Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1876 Page 10
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THE BLAINE LETTERS. SU.AKCZ OV THE COBKESPOKDESCB BEAD IN TBS HOUSE. Washington, Jane 6, ISTflL The following are addttioual letter* of the Blaine cor* re.-poDiicDCo read in the House yesterday:? AUUUsra, June 39, ISM MtDkakMu Fuhkb?I thaak ymi lor tin- article from Mr. Lewi*. It it k>i>u in itsolt una will do mod He wrlm like a mm of large Intelligence uud eompraUention. 1 our offer to admit mr to a pariiciuntimi in the now railroad en terprise is in every retpect as u?-iiuri>u? " ' ooulu a***0* or desire. I thank you very ?iuc< rrly fur it, and in tin* coo aectiou I with to make tt jiiKifesllon of a somewhat .^ellii>li thamiter. It l? thisVoo *poke of Mr. Caldwell ? offer to dispute of a dtare of hit lutereit to me. It ?'? really ite ur?? to do *o I with he would make the t.rop<>Mti>'U defi nite, ao that I could kuow JuM what to depend on. IVrhapi >1 he wait, till the full deTelopmeut el the ealrrprlaa lie a?ay grow reluctunt to part wuti the share, and I do not uy khi? menu any diatruat ol him. I do not icel that I shall prove a deadhead in the enterprise if I onre embark la It. I C various ehanneis tu which 1 know I c*n be useful, t ery itily and alucerely your friend, J. U. 1>I.AIM?. Br. Kimikh, India street. BoMon. TUI- SLAIN'a LETTERS. Here la one dated Washington, May 25, 1804. This Correspondence stretched over a considerable march of Unit, a ud this refers to the Spencer Kitle Company:? Vt'aauiMGToN, li. C.. May 2.*>. 18<>4. M* D*aii Sir?Your fa\ur received. 1 am very i:lad. all Ihlnirs con-i lered, th?t the jtovernment has accepted your irjpoaition to take all your mnnu!?<nnre till September I, Itsti... It givea aatruit-nt mid steady busineas for the coni panv tor a good stretch of time. In regard to the tax provision you can Judge for yourself, as I send herewith a copy of the bill as reported from the Kiaaaee Committee of tin >euaio. and now pen inu in that body. tSee pitiro I 4*< and 1 it* where I have marked.) In looking over the bill you will please observe that all words In italic letters are amendments proposed l>y the Senate finance Committee, while nil words included in brucketi are proposed to be struck out by the same committer. The provision which you inquire about waa not In tlie origi uhI bill, but waa an ame/idm nt moved Irorn the Ways and Beans Committee by Mr. Kussou, ot Iowa, to whom I m< (Tested It. It is just and proper ill every sense and will affect a good rnauy Interests, in. lu.iinx your company. I nm ulxri tu hear such good accounts of your progress in the atf?irt of the company, of which i have always beeu proud to be a member. Tell Mr. Wells that liU brother has been nominated by the Senate commissary of subsistence, with rank cf captain. He will undoubtadiy be continued as soon as his case can he reached. 1 will auvise as aoou us It is 'ion ? In haste. Yours truly, J. li. ULAIN?. Mr vV'AHHyt Kishkk, Jr. Mr. said:?1 now pass to n letter dated Au gusta. Me., July 4, 1809, but 1 read letters i ow tome what in their order. Now to this letter 1 ask the utti ntiou ot the House. In the March seis.on of ISti'J, tile llrst time at which 1 was Speaker, the extra session ol tlie Korty-llrst Congress, u land grant to the .State ol Arkut.Kas lor the Little Kock roud was reported. 1 never remember to have luard ot tbe road until at the last night ol the aeasiou, when it was uj> here lor con sideration. The p'lit.emeu in Boston with whom 1 relations did not have anything to do witii that road lor neurly three or lour mouths after that time. It is 111 the Itybt ol that statement that I desire that letter read. In the autumn, ? x or eight mouths afterward, I was looking over the (Jtube. probably with soma iittle curiosity, it not pride, lo see the decisions 1 had made the first live weeks 1 was speaker. I had not until then recalled this decision of mine, aud when I cumu ?cross it all the facts cauu back to me lresb and 1 wrote this letter:? [Personal.! Augusta, Me.. Oct. 4. 1889. Mr Hkak Slit-I spoke to you a short time ago aoout a point of interest to your railroad eotupuiy that occurred at tl.e last session of l ou.ress. It was on tue lust night ol the session, when the bill renewing the laud grant to the Mute ol Arkansis for the l.ltlie Kock road was reached .l-.i ian. of Indiana, c iairman ol the Public Lands Com mittee. and by light eutitleu to the tioor, attempted to put iu li.u .,111. as an uiiieiidiuuut, the Fremont K1 Paso scheme, a scheme probatdy wi ll kuown to Mr. Caldwell. 1 lie House was thin and the lobby In the Fremont interest hud the tlnnu- ail set up ami Julian's amendment was likely to pre. ali if brought to a vote. I toot and the other mem bers from Arkansas who were ilniug their best for tbeir own bill, to which there sueinnd t > be no objection, were in despair, for It was woll krown that the Senate wus hostile to the Kreuiont acheme. and if tlio Arkansas bill hid i;one back te the Senate u ith Julian's amutii'.iucnt ihewiiole thing would have ciimi on the table and slept the sleep ol death. In this dilemma Hoot came to me to know what on inrth ho could do under tlio rules, lor, he said. It was vital to his constituents that the bill should pass. 1 told biui that Julian's amendment was entirely out ol order, because liot germane. He bad not suMcieitt confidence in his knowledge of the rules to niak < the point, but lie said tJeneral Logan w as opposed to the Fremont scheme and would pro ?ably make Jie point. I sent my pag.' to tleneral Logau with tue sug [estinn ami he at once made the po.nt. I could not do itherwise than sustain it, and so the bill was freed from the nisehievous amendment moved by .luliau and at once taated without objection. At that tiuie I had uever seen Mr. Call.well. bu*. you can tell him that without knowing S I did him a great lavor. Sincerely yours. JAMfcS U. BLAINE. W. Fishes. Jr., 24 India itreet, Boston. Alter an explanation of this letter a second letter, fated Octobei 4, isr;y, of which tbe lollowing is a com plete copy, on* sheet having been omitted in arranging It lor publication, was read us follows:? ADUUSYA, Me.. Oct. 4, IS?). Mr Hear Mit. Fisiikh:?Find enclosed coutracts of the parties named In my letter ol yesterday. The remaining vutraets will be completed as rapidly at circumstances Will permit. 1 enclose you a part of the CongrrMional Globe ot April !>. tuntalninu the point to which I relorred at some lengtii in Biy previous letter of to-day. You will iin < It of interest to read It over aud see what a narrow eacape your hill made on the last night of. the session. Of course it was my plain dutv to make the ruling when the |?iut was once raised. If the Arkansas men bad not, however, happened to come to me when at their wit's end and in despair tlie bill would undoubtedly hate beeu lust, or at least postponed lor a year. I thought the point would interest hotli- you and Caldwell, though occurring before either id you engaged in the enterprise. I beg you to understand that I tliorunglily appreciate ihe courtesy with which you have treated me iu this rallrt ad matter; out four conduct toward me in business matters has always teen marked by unbounded liberality in past years, aud, of lourse, I have naturall.v come to the conclusiou to expect the same ot you now. You urge me to make as much as 1 fairly cau out of the arrangement into which we have ?uiered. It is natural that 1 should do luy utmost to this end. I am bothered by only one thing, and that is tietlnite and expressed arrangements with Mr. Caldwell. I am anxious to acquire the interest he has promised me, but I >;o not get a definite witb lilin as I have With j oo. 1 shall ue in Huston In a lew days, and shall then have au opportunity to talk matters over fully w ith you I am disposed to think that whatever I do with Mr. Caldwell Must really be done through you. Kind regards to Mr*. Fisher. Sincerely, J. G. BLAINE. Mr Warrk.x Fisher, Jr. WASnt&r.TOX, April 18. IK72. Mr I?*ah Mr. fisher?I answered you very hastily Ivt ?vening. as you said you wished an lmmeuiate reply, and perbaps iu my hurry 1 did not make myself fully under stood. You have been lor some time laboring und-r a totally erroneous impiesslou in regard to pit results ib the Fort . luitb matter Thesaiesof bonds which you spoke of my making, and which you seem to have thought lor my beuaBt, were entirely otherwise. 