Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 15
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rvRRUMD noona and apart iKKNTI TO LET. AEDHOMELY Ft RNISHED ROOMS TO LET? without board, M 184 Writ ."0?h st H Handromrly FURNISHED ROOMS to let-to gentlemen wIIIiok to psv for flnt class wtmumnrt*. tiona. Address DELFKNE. Herald Uptown Rraneh olllee. Handsomri.y ki'rnishf.i> r<k>vs7~with alt. modern Improvement', for on* or two gentlemen. IK 24 ??., northeaet enrner 12th it. HANDSOMB PARLOR KLOOUT ROOMS LAR'IF ? ml ?lrjr; private or hutinesi; $39 per tnonib. 130 Macdougal st. Handsomely fur.mrhed roomr. sincilv or en illtt, for gentlemen, wltLom board, at 5I(WmI SRth it. I WILL LET-TO FIRST CLASS PARTIER, P<1T OF the besutlfni Iv fnrnlshed brown stone House 3U7 Weil 49th et. Apnly to owner on premises. T OWE It PART OK ?ioU8E7 PARTIALLY FTR A J nlshed; modern improvements: perfect order. 4H neat l'Hh it., between 6th and flth avs. LARCK AND SM\LL ROOMS TO I ET-AT RUMMER prices; reference. IN* ff'it 14th it 0-Ew77y\ COM PLKTELY FURNISHED POTItTII Floor Flat nine line rnomi, fashionable loeatlou, to let rammer. Address L M. N.. Herald office. ?v? ? WEST 24TII ST . OIM'OSITK FIFTH aVENUE J.1 Ho,el?At PFAFF'S new restaurant, handsomely fur nls'ted Raoma. to geotlemen. N6HT WE8T WAMHINOTON pT ACE -MC KLY~FUE nlshed Room on aeeond floor; ga>, bath and every eon venienoe; beautiful location. \rdT47 WfcST2?T?l ST. ?PRIV ATE HorSK. A LAROF. and small Room. completely furnished; all modern upmvMMiM; terms very low. KflCELY FURNIt?HED_ROOMS TO LET-TO OEN Ll tlemen. without board, except Breaktaal wbeu desired, at 134 Lexington av. VTKATLY FURNISHED FRENCH FLAT ANU IaR' i.\ lor, dining and tbrea bedrooms and kitchen. Apply at 4S'l Weal 34th *t. PPOS1TE 8TURTBVANT HOUSE. HANDSOMELY fhrnlshed. No. 13 West 29th at. OWNER* OF A PINK RESIDENCE ON MURRAY ITIU offar farnlibeii Room* f< r light housekeeping to res,ionsihle partlea. For Houses and Room* address iVCaETT LIBRARY. 60B?th av. OPPOSITE LTCEUM THEATRE.-PLEASANTLY I O ruled and nicely furnished Room* to let with first class family, at 10< West 14th St.: references required. LEAS A NT FCRNI^nKD- ROOMS. ~LAROE AND small, lor ladles and gentlemen at moderate prices. Call at No. 32 East 14th st. PLEASANT FIMNTSHRD ROOMS?SINOLE OR en suite. 133 West 'Jltth st. Terms reasonable. PLEASANT PU~BNI8HBD~ ROOMS-AT 111 COTTAGE place, near Bloecker St.. for gentlemen: per wcrk. Rooms wfrTf every comfort and luxury for bachelors In strictly private house -18 Rait 17th it.; Jvt to $7 per week. SINOLK AND DOUBLE ROOMS^-HANDSOMELY fnrnlshed, en suite or singly; locatlun excellent. No. 8 St Mark's place. T~~~HRRE NI C ELY FURNISH PD ROOMS TOLKT-fTTr lifht housekeeping. to geutleman and wife; reterences eiehtoied. 137 West 16th it. r" LET 81NOLY?AN KtE'lANTLY FURNISHED Room and Iront Parlor. 303 East H2<1 st., (lot door last 2d av. T6~let-a laroe furnished fihim room suitable for one or two gentlemen at 3IS East 9th st. TO LET?PIR8T FLOOR. FUENISUED, IN THE PEI" ?ate house 30 West 24th ?t. 0 TO LET-FURNISHED OR PARTLY Ft'RNIRHED, No, 37 East 2tHh at. J. C. CLINTON, .15 Liberty st. T~ O LET?ONE OB TWO PCBEI1HED BOOMS, WITH hath and iras, in Una. location and in private finally. No. 246 East 34th st. T TO l.ET?FOB S* 50 PER WEEK. A Rl'IT OF ROOMS, handsomelr furnished and with every convenience for light housekeeping, at A50 Henry St., Brooklyn, withiu 10 annutes'walk ot IIHmlltnn ferry. TO LKT-FURN1SH1.D OR UNFURNISHED ROODS; fhrnished, at 92 and upwards. 16 East 3d st. rjiWO NKATLY FURNISHKD RoTlMS? NEAR |t!XION sqnsre; $3 and per week. 20 East 1 Uli st. O LET?A PlTBNISHEiD HALL BEDROOM^ AD dress 1,411 Broa?way, second floor. TO LET^A ROOM AND BEDROOM ~ WELL PUR nlshed. on SOth St.. near Lexington sv.; terms very low. Addren HOME (COMFORTS, Herald t'ptown Branch a dice. T" O LET-A LAROE, WELL FURNISHED FEONT Room, without board; also lurniahed hall lioom; refer tness. No. 17 West 11th st., near KroHdway. To let-fuknishedT to jTq entlkmanTa" hall Bedroom In a private family, 33J West 15fli st. O LBT^-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT HALL Room, suitable for a single gentleman. OR 2d av. TO LEI?LAROE BACK AND FRONT pTrLOR8. handsomely furnished, with Kedrooma connecting; all modern Improvementa; near 3d av. 21H East 45th hi, T' O LET?AT MAIIWaH. THIRTY VILfeS FROM city, via Erie Rsilrnad, larife Iwo story House; well shtded, plenty fruit, beautiful drives, bo.iting, fismng, Ac.; furnished or unfurnished ; by season or year at a low Ugure. Inquire to-morrow at 4S4 Otli av. TO LET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM: PRI vate bathroom attached; centrally located: snitable lor reotlemau and wife or two single gentlemen. Apply at 753 Broadway. TO LET?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY IN NINTH WABD. two furnished Rooms, without board, to a party of four Kntlemeu. where there are uo other parlies taken. Addre^e U.. station C. TcTlet^one or two furnishhb" itortws, for lieht housekeeping If desired. 23U West atith St., be tween 7th anu 8th avs. T no LET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, L singly or en suite. In a private family. Apply at 14u l est 41st st., between Broadway and <>th av. "10 LET. FURNISHED OR L'NFl R.N ISIlr.D?A FRONT . basement Room. Address No. 172 Waal 2-id at. TO LET FOR UOL'SKKl-.EriNti?HANDSOMELY FUR nlshed parlor Bedroom, with light, airy Kitchen; mod irn Improvements; no other family in bouse but owner; iheap. 2tQ West Wth st. TO- LET?NICELY FC'K.MsTfhb ROOMS FOR C.F.N tlemen or light housekeeping; bath and gaa. 125 West 27th st. ^ TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. IN pr.vitc house No. 2*>2 West 43d St.. first house west of Broadway; hot and cold water, gas and closets In each loom. TWO NICBI.Y FURNISHED ROOMb WITH OAS. hath, Ac., tor light housekeeping. $n per week ; a'so other nice Rooms; ail clean and in good neighborhood; pri ? ate family. 1147th av. jf??) To i'>.?LAROE PHOXT ROOMS (LMHT HOUSE krepmgi ; ornate residence; gas, Oath; three doors t?iu Washington square Park. 14" Mardoilgal st. >> OR FOUR NEATLY FUitMSilEU ROOMS?4-4 A i) week; can be seen to-da.v ; three minutes' walk Ironi ihe rwmts-third and Tenth I'.reet ferriei. .No. 1H Uniou a>., near Kent si., (ireenpolnt ?,.? HhINOLE OK DO! BLE ROOM, PARLOR FLOOR; pu> private family. No. 24> East 3-d st. t'an call t? lay^ A?J P E WEEK?SECOND STORY FRONT BOOM." epO handsomely furnished, and others, to let. 424 ?West 21th st. ? ? UJ 1 JO ONE, *:> TO TWO; COOI. BAUX Ro6*T V't well Inrnished; second flat; private family. &H2 I tU av., near 3,'ith st. fZ ROflMS IN MCF.LY FlT:NI^7lED HOUSE, IN ? I good order, .Tid si. ?n i rtn ?l? av, CI inplele (or house ke pin^-. Particulars at .no. 7 ?> est .i.'if s. -Til AV. AND 14111 nr.-A PRIVATE FAM"u.y1vTlL tl rent a handieme nuit ol furnished Rooms In tue elsk'aut brown stone house No. 4 Wesl 14tli st.; parlor, three bed rooms and privele bath, together or sepsrateiv. STII AT., MO. 1*14. ? FU I.N ISil ED ROOMS, PEONT tJ aud rear, with baths ou each tlour; references reqn:red. 5TH AV.. no. 1?L CORE EE 19TU BT.?COMPLETE ly furnlahed Parlor Suit, private lislh, Ac., without Boa*>l; a'so i tlier lioouis, en suite ur singly. rTII AV . -.'.'t.? SUPERIOR ItooMS, WITH FIK8T l) class Board; references exchanged. $ r WEEKi.Y FOli A PLEASANT LAKCE ROOM; 'J also one lor f4. 7tl 7th av. Ring bell four tiraci. $- ??i and ik-THBEE NICELY FURNISHED ?J. Rooms,suititble for two persons; private lamily. 144 West 15th at. 7 k A .IT 37TH ST.. A FEW IX ?ORS FRIIM CAFE Krunswick.?Elegantly filrnlshed Rooms for gentlemen only, without board. 