the sio.'k ou hand. Fixtures aud Fiiriilturo. To tiiose wishing purchase satisfactory reasons for selling will he glten. Full particulars on application to KOREKT W. DoWLINO, real estatu officii l.tfcil Uroadwa/, where a photograph of tlie iremlacs can he seen. l>OR SALE-A LOT SECOND HAND BRICK. AI'I'LY r at &H) East 1-itli st. F T/OR SALS?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A J? brat claha Grocery Store; no bonus lor trade; will sell tmrse. Wagon ana rlxturo* without atock if desired. This is a chance seldom offered to any one with small capital. For particulars adeross box l.OUI. or aLply at the store ou -d It, between 0 'ii tral and Madison avs.. t* lulufleld. N. J. FoU sale?a second hand PLAITING UACHINK. a? good as new; pneu $ lu. II t nt, Mark's place (Htli st. I BVoKSALl-.-SrocK AND FIXTURKs'OK A >ifwST class oatubllshed Grocery Store; line uptown location, on ono of the leading buaineaa avenue*; an opportunity ruielv offered, especially lor a voting man starting in life. Address GROCER, Herald t'ptown Branch office. I^OR SALE?TIIE BEST 1'AYISG GRoT'lOtY IN TlIK X? city. Inquire at 338 West Isth it. Uood reasons given lor ??lliug. FOR S Ai^THl< ~MA N11A IT AN FAMILY SEWINO Machine; u aew first class silent macblna; prices re uuced irom $>H) and $i*> to $16 and $25. Aleuts wanted. Send for circular. Salesroom IH t Stli av. IjlOlt saLE-A WELL ESIABLlatlED Liulii', fttoF* " liable Tin business at 7U Maiden lane tpoR SALE ai'OCK, FIXTURES AND 1< SINr.SS OF Tea Store 73 Barclay St., corner Greenwich st., very low to cash purchaser. Inquire at store. FOIt "hALK-A-I'AYING TEA STORE IN UPPER part of city; owner has other business. Address RE TAIL, Station L. For sale-a Flits r "class corner lTiouor Store, on Atlantic av., Urooklyu, near South lorry, tor particulars apaly a: 108 Columbia St., corner of Sedg wick st. 1>0R SAL ?A MURTAUGII IIANI) ELEVATOR AT A 1? sucrilice. 1*04 11th ??., corner iiuth at. VOlt HALE AT.GREAT SACRIFICE-LEASE, FIX J? tures aud fioodwiil of an o.d established Flah aud i*r? vialon Store, with three aiuoke houses attached; best busi ness location dowu town; rent low. SALTER k LEVY, 3CS 8th av. Foil KAItB?BAUUMT AND CONKKCTiONERV" lirst class oveus, alt necessary tools and u good estab lished trade, cheap for cash. 711 3d av., Brooklyu. 1~>OR SALE?A WELL ESTABLISHED BaKKRV } doing a gotMl aafe liualuess. Apply at 74 ('atharlue St. TjVoR sale a I'llOrOllHAPIlIC IIALLUKT AT a 1? bargain: uioat desirable location in this city; will luarn party purchasing business if required; present owner intends going to Europe. Address FllOfO, box 14U Herald office. i FOR SALE-A FIKST til. ASS cigar STORE ON one of the beat thoroughlarea In the city, doing gtmd tia ?; will sell wltb or without atock. Address UV?NEK, llerald office. 