1 dl.l not have the money in my possession lorty cight hours, but paid it ov r directly to the parties, whoiu I tried by every tiieaus iu my ixiwer to protect froui loss. I aui very sure that you have little idea ot the labor, the leases, the efforts aud the sacrifices I have m*dr within tue p??t to save tliet** innocent per ?on>, wito invented on iiij request, from perttinal lots, and I ?ay to >?u to-niuht. ?oieuni!y, that 1 am immea.suraMv worse oil titan if 1 lia<l never touched the Kort Mnita mat ter. Ihe demand which you make upon me now i? one which 1 am entirely unable to comply with. I cauuot do it. It i* not in my power. You *ay that '*nece??ity known no law," that applies to an will n? to jroii% a> d ?h-n I luvo reached the point 1 am now at i simply f.i'l back on that law. Yon are well aware, n? ! am, that the bonds aie due tne under tbt contract, l-ould i have tlu*?e 1 couhl adjust many matters uot new in my pt^wer, ami so long as this and other matters remain una juMril between us 1 do not rec ok nite tlie lawtuinesa ot yutir calling ?*u me for a partial irtt eint nt. I am resdy at any moment to make n full, fair fomprehencive settlement with you ott the most liberal term*. I wjll not be exacting or captious or critical, bat ?m read? aud outrer to make b o tu and generous adjiittment with yom. and it we cannot a^ree oumelves we ran se ect a mutual friend who can easily compromise all points of diHereace between us. Yon will see. i trust, that 1 atu disposed to meet you in a spirit of Inoudly cordiality, and yet with a sense ot celf defeiice thst impels me to be trunk, and expos to you my pecuuiary weakness. With very kind regards o Mrs 1 isher, 1 aiu, >ours truly. To W. Fishke, Jr., Ksq. J. O, HLA1NK. Mr. Blame said?1 will inform gentlemen for their benefit, especially tlio^c who are so ea^cr to search the record* of tlio C rcuit Court at Little Hock, Ark., that It wuh this $?,*>,uoo which 1 recovered through the courts ol Arkansas. 1 think It was me 1st of May, this spring. WjMUIlKGtOff, 1>. C., April 13, lK7i. >lr DrAR Mr. Ftlfisit? I have your favor ot the Uth. I am not piepareu to pay any money just tn?w In any direc tiou, beinjf ami pressed thst 1 am absolutely tiuable lo do so. Please send tne a copy of the uotes ol mine held by you with indorsed payments thereon. 1 would have been Riaii, instead of a demand upon me for payment ol notes If you had pro posed a general settlement of all matters between us that rvmain unadjusted. There is still due to roe on art Ivies of agreement betwt en us ?t?ii,(Ni > |tt land bonds and $ttl,uiuiii fir?t tnortjra^e bonds, making $1iSI,Uni in ail. hor tnese bonds the money was paid you ne.iriy three years a^o. and ' ever) pther party ajrreeiniT to take bonds ou the same basis have long since received their Iu 1 quota 1 alone am 1 ft lioneles* an?t helpiesn so tar us 1 can Then thete is the j| f2o.UA! which I borrowed and pniu over, under your orders, j to Mr. 1'ratt, for which 1 have received no pay. Mr t'atd i] well paid tht* smalt {rattioii of the amount, as I ?uppo??d, but he now say? the utouey which be pitid me must be cred 1 lie i t*? anodi r acc?mnt on which he was debtor, and he tie i n?e? all r?*^pou?ibility -past, present an?l future?o.i tiie for payment of wh" h l must, he s:ty?, look solely to yo u 1 t?nly Snow tUnt i delivered the money to Mr. Pratt on your written ord?*r. 1 sti.t oae tUst money in Vtaltie and am carrying the jrrcatest part ot it at eight per cent? nearly per annum steady draw en my res a ces which are ?len?<er enough without this burden Ml i further, 1 lett Mr. vin li?'ati .1 nuary, 1*71. $6,14).* in land Kruiit bondi, Pailie H.illruS i, to bs cxehangfti j ler a like M.aonnt ot 1-itil no w land bonus with Mr. < aid well, lie (? ? h ?uife back when I desired. Mr. Caldwell tle clinei to ia%e them, aud you t?n k them without any uego tist on sa I;U me o. anv si t only I'rotu me in regard to the matter. Y ?u placed the Little t'o k land bonds iu the en velope, as?d 1 h *ve the or;ot> 1 envelope with Mr. Mulligan's iu*?.>rsemeut thete ?n ot tie tact *.t the deliver to y ii Now, I do not ea.npla.n ot your tan ins me bond-, provided vrn bold > oursetf bom I to repisee ! ti.vm T?.e most *?r thf who?e maiu r is that ih ? bi.nd* ?%0'e | ?o?ly part rttne. and 1 have had to .uake ^oou iheot i?rs t ? ' th orij.iusi owner. There are other matters to wli cu I nl.t refer, but, tny letter is already :on>f. ? ?. ? )??i think, under the eircnuistances, it would be quite ? .*? ?>r a?nd in you tu pi ?<e at.) Role or hates ol mine that m y happen to be in your possession in the hands ot third pa? ;is collateral. In any event, I a?k as a simple favor ttiat you will no'* do so, and that yva will sei*d me b> return mail a copy of ail obligations of nine in y<?ut possession. Mr?. Hlaine Joms ine iu very kin I regards to Mis. t isher, and in the expression ol the hope thai y..ii may tiave a pie ?saut and profitable tuuroi Kuro^e, Sincerely your", Wakhk.-s Kitmtu, Jr., K*?t. J. tl. HLAINK. There l? roentumeil in tbln letter ft'.,0(u of laud grart bouds ol the I'ulMi I'acillc rt>wl. lorwbkh 1 ktood oa > Diy part u?u<t. lh> y were on y In i?rt Uitnc. As 1 but* nailed out to iiiukc a |>cr?unal ex p.atiation 1 want l? make a luil ? (plantlion In regard to tuis matter. Tboao boMa were IU HliM^ ueiS la Ibo aenae:? In lMt a l?<ly. who is a Member of my UMuliy, and wh linatciai ?>iT.tira I hare looked niter lor many years.?many gentlemen well know to wbora I rafar without tut l>eiD|: more explicit?ho igbt, on ilia rciomaieriiiatiou til Mr. Hauiaal lloojier, . worth ol laad grant boiuia of thv I it ion I'acifle Kailroad a* tbey were laaue?I in lHovi. Mie aot Ui.rn on w hat waa called the **gtoekhaItl?W bucut'' I tluok it waa a vary lavoiahie baf- on which they dntrlbttlad thoae bond*. Those |6,000 ?.r land crant bund* were obtaiLed in that way. in 1171 tb<' I'Dian Pacific Kailroad < ompativ broi.u down, and these bond* tall ao that they were worth about terty rauta on the dollar. She waa anxioa* lo Seraeli tale, and I bad ao much oonlldeuce la the Fort Smith laud bond* that I proposed to her to make an exchange. Thu six bonde were in my posses si' u, and 1 had previously advanced money to nor tor ccria.ii purifoses, and held a part ot iliese bonds a* s?i curity lor that advance. The bonda in that sauao. and in that sense only, wero mine; tnoy were security tor the loan which I had made. They were til literally hers; thev wera nil sold Unally on her account, notouo ol them lor me. I make ths statement In order to bo perlectly fair. I have now read those fifteen letters; the whole of them. The House aud the country now know nil there l? In them. They are and they correspond precisely with Muil Itau'a " memorandum which I have I keep this memorandum us a protection to my>ell, for It m very valuable as showing the identity ol the letters In every respect. Mr. Blai.nk said?"Walt Just a moment. There was n contract also among these letters, me same that was put in evidence by Mulligan, of the parties lu Maine wno bought Little Kock bonds. 1 only reier to that because I' is the ?ame in every respect with that wuiun has aiready been made public. Ho also testilieu to something' among Mr. Fisher's papers about the Northern Pacific Railroad. Tuat makes elghwen paper-. I will put them all in. Let them all go. Mr. Halk?Does the exhibit which the gentleman has made cover every paper ol every kind whatever that came from Mulligan 1 , . _ ,. Mr. Ui.aink?Kvery solitary "snod and Bcnmption, as the cinldren fay. . ?, At the concision ol Mr. Blnlne's remarks Mr. Clover sanl:?"Will the gentleman from Maine now respond to the request I made that the memorandum ol MX. Mulligau be read at the Clerk's desk ?" Mr., yes. 1 shall bo glad to hare It read. The Clerk read as lollows:? MII.LIUAM'8 MKMORANIttX. No 1.?October 4, lbtii).?Relating to debate In House and Blame s ru luir and favors he *?i t.? receive Irom Conor for pressing bill extending time on ilrat twouty miles. Mr. It lain r?This is wnat Mr. Mulligan puts down as the substance ol the letters. The Clerk continued the reading as followe:? No. Oct. 4, lt*;? ?On the tame subject. No. 3. .lutie J7. 1 Stilt.?Thauklna Ki.lier for admitting lilra to particulate in laud fees railroad, ami urging biin to make call: nav huw roach lie would givo him ami lor what; be knew tie would be uo ij^ilticad, but would rauder valuable HasistaQCU. So. 4. .luly i!5. ls?)y._On the same inflect. No. 5, tietil. 