Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 4
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IjOST a?u rovmu. IOST-THK BODIES Of two" COUPON BONDS OK 91,000 each, marked respectively No*. lll.4l*>and 141,7'JU; per?ons hating taund tint in will oblige lianion de Mlvaay La in ft i, their sole owner aud proprietor, l>y sending tlivui to ^ E. de Uiras. HI Broad at., New York city. 1# inquiries will be uiado , aiery poseitde atcp ha* been taken In (ha U.S. Treasury and tlMvbari (u nraveut the pay ment of Iho bodies of said bonds; a liberal reward will be made lo the party OV parlies rt turning mM dmaafO. OUT?A BLACli~UCK S4JUAKK SHAWL. FRIDAY J evening, going from Ollniore's. '_'fllh n and Madison a* , to linh >i. and Broadway. A liberal reward given by leaving It at l:i Mercer at., up stairs. ____ Lost?on hat ukuay akteknoon. at JMO* Square Hotel or al Stewart's, u maroon leather rocket book, ttitli about flUJ. Kinder libei ally rewarded. Ad dress M., Herald I'ptowu office. AST?A TOfAl fIVB STONlTuOLD CROSS, HK tweeu Slat ?t and Mauhaltaiiville. The Under will be liberally rewarded on leaviug It al 43 Weat HI ft ?t. 1>. FLEMING. 0>T?FRIDAY KVKNIXQ. ON ?TH AV.. BITVIIK IMli ?t. and Firth Avenue Hotel. a gentleman's Locket, with iuitial "IV." A liberal reward givan ir re turned to W.. 11 Wall it., room tt. LOST?SaTURI>AY~t!?? ri%RNOON. ON HT1I AV.. TWO children'* Sacoue*; black, l'lea?e return to 70 Weal Slat at. aud receive reward. I OfcT?THURSDAY 1".VEXING. ON BROADWAY. NEAR J &id St., a white I".iodic. A suitable reward giveu lor Ilia return at The Albany,Tner .">1*1 al. anil llrowiway. KKW AltUk. $'r~RKWAKb AND N<f <il KSTIONS" ASKED?FOR ? ) tho return of a small Skye Terrier, answers to the name of Jack, to -1 lleeknan It <t> | |% RB W ARD. ?LOST, ON TMUKBDAT, JUNE 1, A <Pt'' pearl ;>carl Pin. Address A. II., Herald Uptown Branch office. $r/\ REWARD WILL HK PAID FOB THB EST URN uU of a e'Id lever huntiug caae stem winding Watch, stolen from jewelry more ol Kirbr 4 Sou, New Haven, Conn., between thu nl|[L't ol -lilli aud morning ol ^Htli May. maim factured by American Watch Company, which is printed on taee under crystal and Is marked (I. A. II. L.. I'ark road; No. iKKi. The above reward will lie paid upon presentation aud no questions asked. Address L. 15. H., No. 'JO Nassau St., room 4, New York. 4] |W\ KKWAUl>.?I.OSr7 LAST T. KSDAY EVEN? iPluU ing. Bonl litintlug ease Watch, at em winder; Jas, Nardiu. maker. No. 13.135: owner'* name encrat ed inutile ; no questiuua anked. Address WATCH, box Hid llernid 1 p town Brauch olliee. KKW A RD. - L? 1ST. FRlI ? A Y~ HiiT if ~jT SlTlTl taire Diamond Earring, l>#tween :<ltli and Hth $100 ?ts., titli av. Kinder will receive above reward by applying at Tiff A?T?8. I nlon square. IPBC1AL KOTU'Ek. A FEW KRAI'flO.Vfl, WHOLE OR HALF BONDS of the Industrial Kxlilldtinn Company of New York, which will receive n premium In tlia drawiixr held to-mor row (Monday), June at S o'clock 1'. M ., accnrdlni: to the lilau authornvd by the Legislature ol the State of New York. 4,ouo PREMIUMS, runginir (r mi ?:1 to SUS.Of'>, will be distributed among only 4,000 buudholdcis; BO lilanKa. l-'.'O of a whole bond 9> r>" 1 lo of ii whole bond 5 (M) vio or 1' I-I'll or 1, bond 2! 50 10 10 or >0 20or 1 whole bond 40 (JO Call to morrow, before the drawing, at tho offce of MilKiii.M'llAi . Hit I-NO A 00.. US Turk ro?, opposite the l'oat otlice. AH KIBPANA LYSISOK THE I'll KVENT ABLE CAUSES of pruuiature death in 4^1 medical fan's; selected from a large experience at Ouy's lloafiital. Lo.idou. allowing how disea-e may be removed and irremediable physical aud nautal suffering avoided. Hv JOHN A. HKVa.N, M. 1)., 145 Si h St., near liroadu ay ; ollioo houn H to 4. American institute?a kkoulak meeting op ibis Institute will be lield at its rooms In the Cooper Building on Thursday, the 8th day ot .lune. al S I'. M. O. CLEVELAND. President. Ciiaklks McK. Lkokkr, Recording Secretary. A?ISAAC U HOYCK. 1H.7 HUOAHWAY, LAWYKIt? ? Divorces obt lined pr uuptly, vtitlioiit publicity; deser tion. Incompatibility. haMtuai druukeuuess. inndeilty, in human treatment, conviction of felony. I'nssports obtained. A IT EN T ION!- fwk N T Y ~Y LA BS' PR08SI AN 11 OS pital experience; diseases of men in ail its branches, even id long standing, u specialty, ronaiiltatiou and inedi elites free. M.jA('OB\,M D., llll Hleecker st. A? A.?ALL PRIZES t'ASlIKl) IN COLD AT THIS ? olhcj Third l.oui-iniin gold distribution. New ilrleans, .Inly rn, 1M7H. Capital priae #Hm is?i gold !! :t,'?Ni priies amounting to S3O2.0UQ. W.ti 0 tickets $!K> currency. Coupons In proportlou. Apply for Information Ac., to \V ILLIAMSON Jt CO., brokers, 317 Uroaduuv, l'ost office box ti.ttill. ALI-KN .V CO., 7? NASSAl" ST., XKW YORK.? Wyoming lottery draw* Juue 10. Capital prise, distributed. lickets SI; six for $5. Circulars mulled tree. Prix<-* cashed. FACl WOKI'Jl K; MKMlihklN ..?OWNKits OK Ne? York cltv vacant property in lee. free ofmort gage, or nearly so, to Hiring the same improved with new buildings, cmi) have such improvement made at a low price to suit hu.v plan: puv tor the entire cost will be taken back in a inortifhtfi' for a term of years upon the same property when completed cxtensiv ? alterations inadr on the >nnie Srinciple; second inort^u: fs taken in payment when the r*t mortgage in not to ? lurgc. Apply to or address JOSEPH M. 1)1 N V Architect, 1(15 and lf>7 Broadway. Al l. LAHIB8 AFFLICTED WITH iUPKBPLUOijS hair ? ?n the lips, cheek, chin, arms, who have tu vain tried the various depilatories in use for this purpose, may apply to Mine JULIAN. with the certainty of guaranteed and perfect success. Mine. Jl'LlAN has removed this dis figurement radically aud permanently in the worst possible cases where all previous at tomtits have failed. Application must he in ado personally at her residence. No. JIG West 88th st.. trom i> to 4 daily. -VtiwuKK YACHT RACis, Tift* HSU AY, JUNE 8. 137*>.?The fast and favori e steamer M AURN'TA will ac comoauy the yachts on the above race. For time and land ings ho Wednesday's and Thursday's daily papers. 4 SN A CONNELLY S HAIR >.\iA ATIo.V - TWO TO JiV. fonr applications restore grayest hair to the original color; no lead or silver used; harmless as water; makes the hair beautiful. Sold bv druggists and hair dealers. Mauu lectured at 17 West 4th st. \BSOLUTR DIVORCES FOR REPARATION, AO.? Pay when divorced. Advice free. AMERICAN LAW Ai JF.NCY, 71 Astor House. -KKSlUCKY STATIi LOTTERIESUF J. 8. SMITH j\. t en hKMTL'CEV? KXTIIA Ct.AS* 471 KOR 1 N70. 2, 11, 07, 4* 44. 21. 2??. 71. 34, 15, 56, ?2, 7S. KKXTPCKT?CI.ASS l7J FOB 1S76. 4, 59. Ill, 24. *?2. 15 IJ7, -Ml. 7:t 33, IS. ??, 52, 7ti Ail orders address H. NATHAN, 18t Broadway, or Post office t?.?\ i,S7U New York ell ? PAKKS, KMEKSON X CO." ? Kentucky State Lotteries, drawn dally. Koyai lisvaua Lottery, drawn every 17 days. Kentucky Sin/le Number Lottery, ifr.iwn June 24, 1H76L Prises cashed, information furnished and c irculars tree. ISO Broadway Post office box, 3,272 New York. V?FlitsT PRIZE, $10K.t**> OOLD. ? Main drawing of the Ducal Brunswick Government Lottery, from May 16 to June l>. l*7t?. (?t',5tW> tickets, 28.500 prise*. BonuI Havana Lottery Next drawing dune ?*, I KTtV. Full explanatory circulars tree. THEODORE KSCllOCII, Box 5,.W4 Post office. 1 lrt Nassau st.. New York, All diseases or tiii: blood and nervous system treated successfully, and permanent cures guaranteed Consultation tree. Dr. WKS'I'S old estab lished office, 45 Illeecker st.. near Broadway. I ISEASES OF MEN A SPECIALTY? I)1 HENRY A. DANIELS. M. D., 144 Lexington nr., bear 2'Jth st. < Mice hours from s to 3. fSTHTj JORDAN' sol! proprietor OK the J / New York Museum of Anatomy, has removed his resi dence and oflice to No. 5 Washington place, three doors wes*. of Broadway. P^YK, I \ ic niROAT. CHEST %ND NERVOUS DV* j ea*es specially treated by Dr. (Jl'lXANO, frotn 10 to 4 r. M 1"7 i.