7 WEST I4TH ST.?WlTUOOT BOAMD. NbATL.Y lurnislied second floor front Parlor; elso I led ro mis. 9 "BAST 22 D ST.?E LEOAETLY FURNISHED Second Floor to let. together or separately, without bosrd; restaurant second door; references. Ill EAST"2STH SI., BETWEEN .III VNI) MAD1RON i'f avs.?Handsomely famished Roome;alt conveniences; modernte terms;references. WERT iWTH ST. (FORMERLY OCOOPIED IT ML Jnmes' lloieli.?Elegant Suits aud single iwHiiiis, misii Rooms for trsn-lents. 1 s> EAST 2?TH S I , H El XV KEN 51 II t Nil M,?|l| v iN JO in Elegantly furnished Hsows, in suits or singly; ?piemlid location snil summ?-r prices. 1- EAS1 i?TH ?T VEIt? Dl siraRI.E. WEI,I, Fl R ') niih d Room*, at moderate prices, tor the summer; ref erences 3- WEST 1ST II RT., OPP??BlTE ST. J AMEN HOTEL? ? ) A hsnisomely furnished, large, third story front Room tl let; releiences. 17 EAST I7T11 ST.?FURNISHED ROOMS. 11) nEAST MET RT., MADISON ami M il AVE.?A handsome isnil of Rooms ; also a single Room to Ken tlemen; breakfast if desir*d;J?lirhest reference. MTWisXT ill! s i --1*1.1. vS V.nTfUK.N|.MIi,M ItoOM.s, without board, en mite or singly ; (.entlemen only. Wf.ST 4T11 -I NI.ML IIKOADWiV IIANH ?' somely furnished Ro<tms. on llr-t, second and tbird S" >rs, to gentlemen and gentlemen and wires. IBJO sr.. 100 KASTi CORNER OP Hi! A v.?THIS h?use having changed lisnds and been thoroughly rem vated Is now ready lor reception of parties detiring Single or donble Rooms. $ i)^ ?THRr.K CH EERFUL ROOMS, r L ENIkMED -it. for light hous- keeping, will be let for the summer to two person! requiring quiet, healthful surroundings; river view. A4 Iress P. ,M II . llrrald olice. si/'Tii st , i i east m ceesible to cixbs and hotels; private lamily; fnrnlshed Rooms wituont board. s?7 I1TII ST.. BETWEEN BROADWAY AED LNI ( versly pi see ? ?# onl Floor toll! Inrniilied. !?> party ? f veniremen, low; whom or separately .exclusive use ol bath. ? ?i h *>i .111 si ro i.i r. handsoIiely fib ?)l n'*tied I.ooni*.en suite or singly, with bath adjoining .. rood lloor ; als.t -ingle Rooms, 'Mi third floor. ? ) I Win UTH (I I" LEI POEEIEUED. WITH irk out board.:? Hool.s, ronimunlesting, on the second Ueor. ne?ly Btteil ?(>, lor single gentlemen or gentleman and wile; also other lloon.s; permaneai ur transient. ?? I TH SI.. 1I7UESI IIANDSOMKLY FURNIRIIRD |)'I Rooms to ir., without hoard, en suite or singly ; terms rtssonable* pentlemeu preferred. .) - EAST I'Tllvr . BETWEEN BROADWAY AND qji) University pla e.?To let. rnrnished. two or three plesannt Rooms, together or seyirale. suitable for gentle men; termi reasonable. WEST 21HT RT.?COM PORTA RLE, AIRY, HOME ? . like, newly furnished Rooms, with stationary baelni. or reepeetable gentlemen. 37 FURNISHED ROOMS AMD iFAHTHEHTf TO IiXT. QQ WKST10TH ST.?PLEASAN1 FR1 >NT ROOMs" TO 00 permanent or iruilltl partiet; alio iltfli Uuumt, II -utauur price*. A rk WEST 9TH ST. BETWKEN VI H AND HTHAVS t" liilumialied Back Parlor and Extension; all conve ulencea. ilio two furniahed Ucdroums. Al\ W E ST HTH ST.. BETWEEN '.Til AND 6TH T-U av*.?Two ball Bedruoma, nicely lurnlabed, very rfi iMtbU. A 1 WEST I ITU ST.?NEWLY FURNISHED BALL T L IIihib to rem; i rice very moderate. A Q WEST I2TU" ST.?A F~ W COOL. CLEAN. X 0 uicelv fitted up R?oma ts let, without board. en mile or aingly; referenre reanired. rI wpf lira rr?HAKDKOKKLT FTTRKIKRKO l) 1 Kooma on third floor to gentlemen : also ball Room. C * EAST 10TH ST., WEST OK BROADWAY.-RLR ?_)*! Kniitly furnished Room*, newly carpeted. Nil modem liui>riiTiineuti, in >nlta or alagly; kooJ attendance; prices m 'derate. MORTON ST.?A~ FURNISHED ROOM (LARGE), Ui on third floor, rear, to; n fprenee* ex ctiauire'L OC\" 'WEST MDST." CORNER BRO * I)W V V.-NEATLY \l-j rtirnianed Rooma to let lo a gentleman and his wile or it family; aleo unfurnished Floor. 1 (1 WERT I1TH ST.?R(>OMS TO LET, WITHOUT I >f board; woml ?torv trout and third <ti ry back. Qt{ 1RVINO PLACE, CORNER Hol'SK. OPPOSITE O') tiramercy Park.?Room*, elegantly furnished, with all modem Improvement*. 1 (tl WERT KID ST ,~CORNER?TII AV ROOMS. NEW A* ' I ly repaired and nicely ftirnlahod, to let, for light honaekeeptuc if deaireil 1A/|~VatkrleyTlaopT wa^hInoton H?'r Maara.? fo let medium sized pleasant Room, furniabed, for light housekeeping. iio MACDOUOAL st. -furnished' room, with 11" every conveuleuce for houiekepplnfr, to let to amall ia-t4M*s 1 ? 1 WEST 1UTII ST.?TWO Kl.KOANTI Y FUR I I I n >l ad Rooma, to gentlemen or married couple; every lonvealeuce. private family. 11(1 E tST 2STU StT-H a'nds'om ELY FL'KNlSliED 11.. Rooma to let: terma verv moderate. II cr WEST 4IHT ?T? NKaR HTU A V. ? Pl; RNISIIH D ILt) Room* to lei. to gentleman and wile or single jren tlemen. In a a-uall family; house haa all modern imp-ovo ?IMI, TOO UBARLBfi IT.. NEAR III DSnN.-TO LET. hatidaom Iv furnished Rwom?, aeparat* or thron. I?. t<> gentlemen or for lljtht hnuseaecpinv, from i'J | er WB 'h up 19?3 EAST 44TH ST.. NEAR GRAND ' CENTRAL ImO depot.?Kootna, lurniaheil completely lor house keeping. lor amall famlliaa or aingle iretitlemen; reftt $.*? to per week. Apply on the pretnUea or to \V. S. OAVEY, 48 Illi-eekitr ?t. 1 Of; PAST aaD ST.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. 1?\) with front or back Parlor; no objeotiou to light housekeeping. 1 OQ CANNON ST.?ON K LAItO*. PEASANT FRONT Room, on fl rat Hour fully furniabed, to gentleman and wilfc or single gentlemen. ion 2tT AV~ CORNER OF STU ST.?FURNISHED ID"' Room* to let; S3 upward*. 1 'il WEST lOTII ST.?TO HE LET. THREE UON IOt nectlntr Parlor*, nicely furnished, for two or three g ntlcmen, or gentleman and lady ; 91.'a week er $45 a month. 1 07 EAST~ 17TII ST.?A VERY FINE SECOND X*' I Story sunny front Room, private bntlirootu, and a third *tory hack Room ; terms moderate : reference*. 1 ,"i 1~ ST 11 ST. ?SIN O L E ROOMS $4 TrViM-TlIREK JLttI ro m .-ulie*, $10 toi.'Xl; Floor*. f30to$4 >; great re duction MrT'AST 15TII ST.?NICKLY FURNISHED, LAnOE >) ?l*?. single front Room ; large front Room ; nl*o Re ception Room. 1 -?? wTsr ;tai> st.-fdrnihiied or ukpcb X''?j niabed large and amall Rooma, or top Floor, un turalahed I iKQ SO AY., KEAR 10TII ST.-TO LET. ELEGANTLY LUal and newly furniahed Rooma (no hon*ekeeping) ; location Dratclaaa: term* moderate. EAST~87TH 8T.-Ta PARLOR FLOOR OF 4 OR 5 room*, completely furniabed for houaeaeeplng; pi ano, hath. gaa. hot water; term* moderate; house private. "I or; WEST I1TH ST , BETWEEN RH AND 7TII lOU ava.?Furniahed Rooinatolet: hot and cold water, bath and gaa; to gentlemen or gentleman and wife. 1 (to BAST 10TB ST., NEAR 2D AX.^A. LARGE J.OO Parlor, partially fnrnialied; bay window* and bal conr; front Room on bathroom floor; alio two hall Room* for gentlemen ; price* from f2 ,'iO to $3, OOI WEST"^7t) ST.. NEAR~7TH AVl? FURNISHED j-imj 1 Room*, en (uite or aeparately, without board; terma moderato. 099 EAST 26TH ST.. NEAR 8D AV.?ALARtlE. handNonielv furniahed Iront Room, for two iretitle men, ?!> a weeks hall Knotn. $- no per we*k; ga* and batk; houac private. Call for three day*. OOO 4TH AV. ?tiBRM AN LADY HAS A LAROB, ijOO handsomely fitrmahnd front Room to let to gentle men, withont board: km. bath. t)f? Q WKST 21ST~t.-?00M8 TO LET. WITHOUT iUO board, suitable lor a gentleman and wife or single gentlemeu. ?J/1& WKST 31ST ST. ? HaK DSOMK, COOLTroOM Out) for gentlemon or gentleman and wife; ?uuimer t> ruts. 6TH AV.?A LARGE FRONT PARLOR AND T' ?J licdroom, furnielied, with privilege ot light house keeping. Seen any time. CI qTiTxINUTON AV.