Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 2
Text content (automatically generated) WAJITKD. f -M a n|K(|M1:!.\ ITKN'I <H Kl? Ri)OMS, tftihl J. K >ard, Sop families and siuirle t'CDtleuien, moderate rate*. iiU Waveriey place. 1* '"?A J K W IS II HOI' SKTsFi ? K NDIOLT L< i* 5X5SF. ? ha* eleg*ut Kmisn. unsurpassed table; !??r families and sinale gentleman. 2I2 West I4tb it. ?l -HVK OK SIX (J K N TL K V H S i'AS UK II tNDSOalK 1 ? It accommodated with private Ko?p4 at IM'7 Wfft *H?t ?t New York . also elegant Rooms, with Hoard, at Cbealnut ik, Philadelphia. 1 "SI IT~VKKY^DKslltA HLfc Sl'MMP.R ROOMS. WITH 1. Itminl. I Vi Madison a?.. auriMr H9d %t piJ-:asavFTiiovF~ut?<>m a>i? bedroom. ox second Hoop, will* Board. summer prices. iti West 22d st. _____ 1 UK ?' UKMhXhLTc^IU>OMS* EN VllTE oft SINOLY, 1 with Hoard; refereuces excbftn^ei 20 aud East 23d it., Madison *titiara. 1LAHGB AND CONNECTING FRONT ROOM AND . hall Room*. with Board location most central, near t'nion square, 117 i ast 14th st I sriT lH- lit)OMS IMIIYATK BATH. CLOSETS, *c.% 1 with private table or without board; room# fur gentle men; reference*. 36 East 20th st. 1 LARGE ROOM, Foi; uENTLEM AN AND WIFE, WITH i Board; hot ami cold water, ample close: room and first ?lata table; one single Koom. HIT 2d av. "1 handsome LABOR ROOM. ON THIRD FLOOR, I with Boar . also single Rooms for gentlemen; summer price*. o*> Weil 22d st. between "?th and %th av*. k) "rooms TO I.I- T WITH BOARD, IN A PRIVATE m family. neighborhood fir?t ola-sa n?l central; term? rery moderotc to tl.e right parties; reference* exchanged. 7th av. ) !. \ i.? i I. Fl;KN i5HKT> ROOM8 TO LET^-WZTU Board; ttrtus ver? moderate. i,455 Broadway. i) BZ? A t II 11. COOL BOOMS, W I TH BOARD; M splendid location; terms very moderate One door from 1.1th it.. .17 7th av. ?> NEW CANAL ST.-KLEOANT ROOMS, EXCE& t ) lent table; gaa, bath, n?e of piano; day boarder* taken; terms moderate. A EAST 2l'TH ST . BKTWKRNlATH AND|MADIsON X av*.?-Desirable Room*. with or without Board. r mas<Yin sr., .vrar .land street Ferry.? I hoard for man and wife, $'.? per week ; single men, $4 *>0; 'nrnishcd Room on first floor, front, or auitable lor an office, U - III IV., 81. KIRHT DOOK HBbOW itSTH ST. -M. R. !/ QA(JE. ? Hnndi?oma Boom?, transiently or permanently; louse neat: table h bun dint and well served; reference!. rril AND 6T11 A VS.?V KB Y DK8IRABLK BOOM 8, i) with Board. 68 West 10th at. T.TII AY, 127 R KN til! <>j { SINGLY, WITH tJ or without Board; permanent or trmsient. Miv 1?. i?. PUTNAM. HtH AT., 851.?FRONT ROOMS. HANDSOMKLt FCR t.) nisbed, with ??r without l>onrd; porinnuetit or transient; mederate terms. CTH KV7% NO.* 140. CIOIINKR 1HT11 ST\ ^CO MPLBTK LY ? / and elegantly turulshcd Parlor Suit, | rivate hath, ?te.. with or without private table; also others, en suite or tindy, with or without Board. triTTf AY . 1*4.? liKOANT PARLOR ?U1T8, PROM r 2 to O room*: al.-?o other Booms, furnished, with *>r L/thont Board. r**lerenc->. ?TH AV., UU7."a ">JKCOND PLOOK OP RIX ROOMS, ?J tojfetlier or separnt**. ulsti third floor Parlor and Bed* room . two Ht'oiL* tuurth Ho ?r. for jcentlenn'ii. with or with* ?ut private table ; ??( poiutmcut* and location unexceptiou* I h I e ; references HtH a\ .. 6>j7~ S KAR WINDSOR HoTKL.?LAROK* t ) airy and elegant Rooms, with or without private table ; permanent or transient; liberal prices. r T!l A N I> iJ H AY^r? il W KST 17TU ST.?ROOMS* tJ with Board, i*i a atnilyof rellnement. r T11 A ~^4~ 8U I' F. BI OR APARTMBNT8, WITH OR iJ without Board: reference* exchanged. (' SI' tc PI.ACK tWKbT 4tH i*T.>?HANDSOME L) front Koom on aecond ifoor, with Board; reasonable; lot and r<ih! water in room, and bath on *ame tloor. M ( I I \?, PL A Oh ro LET, M? ELY PURNI8HRD i) Rooms to single irentlemeu or gentlemen ami wives, arith or without Hoard. fe/{ \M> I'PWAKK HKBIRAMLK LAROK AND small Rooms to let. with good Board. 3d Clir.ton place. 7 \yT-.sT_i.vrh s*r 7>ear"thk Windsor?rooms, with Board, for lainllies or single gentlemen, at sum mer prices. rrii .\\, Sa -m.-iiuisk ciiam-kh hands; I newly painted throughout; elegantly furnished ; Rooms, w;th Board; terms moderate. Mrs. K. KLINK. <1 BANK > I FLOOR KRoN'i' AND BACK ?./ Rooms, furnished. \a let, with Board, also table board era wanted* term* moderate. 1/k Ea>'1 12T11 ST ?KLEOAJ*T PARLOR FLCH)R, i * ' with piano, furnished; a)a ? Bedroom*, with or with out Board. I OTH ST~ NO. 40. BKTWE .n BROADVV \Y \M? :M lv" versity place.?Very fin" Rooms, handsomely fur nUued, suitable lor fiimtlioa, with good Board; also Kooms f??r gentlemen; terms moderate; relerences. II t. A * I USi: ST.. BKTW I'iKN MADISllN ANDoTH J 1 m>. ? IIniidsomely turuished Rooms, with tlrst class i rctich tah e. reierences. 1 I Wh>l .Til -I.,"THIRD HOC.SK FROM .vfil AV~ J 1 Itaioisouielv furnished Kooms to let. with or without Board < r nr.vato tain* . loeat on and references ftiat class tii s'l . i:?> WK.vr, n, ak hih ay.?with boakd, laige, piea*ant >ec??nd Floor, Iront and linil Boom* connecting; large cloud* : every conv nience; relerence. TO W KST j D ST., OPPOSITE FIFTH A YEN IK 1 mm H?tei.~Newly and handsomely furtiiahed Rooms to gfutleineu ; location uusurp.i.^iru. ^r11 sr.. i;t4, wkst of -nil av.?fi rnishkd Ro ?ms to let, with Board. 1-fi .11 12 "1 I k. A S1 Mill M , .N. \ K BROADWAY.?LARUE .1*1" nle ?*aut iioouis. furnished and uufumlahed. to let, with Board; also table Board; terms very reasonable. *1 4 Til >T~. :ti;? I-? AST.?"IIANDSOMKLY FCiTmsIIkD J *r It oiiis; tlrst cin*a table ; prompt attention; pleasant neighbor! ood. 1 i r:i si , jit wi: ir. ?? lk<iant ro<?ms, kn aciTE .11 aloi iitigly, with Board; ItKjatloti central and desira ble, reference. i i ill >i , vy sr. xi, a;?, ;<7 kkpt by knoi.ish 1 I lady; i vouiv with Board, p*-rmanent and transient; bouse K' coioiU 'daiton? lirst clas*. ] till > AND <11 Whsr? Wlfll board", 1 I Uri --. Uand-otuely furnished Rooms; convenient lo hlevate i ation . terms moderate ; re ereuees. -j - west Washington place.?a fkw desira 1 ? ' Me H?mms. ftirulahed ??r unluruishetl, with or without Board, in ?:uaii private family; terms moderate. *1 -Til s r.. F vCINO STI YVFF.A NT PARK, NO. 338 1* / hail Lar ?? K ?oms for families; also hail Rooms; all iinprev meuts, with Hoard. 1 -tii * '-?** w,.s r ? pri \ a i k mVcsfir newTIy X ? * furnished ; just op?*m?d ; two couples or six young men ?.ceoinmod4ted. A-l ??!! >1 , BErWKKN i N I . K liSlT \~rLAt;E an ? ?th a* -iiooni*. with Board, t??$7. "| "j wk>t iorfi sr ? desTrablk si'rt sf.con*d X I floor, with superior Board, house extra wine, two Iront hail Rooms, witt? closets ? nd water. 1 O FAST HD SI'.-'IWu OITtHUKE OENTLEMR^ToR 1' a gentlemen and wife ran be accommodated, with or eiihout Board; private family terms low. 4Jfk Whsr 1?TH ST.?WITH BOARD, PLEAS vNUTy ?' * furnished Room* lor permanent or transient parties; terms moderate. tH WKSI 12 I'll ST., NEAR ?I'll A Y ?II AN DSO>! K LY m I furnished Mwmi*. cniiabfu for fairiiIi?-s aiol gentle men. Willi ex - lent Board, neighborhood unexceptionable; terms moderate; references. fc>| WEST 1HTH sT.-A l \RiJK S CuND STORY mm 1 front Ifjom, f ? n h-d or unfutnisbvd, wi h fir t cla?s hoard. ?lso -m-ll i.ooti; went retereno s Wi si :;isT -*1. NEWLY FI KNISI 1KD ROOMS, with first rlas* Board; every comiort of a home; kuo ierate priee-. r?-leren'*es. s;J-i si, 17 \ V s i .'l.KAMNr Hnl'M. HYOlENIC ?? I Boa d . penuaiient or transient teriu? moderate ; near li i'i-.ul* av, til sT sl, 1?;? Whsr. N I. ELY FI P.NISI IE DSKt OND mm I Floor to let, with Bo ird. for g? ntlemsu mi i wile or siiiKle gentlemen; also hall Rooms; reference required. HI Sr sf. M aTIA PI RMsIIBD rooms. WITH OR mm 1 without Board. ln>|Utre at .No. 14.t r.**i 21*t at., Uramertjr Park. i)*) WA VKRLE V PLAC E -H A N I>SOM ELY Ft R mm mm rttsheii Koo-tis on Second and t Ird ilo.