0, 18 it*.?Contract with different parties. No. H? Contract witb Northern I'ucilie. . . . No. 7. May 14, lst70.? i aldwetl de.iitus to treat him hand somely in the end. , . N? H, Oct. 24. IH7I.?Fisher to blame ; urging settlement of Northern Pacific Ksilroitd account, f:2o.uu0. Mr. IIlaink said?There was no sui h letter In tho package. I he letter he speaks of seems to have been n let ter iroir Mr. Fisher to tnysell. There was uoruch letter in Hie package, aud the uumbers he gives do not call lor it. There were tiltuen letters and three piece* of paper. At any rate that was not a letter Irom me. The clerk contiuued the reuding as loilows:? No ? Oct. 4, 1*71 ?Mr. Hlaiue admits that there was ffti.tiuO'paid on the IfcJCi.OA) loan and to have received $5* l,0U0 from Kiaher. . . No 10 Oct. I, 1871.?Admits being paid $6,000 on account ol loan*. Mr. Blaine sold sundry parties. $125,OjO ill llr?t morigage bond* and common stock $IZ5,000, pie lerreil slock *1 ?-!.'>,(**J, lor which he was puid by tliem flljj 000 cash, and Mr. Blttine was to receive lor Ins share of the transaction il'JS.xooiu laud urant l>ouds and W2.U O in first mortgage Douds;total.$147,000. Now.callingland and firat mortgage bonds e.|ual in value, snd stock valueless lor 8iaa.U*i. plus #i;j7.0 0 ryualslF^.OOO bonds.cashj$2o,0tX>, euiiala 44 -.'8 113 per cent. Mr. Hlaine also sold sundry Darlies rtM.UJll bonds and #36.000 stock: lor caali. $43,i;.0; less cssb$K>.150 paid Mr. Hlaine lor his slisre in the tr?u. saction. Twenly-eight thousand net rmsh received by Mr. 1'iaher tor the aboveVi3,(JHO bouda aud $.r?b,u00 slock, euual to 44 .'8-UJ per cent for tho bouds, calling stock nothing. Mr. Hlaine In Hnal settlement Septotuher 21, 187.:, claimed only $101,l*? bonus due, December letter (Uocemher J, 1872). lie previously received $<>1,000 and was to look to Caldwell for balance. September 21, 1872, received $40 UUO No li. ApHl 13, 1872.?Saying there wm $101,000 bonds due him aud claiming that there we* due him on Union Pa cific buniis, exchanged itfO.tOO end admitting that tuere were gome of them hie "wn, N'a. 12, Anril 18, 1?72.?Admits the $64,000 sale ef bonds and paid the inouey over in forty-eight hours to Maine par 11 Mr. IIlaink?See tho abstract that ho makes:?"Ad mits the $04,000 sale bonds, nud paid tho money over In fort -eight houis to Maine parties " There Is cot a word suid about It In the loiter. There has not been, 1 sav, olio positivo piece of testimony in any direction. They sent to Arkansas to gel some hearsay about binds; they sent to Boston to get some hearsay. Mul ligan was contradicted by F.sher and Atkins; Scott swore directly against htm ; Morton, ol Morion. Bliss & Co., never heard my name In the matter: Caruagee, who negotiated tho note, never heard my name in that connection; Rollins said it was one of the Intangible rumors he spoko of as flouting In the air. Gentlemen who have lived any time In Washington need not bo told that intangible rumors get considerable circulation here. If a man is to bo held accountable before the bar of pub lie opinion lor Intangible rumors, wno in the House will stand? No. gontlemen, these letters 1 huve read were picked out ol <;orrespondcnco extending over Hi teen years. The man did his worst, the verv worst ho could, out of tho most intimate business correspond ence ol my Ilia I ask. gentlemen, il uny of you, and 1 ask It wtth some feeling, can stand a severer scrutiny or a more rigid inquiry into your private correspond ence f Tha t was the wont he conld do. OFFICIAL CROOKEDNESS. CONOBE8SIOWA1J INVESTIGATION INTO THE WOBK IMQS OF THE ADMINI8TBATI0N IN IiOUISIANA. Nkw Orlkanb, Juno 0, 1878, Before the Congressional Committee to-day Charles W. Lowell, ex-Postmaster, who defaulted in 1873, testi fied that the sum ol $14,l>00 had been raised by his surotles and other parlies as a compromise wltn the government Tor $7,000, as shown by the quietus dated Juno 20, 1874, and signed by tho Auditor of the Treasury. Thi? money was paid over to Frank Morey, Congressman, who conducted the adjustment In Washington. The testimony it the sureties ou the bond proves that a larger sum of money was raised than spocilied in the articlo of the compro. mlse. Several witnesses were called, who testified that, during the campaign of 1872, money was paid by par ties in the Custom House to persons who did no service tor the govern mi'tit Considerable evidence was taken relative to the Con struction Department, showing that workmen had re ceived less wages than the amounts entered on the pay roll*. In one case the witness said he received $20 where tho entry was for $75, and the signature a forged on**. Tho chairman of the committee received the lollow ing despatch:? Jacbohvillk, Fla., June fl, 187tV Wicker. Collector, Key We?t, lelt Tor Washington to con ?all Itae I'resilient aud Secretary In relation to Ills testi mony He liaa a private copy of his report against Ciwey. ilia nlfleinl one van suppressed hy Secretary Boutwell. Wicker ha? often threatened to publish his report and the department trembled. Make lilm produce ciipy^ pERRy Wicker arrived on Tuesday, and has been subpoenaed by the committee. He will probably lustily on Wednes day. Ex Congressman Sheldon was called and examined relauvo to meeting General l'ortor, Babcock and Casey at Washing urn auu discussing the appointment or Bil lings as District Judge alter tho Senate latled to con IIrin Pardee, i a^ey was a supporter ol the latter, and a proposition made him cbnngo his support lu lavor of Billings. Sheldon declined to testily concerning a con versation with Casey on the subject of llio Judgeship so lar as related to third parties. Maior George K. Head. United States Army, appeared belore the committee aud inade a statemeul denying the charge of nribery made against him by Scelye, lu Washington, lie declared that Seelye offered Inm the majority oi the regtnu-nt If he uoul I station troops at certain town* in North Louisiana. This was in the full ot 1S74, win n Ihe witness had command ot the post at Monroe. The troops were to lie used lor political pur, and Head refused to grant the request He also testified that Morey bad said tho only advantage of the. presenco of troops'was ihe political influence %liicn they exercised. MIDNIGHT WEATHER REPORT. War DKPARTMiTr. ) Owe* or Tii* t'Hi*r signal Orncn,| Wasuisotox, June i-li. II. ) frobabititiei. In tho South Atlantic States, stationary or rising barometer, southerly winds, warmer or partly cloudy ?r clear weaibor. For tho t?ulf States, stationary, lollowed by falling barometer, warmer, southerly winds and generally clear weather.^ For Tonneaseo and tho Ohio Valley, warmer southerly possibly shilling to colder northerly winds, stationary pressure, partly cloudy weather. For the Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri val leys, opposing colder northerly aud warmer southerly winds, slight changes in pressure, cloudy weather and posslnly light rain. For the lake region colder northerly winds, station ary or rising barometer, clear or partly cloudy weather. For the Middle and Eastern Stales rising barometer, northwest to southwest w.uds, cooler lollowed by warmer, clear or partly clou ly weather. Tho rivers will geuerally i?H, except a alight rise In the Lower Missouri. THE WE&TVER YK9TEBIU*. The following record will show the change* In the I temperature lor the past twenty-foor hour#, in com parison with ihe corresponding dale el Uat year, aa indicated by the thermometer at ttudnat's pharmacy, ! UkRALO Building:? 1375. 1873k lWfc lSifl. 3AM M 3:30 P. M 80 73 ! 6 A. M ?4 !