Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1876 Page 2
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?Crr> "RU ESTATH TOR SALE, f rnlral. A?FOR RALE LOW. KlltNllllED OR UNFURSISH. ? ed ? in: erior, new. m.-d .111 -is-.l limt ?ion lurh ,l.oue ?. j"?v --i o, f.,h??. 0 flues 4 I Ins sL, or 3^1 L??t I7iu >t. V. K. STKVKV-ON. Jr. 11 ST HE SOLD * F IRST ''l.\SS ? .iUr, STORY 1T1 brown Uon- [tw.Uto-, ..n 4Hth st.. belwesu .'hi. and ??III %>?.; ?i?e, 'il ox.V xl'"'; in perfect inter. po.stssioTi any Um. It w WjLLIAM*, <BTthis as ?J-ril ST.. BETWEEN ?TM AM. HTI1 A V ,-s. FOR , , * ?'??' complete English basement If him, twen ty leet front, ia pei le.-t orier; servant" slsir.-ase': pries lo"- V. G. A <-._s 5ROWS, ;m Bruadaay Km?t >M*. A ?A*OAJX.-TWn FIVE STORY TfSF.MF.VT House* on Delancey ?t., In complete order. well rented Iwr ?ale low; mace an t OM>|EE CAETER. 3D Nassau St.. room II. FH>R SALE-A B A RG A IN-DOPEL K"" TKXEMK NT House and Stores. on U.l av., nr>i luflth ?t.; a small imount of rub required. Apply to VV D. M ASKELL, *.',154 Id ?v . Now Y ork. POSITIVELY WILL BR SOLD aTk~X'l;REMELY HOD erst. nature*, the lirst, class four story l.rown ?tone llnuse, V> .1 V\ eat Htli it.; lilts dining room extension and every imi.tuvm, nt. Apjilvon premises. 1\ ?-*t piEAP REAL FSTATK.-KOU SALE, GOOD STORE \J Property, fronting on two streets best block in Firth ward; pays II per tout ou present value. J AMES PRICE -f* 1 Hudson ?t. ' V"K ,S V K, P:KY l:''Bap?one Pour stury ?* ^rick <1 -uble Huu<?. U.?xri<>, full lot, 40 rooms- with im llue >-'?ril*u ; *?" ill best order; all let; brings 1.700; term* essy. Inquire on premises 4..S West ftOth su Mi no 11 u ItrOU*. A BARGAIN ? 11 ROOMS, FULL OK FURXITUKK, well rented ; terms easy. 49 Nassau st.. room 9 /11RCUMSTAXCES MAKE IT EEC BltriABY FOR \J owner or handsome brown stone Home to reellte >01110 cash Immediately; willing |o sacrifice; principals address ehere they can be seeu. Address MERCHANT. Ileri.ld I ptown Branch i.lfiee. ttKOOIvLilW PROPgSfT FOR MALE AM) TO LBT. ?L^Oli SAI.K TIIK CBEAPESf Mut sE IN b600K L Ivn , three ttory and Uascnietit, wator ami ?*wcr; home rare pau U, d..or Will sell lor Inquire ..I the imnerWi Humholdt St., Brooklyn, K. L>. t^OR SALE?A NEW IIOI'SE, NO. I.IS KOSCH SK0 1 St.. near N,.strand avenuu cars. Kroo-lvn; III rooms; ill the improvements; $.'I,.*U0; terms tn suit purchacer. Apjily on premises, or ?? Worth st.. New \ r>rk AOOTIIIO COTTAGE. STABLE AND 14 l,(IT8 OF Land, on nnrtl?e i.>terly corner Redlord avenue ami iscrjreo st.. in fine oriier, rent fwx?, to let lor one or two modern improvement* <i A. KISSAM. No. .V4 Pine u. VVESTCHESTER COI NTV PHOPERTY FOH SALE A.\D TO REST. AT YONKKKS (GLENWOOD). HRIl'K COTTAGE Til let.?Rent $15 per mouth ; near station: hijtli nund ??rivalled view. 'JAMES RICI4ARPB. ?8 Wlllt.fn n ' At tarrytown ro let or fur mik W Ihdle House, in Winrllo I'ark. cloie to the depot, on tii?h and very healthy ground; the best locatiou lor a Hrst class hotel on (be Hudson Kiver H. EEBEEBOB. W> ? w. Rvk ! i.h anti.v h i:ni>iiki> iioi'se TO LET; garden all planted; lino lawu; Ore acres. Ailed with J!1"''? irnit ; ?itl. u.e of cow. ic. Appl) to JOU.X O. lillnil.N.S, >0. / l ine St. YO\KI?i(s -U N FURNISHED AID BIX L'.NFUR . ulsbed llouses to let. rent reiisoiiMble. ? YOUMA.NH,Afat.Tsrttri. J Kit s k v CITY, HOBOKEM: iii dsox ^'TV AWP KEHGEV HEAL ESTATE. Fop 8al?.' ? t*OR SALE-TWG HOUSES AND six LOTS OX A I good business rorner 011 1st st , llnboken. or will ?