*rs. with Bo ?rd; ha>emest if desired. k ;D Sl i W EST LKilAKT SI ITS vM? SINi.l.h Bo on* t<? let. w ith Hoard ; famine* or gentlemen. OOD sT, W rsr ?TO LET. WlTH BOARD, TWO HAND sm'f s^mely furnished K H*in*. one ens at $lti. one bait !;oom. i ail at 1IH. ST. !? I WfciT.?two LARtlK ROOM? TO roni. witli Hoard, for f2 ?; alao other Reouo. STIYN V i ST. OPPOSITE PLYMPTON mm*' Btiihfinir ? H andsomelv fnmialied Room, wltli private lamiiy, is gentlemen, terms reasonable; tbiee lines of cars pass the do >r, ? an he seen on sunday. i)l* WEST I' l l! ST.7nEaR 5tii AV.?SECOND AND ) Third rl?ors. handsome Looms; transient or per r. anent. bouse clean, weli ventilated, goou tabie; summer prices. o/j East aor h ht.?elkuant rck?M8, WITH PlRfT tins* Boar<l, near 5th av. and the Buckingfism Hotel East 2^D ST. desirable ROOMS, WITH Board, also table Board. Mrs. A. CARR. WEST I2TH ST?WITH BOARD, HANDSOME a?0 l?rg? Rtoms, for family; also single Rooms; ti attaint! pat ties lasen. east 47; li s: . w in ;>m> , iii. h iv koomSTOR mm' summer, with Hos'L terms very moderate WEST Mill sT.. BK 1W F.F.N oTll and dTIJ AYS, ??l ' Ro>ons, wiiit Board, singly nud en ?uite; iiouse and lot-.*t ion first class i terms moderate; refereacea. M < \ ORE AT J ONE s nr.. NEAR LAFA YI TTE PLACK^ O" Large snd imail Rooms, with Board; house and ac eommo*!*tion? 'lestra^i# ; location central; leferenee*. ?)?>l? sT.. I EAsT.-KLEo VN 1 ROOMS, sINULY ??R ? )?. en - nt'-. transient Uoaiders accotnn.oiateti. house firt* class . reieren- e* WhtT 2?li sT.-FlNK FRONT sl IT To liENTLK men. without b??ard, .u private family; summer 21 28 33 -TIWI'ANT sr. MKTWKK.N 2D A Jt I > :4|> ? J ?*i-H.iiil.ouifW I irni.lir.l Kom?, wltlii ni l o.rU; ?r ?n>l .urn* ; I..>m tlr.t cl?f- unit prlrAtr. ')'{ WKSr -till ?T . r flO.NTINti HKSKRVom PARK ? ? >t) .p.rtmrntt k> r.updnaiol. p?rii?. irrliiiifr .uprrlnr oy >m> ? in - , WMHlxunTx .-vi ake -kTTk I/O lurni-hr.l Ai'.rtirf ni?, ?mitly or i n ?nii?; iiumI lf.%* >um i tr rau*. t?uie uuti>r.iiiimi.i>.. ?5?> tOIIAl.K ri.A<K. doll Nil It WIS! IIOI STOX In) it furuOh.d R.'nin.. vith or Hoard; |W. b.lli ? > | RA?T ^ IHT .-r ;,!(?. AS I I.V ? l'r K."iu?, will. Without aoninirr ptlr.? ? )<; Whfir lorn ro !,? T. WiTII BoAHO, I'RK t)U m.ii Mii ar tiii Mrm, ? L.I'. I'.rx'r, iih t Mil of IrjMt f'n.m. i'i IMr4 il-'or. ?JuTH Sr., -?"7 ? KftT.-ll aXUMiMM.V H kXlMlU D OO .r.-n ,tnr; front lipoma; nttrj c. nr.nunc. *itn nD4.trrpt.on.blr lio-.rrt . rff.r?nc#t A (\ HKAt'H >r HOtHitKUl* t'AN l?K AtTOMMO 'l' ' a.ti .l mt11h wrll lurtii. i?.t front it > in? .nd Dr.I d.? h'Lrd; |HW r*?. n.Bl?. V/t Wf.kT i e IH HT., HARL8S.?A OKNTLKHAX *J[U .nd wlf* or r.fitlrm.-n r.n b. nlcrly .reom. Bion.t.'t with Herd .nd pir...nt Room, in ? prlr.t. I.nnlr. A 1 RA?r ?lfT Sr-IIAXDSOMKLT ft'RVTSHF.D T"1 front Knoir^ on ??c nd .nd shlrd floor., with flr.t ti... Board | rai'-rtncta. BOARDKRK WASTED. '< r I'.A-fr hih* ?t -KooMg iUNn<'iMKi,r ki:;: '!?' nolixl. l? 1st, with or without Uo?nl. on tulte or singly; reference. | - (} R E K X WIC!( AV.-FlTftNIKR8t> HOOXl WITS "1 ? ) or without Hoard, in a tlr*t clan* house, with -ill ac couintNiiiioiia | - K \ST 3frf|| 8t7 BKTWKRM BROADWAY AJfD *i ?) ?v I>??uh|e and single Rooms, with Hoard; transient parties accommodated; reference. I - :;iST ST.r HI.TVN'KKN B ll( > A i)WA V AND '.TU I ? ' *v -Weli furnished Rooms; full or partial hoard; to adults a ft ,,rA1 VV~STiykl7l M*HN ISHEi) ROOM*, I ' ' with or without Board in a private family; terms mode rata. 4 /'Til <t . between afil \sixvrn a vs. - pi-: si ha i ' ' ble Kootn*. ?uitable lor married couple or single c#a tlernen. with Board; prices eery reasonable. Ad<4re?? J., Herald office. r\d WKST ST.. BETWEEN 5TI|" AND ?T!f AVS.1 ? ' i Flegantly furnished Rooms to let, en suit* or singly, wllh or without Hoard; modern improvement*; private family; re fere urea. r5tS sr.. w"Ks;r.-Ri*MiLv ki hnVsTikl) PAR t J* ) lor and Bedroom communicating, second floor, brown itone boiiM: all con ventencas. fir?t cla** table ; healthy lo ration, near Central Park ; terms wry moderate. WRST >rrn ST -IIAN OSt )M elY b'vRMslIED HoemA, with flr>?t claw* Board. r 6 wrSt 2ist >f -i/hsihablk Rooms fob I/O gentlemen. with or without Hoard; summer prlee*. (* I IkVIso plack; corner Tsth htT?lakok */ IT second and third story front Room* to let. with Hoard, to gentlemen or jgentlemen and wive*. 58 60 71 wxht 12TII ST. HKTWKK.V 5TH AM) a vs.?Pleasant Room* to rent, with Hoard. MACDOUOAL ST. IS WllERR GENTLEMEN IN search of home comforts, "uel? hs cleanliness and a fro? id table, ran be accommodated. C?II at.d examine ro WKST 12TH ST., HKTWKKN 5TH AN I)"<?Tll I ?# avs.?Nicely furbished Rooms to let. for ladies or gentlemen; Breakfast il required; references. WKST r.'Tii sr., H KTW V. KN~f?T IT AND t.T 11 A V S Extraordinarily. handsomely and amply furnished Rooms for gentleman and wife and one or two single getitle men. with good Hoard: all halls and stairs handsomely ear peted, find a refined loupe in a small private family, with half a dosou hoarder*, priors moderate; references ex changed. o 7 TicTiKV st.-to 'let. Tisjr sickly Fitr 0 I nished front Room, in a private family, with or with out Hoard ; suitable lor one or two persons. 1 (H WKST JWTH ST. ROOMS. E>TT?Ulf E~OR 1 "'*jl singly. with Hoard; house newly painted, papered and refurnished; dining room on parlor floor; references given and required. 1 r\/t EAST 127TH ST.?A FUHNISnKO ROOM, .IV") with or without Hoard, to one or two gentlemen; private family; hcm&c and location ftrnt clans; references re quired. inq WEST 2?TH 8T"VKHY DKSIEABLE. COOL X?'*' Aparttn"iit>? for family or gentlemen, all conven ieneeji. with <?r without Hoard; also two large single Rooms. Dx WRST U'TH ST ?II A N PSO.M ELY FI RNISHKD .?/ front Room, on *eeond floor, to let, with Hoard; also front Bedroom for a single gentleman. 1 1 7 WKST 28TH^sf7-llANDSOMRLY KURNI6HRD L I I Room to let. with or without Hoard. 1 HAST 1PTU ST.?A ilAXDHOMELY Kl'HNI.->'HKP 1 ?.* * Parlor Moor, with or without Board; other Room*, eti suite orsij-gly. une block trtun t'larendon Hotel, fOA EAaT U5TU ST.-A VERY TlKASAM' KKONT J ?>'r Room for man and aife; Board for hidy if desired; or for gentletii'in. I *1(1 WKST i^TH st . NEAR eTU^AV.-TWO !UM?" Is If I somely hirnlshed Rooms to let. with Hoard, in pri vate houso; re.'erencen exchanged. 2"KABT 29TH 8T., NEAR LEXIXOTON AV.?KUR nislied HootitH, w th or without Hoard; af*o back Parlor, occupied for past three rears by a physician; firet clnss high stoop brown stone hon?e, in attractive neighbor hood; terms very moderate. 1 I T WKST iSTTH ST. ? 11 AN PSO.M KLV FritNISUKP .1 "i I Ko mis tc? let, with Hoard to gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen ; prices to suit the tunes. I I n HAST ljsi ll sr. NltYkhV H'KNISiIKO room" second floor, with Board, for two gentlemen, #10 per week; threo utiuutes Irotu cars and boat; cool breese from river evenings; American private 'amily. ml.KMNtitiis AV.?A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL let a large front Room, with all conveniences, suit able for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with or without Hoard. 1 ~\7 WKsT 44TM ST ? ?ETWEES 6TII AV, AND At/ I Broadway.?Very pleasant Rooms to let, with Hoard; term* reasonable. 1 7(i H KS.T 1;" " . ST.?hall hoom to let to 1 -*? ? ' K' ntloHU'tt, with .Uoard; reference. V()7 JJKSJ 4,11 '^T.?KritNIHHKU ROOMS, WITH "bl,.; teimrmod.rS^!"t9 f"mU'; ?"?" ??<i 2K? W'K^T 4.11) ST.. NKAK H K OA 11 \V A Y. A T? i?MUd*.?niely fti mUlied a<*cotid *torv front Mlrovt* Koom; alao two Kooma for koi: llemen ; table ijood; moderate 2/5 1 vVKvr ST ~uam?somkly roajpiiHio ?o?ro; private family ; term, 2?"?S A>T ?" 11 XKATI.V I r KNISII Kit UOOM~ r'.V.V ' Mr',',0,!t "'Mini; ?Uo Kooma for llKhl holme-' ?ie terma deairable neighborhood: moder v.l i '"*'?*} ST.?si.SULK AM) DOUBLE rr it" "*? w Hoard; com fort a of liuuie; terma mod. 244 ^I>XT -A Pt'llNIKHED KOOm7~8Kc" r u,,d fluor, hi hijrh ?toop house. with or without ?l" ""??? " watlemiij ntcmni ?ulm|!i4 241) w*K'T st . nkah h:;oad\vav~aSd pr,ci,,: ,oc*? ne;"*wi <?< *? UK) ?' v lf'S<!m , ST ? S KAK '',uNl> ?A i'RIVATK aIi ? t " i,^p "Ictily fiirnialnd. Miit I b fortwo Kt'ti'leiaeti, with or without Hoard, table Hoard I t-r> iiccoinmottntrd. - , ouara 31B rl' , ",rn >T v KBBPBOTABUt TOUKQ ",v' "bo is employed through ihi> <Ihv ciiii fit?i .. ^ c?tiuft?rtftblr lij'tiie, witu UreAkfttm ami uu; aK<> win trio i li *??in iur ueviilcttiMti; private fumilv. I 1^4 hA;,r '- Til ST.. IIAKLKM -a kkw ki.nolk wit!;*!' 'Ir * ?"li'*????? ?>e a? i r*r*r,".? 1 "onrd; location mi.urpi.wd; : 345 "MT "'"l >T v KKNV ?ii-iNTU-.'.MKN UK , 1 ' "V K"'>tlemrn and their wivea can obtain rlriram JY'r ,V' "inrnict ata^e?aud ? " ' ????!. J*n la ? kImMii iTfmmi. ?