Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Haziran 1876, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Haziran 1876 Page 14
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CIT* HKAL mtat1 toft f rntral. t ?NO. 1 EAST rab Mr.. ADJOINING 5T1I AV . Kill I aire. admirably |>laoned funr tlurjr high (loop )>'?? u atone oc*agun frem Maualon, with exqniaite dining m m rMraiion; five bay winduwa. eomuandiutr auprrb vie* a of 5th a?.; uiirror>. Ac., and eeerjr poaaiblr modern imiiroveweat. X. H.?Thia noble eatabhahiucat will be aold v il.ont rwrn on Thursday neat. June H, at 111 Broadway. >it IU ? >'rlnck. Mild ia unqiiratinnabljr the tlneat eaienaion liouae left tut sold. It can only he properly ipprvrialrd upon rxaininalion. V. k. bTEVKNaON, Jr.. Auctioneer. Ha. 4 Pine at. \ T r.U(Xi).-AX E1.B0AMT FOUR KTORY BROWN . \ <i"ne llnnae, -J?i*?Vl. near avenue and t!d at.; alto tandsoiiie liouae for $10,000. W I LI.I AM TITKKB. 220 Mh ar. \ illuHE Til RICK '**11 KOt'K KTUKT i V brown alone llouaea ("r aala vary cheap for caali. SHOVE A CO.. Broadway. M l '. RLAl. Hs'I \TK IDK S \Lr., " cciilral. at a aaeriflce, to dnu estate. Klftli avenue four ?tory brown atoue. 25x7(>*lu2. JO rooina, price ?R5.000; a in four atory brown .toue, 'J7x70x 10"). price $1'25.0UO: alao ?tip.rhtoarat.ry brown alone.'.'uxft.SxlOO. price StiO.oOO; al?o |i*l Lota on Madiauu. Broadway. Kiftli ?r. and adjoining it recta: also ffmr tltttil Inn itnai Hou?ex on Madiena av . price $UX).(ao; Lot> in N.w York or Brooklyn: alao 10 aplcndid payini: Stores and Owelliuir- ontitli av. to exchange for Couutry Property, Lota or Securitie*. Ortira 30 Pine at. JACOB V. D. WTCKOVT.^ I?LRUANT~ BROWN STuNK KOl'K STttBY HOU8R J for xala or to let, 79 W?t SOtb at.: splendid order; chandeliers, wirrora; poaseasiou immeaialelT Apply on premise*. FORKALE-NO. 25 KAST 74TI1 BT.. FOUR 8TORIES, high stoop, brown atone, Suiahed In rich cabinet work by Puttier A Stroma; elegant mirror*, chaudcllara. gaa tlx turei. billiard table and aafe; plate clasp windows to tba lourtli floor; this house Is offered at a sacrifice until Jnne 10. alter which data it will be withdrawn from the market. J. O. CLINTON. 55 Liberty at. UOR KALK TilK ~;RKATEST BARGAIN YET r offered in thiaclty, a four atory hrown atone llouae on Blat at., near Madison avenue. MARTIN DUNN, 302 Broadway. t^TTr sa77e-a kocr?toky brick hocsk, on r :27th at , weat of Broadway: will trade for a small place In the country. M. SIIEURY, 100 Welt 33d at. FORK ALE?NO. 38 RA8T 74TU ST.. KOUW ST01UE7. hiuh atoop. brown alone, Qnialied In rich cabinet work by Puttier A Stymua; elegant mirrors. chandelier*. gas fix tures, billiard table uud aafe; plate glass windowa to the fourth floor; this honac la offered at a aacriltce until Jane 10. after which dato it will be withdrawn from th* market. J. C. CLINTON. 55 Liberty at. Fob salk-brown btone residence. 1.534 Broadway, corner 47th at.: great prospective value. JOBIaH J EX. 1,335 Broadway. hloR SALE CHEAP?POCK LOTS ON 4 TH ST., IIK twern 5th and 6th av*. Apply to ROBERT IRWIN, MM Weat 4 Jd at. Marked down to insidr kigures-trk at tractive brown atone front llouaea No*. H5 to71 Weat Mthat.: tlicy are well built, elegantly flnished and have ?very improvement. Call and examine: open all day. Alao a Plot tvj.tlxl(>0.5 (Vet. with old-fashioned House, In the rtaiuo street. Apply as above. OS THE BROW OK MURRAY HILL (WIPE atreoti ? Four story brown stone high atoop, l!0',xl*'?4. \ddruaii-ONVNER, box 4.till Poet office. ?M'I EMHIi PRIV ATE UKSIDENCK NEAR LEX. 0 mifton. #12.">"": avenue Property. fltt.ttO: rented over fij.'**'?. several private llouaes nuar Lexington, to exchange 'or Coantry l'laoe and cash : larire number to let. LIONEL KKOKIIUCil. 7sa :id ar. ELEGANT EXTRA WIDE DWBLLINO, WITH carriage house and stable. No. s East >Htli at., near 5th av. ; any party wanting a fine establlahmeut. admirably ar ranged ami located, w ill please call upon owner, on the premises: will be aold or rented, with or without tto hank tome Furniture: price to suit the times. 1 I \ST 531 > ST -H ANDSOMEST FULL SIZE EXTKN~ 1 slou llousc, adjuinlni,-5tli av., for sale at a verv great bar-.,' ' V. K. STEVENSON. Jr.O ??D AV . Mi- s-.i AND 801 -KA0U rOOR STORIES ') and tin-eiu' iit; each lot 25xllO feet; thcae two well uMiti'ii, nia^'iiiticcntlv located Stores for sale at a decided bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., No. 4 Pine St., or 33 Eaat 1 7tli at. -flTf ~ AV T NK Art 5C IT I f "stT-_\ ~ KINE EXTRA "siZBO ? ' House for sale very cheap; a smaller House or Country Place taken in part payment. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. I'asi Sltlr. AKINE DWELLINU. KCLL LOT. IN S2D ST.; ALL Iniproveuients: sacrifice. NEAKIE A CO., 1,533 3d nv., corner of si th at. "T FOUR STORY lli;o\VN STONE. WEST Or 3D AV., _/V $lS,(?tl; three atory brick. $10,000: four atory Hat house, $13,1100: four *t<?ri hrown atone, OOth at., near 2d av,, iti:].i,til; ,t MILLER, :id av., corner of 5t>th at. A" STL* VESA NT LEASEHOLD. 21 YEARS. WITH two renew ala 21 year*; ground $175; two llouu* near 3d av.; ca-li only CAUNEY, 15 Ablnedou aquare (Stli ar.) F^^HOR SALE I'll EA P?TH REE STORY IIKlll STO()P hrown atone House 244 Ea?t 33d at., between 2d and Bd ava., in perfect order. FOR SAI.E-CHOIClTBnI,UINU LOTS, 100X100. ON north side 53d >t.. between Lexington and 4th ava.; |fai\!*0. loutheajt coruer -*>2d St. and 4th av.; alao, Mix IOO. louth side 52it at., between Lexington and 4th ava.; all free tnd clear, liberal arrau^cnionts made with responsible guilders. STEINWAV X SONS. Stelnway Hall. New York. til r.lU\ -PLKNIUM LOT, 25.X lim. BELOW 5HTH V" I at. : suitable tor uiilkinan. carfman or similar business: must be sold. M I \ZESU K1ME1C, l*U 3d a v. W . mi Nide. f^OR SALE.?A DECIDED BAIttiAlN CAN BE HAD by prompt biiierlu a first class four storv cabinet finished House, on Oth av. Boulevard. Address CllARLES, Herald office. fTTni AMD MTU 8TB., W1 ST OK lufn ~AV. ?S P LE N t''t did manufacturing Pro|o*rty. 75x300. HI, with three itorj and basement brick lluiliiing, covering lots; will take Country Seat in exchange or rem very low. RICHARD V. IjARNETT. Ill Broadway. Brooklyn propektv foh sale ANII TO LET. >?A ii? i MN V KIRST CI.VSS THREE STOin brown stone II oil no, sire 2*>3kl?r?. lot 1(*>, huilt tu the r?*ry best inunucr, lirst cliMA ift-nliuii uii the hill, western ?U>pe of 1'rospect l'nrk, liroiklvn, will he void at u verv Fri-iit RArriUce lor cuah. Addrcso U. J. C., owner, box 4,8611 oni office. BARGAIN?CO--1.\ CUT! A(JK. SIX KouMS, ulce garden; lull lot; $1 e??y terms. WM, E. CiOOtMiK, 21H .Motitaiirui* at., Brooklyn, room 7. Tt Bast WILl.lAMSHLHtiT?a lifcAl'TlKUL COK UX. ner Villa Plot of about two acres, on Mitchell's Hill. Mctroi'oliian av., corner llluli mi., lor $5,()IIU; horRe cars I Ml I M 11'Cll KLL, 77 reriar st. Twi)~~STOKY COTTAGE HOUD1 TO LET IN Brooklyn; rent ?ir> per mouth. Apply at .SMITH'S iliow t-Hr?l ?iller>. .No. Murray *t. DOR HAI V \N AVKNI K PLOT, IN URHKN\Vt>OD. P hanUmoiucly inclosed. Addresi 11. 1*. JAMKS, Herald ofllco. liH>K 8ALK THE CHEAPEST UOUgB I.N BROOK* X? I % s?; threw ?l??ry and basement, water and sewer ^horne cars pass the d.?or. Will ?ell lor $3,<ssj. lu<iuire of the owner, 4tW? llumh?ildt St., Brooklyn, E 1). mo LET BARGAIN KIK-T ?L\? LA BOB BROfTN I *?ioiie IIi use. all improvement*, mirrors, ,1c., unexcep tioual>ie neighborhood, ^iss.i; six blocks to ferry, Brooklyn. EL>iON, oa ner. 20 Liberty sL t mo ill KUItNlHHBD-AT MOUKT VBBBOIl, A i House containing 1*2 rooms, with hsll acre of ground uud ?.ti?l?ie; rent per moiitti. Apply to DaVID HAL 1.IM K, 151 Cast 4Ud st. \\ KM C llKsi KU COUNTY jPROPHHTY Fill! SALK AM> TO UEXT. t VERY DK^IBABLB PLACE OH III'DmiN AT J A. Spuyten Uuyvi!. within one hour of City Hall: hitch sii>l perfectly iiealthy location; fine lar^e house and out buildings; three acres handsomely Uiu out. well shaded and fruited, for sale, with immediate possession ; price ?, sne-lourth cash; a bargain. Addrvss box 2.H1U New York X'ott office. v BAl ... M ON FB . DOUBLE HOI 5S"; U\. room lor two lamllies; stable for MO horsee; near Mel rose depot. Adilrev* l?. ELK1N8, Herald Iptown Branch office. VT TKEMONT.?To KENT, FOR 9*'*0U, A LARGE, ImmUovte brick IIouk?. 