-PRIVATK FAMILY WOULD i/Ii' lot thoir Second Fioor, neatly furnished; suitable lor light housekeeping; terms reasonable; good location; imprT'liienU. tfSrVtf KXIH HK D HOUMIi ANO APAHT NENTM TO I.KT. f '? iiArtifft . V IImi.e. oorner of 13th at. and r>tb ar., consisting of f >?r Ron ma, with modern conveniens-*; ihe furniture, which wu made for the apartment by Marcotte, will be sold at a fair reduction, for further particulara apply ou the premises. FtlPPBR PART OFHOUSR, CORNER 8TH AT. and Warerley place, suitable for dwelling or anr Itscht buatnea*; rent low. Inquire at 124 Warerley place, Mme. A. MORRIS' feather establishment. FIXh LARUK FIRST FLOOR, 157 KA8T 8STH stT; two large parlor*, with marble mantel* and chande llers: two brdrooma. kitchen and water closet; separate laundry; all In Bret dais order; to a small family. T 420 4TI1 AV.7c4OIC iT^LOO H8 TO LET, REAR 29th at.; improve men ts. Call, see owner and premises, trom II to 1 o'clock. A A FLOOR TO LKT-I.N A PRIVATE HOUSE. CHEAP 2\. to a respectable family. Apply at 670 Oth ar. A SUIT OF s LIGHTED ROOMS TO LET?KBAR XI .'nil ar.. helow .Villi at. ; all the modern improvements; jani;ur and Janitrvsa; $50 per month; alan a fitrniahed Flat ..mla amall private 11 u e at reduced rents. Apply at DUO Oth a*. a I?Tile'LAFAYETTE" PLATS. 223 AND 235 WEST /V. 4'Mli at.. u<e mouia and bath; all improvements; b ilia and ataira rarpet* i; r?nt low aa $25. A|>plr ou prem uet, or to b. 8. LEVY, 60i 8th ar. A FOUR ROOM BRICK COSBY COTTAGE?IN OOOD A order, $4 weealy; entrane ? 47 W est 3d at.; aim fur uixhed Apartments near Rroadway, Waahlniitun aqnare. A rilXVKMKvT SECOND FLOOR AND PART UT 2X. third, in brows alone house LtUEaat 4!>th St. (occupied by the own or I, near Lexington ar. A ? FIRST CLASS FLATS, CORNER ftlHT ST. AND A? Lexington ar. and 17S Bast 70th St., near Park; iplrndid locations; perfect order. TIIIkI) FLOOR :TlT> VVhST Joril VT., To KK NT lor $J3. Apply to JAMBl PEARSON, .'twit Hth ar. A PA HTM K NTS AND PLOOM, IR PRIVATE MOUSE A I Oth St.. near oth ar., (IS to $."iO; also Hudson St. Owner, 11 West 11th at., near Broadway. A Parlor floor. $ ROOMS, *?>; mcond floor, 3 rooms, fi<?; 230 Thompson au, corner Washington square. Bau?iful rooms? first class~ne7uhbor hood; country and city combined; $10, $12, #1 ? per luwr; alao Stores lor any bnaineas. Inquire in new bolltl lagi, 3d ar.. corner Uth at.. Brooklyn. I^Xi'ELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR CHOICE ROOMS; \i urery conrenit-nce. bou-e and location pleasant; lur uWlieu il desired. N <. 2'<U West 24tb at. "LI LEO ANT "FRENCH FLATS-100 WEST 54T11 ST~ Li comer; also 71 hast >?lh st..near Madiso^ ar. ; all I i;ut. MORRIS H. BAER A Co.. 72 West 34Ui st. BHNE"TRKjfCII FLAT, IN UNsURPAMBD NEIOS borhooa. to fet f?r pt irate residence only; Third Flat, St'lintou place, uortbwest corner ef Unireraity place; six rooma, including kitchen, all baring one or more windoas on streets, hot ami rold water, gas. two batha, two water rlixeta, stationary tubs ami all improvements; windows on titere sine* Oi building; only three flat?> in boueo, each flat completely separated Iroiu other parts of building by parti tion ami doorway: public halls and stairs new and ele trantlr carp ted: colored Janitor constantly la attendance to watt on front door and d-liver all goods, coal anil wood u en Oit eaou ttat. Kent $0O per mnntti to 1st of May next. .Apply to owner, occupying the first list. filuATH Or EIGHT ROOMS. VERY COKPIJITE; ?II the improvemetita. 321 East 14th at . near 2.1 ar.; ueii:bi'orhoo<t unrzceptlnn kble;rent $4 > and <??>per month FILOORS fu LKI?OVRK SrORfe. S07 AND 31M ?TH ar.. corner loth at.; rent moderate. Apply, In store, to RICHAR>> MKARES. IjlLoOK OF FIVE ROOMS AND PANTRIBS, BATH und laundry, at 4? West 51st st.; house prirate. L^Ol 11 UNFURNISHED ROOMS. NEWLY PANTED, r t > let, to gentleman and wifo lor bonaekeeping. 224 I- aat *3d st. i^lats to utt-wtra ilu iWRoruixiii rents low Inquire of owner, 40H Eaat &2d st. E!Wlci flats ro lit soi tiTwest" cokner Htli ar. and 47th it. Inquire, on premises, of D. EEM rruR. J [WINCH FLAT*, IBB UPWARD; EVERY IMPRoVB. 1 runt. R54 mh ar. near . .">th st (Janitor >n attendane-. .wOtCKIn B. UAhK .t t il.. 7J We?t 34th st B- iJoorTiR FLAT- WI IU ALL CONVENIKNt^hS, TO let. Can be *een Mmday. 217 M est 9Hth at. H'aNDShMK KI.OkR FOR iiouskkeepinh^kTvb itooma; ki'chen, Ar.; 2 Id St., between fith ami 6tn avs ; rent |M S. B. UOOD.tLE, No .% Weat 23.J at. HAMISOMK THIiIk fiToor. TWO BOOMS on"7op* uuriimi<hed, llzlit h.insekeeping, to small, desirable famil.t . Strictly prirate house ; eentrally l<?cated; reierencea. M*M \ . Herald I pto?n Hraucli ortice. ANI*?<Tme ~I'ARI/OK ~ AND WARDROBB?BBMT $?1. 2ih Menroe St. IAlOIlT PLEASANT ROOMa. FOR HOUREKt EPINO, J H to $.'?. gas and bath. 323 itli at., noar Nth av. J'llWEK I'Alir PRIVATE MOUSE, A ItO.lVIB, $.?; J First Flat, 7 rmima. Park ar.. caod location, $>V0; Fourth Plat. 7 room*, goon location, 93o. OREtlOR A MII.LKH. 3d ar . corner .VKh St. NfKJB AI'ARTMENTfl?141 EAST I2TH ST . 4 ROOMS; I.V6M ar . 3 Rooma; l >4 3d ar., 3 and H KuoUn; 3H sMiWaing -t . 2 Kootna. all In nia - order. UNLV fJ ? FOR FRBNi'll FLAT. SIX HOOMS~; erery Improvement, brown stone. Nn. 117 Eaat l|2th s .: handy to loial, cars and Vandeibilt'e transit. A J Ores? n.i* 8,?!H0 New York Post oltice. KdOMS TO RENT, t; H E A P, AT NO. .''' XDUTH r M anr >1 ; tins three splendid Floors at 2S0 W eat at., near Canal. Apply to Mr?. tHAOT. SECOND FLOOR TO let?AT WO. ? LEROY If, with hath mid hot and rola water; rent 92o. oRCovi) KLOOR in i.i!r in a I'RIVatb bkViwn o stone liouae; modern Imrrorements. 232 West .Wth s-, TO LET. Unif OWNER?PART tip FOUR STORY bn>wn Hone Hosao, near 14tli st. and 3d a*. NICHOLS * CAFFEllTY, 93 4th ?r. F H VNPIIRNIIHED ROOMS AJO AFAKT. M?m TO LET. . ... LET^ISf' T11 W~ SCIL DING 8 "6 N 4 T11 AV corner of S2d at. two Ant claaa. deeirable Flata,,at re duced reut; ?very con*#nleuc?. Apply In omw. 47?? atn *v TO LET-AT 434 WEST 31BT~ST., *0UB BOOMS; rent #11 TITlET?a MICK FARLOR FLOOR AND BASEMENT; range. hoi and cold water and gas; renI $45 ? montn. Apply ?l <0 Great June* al. m6 LET-PARLOR. KITCHEN. HEDROOM AVD 1 eloaei*. in houae No, iSft W eat ItHh ol ; rent ?1H P?r mouth; newly pitioitd. Inquire of owiir, >0. Vl\ ?ante Mreet. To Tkt-onk ok two floors, with all I* provcmnttti. 11^ Vwnd>a H. TO LET-A LARUE unfurnished ROOM, PLEAB aiuiy located. Apply M 17 Wert 11th it.. near Broa.1 war. LET-FOR housekeeping OR LIGHT BUSI neia purpotai. Brat Floor of W fltb av.. near lotli at. ^ To LBT?RBOOND FLOOR, IN A PRIVATE &0tiiML with all conveniences for housekeeping. r.?ael Win it, elo*? to Broadway. T LET?ELKO A NT PA R LO Rh, IJ K FURKlHIfBD; _ mUu newly furnished Rooms ou second floor. 71 bast 4th it. rpo LET-SECOND FLOOR PRIVATK HO USB, UN J fernlabed, rea.onable for .ummer; or In R??ia:#no<t neighborhood. Addreai Mr*. BROWN, H?"rald I ptown Branch office. ^. mo LET?SECONDFLOOR OK PRIVATE HOUSE 246 1 Weat 4;td at.; rent low. , TO LKT?BASEMENT FLOOR, NO. 8 JANE ST.; rent fll ; front >S mo LBT?THIRD FLOOR IN THE PRIVATE HOUSE 1 an* Kul 3'Jd it ; rant low to a araall family. Inquire at 313 Bait 3Mlh ?t. TO LET?ifpFEKFARTOF PRIVATE HOUSE, NICE vard; no other family in the honae for the iuinmer; rent $mi uer n;onth. 14- Kwt ?11?t at. TO LET?A FLOOR, ALL 1.IUHT ROOMS. IN BROWN smite house; rent $21. Apply at 2SJH East >-d at. mo LET?FLOOR OK FOUR ROOMS. WITH L.ARGE J. eloir I*, wnler and c?v -41 Bait 3lat ?t. rpo LKT?A FLOOR. CONSISTING <>F FOUR ROOMS. 1 tritli one or two e*tra Rooma If required; gaa. rauge. Ac.; ?t i7i \v**t and ?>- ______ TO l.E V?FLATS OK EIGHT LKHIT ROOMS. IN ftmt class brown itono house; all modern Improvements; newly primed. rent f t<1 ami tI.V Nu. 32J W eel 48th at. rfo LBT? SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 70 EAST 1 ?t , near Madleon av. ; four roonia. Apply on prem Im a TwTTfLOORS, OF FOUR ROOMS EACH, FRIVI I .'I liouaekaeplng. No. 54 Clinton place, lew duor* e?<t ol ">th a*. rrwo FLATTtoI-ET?VF.RY LOW, OVER THE DRY 1 K.K)Ua alt re or Clock Jk Boyd. Mb at.. M ormnnia. H. P DEURA AF. Bowery Nation Hi Bank. UNFl'RNISIIKD FRONT AND BACK PARLOR. Kitchen. Oinini; Room, two email Rooma. hot and co d water, bath. Ac.; reut $&?>. 