* { ?i"iiffuo lKOV? ,r*rm '"noire, lor one week, or T. l.AU LAGIIKit, No. 1II) Greenwich st.. .New York. PROPERTY OUT ->K TIIE CITY FOR 8AI.E OR TO RE.Vr. At new brightox?to~uknt, several~fijr tilshed ami unfurnished Vilias and Stalilrs, charmingly located: views nnsurpas<ed, low rents; lerry convenient _ UARDINQ, MB Broadway. A ?SEVEN ItiKiM K It A M E 11) T r A1J E. Willi LOT rv. near city. $1,700; also modern cottage au<l liall'acre ? larnuue bouse, term? easy. MURDER. -'Ill Broadway. A -TO LET, a NICE COTTAGE. 10 rooms ; FIRE ? I* k l i-UMo'V *?'- v?r-? l*?,siniy ; no mosquito,,. Apply fckSTiVe^U r.^norrl-*' A HKAtrrircr. farm of "is acres for sale f\. cheap One hour s ride from city per New Jersey On - t : ' 0,1 *pl' cultivated; plenty <>r Irult. lawn ,?>i. ??, i F,,r '"rlh,!r particulars address E. S., box lau Uerald ofHce. A T WEAR BABYLON, uT iTaXI. O .' furnlslied nine room l otla-e, with stable - w iM lell or let lor year or season very low; line drives, boating ?atliing, Ashing. JOSEPH COHBII'.-JoH9th av. Ar WfERDALB. on mi DBOXi FULLY FURNISHED aud delightluliy located ; Que river view. I'K f RIK. 178 Broadway. A HAN DROME xi: w COTTAQ F. THREE MINUTES fr'^, iJ"/. Staten Island. g:ir,ien. fruit, flowers; water iniT'?f?V. ? Otta^e, acre garden; abundance ftalt. ll.9U0. DARRJN, 4H Krnso. 4 X j-.LKi.AXr SI MMER RF.SIDKXC ? TO LET I OR r "r""n *l Newport ?Completely furnished: ca.7 liot aod cold water: fruit and shade trees: .arge grounds ?table and carriage house. Inquire or the oaner. at .No. ?1 < linton place, near !Vth av A BARG.AIM.-HNE FARM, 7ft At'RKS. NEAR SING . . a B: i"Tm^lJ**,"ni-. good outbuildings; land well cul. tivated: only terms easy. T.OLIVER CARTER 3J >n?B?n j?t., room 11. ? (1?J*i?? Ki ,f) ,R(ioMsT fa" rtia lly fi;r. nlshert. healthy location; tiuit. shade, plenty of rn-und ; >eason or longer AMBLER, BBVraey St. nOUNTEY IIOKE A M? r r-I n ess -\o COKP?tI* llon- -:l n,'|es New York, near d pot; ei lit room .ouso. one acre land : eountrv healthy and heuutiful SI :?*i E. HOOKIIOI T, Kngraver, aft Liberty st. P" VIM A ' f in" rK A* I' ?'" R~~' AM> fked I MHI and Kleyator, st Northampton. Mass. ; has done a arge and proStable business: the death ol the owner makes L-a'i ? ? f"011 opening lor a Western ll-mse tn ex ?end lis husiness Eatt. Address LUKE l.YMA.N North. km |it on, M?m. ? * polt sale-AT BALDWIN'S. L I. rwo story 1 llonae and ham. wtih ?w? seres: line brook iff rear Yult trees andberrtes: only five minutes from depot. In! imrr owner. Mm on*' oyster, 4(Wyd av. WOBTTLAIE. E J.-POB SALE LOW, hru tiki i, , . ? ,Mrni,heil or Iinlurnfs'ied: frescoed rts .urglar alarm and all conveniences . f cily bouse ; extenfive (rounds, shale. Irult. choice (lowers; laree vejeuhle gar" len. lawn, croquet ground, ari.or. stable Ae HOWE A P \ i sons. 7lt Cedar st. '\RaNOK \M. .. as ,l; VolXT.AlX S U.E EX. . """? 'Ornish, d or unflin.l.lied, large variet, of tesldsnces. a. BALDWIN. Uf. Broadway, r'l" 2?lt?KE FRONT COTTAGE. 10 RtKIMsTllODiRN rj eonvenienees: fine neighborhood; all trains; hour from dly . absolutely healthy ; no?iti\f iiari.ain Circular. J- ATWATER. Rivrrsule, t'enn. STAMFORD. ?for SALE OR Rl XT. COMPLETELY furnished, one of the prettiest I'laces in the toon: high fUr'l a"**; J *,*r- f".1- uh|8 ? ossens' Hotel .f desired._Aduress |?. G. lll'HKRr. Stamford. Conn. T? ''ET-AT ROSEVII.LE. on MORRIS and EShTx i road, A? minute. Mom New York. .1 from depot verv tesirably located, fallrfurnislird llonsr, modern .trie all mproveinenls. for sumn.-r or until next April; ground high La N*t iVt? , mo ithio acceptable tenant. Addrvss I* AN HA HI) bo* K4.? I oet office. Now iork. T ' . 1\r >ahwah. so hiLem kkow (jilt: St i Er e Ur^e two %t? y Hons-, well ?lia<{e<l br teafton or tear, furnifllifMl or anfnbiiiheU, at a low ft*tin* ?borrow at'IVr't*? ? i?|M "?f ?::<"*? KmUj and to' ai^rrow *t l.l.TJ 3d av.. cohI office. r,?j. 