Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 3
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arrcAtioHi waxted-females. I Cook*. &r. ?? f\r\ WK?T 418T ST. RECORD FLOOE-A RKRPECT 1 liy able girl >? competent cook and good pastrf and bresd beker. ?nJ ?" wUh the w*'b,n^ be,t cU>' ref" ert'uce. . iTwk >RINCB ST.?A FIRST CLASS FRENCH COOK A.?U iw.'imi" ; city or opunu ??> wteHtw, 101 'wKsr ? ST., in THE kkvk. a- KIBfT \lJjY elata cook in a private family; city or country ; belt city refiwuct. i?VT WB8T 1UTH ST.. FIRST fLOO R?A WOMAN | as good cook, washer ami ironer: ciljr or countr) ; guod city reft-rence. 127 ? "i TJK PRINCE ST.-A FRENCH LADY. SPKAKING X?3?) German. k? cook, or would K" to Europe witli a lamilv ; no objection to the country; best reterenoea. Ad dreii KOSAMK. ,r OAQ KAST l<':u> St.-a youku iurl to cook* ^\IO waah and iron ; uo objection to laundry work. Ad dress for three day*. QA1 lAtt MTH ST.?A* COOK IS A FAMILY ijUl where they apeak French; city or couuirv; besl city reference. Cull lor two days. I7\\ WB?T "si'ffF ST. CORNER OF ?ril A v.?A 4:''L North German girl a* eoo* and aaaUt lu wasting and ironing in a * in all American Iamily. Chambermaid*. r , 07 WEST :wril ST. (PRESENT K*PLOYEK Si ? A 0 I respectable young girl to do cbatuberwork and w Ing ill EA-T 3HTII ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?AM III e^ellent trirl ?' chambermaid and wai trees: tou* years city reference; uo objreiion to the country during the auuiiuer. li* I BA9T am ST.?A i^BCTARLB OIEL TO lt>4: do chamberwork and washing; excelleut city refer ence. _ 01 I WEST aoTli ST. BEAK.?A COLORED WOMAN J14 ?? chambermaid and waitresa, or todo the work of a small family : country preferred. i)i)1 EAST 4TTII SI'.. TOP FLOOR, FRONT.?A RE ool apeet?ble youug girl in ctiambarmaid and to assist with washinc eud ironing : no objection to the country; good tlty reterence. Call lor two dava. ? I O KAST 2VIT1I sr.-A ukspeotableukkman iVt"?l ir(rl to do upstairs work or travel with a lady (olnz to Europe ; no other bit Amerioai ueed apply. A WEST S1ST ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 4:00 girl to do ohamberwork and waiting, or would do leueral housework; beat city reference __ fill EAST 14TH ST.?A YOUSll dlRL AS ORAM. 512 bermald and waitress In a private ,p(irC Hon to the country : Hrat class referenc e. Mr. KITKtt It. CjItUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO SjSTKRHt Cb AM IS borwora and sewing: chamberwork and w*"??V*; ' " tether or acparate ; cltv or country. Addreia K. W. (prea ?nt employer), box l.&SlJ Po?t i>Uloe. Dre<t<mukcr? ami IE AST 41 ST ST.. CORNER OP .r>TH AV.?AS FIRS" cluas French dreaamiikor and nuirtren In a pnvaie family : no objection to travel! aeveu yeara relereuce rroin preecnt euiployi^r o E AST 3.1D 81\ (PRF.SENT KM PI.. Yl lf?*-A Zi vouuk irirl a? aeamatresa and maid; understand" drein niakliiB. would aaaiat with ohamberwork; no objoctiou to the country: good reference*. Call on Monday. 13 i'OPLAR BT BRO^iKLYN.?AN EXCKLLEKT drcasmaker works for tainiliei at $1 per day; anit* Diade cheap. ~A t) UNION SQUARE.?LADIKS CAN 1HYE THEIR 4:Z <lre?eB in?de in the latest atylo at reaaoiiable price?. Call next week and ?ee kpcclinen of work. I articular at tention paid to cbiUir^n'tt snita. 64 102 WEST 10TH hT.? ELEGANT SUITS MADE ON ahort notice Call and see ?ninpto*._ 111?J_WEST 14T1I ST., SECOND KLOOR.?A FIRST 1U^ class modlite wihlies a tew more patrons: makes beautiful aaits out of IS yards silk: wadding trosaeans a specialty: ?ut of fashion, mlstlt dre-ses altored eoual to now. call and aee epecinen. Kemeiube? name. Mra. UAKpfcr. 1 Ktl EAST 9onT sT.-A UUESSfiAKEE WISHES A Jl#)V/ lew more enjxagoment* by the day or week in fam allts; ia a irood operator. OliO' wi5t"?TM ST.-A COMPETENT DRESS. ^\JO maker, engaged i?y boat families iu city, deairoa Bioro cuatomers; fita and trims excellently. Oi l \VH.ST HOTII ST.. FIRST FLOOR.?AS SEAM. Ktres* and chambermaid; no objection to the coun try. Call for two days. ? ')'?>(! WEST SOTU ST.?A SWEDISH SEAMSTRESS ?<i)0 to ko Q"t hy the day or month. O l /l EAST 281'11 ST.?A RBWPECTABLE ELDERI.V U woman as seamstress: Is u good operator under .stand# cuuinir and littinit Indies' and children's garments; orVould take care of children If desired; no oUJectlou to tho country. Oil :il> AV.-A.V EXPERIENCED" DRESSMAKER ?l'?l_ wishes a low cniagement* by the duy to cut. lit *nd trim ladles' dresses; terms moderate. Address DOLDEN. 417 625 WEST 23D ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESSM AKER wishes a few customers by the day. Address. bTH AV.-AS DRESSMAKER. OPERATOR OR O I II A*.?AD Mniin.T?A?Mss, .../l .7 . w ?Kenmslruaa; would take charge ot infaut on bottle , no obicction to tho country. UTI1 AV.?AN KXPKUIENCKI) OTKUATOB ON Wheeler A Wilson's machine, win boa aewinK at her home ; thoroughly understands cuttiu* and mskinij Udiea ind infants' outlita. Call ou or addruaa Mrs, tt. M. 841 B43 8D AV.-A FIRST OLAbS 1>UKSSMAKKR, with all the latent atyles, to out by the day. "I GOOD KRKaN<: illHK.SSMAKKit. RbOENTLY AH" J\. rived from 1'aria, wishes to work in a family by the week or by the month. Addreas A. U., 7**bth av. A FIRST CLASS" DRESSM \"E"kR WILL GO OUT BY JV the day or week; can cut, tit and irim In llrst class Ityle; terms moderate. Address M. E., station 1^ ? K1KST CLASS DRESSMAKER, FORMKELY AT A. Worth's, held positions many years In the leading houses ot Europo and New York, cuts, lits and designs artis tically, de.ires a similar position; city reterence. Addresa OMEtiA. Herald Uptown Branch office. I'KHVECTOFER.vroE oN tiUOVER A MAKER'S ^a. machine wlfhos employment. Address Mrs. AlKl* bON, Herald Uptown Br?ncli office. (;ener?l Housework. At. IIAMII.TON AV.. BROOKLYN. TOP FLOOR.? . A respectable widow woman to do general house la a good plaiu cook, washer and irouer; not long iu ihe country. ? EAST^26TII ST.? A^ RESPECTABLE OIRL TO d > general honsownrk In a small family; no objec tion to the couutry ; city reference.^ WEST '.Til ST.?A RESPECTABLE (JIRL TO do (jenorat housework; good city roference. A 246 431) 8 BOND ST., PARLOR FLOOR.?A YOUNG ENGLISH lady a( housekeeper In a widower's Iamily; city or tountry; reterence. Call until 1 P. t?11 WEST '.1STII ST.?A LADY OF KDl CATION <ill. and refinement would tako charge or the household and cnlldren of a gentleman of means, or act at companion to a lady whore her position would be ono ot equality. Call on or address Mrs. THOMPSON. 354 BLKKOKER ST.-A YOUNG WOMAN (ENO liah> aa tiouaekeeper, or would do general house w? ra. Can be aeon at employer's. 1 ?)!/' BROADWAY. ?A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, JL.OiO Just arrived from the country, as housekeeper in a widower's Iamily. Call all the week. T" Vol N<i WIDOW LADY. IN ADVERSITY AND A alone, desiies u homo as housekeeper lor a gentleman, or to be useful In a Iamily in any capacity not menial: re tined, . heerful, domestic, and niany other admirable .)Uali lles ? would take position lit Centennial. Address UbalKA BLK. box 13tl Herald Uptown branch office. _ \ WIDOW LADY AND DAUGHTER WILL TAKE J\ cbaige of ? gentleman'* residence during the summer ? iihout compensation; t.est references given. Aadress Jit.tN I'. I'.ai/Ie olTlce. Hrooklvn. VS HOUSEKEEPER IN A HOTEL, OK WOULD TAKE charge of ilia liuen rjom; flvu yeara' experience; tlrat liasa relerencu. Addreaa J. XV. 8., Herald ortii-e. LADY iFOKEIUNER. 30 YEARS) IN REDUCED circumstance* wlabe* a *tiu*tioii at housekeeper in a respectable family ; widower preferred; city or country. Ad MM W., !""( IN (linldolM. KKSI'Ki"1'AilLE \VI I). >W, WITHOUT INC|/|f brano>', nue.I aa housekeeper In a widower'* family. Addreaa Mr*. HliU'lI. Willi*m*our,r I'nat office. A' WIDOW LaBy oK REFINEMENT AND DOMES tic taste* wiahea a poa tion aa housekeeper; Ural cia?a testimonial* niven aud required. Addre*a U. O., Herald office. 153 20") ADVERTISER DESIRES A POSITION AS HOUSE keeper ill city or country ; la foiid of children'* society ; la capable and wiiiiutc to Instruct In mu-ic and Eui;ti*li tranches; would travel aa uoverne** or companion: unex ceptionable releronc; Call on or addreas, tor two naya, TEACHER. No. in Eaat iJSlh at. HOUSEKEEPER- POSITION Hl.SIKKD BV A HIGHLY respectable yonng lady, of good iliapoaitlon and ap Eearunce; age. US; no objection to traveliinir; only reaponal ie partita who can offer a permanency need audreaa Miss J. HEN.sON. Herald Uptown ilrancli oiliee. HUUSEK EE PEH? BY AN AMKKlCAN l?OMAN. TO take care ol a h.