13.1 B eat Ukl ai., between Hlli and 7th itva. <)D OR 31) FLOOR. SIX ROOMS. THREE ADL'LTB, A with owner, between 25th and 59th ata., ?HU and Otli in.; reut moderate. Addreaa. with partieuUara. AI ART MKNTS, bo* 5.505 Poet ollice. New \orti. (ITII ST. NEAR II) AV.. Slit oNI> AND PART OK XI Third Floore. with all Improvemeuta: to amall ramlly only* rent $30 per month. DANIEL CONNOLLY, 1024th 1 /\~8T MARK'S PLACI <STH 8T.-TO LRT, UII 1U fornlahea. a beautiful Second ?loor. with erery oun veuience; ala-> furnlaheil itooma. *ery cheap. Alii AND I' I'WAliD. ?FLATS A.\I? apartments ?bIU to let, lu 255 and 250 Hudaoii ?t.. between Canal and Spring ata.; one-half block from Elevated depot; *ater and K ia nnd water cloavta on each Hoor: reduced 25 per cent Anplr on oremlae*. to Janitor, or l? owner, JAMBn 11YLAND, Fordham, N. Y. aVrf- IO LKT, CHEAP-FIVE ROOMS ON SEC*.\D ?MO. nooror5l Writ isad at..near?th a*, boulevard. In a neat hou-e in a fine neighborhood, to a imall family; prem- , |i-t newly palmed; also, lur $12, Hve Roomt in 1-1 113th ?t., in a private houna. on a aacond floor, to a small j family. Apply to 213 Kait 51>t?t., New York. | A-i MONTH.-T7T LKT THREE ROOMS* ?MO third floor, private hoa*e. 13fl Eaat ?V>th *i.. Lrxlnicton nr.; po*senslon immediately; euitabia lor small family. - Aor PER MONTH.?LOWER PART OF HOUSE, ?Ipt'Jt) with separate entrance ; Iront and back parlor, two bcdrooniK. dining room aud kitchen. 184 W averley place, or nide entrance 154 West 10th st. AO.r PER MONTH FOR PARLOR FLOOR, UNPrft ni?hed; very dealrable location. No. 3 Weat W aab inton place. . " HOtSKS, BOOMS, M.. WASTED. Tn thUlltv and Brouklvi^ A GENTLEMAN SEEKS TWO FURNISHED APART menu, in a amall Drlvaie lainlly or with a widow lartr, where Iih can Hod home comlorta Please address Z. Herald ofTi e. A Large room or room and bedroom, in JV private house, fnrnUhed or on furnished, second floor, from 34th to 44th St., and 8th to 8th av. Address B. S. LEVY, f*>4 8?h av. 4 ^YOUNO H*OUSKKEEI*ER WI8I1EH TO RENT A j\. handsome R<>om on first floor. Inquire at 4U Clinton place "i lady dkbires to meet a few gentlemen J\ to helpfher retalu a rosey house near firth Avenna Hotel. Address COMFORT, bo* 117 Herald UptownBranch odiee. T"GENTLEMAN, PROFESSOR OF SINGING, DE A airea to ennaire a aultahle Room on Bret or aecooi Boor for ririnu leaaona; boune and location in oat be in every way unexceptionable; muat be between 14lh and ..?d ita.. Le* inxton aud Hth avi. Addreaa P. A R.. 61 Itwlng place. "1 GENTLEMAN AND WIKE WOULD TAKE THE J\. entire charge of a furnished House for tha season; ipood care taken of the sme ; best of references; reeponsl* f*lity gnnranteed. Address RK8PON81B1L1TY, box 110 llerald ofHco. WIDOW LADY. HIGHLY RESPECTABLE HE XI. sires two or three unlurnlshed Rooms, between lr?tn and 4<nh sts . 4th and ttth avs.; mnst not exceed $12 per montb. Address?F. C., box 130 Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. A T^BBNCH ORNTlEBAN wANTS FiiVENTIETENANT ? f?r $10 monthly. Address PfcRMANENT TK?AAT, Herald Uptown Branch office Furnished room wanted?near astor llonae; aintfle Rentleman; itate rent. Addreii O. K., Herald ortice HOUSES WANTED-IN HaRLKM. BANGING FBOM ^ P" J(1*HN?KA^ANAGH'S SONS, 2.352 34 av. $100,000 to loan on Bond and Mortgage, without bonna. llf ANTED?BY A RESPONSIBLE PARTY. A FLOOR, V\ Brat or aecond utory, unfurnilbed. with Ore or al* rooma, in the upper part of the city ; 'ent, from $20 lo *2A per month. Audress box 2,9W I ost ?>f?lco. ANTED?A PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE, between :J4th and'.Otti ?|a Hiid xth and 3d ava.; atate loweat term*. DOCTOR, Herald Uptown Branch office. \v w A ANTED?BY A WELL itEOOMMENDED PARTY, A t ? ^cntleniaira llou.e to tale care of during the sum mer. Aildreaa C. T. Herald oltlce. WANTED BY A SM VLI. FAMILY. AN APARTMENT ol Bve or al* rooina, above 4Hh and below 70th at. , rent no, to exceed *3H> wer anuniu. Ad'lreia, with lull par ticular*, S. B. H? Uwm ?*?. VUTANTBD TO REN I?A SMALL HOUSE IN IIAR V\ lem or vicinity. Addrei. WAUAF, Herald Uptowu Branch office. ANTKD-A THREE STORY BROWN hTONE llonae, between 3tKh and 45th it*. NIt-OLL, 145 Bowery. In the Conntrr FAMILY DESIRES A FLOOR FOR SUMMER Xi. moiuha. near city, with aa many ai three Bedrooina anu uae of kitchen: muat be near aalt wat.r; Hndaon de aired. Addre-a. with particular., atating terma (muat be very moderate). R. J.. Charlei It.. New York. T^OUR ADULTS DESIRE TO RENT A SMALL COT f tailor the anmmer, or Hoard where they will p.?|. lively be the onlv b .ardera. Addreaa McL.. bo* 134 llerald t ptown Branch office^ l^URNIHHKD "COTTAGE WANTED?FOR SEASON, r with water front, garden planted prelerred; private family. Addroaa, atalinc terma and full particular!, jtf Way lie it . Jeraey City. 1 DESIRE To RENT A furnished HOUSE, IX aome deairable location In Eliiabeth. and wtllnn 10 min ute.' walk of depot; I require live family or bedrooma, ex clnaive of aervanta; aU aduita; will rent for 11 monthior loncer If lulled. Anawer. with full partlculura. terma, Ac . MflMMONS. bo* 1.I4H Po.t office. New York. W1NTBD IMMEDIATELY-i OIMRY. FOR FITR month! or a year. t:otta<e. of elitlit room., within an hour'a ride ol city; mii?t tie haaltliy; no inoi>)ult?>ei, where there ia boar.linji and bathinB preferred; rent nut to e*c cd f.?l per month Addreai S.. 323 Welt l.?tW it. ?faranTRD?HOt'SB FURNISHED FOR SUMMER; ON VV Morria and Eiee* Railroad preferred. Addreai. with full particular.. W. I. A. No 3ft Weat 4?tn it. WANTED To RENT-HOUSE. furnished. IN TH* W vicinity or New York, where owner, will board lor rent: Plaintleld, N J., prelerred; (tood garden and aliade deaired; ?>nvenient to ilejxrt. Addreaa Mra. h. II., llerald I pmwn Branch office. 4TOUAGE. ' ~i EkTIDh" iTfilR'Aor WAllfc J\. hoaaaa. 508. S34. >l3ri it.. 770 Greenwich Il iad 10 Abiuplon aquare ? S or^m- ami aale kaepinic for tnr nilnre, Piauoa, Hamiaxe, Oooda and Ware, of every deacrip" (Ion ; aeparate rooina of any aiie; oiueat and moat e*tenaive eaiabliahnicnt In the buaineaa. R 'I AUtJARD, o?iter and luanajcrr. Ollice MKI lladaou at. (Abluxdon aguare). At portinoton's storage warehousf.. >ij IIud.on it., lor Furniture. Pianos, Trunki. Ac., in .ep urate roomi. CHARLES II. BOIIDE, Proprietor. ri V.H K STORAGE Ct?MPANT? UNSURPASSED FOB Pi .ale keepiiiitof furniture and Koodi of every kind. n?3-lir7 Weat 33d at., one door weat of ttth av. LVdPIRE STORAGE warehouses" Tor furni Jli ture, piano., mirror.. ba?icaKe and mercbandi>?. In aeparate rt.onia; thea. flr?t cla.. warehonaea have more aecurity, lower ratea of Inanrance and lower charirea Tor itoriite than any iimllar eatahliihmenl; Inapectlon invited: rem vine boxing and ahippinir attended to. H. O'REILLi 'a CO. Kroprletura, iiHft. 3?a?and .Wi Hndaon at Grand ceiOrai. storage warehouse for fnmitare. planui, ba*Kaire, kt.; Inapectlon InviteJ; broadway and 4 vf't IH?i AN A BROTHER. Proprietor!. H AEOER'S warehouses. ?TH AV. FROM 33d to A J. 34tli at?The olde.t, loweat in rate, moil exten.lve m d reliable In the buaineaa; Morale for farmture, bamtaue I. ami ware a of every deacrlptlon. in aeparate. c.o.ed compartment., aame aa If In a private reildenc, ; alwayi a? ceeelble. office on 34th it. STORAGE Yn~PLASTERED ROOMS AND IXIFTS, FOR furnltnr*. ha*Ka^e. carria?ei. Ac. 101). III. 113 and 11A Eaat 44th it. STOIIAOR FOR FURNITURE, CARRIAOE AND mer chaadiaa. SMITH 4 sills. Proprietor.. 750 and 7">- Sth av. ana 247 Weit 40th it. SniRAttR for" furniture, pianos, baggage. Ac.: aeparate room!; l?weat rate*, eveiv convenience; elevator watchman. tllCllALES A son, 3S to 42 Com merce ?t.. near Bleeeker. utoragk AND DRAY age CII E Al'.?I'll EAl* for O Furi itnre; beat In the city; nuder Somervllle Art tial lary corner Univeriity place and 13tb it. Addreai W. K. 1BBTRTT. EltHA.IQS. _ , FVoR^ALlTOR EXt ll AN?iE-the"?iRKAT" FANt? ram i of Ireland, complete, for a Brat eleea Exblbltlonj coat ?3,vio. panorama, bo* 4.7ia po^office. PIANOS. BUGtilES AND PHAKTONb WANTED?IN exchanza for Brat claaa .Hewin* Machinal, by belt maker. Addreai PHAETON. Herald office. XlTANtRD TO EXCHANGE?WATERS SEVEN OC II tive Plane for Done, liagli Track or botk. Addreti TRUCE, fco* 6,^, city. BOAKDKK* WA.VIKU. rEXfi(?