*?i lutb ?t ?1RAND KKNTI CK\ SI M l. DISTBIBUTIOX I June 24.? SIMMONS A DICKINSON, \snsgert; 26.43m Prises For sfRrlsl eirculars, ^iMiur full explanation, address Ageu: for MtinuKers, it. II. BOOTH, Post office box 3.1X17. New * ork. Hon. John b buaiiy ius kindly t onskntkd to preside at Chickeriuj; Hall on Thursday evening, dune S, at Mr. W. Irviuj- Bishop's Entertainment In aid of the Meritorious Charity connect id with the Church of the Stranger*. Havana SlTTKRY N! XT DRAWfNt* OF 40^001 tickets and prises. .1 uiih i?, |h7?V For pai* ticolars address B. MAHTINKZ X Co., Nu. 1U M all st., basement. Post office box 4.tVsj. N. B ?Highest price paid for Spanish void and Havana Batik bills. Drafts on Havana ill all amount* issued. " IJARD TIMEK**?RICHARD WALTERS' HONS, J 1 auctioneers, 27 Ka?t Broadway, advance cash ou Furniture, Pianos, Carpet-, Liquors, Ac.: dry storage; best rtf?rences. Established 25 years. Keep ct>oL-wi;aTI siiaYNE'H half OUNCE Hat, the lightest and most comfortable summer hat for gentlemen over in.rodnced; the mo?| stylish aud dressv ever worn; price 4;'-' 5<?. Found only at SllAYNE'S, Waf lack's Theatre Building, Broa*iway and 13th st. Straw tioods in icreat variety. KZjkJOU**) in PRIZJ ,s. EVKRY'"oTVIER'"TICKET ? a prise Kentucky State t'lutfle number OranU Dis IriDUtion draws June 24." i.imi tickets, 2.'?,42tt piixev VI bole tickets #l<>; halves, #?"?; quarters, f'J 50. Koyal Havana Lottery, to lie drawn June *V M hole tickets $J<>\ tenths and twentieths in proportion. Kentucky State Lotteries, drswn daily. For int. rniation, crenlars, Ac . address or apply to JACKSON a CO., lUniy*. J> 2 Broadway, Now York city. ?CHRONIC CATARRH. DEAFNESS; IMPROVED method , instantaneous relief. permanent cures. Dr ? 1 ? ??' 1 > \ ..1? No ^ \S, st lttbst. Lawsuits %Trr.NDEn to advice oratiS; debts collected; liens and attachmeiits obtained; fees ?lei>eudrnt oa success title-* searched; deeds, mortitace*, assicntiient* and all oilier lejral patters skilfully prepared T. FRANCIS tHHRONs, Counsellor at-Law, Notary Public and Cotnmi??ioner oi Dee .*. U West 4th, between Broad* way aud Mercer. Office hours from * In the morning till 9 iu the eveniute. Inquiries by mail promptly answered. MODKUN AND ANTl^l I: BOOKS. PAINTINOF. Work* Art, Furniture and Curiosities f.ought and a?*ld at No 4 University place. VTivW YORK JI'KE I, 1^70 11 To the Public:? We, the undcrsiy iicd. do most respectfully call your atten* lion to the faci that we have reui ved ??ur pianoforte buei* ne?* tr??iu N# fa? Mleeekrr st.. to our elegant w arerooui*. No Bleeeker st . where we resume our busiue?s until further notice. We keep ftqnsre and upright Pianos, of our own manufacture, and we will take much pleasure at auy time you or your friends are in the city to show you our 'htock. Our motto will be quick sales and small profits. The iiimi of Deeker A Bros., New York, is ca?t in the iron plate ?t the left baud corncr, imide. - f all oar luauo* None yen (line without it. DhcKhR A BIIOI HEKS, . t*H Bleeeker st. f N. B We do not advertise any patent homhujs for the pnrpo?a Of blindluif the public , neither have we t?i> connection w ith any boose of the same name established at a more recent date VTERVOUS EXHAUSTION.?A MEDICAL FSSA* Xs comprising a series of lectures deflverei at K ah it's Ma* eeum of Anstomv. New York, on trie cause and cure of Pre mature Decline, showing indisputably how lost health may be regained, affording a clear synopsis of the ic>t>ediment? to marriage and tbo treatment of iicetou* and phjsical debility, being tke result of 2" vears' esperieuce. Price 25 centm Ad dreas tbo author. Dr. U J. KAlAX, office and residence 61 East lOth st. New York. Vinr yoke YACHT RACE, THURSDAY, JUNE 8, )0M?T1ie fast and favorite steamer MACiENTA will ac compaov the vnents ou the abeve race. For time and land iati so# Wednesday's and Thursday ? daily pnpora. K SPECIAL NOTICES. PTlIs'oR HEMORRHOIDS RADICALL/"ciRED; original painless treatment; two to four weak* re quired; no fees until cured; circular* tree. Dr. STOD i DaRD'S only oBiee. No H Writ 14th at. N. B.?The public ! mro caationcu nctiiiit imitators of my advertisement*. R' OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY?*000.(100 WILL BR drawn ou Juue ?>. Prises cashed ; order* filled : iufor I inutiou furnished; hi ? he a I rates paid lor Spanish bill*, gov ernment*. AC TA Yi.oR X CO.. Bankers. No. 11 Wall at.. New York EMOTED.?MRS. E. MUNEOE TllLL. ELECIRi ciuu; Board aud Nursing. 083 Hudson at., u*ar Bank. ^I'MMEBWRAR. Jean Draweri, 28 to 48 inches, 80c. a pair. DtimUrti and Drawer*. 23c,, 37a, 50c. and 75c each and upward. J. W. JOHNSTON. No. 260 Grand at., New York; 437 6th ar.. corner 20th at. S-OKKICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOT . terle*. SIMMONS * DICKINSON. Manager*. CKNTCCET, SITKA CLAM HO. 3o3?JL'JIK 3, 1K76. M, 30. 09, 41. till. 77. 7*1. 2, 53. 4". 74 21. KKMTUCKr, CLASS NO. 304?JUHK 3. 1876. 40, a, 7a, 40, 62, 0. :i3. 31. 73. OH. 07, 23. UKMKY. S.XTKA CLASS MO. 263?JTHk. 3, 1H70. , 48, 51. 20. 37, 26, 34. 73, 06. 17. 37. 30, 2. X1KNKT, CLASS SO. 2?4 ? JCKK 3, 1870. 10. 58. 23. 21. Ix i. 1, 18. 52. 7*. 74. 31, 40. Full Information hjr applying to or addressing J. CLUTU A CO.. 200 Broadway, or bos 4,'JOU Pott office. Q -*30.000 IN PRIZES?F.VkitV OTHER TICKET A ij, Prise.?SIMMONS A DICKINSON'S siugle number Kentucky State Lottery to be drawn Juue 24. IH70; 23,43 I prises out ul 511,000 tickets; also Royal Havana to be drawu on June 0, 1S70. J. CL>1 TE k CO.. 200 Broadway, or box 4,000 Post office. rTHB WORRIED AND ANXIOUS MERCHANT, THE J. tired clerk, the busy lawyer faxged "nd harassed b.v tbe dutlea of an arduous profession, aud all who daily uudergo a physical or menial strain. which teude to deprive the system ol it* vitality, should reinforce it* energies with that pure, lone esmbllslied and palatable iuvigoraut. UDULPIIO WOLFE'S Schiedam Aromatic Schuapp*, which t?, more over, an excellent diuretic aud general corrective. THE PACE AM? SKIN~ BEAUTIFIED BY ~A PARISIAN method; no mineral* used: the art eanuot be detected: ladle* waited upon at their roldfnce*; eouynunlcatiom con fidential. Adore** Prot. LA MONT, bux 170 liorald office. rrut' halt oDxci* rat intuoducrd by I 1 SIIAYNE, Wattack's Theatre Building, (a the mo*t p?pu ' lar aumuior hat ever introdnced: price $2 50. Found only at SIIaYNE'S wholo*a!? aud retail hat houae, Broadway and 13th at. KXAS~ INFORMATION BCRKA0?TEXAS LANDS, Ac. Send for circular. JAMES PLANT, Manager, 2w llroadway, New York city. THOU. 8TEVEMSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. NO. 70 Wall*!., will undertake the proaecutlou of leKitlmate claims on contingent e.>ui|Mii*alion. A/7f\/l AllII ?ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. ? ?IP* )U U.UvU, Next drawing Juue 0. Circulars and lull particulars sent free. P. C. DEVLIN X CO., Stationers and General Agents, No. 3 Park row. ucur Ami *t. (opposite Post office). New York. HPOUTisti?iiocih. mum, ' ,1 -FOR SALF-, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS" A, Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases; Prepared Food for mocking birds, at B. O. DOVEY'S, No. 3 Greene St., near Canal. L"10R SALK?SETTERS, SPRINGERS AND COCKER. J Spaniel*. Scotch, skye and black and :an Terriers; also other iuncy Dogs. W. IIL HI I'll KEY'S. 100 Fulton ?t.._New York. I "Toe sale?an elegant pair op pet "elks, 1 male and female, price #3(0, delivered aboard car* at Cheyenne, Wy. T. GMU. 10. SUM PLE, 341 Washington St.. New York. OR SAL-A GOOD, BROKEN POINTER 8LUT, IM ported Iroin Europe, aud three water Paogle Pup*. Call, tor live day*, at 211 Fulton at. fjVoB sale-one very la rg e newfoun d" 1 land Suit; Pups ol the (ante (tock; Setter* and Point ers, thoroughly broke; setter Pups, alx mouth*, old. iluest iu the country; two Esquimaux Dogs: iour Pupa of same stock: six ot the finest Bull Terrier* in the city. J. U. GARDNER, corner Broadway ami .VHh st. SECOND HAND SOOTT 1) REECII-LOADE R. 10 BORE, and alio a Daly, 1 . bore breech loader, with sole leather Case and Implements, very low. II. C. SQUIRES. No, 1 t'ortlandt *t. THK Tl'llK. 'AMERICA'S' JOCKEY C L (?' U. - -S PR I N'G MEKTi NG. j.V 1S70. at Jeromo Park, 3d. Otb. Sth. 10th, 13th, 15th and 17th June. Iiuces comiuence each day punctually at 3 o'clock. A. BELMONT, President. ('. Whsatly, Secretary. UCTION AND FRENCH POOLS SOLD AT JOHN SON's room*, corner Broadway and 2Sth St., everv uiorniiiic and evening during the week on Jerome Park race*; al*o every afternoon on Trotting at Philadelphia. T. B. X W. H. JOII.\SON. UOTION AND KMBXOif POOLS HOLD AT THOMAS' Exchange, l,23ti llroadway, every m iming and eveuing during the week ou the Jerome Park Uuniiing Race*; nl*j Base Ball Games. ? G. M. THOMAS. A~UCTlbN AND FRENCH POOLS SOl.D TlMIORROW eveuing at NEW YORK TURK EXCHANGE, IS West 2.