1" pOK SALI' -MILK RIiLTE OF K1U OUARTri ON WEST ' aide; horse, wagon aud everythlug complete. Address BUSINESS, box 11U Herald office. ^OR HALE AT A BARliAIN-a" FIRST UilASS COiT fectlonery Store and lee Cream Saloon, of eight years' standing; first cla>? stand for oysters; also a beautiful Oven, suitable fur bakery, with apparatus belonging to it: every thing got up in first class style; the whole iu period oruer. Speculators ne^tl not applv. ('all at P. A. NORMaN DEAU'S, Ml Ann at.. New t ork, up stairs. fflOK SALE CIIEAP-aN old ESIABLISHED REAL 1 Estate Busiuess, established lor nine years; Urge rent collecting. Inquire at H?> West 33d st. I|H>M UUt 0HKA1*?A MATTHXWH HtlOA WATER 1 tienrrator and Fountaina; iu perlect order. Address R. J. LESTKU, Brooklyn. N. Y. IjV>K SALE, CHEAP?STOCK AND fixtures OK A ' Fancy Mure, doing ? good buaine**; ?all.factory reaeon* Siven lor aeiliu/. Call uu or addreaa FANCY GOODS, old p. 340, new No. 454 Gruve it., Jeraey City. PT7r~SALK CHEAP?A CORNER LIOL'OjT STORE, near ferry, South Urooklju. Addreaa J. C. B., Herald office. Full SALE?A NEATLY KITTED SALOON ON Broadway, witli Itooina atiltablc for club or dwelling. Addreaa J. li. k II. WELI.IS HOC K. tlil and 115 Veaev it. I" ilOB BALE?ONK OK Til K BBHT CORNER LIQUOR Store, ill Weal at., near the Jeraey City ferry, aplen dldly lilted up: 21 year-' leaae. Apply to MORRIS COWlK, li) Centre it., New York. 1!H>B MALIC~UK EXCHANGE?A rfiwT~~OLAs5 1 Kindling Wood Yard, iu full operation, doing a iplendid buaineaa, aud located on all avenue. Call on or adureaa J. KATZE.NUERGKR, UOJEaat loth at., room 1. OR SALE OH TO L&T?A LlyUOR STOReTwITH Fixture* Northweit coruer Woat 3d and Greene ata. ICS HOUSES AMD BOXES KOUUEKIt. butchers, reatauranti; tutcher'e Fixture*. MaTHhSON, Mtb at., near lltli a?. * 111 AXE a~MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS STORE TO ?ell In tte beat location in New York; no oppoaitlou; caali aalea; rent nominal', the flnuat opportunity ever offered. Apply to A. meliiado, 41 Wall it. iJauncey Court). I I'MIIER YAK!) FOR SALE? ONE OK THE OLDE8T J mid beat located lumber yarda In tho city, with Mock, Fixture*, Office, Stable. Horae* and Trucka, aud Mill at tached, to clote a concern. Addrei* LCD HEK. Uerald office. IIQl'OK MEN.-A PARTNER WANTED TO Ill'N I'liE J uualtieaa: old e*tabiiihe<Llt<|uor alore. LLOYO, Bull neal Agent. -'II Broadway. ABBLK MIOA WATER AND ROOT BEER APPA ratua. alt atvlea. for aale below coat. J. M. WB1TKIELD * BOX, 1W2 Water at. M Restaurant and bar down town?sacrifice before auction. 10 o'clock to morrow ; aee auction col umn Monday. LLOYD, Auctioneer, 21) Broadway. RE AL ESTATE, mining" PROPERTIES. MERC II AN diao. Storea. Livery Mtablei, Sample Room*, l'atonta, Mortgage* aud Bualneaa . will exchange. COl'GELL, Iff Park row, room 10. The well known sample rooms. .17 front at.: day trade; bargain; till* day or Wedncada.v at uuclion. LLtlYD. Auctioneer. 21) Broadway. mRRSi FIRST CLASS CORNER Llgt OR STOKES X for aale; owner retiring troin bualneaa. LLOYD, 2U Broadway. mo SELL ON EASY TEKMS-TIIK FURNITURE AND X Louao of a 11? ? 