&~ skoojio nook khovt ko'om. fu; )ar ?? third flour Rooms. fn Mini (10 fur two each, un exceptionable tutile. :I25 West at BLOCK-Kito.M MA01 HON sqUAHE. |6T BAST UB ?I -Hiciliiimiljr furuiahed Room* wiiU gnod Ho?<l: referent**. OH TWO 4iE.NTL.KMEN OI< OBNTLBMAS AMD wile r?u l>e ac-ommoiatad with ImkI In a private family; ten mtuutea it >m the larry: reference* exchanged Call >1 or >ddrr? :*H Darilrn at . Iloboken, X. J. 1 BLOCK PROM FIFTH lYIIOI HOTEL. AT Kit Wot :'M at.?Deairaole front Kimkii. with Hoard. 1?at mOiiLT jjow price*, pleasant ? Roum* anil good. liberal* Hoard. In One location, near Waahiactou *t|aare; Or. Carraan ua the door. 131 Macdou iral at. d?l r.M TO fj I*Kit DA -MUST CLASS ROAKD V I ? ' farnl1) Rooma >-< per we-li; aingle Rooma, $3 upward City Motel. Hruadwajr and Xtli at. OD fLUOR ??!, WITH HOARD; ALHO PARLOR aJ Floor. alngly or divided; tranaienv* accommodated. 210 Weat 2l?t at. O DOOR* FROM .->TII AV.. NO. U B*RT ItlTII ST.? O Handaoiue Rooina on aecond door, with ft rat elaaa Hoard; alto Koomt for aingle gentlemen : dimmer price*: reference*. LARCE ROOMS ON TIIK SECOND FLOOR. WITH or without Hoard, or would be auitable foi H?It?t honae keepiug. SIS Weal 2#th it., near Hih a* 3 o" FLhASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD. FOR A ? ) anmll family or ilniile gentlemen, at M Weal 33d at.; houee and location Brat claM; aumnier price*. 5 "BAST 4BTII ST. ? PI, E A 8 A NT ROOMR, WITH OK Without Hoard; prlrat" family ; reference*. /T PROSPECT PLACE, EAST 41 ST ST.-KXrELLKNT *# Board aud well furniahed Hooma Tor (Ingle gentlemen or famiile*; termi fe to ft) and $12 to ?20. 5TH AV., SO. 2C>S. MADISON PARK.-ROOji87~WITH or without Hoard; table d'hoia or private; permanent or tranfient; table Board; location un*urn**aed. JOHN P. WORSTKLL. hlTII AV., No7 f>L-HANDSOMBLY FURNISHED ?J Room* to let, en aaite or *ingly. with flr*t claa* Hoard = TH AV.. SS^M^aTFlY AND NBWLY Pl'R IJ dialled and painted Room* ta let. en aaite or *ingly, with or without private table; everything flret elaaa; alao newly and elegantly furalaheil Kniimt, wlih flrat ciaaa Hoard; reference*. No. 5 Kaat 10th *t. JETH AV.. :i4.t.-ilAND8oMkLv KI'RSIKIIKD ROOMR *J to let, at moderate prices. with or without Board. CTH AV ll'Ii?SI' PKRIOR At "(JO MM Oil AT ION TOR ?_J gentlemen or gentleman and wile, with Aral elaaa table; reference*. AC TO ?a-00(iiT" BOARD; PLEASANT, AIRY 'ro Ruoma; houie comfort*; American family. 401 Weat If 3d *t. __ A/a #6ft SINGLE. $lj POR DOUBLE .ROOMS, WITH J1" flrat elaaa Hoard ; Grsene atrect cara pat* the doar; near Elevated Railroad. 40H Weat 34th at. CfT~PBR WKKK AND UPWARDS FOE ?ru f)\r aqaare Room*; pantrie*; excellent Board. Weat 3T>th at. ?7~TO ~?10 PRR WEEK. ?WKLL FURNISHED ?T1 I Rooina, with Brat clas* Hoard, at l^>4aad ISO Waverley place; reference. QTIl 8T.7NO. 54~WBST.?CHOICE OP HANDSOMBLY O lurniahed Hon ma to lot, with Board ;%tnple clotet*; hot and cold water; pricea moderate. fi) wKST HITfl ST.7NKAR ATH AV.?A PBW VERT XmJ detlrahle Kooma, eu auite or aiiiKiy. on (eeond, third and fourth floor*; nicely furniahad and Brat cla*a table; *ammer prlcea. fofiT ST WEST.-l'LKArtANT rt'COND STORY 1-+J front Room to let; goou Board, with all auDtrenianeai. d?1 O TO (14 PKR WKKK POR KICBLV PURNIsnBD front !<nnin. with Board, for two; ainicle Room. *fl; tranalent Iwardera taken. 87 Clinton place, near 5tli ar. f.HANK ~8T.?PLEASANT PUR.NIHHkD ROOMR, I all convenience*, with Board; term* modemte; refer ence*. WEST 49TII ST.. JUHT OCT OP 5TH AV.?I.A RUB airy Room*, with Hoard, traaaient or permanent; ref erenees. Til ST.. :?l \VKST ?-PI"RNISHED ROOMS,"WITH Hoard, to let at aumnier pricea. d?1 A POR TWa-LARGK"TitOST ROOM, KXCKlT 'Plx lent Roard. family ainall. every comfort; al*o nice ball Room, fH; houte and location flrat clas*. 338 Waat 43d at. J BARROW ST.. BBTWBBN BLRRCKKR AMD 4TH ' *1*. ? Kurniahad Room*, with or without Board, or for lielit housekeeping. IfJ CLINTON Pl.ArK.-si'IT OK ROOMS. WIT if OR 1" without Board, for lamily or aingle gentlemen ; refer encra "I FLTnTON PLAOK.?SUIT OP ROOM8, TO J.'J gather or acoarately, with or withoat Board, summer prieea. Rofarencea. dfcltt POR TWO. ? HANDWOMK I.AROK ROOM. ?PXO witb cloidta, hot and oold water and fall Board. 30 bast 3-'d at. WEsT^eTH ST.?IIANDHOMR ROOMS, WITH Roard, for fatnlllea and lingle gentleman. th ht., ofpbsrrE stcvvbsant nqcaRe, 307 Kaat ?Well furniahed Rooina to rent, with Brat claa* Beard, at very moderate price*; referencea. l "01, a Va vktt k i'i.acr-Tlrmshkd rooms to J.O let, with Hoard; refereneea. "I Q WEST 34TiI ST.. OIM*OSITB pTFtH-AVENIIB 1<" Hotel.?Elegantly furniabed Room* to let, with or without Board. 1Q WEST 30TII 8T.?HANDSOMBI.T PURNIMHBD JL?7 Room* on aecond and third Hoore, without board, for gentlemen of refinement onlv. iilkTH ST.. NO. 261 WEST?NICE FRONT ROOM TO ZU let, with Hoard; alao two table boarder*; price* moderate. t>/| BAST33D 8T.. THIRD FLOOR, PROJCT?ROOM, Zt\J with llnard. for family or gentleman. noTU ht? i6? wrst-neat17y pcrnihiied rooms Jj'J to let, with Boanl, to aingle or marriad gentleman; term* inoderata; alao table board. (11 ST ST., 110 BAST, OPPOSITE URAMERCT Park.?Room*, with flrat ela** Board, at moderate price* permanently or tranilently; home changed band* and ia thoroughly renovated: reference* exchanged. lit) wsar m r.-po rn uhbo and Wpdb ni*bed Kmima, with Board: location tineurpaaaed; term* moderate, trauaient and table boarder* accommo dated. ()<) WKST 32D ST-PLKASANT ROOMS, WITH ajO Brat claa* table, at moderate price*. il.iu sr. so.l.ti K AST.?II A NDSOMBL.Y Pill mO niabed Room*, en auite or (ingly, with aaparior Board; reference* exchanged. IIOD ST., NO. I2?,~ NEAR 4TH AV.-LAROP. AIRY Room*, well Tarnished, and flrat dun Hoard, for fnm llle* and aingle prr?oua; toweat auinmer price* In the city; transient and table bnardera taken. (IaTH ST.. 210 WBsfT?RO'lM TO I,RT. WITH ?U perlor Hoard; aummer price*: reference*. i) |~TH ST, WKKT. 2-n -TWO I.AlfOR ROO.MBON TIIK ii'I aecond and third floora to let, with or wlllioal Board. 0 j TH *T . WEST, 2<r>.?PI/kaSANT ROOMS. WITH Z't or without Hoard, private family, to married or an gle gentlemen : term* moderate: reference. 41C WEST 27TH HT.?PURNISIIKD ROOMS TO LET *??' with or without Hoard; permanent or tranaient; tam mer prii ea til' BART 47TH ST-KIRST I'liAHR BOARD, tM handaomely furniahed Roum, at aumnier pricaa. (K'TII ST, 4H IVKST. NEAR BROADWAY-PLEAS ml'J ant, cool Rooina, permanent or trauaient: location aud table flrat da**; pricea moderate. OQ WEST 22D ST ?I,AR<? AIRY ROOM8, IIAND aomely ftirnlali?d, with or wlthont flrat claa* Hoard, for th* *umra*r; terma moderate ; reference*. Of | EAST 22D sr.. BKTWKf.N BROADWAY AND iTD O" av.?With Board, en mita oralngly; reference. oY wks'Tioth sr.-NEW and iiandsomki.y kch 01 niahed Room* to let. with or without Hoard, for gen tleman and wile or aiugle gentlemen; private table if pre* til KA8T XID ST.?ONK aPLSKDID, LAKGB, K1.B-* Ol eantly furnished Room to let, with Brtt elan Board; eeutreilocatlon; vary desirable. TH* AT, KO. 244 WRSTT-HAMDHO*KM* Pt'R ni*hed Rooms, every convenience, to let. with or with, out Hoard; numinar rnr?: tahle Ho*r>l . references. Q r-lll 8T., i:itt WBHT.-HANDliOMKJL.Y PUKNISH1BD Or Room* on second and third floors, with superior Board* alao single Kooni. References. or eakT HH ?t?a larur skcono htort OO front Room ; tlm hull Room ; tabic and attendance fir?t claaa: at aummrr prices. no" K \sT ft IT It.-IAOK PAST OB WITH KXTKn" Oil tfatt rooca. with private table, Terr low timing the summer months, and other Rooms for transient or perma nent hoarder*. sjij CLIBTUff PLACB.?SLSGJjrt KlRNisilKt) OO Rooma for married or single, with or without Board; transient Hoarder* taken. 