Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 7
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hrtner meeting Dta UM bad beaa thoroughly oxtm ?n(j ho ?|g duly quallllad as an amateur. Al the went meeting be was unjustly deUrred from pnlllng m an amateurwithout auy lurtbar evidence being oroducttd and therefore they a>ked for a reconsdora Uon of the quettuon. Mr. Kustis then movod that the ca>e of Mr. Riley be reopened, and tbe motion was car r I'd. Mr. Miller, the president of tbe club, thou read a immber of affidavits Irem John Coster, Charles Moon John P. Conklin, Clayton C. Myers, James H.* Riley, William Hiley and Ansom M. which all wont to deny the charge that Kilev bail gained a living by the uie of the our or paddle and pull>>d for a money Make. The affidavits were all very strong and put Riley'a case tu an entirely new light. Mr. Ttelafield, of the Neptune Club, w?s then put through a close examination, and afterward Mr. lliley was brought up in person and nuestioned. Mr. Gar field then weat Into a long history ol his knowledge of Mr. KUey's case, offsetting aud contradicting a num ber ol the affidavits tendered in evidence by the Nep tune Club and taking a very doctded stand against the readmission of Mr. Riley. There was some rather op posite views expressed in regard to oertain statements msde between Mr. Delafleld and Mr. UarOeld. <>f ?J"1'" rect a naturo that one of the gentlemen must ?a\e been mistaken. Mr. Dexter then cat tbe matter short and said that tbe question would be decided in a privato The Executive Committee remained In secret session about an hour, aud then announced that they naa tualllled Kiley and dlsqualilled Wilson. NEWARK AQUATICS. AXWAJj BKQATTA. OF THE MTSTTC CLUB. The annual regatta of the Mystic club of Newark took place yestorday on the Passaic River, one of the most charming and pioturesque boating courses in the vicinity of Now York. Tho number of spectators was about 1,000, the bulk of whom congregated at tho bouse snd platform of tho Triton club. The day wan all tbst could be desired. At the best part of the racing the tine was at a standstill. Tbe day's sport began with a single scull race between two members of tho Mystic club, In which, after a well contested raco, Mr. Adams carried off tho prize from Mr. Tuttle, wincing by about six boat lengths. Tbe courso was one mlle and a ball and the prize a bandsomo badge After this came a four-oared scull race between two crews from the Mystic clulx In con sequence, however, of the breaking ot tbe foot strap ?l the bow oar of one of tbe crows tho race was broken up when rowed about half way. No Interest was taken In the matter, it being considered no raeo ? The real excitement of the day was the contest be tween tho Athletic* ol Harlotn River and tho Tritons ol Newark. This was a three-mile racc between a picked crew Irom tho two oluus. It started over an hour be hind tho time announced. From the outset it was evi dent that the Athletic* would have an easy .victory. Their rowlug was easy, gracelul, regular and In perfect harmouy, whllo that ol the Tritons wus jorky, aucvcn and most Irregular It was remarked, too, that wbilo the steering of tbe Athletics was excellent ihat ot the Tritons was wretched In the oxtremoi The result was a very easy vietory lor the Athletics. They mode the three miles In -Mm. fts. The Tritons were twelve seconds and twelve ,oat lengths behind. Tho winning crow sonsistod ol Messrs. R. W. Rathbone. L. ?. Muck, H. 0. Westa nd C. H. Cohen. The average weight wan IbA lbs., Ihat of the Tritons being 14* lbs. The prize wou by tho Athletics was a handsome stand ol colors. At tne ?lose the victors and the vanquished excuangcd choers. BOATING NOTES. C. a Fruncls will no Cornell's single scnU representa tive at tho Collego Regatta. C. E. Courtney has commencod sculling preparations for the rowing season. There will be a rogatta at Providence, R. L, on the Fourth of July. Tho Schuylkill course has been staked off at distances hall a mile apart. A. P. I.oring Is now engaged In coaching the Harvard eight-oared crew. The 1'awlucket Roat Club will shortly have a match race with tbe Narrqgansetts. The Undine Barge Club have put up a line olub house Dear the Falls of Schuylkill. The Passaic River amateur oarsmen will bavo their regatta on the 28th of June. The cntrios for the Harlem Regatta this season will bo moro numerous than heretofore. Stowe aud Newton aro practising In a pair every af ternoon oa the Harlem. The Columbia College lour pull la good form in thoir new shell. The Uramercys will have a club regatta some time this month. Kustis and Downea are pulling pair-oared on the Harlem Rlvor. ,, , William Lums-len and Robert Hagnall rowed a Straight away three mile race on tbe t'yne, Kngland, May 9, In which the latter was defeated. Johnson, ol the West End Club, an^t Delowrv, of the Boston Club, will row a two mile race on the 6th, ou tbe Charles River, for $300 a side. The Daunt c s Clno are having a slx-oared gig over hauled and prepared lor tlio Harlem Regatta Assocla ^The Citizens' Committee on the Harvard-Yalo olpbt oared race, to take p'uco at Springfield. Maf&, June 30, hits been organize", with L. J. Powen as president, K. O. Morris secretary, and D. J Mar>h treasurer. Parryer defeated Mace In a sculler's raco lor ?100, from l'uiney to Morilake, on tr.e Thames, Kngland, ?Uy He won handily by hall a-dozen lengths, in There will oe a regatta at Burlington, Iowa, on the lib ol July, lor which preparations on an extensive Scale are said to bo making. Tho Noptunos, c( Si&ion Inland, intend to have an opcuiug on June 10 There will be lour races and tho best men in the club will participate. The Halifax four for the Centennial will betaken Irmn the following men.?Obadiah Smith, Caleb Nick? erson, John Nlckerson, Richard Fleming and Warren BlThe Harvard eight, as at present composed, Is Wor den Thayor, Jacobs, Morgan, Otis, Jaines, Roland and Bancroft, stroke, with lrvmg as substitute The Union Springs lonr lieat the Seueca four recently In a three mile race with a turn. Tho winniDg time tras 20m. 54s. The Annlostans, of Washington, Intend to have weekly races this season, similar to those oslablishcd last v ear. The chances are that we will have two Dublin crews to row in American waters this season; but how many Irom England T The Patapaco Navy, comprising three Baltimore boat elubs, the L'Herondelle, Ariel and Undine, will hold a rouatta on tho 15tb Inst. The spring regatta or the Nereid Boat Club, or Brook lyn, will be held on the 10th of June aud promises to be a pleasant allair. The Yale eight are doing good preparatory work and Cook has his men in excellent condition lor the race with Harvard. Some of the Southern clubs Intend to send crews North this yeur to participate in the Centcnuial re * The eighth annus) regatta of the Northwestern Ama teur Rowing Association will be held al lotcdo and ex tend over the 4th. Hh and ttth of Julv. INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNA MENT. The members of the Philadelphia Cheu Club hare Invited the chess players o< the world to contend ?gainst them In an international tournament, to be held during the centennial celebrations o( the Quaker City. The New York players object to some of the regain lat ions proposed by tho Philadelphia Chess Club and will to-morrow forward to the members ol tho Quaker City club the following document:? It has been MKxented bv tlte nnderilrned thnt thr follow Idk mollification* ol the mien and regulation* of play in the f rrfnil t'eatrnaisi international che?? fiurnament be nub nultrd to the conunittec for their approval: ? "That any player be allowed to enter the tenrnament ap to AtiKUM 14. "Th?