>uae dtirinn tlio summer month*. nr would wait on an invalid; reference. Addruaa J. T. P., Her ald Uptown Branch office. \ir'ANTE d"a~81TU Ar ION ah HOUSEKEEPER OR }f companion to ? lady. Addreaa AMEL1K, Herald Up town Branch office. IjiOlttiirevaea. <V? . mWKST mill *T., HACK HASKME.VT.-A RE ipcutuble woman to take In ladiu*' waabiUK; Rood relerencv. 1 4 ( J WEST 4TII ST.. REAR.-A RESPECTABLE 1 *1 >J Woman to ico out by the day ; la a (food washer and Ironer and houaecleancr; ifo^d reference. WEST i!7l II sT-A LADY WOULD TAKK HOME wadilnn and Ironing to iter own houae. *" stii A V.?A i ii j LO it I'.11 woman" WOULD to ko out to day * work. Mr*. HOLLY. mTf'jliT HUTU ?i~ roF klookT^-a reliable Ct L"X colored wusian wiahea bnuMicleaniiiK or day * work. 11') 1 Hast 2??i'll sT \ WlbitW TO (to OUT BY bOL the oay to do waahinx. ironiut anil liouaecleataini;; (tMiil reference. Inquire lor Mr*. HU I LfcK. Ou7 H' 3..IH ST. - A OOiPKTKXT LA UN ^OT dreaa wishes to e;;ua?-e witu a respectable family 'or two or thrae daya of the week. Call or. or addr?a> H. MeM. MJ1 HEST l-TIi ST., fiIHEE KlTiJIITS. IN T1IK w'i X rear.?A reliable woman to work by the day at washing, Ironing and houaecieaniug. 0|||' JTH avV? A RKSpTuTAHLK CoLOKED OlRL O"'"' %a tlrat class laumlre** or lauuilreaa and chamber maid; city reference. ?jjw; i i.-r ;a.i *i . ; > Plibn , RNOLHii O"' t laundrea* to do waahliiR and IrumiiK at bouie or uut by t>ie day ; Ural ciaaa city rvierenco. Mra. MARTIN. I III KASI tvril si.-a" mehpecTahle woman. T"A" ' a competent laiimire^a, wlahea aoiue Iniulliea waab Inx; term*, !?' cvnta per doaeu. ljiiundre?*e*, \r. < ?>Q EAST 13rII ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN "J OO to do waahlnu or lionavcleanliiK ; williui; to ro out >y the day or wee* ; be?t city referent.'.'. | (in 5TH -A RRNPKCTABLK WOMAN Tt) OO J ?/'' out by the day to do waaliing, ir.inlnit or liouae tleaaiiift. ' '.'III w > KESI'El r All UK I'll Mi WOMAN til') to .lo wa<blBK or ironlUK by the day; termt mod frate j beat reference. r(|(l isi tv. MEOUNU KI-oi.u, I KRSPRUTAS&R Q>/J woman to do a-aahinic at her own home, or would gu out to da> > ?"ik, iio.xl rtleren. e. ?/</? broaT?way.-a woman wisHkh to i,,', ?OUU waahing aud ironinic three day* ol the week, or any kind of work. Call or addre>* at Mra. Bradly * More. \ur<r>. Ail. n- 3D AV.-AS MONTHLY NURSE AND AO i O coucbeur Mr*. XiAKI'Kit. 5 SITUATIONS lVAWTED?FEMALES. N a rue*. ?Ve Q/* "BARROW ST.. SHOOKD FLOOR. ?ABf EXVE rt) rieneeri monthly niiru >>?lnir disenoticed. i> ready fur another miwn'iil '? ''est reference. 1,11 Wl>l Ml <T.. IN rilK UKAK." AS VlttST I ? I rluf.? r.ilor-J) num. either in elly or country; best city lAQCU*?'">* ''I.AC!' -A YkI SiT M AHRIKK WOM AN hn watnursa; nood reference. "TLIIfTOV ST.?A BKRPK<:TaBI.K TOCSfT WO in tin u ?(t uarM; t o >?! referent*. Call fur too 141 day 141 2M ..!? A v.?AS M'lISr. SO OBJECTION TO AST kluit uf ulrknea. : doctor'* reference Call or addreas 1 <?> WEST -'1ST SI V UF.KMAN WOMAN AS ItO nurse; is capable of taking entire charge of am infant jw y|i>' IwrtM* >11 h>> *? </fi) KABT 'v'TTII ST. i K1 NO SKt'nNI) HKU.i.? A Jj\ Zj you lie woman to take cars of ehildreo; beat rlty reference. fall for two days. t>"| ? WEsFifrH ST.-A COMPETENT. FAITHFUL ?1t airl aa Infant's nur?* to travel with a lady for the summer; would like to jro to Logansport or Cleveland; uu exceptionable city reference. EAST 57TH si \ RBMPKCTABLB XOVVO m-i'' irirl as nur?e and seamstress: or rhamberraald and waitress : beat city reference. Call for two daya. <)*>7 CO 1.1." sr.. BhOOKLYN. - AS ENGLISH tmd ?< i nurse or lady's atteudant; no objection to iio to Europe ; eood city refereucea. Call on or adilreaa. for three daya. 0. K. OOQ BART 43TH ST.-A YOUNG CATHOLIC WO w_ <> man an nurae and seaniatress or would aaalat with chamberwork; pood cltr reference. EAHT Isfn ST.?BNOLuHl MONTHLY NURSE"; first class reference. I'an l.e aaen to-day. O J I SPRISTTST ?AX AME KICAS <31RL. AH NURSE J* T"r and plain aeainstres. or to wait on two younir ladiea In a drat claas American faaily; no objection to the country; beat city reference qV?7 "TstTv . BKTWKKN loTH AN IlliflTH RTfiL?A 00 I young girl aa nurae; would go to any part of the country. eon broojoi ?T. mbab tabic k. sTconT) ?/???' floor.?A yoonif married American wpmaiu *1 wet nurae; h?? iuat loat Iter own cbild, no objection to toe coun try. Call for two daya. 1 A10 -D av.7toi' floor.?a ladt"oas HAVE l.u ti' Hoard and nurainjt durlnjf cunfluemeut with an experienced nurse . best refurences from doctors and ladiea. Akind hkaktbd person ah nurse to as is valid lady; la a good aewer. Address Mrs. M.. bos 112 Herald office. A~VRKSCH SURSE DKHIREP A SITUATIOS FOR una or two growim; children; ia willing to make herself cenerallv useful; pood reference. Addre>a ISABELLE, Herald Uptown Branch olHce, for two daya. TI7~ANTED?SITUATION WITH PHYHIClAV OR AS Tf nnrae bv a lady ol Intelligence and experience. Ad drosa. LADY PHYSICIAN. He raid olBce. Waitresses. tVe. TOO WKST 27TI1 ST?A RESPECTABLE COI.ORED 1 irZi girl aa waitress or chambermaid or uurae : reference if required. Call or addreta for three days. Wirt SO AT.. UWOKO FLOOR,?A BBSPBOTABtil I *1 _ young girl aa flrat elaas waitress and chambermaid; no objection to ttie country; beat city reference. RESPECTAHLK YOUNG WOMAN IS A~ PRIVATE family aa waitress and chambermaid; good city ref erences; no objection to tlio country. Addreai I. LEK, ear* of L. Levcnaon A Co., 4(I While at. Mlwellaneou#. rrz EAST MT) ST (PRESEST EMPLOYER'S!.?A *)?) French btI. with first class refereneea and not sub ject to aea aickneas, wishes a aitnation with a family golnif to Europe. Addreas. im EAST aoTH Sr.-A F HE sen LADY. \tho li'i speaks Enirlish. witnta to iro to Europe with a pri vate family aa lady'a maid or will take charge of children; understands cutting and flttliiK perfectly; good references. Ilir KAST 17TII ST. (PRESENT EMPI.OYKR'St?A lu'J respectable colored wotuan wishes to travel with a family fr'lnic to Europe or California; it accustomed to travailing. onO EAST 17TH 8t7?AN AMERICAS PERSON A8 jv'il innid and seamatreaa and to care for children; good hair dreaaer. EAST fBTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to take care of a homo for the summer. 410 AAA WEST 62D ST.. ROOM 3.-A YOUMi WIDOW tit to cret an office to clean, or some kind of liuht work : la not particular what it is. FltESCH MAID DJUIRBS A SITUATI0M?USDER stnnds halrdreaainu^nd dresimaklnic; pood reference. Addreas AGNES C., Herald Uptown branch oOice. LADY OK CULTURE ABf)UT (MUSI) TO EUROPE wishes to Join a family or lady of venial disposition; object, mutual companionship; unexceptionable references. Addreas R. F., IH Mercer st. ASTED?BY~A YOUNO~LADY OF .'5. A SITUA tion aa travelling eompanloii or companion to an in valid; beat reference trlven and reuuired; letters exchancod. Aililn.vH Ml? OWKV 1(1 Rliti -t Rm.k..i.p V v PllOFKSSIOS Ala SITUATIONS WAM'Kl)? FEMALES. C)1 rt KST ->7tn'Sf.-AN ACCOMPLISHED MIDDLE ? I aged lady as gnvern???, companion, housekeeper or copyist; unexceptionable references. Address Mrs. A. YOUNG~LADY. SPKAKImVTnoI,ISH, FRENO"[I and German mid alile t? do female work, al*o to'teach, wishes h position whoru (be can be useful: references e%? changed. Address K. Z., bos KMS Herald office. GERMAN I.ADV. FI R.vr I'LASS MUSICIAN, brilliant performer, graduate of Vienna Conservatory and pupil ol' Liext. desires to give lessons on the piano or ex change lesson* for Board: i-itv or country: highest refer cncts. Address MUSIC, Herald Uptown Branch office. .LADY (KXPKIUKNCED) AS CASHIER, bale* lady or office emoloyment; rood accountant. loglble writer; good referencos. Address GRANT, Herald office. YOUNG r.ADV DE8IRES~~A POSnTON AS GOT. crtn'ss, ladies' companion f.r tbe supervision of a house; is competent, kind and would make he.