07 WKST -JTTli IT NRABHROAD ? At. -sITf AMI! O I (Inile Rmmi, with superior Board, for transient or prrinanent parties. ?jqth at? wwr. ti4?oabmobblI ranMp OO front Room*. flr?t ?la?? Board, for lamlllei or gentle in Ml. f lft to (CIO for two; alnirle Room*, $H to $7. OQ WKST VWTII if.-l.AKUB, TIOOU NICKJ.V KI R OtJ ni?hed Room*, with Hoard, at moderate rate* for the punitner; hotnc rmnforta with Imtel convenience Ol) il. ?a AND"44 WKHT* I4TH ST -ROOMS, WITH 00 Board permanent or transient; house snd accommo dations flr*t el ana. a i wrmt larru ht.. tiirrb duo km ok bkoalT tL way.? Handsomely turui?hed Rooms, with Hoard; relerenee*. A 1 iutrm WABMlUVToi Iquabb -TO hut, T" J. wllh good Board, two large and two ?mall Room*. a os it., itt Wmt.-a dbhibabLb boom irus a 1 u phyatclan's office or other partie*, wllh first claw Hoard. _ T 7TM HT., WftMT, I IB.-A PHITATK KA.MILT WILL I I rent, with Hoard, a handsomely fttrnUhed Room to a gentleman and wife or ?lnule ventleiuen; reference. -?? W KST BSD ST., BBTWBKX '?TII aV . amd HKOAD' ijO war. ? Ilandeotnelr furnished Room*, en salte or singly, with Hoard; references. Hq wkkt arru af. bbtwkex Wsi axohth avh? ?)?/ llandnotneiy lurnlahed lerjr* and ?mall Room*; ejtcel lent Hoard; reasonable term*; relerenee*. (K I 'KVINc; I'ljACIt. ?PliKAKAMT K<M)*H, ~?| |TH I)" Hoard, to gentleman aad wife cr altixle gentleman ; l'rn< moderate. /{?I WRHT 4HTM HT., HKTWKKN ftTH AJIP flTII O L ????.? hlegantly furnished Room* to rent, with or wlthont Hoard; auminer price*. u i) HANK'HT-A KKW I.ADIKS AnI) OP.nti.kmp.N \)Li can ho accommodated with good Hoard on moderate term*; gas and bath. WB-T iith HT.?HARDIWIBBLT PtJRRIKHKD U?7 Room, for gentleman and wife or two single gentle men, with or without Hoard. 7 I KVI NO fiUAOR. -ShCOXU KRO.NT, TWO I U Room*, large aad cool; superior location aad tabic; ninimer price*. 7(1 WB^#t?HT ST.?A OP.NfT,KMAM AND WIKE ()R I '' two gentlemen can ohtala hoome aad Board In ? private family ; rammer terms. 7 1 MA 1)1.SOX A V -KLK(; A If r WITH ( 1 H?>?rd, atsammer prices; transients tekea; refer. MM 7*? WKST .WTII ST.-TWo UKNTLRMBN UB ?T|<*. I O tleman and wife can he arena mud at* d with a hand. *omelr luralslied front alcova lloom. ou .ecoad lour; Hoard flrat clas*. 7"cJ>r.9f Tifu sr.-A wfnoir i.adt hah .'?r.AfEr I O fnrni bod Rooms, for gtatlMBca aad ia4Us, lo let, wltb ot tllbetl Board. HO \ ItDF.US W V>TKD. I 11 ? > iv-i . i ?i - r H iivhlii li i:u .Ms "wffTi l''w Bi??rd, froiu upw?rfl T#o doors from f.iluiore'* Oarden. 1111 MADISON \V NEAR ."ni SI kooMsJ 11" with or wltb<?at Hoard, to transient or permanent parliaa. mwsir MD ST?H ANIMOMEL1 FURNISHIU) Kuaini l<t Itt, lo Kenilriiikli aid wile, iioord lor lady only. |1 KAIT -Till ST II v.M> iOM i.l.V H 'KNiaHBD J LO Koom*. with or without Hoard, moderate price*; all improvement*. II Q EAST BSD IT.-KIOkM furnished KOOM: -IIO bar wlD'low. lint and cold water and closets: near Central Park: one suit of Kooius, partial Hoard, if desired; rouvenlant to borne or (team can; very niie lor one or two gentlemen : references required, Call all the week. HQ WEST UTll ?T . BETWEEN .Til AMI flTH HO r\i ??-Desirable Koorn* and first class Hoard may be ha I In a French (amity where Spanish I* sjioken; terms moderate. Apply aa above. 11 Q KA?T 17TII ST., NEAR I'MON >yi'AKh - 1 1 </ Hoonia, with Board; low prieea; transient aad table Hoard. 1 OO MADISON AV.?DESIRABLE DtfUBLK AND J.J*J ilnitle Rooms to let, with Hoard, references as. changed. 1 ?)>) WEST ?SD ST.?HANDSOMBLY FURNISHED I<)0 Iront Room* to let, with Board, to gentleman aud wife or ilugl* gentlemen. mKAST 11ITii st\7 near TkWno PLACE. Large, plesant Koom on second floor and two on fourth floor to let, with good Board; terms moderate. ?JO- EAST JUTII sr. NEAR UNION SOU ARB IOm Handsomely fttrnlshed Hooma to reut. with or with out Hoard, en mite or singly, reference. ml.KXINi; ION AV .-Ft UNISIIED " KO'lMS, with Hoard : terms moderate. 1J_C WMT 44TH ST ? l"Li: AS \NT ROOMS. WIT'I It'J Aral class Board, lor gentleman and wife or single genilemsu ; relerenoe. "iJri'i AV~cT?RNKR limi st. "private family.?Furnished Koom*. with or wlth"nt Hoard WEST 49T11 ST.-DSSIRABLK llnoM-. VV1IH _ _ . Board, in Urat class house ; American family; t rraa moderate. if*Q tART 9TH ST.?A EARS OTPOBTUNITT.? I'JO Country home In the city.?Desirable front Koom. with board, for two. for $Itl per week; private American family: cro<|net grounds, fruit, stables, Ac. 1HTII ST.. BETWKEN JD AND 3D AV8.?TO UO let, comfortably furnished Koomi; Parlors, First or second Floor: separately or together; with or without Hoard: gas, hath, Ac : reference required li? 167 9(11 WEST 23l>8T.-KO(I.VId To Lc. T. WITH wU'r Hoard, at very reason able rates for the sninmer; trmiM. nt hoarder* taken; also table Board. on = WEST i;iD ST., ONE KLnCK FROM RoSSMORB ^lU'J and ? t. Clou.I hotels.-A handsomely furnished Stilt of Kooiiis on iccond door, with or without Hoard, to gentle tuan only. Caa be seen on Sunday. *)l\7 WKST 24TH ST.. TO LET. WITH IK I A KD. Il AI.L yj l Room, on third itory, front; large Room ou parlor ?lory ; terras moderate ; references. 999 KAST IIOTII ST.?A widow UDV OF l(E apcctahilily lias a cosey furnished Koom to let to a lady or gentletna'i, with or without Hoard: terms moderate; hou-e private; also Rooms for housekeeping. OOO WEST 13TH ST.?PLEASANTLY furnished wwt) Rooms to let, with or without Board, to gentlemen or families. Call or address. 09/? WEST Mb"^-TfUKNISHRD (iR UN FUR AuU nished Room*. >rith or without Board; summer rates; convenient to Park. qoq East Titii 5t~a Handsomely fur ?I-J ?> nlshed Room to let, with first class Hoard, *nlt ahle for a gentleman and wile or party ot' singles gentlemen; also accommodation for a few table Hoarders. i)Qf\~west SoTH St.?cool, pleasant fur sjOU nlshed Rooms, with first class French table, for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife; references exchanged. 000~ WEST" 2MD ST?TO LET. TWO SPACIOUS wOO Rooms, with Board, to gentlemen or geut.eroen and wlvaa; also a single Room; at summer prices; refer ence*. lll|j WEST 518T ST.?A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE Jill a few Rooms to rent, with or without Hoard. O J 7 WEST 42D"si. ?HANDSOMELY furnished AT I Rooms to let, with Board, near Broadway; term* moderate. 2~ J~WE?T 25TH ST.?A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL <)*X let one or two elaborately furnished Uooms, with every convenience, with or without Board. Ol C WEST 1HTH ST.?WITH BOARD, HAND Oil ) somely furnished Iront and hack Rooms, on second floor; plenty or closet room ; also hall Rooms, at reduced summer prices; good neighborhood. ?Too WEST ViTlf ST., NEAR 8TH AV.?FIRST O^O class Board, at moderate price. 'Tot? LBXfNOTON AV.-TO LET. WITH BOARD, A OaSU third dory front Room, to a gentleman and wife or (ingle gentlemen ; also hall Room. References exchanged. 09U WEST 10TII ST.?TWO NIOBLY PPRNISHKD Owil Rooms, with or without Board; private lainlly; references exchanged. ?JO'T WEST 82D HT.?PLEASANT ROOMS, WITII OOO Board, for gentleman and wife and single gentle men ; also Office* suitable for doctor or deuttst; terms mode rate. O'J - WEST 2STH ST.?TWO NEWLY furnished OOu second and third story Rooms to let, with Hoard; terms suitable to the time*. WEST 82D ST.?AN ENTIRE FLOOR TO LKT with,Board, for family; good home; alao *quare Room, for gentleman and wile; term* low. 343 Room, fa OAfC WEST 20NI ST.?A OENTLKMAN~A>rD WIFE UTi) or two or throe alngle gentlemen, friends, will And One large Rooms, with excellent Hoard. ? 1 1 7 WEST l'.tTH ST.. BETWEEN STH AND 9TH Ot 1 avs.?A gentleman and wife can be accommodn ed with an elegantly furnished Koom, with or without Board; alio boarder* taken. O 7 9 WEST_asb ST.?TO LET, WITH BOARD. O I ?? nicely furn ehed Room*; (Ingly and in aall*; term* reasonable; location desirable. OQQ 4Tll AV."xTlTULY PfRNISHED ROOmT~TO 0</0 let: Board for lady only 77j?? WKST 2IST HT,^ OPPOSIT* COLLEGE TOO grounda.?Small Rooms, ?.