> entrance lee shall be The time limit taenty moves per hour. The hour* of play shell he fri?ra nine A. M. to one P. M. lad from two P. M. to tlx P M. eacli day, excepting In mlay. I'hc nnmber mi l amount of prliea shall be fixed and made pnMie as noon a? possible signed. <1amea ?l??en, A. P. Bars**, '.Iporgo H. Mackensle, Christian Becker, A. W. hnror, H. K Bird, K. It. Underbill, F. M. Hoaer, h. Uelmar. A NEW MUSTANG RIDER. To tbk Editor or thi Hkhai.d:? Will yon please let the public know through the flKRjkiD that 1 am willing to ride the same rnustsugs .liat Parker and bia comrade rode. 1 will stake |100 Jiat I can ride the 30f> miles in tho time that Parker sua allowed. I do uot require one cent lor my *erv>ces. Respectfully. MICH A K I. J. O'CONNOR, Mo. 1,3*4 'third avenue, late ol Battery K, Kirsi United Slates Flying Artillery. DION TO SEXTON. Nnw York, June a, 187& To tits Editor or tiik Hkrald:? I cannot allow Mr. Pciton'e so-called "answer,?' published in your paper of this d?y'? date, to puia un notlccd. In the tlrst place Mr. Sexton claims mat hie challenge (lor fft.OOO a side) "strips mine of all force." Kb a matter ot (act it is well known among billiard .Mayers that sncb challenges are mere '?buncombe-' ami never meant to be accepted. He nest descends to something very like peoonal abnse, insinuating so strongly as almost to assert that f am slmi>ly actuated by spile toward the tournament in wbt<h bo is engaged. This is Mtnpiy absurd; there sre plenty ol tropic in New York to attend both games, and surely good Judges may be loft to select that where they will be l?'? saiisileil. Mr. Bexion laya great Stress upon "his style of play requiring an accurate table." I presume every good phtver require* one bat I certainly prefer a faster table than that on wbi< It be ['lays. If Messrt. fexton, Slosson and Rudolph* really wish to play me thoy c n be accommodated on alternate nigbis at 000 point*, $<WH) a side each game, on the same terms ?? ia my match with Mr. Daiv a. to ttbia and hall. CYR1LLE DION. CHALLENGE TO WALK. I hereby challenge William K. Harding to walk ten or fifty Milieu (H<|inre heel nod loo) within ihreo or four weeks' time, el Dierfoot I'ark, tor u side. UnooKLYN, June 3, 187U. JOHN W. STl'BBS. REAL ESTATE. The business at the Kxrhau<o yesterday comprised the following foreclosure sales:? William Kennedy sold a building. with lot 25.2x9Hi ou avenue A, east side, AO teet south ?f 107th street, for $7,000, to Charles N. Kaudall (?oorgo X. Scott sold a house, with lot 10x99.11, ou East 130th street, north side, 100 feet eust of Fifth avenue, for $9,060, to Androw Sober. X. C. CPules sold a house, with lot 19.2x92.2. on lrourth aveuue, ea<t side, hi. 1 feet north ol Kiglity eighth street, for $3,000, to the plaiutlfl; and a house, with lot 22.6x100, on Teasdale place, north sido, 315 Icet west of Dcltnonleo place, Morrtsanln, 'tfwenty-third ward, lor $2,6(0, to Reed ii. Uontecou, admlimtrator. 1'. T. Meyer sold a plot ot land 16Ltix40.5xlG3.Ux40..'), oc Went Killy-llrst street, north side, beiUK the tront between llroadway and Seventh aveuue, for $<59,350, to A C Kinculnnd, and a plot 100x83.11x103x29*.t?, on Nagle aveuue, south side, 230 teet east of Kllwo?d street, old Dyckuian caime, lor $2,100 to 8i.roh ?. Wind hurst. TUAMSFKMS JUMB S. Bftth St., I. a.. 180 ft. we?i of l,ex.ln)ttou a*., 20x100.3; Frederick Zettel aud wife to Hannah Taylor $20,000 4th av.. s. e. corner ot 53d it., 315x25.'ix9Jx7.ix 22U3xlO>>.5 lo 5.d at.. 1*4 Ux210; ?i?o 53d St., D. S.. ID It. e. of 4th ar? IOObUWS; alto 62d St.. S. s.. 103 tt. e. of 4th av.. 90x10 15; nlao ttli av. a. e. corner ot 52d at.. llftxliXXS; alaiMhil ,s. a.,4ui ft w. of 0th av., 90x1 UO. ft; alao 14th St.. u. 177.2 tt. w. of IrviiiK place. 4ttx2(.<iG, to lftlU ?t.. JS.lOx 12Lf>s.'iU; also 14tli at., D. ? , 1(12.6 It, e. of 4th av., 22XM3.9; William Stoinway and wife anu ethera to Steinway Hoes Nora. 1st av., w. a., bi.ii ft. n. of 122a st , 75x24; Leonard Badger and wile to Mary J. Bnrehell Xom. Emerson at., w. a., I(W tt. n. ot Verinilyea av., 25xl<SJ (23d ward); Hugh llrouuuu to Mariuh Dreiuun TOO 135tli at., n. t., ISO ft. e. of Willis a*., 90x100 (23d ward): Uordon M. Fiaite and wife to Mary A. Turner 3.800 West sk. e. *., 9 i tt. u. of Murray at., 26x87 ft; Au draw C. (Jetty (trustee) to 11. Hade anil olhera Nom. 21 st St.. s. s., 34ft ft. w. of ftth av., 25x>. block ; K?sn lie lleiaer to Horace B. Ciaflln 41,000 2d av., u. a., 4'>.?? ft.n. of 53d St., 2Ox70; Auna Keller to Auna O. E. Ijerch 20,000 3litli St.. 11. s., 100 It. e. of 0th av.. -4x98.9; A B. Lindsay and wife to Josephine lions 18,200 13th St., u. a., 1SI5.I1 ft. e. oi uv. A, 25x103.3; Anna U. E. Kerch to Anna Keller 20,900 Caual at. (No. 334). also Mo. 37 l.isuenord St. (1-3 Sart); William Mitchell and wife to Klisebeth iitchell aud others Nom. 99th st.. n. s.,2?) ft. e. ot 1st av.. 90x100.9; John Uetberinicton to Pierre Van Aistyuo 1,303 Sheriff st. w. ?. (No. ?3>, .5x100; Rosalie .Setter and huabaud to sipmuiid debwarta Nam. ISfttli St., n. a., 210 It. e. of iUh av 75x99.10 (1-3 part); Sarah E. Karnor to I'barlea L. M<-ad 7,122 Eldridife st. (No. 82), ? a., 39.4 It. n. of Hester. S0.8x J9.8; Charles Roos and wile and others to iter ilia Murlock 1.883 1st av.* w s., 43.9 It. n. of 1324 at.. 24x7.1; Manly C. Kuiand and wife to Mary .1. Bnrehell Mom. West St.. e. a., 93 ft. n. of Murray. 26x87.9; Ma ria L. Vaa Rensselaer to (V Bade and uthers 18,000 1st av.. w. s . 91.9 IV n. of 122d St.. 9.2xl(X>xirrei;u lar; A. B. Woodruff and wife to Mary J. Burshell.. Nom. West ?!.. a. e. corner of Deshrnsses. 43.9x8ft; David A. Williamson aud wile to Heury Uffermau and others 40,000 8Mb st., a. a., IBM. ll ft. w. of 3d a v., 17.7x100; Na thaniel A Williams and wife and others to John M. Mayer 8,290 Baxter at., e. s., UU2 tt. n. of Park. 25xlOO.fl; John A. (ioodlett (referee< to Mary E Dwver 19,000 Mulberry St.. w. s. (No. 2-tO), 29xl0l); Delano C. Cal vin (referee) t;i John B. Smith 13,000 75th st? n. s.. 2;Kl ft. e. of 3d av.. 25x102.2; Franklin H. Churchill irelereei to Benjamin Ahrams 100 Teasdale place, n. a., 315 It. w. of Delinonioo place, 22.0x100 (24th ward); R. B. Uulllln .referee) to R. B. Bontacou 2,900 4tb av., e. a.. Hi i\ ft. n. of 88th st . 19l4x82.2 2-3; .Same to Michael Donouuhne 3,000 74tti St . s. s . .ISOIV e. of llth av.. 29x141.4S ; a,so 74th st., s. a., 375 ft. e. of lltli av., 25x101.4, also 74th at., s. a., 200 ft. *. of llth a v.; Jos. Meeks (referee) to Ileal Estate Trust I'ompauy 5,500 MOItTKAUKA. Bell, Eseklel Y.. to S. S. Constant, s. s. of 28th st., w. of 7th av.; 3 years 9,000 Carroll, ileiait M., to W in. T. Horn, ti. e. corner Waahinirtoii aud Charles sts; 5 yearn ? 5.000 ti all on. Edward and wife, to Keulna Schatfner, n. a, ol 41st St., w. ot 8tli av.; 2 years...... 