Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Haziran 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Haziran 1876 Page 6
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AMERICAN Iffi fill Pirst Day of the Spring Meeting at Jerome iJark, A LARGE ATTENDANCE. Fine Weather and Capital Racing. Madge, Lizzie K.. Fiddlestick*, Ore Knob and Spindrift the Winners. lu 1WI, Ju.'t ten yeara ago, the nates at Jerome Park wore thrown open to Itio public lor the tlrat raco meeting at Ucli^titlul place, and from year to year since ibrre ha* been a marked increase iu tiio number of horned that have boon brought there to compote lor tho stakes and the littoral pursos ottered by the Amerl can Jockey Club, uuill to-.lay nearly two uundred of tLo best families of tlio equitio raro aro stabled within tho boundaries ol Jerome l'aik, a culmination of racing succc unparalleled oa tho American turl. Racing hut always boon ol the lirtl order at this place, and yesterday's rutin ug was not an exception to tho general rule, as tho track was In c.ipiul order and the weather most suitably adapted lor speed. Tho attendauue waa graud, and it was a cheering lighl to wilucss the cavalcades paasiug tbiough the park *ud along tho maguiUceut driven on the avenues beyond. All manner of makeup ol volnclo aud all kinds of horses wero in mo procession, lor It was nothing else than a continuous procession Irout tho Fifth Avenue Hotel to the gates of Jerome l'arlt from noon until three o'clock, ihu time announced lor the races to coni.ueuco. Onco Inside tbe enclosuro tho ?cene Was particularly brilliant. The club house bal conies and tho green terraces in lront were crowded with fashion and lieauly, while the grandstand was well filled wilb gentlemen and ladies. Several ol the Loach lug Club wore out with their tnaguillceut teams, be tides lots of tnado up lour-in hands, which were much a.itmred by the crowd. Tho lawn in front of the grand etand and about tho pooling and French mutual dc partineuts presented a busy scene during tho niler noon, while on the surrounding hills there wore thou sands viewing tho sports in the amphitheatre below them without having to pay a tarill (or tiio sight. Every thing that was jxjjsible to make the day a pleas ant one was In profusion, aud when the last ruco was ruu and tho time anuouuead on tho board tne crowd liiiporsod, well satisfied with tho sports of tho ilrst day of iho spring meeliugof the American Jockey Club. Five races were ruu, the Ilrst a dush of three-quarters of a mile; the secoud tho Fordbam Handicap, a mile aud a quarter; tho third tho Withers stakes; tho fourth a dash of a mile and a half, aud the fititi a sdl tug race of a mile and a quarter, and all were ruu punc tually and satisfactorily lo tho owners ol tho horses, tho starter having been remarkably fortunate in his flag dropping. Tho lirst event of tho day was for a purse of $400, a dash ol three-quarters of a mile, lor which live horses came to the post. Those were George L. Lorillard's bay colt Lcnndcr, by Inquirer, dam by llonnlc Scotland, 4 years old, carrying 118 lbs. : John K Chamberliu's chest nut gelding I.oru Zetland, by Lexington, dam Lu ilardis, 4 years old, 115 lbs.; 1'. Lorillard's bay gelding Cyril, by riuuet, dam Fairy, U years old, 10o lbs. ; D. J. Crouso s chestnut colt Probability, by Imp. Uurrah, dam by Kevolver, 4 years old, 118 lbs., and 1). McDanicl'schest nut mare Madge, by Australian, dam Alabama, 5 years old, 1 IT lbs. Madge w.u the favorite over the Held, Loauder the second choice, Cyril aud the othors selling as a Held at a low price. TllK HACK. The horses had a capital start Irotu tho box stand lu tho sbutc at the lirst timo of usking, Cyril leading, Madge second. Leander third, Probability lourlh. Lord Zetland a good tilth, lioioro the reached tho bind under the club house Leander showed m front, Cyril second, and as they passed aruuud tho hill Loau der led oue length, Cyril second, three lengths lu front of Matt go, the latter lour lengths lu advance of Proba bility, Lord Zetland two lengths further otr. Tho horses passed out ol si: lit in tho order given above, and when they apioar.d in view on tho lower turn Leander wart leading two lengths, Cyril second, three lengths ahead of Mad_o, who was six lengths in advance of Probability, tho latter one length in advance ol Lord Zetland. Not until the horses entered the homestretch did Madgo make her run ; but when she cut loo.-c she pissed Cyril with tho ipeed of a meteor, and, before she reached the lur king posi, had I apturcd Leander. She galloped home &u easy winner by three lengths, Leander second, six leiiL'ths iu advance of Cyril, the latter six lengths away from Probability, who wa-? it length ahead of Lord Zetland. Time of the three-quarters ol a mile, i :17 1 he Paris Mutuels paid $8 00 on this race. The second race was the I ordiiain Handicap Sweep itakes. a dash of one unle and a quarter. Nine horses ?nine io the post, comprising George 1.. Lorillard's bay jolt Leander, by Inquirer, dam llonme Scotland, 4 years old, cart y lug 110 lbs.; t'. II. \V. A. Mullens bay colt Paper Maker, by IJoimie Scotland, dam by Australian. 4 years old, lot; lbs.; Willtaiu Mulkey's :hesltiitl mure Chiqulta, by lui|>. Hurrah, dam Sun riae, 5 years old, 104 lbs.; K. A. Clabaugh's bay borso Piccolo, by Concord, dam Mandina. 5 5ears old, IIS lb? , 1>. Mcl'anicl'x chestnut lllly Austrahnd, 4 years oi.I, 10;; lbs.; John F. Chamberlain's gray filly 1.I//IO U., by Aster, dam Fairy. 10d lbs.; Dos well Jk Camniack s bay filly Invoice, by Lex ington, dam Vol^a, 4 years old, 104 lbs.; W. It liabeoek's ehestnot horse Egypt. by i lauet, ('..tin Lady Harry, ."> years old, ll'> lb*., and P. Loril lard's bay gelding Shirley, by Lexington, dam Miss Carter, 3 years old, 97 lbs. Shirley was the favorite, Cbiqiiita a xoud choice. Eaypt tho third In favor, tho others soiling at very low ligures. Til K HACK After a few breakaways the horses were sturted very Close together, olid they bounced oil in a cluster. As Kiev came into straight work on tho stretch, alter loav ing tho three-quarter pole, I. zzie It. was a ? rifle In the lend, Leander second. Paper Mak. r third, Austra liud lourlh, tho otoers so close together that It uns tmpc-sible to tell which had the best of It. As lliey dashed p ist the stand in lront of the pcoplo Leander was leading by a head, Austrannd second, Shirley iird, I.i/xle H fourth. Chiqulta filth, Piccolo sixth, Caper Maker tcvenOi. the others bunched. Leander irew away Irom Lis followers on the up) er turn, and at the quarter pole was leading two lengths. Australlnd iccond, Chiqulta third, Shirley foi.rtli. M**le B. fifth, Paper Mamr sixth, Egypt seventh. Piccolo eighth, In vo.ce uiuth. but -o very close t".ether that there was do daylight between those behind Leander.. As tho horses ran down to the btulT Shirley made a rapid run ?ml took second piace, L under i-hou nig the way aroun.l 1110 hill, but here he was carroined against and knocked out ol his Strida. As the horses were passing out or i.ghl, Leander was three-quarters of a length ahead of Shirley the latter a head iu lront >?' i'liiquita, .\u.*lraiind fourth. Paper Maker llith, I. a ? R sixth, the others tioae ap hen the horse* appeared in stgiitonlbe lower uirli, CH quit.i ? is leadius o>' * head. Auilraliud ii'ci.ii.1, Leander third, .-iur'. ?>? i-iurth and falling bact, tvideally not him>< It, Liasle 1*. filih, l aper Makor, sixth Invoice seventh, CKit>lo eikrnti>. Kuypt u.nth. Kunii-iig arounJ the luwor turn tqe horso- ctiaugod pli'?