Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1876 Page 11
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REAL ESTATE. AX IMPORTANT 8.U.E YR8TEBDAY. A Urge crowd gathered around the auction stand of jieesrs. A. H. Mailer ft Son, at the Exchange, yeeier day, la anticipation of the executor'* -ale oi the prop erly ol lb* estate of William H. Raynor. deceased. A iarse amount of really valuable property, well dta' inbuied ihroushoul the eify. ww oOered, without re serve, to the highest bidder, lloit of the properly sold went to tona jidt bidders. It was understood, however, that the dwelling of the late Mr. Raynor, ntuaied at Jift 784 Filth aveuuo, between Sixty-second ?nd Sixty-ibiru streets, which was knocked down to Mf. ybba Oeppeller for $88,600, was bought in. Of the seventeen pieces offered twelve were sold aa below:?One lot north side of lisih street, 225 feet weal ol Seventh avenue, 25x99.11, 10 E. G. Silchow for $1,950; two lots adjoining, near Seventh avenue, same lo D. H. McAlpine, lor $3,750; one plot north ?ide of Eighty-fourth street, 175 feel east of Madison ?venue, 25x151.10xl?a 11/to same buyer, for $5,025; small ^oro northeast corner Boulevard and 126th itrsat, 21.6x35.8x4L8, to same buyer, lor $1,3(0; ono jtosII gore southeast corner ol same streetj, Lxl6zl8x7t lo E. II. Caiick, lor $750; cnc lot ^cutti ?! * street, 175 feet east ol Eit;btb avenue, wswll, lo J. K. Curran, for $1,020; one Ov? glory brown stone Iront bouse, 25x70, lot 100 leet, No. 784 ainb avenue. 75.3 I vet Miuth ol Sixty-third street. to John Deppeiier, lor $68,5 0; one block of ground, bounded by U2tb, llltb streets, St. Nicholas and Sixth avenues, IOLIOxIO SxmiOxl34.8, to D. R McAlpine, for $39,250; ono small Irunic House, with lot, 25.2X1)10' southeast corner ol Third avenue and Nlnety-sixtll atrcet, to W. S. Marvin, lor $9,OU0; one lot northwest corner ol Third avenue and Ninety-seventh street, "5.11x100, to K. S, Koss, lor $5,000; one lour *lory light stone house, with lot, No. 2 7 Fllty-fllth street, 146.3 toet east ol Broadway, to R. S. Willis, lor $18 000. The oilier sales ol the day were as follows: ? R. V. liarueii sold, by partition sale, lo close the ?state of Chtrles Mor.ui, ueceased, the premises Nos. 134 and 136 West Nineteenth street, >ouih side, +12 1 loot wen ol sixth avenue, embracing two lots, each 21.8x100, wiih two lour-story brick buildings in Iront ?od two similar buildings in roar, lor *22,600, to Peter Hogan; sl?o. in foreclosure, a building, v/ith lot, 27* 100, No. 220 Del.mcey sinet, north side, 75 leet east ol I Itt street, tor $1,700 over a mortgage of $11,000. with Interest Iroro January 1, 1875, tu Ibe plaiutilf. A.J. UieecKcrft son soiil, in ioreclosure, a house, wiih lot, 21.5x68.9. ou East Thiriv-lourth street, north tide, 164 3 leol east ol Second avenue, for $1,000 over a Bondage ol $4,250, wiih nearly a year's interest. to Idelma Stark. JC. H. Ludlow ft Co. so'd, by order of the executor a iwo siory and attic and liasctneni Iratne liouto and ?iher buildings, with plot 408.1x257, situated on Sand lord avenue, corner ol Percy street, Flushing L. Ll? 5?.wn a* lhc re?'dcnco ol Mrs. Robert Carter, lor $12,500, to Miss Carter. ,*? A- ? Lynch ft Son sold, iu foreclosure, a lot 2ftx 100, with improvemeuis, on Third avenue, west sido ?bout 76 feet north ol 108th street, lor $190 over s mortgage ol $3,750, wiih interest to May 1, 1870 to the plain lilt ' ' . TSASSritllS. I30tb st.s. s.. 137 ft. e. ol ?ih av., 37x99.11; alio "J- "? '? ?? Ol Mb av.. 17xlH0.ll. IT .oV. *'?' William W. Barenbam ami wile to C. K. Wilson *.-> noo "lb ?? ??. 440 ft. w. of Oth av"" 20x08.9; ' Amanda Cutler lo A. Barney 14 000 iJ1'"* *? ' rt- "? Madison av . -5xiOJ.5 ; Hobert 1. Edwards and wife to Mary E. Dowduey.. 6,000 Mstst.n.s, 3 5 rt. w. of lllh av, 2 3105.5; Ed He wet* to John VV. X?nr*in...... 3 000 BOth St., n. s.. 22 > ft. e. or 2d av., 50x98.8;'Henry Kormeni.key to Anno Baron . 36 000 t?"i: *? ???.I54 11 ?? of 4th av.. I25sKU.11; ' B. Meehen and husband to Charles T. Morion 13 50o i. ?S,PrVI'er,y: Charies T. Jiorson and wile to Daniel Daly 7 700 ^??S? fty H It.e.of Thompson *t..2LWxHO; ' 11 W. Manning and wile to Joseph Munnlnir.... 1000 Lawren, si (No. 63), w. a.80 II. 5. of Broome si.. ?Ox8/; same to same ?1000 ? si-. s_s, (No. 210). 450 ft. w. of 2d av., 2 >xPS.9; " frr??"* 'Nel5on. ??a huaiiand to Sarah Weaelmann.. 13.2C0 H7tU tf- r ?-41?tt. e. el toth av , 23x9*11; Will lam Paul and wile to K. S. lluirxlns Horn. Madison av., n. e. corner of tHth ?t.. r><J.*>x9'?; aliio Madison av.. e. s. l(J0.r, ft. n. ot ?4th at., 2oxb0; Adeline K. to fella Styles Horn. Madison av. s e. corner Wth at . 20x50.5; L. Send <ler and wife to William II. Falconer 28 000 86th St., s. s., 30 ft. e. of3d av.,2o.\100; J. II. Jaiin- ' ce.v to Joseph Manning. Jr ?, i noo 12i'th st., s. s., 425 ft. ? of Uth av., 25*100;' same"to ' KUIQ6 i?tsis.?ii> 500 V.nrtewator st. No. 7. n. s.. 25*10),'part'oO* i-iTi S""4* Smull to William J. W alsh S 000 ^ SiLf1"* *" *"? 137 ,l- ?- ?' Mth ?v? 37*90.11; also ' laffif !.' ? f,|. ?'I fVr?; of 8,h HT" '7xliW 11 to 1JIJU) st., Charles K. W ils n and wile to Sarah J. liurnnaui 5 000 ' v200 J- *?<* M av.'," 20si(XX5 ?' Fredsr- ' ick W ienecke and wife to Jacob Mander Nom Elm ?t? e. s.. 26(1 ft. s. of u<ciist av . 130*150, (2-iih *i ward ; Li. W. M alker to fc. J. Hall XM Vandewatsr St.. No. 7. n. a , 1(H4 It. vr of Kra'nkiirt St.. 2..X100 Oi partoO; William J Walsh to Kda wrault snm ' Pi?' 13 *? nrSth ar'. 'iTlxaslft; ' G. P. Hawes (referee) loW.IIiani H. Uaylor 7 400 5th av., ?. S.. 50.0 ft. * ot iliist st.. 25xi(X); F. C. "ar'ow referee) to John Sioene, executor.... 5 ono lUth St., n. s.. 4HO It. w. of 1st av. (gore lots) ; j'obi ' _ H?y?? (referee) to M. A, Shrady... 4 000 1- V. ft-# of SSlh ? > ??ai.8x irreic- ' ular, fc. u. oale trMereei to L. .Somborn 19 000 84th St., n. 15(1 It. w. of 3d av.. 24x102.3; S. F. Kneelaud (releree) to Union Dime >avini:t Bank 5 000 Othav., a. e. corner ol 61st ?t., 350x100.5; 1?. T Ruit- ' (referee) 10 J. L. H. Wo<id l47 000 _ ? lrasks. 834 st. West. Noa. 518 to 53-', 5 years; T. C. Lyman and others to John h. Brown and others 5 000 Xfclancey et.. No. *>4.5 yeais; Anna Wolf to L. ,?lt#r 600 .? ... . *0BTi;*CKS. Asplnwall, L.. and wife, to William II. Asplnwall aad other*, executors, n. *. ol lOtli st., e. ol L niver ally place; 3 jrears - Sams to John L,. Aspinwall (dated I860), n. >. ot ioin n J, e?.0^^niv?r*,ty place, 1 year 25 00J Gr?ri, h. U-. ?"<! wf?e. lo S. & Benedict and others. trustees, w. s. of W ouster at- n. of Oanai : !i years 20 000 llickek. oeor e and w'fe, to Lizzie S. BarrniKer, a. s. ofllWh St., w. of 1st av.; 3 years 1 500 STi?J? ? ? 10 J- A Aspinwall, No. 56 Honth st.; 3 years 35000 Jone*, James 1?? to Emmeiine S. Niebnls. s. s. of ' _'?reat Jones st, w. ot Bowery; ,Hyears... 2 Vin Karney, Edward, and wile, t<> oeorce Fox n w 'co'r n^.- New av. and 102d st.; 3 years..... 12 oon Moraon. Charles T. and wile, to Elisabeth 'jfeehaa s. s. of 115th st., ? of4th av; 3 years. 2 vst Kame to same, s. a. ot 115th St.. a. of 4th av.; it years 2 SI) ^sme to tame, s. a of 11 .>th a;., e. of4tli av.; years y''?iNi bame to same, a s of 115th st.. e. of 4th av. 2 (ears a Sama to same, a a ol 115th at., ?. of 4th av. 2 Vejrs r> i^Io same t same, a s. of 1 l.ith st., e. of 4th av, ;2 \eara a'.VMi Sama to same, s. a of I |.rth sL. e. ot'4th a* ? 