2,900 Keller. Auua mid liusOand. to Anna (>. E. Eerch, n. a of 15th st., e. ol ar. A; instaiuicut 0,000 Lehr, Ueorice and wife, to Martin Becker, s. s. 55th st 700 Mayer. John M. and wife, to Nathanlol A. Wiillnms and otliem, s. s. of 8Sth st., w. of Jd av.; l year.... S.tXKJ Mexlian. Klfsalieth and l.ushand, to New York Life Insurance Company, i. s. of 11 ftth St., e. of 4th av. ; lyear 4.900 Satnu to >a:ne, a. ?. of 1 Iftlh St., e. of 4th av.; 1 year. 4.5(10 Kanie to aame, s. s. of 115th St., a. of 4th av.; 1 year. 4.MI0 Same to same, s. s. of 115th st., e. of 4th nr.; 1 year. 4..'ak> Same to same, a. s. ot 115th st., e. of 4th av.; 1 year. 4,900 Same to same, s. s. of 1 l ">th st., a. of 4tli av.; 1 year, 4..VXI Same to same, s. a. of 115tli St., e. of 4th av.; 1 year. 4,500 Same to same, a. s. of llftth at., e. of 4th av.; 1 year. 4,500 Mount. John L. and wile, to St. Luke's Retreat, e. s. of 7th av.. s. of 2Hh st.; 5 years 7,000 Mctflary. Marv L.. to lleury Kohlnotl, w. s. of Iten wiek it,, w. of ripr nif; 5 years 15.000 Powers, Henry II., toll A. Kllbiirn, a. a. of 75th st, w. of Madi>on av.; 1year 1,000 Same to same, s ?, ol 75th St., w. of Madison av.; 1 year 1.00b Hon. .lo*i-phine, to A B Lindsay, n. a. of .'tilth st., e. of f>th av.; I1, years 1 0.5U0 Kawiuin, Emma aud husband, to Elisabeth T. Iv. a, Bond st 9,000 llUa. Alta-rt, to New Yora Life 1 nsursnce Company, a. e. corner of 2d av. sn<l 7-*tli >1 : I year I4.0IK) Same to aauiu, e. a of 2d uv., s. of 7^th st.; lyear... ll.KMi Sam* to same,a. s. of 2d av., t. of 78th st.: 1 year... Same to name. a. s. ot 78tb st.. e. of 2d av.; 1 year... 8,<<J0 Same to Frank A. Selts,.s. s. of 7^th St., e. of 2d av.; inataliuent 3,OJO Same to aame, e. a of 2d av., t. of 78th it.; instal ment .. 3,' XX) Same to t'hrlstlau Wolf, s. e. corner 2d av. and 78th st.; inatamlant 3,5.M Same to hdward P. SW-era, e. s. of 2d av., i. ot 7f>th st.; instaluiant 8,000 Same to t'harles Salt* aud others, s. e. eorner 2d av. and 7lMb st.. Instalment 3,OX) Htephan, P<illlp, to Michael Schmidt, s. s. ol :id st.; 4 years .. 1,000 Trimble, Merritt and wiTe, to Mary M. I'ndcrhill. n. a of 29th St.. w. of 4tb av.; 2 years 19,0110 HiomMin. Frank and wife, to John Eraser, s. s. of Waveriey St., w. of Washington av. (23d ward); 1 year 2,000 Turner, Mary A. and hnsband. to flenry L. Morris, n. s. 135th St., e. of Willis av. (23d ward): 3 years. 1,800 Hame to Gordon M. Footc. n. s. of Llftth St., e. of Willis av. (23d ward) ; 3 vears 1,673 Whitehead, Maver and wife, to Snrdiie Slmonsfeld, s. a of 7(Hn st.. a. of 4th av.; 3 years 10,000 Wright, Catharine and hnsband. to (ieorire Kuser and wife, a. s. of 53<1 st., a. of loth av., Instalment. 2,000 THE EXCISE LAW. No special order* were given by the Superintendent to the force yesterday with repnrd to the enforcement of the Liquor law to-day, although Captain Steers was given to understand by one of the CommlHsloners that be must look woll to Gllmore'a Garden and prnveut the ttalo ol liquor there. To learn the Intention of the Captain, a ITkiuld re porter called upon bim lux; night. ??I shall enforce the Sunday law," mid he, "to the best of my ability. I hare do alternative. No ptnee will be allowed to be op.-n for the rale ol beer or uthrr Intoxicating beverage so long as my force holdH out, for II I b?ve to ufe every man 1 shall do mv duty." R*i*ortkk?What are your view*, Captain, of the right ef a policeman to enter inch a place aa Gllmore'a Garden without paying bla entrance feet "So raras my men ure concerned, when I send them to auch a place I give them money to boy tickets" "l>o you intend sondtng ofllccrs there in citizen's dress to-day V "I do; and every waiter caught selling will moat assuredly be arreted. 1 hope to bo able to keep every saloon in my precinct cloeod to-morrow, but, ot conrso, my men can't break into a saloon to we II liquor Is being sold there." It is understood that the Board of Police have referred to counsel for opinion the question as to whether an officer can enter Ollmore's Garden without being obliged to pay for admission. THE LAftT OF THE WHALES. Both the white whales that had beon kept In Mr. Coup's aquarium at Tbirty-flfth street are now dead. Ono of tbem departed this life on Wednesday, the other yesterday. It Is believed that the fish cut him?etf in tbe tank and slowly blod to death, for the water waa dyed wtth gore. At twenty minutes to eleven yester day morning be relied over on his haek and died. He will be removed to the Smithsonian institute, and Mr. Coup has despatched envoys to Labrador toaccure more whales. M'GOWAN DISCHARGED. After attending the roqulem mass of his father, Daniel McGowan, at tho Monastery, West Tloboken, N. J., on Friday afternoon, Edward McGowan, the son, waa arrested and lodged In tbe Hudson County Jail un der tho accusation ol having beaten bis father to death. Th?- Inquest was held yesterday In West Hohoken Town Hall, and the following witnesses were examinedDr. Talaou, County Phy-ieian Stont, Justiee Vila nice, Henry A. Hazard, James Mc(,ow;?n and John t'arrell. The testimony. In the judgment of the Coroner, pointed to the lact that the prisoner had beaten deceased; but, act ording to the Conntv riiy-icmn, the blows were not sufficient to have caused or hastened deatb. Tbe Jury lound that deceased had died of pyemia, therelore tho | prisoner was discharged. COLORED PREACHERS IN COUNCIL. ______ The Conference of the 7,ion African Methodist Epis copal Church In Jersey City was continued yesterday. The report of the Committee on Education, which em bodied a recommendation that an educated ministry ta Indispensable to the suco as ol the Church, was dis cussed and adoped. Trl?l sermons were delivered by Brothers Smith and Jackson, alt> r which Klder Thomas called attention to the expulsion of Eider fanning. Tbe following resolution in mferonco to the case was adopted '?unsolved. That while we regard the Methodist Kpiaeopal Church wltli tender attention as our parent Church, and naturally in sympathy with ti*, yet we deeply deplore the seeming indecent haste they manl iest in rec>-iving number* coming from onr Church, wheth'-r ihey have been expelled, as In the esse ef Elder l<aasmi!, wbo was received after expulsion with out presenting any document* to show his standing. " A potltlon wnn presented from the 7.ion church nsking that Brother Gjfrai Oliver be remrnod thereto, ? the church Is In debt to tbe amount of $3,000, and he Is the onlv clergyman wbo can help It out of the diBcalty. Mr.'Oliver's services were dispensed with last year. ran mom Ministerial Movements Chat by the Way. Synagogue "Worship?The Disci' pline of Suffering. PROGRAMME OF SERVICES. Rev. W. W. Pago will preach In West Eleventh street Presbyterian church this morning and evening Union praise meeting at four o'clock. Rev. John Joliua will preach In Islington avenue Methodist Episcopal church thin morning und In the Free Tabernacle this evening. Evening subject?"The Liquor Demon; or, An Appeal in Behalf of the Police Commissioners." All Saints' Protestant Episcopal chnrch will be ministered to to day by Rev. W. M. Dunnoll, rootor. Mrs. Amanda Spence will address the Spiritualists In Harvard Rooms this evening. Catharine Hcherta will talk in the Christian Israelite church this evening on "The Ingathering of Israel lor ttie Redemption ot Spirit, Soul and Body to Enter Inlo Llle Eternal." ??The Wonderful Book" and the "Blood on the Door Posts" will be expouudod to-day by Rev. William Lloyd in Washington square Methodist Episcopal church. Tho American Free Church, founded In the Uni versity chapel Inst week by Rev. C. P. McCarthy, will be instructed this morning "Where to Find Rest and Peace," and this evening on "Tho Spirit's Revelation of Heaven." At Spring street Presbyterian church the Rev. A. H. Moment will preach on "Tho Morality of Religion" this morning. Service In the evening also. Rev. O. B. Strnver will preach In Bleecknr street Unlversalist church this morning, snd Mrs. Hanalord, of Jersey City, In tho evening. Bishop Snow will speak before the Second