<s so rapidly tnal it was iui|"-ssible lor Several secomU to recogftue thMn in their kiieidt.x n|?i moTtmeais. ctilquita led into the homestretch ck?seljr fill lowed by P.? U T Maker, Piccolo, Llame It. und Shirley, but the al ter *i?*n tlirew^? tip the sponge aud retired. V rattling Slid unceitaili race eu-iie.i u< -ooii a- ihe horses i-n U-red straight rmuiingou the homostretch. ana, alter a Very exciting -l.ugg.e, I- - '? ? |? '?>. n head I'ab r Maker and Piccolo molting a deed heat tor second place. A moru beoutltvi tliti-n ne%er look iiimcu on any tr?< k or one thai k ve more general satis faction to the financially umnter> sled spectators. l?o lengths behind I ..per Maker and rut ? h quite aosiralmd tilth. Invoice M*lh, Shirley seventh, Kg) pi *'&'*}? 1111 TUo followiDg ?ro ihe prevlout wnmcii ol Ihe mUovc r*ci?.. t. Stonewall Jackaon ?l 1 lt?n? ' Pi??Cotir.ll. . 2 1 ;> 1*71? l )* , , , . 1 I'tTsi? ] uj?Mate \'\ : J ? '* -Ji(, was ihu w.thers atakes lor tUicu year-olds. a dash of one mile Of tbe forty-six outrie* ,i, came lo the post. Tbeso were Mr. * brown coil Fiddle-ticks, by l.exiuulon. daui Hlligreo, >eorge lajngsiails brown colt Freebooter, i>y Kentucky, darn Felucca; John O'Donnells chestnut lllly. by Uaiii Ington.' daui by Lexington, nut of Kat? Anderson; 1. l.orlllsrd's brown Ally Merciless, by Eclipse, dam |,ar banty; Carr .* Co.'s bay colt Viceroy, by Uliruy, dam Sistrto Rune; II. I*. McUrath's brown coll Dalgasinn, bv Warney stone, dam Lucy Kcwlor; D Mc Dantel's twiy colt Brother lo Baaaett: Dorweii Caiumack's bay toll Algeriue, by Abd-el-K*dor, uam Sins' A. Belmont'* bay coll Bertram, by Kentucky, dam Berntce, aiid Jo Donohue's cbeamnt to i Waco, by Nuri agausett, dam Juiiclta. Belmoni a entries ^ere treat lavorites, selling In one of tbe pool* lor fUOu, 1.orillard lor t->00. ltrolber to Basneti lor J'250, Free booter lor #300, O'Donnell for f.J5o and tbe neld lor $na TIIM HACK. Conner was again lucky in gelling the horaes oil lo a cuoital start, Waco having ihe beat ol it, bul lie was lliouubl not to be In the way ol the other*. viceroy wa- second. Merciless third, Fiddlesticks lourlh, Brother to Basset I null, Freebooter sixth. Algerine, O'DoiittcU's Oily, Bertram and Dulgasiau being in the second platoon The horsos ran lapidly around the upper turn, aud when they reached the quarter pole Waco had iwo lengths the l>esl of it, Viceroy second. Fiddlestick. ihird. Algerine fourth. Brother to Biu-sett llllli the other* so close together that it was impossible to hay w hich was best. Coming down lo the blutl Fiddlesticks, like the race borne thai he It. ciiuie down the bill ou a ru?h, pacing the others very rapidly, and turned around ihe hill lo the right a leuglh in Iront of the field. Viceroy followed and took *ocou<1 place, U'HonueIIV iKiiug third. Merciless lourlh. Waco ttlth, Ihe other* close up. The horsos | assod out ol ?_igbtin the order given, and when they appeared again Fiddle suck* wae leading three lenguis, Mercilea. second, ltrolber lo Bus ett third, Algerine lourlh, all Hie others beaten. Entering the hoiiiesireicb Fiddlestick* eallopod away Irom tho oilier* aud came home a wiu ner under a pull, lour length* in Iront ol Brother to lta*sett who was hall a length in Iront of Merciless. V lew leutfths luillier oil was Algerine, thou Bertram, Viceroy hlxlti, Waco s?venlh, Freebooter eighth, O'Doniioll ninth, nagasiau tenth. Tune of tho uille, 1:40'.. The I'ariB Muiueis paid $12 "0. TilK WlXNICli, Fiddlesticks, Is a dark bay. tifioon bauds, two ucd a ball Inches in height. with loll foreleg while lo the ankle aud left lund ono white hall way lo the hock ; aud be ba* a ragged star in his lorehead. Bo has a vci v ttn?* oxpreiwivo head, ino*t excellont shoulder*, running back into a good middle piece, witu extra lino hiti* quarter I and atille*. He has also most excellent legs'and feet, notwithstanding that many Ihink ho ls"ralher light in boue below the knee, 'lake him all in nil lie I* u grand burse, aud lew can bent nitn In any COUUlry' Start. Ytar. Winner* Sub*. *rt. 1874?Dublin.'. ? Vj'-?, 1ST6?Aristldes 50 ? lS7d?Fiddlesticks Ju 7 'l'Uu lourlh raco wub lor u purbo of $600, uiaiucus al lowed, if three years old, 3 lbs.; il four years old or up ward o lbs. ; a dash ol one mile and a hall. For this event six came to the post, comprising D. MuUaniei s ohesl nui mar# Madge, bv Australian, 5 years old, carry In/ lll> lb* ? Dos well ? Cam mack's chestnut coll Rappa hannock, by King Lear, darn Fanny Washington, a years old 07 lbs.; Odeu Bowie's chesluul coll <?ro Knob, by Dickens, dam Slipper, 4 years old, 118 lbs. ; Mr Belmont's chotmut lllly AUolaide, by Australian, dain Holly Carter. 3 year* old, Vi lbs., and 1>. J Crouse's bay colt 6>erge, by Revolver, data Siren. .$ years old, 100 lbs. Madge was the favorite lor llils . \ent at long o lds over all the others combined, Ade laide being second choice, l'bo others sold as a Held, mi: HACK. Rappahannock got away with tho lead, Ore Knob second, Adelaide third, Sorgo fourth. Madge llith. The horses mainlaiueu their relative positions to the quarter pole, they having been started in the lower Held having a straight run of half a mile to Ihe ludges stand Coming up tho homestretch, Rappa hannock showed the way, closely followed by Scrgo aud Ore Kuob. who were running hart a length apart, thr-o length* in front of Adelaide, Maa>;o bringing up ih? iear OolOB rouud the upper turn, Rappahannock led by a leu. th, Ore Kuob second, Madge third. Serge fourth, Adelaide tilth, ibis change ol places wok place vorv quickly as the horses passed in front ol the .lOUic grouud At Ihe quarter pole Ore Knob chal lenged Rappahannock lor the lead, and ihe two ran voked down to Ihe bluff and around tho lull, Kappa naniiork having a neck the best ol it as ihey passed oni sight, three lengths ahead ol Madge, Serge aud Adelaide several lungth< behind W lieu the horses c ime iu sight Ore Knob and Rappahannock were still voked hall a dozen lengths in Irout ol Mudge, Sergo 'and Adelaide bringing tip the rear, but hopelessly out ! oi the race. Ore Knob aud Rappahannock raced into the homestretch, aud It was u and head atlalr i until the turlong pole was reached. Then Rappahan nock began to *iu>w siguals of distress, and the stout souol ii.ckou* aud Slipper canto away from nui aud won ihe race in hand by a good length. Rappahannock heat Madge halfa dozen lengths, she a neck ahead ol Adelaide, the latter a length in Iront of Serge. I imc of the mile and a half, Tho l'aris Mutuols paid '^riie closing race of the day was tot a purso of f.VK); I the winner to be sold at auciiou for fl.ftoo. 11 entered i lo 1?? sold for $1,000, allowed a lbs. ; if lor $<;>0, ? lbs. ; | if lor f.'Oi 10 lbs. Tho distauce ouo unle and a quarter. Four horses cauio lo the |m)si. These were ; Jo Donahue's chestuut borse SpMidnft, by Bonnie Scotland, dam bv Wanner, aged, 11 * lb-1., )r Cnlt; , t nach's bay coll liOiaps, by l.otuniugloo, nam Pussy,4 veurs old. 111 lbs. ; 1'. l.orillard's cheblnul gelding l)u ! rango. bv Jack Malone, dam Fanny Harrow 3 vears I old 01 lbs., and 1>. Ucllaniol's chestnut gelding, by Exchequer, dam by Jell. Davis, 4 yean old, 10ft lbs. Spiudwlt was a treat lavorito over the hold in many of j the poola. ; TUB BACK. ! McUaincl's gelding took the lead, Spindrift secoud, I Durango third, Lelapa fourth. The horsos rattled up ? the (tuaiter stretch, and wheu they passed the juuges stand Durango was leading one leuglli. Lelaps second, three leUL'lh- in Iiout ol Spindrift, the lalier three i leucths ahead ol McUanlel's gelding. Durango and Lelali* had a close conte.