> 1 7 Wr.rt SSI) Si KOUIM, WITH BOARD \T r I .'iniraor priro. hou^e and table flr.i clk? with amplr jrruiinil>, well .Imdfd. OOli'bS. ?3 - (t ksi a?Tu sr., bbtntbbm ?th auuTifit I '' ?v? -*l iy be had. it, a pilvalv fainilv. with Hoard v<'f> pi> a.ant ??c?uil Mory i.ih.ii, , the li-eatirm i? ? r'erv'wttf! h,#VMcJ r"'"1 ",,a '* uitPXcipnonable in !?{;*?() * KST JMTH ST.?KLROANT NOOM8. KM HOirl */'' Y nr*'" 'r with or wlih mt Hoard, tlir.-,. block, iroin ??'?'dw?,. e on. n?Mii ,.., tilh^h a? "e 'nd Ihirtv limrtli itrect ran; ? lew la ,le huarden taacu ? mm , tnerj.nie.; rvtrrrticer. ?"??, im 'U- j win stir -r.. i-mui t.s ami s.iTi r avv-i.i -:nrtlv privatn J,-wl?h lainuv will 1.1 liaiid.oinel) rurui.heU Knooto. witli or auhont Hoard. ? rh'r ,V AI.OOVK KKO.NT l ouo l oom, on ?ecmid Mory. fiirui.he.1, wiiti ?ooi It-?. . * "n 'bird "torv and two hall veiiJIma r5rouris ""'n; lnuiltr"l' Itrli-r*. with urrry con jv.) iXlt *34 MADMOM w. OrfOMITB OOLOK ? u V '' --HellKhtml location lor >nm nirr Hoard. hou<fi. and luriiitiire.aaw ; tran.iimt and talde boa".em accommodated lor th- ?uinnsr; term< r>-a?otiat>le. _ M,,i >'? I KI>. STH AV.. I. POBITK nif. in i kini.ii vji _ taI.T s"'1""1 eleiianiljr furni.i.ed, with privato /???.> huTTJuS'-t IlruuS vmiM, la rfat caw "H" accommoda ^d with i;ood Hoard unu ,...? K00ij. references; terma iu?4emt?. , ' (<Q.J LKXlMiloN AV., NKAK Villl ST.-A WIDOW -I '' * UrK* it00'". Hoard, for one or two ample ^entii iiieu "r i i | ?>ii uihaiid hT.T ?krw"IiXTkkt-and , 1 .V. *?V '"htladolplii*.?TraMiant or per JL'to'i'' """r la"***" ' with lirat riaatBaard. | ? ui.v Has \.\ hXQt TsiTk Humk rtj? TWO | XX ^nllemen or neiitirmaii ai.d olte . the miirt leas ; ?. ied i n fa.cinaliau .pnt ou .Vlanh.nan; .01.vein.nt ?.. v?. IMK a> ear., to- ha^heion ol rrttnernent 'ti. >1, V f,un ATl- >AMli.i VVli.L KhM H A >' I >SO .V h TV I XV luralaiied Kontaa to tiOKla rentlemru or ueuileuien *1 Kai't'!?l<r.v '*' WUU" "-ard; re.'rr.m e.. 1 1AIM i ivim.i, a n,AT WOULD i.Iak A JX. lletBAti and wife til bo%r?1, mth iloard for Udv unit W?V?"r7?J '.r"J -"t?o ail Una. rata. AdJre..' j rim I f I.AI, Hit Aid I p!t?wn Brunch u.tiic. \ ,'1A*ni^- MAVIKU A HA>D?OMKLY aK rurai.he I hali Heiiroom will let aame. with It rat ela<* a.;,??' r*n."?,"r,V <"t*x<"?piionaM? reiercuiei kiv?o ari't re.|Hired. Adurex 1).. ileiald olllce. h" .n I I'A'jIVKNT-. 81NULK ami DOVIUi WOOD fr: ?!.. ?i,i price, privato fa ullj ; quiet biovk. w m\ ?-?tl? %i between <th ;tn i 5<th nr* I al I arl ?run ? ?tl? .t., near 4th a?.. Willbr rented to a kou Uerald * ' ""n l! * t> , A I'HI'AIK KaHII.I WILL I.KT TW'f> UK TMRRR j -? V. nicely larniabed H.wma. With .T Hlthoiit Hoard reler 1 eitcoa rxrliaoired. JH r.iu mil u ' * er A fTHlcTLV r?M ATk rAMlLt Of TWfl a^Vl iK | XV llviac ?n I'Ark avAiine. will i?t. with Hoart, t,. tieniau ami ?l.'e, ai. elegantly InrmMiod r Ivor ?.i i.... I with name, i.i U M.M . ..M-. ,1, HrinciiX. t ??kstlkmam <nd *uk 1 ? it rwu u^ntlkmrn ?*v ? ??ta II nr?t Claaa Hoard in a prtvatv latniir H-aweefc; ail 1110 lern nupt o'eni?nt* . koo<t l<H.att,.n n nnniit.. Irani t iiy Hall. Aitdre.. kICUaKDs boa a mw root 1 Ihte. .New \or?. Ijoarii?jihAR nih -wi.\i>hor7' RlkoaSt AJ l!i?m% at inud>?rate prlcea; .tnctly tir.t rlaa< >o 15 r.aM 4>>VI| at. L^LKitANTLI Kl K.Mfllf.H KO(>.M>, Tt) tiB.VTLKMA.X ami a He. lloaru lor lad) p-rtuaneni or tramient to Lr-t cl??? partiot. Addrr.t rONfli'K.VCK. Herald I ptowa hrancli t-rtue r HVKI.i M A I'aKTY OK <.KVrLKMKX CA.V I'Kt). core lir.t ola*. Hoard and Ri.otna in brown atone hoaae ? n-ar :...al1 rli,t.j, oepot Aadtr.a HOATIMU tieraia nmrc ? MHS. TOWNKHS PHIVAI'K HOAKDI.XU HoLKIL No *.<?44 An h ?t.. riiiladeipiua, l*a ; five m<nutea Irom drpot. 11a Maraat atreet car*; handviiue Ho'inta. earelleut Hoard; location nnaorpaated ; ear. pa>. Hie <t?oi. aifen miuutta to tu* t sliiuitioa build " ?* ? term* f. nut $_ ???? f ijv VR** t'KNritAl, r vlt K A.N I) M tit I SOX ave.mTT: . a"% roteiaaa Board, ele.-ant, newiv tuf ai'laoterhlll*1*. riMl,"ce- 1TWtt. at.; aplendid neicttwertiorMi; itiiriiiirr price*. * KI *" t-. tlK.NTl.KMA5 -*'th *1 *'"* ??"???men: retoroncev .WV 1 iVeat I '? ! "? I'AUHt HOOM, SkiioNX) * '"ri I ? 1 1.1 - 1 .1 near t'rntral Car*. T"niKfcUrhnraLYJltyy* n'>?i*OBHi ,M" ? hiladetp.ila, for oa.y per da/. Tu f.fT--; i.K'ia.\ ri.v Kut.NMiiRn rooms with 1 " "llhnat Hoard Brat ela?? partlea . nly ; at 4f (t|h (t near - tb ar; tirat 111 <deratt, reference require t. ' BOARD AXD LODGING WASTED. A '.l-NTi SWAN VND I?Ksirl- > ii11 jtfSoji -V and Hoard for ihe slimmer; first ela*? location ? terms uin *W ,UOU,1,? AUUr' " ? *"? "??? T>?>A!<I) WANTKD-BV TWO *I.NilLE GEMTLKBKN Her..? A"? I>oa.rd wanted?by rwo yocmh i.ipytn nij. Tt l?l?y?o riorlii* Hie day. within live minutes of ferries. v?,'L T"v"r ""n,? minutes ride from Citv Hnll, Ni-? , and required. Address. .tsiiug terms, )v 6o\ 178 liemld office. nOARii wanted -if A YOU NO IfABRIKDCOUPLB Z.i.irl f?tuiljr where there are no other boarders. ? lm?e<tta??iy, I). J B . J?t Broadway. i>oard wanted?near mad iron souahe fFiti ["""rPr'tornd). bv * gentleman: table mid i.JJi tie Urn class; reference* required. Address. ? latmg location. term.. A.- , T I' A . ileraol office. jil.KASAM' home DE8IRKD i.v RRriNKD FAMILY; 1 vicinity nt Church ot the I Drama lion preferred; ref erenee,. also Country Hoard lor one, witliju hour of city: water rront: shade. Address. Immediately. GENTLEMAN, Herald onice. \\'antkh-bv a desirable pabty oFthrbb " itwo gentlemen and a ladyi. a floor through, em i'in* 1,11 aleoye room or iin extra large room, and * .'. j "lie with Hoard for two. to a small lamlly where the attendance 1* good and the table Hrst class. a.Mnwith terms and particular*. PERMANENT. box |.V5 Herald office. WAs t'EU? PLEASANT itiM) >1 and hoard hv a * , gentleman ; private American fainilv preierred. offl '**" ,tstln<{ which must be low. SEAL. Herald IV ANTED?ROOM A SI) HO A Kit FUR TWO OENTLE li.h "Ii*",,'1; * l'riv?" on the we.t side, between ii W , .U L "*? ***'???. utatiiiff tortus, W. J T? box JJ > Herald office. a COl'.VTHl UOAltD. BlttDSDAOKS, M1HKOOX LAKE?J! HOURS' it~ Jrom i ? ork; two families acrommodalcd with Hoard, on lnr*? farm, fronting lake: within niiln ol hotels; mountain air and *oncrj: boating. fishing. drives Ac.; term*, two months. $7 weekly; leu time. $H; private' table for hoarders; hrst class city reference*. Address SCIIROoN LAKE. bos 101 Herald office. A y?,LN0 "arried lady and year old ha be i ^Tn . r" *""d td?in country farm Hoard III an American I family lor four mouth*; near water and not over 1>, hour* I from city; h,i*,?iid?n Sunday*. Addre**, slating reason I abie term*, J. H ATTS, Herald office. A FEW KAMII.IKS DKSI RlNtl UOOD A\ll kkamTn. able country Hoard con h* accommodated with laru-e. airy Kooni*. tlireo mile* north of Newhitrir; river, mountain k . y?, on or ?d'tre** H. W. XITRTKhLUT. oox i?n> i ni?i onice, .Newburg:, Omnyu couutjr. X. Y. \ l'"EW HOARDERS i : an IIK ACCOMMODATED "7 , ,hi. 1,r*e. ?lry Room* and lir*t elaa* Hoard lu a pri vate lamilv two hour* Irnm city; mountain air, flue loea lion, notnowiultoea or tnalana; term* moderate. Audre** J. A It. >1A [.LOOK. Woodbury call*. Orange countv. N. .1. A !Vi1 v >Tr: havimu a vkkv i)h>nr r * VI' v l??caiion, jfood table nnd home it i LV* ^?Ur Mne drive*: near line bet hi n^; sitii ! JV'ri v?i? w < iV?ti Kailrond, near depot. Addreet _Tl ? Danen Conn. A limited .vcmbkrT/k riiRRojfg "can"bFac' - commodated with Hoard at Ooeyman'i Hollow Alhntiy ^'?U|"?,.,lh fi'lerence apply to Onptain T. 8. OOH.ANU, I ?nx.1 Mulberry nt.. New York. A limited n i'M re it or pbhmons oait he acu /iiu. J." I'll Hoard by npph ing in UEOUGE L hllEARS Indian Kleida, Coeytuaii*, Albany county, N. Y.: | pleasant location, and bent reference ulven. A limited m'mhkr ok i'ERS4iNfl can be ac- ' ^ri.- *"i, ll.0,ar<1 bv ?Pfyln?r to THOMAH E. 1 ? 'EW A ltl>to. Indian Field*. I.oeyman*. Albany county. N. I pleii-anl location, and be?t r-lcrence given ! A PRIVATE KAMILY, ON THE HUDSON. WOULD ! m\i J"Th"Ii,n7 '!* ,ew b,.,Hrd<,r?: room* tile:i?*nt; gronn.l* | ? ii , Im""" comfort*: milk, pouilrr. fruit* vug. srTTi'iv" f i" per week. Addre** N li. I a oVlilk"r C.*" L" "Sn 'ln Monday, from Id to I .i?? rif?