>J ? K M 74 U8 ! V A. M. 71 ?d HI*. M 71 i 12 M 7tl 70 1U 1*. M 09 &S Average temperature yesterday MS, Average temperature lor corresponding date last year. DEATH ON THE 13 ALL FIELD. New Uavkx, Conn., June C, 1478. William B. Clyne ruptured a blood vessel lu tho heart white playing base hall at Fair Haven to-day, and died aoon aiwrwurd. THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. SEVENTH ASNCAL BECNIOM OP TBS SOCIETY OF THE A?MY OF THE POTOMAC? SPEECH SB BT DISTINGUISHED OKXEBAL8?CSSEBAXi DIE ON TUS DUTT OF TUB HOUR. 1'UII.AUKl.llIU, Jaco 6, 1876. The seventh annual raumou of the Soc.ety ol the Army of tho Potomac was held at the Academy of Music to duy. Shortly after noon, the various corps compria iug tho army tiled Into the building, taking seats lit the parquet, Beck's hand meanwhile entertaining the large assemblage In attendance with military airs. The building waa simply yot tastefully decoratcd. The staye represented a scene from camp life, with canvas tents in the rear, largo banners, stacks of arms and drums immediately in front of tho stage boxos. Over the stage was a lufgo banner containing all the corps signs of the army. Tho auditorium was proTasel.v docked with bunting, trl-colored bunting and blue silk bannerets, bearing the names of tic States andTeiri tories intermini<led with (lowers bung from the piers. Seated upon the stage, on each side of General nan cock. the presidont, were Generals Sherman and Sher Idun, ex-Governor of New York, John A. Dlx; ex-Gov cmor Curtln, General Joe llooker, Mr. William Winter, Quartermaster General lngalls, Geueral Day, Dr. Neal, Mayor William S. Stokley, General Cadwal lader. General Patterson, General Mcintosh, Governor liartratift, Major General Aspinwall, General Gershon Mott, General Itoblnson, General George H. Sharp General Slocura, Saso, Co in inaudor-in Chief of the Japanese nrrales, and Fritz Cuniiffe Owen, of tho Japanese Centennial Commission; General Averill, General James A. Heaver. General G. J. Whitehead, General William J. Sewell, Gen eral Scott Mludell, General H. E. Davis, Jr.; General Auuenreld, General Whipple, General Jacsb Sharp, General Nichols. Colonel Church, General Andrew W. Deun.son, General Ingram, General Shaw, General John K. Parker, Geueral J. K. Siegfried, Gen eral William J. Bolton, General William G. Nutchell, General James C. Lynch, General Joseph Oliver, Gen eral William M. Duutaser, Gonoral Francis A. Wulker, General Charles F. Huff, General John W. Gregory, General James U Seltridge, General John F. Bullier, Colonel John W. Forney, Daniel Dougherty, George 11. Boker, General Collis, General U. H. Burgbam and Colonel George Meade. General Hancock called the meeting to order at half post twelvo o'clock. Belore proceeding with the exercises, Rev. Mr. Mc I Vicker luvoked the Divine blessing. Mayor Stoklky then delivered a brief welcome to the society. Hl'HKCJI or OENKKAL DIX. General Drx, after referring to many of the his torical incidents ol the war, In which he bore a part, concluded his speech as follows:? "Follow soldiers ot tho past aud fellow citizens of tho prudent and the future, It is one ol the necessities of your condition as members of apolitical system, in the administration ot which every inun has a voice, that your work is never tinished; that your liberties can only be made securo at the price of everlasting vigilance; that each revolving year brings with it somo new danger to be averted or some wrong to bo redressed. Under a Federal government like ours, which is sovereign only for the purposes cxnrct-sed iu the fundamental compact, I ho harmonious co-operation of tnc Stales is almost In dispcUHablo to the successful action of the system In the present and its pcrpotulty in the future. It is nearly as indispensable that tha harmony should bo social' as well aa political. For this reason no cflort should be left untried to re establish the amicable re lations which existed before the war. There Is nuthlng In the pust which should bo an obstacle to tho restoration ot kind feeling. There may be individual ex ceptions, but as a general proposition It 1* true that no Intestine oonflict was ever carried on with so little violations of the laws o( war and so little outrage to the dictates ot humanity, aud since its close the lito of no combatant has been sacrificed on the altar of re venge. It remains only to forget that we have ever been alienated; or, II the memory cannot bo thus constrained, we inav act as though the past were forgotten. 1 know that such an appeal need not be addressed to you. Those who have been confronted iu deadly combat are always tho first to lay aside their anluiositios when the wager of battle has been tried and fairly decided. Il at the North there are some who would rake open the expiring ombers of a strife, of which the flames have been burned out and exungnished; if at the South there are those who persevere, in fomenting the ancient bit terness, and insist that their prosperity depends on the restoration of a social order on which tho I and of Providence has sot the soal of death, let ua be thankful thut these are only sporadic caaes of a moral distemper from which the great body of tho peoplo are exempt, us begin tho century which ia about to commenco as our fathers began that which is about to close?in a spirit of mutual forbearance, with no rivalry but that of promoting our common prosperity, In thankiul r.ess for our rescuo from the dangers we have Sussed, and in trust! ulnoaa In the Sovereign :uler of the Universe lor our deliver ance from those which Ho bofore us. If we were to consider our progress during the last hun dred years In'physical improvements and In all the elements of national prosperity as the measure ot our advancement in the hundred years that are to come the imagination would b<< inadequate to the conception. Ou the Fourth of' July, 1776, the journey from Boston to this city?330 miles?was usually the work of ten days. On the fourth of July, 1870, a railroad train can leavo Now York, on the Atlantic, and reach San Fran cisco, on the Pacific?3,300 miles?in eighty-four hours, a feat which has been already accomplished. A hun dred yoara ago it was the work of montha to convey intelligence from ocean to ocean. Now a message by telcgiaph leaving here ut the rising of the sun will outrun him in his course and reach the 1'aoiflc before his rays have lighted up the peaks ol the itocky 'Mountains. At tho beginning of the century wo were a teeble community, struggling for exiatenoc, and scarccly known to the great i'owers of the Kistern hemisphere. Wo now staud bofore the world as their equal, and all tho nations of the earth come as con tributors to tho innumerable producta of industry, acience, art, taate and genius whicn have their exposi tion here This 1a the priceless Inheritance which, aa soldiers, you helped to maintain against the open shock of war. It devolves ou you now by a con scientioua and enlightened discharge ol your duty aa good citizens to resist the Insidious dangers ot peace? the Inroads ol extravagance, taithlassuesa and corrup tion In private and public life." A poem entitled "Tho Voice of Silence" waa read by Mr Winter. Short nddreasea were also made by Generala Sheri dan, Hooker and Governor llariranfl, General Slocura, General Robinson, General Averill, General Mclntoah and Gonoral Sharpe. General Siikuman announce'! that the reunion of the Army of the Tennessee, of which ho was President, had been'postponed from July 22, and would take place on tho 18th of October, at Washington, when the monument creeled to the memory ol General George B. Mci'hcr foii would bo unveiled. The meeting was then ad journed. * TUB ItfHISKSS HCKTiaa. Immediately alter the reunion had closed General Hancock calie'd tho society to ordor, and announced that the first business in order w.ia the election ot ollieers. General Henry W. Slocum a id General John F. Hariranft were nominated for President for the en suing year, but the preference for Hartranft waa so strong that his nomination was made unanimous. The Governor was then Introduced, and in a few words ex pressed his gratitlcation and promising to fill tho duties of his office. George H. Sharpe was re-elected Recording fecretary, Colonel William C. Church Correaponding Secretary, and H. <5. Davics. Jr., Treasurer. The following Vice Presidents were then elected:?Artillery Corps, Colonel R. B. Kicketts; Cavalry Corps, David McM. Gregg; General Stall. Colonel George Monde; Kirst Corps, Colo nel Dana; Second, General A. A. Humphries; Third, (ieneral Collis; Fourth, Colonel II. C. King; Fifth, Colonel Svner; Sixth, General M. T. McMnlion ; Ninth, General McKlbben; Eleventh, Charles Devens; Twelfth, Henry W. Siocum. Thanks were tendered to General Dlx for his oration and to Mr. William Winter for his poem. A dtflereiice arose as to the place o! holding the next annual meet ing. which was finally decided by tbo selection ot Prov dence, U. I. SHIPPING NEWS OCEAN STEAMERS. PATHS OF DXrAKlTiiK8 FROM >KW YORK FOR TUB MONTHS OF Jl'MC AND JCI.Y. June 7. June 8. June h June 10. June 10. Juno 10 Juue Hi June in, June ?<?. June lu, June* 1*1. June 14. .Inn* I ft. J i.V e 17 tlUHMt. (iailert Rotterdam >!?>? Adriatic Cltjr ol ChMltr... Au?tr*iiA Ai?atia Neixur Prance XtVUA. ?.??????? Sr VI hi II Mate ot \ irirtnia. I'omiuerania , Wr?*-r Juno i City ot liichmotui. Juno 1 |*er,.,r< A nebor in TV lfccoDstin Algeria Mule of >'?v?dta... P i'alnuri If ammonia*. lir tHunk I.irrt't KlNti* St ilermain California llo*el Bothnia State of Tnntann. CJIty of Berlin. .... ? talT... Kthiopia I O/Vv. Lire moot., ham boric.. liott? rdttut. Liverpool.. Liverpool. Liverpool. I London .,. (iiftifow... Bremen.... lis avre Liverpool. - Liverpool.. <?l*?irnw,,, II urn bur*.. Bremen.... Liverpool.. Ilino l7,|(jilattrow. June!!1' Juno .'1 lane ? June *12. ?une $4. June 'J4, June V4 'nne 94 ioiie - 4. 