-t arouitd the uppor turn, and I us ihev nassed the quarter pole Dur.mgo had half a length the best of it, Lelaps lour lengths ahead ol , ^niudrill who was merely galloping along abiding his i nine, Mciunioi's gelding bringing up the i rear. Runuing around under the bluff the i slruBCle was close between l.elaps and Du^ rango, and as they were passing out of sight arouud the hill I.elaps had a head the best of It. W lien these twoappearod In view on ihe lower turn tbey were running head and head, a length In tront ol Spindrllt. McDaulel's j-oldiiig laboring hopelessly on behind. As aoon as l.elaps aud Durango entered tho homestretch old Spindrift sot sail lor ibetn, and before they readied "he"furlong pole tbevwero captured by liitn, ami tho olu horse gidloped home a winner by three leu th.-. I.e Inns -eiolid a length in udvance id Durango, M< Daniel s iieldlUM a bad lourlh. lime ol tho mile uiul a quarter, st-lti1*. Spiudtill wus bought lu lor $;.">0. 1 ihe lollowing is the betting on the live races run:? TIIK FIRST BACK. u,llll(j 1100 210 250 3 0 r .. ioo in-. 1""- 175 ICw. iw? Tut ruUDIlAX llASKICAr. Shirley. 350 000 a?} II 110 180 130 McUaniVliV.V.V -KJ 100 0 . 75 I iz zie ll &0 100 130 SO s ? ^ s arrr:::::::::: 2 tL - ?? TIIK WITllKM STAkKS. Belmont 4.?? ^ 1*. l.orillard ^ou .;>0 ^ McDanuU S|;>0 W 1-0 KfOL'bOnlor ?>00 105 fi^inneu.:::::: ? ^ l'bo held HO 140 U0 TIIK rOl BTU MACK. M,,lee ,.i7.'>0 1,300 l.OtX) 1,300 Adela,doV.::V.'.. iW" ^ ? ? The held -?10 ^ TUB UlTU KALK. Spindrift *iao 216 3;'5 600 lOllUW *5 1S0 1,5 205 Tho UeidV... 50 190 Tho following are the StlUtABlKI. Kihst Rack?l'urse $4isi. lhree quarters of a mllo. Shirtt rt. 1>. McDanlel's ch. m. Ma ig?, by Australian dam Alabama. 5 years old, li" Ibn..... .......(tlarko) 1 (.ieotgo L. l^orillard's b. c. l.eander, by EOquinr, dam by llouuie .-'cotlaud, 4 years old, 11s lbs. (Swim) 'i P. l.orillard'* b. g. Cyril, by l'lanot, dam Fairy, 3 voarh old, 108 lbs (Jjpariinn) J D. J. Crouse's ch c. Probability, by tmi. Hurrah, darn by Revolver, 4 years old, 118 lbs...(Johnson) 4 I John F. Chatnberliu's ch. g. Isird Zolland. by LeX in 'ton, dam l.iz. Mardis, 4 years old, 115 lbs, 7..." (Hughes; 5 Tune, 1:17 V Sxcoxn Rack?The Fordham Handicap Sweejisiakes ol I jo ouch, hall lorleit. and only }10 il declared by the "Mill ol May; Willi #aiw added ; tho second horso to receive l-'OO out of the slakes. Winners alter tbe pub Ilea lion oi the weights oi to carry 5 lbs.; of fi (WO 7 lbs extra. One mile aud a quarter. Startrrl. John V. Chamberlln'* g. I. Mzzie R by As;er, dam Fairy, 4 vears old. 100 lbs . .(Ilugiies.) 1 C. H. W. A. MttUmt* U c. lfA|K*i'Maker, by H?>in?i0 Scotland, dam by Australian. 4 years old, lm, lb? (Say res) * F.'Jl ciablugli"'*'U' h.' l'lccoio, by Concord dam # v Maudilia. 5 year* old, lift H'S .(lloljowa)) W. Mulkey scb. m CUiquiU, by im|>. Hurrah, dam >unri-e, 5 year# old, 104 Iba. ..(."-w.inl D McDanlel's ch. f. Australiud, by Australian dam ?Dolly Carter, 4 years old, 103 lbs (Spilman.) 5 Do.w ell k t annual W's l>. f. Invoice, by lA'xinglou, dam Volga, 4 years old, 104 lbs. lUkeUnd.) 0 F;llard's b g. Shirley, by (.exingion, dam Miss _ t arter, 3 y ars old, MT lbs ? ? ? ? (dl'?r,in_?:? ' W. R Habcock ? ch. h. Kgypi. by 1 I an el. dam la'dy Barry, 5 years old. llolb* (Hazard.). 0*>rgc I- l.orillard'* K u L*ander. by Knquirer, d.m by Bonnie Scotland, 4 year* old. 110 !t?. _ ' (McCait)) ?Dead'heat.' Time, 2:13i, Iiib Tiiirp RaiB.?The Withers Stakes, for three year-old.; tl'Mt entrance, hail for eit, with ad de.l tin ?eeoud bor?e I reee vc >200 out of the -tak- s. One mlla A 1 slmont's br. ?. Fiddlestick, by Lexington, dam l iilagn*!. i lu ibs. (Feexs) |>. McOuniel's il. t llrother to Baa>ett, bv I.cmhb . ?(ion. d im Canary .iirU, llulh* (Clark) p l.eriilard's (K. Morns') b I Merciless, by Kelip*.', .i. iu ilarharlty, JW Iks. (liarbeej : Doswvl. and Calniujo k't b. c. Algerine, i?y At' I K e'er, dan Mna (l.ako.M.m) i ll. inioni's li. c. 11 riram, by Kt-atocky. ,au IKr (II ay ward) i (i;r\( b e. Vi.-truy, l?)" Gilfov, ?... m '"-l r to Kuue. 11U lb*. (Uu*'uus) J. ]><iuabue'? ch. c. Waco, by Narragausett, dam Juliett i (Connor) 7 Ueorge I.onptlair* br. c. Freebooter, by Kentucky, (lain FeloeCA, IIOIIih. (Swim) 8 Jj O'Douneil s eh I., by Lcamingtou. dam by l,ex I tin ton, nut of Kate Anderson, 107 lbs. (Bol.oway) 0 H. I'. lictfrath'a br. c. Dalgftialan, by Blarnuyatone, dam l.ucy fowler, 110 lbs (ilenry) 10 Time, 1:48 >t. Tiik forum Rack?l'urse $600. Maidens allowed, il three yearn old, 3 lbs. ? if tour year* old or upward, i j lbs. One wile and a ball. St a rtert. Odcn Bowie's ch. c. Ore Knob, by Dickens, darn djlppcr, 4 year* old, lis lb# (Hughes) 1 Doswell Si Cammack's cli. c. Rappahannock. by ' Kw* Lear, dam Kauny Washington, 3 years old, UT lbs. (>|?arlinu) 2 1). Mrliamel'a ch. ni. Madgo, by Auatrallan. dam Alabama, 6 year* old, lltf lbs (Clnrk) 3 A. Il> linont's ch. f. Adelaide, by Australian, dam I Mlly Carter, a ye.irs old, 02 lb* (Kioreure) 4 D. J. Crouso's c. Seriie, by Kevolver, daui Siren, 3 yeara old. 100 lbs (Hargo) 5 Time, 2:4?)t. , Ta? Kiktii Rack? Purse $500; the winner to bo | sold at auction lor 11,500. If entered to be sold lor fl.iHKj, allow,d 5 Ins ; il lor 1760, 7 lbs.; If lor $500, 10 lbs. tine utile and a quarter. Starter/. Jo Donahue's cb. h. Spindrift, by Bonny Scotland, dain by Wuener, aged, 117 llm (Keeks) 1 1 Dr t.'attanacka b. c. Lelaus, by Leamington, daut 1'ussy, 4 years old, 111 lbs. (Bushes) 2 P. LorillarJ'a rh. e. Huraugo, by Jack Malone, datn Fanny Barrow, 3 yearn old. 01 lbs. (Sparling) 3 1). Ylclia 11 lei's ch. ;j.. by Kxcluujuor, dam by Jeff Davis, 4 years old, 105 loa (Clark) 4 Time, 2:1(1'4. PELHAM CUACH. As usual a largo crowd collected around tho Hotel ltruu.suirk yesterday niorniug to wltueas thedeparturo of Mr. Delaneoy Kane's coach. This crowd, which see ins to grow larger day by day Instead of decreasing, shows conclusively thai Mr. Kane'* enterprise is looked upou by the people ol New York with pleasure uiid satisfaction, lor tbu person.-' composing it are geuerully ' ol the better class and their remarks concerning the l'elbum coaeh and Its urbane driver ure always eulo gisiic. At half-past ten A. M. the party, consisting ol seven gentlemen aud lour ladies, being comlorlubly seated, Mr. Kuuo took tin' ruins in baud and started up Kilib avenue Tbu crowd that bad gathered to witness the departure extended as lar as Twuuiy-oigblh street, aud when tbu guard blew bis horn many or tho onlookers seemed deposed to give an answering cheer if the pro prieties would allow it In the wiudows of tho Knick erbocker Ciuli a numlicr ol guntlemon wuro stationed, sumo ol whom belonged to Ihu Coaching Club, who ear neslly watched the progress ul the coach up the avenue. Thu liuuibcr ol carriugos uud vehicles ol all kinds that were on tbu street yes terday almost blocked up tue thoroughfare. but Mr. Kuue skiiiuliy threaded his way tlm ugh thu muss, aud tint coach rolled alon^ at a rattling rate of speed. Long before hall-past live in the afternoon another croud, evon larger than the 0110 in tho morning, gathered in front ol the Hotel Brunswick to seu tlie return o! thu Fulhum coach. As it came noar thu time somu of the crowd, more impatient than