2 vnars ?53? Objrto. Anton, to Mary Oberl.; e. a ol Lauren, st " of Houston; 2 years ' o Powers. Henry if. to II. A. Kilburn. s. a.' of'75th si* w. ol Madison av.; 1 year ' j qqq HEALTH DEFABTMENT. At tb? weekly meeting of the Board of Health yes terday the resolutions ol the Police Board setting forth thai the serving of Healih Department notices by the Police lore* was no part of police duty and would not hereafter be pertormed. were taken np and arrange ments were made by which snch notices shall bo served In (utare by employes of the Health Depart menu The following resolution on the subject ot sewerage was adopted Whereas the subject ol sewerage aad drainage in the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourtb wards la constantly praised upon this Board; and. whereas the health of those wards is >erlnn?ly Jeopardised bv want ot adequate pro vision for drainage aad aeweraire. therefore Kesolved, That the Department ol Public Parks be re quested to give this subject their earned consideration. A communication was received from the Sanitary Superintendent staling iliai iho General Theological Seminary was In a bad sanitary condition, and recom mending certain repairs and alteraiiona A. FAMILY MUBOEAED. [From the St. Lonis Globe, June 3.J A fearful tragedy, draped in much mystery, has bean enacted across the river, in St Clair county. On , Thursday, about noan, the dead bodies of a man and his wife, and that of a little child, ?god about two years, were found lying In the woods near the County Hospital, by a coal miner who was on bis way to Dutch Hollow. The position ol the bodies and other circum stances indicate mat the. man flrst killed the woman aad child by shootinc them through the bead, and, after neatly disposing their bodies and covering them with a shawl, be retired a short distance to a tree, where he killed himself by putting a ball through his heart. It is supposed that the tragedv was enacted ?otnn time dnrmg the night, and that tho woman and child were killed while asleep. 80 far no ono ha* recogjiz'd the bodies, with the exception of Mr August Tiem tun, who Irom the de scription given him thinks it is tho same party to whom be gave a week's gratuitous board at his hotel. The name g ven by the m ti> w.ts M.ty or Mays, and lie told Mr. Tiemann when he leit thil be hud securcd a lob in Waal Belleville. The dead ur .man appeared to be about thirty years ?f age. rather comely, uud was scon to become a 001 her. Tho man \va* at Icasi forty year* ol age, and lis general appearance indicated trench extraction. Of course, uo one can tell the cauxes which led to this horrible ira4e>iy. but in all probability starvaiion aad want, with uloomv prospects ahead, crazed tho bosbaod and lather and moved him to do the bloody deed. The weapon with which the souls ot these unfortu nates were seat into eternity was an ol-i-lushioned Colt's pistol, usually termed a "pepper box," and was lonnd lying close to the body of ibe mau. The Coroner w-s nonOed aud arrived last evening, but no Inquest bad been held at last accounts. r^SP-^ ? pii"ha*k. " aiouA 1* k. " tf WBTrsatoyM .^faKA,^ ?ak^i.uujK, XX. Hedsoe St., lor Furniture, FUnes, TrunSs. Ac.. IB sso arete rooms CHaKLE.S II. BUUDti. Proprietor. ^ruRAoK TO* FL'RNITL'RE, CAltftlAO* AMD MfeR O ciiaodise. SMITH A >ILLs. Proprietor*, 750 ana 752 llli at, ana 247 Win 4tith st STORAGR FOH FI:RSItVkE, Pi AN Ot, BACidAUK, Ae.. separate reoins; lowest rates, ererv eoaveaieaee: elevator, watchman XICHALU A HON. M to 48 Com meree it, near Bieecker. 3 SITUATION 8 WASTED?FEMALES. Cook*. WEST 51ST ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS cook; no injection lacciiia waalilng; can refer to bar laal employer. 1 O MTU HT.. BETWEEN 5TH AND~~6TB AV8.-A 1 mj reapectable young minin u plain cook, waaher and ironer; is a good * asher an l ilthir; bread an>1 biscuit and nil kin-la of platu family eoo.lns, or aa lanndrras; willing H"d ebllginti ; two yeara' referenda from luat place. 16 20 EAST ?J?TH ST.?AS KIRST CLAM KBENCU ook in a Or-i class family; go d city^rcfcrenco. "west ism stT hear-a competent w<>m?n aa order cook la restaurant or hotel. Ob WKST ISTH 8T.-A BESPBCTABLB VOl?BO WO j.o man to oook. wash and Iron . would go lo tbecouutry; city rifenirn OA WEST 19TB ST.?A RESPECTABLE VOUNO -,rl ? Lood cook, waahar and ironer or laundress in a private ramily; city or country ; beat rlty reference. ?j~7i WEST ?TII sr. (FBeSISt EMPLOYS R'S\ ou A respectable woman a. good cook ha' nr. oblection to aaalat with the waahlnir. Can be seen until Milled a ij tmu ST. BEAM.?AN AMERICAN TO COO* TrO w eh ano iron or to do hontework; city or country. iO WEST S7TH inPRESENT EMPLOVER'S).? tO Two girls; ona aa 8r*t claas rook; the oilier aa Brat claaa waitress: city or country ; aood city reference. i*t? OLIVER ST.?AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT OU inrl; can cook, waali au<l iron ; food city reler nee. 7>) iTU AT., OOBBBH lira *T. (PRESENT KM ?) plover $>.?Aa excellent cook; thoroughly under . l.iuil. her buaiueaa. ony or country. (H 4TH"sf" NeXb 2D AV.-A RESPECTABLE OIBL i/T iu plain c.Htk ; inakoa good bread; understands care of mlU kii'l butter: good reference. "11 r WEST ?3D ST.?A VOCNO WOMAN Art KIBST J.1?J claaa cook; willlnit to aeeiat with the washing if re quired ; good city reference. nr. WEST IUTH ST.?AS KIRST C1.ANS COOK; ?' thoroughly understands privuf family cookiug; willing to aaalat with washing; city relerence. IIO EA.-TllTII ST.. P.KI WKI.N all AMI 4TI! AVS. I JLO A young Protectant woman aa Brat claaa cook in a small hotel or boarding houae ; cuy or couutry; good reler ence. 11Q WKST 20TH ST.-A COMPETENT \1VOMANA8 HO cook and to assist with the waehin^; U au excellent baker ; good city r> lerence. 118 East 63 D si. (rlxii FIK8T BELf.).?a KE - - ..not nr,liUl.-A KK AXO apectalile woman to cook, wash and iron in a small private laniily; good reference. ~)?jtwesr iuih"?t77a "womas~asTjood cook. ?i mi waaher and Ironer; will yoln the country; can nmke butter: relereuce. f~:?si~WEST~33D ST.. KIRsT KLOOB.-A FIRST 1 m*<lj cla-a ci ok understsnda all brunette* of conking: will assist in washing and ironing; uo objection to the country; beat reference. 11IO WEST IiairsT.. SKOOND 1XOOR.?7RE.SPH.rT ?.'j able woman aa experieucad cook; understand* all kind* or baking and paatrr soaps and Jellies: no objection to tt.e coarae waahiug; couutry situation required: beat city reference. 1 l) J WEST 33D ST.-AS FIRST CUSS COOK; ON IwT der?tin?K her business thoroughly Id all Iti branehea; city or country: baat city relerence. 1 1)1 WEST~1?UnST. ?AS FIRST ~C~LAS8 COOKl I-.T: thoroughly understands all private family cooking; cou'.iiry preferred ; 3 yeara city reference. I ().- WESTlUTll ST.-A gIrL AS COOK; HAS NO i.w'/ objection to assist In washing; beat city reference. IiiQ westisth .vr~ rear -a.^ook, wasiikk mjtj aud ironer in a private family; aix yeara' city ref rence. fOM "WEST 19TI f STT^R K A R.?A RESPECTABLE Lut' woman ai good cook for a reatanrant; no objection to the eonntry. 1 <Jj k WEST JorH ST.-AS A GOOD COOK; IS WILLr lOu lug to wash : beat city relerence. WEST l?rtl ST.-A COMI'TVeM' HOMA.S AS cook : city or couutrv; would aaaiit with the waahiug <tn;l ironing: beet-city reference. WEST 1'8TH ST.-A RKSPKtrTABLE WOMAN AS llrat claaa cook In all Ita branehea; la neat and eco nomical iu her kitchen ; 'a . good baker; very beet city ref enco. WEST 2STH BT, HETWBEN 0TH AND 7T?I a?a., at'cond Door.?At lint claaa eo >k in a private family ; prelcra a auiumer bouae aa padry cqok; good refer eucea. l?Ji> WKST JOTII ST.-AS GOOD COOK. WASHER lO-j and Ironer; excellent baker; city ot country; good relerence. TOO WEST 28TH BT.?A RESPECTABLE YoUNQ iOO woman a> good cook and exce.lent baker; city or country: elty reference. west Stii st.-aT*rokession al cook or aoups, meata, boning and aide diahea, paetry, jel llea; haa relerenrea from tiigbeat lamlliea; would go to the country or Newport. "I ~ WEST 10TH ST., IN THE BASEMKNT.?AS lui) cook; thoroughly underat.nda her busineat; Srat claaa city relerence. * 1 ?J(\ WEBT~WTH ST.. HARNESS STORE.?A RE 10>J apectable girl aa cook, waali^r and ironer; willing and obliging; city or country; citjr reference. 1 C(l WEST 2STH ST.. BEAIt.-AS GOOD COOK, waahar aud ironer; would do bouaework; beat city relerence. -TcTrrni av.