'nne 24 * liowling '?renn '>1 iirontiwajr lirnMttwa.r itroadwa* 37 Hro*uwaf 10 KroitUwaf . h -wnit- i.reen 7 Bowlinf (irean - howiinir Groan '<> hromlwav Sil- Brondwav 4 Bowlinur < 7'J hronriwar "1 Hroarfway - howiinir <*ra 15 Broadway 56 Hr> Hawav Fowlinj: Or# Liverpool Hrontwav Liverpool.. 4 howiinir<?reaa Ulim-ow., W Hroauwa? Hotlerdnni. j50 Hrouow*v llamhwrs.. Hroadwa? I^iviTpooi. ;i7 J'.roadwav Liverpool.. Hi liroedwa.T London.... 7 hnvhnvnrNl Havre..... *.'? Wr??artwajr Ulatcnw.. 7 HowlingUroan Bremen .. 2 Bon Hn 11 ifin f.l%er;?^pl.. |4 howiinir <irenn i.lT i ! I ill v I. Itremen II m in nu Gla?cow.... ,A\erp??o !.iverpo?>|,. iilenirow... '!4Vre.. .. rv?na? Wraralair fair 4. tl*.r>o?i lu. iJaif H.! Ll.erjMio}.. G.rnaaic iJu y H.,LlT?rpo?l.. i K>iiui?tr "2 hrnartwar IA lii'X.Uvn, Rl !tr?N<1wa. THowllnaOrai Hrt>*dwar "Powllnirflr* Ilroadwav < 0 Hrrartw.y 4?7 h road war av-vonm to captain* vbsweus in tiir COASTING AMI) KORKDiN TKADK?Captain.nfolflcar.of veuala.ngac.d !a tlra cnaatiag or ferrign trwla, uWrrlag tha ar of aaa baora, ara requeatad ta com monicate tbe fact to the IIzrald. ?o that It uiuy be bromsht publicly to tba attention ol the proper authorities. A letter addressed "to the editor of the llitiLD, Sew York city." givinr as accurately as possible th* number and position of < displaced buoys or the cause of their removal, will suffice in all cases observed along tba Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the American Continent. When they are obsoi ved on the cosst of European coantries or in the Mediterranean It ts requested that information be sent either by telegraph or letter to the 1/ondon office of tba New York IIbbald, 40 Meet street. London, or to tba Paris office. 01 Avenue de 1'Opera. Paris. Where the telegraph ii used despatches may be addressed "Bennett, 46 fleet street, Loudon." or "Bennett, 01 Avenue da 1'Opera, Parts." Where cases ol displacement are observed In tba waters of countries beyond the reach ef tba telegraph, as In Asia or Africa, captains may communicate with us upon reach ins the first convenient port. This information will be cabled Iron of charge to tba 11 (bald and published. ?3-NOTIOB TO CAPTAIN8 OF VESSELS ENTERING TliK POUT OK NBW YORK AT NIGHT.?TheNbw York II skald has adopted a distinguishing Cos ton night signal for use on board the Hkrald steam yacht, showing while burn ing the colors red. green, red. changing from one to the other in succession, and can be seen several mites distant. Cap tains of vessels, npon reeing this signal, will oblige us by preparing any marine news tbey may have for tba Ship News Department of the Hbkalo. (V-Persons desiron* of communicating with veeaals arriv ing at New York can do so by addressing to sncn vessels, care ofDiiAU news yacht, pier No. 1 East River. New York. Letters received from all parta of the world and promptly de livered. Duplicate* are reqnired. ALMANAC FOB NEW YORK?THI8 DAT. nm AXB MOO*. I BtCR TTATBB. Son rises 4 29 | Got. Island....uioro 8 26 Sun *et? .. 7 28 i Sandy 7 41 Moon aeu. eve 8 3V Hell Gate. morn 10 11 PORT OF NEW YORK, JUNE G, 1876. ARRIVALS. RirOBTID IT TBI HERALD STKAJf YACHTS AJCD HIRALD WMITCMTONB TKLKORAP1I LINK. Steamer Scvtlila (Br), Hains, Liverpool May 27 and Queenstown ^8, with muse aud passengers to C G Kranck ly ii. Steamer Pomraerania (Ger), Schweussen. Hamburg Mar 24. Havre 27th, with mdse and 4K2 passengers, t ? Kunliardt A 0o. Had line weatlier and westerly winds throughout; the last 5 days log; May an. lat 4M MO, loo 1*> at I. spoke steamer Hliein tGer), hence for Bremen; Hist, lat .1! 24, Ion a?? 30, Canard steamer Carribbeun ; June a. lat 43 '.0. Ion 45 1!H. Bremen bark Lauru A Gertrude, hence lor Ant werp; Oth, lat 40 30, ion 72. English bark W T Whiting, of .-t John, aB. Steamer George Washington, Whitehead. St Johns, NF, via Halifax June 2, with indue and passenrers to Clark A Seaman. Steamer Brashear, Forbes, New Orleans May 81 and Southwest Pass June 1, with mdsa and passenger* to Cbu* A Whltnev A Co. Steamer San Salvador, Nlckerson, Savannah June 3, with uidsc aud passengers to Wm RGarrlsou. Steamer Champion. Lockwood, Charleston 3 days, with mdse and passengers to J as W Qulntard A Co. Steamer Richmond, Kelly. Rlrliuunid. City Point and Norfolk, with rndse and passengers to the Old Dominion Steamship Co. Steamer Ilarrlsbnrg, Worth, Philadelphia, with coal to tbo Heading RK Co. Ship Mimncr R Mead (of Boston), Dixon, Calcutta loft days, with radae to order. Passed Cape of Good Hope April 11 and crossed the Equator May N, Ion 30; had heavy west erly gales off the Cape and light northeast trades. ship Ot ello (of Liverpool), Effortl, Bombay Jan 31, with mrise to Bowrlog A Archibald. Passed Cspe of c.ood Hope March 31 and crosaed the Equator May 3, in Ion 39 40: March 31, off Cape of Good Hope, spoke bark Francis B Kay, fro in Manila for Boston; April 2<i. lat 13 8, Ion 13 W, ship Mirrey (Br), from Calcutta for Guadeloupe; June I, lat 33, Ion OH, passed vessel of about 120 leet in length, cop pered, bottom up; aamo time, aaw aquacty ot lumber float ing about. Bark Marathon (or Boston), Emery, Auckland. t?! days, with mdse to Arnold, lllnes A Co. Passed Cane of Good Hope April H and crossed the Equator May 13, in Ion 40. Balk Ottavia (Ital), Sanguluetto, London 03 days, in ballast to order. Hark Grant (Nor), Ft ore nesa. Barrow 32 days, in ballast to order. Is anchored at Sandy Hook for orders. Bark Stella i.oisola (Ital), Massa. Hull 40 days, in bal last. to Benham A Boyeaen. Bark Poat (Nor), Guudersen, Trederband, 55 days. In bal last to C Tobiaa Co. Hark K W Coboon (Br), Manthon. Point-a.Pltre IS days, with sugar to L F llrigham. Uark Edith Marion (of Newport. E), Marshall, Havana 12 days, with sugar to P V King A Co; vessel to J W Elwell A Co. Bark Speedwell (Br),Tower, Cardenaa 11 days, with sugar to P I Nevins A Son. Bark Canada iBr), Wood, Matanza* May 23, with sugar to J W Parker A Co. Bark Ville de Frontliman (Pr), Roux, Guantanamo 19 days, with sugar to master. Hark Colin B McNeil (of Boston), Crowell, St Jaro 13 days, with sugar to Hrooks A Co; vessel to Parsons A Loud. rtrig Angelia, Evans, Demerara 20 days, with sugar to J Leaycroit A Co; vessel to slmpson. Clapp A Co; Mav 25, lat 2S, Ion 70 30, spoke brig win Phipps (Hay), hence fur Aux Caves. Brig Emily (Br), Morgan, Belize, with mahogany to Wm Jex. Brig Kate (of Halifax. NS), Fader, Caibarlen 10days, with sugar to J M Cebellos; vessel to L F Brlgham. Brig Landsblomster (Nor), Olsen, Brid/ewstcr*50 days, with firebrick to order; vessel to Punch, Edge A Co. Schr I.ucretla. Parson*, San Bias 21 days, with cocoanuta to B J Wenberg A Co Schr Mary Slusman, Adam*. Port Lemon April 27, and Key West 12 days, with cedar to W P Grace A Co; vessel to J W Elwell A Co. Scb. Emerald (yaebt, of Kingston, Ga), Ridley, Port an Prince 14 days to a Decoydova. Schr U E Riley (of llarringron), Coffin, Bagua, 9 days with sugar to Charles Lnling A Co; vessel to Brett, Son A Co. Schr Lord Mayo (of Halifax. NS), Wall, Bermuda., 5 days with produce to Ounscombe A Flsk. Schr Tanuahauser. Haskell. Cedar Keyi, Fla, 17 days, with lumber to Kppingsr, Russell A Co. Schr Llbbie Worthley, Clupps, Charleston, S C, 15 days, with lumber to order. Schr Ellen Tnbin, Burnett, Alexandria. Schr A J Alcult, Frenck, Virginia. Schr John T Williams, Newbury. Virginia. Schr Barbara, Gaudy. Virginia Schr Ithoda Holmes. Budd. Georgetown. DC. Schr Maria Plerson, Grant, Georgetown, DC. Schr Agile. Roberta, Georgetown, DC, 11 day*, with naval stores to order. Sebr Daniel Plerson, Plerson. Baltimore. Pchr Madawaska Maid (fisherman). Tupper, with 8,000 mackerel. June 5, 30 miles south of Block Island, boarded bark Clinton (whsiler), from Honolulu for New Bedlord, 5 months out. ?9?8hip Johanna (Ger) and bark Glitner (Nor), which were anchored In the lower bay, came up to the city Oth, PASSED THROUGH HELL GATE. BOUND SOUTH. Steamer General Whitney, Coleman, Boston tor New York. Steamer City ot New Bedford. Msh. New Bedford tor New York. Steamer Galatea. Walden. Providence tor New York. Steamer Amos C Barstow. Kenny, Providence for New York. Steamer Bolivar. Geer. New London and Nerwicn for New York. hebr Joseph Rogers, Spencer, Portland, Ot, for New York. Schr E A 1 Oakley, Newman. Cold Spring for Rondout. Kcbr K M Reeii, Kclsey, .New Haven for Baltimore. Schr.I McCloskey, Wakeley, Bridgeport for New