the rest, would run out in the middle of the street, strain their eyes up the avonue, run back to Ou sidewalk and tell tiie bysUuduis they could not see the coach on account of thu crowd of carriages. Hut just at tweuly live minute* alter live the horn of the guaid was heiird on the bill at Thirty fourth street, auiI the cry went up. ''Hero he comes! here ho comes!" from hlty dillerout voices. Among the an seniblage crowding the sidewalk opposite the hotel yes terday afternoon were a number of elegaut'y dressed ladies, who were taking their allernoon promenade, and, attracted by the crowd, remained w ith the rest awaiting the appearance of tltu coach. Notwithstanding all the carriages of all descriptions returning from Jerome Park w inch crowded the 1'ark and the avenue yesterday, when Mr Kane arrived in front ol the hotel It was precisely half-past live?not a miiiutu behind time. It took but a short lima lor the party to alight, when they exchanged tho usual courte sies aud separated. All expressed tbomselves as having been highly de lighted with their rido, the laitl 8 particularly, all of whom carried large bunches ol llowurs. The trip was a very pleusaut one, for. notwithstand ing the warmth ol thu day, theru was a pleasant bree/.e stirring when once outside tbu city. It wit# devoid ol any marked Incidents, except that whan passing through Westchester, in which a Catholic fair is being hold, tliu girls attending the fair cheered and waved their hand kerchicls uud threw tjuuutitics of flowor* to the occu pants of thu coach. COACHING IN ENGLAND. OPENING OF THE COACHING SEASON IN LONDON. [Krotn Land and Water, May JO.] On Wednesday next, at the Maga/lue, at flvo 1*. M , tho llrst meet ol' tho soiaou of the Kour-ln-Huud will bo held. Last year tho Coaching Club took titno by tho forelock, and anticipated the Holler ing of tlioir older brothrun ol the box. The Four-in-ilaud this year stick to their Wt nes days, and the Caoching Club will, therefore, t.i?e to day (.Saturday) as tlioir llrst moot, and make a morning gathering of^t; the start to take place at noon, aud thu Jinal* to bo a good luncheon at the Alexandra Hal ace. There is something to bo said in favor of spcudlng a day in this manner, uud if no other engagements in terfere tho drive out of towu, via Finch ley and Hamp stead Heath to the l'alaoe is very onjoyable. Tho an nual meeting of tho Coaching Club takes place at Long's, at half-past lour Saturday next. There is no alteration in iho Committee of tho Four in-Hand this year, nor have any ucw uombers boon elected as yet. The Puke of Du-iUlort is president of the two clubs, and while I.ord Aveland looks after the lntorusts of the Four-ln-Hantf Colonel Armytago at tends to the Coaching Club. 'l'tiero is no rumor of any now lights of other days on tho box, or iu any way con nected with coaches this year: but those who were novices are Improving, aud tbo-igh we cannot expect better cattle than wo have seen belore, one or two Juvenile coachmen will look uiore at euse. If tho fash:on to stare at tho meets is going to lucrcaso this seasou some other arrangements will have to be madu lor the beueilt of tho drags and lor tho convenience of the public, lor lully two hours altera meet, and for some tinto belore, IhO l'ark and Its approaches are at a dead lock, nud happy is he who hath time aud pntieuce. Why should so mauv carriages be packed iulo tho Scr|>oui>no drive r One row would be ample. Now three are usually crammed there. The consequenco is that Hyde l'ark Cornur is thu point at which tho various streams debouch, and where thoy stick. It lias been suggested by some ol the Four-in-Uand members that to obviate tins unnecessary )am in the Park and Piccadilly, tho parade should bo conliuued round the l'ark, uud by tin." means it would l>e extended indefinitely lor the .- ght-sueing public, aud carriages would have no uxcuse lor crowding up to tbu Achilles statue. Ihu parade would coino away as usuul from the Mug islue, then turn to tbu right at thu end of the How on past the barracks, t'.ieu to tho right ovor the terpentine aud round by the Marble Arch, and out for good at Hyde Park Coriu-r. The idea is a very good one, aud wo hope it will be acted upon. Mr. Kiowur, the enemy of the bearing rein, speak* ol the large number ul gentlemen tbal have dispensed with It this season, and wo shall consequently expect to see mure heads I rue lu the toums than there were last \ear. Ibc road coaches owing totho terrible east wind dur ing i he pa-t month have boon doing badly, but yosier - day beiug line at once biougbt out riders. May lu this climate is too early lor pleasure In a coach ridu. The fcL Aihuus is only lettered on the hiud boot, rather awkward for a stranger who wants to see what road it covers. Harry Cracknell wuiks their teams well, uud, like Ills lather, kuows when to leave the whip alone. Tho morning Dorking are working a road well done belore; they have soiue sound iiiaelniiurs uud plonty ol zeal iu the work. The coach is Cooper's old oue that came to griel lust year, and may it never do so again. I hey do not patioin/.e the trams and Vuuxliall Dridgo. | The \\ allord revived has brought to light Kweiis. a prolessioual Irom the c.apiiam road, who has seen service lor a long while there, and is a good practical man. The tiuildlord on May duy showed something ! rather beyond touching torni in Mr. ?hom bred's team, and all dowu their road they have good slulf and painstaking proprietors. Our old friends, the Tunbridge, require no praise from us. We know they are In good hands, and Mr. Chaplin look them dowu ou May day. Seiby Is on the box The Oxford I* a plucky venture. It is a long r >ad to cover, but oue likely to have many short riders when well knowu. Mr. lllyth, if be lacks riders, has tio ink ol well wishers. Silver I home, the well known Ungiitou jobmaster, talk* of ruuuing the coach Irom Brighton to Arunuei this year Which Lord Mayo did last, and Will run a different road via llroadwater. He talks ol starling June 1. Mr. Kdcu, though stnctly ' coulined to Oxlord street, patronised tho Cellar ou May day with his team. No liaoer lashers handbox on wheels got in the wuy this tune. Captaiu Cooper lu tends lo put on a roach shortly, but lie tins not yet settled the road, llox 11 ill aud lirighton. via Horsham, are hanging in (he balance, lie has a new coach by a loci! man, Vuutbam. Ol l.eatllerhe id, -aid to be n masterpiece. The Windsor is very well horsed, and i-sure to load lor river parties when tno sun comes out. our cousins In the Stales have hud .t great coaching llllip since < aptuin Kane look over his coach by IIol land, which he drove to Virginia Watur la.t year. He i- now running it a n-yulsr stage out of New Vorx. Colonel Jay. the 1'resident ol the newly-formed Couch li.g Club there, bus another Knglisli coach by I'elers, winch ti-' d to run on tue Dorking road. Mr. Brouson bis i I'ghl draj t?y l eters; also Mr. Haremeyer. there * re tome French couches used. Inn tfiey appear too full III the body lor the wheels. At present they have aooul lourteni nieiiii*-? Our old II. D. C. .when I hey used todrlvn.dowu tollcdlonl,wi re tomollme* lower th in tin* In consequence ol ih,. innate love In tho M ites lor In-1 lra\?llmg slid ligtil turnouts, the Coach Uing Club is not likely to assume any size, as tnose wbo own irottii.