11 ae In I'iiiladelphia; central location; low rent', can make money any eeaa mof the rear; ilcknew cauae of aellinf?. Addroi* Z. Q., Herald office. ?BARGAIN.?UOOT BEEII AND~KIt I'IT STORE. IptJ'J. with Kixturea and Goodwill. Apply on prumlaea to A. KLEIN. 14? llrondway, Williaiiiabury. NAMES OK FRI'IT AND FBODCCK Mflf per* lor laie. Addreai TRADE, box 114 Herald 200 WILL HL'Y SEGAR STORE 455 HUDSON IPOUU it., with the wholeiala .ind retail huaineaa; lari:e back mom ; rent only per month. ATnil CASH WILL BUY ?J.5(io WORTH HARD Jp'l'UU ware, Paint*, Tinware; Ireitt good*; no ex change noticed. 23 Park row. room froin 10 t<%l. A(W WI ?LEASE, KLRNTrUHE, FIXTURES AND 20 (Jlt/UUi Beda of that well known liouae 111) Leonard at. ?-.HAC?ii!\d;k%. X~VOOT ~L AT HE "FOR HALE,' CHKAP.'SKEN "at anytime. J. 11A It 141S. 4117 \V at 4Mth at,, N. V. OILER*?TWO OF It*) lloRSK POWER BACH: nearly new; coat f7,5UU; will be told for 91.500 to cio>? M eatate. Appiy at '-1W M eat at. Ij*SHINES. mhlkH flax, hemp: rope anT) !i Jut" Machinery on hand anil lor aale at bottom pricea; engine" from 5 to HO horaj power; worki, Pateraon, N.J. 5 .Sew York ?IHce, h? Li ertv at. TODD A KAKFlCKTY MACHINE company. fjlOR SALE-A *KW 'bOILXK, 14X14 INCH CYLIN r c'.er. auitable for a towboat. A?ply to JAIME LLL'III A CO., No. 0 Hurling alip, New York. For saLE-LaU<;k size gUUCMOX'* CAIiOBi3 EnRlne, In workiOK order. SliH Broome it. B S fiHlft SALE?TWO STEAM II VMM Kits AND ?'OM ' plete aet of Forge Toola for manufactaiiiiK heavy fortf lupa. car axlea, Ae..; one <K) horac I^K-oniotlvn Boiler, very low for caah. Addreia U. M. CLAPI*. 2CJH liroadway, room D. /??? EE NHOUSKS" BOII.EKS AN I > PIPE " FOR 'SALE*, \.T cheap. Addreai flokist, i.ox 3o7 Herald office. ? HOMER. 54 EAST BKOADWaY. DEALER IN ? new and aecond hand Toola Preaaea and Preaa Tnoli m idc ; cutting out and H'.ainpln.'. T ATHE, 5 FKE1 LONG. ??); SLIDE ESSE CHI CKS, lJ Ac. t.'OOK. coruer Centre and WUte ata (railroad depot 1 "jTKAM""ho'ISTERS. NEW AND jSWD HAND; Rualiw rtb'a paienta J.'>? #?l 2St| at. Wanted-iron punching and OUTTIJHi MA chine; Mewod haad. Addreaa A. WOLI^HTADT, DHH 3d av f) GORDON PRESSES AND ALSO SMALL ENGINE Zt and Boiler wanted In exchanKe lor and Hne 'Iwenty-four'li ward Loll; comealent to florae and ate am cara. Addreaa GORDON, loi* i:?H Herald office ftKMOV A U. _ ' Ha. sihHRc.oifT k ?;o.. rLoKisrs. cor'n?r sflt ? av. and l-'d at?Will remove to their new ctinaerva lory corner ">lh a>. and :<7tli it., on it about June 12. Until U>eii, all order* will be received at their branch at ore, cor 5tli av and 5 4 *i. ? " BlliLlAHUk, A new centennial uilXiAtfTi To knament and ,davlDi( off the tie* of the Philadelphia tournament will cotnmeu.e at Irving llall. .