'J?*, fiyK VK.VRS, rPERFECT COUETitY ? Home, furuiilipd ; toi5? e?*rew lawn ?>11>??!#? Cm;< ? Metneh-n X. .1 J . MEB M I.\ Y*.11R, No. *'1, V-,? * .*. r T<? I.KT-fl.K S?. \S"> im vi.All lo 1'RJVATE henr's^deVnm 4t> rn'fn "" ,'1" than one rrwBad' mag7i?#?n? "vi'esT. lO scms nr*^awnl'^reen,h'oD^ "JM" Hp. frnl?*"srden. Iierjes, t :rr?itges' ?ow? Ac.: 50br 70; ?ompleteiv and eleVantlr aUi.ed: hot and rnM bath. Ac. . o? e o, I- tro'm two itMinnv Immediate!?, Addrrti MKRriiavr York*" r*"- ?r "?n"r M"r"n- No i prne su. Xew r let rcRMsBKD OR uweurFished rtii J Dwelling . .0 minutes out via New .lers-v Centrsl fiS ?'?* ' 1.1' < Nor, l IreenviliS. N. j. rLET?A GOTHIC COTl AO E, BE A ri FI LiTy sna. rounded with shade trees. Iswn and'n havine liable, rnaeh and oulhonsrs attached, at Gra>e>eiid I I Ft. w"n"T rn?d. one hour snd 'blriv minutes from r niton ^errv rent H:hi per annum. Aeplratofllce thar.i '""New Wk D * ^Na, 3^ *1 * Jl7s Orand V0 >JT: I I?t:7 AT SOl'TII Olt A Mil . r"rntm- " modern Improvements lar-e fr?; ? kk^sr s , ,r.1., v-p "?? ^a. ro RENT-FUR I HE SIMMER. KITliRB A^ RAX t.-T'i'' "?? '"rnlsheil. or a C,.it?Ke. II rooms. iu'r. ?T.ned high gvonnd, shade, inountain air. i-er.len ms.le imt of all kinds, in Uea ?o,| i ?,uw?ll villeyTwo boir, r A\ Kiri l'? V1"' E.le itsiiros.l. Inquire ?> GEO W IAN SI. LEV Esq N St., New York, or JOHN PKK, on premHes, Monnt^ orUle. Orance c-muty, >*. V. REAL ESTATE TO KACIIAYOE. AflVE RToRY AXD BASEMENT TENEMENT TO exchange for Y.rxrtt!* Property or Fnrm free ROSEXsiEIN. iil D.laxceyst T|>ROWX s'lONE FURNISHRD' IIOI SES TO EX iiii,'o?,'i1" t?r r*n D !'r"' "MV- '"??h^rSeeurit eK. Adtire,., wHbpartieulars. B.aRi LAY, bo* .".tl Herald olTice I^xcjlANGi- for kakm frt'n brick houses in jawl ? '?70 TLMCIIANGE a f7, -si UXI EcuebERED ENoOKLYE K' -J'VT':" '';Tr;r * Residence. ree. In the beautiful city of l:... hester. iriih ca?h 'or en. Property. . _ MARTIN I)U.<NVwr/hroadi.y ' r TIXTII WARD?HOl-l. \\ V NTKD iv i >. j r ? s, - v * ??r ire. and el,., i;?;4,?c, ||.rksn'.', A r l-- >| MASON. HI I'ark row? 11 ?eJL'S.V'*Ors.-' [??!:? \v",.r 1 RTV Ar -- . ''rtMi.y r I|UI y.^ ? J A'k ?"'? J^sev.. .ii,',;lo , ?'?" 1 ?? a^V rw w- ^r*" Y l? W I < :l tictianre It for Clgats. .^moiinr Te- sece er Leaf To se ?. GOI.ELL. |H.i Water si. U* A N " 7 K' ? i* aTi K 11 IE. R XI WAEK ESit.D M R tn 'xcuan^e for an .1 iacres J'r -ne ty at He - t ?tead. beautiful Inr eumnp u; and finest soil * ' BTRa. it.i Broadway, room ;t, Irom I to > VV" ARTE D-FOR CA>H, URUER Win MOUERX ll'AN TI-.H in &.XCHANGE -A FINK HOUilT N A ' geod location, 'er lull city L ts. In one of vh. |i?e,t j'ra"w'a^ aS's't. t"b A,ld'*" WII-L,AM *? tyAN I F.D?A F VMM. NEAR NEW YOltk" WEI I? ff stocked, with good buildings. Ires and clea- f r .'o. d ?proved Property uptown, near Itmadway. n'!a. i'pala onls mucM. cmi<? once aud full .1-?ort>iioa. Ad4.-eee ti. s." lie raid t piovrn lirauch uflice. * KI ekoe new voee, ok ?f:e leno.yleania Railroad.-->p ndid .r#H?fc ?"arm! ?fllee i-m i 'no?Tif atua K?iir.iad...>p n?( ,| e Cottage a hill. wisl. slmav garteu and I: m?rt?aif# l??0. In eichaas* tor Kara, or ^ MAC l.auo ac*r a ?it/. A<mre*? iT. U.. bu* 144 heraid ^ Stic A1. K VI A I E U AVI EI). nWHrW6o6.-> lAli HAMUi A I'tlKKsf. s T A U nag loeatlwn, sise and pries, URKh.'< A OOD, Herald RRAIi K?TATK WAHTKO. F">acT6'kv ? \NTi.l).-wA?f to T* u itrTi aSh. "t* .>"?%% York city or immediate rieinity. * Factory. wilt* Mr?m power ?iu<~h'-d. ?uitable for fight manufacturing; miit?t c<>iiiaiii about lo,***) feet of *urfft?e flooring, A with full particular*, FKANKL1N PO?T. box 10?i Iier*id ottct. W ANII'.D I o PCRPUASE - A FOl'K stout" H ICS II I1 ?tn?