-1I1 at., ou the JKROMi'. PARK runnliig races. Prompt at tention given order* by mail or mexiongor KM.LV, BLISS A CO. Bklmunt r.viiK. Philadelphia, Pa., June 19, 21 tud 23, July 4, 0 aa/ $22,510. MONDAY. JINK 19 No. 1.?Purse $2,u O. for 2 :22 class; $1,200 to first, $000 to second, r20 i to third. No. 2.?Purse $1.500. for 2 :30 class; $900 to first, $400 to second, to ihird WEDNESDAY. JOKE 21. No 3. ? Pun? $.'1 OuO, free lor all; $l,bUO to Brit, $90) to second, $3t?J to third. No. ?*?Purse $.,0.?), for2:25 elwi; $1,200 to first, $003 to socund, $2t4J to third. FRIDAY, JUNE 23. No. Purse $1..MA), tor 2: .'8 class; $900 to first, $400 to second, 9200 tu third. No. (i.?Purse *1,.'.IJU, special. TUESDAY, JCLY 4. No Purse for 2 :30 class; $tKJO to first, $400 to second, $2U? to third. No. 8.? Purse $1,900, speclsl. tii ursdTTj uly a No. 9.-Purse $2.1 WO, lor 2 :22 class; $1,200 to flrrt, $tKJ0 to second, $21*1 to third. No. 10.?Purse #1,5 o, special. SATURDAY, JULY (J. No. 11.?Purse $3,t hi, tree for all; $1,800 to first,$900 to second, $3(1) to third. No. 12,?Purse # 1.?), tor 2:28 class; $900 to first, (400 to sevoud, $2U0 to third. All to be mile heats, 3 in 5, lu harness. National rules to govern. Entrance ten per rent of purse. Entries close WEDNESDAY, Juue 7, at 11 o'clock P. X., and should bo addresr?d to UEoKOK P. KLDREDOE. Secretary, La Pierre Hons*, Philadelphia. KBBPOOT PARK.?ABOUND SPRINO MEETINO June tl, 7. 8 and tt; 3 minute class. 1(1 entries; 2 :SO das*. lO entries; 2;4&class, 6 entries: 2:42 class, 7 entries; 2iiM class, 7 entries: 2 :Mft class. 7 entries; the 2 -M and . ::*) classes did not fill, for a hi:h there will be purses substituted, WJC. McMAflON, Proprietor. HOUSES, CAKH1.VUES, ?KV. A"~Wrt6N. *" " ' AUCTION. OEOROK W. JRNKIN8. AUCTIONEER. will bell os Monday, junk a. at this union AUCTION MART. NO. *i 1HTII ST., NEAR MKO 4DWAY, AT II O'CLOCK IN THE KOKKNOON, the entire stock of llorses. Top Wagons, Coupes, Pony Phaetons , single, double and Coupe Harness; Ladies'and tienticnieu s .saddles and Bridies, Ac., the property of Mr. Southworth; also the entire Stock of Mr. Phlfer. No. 1 is the lines! Coup- or Carriage Train In the Stale, lit bauds, tl years old this <>-,>riui:: warranted sound and kind. The above team are i msscU matched, sud known iu the Park ?a Newport auil mate Newport Is one of the hendv>nie?t dapple Irray horse- in the Slate, his mate i* a dark dapple Itiown: tliey arc al style und very hands.mis. No. ^ is the bay b"r?e Paris: this horse is a thorough Kentucky suddle and harness horse , is li sears oil. I5?4 hands; has all of tht> saddle caits, aiugle foots, trola and canters, and can trol in 3 minutes in harness; la warranted sound and kind. No. 3 Is one of th* handsomest pair of Vermout dap pie bay Horses that i-o a through th* park. lft>4 bauds bl|rh. i years old: are limcky made, and are Just alike: tbey are warranted sound nnd fciml. No. 4 Is a thorough lady's sad dle Horse, 8 sears old, 15}^ lianiis; call be ridden or driven by ladies or children ; is warranted sound and kind. No. 5 is a bay coupe llorse, kind in nil harness, 7 years old, 1MA bauds; Is an extra safe and reliable family horse ; the owner believe- him to he n perfect horse. <l and 7?'Two fast young Trotting Road Horses, sound and kind. either at them can beat 2:40; will be sold separate. No. H?I Ceupe. No Top Road Wagon. No. 10?Pony Phaeton. No. II?(In* extra flue llglit double llarnesa, solid rubber mountings; the harness are solid robber. Ne 11 to 13?Single Harness, very tine. No, 16?Saddles and Bridles. Noa. 17 and la?1 Canopy Park Phaeton and open basket. V B ? All the above stock lsa> gcod as new snd tlrsi cla-s, and will Dosltively be sold to the highest bidders without limit. Sa'e positive, rain or shine, as the owners are golug ?broad. Catalogues now ready at all the principal hotels, with lull description. A" vmuv Al CTIOX OX TUESDAY, ???? JUNE ?. AT il O'CLOCK A M. SHARP, AT PRIVATE STABLE. NO. .n EAST SftfTH ST.. BETAKEN MADISON AND :.T1I AYS., A URMT AND IMPORTANT kankmpt sale OK ALL THE VALl ABLE IIIUH BUKD fast TROrriNU lluRSEfi. ELKUANT CARRIAGES. AC. THE PROPERTY OK IIKKIIERT li UOBLE. K.-?U. BY W. II NELSON. Auctioneer, reparoles- ol coal or value to htithesl bidder: soma have records down In the twenties* 24 hours gi\en It* trial ami examination: are all warranted sound and kind. a lull description of per formances, records and pedigrees will be giTeu in Monday kuiI iu. ?ilays Herald. flNEI.Y BRED BAY MORSE. IMf HANDS, ? . V years old. soaud, kin I and fast; a perfect driver in ail harness and undet saddle, will l>o sold low. tirosveiior Hoarding Stables. 5? West loth st. ~\ VERY ELKO AN f PAIR OK lAl HURUI, wIlH i\ out a l'leaish . t'oupe Kockaway and Harness. all in first class order . for sal* separately or together. Address H. N. B.. liSTMlii nfflcI. . ^ ' AHi>, HANDS ELKUANT ("IIESTNt'T PAIR OK Horses for sale; I have a>ed tlieni for two tears to gether daily; tliey are S and H years old: have fine loni; t^ils; well matched: ssid to bo the most magnificent pair ot horses in this couutrr; can step last and have great endur ance. this pair ut hoi?es are worth the alMuiiou ot ai.y ? .ne willing tu pas for wlist the) want, as they will get all they i>ay lor. Address AND?KtV, 4J2 Broadway. ilAHO'AfN'l^lR t'AMI?A LADY LEA VINO THE city offtfrs lor sale her I'ark Turnout, consisting of the most stylisli and ksaltifnl bay Poti-v in the city. II years old. 13 nauds Itigh. tlowlu^ mane and tail to the grout.d; Is perfectl) gentle for any iliild to rule or drive; warranted sound and kind and lotrol a mile In 2;4,'?; elegant top I'baeton. gold mountings, with harness to match, iat> robe ss4 whip, ail good *? new; would sell separstcly or to gether; this tura 'Ut must ><e seen to be appreciated; seen at private stable No. 13 West 27?li at., between Broadway and 5th sv 1 ?TO LET?THE PI NEST IIOKSEB AND WAOONS ^'*s lu the State, llorses. aljllsli U' and Harness, new. st the Union t'lub stable. -U East ik<Ii si., near Broad ANY llENTLKMl-.N WISHING A FAULTLESS ROAD Horse, very last ami flaeat style, at ulsase ad dress OVt NEK. bos ;t,:.'>4 Post o(B< e. "a ?HALF t'OST. Top PONY PHAEH)N~ iPiiRKEtT i!s orderCanada Horse Harness. Kobe. W hip. stable l.lankeu. ?225; exlonsiun top Phaeton, $1^A; polo, shafts. $11 7tk sv. HORSES. C&RRIAMEM. ?C. A-"RaJOII "llilAHUh W. BAliKEIt, AL'C IIOXEEK. . THE II ANL>3?>*1 lisf KVKK SEEN. PRONOUNCED BY JUDGES TO itK THE UESTliOTOr COACH. SPEI It AMD SADDLERS KEEN IN NEW YOKE KOH tIKTEKN YEARS. CAPTAIN OEOHOE L> II.VSNA, of Bourbon county. KENTUCKY. takes pleasure in aunouiiciutf tils KOI It TEENTII ?sle of the FASTEST GREEN TllOTTEKS III lb* mi> hi. Just arrived from KENTUCKY, to take placeat HAltKKlt A SOS'S City Auction Mtrt mid Now York Tuicrsa!)'*. cot tier of Broadway mul ..Hth St.. on Wednesday NEXT. J unn 7. at II o'c.oek. uud comprising TWENTY-SIX HEAD of tlm richest Lr?il In Ami rica. con sisting of bay Mare JESSICA, 151.. high, foaled April -. ItMtti. (tit by Strador's C. M. Clay, Jr; tlu? is an ole/ant t'ouibiueil saddle and harness mare; sorrel (icliliug WILLIAM PA THICK, l.'ii, high. louled 1S70, got by Neil**' Yellow Jacket; can trot iu three niTuntes; bay Mar* LAUREL GIRL, high, foaled 1H70, gut liy Star Denmark; the molt extraordinary combined saddle ami harness mar* In the world; goes every known vail; can single loot in 2:5(1. Chestnut Gelding I'AKIS CHIEF, 15 V, high; foaled June 25. 1 *71: gut liy Blllie Uohlilnst; can tr>t In 3:10. Sorrtl Gelding HAUItY UOLDDUST. loaled May ?. 