%** York, on Monday even In/, Jnne 5. iramea, Mai pointa, three ball*, on a Colleuder atanoard IO table. Sea ton, (iarnler, Mloiaon, Rudolphe and other great player* to comend. A MKRICAN STAND ARD BEVEL HILLIAKD TAMLB4, A. with lieianey'i wire ciiablun*. aoiely naed In all cham 1 ionabip and match game*; >econd iiaud Table- at great bargain. W. II. GRIFFITH A CO , No 40 V?ey at. Ciollender'S HTANDAKD AMERICAN " HRVRL / Milliard Table*, with the celebrntad I'heiau k Collender ?orabinatloii cu*bion*. for aale in tUle city only at 7W Broad ?nr. noR rtALh-IWO, one tft BALL r Pool, with llelaney'* patent wire cushion*. Addreai K. P.. Herald office 1)HELAN'S BILLIARD TABLES ?POR SALE l)nly 1 by iltl), E. PHBLAN. * are room W Bait 14th at. 'pwo BEVELED BlLLIAKD TAMLEH. t .Xli AND 4X 1 s, in Ant claa* order, lor aale aheap, at Piano Ware van in ntil Kaal HM av A EICURSIOX19. _ ^ EXlTitMloS To KiftLOplL" ?? Tl?# hUtc Line Stetinnblp STATE OK PENNSYLVANIA will ?*il fruru pier 4'J North Kivur on TQURSDAV, July III, 187ti, witb u pleu*ur* party from Pitt?buric, Ph. A Jew c bo ice berth* at a vrry reiiH??u*ble figure for the round trip. Ticket* wood to rctura uuy tiiuo in iwflvt* mouth-, may bo li*tl by utlitremiiiitf WM. C. SMYTIIK. Fifth National Bank. ftmhin, K?. UriiiTukkat kinITof Tfoiir.noPK armsn. JOHN DKNIKK. will perform III* wonderful gymnastic feat* on Monday and Tue*day, June Z aud ?l, ou the Paviliou tirouud*. at Kurt U?. uu * rout Jim KKHT I.OXH AND OO FEET III.ill Kor these teals lie has received twenty-three uianive gold medals from all |>uri? ul the globe. The lollowing remark* bio feat* vriI be performed: ? t'nmltK the rope backward and forward. Laying down at full length on ihc rope. Crossing Willi Ilia leet in a small hoop. <-r<>-?intr with bi* i>i?n blindfolded, enveloped Id bliff sack : concluding wtli bia origlual mailer leal, THK PLY1NH HAH. Performances commence at 4 P. M. Kurt Lee ateaiuboat* leave Canal at. at 10 A. M. and ^ P. V., lauding at 4tli at. and 34th at. ten niinate* later. Ha turning leaven Fart l>ee at 0 P. X. Honad trip, 2ie. Per lurmuuce tree. ^ Uit AND' EXCURSION AND A liltAND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT TO MORROW (SUNDAY) morning aud ultirnooii. Tbe Ktoatlng Palace Hotel, the PLYMOUTH ROCK. ^ ?A?KOCIyVWAY BEACH EXCURSIONS. " 111 MINUTES ON THE ATLANTIC OCEAN*. SUNDAY, J I XK 4. Steamera AMP.RIl'US, I'll. COOK aud NF.VKR81NK. Nil delay by till- old catalili>bed line by low water. Americu* leaves 'J4tli at., North Kiver, 8 :30 A. M aud 1:15 P. M ; 10th M? North Kiver. * :4-'i A. M. and 1 :2S P M.: foot Veaey ?t,. North Kiver. 11 A. M. and 1 :40 P. M.; Kulton terry, Brooklyn. ?-I) A M. and 2 .:*) P. M. William Cook lt-aeea J4lh at.. North River, 10:30 A. M. I and Kulton lorry, llrnoklyu, II A. M Xevernink leave* ;Md it., Easi Kiver, H :30 and 10 A. M. and l'J :3u P. M.; Southtlth at.. Williamsburg, S:4ft and 10:13 A. M and 13 MS P. M.; ilrnnd at., East Kiver, New York. 9 and 10:30 A. M. nnd 1 P M ; pier 37 Kant Itiver, 1 :IO P. M.I I Kulton tarry, lirooklyn, 1:1ft P. Steamera leavo ltockaway. 