Adventists In tho Medical College hall this afternoon on "Tho New Heaven and New Earth which God Will Create," In the Church of the Holy Apootiee the Rev. B. E. Backus will minister this morning and afternoon. Dr. J. B. Flagg will miulster for Christ's church at tho usuul hours to-day. Rev. II. B. Ctiapin will preach morning and after noon In the Canal street Presbyterian church, Greeno street, near Canal. The transformed Dutch church on Washlngton square la to bo reopened to-day as a Melhodist church. Bishop Junes will preach in the morning and Presiding Elder Crawlord in the evening. Tho Rev. J. & Fletcher, of Dublin, Ireland; Rev. W. Hampstonoand Rev. S. H. Tyng, Jr., will offlemte and preuch to-day in the Church of the Holy Trinity. Rev. C. H. Fay will prcach in the Church ol Our Sa viour this morning and evening. The Rev. W. T. Sabine will preach in the First Re formed Episcopal church this morning and eveclnR. "Fidelity" in tho morning ond "looking Ahead" (lor the young) In the ovenlng will be treated by Rev. W. II. Thomas In Beekman Hill Methodist Episcopal church. "Jesus as a Conversationalist" will bo presented by Dr. Armltage this morning In the Fifth avonuo Baptist church. "What Aileth Thee t" will be asked and answered in the evening It the Froo Baptist church the Rev. Mr. Rowell will maintain the proposition that "All Things aro for tho Christian's Profit." "Tho Church" and "Tho Voice ol Joy" will con?tl tute tho basis of Rev. J. A. Seitr'a remarks In Harlem Unlversalist ehurch to-day. Mr. H. L. Hastings, tho Evangelist, will speak on ?Temperance" this evening In the Sixty-first street MethodMt Episcopal church. Mr. M. II. Hoddor, of London, England, will addreas young men iu Aasoclatlon Hall this ovenlng. The Feast of Pentecost (O. S.) will be observed this morning In tho Russian Greek chapel. Rev. S. M. Hamilton will minister In the Scotch Pros byterlan church this morning and afternoon. The Rev. Charles narrower will discuss the question in the Central Methodist Episcopal church this even ing?"Havo Wo Any lulercst In tho Ijue Enforcement of ihe Kxclse" Rev. J. M. King will preach In St John'a Methodist Episcopal church this morning. Sacramental servlco In the evening. Rev. J. H. Llghtbourn will prcach about "No Night In Heaven" thla morning and about "Homo" this evouing la Seventeenth sireet Methodist Episcopal cnurch. In Madison avenue Reformed chnrch the Rer. G. M. MeCainpMI will preach this morning. "Our First Parents'' wll be Introduced this evening to Eighteenth atreet Methodist Episcopal church by Rev. W. F. Hatlleld. "Sudor's Medium, the Prototypo of Modern Me diums," will be considered this morclng in Stanton street Baptist ehurch. "Bible Reading" will bo con sidered In the evening. Rev. W. B. Merrill will preach In the Sixth avenue Reformed church this mornlug and evening Tho new associate rector of St. George's Protestant Episcopal rhureb, Rev. W. W. Williams, will ontor upon hla dutiea and preach this morning and alter noon. Divine sen-Ice in St. Thomas' Protestant Episcopal church to-day at the usual hours. Dr. Crawford this morning and Dr. C. H. Fowler this evening will occupy the pulpit of Iho Twenty-fourth atreet Methodist Episcopal church. "Lights and Shadows of the Metropolis" will b? pre sented In the Reformed church Id West Thirty-fourth Itreet this evening by Rev. C. Martyn. Rev. Henry M. Sanders will occupy the pulpit of the Tabernacle Baptist church this morning and evening at the usual hours. Dr. Deems is to preach In the Church of the Strangers this morning and evening, as usual. Rev. N. A. Reed will preach In West Fifty-third atreet Baptist chorch at the nsual hours to-day. Dr. Samson will preach there on Wednesday evening. The Itev. D. B. Jntten will tell tho Sixteenth Baptist chorch thla morning "tfhat the World Owes to Bap tlats " The Rev, George H. Hepworth will tell the Church of the Disciples this morning the difference between preaching and living Christianity, and in the evening ho will speak al?out the alteroa countenanco of Christ "Tho Commandmenta: True Religion Consists In a I.lfe According to Tbem" Is the topic on which Rev. Chauncev Gllea will dlaeourao to day In the Sweden, borgian church. In the Church of the Dlsclplea of Christ the Rev. D. R. Van Buskirk will preach morning and evening. In the Catholic Apostolic church the Rev. W. W. Andrews this evening will lecture on "The Fulness of the Holy Ghoattha Preparation of the Rride." "Spiritualism and Ita*Agenolea" will be put on trial this ovenlng in Chlckering Hall by Mr. W. Irving Bishop, who promises to make some startling expos urea Mr. Bishop will expose the modern saystem of Jugglery in the same place on Thursday evening for the benefit of a charity ormnected with tba Church of the Strangers. Preaching in Plimpton Hall thla morning for Ihe Filth Univeraallit Society. CHAT BY THE WAY. If we ahould believe only what wo c?n understand, we should believe very little. Protestants complain that Roman Catholicism la in creaatng in tho South. The law Is that the field belongs to those who work hardest In It It will never do to alt still, and then complain that some one else Is getting good wagea. Rev. Mr. Briar created a prickly sensation last week in ihe Assembly by tvaylng that the roota of the Catho lic Church aro too deep down to be dug up. Well, who ever has what the people want will sell his good*. All denominations aro subject to that wholesome tost Our Baptist friends aro subjected to a great many witty criticisms. A Baptist deacon was uslilng one day and caught a nondescript. "What's that * ho a?ked. "We call that fish the Baptist," was the reply. "And what la your reason for the name?" "Why, because he aplles tho moment bo 1a taken out of the water. '? ?Sydney Smith used to aay that aomo miniaters preach M though alu wore to bo taken from men a* Kvo woa taken from A'tum, by first casting them into a deep sleep. These linos are as true to-day as they were 200 yearn I ago, when 1'rior wrote them:? Tlmjr never who dlwujn drink; They always talk wu? never think. The New York <)tmrvrr says, Tory pithily and trnly, that "the excessive use ot the Jaw in religion is posi tively detrimental to growth lu grace." We tslk re- ? llgiou too much and practice it too little. Tiie Christi unity of the lingers that give is worth more tliuu thut ot the jaw thut rritlciM-s. Samson did great execution 1 with a Jawbone onre, hut thut is tlto only Instance on record in whieli that particular part hos beeu wielded ; to good purpose. A great many people feel about (he moral us ? down can philosopher (ell about the civil law. He said he thought the law itself was right, but be was entirely opposed to enforcing it. Time spent In dismissing the question whether an organ in a church is sanctioned by the New Teiitament Is wasted, but then there is no accounting lor religious 1 people's eccentricities. A very Important portion of i the Presbyterian body Is under tho impression that all instrumental mudc is heresy. Solomon got together a great orchottra when ho dedicated tbo Temple, hut Solomon, iu all liia glory, is no authority with these people. Do not aim to profess religion so much as to possess li. If you bavn't It your talking will do no good, lor you will tie quickly found out; and. If you have it, peo ple will discover it without your telling them all about IU The beht thing needs no recommendation. The deductions wo draw Irotn a giveu circumstance depend largely on our prejudices. A mau dieu the otbar day of .spontaneous combustion. Ho had been in the habit of imbibing three pints of brandy per day, sud one night, while sleeping loo rear the gets jet, his body caught fire and he was soon iu a blazo. A man of temperance looked on tho charred re mains and delivered a long discourse on the conse quences of drink. His logic seemed conclusive until ono of the friends ot the cremated, himself no stranger to tho glass, qulolly remarked that nothing could be more evident than that the brandy had nothing lo do with the death of his comrade, but thui tho introduc tion of gas into our houses was the origin of tho dif ficulty. lie was not much unlike tbo rost of us, who can sea what we want lo soe, but become couveniontly blind when it suits our puritoso. Kiuducrs, as a rule, works well, and there Is little danger of there l>eing too much of this commodity in tbo market Still, tbore Is a place for the rod ns well as the reward. Auron Hill says:? Tender handed iitroke a nettle. And It iting* vu.i tor jrour paint; Clra?i> it lik? ? man of mxltle. And It mill hk *Iik rpnmlnx. 