1S7II: got by Millie Golddust; can trot lu three minute*. Note ? PARIS CHIEF and IIA KitY GULDDL'ST make one of tbe beat gentleman's KOAl> TEAMS ever brought from Keutuckv. Black Geld ing BERLIN, HI high ; foaled 1B7<>; Kot by Itauniark; la an elegant cou|>e or mutch hone. Brown Gelding AMADOU, 16 nigh; foaled March, 22, 1S0U; Kot by Denmark, Jr.; l> a superb couihiued saddle aud harness li<me; goes all gait*. EXTRAORDINARY aud closely matched PAIR of JET BLACKS, horse ami mare, lull brother and sister, Hi high; foaled lS70and 1H71; got liv Belmcut; are without excep tion the RICHEST STYLED aud bust made UP TEAM ever offered for *ale, are uf unequalled splen did appearance ami great beauty; can trot close to three minutes. Brown Gelding CHANCE 10 Illicit, foaled February 6, 18B0. got by lierr's Mantbrino Patchen; this Is one of the tnvet promising double-waited horses ever known: can PACE IN' 2:30 and trot in 2:50. Chestnut Welding BRISCOE. l.ljj high, foaled 1870, got by Emery's Wagner: can beat three minutes. Black Goldlug CHESTER. l.'i-tj high, foalud 1H7U. got by Woodford Main brlno; can beat 2:5o. Bay Mare SALLIE CLAhNUN, 1 ?' high, loaled lStKl. got by Curtis' llambletoniaii; cau trot iu 2:35. Sorrel Gelding MAMBKINO UOLDDUST, l>Ji high, loaled 1H70, got by lierr's MauibriuoPaichen; cau beat three minutes. Bay Gelding BKN CuTTUN, I5a^ high foaled 1H7U. ?ot by Viscouuti is n premiutii combined SADDLE AND lARNEbS horse; goes all gaits. Brown Maro BELLE BOYD, 15>, high, foaled May U, I*70, got by Hell Morgan: can speed better than a 2:40 gall. Itoan Mate ELLA WEStLAKE, I.jI, high, loaled IS70, got by Almont; can show a 2:41' gait. Browu Gelding EPH LAY'TON. l.'i1. high, loaled 1870 got by lierr's Maiuhrino 1'atcheii; cau beat 2i'J; gray Ocldlng DEFIANCE. l.'iV, high, loaled 18tr7, got by II art s Pilot; can go to any track show TilKEE HEATS BETTER THAN 2:IO; bay Gelding FANCY, IS?* high, foaled 1S71. got by Osceola; an elegant saddle auil harness horse ; brown filly EPFIE GLYNN. 15', high, foaled J illy 2, 1872, got by Harold; thl* is one of the HIGHEST BUED ami must promising fillies In America; can show a three minute gait; sorrel (folding ALilE MaRLE, 15). high, foalud 1X70. got by Star Denmark; a perfect combined saddle mid harness Guiding; goes all gaits; sorrel Goldiug CHARLEVOIX, la'* high, loaled 1870, got by Balaora; an elegant combined saddle and har ness horse ; pair of black (ieldlngs, LANTZ and MATE, Ki^ high, foaled 1870, got by (.'lark Chief; have SIX WHITE f?ET. are the uiost KXTKAOltDINARY MATCHED TEAM iu the world: SUPKUli ACTION aud ricn style; roan mare ETfA, l.r>>j high, fouled IS71; got by Almoin ; can trot la three minutes; above are all warranted sound and kind, and are uow at the Mart FOK TUIAL; Dr. JOHN W. CLAKKK. iij't-'nt lor Caplnin Hanna, cordially invites EVEUYBODY to couio TO-DAY or at any time PREVIOUS to sale aud HIDE BEII1ND aud 'l'ES I' (lie saddle tiualities and SPEED of any of the lot KKFOKK tbe time of sale. Catalogues, with extended pedigrees, now ready. Sale positive; no postponement. A? M AJOR OU AS. W. 1IAUKER, AUCTIONEER . EXTRAORDINARY SALE of contractors DUMP WAGONS, OA UTS, HORSES, double Harness, Cart IIarnets, ike., At., at BARKER A SON'S City Auction Mart und Xew York TaltcrsaU's. corner of Broadway and aiith ?t.. ou Saturday, June 11), ut 11 o'clock, the property of ? well known CONTRACTOR retiring from basinets, ana C'TV^hStVFIVE four-whoeled DUMP WAGONS. In line order, the best in use fur moving earth, snnd, gravel, bricks, stone and for all practical purpose*; dump ou either stdn. SEVENTEEN tvtowucelcd Carta, all fa lioe shape aud at good as now. SIXTY-FOUR SETS of double Wagon, Stage or Truck Har ness. with Collars, Bridles, Lines, Ac., complete; ail nearly now. TEN SETS Cart Harness, Hue order. FAIR OF superior heavy Draught Horses. WRIGHT 2.H*> POUNDS, and warriuitcd to be equal to anythlug of their weight. HA IK OK closely matched bay Geldings, liiJJ hands high, *1 and H years old: better than ordinary travellers; aUu a very elegant set of light double Harness. STOCK WILL be on exhibition Wednesday ?ext up to sale ; sale without reserve or postponement. THE SPECIAL attention of CONTRACTORS, TRUCK MEN and FAKMEllS is directed to this sale. A-MAJOK CHARLES W. BARKER,"AUCTIONEER FLEETWOOD PARK J LN E 2, l?7tt. M SSRS. C. W. BARKER A ssONt GENTLEMEN-AFTEK SHOWING M V HORSES to day, a* advertised, on FLEETWOOD TRACK, the LARGE AS SEVBLY there told me that "IIONRSTY WAS THE BEST I'OLICY." and Irom the showing they made they aero WELL SaTISFIEO that mv catalogue of sto.'k was deserv ing of EVKRYT1IINU 1 claimed them to be. Respectfully, W. J. BACON, THE SPkKI) SHOWN UNDER THE WATCH. THE UNEXAMPLED EVENT. MAJOR BARKER has the honor of announcing Mr. W. J. MACON'S (if the CARRINOTON STUD FARM, Mont fomerv Post office. Trieg county. KENTUCKY) second i NPKECEDENTED annual SALE of the fattest GKEEN and TRAINED TROTTERS ever offered at auction, just ar rived Irom Kentucky, to take place at BARKER A SON'S Citr Auction Marl aud New York Tattersall't, corner of Broadway and 3Ulli St., on MONDAY (to-morrow), JUNE ; 5. at 11 o'clock, and comnrisluir TWENTY-THREE head ol STALLIONS, GELDINGS \ and MARES, WINNERS at all the Southern Kentucky and ! Tenuessee FAIRS, In saddle, harness and SPEED rings, that can trot in from 3J^ dowu to BETTER THAN 2:30, the get ol Exchequer. Blue Grass, Tenth Legion, Ac., Ac., and 1 including two extraordinary gentlemen's TROTT1NU | T THAT THE STOCK came from KENTUCKY the bills of j lading, freight hills and insurance policies ttoin point of shipment. CERTIFICATES of SECRETARIES of FAIRS, < Ac., are ready to exhibit to all desiring to see them. STOCK subject to \cterinary surgeon's examination, aud I are now at the Central Avenue Stables, Central av., near Fleetwood Hark, where thev can be seen In harnets or un der sadute ana SPEEDED up to Sunday (to-day), J uae 4 when thev will be removed to the Mart. THE f!ME claimed lor these horses WAR SHOWN UNDER THE WATCn at Fleetwood I'ark on Friday Juno X In the preseuce or* large number of gentlemen from ALL PARTS or the country. CATALOGUES, with lull particulars, pedigrees, records of performance*. Ac., now ready at the Spirit, 1'urt and Mart offices, or at the stable*. SALE WITHOUT reserve or postDonement. Tauction. ~~ ON TUESDAY, JUNK ?, I87H. BY VAN TASfcELL A KEARNEY, AUCTIONEERS, at their Auction Mart. 110, 112 EAST 13TH ST. NEAR 4TH AY., AT 10 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT PONY ESTABLISHMENT-DAPPLE BROWN PONY. 1-1 liards high, 8 years old; kind and true in all harness, free from vice: an extra saddle bony; is very handsome and stylish and prompt aud liand.v driver; hat been used by a lady the patl two years ana it In every reaped one of the safest and tlnest ponies in the city; also set toid mounted Harness, in good order, anil TOP PONY PHAETON on C SPRINGS. Can now be saeu at the Mart. EXTRA STYLISH AND OKNTEKL PAIR BAY GELD lugs. 1ft*, hands high, 7 and 8 years o.d; kind and true in ull huin*ss; hare no vice or triuk ; are spleu did driver* double, single or tandem; are both as Que leaders at any In the couutry; are afraid ol nothing; neither thy nor pull; they can tret iu about 3 miuutea together, and arc wari anted sound. BAY GELDING ROYAL GEORGE, GOT BY ROYAL Oeorge. dam by Rysdyk't llainldetouian; fine, lull mane and tali; 1hands high, N ?ears old; kind aud true In all harness; Iree Irout vice: is n siyiith and handy driver; he trotted last <ear a lull mile in 2:33)^ a id can beat U :4l> now; he has never trotted lor money, consequently lias no record, but hat been used exclusively for a road horse, and If put In training would make a VERY VALUABLE TRACK IKIRSE; it very steady and reliable, possesses great bottom and endurance, and is warranted sound. CHESTNUT OELItING (THOROUGHBRED), GOT MY A8TEROID, d im Mlliy Lewis, by lievenue, formerly the property ol P. Lorillaril. Esq.; losled 1K72; 15Vf? hands high ; has no viro or trick; Is well broken to snddle : I* eery compactly built, with pi uty of bone and musclo; would bo admirably adapted to HURD LING or Sl'EEPLECII AS1NG and Is warranted sound. HANDSOME BROWN GELDING. Hi HANDS HIGH. 8 YEARS OLD; kind ami true in all harness; perfectly free from vice or trick of any kind; he is oue ol the tin est aud uio.t reliable horses iu New Y'ork for road or carriage uae; cau pull two uieu tup Wagon A FULL MILE IN il;5UI)R BETTER: lias sire and strength enough to draw a eoupe; is perfectly gentle and docile, does not puil or shy. .slid ul.ogether is one ol the tuott desirable road unn rarriacc horses combined ever of fered lor sale; ho is afraid of uothlng and is warranted sound. LIGHT PARK PHAETON, Bl'ILT BY WOOD BROS. BAROUCHE. NEARLY NEW, BY MINER A bTE \ ENS. CLARENCE. IN GOOD ORDER. BY DUNN. CURTAIN COaCII. BY BKKWSTER A CO.; COUI'E: IN fine order. Iiy Miner A Stevens: light curtain Itoeka wny. top aud no top I'liavi out, Road Wagous, Saddlis, Bridles. Ac . Ac Vuction house or \kcii Johnston! ~~~ lit. 21. 