4 :30, and fi :30 P. M. Kare, 35 cent*; excursion ticket*, SU ccnti. A?A.?A M AO X1 PICK NT SUNDAY EXCURSION a to Kockawuv tieacli and the Atlantic Ocean. The uiaminoth pleasure steamer WILLIAM COOK. with spacious i!?.:ks aud broad awning, very fatt and of light draught, accompanied by Conteruo'a celebrated Twenty third Keglment Band, will leave l!4th it., North Kiver, at lu:3'l A. M . and Krnoklyn (new duck), at 11 A. M., returning to the city by 0 P. M.. ?ivius perauua aiuplo time to vitlt the moat popular wateniiK place III America. The celebrated Hrooklyn Orphuui Uuartet will be on boon tor the entertainment or paaaenKera. Till* favorite iteamer, I dected over all othera by both tbi New Vork and Hnxiklyn yacht cluba to acv itupany their ox cumions. will not lie deiaveil by the alioal watdra aboiv Kockawnjr lulet Plenty of Uelrealuueuu on board. Pare for the whole excuralou. '>Oc. A r PLYMOUTH ROOK TO ROCKAWAt. TODAY, SUNDAY, JUNK 4. 187?. "safety. Comfort and Speed." Tbe auperb iieainer PLYMOUTH ROCK. Captain S. O. Martin. liaviiiK all the comfnrta and C0DV?< uioncei of a palace hotel, anil od'ertuir. In addition thereto, A OKAND Mtr>lCAl. RXTKKTAINMKNT, In which WKSIOX. the cliaiiipinn HauloUt; tbe JI'HILKK sINtJKKS and Inatrnmriitaliata, MOZAKT lIL K CLUB, MADKIOAL HOYS. CillMKS of ClIUKCH HELLS, Ac., take part, will make TWO UKAND KXCCn.SIONH EVERY DAY to ROUKAW.VY BEACH and the COOL HllKKZKS OK THK ATLANTIC OCKAN. b.'tcluuiiiK thia SUNDAV, JUNK 4. FAKE (for the whole excuralou) KIKTY CENTS Slugle trip ticket* to or from Kockaway, 35e. BOAT LEAVER tbe foot of 'J3d at.. North Kiver, at U A. M. aud 1:30 P. I(., aud pier 2 North River, at U:l*> A. M. and 1 :l.'i P. M. ?A. ? Daily and sunday SXCI ksions^to . Kort Lee, l'leaaant Valley aud Shady side.? Steamboat! leave Caual at. daily at 0:16 and lo A. M.: "J, 5:15 aud 7:13 P. M. Suuduv at U. lo and 11 A. M.; l'J M.. 1, J, ?. 4,0 an4 7 P. M.; laiidlnit at IMtli aud 34th ?ta. (daily aud Sunday) 10 niluutoa later. Hound trip, "Joe.; chlldreu half price. J^-HEOULAK SUNDAY MOKNIXO BOAT" KOl New Haven. The faat and favorlto ateamhoat MACENTA will leave Vvaey at.. North Kiver, at S A. M.; Pulton ferry, Brooklyn, 8:15 A. M : Orand at., Kaat Kiver, M:90 A. M.; and 23d at., Kaat lltver, S:4."i A. M . arriv ng In New Havoa at I :?) P. M. Keturnluir?Leave New Haven al 3 P. M., arrl\iuK In New York at 7 P. M. Kate for rouud trip, $L No ticket* aold except en the boat. liefrenUmeuta ou board at reaaonablo ratea. ?POIt CONEY ISLAND DAILY.-I77B. L? Tbeateamer 8APPIIOwill commence rniinlng to Coney P.M. Tue new nteamor IDI.KWII.D will run In conueetliM with the SAPPHO from the North Iilver, June 11, and tlM ELIZA HANCOCK front the Kaat lllver, June 18, fot Coney laland every day. a -koiV kxnI ksi(7nT, "Saloon htkamkiu WYt> . raitiK and William Cook, barici-a Kepublle. Cblcaco, Baldwin, ('aleiloiila uinl Anna; Oriental, Exceleior. Karltaa Beach. Alderney Park. Cnlil >orinii aud loiia lalaud grovea. I Addre?