-self useful; a (food home preferred to compensation. Call on or address X. V., Yonng Women's Christian Association. No. 7 East 15th st? ou June 5 and 0, from 10 A. M. till 3 P. M. LADY~TE ACHER OF VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL music. th? Kri'nch ami German languages, would teach for a first class home. Address or call at 142 Kast 32d st. young LADY ok refinement and excbl lent education desires a position as companion or goverues*: is fully qualified to undertake the charge ot young children. Addrest COMPANION, Herald I'ptown Brunch office. IADIES TATTOHl ENGLISH. FRNCII, ELOCUTION. J Penmanship, Drawing afld Music, bran experienced tacher; terras moderate Addrasa SCHOLAR, Herald Up town Branch office. TO LADIES. ?STRI(!T!,Y PRIVATE LBSSON8 BY the week or mouth, in writing, spelling, urammar. Ac., bv a lady ofexperleuco; write* letters; prepares young la dies for business; terms moderate. Call ou or adddress TE ACHKR.847 6th av. HELP WANTED- FEMALES~ t^^thk ol6 cocsfkYf-A rxw'miffiasrui A> cross the Atlantic can have halt her fare paid lor as sisting to care F>r a child three years old. Apply to Mrs. MAX DEES. 40 3d av. YOUNG LADY. BETWEEN 14 AND 17. TO IN struct tor the Stage: mnst sing and possess handsome face and form: excellent opportunity. Address THEATRI CAI., Herald office. iioRKK, RKSPBCTABLK YOUNG MAX." WITH good city reference. wishes a situation as oorter, watch man or a* useful man, in city or aountry. Address J. 0.. U44 Kast 'J 1st St. iRESSMAKEIt* WANTED?Kl KST CLASS ONLY; ' I let1 J. SALESLADY?COM PETKNT TO TAKE CHARGE ot lloaor department, with city reference, at LEE'S, 9U3 9th a*. A" DRESsM AKKR WANTED?W UO OPERATES ON Wlieelar A Wilson s; alse, a lew first class dressmak ers, at 3.V> 4th av. _________)RflKH ,5"ekaktmk.vF ON LADTkS' ? high cost itufT and silk suits and overgarments, first rlass dressmakers, expert operators on Wheeler A Wl son's and Willcox A Gibbr; stylish ladies to fit on suits, Ac.. In salesrooms: also experienced salesladies for suit depart ment. GORDON A ORK. 138 Bowery. T N INTKLLD!EXT. ENERGETIC LADY, OP (lOOD V address, wanted as housekeeper for a hoarding bouse. Addres* F. II. K . Herald Uptown Branch office. FLRST CLASS 7?RESSilAKBR WANTS AN BXPB rienced saleslady who cau take orders, with references nnd experience in city honses: a first class pcrsou can secure a permanent position and good salary. Address, with name, references, pn lent employer and lull particulars, with sal ary expected. Mme. L P.. box 178 Herald Uptown Branch office. }.?> KOLISII OH GERMAN GIRL (PBO I K T \ NT) AS J general servant and to do the washing for small family; * ages $12 a month : good references indispensable. Apply, between 12 and 1 o'clock Mou. ny morning, at 7ul Broad way. I,i RE XG11 MAID WANTED?A PERFECTLY COM PB tent lady's maid and to take charge of oue lour year old child; to sail for Paris on the 1st of September to reside in Kurope: mnst speak I' ngllsh and Krsncli. Address, with terms and references, EMPLOY hit. Ilerald office. First class operator* wanted-on wheeler A Wilson's, (Irover A Hake- ?, Willcox A Ulbbs' and Domestic machines lor linen suits. K HAYWAHD. 4fl Howard st I EST CLAM SHIRT and FAMILY IKoners wanted at i'nion Laundry, I.. University place. "CILOWER BIHXCIIER-WANTED, A FIRST CLASS I1 (lower brancher. Apply to E. A. OlKSKN, 10 East 14th ?t. Hbi'SKKEEPtR WANTED?ON K TliAT CAN LOAN a tirst cIhss liotei, at a lasblouable summer resort, a ?inantitr of sheet*, spreads, blankets, towels, Ac. Address MAKIIX. Herald office. ^ ME. ARNOLD. FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER, 53 West 21st at., wants a few apprentices aud liuproveis. PEHATOliS WANTED on WHEELER x WILSuS machines, for suill D. II. RABCOCK A CO., lt'7 * htircb at. DRESSMAKERS WANTED?FIRST CLASS ONLY; regular constant employment. Address, personally or by letter, Muiu. C. DAY, cornor Mais aud Bali Ms., Orange, M 0 0 PERATORS WANTBD-ON HONXAZ'S EMBKOID" ery machine. R. II AYWAi:t>. 4<) Howard st. OPEiiAloKS. RKSSM\KERS. FIRST CLASS AP prentices and a girl to keep hou*e for one lady, must sew neatly. App<y lor lltreo da>s at .441 tith av. M. OA PLAIN. J) LAIN HOUSE K EE PER W AMTr.D OCCASION A LLY. Address, giving particulars, DALTON. box 211 Herald office. j Saleswoman wax ted-to sell i i a m b u ro embroideries. IIEAR.N A SOX. <7'? Broadway \tTanied?a woman to < ook, wash iron TT and to make herself k-eueraliy useful. Apply, with city reference on Monday, at basement door, 4.V4 West-Jd \\* AX TED? BY A LADY. A FiRST CLASS DRESS. TT maker, one who understands cutting and fitting per fectly, on Singer s machine. A|>ply at 174 West 2dd St.. be tween 1* and 10. Monday morning \\f A NTK I) -1N AN A M E It It- AN ?*.% M iKY^ A Tl! O ft TT nUKhiy comiK-ient wmaau to cms. wash andiron; oue villi uiidoubtid reference. Apply at 2<J Mast Washing ton place ?TiTaNTED?AN EXPERIENCED NURsE, TIIOR TT oughly co?p?t?n? to take entire cbar.-e of an Infant an l willing to live In tue country. Call at I2H East 21*1 st. Monday, between and II A. VITANTED A WOHKIN > llol sEKEEPER FOR THE TT country liv a gentinman living alone; state *ge and ?aiarv expected; no servants. Addrsss Mr. LI VING.sToX, ller iid office. _ Wanted-vol;x<i lai?y amanvensm in phi TT vute office ; ?ermanent portion and Increasing salary to one who Is willing and intelligent. Address, tor tliraa days, BUSINESS, box 12S Herald uOica. HELP WASTED- FKMALEti. \irantkd-first class hands to trim and TV nalm *m>u; tlw iphhI iklrt trimmer and au erraud girl. M) fc??t Will at. Vita.ntku?twu pikst~cla>w titimmkrs."aFi*lv TT lu Me-iri HE WALL. EUICKSON A CO.. Ml iiroad way. >>hw I r. *. on Mwi. u ? W\NTkDA PltoTESTAXT AMERICAN UDY. Of middle ace, to do general housework for ?u elderly g III.nil ; work light . satisfactory reference, or particulars address WEBSTER. llerald office. \lr A NTED-KlV B FIRST 0I ASS SA l.ES 1. A PIE* TOE ' ' >ult auu undergarment department; four salesladies fur Ir ininod hats ? epartm. lit: ail .a!eaU<tiea lor trimming deportment. At S. sulzberger Jk 0(1. a. 201 Bth 0?. Wanted?100 first class drkssmak ers; also TT 50flratrla*s uparaiura on Wlusier Ji Wiiscu'a srwinir uiacluurs; uuan but experienci-d lmnd? wanted; good wa^-ea and kttiily eiuployiueut. RODGKBS A OKU BROS.', l(vi, 1?5, 1ST tttb av. UTAS TED?Fl KST CLASS D liESSM A K E KS; ALSO TT an appro mice. .No. 6*. lith av. U' ANT BD?WO MAN TO C( ?OK A N D TAKE CARB 11 of club house ou Staieu lalaud; one bavmg exper ience preferred. Addruaa, by letter, WALLACE, 305 Bowery. 11/ANTED?A YOU HQ GIRL TO TAKE CAKE Of 11 children. Apply at 127 East 27lli at . baaenieul. WANTED -KIRST OLAS."l,RKHSMAKKKS" AND wnlat hands: only thoee thoroughly competent need apply. Ml East loth at., at JOSEPHINK 11. EUAN'S. WANTKD-A NURSE FOR A C1I1LD. S'VKARS OLD; mutl have good reforeuce. Apply at Gtleey Houae, mom 173. YV ANTED?A GERMAN GIRL, COM PETENT TO 11 teaeli three children. 0 and 111 yeItri old. German and Pleno; one who prefers a good homo to hii;h wages. Ceil on or addreaa GERMAN FAMILY, VJO Ka*t U7t . eta., Harlem. ANTKI)?MILLINERS; ALSO TRIM MER3, GOOD talllinerv trimmora, to aaaiat in selling; mllliuers wanted at B1NNK' new millinery, 2B7 Bth a*., between IStb and 19th eta. WANTED? A FEW SMART SALESWOMEN IN RIB l?ou department K. MEAHES, tlth av.. and l'Jtli at' ANTE D-FIR^T CLASS T1UMMKKH ONSUTtS FOR M the douieatic machine; aleo experienced heuda mi cloaks and dusters. WKCHSLb.ll, ABRAHAM A COL LINS, 41 and 45 Worth at. Wanted?2o fiitt^r'~"ilass OMUUTUU on Wheeler A Wilsou's machine on linen suits; steady werk to itood operator*. JOHN CUNNINGHAM. 3..S liowery. WANTED?A HEALTH*" GENTEEL WOMAN AS TT wet nuratf; uiuki have recommendations. Addreaa M. H.. box 1-1 llerald Uptown 11 ranch office. W~ ANTBD-AT MME. K1LLIN0A, 19 WtST 220 .ST~ pood operator on Wheeler A Wllaon'a inachiue; al?o tfood aoaroilruas for drvu trimminn. l^rANTKD-V'knTILAToK.S. WKAVERS AND FIRst TT ciaaa aitleiladiea; also a respectable youiitf lady to learn the buainosa Inquire Mouday. bolore 10 A. M., at L. SHAW'S. 54 Wust 14lb at., near Htb av. WANTED-A PROTESTANT Nl RSKuNK WHO CAM TT read and new. Onl* tboae having hert city referencos need applv at Ui> Kaet tlOth St., Monday, 10 to 2 o'clock. n/ANTRD-A OOOD DRESSMAKER, AT 203 LRjf TT Ington a*. - W AN TED ? THOROCUHLY experienced ? selealadioa for our underwear end auit department; only those folly competent jcod apply. STERN BKOTll ERS, Utb av, and 2,14 st. WELL CO.NNEOTED SALESLADIES WILUNG TO employ tliemaelvea lucratively without ni-KleetiliB actual dutioa. pleaae address NOUVKANTE. llerald ultice. rfroVE.N TAPE SE1RT-COMPANY, NO. SI WaLKEE TT St.?Wanted, 500 experienced hixip aklrt band* to work on the woven tape hoop akirta oi a auperittr quality; alaoWX) bauds can be employed with less experience, and AUO hands, skilful wurkera. on sewing machines to make the tine quality of bustles and paniers; good pay and constant employment. 