'Tli the snmt' with common natures; l<)? 'em kindtv, they rebel; But be rough *? nutinei; (tralers And the rogues obey you well. The Methodists believo in making a clean sweep of ?11 tbe evils of tho tinios. They have issued a bull ?gainst tobacco as injurious to soul and body. Thoro wits not, however, a perfect concurrence on the part of tbe Conference in this attempt to rustrict clerical, rights. Tho Iragruot fumos of this delightful narcotic ?re not yet banisltod from tbe realms of orthodox theology. Kven Methodists cilng to tho quiet and balmy ell'ects of tho weed, which makos tho circuit Journey less tedious and aflorda a companionship pro nouncod by good judges not second to that ot wise men ?nd lair women. Kulalia Tore* Gutllou ia a rollc of antiquity. If any faith can be roposud In tbe rocord on the fly leaf of tho f?ml'y Bible she has already reached tho rlpo ago of 138 years, and bids lair to otullvn somo of her grand children. Her enterprising fumily, witu an eye to business which is uhaructoristic of the limos. proposes to utilize grandmother by tuking her to the Centennial and putting her on exhibition. She has outlived her usefulness, poor old ladv, and heroine a burden to those mho expected her to dto fifty or sixty years ngo. Tho centennial, however, baa come to their relief ana they ?re now as ieurful that she will die us they were a while ago foarlul that aho would not. Filial affection Is a delightful thing, and such illustrations or watchful caro of tho hoallb ol the aged Is very touching. Judge Hilton In getting a groat many letters Irom tho apirtt laud. Mr. Stowart's advent into tho other world seems to have oreatcd quite ? stir, if wo tnay Judge by th? tenor of the epistles which como back. His opinions have undergone ? great change, too, lor be gives Instructions to have bis largo property divided among those who have beon "inspired" to Imy claim to it. II tbe Judge heeds thia admonition of his de parted friend he will probably find fbe number of tbo "insplrod" so grout that be will soon bccome simply tho trustee of all the spiritual mediums in ttlo country. From tbe description which Is given of the other world by those who make revelntlous through tsblo legs and other uaelul pieces ol furniture, we abould Judge It necetaary lo kill off ? hull dozen llrsl class founders of insane asylums on the ground that tboy ore much more neened there than here. The Celestial City seems to be sadly deficient in this sort of institu tion. This matter ot Spiritualism excited bo much atten | lion a while ago that Mr. Hepworth investigated the . subject pretty thoroughly, and exposed tbo Iruuds ol | mediums tn the columns of the Hkkald. ITc also I fit ted up a room In the upper story of bin house whb-h ; wan much frequented by the "disembodied." Tables i rose in the air, books tumbled from their shelves, chairs danced all over the room, raps were beard In ' unexpected quarters, and hands and lacos wore ma- | terlalizod. Spirit medium>< acknowledged (hat ho could ' five the beat trunrr of any |>orson In the country. Ills friends were frightened lest ho might become a penuinc Spiritualist, but their leaia were allayeu wlien he showed tbem that it was all a clever piece ol trickery. What a delightful thing It would bo to giro up tbo Bible and put your confidence In a piano log or a rotating chair! A parafline hand is worth more, re ligiously, than the Uospel of John, and to Know that your mother-in-law ts materializing herself behind a black curtain, and will soon utter one ol the |iet name* of old in your ear, must Indeed tie a satisfaction. Man It fearfully and wonderfully made, but what ho sometime* calls religion is mom wonderful still. It is very Instructive to look over tbo result* of tbo various annivoraary conventions held in Huston and New York during tbo last two weeks. At such times not only do tbo wise men put their heads together to Perfect the machinery ol progress, but tbo riders of an 1 hundred hobby horses also show the pace* of their stoods. We bare been amu-ed at the amount of work ! which has been laid out by ministers and philanthro pists for the coming year. According to their pro gramme the constitution Is to be ilxed up so that if a stranger from the New Jerusalem should chance this wsy aad aak for last document be would see at a glance tbnt we are a religious people, and that tbo name of Ood hus been Inserted In It, though that name may not bo respected elsewhere. The Centennial Is to bo at ones Improved to such an extent that no liquor i shall he told within Its limits and the doors shall bo j closed on Sundays. AU the distilleries of the land aro ; to be destroyed and wc are to become a nation of tee- 1 totallers whether we will or no. the Mormon* aro to j be Invited to "go West" and the lnuinns are to bury j the batcbet and smoke the pipe of peace. No, not the 1 pipe ol peace, because the tobacco crop Is to be ills- j oouraged and the weed abolished. Various other re forms have been sot on foot ana In the course of twelve months we are to becomo a moral psople In spite of ' ourselves. After that a procosslon of flery chariots and we are all going to glory. It never pars to throw (tones, because all onr : bouses bare more or lees glass In tbem. One of onr 1 prominent Protestant denominations parsed a resolu tion to the effect that "The Catholic Church is anti christ," and seemed to enjoy it with that peculiar sat isfaction which is the remit of a pleasant duty well done. We are only an outsldsr, to b? sure; but while there are so many divisions among Christina, would It not be well to exercise that obsolete virtue called 1 charity spoken of somewhero In the Now Testament? : Hard names never bring us nearer together, and It is 1 not easy to begin the work of salvation by knocking each other down. Here wordllngs snsilo when Chris tians quarrol, aud time spent in burling epithets at 1 each other is time wasted. Wo talk loudly about unity, but while we shako our flits at each other wo only prove our want of sincerity. There wu a conven tion called once, tbo object of which was to uni:y the I hriHiian world. The KpNcopalian arose and said It could ositily be done by adopting the I'rsyer Hook, the ' 1'rrabyteriau thought It could be accomplished by sub stituting the We/tiniuUer Catcclnein for the 1'rayer Hook, snd the Methodist felt that what was really needed was the abolition of both those peculiarities snd the adoption of Itinerant preaching. The conven tion broke up amid adjectives which are only found In "Webster'* Unabridged Dictionary." When we admit that oaeh sect has Its place and werk, that a I sects are needed and should be supported, we shall accomplish more for unity than by all the rilacufsiona that ever made hut temp.