2:1 iilid 2ft 13th st., near University place. SALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES ARE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AT lo O'CLOCK. ON BVBRY HORSE WARRANTED SOUND FROM 24 HOURS TO 3 DAYS FOR TRIAL. THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND MOST RELI ABLE HOUSE IN T1IE CITY. GENTLEMEN HAVING HORSES OR CARRIAORS to sell, or those wishing to buy, will find oui business continued on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have alwavt characterised the dealings ol our house, and won the respect mid confidence of the bntlness community, as well as the public at large. LIBERAL ADVANCES ON CONSIGNMENTS. ? BEAUTIFUL 81DK BAR TOP WAGON. FINE A Harness; *l*o Hrewster Wagon, cheap. 511 East i liuii st ANIBBtEAROLD IIORSK, NEW I'll VETON AND Harness tor tale, having no ute for them : would ex change for diamonds at low rates. Address "STAR." Herald Uptown Branch office. A FINE FAMILY OiTkTiaD lliHlsl. FOR SALE.?IS JV afraid of nothing; will exchange for one of less valna. 2Ut>>. Greene st., to day ; 70 Beckmaii st., until sold. TEN NY. VKAMILT NH HAVING M l cll Usk FOK T\ Horse would like to take a gentle one for hi* keep the tuinniei; betl o care; or would -hire at low price. Addreit CAREFUL.. M7 Bowery. " \'t a Bargain roii male, a ih sknbury a van liuser ball sprint: Wagon, in lint class order; Just the thing lor depot ute or exercising; light aud handy. Apply at -IK*1, Broadway, up Hairs. V "phaeton wanted FOR good mUBD POKT; would also take llaruets. Addrets, wltb price, which mutt be low. box iHJIl Post ortice. V?GENTLKMAN'S COMPLETE TUKNOU T?HOKSK , l.'ik,. free ironi fmlt or blemish, no boots, i an trot in 2: i-">. 8 years old ; lady ran i*rl?e him : ton and lioad Vk aaon ; bast makort; little u??d; told separately ortogethcr. Ad drets X. V. Z., Itcralil office. . \LL SECOND HAND-TOP Ro vD W AGON. BY Batet. #!:*<; TCart. by Ham flint; also top and no top Business, Express nnd Bakers' Wagons, $.gi to #7>k Re pository. Hudson and 1'lth st* A-IMIAETt'N TlllN'itl; ItKiiWN MAKE. 1'.', , hands, s v.-art; touud and kind, lady cau drive ; top Pony Phaeton, II uness and Lady's >addle; all city make; la g?H?<1 order. lift Hi st -IHIt st. A WAGON NOT FXCEI.LED In America lor completeness and perfection?STIVERS' Warwick and BUCKINUHAM; see them, with hit re nowned Circular Combinttion Spring, making a perfect wagon for both pleasure and speeding INV hsllUATE IT; ?tall liM ia vararcOTSt. 144 to 1W Rati 31st st HORSES, CAlUli VCJK5. <KC. \LL UOODW WARKANTBI) A* r e p r k > e vr e 1)7 Uuinrie.. $l50to$22.->: Itockaway* ?13:> to #:????. Depot VVuroua, 4I:?'to fclO. Pbaeloui. $125 to $175. IIiruew. $1U In $225; all atvle*. Sheet*. $1 to ft); Lap Dnatera. (1 to $3; Whip*. Mt to Hi. (Quality iruaranteed lo give (atiafactinu. Ao examination .oliciied by JOHN MOOttE. 57 Warren at \ uoou leather roc Hitii.v. skaklv nTw ?, 'or ?*'<? ehoap; full apring*; thiM-ouftar Mat. 52 Wot Itltb at. An KLKUAKT' OL.VSS FRONT LANDAU. OK Till '^oudon *ty!? by W.?od llrothera, la perfect order, at Balf price. Inquire at 13 Baal 5Sth at., in the oB:e. ASECOND H A ND LAN DAuTas UOOU Art SEW*! dA"? jy.W"1 l""1 *M,'# ,'?"P?'. lor ??!? cheap at MUM jtuRD k OO, H al able. lt?i Thompaou at. A GENTLEMAN'S ROAD HORSE FOB KALKThEAF ** IAMB'S (table. 3Hth at., near 5th av.; Pity Welding, !&)?. 10 yttn old; good roods u?r A*'elegant white ladies' saddle and oie ?H5Sih?av *' a,Mi Phaeton and llarnaaa, $300. Mia APULL and COMPIJiTE ASSORTMENT OP THE "Brewater Wapig," the atandard for ?tyle aim quality. now ready for Inspection at onr factory and warerooua, Broadway and 47th at.. ? . , .. .Hit ar. and 14th at. ..." P*c 11 ?Jtantlun li called to oar improvement ui aide bar ? ?g >u?.Which enable ua to offer the light**!, aaleat and beat riding wagou ever pro-lnced. BMEWSTBB k CO. (of Broome at.) AOUAKOE TO Bt'V HORSK, PIT FOK A LADY~TO drive. ll*ru?.a and Pheaton. $250; a apleudld Landau. TlOWe.tiuS, ^*u Shetland Pouica. vary cheap, at BASKKT~PHAEToSTbuTIt " HV^ FLANDBAU; IS ?ary atyliah and In perlect ordor; baa fftth wbael ?*??" 1?" r?v"albl* ?" umbrella: loweat price, $JU0; coat $JoO. be aecn at 151 Eaat 3Stb at. 13 -$1?0. COST $325-ELEiiANf~ LEATHER TOP ilhi-. t'V* u etoB: UMI11 ,llru" Cunulngham* atabloa, 115 Barrow at., near lireeuwich. pAttRIAOES ~AT EXTREME LOW MANUFACTUR v, il*' price*; all tnv own make and warranted: I'onv and ll?ht extension top Park Phaeton*. ail prico*; Buinrte*. ,,,r!r."!T' Depot, Jump yeai and Kxpreaa Wagon a. and other atyle* of varloaa qualille* ami price* ; a:>lendid ooctor i Phaeton cheap. Cll A RLES (iKl'HK. WH Canal at. S^AKKlAGES FOR THE COl'N TRV.?sIX-S^AT ROCK 11 ?Ur'- t",r,u"ntu?,?*. lour-*eal cut-unuer Rockawaya, l'h?l.'..? *b'on*. wlib and without top,; top and open Pony 1 haetona, of all atylaa; light extension top Phaetoua, lor one horse; both new and aecoud band. WM. H. GRAY, 2o and 22 Wooator tt. / 1 ARRlAtjEK.?SRCOND HANI* POUR AND SIX PAS Warona. Buggie* (elliptic daullt ' Tro,!"i< SLWStl U"X Cl,ru' ''""tona, L?u d*ulet- tt. H. STA ERS, 144 to 152 East Slat at. KK^Al5H_Wii OKKEK UN USUAL PA A mnd l'roruP? *"rk In our roi.alr depart inont. Careful oatiuiatea made wlieu <!?,ired. We UuUh all carriaKei both uew and old. with Valentine A Co.'a Ameri i*?? fnl t" br,l,Ullcv ?u?1 curability by any yaruUli ol fcnifllah munufaeture. HKKWSTtK k CO (of 5.r.r^d,i?'Bro*d*''~,d 47,u ,i-; /COMPLETE TURNOUT POK SALE CUEaP?CONSIST. iu? of a liorae. 0 yeara old. firewater aid* bar Watrou *.V*W **' of Hjf08""- Uau be aeen at Jackaon'i atable. Atlantic av., near Claaaou, Brooklyn. /"joupe rockaway for sale cheap?also \J coupe IIarneaa. Call at 317 Waahlnirton at. VXTKNHION TOP PHAKTtlNS. POR ONE AMD TWO Hi horatl; Lljfh and low door Rockawaya. Pony Phaetoua, a ureal variety of atylea. We offer a large alock oi theao Carnairea at very low P'lc"- A. T. DEMARKST 4 Co, ftW and tKIU Broadway. Fink Cabuiaueu. ~ Landaua. | Coupe, I Hlx-aeat Rockawava Mr'ti U'#U" Coachea. I Coupe Rockawaya, Hrctla, |\lcloriai, I T Cart*. The Uueat alock in tbe city, at very low prlcea. . A. 1. DKBAREST k CO.. Manufacturer*. U2M and 030 Broadway. TjlOB SALE-POR WANT OF USE. A SIDE BAB TOP .r.? ,',w^iiSK"uVLsaM,s,o?,iV'**a 543 Weit 15th at. F?5 ?^B-A Hfct;uND UAND EXTENSION TOP i r-'f Pba.ton, made by J. R. Lawrence; In prime or i>tbKMILK^ S. 1J5 ?ud 137 Christie tt., K. Y. F"?, *,AhP?K BKAUTJPLL BAY PONY 10 HANDS hi(th, Syearaold. $100; two little Euvilih Donkeya, VjOeach; all wail broken for children. ? T. HAKM M, Bridgeport, Coon. IjlOR SALE-A LABUE BROWN HORSE. 0 YEARS old; aound in everw reapeei. Can be aean at 31 Eaat ad at.. ??">'? -d av. JACOB WEEKS. 313 Bowery. F?2,!ft;,E-7.\N Ml? established" : 1 up ,,n n"' cl*?? "fder. aecomniodatinK Ho horaaa. central, near Broadway ; aell low. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar at., or 219 and 221 Weat 4t>tli at. F?iuuikt.Lfk-^EK fKTK~DolTBI,fc HARNESS; hacking; eltymede; good condition; on?? 5711, ^lhhor. tueker, at a bargain. Apply at 154 Ka?t R liAiTe ? i'NVO 1JUHT WAOONB; WILL-BE 60LD X cheap. Apply at 51*0 fcaat 14th at. L~H)R SALE?A SIX-SEAT rockaway. ALMOST iiJ S1111 b.e "old tl,e?l) for ?<"h- Apply to WM. BAL I.EM, JIV Canal at. FOR SAlS-A LADY'S ELEUANT TURNOUT; BLACK , Mare, portectly aafe for a lady to drive; nh-e Uarneaa nice pony Phaeton, road Blanketa, Whip. Ac.; all complete' price #4O0. Inquire at 132 Weat 31at at. ' UOR SALB-PALt Vunru HORSES, LACDAtJlair, A T Cart and Uarueaa. Inquire at 34 Weat loth at. IpOB SALE-VERY SUPKBIOR AND EXTRA STYLISH, i? J??e ,irBJ ,c,".upe or c*rr'??? Horae, ltt^J nanda hlifli. ? year* old; wcllbrokeu; kind and true in all barneaa; IVee from vice trick or fault; ia one of the moat de lirable horaea In the State for either u*e ; warranted aound ? a chance aeidom offered; price $375. To be aeen on Mondav Iron. 0 A. M. to 4 P. M.. at 1,004 eth av. ?onoay, Ip?R HALE?A TOP PHAETON IN PINE CONDITION" ., V "V.!? n,l'd: prlc# ?17!i: ?"?? $40J. Can be aeen at ?table 103 Weat 53d al., near Otli av, Fob sale?thokouohh"rkd horse, two pine younK Marea. all aplendid roadatera; Bella Patch*n rtiiy, very protnlains; one Phactou. four aeat W agon, two Berwaler ttnniei, sleiiih, llarueaa. Blanketa, A* ? Trottins Sulky; owner abroad. Apply to S. J. MURPHY Pferrepoiit Hotel. Brooklyn. TL^OR SALE.?$150 WILL BUY? A handsome " -J.?', *? Vi'? kind, ueutle, atyliah carriatrs WeVt^HMiatonTat. ? .t^la, 1^7 For male-no pair opker refused?a team a !?ir-1" j?*}, 8 ?"<1 lo year* old ; *ound and aiud *in|[le or double. At 1.400 Broadway, corner Will at. p)li SALK-A HANOSOMIii HREE quarters BBhD f , . "addi* 15 h?"d*. bright bay; perfectly sound; aold for w ant ot o*e. Can be keen at (table No. 3 We?t Dth FOR"sale.