11A EAST 7bD HT.-WANTED. A NEAT, TIDY, iix oarei'ul girl of 14 or 15 aa uurae for a young child; muat have good references. Call Mouday, between 10 audi A YEAH.?LADIE8 OR UENVLEMEN >PiJ?"UU can tnak<; the above amount at their own bouaes; a genteel business. Mine, liurnian's Moulds lor wax flowers lor sale. Address Mrs. JENMNGS, lay PkcIIIo av., Jeraey (Iity, N^ J. sfrt Aiioivs w a\ * k um at^ k >. ?" yoi'nu man of io years' acquaintance anion>t the boot and shoe rinnufacturera. Eaat and West, la open lor an engagement to travel; highest refer ences Address LEATHER, box 13<> llerald olllce. YOUNUMAN. IS' YEARS. WISHES A SITUATION to drive a horse and wu<uti of any kind. P. KEKUAN, 21 j Knat SMh ?t. AM EXPERIENCED. HARD Hl.'rilNKSS youug man wants employment; will travel; best re I ereuces. Addreaa EKOl'E, lleruld otlice. gUTLER OR WAITER. BY AN ENGLISHMAN, THOR family 133 West lUtb st. oughly competent; Juat left situation on uccouiit of family going to Europe; first class city reference. Address EFRENCH WAITER WA.NTs A SITUATION IN A PRI 1 veto family; best elty relureuces. JOsEPlI, D45 Broadway, fruit a tore. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN BOY OF 1H; best reference. Address J. S.. 164 West 25th at. S" ITUATION AS COOK BY A COLORED MAN. J. 11 A KRIS. 1>>W West 26tb St. SITUATION W.VNTRD-BY AN AMERICAN BOY OP 17, In mi ofltco. Address box 221 Herald olHae. SITUATION AS BUTLElToR"VALET; THOROUGHLY understands his business ; aatlafoctory reference given. Call or address, for two days, 202 Weat 2tith at. T~"<7Tublisiikits "or "kThtoitsf?A YtTuNll liEN tleinan, graduste of Harvard, with seveisi years' ex perience in editing works for Loudon houses, ia prepared to see books. Ac., through tbe press; command of several lan guages; specimens or work and roforenccs. J. F. J.. Brook lyn, L. I. W~ ANTED?-A SITUATION. BY AN AMERICAN young man; haabad 12 yenrs" city experience as office clerk, copyist, collector. Ac.-, relets to former employers; writes a lair rouud band and is willing to be generally use ful ; would accept any situation as general oltice clerk or meAnger at a low salary. Address S., box 171 llerald office ANTED?BY A MAN AND WIPE, TO GO IN THE country to take charge of dining room and laundry; best reference. Address W. J. D., Herald Uptown Branch office. "X^OVNO MAN '(AMERICAN), JUST OUT OF J. business, aa barkeeper; tboroughly|compcteiit for first class hotel or saloon ; real estate security; ample reference; city or country. Address, one week, HOTEL, llerald office. ~~~ ClERKa" A.\U SAI.KSAIK.V. A situation' IN A GROCERYlltORh. BY a MAN of experience; A1 references. Address SHORT, 1L raid office. CCt>UNTS AND BOOKS SCIENTIF1CALLY EXAM ined and arranged by expert accountant; hours (uiglit or day) to suit: terms fixed by Job or time. Addreaa It. A L, box 2.643 Post office, YOUNG MAN, 17 TEAR* OP AGE. DESIRES a situation in a prominent bouse; can correspond in l-'rench, German and Spanish languages; can furnish first rlasa relcreuces. Address B. M., llerald office. TOUNO MAN Having the HIGHEST CITY REP" erence. a thorough salesman, a good accountant at:d tlioreuxbly lamiilar with Custom House brokerage, wishes a Ksltlon at a moderate salary. Address II. L., box 161 irald office. A YO L'"u M AN. ACQ CAIN ted WIT H THE STA A tlonery and printing businesa; must be industrious. Apply, after hall-past six P. M., at 77 Stb av. A "TRAVELLING 8ALFsMAN,"w KLL ACQUAINTED with the Weatcrn jobking end first class retail trade, to sell collars and cuffs, ruffllngs. Ac., for a manufacturing house, and a good man for tbe city trade. Address L B. R? Herald office. . AN A1 BOOKKEEPER. RAPID WKITEK. gl'lCK AT Hicurea ku.i ? iroaiiead bualnraa wan, wanta a position in *on>e ?imm1 houie ; beat city reference. Addreaa INTEL LIGENCE. box 4,74V Post office. YOi'NG MAN. iV YEARS OK AOK. WITH A knowledge of bookkeeping ilealres n situation iu a cunituer> ial bou?e to loam the iiusines*. with chance of ad vau<-emenl. salary uo object; references unexceptionable. Aodraaa INDUSTRY. >03 Kaat W4(h St. Dry goods salesmen wantm>^our~pi es t clasa German hands lor dress goods. suits, Ac.. at alexander FIELD'S, 340 and 2.'kI Uruud at.. corner Chrystle. _ _ DRUGGIST WANTKD-A COMI'KTKNr" PKKScIm*. lion cierk familiar witU city trade. Addreaa DRl'G.S, Uirtld office. DUO OUMUL-A TBOKOUUHL* COMPETENT and experienced drunnUi desires a position in a Ur.t class store; undoubted city rcleieueea. Addreas VER11AS, bos W& Herald oti?. SITUAl HlN WANTED IIY A COM PKTKnTVajTaS salesman In a retail bat and fur (tore; lir?t claaa reler ences. Addreas II. R., Herald office. rpo DRCOOlHTflL?A TOUNO MAN, offl; WISHKBA I ?Ituatlon ai prescription clerk; ell y experience. At reference and lid-need; la not alrald ol work. Addreu, stating salary. ERGOT. Herald I'ptown Hrancli office. TO DRU On 18T(t. ? W A NTKD. BY A YOUNG MAX, WITH nine years'txpenence. a position ?? clerk; no objection to leaving tlie city. Address PHARMACIST. Her Aid Up town Branch odlee. WANTED^BY A.N OLD established LIQUOR importing hou^e. a younir men who can comiuaud ?i.i?n to <lu,i**?. Address. importer, Heraldoffice. A.NTKD-SALBSMBN: TWO TS~~SKW YORK CITY and three in Mew York and Pennsylvania; reasonable aalary; hotel and travelling expenaea paid; altuatiou per manent: a rare chance for koo.I men; all aoplicanta un awerod if atajnp la enclosed. Address MONITOR MAM KACTL'RINO company, Cincinnati. Ohio. *17 ANTED-BY A WHOLESALE DEALER IN YEl TT low pine, a young man. I?l to A> years of at**, aa aa siataiil lu tlie .iflier one who reaidea with hla parent* nnd baa ?om? knowledge ol the bnahieaa preferred , must write a Eimd band and be iutolligcrit in l aceiirate. Addreaa, In own andwrliinir, stating aalary expected, Ac., H. C. box 1<>4 Herald offire. WASFed-commercial travellers, toTp TT point agents throughout the cnuutry for the ?aie of packet tea*: tlx (J having commissions in Southern States prelerred Addreaa TK AS, box l')7 Herald office. Wanted -sales en" \boi t rratkllIng with saniplea ?ill no well to coil at office ol STOCKWELL SRLK LIGHTING OAS Ul'KNKK company, SM Liberty ?t. Goods a apeeialty. IV ANTKD-AN EXKRGBTIO M AN TO MANAiiE il salos; staple articles; iiiuat advance >5u>; ample real estate security' offered; salary or comtniseion. I ail on or address T. M. kell, 113 Maiden lane. New York (third floor i. ilTANTKD-A SITUATION AS T1It A V KLL1NU HALEU II man through Texas and Loulaiana for soiue good house ; i lothiug preferred ; Aral class references giveu. Ad dreaa TEXAS, box 111 Herald oilier. w rANTED?A POSITION AS clkkk OR COPYIST; brat reference? Addreaa CHaRLEs, 4(1 Bedford at. WANTED?A ' you NO MAN? THOROUGHLY AC Uiiainted with the druggnl'a. sundrtea and fancy goods trade. Apply at No. B Barclay at. WB~ ANTED?DRCO CLERK." (iOOO " RKKERKNCkS, who can preacrlbe over the tounter; Oerrnau pre ferred. Apply at 46 spring at. W ANTHD-A POSITION TO TRATILi POR any 11 wholesale or mauulaclnring liouae by a man ol steady li m bi i a Aililrra*J. II A l( UIS. 437 Wrst 4Stli at , New York. \V* AN ted?S ALESM KN KO R LACE department. 11 Apply to roNKLINU a CO., No. 7B8 Brand way. WANThD-A yoUNii van AUDI T 17 III m: mi tt of ape, wbo writes a plain hand and understands pUlii bieikkeeplnK. Address, with reference, box -UV Herald office. XITANTED?AT shayne'S wholesale TT tall bat hoosa, Broadway and 13th St., active sales meu. Call bofora 9 A. M. Monday. CI.KKKS AM) lALKSMES. tlLTA NTK D?A SMART YOl'NG MAN TO ASSIST TV t* cashier's ilrak In a larire uptown retail itoro: inuat reaide with his parents an I furnish timt rifts* nf'timm: *a!arv not to exee. d f*t u wrek. Ad?lrrM C\SHIKH, lw* l;i* Ii?rtilij I'ptown Br inch u0cf. \y ASTKO- SAI k.-MK.N Hi |0| mifi HAW *T I' HHAVKE'S; Iim clam goods latest styles. at lowest price. W Slack's Theitie buil'lima hoa.liniarter* fur Hie great halt ounce llai: price 42 VI Bruadwa. and 1 ?*?i> at UrELt OONNRliTED CLERKS WILLING* TO KM II ploy litem* lye* lucratively, without nc fleeting act-jal faUH uUmi XOll V l: IXTE, UtrtU ortic?. ?>.