< k,m ijn !? niton st.. Kiw York A T WKST BRiOHTON, NORTH MIIOKR, NTAI'EN IS. H Ji1"1?L-"n* Room ami two small ones, with Board. fre*h milk, vegetables Irom garden, ?alt water bath Bg, boating and atabluig relereuce* exchanged. Appl v at Emintuin Hon*e. Wu.t Brighton. " ' " I A f'A"TY '?E OKNTLKMEN CAN OBTAIN (I00D XV lloiim* and Board lit Cliff Cottage. Clifton, S. I., on Sf!" IM. ',s the hav; 4,"> niinate* Irom Wall *t. Apply at 77 Kulton ?!., ,\rw York. A kew roarhers can Tiave excellent ac- i '"V"""" frr"" eltr. ft irom depot, on i thi ?ater. goon boating, bathing and listilng: lailboat* iu attem' tree of charge. Addres* JAMK.S 8. iH'ENCEH u.iilrtwtd A^cnt, J nniraoo, >. J. A PARTY OR FAMILY OK SIX OR ElUIIT I*KR i"f, i ""'.'i"'1 be accommodated with Hoard; good (able; line location ; room for carriage and hor**' Jo minutes' ride to cars at Newhnrg, Orange county, .N. Y.: two m?le? from town. Hor lurther particular* in<|iiire ol W. W. TATE :i77 I'egraw ?t. South Brooklyn or dircrt to box ?oy hoit offlce Newhnrg, Orange county, N. Y. * A *FS l;'IK!rT CLASS KAMI LIES CAN HAVE VEKY " de*lrable Board; mile from depot; alio Home* taken to pasture. Address E. H . |'o? ulllre, H.rien, Conn A OENTI.EMAN AND WIKE can kind rTRSTi rASS E88EX?COUNn" 'ifflce' ' '? n"DUlM ou,? Ad;,rt" Acer man fa m il y. livinu near the cats. kill Mountain*, would like a lew fumllie* io Komi (Uermau preferred,, hor particulars inquire at 103 East \ <;AN IIAVK GOOD t)Ol'NTBY Charies t ' ^ ar.d fl*hiug. Addre** C. M. Y., llt? A Se ACCOMMODATED with (? r. St t ^ 5"V* *"d K"?'' H"?rJ In ? private lamily. in 1 ort Richmond, s. 1.; ten minute*' w alk from ferries; terms moderate, l-or particular* address E. H., West New Brig? tOU, n. I. A -PREMIUM POINT 1IOU8K. THB KINKafTotTI! * "V V,'" Sound and abnolutelv healthy, 4 i ininiite* irom Urand Central depot, Mr*. Brown'* iilect VamilT boarding house; grove, beach bathing, boating tisliinir I" BROWN. I'M \t>*t 45tli ?t. A * NEW HRIUIITON, NORTH SHORE, 8 L^PLKArT mh .r ;.n' !l>"T, nxcr"-nl ?o?r0. in a Krenen family, Park. ,l*blin?; reference*. Apply No. 4 Hamilton A PRIVATE FAMILY AT STA M KoitD," C(INN.'."WILL receive a f?w select hoarder*; the house lis* everv in.Hiern conveulenee; boating, battling an I tinting. Ad ? ay* room l'i?N 1S"4u"urd. Conn . or U J . 346 Hroad A STORIA. I, I -A FEW GENTLEMEN OA OINTLB nien and their wlvei can he accotnmo.lated with t?ri vate Hoard; plea* int linjation; large garden, with Iruit and .d^I^VsrohlT'ller^d'Xe: rPU,r-"c" exchanged. Ad At m i rr a y hill house, a delightful family hour from New York, ?ud two minute*' walk Irom Demarest *tatioti. Northern Kailroat ?f \ew .Icrs.'y, several desirable Rooms ^-aii .e ban i?r 11,(. seaion. \ private k a Mi i.v ki:>i hin . at stanlfF it .l.{.,."!r-.S."",mli1, N.'.r''.- ,,Mlrc? or three boarders'; healthy Ineatitm. beautiful ground*; carriage to and Irisn Sd'ar* KK,n,AM * "^ALD442 Tribune HuiW..g, or 7S j A -BOARD WANTED KOR AN AMERICAN FAMILY ?1, "r irentlpman. wife am! two children .age* .1and i years), within littv mile* ol eit> on the lie-or ! J blladeiphiii i,ranch Ol Central Railroad ol New .lerse* ore nice Al"1,rOT' w,,h f"" Partlctilam, NORWOOD, Herald j | NY 0*8 DESIRtNO COUNTRY BOARD IN A Ml. ^'V vate family, with family or without, can here good ?c Com limitation, by a-.ilres.lng Mrs. ALBERT EMOUH ia I graugevi.le, Datrhe** county. ' " ! A -M'jARDINOAT THE OLEN "KARM iH?fsK~olB I mile west of Spring Valley, Rockland county N f ? one hour hy rail from Jersey City; th- comfort, ofa onjet' anil healthy home; all modern Improvements; high rollta* gr nnd: pure, invigoratng air; no ,,ia aria or m..sqnit..sV? shade, boating, bathing. Tresh meat, eggs fruit* ve^eia' rulTv ''v '?r . K"r P-rllcular.'adifr^*, New York K- "r J' A b"x J M''J Post o9i?e, \ FKW BOABDKtU) OAN RE ACCOMMODATED 111 -si a large, commodious larui hon?e. IP the f.t-kill Moiii tains, *ix hour* from New York; trout *tre*Uis run bv house ; plenty of Iruit, milk and vegetable.. ,#rni? moderate for particulars address C. II WEIDNER. West Shokln Beesman'st. ur in,l"'r? ef R. UIVKN. M audi*) A E W 8ELBCT BOARDERs" TAREN~Tt"MOORWiji A Mill*. Dutches* county, N Y.: airy rooms nle^Jnt ??rroun.lings, plenty ef shade; three hours fn.m'the ci|r terms moderate. Relerenee. W W. M atre 30 TribZa It ii 11 11 n * tddreee APHTIN B DUNCAN. ' A laruk bowk, plrasant rooms, high -* ground, near d-pol. gm.d acr immodallons oletkr ?ro .ft thitiL'? to oat and ?| tcodernte term*; en- lionr b? Mkr. j ivn^Raliroad. Address NELSON MaBUL. I'lemsaotvtle. A family ok BIORT FBRBon.s may ortaFn I . i"rr '"if '? *"min<r ,n ? rery pleasant and healthily located farm hotty#*, alRu ?tablinr !?>r hor*>en if d?*?ir*irf LA ?VL I i.*'L'NSIIM!BY, Be4foJS \V,..;.o:,er ' un^NX i llA"'iiV? ' j kat-'lni' hav, boomb ro Lff, ; At w.tli Hoard: elegant honttntf, bathing *nd flshim Are I minute, walk from boat I an, ling ,.r Ueool everv'?*n I sentence. Call ?n or address SANDs. 7 Board Wantrd-on v f u<m. h.r lady." fulrfB children (age.I six. live ami twn yearsi and nurse, t?o room*, plenty of iniik and cood plain earinc br desirable; no htfb flcnr**? entertained; refereneetS. ! k I""'! hA partlenlart end term*, A. 1IOAKD KOR AIM I.T.H OM.V-RKAKTtPUL BATJ J) inf. hoami* I tithing . healthy loetlitv mid ? pla ?nil home; Jftroda tr<>m (bora; few boarder* taken; ehar^ moderate. Aildrpw H, Ai.BKKTSuN, JmnM^ort, U BOARD AT oRt$KM'il.l.R, N. .1.. .1) MIMCTBs Kr?m l.iberly ?t ? l.arge rnin>riln( Hran< lot rmnlllea *>d cmi'd'n-iK mauling. homing and bathing. Addraia box Hri |'o?t office. t? reeimlle. Boai.k ?av he hau on a farm aSono TlK hi I* ofOoanactieul, honra from Sew York; la r?> -m? t'O ><t table . homing nn>; term* f 7 . (ami ai redact d ratea. A'idreaa T. ('KOvCllLiiT, Kfirm I'imn. BOAHOVTk* waNTKH- \T A KARMHOCiiinSBB mliea Croton vi* llii'lann RWer Railroad, terni*.'> and 9 '? Addraaa bo* IW P.>?t tin. Cum I.milling. NA'. Board at oumn. i*. i.. US hahmwii 9m eral ?re? la?n and fruit; battling and boating pn n'. mieea: term? luodi raio. AUdreaa >Ra5H()KH. bos J6 Ileriild aWaa. T Board im kui kla.m* iOiwtv i?n a kakm-o|r mile tro r>pring Valley di>|>ot, one hour hr rail; boit ing and bathing Kur photograph aud partiralara collai No. 14.' W r?? 4mIt at. BOAHDrtfr W AS I KD-AT okstkai, morrimakiaI A gentleman nnd wile or two >>agli geittlamen t.e accent laodatad * Ih Brat rla?? Hoard. private fannt 4d irain? dall) . one hoar fnnn City Hall. Addreae BOAf^ ho* Jit Herald otllcp. I.OUMKIKLI', > J.. OPPOSITE THh HKAL'TIKlj Klin I'ark?<l?e hi>nr !r mi City, flv- minuteii !roin rtep B tin", airy l<?mn? AM rata J. \V. IIOW Kl.U sao parti* :ar? 7T Heekman *1, N?? York BI.AKR COTTAOK. WII ITKSTO.N R. U 1 -l7lMlf4) number ran obtain Board In private family; ro??? (????rlookin* the i?o<ina; ahaded lawn, rrachto^ tabeaei; bathing; train* hourly frona Hontrr'i 1'olnt. BOARD 09 ?(IMIUUl Mol'STAIN ffjTflfflESP tamtly; reasonable. Addre? Mm. t?. P. fKIKCL l ern. Maaa. nOAIU> IN ORANUkIjoI'NTV, J?. J. OS FARMS A.t) in Tillage*. via. tinahan. i heater, Florida. Waahlft tonri |e, Campbell Hall. Mlddleiuwn. Montg. mery ad Howell'* Apply to J??IIN II. (OMhR. .No. h Murray a| B new and large ; good Aaalng and towliag milea Ir Katonah \daiaa?WM l>. VKKI'R.NBuROH. Katoaalj Board ojr VTaTRx i?LAxn-BBAtmF( healthy, loratloa ; ahnndanee "f Out!i Frrneh eitlall toveral large Rnoiai anttahla for a family tr tlagie genf men: tvrarn and ra*rla(?a and atahle room nit the pM Addreu eanfaunlcatlani In V. D., Herald oB?a. OARD ON rIIK CKtiTt'.a UAKK ? 0AM aCCO*I datf three or fonr fattillea, with elilldr ea ; ro.une all COITWTHV BOA HO. _ Boardkrs waxti-.d-karm iioutfST" "ftWiff gr-und. Harlem ltallr>ad. AMw* ho* X?. 1 1 oet office, Hertford station. WnKkiMr omiiily. N. Y. BOARD WITH a 81 Rlt'TI.Y_ PKIV ATE FAMILY-AT loinpklnsville. S. I., with Room for two: no other boarder*. Address j. R., bo* H71 Po-t office. Sew i OT. j /"lOCXTRY BOARD fx A I'ltl V ATK F A MIL Y ON THi; " east Imiik (if the Hudson. (HmhIw tlie ( atakills.? Beautiful situation ; ample grounds; plenty of shada ; L-nod I I nble; i?rge room*: term* moderate; limited miniber taken; i lo-st city reference* given. Inquire of principal at Jll I Henry il, New York rilj. ? ; /1ATSK1LL MorNTAIN'S.