-as good cook-, willing to qp ?otml the coarae waahiug; no objeetiou to the country; city reference. I t/; EAST 44TH ST.-A VOUNO GIHL AS COOK; IdU good waaber and Ironer; good reference.' 'WEST L'7TH ST.?A SCOTt'H PROTE.STANT ?dUU peraou aa Ural claaa cook; will aaalat with waahiug; good lelerence. Oltf< WEST 27TH ST.. RuiTS-1.?A YOUNO GIRL ?Wl) aa cook aud to aailat In tba w tailing and ironing, city or country; beat city relerence. mWKST 30TU ST.-A*"RESP.-.CTAHLE WOMAN aa llrat claaa cook ; nnderatanda cooking in all ita branehea; la an excellent baker: beat city reference. <7i 11 EAST f>7TlfsT.?ARESPT cTaHLE^ OUNO GIRL aacook, waaber and ironer or lo do chamkerwork and waiting; no objection to the country; can be aeen lor two day a. <?!?> WEaT 2?TU ST.. KIRST KLOOK, REAR. -A mIu competent woman aa cook and to aaaiat #ith w.ah lng: uo objection to the country; good city reference. til a vTesF"3HTU ST.?AS KIK81 CLASS COOK IN AlT a Drat claaa private Inmlly; llrat claaa city reler encea. Can lie aeen at preaeut empioyer'a until auimd. Ol 7 KAST J#TH 8T-. TIiIRD~~KLo61??A~ COM id 1. | petent woman .a Drat claaa cook In a small hotel or autumer bouae . wh* ring place prelerred ; good reierence. Ol) 4 WEST 33U ST. (RING BASEMENT BELLi.^A x reipeciable Scotch girl aa plain cook and to do general houaework; beat city reference. ()t)S 7TII AV.. CORNER ill) sT -AsImOK IN A wmJ private family : thoroughly nnderatanda her buai neta; would aaaiat iu waahing; beat elty relerence. . t)a?/ffcASr -Ml ifs'l'.,-HETWKEN JD AND .ID AVS ? ' A competent girl aa cook. wa?lier and Ironer: ia a good baker; no objection to go ? abort diatance in the conn try ; beat city refereuce. WLST :?;?!> ST.^AS~COOK IN A PRIVATE family; beateiiy reference. <14 a EAST 4jTII ST.. SECOND FLOOR.-A RE i IT apectable gi 1 to do cooking, waahing and ironiug, or to do general houaework: good city reference. (ISO WBST R SPECTABLE fcCOTCO ?_)0 Proteatant woman aa good cook and bread baker; no objection to do coarae waa.iiig; city or country ; beat refereuce. o7w\ WEST 4JD ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS OUU cook and to aaaiat with the waahing and ironing; no objection to the country; good city reference. aJfVO EAST 30TII ST.?A KIRST CLASS* COOK; OUO would do coarae waahing; elty or country; city rel erence. 11/17 EAST HOTII ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS O'' I good cook, waaher and ironer in a amall private lamily; elty reference. ?J||7 EAST 20tTl ST.. ROOM 0. ?AN ENGLISH OU I Proteatant girl to eook, and iron; country prelerred; good relereuce. EaVT 44TII ST.-A VOUNO OIRL AS PLAIN cook, waalier aud ironer, or to do general houae work ; city reference. ? II E WEST 30TU ST.. REAR.?A RESPE<'TABLE Old peraou aa good plain cook or lo do geueral houae work. MlH ?,AST sJ? KIKSf CLASH COOK; ?JX'/ thoroughly nnder>tanda cooking inall ita brancbaa ?o objection to the country; beat city reference. * *99 KA!,T 2"? sT ?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED W wnni?u to Mok. wash and iron, or to do houaework In. em.ll family; city reference. * *9f';' KA:r ?T- -AS GOOD COOK ; SPLENDID tjimju wa-her and ironer; good reierence. QOO bast 7STu~sr.. seconiT~kloorI bIck room.?A respectable girl 10 cook, and Iron or to dr^bouaework ill a amall family; heat elty reference. ;W1 t AM' -J-'D ST.-AS GO. ID COOK) UNDBB atnnda her buaiiieaa in ail . ranches; city and couu try reference. '-t'-t/j EA&T~aap~ ST ?AS KIBST CLAM COOK: fo irycnra heat city Call lor three day*. WEST b?TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE COLORED OOI man m cook or waller in a hoarding honae or l.o tel in the couutry; g.od reference. Call for two daya be. tween the honra of l? and 4. !?U WEST iirr.i sr. .preskm'" "kmplover y*j0 A young girl to cook, waah and iron, t an be eeen for two daya. try. ?> east aorii sr.. kirst kloor-a prot eatan t woman aa coo. acd laundreaa; city or conu> ?J.tO WEST 3BfH "sT?A GERMAN GIRL AS OtO good plain coo. and lo aaaiat la washing and Ironing. * ??J (? "east rti^r ST.?AS COOK AND TO ASSIST >11 J wlili waahing: good baker; beat eay reference. Call for twe day*. UiefKAST a iTiI^T a rk.-pk< t vBI.E g:;;l "as 0 t J cook, waalter aad ironer or to do bonaework la a aiuan private fanily; ia a willing, good girl. Wf.i iarHBT.?a i.ompeFk.nT woman am O'Jw good eook, waaher and ironer; no objeetiou to pri vate boarding bouae: city reference. ?JQ?* TTH AV.. IN KANCV STORE?KIR1*T CLASS Ot/O German ook in hotel, reatanrant nr private 1 oil 41U AV'.-AS GOOD KaMIL* COOK; GOOD "IUaJ bread and biatnil uaker: city nr country; willing to aaalat with waahing; excellent reference. a iwa EASf U I II hT.- AS COOK AND CHAMBEIt 1\/U maid, with llratrlaaa reterencea. In country hotel or hoarding hou?? Ca I or addrets. j i ti WEST mtH ST~A? KIRSTTLaSS GERMAN ^tuu cook an.i baker in .? private lannly j f\L! EAgTltrH ST. - a~TTe"s p e"ctab l e TO I* no tUU girl aa eook. waaher an. ireaer in a amall private family, beat city reference. ill) east isrtf* ST.. NBA* 1ST AV?A RE ^ I apectable woman aa Aral claae cook ; competent in ail nrancnea: Brat cla?a baker; wil. aaaiat with a little waab> ing If required; beat city reference. A Iu WEST jeTH.'T.. BETWEEN STll AMD lOfTl 4: L'J ava.?Aa cook, waauer and Ironer; good city ref< r relit e. J II/. W7.ST 5aD ST- -A Rr.-I'C.CTABLE COl.OKr.l) wemaa aa Brat elaaa coat in a boarding houae; underetan n her bnaineaa thoroughly; three years' reler ence. Cell on or addreaa C. II. A CQ WKSr til) Sr-Twb SKAKT, WILLING ztoo gtria; one at rook and to do waahing. the other aa chambermaid and waltreaa; beat city reieraace; do objec tion to the country. B1T17ATIOWB HASTED- FEMALM^ (ouk>. Air. CO<> WEST 30TH ST . IN THK STORE.-A YOUNO ? girl 4i Brut clase conk; understands ell kinds of cooking; le a good baker; so objection lo a boarding bouse; city reference. Q ?*fH AY.. NEAR 40TH ST?A YuUNO WO ? 'TO man a* rusk: understands her busiaeae?eeups pastries, Jellies; city or country; best ref'rence 4 - | WMT TTTH i*T . N BAR 1 "TiI A V.--AS FIRST ?'t elaee cedar?r 4Imw cook; i?'?i cltr reference. 4r.ft Wf.ST iD >I.-A RESPECT \ MLB YltlN'l '??/ woman a* Hrst daw cook and to a?siat with wash ing; no objection to lbs eouutry ; beat city reference. Call or address. . 570 3D AY.?A YOUNG WOMAN AS OOOD COOK, waener and ironer: uood reference from I ait place, rjr I II." .AT,' ?"'-?"WEEN J>3b~AXD V?TU STS?A dtr reference ** PU'a c<>ok, w**b,r ??"? Ironer; 811 Q7 I ?TI1 AV.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN A# ?' I "TT rood plain cook and excellent washer and Ironer; also a young iriri to do upstairs work ; i* willing- and obllg In*; have no objection to tba country; three yedrs' refer ence from U-t place. i nn-r?fir~ AT. (FANCY STORE).-A RESPECT J.UUO able girl to cook, waab and irou In a small fam ily ; K?od city reference. lTOO 3D AY.. BETWEEN 50TH AND 60TI! STS. lilwi' Two respectable young girls in a private faraliy; one as good cook. washer and ironer. good bread and biscuit maker. iktttlMrW chambermaid and waitress; i* a Rood wasner and ironer; willing and obliging; beet reference. II | nQ 20 AV., THIRD ELOOB, FRONT ROOM*?A ? L-J'' young woman ai cook in a private family; i* a good bitkrr; will assist with the washing, no objections to the country; beat city reterrnce. 1 1111 ??'!> AV, DOKN'KR HOTiTsTT^aIRESPECT J.t IU able younir girl to cook, waab and iron;city ref arence. A SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST CLASS COOK ami pastrycook. Addreaa II. M., box 143 llerald office A LADY D BIBE8 TO KIND A MTDATION FOB lier French cook ; a reliable and lully competeut par ton. Applr at or addreaa for two daye U Livingston place, curner East ItRIi at R.ULROA*D AY., OPPOSITE 170TU ST., MORRIS aula.?Aa cook, washer and Ironer. Chnmbei-iitaiiU. Ar, ?> EAST S4TH ST (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).