|| wii.i. h paid for a situation my "a O')"' thorough bookkeeper Address 1.. M , Herald I'p tuwn Branch oAoe t'OAi I1MKN AND OAROBHKEik Aiil'.N I I.EM a.N WISHES TO KIND A SITI VTluN lor lit* coi4 'Lilian wtioui hr can hiirhiy recommend to any guutliuiun; thoroughly uudtrkUiiili lili uudimM; lia* lived Willi uir tor the pant aeven year*; has alto lived with ulie of Ilia Ural lainillea in I<oiidun lor uiua vaara. t all at or ad dresa 11-1 Weal l?th at., private amble AVOI'Ni; man as coachman. who under >1 Hilda hnrtra and Isagood driver, city or ooitntrv ; heal reference Addro*a K. VINEB, Herald Uptown Branch office. AS BNOLISH ntoi kstam' m an and wipe-"man aa llrst claa* coachman, and wife a* mirae or chamber maid; 14 year*' reference. Address J. IS., box 111 Herald Uptown Branch office. A VMM; Man wish KB A SITUATION: ?\N DRIVE and tak. care of horses In either city or country; liaa live yearn' city reference Inquire at 237 West 41st at. AnUTCLASS OOCOUKD MAN WISIIKS \ siti a Hon as coacliuian in u private family. Call at 153 West Slat at. CIOaT'HMA.N AND GHOIOI ? BY A SINGLE MAN; C AN J show seven i ears' beat reference. Addrce* I.., box 135 Herald office. Cj AKIil'.NKK - rUATION WANTED?BY A *1*0LB r uiau: underot nda hot and cold iiraperie*, Ilowers aud lull rare of a gentleman's place. Addreaa, fur twu daya, il. G.. box 2K Herald office. TyANTKil-A SITUATION AS KLOIUST' OB G V It" TT doner In it *oiitleman's family or commercial house; understand* graperies aud vegetable garden; good reference*. Addrea* PLOBIST, box I2B Herald office. HELP W\IVTKD?MAiiKS. "i >f ENGLISHMAN' AND IItN WIKK TO HO THE EN il tire work of a small familr. Addre*s K. K 8., room 12, 101 Broadway, deacrtbluv applicant* aud term*. \ t?KMT's WaNTSD-IN TOWN AND coontkt, to ^*v sell our pure teas to fatuities. hotel" and larie con sumers: b.'st term* and larjoat atiK'k in tlie country. Apply to the WELLS |'KA COMPANY, 301 Kultou at., between Church and Greenwich sts., Mew York. Man WANTED?KOB TlIK GENERAL HM'8E~ JV work a* a *ervaut in a gentleman's family: while or colored; thoae who know how to drive lit r-ea preferred Call te day 'Sun.lay. Juno 4). between 1 and -I I*. M.. at No. i'31 hut 57th at., near d nr., but only t l ose with rcler encea uiay apply. ? An KNKKuKTii' siArni.NKii. wrni sometbade and a little capital, can lind ? Kind opening by aalreaa !?# CONFIDENTIAL. box 121 Herald Office. AKliWT CLASS DRIVER WANTED. CAI.L AY KK Kill)I van at. Agents \van:tki")-Ti"rslTLL~tTik ohkkhkht-"ad Juttabla window aeruen in market; price SOc. M1 tt" Broadway. \M AC'riYR BL'SINKSS MAN KOB OUR JKRHRY <"ity bu?iii"aa; muil be well recommended. Addreas partleuliir* to OI'POBTI'XITY. box 1 _? 1 Herald olllce. \0KN18?41) Oil BOMOS, ?1 TH BKK "\PW ABTI clea. Sell at -inlit A M E liH 'AN M A.N I'PAOTL B I.N'iJ I'OMI'AN Y. K*1 llioatlway KAN TO 8BLL ?VBUPH ANO BITTBttB. ?ONI-T inch whohavu an catabliahed trade nud cm brins referet?'.'?a need apidy. M. 1., PHILLIPS A CO.. 1'i'J 3d i?. Aiil NTS WAKTItO EYKBYWH KKK?IN TKa, bo>" feo and Spieet; best plan e?er offered. Apply to the O BE AT AMKBIt'AM KKPUBl.IC TKA COMPANY, Ml Barclay at . New York. A_ GOOD It A |{K HHP li 1C "WANTKD MIST ilKPOSIT caali Mcurity. Apply at aturo tl'J'J Uth av., Monday, after l'J o'clock. AYOL.NO MAN' WANTED?To l.EABN TELE' craphy: (rood citarlei anil permanent poaltlnna when qualiffed. NEW YOBK TELEGRAPH IN.vrRUtlTlOS COMPANY. 21 Park row. ? BOY WANTED.?AN ACTIVE, INTELLIOKNT BOY* about 14 year- old; niuat live with hi* parent* and come well recommended! colored boy preferred Applv on Monday, from 1U to 12 o'clock, to G. M. OLNEY.Wi Emit Uth *t. __ CIAN'yaiWKR WA nTEl?.-A~B081NBUS XAN Ol' EDIT J cation, puali and irood addreaa can make n permanent arrangement to canva^a lor ndvertiacmenta fur a leading city Journal. Addreaa box 2,46- Poat office. (mtfBNNIAL DBCliRATION.?ADVICE VOBBVBRY J body and uanvaiier. Actually omethini; new and fine; Centennial Medallion, Philadelphia patented; |oar price. LEBKl'N, 53 South 5th av. (*BNTLKMEN OK OOOI) ADDREBS, A8_ AiiENTS ON X tirft.clan'i auhacriptlon hooks; city and country routea. JAMES SHEKIIY, S3 Barclay*!. ''TRLSII M.VBTYRS."?A OllK.aT SELLING BOOK X a?#ut? apply lor territory. JAMES H11EEIIY, 33 Bar; day at. "TITANTED-AN EN'EBOliTIO GEN TLKMaN PoR TT outdoor work. Apply, alter 0 A. M., at 115 and 117 Naasitn it., room 27. Ik/aMTBD.?A NY PERSON CAN Ma KK $!MK> A Tt nioiith aellinvr our letter copyinK book ; anv one that kaaaletter to write will liuv it; uo preaa or water uaed; tend lor circular !re?. EXCELSIOR OOMPaNY, IH Tri bane Uulldmit, Chicniro. III. TirXNTED^A URXKKAL AGENT, WITH SOME Vj mcamt, to take the exclusive aseucy for the aulo of the Stock well Sell Liifliilu.- Ona Burner lit the city of i'lilladel phia; privilege to iliatrihiito circular* ut tho ataud at Cen tennial will bo triven. Adilreaa or call at offtoe of company, HU Liberty at.. New York, tor three daya W~ ANTSp?AN ACT1YE, EN EROBTIC CATHOLIC gentleman of (rood addreaa for a ll^ht outdoor poal tinn; aalary $l.r> per week ; after t? THOMAS KELL\, 17 Barclay at. ~f1TANTBI>?A LIVE MAN IN EVERY CITY IN vf the I'nion. You can make $25 per day aellinir the Eur*ka Letter Copyinix Ink and Book. No preaa, brush or water required. Addreaa El'BKKA MaNCKACTUBING COMPANY, ? Reado St. Eucloae atnmp. ANTED?IN' A LAW OKPICE, AWINTELLIGEN"T and onericctlc young man. about IS; opportunity for study mid advaiiceiiu nt. Call, wiih reference*, between V and 1U A. M., Monday, room 117. 2<?i Broadway. Tl/-ANTEI)? I NERGET1 iTMKN AS SOLICITOUS or Tf lire iuauraiice with a larite Insurance agency, liberal term* to right parties. Address l.NSl IIA.NCE dOLlCITOIt, Herald office. Wr ANTED -ON B AGKNT FOB EACH OP THKI'EW TT remaining counties, to control thn sale of the Eureka button taatener; uo toola required; pnt nted January 25, 1H7B; circulars, Ac., freo ; s imple box of one-half gro??, 20c, No postal cards answered. W. L L'BANN, 21 r'ultoii at.. New York. \lr A NTED? A SB ART ~LAD OB YO L'NO MAN, F A. TT miliar with dental laboratory work. Apply to Dr. WAIT, dentist. 4."i Ea*t L'.'ld ?t. TIT ANTED?A STEADY MAN TO SOLICIT 7(>Tt TT printing and stationery; liberal terms. Address EN EKiiETlr, ller tld Uptown Branch office. '!? IIK T K AI)ET. A""JTUScPfc'HiKNcED Matchmaker (germam dh siren a ?itUBtioa. city or couiury. Aiidroi* F. \V., 6/ 2(1 st. A GOOD HOL'SK sMITH, WITH mMALL AMOUNT of c-MpltnI. wanted to t?ko cuargi- of ilm department In connection ?lih foundry in tbi* city. Address HOUSE SMITH, UaraM uiiico. AKIRST C J. ASS KKKKOO ~PA 1 NTEIl WANTS A SIT J" Ktiun: l> a good designer and competent to take chartc? ol both frccco and plain work. Addresa KltKSl'O, care of M. II. Adler, 21* Kant l"th at. 4~CARI'KNTKK \>ANTkT) PoIt JOB WORK.-NO J\ fane/price*. Apply at II Wast lltii at., utar liroad way. y xokaVkits.-wam"Fed. ~~rikst class letter Ej and ornamental en :raver> oo One nold and ai!v.-r work. Apply to McitoV ,k HcilWAitrz.98 Barclay ?i.. Maw York. f^OROSKI WAM1 ED-THOSB ACC0STOMBD To AN Oliver to work on atuall ami toola and to liifht welding of Iron and *ti>el; ueti ve men only. W11,1.1 AM JOHNSON, Manufacturer ol MerbanjM' Tools and Hardware, lieden berir Work*, Newark, V J. F"~ iSr CLAIM OAMI'KNTKB WaMTB A JOM.-AD dreia 24 Or and at., carpentrr'a aliop. New York. FRMMon working breuUTtkii axd inna mattro** maker dealren to And work In shop, private family or liot'l: good reference. A. ALL1ES1, 217 lltli St.. near ad a*. PIIOT< ill RAI'ITeK.?A HAD I'Kl.VT. R AND TONER wanted at ALMAN A Co. S, 172 .uh a*. 1)AINTEK wanted?TO OO TUK INKiuB oFTfT1 Urge house* ; material* found. Addrea*. with refkrenen an ! ??.n exptcied, I'AIXTI.NU, llorald L'ptown Brancn office. <?rpiIKRK IS NO HL'CII WORD Art KAIL"?SKLI.1NO 1 tea* for CANTON TEA company. 