^ hors * and drive wagons would not con ?V -efnd to --li liehlii'l four nags that cannot do twelve mi to.ether iu the hoar without breaking. Wo in . il encourage trotting in our it am* with advantage, as It woottl be safe to Inv odds that no horse ill any i am .ii tomorrow's meet cmi do 2:4ouiid no lour uothi"* minutes An Amercwi re,u*msn without a . >o iioi.-e iu ms stable uou.d he had gone amuck , w nh u vcufttMfle. CItEEDMOOIL TUC LCTH1U BADGg ]ril(AJ.LT WON BY COLONEL W. B. EABWELI. Th? riflemen af this city and vicinity have evidently bail a surfeit of shooting tu the liberal number of matches which have been presented lor thu trial of their skill at Creedmoor, Judging from tbo small num ber that were on the grounds yeslerduy. Doubtless tbo opening oi the spring meeting ut Jerome Park contrib uted to thU result. There were less than fllty mem ber* present during tne day. The coutest lor the I.uther Badge w?? commenced at eleven o'clock with | only seven entries, apd these dm not Inctado the best I 'oug range marksmen belonging to tbo club. Major 1 Fulton shot over the same ranges lor thu purpose of ! getting his elevations lor tne work he expects to ac oomplish In the competition for a place on the Ameri can centennial team next Tuesday and Wednesday, and Colonel Uildersloeve was an Interested spectator lu the- shade ol a tree at the l.OoO yards tiring point. The conditions and score for the I.uther Budge were ac follows:? open only to members of the Amateur KlUa Club; distances, 8C0. 900 aud 1,000 yards; two sighting ami live scoring shots at each range; weapon, any rifle; po sition any:? Yard*. w. B. pahwku. Tot alt. (>00 6 6 6 5 6?26 000 4 6 6 6 6?24 1.000 3 5 J 3 6?19?<58 C. K. BLYDKMICIlGH. 800 6 6 4 5 6?24 000 6 4 4 6K?18 1,000 3 4 6 3 6?20?62 U. UKIUKK. 800 4 5 6 6 5?24 900 4 4 4 4 6?21 1 000 5 0 4 5 3?17?02 H. riSIIRK. 800 3 5 2 6 6?20 000 4 3 5 2 3?17 1,000 6 5 5 3 5~23?00 A. AMUKUSUM. 800 4 4 6 5 4?22 VtMj 2 3 4 4 6?18 1,000..? 3 5 3 6 4?20?00 H. KATUUO.NK. S00 5 6 4 4 3?22 000 3 6 3 4 5?20 I 1,000 2 6 5 3 .1?18?00 A. S. SWAIt. 800 3 4 5 5 6?22 000 4 3 3 4 4?18 1,000 3 3 3 6 5?19?ft'J Colonel Farwell won the badge twice before aud now becomes its absolute possessor. He first won it In Au gust, lb*5, and again in May last. Durtugthe a'toruoon quito a number of short range marksmen arrived by tbo several irtlns, aud us thu National Ullle Association had decided to postpone tbo mutch lor thu Spirit uf the Timet Budge, a pool was raised and shot lor at 200 yards range. Although the j giare of the sun e tuned considerable mirage at thu tar gets, a cool "six o'clock" wind blew down the rauge, j lollowiiig tbo lioe oi fire, but uot with sufficient force 1 to dcflcct the flight of tbo bailor impair the accuracy of uliu. To morrow tlie Kleventh brigade. Notional Guard, will shoot at 100, 160, 300 and 400 yards distances. BASE BALL. DEI'EAT or THE MCTUALS BY THE LOUiUVILLE MINIS. The Mutual and Louisville nines played the third gatuo of their regular championship series on tho Union Grouuds yesterday afternoon, and, greatly to tho surprise ol every one present, tho visiting nine won the giino by a score of 8 to 1. Thu Mutuals bare not played so badly this season, olther at tbo bat or In the field. With tbo exception of Joe Start every muu in tho nlue acquitted himself discreditably, llerelolore the nine has experienced no difficulty in butting Devlin, but yesterday they seemed unable io do anything with him. Ou the other hand, the l.ouisville men played superbly la the Qeld aud batted Matthews with the in most freedom. Snyder was particularly brilliant behind the bat, und Fuluier did excellent work ut short stop. With the bat Devlin led thu score. ' THK St'ollK. MUTUAL LOCISVILLK. Players. H.\b. I'O.A.E. Ptayert. R.1U.PO.A.X. HoMs'tb, c. I 0 2 10 1 Hastings.c. 1. 2 2 10 0 Start, 1st b. 0 1 11 1 0 Hague, 3d b. 0 2 0 2 0 Treacy, L f. 0 0 7 1 2 Devlin, p.... 2 3 0 4 1 llallinan, s.s 1 113 5 Gcrhurdt,lb0 1 14 0 0 Craver,2d b. 0 12 3 1 S mv,lle,2d b 1 2 4 5 1 Hicks, c.... 0 0 2 1 3 Fulnier, s. s. 0 114 0 Booth, r. 1. 0 1 3 0 0 Sn.vder, & .. 1 0 4 2 1 Mai thews, p 0 0 0 2 1 Allison, r f.. 0 0 3 1 0 Nichols, 3db 0 0 0 2 1 Ityan, 1. L..2 2 0 0 0 Totals.... 1 0 27 13 14 Totals....: 8 13 27 18 8 1KBDIGS. Clubt. 1 it. 2d. 3d. ith. 5(A. 6th. 7tA. 8th. 9th. Mutual 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0?1 Louisville 1210000 2 2?8 Buns earned?Mutual, 0; Louisville, 3. First base by errors of opponents?Mutual, 1; Louis villa. tt. Time of game?Ono hour and forty-five minutes. Umpire?Mr. Darnels, of llartlord. BASE BALL NOTES. Next Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the Cincinnati nine will play Ike Mutual* on thu Union Grounds. , Daw Edgier, formerly of tho Mutual Club, but for the | lust throo years with the Athletics, Is dying at Phila ' delphla of'pneuinonla. THe Ann Arbor (Mich.) University students have formally organized a boat club and will shortly com > mence hard work. The St. Louis club defeated tho Athletics at Phlla ' delphla yesterday by a score of ID to 11. The Cinciunaus wore beaten by the Hartfords at | Hartford. Score 7 to 2. Tho third game betweon the Bostons and Chicago* was won by tho latter at Boston by 8 to 4. YALE ATHLETIC SPURTS. New Hankn, Juno 3, 187G. The annual spring games oi the Yalo Athletic Asso ciation took place in this city to-aay. The weather was pleasant, but the attendance wu small, not over 400 people, the most ol whom are collegians, being In attendance. The games were nine in number. Asa whole they were not quite as well contested as usual. It was not known until Friday that the meeting was a certainty, which accounts for tho uncommonly small nu tuber ol entries. Tho ilrst contest was a thro-mile run. Tho ontries were A 1L Ely, '70, academic; L. L Clapp, '70, aca demic; T. A. Vernon, '70, academic, and T. W. Wes cott. '70, law. Clapp dropped out uud Kly stopped at the endot the third half mile. Time, Hm and 40s. Following this came the running high Jump. The eutries were W. Durrie, '70, academic, and M. U. Phelps, '70. academic. Tne first jump was at 3 feet 7 inches. Phelps won, Jumping 4 teet and 11 inches. The record ol tbo winner last year was 6 feet and 2 laches. lu the contest of putting the shot T. H. Ltnsley, '70, Sheffield SoientlUr School; F.. C. Cooke. '77. Academic, Wood, '70, .SholUtiki Sciuniitio, entored. Liuslev won. putting the shot .~i leet 2 inches. The record of last year's winter was U3 leet 9 Inches. For the one inllo ruu honors thoro were two entries? Kly and I) 11. Kellogg, '70, Academic. Kellogg was huudicap|>ed twenty seconds. The Itri-t half mile was made by Kly In2ui. 42s., and by Keliogg In Jm. 42s. (in the third qnarter F.iy drew out. Keflogg's time was 4m. S6>4?. His last year's record is ftm. 20s. Only W. J. Waketnan, '70, academic, entered in ibe burdlo race. There were ten buMles 3 feet ami 0 inches high, and the distance was 1*20 yards. HI* time was 111 seconds. I<ast year's lime was l?t4 seconds. For tho scrub ntn mile race, iu which fit teen started, C. H. Webb, '70, academic, made the best time?ftm. 11,Vs. Two eutries were made in the 100-yard dash? Wakeman and Durrie. Wukeman was the winner in 11 seconds. For the prize In the halt mile-run Phelps, Kly, Tyler anil L. L. Clapp, '70, Academic, entered. Phelps and Clapp drew out alter part of the ground had bcua cov ered. made time, 2m. 20V*.; Tvler, 'Jin. 21 '4s. Th<?la*t contest was the milo walk, which was won by Phelps in 8m. Ms. l.ast year's time was 8m. l~s. BOWDOIN'S ATHLETIC SPOUTS. Ukckswick, Me., JuneS, 1870. To-day was observed