*ra. SVNAGOGl'K WORSHIP. THE IMPORT AND DKHION Otf B1 MAN HCFFEB INQ JACOft'g DAT! KEW AND EVIL?DU. ootthkil'k dikousbe. Tho Peutecortal festival Jus loll Us remains In tho Ternplo Kmanuol, where yesterday leetoons of ever greens were auapendrd from every luvorabln point. The congregation,. too, ?ti larger thnu ordinarily gathers there on a war at June day, Tliev had been reading that portion of the history of Joseph In Kgypt Which si? touch:ngly describes the tneetiug of Joseph and his father Jacob and the introduction of the latter to I'haraoh, who asked bun how old he was. The an swer of the pair.arch to tbla question waa tho text Irom which Dr. Gotthcil diaeoursed?"Tho days of tho yearn of my pilgrimage are 130 years; few and evil havo the davs o! the yoarj of my lifebeon, and have not attained unto tho days of tbo years uf the life of my fathera in the day* of their pilgrimage. ?' What a Had and disheartening account that is, .said Dr. Gotthml, from ono who had worked so lalthfully aud lived so abundantly, and who had been blessed hy God In such an extraordinary manner. He waa sometimes far too,solicitous for hla own welfare, and adopted devices that we cannot Justify. Ho sometimes Choae the cruokcd lnatoa<l of the straight path. A great deal of hta disappointment waa caused by hla own In judicious discrimination between hiH children. Uilt had he not deserved bolter of th% hand of a righteous God than that, at tho end of 130 yearn, he should be com pelled to aay that all hla daya were evil f tl we consult our own exjierleiice aud consider tho year* that we havo spent in devotion to those we love an in tho presence ol God, even such livos may be an id to naro been lew and evil. And ibis brings up tho question that has pressed upon our hoarta trom tho earliest aeo, what la ii in am acrrNKiNO run t What doe* it moan r if wo rould Know ita moaning and design lieloieiiand wo should have no place lor tho exercise of taith. But faith com** in aud saya "Be still, and know that tho hand that chastises :s a luiher's.'? Tno tinxi will come when the veil will b? drawn away, tho dai knew* will disappear, aud all the pallia of tribu lation will become roada of peace forever. 80 spenk rlb talth, aud ao ape iks your religluii to you. The very highest perfection ol the Jewish religion la to sanctify the name ol God to yon In the darkest hour. Hut 11 is ucce-sary to look around and within us to see II this doctrine is supported by our own experience. This question is profound, aud our astute philosophers have not provided M a key by which wo may unlock the door ol mystery aud ascertain the truo design of suffering. Tho visitations ol God aotnetltucw(all thick an I last upon tho duarest affections of our hearts. And yet for the human heart nature makes no prov ision und tukca no thought of It Dr. Gotthoil referred to the beautica of nature and Its response to the sen tiuiout* and Irailtica ol the soul, and thou said that there Is no evldeuc.e in ail this that it Is done for our benefit. Nauiro expends herself In this way whether there be a human heart to enjoy it or not. fbe goes strught to her purpose and does not tnind if one, two or ten human hearts are crushed. She makes no ac couut of the humau heart; ao much so, Indeed, that the conclusion was forced upon thiuking minds tu tbo olden time that there were two deities governing thia world, and that Kometimos one was master and some time* the other. Hut wo who do not believe In moro than 0110 Supreme Cause, what shall we guv r As wo loam more ol nature's laws men aay suffering will tease; but I dou't think experience will hear thlsout. Jacob at 130 years felt all the burdens of old ago, as did his fathers tn more advanced years. D Is not truo that 1'IVIMZATJOV MOltTBMfl TIIR llfitUKXS OF TnK HACK. Wherever there is any increase ol enjoyment there Ik an Increase of sullering also There are causes of misfortune known to-day that were unknown 100 years ago. The rotation ol nature to lac human licu'rt re mains the same. It is true that nature serves man, but she is obedient to his will only to a certain degree, sometimes be rules aud sometimes be Is crushed, la there uot truth in Jacob's statement that his life was a pilgrlmago and that Ilia home was somewhere else? Does it not point to the fact that this earth is not tho home of the lmtnan heart ? If it were we should not have been endowed with the attribute of love. A Gorman writer has beautifully said that tho idea of Immortality la but the home sickness and longings of the human heart. Here we find Uiom things tnat wo love moat uod boat are taken nwav from us; and do you think that this bulging to moet the loved ones ngaiu was given to As for nothing? It is the voico of our Heavenly Father callini; ua to himself. 1 know that because thia homeaickuess affects every human heart there mu?t be a common home lor all. Hero we may lie divided by creeds und nationalities and ao cial distinctions; but when all thia shall be done away, and when that which now torments ua and makes us doubt and waver is gone, wo shuli then tlnd that the human heart was not forsaken, but that a brother's hand had carried ua through those trials and dangers. Hut just aa Jacob did so shall we look at last to tho homo, not in Kgypt, but in the land ot promise, and wo shall Und ttiat God goes down with us oveu into the land of tho shadow ol death and brings us up to our own beloved home. MINISTERIAL MOVEMENTS. IIAPTIST. The Baptists have now among tbo five tribes occn pying tho Indian Territory eighty-three oliurclies, wllh au aggregate membership of over 5,000. Tin* Ural Baptist church in Michigan wub formod at Pontine In 1822, and thirteen yours later there wero fifty-two churches in the Slate, with a membership of 2,m*9i Forty years later, or In 1R78, the statistics ?h'iwed 300 churches and 21,070 inomoers, Tho net value of the church property, alter deducting $C4.i>00 debt, is $1,100,200. Bev. M. H. Perry, of Frankfort, Herkimer county, baa clotted hla labor* there and taken charge of tho church at 1'latUburg. Bev. D. Corey, late pastor at Hudson, Columbia county, goes to Sar-.toga Spa, tho Second church, In a new interest. Bvv A. Wilkins lias closod his labors at Clyde, Wayuo county. Dev. j (?, W. Abratns has closed his pastorate at Athens, Greene county. Rev. William McNeil has closed his labors at Kost Worcester uud uonimcuced pastoral j work for the Birhmondville and Fulton church. Bev. ( J. U. Ktnory. late pastor at Atbol, Manx., bat com menced pastoral work at Amsterdam. 