>p brown ?ton ? IIxum, not le*s thin 2?? fe??t wide, j bfiitw StHii St.. MndMon aud 8lb avs., for &?5,<JOO. Addres* MKDICL'tf. station K. WANTED To HIUK?aBOCT "iTXCHE* OP~LA.vf) " for .ardeninr purp^ees. with House in good coit j ditioo. for two or more rears, within 10 mile* ??f city. Ad i dres* '<? !>?? Herald office, stating terms, wuich must be ! moderate. to LKT FOR IH^I\KSS FrnPOSKS > BTiLiiix; \y Ftreproo t Located on Nassau, .Ann end Fnlton *te. Kirst Floor to let. suitable lor bankers. insurance office* or lawyer#. Will h.? let together vr in p irte; We altered u> suit tenants il deeired : adapt-u for other* or stoma. lie'i*on able rent*. Also some eligible L?w oiliccs to in APPLY ON THK PKKMlKEft. Take the elevator. Inquire lor Janitor. owkat "Thani:tT?fii V "old kstablisiikD Factory for dyeing. sponging and finishing cloths, Ac., to lei cheap : machinery in good order located In Croei?y St., near i?r?n?l. Apply to THOMAS MIKTAUH, southeast cornur Grand and Crosby st?. vT'.p~vr 7* kaIirow"StTTnkar~h1TdsosTto LET: lartre. well lighted: rent low. Inquire on premises or of MIC iaLKs A .nON. 38 Commerce nt rpiriST-A ?iOOD ist;sinksh~okk"frIkidse and Store on 9th sr., lower part of the 'JOth ward : a rare j rh:in<*e will be let with or without the bualnesa. J. COR MIT. J53 Wh av. To let firstlofi\ 47 lispknard st., or pok tion of same ; rent, $700 A. JOTOITEAT. 47 I.ispenard *t. To ORUCBM i?> LI T. THB WllLL ESTABLISHED Store touthea^t corner of l??t ?? and 231st.; good business locality. Apnlv to WILLI.U4 F. FOLEY, real estate office, 40? Fast *J3d st. TilRKK STORY AND ChLLAR BCTILDINU 344 Front St.. to let: suitable for manufacturing'. Ac.; belt Hue ?*ars pa?.* tltciMr IPWARPH, 414 Water St. TTEKY CHEAP OmCSS AND *o is TO LKT?AT V r>3 Broadway. .JOHN B. MURRAY. S IT W vTKR FRONT bTORES AND VACAUT LOT8? tiiree story and cellur buildiug, 22*K); two ?torj* 2qxH0; also floors; ail well lignted; central location* Ej>\VAKUS. 414 Water*? 607 ?ril AV.?STOKE AND BASEMAN!'. t an be Mtn Ir. Ill M-30 to 10. S. Kl>:il, 74 Murray at. I)\VKI.I.I\(, IHHlHlvS iO Kurni'tliru. ATIiRKK &TORV HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE; 11 ruuun; fully furnished; $100 per month; Bourd tor ! uue. IIIN E AM) UKAY. 537 BlU nr. V~W?^w5I?rUK IIaNUsTTmKLV rURMSUEO iU;"> tout) brow.i nloiie Hou*? uffora, lor thla week, lo pri \.iio Isuiilv tor >umin?r or year: redaceil Irom (II.IAK); ?Murray lllll; perfect uriler; owner iiiikIh board, de'lrable j hiiiI cl.o ce neixliborhood. Apply, Immediately, at ^48 Lex | intitim av., near &>th tt. T ii^u?ha.n dhomkly kUkmsukh holse, near 5th av. and Mill st. >. B. UOOOAI.K. No. o Went ~ '<1 tt. (Fifth Avenue Hotel). T EASE KOU SALE-UK 11 AMDSOM;.LY KUHM^HKD IJ House, where party luring cm occupy best half of hou>6 Iree ol rent; ?mall bonus required; west ?ida. Address UUNL'8, l>oz I1J lleruld Uptown Branch uifice. Vnfurniiheil. A-WK8T 2.1D ST.-A IUKKE STORY niOH STOOP . brown stone House; IU rooms; contains ail the mod ern improvements. Ac.; rent nominal. Also a very pretty brown stonu lli'use on West ^U<1 St.; completely furnisaed Mud iu good order, at moderate rent. james r. edwards, 107 West ^Md st. A FIRST CLASS POUR STORY ilKOWN STOME House on ;Hth St., to l?t. Kor permits apply at 21ti West .i4th st. A. -J21 WEST laTil ST.. HOUSE U KUUMS, ALL improvements, to lei. E L. A 11. T. I1URNHAM. 009 Hudson ii. A ?291 WEST l-'TH ST., KOUK STOUY HOUSE, 15 ? rooms, improvements, to let. E. L. A B. f. HI UNIIAM, ?0!1 Hudson St. -258 WEST 12TII ST., HOUSE, *7~ROOM8, TO ? let, whole or in part. K. 1.. A B. T. Bl'RSHAM, 009 Hanson st. A?kei ? no e due n i s.?M a n v lTv^TgTTTnI^ S M ALL . Houses, left over. Offices. Xns. 4 Plue and H-t Eust 17th st. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr. fro LET-TWO STORY HOUSE AND STORE, PULL 1 Lot and Stablo, 4Jt) West 44lh st.; itoti a mouth. EL*. MINI) 11. MARTl.NK, 1 301 Broadway. r^O LET VERY LOW BALANCE OP YEAR?POUR J. story lioust', 43d St.. near Broadway; perfect order. Ap ply to owner. 437 ,>tli av. rpo LET? TIIRI.E STOKV niClTK HOUSE, H> ROOMS; JL tine order; all improvements; $75<l; line neiithborhood ; near Broadway, above 4l'd St. EUMIINO H. MART1NE, 1,301 Bioadway. ? 4>| /'(|(\ ?foA (lOOUTEN ANT wTlL LKT THAT f l.UUU. nice four story lil^h stoop brown stone liou>o 314 West 5Slh st. C. C. KuWLEK, Jr., 'JO Union square. FURNISHED ItOOMS A iV D AJf AllTMKJVTS ! TO LET. "i AliAil pAHiLy.^"ffAvTSff tfottk rTJoITWan , 1\. they require, would rent one or two Room* to gentle m n. Adilres* A. H., Herald Uptown Branch ofTire. \ ?ELEOAjtTLY VUBVUHBD BOON57KX SUITE A. or Mnrlv; terms numerate; breakfast ur private (able it desired. 45 Weal ;:Uth St. AT EAST lHTII 8T, NEAR C LARKS'DON HOTEL? Handsomely fnrnlahud Rooms to let to gentlemen; j tam* a derate. wlirwwt A~~T :t4l ll BAST 2t3T 8T.-BLKUABTLY riTBKIBHBD Rooms, with or without Breakiaat: summer price a. I T PBIVATl FAMILY WILL LIT i'A it I Of THEIB j ./V llou-e, furnished for housekeeping; upper or lower Apart; Humul) ur altogether; rent low. 211s wNtHHk at. LvRtili ROOM. V? RNISIlia), rBONTIKO UNIOX squat e. ruut moderate; next Union Square Hotel. 12, | I nion square. All A S DSOM ELY KPKMSHBD PLAT KKAB TH B Park tn rent at SMO; alto Inrniahed Roomi lor light ' housekeeping. Everett Library, 11>6 btli a*. FlkasanFVki>nt" room and bedroom to let. in two gentlemen, or to a gentleman and wife; | reasonable terms. 4l3titUav., near 2*~>lh st. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN BLKUAJTTLY furnu>he<l front I'arlor, to one or two gentlemen; ref erences. 7."> Wejt 12th ?t. 4 SCOTCH LADY HAS A SET .OK UANDSOMKLY J\. furnished Rooms, with private bath, lor geiiilrman hihI wile or party of gentlemen; alto one large Bedroum. 271 Weat 22a at. A VERY 'LARUE, KICELY FURNISHED ROOM, JV Kucben adjoining; two large clo-eis; hot anil colli water, suitable lor lijfiit housekeeping; SM a week. 417 4th ? v., near '.".>th at. B~ OAT1KO OH HABI ."KM RIV !?: It. - FI' IIS g| | kF) Kwnt ta let; fine, cool place. Address 130th it., near ?>th av., atatiou I. DOUBLK Oil slNOLK NKATLY P JRNISIIED ROOMS for gentlemen, with batb, gas and pantries. 22.< West 10th at. 1? XTRAOnMNARY OCCASION.-FOR RENT CHEAP. J Parlor aad hm Floor, furnished; o&clusive uso of Kitchen. 20H Weal 34tli at. IilURNlHHKU PAkUUts~ AND OTHER ROOMS, ALL newly furnished, to let, to gentlemen only ; terma mod erate: bouae private aud central; no boarders. 37 ami ?t 1.n- uxis ii ku hOOM to nmuyAR akd wire or siugie gentlemen; private family. 127 Witverley ] place near 6th av. ! LU'RNISIiEI) ROOMS?TWO LA RUB AND~TWO I air.all , larnllnre all new; rent moderate, if.>4 4th av., between 27tn anil ^Hth sts. 1~>l toils H ED FR<IN t PARLOR; ALSO SMALL Rooms, ul low rents; no objection to ladies. 1S7 Lex ington av, BU'KMSiIKI> II ALL BOOMS; ALSO SqUABK BOOK] nil improvements. 