14S Chamber* St.. New York. f P o I* l<IX f K its ?A CY LI SD K It PR E ?SMA X W A NTS X a aftuai.on; llrat elaaa relerencos. Address 1'KKSS. box 101 llei a.d ..lin o. V'AI'-NISil MAKER WAXTEU-oms WMO TIIOR V uuiflily understands the baaincst; also varnlali aalea roan wanted lor tin.' city and uearbr trade. Addroas YARXLSH, Herald I |iu?n liraucli office Tl/ANTED-~AM 7\ M WH O U/llHilt STANDS the nisi IT ties* or pohatilntr "tnall lion work for nickel piatln*. J A Itl.CKl M A X l'KAt'TO III XU CO., IHh St., between I- reuch and Holland. Erie, Pa. TITAMWD-A kikst cTTash" j"ewei.ek"anTTTn TT graver; $20 a week; steady Job. II. B. IIIAYEK Memphis, Tenii WANTED A I' K A( Til' aT. H KE Wh It A CO I' AI NT E D with breweri iu New York city a!id vicinity to aril brewers' supplies. Address, with relerenM, stating wa^es required, agu and experience, HROKER, box 11 ill Ueraid ?Ace. " TA'ANTED?A KIKrti CLASS KOUKMAN. BT A LA BUR TT Chicago wholesale clothing bouse; none need >p|>lv but who can stand te>t on tiatlcrii emtio* aud auppiy good reference*. Apply to S. Ill EES, 22 \\ Inn- ?t.. eltr. WA^OtllAKKR ~W a NTIIMIttM Ml a nnvr TT cla*s workman, wlih city reforeucu, need apply to JOlJN II. W EI.SII. U7I Greenwich at _ ""WtiESCH Al? V EHTI^EMEVTN. \("o'x'sil.i;K KttAxt'ois uaxe. AititiVA.vFTJT: ill Krtoc* av?r Mil OMVCatl ayateiuu de a> ph.m, deaire tioiiver un aaaiK.a pour jialilir une fabriqua d'eau de *elt* u New York. S'adruioivr an n. H7 tireeue at. - . - gTl&DlVAtJ. A** "-SJm k. rks rc.'lu m tnwif'K mImci Mi*'1 JRIT'l ? East 52d at., llrat "ioor from 5tU av. Advice Ire*. ? -Dit and mmk. van ivipti] rksidencb J\. N < I.>4 I'.aat J-Itli St.. between 3d and Lexington ars. A ?Ua.VAN ?"'SKIItk ; HK*mm 1 r.H*t 'JHtli st., tj?iw?tn iW mid Uxluyton av*. A?DR. AXD KME. OKI X (U.K. XCI.142 WEST 4MTII ? j-t Sure cure in all frmal* eomplalui*. 4 ?Dlt. AND MME. MO IT?OOM VII tKNTIAI. CON *ultmioli in all remain|>Uiota 47 ffM IHk >t Dr. whitehead. Mi ktsf wtH mk?k tl> av.?Biiia'n iiini|lai*ll -.l?l > treated lor 92A. Dlt W EST il iti'OK. Ici WES I :tl> nr.. NEAR lit ROAD way ? female c?mpl ilnis a sne?i?lty. MME; KI.IXK. MI DWI KK, sUrsVE.-r"EM ALE COM", plaint* ? ape. laity Advie* iree l>2 K?.t awh st. Mrs. LYONS. ;.xi'ei{ikni RD eemale RRfiSclX* curea nil coropialntl; no cure no pay. 4<? East ^Oiit ?t St'C'CRSSKl"I,Ct'RESOL' ARAXTEED. ? ADVICE h REE by Dr. or Mme. WESl. 4"> Hleeeker at., near Hroadway. KUROPKA* STEAJISHIPg. JKui. LIYKRPOOU CITY UK CHESTER Saturday. Jui.e IO, at 8 A. V. IIITY OK KK'IIMo.sD s.tuntay. Jane 17, al I 1 JJ CITY UK BERLIN ..MUU'?lny. July 1. mil. *? ?inn (riir4'i North Him . . Cabin, *?> hu I $|IH, gold. Kei?rn ticket* ou favorawo term* liEvurtft, currency. i'rall* issued M lowekt Saloon* stateroom., .moking and b illi room* aroidsbipe. Hil|J< G. DALE.Agent. 1.1 and it I tlroadwa), Nl?# Vi'14. TlrlIITii STAR LINK. \\ KOR lJUEKNSI'oWN AND LUERI OOU CA R.CYlNG THE UMTfe.ll aTATKS ?AlL Til- steamers of llil? line take the Lane Route* recom mended by LieBteuaut Maury, I (?. S., going south of the Banks on the pa?si..<c to yucenstown all tile round ; ADRIATIC Ju?.. 4 M H HIT A N.VIC J?'"; -J- ? | ' ? J}- 1 i.ERM AN1C j ,\ - ? u 1 ? i l/rir ... July la, in 11 A. \J. BRITAMMC ,,u'i V ' 1 'k> A- "? : Krom While Star Dock-. pier j2 North River Rales?Saloon. #8" and #!??>. 1m /old; return ticket* on reasonable terms. Steerage. $28. Miii?on stateroom*. amokm# a?*' oath ri>"iu? ?n? ijlnciMt ! amid.hlps. wi.erc Ilia aolse and motion are leaet. ailordiug a degree ol hitherto unattainable at m i for inspection of plan, and other luforiuettau apply at tin; coninani's ollloe. :<7 Broadway. Naur lurk me company ?It. J. COIiTlS. Agent. i tY.MIJiU bTATfcri m.\II. I.ISI. -simX TO q! El.NS. U ' TOWS' AND LIVERPOOL, .Uillun every TUESDAY, Iroin pier 4 I North Elver. NK V A PA . Juno l.l. In A. V I W * oMINU...July 4, 4 A. M. WISCONSIN..Mine-:l>, J I' M. I 11?AII?> . ..Jnljf IH, 91. a. Cabin, $?;V and $-Sl), currency. Intermediate. IjWii; steerage. $2t>. Panwnger* booked to and ln>m 1'arn. Ilamourtr. Norway. Swed n, *c. Draft* on Ireland. England. Kranee and Uer A ?mow.n8m<w. CiDKiBD LINK.?B. AND S. aT~IL M. S. s. CO. j NOTICE. With a viow t?? <llmini*bliitf tlie chinw* of collialoii, the steamer* ol iltl* line take a specibc eour.e lor all *oason* ol On the outward pmiiiKU Irom Ooeenetown to Sew \ork or Button, eroaalnif tUe :ue idiau ol Vj at la Utitudu or uoililuK to tlie nortb ol 41i. ?? . (in ihe boiurward pa*Mti|fo, eni??ii|! the meridian of .Ki at 4'J latitude, or nolliinic lo tue north ol 42. _ VKuK SKW YultK K*llt UI'UKl'UOL ANU Ql KtSS ilUV.N. ?ItfSSlV ...Wed, J m.O 7 I AI.OIHIA,...Wed . June-Jl SCYTIlIA Wed., June 14 | UUTIISIA .. .Wed Juuo M Hloamer* marked ? do not eurry vieera^e p.iN&un^er.. Cabin uaaaiu-e, *?<>. $l>>> aud #1*1. irnltl. aocrdlutf to ac coinuio'iutl.'ll lUturu tieket. oil luvorable term.. hteera^u tiekou to aud Iroiu all part, ol I'.urope ?t very low rute?. Kioiirlil aud pa?iarfe oibee No 4 HowIIUK (iraen. t HAIiI.K> li. fe KANI.KIA S, A|leni. UV.M 11L'Hli AMfeUSICAN "At;KI T tJOMPASY S I.ISE lor l-l.VliOL I'll. ? UEISUill"R?J and llAMBLMUi. ... M.ICRI' I line SI IIAMMOMA June TJ I'OM KKASIA I line l.l i tlOJSTHK.... ... Juno -0 llau< ol pa??n;."e to riyinoitth. London, t Uorbourg. Ilaiu buru and all point, in KnglauU, .Scotland and Walee:? Cabin. In.t anlooii. jtold . Cabin. mscoiiiI naloon, ko!i1 " ' sT^ATwTi^o:.-"c:-B.'-^ Uetieral Atcoiit.. Cetierul 1'iin.enner \nnt?, 61 Broad ?l.. New Yoirk. Jll^ Broadway. Sew \ ork. S'-NEwVoRK TO (JLAKtlOW, UVKIU'OOC, DUBLIN. BhLKA>T AND LONDONDKKUY. from ptor 4'J Noitli llivcr (loot of Canal at.) an lullows: ? > f vTt. OK VIltiilN IA TliurMliiy. Juno 1;> SI.M E OK NEVADA Tluir-luy.. ? le iiJ si!ATE UK INDIANA Tour^day. June .0 aud every alternate TUuraday tiierealt 'r. Ural cabin *oi lo$.?i according to accuimnodailon*; return ticket.. $!.?>. Second Ciibln. $61); reliirn ticket*. #!?)? Steeniijc at lowe.t rum.-. Apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN 4 CO., Agent*. No. TJ liroadwar, New Y'ork. ... Steerage tiokel" at 4"i Broadway and at the company * oier, loot of fiitial 1>t., Nort'i Uleer. N" AT ION VI. LINK?KJtOM PIE US 4-1 AND 47 NORTH River. FOR LONDON DIRECT. GREECE. Wodti?*ditv, .luue 14. 10 A.M. KOU OL'h ESS TOWS ASD LIVERI'OOL. SPAIN. ..June 11). 7 :u) A. M. I THE QL'KKN, Saturda*. EOYI'l'. Jvine U4. 7 :?> A. M. July B, at J r. M. ITALY...July 1. l2:JOl'. U. I , , . Cabin p**aa|ce. $"'> "?'l currency, l.etum ticket! at reduced rale*. Stuoraue piusuire, JJti. curreucy. Drall* front ?1 upward, at current price. A mil v at tlie company', offlco. ml Broadway. "PPiy K. W .?? UL'KiST. Manager. 5ohor~LINK UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS NEW YORK AND liLASIiOiV. A1.SATIA. ...Juno 1<?. :t I' M. I C VI.IKORNI A J'? 24. SI P.M. ANCHOR!A..June 17. Noon. I ElllIOI'IA July 1, Noon NEW YORK AND LONDON. ? Al'STll AM A.J uuu ln.4 P.M. I ANlil.lA |u y 8. 3 I .* hl.YSl\ lune'J4.4 P.M.j I.TOPIA July>1 I .M. Anchor Line pier* J" iind Jl North River, Now ^ork. NEW YORK TO (ILAStiOW. I.INEIU'OOL, LONDON OK LONDONDERRY. Cabin*. $??.*? to $'.ki, cnrreiiey, uccordinn to accommodation*. Kxcuralou ticket, on favorable tunil. Steerage, ^-8 curreucy ; Intermediate, s.l' currency. Drati* i.Miud for any amount ai current ratu* HENDERSON IIROTllKKS. Au-ent*. No. 7 llowlititf (Ireoti.^ UhAppo.nted to c?rry the llel|(l?u and United state* mull*. The following .learner* ar.' appointed to tail ;? To ANTWERP. .. , From Philadelphia. i '/"i11,Ai'.r .' a VADERLAND June UIJ I KENII.WOKTH June 8 NEDKRI .AND July 14 | *IV lT/.r^ lil.A N D July 1 PRICKS OK PASSAGE IN Ul RIIENCY. Klrnt Cabin *?*? I Second t iiblti **? Moorage liclcct? to himI train nil DuitiiH at tlio l(?w?"?t rutos. 1'asH ;m:er accommodation* Tor nil cUkso# uii??nri?tt?sou. !? or uaHMiL'c, riiK-K Ireiirhl aud otlur intormfttiou apply to t'h'l'KL WKIUHT X SC>NS, (ienoral A|r. nt!i. Walnut *%.. riiilatlLM^hla. r.KOIHiK W. 4'OLTON.HJ liroadsl.. Now ^ork. JOHN McDONALI), I'a^eimor \>cet?t. ,N(?. H Hattery pla?e. Npw Vi?rk. 0 vi v DIRECT LINK TO KRAS'CK. TilK III'.SKRAL TRANS.VTLAVl'lC COMPANY'K MAIL STEAMERS HETWKES NI'W lORK AND HAVRE. GALLING AT I'l.Y.MOl'TH ,0. It.) lor the landinn of pa?eiiu?r*. The splendid vessel* on title luvorite ronte Mr tlte Cmitl tieiit (Cttiiin* provided with electric beilsi will .all troiu pier 4IJ North River. Imit ol Barrow st.. a* lolloa* ? PKANCK. I'rudelle Saturday, Julie It), at S A. M. ?PEREIRK. Dun re Saturday. June 17. at I 11 . M. ST.'liERM AlN. Reciitoux.V...Saturday. June '-'4. at s A. M. CANADA, Kran?eul 1. ? 1 ' ? '? LVBRADOR. >aii|rllor Milnnlav. Jul> s. at l 1 SI. PK1CK Of I'A.isA'lK IN GOLD tlncludlntf winn i'lr?t cabin. #1 ID to ?I'J '. according to nccomuie ' Second. $7- Third cabin, W<J. Return ticket* at reduced mto-. Steerage, S.'tl. with superior acconunmtatlon, wine beudinir and utensils, without extra charge Steamer* marked tlit.s ? do note arry steerage | I.OUIS DE BEBIAN. AiJent, .?.> B passeii'i^is. Broadway. MKltlCAN LINK. \Vt*cklv Mull :-?t?*amHlHii ?ervlct' betw?