-khetlam: PONIES for i.adiks AND ki im?!.''! ffom H to f.f hand*, tborougly broken. Mubltf, )i8o Htli ar. tj^OR SALK-A UENTLKMAN'S ROAD HORSE A "or?e. I5J, han.l* high, broken to *addle and harneaa; can fro? la three minute*. Apply at >o. 2 )S V eat JCid nl. MUST BE SOLDlriThlK THREE DAYS a light W aron, a Truck, an eleirant Carrlave aud an : u I"1, Mul?. >l! hand*. Apply to DENNIS, Rand * utabiaa, 140 Weat SOtli at HALE-A TolrUU.76v"(h MP SfcAT)7"lN PER. L feet order; alao a cood family bav Horae: kind and centle; aultnble for a lady'a uae ; will *e)i complete, ii.cluJ fug Hariieas for $J.?0, Addreaa W.. Lex 108 Herald Uptown lirancu olnee. FOftSAl.K-A HA.mTsoMK KAMII.Y CARRI AUK. IN apiandid runninir ordor; trimmed with crimaou aatin ? Na t"Ku!itr32dVt1U* " prlV*,J at J^OB SALE?COUPE ROCKAWAY. POLE AND .and alngle llarueaa. Ad are*? T. O. T., Herald Lptown Branch office. F?-i?^f*^nA "5f..PALB YOUN'ii BAY HORSES, with Landau and \ ictoria, made by llrew?ter. Can be keen ?t private stable 114 Weat 18ih at. For sale oheap-nioe black mark, top 1 Ilarneaa, Robe and Blanket*. 4SIO Dili av. T^OR SALE UIIF.AP-TOP BDUlTv" IN EXCELLENT l^are" ' Mll,br. maker*. Apply at No. S Battery Fob *alk cheap?second hand top phaetojF ?o.xl order Inquire at 1011 Chry.tle ?t. ' pov i? mis roi low? ~ .J >t*ble Sheet*, lull lUe. S buttain* at 70c. 1 riiicen check Summer Blnnke-.a ai*.' 5(iilaat vear$t>< hleiram nialacoa and other Whip,. $1 ail (laat year W U. $5) iiardrn floae very be.i It ply. warranted. IJ'/renU Hammock*, large *i*e, beat Mexican cr**a, $2 40. l.arneM. complete, new ainl perfect, from (il up. Lap Robe*, lamb* wool, elegant i lal I patleina $2 50 Sheet*, Duaters, Saeata, llaltera. Clrilnirle*. liriiabe*' ke TUN jfl JOHNSON, 58 Liberty *t. Horses. UoU8jm[t prices to "si it the tlinea; anotuer lot of Sue youns horaea direct from tne country, ainoiij: which are tome fine Mapper*; al? *oine apleudld saddle Punia*; tho*e florae* are verv hardv of fine limn and action and tome of them hare turned out very fa*t; they arc voiiiix and *onnd ai d will he aold low. To be aeen al Erie Railroad vard*, Weebawkon N J Take terry fiom fi ot of 42d at.. North River. ' 11 H llWtLL yUEKS AMI OKtRlIK IV. Top I'on) Pliattoua. Hide Imr nr elliptic tprlti TOP IU?AI> NvAtiHNrt. A. S. H.ANDRAf. 372 mid 374 Rronme ?t. (old ttand ut Rrewatt-r Jt Co.) 'MM WANTKI>?iii?<ill sTOl'T ROBOTS HANDS, well brokrn and ?miud: pcrli'ftlv kind and willing fur hu? una; low price. Addreaa COUNTBV, box 3,7ttM rout ?Mi, At.r VALiit.-fisn. mauk iTv .kik hod win, top >id? bur Huno . nearly new. 124 Weat 10th >1. J- Olil H DRAPKR, Aim ioNKKK. juiin if inupkit * co. will Mil on TTKi^DAY, June 6, at 12 o'cli-cK noun. In trout or uiir atore, PRIVATE KSTA B 1,1 ri 11 M K N T OK A UKNTLEM AN OOINO TO Kl'RoPK. TO UK HOtSl) WllllOLT RBSKRVE. PAIR BAY CARKlAllK IKlK.-tS, 7 and H >ear? old, 16 handa high: kind and gentle. LAMlAi', bi Wood Bro? : VICTORIA, nearly new. by llri-witer A Co.. of 14t!i it. and Mil av : I'liaetnu, ?hlftniK top. Wi?M llroa.; double and hingU- llar ni'??, black hear (kin Kobea, Blanket*, Mad.lli-a, At., t'li- fiitlre eontvnt* ol lila private ?tall;. No. H.t) UVu 31th ut.. whore the almve may be e&aiuiued from ll> to I o'clock every da)' btRirt the aale. W1U. SKTX KOR CASH OK KXi MANUh A MTyT Kb Road llorv> and Carriage at a bargain. Addrrta it. K., bo* 134 11 er?lil offli e. ? ?? KKNTt'CKY UORME8. Jl'ftT ARRIVED. I-'OR MAUL? Klve aaddlcrt, an >d tor crntlrman or lady; line, tint road Mure; large, tine bay, suitable lor coup* or rarrtaire. at Bailey'a nabie. 142 Went 3Mb at. A. 1.. TIIOUMTON. 1ANDACS. J with gi*?* or leather tmnta. and American or foreign top leather and fiuv morocco lining*, A. S FLANDRAl'. 372 and 374 Broome it. (old atand or Krew*ter k l o.) 1AKUK \t?SORTMKNT Of Ht'MMKK allKKTH-UK J all kiada: tancj Lap Dnatura. .Seta. Ear Tipa. At- ; liar Hrta from flit up. tt hlp?, Blanket*, Ar.. eight acta of ?iugla and double hand llarne?a Ut t'omerlurd. ininti-oiub and Omhatii \VM. II. llltAV. VO aud Wnuaier at. VT(i VU UCI jOl.TINU \ EllirEEs.-i. SE TIIE EXCKI alor Elastic Wheel, wall asieboxa* tu?pended in rub ber cuablnu? ahock, drumming noiae, vibration all atopp?da add jeara to durability ut ?ag?n* Mend tor circular J. B. SAJIHIb M Co., i.-tu-t Broadway* HURHEft, CARRIAGES. ?C. IDSi! BRANCH?POR HALE LANDA: HV WOOD J Bra*. : rwn 10V. bands; llama.a. by K?f? - Jt Caine, ?th av.; priot Inquire of KiRBY, at Wallack'a Out UK*. "VTKW TOP GROCERY'* wI^iSS. $IfcO "To $1?.?': II single Trncka. (.VU; Coal aad Brick Carta. $1) >: Ex proas. $1.'5 to $175: all city made and warranted. Reposi tory, Hudson and 23th itl PBMAN1C.-$:*?>, WORTH ftKM ?TYL1HH cTlKHTNTT I trutiiiK IIoim, III handi; ;vuiii; aud aound. 134 Wul lMh ?L Si.COM> IIAND CAKR1AUKS ~ LaiMrt, for on* or two lumi. C< upe. rlrcolar Iron!; very light; aplecdld order. Six.?eat Rockaway; axteuaien ki|i rbtn ou. Three top I'onv Phnetoua at bargaiua. btivera tup 1% Cart. A. T. DEMAREST A CO.. ?2rt aud tKltl Broadway. SPECIALTY-IN ~~~ ?l* wal Uockawaya and Coupe I'ockawaya of the lineal quality aad fluiah. A B. KLANDRAU. 372 aud 374 Broome at. told factory of Brewater A Co.) IDKBAK TOP WAGON. NEARLY NEW. *130; COST $a5o. BOYNTON. 2H7 Htb av., near 24th at. OPKED. SIZE. BEAUTY.?VALUABLE MARK, IBS U liandl. ti yeara: form and dlapoaitlou faultleaa; Una action: very protnialug: raiaed by advertiaer. Addreaa liOADLKY, Uratneleli. Conn. STORAGE FOR CA R It I AO KM AND SLEIGHS. Room a clean, light auu dry ; term* liberal. A. S. KLANDRAU, 972 and 37? Broome at. (old itaad of Brewater 6 Ce.) SACEIK1CE?$125. BEAlTlPUL NEW TOFEXPRESS Wagon; city built; tnaen lor dobt. 124 (Veil ltttb at. RAC E~8U liElES."?1N ORDER TO POPULA R1Z E our aulky trade we offer from alock. or will build to ordar. Track Sulkies la all weights, unaurpaaaed in qnality ana form, for $125. BREWSTER A CO., (of Broome at.I. Broadway and 47tli at. TO LET-A BRICK BTA1ILE. IN WATTS ST.. NEAR < anal; it baa been put in good repair, water, Ac. lw quire of II. OSTRANDER. 301 Canal at. TO LET-PIRST CLABH KCRNIS1IED ~ ROOMS. IN A very convenient location, near Broadway. 56 Eaat lOlll |t. TO LET?POR 3 OR KIVE MONTHS. GOOD ilORSE. ? 1'ouy aad two-eeat Phaeton, Ac. A-ddreas C. S. M., Herald ofllce. Victoria! quite am good ab new, best maker, for tale at atable 12V Weat 2Hth it. ANTED?UORSESTO PASTURET SWRET URAHi (frowine front the rich marl beds of Monmouth county. Address W. II. SICEELS A BON. Real Katate. Ac., Red Hank. N. J. VirANTKI)?KV A RESPONSIBLE GENTLEMAN IN TT the country, a llorae, Wafon aud Harueaa, tor their keep; excelleut pasturage: drat claearelerencea and secu rity tflven if required Addreaa T. J. M.. Herald olBce. WANTED-A STRONG PLATKORM SPRIN^'WAGON' aultable for carpenter'a uae. Apply at JOHN LAW RENCE'S lumber yard, loot of Kaat 28th at ANTED-A FoNy7~MUST EE PERPBCTLY GEN tie and aoitud: mud be thoroughly broken to drive aad ride: fror.i 12 to 13 handa hlirb. Give full partlculare and price and where to be aeeu. Addreaa box 1,837 Poet office. WANTED?A STYLISH PAIR OK CARRIAGE Horset, 10 band* blaeli. Addreaa box I'Jfl Herald Up town Branch office. W~ANTBD?A BREWSTER SIDE BAR MIIKTINQ top Buggy, cheap for cash. Addreaa D., station D, \\T ANTED?A PONY PHAETON, ~HORSE ~AND It Harness colhplete; willing to pay $1U0. Addreaa AUGUSTUS, box 2.O30 Poat oUce. WILL EXCHANGE FOR FURNITURE OR A GOOD Cow?A flae bay Horae. 10 handa hlgk ; free traveller; rood for coupe or all work. Addien COUPE HORSE, Herald office. W'lLL SELL-CII RAP?ON ~ACCOCNT OP IN CON vunieuce, coed bay Mare, Ilarneaa aad Boggy. Can be aeen by applying at Eaat 71at it. W- AN TED-TO EXCHANGE ALEATHEE TOP BUGGY, almoat new and but little used, for a strong, room y Pony Phaeton, with dlccey behind ai.d small or ehlltlng front eaat. Addreaa J. L.. box 1.41U Puat olBce. AltWD^HORSES" TOPASTURE ON A KARM IN New Jeraay, near Bound Brook. Apply N. MILLS, 360 Kulton at.. Brooklyn, or addreaa G. 11. SMITH, Mill atone, N. J. ANTED?HOR8E, BUGGY AND HARNESS; MUST be rood and cheap. Addreaa M. P. UEECHKR, Den tlat. SI Bible tlouae. w tiit. WANTED-A HORSE POR FAMILY USE; MUST BE warranted aound aad ki$L Addreaa Z. Z., Herald office. "117ANTED?A PONY; MUST BE SOUND AND WELL M broken. Addreaa box 60:1 Poet office. New York. ANTED?A TEAM OK YOUNG CARRI AGE Horaea; price not to exceed $5011. Addreaa, with full particulars. W., box 33 Poat office. WANTED-A BREWSTER (OK 25TII ST.) LIGHT top Road Wagon; oue but little uaed: will (rive in ex change solitaire Diamond at talr value. Addreaa W. C., box 135 Herald Uptown Branch offlco. ANTK'iTTO PFRCHA?E?A GENTLE HORSE KOR lady to drive and ride, good alie, l.Va to 1U hands; price not to execed $150; rnnat be aonnd and kind. Mi. V. BROEAW. No. 34 4th av. SECOND IIAND~CARKIAGES, I * I.andaua, Landauleta. lour aeat Pbaetona, T Carta, de pot Wagon. Mall Phaeton. Stanhope Phaeton, extenaion top Pnaeton. I abrioleta. two-wheel Dog Cart and 15 top Road W agona aad noma no top Wagona. A. f*. PLANDRAU. 