*>; table and transient boarder* taken. InOil riXI ST.. PHILADELPHIA.?LOtKIINOB ,UOU and Board at$2 per day; French family. BKOKER. PRIVATF. FAMILY. ItESIDINO NEAR CENTRAL Park, will ront one or two cheerful Itooms, with or wlthont Hoard, to a party seexlng a quiet home. lJo West 4Hih st. PRIVATE FAMILY OWNINO HOUSE WOULD rent on? or two Knorns. with or without Hoard, to gen tlemen. Address Mrs. B. A. B . Herald office. A PRIVATE JEWISH FAMILY WOULD LIKE A centlomsn and wife or two single gentlemen to Board; near Central Park. Addresa Mra. l?. 0., Herald office. APKIVATK FAMILY IIAVINO TAKEN THE FIRST class house West 44:b st . are now ready to offer superior accommodations, with good Board; terms mod erate; references C1KNTENNIAL ROOMS," PHILADELPHIA.?TWO ) beautiful Konms, nicely furnished, with or without Hoard, for a nice parly, for a week or longer, alter the 12th : 011I1 1 bree uow in family; near depot and grounds. Address S , Herald ollice. /IKNTENNIAI. VISITOR* CAN OBTAIN GOOD AO \J coiomo-Utioes. with an English family of two adult*: fioper we k. lea minute* from Exhibition. Address 2, <l|tt Poplar *t , Philadelphia. DELIOHTFlfU t'OOl., LAROE ROOMS, KIKST eiasa loeatlon. elegant table and moderate prices. 39 Eaat 22d st , near Hroadway. Pi'LBOANTLY Fl'RNISH KD l.OOM, SECOND FIXiOR; !i aiso hall Room, with Board, la an English family. No. 82S Went 23d *1. Handsomely furnished rooms to gentleman and wife; Board for lady only. AddresiJ. A , Herald I plow 11 Branch office. Handsomely furnished koom on th? hB? ond floor, with Board, for gentleman and wile or single gentlemen. 4.'? Weat lllh at. HaklrjT-wbll furnished rooms to let. with Board, at moderate lerms; near the cars and boat; good location. IM East !2Sth St. Mrs bmmetz. from new yoke, has opened her house In I'hlla lelphia, opposite main building, with first class accommodations for permanent and transieut boards lor reaaouable torms. It.WK) oirard av. MRS. M. E. JEENS.-4M WEST I5TH ST.. OFFERS pleasant Rooms, with Board, either permnuent or Iranslvnt for the summer mouths. HOAHU AMD LUDU1N6 WA.VI'ED. Board wanted in furnished RooMs n;i-. ferred. by gentleman, wife and dangliler five years; below 2-'>th st.. between Kroadway and 7th av ; house and location must be first class; reference* given and required. Address I'. II.. Herald I'ptown Branch office. W'ANTED-WESr OF 0Til AV , IC UM AND BOARD TT for >ingle gentleman : price uot to exceed $12; small, qnlet family preferred; reference. Addresa A D., Herald office. ' IIKOOK I. \ V HOARD. Near pkospei 1 i-akk -delihii i fi i,: private family; Second Floor : large Room*; ample closets; modern linpioveinents; en *uite or kingly. Call at or ad dress No vi 7th ?v . Brooklyn, N. Y. ON THB HILL^-SPLENDlb SUMMBB LOCATION^ Very snperlor accorainodation* can be obtained by ap plylni at lot ('Union av. 1"s> PO.'LAR ST. ON THE II KM i IITS - PI.EAS A NT O Room*, with Board; two minutes from Fulton ferry; term* low. ?><| ORANOE ST.. ON THE im'liHTS BOAKll AND Ol/ airy Rooms in a French family; lire minutes' walk to ten lee. "Til ST.. HROOKI.VN -T?? LET. Fl RNIsTTED >)') Rooms, with Hnar.l, for gentlemen only. Inquire In last while house on left hand sine. /?9 COLUMBIA HBIOBK BROOKLYN.?WITH OB I)^ without Hoard, nicely furnished Second Floor and two single Koom*, overlooking Ihe bay; reference* ex changed. 90 HENRY HT. (HMOHTS).?FAMILY OK SINOLE it parties; 15 miuutes from A*tor House; excellent table. 100 HENRY ST.. ON TIIF. HfclOIITS, FIVE MIN ntes Irom Falton or Wall street f*rriea.-lland aomely lurnished Rooms, with flr*t claas Board; termamode rate; reference PAOiFlC > I' -llol'SK DKLIilllTFULLY SITU ated and convenient to all ferries; Koom* large, light and cool: table first claas and term* ?ery moderate for summer and permanent parties, table Hoard 113 ICS. BALTIC HT "NEAR CLINTON. CONVENIENT J.Oa5 to South or Wall street ferry. t~> m ft weekly. Ills. WtSIIINUTON ST. COOL, PLRASANT, HAND somely lurnl*hed front Rmnn*; flr*t el as* table; !<? mlnnie* Irom lerriea : *?Mimer price*. At new enoland ifuYkC, m soWifftY.-ALL light, single Koom*; Lodgings, AOe. sightly, $a week ly : for gentlemen only. "TTiTw FINELY FlTfr-D UP ROOMS FOK FAMILIES A or single peraons can now b* engaged at the I'ark Hotel, corner Beekma and Massaa all., where all the con venlenees o resiaiiranls. elevator, Ac . can be had at mod erate charge* on the "Live and Let Lite" principle. AMERICUH HOTEL. 15 NEW CHAMBERS ST.?SIN gle front Rooms, 35 eentr to |l Ula week. Open ell night. RLBONT'HOTBL. FULTON HT.. NRAR 'bBOAD w*y.?Europoen plaa; Room* 00 ctnti apward; family Ream*. Alway* open. HOTEL*. / 1KXTIUI. IIOTF.t.. ISIAL iff., Offl'.'KMIi ' ' ?'Mt ?f Brn?dvr?]'; pHxt Knouts, SOc. rnitl 7-V. (iai!y /IKKtKiL-l?AKK HoTK.L. roliNKK 7TH AV. A#4 \ 1 VHIi at?Koomn to lei, Ihciuk the I'irk, at reduce* ratea. / ' I.KNHAM MOTEL 4XS MafAl'lAlT. HH aC, J I lotaeen '21st arid 22d >u? ?inffly of en smle, elevator and every modern eauvenieuce N K HiKKY. Managar. J? IIA XT Uol'rtK, 4H NKV BO WE E Y.?MO MpM0~; " T taillillea. "jc. to #1 ; gentlemen, -5c. 10 W c. Alrtiys open. Horn BRANTffttS. M ADUiiN AV.. CORNER Mli ?t.. given flrat cih?? accommodation*. and In-ing "if II.imile > walk troni ?Mil av entrance Park it ?pe cUlly attractive in tuininer. HOTKITmT. liiiKMAIx7r?ffflC^~MD?8T\" Klu>A1^ way. ? l'nmrpa*?ed loi'-itlon aa in Meesa to entire cur: lio"m? aiid Hoard reduced. per "lay . Kurupeau plan Ieu| elevator, bath*. Ac. WM O. TOMPEINS, Proprietor. MAiadtf" bichblibu. lei"TkxisnTilM Av.-rtui i.nns little French lintel aud restaurant offer* tn lot *uine vcrv hand*omely furnished Room* to libeiai ptriie* who denim comfort and a good table; table boarien- taken. H. A. UKYBR. Proprietor. BVKRB HOUSB. BI'ROPBAN PLAN. ?<*> AM) mi i Hroadwav, New York.? Single Rooms. fnr inrainrr from fa tn $H per week ; double Koorna, accommodating tw< persons, froa f* tn 91 - per week. SPINOI.ER 1101'SE. ? A M K It It" A X PLAN; ClIOIOH Miite- of Room* for fainilie* and kindle genlleineu, fronting Union sijuare, at moderate price*. SIXTH AVKNl'K HOTEL. COKNF.K 44THST -EV!:ol pean plan; Kooin*. f'l to #rt; en suite, to #2<?; Urat dak* restaurant; pi ice* moderate. w E^T END HOTEL (European plan), Cheitnut, below lAth it, Philadelphia. 0. T. JONES, Proprietor; late of Hoffman House and St. -lame*. New York. COUNTRY BOARD. . A""f WEST IIIUtillTON. *. I ?PUE \SANT with It .ard: three minutea' walk from landing. Inquire fur Dr. OKAYS. A raw ioAiDiu wantkd-thbem boobs from city, via Erie Itallrond ; farm, mountain air : fine boating and (lahing. For particular* addreaa OAUDNER, MO Ortuid ?t. AN ELEOANT PLACE at HASTINGS, OM JIITD ?on ?The undersigned would like to make arrange ment* with desirable parties wl-hing Board for the dim mer. home, tabic and situation IIrat cla**. Addrea* Mr*. 0. C. MAKKI1AM, llaatlugs, on Hudson. "a Ilf.oi IM M ODK iu S A PART H E NTS. WITH HOAKD, xV on tn* Caiskiilc location healthy ; scenery picturesque; term*. $ I to $9 weekly, J KSI'Elt UARUKTT, Urapeville, tireene county, X. Y. T KA R M HOUHB, AT CUTO UOITOUE, LONOlMLAND Honae ovrrlnoKlni? bay; liirtru room*; K"<'d table: milk, exK> and reitetalilea Iroali Irora irarden; L'ood bath Inir; delightful air: excellent fur children ; $*< per week: half tnr children. Partlcnlara with TlfVMAS HRKNNAN, No. 7 Murray ?t AMIDTHE~BB*UTIKUL SCENERY OP THE CON necticnt River, one mile from Bello?