as a fleld day by the students at Bowdoin College. A liurdle race was wan by Varnoy In 14'j's. Throwing tho heavy hammer, 10 pounds, was won by Knight scoring 46 1-10 feci A two-mile walk was awarded t# Morrltt, who accom plished It in 17m. Mis. In a three legged raco Acorn and Henderson were victorious in lis. In a iunning long jump C. E. Cobb was victor, mak ing IT leet 4 niches. A 100 yard da>ti was awarded to Leavltt, who made the distance in Us. A standing high Jump was awarded to C. E. Cobb, who made 4 feet 2 inches A hall mile wulk was won by Morrltt. Time, 3ni 27 >?s. Throw ing a base ball 308 loot by Mctculf mado him ? the victor. A potato race was awarded to Varney. Time, 7m. 1 STEVENS LNSTITLTE ATHLETICS. The Stevens Intitule Grounds, foot of Ninth street, Hoboken, looked quite gay yesterday, so many Udles having attended to witless tho sports of tne students 1 at their second annual meeting. The one mile walk j was won by F. Forte la Mm ; the 100 yards dash by J. O. Huerke In 12; putting the 10-|>ound stone by 1 J. O. Ittnrke at 29 leet 11 ituhc*. throwing the base bull by H. W. II i/.ardut '4M feet; the hall-mile run l>y J. K. Stepheus in 2m. i.'>l,s. ; tho standing lngn jump by J. Kingstand >U4 leet; thu runmag higu jump by H. \V. at 4 leet 11 inches; stauiting long jump by i J. Kingsiand at t leet 0 mi bes; milling long jump by II. W. ilaztrd at 10 leet; the three ,i%v d by Huxard and Huerke: the c<>ns?i .t on raco by ii. Snydam tn 112 1-Ss.; and a hurdle race mot on the programmo), distance loo yards, over 10 (lights of hurdles, was won by W. Levis in iiist YACHTING. Preparations of the Clubs for this Season Perfected. TIIE COMING REGATTAS. List of the Prizes and Entries for Each Contest. BULKS, COURSES AND PROSPKi TS. Tbe prospects of the aewaD are decidedly encourag lug, and, Judging from the extensive preparations In yachting circles Cor some lima past, thero la reuaou to anticipate tome lively and interesting competition. | Yachting baa its sterling devotees just as other pas ' titui's have theirs, and those who occasionally hint thai I the sport is not as thoroughly popular as it ought to be ) ou this side ol the Atlantic hardly appreciate the iuier j eat und enthusiasm which our yachtsmen invariably , mamlest in all matters appertaining to our pleasure ! navy. There are many eveuts announced to take place that call lor more than a passing notice, and among i them might be mentioned the proposed visit of I tbe new cralt Iroiu Canada, wuicb ere long ' will contest <or tlio America's cup. Everything has so | far been} sutlsfuctorlly arranged for the struggle, and | that the best boat may win is the univorlal desire or i all. As previously announced, there will be three 1 races, which aro set down for tho loth, P-'th and 14th i ol July, the American competitor to bu named on the first of that month. The course for the llrst event will be that of the New York Yacht Club, tbe second will bo outside the Hook, twenty miles to windward and back, and tho third, if a third race be found necessary, will bu selected lutor on. At ull events it Is to bo hoped that our welcome vlrltor will have aruplo opportunities to try the capacity of his vessel, especially should she join In the annual cruise of tbe New York Yacht Club. Those who n.irtlctpated in tho delightlul eveut that marked tho advent of tho Cambria, the splendid races at Newport, tbe congregation In that harbor of licet sailors iroiu all quarters, the run to Martha's Vineyard, tbo subsequent reception by the Eastern Yacht Club, the display at Marblo Head and tho grand regatta at Swumpscott will not readily forget tbe Impetus tfie sport received. It was memorable tor all lliu very best features that could make a yachtsman proud. Perhaps during tho early part of tho fall we may look forward to a similar treat, for It Is said that ibo fleet of tlie New York Club will be augmented by tbe advent of many kindred asso ciations, that the cruise will be prolonged, that uew sceues will mark its progress, and that in floe the groat annual event will bo superior in all respects to Its numerous predecessors. Howbelt, it Is to bo hoped that the event will lie worthy of the year. TilK CKilTKN.VUL RKOATTAB. The programme lor the three days of the Centennial regattas will include, on June 21, a regatta over tho N.Y.Y.C. course, open to all yachts ol fllteeu fous and upward. On tho following day there will bo a regatta in tho llav, open to all yachts of fifteen Ions and under, over a triangular course, not exceeding twenty five miles. Then on Juue 20 there will bo a grand regatta to Cape May and return, open to all yachts of flitoen tons and upward It may to men tlonod that iu tho first aud second rogattas yachts will be divided into classes, with time allowance based upon the mean length and breadth. In the third there will be two classes for schoouers and one for sloop.-, with out allowance of lime, Tbe tncdal and diploma of the International Exhibition of 187U will lie awarded by the I'l^iled Stales Centeuniul Coininission to the winner in each class In the above regattas. Additional prizes In silver will be awarded by the committee. All entries must be made on or before June IS, and communi cations m.iv lie directed to i he secretary ot tho commit tee, Mr. S. Nicboi.-ou Kan . New York Yacht Club, Twenty-seventh street and Madison avenue. Tim ATLANTIC YACHT CUB. Trior lo the Centennial regattas, however, thero are others which claim attention, and lo whicb not only those directly interested iu yacbticg mailers, but the public at large look lorwurd annually with Increasing iuterest. Nearly all tlio vessels w hose names are so lamiliarly connected with our local organizations have I gone into commission, and trow present appearauces ; there tffll bo a larger representation at each regatta than on any previous occasion. First on tbo list 1 comes the eleventh annual regatia of the Atlantic Yachl Club, which hus been set down for Tuesday uext, and which will doubtless awaken the old liino ; entliusia-m and afford tho same amount of pleasure which tbe displays ol this club always do. The entries are large, and Include nil the well known racers of tbe a-sociation. Yachts sailing In tbis regatta | aro classified us ttrat class, including all schooners; ; second class, all cabin sloops forty feet In length and l over at the water line; llnrd class, all cabin sloops under (orty leot at tho water line. Tho prizes arc to | be of silver, una lor each class. The "Ijvingstono Mo i morial" prize is to I>e uwarded to tho first yacht of tho first class sloops in at the home stakeboat, without time allowance. Tho course will be: for scboouors and 1 first class sloops, from \he anchorage down through ' the Narrows, to and around the stakeboat at South ' west Spit or buoy N'o. 8 thence to and around tho I lightship, rounding the latter by eastward aud sotilh I ward; ilience home, going to the southward und west- i ward of the he icon on Homer Shoal. Tho course lor 1 sccond class sloops will be the same cuursc? to and around the stakeboat, near a buoy un Uednoy Channel, rounding tlio same for tbe southward; thence home, passlug to the wustward ol the bo icon on Homer Shoal. The sigual lor starting wili be given from the steamer Magenta? , the first or preparatory signal lo be given at a quarter ; to eleven o'clock A. M. Tbo Kcgatta Committee are Mossrs. C. T. l.ippett, F. T. Poet and <i. A. Weber, and i the ju igo* are Messrs. Heury