York. Sarah Cullen, Culieu, South Xorwaik lor George town. DC. Sclir Jamoa H lloyt. Lyons. New Haven for Baltimore. Schr J ames Fitch, Jr. Smith. Nantucket tor New York. Schr lieorge B Markie, Shropshire, New llaren lor New York. schr Jamas II Yonng. Harnett. Pawtncket for New Yoik. Schr Peti r Hitter, Kclser, New Haven lor New York. Schr Edward Latham. Divls, Bristol lor Philadelphia. Sctir llcnry Cruskey, Carey, New l.ondnn for New York. Sclir Ellen (Br;, McCarreu, New Haven for New York. Schr Saxon, Rogers, Wood'* Hole for New York. Schr Laiuartlne, Smith. New Haven for New York. Schr A II Hiiriburt. Grlffing, New Haven for Baltimore. Schr Monticvllj, Norton, Kockport lor New York. Sclir Garland, w insiow, Hrantlord Tor New York. Sclir Chief, smith, Norwich for Sew \ ork, Schr Daniel Morris, IHil, Providence for New York, Schr Gen Sheridau. Stewart, Pnrtiau.i lor New York. Schr Mail. Mead, (ireenwich for New York. Schr M Yasser, Jr. Kelly, Now Bedlord for New York. BOUND EAST. Steamer Neptune. Berry. New York for Boston. Steamer Thetis. Gale, New York tor Providence. Steamer Bolivar. Geer. New Yore for New London and Norwich Schr H F Meaney, Rogers, New York for Portland. Ct. Schr Annie E Martin, Niekerson, Pert Johnson for Bos ton. Schr Haze, McNamee. New York for Greenwich. Schr Lucy Jones Mai lie*. Philadelphia for New Haven. Schr flattie Low. White. New Vork lor Hartlord. Schr Alligator, Port Johnson Tor Boston. Schr Bedaoedec. Kennedy. Port Johnson for Portland. Sclir Eliza A Kebeei a. Fuller. Ammiy for Kail River. Schr I. S Barnes, Airev, Philadelphia for Boston. Schr Richmond, Thompson. Port Johnson for lloaton. Schr W D Morgan, Chase, New York lor New Bedlord. CLEARED. Steamer Somerset (Br), Western, Bristol. E?W D Mor gan. steamer Sidonlan (Br), Edwards, Glasgow?Henderson Bros. Steamer Etna (Br), Sansom, I'ort au Prince, Savanilla, Ac?Pint. Forwood A Ce. Steamer Tyl?ee. kuebl, St Domingo City. Ae?Wm P Clyde A Co. Steamer Gen Barnes. Cheeaman, Savannah?W R Garri son. Steamer Wyanoke, Conch, Norfolk, City Point and Rich mond?Old Dominion Stvainsliiu Co. Steamer Beverly. Wallace. Philadelphia?Jaa Hand, steamer .Ni-ulune. lierrv. B.slou?II h Dimock Ship City of Montreal, Mudgett, London? Thee Dunham's Jlephew A Co. Hark Fol'-vang (Nor), II aupt, Queenstown. Falmouth or Plymouth tor orders?Bockmauu, Oerlein A Co. Ilark Salome Nor), Tbygesou, Cork or Falmouth lor or ders?I! Tobla* A Co. Hark Koyal ilarrie (Br). Matberson. Cork fororders-J II Winchester A Co. Hark Kellx Mendelssohn (Ger), Barber, Bremen?Chas Luling A Co. Hark Maria (Hwe), Goran sen, Rostock -Punch, Ed ve A Co liark Boomerang (Swei, Samuelson, Riga (Russia)?Louis Teton*. Hark Romance iltr),Toye, Havre?Boyd A llinaken Hark Alliance (Nor), Pedersen. Calais (Frauee)?C Tobias A Co. Haric rtantlsslraa Trinidad (8p), Lopes, Cadiz?Galway A Caaado. Bark Francesco Cilento (Ital), Porzlo, Lisbon?Lanro, btorev A Co. Hark Victoria Perez, Lindaley, Porto Cahello? Peres A Obarrlo. Brig Soekammereo (Nor), Wohl, Bristol, E?C Tobias A Co. itrig Castalla, Whit more. Bristol, E?Jas Henry. Brig Madawaska tltai), Ster.eino, Naples for orders?A P Agreela Brig Nancy Roes (Br). Whittler. St Pierre, Mart?Miller A lloaghton Scnr Mary B Mangatu, Mahady, St Pierre, Mart?Isaae R Staple* Schr West Side, Davis, Bararoa?B J Wenherg A Co. Schr Hasting*. Chase, Sam Salvador?B J Wenberg A Ce. Scnr Wm II Van Name. Holmes. Governor'* Harbor (Uleu therai?H J Wenberg A IV Schr Alice Hell, Gammon*, Galveston?Topper. Beattie A vO. schr Timothy field. Leland, South Am boy?11 W Loud A Ce. Schr Cbarle* B Morrison, Smith, Port Johnion?Brett, ^s'chr Mare Shield*. Waitt, Halle**!!, Me-Vaa Mrunt * SAILED. Steamers Oen Karnes, lor Savannah; Wjianok*. RjcJ1' nmnd. ic; Perkom.n. Philadelphia; CiHjnpn K??l ? (ital). Bristol. J libit Bryee St John. Ml: bar** 1?.f (Ital), Cork; Calcutta (Ital), do or H?linu?th, Utor*l?? (Ital). d ? or do: Arcturus iBrl. Antwerp; Teekalot tol; Aukathor (Nor). Bremen: D.o Hllo Jf ^SrSh' Bell A venira (Hal). J'>; bllia Bur.- (Br . Bermuda BrotI - ers. Nuevitas; Knib'.a (N?r). : brig* Ca.tal a. Bristol. (?cm. Barbados; Annie Gardiner, do: IImim, 11 Jennings. . Wind at sunsot. OW; at midnight. XNW. Barometer at sunset. 3l>.01; midnight. d'.(*>. MARITIME MISCELLANY. Brim St'itox. of and from Trenton. NJ, with coal, Ilavrn. belore reported ashore on Biker's Island, ha? neeu got off anil towed to tb* city for repairs, having provlouiij discharged cargo. Schh II T 1'ottkr. Anderson. from Baltimore for Ply month. which put back to Baltimore leaky. * ???? off Annapolia Her cargo (35t? toon coal) was diaMrged on the 4th. and iiUe would L* taken on tbe ?cr?w dock lor re pairs. The foremast of the *chr A D Scull, from : JJ Pensacola, was struck by lightning May -S and kuockad pieces. Bostojt, .June 6?The steamer Oriental still remains asl ore on Harding's Ledge. The work or discharging the cargo continues, two lighter loads ot cotton, rosin aud III les having arrived In this city. A snrvey will he held >'pon ihe vessel this afternoon when the questioni will bo consider*!! whether the expense ot getting ber off and the cost < r repair* thai wilt be iettlired to tint her in serrteeable con? tioii will not b-* greater than the pro .ortv Is worth. It such a decision is reached the wreck will be sold at auction. Halifax. June 6-The weather Is foggy and continue* to Interfere with the arrival and sailing of vessels. The steamer Falmouth, fur Portland, sails at 0 AM. Nkwbuktpout, Juno 8?Schrs Bramhall and Louis Wil sou, which sail from this port to-day tor Labrador, ?r* ,hB only vessels from the United States engaged in the Labra dor fishery this season. Qukbkc. June 4?A vary heavy Kale from the east has prevailed since yesterday, and several vessels are to have dra<ired their anchors and toiiled each other. Ship Charles Davenport has tonled Klngof Aiglets and both ves sels are considerably damaged. Ship Victory also ioalea a Norwegian ship, the latter being much damaged. San Fkani'Isco. May 90?The ship Cauad* was taken from I Oriental dock to Cousins' Dry nock yesterday, where she wilt be thoroughly repaiierl. Ac. prior to being laldou the liortu lor Sew York Capt Trowbridge, of tbu ship Ladoga, will take command. WHALEMEN. Arrived at New Bedford June 6. bark Trenton. Ilepplng ?tone. North Pacific. _ Cleared ut l-ernaudina June 1. schr Charles Tuomp*on, Leacii, for North and South Atlantic. SPOKEN. Bark John F Rottman, from Sagua lor New York, June 1, n?Kari Minnie M Watts._\Vatt?, from Baltimore for Belfast, ' si'hr Geo I) Kulierton (not as befoie). from Cienfuegos for Bellast, Me, May 24, lat 28 30, Ion 7J 40 NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND CAPTAINS Merchants, shipping agents and shipmasters are Informed that by telegraphing to the Hkrald London Bureuu, ad dressing ?'Bennett, No. 46 Fleet street, London." or to the Paris office, addressing 'Bennett, 61 Avenue de l'Opera, Paris." the arrivals at and departures from European and F.astern ports of American and all forei n vessels trading with tho United State*, the same will be cabled to this coun try free of charge. Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Medi terranean ports will Ond the Paris office the more economi cal and expeditious for telegraphing news. OUR CABLE SHIPPING NEWS. Antwkkp, Jnn* 0?Arrived, bark Unamtnta (Br),Nicker ton, Astoria, 0. Boroiauz, Juna 5?Sailed, steamer San Antoaio (Br), Res, Galveston. Arrived at PaulUac 5tb, brig Flora, Ooodale, Qoodala, San Sebastian. Belfast, June 6?Arrived, barks Sampo (Rus) Slusman, Baltimore; Ceres (Nor), Olsen, do; Hollywood (Br), Bull River, SO. Cbttu, Jnne 5?Arrived, bark Jennie Sweeuey, Hudson. New Orleans. Doblib. Jnne 6?Arrived, barks Orasloia (Ital), Lavagno, Philadelphia; Emilia T (Aus). Radovich. do. Sailed 5th. bark John Campbell (Br), Hanklnson, Phila delphia. Di'kdalk. June 6?Arrived, sehr 8 B Hums, Dlgglns, St John, NB. via Eastport, Ma. Elsiboub?Arrived, bark Oentoo, Staples, Reval for Bel fast. ? Fatal?'ailed, brig Varnnm H Hill. Patrick (from Bos ton), Tercetra. Gi.ouckhtkr, Juna 6?Arrived, brig La Plata (Br), Bray, New York. Arrived 5th, bark Brothers A Sisters (Br), Anbory, Naw Orleans. Gibraltar. May 30?Sailed, schr 31 B Mlllen, Yomng (from Palermo), New York. Hull, June 5-Arrived, bark Oskar George (Rus). Llngou blad, Darlen. Hanoo?Arrived, bark Henrlck Ibsen (Nor), Rasmusen, Mobile. Uklvoxt, June 5?Arrived, bark Chatham (Nor), Bcliev erod. Wilmington, NO. IIavrx. Juua 0, 5 PM?Arrived, stertner Amerlque (Fr), Pousols, New York. Ipswtcit, June tt?Arrived, bark Lalla Rookh (Br), Dakln. Philadelphia. Livxcroou June 5?Arrived, ships Jeremiah Thompson, Sisson, Independencla Hay . British Statesman (Br), frowler, Portland, O; W A Campbell, Curling, St John, NB; A Mc Callnm. Masters, do; bark Brunswick, Hutchinson, Port land, Me; 6th. steamers lthurlel (Br), Jones, New Orleans: China (Br), Gill, Boston ; Circassian (Br), Smith Montreal; Mississippi (Br). Llndall, do; ships Oneida, Nickels, Inde pendencla Bay; Frige (Br), Welsh, Mobile; Amana (Br), Becket. San Francisco. Larnb. June 3. 