14 room*, jru% mid water, with m\ city l.?u ami ifOixt htable; three nnnutf* walk from de }?ot; W*t iocuti>*ii in Trcinout. IlCOli N. CAM1\ 152 Iroadwuy, or J. TIIUMAS hl'KARNH, Tremout. B 1.1)1 OKI). -H IvMSHKI) cottauk TO KENT; nine room*: |5<) ptr munth for four months; healthy, tiiurfy. no momjuitoe#; ?tnble a<ommodatioiu luuuiru of IL M. BRODERIt K. Jfu. -J kul 234 at. F" H?R UU-OllAt EaRUAIN r??WN YoL'R IhJi'Uk for the ri'nt you ply, #l,KO; Iu $.'??> down, bul tncc ?>n>'; little above Harlem Kr dte . new, modem built, t*i> atory, cellar*. with lirick net iu. tiiil until !.<??. ft room*. water in eaoli; can anybody beat li; aue lor jrouraclt and pajr an mire mill. 1'. OKCkKK, Olid it , Woottatock. \4orrla?nia. tOK SALE OK TO I.KT?X BKAUTIKI'I. IIOCHK", ? tli turn aud fruit tree a, aituatid uu Cheater Hill, Mount Vernon; JO minulea from tin' Urand Central depot. Apply to THoMAS 1M FCY, a.8 k.*at ulat at., Nrw Yuri. Ha.NKmiMKST WKSli IIKSTI R PaKM KOK SALE? fifty mil# mlrr view; 11 ?) ikI building*. perfectly Healthy Addrea* W KSTt'llKgTl-.R, RoMmore llotel, LARCH MONT MaI^R?KOR 8ALK~i.OW| UK KX chaage: hse rountfjrMat; 20 a< re?; beautiluliy locnt nl Ml llir M(M; 1? mile* an New Haven road. k. K. COl. 1.1 N S. LAKCIIMONT MANOR, to M INI'TKS ShW flavcn road.?A Cue Country Soat. aplendldly located on the Sound ; fully and band*utm ly furutahed; June to No wWr.Mi 8. J. COLLINS. IflARRYTOWK, 8TUART8 MANKION?PTKNHtHBD; X high andptealthy; itablpi trult?. every convenience Al?> Kcllevillo. 1U m ilea lmm Jets*} ( Ity; n?w bouae. high fr. uuda, to rant. U, fARTRIOuK, ia< Bread at. r"pi7let?In Tort~cuMini. A HOOKS, "Unfcr" J. nUlied. and barn . ten minute* iron depot; witn ft*# tore- ol land. part fruit tree*. part garden; rout low up to Apnl 1, 1877. Inquire ut It Sl.VoN A CAfKL, No. aa Uroene at. finu LET?TWO mInFTE8 KROM MKLh08K 8ta J ti"U. Il(iiiw>, 7 rounia; marble mantel*. >? ami fix lure . lain, pleaaant irardeu . rent IJPU Apply at Wlat ?t. aud < ortland av., or W rit attn >t. rpo IJ-.r? flKJUlMIEK IIOU8K at YONKLRs' ON X W arburton at . live uiluutra tronj depot. UlMHIl ill Modern improvemmu; h i low to co>>d tenaut Call oa or iMldr>'?? the owner, J. K. VAN WAiiK.\KN. ..i.t Wett "that. TflT|t8TCII EST K R. Ml MINl'Th8 KHOM DOWN roW.x ? tT lurniaiied ilouae iU I rooina). bam atable, Ac ; five or m 'r? ai-re?: bleh. haaltby location, near depot and Moand; rent or laaae low KH'hN. :iti Nnaaan at. S"| i I iuR MOUTH.?TU Ut FUIHInHID, PRkrrv JJI't v Cottag#; larttc gardeu ; minntei from llarlrm bridire Ort NEK. ?|? Wen t'nb at. WHITKMTOKK ??HOI'KHTY foh sale TO LET. "It ui'kkrt.t i (iKm ok a HuUSmra List?6H -18T v at.. Whtteatono, I.. 1 ; tuual be teen to lie appreciate 1; Dae iniiiatoa to cara or boat. OL1VKK TAKK, 1uatniaater. WblMMnM, L. I. l>ltUPKUT% OH' OK TIIK Cl'l't KOlt MALE OR TO RENT. J ST I.I.KUAN f" Vol; tffk'f"" 8i At- B A K? IAIN [ TlRsf eU?* buildinsa. five acrea. beautiful terrace*. Ac.; a?>en loilea. healthy, charmian. at Uft.tUO; coai |<3MtKi, ?. 5 KL>?roX, owner, ao l. b rty it, ~7 KCRN 18II KiriidciiK~TO ~RhST?WITM LAMB A tor ai>y length of time, at W'etton. Conn.; run. tatoa 11 rootna; large l-aro. with ata>le? lor three htir*e> alae earrla** novae . ti mile* from Now York and Ne* lUeea depot and irwm the Oanburv and Norwalk depot; p..a aeaalon Rtven immediately ; terint, (So per inoath. Addreaa Mr a MaKY I'l.AlT, We.ton, Ct>n?. 2M01TU TIO CAT8KILL8.? AT WINUHAM, X. T.. A Mat CM?fe, icartlen, ttabllBg, Xc . JI.D, Hhoto grap!. at "litith ?*. i?OTl * SOJI. r PROPERTY OCT OF THK CITY FOR 8AJLE OR TO RENT. TiTKiClRCLjtNT LITTLEPAR* AND HON! AM OHO J\. the Berkshire hills?Splendid ellmnle. t?eeuilful Minfry 100 xrn, good building* tod fence*; large tront stream ; tasteful new l>?elliug, trill) 9 rooms. in plea**ot, sisbllj locatiou, MM villa** with stores. chnrcbxs, P<m office, school.. Ac . and but 35 minutes' drive from railroad depot. with through earn to aud from New York Price. with crop? (immediate imimuioo), Cti.&UC, half cash. Take UP. M train from tirand Central depot (New York and New llavun Kail road i for Barringtou; inquire of station ainoi; supper and breakiaat on premises, aid return on morning train. A-TUK Blll'KN HOUSE, AT PERTH aMBOY ? to leaae on favorable terms; ibis bote) Is la good order and ronveuient to tea bathing and boating; the sta tloa of the L?i|! branch road ti near the bouse. Kor far ther information apply to UOUACK & KLY, So. 2U Pine at. A"" FAMILY OF 8IX WI8U TO KENT THEIR KLE Kant Country Seat on the Sound, one boor from 23d at ferry by boat and rail; will exchange rent tor board; bouse spacious and suitable for first class boarding house; l atbiiig, boating aad Ashing on the premises, baud some lawn ana good kitchen garden. Address A. F. D.. He/aid office. T DOUOLAMTON. L. I.. KOUK MILKS BEYOND flushing and 12 mite* from New York.?To let. a large House, conveniently arranged; located on elevated ground; line view of Sound; seven acres of land, more if desired; 300 yards from depot; fruit aud shade ; unsurpassed facilities for boating, bathing, ttsbiug aud stahliug: rent 97UO for the coming season . also to let at the same plaee. a neat Cottage on elevated ground ; rent, &J50 for the coming season Ap ply lo JOHN RKlD, Superintendent, on premises. Train irora James slip or 34th St.. Hast Klver, at 8:90, 11 and 3:30; return. lOjti, 1:1ft and 6:30. T L A K K M A HOP AC?A~ HANDSOME KKSIDKNCB on shore of tbe lake, good outbulidiuca. Sc.. fully fur nished. to let reasonably Wll.LlAM Tl'CKKll, 21V &th av. A?FOR SALE (>K TO LET CHEAP,' A Kl'LLY Fl'k. ? nulled Cottage. with stable, at Long Branch; in tbe best location; adjoining outtage of Geueral liraut. Apply to H. h. LEVY, ?KM *th sr. A CHARMING UOTTAGB?TASTKKUULlf FUR nl.hed; perfect order. l?wn, shade.good locMloa. near ftrgft Undine Stateu Island ; season #300- year Wmu ' KKUTGEN, 80 Thornii* st. HANDSOME CoUhTKY SBAT IN LIVINGSTON av.. Ni? Brun.wiek; about acres; nbuudauce of lrulU. garden plauted; lawn, shade, hedgee; modern boa*, completely luruished . .t?Uei, Ac.; rent reasonable. with privilege of ?'ur^^LET KEBGUSON. 161 Broadway. T LONG BRANCH AND MONMOUTH BKACH Splendld Cottages to let; all price*. Addrea* W *. LANE. agent. box 4* f'ost ollice. Ea?t Lumr firimch. 7 MODERN CO IT AUK ANL? UALF ACBE, BARN A ai.d Stable.?Near by; ?4,OUO; also fr?iu? Cottage, six rooms. *1.700; terms e an y MUROEN, 281 Broadway. T si*lbn DID COUNTRY RESIDENCE EOR SALE iV cheap; now kept as a hole I by John I. hnsdekcr ; on Urnvesenil borse railroad, corner Slioepshead Bay_road. UU0 yards from Ocoau Park way. one-half mile trom Coney l.Und. Address A F. FRIEND. New Utrecht. L. 1. 4 CIIKAP AND DESIRABLE UK NT TO A RK8PON A slble tenant.?Modern House, lj. ro?m?.?*ricn nlauted ; plenty of shade; Unte terraced lawn. three min utes Irom Westtleld depot. Central N,w. rent #;?> (half price) per month; commutation UK each way; SO minutes from cily ; ground high, cellar dry. ol cellent wat'-r and everything in perfect order. No agent need apply. Owner. 3li Park r.iw. room S. . T FRUIT AN 1' 1'ol'LTUY FARM. 1- ACRES. NEAR i\ churches, stores ?omiaary. lake, creamery, depot. Orange county. OLIVER, ltW Broadway. ? "a ?TO Til* W11.M FURJtWHKI), HOUSE WITH all modern improvement* and extensive ground*, heulthv and high, on North Shore. >taten Island; rent low to T?ponalMa truant. Apply at No. S Battery place, N. Y. A I BLIXABKTH.?TO LBT-AN F.l.E< i AN r WUX A lug. partlv furulahed . or w ill exchange for Dwelling ?Brooklyn. JOHN BULKI.EY, ?J7 Bread at.. New \ork. DELIGHTFULLY SITUATEH COUNTRY HOUSE. rurul.hed, in Northern New Jereey. Tl mile* from the city would be let at a low figure to a derrablo ten?nt. very healthy; uo m..?.,uitoo*; due view good lawu, shade trees; garden planted; truit In ?boyf?"cVa,kcH1LU' chickens aud Uor?o il desired. Address U. J*. FAIRCHILU, 557 Broadway. \ TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BROWN BTONE A. House; new; cost $7.IOO; sell for $4,7oO, cash; also. Orauge county Farms for sale x: change tor lightly eucuuibcred property. KUUUSKTOW ? CO., 32-i Broadway. M A VERY ELEGANT COl'NTKY SEAT OK kllGUT A acres beautifully laid out and finely shaded. with abundance of choice grafted fruit, graperies. Ac stone wall all around the plaoe; fine drives; about <,ni ? 'e from depot and 2u miles from 1 ..rty second street depot. New York; It is one ol the very finest seats in West Chester county, ou the Souud : lor sale, or would for Brooklyn or New York Improved 1'"l'urAy?, ' ttaiiitK 'ull particulars, box 1,7UU i oiit ottico. New York. T~Ta1>Y HAVIN.i A COTTAliK AT N'E ?