*'! PHILADELPHIA AND LIVI LIVERPOOL, calling at Queeiutown. SallltiK every Thurtday Irom Philadelphia and sail!iik every Wednesday Irnni Liverpool. The tollowiutf *tcamer* aro appointed to ?ail Irom 1 una IS/has A ....June 8 1 OHIO June ILL NOIS Juno 1ft I PENNSYLVANIA. July ? ?LORD OLIVE June 'J'J 1 "CITY of LIM fclRIC K July IH PRICE OK PASSAGE IN CCKRENC\. Cabiu #73 to fit)11, according to location. Steerawo *ud I titer mediate tlekels to aud from all point* at the lowest rati:*. 'Steamer* marked with a ?tnr do not carry Intermediate. Pawenirer accommodation* lor all ciasse. unsurpassed Kor p4*s*?o, rate* of freicbt and other Information apply to p(..TI'.R WKMlfr A SONS. General Atienl*, ;*)7 Walnut *l.. I'hlladelpliia; GEO. W. COLTON, 42 llroatl *t.. New York. JOHN McDONALD. I'aeaeuuer Agent. So. S Unilory place. ^?%^^UKKS NEW YORK. Southampton and b rem km. N Coiupairy's pier, font of Jd *t., Ilohoken. NECKAR Saturday,June ltil MOSEL.. Saturday. June 24 W Enl'.R. ..Saturday. June 17 I DOS At . Saturday. J aly 1 Kate* of |ia**?K?i from Now York lo Soull.auiploti, Havre ?rMrst Cabin, $100 Bold; Secoud Cabin, JOO told; SUeratfe, ?UI currency. Return I ickots at reduced rate*. Prepaid steerage Certillcates, f:?2 cnrrency. Korlreiglit or na*?aifc apply to OKLKICHS X CO., No. 2 Bowling i.reou. CROOK'S l-.XCl.KhIO.NS TO Kl'KOl'K AND TOURIST J TielHU, Mnni()l Urwt Britain and tbo Continent. aro available by any line of ocean atsamera hik) by any irtin upon any day and call lie u?cd by a mu_'1? Individual aa well aa in Mutiua ul any mifiil>?r. S{ MMKI1 YaCAIIoN I'AI'TV la uow being made up ami alll aail by ?Maiuer V"lot??ria. July H, lor a tour .u M'utlaua, Ku,;land, Hulcloin. the lthlue, SwuierUnd, Italy and Mr. Thomaa Cook will accompany tliuni from New York. I'rlOM for Urat cln?a iravol, hotel and all expenaen, II. ft *i and # a **' *old. Ujilli'S KXCUKSIoMST co it wins full inloriiiation re garding routea and tin- C'lat "I ticks!* to all portiooa of Luropo mid America. price lOcenta b> mil!. COOK, SON A J EN KINS, Krmdwav anil M Keren at. CO A.ST WISK STKAJI.HIIIPs, 1 JAN AM A TRANSIT STEAMSHIP COM P am, FOR BAN fRANCIflOO, CALIFORNIA AND PACIFIC POnTS, via litlimua of 1'anama. Sailing from pier 13 North River. Stenroer CKhBCKN T CITY rtATUlCUAY, May 37 lor Aaplnwall. connMtlll|n| Panama Itailrnad at I'auaua with flrat claa? ateamabipa I'ur porta aa nbove. For irai^bt or paaaa?e apply to^ y CLV|)K k (,Q No. i) Howling Ur'oen. SL TAlf BaLI^ LINK. UNITED STArks AND BRAZIL MAIL STKAM8IIIM, ?atliiitr monthly from Wataon ? whorl, llrookiyu. N. Y . for PaRA, I'KK.N A M Hl'OO. HAHlA and Klo jA.MKHO, callin.' at St. .1 uhn'a, l'?rtu Iticn. J II. WAI.Khlt, abuut June JU. NKL.U1K .M MtTl.N, .)illy ?. Paitenoer acciniitni4otloii? flr?l c.n?a. For Iroltfht and p*?iti[e, at r*du<?d ruin, apply to J, t>. ILCKKK A Co., Afoota, 1'ino ?t. Bermuda, ><t. tiiomas and wr*t indik* -thk nie*?n' ais imalilp CAM M A la intended to -ail lidltt lor li -riiiii'lii nn Thurtuav, Juno 8, making c until mi at Bermuda the mall aii amir for HI Tbomaa For Pin a.o hii'I information apply to Ql fclIKO ANDUt'LF iiKT- SI >.AM>IIII' I'liilf .O Y. M llroadwav. Now York. XY., IUVaNA AMI MRXICAit MAILSS. LI N li. ? Sieaiuera li'avc pier No It North River at 3 I*. M. Foil HAVANA DlKKCT. CITY OK NKW VOKK Friday. June 2 dJIl'Y Of MKRIDA Tiii--I?V, June 13 H)H VKKA CKIY. AND NKW ORLEANS, via Havana. I'mirreao, Campeaaliy, Tuapan and fainplen. CITY ui' MKKIDA Taeaday, Jane 13 for freight undpajna^'" ?l>p'y to V. A l.r.XAMDKK A ioNS.31 ard Tl Broadwiy. Attain* ra will leave New Orleana May Jm and June IS lor Vera Crui and all tbe above porta XTgW YOIIK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAM. LINK? A.1 Theae Aral rlaea at?"niii-l>ii?? will aail at 3 I*. M. from ?iter III North Klver, foot of I'edar >.L, for liavan i direct, a. Ii.IIok aT? CiiLI'M BI-'S Thnraday, June S WlLM[NUTOK Ihuradav. Jt.nn -'O Kor Irrljiht and paaaaae, having nnaarpaaa' d aruununoda Uim?. applv to WM. I" CI.TDK A CO., No '! Ilowl.nsr (irecu. McKKLLBft. I.CLINW A CO.. AuenU In llavuia. ONLY DlKKCT LIN If fOK HI.lfRlDA WIJi.KLY LINK lor I'orl Htjril, I. i'.| rernandma, I'lu. ; Itrunawirlr. Ila.: ?allintf every I liur-day. Irom uli-r an Ka?l Kiv. r. I lie Ntemer CAHONllhLKT. i aptain NrtMfi. will ?aii Than rta\, .lime *. at :i I'. M. for I ernan lina an'l j*?rt Throact) licketa la?n?d to all polnta in Florida, l or fifurbt lira apply toC. H MALLOKY a CO.. or IIKUM A.N ?KK. i:>3 Maiden line. rtlKXAS LINK KOK OAI.VI.STON, TOVCIIINO AT KKY I. Weat, e*ryiii?' tlic United stitB. iiihiI , be >n<amvr CITY" or AU.VilN. (.'aptain KldridKe, will (all on Satmday, ?I'in# 10. al 3 I' M,. Ironi pier 'w(ii Kaat Kiv^r Throo?h billa I.f la'liujr pi.en to ail pointa Ml the llonaUW anil leta<. Central International and tiraat .VortiMro. (ijatvaatnn, llun> ton and lli nderann, and tlie Oalvi at..?, llarrielmrir and Man Antonio Kallri.ada Freight and Insurance al inweat rataa. For fri'lfht or paaaaHe, having aapertor aeroaroo datlona, appl> to C II M aI.L'MIY A CO.. I&t Maiden Una ? pai?Mi."? KLFCK COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS# PA0IK1C iiAIL STEAM ?Ol i' LINK. POK 0AI.IKOK.NIA JAPAN. < lltNA. AlfTKALlA. XKW ZEALAND BRITISH I (JIaHHU, AC., JlU, ?ai ? 11 if (roni pier l.-o' of Canal ?t . -^'"th 'tiver .... KOB AN K'KAV l?> ??, VIA 1.VIIIMI ?> <?H I ANAMA. 4 Jjj Saturday .lllll# i<J .?< II Ui-ft ill If h.r Central Am- ri. a and the South Pucirtc. Kor trelk'bt or pax.air appijr ??' the l'>"' ?< ?' .ual si. Norttt Hirer II .f Ml 1.1.AH. Mincrint.ndeut. ?IUkT NEW ORLEANS DIRECT mi. ciiomw>1.'. LIN E. The ate ainshlp KNICkHO M'.lt. Captain Ken.ble, uu SA fL'RDAY June H'. at 3 u'elock I'. H , Irom pier No. tt North Liver. Through bills of la.iin* given tu Mobile and *11 principal points uu the Mini* s.ippl IOV i. ? * CablU par.a^e, ( '"i *V,'!'f-.UKt!I . ...... v' u.. u- ? Apply I" I'l VlIK A >EAMAN, w. \\ ont ?t. _ bVtK NASSAU, N. I'.?UK'lULAR MAIL SThASIHIlIP I i l 11 >evp York JuU I 1' Ml RRAY. KBUltIS k CO., ?W South it. b M ORiiAN'N UKK ??K STEAMSHIP*. II f,ir New ()il '?ii> mid lex ..ill ??>!! c#-v Haturduv to Sow Orlean., transfeirlnKTe*a? Ireicht ih. re to Mor/an'. L.uisianu end '?*?? ll* Morgan City, thence, per Morgan'* line of steamers, to "Ar; br'iSHBAB will 'all P"r SB North River New York, on Saturday. Juno 1<?. at :t I*. M.. for New Orloanl dlTI?rnu?h bills of lading signed to Mobile. (lelyerton an.l to allXu on the tial??..?? Harrl.burg ami San Antonio. Houston Aitii l'eaa. > eiitral, International and t<r?a? ;Norl'?: oiii Texan mill Pacltic ami rrau?-Uoiillaeuial railroad*, and to Indlaimla aud Sau Antonio, and all potuts on tlio uuu, Westeru !??:;..? an 1 Pac.lie Railway. Hraio* sautlago, Cor pu. I hristi, Rockport. St. Mary', and K "Hon. Freight for St. Mary's anil K ulioO landed at l.ockport. Lighterage and channel du?i at atther corpu? t/iirikU or StintiiiKo ?t the and rUk of c??aai?ot?e. Through rat?'3 to Br< wrmvllle via Klo (ireftoe lijiilroM. liiMiritnce cuii be cffectc' under open policy of *'? A. Win** ney it Cu , New Orleans. From New \ < rk io New Orleans, *4 per ?'t'iit,; from New York to nil Texu? j?orl? via New Or '^KreUSt' iit luwoit ratea. V'or freluht or further lnlorm* tiuu apply torn U[LKS v WHITNEY A CO.. Agenli. i.lur :itl North Ki>-r. _ ETr> DOMINION STEAMSHIP COMPANY, aalllriK ftnin pier ;t7 North lllver. Kor Norlolk. ctty Point aud Klchuiond. Tin'udaya, Tnni* da^ a 'tnti Saturdiiva at il P M-. coiinotftiiitf with the ?ir^ltii* iui.I Tt*nupsa>'i< Air l.lne, Atlantic t'oaat Line. Pii'utnont Air Line, t:iu'?apeak? and Ohio Kailroad and with the coin uany ? ileain linns to Inti-rior |Hilnt? in Vortli Carollni a id Virirlnia. Newburn and Waalilntftoii, N. (;. ivl* NorloU), every I'uraday. Thuradai and Saturday. Li-wu*. l'ol . Monday. W.-dii. .liny and I1 rlday at J 1. ??-, ijouiiui-llil f with ilarylaud and Delaware railruada PaaaoiiBor a<icouimo?l?tioii? un?urpii-iwi. ThrouirTi paaaam tU k? t- ami bill, ol laUmir to all points nt low??l ratea. insurance to No.iolk. An.. ,.j l? r cent. Kr?i?ii? recei>??"