C. Murphy, Jr., Thomas J. Northall and C. T. 1'ierco. The following are the yachts entered to participate In the regatta, the list having closed last uight:? ! Suhooncrs Ariel, Peerless, Triton and Agues. first cluss; j sloops Liidine, Orion, Sadie and Madcap, second class; sloops Kaiser Wilh ini, Nimbus, Curlew and Barbara | Fritchie. On the morning ol the regatta the judgas' steamer, William Tittaiuar, will lcavo Martin's stores, Brooklyn, at ultie o'clock aud the guests' steamer, Magenta, lr'oin tbe same place at ten A. M. nu **W YOkK YACHT CLFB. Should the weather be at all propitious the annual < regatta of tbe New York Yacht Club, which takes place on Thursday next, will allord our very l>esl yu> his an opportunity to show the result of tbo preparations their owners have been making during the spring. All the contestants will doubtless be in the very best pos stble trim, and It is to bo hoped thai the weatberly qualities- oi soiuo ol tbe lawons yachts will be thor- ' oughly tested. The entries include the s booners Alarm, Tidal Wave, Ariel, Clio, Mela aud Peerless, and iu all probability there will beaddcu the Idler. Mohawk, Dreadnought, Madeleine, Humbler, Palmer, Wanderer, Comet. Magic, Atalanta, K-telle, Kva and the sloops Addle Yoorlucs, VIndex, l'etrei, Sadio, Active, Breeze, Anna, Madcap, Windward. Alert, Fuuny and others. Tho entries close ou Tuosday. Tbo same regatta* of the New York Ya--ht Club have not been hitherto marked by good woatnor, dead calms oltou roidnug me rices ot their Interest, but we can only hojic lor tho ? beat. The course will bo as usual. In ihe mailer of ; prizes there is nothing lelt to be desired. They are J now on exhibition at Tiffany At Ca's. First of all there Is a bcatililul chowder dish, lined Willi told. Its shape is oval, atel si each end is a stork's head with a tish held in tbe beak, lormiug a nan die. On the side reclines a raised lemale figure, with a string of liBh. while a good naturod I at boy Is dashing over ber a vase of water. Another is a tankard Ou the cover lie lu s coll an anchor and a rope. There is aiso a very pretty love cup ol white silver, with three handles, i he oi her prizes are x a.-e* aud arc exceedingly tasteful In design. What with large entrus, tempting lliduneiueuM aud a brilli.uit assemblage, the regatta should prove a grand su.cess. providing the all imjwir tani element of weather be favorable. TUK SKAWANHAKA YACHT CLt H. The Corinthian races given under the ausptscs of this spirited association have been productive of excellent results. Tuo first of the raooi luis year was set down lor June iu, and is open to sloops talon^ing to any lec ogmzed club. There will be one prize In each class In which two yachts start, and a second prize In each class in which four or more yachts start. Each yacht roust bo sailed, Slid, as Inr as possible, steer, d by her owner; and w hile he may carry a Muling master aud a cook and steward none ol whom must in ?uy way assist iu tho man igo- j nient or working ol the yacht. *he will have in addition one amateur lor each live leot ol bcr length ou deck. If at any tune during the race tne owner surrenders the control or management of his yachl to bis sailing master ho shall be deemed to twve abandoned the race. The course will be from Kort Watfswortii tonnd around buoy No. 10. on the Southwest Spit, keeping it on the ion hand: thence to and around the Sandy Hook 1 .ightship, keeping it on the starboard hand. mid return over the sauie course. Iho second Is for scboouera of the Atlantic, Brooklyn, K.istern. New York and .'on wanhaka Yachl Club*, and is announced lor the lulh of j June. The course In this race will be from buoy o, 5, oil Sandy Hook, twenty miles to windward and re turn. A most exrlt'ng exhibition may be anticipated. tiik UKOOKl.Y* yacht cli h. The programme ol the opening regalia of the Brook lyn Yithl liult proin*es to allord tne same excellent sport rs m lormer years. It is set down for next Satur day, and will noi laii lo attract, as it always does, a large crowd of interested spectators. The regatta com mittee this vesr are Messrs. Alonzo Slote. William Bishop and Henry Hertz. There will bo:? b'irtt?A cIim tor all schooner yacht*# Srromi? A class lor all sloop yiichu forty-five feel In lentjih and over un the water line. Third?a class for all sloop yachts under forty-flvo ?eei iu length on water line. Tliars w iii b?:?F.rat. aolub prise. to be awarded to the first yacht In of each clam on time allowance; second, a ting officer's prise, to be awarded to the second yacht In of each class ou time allowance. The course* will ,M>:?For schooners and first class sloops, from a stake boat anchored of! Bay Ridge to buoy No. 8 u on the Southwest Spit, turning on the port band, thence U? the lightship, rounding the same on the starboard bund; theuco to buoy No. 8^, turning It on iho star board hand, and ikenoe to the swkeboat off the new ctiih houso df>clE at Qrafeseod Bay, pausing the same on the port hand. For second class sloops, from stake boat oil Hay Ridge to buoy Na 8^, at the South weal Spit, leaving the same on the port bow; thence to the outer tiar i>u<>v in ttedney's Cbannol, rounding it on the starboard baud; theoce to buov Na 8^, rounding the sumo on the starboard hand; thence to stakeboat oir the new club beuae, pissing it on the port side. Kor third class sloops (open boata), from Hay Rtdjje to slakeboat anchored in Sandy Hook Bay, two miles south of huoy Na 8>*, round'ng same on tbe port band; thence to home atakeboat at tbe new dub hou-e, passing it on the port Side. The winning vachts of encb class must make the race witbiu eight hours to lie entitled to a prize. Alt yachta to pass outside of Fort Lafayette and to tbe eastward or the W?st Bank buoys No?. 11, 13 and 15. All yachts may carryany fore-and-aft sails, and ail head sails muat be set on stays except in o pon boata. The allow ance time for aohooaers and flrat class sloop* will be based on tbe length and breadth of the water Una The allowance of time lor seevnd and third class sloops (open boats) will be based upon length only, one h.Uf of overhang included in the measurement. Start to be a flying one. Tbe signals will be:?First gun, to prepare to start; second gun, (tor schooners and Orst class sloops to start; third gun. lor second olaas sloop* to start, und fourth yun, for third clas* (open boata) to start. Guns to be tired from the Judges' steamer, William Fletcher. Up to last night the ectrie* for tbe regatta to occur on Saturday next have been as follows:?Schooners Madeleine. Tidal Wave, Louisa. Siren, Mystic, Comet and Kstelle; sloops Undine, Arrow, Kate, America, Pirate, Favorite and Lizzie L.; open boata Victoria Hu?le S. and W. T. Leo. Kutrles close the night previous to the regatta. OTMKH CLl'IW are also making ample preparation* for their regatta^ and tiiero seems to be a general desire to render th* yachting season of 1878 memorable. The Jersey City Yacht Club will bold its regatta on Tueaday next. Tbe Witliamaburg Yacht Club will contest tor aquatic honor* on Saturday and the Columbia Yacht Club on the 12th inst. YACHTING NOTES. Steam yacht Ocean Gem, N.Y.Y.C., from New York* passed Whitestone, L. L, yesterday en route tor Saw Haven. Yacht Mystic, B.Y.C., Mr. Hall, from Grconwich yesterday afternoon, is at anchor off Whitestone, L. L PBEFABIXQ FOB THS COUINTHIAN STItUGQLB * OFF THR CLUB HOUSE. Mr. F. W. J. Hurst, of the cutter yacht Actlvr, cruised down tbo bay yesterday afternoon with part ?