> BUItilirON. A Staten Island, has two large aud two small Rooms which she will rent on moderate terms; references. Apply, Monday and Wednesday, at ;?7 Wast ^id st.. or address box VI Post oftice. New Brighton. ] AT ELIZABETH.?TO" RENT. KURNIallED OK UN jf\. furnished, an elegaui Residence, with ail modern im provements; garden. >(f Cil;!"^4 Front St V" DESIRABLE HOUSE OK TBN ROOM8. CAR A riage house, acre and a half, elegantly shaded and laid out. at Pleasant Valley, ou the Hudson: first class neighborhood aud communication; bealibfu! and unsur passed river view; will rent, sell or exchange very low. Apply ut 4JM West 121st st. or U4 (iraud ?t., up stairs. mo LET AT LoNO BRANCH ?I'AllT OF AN ELE 1 gautly and completely furnished Cottage, consisting ol narlor dining room, kitchen and three bedrooms. Apply to Mrs. T. H. TUNISO.N, llelmbold Cottage, Long Branch. / IIIOICE FL'R.MSIIKD CO'ITAUE TO RENT FOR THE (j season; 11 rooms, gas, water, good garden, stable and grounds; in charming town, among the Berkshire hills ^ex cellent surroundings; ?aUJ. Address COlTAUh, care Waters X i'o., 17 Joniij?t. rUKM FOR SALE?1N JKRSEY; 1U8ACBE8; SMALL 1^ amount required; will oxchange lor Merchandise or a Business. AddreM FARM, (I t>'.td av , Brook.yu. _ lilUK SALE?A VALUABLE FARM. CONTAINING 1.0 r acres or land in a nigh state of cultivation, large house, abundance of bmldings with modern Improvements, abun dance ol fruit. Ac.: it Is situated on tlio I onnsylvania Rail road l'i minutes'timu from Princeton Junction, mi a hill commanding a line view ot the eii-roundlng fonntry. mak l?u a very deslratde location ; terms easy. Call on or ad dress J. 8. BKRUEN, Princetou Junction. N. J. nne' yjLLX?TWTKNTY-THRBB A?!RE8 l.COU LAND, r House, Baru. Ac.; go. d orchard; stream of water run* turnugh the farm; view of the Sound; three >"?"<!??> Port Chester; S6,.V*i; $1,5110 can remain, luquir^of W IL L1AM BEATTY, Port Chester, JLY. TOft SALK VI V SAClMFicK. OR WILL RENT r low?A handsome Cottuge and large Lot; high, healthy aud beautilul location, near station. 47 minutes Irom New York, via Erie Railway. Apply to owner, Ulobe Chemical Works, 1 i:t Maiden lane. ?AOR 8 A L K? FIRST RATE PRIVILEUB, I r Mill. Houses and fine Farm. In the town ut Hebron. Coun . ou the Air Line lUilroad, known a- Oraysv He. 18 miles east of Middletowu ; will be sold low. For particular* add res* box Post offlee. New London, or all information ue sir I'd will be given ou the place^ Tj^OR SALE?F'OlR i.Ol'S ON CLARMOl'NT A\., J1 uear River*ide Park and drive, for half their value. IIINE A ORAY. 5?7 Oth av. ?flURNISHED-PART OK (JKNTI.EMAN"S RESIDENCE r ou Jersey City lieiiclits; accessible by steaui or horse cars- fruit, lawu, acenery, ?had*. Ac.; reut low. t^tlUK, 7- Maiden lane. 17IURN18HED COMPLKTKLY?COITAUKS ONE HOUR r Irom Citv llall; acceeslble by steam or tiorse cars. scenery unsurpassed; fruit, shade, Ac.; reut monthly. gl'lRK, 7^ Maiden lane. "L">OR SALE?ON EASY TERMS, BUILD1NG HITK8 1? and Water Front# for factories, on Stein way & property. Astoria: siw) Lots, froiu |3i<U to $50U, and finished frame aud brick lluuten. from upward; also DweUinx Ileuses and f'aris of Huum?s to iet. St^nway A >n?ii s saw mill. iron foundries, metal and wood earring works, con ' nected bv private telegraph, per cable, across the hast Kiver with their New York factory, ottd st ami 4th av., and Steinway Hall. Uthst.; also W. Williams' veneer factory and M Walsh s hat. rap and bonnet work* are in full opera tion Stein .ray's large piano factory will be removed to the nreuilses. as'also other large industrial establishments; water Irom the Long Island City works ha* just been intro duced Mid so excellent English-German school opened; the new horse railroad Irom Astoria ferry lead* directly to the I SteinwHT property, a distance of but 1& miles. Send lor circular, with descriMlon and uisp* of property. STEINW AY A SONS. 14th st.. New York. TTiOK SALE CHKAP-2U> ACRE FARM ON DELA r ware River; buildings; shade and trout fishing; also acre Farm to exchange tor Furniture. * JOHN STEWART. 08 7th ?v. ?Xk-A SMALL Kai;.M IN srAMKORD; CROPS r already planted, good water and fine view. Inquire at ;u West 47tii si T/ioRSAl.K OB I " LET?A FUBNISHKD COTTAGB. J/ H rooms; grounds ample and covered with hearing Iruit trees; only dOmiuutes from city. Apply to owner. 307 Heat 4Mb *t. .. CH>B KBNT?KURNIMMRD OB UN FURNISHED .THE r very delightful Residence <^18 High st.. Newark. N.J., between Kinnev and Baldwin; all mode.n improvements; carrisg house.'hen house. ,?c. ; hne open grounds and splen did prosoect. inquire ol C. C. LAriiROr, UOO Market St., Kewarlu ?? ? I n KM1MHKD COTTAGE AT LONG BRANCH TO r let lor the summer; Hark av., nesr the ocean ; nine rooms; stable aud carriage house; fruit and shade trees; battling privilege; immediate possession ; reut Ad dress >*' H i. M EKiiO KN. W 4 th *v , New \ ork. /iua.MTK WUARRY-WITII MARBLE AND GRANITE I.T Yards, doing a lutratlve business, with rail aud water coinniuui.ations. will be sold very cheap through OSCAR IIANSFIN. 115 4th av., comer lath St.. New York.^ 1BKKNW ft'H -RIVKKSIHF..-COUNTRY HOMES, luruished and uufuruuhed. lor sale and rent; clrcuiars. J ATW \TKR. Riverside. Conn. G 7 , u v\li VU.W (IN HUDSON.-TO LBr, a BEAUTIFUL It Cottage furnished; season or year; ?ee photograph. ' t II OLIVER. KU Broadway^ TJOTKL KOB SALK IN ATLANTIC CITY.?JH'HT BE f 1 sold this month to close an estate . finely located; 40 r.oiu*. furnished, including pianos. Ac.; olTsred at half value- ?IU000 cash, balance on mortgage ; will pay for it self thi* yesr. Address F. DAY, 37 South 3d st., 1 Ulladel p(?ia. Hotel r<> lease'. Ft li.v fi knished. at Long Branch; Centennial Hotel. T ONO BRANCH, N J.?It) LET. A LARGE COT lJ tage en Ocean av ? arre*; Ice hou*e tilled; stables and kitchen garden ; 11 bedrooms. 1 kitchens, reception and dining rooms snd paiior Inquire at 53 Ureeue st.. up miN 1 ONO Hi; Vs. II con Viili ro LET?FURNISHED. lJ or for sale the house is ou the seashore, fronting on Ocean and Alven av. Direct to W M. SANDERSON, Cedar *v.. L??nif Hranch. 1 uvs hit k*AKT A I'i.KAN, CoIY UUl'iiK, SIX J, luruUhed; deiiKhttuliy located in the citv of \?wburtt tent low t"?mail familr ot adulta; references exchauited. It quire of owner at 2Z2 West 41st st., ?econd ! floor L\'. Hit A MM I IJOU.HK PoR RKNT-W oedroom?. dining ruoai, parlor, cellar, stable; use of | *ow; shade trees, thref-quarters of a mite from i?eean . f?f 1 nlali'ed rent #7<JO f??r season ; don't write; come and see it. t. C. CLARKE. Re .1 Estate Agent, l*>ng Braueli. An other. near ersn. XI ro-?*? ?l.'aiO; also t oitages at from ^.gai to BI.8UI; also ? ottage ue*r V*e?t End Hotel; rent 1 LAKE Gr.oKGE ? FOR SALE. OK TO LET, "BR cluse Island ' (.ear Bolton, with luruished Cottage, I Ae ? rent $18*1 and one mont s Boaid of owner Apply to 1 Rl'KLSV* \tTLES. at Binlnger's. N. lo Broadwaj, N Y. I1H1K AT ir.-IMwEIMAfE l*0>8BSSl0N, NICE j ||< use, 7 roon.t. ennipiete order ; lull lot (more ground I if wanted . grsp> vines At.; neod neighborhood. near dep t. Eliss .e. ? rt N .1 . lor >ale only. *.a?i cash, bal ance to suit P' ee, (slilA); other llmi? < f *n #1 AMI up ward. E. R K l.LOUO. I "? k I'd St., EIUatietb|>ort, alter noons. No ItBieadwaj luorninga NOBWALK t t?NN A BF.AI TIFl'L HolBK* it tooin*. water, gas. *t?bles, Ae. ; Isrge Uwn and ear I den; ncsrdeoot, will reut to April ' ? ' ^J, ]*' per month "? OLMSiEAD. PROPERTY OTT OF THE CITY FOR SA.LK OR TO RENT. MostDksikablk 11 room house. every city improvement. on Bergen Heights, seven minute* from Liberty street ferry, given gratis to Mw 1 gul. to I flrat claas tenunt. who will pay $4?i a year fur lliree thereafter. Address OWN'KK, bo* l.'IU Herald office. North Carolina coaht.?magei ficent Tract: timber worth million*; Immediately available; price nominal; easy terras. Address NAYLOR, Bergen Point. N. J. OKANGR HEAL ESTATE FOR MALI; RENT, PUR Dialled and unfurnisbed; tuawu. Tear. HAMILTON A WaLLIH. 30 Pine it. Oranoe?KAtiLOociCrcorrAUKS FOR HaLEOR to let. furnished or uulurntibed, from $300 to $S00; beautiful cottage*, pore air. fraud view* A. T. COMPTON, 41 Pipe et. OKANUK.-FUKNlSHED RESIDENCE ; IMPROVE mania; shady lawn. fruit, garden; bealthv, beautilully located; tale or lease. W. H. B E LC H E R, Htf Chambers at. cean oroveT~ a^eXutifcl-lot CONVBNI r. NT ly located for building purpose* for *ala; a rare oppor tunity. J. C. KKKKMAN. 178 Fulton it. STAMFORD, COSN.