! daily ut pier 37 .V"Mh Oreenwlcli at. N Mi l KK ADV. l're.tdeat, liltlli HALIK'AX. N. >.. AND ST. JOHNS, N. K. K?KU CMtMVVKLL.SIK.AMSniPLlNE SteanuTH leave pier 10 North Rlvo.' fullowiUii days, ut *? .'ikuKOK VV VSllINUTON ? ? Krjtl?jr. June ? tihOKOE CltOMWKLL lue?Uy. June .0 Moat direct, quiskeat and cheapo-t route to Noy* >cotia. Newfoundland ami the Low t ftt. Lawrence.'olUnt pa? aeiiitt'r at For tmitfht or pa?!?a?u apply to C LA It K A SEAMAN, trt W??l ?t. - TRAVEL. liERS' Cil-IUfc. i nil ANY ANl? TROY HY DAY IIOATM c. VI Hit A 1:1) A and UANII-.L DltKW.?L<"i?o \eatry at. pier at h 10 and '-Nth Hi. at s :i(i A. M.. latidiiit; Nyank and l *rryt,'*n icy lerrvhoat). M oat Point. Newbury, Pou*likeep?ie. Ihine lieck, Cat.kill and lludwiu. ? lo?o iviiueotl'in at Albunf with trains for the North und Weal. I o' W eat 1 ?int and .Nowburi; and r.'tiim. fiine day. ^1 . P hieliW.'fpiie.f I ? *t l.llANY AND TROV -SUNDAY i.VKNINti ??' \T j'\ from pier 41) North Klver, foot ol Leroy at.. attJ o clock, laukiu^ certain coi?noctl??ilH with moruinif triAine lor ull poiatt W?"t. Nortb Mid / mt iK'.*> AMKKIC VN PltOOR VMM K KOR K.\CCRSIO.NS and T. urn to all potnth In tho I nite?! Staten una CuduUm. ?ho*iii;f over l/JUi) different enuililnwioue, ?* n???r ready. Sent by mail on receipt ol I'c. Cooks .Mneric?B Hotel coupon* are accepted at Ur?t oIhnh hotels ut nil princi pa) point* tlirouirnotit tne cmintr>, proviaintf lor a full uay a accommodation, and are sold at ???! uO ouch. COOK, SON .V .! KN KINS, IIroad way and & arreu W /"I ATS KILL CRKliK LINK. -NEW CHAMPION'. TUKfl VJ dav. 'Ihuta'hiv mid Katurdiiy. Iroui pier AJ, Canal at. J McMAIL'S, alternate 'lay-.. Irom Leroy at.. ? '. M /CITIZENS' LINK STEAM!!''ATS KOR TROY AND ALt. I / poiiitn Northeast and VVent. lenve daily, oxcept ftatur day. ut ?! p. M., from l>i'-r l;? North River. r,A()i; NORVVALK DIKKCI.-KARK 'V'u p i'icV's w U T and after Monday. May l.?. tho?t.-aiuer AMEKICLft leave pier :tJ Knat Itiver, toot ol Market ?t., J.? and froin root id :?.ld at., at :? O clock P. M. : retlirnintr lenvea South Norwalk at 7 :;V> .V. M.. dally (Sunday exc iptoill, cnnnecilna each way with Danbury and Norwalk und New llavjn Kail roaih. rare :ti ceutt. Kxetlrsion tlcketj 00pent*. ? Hit; II LAN I is in' Till'. lll'DSON i. n DAYLIGHT. The MARY POWELL, lor Weat Point. Newl.niif, Pouzhkeepale. Itondoul and Kluii ton. Inudiu j ut Co^ena , Coruwall. Milton and New IIambiir Mind M.irl'mro l'.v l,'rry will leave pier :I' North Klver (\.atryat.?, uitily. Sunday* excepted, at II *.tW) P. M. . , W i.l > KSTAULISIIKD LINK Ktiit STL Y VESA NT, CATS \J kill and Inter Halo !??? iIiib?.-Steamer AN DREW II VKDKR Irom Franklin -t. tpler H.>), Inraday, Tharadu and Saturday ; ateamer MoNlTJll, Mcuday, W edueaday aud Friday, at I*. V _ tjENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. I liRKA l l lll N Iv LINK AND UN I I ED STATES MAIL UOLTB. Train* leave New York, via De?bn>aau? and Cort audt Exprela'tor ll'irrtsbiirB. Pllt?bur.-, the \Vo?t au.l South, with Pullman palace ear. at.ached, V. :II0 A. M.. U and S i*> 1*. Corry En. at0:30 A. M. and * J ' P. M.. ??otiueciiir.' at corry lor litu.ville Petroicum Centre and the oil ic.-iou.. , . . For Hultituoro. W n?Uiii^toti and th?t S -nth. Limited Aa%.i inKtoil hxprtfn1' ol Puliiiiao parlor car. dally uxcept Miu. da>. V>:'.K> A. M : arrive at NN .ish.n^t??n aL 4 .10 i . M. He-U* Ur at H :40 A. M.. 3 and t> P ??(? . v \\ fj Kxpros* hir i'hilHd'lphia. j, -* ' * <,lu|i .J '? 3 4 4 '1<* *r> ?* 7 i?l#. M and I- i?i<ht. ?ui?u ?y, ??. it! 7.' 8:3Uand i? 1'. M. Kml^rant umI^m'Cou.I c!m?. . 4. H. For *'enteniiial ?lej?ot at ?? :30., J -i u |j :u?. .1 and I V M. Ket?roin?r, have pent**1*1"' d,MH.t at 7 :15. 8:15, 1(k3i> A. M . 1 :1 \ '!:*>. 4. ? an4 V'o7r1?aLi^to Newark, Llit ibotli, Rah way, Princoton. Treu Umi Perth Am boy. Klemliiiior*, Helvidor.. and other points. ? ?0 local ?cheduloj at all ticket olHCJ?. Train* arrive : Kroiu ritt*bur^. o : ?> uiid |0.?) A. n auu iTi -m [? M dailv- IO: 1 > A. Vt mi l 1. M. daily, cx dav V)-|'|| t'srjii, tit-Vi, II A. M . an.l 1" M ' P M. Ticket oMcca. .-'I aud H4t Broadway. No. I Aetor H 'lMt and loot ol Dc?Ji.'??e? an.l at. . No. t < Brooklyn- No.. III. Il? and IIS liudion ?t? Hob ken. hmixrant ticket ollice. No. S Mattery place. i'o.vt Till IM P-.ON "? "? '' Jf.. Oeiieral Mauatjer. Oeneral l'aaaen^er Atfeili. UONDOl'T AND KINGSTON. CiiNNMTINil WITII Vl*tei and Delaware Hailroad. landing at ili Kal . iw" t l oiut). Cornwall. Seal'U^. M-lboro M.U.^ l'tiu'hki cniie. K*opu??Steamboat* IIIOMAS and JAdKS W. BALDWIN Icavu. daily, pier tool of fprlnj m . North rlvnr. at 4 P. V. __________ s TOMNOTON LINK l Oii BO.vrO.N. Reduction ol I are. IVI'Olli V > < Ml Ul I III?. ? _ Steamer. RHODE I-L IN}' and N AKK VO ANbETT. froa nier 33 Nort.i River, loot ol Ja> ?l . at P. ii. y Providence Lino, t Oin nler 27 North River, loot of Park place. Stnam?hlp? ELECTKA and OAl.ATEA. at 4 a. P. M \lrfc>T POINT. NKWUURO, Pol'OHKKKPSIE ANI> \V reluruMtme day by day line uteaiuera. ^ WATCHES. .lEWKLRY. AiC. ? T BU7 BROADWAY. CORN'Eil 4TH St.?DIAMONij? \ Wutclie. Jewelry. Silk.. Laci .aud Personal I ropi rif ol every de.cription bought and ...Id^ Ljiau^m-^otUt^ \ flMT^CLAHH OOLD iFi MTINO CIIK4>[WO M i. I l-.ll A Watch, by Charle* Krodfham (Arnold;. Loudon, h,?J than half tne Urn coat , warranted, pi rloct on er. ACJt^US I'Kr.Sl'OTl'*H principal watchmaker for the late nail. Black A Oo.), WVJ Broadway, room 1. Hue watuhei re paired* * , ? ? , T LI N DO BR??S'. Vol WILL I INI) A LAM* A of Diamond.. Watchet, t:r.v?e.. Mud. aud all kind, of told aud coral J'' acirv : tho .nine .louche "I * ?? L1NDO BROS , 1.-'07 Broadway. BAIUIAiNS IN DI AMONDS AND WATtMlEs. -ONB pair Diamond Earrlun*. aolltaiie, ??o. one j'"1''1?-. 0135; one told ? hronometcr W atcli *H?l : one ^ol l Iml ? ueudent >ecoud Uouble tide, lor timinK horaea. " ^ I'lC'e tim. hide, lent Hecon.l aLLEN Stem Winder, $IU; one do . *.?U. UhOKUE c. ALI.I5... 1C1U0 Hroadway, near 2lHh *t. ?AIAMOND AND CAMEO sTttf. "AS^M }l B??- "'"'""UNDO BKUS . i .^'7 Broadw ^ Ti ?1' s y 1 ! -*? ?! a i 111 ii KK i'AKAI' III V M'iN I) STI. D? F al^ .Vje'e 'mail . In-ter P.n-. St. UI4 W, >t l?k .U Fitiit svlk v'IIEap ik taken ai on* l i-iyl ok Llm'i.aon'. Pawn Tlrketi for tine diamouda and a verj n,,e whKe Hounee. Addreii K 10IIROND, box 1,7 Herald o?ue. T IIIVK A BE AI TIKI L Dl VMOND ' KOS8 AND 1 other line Jewe ry, will ?ell low. AUdre.. K.1NO, bo? 15 ) Herald uflice. ^ ? _ T Yl t V KA r, A D VAN C KSO N DIAMONDS. W AlOHKS, L F^lc. .t 7 |ar cent |?r aunoiu. at the Audio. Iloute, I'JO Bowery. _ __ MHBONeT ON DIAMOND-*. KUBS. .v< ? DIAMONDS. Wat. has Jeweirv. Silverware. Iteal SacMues. ia.uei ? w i? I'aces Silks Ac, bought, and sold back at e v"n MuaTl advance. OBOlt<iE 0. ALLEN, Jeweller, I lift Broadwa). near ilUli ?t. ,'.ii vKKWAKE HTOMBD AND Boroli r. AND M.Li ^ back at a very small advance, by OKOKUB O. ALLEN. Jrweller, 1,11k) Broadway, near-Wtli st ii'A it'll AND JKWKLItf ' HKI'Al KKU HV KUtKl VV cla*? workman. OBOR*lK C. ALLfcN, l?iyU ilroad vay. near <l)l> et. . . - \ ? ILL lit lilVKN K)R A I'AiU III Dl v M<>N1 ^?)ll EarrluK* aud for a Oold L-ckct and t Aial* Aiiyoue haviutt a bargain at the above II .ur*. will nnd ? purchaser by ad.lre.sfuii II. A. M . box 144 IU ral 1 "Ste.^ 1 .??? Kant arrii ?t . near i.kxinoton av 1 ?>? > Diamonds. Watrhes silks, t atnel s Hair shaeB, Lace., Ac . bouiflit and sold, la.ans negotiated. o/kw' BROADWAY. OPPOSITE HTII -1-DIA* o' M ' nioiiJ-., Watches. Jewelry. Ac.. ?> u,-ht and sold KoHEKT J. ROSEN'IIIaL, Diamond Brorer. Loans negotiated. i .)/*7 BR'IADWAV. over herald i piowjC' ) I Hraneh office, room B: parlor for ladies; braisefc 1.JU7 Broadway.-Diamond.,, Jewelry Ac .b..u*lrf and sold. L1MHI BS'lf. WANTED TO I'l III llVih. X SMALL ICKIIOL'bB (KiiR i{E>TAl RAftTj "" _;Y anil a large Sideboard wanted. Address JOHN HENRY. Herald I ptown Branch nW?. Ujt oV bill!AKD Cii aIRS. Sideboard an-1 Ice House wanted. Addrest JOHN 11KN RY . Herald I'pto*n Braaeli office. QLAKE'S NTOKK i Kl'MIIKK ANTED 1" PUl ?econ<l hand one If iroo-l and cheap. Addrewi J. hi.' K \N 1 ? i 1. Otwgo, K I. * CuoioRY ' W t.NTED ? WANT I" PURCHASE: IN JP New- York city or immediate vicinity, a * actory. wltn ?t?atn p?iwpr attached. ?miahia for liuHt maMUiajt??n?(rj nin?t c.ntaiu about ltJ,UOLMfetof iur/at? fl^nna. ulthlull parttenUr?, FKANICLIN bo* I(W IliraW ofWce. ^ 1)AKI IE- HavTno \NS KIND OK' MEItOHANDISj X to dt?|H?t? ol cheap fc?r caiih can addrt??e J. T. N 3 Hth ar. _ . , Wanted To pukciiasb? a <juantity op iboji \> Wire Kalllaw Address WIRE RAlLIHO, bo? *?l llsrald olhce. ? - . - IV ANTED?A SECOND H AND "DOMESTIC^ BKW1XO VV Maehlne In BOod order Addrijiw. f" ' price and particular* boa DM Post offlce. Ilolx.lfn N '

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