872 and 374 Broome at. (old factory of Brewater A Co.) (ti)ei\ -COMPLETE ESTABLfsHMENT":- IToob road Mare, sound and laat; Park Phaeton, near lv new; Harneea, Kobea Whip, Ac.; a bargain. Addreaa HUDIBRAS. Herald office. <kl ()(W) WILL BUY THE BEST LIGHT CARRIAdB iJlliMvW team of Horaea in this city; cloae match; yoiiug, aound. kind; great endurance; well brads pleasant driver*. 1.431 Broudway. above 42d at. ?ALE? AT AUCl'IOH. A'bRIANTrrM U LLE rVa Ui*TION E fcR. EXr.Ct'TRIX'S SALE. PORTION OP THE EBTATE OK WM. H. HAY NO It, DECEASED. HOUSES aad LOTS on .IT 11 AV. (Central Park!. and on WEST 5VTH ST., and LOTS ou the BOULEVARD, ST. NICHOLAS, MADISON. 3D. 5TH, tfTll, 7TII. HTH aud UTH AY'S., HUD, KID, B4TH. 10IST. 103H. lotTII. tllTII. 1I2TH, 123D, 12HTII. 12STII, 134TH, 135TH aud 143D hTS. ADRIAN H. MULLER A SON will aell at auction, oa TUESDAY, June ti. IM'H. at 12 o'elock, at the Exchange Salesroom, No. Ill Broedway. New York. BY OKDER of the EXECUTRIX of WM. H. RAYNOK, DECEASED, the following described Real Estate, via. :? 5TII AV.?Klve atorr brown atone front House and Lot No 784 5th av,. eaat side, 75.5 feet south o* KM at. and op p. a'te I'tniral Park. WEST 55TH ST.?Poor story Nova Scotia stone front t rench Plat House and Lot No. 2u7 Weet .?&th at., aorth aide. 144.3 feet raet of Broadway. BOULEVARD ?One itorv Lot. northeast comer of 19Uth St., and one Oars lxit southeast corner of 126th st. ST. NICHOLAS AV. AND HTH AV.?BOULEVARD.? Plot of Land, with Hotel Haildlag. buttadad by St. Nlcbolaa and Hth ava., llltli and II2th ?ts., known as "Point View." 3D AV.?Pour lots n. w. corner of W7th at. 3D AV.?One lot a e. corner of BUth at., with three (tory frame boase. ">TH A V.?One lot i. a. corner of 60th at., and opposite Central Park. ?ni AV.?Plve lots e. a., between 133 and IH4th eta. STII AV.?One lot we?t aide, 51.2 feet north of 7dth St., aud oppoalte Central Park. STII AV.?Two lota southeast corner of IV'th st. 1<TII AV.?Two lota w. a.. Z5.H feet north of 82d st. H2l) ST.?Plot of land uortb side. H>i feet west ofSth av., running tbiough to and Irvnting on 83d at. H4TII ST.?One lot n. a.. 175 feel east of Madison av. K>lST ST.?Six lots s. a, 1V? leet w. of4tli av. 103D ST.?One lot n. e. corner of lU3d at. and Madison av. MADISON AY*.?Pour lota, commencing on the southeast corner of ltMth at. 1 3D ST.?Two lota a. a, 375 feet w. of Hth av. 12STH ST.?Three Iota n. s.. 150 leet west of 7th av. 134TII ST.?Kour lots s. a. 75 leet e. ol 7th av. 143D ST.?One lot a s , 175 feet eaat of sth av. TERMS LIBERAL. Maps and hill particular* at offlre of Auctioneer*. No. 7 Pine st.. or at office ot estate or WM. 11. RAYNOR, No. 1,3(X> Broadway, corner 34th st. Tuesday morning, junk c. at io:ao o'clock, AT 20 NORTH WASHINGTON SQUARE, SPECIAL HOUSEHOLD SALE. t> Tho entire content* of tli* elecaut manaiau. SO Wssliington Hl'itri (north), BKLONOINCJ ~1<> GK.NKK.VL JAMES LORIMER ftiRAHAM, on the premises, all the Furuitur*. Comprising ele?ant ro?ewo?d Parlor Salt?, rosewooJ and black waluut Bedroom Suit*, Axiniustsr. Brussels aatl Wll tun I'lrytli. irtlt and bronae Chandeliers, elaborately carved antique Library Table and Chairs, with tlx splendid Book cases; Armolres with mirrors; Mipeib China and (ilss* Ware, witb eleirant sliver Kpergnes; lull sllverplated Din ner Set. Billiard Table. Piano. Ac Permits to view the promises on Saturday snd Muudsy, June a and 5. to be ob taiued from the auctioneers. The Messrs. LKAV'ITT, Auctioneers. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AFTERNOONS, June * anil l?. at - o'clock, at Clinton fall, on exhibition TUESDAY MORNING, BRIC-A-BRAC! * A superb collection, including many articles of great rarRv sud value. Statuary lijr Cowers. Ilsriiei Hnsiui-r, Rogers. Miss htebblns and others; Cloisonne huaiiieU. ele gsut China. Sevres. Ac.: Japanese Wares, complete Coau of-Mail, Armor in great variety. Vase, Bronte, Ac.. Ac The Meears. LEA VITT. Auctioneer*. A -MONDAY AFTERNOON. JUNK 5, a O'CLOCK. AT . CLIN I ?> HALL. household FURNITURE, ON EXHIBITION AT CLINTON HALL Comprising One Parlor and Bedroom Suits. Library and Parlor Tables,Chairs. Ac.. Ac. ; also superb gilt sud brume Chandelier*. Clucks, select Aubuison and Brussels Carpet*, A LARUE PARLOR ORGAN. Ac To be sold liv auction to the highest Udder Monday ?Iternovu, J use 5, at J o'clock. The Messrs LKAViTT. Auctioneer*. ART- ? MR EDWARD SCHKNCK rcspecfully announce* that he will Mil at anttion on JUNE IS AND 16. 187S, ?ome of the choice Palutiugs from tho late exhibition at the Academy of Design, together with some very choice Foreign Painting*. Just srrlved and never before exhibited. Will be ou exli.bitlob at his Art Gallery, No. 00 Liberty it., on and after June (l A. IIOI'SF HOLD H'KNITlKh, ON EXII1 IIITIoN AT CLINTON IIALL Comprising fine I'nrlor and Bedroom Suit*. Llbrarr and psrlor f?bles, Chairs, Ac., Ac.; al*o superb gilt a?<l bron*e Cbaudeliers, Clocks, ?ele?t Aubasnoii and Brussels Carpet*. A I.ARliK PARLOR ORGAN, Ac. To be sold by suction to the highest bidder Monday af ternoon, June 5, at V o'clock. Ibe Messi*. LKAYITT, Auctioneer*. . SALES AT AUCTION. ^ ?TUNIS JOHNSOiT At^rtuNfc U R, * old ctand 37 Kamii at. Ob TUEdOAt, u lof, o'clock, LARUE SALE OK FINK SECOND HAND FURNITURE, removed from a gentlnuau's country m.uaiou. 55&31 ?*LATE (IILT PIER AND MANTBL MIRKORh, MOOUET AND VELVET CARPET*. ONE SU uerbroMiwood square and one upright Plauo. brum* Chao delier*. with argaud burner., J, ti aud Hi light.; rosewood I urUir Mjits, in i*riin><?u miiiu rt*ps, with cuter*: oak and black w?J"u? MM,. Extension Table, with 24 ?? broldered DUw OMri, en unite: Chiffonier., Centre Tables, MuaicRack.. htageres. Cooking ud Parlor Stove*. Shades and Curtains, Jtt enamelled and pointed Cottage Hull*. Hedaiuy- ?r?ll kiurts. HeIri*.rotor., two Safe*. to gether with all the basemeut uud kitchen furniture with which the sale will commence; .Uo Puffer's noteut marble Soda Witter All uow <>u exhibition On THURSDAY omi KRIDA Y, .t lOii o'clock KALE OK THE KNTIUE M AC III \ K R Y. STfc AM EN glues. Boiler., Shafting*. I'ulleys, Beltings, the large Slock on hand, finished oud unfinished, being the effect* of I In well known CONKECTIONERY ESTABLISHMENT Of PALMER k COMPANY, un the premises, Nos. Od uud OH Dunne it. Catalogues ready Monday moniinir. A -OKO. W. KEKLER. AUCTIONEER. Salesroom .">3 Liberty, corner Nutai st. MONDAY, June 5, at 12 o'clock, Larxe >->ecl*l sale of SILVER PL ATI-; 1) WaRK, CUTLERY, AC., manufactured by the Murlden Britannia Company. AET.-NoW <?V EXHIBITION AT THE MATHEWS UALLKKY, 57 LIBERTY ST. A SUPERS COLLECTION OK PAINTINGS br ihe mo.t distinguished Amurieau artist., many of whlek have been received from the late exhibition AT THE ACADEMY OK DEsION. Alao a number of exceedingly choice work, by CELEBRATED FOREIGN ARTISTS. The entire collection will lie sold on THURSDAY AND KRIDAY, JUNE 8 AND 9, at 12 o'clock each day, DANIEL A. MATHEWS, Auctiuueer, 57 Libert? It _ RUCTION SALE, "* by J. W. CAMPBELL, Jr.. Auctioneer, on TUESDAY noxt, to nay storage on oil nneiaimod good*, ot Wert Side storage Warehoiue, C>?3 iludiou at. (Abingdon ?quart), the largest general assortment of Furnltur* offered tlii. season, Including fine velvet. Uru.Mli and other Car pets; Kreuch plate Mantel and Pier Mirror., elegant black walnut Parlor aud hedrojiu Suits, marble tup Bureaa., Wasbstuuds. Buffet, Centre, Leaf and Exten.ion Table.; tine Wardrobe., Armoires. Cottage Bedroom Suit*; Dining Room. Kocker, Side anil other Chair.; fine Oil Painting., Chrouios uud Engraving., feather Heua. Pillow., curled lialr and other Mattresses. spring Bed* and Bedding, large uuan tity flue Table Cutlery, (Jluss and Stiver Plated Ware, and Crockery, elegant Refrigerators; \ylll alio noil elegant rosewood Piano, linen Table Cloth*. Napkin*, Towel., Sheet*, large quantity Baggage and other Oood. too nunierou* to mention, without reserre By order R. Taggart, Storage Master. BY J. W. CAMPBK1.L, JR. AUCTIONEEB^BELLli to-morrow (Monday), first class Keataurant and Dining saloon. See Herald. CAMPBELL'S office. No. 7 We*t 3d it., formerly Amity. BY BAENARD SMYTH. AUCTIONEER-JUNE 10. 