4 PM? Sailed steamer State of Nevada (Br), Braes (from Glasgow). New York. Movillb, Jnne 5?Arrlvod, steamer Victoria (Br). Hed derwlck. New York for Glasgow (and proceeded). Ma.vroitB?Sailed, steamer Assyria (Br), Donaldson, Naw York. Naflcs?Sailed, steamer Dorian (Br), Ritchie, Palermo. Oporto, May 25?Arrived, ship America (Port), Soares, New York; brig Foryuna (Port). Mesqulia. do. Pkkautii Roads, Jnne6?Arrived, bark Silver Cloud (Br), Robertson, St John, NB. l'LTMOirrn, June 6?Arrived, bark Margaret (Br), Barker, Pensacola. _ ? Also arrived Bth, steamer Goethe (Ger), Meyer, Naw York for Hamburg (and proceeded). Ql'KKKstown. June 6?Arrived, barks Hector (Nor), Tel lesien. New York; Aglula (Br), McMurray. Astoria, 0; brig Helene (Rus), Olafsen, Satllla. Ga. Arrived ?r>th, bark Lameck (Aus), Cobovallch, New York. Sailed 6th, ship Dauntless. Chester (from Portland. O), Dunkirk (.las Ryan, seaman, died on the voyage from P). , Arrived off Fastnet Cth. roon, steamer The Queen (Br) Bragg, New York lor Liverpool. Kkval?Arrived, bark Mississippi (Nor), Hein. New Or leats. RioJAwrtao, June 5?Arrived, steamer Georgia, Nlcker aon. New York for Panama. SrtLLT. May 31?Off. bark Cristal (Gar), Bockelman. from Baltimore for Br<?men. SonHisni>!>, June fl?Arrlvod, stoamer Oder (Ger), Lelst. New York for Bremen (and proceeded)., June 5-Sailed. bsrk Fhiucio (Ital), 8chlafflno, United Ststcs. IIARTLKroOL, June 4?Arrived, bark Agra (Nor), Stein, Pensacola. WRATH Bit REPORT. Falmoctu, Jnne 0, flPM-Wind SSW. moderate, with rain. Holtbkad. JnneO. 8P.M-WInd 8SW, moderate; ba rometer, 29.963. FOREIGN PORTS. AsnnwALL, June 3-Arrlvcd, steamer Crescent City, Cur tl,ilucTOOCnK. May 30-Cleared. brig Pe?:ro, Gardner, Liver P i)KMRBARA. Jane 3-S*i'ed. sehr K*te Wentworth, Mead, Srw Yo k (4rrlvtd lYom ?lo Mat 14). II ai.ikax, .iuno 5?Sailed, utowner Carroll, Wright, Char '"'iumlo? April K?Ssilod. ha-ks Alpedo (Itali, Pittaluga. New Yora; C<naan (Bri. Mansou. do. In port April 1?. .hips Formosa, Reynolds, for Boston; Carried (Bri. < ar- from Manils. arrived ?th. lor New ?i<rk; birk. Courser. Kellman. Tor New York or Boston; .lames S Stone llallrtt. lor -..ndy Hook: Ron .wood (Hri.Jeaeli. Iroiu 'Hong Kong, arrived Tils, for Now York or Boston; Nabor i Ans). Tinnatosich lor New York; Marie (Uer), Bn-melster. Irmi Manlln, arrived March it), for -Sew York. la port April 7. bark fourser. Kelinian. I nun Hiogo, just arrived, to load for New York or Boston. It?! WR. April 13?Sailed, bark Constitution, Bishop. KRrofiL, Jnne 1?Arrived, steamer Vuebee (Br). ""ma^Tla ' April H?In port, ships Whittler. Scoop, for San i rsnclsco: Sir William Wallace (Hr>. t'olvlile lor New York; Northampton <Hr), Barclay, tor d ?: burk. I mnamaii (llr) ' McKentie. lor do; llerni .mi (Ger). llsmbarto, Irotn K. ng. arrived Mth. for New Yor* ; Zohrab Uer) lloliorff for So* Vork; B Aymar. I^tiliam. Irom Atsor, ar rived ?th. for Shanuhal via Subic; schns H illard G Patton, Connor lor Shanghai via Lagulmanoc; rantile Hare, Lee. '"called April 6. ships Flying F.agle, Crowell. New Y'ork; Hth. Criterion, Lull, -lo; ill!), Isles of tho South (Br), I.e Contenr, San I'ranrisco. ... ? North Sviikky, ?? M. June !V? Arrived, barks Harmony (Br;. Dinsmore. Antwerp: Huberts (Br). Gould. Galway. i ipoHTO. May i>?Arrived, brig T Kemick, Rose, New ^'1'ac asbavo. March 30-Sailed, bark Remijio (Nic), Ohrls ''*P<*'cb!?y 30- Arrived, brig Chattsnooga, Tliotnpson. "sall'ed'aist, brig LAW Armstrong, for New Haven: schr Drniii (Hn, lor Bost'n. _ .. UltKBKt-. June -'?Arrived, barks ''nver<bsm Dorole, Llv arpool; Ski-n. .lor*eii?eu (N.>ri. muJ clesr? >! .Id lor Ihre* Hlvers): steamer Rom ore. Coleman, Halira* for ' (HUd proceeded I : ad ship Kumind Kage, Young. <.lonves ter; l'earl ?.r Imiia. Castle. Dunkirk. Chaa I .lones. Havre; Dliig-ntia. Tedford. Itrangemontb barBs Heberea. Carlson. Lisbon . Adelheim HAn?en P??*n.nd, Winhrum. Ilolllday, Uverpool; Panline, "aumsiin. U". Charles, Nees. s*.en: Artemis. Johnson. ' K i<ab?th. Patterson, Inverness i hasi ? n? ?nor. Una .ell, Fleetwood; Ony*. Hatch, ? Montreal: Wlnslow. Barker. Troon lor do. ^Klnaftmger. Christiansen. Aberde'n; Toledo, Bnrns, J***"".*1 aj_i' tsoalsteu. Londonderry; Sally, AtkLia. pfelffer phus. Bow*, dot Loul*e, Mels??m, do ; Wni Yeo, I TelrTerj ssssit,s!sa.4ri?i ?ai5.''lawjEKii Va K,.V? I;, Bbbl"' : P?ol*e*r. Clark. 4a: Qylfe. K ; B*rr??: JS?*londio. Allen. Liverpool; Glen fa i I . ? j Rotterdam for Montreal; Twilight, Hattrick. liv^nt }.' !^,ul'?l?,u. D?lwll. Greenock; Solide. Anderson. Swanies ' Sawyer. Sunderland; AlUinua Whr?r|n-1|1l!';1,,''P f""9*" r"T*I. Watt, lireenock; bark) ao mi s v p n< i?.n * f'!' Oixon. Mary port; Mo. Y^n^r.M .. ' i'?"5?*: Countes* of Durham. McDonnell. W.n ?pVlit' TMurrU" Johanna. . Hartlett " Cardiff for Montreal; Hindostau, r. -' ft.V t:?'Tport. f"T d?l Baron. Jobasou. Helvoet for do; Jen AMiVJfo 1?,; M -,nu'^ V?"? KnKt.lbrt.cht, Engelbreth ; X.Ksi&.Asa.iSt: ?aco; brig Bobbi. Burn,! Id ZmfrvhSXi*' #t *'' P**" t l??re<l 3d. ship Peruvian, Dnmai, l.ivernool ? harks ForganhaU. McCheaney. Greaaock; ^?piuST^Worbtr* Cork; Nordstjernen. Panst. Dublin. ' *? Klo Jauwkd, May 1?In port, bark Cricket tar Baltimore, id*, to sail about May U; schr Mairiria K Lir?v Hudgins, from Richmond, ill.p. *??*?? ? Ur*y, Idg" P<m Apr" 30, b,Uk St L'raDla- Brown, for Ma* Terk, MlT 2--Arrired. *??' Aaaa * Lilly, O'Brien, ?T J?H*(t. NP. May 24?Arrived, ichr Morning Ll?ht (Br) Neville. Now Vork. * l?r'? brPNicr. CB, June 5?Arrived, steamer Democrat (Bi) Smith, Montreal lor London laud tailed 8tb).* 8t Joun. KB, June 0? Arrived, bark Prisoilla, Fraser Aberdeen. ' Cleared 5ch, bark .1 B Newromh (Br). Newcomb. Liver pool; ?th. ship Importer iBrl, Sutherland, do. , Mailed, 5tU. bars D ivitl Taylor (Br). Atkinson, Liverpool \ ictoria. May 117?Arrived, tnlpt Orpheut (Uar). Miehatl, San IrancUco; Theodore Koeruer (Uar), Scluavenb*rg, do. AMERICAN POETfa. ALEXANDRIA, June 5?Arrived, steamer John Qlbaoa. New \ork; schrs Lydia Miildleton, do; Jennie Kotalina, and Harrison Hickman, ? for Georgetown; Rural Arch. for Washington. Sailed-8chrs Lydia Middletoa, Norwich; Emma Avery. ?KK* Wilton (irom Georgetown), ??. ?. ,rt ON. June fi?Arrived, steamer Worcester, Hedga Halifax; barkt Medea, Abrahatnsen. Rotterdam; Prancl* B lar. Osgood .Manilla; A C Beaa, Cheney. Philadelphia; brlir Kremlin. Wyman. Cientuego*. Cleared?Hark J A Brown, Greenish, Queenstown for orders; bri^ Minnie Abbe, Harding, ('ape Town, CGH; *, hrs Daniel Webster. Hitskeli. Hayti; Yellow Plo*. Cook! Oalvetton; Lottie. Taylor; J H Deldolt. Thacher; and Williami G Miottnck, Thacbar, Baltimore; steamer Wm Crane. Homer. Baltimore. i "ALT1 MOKE, J une 0?Arrived, steamer Blacks tons. Hal< !?,t\.Vov *?ark Cricket, Kean. Rio Janeiro; acbra Kuth Darling. Sawyer, Cardeuat; Thomas Pitch, Baa An dreas. Also arrived steamer Vlneland, Bowan, New York.. < "leered ? Steamer Hibernian (Br), Archer, Liverpool; 5 ? Progress (.Nor), Neilson, Queenstown; M August (Rus) bamuelln, Londonderry; Gusta Helens (Nor), Fire Jones, Droghcda; scltrs W F McKewunu. Monsell. Nassaa; Geo OA Travers, Mitchell, Jacksonville; Hattle Crowell, Crowell. Boston. Philanthropist, Rockland; Wm Tice, J>aco; Z Steelmiin. Key West. Also cleared, ateniner Win Woodward, YounK, New York; sehrsA H Waltu, Drlaco, Boston; Hattle M Crowell, Crow ell. do. Sailed?Brig Hattle M Bain. BAXGOH, June a?Arrived, schrs Panl 8eavy, and Bllta Morrison, Clifford. South Am buy, Jed Frya, Lanjfley, Phila ?l?.'^?arSchr BenJ Strong, Atwood, Brooklyn. NY. BATH, June It-Arrived ?achra Sarah C Smith, Banks, n load for Philadelphia; Hyne. Oliver, from Bowdinham. to load for New *ora; A P Nowell, from Boston, to load Tor do. hulled?Schra Carrie Walker, Cliadwlca, New York; M 8 Downer, Thompson, Baltimore; Henrietta bttelmaa. Som en, Pliiladelpaiu) Fawn, Taylor, do: Frank O Dow. Oaca. do. ' 4th?Sailed, schr Henry H (irant, for Naw York. CEDAR KEYS June 5?Arrived, schr Jaffarson, Olbba. GNirontnn, to loHa for Now York. CHARLESTON June tt?Arrived, steamer City of At lanta. vvikmIIiiiII. New \ ork. Cleared-Schr 11 C Sheppard. Ste-lman, Philadelphia, bailed-Steamer (lull Stream, lloliuo., New York; bark Chnsaetir (Nor), United Kiaatlom. DUTCH I.iLAND HAltBOlt, June 3-In port, schn Parker, East (Greenwich for Naw Yora; Charles Comery, Creamer, Providence lor do; Oust. Morto.i, i renton for Naw Bedford. FERNAND1NA, June 1?Arrived, schrs Fannie W John ?'