-A O voting ?rtrl a-chambermaid and to do sewing; can lew on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. 8 UNION i OCRT,-BETWEEN 11TB ABO 19TH 8TB.? A young woman aa chambermaid and seamstress or chambermaid and waitress; no objection to go in tbe coun try ; i eat ctty reierence. (1 hAST HTIi KT.-Ta SMTkT.'WILLINO OIRL TO HO O ligtit cbamhrrwnrk and waiting or take eare of children; would go a abort distance in tbe country. ?rpWBBT BD ST (PRESENT EMPLOYEE'S) A BB w 1 spectable young girl at diatnberinald aud waitress in ? private family. OQ VYKHT I2TH 8T.-W ANTED. A FIRST CLASS iO chambermaid and to aaalat with waiting in a board ing liouae. ?}o WhST~ 10TII >T. iPKKSI NT EMPLOYER'R).- A uO respectable American girl an chambermaid; willing to aaaiat with washing, or to take charge ol growing chil dren; willing aud obliging; drat claaa reference. Oi~ KI.NU ST.. REAR.- A~~YOU NO (71 HI, TO DO r)>) cham erwnrk and waltln : in a amall private family. ~ EAST I?Th" ST.?A YOUNG "AMERICAN GIRL TO tit) go out bv the day or week to do cbamberwork and aaaiat with light homework; would ateep at home ; beat city refereure. A'lT~'WEST 38TII ST.-A COMPETENT WoMaN AS TTlJ chambermaid; thoroughlv nn<leratmaa her dutlea; unexceptionable city reference. ( an be aeeu for two daya. rpKAS^rTill) NT.71a ItKs7*ECTABLfcl YOUNO OiRL ? ' L aa chambermaid and nnrae or waitrees In a private family : beat city reference. e?0~EAST irST-Sl ?A OIRL AS CHAMBERMAID . apd to dn plain aewing; nu objection to the country. Q 1ST ST. AND ViTH AV -A YOUNO WOMAN AS Ol. chambermaid and ianndreaa; city or country; good reference. JOHN ML'LANE. I imCUBISTOPHER ST.--A RESPECTABLE AMKR II My lean girl aa onambcnuald and waltreaa or nurie; good city reference. I 1 nA BAST UUTH ST.-A TIDY QIBL AS CHAMBEB 1UU Uiaid aud waltreaa and to aaaiat with wailung aud ironing; city or country; good reference. 1 nU~EAST 15TH 8T. (PRESENT EMPLOYEE'S).?A 1UO young l-.ngllah girl aa chambermaid and waltreaa or to attend nn or travel with a lady. 1 HQ WK8T 41 ST ST.?A YOUNO W'OMAN A8 1U J chambermaid and aeamatreaa or nurae; city or country; 1<? yeara' city reference WEST "awo ST., i-lRST FLOOR?A YOUNO girl aa chambermaid and waitreaa; city or country; good city reference. 11Q WEST 4.VIU ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOCNO lit/ woman ai chambermaid and waltreaa; no objection to the country; 8 yeara' reference from laat place. 1 .Jf' WE.">T UI'll ST.. IN THE srokh.?A RE 1?<v) apectal-le young girl to do cbamberwork and wait ing In a private family ; good city reference from laat place. i t>(Twhsr ism sr., second floor, fkTint? XmjO A young girl aa chambermaid and waitreaa; three yeara' city reference. WEST 1DTH ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID, NURSE or waltreaa. Call for three daya. 141 U 7 WEST mth ST.-A RESPEOI ABLB COLORED It' I girl aa chambermaid and waitreaa In a private lamily ; good reference Ironi laat place. "I CO BAST 74TII 8T?A EEdPEOTAMLE YOONO 1?)U girl aa chambermaid aud nnrae; city or country; beat city reference. I r.U WEST~IITH ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID AND 1>M) waitreaa; willing to aaaiat with the waahing and irouing in a private boarding b use. Oni KaST 61 ST'ST.?\ RESPECTABLE OIRL AS aWI chambermaid and waitreaa and take care ol growing children; beat city relereuce; no objection to the country. OflT BAST 47TI1 ST.-A COMPETENT UI L AS ^U'X chambermaid aud waitreaa: willing to aaaiat wltu tue waahing; no objection to the country ; referencea. tTZVft EAsTlwl'li ST.. NfcAlt 3D AV. ?AS CHAM mUU b-rmaid and waitreaa; can be well recommendad liom laat place. t)iku EAST -2UD ST.?A YOUNO UIRL AS CHAM ?iUU bermald and to do tine waahing; beat city reference Iroin her laat place. Call or addieaa. i)i |Q EAST ~2UD S rT? A YOUNO OIRL AS CHAM iUO bermald and waitreaa, or to take care of children and do plain aewing; country preferred. Call or addreaa. of in east am if st.-a yoiino oiri*, lately 0 landed, a? chambermaid and waitreaa aud to aa aiat in the wa-hing and ironing a/f.y iMTii >f , Tili7:il~kT7<77Tk. hai K~a ?, I ? ) vouug girl aachainberniaia and w mreai; will go a abort diatance in the country; good reiercncea. iToT EAST iviTH-ST.?A RhSPEt: TABLE PRtJTES" ? ^,'t tant girl n? chambermaid and aaaiat in waaliiag or do plalu aewing; baa a Wheeler A Wilaon machine; no ob jection to tbe country; beat city refer jnce. no<> BAST 4STU ST., SEOOBD PLOOB, BAOB.?A young girl aa chambermaid and waitreaaor to do housework fur a atnali family ; good city reference. ol)/?"7rif av." neab ?id st.-a tTirl to do ' chamberworg aud waiting and aiaiat with waahing; good reference. ()Ojl EAST 4HTII SI.-a7iIRI, AS CHAMBERMAID aOU and waitreaa; city or country. tl pi^EASr 2JIJ SI ?A YOUNO OIRL AS C1IAM ATd bermald and waltreu; guod city reierence. Call for two daya. t ?T ji "WEST 47TII ST.?A YoUKO SCOTCH OIRL AS aJ'i'l chambermaid and waitieaa. a? - | ? EST 39TH ST.?A REtPECTABLB YOUNG ^l')L woman aa ciiambermaid anu waitreaa; la an excel lent w.iaher and ironer; or would be willing to do hnuae work ; beat reference fr jm her la?t place. 1'all for two daya. a?^T? WES I -til II >T. - A RK>PhCV.t??LE Col.oioD woman aa Ural claaa chambermaid or waitreaa; can n.itke all kiada ol aalad; city or country; beat city ref erence. Call lor two daya. OPil WEST ami ST! A YOINO OIRL AS CII.AMBhlt ZX)?i maid or waitreaa; understand* her buaineaa; would aaaiat iu washing; beat city references. lino BAST ?0TH M' . SECOND FLOOR. BACK.?A OUO young girl to do light cbamberwork and waiting or to take care ol children and make herself generally naeful; city orcnuntry i good reierence. ?J| \ f EAST 3 .I ll ST.?A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS ' Out chambermaid; no objection lu help with waahing; willing and; good referauce. *J|?/?r_M77TTrSTT?)PPOSITK "POLICE IIEADyl'Alt Ov/UI tera.?A re-|M>ciabie Oarnian i'ruteatant girl as chambermaid. Call on Mra. MEYER. a?Vk E VST i(4'l II ST-A* YOUNO WOMAN AS OUO cbauiberm .id and waitress, or would do chamber work anrl take care of*children; haa three yeais' reference from last place, fan be aeen for two days. *41 Ik * AST WD >i -a Shi Ni; WoMAB AN FIRST OIU e!a?? chambermaid and waitress; hat no objections to go a short diatauce iu the country; haa the best ol city reference from her last place. ?J l ?/ WEST 45TII ST.?A~LADY~IS"DESIROUS OF Ol<) getting a altnntlon lor a girl as chambermaid and waitress; I* also a good seamstress; will personally recom mend her. aj I /? W ES fl-TFl f ST. "(PRESENT E MPLOYER'S).?A OIU yonng gin to do cham ?erwork and sewing, or chaiuberuora and waiting la a private lamily; beat city ref erence. Call for two daya. ?Tfo ~K A S T MTU "ST.-A RESPECTAB LE OIRL TO OlO do chamberwork and take care of children; good city rderi-nce. ?Ill/; W kWt" 44Tlf sT.-^A KK8PKCTAMLB YOCNO OmU girl to do cbamberworg and to take care of chil dren ; good reierence. Call lor two daya. ajO/\ 1ST AV.?A YOINO OIRL AS CIIAMBKRMAID OOU or laaudreaa; no ojsction to tbe country; good city reference. * EAST 30TH ST -A7<.EKMTFmEL AS CUAM' berniald and waitress. KAST TtMTjrsr-A YOUNO OIKL AS CHAM 334 ')'),! B ? .Anu an UIIAM ?)? J'i: bermald and waitress; good cay reierence from lest place. ? ajtVij WEST I trill ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? OOi/ A respectable girl to do cbamberwork, walling, and williax to a<eiat witb ilm w ishing and ironing or gen eial home work iu aaiuall private lamily; three years' best eliy relereiicc. Apply Wednesday ami rhnraday. ?> 1 .? BAST ?wi> sr. rulK!) PLOOB, FRONT.?A O't ?j young glri a* chambermaid end waitress and aaaisl ? lib washing and ironing or would do general hoaaework In a small lamily; guod reference; no objection to tbe country. ?>| (~~SLbBCKkR ST.-A YOUNO OIkL AS 0IIa7. Ol "X bermaid aad waitress la a boarding house; city or country. ( .? 