-(J()(ll? BOARD IX A ; i V ' quiet family; boating, bathing and fl*hing; tartns, to , fT: city referenre. Aodress Mrs. HASSETT, Mouth Cairo ] Grreae county. X. Y. /SoVKTKT MAtS-MUaUTflfL LOCATION; EASY V of access. Aftdrew ti 0. >NYDKk, Khluebeck, N, Y. CIOI'KTRY BOAR D?"vKKY RK wSON ABLE, FOR SEE J roer and fall, to good parties on old Berkshire Moun tains; rooms new, large and airy; splen lid larm ? large irrriiitxlu. good table, home comforts. pure water, abnde. fish iug. hunting, Ac.: fine family accommodation*; stabling. J. WELLS, Keckei Centre. i Rerkshlre county. Mae*.; depot, Chester. I COtJXTBT HOARD?LOW RAIKS FOR THE SUMMER. | l? offered at a farm house on Berkshire Mountain!; di- I lightful air, shade. Ashing, Ac., Ac.; no immoalto*'! farm i comforts and quiet home: stabling* Addre** \\ M. SP AUKS, Brcket OtMKS Hi-rkuhlre county. Maw. , depot, Chester. (tOUXfKT ftftAKI>?FARM MODtl. XTDATBD M J Inch ground, with pleasant surroundings ; ?evi.n miles from Catstili, one from mountains: first da** Board unit large Rooms. COM FOR I BLOOM. Catakill. K. V. f 10CX f It r BO ARO" W AN'TKI).?BY 6 E XTLE M A X. *7 wife, two old child and nnrse, within one hour from the city Igood table required1, for not exceedingly per week. Address, with full particulars, M. M., box 1,387 Post ofrro. .New York. C" ouNTiiY truBn it WTXrrTBn rimw xbw roat. ou Central Railroad of New Jersey. front hotting, bathing and fishing Address Mrs. 0OLDEX. Panirapo, X. J., or JAMES COOK. No. B Liberty plac. Mew York. pOCNTKY ~SOAitD FOB CHILDREN. WITH IN" " stmctlon If deaired; Urge ground*I location healthy; frms moderate. Miss COSOVKK'S Family Sehool, Old Bridge, X. J. References exchanged. riOUNTRY BOARD.-SYAfTT ON HUDSON, OX \J Washington av. near the Tappan Zee, and on the water; good boating. baihln/ en I fishing; also good sta bling: ii few desirable Rco-n* left; convenient to cnra aud boat. Addre-s A. M., box 3<?J Poet office, Nynck. /COUNTRY BOARD AT RED BANK. N. J-PLACE \J elegantly situated on bank of Shrewsbury Rleer: boat ing, bathing. fishing, oronuet lawns, stable accommodations; within lour minutes' walk west from the deiiot of the Cen tral Railroad of New Jersey, Ac.; terms $lrt per week : ret erences exchanged. Address A. II., box 281 Po*t office. Red Bank. N. J. (COUNTRY BOARD.?PLEASANT 6URR0UN DIXOS J and good Board at farm honse on Lonv Island; three hours from Hunter's Point per Long Island Railway; IS minutes' drive frtm denol; near ?nlt water bathing (I'econlc Bay . terma^per week; children hall price; reduc ion made with larsre families. Address HAMPTON TKRRY, box No. 7 Post office. Upper Aquebogue. Long Island. CNOUNTRY HOARD AMONG THE " MOUNT.UXS ) House new, rooms large, table first clats; no mosqui toes : good llahlue. sailing and shooting, iu brook and lake; no better place for recruiting health; terms modi-rat": six houra by rail from city. Address A. 11. AYIiKS, DtindafT, Pa. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?BY A MUST CLAft* artist, in exciaaga for Portrait*. Addresa ABT1ST, Morrisanla Station. / lOUNTRY BOARD Tx~COXXBOTICUT? PRICE ICS 00 V J and upward. Kor particulars inquire of ESCIIBACll, 60 Weal .'list st. / 10UXTRT BOARD WAXTKO?ITITRIX AX BOU* OF V7 the city, for irentleman. a-lfe nn 1 single frentleinan; water view preferred. Address, srith f*U particular*, H. C. H., box 5.4:W Post office. /-ToUNTRY BO~AKD.-BOARDRRS CAN KIND ALL v the comfort! of a home: healthy location; no mos quitoes or ague; milk, fresh reg tables and poultry on the place; nn? hour from city by rail; terms, JO to #*; children under lOhalfnrlce. Reference?J. M. IMdgeon, office of Jos II. RUley, No. HP South St.. New York, or addr<-?? JOHN W. McLEAN, Putnam Valloy, Putnam countr, N.Y CiTh'NTRY BOARD AT 1'LKASAXTVILLF.-1'O JIILliS J on Harlem Railroad, one honr from Crand Central Depot; plenty of chickens, egg* and milk; ground high and dry; room* large, airy aud neatly furnished ; cood stabling. ' rfi tK n noMiwirr. flATRKILL?BOARD AT A FARMHOUSE. MIDWAY v.' between the village and the mountain; pleasantly lo cated on high around; fine mountain view*. good ncighhor heod; fresh milk, butter, eggs, fruit, Ac. : tortus >7 to >s k week. Address WILLIAM 1- OYER B AUG 11. Catskill, N.T. C10UNTUY HOARD AT RYE BEACH?ON~ THK J Sound, in a private family; four minutes' wnlk Imm bench: first clan* accommodations tor a Family willine to pay liberally. Address J. M. BABBITT. Rye, Westehe>ti-r county, N. \"..or Inquire ofMr. PARSONS, at depot. COUNTRY BOARD-ON LONG IsI/aND'sOUND"; J modern house; irond Ashing, boatini and bathing. In quire at No. 143 Knot 21st at. CIOUNTRY BOARD AT BERGEN POINT?IN A FINE! ) large house iron line on the Kills: nil modern conven lences and location unsurpassed. Address box 3J Post office' Bergen I'oint, N. J. C~ 10U NTRY BOARD AT ORANGE ? ALLEY, 1*. J? J with h private French family; superior accommoda tions; large and airy Rooms; line views, with the privilege of speaklnir the French language: references iriven in the city. Atiply at Mrs. HOWELL's house, Highland sr., or address box 43 Fust offiee, Orange Valley, N. ,1. /1 MJNTRT BOARD-IN A FAMILY OF-TWO ADULTS. \J on Sea Olllf shore, within five [minutes' walk of steam l>o*t landing; terms moderate. Address Mrs. DEZEN DORF, Glen Core. L. I. BLIZARETH.-A PRIVATE t IMILY CAN ACCOM in-daie a few adults with Board; loaatlon delightful, facing the Park; term* moderate. Apply to E. F., Herald office. Farm housf..?board waYtted, for gentle inan and wife, one hour or less from city; would go IV,' miles from depot if convenient to keep a horse; terms must be moderate. Address, with fullj particulars, AMATEUR, Herald office. First~CLASS COUNTRY BOARD AT HILLSDALE, Columbia 'county, opposite Catsklll, two miles front Southern Berkshire; high groand. beautiful scenery, healthy mountain air and all the Inxnries and comf rts of a country home; terms moderate. References?(?. 0. Hoff man, 1,11)1 Broadwar: George Smile, 17 Maiden lane, or ad dress A. L. OVERUISBR. IlllUdale, N. Y. First class country board in wbstches ter. on tin1 Sound, one hour from city by boat or ears.? Bathing, boating and Ashing; boats and bathing house free; terms #10 per week. Address M., station L r/IRASKUN. ESSEX COUNTY, WJ.. ON NEWARK r branch of Brie. 4."> minutes from New York.?Delight fnl. healthy situation : all home comforts. Refers to W. H. Whltford, 422 Rroauway, or address J. S. VAX EIPEK. as above. First class board can be obtained at a farmhouse In Dutchess county. little east of Poiigh keepsie, on the line of Dutchess and Columbia Railroad, one mile trom drp<>t; high gro-ind; mountain air; no chills or fevers. References Mr. Richard Areson. 2tXJ Centre st.-. or Snow A Carrer. 2S South st. Address K. H. POTTER, Moumsin View House, Moore's Mills, Ilutehess eonntry. N' V First class COUNTRY 'hoard." *t m WEEK. at Prattsville. Greene county. N. T ; geod cltr refer ence. Kor further particulars Inquire ot W, B. POTTER. 1!S4 snd I.VI Kast ft^d st.. hetween Lexl gton and 3d avs. j or of .1 S. HOI'tillTALINO, Prattsville, or 32 and ;i3 Hroadwar. New York. F~TNK SIMM KR BOARD?B RID'IK PORT. CONN, ON New mrk and New Haren Rallwar ; 1 h"iir, tdmln uteiLfrom New York, ft minutes from depot, 10 front beauti ful Seaside Park; excellent b. atlng. nshing, driving: scenery unsurpassed; plenty milk. egg*. vegetables, Ac., direct from the farm: handsomely furnished Parlor, first tloor. fl3 for two; other Rooms In proportion. Address box 1,332 post office. Bridgeport, Conn. CNOOD BOARD IN PATEiftOir. K. ).-rmi LOCAe T tton ; rooms large; 7 minute* from depot. Address A. W., B3 Auburn St. /IOOD BOARD AND PLEASANT ROOMS CAN BE \T obtained in a private family at Flashing. L I. : terms moderate ; no objection to children. Address M. J. FIKE, nOOP ROAlft-MBHAMJ LOCALITV; TERMS VT moderat-. Adslress s. M. HYDE, lallsnurir, N. Y.. or R. D. RUSSELL. 1^75 3d av. CN ENTLF.MAN-AND WIFE or GENTLEMEN W HO T can pay for superior Rooms and table, location hesntl fu! and desirable. Ml mlnntas Erie Railway, address WIL SOS. box 102 Herald office. GRAND VIEW, "ON" THE HUDSON.-FIRST CLASS Board In private family, on tha river and near depot; stabling, milk, fruit and boats on premises; references. Address box 3,SOU Post offics. New ^oca. or inquire at the ststion. OOD accommodations KOR THE SUMMER MAY T be had In a large tarm house. SO minutes by Harlem Railroad: pieasant Rooms, large lawn, plenty of shade and all the good things for the table; no fancy prices. Address Mrs. JACOB S. BKOUWER, Mount Klaco, Westchester county, N. 1. Hi:I)SON"1RIVER.?BOARD"WASTEDTnEAR FORT Washington or Rlrerdale, bv a single gentleman; tern s must he reasonable. Give full particulars regarding locality, accommodation, Ac,, to SALT, Herald uptown Branch offiee. Loso branch.