-i Kalla. Vermont dep t. near .Mount KIHinrii and only eluht limirn from New York: a new hmiae, with large room*; celebrated iron nod ?ulphnr nprinift oa the place, with fine drive* and lUhini;. For particulars Inquire of J. C. WINCH, 440 West 20th at., New York. Board at a farm house, as miles up tub Hudmn : iroml table; term* moderate; reference irlvoa. Addreaa OLENWlLLOW. Herald Uptown Branch office. OAKli WANTED IN THE COUNTKY?A SHORT di*tanoe from city, for a lady aeventy year* of a?e; an IrUli Prnteatant family preferred. Addreu J. H. McC., 418 Woat 27th It., New York. B~6aRD IN THE 0AT8KILL MOUNTAINS?OK PABV of ISO acre*, only seven hour* from Ne?- York; splen did place for fainllie*: irood table and no objection to chil dren. Addrea* Mr*. HATFIEI.D, Oriffin'i corner*. Delaware county, N. Y. Reference. T. Miller. 8th av. anil 22d *t. Board IN PLAINPIBLD.?A PRIVATE family can accommodate two nr three pnraona: location dellichtlul; 12 minutea' walk froui depot. Addreu box 1,070 Poet office. Plain lie 111, N. J. Board wanted?for the si;mmp.r, por a young lady. In a good family in Ma*?achii*ctta, not fai from Springfield, near water, and would like to be with young company; term* mu*t not exceed $M per week. Ad dr**a. itatlng full particular*, Mia* O. J., New York Herald office, for one week. Board AMONG THB MOUNTAHTB?IV A "QuIBT little village: trout llabing, gunning; beautiful moun tain scenery f >r nearly loo mile* within one mile from the door: splendid drive* and excellent Hoard, at f7 dct ? eek ; half price lor children. Apply to VAN IIOESOX A HRO., 07 South *t. (10UNTRY HOARD ON THB HUIMiON.-A FAMILY, J having a large farm, would aeoommodate a f>w lainillej with flrst clans Hoard; plenty of frnit, vegetable*, milk, but ter. egr*. Ac.; large, airy rooms; Ironting the river; water and bath in the house; well ahaded lawna and walk*; also (tabling and carriage room; reference. Apply at No. 36 Weat ll*th at., between .r>th and ilth av*. (COUNTRY BTURD WANTED-AT NEW BRIitHTOXi J S. I., furnished Kooin, with Board, for a aingle gentle man, in a private family. Addreu, with term*. E. T., box 3.1^7 Post oflii-e. (10UNTRY HOARD.?THE BEST OP CARE AND J good Board may be had for children during vacition I'jj lion's from city; term* very moderate. Addres* Mra. L. h. ItKKI) Oarleu Conn CIOUNTRY BOARD-ONK hour ?ROM OITT. IK A ) private family: liisfli healthy locatiuu; term* to suit. Addn it (i. T., :?.">?t \\>Ht I4lli at. CIOUNTRY-BOARD AT A FARM HOU8B I* Tft3 J vicinity of the Catskllls, one mile (mm telegraph at a tinn and Port office. Address L. K VINCENT, Freehold, Greene county, S. Y. /1OUNTBY BOARD-ON TII K HANKS " OK *83 \J llouaatonlc River. hour* from the citr on the New llaven Railroad: the bouse is large aud airy, beautifully lo cated on high .'.'round, oommandinir a splendid view of the river: very healthy: ext-nslve plume*; pleasant lawns; well snaded; boating. battling, n %ii I it ir. Ac.: reference ox. changed. Addre*a HOUSAIONIC, box 112 Herald office. (Country "board"wantrd-wFriiTn aoobhs op J N. w Haven Railroad, between New Vork and Bridge port. for tliree adult*. Addre?s, staling loweai terms, B. O. L., Herald Uptown Branch office. pOITNTRY HOARD WaNTED-BY THRKR ORNTL'B \ J m u; either In Mmitclalr. Orange. Itrick Churoh ot niiiomlleld. Address, with terms, BOARDER, Herald Up town Branch office. CIOUXTRY HOARD AT MAMARONKOK, WEST J cheater eonntv ? One or two families can be acootn tnodated with tlru class Hoard, in priv ita family, near tn? harbor ami depot: terms moderate. Address W. BECKER, Mumaroneck Po*t office. rtoRWWAu7, btf" t11S"ISdson.?ohotea Mil V ' for familial, with lirst claaa Kmril ; will Of a i on th? 10th of .lune the Storm King lloii*?. by Mr*. DUCHARDT. All particular* by calling at 1 Hi West I4th at. DKf. 11iIITKI'I, SI'M M KR ItKS11>KN<'K -KIRST i'IMDB Rooms and Hoard at the Titrkiah Hath Rataliiiahment, HI ami h;i Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, S. Y. Oinuut at 1 o'clock. /Soon hoard and pleasant room Yjc'tiib x.T <atsklll Mountain* ; plenty of shade, lre*U milk. egg*, Ac. Apply t" CHICIlBsTRS, Cairo, Green eouuty: wrt.l.IAM MIHGLEY. MO Broadway, or McCALDIK BROS , 8 and 10 Sackett at., Brooklyn. 1) I > 41N PIKI < D, N. J . ON-p HOUR>RoM VflTY'"-TWO I doulile Room* and one single; gr.mnds well ahad?d Inquire for Mr. LUE'S place or address box AM1'laiuflrid Post office. SARATOGA BOARD.-PI R?T CI,ASS BIMI(I) Iff A Jewish family can he liad during the anminer. Por particnlara call at iW St. Mark'a place. New Vork. Si mmer 56**0IX UTOMriKiiDooolrTT,conn.? A large nrivate house, with everv conv uience, pleuty of abaae and Irult, will he nnnned tlila ??axon for the ac ininmoilation ol a few boaroera willing to pay for lar,*a rooma aud superior table. Por particulars ad<lrc*s lock box 30, New Mllford, Conn. VERY BBS3S ROOMS. WITH BOARD, CAN be i.litained at a beautiful country aeat near Morris' Dock atation, on Hudson River Railroad, 2" minute* from Grand Central depot: alao accessible by rapid transit traius to Tremnnt; line grounds and stabling: especially conven ient lot gentlemen. Inquire at either station, or address box IJI I'ost office. Tremnnt atation. WAVIED-HoaRD IN THE CoCNIRY, Allot i7)>K hour's ride Irom the city, fur two little ftlrl*, aged 7 and II years, and one little boy years, with mrse Ad dress, with particulars, Tuesday uext, L. SHAW, 54 West 14th *t., near Hth av. WANTID?BOARD IN THE COUNTRY, PoKSMAI.L family. In part payment for piano or organ. Addreta PIANOS, box ?) llcrald office. W?crroBT.6<M(ji.-*fI3iioiD location < bbao tiftsl scenerv : first claaa accommodation' and table; fllteen acres, stabling, boaiiogdiahinir. Ac.: flna't place on I/init Island Sound. Enquire of DICKEIiSON, ,?t Hey it. ""ItihWER HKNOKTK. "si'MMP.R CaIMTAL. " ?~? LBLAND'S OCEAN HOTEIi, LONG BRANCH. will open early in June Charles * warren lkland. ALDWIN HODHK" "SARATOGA SI*III NGS.?(K)OO Hoard and home comforts. In pleatant neighborhood; convenient to all the *prinits: line shade and er,,qast (rroimds attached ; furniture new. Addreas O. W. TWItJO, Baldwin jj?ae. Sarat..*a Sprlugs.^ / 1A RI'KN I'Ell HOI SK. I.AKK M AHOPAC. TH IS DB? " ' ilKhtful resort, havinir been thoron?hly renovated, wH open Jana 15; liberal arrangements tor famille* for the ?eauin or month. W. WALKER, Carpenter House, Laka Mahopac, N. Y. TJAVIMON HOTEL. NEW HRIGIITON. HTATKJf I Island, N. Y.. opens Manila/, May 15: reduced rat#a thronph May and .Inne Call on or addre? R. P. OUU. SHARON SPRINGS.-PRIVATK HOARDLNG IIOUHCi price $s and 910 per week. WILLI \M HIM,. Proprietor, SUMMER BOARDERS*.-TIIK BI.OOMKIKI.D Il7lfEL. Bloomfleld, N. .1 , la now open lor the accommodation of boarder*: term* reasonable : II tralna dally via I >*? I a V are, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, lloimken . 4" niiinitea from New Yerk. l OllEV BROS., Proprietors. Tower hill aorsp., narbaganhktt imer, opens .Inne IA. under management of P LACHES MKYKlt, formerly of St. J ante* Hotel: terms (12 In f 17 oar week. Information or eireulars at 10 Weat 20th at., or note 1. TTMTKD STATM HOTEL. LONO HRANCH. "* L This'Hotel, having been newly furnished anil all modern improvements ailded. will open fur reeeption ol guests Thursday, June 15. Apartment* eaa be engaged at Hotel Royal, Haw York. PIKRIH A BUTLER. TTNITtD STATES HOTEL, Raratoxa Springs, Is bow open. JAM Kw M. MARTIN. Proprietor. For Other Hoarding AtUeHlsrmenls Me* l>lr?rl?r>'. ====== ? ~-NtewiA improved artipicial tkkYh $3Tt?5 1\. $*: gum set* ?10; Silver Pilling* 50 cents; Gold 91 ( warranted: at l-ViOtb av.; opon Sunday. Dr. WIIITfc. AW vtiith madk in thrkk HOURS AT tjflf Weat 84th st.. between nth enn 7th av? , near llroa4 wajr. special Iiieoliaiiirai dentistry: coral, rabber, roan, pearl, wiialabono ruld?er, gold and platIna Seta: Plnmpera, ReKalators. Ac. Take green car tViim urand street lerry a* Sixth avanne ears or Broadway cars. N EW BROUGII. 13B West 34tk it. BRAiTiri.x arttpicial trbTh, m-. singlr, tii wltbont any extracting; warranted; silver IIhml .'sms. ; " N. Y Denial Room*, 2<U 0th av.; establish*! l?fli Bnndayi antll U; M2. *

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