1- WlTsr 43DST.. ONE PLIOHT, FRONT.-A RE. 0*xty speetable young girl a* ? haiubermald and to de ?lain sewing or Hue washing; excellent reierence. Mrs. T. SMITH, si 1 LJ fcAsr <k>TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE To UNO UTO g;ri to do chamberwork. washing and Ironing, city or country; best city reierence irota her iael place. Call or address. sj - o WKHT 33TII ST - A R RsPECTa B LE YOU NO O^IO girl of 17 an chambermaid and waitress or to mind children; willing and obllgiug; city wr country; two years la la^ place. Of* I STH AY.?A BESPECTASLB OIRL AS CHAM Owl bermald and to lake car'ilWren, LEXTnoToN AV. IpREsE.vr EMPLOYEK'Si,? OU? A respectable colored girl as chamueraald aad wel.reae ?) j I I ST A Y. ?A KEHPKCTAbTr"" PROTESTANT Out gill ae chambermaid or waitress; good eity refer enee. Call er addreee. MTrATlOWB WASTED?FEMAIiK*.^ ('b??b?riual<lii. <W? Aid. KAST mu ST- Kim.AI 17. ? A RESPECTABLE t IT irtr 1 u Drat i1*?h chambermaid ?nd waitress. or In aa?tst with tin - wsshinc; city or country. it willing and obliging. l>o?t city reference. A~\ ~ KAST taVH ir -A MMNMKTAfl^B '? IRl> AS *T I ? * chambermaid and waitress; no objection to lb* country ; ben oltv reference 4oi' mtb >t., MtwuiT*mi in tBB ?iX ava,?A young utd as chainberuiall and waitress. Call. 4*?! VUT ??TH ST.?A OIKI.. LATELY LANDED. OO to do npst <irs work or miud children ; it nil* and willing to work. 4"" ;i' ' vvKSr*ITHST.?TWO YOUNG GIRLS: ONK ? >u ?? chambermaid and waitress . tbe oth r a* co..k. wisher and cleaner; beat dly relerencu troui bar last place; c unlry pre orroit 4-7 WKST UO ST.?A M*rRCTAlU TOffM ? i I woman to do cbamborwork and fins washing; good city relereiico. ,1 -Q WEST MD ST.?A <Jt>OD UIKL ASCHAMB^R maid and waitrcaa; will aasisi with washing and ironing; willing ani obliging; good relerences. Call or ad dress. 5/MidTirAY. fPOOBTH BELL).?A YOUNG 01RL a? lirat rate chambermaid and waitress; will assist with the washing; willing and obliging; beat city relerence trom last place. iuo Sru av., noon is.?a bkkpectable yoi-ng TOO arirl at chambermaid and waitreaa; good city refer ence. fiil'i 2D AT.?A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO GIRL AS chambermaid and ?altre?a; (a willing to take c ire of children; city or country; good relo euco. Call or ad dreaa. ff*m ~ai?* a v. <ri no" mo o n d" h k l'lT. - AM CII A.\l uOU liermald and to take cara ol children , ?l* years' relerence from lust place. Call tor lwoda;s. COO WE?T3UTH ST.?A \ OP NG 1) I KL AS CHA M tJOw barmaid and assist with washing, or do sewing; city or country; city reference. C | 0 WEST i?TH ST?A YOUNG I'EOTKSTANT iitO irlrl as chambermaid and waitress aud to assist with the u aabiu^. /?IkU ao AV.?A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS ('HAH UUO b<-r:naid and to uund children : no objection to the country for the summer. ( all tor two days. 6*?jl"?ru'av.-a ~oiIa355?5a11> and tu Maki mj\t lfer*eif g-nernlly useful; wages no object; country pref rred ; good reference. titlQ an AV., BBTWBBN MTH AND 8STH ST*?A > yotiu* girl a? chambermaid or child'a nunc and to do pi.1 in sowing; beat city reference. eTpSaV.-A KKSPECTA?LB GIRL AS CHAM v)tI boon eld and waitre?? or lauudreaa; city or conn try ; city reference. 7711 :?d av.7 bktwken 47hi and 4atii stm.?A I I l" fiotoiant yoiini; French tirl aa chambermaid and waitreaa; i* willing uud obliging; city referenca; ring fourth QOl OT11 AV., HKrU'BEN ">4TI1 AND MTU hT.S. Owl A re>(iei'table cirl aa chainliermaid aud wmtruu la a private family; no objection to the country. qo/fjd av.. bvi *? ?S5 mmi akd wh ?ts.-a DOU respectable itlrl aa chambermaid; would tako care ofchllilron or an in tlie country with a lady; la a good ??araatrea*. Call lor two dara. ]|kOn 21) AV.. 8BC0mD floor.?A RBXPKGTA I.le yoiinir i{irl as chainliermuld and waltrean in a p Ivatc I'amiiy; williug aud obiiglug; bigbly recommended by her last em;>lo.ver. 1/170 UU AV?, tttD MT.?A KKhPKHTAHLK (51. L ?v I J to do upstaira work and take care ol children. 1 9'W -?S avTItwo RKSPKOTABLK yuuko JiwO( iilrla; one a? chambermaid and ? aitrena; tlio otner aa lirat claat laundraae; wuuld like to go in lbs coun try; good relerence. T rksi'Kctablk o(rl aa cTiamiwrmaii* and j\ waltrcsa or t<> mind nmva children ; country prelerred; tiiree yeara' reference. Addraaa A., box 1HU tler.ild I ptowu Branch oiUce. Dre?imak?r* and ?eam?reu?a. THOMPSON ST.-Ah SEAMSTKICSS BV TUE DaT or week. TO-!*? AV. (PKKSENT BMPLOVBR'S).?Ah KX' O perienccd aeain?treaa; would wait on a lauy ur nsai.-t with the care of children; three yrara'reference. Call lor two days. QA/IKAST MTH HT.?A SEAMSTRESS BY THE day of weak: iindcratan la dreaauiaking and all a^wini; in icuinea. Apply on third Hour. oOQ kast 55th sr.?a young woman as seam jyiOO atreaa by the ween or month; oily or country. Oii? MTH AV.?A RESPEIiTABLK PR TESI'ANT ZlU'X girl a? aeamatre**; liaa worked at the dreaamaking tor I he paM two teura; williug to aaaist with the cuildreu or ebauiberwork. Call on or addraaa A. W. ?Jj | r 7TH AV.?A YOUNG GIRL AH THOKOUOH Ov'?J teitmatreia and operator or would take cure of youug ihildren; excellent city reference. Call in the laucy 13 327 EAST 29TH M.-AS KtKST CLASS Dr.ESS maker by the day A "1 (if HTH AV.. BBTWBBH'/STH AND 26rH STS.-A t L*'J compctont dreomakei, lorruerly with Lord A. Tuylur. wouid make a few mo e engagements with lamiliea by day or week. DKE^nMAKl'.R. ?__KT_A RESPECTABLE AMBR TU't lean I'luw woman aa aaamatraaa] competent to cut and lit Iuliei' aud children'sdn-? ?; can operate and do all kirn's uf lar.ily aewinr; liaa a . irl nolng un I5yiara, williai; la i >ke rare of children and a?aiat with light uoiiae wnrk or ?n mil erwork; no ohjectiou tu go in the country ; lw?l ? .. .??r nr?. til |7 AV.?ASE AM STRESS. WHO UNDKBSTANDH OU I ciiiliog and Httlng ladiea and children a dretaea, ?i?e. to gc ?ut by tbe mouth in a private family; city i.r country UU 7 ~JlT AV.. TOP KLOOR.?A GOOD SEAMSTRESS l)U ( tu go out by the day or week; can work with a dressmaker. A LADY. ACCUSTOM ED TO DRBSfMAKINO, OOOD itwtr, would like to aaaist lirat cla?a drraauiakur; would prefer permanent ?iination. Addreaa COjul'l.Th.NT, Herald l ptuwn BraliOh ofllce. ? IS THr.KE ANY COUNTRY PLACE WHKItE A styl.rh first class drosainakar. with a genins for making auytliinv, would be safe In going with her aewln# machine alter 1''ill II.I Illy ! Addreaa Mra. LKLAND, atntinn K. P* UUIW CAUi ON 1LME. LEON A BA, A riBNT class Dresauiaker, in and out of tbe bonsa. 2.1 J t>th ay., flrat Dal. General Housework. Ae. Q 8IIERIKK ST.. NEAR GRAND.?A PROTESTANT O to do housework ; moderate wagea; country pre ferred. No card* answered. J O.N KH 8T., kTTaR.-A YOLSO UlRlTfo DO UEN eral housework ; good reference. l7? JoViEB HT.-A YOl'NO GIRL TO DO GENEB\L 111 hmiaework In a small private family: plain cook; good washer and irooer; good relerenoa trom U>t place. 1CJ JANE ST.-A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL TO_DO J.O general housework in a sn.all family. Ask lor CHRIfelTNA KANE. MOTT ST.. TOP FLOOR.?A GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. V It 1NCE 8T?A RES PECTA bLeTjIiTl^TO J>0 general housework in a small family. 9(7" ? ?t.-a young girl, lately Zi *J laadad, t ? do any woik in a private faiuily. Cull lor to days at Mr. JAMES WIIITK._ ?JY Wfcsr lifTH MT., Br/i'WEBN ITli AND 6TI1 O i avs -A tlrl to do general housework; country pre ferred; good reference. WERT MTH .-T.-A GOOD SMART GIRL TO DO general housework . good reference. /?U WMT 4SD i>T.?A fdVM WOMAN TO DO UO ganeral housework; no objection to a short distance in the country ; good reference, is a plain lauudreaa. 9*> RR(?0ME ST.?A KivSPECTABLE GIRL ToT6 Zt general housework in a small lanilly; good refer ence. 21 27 43 130 (J?J CLINTON PLACE.?AH HONEST. RESPEOTABLK, iJwilling girl, juat arrived trom Ireland, in a imall private liuuqr. Apply, between 2 aud 4 o'clock P, M. 1 i lO WEST~'lt?TH ST.. REAII.? A ItKsI'El' TA BLE lZtO worn n to do general housework; Is a good cook, wanner aad inner; good relerence. wVhT I7TH ?T.