-hoard on ocean at., de llglitfnllr and desirably altnated; terms moderate if earlv application la made. Mrs. BROWN, Long Branch, or 44 West fcid st. 1"~0N0'"branch.-LEVY COTTAGE. CHELSEA AY., J near the shore and principal hotels: large, airy Rooms, with fir-' class Board, gas, stabling. Address N. W. BLOSS, 07 l/lberty st. on5 branCh.ZchTld S COTTAHE, ON OCEAN sr., midway betwnen Pari lion and United Slates Ho. tels; eleeaut Rooms, with first class Board. Particulars at 27.1 5th av. Liberal country board the sdmex Mountains, at Hamburg. NJ. on the Midland Rail roa ; Rooms, singly and an suita, lor families: loc ility healthy; scenery delightful; drires pleasant, terms per week. Address N. D. MARTIN, National Hotel, Hamburg, N. J. LAROK. AIRY ROOMS AND FIRST CLASS BOARD ran be ha.l at Ilarretto's Point, large, well shaded lawn, boating, bathing and Ashln.-. For tarilculars Inquire at It) Cottage place, betw een Houston end Hieeekar sts, MONTt 1-AIR. N X-BOA RDKRS W A .N Th D ?N K W house, splendidly lorated, nirety fnrnislted; maxiern Improvements; 10 mlnntes' walk from depot; terms mod erate. E. C. Fuller's House, Orange road. Address Mr*. K. HOME. MONTCLAIR. N. J.-A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN AC commodate six or eight persons with Ar?t class Board lor the seasou or ;e?r; no nurses; terms moderate Address E. A. E.. be* W?S Post office. New York. M~ ANHAMKT.~L. L-COl .NTRY M?Alfi| nUI ?-lass aci-ommodations for Tamilles and single persons; trrms modorate ; boating, bathlnt! and Ashing; -?l? minutes ria Klnshing (.North >bore) Railroad. Address Mrs. A. CiUKEN, or J. P TRAVKRS. 4'i heckman st. AfUfrOW MANSKlN. NEAR KtNtiSTO.Nfc7ASY'"OF access, accommodates .'k> adult quests. Photograph ef place and arrangement* made at ItKi Heary st., Brook lyn Mrs. L. HOFFMAN. MAPLEWOOD. N .1.. Soi'TIl KND OF ORANOK Mountain ?Large, airy Nooms; broad piassa spacious grounts: plenty ef shade, gnml table; eonreyanee to anrl Irom ttie depot, terms mooerate; references. Apply at IS East I Oik *t. VVACK. ON HUDSON.-A COTTAUE, FURNISHED, i.1 to let. with prirate table if desired, a family oi S or 10 ran be accommodated In a private family, with Arst class >l?ard. grounds large, frail iu abandanee. Address box 175 Post office, .Nyack, N. Y. NIT It RliiHTON. "S. I.?THREE GK.NTLKMKN OR _ a fannly (Bdtltsi can obtain *iiperlor amnmslallN in an eleeani prnate mansion, A\e nnuutes Irom landing. Address V H., Poet office, New Brighton RANtih AND " ORANGE MOUNTAIN.?HOUSES, fnrnlshed and anfurnlshed. season or year. A. BALDWIN. I4& Broad way._ A %'nge."-desTr tBLE PROPERTIES " FOR FX chance; son* free and clear, dwelling and bnslnass. A. BALDWIN. l?6Broa.iwav. COrifTKT BOARD ORaTuIjN. J.-A PRIVATE rAMIiy't'-ilT" AO. commodate two or tlire ptwit (ilklflr'Ml Ru otu? and g >od Board: house pleasantly auuan d ; three luiniitee ?row depot: term- Addreea A. J, t?70 l"??l office. Orange, N. J. OtANpx mountain. mame*ood itatim * minutes from citv. ft\e minute* from dep >t.? I.aige larni h in**-; first clan ; term- reasuuahle. Address H. A. S., uu* l'i'2 Post office, South ir? u'i*. N ' 0" KB OB TWO COUFLJitt '.No OTHER BOAURJI*) curl fiud pleasant In ? in e on I irm .hid mile from depot ni hnuaood, New .ler?ev Central Railroad. JOHN Bl'LKLKY. H7 Broad st., New Turk. PRIVATE FAMILY, DELIGHTFULLY tOt'ATKD ON the Hudson. would rent airy Kootu*. wi:b superior Hoard, to firm clu?? parties only; I bMting. iehiug. shade amt lawn; J.\ minutes from :*Hh ?t. drpot rrferWKW. Fur particulars addre.s COUNTRY. I.on 140 Herald ofToe. T>R<N?|*B0T 1'olNT. <>N THE Si)I'N D?**>~~ * 1NUTRS X from city by .New Harm Railroad; hnatintr. Imtltlng, fishing: extensive shadt grounds; delightful residence lor (aiof|r<; unquestionably Healthy; terms reas uable Call on or addreaa C. E. J'.. 43 Flu* H>, room 13. PARTIKS WINNIMS llttCNTKY HOARD CAN iiTi accommodated with good Board and pi.' MM Rooms near the Great isouth Bay: good in u. be a (log and bath ing. For reference., applv to Mr. BCHTSr.Tr. .7 Kali on at.. Mm 8. J, CoX. riirntr of luth st and 6th >r.,or M. A. PKCKWKL1.. B:iv Shore, Lutt lsiaud PARTIES DKMRING GOOD HOAIill \N'i>" PLEASANT Rooms ran Hod them by applying to Mrs. W OLF, Shore Koad, furl ttichinnnd, S. 1. ; Ave minutes' wnlk liom land Ins. PLEASANT ROOM?REASONABLE TERMS; KhAH boats and ear*. Address box 175 Post oTiee. Tarry town. PIMM 'K I S31 KING (76 UN T RY ~B t >ARD I' P< Iff X l.irin 1J-, rallei south of .-aratogn spring*. can ..hialn tt by addressing DAVID I.. ROUSE. R~65s MANsIoN. 5fliK.'oVKRUMKIN<i H UDSON River.?Klne lawn and tree?: now ..pen; term* mod erate. Apply on premises. or to WILLIAMS, 87 Kulton at.. Now Yor* ABATOOA.?A KEN ILK HAN MSMMNfl" I X THE city. ba-lng *mall family. owner of line property at Saratoga. offer* pleasant boiiie anil superior accommodations to a family or pa;ty of eight persons who wi t remnin through the aeaaon ; satisfactory required; not a boarding botiae. Address LENOX, !>ox 1'J4 Herald ofllce. AKATOtJA.?A PARTY OF OHNTLEMKN DKsflUKO pleaHant Room?. wltbor wltbont Huard, can be arcmn modated: term* moderate: locution e<>utral Kor particu lars nddrev J AM KS WOKTII. Mirat?K? Sprinps. N. Y SLMMKR BOARD!NO?AT HitAKKBTOlTtf, ON THE Delaware Klver, near the Ulater and Delaware Kali roail: larre yarda and croquet croiind*. K..r lurtlu-r tlculan Inquire orUEOROK B. SllAKER or W. 15. SHAfER Sbafertnwn. Delaware count v. N. Y. EABIDE BOARD "AT~SHRKVrsBt'RY, NEAR LOXd Branch; alao furnlahed t'ottagea, witli Board. B. DA I'.IIOW, Oreanlc, N. J. STATBK ISLAND.?FIRST OLASS BOARD AND CUM fortable cool Kooma for two K"ntlf m"ti in a private tutu lly; lour nilnutea' walk from landing. Addrt .s CLIKToN, box 4,0d4 Pout ofllci', Sew York TUORBURN MAN SI ON?40 MINUTES- FROM CITY, ahort dLtance from vatorin, and directly oproaite IIar lern boat landlnit; haudaomu Rooms, with Board, from $S to 91- per w?ek ; abaded lawn; boatlc,; and Ualilug; rcfereucea exchanged. TWO" YOt'Nd 'LADIES "WANT OOOD COI NTKY hoar.l, boiitlmr. Iiatblnir, Ac., within two hours from 'he city. Addreaa, Hatinic terms, references nnd accommoda tions, E. L. M., Herald rptown Branch oltice. \V A NTED?BOARD IN A 1 'RIVATK FAMILY FOR rT man and wile, three children and nurse, within about CO mile* of N w York, In mountain air. Addreaa, stating termaand particulars, it. M., OH Clark at.. Brooklyn. ANTED-BOARD~KOIt""THE SUMM Ml.' WITlflN two hour, ol New York, In a partu-ulatly healthy loca tion, by a gentleinau ana sister: highest relereuces given and requir'-d. Addreaa, a-itti lowest terms an<i full particu lar*. P.. Ipox 3,71)7 Fee* oltue. New York. WANTED, " IMMEDIATELY ?OOOD OtlUNTRY TT Board, with plenty of fruit and vcttetai.les, l.y three adults, within one U. nr ol Union tquare; saltwater baibinir in.iii-pMisahle; New Jersey preferred: ter.ns not to exceed ft*) per month. Address, with lull part culars, loca tion. cominutttlon, Ac-, UNION SiJUAKK, Herald I ptown Branch office. \V"ANTED -BOARD IN KIKST CLASS KARM HOUSE, TT mountainoualy located, by KentliMiian. wile, two children, two serratita. Address aL\ IN, Herald ollicc. ?OOOD BOARD, FIT RBM O 0 NT AIN AIII f KA RM . house, near d-pot, two hours Irom New York. M. CORNELL. Highland Mills, Orange county. $7 Oft MINUTES FROM OHAM HERS ST.. AT KUTIIER ?>1 f furd Purk. N. J., noar Erie depot.? One or two gen tlemen will be aocommodaled witli superior French Board. Address FRENCH. Herald office. ItMMER KKSOKTS. ~ A SUMMER RESORT?IN Hit)tiLAND HOMES, VoR "J.0<si people, on the Hue of the New Jersey nnd New York Railway; mountain air. pure water, grand and beauti ful scenery ; no mosquitoes. Infbrmntion gratis of excellent places for boar I. Kor sale or to rent. Addrrn ,1. tT. CHAT TERTON. office of company, H4 Baoadway, tip stairs. ?NEW BOTBL At BRIDGEPORT. CONN, ~ , tBIack Bock Beach). The George Hotel will open June 20; house and furniture new; terms moderate; most delightful situation In America; high groonds; no mosquitoes: no chills; bathing, rowing, fishing, claw bakes, Ac. Kor particulars apply to W. L. MILLER, Hill Broailway. AT~WIIITE LAKE. SULLiVaN COU.M'Y. n y~ Laurel Cottage is now open for summer gnens: pure mountain air. boating, tithing nnd stabling for horses; terms reasonable. Address Mrs. WOOLDKlJ'UK, Laurel Cottage. Ml?NO THE CA rsKI LLS.