< or iui|ulre al 3S4 Weat St., oppoaile Chriatophef ? itreel ferrv. II. B. CROSSETf. A-X-TO CHARTER. STEAM BOAT FORT LKB] ? will accommodate 41X1 paa-cuiter*: price (SO to $1U| per day. Apply in tbe afternoon at 47 KulDu at. -AT-Kr.lil LAK "kxCURslDNS TO KOCKAWAl . JS.VKKY DAY KXCfcPT SUNDAY. On and after I buraday, J line 1, the Sound iteamer NhVKKSINK will make two excurtiona every dav. leaving ?4th at.. North Kiver, at W:3U A. M. and 1 :15 f. M. HUli it., North Kiver, alH^ri A. M. and I :2S P. M. Veaoy at., North Kiver, at 0 A. M. and 1 :l'J P. M. Kulton terry, Hrooklyn. U :JU A. M. and J P. k. l.oav._-Kockaway at 11 A. M. and 5 P. M. N. 11.?Patroui rf thia Hue will experience no delay on a# count of low tide. Pare lor tbe entire exenrilon. Vic. ^ ^SPECIAL EXCURSION NoFkTk ~~" J AKRKTT St PA LAI K11 bi-ir to announce that aa a pre cautionary meaiurc looking to the lafety and comfort ot their paiieniceri, peremptory ordera have been liaued to the oiflcrri of the itcnmcr PLYMOUTH ItOCK that no raclaa must i.e undertaken by them under any clrcumalancea of provocation. The time table lor the tripa to and Irom KOCJvAWAV will be adhered to, and all tbe promiare of tho regular advertiacnieula fulfilled in letter ahd spirit. A~ ~K!.SIIIN(? llANkS RVRRY day" ISATUKDAflli ? excepted).?Ocean steamer SKTII LOW, leavlaf Harrison at.. North Kiver, H:30; Mth at., Kaat Kiver, 7; pier 'J7 Kaat lllver. 7 :1.'>: liitli st . North Kiver. 7:40; plar 0 North River, H A. M. Tickets, $1 VL. ii. POSTER, Manager. A?A.?SUNDAY EXCI'K>loXS TO ASToKlA~ HAB . leni. .Morrisania and High Brld/e.?Steamera MOK* K1S AN I A. II AKLKM and >IIADY SIDE leave Pulloa Mar ket allp at 11:3(1. 111. II, l'J A. M. : I, I ;1.V 2 .30, ?. 4. 4 :JP, .r?:Uii, H 7:l.'>and S |*. M. Leave Monisama H: 1ft, I), U:i.1, 1(1:30, II aud fj A. M. : 1. 'J. J:45J 3:3H.| 4.3U &:30. U:l."> and 7 I*. M . landing at Orand at . J3d at. ana lltHhit. connecting with boati to lllgb Bridge, Pasaen gers b.r this lire will be admitted to the great aubmarlue excavations under Hell Oaie IV H. LONOHTRERT, Superintendent. For excursions-low prkimukb rtoriLLiK Restless: splendid nccoiiiniodntinu* lor private partial V. W. STAHK. 33 Contles allp. corner Sontb it.. New York I,V)K KOI KAWAY -IHI-; KAST AND FAVORITE ' ateamhoat T V. ARROWSMITH will corami no running Juno 10, makln r two trlpi per da/ durlr.g the aeaion. Landings. Ac , hereafter. For kxcUiisiTHis-schoonkr yacht and mkv ?ral Steauilioata, with and without itateroomi. (JKOKUK K. PLY SIKH. 3U Sooth it. OVKRNOR'S ISLAN0 TiMMKX TtT vTSITOltS ?Till steam yacht OOVKKN'OK'S ISLAND leaves the Cat torn Iloiiae pier at tbe Baitery every hour daily for Uoror nor s lalaud. Concert by the depot band thia afternoon, lea lowed Immediately after by tire'* parade. N" SUNDAY, AT 0 A. M.. THE STKAMER MAA TEAWaX will leave pier 31 North River, foot of Han rlson it., lor Kevport. taking the Iniide route, laadlac at Kliiabethport, Kosavllle aud Perth Amboy ; returning leave* Keyport 3 :30 P.M. I he MATTP.AWAN leavet New York daily at 4 P. M. from pier 3t North Kiver. toot of ll-rrlaon it., for Keyport direct, returning Saturday! at 7 P. M. PLYMOUTH HOCK. KOCKAWAY. The superb steamer will be/in her regular daily tripa t? Kockaway Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, giving the graod musical entertainment* on every excuraion, TO-MORROW (SUNDAY). June 4. Pare (tortile wliolo excursion) 90 eenta Single trip tickets 33 eenta liiiat will leave the lout of 'J.'td at.. North River, at ? A. M. aud I :??