10 East 15th St., tour doora Irum I l iflAny'a. I'.U RMSIIKD-TO-fiESTLKMKN. WITHOUT BOARD, large Koom; closets, bot and c Id water la; St; reler 1 ence. 2J3 Weat 1Mb at. I TT'L RMSIIEI) R jOMS #>D B KDBOOST^THta"?' r bCcona and tblrd Honrs: also OHIcea and BifHioom, ! Sleeping Room. fJ ; bath, Ac. 10b East 15th at, nsJt Union | sqnare. IAB(7b"~ANij SMALL PUBLISH BO > OOJIS, WITB J nut beard: hou'e brat class: near Central Perk and i l-.levaied Railroad , relereucos required. Apply at 307 We?t .')2d st T AROK FRONT"PABU>R. FL'BNIHIIBO, 97s RBaB I J Room. M. ladtea or ifntlemen . houaekeeping privi lege. gaa, l>ath. Keaidence :<lli hast 13th St. N"ICILY rUHNISUBD BOOMS. FOB UBoQc ?:< at letnen or party of gentlemen. $2 to S4; modern Improvement*. ? I "> Kaal lUtli at. VTKATI.Y FURMsllBI) rttEXclf FLAT-^fAHLOB, lining, th'ee bedrooms and kttchea; rent moderate. I Apply ?t 4-H3 Went H4ih at. OPi'OSI ri. STI R I hVANT HOUSE,_H~A.NDSOMELY Inrnlah'd. No. l:i Weal Mth it. STEWAirT'S, " ~ Broadway and 12th at., en the Eurv^ean plan. Bo?m? en snite and singly . all modern eoavealeaeae. . A CHOICE KKsrACRAMT, at reaMin able pr|ee?. alia h?L O LhT-Foit I.TuVtf HOUsBK Rpl SO. TO~A ventletnaa it') wife, a large handaoinely famlsl.rd | fieri room and :>lce airy K.flien . a I n ?4eru iaprevemeni*; rent rlieap JitJ We,| Ifhl' at rpo LET?i urm*Hku. rit'iM TwD Tucif PAR 1 l?ra. aeparat# "?r togetker, ?i?o alurle Rooma. Applv at 14-1 Wesi 41 *1 at. } '|>0 I.BT A IIA.NDSOMELY FI RMsnhij ntONT 1 Parlor, i r finale genueaeu. I.v tla>i !6tb sk.aear st'iyreunt Park. rpo.LET~FUKNI-HKt>-<i.vjC Uljfi OB SMat'i. 1 Room. I i a lady oi geatlemaa ai laodera imprjie. ?neat* Private kSlte, 2411 W??t 3Kib at 1 LaKUE KUi.NlSHSU BOOM; ALdO a" lii'>8B | J. hai; Kw'i'ii. fnr .ent:-men only. *> Irving place. ljTkV;k room" fi kmsueii al-h a iiTli, Hsan, Par i;?fit,emta oaly, 13 Irvlag place, opposite | WMtmlns er H -tel. Am fUM WmV.K. fLOOK. LARUE ROOMS; V") er aB sec a: St.ry, ccmplate for houwk.eping, I per waea IJ4 W eat H4?ii st _______________ ! thi ""a*.," ji<?. wCTffSBed rooms, ftu?~nt U and rear, with batka nn each Soar; references required. "TlPiY~A!?D~l"4tH' ST.?A P~BI V AT K K AM IE! IHU. 1 a) rant a baa<l?< In * Ml I furui.l'Sd Kooms ia tne rleuant beanra stoiae banae Ne. 4 Wesi I4ih at.; sarlor, tUree bed rooma and private bath, toaetasr er aeparately. ? - -LARUE, t ool.. rSo*T Roi 'MS; OA*. BATH) ?J. Iiglu liou?eaeep!nt; ili'ee Iroan tYaai.i:uton J Sqnare Para Its jUddungal at 7 B*Sf J7fii sr. be nr e Ei~yfH Ajii? madisox I a a^nil. inrniabai Rouuu, !?r gentloaicu , tsnus moderate; re 4r ace*. ?!?7 r>;,i w t ku?jfABliOB AND HBliBOOM TO ?J> I let. wl-.'ii a?e oi kltcbaai large and ?til f.irniali <1 hoaae and family small and clean. ' Kth av.. near X>d at, UtJAY nr., WAVEUI.KV PLACE.?A NICKI.I FUR" nMied ><-<- n,I Kioer lor light lioutekerp.n; te let. eeparateiy or toge tier; rent rMMuable. UWKsr SCI II ST, (FORMERLY OCCOtlBD BY ST. Jamea Hoieli ? Klegsat Koums, betU targe aad small; alto rooms for traasunte. wt'RirisHKD nnoiw* .itd apart ME.\TS TO LET. 14-^i.hJ/?30? west-~a kkm" kleg axtY.Vki'r class ; term>. nifthed Koouis, strictly private family; location fir&l term? low. east itth by-t^rntshed RoOMsT i "l(t west torn st.-elEi;a vri.Y "rCXMMBSD l > Kooms, without board , gentlemen of refinement only; terms moderate. 17 WEST2JD ST ? PLE K&AST. FURNISHED K< iiiMs". euite ?xi,I *in;r!y; gentlemen only 19 (}l\u I8ur-J ,w'S?T.-T? "let. handsomely PUR Tti r ' . larxe and small Huomi; reception Room suit able for Doctor, ("all at 15s>. 4.9 mc are.?newly and handsomely r*^ 'Uroisued !ioo;us 10 let, transient or permanently; references exchnnred 4-ft ?K,ST 8T . NEA? BROAlJWA~Y~B~AcR - ' wlor ftnd KzieniioD, tuitkbU for two gentlemen; references. 0 r I LEXINGTON AV M ar 2">Tii ,-t -a suit op t/ 1 tarnished Roomi, wilti t!??? nru ile-re of four. 1ft* **** Hrfi StT-fu r n js?ied~>i'.<><> k. par vV 7r' H?d*o?>m anil Kitcbeu, $8 per week to respon sible parties. 1 14 KAST^TH ST.?NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. J. 1 r suitable for gentlemau or gentleman and wife ; ref erences exchtinned. m KAHT IVTirST.. BKTWKBH SO AND 4TH AV*. A handsomely furnished Kront Parlor and Be<lroom on ?econd floor 10 let to one or two gentltrnen ; term* ftiod eratr to permanent parties. 