1 lie revival at Plain field. S. J., lu connection with the labors of the Bev. H. <?. De Witt, ha* |bvcn very extensive. Home 4"0 have prolonged ronvers on. Tho Baptist churches have 'wen largo y blessed. On the ?JIM ult twuuty persons were baptized by Dr. Yerkes, In tho First Baptist church. At tho Central Baptist | church Or. IiOwry administered the rite to Dine candi dates. ROMAN CATIIOI.IC. The Roman Cathollos, having received largo lndom nilios from the Chiiiuse government for prnpc.uoa possessed by tbein 200 years ago and confiscated ut their expulsion, are building a tnngnlUcenl cathedral at Cuuton and a similar one at Pekin. A handsome Catholic church is soon to bo com menced in Sandronvillc, Go. , Tho Donahue lund (Boston Pilot) amounts to f2.061 Si. Vincent s church, Baltimore, I* to be improved to tbo csieut of $20,00". Another miracle Intra l.ourdes la reported on the authority of "a gentluuiun Iroui tlie wiml ol Ireland." U Is tho restoration to perfect health and soundness ol a woman, who had boon lor yenrs a paralytic, by a lew dips lu the famous grotto spring. The Cathedral church ol Baltimore, bavlmr paid ofT a tieavy debt that res led upou it, bus now put Itsoil ! "under the Invocation of our most blessed Lady of tho Atsumptlon," und will henceforth probably koop out ol 0"hL Bight Iter. John Tulgg, D. D., Bishop of Ptimburg, : purubatod tho Amos llotholUl Episcopal churcn, First ward, in that city, lor the use ol the Catholic population in that Vicinity. Tho price paid lor tho same was $12,076, one-third cash, bulance In one and two yours. The purchase Is ndmitted to be very cheap, the MothO'ilst congregation having refused $26,000 lorthe premises but lit lie over a year ngo. lho lot lionta eighty ieet on Tbtrd avenue, and extends back seventy Ieet. There Is uot much danger of Ills Holiness the Pope coming to want in ins oid ago. Lost year the "Peter's Pence" and Jubilee Indulgences netted linn 14,000,000. The Emperor Ferdinand of Austria left hun fS.O.M.iJUO; as hoir ol the Duke of Modeua he can aalcuiate on mi incomu of $60,000 a year; I<ord Bipon gave him i $60,000 outright, a Belgian convert *40,000, and a I pious old lady, recently deceased, $100,000. Bev. Dr. P. F McSweeny, pusio of St. Peter's Bo man Catholic church, Poughkeepslu, sailed May 31 from tins port, intending to make an extended tour through Kurope and be absent at least six months. The comer stone of the Church ol tne ssered Heart ! of Jesus, near High Bridge, was laid on Sunday u;ier noon, M ny 29, 1871. Over 2,000 persona attended tne religious ceremonies. MKTHOOIST. Tho venerable Dr. I.ovick I'leroe, one of the fraternal delegates irotu tho Methodist Kpiscopal Church South : to the General Conference at Haltimorn, but who, owing to physical inurmtty, waa unable to attend, is tho oldest Methodlrt minister now living In thin coun try. He Iscks but eight years of tbo III. ol the nation and seventy-two ol those years have been pent in the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church. In the controversy ol 1#44 be went with the Somli, out be It now the sirongost advocate lor fratermd union between the churobes tbat either section can produce The tiener-l Coi.lercme having admitted Ixiy dele gale* lo lis count1ill-, the agitation lor their adiuisai -n lu annual conierencos has gained strength durinit the four years pott, ??! now the tieneral Conference at Baltimore lias referred it to a committee to consider and rsport thereon lour years bene*. The Methodists ol I'tnnington, X. J., aro building a handsome nrick and stono church, ny 46 bet. wllh spire. It will its Hnisbed iu September and will bo an ! ornament to the village. Tbo Mctiio lists ol Waseca and Ash Bulge have lately deikcated churches, and iiiose at Bbxtming Prairie and P.urhanlt, Minn., are building. At Paw Paw and ? invton, Mich., churches are erected also. At I'okagon, Mich., the Motho dlsis baVtf pnrchascd a large inn ding, which wiii be traoslnrmed Into a house of worship. The W esleyana have a mission on Minorca, oue of tbo Balearic Islands, on wliicli the Kngii'h influence still lives, as a result ol the former occupation by the Brit* ish government The clmf agency oi the misatwn Is in the schools, which are MX in nnmber, with V00 pupils carefully drii.ed in the Si.rlptur**. The Board ol Missions ol the Methodist Kpiscopal Church >outh nnire ont of lho financial panic last year $12,000 shoad of Its expenses. iriMsriUit Bi?hop Cummins, odor easing the General Cocferonco in Baltimore the other day, declared that hi* Churek It ? imply what the MelliOOMl Cliuri h wu? at m oataet a NMMMi Kpncnpal Church ol the g?uuinc Wesleyaa type. The llev. Mimrd Wail, of Richmond, ha* removed from tin- linn. -e of Virginia and taken chargo ot n church mi (io'W-iii-K.s, u oct*o of ilurua, Oat, Flu; e (blr-Milh anuual Convention of the dlonm* <>l Ithode laland will b? held m i'ruvideuce on the 13th hut. The Key. 11 K Da Costa baa taken charge of HI .fame*' church, New York, daring the ab.-enco of Hm rector. the Her. C B. Mwik. Dr. Henry C. I'otter, a(??? has beau travelling li Kuro|te lur ? yur. h expected to occupy bit pulpit 11 Grace church UmI>iy. | Tin- J{?v. Howard T, Wl Idemer linn b?en elcriet ?iMirtMl minister ol tho Church of St. Jcbh Hapttijt i New York. lira. II. D. Hytnan has presented $1,090 to the I'roV ! Html r.piBCi?pii lioine for Agod and tiiirra r?op!c at i No. ?i0 Kiiat Thirteenth street. Au eiiort is being 1 Made to r n*o a tund tor ihe erection of a new and permanent lioxe. ruitTTnuX A ^rout many schemes havo been deviBcd lor raiftlng money tor mII forts ot purposo* In Ibis c*uteuulttl year, but itie >'jr-t l'resbyterinn church of Hallway, K. hu< devised and Ik currying Into execution a plan w hereby it in proposed to preserve and transmit | thnugh a period ol 100 years such letter*, records, i newspapers, Ac. aathooeol tbo present generation may ; wish to bund down to such ol their lineal dctcoudniiu as maybe living on tbo 4ih day of July, I'.tTU! Tbo plan ti to iu?io e auch dnevnenta tn a copper, then in a load box, and tinully in a gram to vault boneuth tbo corner stone of ilia church, fbo "po-tage" on such traas ictloti* is $1 lor each bait ounce weight, or ir?o tlonal part thereof So that II this centennial mail la patroin/.ed the church will make a hand.-onto thing ol It. Hut what boneQt will it bo 100 years hence? Six thousand dollars moro are needed lor tho Wither* spoon monument lund. Dr. Van Nose is a man ot largo fortnne. For many yearn b<i was pastor ol the Twenty lint street Dutch church, lie went to Italy and took charge of the Con tinental Mission work, tin hie return to Now York, not wishing to be Idle, bo hua established a parish of his own. Tbo mission chapel on Nineteenth hired and Seventh avenue ha? been placed at III* disposal by Dr. Hall's congregation. Here Dr. Van Ne.-s preaches the Gospel every Sunil >y at his^wn charge, turniahes the music and pays such expense* as irntiesM^ry to catry on the woik in which he la engaged. Historical aetmous ol local churches aro to be preached ibis morning in all tne l'rcabyterl in churches ot this city and in very many throughout the country, especially those that hav? a history. NEW 3T. PAUL'S. DE8CUIPTION OK THK CHt'liCII WHICH 18 TO UB KBfcCTKD FOR THK PAULI8T FATHER* AT FIFTY-NINTH BTBEZT. To-morrow afternoon tlio rorncr stone of ono of tho handsomest and most spacious ecclesiastical edifices of the country will be laid In this city. The somewhat primitive structure on Fifty-ninth street, which for a number of years has served iho Pnulist Fathers both us church uud monastery, is about to becomoonlyan appendage of a magnificent church covering the area of an ordinary city square. Tho Order of the Convocation of St. Paul tho Apos. tie Is a religious community almost entirely American In Its moinbershipi It wns founded not many years ago by a unlive ol thin city. Muuy of tho I'aullst Fathers have travelled on th? other side ot tho Atlantic uud havo had exceptional facilities afforded them to study tho architecture) beauties of the grand old mediieval cdlflcos of Kurope. and there Is reason to believe that tho knowledge thus acquired will be Judiciously applied by them In IIK.MTIKVIJH! TII KI It JtKW OUUOCR. Already the initiatory preparations have