12 M.. Ill Broadway, foreclosure sale, by order of Tho*. D. Cottmau, referee, sereu flr.t cluas four story brown (ten* Houaea, southeast corner of MadUon av. andtlthh it. JgDWAED SCHENCE, AUCTIONEER Assignee's sole iu bankruptcy of elegant Cabinet Furniture, eonilitlng of black walnut Chamber Suit* of B*4*tead*, Dressing Caaea, Bureau*, Waihstand. aM Commod**; Parlor Suits in variety; Hall Htanda, Table*, Buffet*, Lounge*, Chair*. Eacretoiros, Ac.. Ac,; also Carpet*, iprlng Bed., Chair., Mattre****, te. s on WEDNESDAY, June 7. at 12 o'clock, at No. 00 Liberty *t. G" ~ EORGK GKOGHEGAN, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL on Thursday, Juue H, at 5ltf West 2itb at., the entire ?lock and effects of the late John Karrell, contractor, iucliid Lig Horses, Cart*. Tools, Drills, Jen. Contractors and ruck inen are specially invited to attend this sale. Pull particu lar* given In Uerald Wednesday and Tuursday next. B. HERTS A SONS, AUCTIONEERS^ ~ 17 Park place and 14 Murray at. IMPORTANT SPECIAL PEREMPTORY SALE OF RICH AND PLAIN CABINET FURNITURE. ON TUESDAY, JUNE 6, AT 1 O'CLOCK, AT TEE SALESROOM, NO. 18 PARE PLACE, comprising elegant rosewood and walnut Parlor Suit*, ia satlu, silk rep, cotelln* and burette; Turkish Lounge, and Easy Chair*, nne Chamber, Library and Dining Room Suits; eleifunt inlaid Cabineti, Easels, Music Stand, 4c., Ac. Sal* positive to pay advances, offering a rare opportunity to pui> chasers. ALSO, SAME DAY, one flue l'arlor Organ, with ten stops and all latest im provements, in elegaul cabinet case. J P. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER.?MOBTGAQM 8AL&T . Elegant llouiehoid Furniture. Carpets, Ac. Ou Thnrsday, June 8. at 1 (I'i o'clock, by virtu* of a chat tel mortgage, all the Furniture. Carpets, elegaut pier and mantel Mirrors, Piano, fine Chandeliers, real lace and other Curtains, elegant rosewood and other Pallor Suits, Kteg?re,, Mantel Ornaments, fin* Oil Paiuting. aud Engrav iugs, Moquet, Wilton, body Unusels oud other Carpets; lied hair*. leather beds. Pillows, Bolsters, Bedding splendid chamber, diuing room and kltcheu Furniture; Sil ver and -l'late Ware, Crockery, China, Uiassware, Ac., of lour story brown stone private residence. Full particulars and catalogues at the Auctioneer'* oSlc-e, 5tt Great Jouei St., ou Tuesday, 6tb Inst. Original cost of abov* ovei *10,UJU, made to ord*r by best city maker.. L, WALiLACK, Attorney for Mortgagee. ORRIS WILE INS, AUOIiONKEIC. * Executor'* Sal* of Property on Sandlord av., Percy and Uarclav at*., Klashlng, L. I. E. H. LL'DLOff A CO. will Mil at auction, on TUESDAY, J une in, 187d, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Sale-room. Ill Uroadway, (Trinity Building,! New York, (sale by order of ABIi-.L A. LOW, Executor.) tba two story, attic aud basement frame Dwelling known as the residence of Mrs. Robert Carter, situated coruer Sand* ford av. aud Percy st. House is 32x37 leet, in good order, aud contains about 15 rooms, bathroom, water t-ioset, One furnace. Ac.; grounds, 4U8x2.">7 feel, are well laid in lawn aud gardeu. with every variety ol fruit in abundance. Fine greenheuM! and small toolluiise. For maps aud full dccriptlon apply to JAMES A PAR SONS. Flushing, or to the auctioneers. No. 3 Pine st. H. M M ORRIS WIL.KI.Nd, AUCTIONEER. Fine Mirror* nid Engraving*, rosewood square I-rand l'iaualorte Bronze* aud Artldea of Vertu. E. U. LUDLOW <fc Cl). will ??ll at auction, on WEDNESDAY. June 7, at 11 o'clock, at No. 7 Eaat Slat it, elegant rosewood I'arlor Suits, In satin and brocatel; mar. qutlrr Cabineta aud Table*, tine Mirror. Curtain* aud Cor uice?: carved Buffets aud Thalia, in mornccj; Kxtensiou Tablet, ormolu Mautel Clock and Set*. carved rosewood Bedsteads. Bureau*. Armoirea-aGiace, Ea*y and Arm Chain; Turkey. lloquet. Brussels and other Carpets; Extension Chandeliers, curled tialr Mattresses. feather Bolatera aud Pillow*, Ac.; alto kitchen and laundry Furulture, Ac. Permits to view the furniture can be bad at office ol a no tioueer. No. 3 I'ine at. PAW N BROKE RH* SALES, " By Til ON \S J. McORATH. Anc'.lonear, 158 Chatham at., corner Mulberry. TUESDAY?Yen'. aud Women's Clothing. By order Sol omon Stern. 27th at. WEDNESDAY? Men's and women'* Clothing: also on* larire. valuable Oil 1'aintiug. By order B. Cohen, De jaucey at. PAWN BKtHiElfsTuLE.?WAICHKS ANDJKWHLKY. K. Flt-LD. General Auctioner. salesroom No. KH Bow ery, will sell on Monday, June 12, 600 lots cold and silver Watches, diamond and gold Jewelry, Ac.: also Guns, Pis tols. Musical Instruments, Ac. By ordor of M. Mehrbach, Grand St. PAWNBROKER'S SALES?BY R. FIELD, GENERAL Auctioneer. Salesroom No. HO Bowery. 1 uesday June tt, by order Henry McAleenan, 8th av., 000 lots Clothing. Wednesday, June 7, by order N. Steck, 3d sr., 000 Iota Watches and Jewelry. Thursday, June s, by order late Qrm Simpaon, Greeu A Co., 181 Bowery, 81 > lots Watches and Jewelry. PAWN BRO KI!.It's SALE-JAMES AOAR. AUCTION, eer, will sell at Salesrooms, M New Bowery and No. I Oliver at. Monday, June &?503 lots Men's and Woman'* Clothing, by order of the executoi* of the late John J. Kelly, i"Od lit av. Tuesday, June 8-S00 lot* of Men'* and Womeu'* Clothing, by order of R. Levy, lluilsoii st. Wednesduy, June 7?>OU lots of Men's aud Women'* Cloth Ini;. by order of Solomons X Co.. 8:h av. Thur?day, Juno 8-SO;> lot* <>f Men's and Women'* Cloth ing by order ef A. H. Samuel*. Williamsburg. Friday, June ?Mil lot* of Men'* and Women'* Clothing, by order ol 1*. Starr. :<d nv.. and .1. Harlem. 4H?I Hudson st. J^OBtllT SUM tliVILLt, AUCTIONEER. " WILL SELL MONDAyTjUNB 5, AT 11 A. V., balance of Stock of the Furnitur* Establishment No. 731 Uth av., between 41st and 4;?d st*., comprising 1'ARLOR, DINING and BHD ROOM SUIT* Louugi'i, Ea*y Chair*, Ae.. Ac. Richard Walters- sons, ai ction ef. us.-gro. ceries. Ac.?Marshal'* sale.?By order of Hon. Davit' Mr Adam, on* of tbe Justices o. the Marine Court will sell Monday, at 10 o'clock, a*. salesroom. -7 Baal Broadway, about UU cases of iui|>orted I'ickles, Chu<e Clio w ami Citiup, cases of Jelly, 3 casks of Cbow-Chow, bj order of Marshal. Also cheats and packages of greou and black Teas, Cof foes. Spleen, canned r'ruit?. barrels of Chicory. Klce, Flour boxes Soap, Starcn. Clothes flat, 4 tubs prim* Butter, 1 barrel* Jersey Eggs, dozen P*il>, Washboard* Ink.casei of Champagne, oranire Wiue, casks ol Ale, Cigars, lot ot a* sorted Tinware, deuiijohoa of Linhora. I Truck. RICHARD C. Walsh. Marshal. IIEU it is, sB K RI ft T AND llSS RA l7" AU0 a tioueer. Aassigna* sale In bankruptcy of Winis. l.niuors. Barroom furniture. Ac, MO.ND W. J ine 5, lu'j o clock. No. 13 Bowery. One fine Bar, Backbar. blac. walnut Tables and Chair* all nearly new; also a large lot Wine* and Llquorarfa caska barrels and cases; <-'? case* line Claret, Ac.; also Cigar* Hl.oacatc, Safes, being the coutcnta of * first class tsluu* sale positive; dealerslneiled. SHERIFF S SALE IN BROOKLYN.-ON TUESDAY June tt. ut lu?i o'cltkck, at 4SJ Fulton it, a large lot a llonse rurniahimt Hoods, Wood, Willow, Tin aad Iran Ware Cordage, Ac. Ac. SIXTH MONDAY S SALE OF STRAWS.?4l?l CASRI manufactured Straw Goods. la full assortment, will h* sold on Monday. J une B, by WM. TOPPING A CO., A** tioueer-. No. i:rj Church at. >EWl?PAPEHII. ~ WANT1 D?A KILE OF THE HERALD FOR 1MI A.nB lc7ii. Address, with lowest price, DICKINSON. Herald oitice. CliUTHMu. A T MINT/. S. -?4H 3D AV.. NEAR 'JOTII ST.?XaUIK) J\. and Kentlrmen will be nurprised at great prices H Mints pay* in cash for Cast oil Clo;luui(, Carpets, Jewelry. Orders attended to by Mr. or Mr>. Minn A?NATHAN'S OLD ESTABLISHMENT, :t9>{ ?T| a av., near 4tl> st.; the highest valae paid lor cast off Clothing. Carpets, Ac. Call on or addreaa Mr. or Mm NATHAN. AT 1.J74 BROADWAY. BETWEEN MUD AND 330 ?t* ? Broadway prlcea paid for Cast-off Clothing, Ja?s airy, Ae., ky salilag en of addreuinc B. UAMM1S, M74

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