-TO LET. furnished. FOR summer, about leu tine roomy Mouses with all im provements. from JHO to l|lU0e mouth. Address liUBBAHO. Towu Uall, Stamford. SARATOGA.?A LAKOK RESIDENCE. FURNISHED, to let. for the summer, to responsible parly; stable, Ac. ; If desired owner will board $230 of rant. Address SaEaToUA, box 124 Herald office. Saratoga.?for sale oh ro rent, furnisiied, for the seasen, a two story brick Cottage; eight lodg ing rooms, garden and croquet grouuda. Address 6 WNKit, box B33 Saratoga Spring* Post office. SAEATOUA KPRiNUS.?FURNISHED HOUSE. SARA toica Springs, to rent lor the season; location very desir able aud terms very moderate. liefer, lor particulars, to J. W. Bradley. Esq., ol West, Bradley aud Car/ Manutac turiuir Company. HI Walker St.. Now York. South FLORIDA LAaDS FOR sale.-WM. KUXE. dealer in Real Estate in the tropical rairion of Florida, special ageuttor sale of State Lands and locales homesteads tor soldiers and others; valuablo Oraqge Groves for sale. Will be at No. 127 Liberty St.. New York city, from Monday, ftth, to Saturday, loth lust. Improved Farms aud improved Lands June. UWISS COrTAUB; LARCH MONT MANOR; (INK 0 liour from city, sea bathing; rout low. 1K7 Wust 40th St. Stamford, cunn.-hik sale, a veuy fine ltesidence ou Strawberry Hill, at a very low figure; elegant Souud and laud views. III HBAKD. Town I all. T~ O LET? FL'UN ISII1'.D HOUSE, CLi FFWdllH Heights. Uaritau Bay; 21 rooms; one hour from New York by rail or boat; uuaurpa?^d tor loamy of location ; bathing, drives, iruit, Ac. l'hutograph at 177 Broadway. U. L. CLARK. TO LET?COTTAUK. ON SHREWSBUUY RIVER, shore front, nine rooms, line bathing, boating nad lisn Ing; vary shady; uo lover, luquire at -??!? Greenwich st. A. MARTIN. TO LET, FOR 8ALK OR EXCHANGE VERY CHEAP? Elegant high stoop private House on 1:27th St., west of 7th av. Inquire at 39 tith av. To let?for six months or Lovdci^ folly furnished House, at Dobbs' Kerry; sevvu large sleeping rooms; good garden and stabltug; <0 acres of Land; Quo river views, Ac.; rent low. H. G. HARRISON, 67 William st. rpo LET?NEAR PATEItSON, N. J.. A FINE Cof J. tsgo ; one acre splendid fruit of all kluds; stables, Ac. III.N K A JllAV, 5I>7 ?lih av. TO LET?A LARUE COTTAUE OF 14 ROOMS, COM pletely furnished for housekeeping, \ mile irom salt water, three miles from depot; uiuals from hotel if desired. Address X. WEED, Woodsburg, L. I. T" o LM-AT CORNWALL, TWO MI1.ES FROM RIVER, seven Rooms, partly furniahed. in house occupied by owner; milk, fruit, Ac., furnished If desired; reut tl&U lor season. Address Mrs. J. M. DAVIS, Coruwall, N. Y. TO LET-AT>AR KOUKAWAY, Long ISLAND. TWO furnishod Cottages, right at the boach. to private fami lies, Apply to JOSEPH SPELLMAN. Far Hockaway, or JOHN KEENAN. 1U7 av. C, New York. rpo LET-ON VaNDERBILT A v., SI'ATKN ISLAND, 7 J. inluutus' walk from Cllituii Laadlng aud 45 lutnut's frum Battery, a beautiful new House, containing 10 rooms and all modern improvements, with 2>, acres uf ground; ouly f3Ui per annum. Inquire of owuer. C. A. CLEUU, - '? ? M..~ Vork. 1 minutes' walk from Cllituii ? frum Hsttsry. a beautiful uew House, cuutaluiug 10 roouis and m * ?wiiii acre* tif ground; reut o room .i i iiuuub . TO LET LOW?FINE LARGE COUNTRY SEAT, FINE shade, fruit, beautifully situated; one or five years; Weatciivster couuty. 1'AUKER, 301 Spring st. TO LET OK FOR "KALE-NEAR elizabeth. S. J.\ within half au hour's ride of the city, a luruished House, with It) rooms and nil moderu improvements; there are two acres, with vegetable garden and lawn nicely laid out. Address THOMAS TONit, coruer of 123d St. and 7th av. (Harlem;. T'O LET?FOUR MILKS ~FK0M NEW YORK, ON Long Island, a splendid residence; Hue outbuildings, extra large garden, plenty of fruit; a great bargain if *p idled fur Immediately. U.S. CO WELL, *^5 Easex Market, New York. T~ O_i7ET?ON RERGEN HEIGHTS, A FURNISHED House of nine room ; all moderu conveniences; in tuli view of I.ay; nice grounds aud shade; <7UU a year; only 17 minutes troin Liberty St. Apply at Bergen av. sta tion, to FOYE, office Newark and New York Railroad. TO LET-A PBKTTY COTTAGE, NINE ~ R(iOMs" neatly furnished; gits aud fixtures oompleto; .*V0 minutes from 421 ?t.: New iiaven ears; the most charming and healthy location In this country; directly on tbe>ound; splendid bathing, boating aud Dsliing, Inquire at ISO East 31st st. O LET CHEAP-FURNISHED OK unfurnished, a beautiful Cottage on the Shrewsbury River; water front; tun roouis; outside kitchen and s able. For lull par liculur* call ou JAMES EUSTACE, l,li35 3d av., between tilst and ti?'d sts . New York. To lkt~l6w-aTnew uochelle, houses, fur nished and unfnrnished. Apply to or address JOS. LAMHDEN, New Uochelle. N. Y. TO LET FOR-SEASON?FURNI8HED, DEW HOUSE, half hour from 42d st.; 7 minutes' walk ft-om depot; 11 rmims; owner will take two if agreeable; beautilul, healthv place; terms reasonable; borse and carriage if wanted. RURAL, Herald office. rfio~RENT?AT ELIZABETH. N. J., A VERY HAND J. some Residence, about 10 imuutes' walk from the Union depots; house coutains 12 or 14 rooms; about tw? acres ol ground, barn, nice garden, with fruit, Ac. Apply l< II. COLLINS, 2tiU i'earl st.. New lork, or ClIAS. il. Una "? Uroa'i si , Eliiabetli, N J. TO RENT FURNTsHKD FOR THE SEAfMIN?OMR OF the most beautiful tilaces on the Sound, near New Uo chelle ; a large family Mansiou, carriage house aud exten sive grounds; will oe let lor a very moderate sum to a de sirable teuant. Address 11. P. K.. New itocuelle Post otlice. lT UENT-AT SUMMIT. .V J., A ~ BEAUTIFUL Frtnch roof House, furnished or uufurnished, with all moderu improvemeutt; rent very low; three minutes from dopot. J. 11. DONNELLY. To-rent-at' rTvkrdXle^~on Tiuiison7~fur. nislied. for season or jrear, to private family. UEO. U. PETRIE, 17S Broadway. TO KEN I ?Con AGE OF la ROOMS, verandah, Ac., with carriage house, lawns, fruit and vegetable garden; wide trout, on broad shaded avenue, trse Iroiu dust, in the most attractive village and popular resort ol the Catskills. AddressN . D. HILL Windbaiu. Ureene county. N. Y fPIIE MOST desirably SITUATED COUNTRY SEAT J. out of New York lor sale?On beautilul lake, 4.r> miles up the Hudson, Address, lor particulars, DOl'NE, Herald office. Unencumbered black^walsur and oak T.nibor Land for sale; good property, rallwav bonds or good* taken. Owners ouly address WALNUf, Herald ofiiee. VALUABLE FARM FOR ~SALE AT A VacrIKICE'; situated In Buck's county. I a , five minutes' walk Irom village store, Ac , two miles Irom ral road station and large town; no chills aud lever; 46 acres rich land, tree from stones; all in grass; large, substantial stone house. 30x40, slate root; hall lu centre, nine rooms, piana irom and rear; stone burn, 4OxH0. slate roof: stabling tor 13 cows and live horses; carriage house, corn crib aud other uiitbuildings; app es. pear*, peaches and suiall fruits: price $ .000, C2,o(U cash. GhOUGE W . PEEK t>H John at.. New York. VEUY DESIRABLE CO! NIKY PROPERTY' WIiTiTn V one to two hours of city, to let fur the summer; fur nished or unliituitlied. SlioYE A Co., I2IS Broadway. WESTFI ELD. CENTUAL U AlLitOAl> OK NEW .) E~R sej.?For sale, a House containing 13 room, : marble " " J < ?Idl I0t>x234; 100x234; mant'Uand ;U ?he' ?^? rill''minutu.'"irom'Nsw York i in nunuifN walk f P * ^ aKSiI. 79 ..Nimiu n1 1U. TaTANTED?AN Or rEH FOR THAT LITTLE FARM OF TT Hi* acre*, IIdiim' (four room*), at Woatllcld; price W75 ; Iree Irum encumbrance*; tltlo pcrtect. 2bf> IlutUuu *1. ATKR FRONT COTTAOh AT CITY IXLAND, OSK utile from Pelhani, half hour Iroiu ciiv; ??lt w tier, liwtilil tixl lilliiii; beuililul. Addreaa X, BACON, Von ker*. w irrEST PIULADKLPIIIA.-rO UKXT, KCRNISUED, it for three moiitha from July 15. a rerjr dcairable three atory nine -rooinod brown atone Dwelling. in Weil I'hiludel ?hie; ml raoderu MWlleM i; ttreet chm to anil from fentenuial p??* (he door. Apply on the pieiuisei. H,7JH Locuat ??.. or at 114 Market at. afi"st -iiKNLtKKnor* old dairy fabm. 77 acre*. with ?t<>ck end toila, near city, a great bargain; part on mortgage. A.ISI)-TILL aTkIL. IH77.?OOOD HOUSE. MNK V?t'U rootua, modern improvements; moat dcairtblu loeatton. Koaevillc. Newark. N. J. C. 0. S., 3->H Broadway. t) eiu! Aunii oood rajMiiia uin. wiffc black walnut, oak and hickory timber in abun dance. will exchamr* for Mercbandlae or iteal KatAte, in or uear New Yor?. Addreaa or apply to LEONOIU, Nu. 3 Chamber* at., over Eaat Hirer Havinga Bam. At &||A ?karm. kokty acres OOOD land"; Dwelling, ten rooiua ; barn, trull; near tie pot and village; cheap. IjKWIS, Northport, L. I., or *'7 Krout at.. New York, lueadaya. ti to 12. " Ilkal. kntate to kxihamgB. * ATHrERVTORY lilfii'l ST<?OP MODERN I<WKI<1< iug. In nr>t tate order, in Ninth ward, for tale or ex change for Reetdencc in the upper j>*rt ar convenient to the city; no agent*. Addreaa box S.W7 I' >at office. OOOD VIBUlNlA KAKM WAWTRD-FREh AND cleat, (took and inplementi on it. lor one of the beat corner* tor buatneaa iu Brooklyn; double liou?e; all itu nroveinenta: prtie $18,utW; mortgage fti.lAU. Addreaa LAl'RA, llerald oB.