1 ;"J WEST ST NEAr. BROADWA Y. ?I'l'PKR { L 1 or ^wrr ' arl houst* to let. furnished or unfur nune?l: very fine nci^hnurhood; only four dulti In house. 97() WKST ,3H,' H >T.-FRunt I'AKUir"and beu room, nicely famished. on first floor suitable for gentlemanand wife. with prmle.e of kitchen. rent ?I0; ?l?o front Basement and Rt'lr^'n. BV X00 WEST 88TH ST.?handsomely furnished price. R"<"a?. for lig it honaokeeplng, at reasonable '?il Q EAST l?TB RT.rKni HOOSRKKEPINO OR a K?""*?*?-?DeH*h?fwlly furnished Apartment, to gether or separate; house pilvaie, all convenience: rent $3 to$i: Hoard if desired. I'.VPl'R.VISHEI) R(H)3IS A JTD AP \ RT MEBTTS TO l,KT. A ?i-OWER parts op twOoffilflr to'lkT; cr' iron, ,"d ?*??nilon Ka<1ro?m. front and uhck Basement; liall Hodroorn on second floor; can fixtures, nuth. ttatiiinary tub?, wardroliea. Ac.: $;? aod $4o ucr mnmb. I-IQ Kn?t Slut at., near Laxington ?t. A PARLOR ANI) U AS i- ME NT Iff BROWjT'iSfoNE XV nou?e II rooma. ?;?: ono of aix Room.. Jfcti; one. flH. ini|nire at 300 East fll'd t-i. A SPLENDID PRKNCII FLAT TO LET oy ?;t~II AV ? ZZ rnfVu", 8 ro"?V. r'nl" r'^ucpd on? half. Al?n one ?nd a imall llniua fumiahad on Oth at. for thr?? mouthi. _JAMEs KETTItKT?JU, <XK? 6th aV. AT AV . CHOICE PLOOR8 TO LET. NEAR * -? Hi st.; irnproromentb. Call, see owner and premises, from 11 to l o'clock. ELEOANT FLATS AND KLOOR8~I1rBd1tCED RHNTsT; also lower and upper part brown atone House ; aplendld location.. Ilwnor oOca ifc Em* :Hth at. ' F ? Wljf* PRKNC1I PL.Vr. IN UNSCRPASSE'd" nedjii anil'? .? 1,1 ,'or Pr'v?" reaidrnce onlv; third Flat, ' llnton place, northwest corner of L'nlversitr place: tlx rooms, includinic kilrticn. all liartnit ono or innro windows on.treet: hot and cold water gaa. two baths, two water cloaeti. atationarv tuba and all ImproTenienU: wludow. on three ?ide? of bnlldiiiR; only three tlata in ho.i.e, ??eh flat complctelr .eparatea from other parts of buildlne by par tition and doorway: public baila and ataira new and ele gantly carpeted: colore'1 janitor conatantlv in attendance to wait on front door and deli?er all cooda, coal and wood n?ed on each lint; rent Mo per month to lat of Ma. next. AddIv io owner, occupying the first flat. ? piRENCfi PLATS' TO RKNT AT A OREAT REDUC 3 .th it""' ?'c*nd bell for Honaekeeper, 44J Wcat K~it)MS AND~ WHOLE_FLOORS TO LET CHEApI. . Alio Flnora lor light manufa. torin*. Apply ut 1'86 ? est ?t., up dtalra. OECOND_KLO0R. 471 6TH AV., BELOW 29TH ST. . o"r Darla? atatlonerv utore.-Newlr painted and *a'blOC'; "" uii?Brpa?acd; TO LET-TWO FLOOHS. FIVE ROOMS ON "eafh Rood rentilatlon Apply to JOHN STEWART, Affentl Sth iud Ot'h?Iv'sn 323 West 43d at., between TO LET?A SPLENDID 8UIT OP FOUR ROOMS* IK the new French Flat Uou.e, No. 388 3d ar.; rent $17. inquire of the Janitor. ' fpO LET?SECOND FLOOR,"MO. 134 CUAULES~ST I 15 W^32D~8T.-PARLOR ELOOR AND BASE Rooms, ouThird^loor. CO" ^ Wit" b'th' $30; <w? 3^ 5i-Sf ST?TO A SMALL FAMILY, THIRD , Vlot,r' r?"r rooms aewlr painted, Ac.; one other liimily in hou?e: rent MS. L. J. CARPENTER, 28 .'Id a*. houses, noons, &t., wanted. ~ In tiki* Cltv und BrookTvnT A LADY OF THE VERY SAFEST RESPECTABILITY and responsibility and trueat references from Chris tian people wants to take charge of* irentleman's place dur ing absence In Europe or counlrj j beat security given. Ad dress Mrs. LAMB, station F. * YOU NO MAN" WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE ?ih W?t*Kh ?"U** ll" lh* ,nniI,,er; *"?<1 City reference. a plkasantstnule room wanted-by a gen. H aTCUELOR, "lleraM oa'"*' XM""' MUng ?rlc'' pURNIriHED HOUSE WANTBD-BY A PAMILY OP ?i nri. "!: ?"