-KINE ACCOM MOI)A? tlons, drives and excurslou facilities. Ad'ircss C. EYERDELL, "Breese Lawn," Hunter, tlreenc conuty, N. Y. A. . Pavilion Hotel will open J une 1. A?MOUNT PROSPECT HOUSE, MONTCLAIR, N. J? a baring been thoroughly reno?ated and refitteil, now open; two choice Suits yet unrented ; gooil stsbling, bowling, Ac. Address PROPRIETOR. Montclair. N. J. MON11 8WITZ ERLAND KCE N E RY, MOUNTAIN?, lakes?lioiiae modern, healthy, holds 40 boarders; ex tnusive verandahs: ruce course: milk, cgg?.,chickeus from the larm. Address H., I'oM oWce, Katonnh, S V. A DELUIHTKUL SUMMER BoAUlM.Nti UOUSB AT Delaware Water Clap. Romantic walks anil orlves; croquet ground.; tresh eg^ssnd milk ; vegetables raised ou the place. Address U W. Hl'BBAKD, Cataract House, Delaware Water (lap. i a, ?NEPTUNE HOUoR" , on the Sound, between Pelhatn Manor and New Rochelie. Tills elegant hotel, having lwen newly furnished through out. is now open for the r cept ion of guests, being one hour frum City Hall and over 4u trains daily to and fro. Address S. C. BARK. Neptnne House. New Rochelie, Westchestcr county, N. Y. FAMILY' HOTR L. ORANt IK M O U N T AIN. ONLY sT.X minutes' walk from Mountain station. HO minutes from New York -Large Rooms, with gas; seven baths; hot and cold water; verandah '.infect. ?() acre* in lawn; fountain and garden: carriages: late dinner: write for circular. Ad dress MOUNTAIN HOUSE. South Orange. N. J. MOST DKLIOlfrKlT? SpMXER HOMB. ONLY three quarti'rs ol an liour by boat from Kulton ferry or via Harlem Railroad In If* minutes; high ground, lawn, beautifully shaded; croquet, boating, fishing, bathing: gas; wster throughout: billiards: commutation <cents: terms low. Address KOHE>T tiKOVK HOl^E, Melrose. N. Y. At white lake, sullivan county, n7y.-thb Mansion House is now open lor guests: special rntea tlirougli the month ol June, tor particulars address D. 11. K1N.NE. Proprietor. 'i DDI86)i BOCSR. MIDDLKBTRY. YT.. AMOND THE ^ V ISreen Mountains, nine hours frtnu New York; t^ontral Yermont Railway: through parlor car; beautllul drives; mogniflcent scenery; Hue trout and other llsliing. no mos quitoes. CLARK N. SCOKIKLD, Proprietor. JENKINSON'S HOTEL. UIOHLANDsT N. j7, ? now op?n: access by the Long Branch lino from pier 8 North River, and by steamers Sea Bird nnd Helen, loot of Krar.klln St. JAMES JBNK1NSON. Proprietor. Bath hotel, bath, u i -open FOB TMR 'ska. ?on : elegxnt sea bathing. Bsnlng. Ac.; no m-isqultos or lever and ague; Cottage, nine room*, also to let. on the grounds. C. A. BUNTING, Proprietor. Burnett house, stroudsbukij, pa.-justcom pleted. now open lor i-uests; 110 rooms, richly fur nisbed in walnut: water and gas; pure mountain sir ?nd drives unsurpassed: through trains Irom New York. Barclay or Christopher sts. ? term* moder-ite. Kor circulars and par ticular, address J 0. IMiOtt Proprietor, .?.trounab.irg. Pa. Bath] l i.?locust ?Mti hotbl an d pXvwIT ion ilate residence of ex Mayor tiuutucr). with an ad dliional wing, containing Ml rooms, fruitiug the liny and ocesn excellent bathliii;. flshiiig. boating, Ac. Kr board apnly on the premieor f>y note to JOll N HtyOI'h . BKRiiKN POINT.?ZABKISKIK MANSION. IIKAUff fui. healthy, pleasant; boating, bathing, dshi' g. horses boarded reasonably. Mrs. MI NN. Proprietress. ^JL.AKE>UON HOI Ku. Saratoga Spring*, _ will be open for reception of Bin-Mi June 1. Board. June and September, $21 per week; tran?ient rates, f4 M per day. Rooms fan be secured at Roesmore Hotel, New York. CHAul.l.- K. l.tLVNU rr p lcfor. Ciwrt tt a L hoc ml ? B tm? wjT c?> n.y->iioh > ground. beautiful drlret; healthiest aa<J pleasaatcst town In New Knrland CMM.iM a S IIouiirPAR-ROOKAWAT, U I., 18 HOW I open for the season; flrst elnaa aeeoiutnodat|nti? for permanent and transient Kue?ia, t*ken at reduced rateato July 14. JOHN J. CGLKMaN. Proprietor. ClONURBSrt HALL. * ^ Mtratora Ct.rinc*. Thla elegant hotel. po?e<?|nc the unequalled advantage of betnir aitnated between anrl adiohuiti; the celebrated Congreaa and llathorn apring?. will reopen f?r tho rrcep lion nt gue?t? Jnne 1 Term*. |U| pe- week for jnne Thoroughly renovated, * ith ?d i11i nal baths cloaets. n-w fnrnnure ?nd other extenaive Improvements It will lie louml, by those In pfirch of health and pleasure. the diiki conftilete anil convenient as well at the moat delighttai uf summer hotels. ' IIaTIIoRN A COOKK, Proprietors. CIOLOMVIA, WHITR kULPRI'B MPKlWrtM, Mfca* J Hudson. N. V., now op?u , Aue air; lieaittilui trove, head for circular M R. N A .- H / LAK RjfpO N- I .<"> M. It HAS OH, SOW OPENiTniT" AS \J a private boarding bouse. n-wly panned ana reno vated: terms reasonable; reference' r> i|uireil , MiaMJl. .STRAIL. CIaTSkJET ?SUMMIT lllLl. HOI-IK. ONB MILB ) from the village, i? now open for aum:uer boarders; terms reasonable; temperance. I*. M ?OBTC1IHJ8, Proprietor. ?J worta Kuvii, oooruMoixT.! v.. ) foot of Otaego Lak*. will "pen June -'4. IH70. Addre?a a? above or plain ol the hnu?* may be seen and fcioma enlaced at the < oleinan House, - th at. and iltoad way. New York. Hoard, fl.i to $??> per week W It. coLKMaX, Proprietor. t'NBARTON HOl'itK, ? >CKANPtIKr. N E VK LOSO Hranelt. now open, strictly llr?t class . especial'y adapted tor lamtllea; stage* connect with all Philadelphia and Sew York trains and to the beach. Addreaa box 117 Post office, 1-nni; Hranrh. CTORKftT I.AWV IIOTKL, COLD UPWNO UAKBOB. F I. I. ?Sew home, new and elegant Inrnitnre: boating, Ashing and bathing: deliuhtml drl???: acrca of beautiful lawn and ahade; healthy ami iariifntatia* amoapbere; uo nioequitoea; unexceptionable fare; terma rraaonablo; atabiuig lor horses, Ac.; 'JO milea frum city by Long lalnid Hallmad. H. W7 PBMAR8. FflRBUT linrfiB. HODO? I-AKK. X. ,f., NOW OPBN; pure monntaln air, splendid boating and fljhlng, A. BKoWSbo!*. rreDdetor. llTN?BR RESORTS. 1,'AI I.K1KLH HOCiC K A IRKlELD. conn ,-OSM'61 I ol the most desirable summer r?>orts oa lUe Sound; 51 mil*, hum New York. Addre.s VALE N TIN u A WlLLETf, Proprietor*. G; it >. > r hol'se, cibKiu, n. y? wiuTSEWii ? J UUP l'l llsie-, *;t 50 and $4 per day. Special arrangements with familial b? the week. Addres. A. J. URAKT. Citaklll, N. Y. riHEBN MOUNTAIN HOl'KB. CLAKRNHON SPRINGS U >enutit. III4? l ; I or.11 & #H to aio per week. GHKAMTE IIOL'SE, MONRokT l) HA Mi EOOL' NTY, n. Y.. now open ; Iwn bour. irom New York ok Erie Rail road, five minute* Irom depot - v?ry healthy and de.irshl* place ; terms. #S. fill and #1J per week E. KINSEY. / ? i! K.N LAKE HOTEL?ON THE 8HOKB Of JT (irwnL?<?. Morris couutv. N J., and three mile, from New r oiiudland Mation. ou tbe NnvJertt; Midland Railway, lortv mile ? in>t?i Sew York from foot of ? ortlapilt and Da*. "tiert terries; train-. leave New York at 7:90 aiU ?JJflA. M. and 4 :3t> 1'. M.; stage meeta trains arriving at 10-50 A. M an 1 H -? ?i> I#. M. special arrangement, made with guest* lor [lie dimmer. Addre-. VAN MOLTEN A HOHISON. Proprietor* New Koundlaad A. J. ' /i HAND VIEW HOUSE. IT ila'.f wnv home to the Hlaek Head, the hlchest peak ol | the CatskiH M"untain.. over'J.i**M'eet. Splendid panorama. ; Fine iloonin. good Hoard. moderate pricoa. Guides and lunch lor visitor. to Black Head. References )lr* M K. Wendt. 414 Eaat 5l?t ?t.; Mr. ? l ittle, J11 and 2(3 flreenwlrh ?t.: Mr. 8amnel D. Gorman. ! No. 21 Spruce st Aditre#!. CHARLES 0. MERRIT, Grand I View House, I'alro, ilrerae county, N. Y. jfMUNII VIKW MOUNTAIN ~HOU~SB, EAST WIND \T ham. Greene county, N. Y.?The above hotel ia situ ated on the hlghe.t elevation of any hotel In the Cataklll Mountain.; will open for the reception of guest* on tht I 'Jotn ol M>< : term' niodoram. Addres* A, E. HltlGGS, at ai. ive , ELKOKD D1CKERM aK, 3d a*., or UBOROB I HK1GGK, 17J Kii11oii ?t. Hotel fenimork,""coopbrstowi*, n. ?_ wi I open for ilie uunn June l.V Thl* home la new I and contain. all m >dern Improvements and convenience*; , Itoom. and ltoard may lie secured at W. 11, Baremore't, No. 300 ."iih av., coracr .'Kith at., New York, where plana ol the Sou.e can be examined, or by latter addreaaad to WILLIAM II. IIOWAitl). Manager, (.'ooperatowu, N. Y. Hrath hoFse" Schooloy Mountain Springs, N. J. I Till. itio?? deli jlitful and healthy of all anmmer retort* it now open ; only 2', hour, from New York , pure mountain air: great attraction Circulars at the Coleman Hon**, Hroadwav and '.'7th at., where Mr. Coleman can be ieea every Wednesday. Irom 1J to 'i P. M. COLEMAN k CORRIOAN. AKE PE1!yL'ENAK'iNO HOCSK. vVESTOHBSTER J county, via llarlein Railroad ; gooil acommodation for Mtnimnr boarder., tor particular, and reference addrea* Thomas c. VAIL,Mo?th,BiWw. N. Y. I EN-OX _ HOI'SE ORKKNWIcin CONS.