-e. A CHOIf'K PIECE OK SUBURBAN PROPKRTY, J\. with water iront. 'JO acrea ot rich land, near Pr<?pert Park, Brooklyn. Iree and clear; will exchange for Broo klyn or New York Pioperty M heavily mortgaged, with an euuitv ol about #.??'.(?*? Addreaa. Ifiving lull particular*. i. AKl>f.N LAND, box 1C7 Herald "4Bf a. Tn elegant"ooumtrt mkat7i'^Tioi'r prom elly. on Pennavlvunle Kail road, will be eiehanycd for Weatern Property; Chicago preferred. Addreaa box 3tW Ii office. Metuchen, N. J. KIKST lORNAOl O&NOO PIANoIrEHT maker) will be give* Tor rent of houae, good location, Brooklyn; or would exeltange mortgage*. good Mock and Iruit ?'arm. timber Land lor loa priced Houae* with all Im provement*, or for country place ou Staten laland or uoar city, or inerchandiae. A-dreu, for It da)*. OWNER, Timet office, Mvoklya, E D. AriKsT CLAM HOI SE.-A TENEMENT; HAND anme country aeat; -mall private Iiouae . all well rented: for aale or exchange. OWNER. 2<l? Weat Wtk at. A BKAVTirl'L PLACE IN NKW WARDS. NEAR DE p .t - Good House, Hue garden fruit and ahade treea. lor other Property and email amount ol ca?h , bark?in A. c LOOils, 1 .< t'th it, ?will kXl'RAliul A FIRST ULaS.h K1YR sTORY a Tenement, on *e?t aide, 27 '>\H >v IMO, In Eighteenth ward, lor uptown Dwelling. Mend lull particular* to Ott NLK. box Illeraid olllce. H~lUiT; AM' LOT, ? REE AND t'l.EAR {Pilot Roar 14th at and Jd av.. for higher priced llouae, between 4th and ?lth ava.. below Park. :t Lola, be tween >th andtHh av? . below 5">t)i at. (with bnilder'a l.rain. tor a eingle Houte; two good Tenemcnta tor Country Prop erty : Bret claee Brooklyn liouae tor country. dAM. C. SI.OAR. at Eaat 17th at. KKAL. KtiTATK TO EVdIASIOK. A FOUR 8TOKY BKIlWN STONE NBAS 3D AV. splendid location, for a smaller House and cash; three ?lory brick for Brooklvn House. OEEOOK A MILLER, SI av . comer 30tb't. A ?TO EXCIIA M)E Rm -MA 1.1. pl-.ce in sew A. Jersey. Pnr three story frame House. ajl Improvement*, near 5th av, llarleui; lightly mortgaged. Addrea* VAL. Herald office HOUSE AND LOT AT WEST PORT RICHMOND. 8. I., to Kxenange for a retail business or personal prop erty, piano*, horses. carriages, Ac. Address EXCHANGE, box 1?1 Herald L'ptown Branch office. A GOOD THREE STORY AND "BASEMENT HIGH stoop brown (tone Lexington av. Corner (equity flii.iami lur city or nearby Placo and cub. Audress box 1.U18 Po.t office. A BROWN STONE HOI'S I- IN :iuTH ST. TO EX change fur small modern Dwelling iu Brooklyn, K D. Addre*? EXCH ANGE, 1.2H1 Broadway Brooklyn lots for exchange.-a~dksiraele plot gf six Lota, woll located, on Franklin a*., for a medium priced Houae In New York or Brooklyn. Address EXCHANGE, box Imitation A. New York. EXCHANGE-A VBhY Kl'ins' LrNBNOUM HEURD brick Residence, ail Improvement*, shrubbery, fruit. Ac., In the beautiful City of Rochester. lor cltv Property; will give $20,000 difference. MARTIN DUNN, 202 Broad way. IpXCHANGETwfTII CASH?8PLKNDI1) IIOU-K AND J Grounds. Brooklyn, near ferry; elegant location; trade Flat* or Tenement Property. Owner. 12.1 Kail 14th it. XCHA NGE ?IM PROVED U ROOK LTV PROPBETT, J lightly encumbered, for a Kami, free and clear; caab equity. ?7.IK>I. Addrets A. C. II.. Herald office. EXCHANOr?THE KINKSiTaTTmINNE WJ8H8KY. no encumbrance, for city Proper! v or Kami near city: also House for small Farm. S. K. HEED, 17(1 Fulton st. IjtXORANai torner*tknkment. paving ivwo J per year, for nice country place convenient to th s city; tree; Westchester preferred; price not exceeding $12. OiJ; particularsrequired. Addreaa PROPERTY, Herald office. IP xcha N(IE?F(7k BiUH >klys OR NEW YORK J Honae a Hudson River Place, near city, having equity ol #15,(00. Address EXCHANGE, box l.Oto Poat office. . i^XOHANOK FOR GOOD lPKOPERTY-A HPLKNDID J I7f> acre Farm. near Philadelphia; 150 acre Farm. In Westchester county ; smaller Parma iu various localities; Country Seats. in Westchester, nearthe Sound: one $20,000, one $10,000, one $7,000; all free and clear; jrood Tenement Property, paving ten per ceut. for Karma. Call 011 or addreaa A. C. BAXTER, 105 South -tit av. "I?xoha NGK?A DKSIRA I?LE FOUR ~8TORY HOI'BE .1J lu Wert 23d at. for Farm or conulry Seat. C.S . DEL AVAN, .10 Nassau at. X<'IIAN11 R-^JNE TO~8EV~KN WELL RENTED POI'B J atory brown atone Hat Houses. on went aide, will take Tree and clear Karin or Lota. Addreaa EDWARDS, Heraid office. IP la borate countrY seat on hudson wanted J by private family In exchange lor city Residence or ri'iiled Property: inu?t he elegantly situated; lurnlahed preferred with line Improvement*. Addreaa. stating partlculara, if encumbered. Ac., MERCANTILE. Herald offico. T/'OR EXCH VNGK?THE r 1! UK E STOlt V H IGH STOOP L brick Hnine :I50 West 26 th at.. Tor Brooklyn or New lork Property, 22.Ux:ttixa7; nrlce $10,(??); eqult'v $7,(*?>. JAMES PEARSON. :.HH nth av. FOR E X O H A.NGK?COMFO KTA BLR RKtODKNCB, with 5 to 11 acre* land; fruit; healthy: one hour froiu \\ all at., for Realdence In or near Philadelphia. Addreaa A. P., box 2.402 Poat office. IpOR EXCH AN OK KO R BR< >OKLVN P ROP E UT V?A I arm, 50t> acres, on l^ing Inland. 5 mllea from River lieail. I mile frotu railroad depot; DO acres undar cultiva tion : double hotue, barn and other eatbuildin^; half mile track; alio a good simply of witter RollEKT CARROLL, 100 Dean it., Brooklyn. FDK SALE OR "EXCHANGE-SOME MRST CLASS Ten' ment I'roportv In South Brooklyn, couvenlent to ferrie*. all In fine order and rented: would take Lot* or amall private Houae with aome caah. Addre** OWNER, box 170 Herald office. For sale cheap on kx? iiangk-a nick five aero Plot at Nrack, with water front on Hudson. See owner, with particulars, 1,217 Broadway, room 5. For. sale cheap or exchange/for farm (free and clear), choice Tenement Property on west side. Send particulars to owner, 1,227 Broadway, room 5. For sale or exchange7at jT keai7har(?ain? 2,140 aerct of splendid fertile l.and, in Cumberland county, Tennessee, near county soat: well watered, perfect title, no incumbrance; suitable tor farming and stock rals Ing; 100 acres cultivated: farmhouse, Ac.: there are three good Orchard* of frnlt; $30,000; superior white onk and other Timber: Coal, Pottery Clay; a superior Burr Stone quarry and Mill site: splendid Chalybeate Springs; rail roads are now bnllding that wiil load to this tract. Kor further particular* apply to the nwser. FREDERICK BOYES. 1H? Railroad av., Jersey City, N. J. For' sale-a framiTcottage Tiouse and two Lots; house has seveu room*; the second lot has stable room lor two horses, wagon room and hay loft: situate I 05 feet from Eastern Boulevard: will be sold low or exchanged For full particulars please apply to J AMES ROWE, Real Estate broker, Ol? Id av., between 55th nnd 5Hth sts. " For sale or kxchanok-twoTtr7Twv stone Houses, np town: gnoil location; equity $24.0:10: would trade for a Farm (stocked) worth $l5.0Kt. free and clear, with rood buildings, one hour from New York: owners only noticed, giving lull description. Address EXCHANGE. Iletald l'ptown Branch offico. Harlkm. ?to eXiiliangk. a two story and basement frame House, free and clear, for larger House, above llfith st Address EXCHANGE, Herald office. HA It I>\VA K K. HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS OR Rules wanted?In oxchanire for a good brown stone House, snoject to first mortgage only ;?eqnlty $">.000; be tween 5th and Oth av*., Harlem. Address EOLTI'V, Herald office. Twill exchange foor private dwellings. small mortgage*, in Brooklyn, for a first class brown stone Honse In New York. Principals only iipplv to MOR RIS F. DOWLEY, Counsellor at-I aw. 7!' Nassau't IMPROVED AND UN1MPOVRD CtlLN'l RY AND CITY Property for sale, exchange or to rent. Parties having country seats will do well to leave them with us. Chicago Property to exehanee for Virginia or Maryland Farms or Western Onk Timber Lauds. Money to loau on bond and mortgage. Principal* only. WOOD A MORRIS, No. S Pine ?t. Milk farm, uo acres, fully stocked. jtbaE depot. 