-V FRENCH ~WOMA.N~T0 DO general liouaitwork. (.'all or address. m~V EST~-l-11 STT-A RESPECTABLE GIRIi TO do lioiiMwork in a small iamlly; is good took; good city reference. I UU "IahT aBTH sr. (LA>T EMPLOYEIt'Si.?A XOO young woman to no hoi^ework In a small private tamily; is a flrat claaa waaher and ironor. "I I ' jT EAST IsriisT". Pi; KShNT KM I'LOYkIcSi.-TO do general houaework or aa chambermaid. Ad 4nm SARAH. II WB?f ttfTli irr.-A BKSPKCTABLK GERMAN ITU wuman to do irem ral housework tor a widower or small la-nlly . city or country. 1 - L) W K.I 1 ? au~*T.?A l OL'NG olIL' UTKLT J '/O landed, in do houaeanrk in a small family or to mind children ; wi.iing and obliging 11C (| KAS r irfiTir^T YOUNG WOMAN TO Do 1UW aeneral housework In a small private iamlly; good ciry relerence. n*> Mli'LBKItRY ST.-YVeSPM'TABLKWoMAN TO ?) do general lioiisenork In tbe country, or cook, wash and Iron'.Aral class relerence. '113 221 WE.-T ;WTH ST.?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL m"U houaework In a private family; good waiter, inner anil plain conk . cur rclrrdirc. of*7 EASI 44111 >1 -V PRoTI:.STAnTgIRLT(M)0 ?iu I general housework in a aniait lamllv.{srir ht.?a votNG girl~t(7 bo general housework ; Lest city relerence. kast jist st., second floor, back room.?A young girl to do general housework; city srcMttrvi good relerence. slt?U W i.sT 1.HI ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIuL AwO wishes to do genoral bonsewora for a small ptlvaio tamily. tlO/1 EAST SUTH ST., BEAK.?A RE8PECTABLB / willow, with a child 5 years of age, to do gensiai lious'.work in the country. Call for two daja. ?>?>?> EAST 4MIJI -r. TWO PUG'.ITM, IN TMB liIV. k A young girl, lately landed, to do general bousi'wnrk. wl ling and obliging and tond "I ehlidra*. ?>?> I F.AST 54I'll ST.. FIRST FLOOR, FRONT?A mOt rcapectable young woman to do general housework iu a piirate tamily; fully competent to do her work; good eity reference. I) 'JL' K AST 54T11 ftT.^A ~ YoUNO OI RL~T6 DO JmitJyJ light housework or chamber aork ; no objection to the country ; best city rcleienne. 9?jo WBTfajd st."?a~rouSo"gThl to jo gk\ mOO ersl bnnaework In a small private family; city or country ; beat cil.v relen u :e. nt ?y W k5t1? flF ?T.-AH EH PECTA BLE WOMAN to do houaework In a small private tamily; good cook . a first claas laundress; good city relerence. t)AA WEST atTH BT.-A VOI'.NG WOMAN TO DO i'li housework la a small lamily; city or country; good city rsfereneea l)J I WKarWll ST.?A YOL'NG SCOTCH WOMAN i^TT to do general housework; g.K>d laundress; city rel erence. ? EAST aitJT ST. ? A STKADY CAHKKLL PERSON it" would do tho work ot a small private lamll) ; good piam cook, waeher aai ironer; best city reference given, t all or addrosa. Oij'J WK?T HOlTsTON 8T.-A YoUNO WOMAN TO mUO do liousowork; is a good washe* aad Ironer. good rufereace. ifiTH "Xv~ToP PLOOB. rKONT.-A rIsPKC*T able girl to do koueowork ia a private lamily; wUliag aad oMigtag; city reteroaeo. 209 SITUATION* WAVTED-FKMAI.ES. lM-urral Hoatxwork. dtc. OA I EAST a >11| >T ? A Br sI'ECTA HLK GIRL TO ?"'T ila geneiai housework . willing and obliging; good reteranca. 'Jpi East 'WITH ST.?a" Ynt'Mi lilllL TO DO ? /!?) h>.on'work. Call for l*o days. BABT U!l si -A YoUNO UlilC TO 1?> OiU baiaewoek; iHf nTmmMi ? >i - i v-i taru m * respectable oibl to <)l I ?lt) general housework; willing and obliging; gooi city reference. ?Jijfj WWT 2IRT ST.-A PBOTBKTANT Ot'KL 'To OwO do ifeiierat Uwwrk or as plain ok In a small private family . ?ood reference from last employer. OOlJ KA?T aaTH il A KKaPicCTAHLR .. I it I." TO ? do general housework In * muhII lamily; cit.v reler ?B0?. ?>?>q"~WKS1 -klTU sT -- a Vol N< i OIBL ru DO OEM ?)?O era! bousewurk in a small lamily. 17 i II -T . ... UL YOCNO AM K lie AS vimun to do housework tu a small lamily; good city reference Ca 1 or address. ?)?J1 IRT AV.?A YOUNO AXEBICAN GIKL TO DO OOL lixHt housework. C?ll or address. oo* wert tun sr. kiiut floor.-a young woman lo do housework iu a private lamily; good city reference. ?lo,? wEvr "Tfrii ?t:top klo<7u. iia7:k.-a kk" spretable |tiiI to dogi-ncril housework lu a small private la.uily; good pialn conk, washer and iioner; refer ence. 40(> 410 419 0'J(1 EAST -JD ST. ?\ ~RESPP.CT.VBLR YOt'NG Out/ girl t? do geueral housework; city or coi.ntry; gotfd reference. >j77| wiitn .-.ii vr"'-a*kabi.n i? <>i.'hiei) OrrU girl to do gsneral housework in u private family. Call on or address MABTHV NABINON. ') l() EST 301 n -I (PRRSRNT EHP1.0YBR'S).? A ? )' r ? ' voting girl to do housework in it amall private fam ily . no objection to tin- country; good rulcrcnce. Q i (| \ Ktfl ilfri! tif. a fbi NO OIKL TO DO Ot ?/ liifht lutukiwurk unit take c.iru uf children; three yearn' reference. ')?>) wi.vr 5&TH vc. in TBI BBAB.-A YOUNO ?irl to assist at housework; tuiall wages; good ref erruco ') -/1 WEST 23til">r.-.rVOUNO AMBRICAN OIRL ?)')!) to do general housework; 1* a Ii rat class laundross; city reference. KAST IITII ST.-a"YiTiTnT, WOMAN TO DO housework ; best city reference*. *\ -arS sr -rwo i;lspecraBLEiaRLs. lately landed, to do housework. j HI WEsi'in;r.i sr.-a it..-ri-:r v'uLk ..iRirTb ' *11'.' do general housework In u sinull private family; Ii a ynod plain cook and lirnt rati? ?n.her and Iruner; Iim lour' ?ood relorence from her laat employer. 1.11 W"E8T I0TU 8T., ShCOMD CLOUR, KKOXT.? T uL A respect able yimiitr (tirl to ilo houaework in a re apertable family; la a .rood watiirr und ironer. 47~wE**T 4UTU Hi., NEAR ttfi'ri AT.?A UK Ol apeciable younR (ierman ?irl lo ilo general lion?r work; Kood waaiivr and ironer and excellent bread and biscuit linker; i;oud reference Iroin laat place. J ? >( J WEHT 4VTH ST., rilU<T rUM>K.?A YOBKO TOW niri to do general housework ; Is a lirst class waaber ?lid ironer; ?.* years' nfefMMNk A t 1 \\ EST "7:377" vr.-A WllM VN TO DO HOUSE "T"X i work; Is n tirst r?tu washer and Ironer. j - i ?br :.ji> vr a voi m; .sMTihr isikTu TOi lately landed, lo do gensral bonsenruiit in a small family. ir.|J WEST 27TI1 ST. ? A YOUNO OiRL. LAl'ELY Tt)U la..dud, to du general housework In a private family. A 7 - 71 llTv: l7i. nv7vi:N" 3o1II AND 30TH STH.-A *t I J youiiKK'rl to do general housework in aimall pri vate lainlly ; city reierouco Iroiu last piaca; has uo ob jection lo tna country. . fritu EAvrlurn sr.", top "ki.oor.-a" respect ? /v' < " utile tvoiuan lo do seueral housework; city or coun try ; best city reiorence. CI ~ 'Til) AV.-A UEsPECTABLE Wt>MAN TO DO tJl'J wencial housework; city or couutry; two years' city reference. * ?*)'- isr a v.?a vou.ho woman to dooenekau housework In a small luiuily; a homo prelcrrua lo hull wages; good city relereoco iroui last pl-tcs. C07'7id ay , second kLI7oh.-a woman tJ*J I to do geueral housework; una that ia brsi rate wasiiur and in n?r; best relereuca ao AY ?X 7lK.Spr.CTAUUK VOUNiJ lilHL TO l/UO do gi-ueral housework in a .mail private family; city or country; good relerencc. I*QC ui? IV.-A YODNO OlM. TO DO 0EKBRAL U???J housework, is a uood wasuar and iraner; best city lelorcuce. Call for tw'u daya. 77""'J SfM AV-A YOUNO .YMbltlCA.N \V II.VI A.N, I UO with a child, to do liousework in a small lainily; city or couutry; good reference. O/tk^ 1 i HKh.N WICII vr.-A PKOTKsFa *T YOIINU Ol'aJ girl tu a.ssisl 111 housework and care lor cbiloteu. 803 805 850 81) 7 940 UD AV.-a RESPECTABLE' OIRL To DO geueral housework; ue?i ralcrence. *^f"?D AV-A BESPEC r A B LB iil BL TO DO general housuwurk; b.-st reierence. Tju a v.? a youmo woman to Do uocsb work : cit) reierence. "ST 11 AV.