*> I*. M.. and pier No. U North Rivor, at tf :30 A. M. and I !.*> IP. W. ever> day. REilULAR SUNDAY BOAT KOR NEWARK. On aud alter SUNDAY. May 7, the fast and well known steamboat THOMAS P. WAY will make her regular Sunday trip betweea Now York aa4 Xewark. leaving Commercial Dock, Newark, al 8 A. M. t leaving New Yurk. pier No. UJ North Kiver, loot of Vaaa^ it., at 10:30 A. M., itoppiug at Hargea Point each way. rare 2'< centi. UOCKAWAY BKAtTll PAVILION, THIRD LANDINa. Holland nation NIC IIKYNK and 1IKRM. ORONK. proprietor*. Klisi claa* restaurau: and bar: iorf bathing; bathing liouiea and dreaaea: iteameri Neveriinx *ad Amar* leus will land on till* dock QKA W A NIIA K A SUNDAY EXCURSIONS * O TO COLLKOK POINT. OftbAt XKCK, CITY Ml LAND. SAND'S POIXI, ULEN COVK, SKA CUFF. OLKN WOOD AND ROSLYN. The steamer SEAWAXIIAKA leave* Peek Rll| every SUNDAY at HA.M.; Ittli <t it Hift A. M.. and ?d M. J H:l'i A. M. for the above place*, returning to tba city abval ?) P M. Dinner and refreshment* on board SUNDAY EXCURSIONS TO H ARI.P.V aND ASTORIA, landing at llth it., Astoria, lotfth aad 1201b lie. **fbe*steamer* SYLVAN DKLL. SYLVAN OL1N aad SYLVAN STRRAM will coiumaoce the foUowlag trip* ?? SUNDAY. June 4. M7d - Boats leave Harlem. Boat* leava Peek ill p. S:'WA. M. 'J^MP. M. ?:4ft A. M. 3:10 P. M. U:l-1 A. M. 3*i P.M. int.. A.M. 4:1.'. P. M. 10(1) A. M. 4<11 P. *. 11:30 A.M. .MW P M. 10:46 A. M. 4:4ft P. M. 12:1ft P. M. ft|40 P. M. 114ft A. M. 6:4<t P. M, I ?0 P. M. 6:40 P. M. l'J :3U P. M. H:i|?P. M a .-00 P.M. 7:'J0P. M, IIOPM. 7 lop. M. 2:4ft P.M. HO?F. M. I .cave llth it ten niinntea later than Peek allp. N. B ? Boat* conneat with baata lor High Bridge. Pienla parlies and schools taken on week day* ou rauanable tarwa. Pare Ift cents on Ituadavi. WILLIAM WITHKHWAX. Saperiatendent. SX'XDAT EXCURSION' TRIPS to LONO BRANCH.^ Commencing Jaae 4, the New Jeraey.Soalhera Rail road neamer MRYsTAi. WAVE will leava frter a, N. K ,lea? Rector It., at U ;31) A. M. Keturning, the train leavae Lo?S Branch at ft P. M, _ W. S SNKDKN.U. M. The favoritk mtkamkr sLkkpy hollow. now called the LOHU HRAJICH (Ca^tala Carti.), commenced her reirnlar Snadav trip* to Newberwlel' IBa ?eaaoii on Sundav. May 2* _ f*r.B:^y ./?* at H A M . West Hfb H.. ? :*? A. M.; Weei imk it., jf A. M , landing al Ynnkere. lona laland. Wait Paint, CeM Spring and Cornwall; returning, leave* NeWVarg at 1:11 f> V| ^ Warm meal* and refreshment*aerved e? tlMlM MM> able ratea. Par* for ruaad trip. 1,

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