2'.J hour* frotu city; highly cultivated, good buildings, plenty fruit I eautiful spot: no clniii. e to unload mortgages Address EXCHANGE. Herald office. Prosperous country hotkl. PL'rni.shed; so Lot*, Barn. Ae.: 22 mile* up the Hudson ; equity SH.Oon. Address HOTEL, box 4,712 Port office. Sixth, eighth \nd tenth avinor bus'.ness kJ Property and Flats to exchange for building i.ots and cash; also manr other desirable location* for sale auil ex change. Principals only applv. JOHN DAVIS. 14 Park plan*. SALE. EXCHANGE?CHEAPEST. IIKST, EASIEST purchased Truck, Fruit Farm. Jersey ; :i4 acres; near depot. O. 11. PI RSOif. No. 5 Pine st THE OWNER OF UNMORTGAGED I'ROI'ER IV IN Brooklyn. New Jersey an I East New Yoik is willing to ange it for Cigars, smoking or leaf Tobacco. H. rpo kxchange-well rented four story J. Tenement House, on 7flth st. : first mortgage only; will take Lots or private House and add cash. Addtess i'kTER. Herald office. To EXCH AMOK-TWO STORY ~ FRENCH KOoF House, lo rooms, at Tenally, free. $4,<Mi, lor House In Harlem, Lots 011 ?>r?tli st.. free. tlx.OOO. for Tenements or Flats: HO acres, with fine hutldinp*. Morrlrtown. N. J., free, $25.1 OO. for property In or out of city I*>ts, *2,:*lO. Earui $2.S0O. cash $:?(?*), for House in Harlem or Brooklyn. R. P., 1IH Broadway, room -MS. WANTe.D_HOUSK IN NINTH WARD IN EXCHANGE for flue Residence in Hackensack, uo encumbrance on fair basis. E M. MASON, Ml Park row. ilTANTED -V Vc.vNT L-) IS, BELOVV ,siTII Sl\ Fiilt *T Improved city Property. Address, with full particu lar*. 11. G. W ., box 871 Port office. 117 ILL EXCHANGE FINE RESIDENCE AT J AE Alt'A. f T 8 Lots Mount Verium and ho at Franklin, near Newark ,"r kwnl Kariu. SMYTH. Cr nter, No t No? t'liambers st. ' 3 FULL I.t iTs, WEST SIDE. BELOW WIH ST. UUOD locution, to trade Tor Tenement Properly B. 8. LEVY. 604 8th ar. 3 STORY BRICK HOl'SK. 25X46X100, IN CHARLES *t., for amaller one In this rltv or Brooklyn. WM. Gl<AV A 14 Murray st. 'hill \C11ES, 120 MILES FROM CI IT. PRICE Ow" $H.CW0; exchange for Horses, Wagoua Merchan dl*e. Property. WILLIAMS. 2n.' est :i;(,i at. | WW) ?I HAVE-FOU R Clit) 1CK m il.DING Oi\/WU. Lots in Blooinfleld, N. J., which 1 oiler in exchange for Shoes. Dry Goods or other salable Merchan disc. Address JOHN FLEMING, 4"..'i ?th av. 4? I nnn ?i**o*erty paying prom 'JO TO 80 uer cent: will exchange tor a Kemdence of n|U?l amount I11 the country, about <? I milea trotn New York AMtmIL ?? Ki'OKUS. l'o?t office, Kmukl>n. fffJS niwi -a k 1 s 1:. Lahak stoitk and ?PAvF.lfUV/. Dwelling, property 111 (lltficav*. unen cumbered, to exchange for city Properly or good Southern Firm. _ I). ('I It I.EV, 1- I'entre it. KKAL. ESTATE \\ AM'KU. " M CKMETKUY LOT WANTKD-AN UNOOCl Plkl) j\ full lot in Oreenwood, in mi eligible ? Ituatlou. Ad drva, atating loweat price, L. M K , liemlii office. BUILDING lot WANT1D?NOT MOKE THAN 25 feet front, between 5th Mdtlth ?va. and .VHb uniHlAtb ?t?.: c.ui pay caili if price i? aatiatactory; male exuet loca tion and lowest price. A>ldre?a FLOYD T. LATH Ait, bo* 1,(^8 Pott office. New York. Farm about *lvoo. to ex. change, unincumbered llouae In Ninth wan), value C.00U. caali #'J,tt?i. balance oa mortgage. for Farm on mg Itland, aliore front, uortli side. Andrraa FARM, box H7<) rout office. ttrsuT Iloca rKD Loth in iIa'rlbm and M vicinity, with builder ? loan; (llXUOO to Loan, on bond and inorignge; without bonu*. J11IIN KAVANAUU'S SONS. 3d ?v. ANTED IMMKDIATRLY-A BROWN KTuNK llouee. between lith ami Lexington ava. and 23d and 40th ?ta.; value $2?.u0 1 to u JOHN SIM; EI,. 79 Cedar it. WOODLAWN.-A PLOT W ANTED FOR CASH. AD dreae, with full particular*. J AKV1S. 343 3d a v. ?\1TANT TO OKT A FARM WITHIN IO> MILKS OF TT New York city. Addreaa II. ?., Herald Uptown Braneb ofllco. WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS MEDIUM SIZED rfbl'SR, between joth and ti5th ?t*., otb nnd IHh ava., fur aUlied or unturnUbed; tuuit l>e aoM at priee to make it a giiod in?e?tment til the?e time*. A'ldroas. with full par ticulara, atating loweat ca?h price, FLOYD T. LATHAM, box l,?M Poet office, New York. \\TANTED?LARf!K TRACTS OP CHEAP TEXAS ? f Land or 1-and Certificate* Addreaa. with partlculari, LONE STAR. Herald Philadelphia Branch office. TITaNTKD TO PfHt HASK-ABOUT TIIRRE ACRES IT ol I.and, with ainall U< ar Hudaoti Kiver Railroad, about an hour from Wall at. Addreaa LINDSKY, (tatIon H. _________________ TItiiijidnial; \KMti l!R-PKCTABI,E 111 SINK.SS "'LADY would like to make the acquaintance of an eqaaliv re avertable irenileiiiaii of moderate ineana. not under :<j or ov> r anil wiio deeirea tn inarrv, Addreae HAPPY HOME. Herald I ptowu Branch office. A CULTIVATED AND REFIXKD GENTLEMAN. AO ED j\ X\ ?ee?? the acquaintance of a wealthy, amiable widow, niitinmoniallt incline I. Addreaa. in eeahdeuce, OULTIVATKD. box IW Herald office. A BACHELOR PHYSICIAN, IN OOOD sta NDi NO, Wtehea acquaint <nc<- with a ladv. between IS ?n i :*i, with will marry II mutual affection and aatialactlou can be eatabliahed. Ail Ireaa M. M.. Herald offi. e. T~ *?" tfl.NGLK OENTLKMRN ARK UKMlltll'S OP forminK the ac iiialiitanr* nf two refined young ladlee: tboae employed during tilt ;tay prcl'eried. Adilrea* IIH'V Pt'L. lie rail Uptown Branch offiee TO Li EST H)R HtglKKW tjKNNETT BUILDING.^ Located on Nassau. Ann and Fu.tnn sta. First Floor to let. suitable for l.?nM-r. m.ur .i,cr offlc.. or ||V>?|. Will be 1*1 toaetber or in parts. be altered to truants II desired . adapted lor oltt. ea 01 store*. Reasonable rents AUo a^lV'oV '^VVbbbiseb. Take the elevator. Inquire lar Janitor. __ 1 sTck little HOUSE* AMI STORK * A Prince ?t.. near the Bowery (oomplete "^1:.*.?^,.,; separately or together; excellent location lor mercha tailor or cigars ??? s ?TO LET. r IIK WKLI. KNOWN ^L,K*IT^il* A. Salesroom and Warehouse No. 3 ^ taruis (Bleecker at., near Broadway) is offered on lavorable terms. ippt) to HORACE ? it.*. So 2J 1 iue M 4 -TO LKAsK. CENTRAL l'AliK HOTEL. COBNBR A. 7th ?v. itnd .".0?b at . and two adjoining Houses.1?" connneted lf desired; In splendid order; t.rui. readable. Apply to tba owner, on the premtsea. T"-A.-TO LET-8KCOND. THIRD AND forRTH \ Fioors to let; aeound Bjor has entire glass fro . XI- riu?i>ni fcu ? . ranted on very reanonable S^zs^fclsffi srs&rsrx 14th ?t. -? T" I Tiam LOTT TM I.KT- KKNT fl5 I'KR M'INTH. A Apply at BMITH'8 allow card gallery, No. 2?< Marray ~k ftO-ROOM "llOTFL AND LA ROE rT?TArKA A thorough repair. O^n.r. oil premises. " ??' lu" at.. Mtr HroiuUvay. ttzzl ? Fork stok'y "ash ~msi-.Mr.NT A !K. thoI.Yughty renovated.^0 rooms. near Broad way and Rosamore Hotel. Owner.JXU <lb ?> T STORK TO I.F.T-HIH A wat aide . beat location. Apply to M. MINZBS" ???"??? W1 ad av. uni ju ??. -?-? ;?A~.r k CORNER STORE TO LBT.-APPLY AT 4?I 4TII A av.. corner 31st St.; rent moderate. SeMBSSESSi av., Brooklyn. . ??-- * frossiMBo. ??^^"S-SS!ri3fliJi?! at., uear Union square. T/?? &m? occupant >*?*. T AORR BEER 8ALOON. OTH" sell aINW ALU Jj Broadway. *50; both uear 34th at. 8CUAIN WA1.U. 111 Went 86th st. ? PARLOR FiOOR TO LET?FUKNISHKD OR UNJ'^K nlshed. for light buaineaa purposes. Apply at - Wa verley place. ? RAHECHANCB. TO RENT. GENTLE MRN'8 FURNISH lint Store. " Bathing Rooms and Barber s S? attached, In niw hotel, TUInUeld. N. J.; all three bual newses nodded ? ?- , OTKAM power-rooms, storks AND BASH.vents O for raeelianli al and niannfacturlnK purpoeoa. Apply to OKOKUE WAOKER. IK) Centre lit. CITE AM POWER. WITH THIRD AND FOURTH S Floor*, lariffl and well lighted on all aldca. to lot or leaae; low SXROBEl, A SON. Ss ElUabeth ?t. rvrt" IV POWER?THKKK FLOORS. 5!iXlr>: WKLL S helled. OB??R<?B SKMBR. Ko. 880 30th -t._ CHOP AT 73 BARROW ST., NEAK HUDSON. TO LI'.T; O lartro well lighted; rent low. Inquire onpreniUcaor of MI OH ALES A SON. UHComineree at. T"" O IiRT?SHOm. OOBMBR lioWKRV AND DIVISION at.: tploudid light and very chcap renta. Avply In ?>'? carpet itore. _ ToTeT?LAOKR BEI- R STORE. INCLUDING FIX turea, on Utb av. Inquire at 853 Oth ?v. . T"C?"LKT-fTORK AND BASEMBNT, TOliETHER OR aeparately. No. 00 Chambers at. ____ TO LKT-Kolt MANUFACTUBINO PURPOSES- THE m-couil door of 15 Frankfort at., with atearn power. In quire at the olUoe^ rno RENT?A FIRST CLASS SKCOND FLOOR ON i 13th at near Broadway; aultabl* for bualneit or dwell ing purpose.; immediate P?^ ? 0RAY K7 t5lU av. mil IlKNT?FOR BUSINE8iCsBi:OND fT|)RV J. 2<i\.">S; more room If wanted. Apply at 41 haat 13th at. C) HEAR BUILDINGS. WITH STABLES. SUITABLE Jj for milk depot, aoda w?t?r factory, *C.. 4c.., to let cheap. Apply ut 210 h*?t 56th ?t.. or to ObCAH HAMsKN, 11 f? 4tU *v., corner lJItU ^t^ ? OfT DSloM 8QUAKK.?TO LET, Full llpSINESS JL | purposp\ a Sccond l^loor; reut to suit the times, low. Applr on prviuiaea. 