-A OERBaN OIKL TO DO llOL'SB. sort or cbanibcrwork and walling; city relareuce. [35 ay. top rLoOR.?a rehpecFable t;iu girl to do buuiework ; is a competent ci ok. washer an*, irourr; w -iiiiig and oiiliking - good city itli ieine. II 07 UU AV7ulBU ITaiELY LANDED; T0~D0 ,iw I general housework. Call lor two days. 1 '-i u (J~id a v.?a respec Fable uirl to do IiOOJ kitcheu work ur housework In ? small Amaricau laiuuy; best city reference. 1-1 ?? BD AV.-a OOODi~BBRPBCTABLB OIBL TO .OlO do general housework iu a small private larnily; gooJ reierence. 1/j l 1 2D AT.-A YOUNti UIRL TO DO GENERAL ? J1L housework in a private family; good washer, ironer end plaiu rook . good reference. 2111 7 ;,|J' aV._a re.'sPectablTT"oikl to do ? V/lty general liousework; go. d city re erenea. Uhnt'ECiAELE YOL.NO tVOJI tN TO Do housework in a small pr.vme la.uily; is willing and oui.ging. dure si s. M . Ileraid Lptowu brauch odico. Houseke?|ieri, Ale. 8 BOND ST.. FKONT PARLOR.?A YOUNO CANA diau lady as housekaepai' in widuwar'* family uf means; reference. cn CARili.'ff;-SI'.-A YOU>7} |JaI>Y As UOL'SE iJU kauper for ? widower. Call after UK 1>)II EASI UOUSTON ST.. BOOM l.-A YOU.NO iuaJ Aiuericau lady a. housekei'per to a wl lower. Cau kuMlMMdin fraaa S A. M is tr, A Ea'.-iT 1 11 II sT. ?A REnPEClABLB AMEKI ? .. can widow as housekeeper la ? wiUow?r s family, irillvrs need apply. TtTTav., he7?veen 2?tii and soru ktr? room; 140 NairiH 07?? STiFaV, BET>VhEN 2UI'll and aoTH S iblu As liousekcaper; charge of launury and liuen 1 loeailkji noo jack AiBtmim wUI a? 11. II ? )I|.) III.Ei.i KEK si . TWO i- lJFi.ilTH.?A WIDOW, t)U j orphan, -s. pleasing address, liuUMkeeper, pianist, aniniiucn is, se.iiu?ire??; ciiy ri-lerence. AHI.1.IA. Villi MM WOdA.N. I.AH.LY AKIUVKD iHi;sT class cook), aa hou>akaeper. Address KRb.NUU, Her ald I ptown ilrancb oitlce. RKSPECfABLE aTTeBICAN 1.ADT AS HOUSE, keeper; bast iclerence. Address, lor lbr?a days, C. E. A., bos .Oil llerald olJice. La u ml resses. iV< . nWEST 30TI1 ST.?A respectable OIRL AS FIRsT c aos laundress in a private lamily; willing to auist with chauiberwork . l:? ? ? ? I <-11 v rcferenri* I /1 wi.vr lam st.-a rk.spFstable Yoiinu woman as excellent wash-r and ironer and goou plain conk . good city reference; city or country. 4- WEST 20TM SI'.-As KIBaTCLAMLAUBDKEM; tj best city reierence. Can be aeon lor swo days ul present employer's. _ -7 WEST Mill ST. ONE Kl.iiiilT. IN TIIE rear.? ?J | A competent woiuau to work by tile day at washing. Ironing or bouseclnaning 7- we.*77 iorii sT.?a rfspectabi.e yoTTxo 1) woman as Isnndreis; willing and obliging; would as sist with chain herwork . bast ell; NfaNM. (l*. -Hi \\ I IBsT n.ooll-A RESl'ECTABLB OIKL 1/1) as laundress in a private lamily, or would docliam berwora ami tine washing; best city referenca Iroin 1st place. 1 ft7 wes 1 Mil sr.?a Woman. Ni t"akbaid ok J U I work, to go out by the d?y, relaranca from last em ployer. _ _ 111(1 ffK?T7?ni ST?A TIIOROUOM COIXJRKD 1U?7 laundress wl?hes t'ia w ishing of first class rsiuily ; e\ening drossos, laces, lluilng ol all kinds uaaily done auu ai short none*. _ ll7V WiTsr IHTII ST.?A YOUNO WOMAN AS COM. I 1.U peteut laundress; lias good ciiy referviice; uo ohjtu lion to tne ronntry. II | EAST .'.:iTH ST. (PIlKsl Nr EMPLOYBK'Si.?AS I It laundress or to du genaral housework. Apply for two days. _ ]?>.? WOOSTEII .-r . SKt IINI) KLOOR ?A FHENf-'ll Oaj old inaid as lauudresa ur chambermaid. Address M. M. l i t: EAsrTwTii st.'ro'om ia?a laundress Xl ") would go out by tha day. I -?? *K>T '.ISI sT.7 BBTWEKN c.| K AND 7TII J.OO avs.?Ai laundress or cbauiberiuald; reierenca. Mrs. McNAMARA. i>7 Wh>l' 331) ?T ? A~REsl'Ec7rAHLE W11MAN J>M a-, first class lannilress aid plain 1 Ook (the prlvliega ot a girl wilh her), couiury or city; good rii^ raterrnce. WBVr ?rii Si , BOoM ft *-> Hi -I 1 LAMB _ laundress; understands her business thoroughly; city or conntry; baat city fifemes. EAST t'.'l) ST AHKsPKCfAIILh WOMAN TO go ont by the day's work. WEST 41sT ist7-A KtBST GLAUS I.AUMDREsS wishes wa.lnn.' at heme: ean do all kinds of washing; seven years' ctly reierence. _____ ,10- WEHT mm SI H1.1WI.E.N 7TII AMI Mill J Ji) avs.? A French woman for Ironing Ana cli-the. in all its branches ill a private lamily.^ II- o. 4>.? 1 k\^I I Ii 1 . 1 Minis 1 I "'Ii: i Bits Bcr ?0TC" able girl as laundress. Iboroagiily nndarslaada bar business; ciiy or eouulry , best city reierence. i 1 | s) 1ST AV. NEAR MTM SI l HI sPKl TABLR 46 1 w I'r.rtaslant girl as laundress; is a Brsi class sliirl Ironer: ladnV linerles; liming, willing and obliging, couu try preferred; city referanc* __ o I - WEST 33DSI t K ESI-Ki' I A HI.K WOMAN aC'I') to g<> out to wor? by tba oay or take In washing; good reference. ________ OK/7 WEST ?i|> sr.. HE IWRE1 7TII AND BTll Jt) I avs.?A ilsrmsn lady to lake ladles' and gautla men s washing at 7.'?c. jirr sisn. .> 1.1 i i7iii sr - as 1 ii;sr 1 LA-s Faunj>k5^ ? )[?> In a private famiiy , Wst I Iiy relerenre. .1! (? bast 7rr"i 1 HfT^A i<e8I*b<;table woma ^ s)i o as nursa; capable of bringing up an infant Irom birth; is a good plain sewer; good city re I a encc. , A ti*) -?! II AY . ITlisi KLOOR A BESPKCTABLB j U^ person as flr.t class laundress; umlerstands bar business tliorougiuv ; best city rsleranea; city or cmimry. (lit KA-T isfil M-tS KIRST CLASS I. AI N - tIU dresa la a private lamily; ally or couutry; good rslirtMH 4" ill I WBBT a8TM~ *f7?A KKBPROTABLB" PBoT. tt'J aslant woman to g? out washing and ironing by the day or week, or work in a kitchen Mis. I'EVEs. CQt 2D AV -AN KXPe.RlBNCRD LAUXDBkM TO UOl waik oat by tba uayi ran da nil kinds at Krancb Bating, pulling and patbabing. 160 212 SITUATIONS WAWTKD?FRNiLES. LuniiitrrMM, At. 7 in 20 AV.?A* AMERICAN WOMAN TO TAKB I Tu In washing or go out by the day buuaecieaning; good reference. 7QO HTH ~~AV.-\tS LAUNDRESS; KXCELI.ENT I f'Cj wasbor Miid lrouer; no objection to the country; city reference 1WISII TO HEi'OMMENli Art A LAUNUBKS.S? who wishes l?t Home) to do plain waablng ml Ironing, or washing only; she Imn .< rve.1 u? for several vrui faith trilly anil well Mr*. M \TI1KK. 341 Wo?l 'jtttb It., or Cli.V UI.Ks EOLsOM '1.1 t'haiuhers at. IV" ANTED--a FAMILY'S" vvASHING TO TAKE HOME, r I Call ?tli a*., corner of 113d ?t. Mn DAVIS. K u rufn. Air 4TH AV. AND 23TH ST.-A TOIMi WOMAN All R*. pcricnced inir-e in a first class family; ran taka oara of a baliy fruiu it? birth or niiud growing children and >aw; ?.ii mI refer* end. RKHKLL'S. i)\ MOKKIS ir iOt'KKY ".;.okki.-a YOUNO i woman (lately lauded) as wet nurae, bar baby being six weeks old. Call lor two <*a.Y* i)L{ nOND KT.-AS Nl'ltSK TO AN INVALID BT A ? kind ami patient yiung irirl. AiUrrii A M. !' *JU~WKS1 3irH sT.-A RBBPBCTARLB OfiE AS Ol) eUUa'a i.nrse <ir iilaln suwer, or would assist with housework in a -in ill family; 110 objection to the country. to i.khi iv - r Ki'.>i'i:< T \ hle a meriT; an prr. *T ?) son as nurae to growing children ur to taka care of an invalid. Address S W. 7 - BAST IT 11 >T. -A riluTKSTANT (JIKLA.8 NURSB I (J and chHinlMTinuid. 1(1 " KAMI ...;ni -T ?AM KM.L sTl OIRL A8 NURKR *"*' or chambermaid: !? a ifnoo laundreas: city or conn try. good reference Iroin her last place. Call lor two daya. 7 wiiosrmt sr.- v'Vrknuh ?;ihl"as nurse"; I good relersnc*. Address M. H. . ? WKST IHTII ST ?A YOlNtT(iTRI. AS NURSEi bust city reformer: nn objection to tr<i in the coentrr. EAST 'J* I'll ST.?A~ YOUNG GIRL TO TAKB care of cliildren. m~m: W(4,>r j'tIII ST.: KOO.W fi.-A.N KNliMSII | l'r<Ae*txiit wnman aa infant'* uurae; can take en tire eliarir" nt <<? inlsnt front birth anil bring it up by tbn Imitle; witling to go in tlio oouutry or travel; city refer enc ?. I OQ WIJST j:tn ST"r IjA ilVWIsVlKSA 8ITUA llolt lor a young girl to take cara of children or <lo elm iu berw k ?uui waiting; good city reference. Call alter 1 o'clock, WKST I7TII ST.