( the crew which is to sail with him in tha Corinthian race ol tbo Seawunhaka Club on Saturday nexf. Tko slteht alterations that have been made to the Active have greatly increased her sailing qualities, and judg ing from tbe manner in which she was handled yester day, she will provo a dangerous antagonist to tbo other yachts which will bavo to competc with her in the same class. In next week's race Mr. Hurst will take command, with Mr. K. K. Chase as male. The schooner Palmer, Mr. R. Stuy vesunt, made a short cruise down the lower bay yesterday afternoon, and is getting everything shipshape for the coming New York Yacht Club regatta on Thursday next. She showed Quo speed in the light broeze that prevailed, and appears to have lost none of her old well kuown quali ties. From present indications the probabilities oro that sho will be the selected champion of the New Yurie Yacht Club to sail against tho Canadian yacht Countesa of Dufferin for the Queen's Cup. Tbe sloop yacht Alert, Mr. H. Vail, N.Y.Y.C., alio went out lor a trip down tho buy and is now anchored oil tho club bouse. Among tho other yachts cruising around yesterday afternoon wero tbe schooners Prospero, Tempest and Mela and tho sloop* Vision and Petrol. Tho newailoop yacht Rogina, built by Force, of Key port, lor Mr. Stuart, is now unchored off tho New York Yacht Club house at Staten Island. In appcarauce she somewhat resemble* tbe Active, having tho *aiuo straight stem. Her stern, however, is heavy looking and might be altered with advantage. Tbo Vindex, Mr. Robert Center, is anchored off the club bouse, and looks in first late trim. Tho schooner yacht Mohawk, Mr. W. J. Garter, N. Y.Y.C, is also at anchor off tbe clubhouse, havinj returned lrom her cruise aroucd Long Island, on which she started last Friday week. The Regatta Committee of the Perth Amboy Yacht Club have declared the Cynthia the winner of the iat? regatta for first class sloops, in place of the Chemaau, which was erroneously awarded the victory ou time al lowance. ItOWING. REUtTLAB MEETING OP THE EXECUTIVE COif. mittee of THE NATIONAL AMATEUR BOWIN'O ASSOCIATION. Tlio Executive Committee of the National Amatol Kowing Association met last evening at tlio Knicter bockcr Cottage. Awaiting the urrlval of Mr. Deiter, the presiding officer, tho meeting was not callal U order until nine o'clock. Tbo members present weri Mr. Dexter, Mr. Cralt, Mr. Kustis, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Uarllcld; Messrs. Bailey, Krumthaar, Kust and Varkur were represented by Mr. Uarllold, who pre sented their proxies. Alter calliug tho meotlug to order, Iho Chairman. Mr. Dexter, ordered the minutes d tin previous meeting to bo read. Mr. Dexter then Ealed that it would be well to take into consideratioi th? bylaws in regard to proxies, as ui this Iusance live members were preseut and lour pioxies were ollerod by Mr. Garlield. As questlous w?re to come Iteiore the meeting In which was evldonct, and affidavits would be produced, It would be well tobrlng the matter to an issua Mr. Eustls said, u hla opinion, no proxies should be used in regard u the voting on the status of ainatours where ovidente wai to be produced that the gentlemen thetnselveacouM not bear and judge tor themselves. Mr. Kustis thei oitered a resolution, which was seconded by Mr.Craft, that no proxies could vole on the status of an anateut oarsman. A rather warm discussion then ensutl, and Mr. Dexter suggested that tho resolution should read, ?'That in view of the nature ol the evidence to bo produced In regard to tbe status of amateur oirsmm no member would be permitied to vote on a p-oxy." Tho resolution was adopted. Mr. Dexter, representing tho committee ?n Mr Kandal, said bo would defer his statement uttil the comtniiteo were in private session. Mr. Uurildd thea slated in regaid to Mr. Wilson's ca*e, be had recnlvod I letter Irom the Secretary of the Uramercv LI oil Club denying tho charge mudo in Mr. O'.Nell'a lettr. Mr. Alkiuson then olh-red an allidavil from the 1'Ksideul ol the Uratnercy Club, whirb was read and doned II tolo?Mr. O'Neil's charge that Mr. Wilson had cweu CUBpknsatkd rot ins srkvioks. Mr. Alklneon was then askod some questionsbf tht Chair and deuied that Mr. Wilson received an,7 ,com pensalion. Mr. Crafi then stated that te hud been uilormcd on good authority that Mr. Wilton had been paid lor bis services. After some iurther tint cusnion, lakiug in the evidence that had been iflered, the letter of Mr. O'N'eil was reau as follows:? No. ?J East Tw*mtv-Imi:htii Stiket, I Nsw Yoas, Mareh 2, 1K"?. 1 Mr. Cltns L> 1 ak Sin?In regard to Jxmea Wiiaon, I was authorised by tn# captain nf the clnh to make arrnngementa with him. 1 ilia nut uurce to the amount he *u 10 receive lor his services. hut I K?ve him to understand that he would 1>? autialaclorily paid. Very re?i>erifully, JAMES O'NKIL. The rase was then laid on the tabie until Ike com mittee went into private sesaiou. Mr. Craft tien re ported that as a tptniiiillee on Mr. Koaron he bad lound no evidence ihnt would debar Mr. Kearon as an amaieur. On motion. It was resolv.'d that. In the opinion of this committee, there was no evidence to debar Mr. Kearon rowing as on amateur. The charges against the Kiversido Club were heard, and on motion dismissed Cnder the huisl ol un ilnuhed bu.nuess the aiuundment to rule 2, itfered by Mr. ('rail at the previous meeting, was brougU upsnd read. Alter it bud been heard Mr. Crall prsposcd le make an amendment upon his amendment, vinch tie theu read. Alier some discussion tho Chat- decided that Mr. Cralt's last amvudiueut was not in order, and thai the i|iie?lion before the meeting was tho ollowmi rule to be substituted for rule i:? Any committee of ?hi? aawcletiou hsviiitr powsi to Inves tigate the SIB tun ..f entered lor tlielr regsttss may rei4iiire any eluli making *11 entry in ctu>e theirpnahleiit or ??erelary to lerlare upon his honor, in writliv. that he belle>es the osrsman a* entered in qunliael to tow the w?tielation'? definition <?f sn aniaienr: thai h* has been a member of ?ul I cluh for three inoiitha prior to the date of ?aid rexHtla. and b?a not within th?l period >utered of lowed in any reuaiia or race ?? a member of ?ny other club ^competitions between member, ol' the >aid riub. al?a graduates, moanhers of college eti?b? and students who have severed llieir colics- relatione hein* excepted 1 In raae such declaration be not lurniaii?d then tlie Kuronin entered by ?aid eli.b xintll not be permitted 10 row in ?*id regatta. The rule was then voted upon in two sectlous, the pnrt "al?o graduates, members of college cluiis and student* wliu have severed llioir college rotations being excepted1' being taken by itself, as Mr. Critlt declined to lailier thai portion of the rule. After some lurihnr discussion the question wa? put and TIIK riUST ( LAPS! WAS KIM. Kit. Then the |>oriion referring to college graduates wna brought up, and after a hull hour's discussion, really reterriug more to mo status ol an amatcnr oursman than to ihe question at point, the rule was kille d by a vote ol 4 to 1, so all the nollcge members of club crewa piiihug in this year's race are dlrqualiQed until three months niter July 19. a communication Was theu read from the Neptune Club to the cilo. 1 tbal they protested against the action 01 the committee 11 | regard to Mr. Hiley at the recent neatla^ m at a

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