7T7J~"hTiT"aV-STORE AND BASEMENT; SEEN bb I from 8:3 . to IU B RICH. 74 Murray at^ A bWBLUNS HStiM TO UJC'If. . ~ '"^umlaitMi ?FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO , let at greatly TUCKER. 220 *th av. 1 NICELY PURNISHBD FoI R 8TOBT BMW A stouu Home, on West 5?th st.. near Broadway, to rent for the summer months or longer, very low to a iiood parly. Address M.. box 2.27.'i Post otflce. A ?REDUCED"RENTS.?MANY LAROK AND SMALL r?*servotl with board lor one ad nit in part payment o. rt-nt. TINPSON A PRhT. I,4e8 Hroadway. /Sheap rent'.-5nf; -of THE MOST DESIRABLE C Keslilrncea in the Twentv-thlrd1 ward, furnisbed. sta blo and Ihree acres: ? ot fruit Applv to BA R N I'M, Broad Ht., or Hoiiton av. and Hi9ih xt.. Morrifanla FURNISHKD Hl>r81-.?lis EAST -4TII sr., NliAlt 4th av.; tnlly and completely lurnished. nice older; possession at once; seen any time ; lo rooms ; rent #!.???. TilK OWNER WILL LET A liANIJSOMEl.N ANIifOM pleielv lurnished browu stone House, with modern im provements; Urst Class location, Broadway :r^t re duced to $2.1 UKl. Principals aduresa CHARLESTON, Herald Uptown Branch office. TO LET?AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS AND VICIN. ity. furnished and uniurui.hed Ilouses as^orte'l , j.-reat bariraina; 4!> minutes to City liall. A. B MILLS, looth at. and 10th a*. TO "iTeT?FURNlsilKD HOUSE .NO. 413 WKST :MTH ?t.. 14 rooms. In complete order. A. WARD, olti Hth av. To LET?FULLY ANo iMMPLKTd.V KURNI8HBD. one of the tiue.t Houses in New York for -entetl lodturs; nearly full, and lurrooutfed bv the best hotel* and re>t.iu rants In tlio rity; owner woulrf retain suit of ro?uns Ifagroe ahie None but perleet-y responsible parti - need appI jr. No airents wanted. Address box 4,Jaj with real uume aud address, or not uotlced. T~h BENT?THE VERY DESIRABLE FOUR STORY high stoop ilonae No. 2tl hast 14th St.. near >tuvv*s. ant square ; lully furnished and in perlect order. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 8 1'iue st. W'lloLii oil PARI' OF II ANl??oMELY FURNISHED VV threo storv higli sloop House, for summer months or longer; rent low to desirable tenant. No. 7t l^xington av. jtTt ~- t\ I'l.U MONTH. IT ROOMED HOUSE. BEAU? ?bl*)U tlfully lurnislied. centrally located ; also an uu , luruishud House, near oth av., decidedly clieaji rent. | " j KIILEMAN. liO rulton^st. VitfuriiUHed. A ?TO LET. DhslRABLi-. DWELLING NO. ?? UTH ? av.. between 2*-d and 2'Id st?.; lai*e houn ?; well ar 1 range-1 and located lor a boarding honae ; can be .Vb'"'",7' | on favorable terms. Apply *o iiOHACE s. Khi.Ao. .2 Tim ?i ? A1 PARLOR AND BASKM K S r ft in > W N SToN E IIouse. 11 room... $3.-? ono.tlO: a St re aud Rooms to 1 let. first class, low reul. Inquire wt H"Q East x.^st. ? tiTbkb 8TOBY HIOH STOOP. BASKMKNTAXO I A. nndercellar i?r*ek House to let; all in??dcm Improve menU: In perfoet order; ront low to desirable party. Ap ply at 2 7 East 3.'?th st, :| STORY >ToNK IIOl'SK. NO. 142 EAST MD -'T., ,..J^o?pi'r L,Sia*tUl. "I: ;LtMLH^No.,ar?m. "r ; A FOUR STORY HOUSE. ON 22D ST.. 22 ROOMS; all modem improvements, newly painted and papered, | new ainidi s. ^ H west HA (BaBw* H?>). 4 PBBtfi TURKS STOBt IIOl'SK TO RENT?op. A po.ite Hon. Fernando Wood's manaion, on the Boule vard- rooms; all luooern conveniences; and four lots handsomely laid out in garden aud lawn; rent low for one or two years.' IIM PSON 4 PKEI'. 1488 Hrjsdway. A? KKUUUBU ItENi'.-.? MANY LAHOb AM) SMALL ? Houae*. ielt over. Office*. No*. 4 Pine anil ;43 hunt 17th at. N. K. HTKVKNSON. Jr At rkhiceij kent-a cos by little four atory hlHk atoop brown atone limine, '-'lO Wpat 4*lh ?t . near Broadway. Apply to owner. UM f>th av., or to MARK LtVY. ci-rnerflth ?>? and 44th at. C^llARMINu'l-U KttoT BtlOWX STONE. LoWKII EX J trance Central Park f l.iMU; '?1 loot, near It-tli at., nominal rent; Ikr^eat msorlnient. sS?K??. $????; Kiwis anil Part? private lionaea. M1X idhSIl P.I M KK. sat I :ui a v. ANDSOMK K()l" R 8TO RY BBOWX ?II?X K. PR airal>le locati. n Oth at.. perfect order; fl.SJo, with shade*. cornices, mirror, eomplete. JOHN O. UMiOlXB, No. 7 Pine at. T" O LKT?A KolR 8TORY KNtllJSII BASEMENT House. with the exceptio of on# lloor. In '."Jd at., near Derated atation: newly painted and papered; partly f\ir nl?hed. or unfurnished, to a small private family; rent verjr reasonable. Call at or addrea* 4tiU \\ e?t _'.d at. rpo LET?<}n VERY rAYOKVHLK Tfcll.MS. IIOl SK 1 No. 131 Wrat t'.HIi *t , four atory bl|th atoop and lirowu ?tone front. Inquire on pretniaea. TO LIT?THE UcIiT " LITTLK TIIKEK STOIlY brown atone high atoop liouae in town, at the cheupeat rent; iitaated In H.'M at . between 3d and l^xinirtun av*. Appi) i> K 0. ttRIUU, No. i iiiwrri. or i.i'.m M ?r. TO LET-A KOL'R STOKY IIKill STOOP HKOWX atone House; all modern Implements; In prime or d?r: rvnt low; location unexceptionable. ltoinire on prem laei. or V, out 4 J.I at. TO LKT VERY LOW BALANCE OK YEAR?Pol"R atory llouae. 43.1 at., near Uioadway; pvrlect order. Apply to owner, 437 5tli av. rpo LET.?SMALL HOr?K CORNER HiTII ST AND X 'id ?v., unfurnished or partially furnished. XU'llULS A CAfKERTY. '.<3 4th av. To l.KT?SMALL :t STORY HOL'SKS, i.i \\ av. and |:KI Ka?t - ?t h at.; 1'J room a each; in complete order; aeen from 11 to 3. without permit. ToL T?? SToitY HHill STOOP lloi hK. 137 KAST IVthat.; 10 room*; newly painted and in complete order; I rent lew; Mod any time. TO LKT - \ rill.I K >roR\ III: It K llol SK. No. 17:. Maedoutfal at.; In pood order : to a irood tenant would be let cheap. Inquire ol T It A LOW IX. Xo J llarriaon at. T~HK OMBAPK-r HorsK in ?rif wa1uV-to leF; three storv hitth atoo >, 13 r?<>ma, ail luiproveraenla, No. ?2:1 M eat KHh ?t. TO LKT CII BAP?A KOt'R MOKY HOlSE. 3&TII ST.. nearSthav. Apply to HAM IKL MILLIKKN. "JOU West 3411: at. 4)1 SToiiY 11hill .-Tool' HItK K Hill'SU TO LET ?'J cheap. Mih av and Jiith at. In<|?ir? at honae So. 3. 2 STORY lilt;II SI iH>P HUI- K~norsK. WITH AIX the uiodern iiuprovementa, in Weat ."With at., near Ele vated Itailroad. rem $.'>3 Mark LEVY. TTflflHi ar.. corner 44th *t._ ?J? ? i * PER MONTH -TO LET, KINK IIOLSK, ON t?4th at.. 8r?t honae weat (trend Honlevard, end aev eral Lot* of (Ironud, very desirable. Apply to U. NAOLK, I4'.? 4th av , near 14th at. DWELLING HOl'WES TO LET. I nfiirnlohnl mKAST BOTH ST.-FIVE FIOUSK. WITH EVEBT improvement, at reduced rent. J AMES DAVIS, 6S Warren *t. 1 "W ?"'AST 37TH ^BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND !?'?* 3d iiti., will be rented for 91.200 per annum to a ond ten e tit; It three ?t?.ry blrfh stoon. on lot 23x70,1b nod neighborhood. and is deeldedlv the cheapest bouse of lt>Jkl?d In th.. city. ('all a ml examine. Fl'HMSHED HOOMH A\D APARTMENTS TO I.ET. AI AHOK. NCCEI.Y PUKNIRHED FRONT ROOM TO one or two single rentlemen. at No 20W Eaat l?th at., between 2d and :<d ave ; references exchanged. t PRIVATE FAMILY wish-TO LKT SKVKRai 1 V verv pleasant furnished Rooms, on moderate terms. !?** Vd av. All ANI1S< imk Ft'R.Visit ED ROOM~ WITH ALL p *<ible conveniences. 210 'Jd it., near 13th at. ACOMFORTAKLF ki/rnishkitFRONT ROOM TO let very reaaonable to gcutlem?n wilv. In a strl.tly private house. occupied lijr owner 1 la Eaat 22d at. An elegantly pi-knishrr>, paintkd and decorated fr^nt Room and Bedroom. to getitleuma; also an upper ball Room. $2 per week; In private home, 332 Fast Mill at. A" FRONT furnished ROOM. SUITABLE FOR man and wile or alnula lady or gentleman, at HM Hth a*., near 40th at. ^T f*-?4TH AV.-FOUR NICELY FURNISHED ROOMB. A-KLEOA NT L Y furnished ROOMS. KV SUITE . or ain -lv; terms very moderate; meals or breakfast If required. 4."i West 2tfth at. AN ELBGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-IN larire private house. suitable for gentleman and wife or two uentletuen ; reference required. 231 Kaat 11th sL, near Jd av. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK Parlor: modern Improvements: transientor permanent parties: desirable location, adjoining Winchester Hot"!; near restaurants: terms reasonable. Beau Sunday. 1 Broadway, HI at at T 52 WEST 14TI1 8T.-ltAND.SO.MELY Ft'RNISHBD Room* for gentlemen, without board, at $3 50 per week. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO OKNTLEMEN, 1 V without hoard, neatlv fnrnlahed Bedrooms; references exchanged SO University place, near Hth at. furnished ROOM TO LET TO T(KNTLK vl'.N OB for Iiiflit housekeeping; terma moderate. H ! Hth av. A~~PRIVATK FAMILY ilAVK TWO LA ROE. NI Oi l LI A furnished Rooma to rest, without nieala, or would ftir nish breakfast, at moderate charge; locution. Ninth ward 35 Perry it. V" LA roe' quantity of Vuknishrd ROOMS TO XL let?With all conveniences for housekeeping. In anltt or singly; privilege ol washing; at moderate rents. 58 i 3d av. PLEAKANT THIRD STORY ROOM. NICELY FUR niahed; private family. Hoard If desired. 100 Waal 21 at at. A NEWLY furnished ROOM OR TWO?WATER, balh, Ac., parlor floor, private house, $5; Broadway nnd Thirty-fourth street car*, via Madison and Union squares, paaa the hou?e; Elevated Railroad within half* block. 444 Went 34th at. A "BE AUTIFUL, HEALTHFUL SPOT FOR BUMMER or longer. at Central Park: two furnlahod Rooina, fer housekeepinc'faitting room and bedroom), both together, ?2 Mi; Floor of four rooms. $.V. private l ouse: meaisoa European idan If dealred. Inquire of WILLIAM CRAW FORI*, Madison a*., corner of (Wtli at Tako Mudison ave nue cars. A~if'KW~ NEWLY UtD ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Rooma, with all conveniences, at private residence 239 Eaat 14tb at.: references. FlI YSICIAN. OCCUPYING A FLAT. DERI RES to let four partially liirniahed Rooms to an American man auil wife, or a widow, with one or i?n children over 10, In exchange for board and office attendance. Call for thre* days at 322 West 4xth at. IIA ndsttmely furnished BACK PABLOR] with bay window, eras. hath, hot nnd cold water, to let to geutlemen only, at summer rates. 218 East Kith St., near Rutherford place. CHOICE OF furnished ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, at reduced rents, to qnlet families, at 211 We at 47th St., first house from Broadway. HAhOSOXB, LABOR. SUNNY ROOM TO LML Furniahed or unfurnished, at Na 026 6th av., second floor, with uaa and hath. A NEATLY furnished ROOM-IN A PRIVATE family, to jrcntlemon; $4 per week ; i;as. 127 Waverley place, near Hth av. A ciINYENIKNT SECOND FLOOR TO LKT-FULL1 i V or partially furnished ', private bath and closet. 40l West 2 Ith st. Avery large nicely furnished froni Roou., Redroom adjoining; closet, uae of kitchen ; suit able for llcltt housekeeping: $1(* a week: also another, aama ?lie: two large closeta; kitchen adjoining; hot and cold wuter; $H a week. 417 4th av., near 29th St. itandsomkly FtoRN'ISHhD ROOM TO BBldU Second floor, front, auitaM* for hunsekeoplng: gas, bath ; family private. I4 Eaat 3d St.. near 2d av. ASUI*'(OF 11ANDsOMELY FURNISHED ROtMS 'ffl let. for gentiein n; house first class. Apply at 21 I'liion square, second floor. AT <5S SOITII WASH INOI'ON SQUARE. CORN KB Ol South *>tii ??.?Elegantly furnl-N?d Rooma lor gentle men and light housekeeping. Can call Sunday. A-nTckitv" fu knistiEintoTTvfto let?all con veniences; tenns low. 2V> Wert 17th st. A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOM. FOR ONE or two gentlemen, with all couveuiences, at 109 West 12th st.; reference required. WIDOW "LADY OF respectability HAS three coaey furnished Rooms, with or without eonven ic nee for housekeeping, on third Hour; exclnalvo ase of hath; terms $7 pefcweek; house private. 222 Kast 10th St. PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LKT, WILL FtTIU ni-hed. second floor, front; restaurant Iu same build ing. 2tt-'> tttli av. AT NO. 2 SPKNCRR PLACE COBNBK WEST -ITH at. an I lOili at., a nicely luruisUcd Room, suitablo lor llfc'ht houaekt ei>ing; terms ^i. Fl ANDSOM K PARLOR TO LET?FURNISHED) suit able tor doctor, dentist or one or two single gentle. ui< n ; private family; splendid location; rent low. ltu West 44 h st. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, HOT AND (TOLD water, gaa and hath, elegantly furnialuia : house and neighborhood first class; runt $<J pur week. 208 West 11th street. t ~ parlor and bkoroom connectinu?hand -1V soinely furnished Second Floor, front, for gentleoiei only, witnout board; private family; references exehauge4 No. 131 Kaat 17th at. AT It* KAST IVTU ST.. HE rwkkn KROAOWAY AND ."Uli av.?One larce front and six sin^jl Kooms, all newly furnisht d, very cheap during summer. T SO IRVING PLACK. NKAU '^8tmtn?tbr Hotel?Klegantlv furnished Rooms, singly or ea suite; gentlemen only; retoreuee AT UNUSUALLY LOW RENTS?A PA BTM KBTS, FUR nlshed. pleasant, clean, ro-nlortable: f3to(6: house keeping facilit ea Owner's reaideuce, 47 Weat 3d st., near Broadway, Washington square. / 111 o 11 ? K ROOMS. 11A NDSoM K LV FI'hNISHKD. \J with everv convenience; locality unexceptionable! meals on the Koropeau plan. 211 West 2Hth st. /1HOICB FURMIMHID ROOMS, LAItlik AND SM ALL " ' single and communicatiug, to let to gentlemen, al 13H i'.ust I rail at ( D*RNCR ROOM AN I* BEDRt>OM?VRRY SICEM ' ' furnished, is ith privilege in kitchen it desired. No 20 i West 4<ith st. 17 LEG ANT ANI* COMFORTABLY furnished SUIT! J of Parlors and other Rooms to rent, to parties of r? I spcctability, in private residence of itsrner, 230 East 23d st. 1 TjtLEOANTLY Fl'RNISHKD ROOMM TO LET?WITH Ci all modern Improvements, in the house of a steal! fain i lly; breakfast if desired; location first class. 223 West j 31th St. References. Ij* LEO ANT Ft'RN I>h"ed~room S FOR GkNTLEMKN J or families: superior aceomniodation; private tamilyi i references exchang- d. Itil Weat HMh st. For UOUSEKEKPINlK-FURNItiHED ROOMS, 9Vfl per a-eek: Parlor and Itedroom ; Hall Rooms for iadiet l-r m-h tie men . No. H'i West ^d st IjlLRN IRHBO MX)MS?NBA R Stt"M ark S CHURCH, rent #3 to $"<: quiet, respectable and conveuient locm I tton. 122 Knat <<*th at. ?LM'RNIStlKI) ROOMS IN PRIVATE HOUSE, fI .'A) TO r $3 2<rj Kaat Mltli at., near 3 I av. FURMSIIEI* FRONT room, SI-cono FLOOR; it.VTH and all conveniences for one or two; rent low. 77 East 4th st. IjllRST CLASS FRENCH FL VT TO LET FURMMIIEI) or Furniture for sale. MALCOLM A SLY, (Ith av. and 40th st. IjlOR RENT?KI'RN Irill KD ROOMS. KRONT SlTTIXfl Rootn ami Bedroom, Ural llo r. Ill Went 11th it. iWMMSi) ROOMS (TERMS RhASONAHLK) KOI I irentlemau and wile or aineli furuily; all complete foi honat-keepinir. Hm. 8 and & f> ?minict it }j1URXl8HKD. KOR lil-.MI-KMEN." UTIU UM| airy triint Roome, aultablo lor two. <5; front hall : leoHa, R3 fiU No. :i|:t nth ?t., between 19th and "JlHh at*. IpUR.VIhHKn ROOMS, aisr ST., 53 EAST. NRAR llroailwHy ? An elerant Second Floor, with a private I family. to iremlemen; full width four atory brown atoae; i reference* exchanged. I'Wrnishrd r< x i m s - a- la i > y he si dTno f>THo! boken liaa a h.imlv ine furnlahad Room to let to r* iffclalilf transient parties Addreaa HOHOKE.V, 11 ? raid I ptown Branch office. FTRNISHIill ROOMS?WITH SMALL. PRIVATE >\Ai|. it) , lor hoii?ekrepin)f or ireulleiiien; very pleaaaut Room. pet week ; hath, iraa. S". SM Wert MM ?t. I" fit: RN I s H I-1> ROOMS' 111 Id i ROM T PWAROT ?l Ka?t ifc'ith at. ITiHMSIIKI) ROOMS TOLET--S1TI TABLE FOR ?inali I'aniliien or ifpntleuien, at No. 21B Wirt -list ?t., ! between 7t!i and Mth ava. FURNISHED ROOIM TO RENT?AUtO A SLIT Of liooma; Itoard li required. M Lexington at., near i5th it. fiVRMsHRD ROOMS TO LET-RBNM REASONABLE, an Wert Waahlairtoa place. FTrNHHKD ROOMS. WITHOUT HOVRU. :W KA?T Mtb ?t.. Hitjoliilnu Union League Clab; reference. J1URNI-IIED ROOMS IO RENT?AT IS EAST lrtth >t.. oppo?lte tt'*?lmln<tpr Hotel. I1URIIHHED PARLORS AND OTHER ROOMS, ALL newly furniahed, to lei. to itrntlemen oaljr; terni? mod erate: houae private and central; no boardera. 37 Eaat ?Jltli at. HA DSOMKLV FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR a-.d Bedroom, with light houaekeepln* If deaired. 1 SHI Raat *'ith ?t. __ HANDsORKLT FURNISHED BAt.K PARLOR AND Sero d Floor, ulnnljr . r en aulte; al?> Room* on third , HtKtr. nt verv low (nice, tor tlie mm, 14*t Wert -.Mat ?t HANDSOMELY Fi'RNlsilED PaRLOR a N y~K and hall Roome. without board: reference*. 47 Woet 12th at. Han imomb krort ro< >rs. fi rnishkd, on keo ond nml thtr I lioora, to let, without ooard, to rentle n?a. <U Weal 17th at. Handsomely furnished rooms, rinolt or en >mt . to .enlleraen, without board. 4H W rat I Oik at., between ."all and ?<tli ava. Handsome parlor ririlr.w per wkkktwo laree, on top Moor, complete lor hoa??keeplnf. Jl"> per week; l*rxe, nufurnlahed Room, flu per month 4U7 Wee* 21(1 at. HANIMuRKLY FI RNISHKD ROOMS, IXHUITE <Fr ? in.'IT. in gentlemen or hoaaekeepia(. 361 Weak :wili ?t , nc ?r Elevated. Terraa ino.lerate.

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