-A YOIIMO (URL, LATKLT landed, aa uurse or to do light homework; reicr 10 110 130; 131 Ml ltL BAST atrril ST. (UNO NO. 3 BUD AS child's nurse. WOOSTBK ST?A V Ol' N <1 WOMAN AS French nurse In it private 3D AV ?AS NU R8B IN A.M YIkIND OK1 RICIC ness; doctor's reference. Mrs. IIAMII/ION. I l'i WKST -'1ST ?T. (HRKKKNT LMfl.OYBK'H.)?A 110 middle agwd Oermao wuntM a? nur?e; cnpm>ii> of taking entlro chiirui'of an iulant from birtb; wlabo* a ^'ood home: llva yenr? refercuoea. fee KAST 86111 ST. (I'UKSKMT HM!M,OYEK'B). A lady aa excellent nnrae and acaiut'.roaa. Can be heen bptweun tlin houra of nine and two. -|/<7 WKKT fill ST.-A I.AHY wF.SIIKS TO (IhT A J I) I plnco for a younir girl to take care of children and iiuike hers.'If irenurally uneMil: good city reference. f WAVhRLKY FLACkT^A KhLlABlTK l.AOY'8 mWAIRHLBI rimua.-n .... monthly nur?o: Brat o.a>? pfdHdvotl relrrcnce; 110 objection to go uitli a ludy in the country. ij'ii'i 'wK'vr "luiii st.-a yo"Dnu Viiml ro ?' ' I children; willing and obliging; willing to go to the country. Call for two daya 'mo KasT 44T1I ST.?AS I.AU.NOKESS UK TO DO mV/O hoiiaeclaaning by thu day. <>( l( k WKsT TJH ST., TllIRH UKLiU-A f KNCH J hurae to take care of children and do aewlng; good relerunce. oiq BAMT 35th sr." in ihi: ~s.("ikT:i.-a hr-: _ 1 ?) apertiihln woman n? nurae; can take charge ol 1 hali.v from It* lilrtli; la it irood. neat a<-w?r: willing to asalat with chiimlerwork : city rolcretiue. Call lor two daya EAST'JJTII ST ?A YOU NO WOMAN AS ^ i r f nurae and oliambermaid; ii a ^ood plain *ew?r and thff ti, 1:1y understands wuiting; "I d.* itliiriniie. 215 <>.17 BANT iHTH sr., RKAB A YOUNG UIRl ?j-j I aa nurao and cbuiuberiua.d; city or country; best city roleroncB. i)'\~[ WEST :i;IL) ai;-AM INKAMT'S >? iisk by a fj I thoroughly eompetent American woman ; nn nbjoc tton to live iu the country. Call on or aildreaa NL'IISK. 007i~KASl' 4UU~ ST.?A KKsI*KCTaIIKK YOUNO Lrirl i? mir-e or dMNakemtald: would a?.ai>t with the wiiehtni:'. no objection to the country; reference. ori r: ffii ay.-a vrkncii woman ah .nUkski good reference. i??ij ST A n a is" nr.. k ilFs r kTToor.?a yodno ?jUU itlrl aa nurae; has uo objection to the ouuntryi good ruferenco. 9({7 WEST 43D'sT~?A GERM AN ufltL AS NUK.SE; mW I bi'a cny r. leri nci!. *71 ;u KLl.KKY ST.. NKAK YATKS AV.. BROOKLYN, mt'jCj K. D.?An educnteil Kruncli girl aa child's nurae oiijectlon to travel; apeak* tieriuan and KiiL'llsii; beat eity relereiice. 07'?? Irril AV.?A~iKRKNtJU UIKL AH NURdK; IH A ? U good aewer; lour yeata' relerunce. 'J(\0 KAMI* jib S 1;.-a" I'RoftSTANf YOUNO Wo" OuO man as nurse; will take full charge of children. 01 wait on an invalid lady and sew; willing to travel; three years' refetence. Call nn or addreaa E. M. WBsT 4arjl sT -A T.auy is DESIROUS Of gelling a situation lor a girl ae nurae aud Man aires ; an excellent hand aewer and liuttonliule maker; can embroider; persona ly recommended by lady. ?J1 h WEaST J<?HI ST. Ul'.Au. - \ v OMTKIBNT PIR* 0JLO nun ** nur?o auiioUauiUi-Tunililtur would do sawing;; refe'ouce. 1)1 /? EAST ;t SI ST.-A RKSfECTABLK GIRL. TO OlO mind children and make beraelf generally useful; no oiijectioti to the country. Call. AJO- WKST t3D ST.--T YOUNO LADY. Oh fLEAS*_ ant addre-s. a* ehild'a nurse or invalid's compan Ion; understands perlcdly the earn ol an infant front it* bitlh; relereiice* exchanged. Call lor three daya. OO? WEST 4TM ST.?A YOl'Nti GIRL. LATKLY 0_iy Inn icd. to take care of children or do upstairt si r?. Call lor two daya ')?) I EAsT" '.urn ~ST (KINf) THIRD BhLL)? AN OOi. intelligent American girl as nurse or lady's maid; wages net so much an object us a good home; no objection to the countrv or travelling. Call lor two days. 332 338 340 WEST VlST sr.?A YOUNG GIRL, AOK ??. TO take care of children, or of a child aud to do light cbaiu'ierwork. Call or addrees. r*k7T|' JlfTI HT.? A KESfBCTAKLK GIRL AS OOU nurae; good city reference. ?JsVT EAST 3UTH ST.-AS NUKSE and SKAMbTKEHS Of) I wiib a family going to the country ; hi?i clasa oper ator mi Wheeler A Wilson's macinne: best city reference. EAST ihtii ST.?A GKRMAN I'ROTE.-jTANT ?iri as nurse; city or WHU] . best relerencc. KAiir uiru si. a OIRii as NURtfB Ol ? chamberai ild; willing to go iu the country; best city relerein.e. Call or address. ?> I I KAST~a7TM Br~(iNK FLIGHT. KRONT.?A ?rr 1 respectable woman to lake care of a walking child. t all f >r three nays. >17.7< WKS7 liru ST.-A RE8PBCTASLB GIRL AS t)UU nurae ; U years' reference from last place. A I)')-EAST "Jsib" ST.- A rksFkCTAhlk woman xl/O as cnmpeteni nurae; no oblection to thecoantry; good refereuce. JiiTluS1 XII) MT.-A RK>PhCTABLK MARRIED 'X'' t wouian as rhild s nurse; It a food plain sewer aud embroiderer on silk or llannel 11- S2iv iTiii nr., tnimo ruwii, back tIo roo'it.?A respectshle young girl to mind children ann m.ike l.erseil SMSfally useful. j ]/? iim aV." First ploom a kksi'ectablk ?111) Krencii lady 10 take car* of children and do light sewiug; t;i?aka I rencb aud German only. Call from 1 to i o'clocs. * i Ol ^STTlTifsT.-A Hhsl-KCTAHL* MARRIED J Ol woman to wet nurse or bottle nurse a baby at het own lioTte. X i I w Bsr 4UTH ST.?A GKKMAR GIRL TO TAKK X'JL X. care of childreu and go Iu the country for the sum mer. ,1 i~K~T7tU AY., PAINT STORK.?A KKSI*Ei:TaBL8 Tl'i lierman girl to take care <>f a growing child la a first class American f tuiily, or aa aeamatresa. Call lor two days. -(til iD AT.. CORKKR iSTfTST.-a"VoUI?G WOMAN ? )W?j as wet nurse ; best reference. Bast mil it \ markied WOIaX, WTVU a fresh breast ol milk, to nurse hahy at home. Mr- ViK./NK. coil illOOMR s/. NKAR " VAKIt K, SKCONI) ? )0? " floor. ?A young American woman as wet nurse in a r. siieclable American f irnlly. Isfond of children; baajnst lost her own one week after conlliiement: hue breast of rich milk . no objection to the country ?, or will take a child home for the summer. "east 111 II ST.?A OIK!" l?rYEARS OLD, io mmd childieu ur to do light Imusewor*. WEST 44TI1 ST.?/k. NG MARKICn Wvi man a wet nurae; breast milk two months old. -ill. I> A v.. HKsr Kl.iiOK. RACK.?A RKSKICT | II!) sole girl aa infant's nurae; romnetent to take care of a i.aliy Imm I wo in.nit lit n Id; would do the baby* wash ing; city refereuce; the country ptelerred. 7-0 stii av.-a young america* married I (JO woman as wet nurae ; good refereuce. I ,n f a.MCV sT?ii:K t KKkFeCT able yoana-I'l i< nurse. co...| rlt* r. lerence. 1 <k77 3D av.?a Yoi'xo Woman to takk i.U 4 I care o| children aud inin in washing and Iroa inir; liest city reference. 506 541) 558 A N AMERICAN GIKU IS YEARS OLD. TO GO IK A Ha. private family In the country ; will glee satisfaction in any ignition aboot tlie houseuold; Brat claae relerjnce*. Address L S. It. Herald I jHown Hranch .?#!??. AN A M Eli It' A N WIDOW LADY Of KkfBRIBNCI j\ will tak? entire ciiarge of an Infant from W'1'';*'"' or. fer to travel, beat lelerone* Addrese AMc.KlC.AN WIDOW. Herald Cptown Hraneh office. Wallreaaea. dtr- ? 1I\ EAST 44TM ST. il'RKSENT EMPLOYER'S.)?At JL'' first elaas waitress in a private family. t n WK? 1 I trII ST.-A YOl Mi. Wiitt ANAS AN EX 'Jl) perieucod first daaa waitress; thornogbljr under stead* Iter wnslneai; n>> i.?.)e*ti?o to a boarding house; rlt} ur country; K'ssl uitr reference. | ^ ?t fit WKST 'iSTII ST.?AS FIRST CLASS WAJTIlfcSS. IOL) understands making all kinds or salad*; care ot sil ver; beat city reference; country lor summer. Ijia WBST 3MT ST.'-A tHUFUCTABLK YOUNG t) 1) girl as waitress; no oiijectloa to go to Ik* eoaatry lor the summer; grod r*l*tence.^ Oiltj WEMT tftTII .-T.- AOOJIPBThNT PROTBSTANI ^1) Kirl ** ur cJaaberrnald and do fine waau tug; aity r* erenc*. ______ *9A ?I EAST 4lsr ST?A "RKMPKCTABLK YOUUfi Zti ? girl ?* lirst claea waitrcaa; city *r country; Aral class city reference, 257 TfIt AV * NKAR 'ATM RT.?TO NO ENULISi girl aa first elas* waitrra* or cbanbermald. 3?32 wnJ!r n*f wfnrr~s*K^rr^g-?_ 37 jTfr? w "??? Io lb* co?n*iyT7fcVi?d"r,,*"da elVtloe^ilili|:^*T 2W

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