?n. Outten, Charleston; Edward Johnson, Bean, St Thomas. r ^yritESS MONKOE. JnneQ?Bark Milan (Anst) from Lelth. has been ordered to Baltimore; also bark Annla 8 rdliott, Irom Liverpool. Arnyed-Burks success (for), Madeira, seeking; Otbers (Br), Independoncia Bay via Callao tor orders. ?,^ALL Rlv'EK. June 4?Arrived, steamer Norfolk, Ford. Philadelphia; schr Nsy. Chaae. New York. ?'?I'?Sailed, steamer Albatross, Davis, Naw York. (JALY ESfON, June 1?Arrived, schr Traveller, Hodcea New Orleans. Sailed?Schr Pioneer, Rovers. Rnatan. 5th?Cleared, bark I'nlcoru (Br), Horn, LtvarpooL In port?Schr Franklin. Miller, ldg for ludlanola, whars she will dlstf and load for New York. ULOUCKBTElt, June 3?Arrived, schr Wellington, Bar bour, Oardiuer for Naw York. Uth?Arrived, schr Annie E Kram, Purvere. Cadis. JACKSONVILLE, Juna 1?Cloared, acbr i E Lockwood. Hardcastie, New York. Rcval^IL *'une Cleared, tclir J Slmonson, Crawford, NEW ORLEANS, June 5? Cleared, schrs Excelsior, Ar net, Bonacca; Robert W Brown, Smith, Pasoagonia. 6th?Arrived, steamer Austin, Hill llavaua. Cleared-Steaiuer Algiers, Hawthorn, New York; ship Wyoming, Baker. Reval; bark "Ollda," London; brig Vlch t Met.oue (Br.. Whiteside, Yarmouth, E. Passks. June 8?Sailed, bark Bridgeport, Coruna. NEW BEDFORD, June 5?Arrived, scbr M H Kead, Ban* ?on, Philadelphia ?th?Arrived, hark R W Wood (Br). Nichols. St Helena! brig Reacuo, Butlor, Bravo, CV; schr W D Marval. Oaorira town. DC. NEWPORT. Juna 4, PM?Arrived, schrs Fanny Peril, Eaton, Port Johnson; Charles Loverlng, Sears, Fall Rivef for New York; Palladium, Rider, Providence ior do; Han. nah E Brown. Sackett. do lor Havrrsfraw. ftth?Sailed, achra John N Colby. Wilcox. Phlladslphia; C t: Smith, Atwo-.d, Taunton for do; Millie Frank, Edwards. Providence lor New York; Haunab E Brown, and Palla dium. NEW LONDON. Jnna !>-LArrlved. brig Oeorge (Br), New York, to llnish ioadinz for Porto Rico; schrs II U Drew Jacksonville Tor Norwich; Mias Wright, Port Johnson for ?lo; Success, Newbnrg for Boston; Louisa. Nowburg; J B Cunningham, do; Horlson, Haverstraw lor Provltlence. Otb?Arrived, schr Gulden West, Williams, Irom South Georges, with 3,IXM) lur seal aklna. NKVY HAVEN, J"ue 0?Arrived, schrs C P Young, Pavo nia; Jane Maria, f jith. Port Johnson; Litclan, Bail, South Amboy; sloop Ida E Vail, Ball, Perth Atuhov. PEN.sACOLA, Juno 1?Cleared, schr Mary Elian, Jaek son. Hnnscca N,ln^ort-Schr Annie Lewis, Aldrich, for Philadelphia oi -d?Arrived, bark Flora (Nor). Ablested. Galveston ; schn bea Witch (Br), Coleman, Kuat.n; AD SculL Frambes. Aapinwall, Cleared 2d. bark Britannia (Br), Ward, Nawcaitla o? Tyne. PHILADELPHIA, Jane 5?Cleared, steamer Uarrisbnrg, y,orti'iJ,ie,riork: scl,r* "e,,ry Cole, Cnadwick. Newport HI; Albert Maaon. Rose, Somerset; Maggia Elian, Littl? John Pittstnn, Me; Kate V Altken, Brower, Boaton; M f Hallock, lllngham, John Aluainan, .>-cull, Norwich; SAD Corson, Corson, Somerset; Xlary E Woodhall, Harton. Lynu ; Jaa English, Baker, Provincatown; Lucy K Cogswell Sweet. Ipawicb. oJ,.t.hT'Vrr,v"arS,e,mer* Ashland. Hinckley, Charleston; phiiadplphia, Davis, New York; bark S u Bogart (Hr). Kepnolda, Antwerp; scbr E L Steere, Ilutchlas, Plttston, Also arrived, bark Wega (Oar), Garths. Hamburg: schn Map A Coombs. Coomba. Turk's Island: llattia L Fuller, bmitb, Feruandina; Warden A Evaua, Strong, North Caro lina; M \ Cook, Falkenburg, Providence; Marry T Bryan Thomas, Satilla River. Cleared?Steamers Juniata, Catharine, Savannah; Defi ance. Shropshire. Fall Kiver; Anthracite, Grumley. New York; Concord, Sberln, do; ship William Wilcox. Kilmau Dublin; lytrks Walter Armlnutou, Hooper, Belfast; Ada (Brl. Crosi.v. Bremen; brig Mary A Chase, Dolan, Matan sas; selira Narrag.nsett. Shaw. Salem; Lissie Raymond. Lord, Ipswich; Julia A Crawlord. Hallick. Provincatown; Charlie Miller, Tboinaa, Providence; George Fanlana Ad ams, do; .Manaway. Hampton, Milville. Also cleared, sle imers Rattlesnake, Snow, Boston; Iler rnles, Swasey, Fall River; bark Santa Margaretba, Ligure (Dai), lleuvunute, nunderUnd; sclirs William Wilsou, Jonps, Bslli; Lucy Anio?, Bishop, Portsmouth; Agnes J Grace, huialley, BoS'on; Wliitnev Long. Beckmore. do: Maria A Elisabeth. Fuller. Washington; Sidney C Tyler Barrett. Wilmington. N C. Sailed, atoainera Horcnles, Rattlesnake and Juniata. Lkwks, Del, Juno ?>? Pasted in,bark Monitor, from Mataa sas. Arrived?Bark John E Chase, Davis, Matansas. Went to sea. bark Lotus. (1th?Arrived, steamer Albemarle, Glbbs. New York; shin Ida Lilly. Bianchard. Hamburg; harks George H Jenkins (Br), Hilton, London; Fa (Aust), Poecbieh, St Vincent; brig Tropic Mild, Sagua. " Passed In. German ship showing latter* Q B H N; German bark showing letters y II M P. Went to sea?Bark Daring. Sailed ?llritr Adelaide, lor Portland; bark Kalalls and schr llattie Itosa. for Philadelphia. Also sailed. 3 P.M. aleainer Albemarle, Glbbs. Naw York. ..."."rk John E Chase, from Matansas, has been ordered t* I hiladelphia; britf Adelaide. Irom do to Portlaud and sclirs Aunie Cotter (from Cardenas) and Lottie Wails'(from Port fip un). to New York. PORTLAND. Me. June 3?Cleared, schr Mahaska, WU linnis, .New \ ork. Mil-Arrived, bsrk Ocean Pearl. Henlay, South Amboy. ( Ifltreil-ijchp LAconia, .\ew Londun. PORTSMOUTH, June 5? Remaining in lower harbor acirs (Jem, Thomas, from Rockland for New York; Flora i?o',,r .7f",r Uo; ^ l"csrdo Jova, for Pbiiadelpnia. PROV IDE.NCK, June 5?Arrived, schr John Stoekham, Hart. South Amboy. Sailed?Schr Nathaniel Holmes. Dow, Hew York; sloop I nuv, llewick do. SAN FRANCISCO, May ^?Arrived, bark Marmien, J or I dsn. June 5?Cleared, bark Batavia (Ger). Qaedans, Hamburg. t>th?Arrived, ship isles of the South (Br), Le Contour, Manila. r sAy'*NNA!I, Jnne 5? In port, schr May Morn, Phinaey, for PluUilelpnia, ldg. ?th?Arrived, steamer Saragassa, Hooper. Baltimore. Cleared ?Hark Nuestra Sennra de los Angelas (8?), Ramires. H 4 ice ion a; sclirs I.iiella A Snow, PUlsbury, Balti more : I aratron. .-huts. New York. Sailed?Steamer Herman Livingston, Mallary, New York. SALEM. J me 3?Arrived, schrs Malabar, Wells, Boifast for Rondout; Mary Ann McCann, Cavauaugh. Bath for New ? ?rk. 4th ?Arrived. Joseph Porter. Burroughs, Philadelphia. STONING I ON, Jane 4?Arrived, schrs J B Bleaker. Lynch South Aml>oy; EA 1'heseHro, ltoblnsou. Port Johnson^ George (iurney, Gurney, Kondout for Providence; America* Eai;ie, Keene, J oh a E tturst. Cook, and Wm Whitehead. Titus. ,N?w York lordo; W W liralaard, Hoboken for doj peerless, Smith, and bilae Brainard, Hawkins, New York for do. .'ith?The easternbonnd vessels all remain in port. VINEYARD HAVEN, June ">?Arrived, brig- Ida L Ray and Whitaker. from Port Johnson for Boston; schrs Mary Riley, do for Batu; Webster Barnard. St Marc, WI, for Boa ton ; Charlie A Willie and Kate Kouiel, Philadelphia lor do R 11 Shannon, do for Danveraport; E T Cottlnghara do for Newburyport; Francis S Hodfrer, do furl.ynn; f ar*line Height, do for Provtncetown; Maggie Hal. and Irene K Meseror. Hoboken lor Hrtlntree. Maggie Todd do for Ch-lsea: Fanny A Edith, do for Plymoath; Ontario Weeliawken for rtoston ; f P Trigg, New Vork for Danvers.' WlLMINGTuN. nr. June. %-t:ieared. barks Rlbnlu (G r), Fretwum, Stettin; Albatross (Nor). Halgersen Aut werp. * litn?Cleared, sehr Joha Somes. Mason. Wilmington. Del. ITACHT?. > I' I: V <1 itd l l's, JliC. FOi:. SAI.I -t "BKti TIFI-I. NEW sLoort VA&ftr. J.._l c"mPl?'lK In re-iieet and ready for Im New Vork " STURGE8, JO Reade ??., FO^LE CHEAP-ONE ELEGANT PASSKNGEB saloon aidewhee Steamboat. IJh feet long, 33 fees I -r"Uli "?""?'hr e feet, with new i.oller; In complete n>nnh;ir order f -r exeur?ioi)4 or pAt?eneer route, ?ay Cify." M1TU A BBo., Ibot ofK*eex*t.\Jerl -FOR SALE. A (i()OD~SLOOP (HU TONS) j * easy terms; sail* new. Weehawken Oil Dock. ROMA*_ MI M C' Rials AN ROC a?T A bsolcte ihvorcks oBfaINkd yvSjlTBTrnX ux fn*. aiitn, tor Mum^rou* chu<?v pmiticMf! ?f**1 l^iryebir#; noch4>r^* iit mivanft; im tree. Hm/SK, Ationiey. ltf| Hr(i?d?rtf. rjlllOM A> K. All NEW THE UKKAT NBW~Y0RK iMO> A err. Tea. UilTue and Flour Dealer. Nell Yorker* Mi everybody, call and get bargain*. M V*aay at

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