boon mado for the creot'on of tho edifice, nod for weeks back crowds have stood Razing at the immense area hoi .owed out on Ninth avenue for the laying of the founda tions, and muuy have boon ut a loss to divine the usoi to which a structure o! such magnitude was likely t? bo devoted. Tho stto selected covers a high pieci of ground Just ut tho terminus of tho Klcvatod Kallroad. It is one block west of Central l'ark and occupies tho rpace bounded by Fifty-ninth and .Sixtieth streets, fronting on Ninth uvonuo, the ground being 200 feel front and rear by 400 feet deep. The rock which formerly roso In this place has been blasted and quarried to iho reqtnrod depth for the crypt aud basement, which will occupy iho ontire aroa. All tho Walls and piers will, tbercloro, havo their loun dations resting on tho solid rock, a matter oi the tirst importance iu a building of such magnitude. Tlio wails will bo built ol the hard blue stone quarried on the promises, faced externally with red Connecticut granite. Tno b.iacmoul will be seventeen feet six inches high uud will accommodate about 2 ooi worshippers. It is tho intention of ilia 1 a u 11st > aiders to enclose android this "basement a? soon us its walls are built, and to put in ati -Itur pews, *c.., so thai it <?. in be used as u church until the superstructure i* completed. Tho prcscul church which now lorins part ot the convent, is to be remod elled aud lurnishotl to aicouimodalo the incroasina members Of the community. I he outside dimension! ol too new structure are us followsWidth or main fa?r'Ude oo Ninth avenue, 154 left; tolul width across nuve aud aisles, 121 foot; total length, 2X& leoi; Ironl lowers, 40 feot square at baae aud MX) I eel high. Tho plan ol the church oius in Is ol nave, chancel siu? aisles and chapels. The nave is t>0 twt wide IMO Ie?| .on* Hid 100 I eel high inside. The chancel 'is a con Initiation ot the nave, being oi the ?auio width and height uud IXi loci loug. with apsidal cud. The navi Is Hanked on both sides by uislrs and chain It extending Its ontiro length. The unusual width of this nave and chuiieel lorins the main feature of the new- church, ana coutrnsied wnh other edifices ol ?miliar style and plan, this nave is fouud to be nearl* one.third wider lliau any either In this country or in Kurope. 1 ho iinmeusc sp ice, 00 teot wide 240 leel long, aud loo leet high, ailords a splendid auditorium entirely clear o( obsiructions and ol line porspojtivi effect. To this are added, on each sido, the aisles uud chipets 24 loot wide, 1M) leel loug aud 40 loot hiirh. llie nave columns oi polished granite or fireproof cast iron are made as slender as correctness n' proportion and the weignl they are to carry will allow, so as i? oiler tho least possible obstruction to tho view from the recesses and side aisles. TIIK SAXTVAKY. Inn sunt tiinry, or chancel, will be occupied by 320 hardwood carved stalls lor the Fathers aud chorister* and this will bo the location ol tho choir proper in stead of in the gallory al><>vo iho iront entrance as u geueruily the case The floors will be laid upon rolled Iron beams, wlih brick arches botwoun, to rouder tb? structure absolutely Urcprool. The inside walla will be pMsicrcd, iho ceiling groined and finished with mouldnd ribs nnd carved bosses springing from attached col umns on tho side walls, ami tho rools wtll be mado of wrought iron ot the must approved construction with a covering of the be-ii quality of slale. The entrance! will iiu live m number and 8 leet to Id icol wide, afford inir ample facilities tor tho rapid entrance or exit ol i large con^recution. The windows throughout will no in proportion tj the bunding, those near ihe ground bciug comparatively small aud those abuvo broad and lengthy. Ail are to b? framed in cut stone tracery and glazed with caihodra! and antique stained gl.tsn ol rich color and appropriate design, uiving to the interior of tho building the soft ened mid subdued llghl and tone so desirable in a place ol worship. The euliro r.hureb will lie heated by steam and thoroughly ventilated, so as to insure a'regular and uniform temperature at all seasons. There will be sealing opacity lor 2,ilio, besides which the pa-sigm and other spaces unoccupied by stationary pows will nllord ample additional accommo dation lor 2,000. Tho aim of the architect is to hav? the design of ihe building, both exterior und interior, characterised by comparative plainness, depuniiiug (ot ellect upon tho mighitudu of tho structure aud I he harmonious grouping of the purls rather than on elab oration and richne^ of detail, thero will l>e no ex pensive ornamentation. The styl<< of ar< htteeturo is <?othlc, treated alter the exumple of iho French i-chool ol the thirteenth century, during which poriod that order of architecture flourished in it* groitesl purity and attained its buhrsi development. UTIHO TnK COR.SKK SToXO. A Inrpe concour-e ol |>eople are expected to be pros. em at tho ceremonies attending the laying of the cornel btone. and preparations have been made to accotnmo dule such distinguished persons as are invited aud oi many of the congregation as there is room for. Oi three sides of the immense site Is arranged a scaffold supporting long rows of seats, rising ono above Ihl other, and In tbecetitro, under a colored canvas cover lug, is raised a platform for the dignitaries of the Church. All about the grounds the American nag waves Ironi tall poles planted iu the ground, and at in tervals it appears in conjunction with the white aid ? yellow standard of thel'npaey. Tlio Kighl Rev. liishoc Corrtgan, ol Newark, is io lay the corner alone, on3 there will be present at the ceremony ilia Kmitieno# Cardinal McClo-ney, Governor Tlldon, Mayor Wksk ham. representatives ol the Hoard of Aldermen and heads ol lb.- departments ot llie mutiicipalilv. A numner oI the temperance end Catholic Itesevnlcnf societies of the city will attend, and iho line of then march has been arranged as follows:?Iho procctstoc will oe formed on Fllih avenue, tho right resting on Twenty-third street, aud will move at three o'clock uu Kith avenue to Forty-second ??.eei, across Forty sec ond street tu Itroadway, up Broadway to Kilty seventh street, acrosi Fllty seventn street to Ninth avenue u? Ninth avenue lo the ehnreh, through the crminds to Mlxtleth street, where tho Marshal of each societv will ? ? hnn""r' 13 lorm ,n pWcwelot with tn? clergy in ) ilty-nintb street. VIS I'lijtXklt STONK. fn the comer slot tho new structure are place' tho lollowiog document*:? 0f.t,", ,M"V "rl)r TrinU' ?"!< In honor of tlx ' ont 1 Atid of M. rani thi .i?h..Whl| """/'"V ,h: 4ih of .fane, In th. year of *rar? lol. ti'is l'i"w .Tl,?'i; *'"? ??'" onu hiiiidrrdib ?n ? m . ?'r"?'on ot Independenee efthlt country. ""i K,k'Ll "?'?read Lord Mi.-bael Aug orr Kan. Hobo,, ot Newark, Id. ?,1(| |?|,| ,|lt, i j!1 ? J 0 # ol th? f ' . I/ , ll,#i winrli it to he if09i?4 ancUii the till" awd i ii Out alien ol th.t bl<-.?d an ? J1 P'fenee ??l tli? Mont Kminrnt and li??rr?ud Lort Julia t.arilinal Mc('Im,Ii?^, many ef the clrrgy ?ad avast ronconrtr of i>eo|de or In.- present, winrli na? done, in tht rTitfa of oar Moat ltot> Kather and l/?rd Flu* IX.. USKostmin* lit# iPfmhm'M" nf New Vurk ; I")y-<? n, (irifit inning of tl?? I'nlifd St Hie*; Miiniuol (I, TlMcn, (liwrw of thf Htai#; William Wiokli.un, Mu>or i?f tho citr; O'Hourkf, Architect. Vtry H.-V T. HK?'KKi;. .Superior of tli# ConftrrrffAtfoAi io. si'At r.rn.xu, h. t. Orator of lb? (Hf.

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