-KIRST J clan In every particular; absolutely healthy; noun, qulto?.; central. ADOLPll RUTJES. I LST COTTAOE-AT EATONTOWN, N. Jt? NOW J opened for the ?en?on, wltl^ tlrst dan. Room*. Boar4 and .tabling: live minute* from depot and three miles fron Long Hranrli. Apply to U. T. OOlDHiL, Eatontown, N, J Leu: hton "lioirsE, nkwman s"piun(;s, red Hunk, N. J., now open ; ino.t delightful resort; reason able term*. Addreu R. UYKR. a. above. TIBEKTY iloltSE. LIBERTYr SULLIVAN OOUNTr J N. Y.? On Midland Knilroail. 10U mile, from N?w Y'ork; ii plea.ant rummer resort; will accommodate a few boarders ai moderate price*. For particulars address U. S. MES SITEIt, Proprietor. City reference lurul?bed If desired. La rouRETTE HOL'sVr. iieIujkn point, n. J.? Now open: favorable terms tor June. J. BOWMAN. M OXO BRANCH. Laird's Mansion Hou.e Is now open. Term, rea.oniihle. Alcl NT 114 K .4 HOVEY, Proprietors. OUNTAIN VIEW HOUSE. (Irrmmituwn, Columbia eonnty, N. Y. This popular summer re.ort is now open for guest*. For circular and terms addre.s P. W. ROCKEFELLER, Ger mantown, N. Y. M\ N s I o N 11 Ol 88, BOS!, Ti-N, Ij()N(JIRLA NOT?EIR8T cla.s hotel; lieuutlfiiily locntod; rooms large; splendid grove; boating, li.hliig. bathing, tine stable: no mosquitoes; one hour Irom Hunter's Point; .teauier from Peck .lip; term. $ln per week. J. OIVENS. MANOII HOUSE. LAHCHMOKT MANOR, lF MILES on New Haven Railroad; horse cur. meet every train: line lawn, .hade, boating, bathing. H.hiug and .tabling; hou.e enlarged, nowly furnished; will bo kept in a first eliuu by former proprietor. ? WILLIAM SHAW. VJ-ASSAIf HOT EL?N E WI A~ HE KlT ILT, ~ELK<i ANTLY 11 fuml.hed. now open a. a first clu.. hotel; families can secure accomniodatiuu. at low rates lor tiie summer. For circular, and term, addre.s I'KOPitlKTOKS, Nataau Hotel, Princeton, N.J., or A. L. COOK, I 15 West st. VT OR W OOD ii O U HE~N O ii WOO i>TN7 J -THE BEST lamilv notel near the city; XT) rooms; gas, bells, spring water: near d> pot; good Mauling; prices low. Apply to F. T. KKITIi, Proprietor NEW BOABOINO HOUSE cATskILL"MOUNTAINS} splendid view., pure air and good water: house and furniture new ; motto?temperance, vi'tun and hospitality; terms reasonable : boat, connect with Ulster and Delaware Kaiiroad, ?nil carriages meet the car. at Shnudaken depit If advised b\? mall: telegraph within five miles; duily mail. Address i>. L. PONH, Pout office, Jewett, Greene county, N. Y ORIENT POINT HOUSE, Orient Point, L. I., now open, sifnated on the extreme end of Lour island. fronting on the Sound and Gardiner's IIhv. only u moment's walk to the witter; line sell bathing, driving mid sailing; AhIiihk excell -nt. bend tor circular. Siepla-u P. Uonslln, 'Superintendent. VV. li. PARSONS A CO., Proprietors. OrXdKLL ' HOtJSR, OlUSiLlT N. J.-ONK II(Ttfii from font nt Chambers ?t. vm New Jer?i'y and New York Railroad; terniK, $is to $12 per week. Purlieu wishing choice Room* should send tor clicnlar at once. I,. S. PIKK, Jr., Proprietor. PAVILION JBOTKL, NEW HRIUIIToN, STATEN Island, N. Y.?Now open; special rules for May and June. Call or address K. r. COLK. PRINCK KDWAIt 1 f ISLAND SUMMER RESORT Isiund Park Hotel, Summerslde. on ?n island; 140 acres; Utittuiilully woud<d; connected l>y ferry steamer; sea bathing. fishing, pure air. oysters, horses, carriages, boats; terms $2 per day ; open 1st Jinn-. J. L. HOLMAX, Proprietor. P ATI LION HOTEL. KBYfOBT. W. J.. IS vow OPKN for summer hoarders. Address H1SNDRICKSON ? FRENCH. PAVILION HOTEL. ULBN COVE. L. I? IS NOW open. Communication by steamboat Seawunhaka, from Pick slip, and Lout; Islaii'l .SAMUEL M. \VKICKS, Manager. ROBBIN8AVOOD HOUSE, WHITESTONK.~L71.-NOW open for tin' season: beautifully situated in midst of an extensive and luxuriously wooded pars, overlooking th? Sound; cool shady walks: rooms large and airy: fruit, milk, vegetables; bathing, boating, Ashing; one hour from New York, tram or boat. M r. Rl.'OO, Proprietor. Rt VERSIDK " HOUSE; Pleasure Bar. Lung tlrauch N. J. NOEL DAVIS, Msna-et. Now npen lor the reception of guests. EICIIFtKLI) SPIUNUS. N. Y -PARK PLACE. FORM erly lloslord House, opposite spring: best location la tillage; board (10 to $12 per week: oneus June!). PARKER D. FAY. Proprietor. iDuirpuT iaw HoiB. m minuies F5u8 City Hall via Midland Railroad, New Jersey. Address I'RAfGfg IIOVKY. Posiottico. I.ittle Kerry, N.J. Rook aioTSmou?m, i ompton" junction-onr of Ilia most healthy and beautiful locations in New Jersev; 127 miles from the city Junction ol Montelair and Greenwood I.ake and New Jersey Midland railroads; open M iv 13: Ashing, boating; no mosquitoes; no malaria; new munagement; terms moderate Refer to Colonel G. A. Wells, room 7, 11 '? Broadway, ami Kullarton A Co., Broadway, where photographs can he seen. C. ADAMS, Proprietor. OT. MARX'S HOTEL. NEAR BKIOilTON. S. I.-llOTBL O now open ; favorable terms for J one; two Cottssest* let. CRAWFORD A DEMPSEY. rpUE Gi".AND UNION HuTEL, Saratoga Springs, N. Y? ?rii terpen for the reception of guesta ? June 1, 1876. Address C.RAND UNION HOTEL, Saratoga Spring*, h. t H***t Clair, I Wn. Wtutuno*. I rPAl'PAN 7.EK HOUSE, NYACK. ON THE HUDSON, l 'J5 miles from New Vork, accessible by boat and rail will open Juus 10. Rooms can now be secured oaths premises. W. P. M UN ROE. THS*MAN8ION HOUSE IN ORANOB IS NOW OPEN lor i lie reception of guests; house has been thoroughly renovated, newK furslshed and everything first class. Call on or siWress s. P. HARBOUR, Orange, N. J. rpHE lake house, at moiikoan lake, will bi 1 open for the season for smuttier boarders. Address H. W. COLE, Peekskiii. N. Y. rpui WEST POINT HOTEL, WEST POINT, N. T. JL The only hotel on the military post. ALBERT II. CRANCY. Proprietor. i frill-: CLARENDON, SARATOGA SPRINOS, N. Y.? 1 The Clarendon will be open for reception of guests June ; I; Room* maybe engaged at the Rosamore Hotel or al Delavnn lIou?e, Albany: terms $21 per week for June. 0TtAH LKS K. LELAND, Proprietor. HE "WINDSOR, ' ~ of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. j This new and first class hotel, occupying the most eoia I maitdlng position on Broadway and overlooking Congress I 1'aik, will be re>uly for the reception of gixats June 13^ | 1*7(1. JOHN E. POOLE, Proprietor. ; Ay est" END 7?OTBU Itig Branch. This hotel, with large additions and Improvements, con sisting ot 70 single rooms for gentlemen, an additional din Ing room, a hot and cold sea water bathing establisbtueat, 1 Ac-. will open early In June. Application Tor rooms c ia be made at the office of D. M. IllLUKKTil, 4- Broadway, or at the hoteL | Tuesbury AHILDRRTH* TIT OO 1MB U RO PAVILION, SOUTH SII?E LoNO . IT Island, on flontheru llailroad. It, hours from Jamei ! slip, bv 84th St. ferry. Is now open for guests: large ans j luagninceutl'/ lurinshed Rooms, ;ai. water, first class table, salt water bathing, Ac. for terms address N. WEED, Woodsbnrg, L. I. VVANTKO-BOARD FOR OENTL1MAV, WlPR, IN TT lant and nurse, within one hour's ride of city ; seasid* p'elerred. Address, stating terms, wtneli must be reason able. and full partieul.trs, A B., llernid oflire, WILLOW HAVEN ItOl'ME. TT E. TI CK R, Manager. This elegant summer resort is situated on Newark Bay, ami is accessible by tne New Jersey Central Railroad, foot ot Liberty st., hourly every da,\ np to midnight, fare 13 cents, stopping at Pamrapu depot, eight minutes IVom the house, the establishment will lie i^ien for the season oa I Monday, Mav 15, tinder the management of K. Tucker, formerly of the Maasou llou-c. Narragansett Pier, R. I . tho building having ucon thoroughly reuovatad and roiuraisbed; business ram desiring a pleasant home lor theii families I during the sum.oer months, half an hour from the City Hall, 1 mane curly application Mr looms: the attractions of groves, splendid drive-, fishing, boatiug and hathiaa ure not excelled within .">0 miles of New York. Address ? TUCKKR, Manager, i'aiurapo. N. J. YI'IIITK SULPHUR SPRINOS-PARK HOTBIs, TT Cherry Valiey. Otsego county, N. Y.; lighted with gas. Terms, for two, fit) to $^6; fnr one, aiOto$19pet week: Sj !*> per day. EVANS A JANSEN, For Other Boarding Advertiicments Seo UUectorjr,

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