?d loc?t,"? '? cj*>-: ??l P?T tor small hnnsa . [ Hinuu>? uodoBbUd references. Address R.. box l.'wt 1 ost office. * TirANTED? A furnished FLAT FOR THE SUM ? ?er months, near Mniison avenue preferred. Addresa P. D. J., Herald I ptown Branch office. "IT-ANTED Tt?~KKNT?STORE OR PaRT OP STOU ?? ou Bowery. Address W. L . Herald office. Win the Cauntrr. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?COUNTRY. FOR FITR .n,.?5"'h" * .vear. Cottage, of eight rooma, within an hour f ride of city; mun bo healthy; no mosquitoes; wt.are '? bunting an?i bathing preferred: rent not to exceed ?*' per month. Ar|.!re?s S., J-.'!) \Ve?t ISth st. SALES at AUTIW. -TUNIS JOHNHON, atctIoNEErT" Old stand, 37 Nanaaust. A. ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. AT IO* O'CLOCK, OREAT SALE OP THE. ENTIRE MACHINERY. .Steam Engines. Boiler*. Shaftings, the immense Stock or lishme'nl'of PALm".r''a CO.', kD0*" ??^b every description of Confeet onery, finished and nnflnlshed fancy Boxes and Paper, Showcases, Sbelvines, Partitions ^calea, bales. Machines, Moulds Office Furniture Essences' NOS. (W AND Hh DLANE ST. ^Catalogues now ready at auctioneer's office. Auction s.\i.K.?larue and peremptory ?ale this day i Wednesday), commencing at lOo'clocx at V.'C? "iF*"'.. " k,orr brown stone mansion No. l^ii WEST V: AV.-MAONIHCENT HOl'SKHOLlT H ..! " rark and costly works of \kt ( OMPRISINO IN ALL OVER $3o,0(X) worth Household Goods, by catalorue ""??ouoiu 2 brilliant toned Pianoforte!, Stelnwnr sni Windaor 2 superb satin Parlor Suits, also rep Suits. 2 elegant rosewood Eta^eres. 2 elegant Mautei Sets. 2ft cuoice bronze Flint re a. 20 nieces Parian Statuary. 1.1 window lace Curtains. 2."> Brussels and !u?rain Carpeta 3d fine Oil Paintings, bast artists. 2 eleg nt Cabinets. tteleuaut Library Bookcases. t elegant Library Taoles. 2 ladies Secretaries and Bookcase combined. 3 Easy Chairs, Turkish style. 2 Music Boxes, i e.t 1'arls makers. 12 elegant Bedroom Suits, "ompleta. In blaek walnut. 24 cnrled lialr and spring Mattresses. 24 Pillows and Bolsters. 10elegant black walnut Rockers' 24 Bedroom Chairs to match. H black walnut Lounges. Si eleirant Bedroom and Parlor Clocks, 2 elegant black waluut IfufTets. 3 superb Extension Tables 24 black walnnt Dining Chain. 2 china Dinner and Tea Sets. Castors, Cms. Pitchers. Forks. Kn:ves. Spoons, Ulasswara. Jte. Alao basement and servants' Fumitnre. new four months ago. N. B.-This is the largest sale of the season. S.ila positive, regsrdleiis of weiither. LUKE FII ZuKKA LD city or country/ " ?en ?? P?cx and ship goods] A ~l K- JR.. auctioneer-no. I I . I . "uV", *1 ",h ful1 ?i?. admirably planned Jour story liixli stoop brown stone octagon front Mansion, with exiinLltB dining rooin extensiou; llvo bay windows, commanding ?np rli views o( av.; mirrors Ac,, uiid every possible modern improvement NH?T i* t.oble establishment will be sold without reserve on Th' next. June S at 111 Broadway, at 12 o clock, and is unune> tmnabiy the Ones! extension house left unsold. It can onlv PlnHt ufon examination. Offica No. 4 "a ?oeo. w. ke'elbtcauctioneerT a** Art Oallsry, 40 Likerty it, comer Nasaau st. A large and snperb collection of (;AKKARA an.t rrns ^lLV?KX'-* *J,aUahJ okoiFAt^pigurk"; RiOrtAN r'a,H?r' ??"'<?.URi.CIAN and RKXl-ll ?"m',.k^i- K,,r'- *e il"Selh" w,,h '"past CLOCKS and cho^ce Freach Hrouses'?V&00 TO HAY and 1II L USDAV. June 7 and 8 _ at 12 o'clock A UCTION. EXTRA LARUE liOCSEHOLD PURNL XV tore sale. I r?pertT of a private tatmly leavl?*cuv i.'h .Itl* w*u *"7 .* KmI ,3,h " ' <?"?> ! doof from 4th ?*.. this ** ni'.ruinj. at 'o'clock Velvet Hrusseia, inerain ilarpets satin flrocade. ri>o Haircloth wrr.v cj-'?,or",' >> ?*hfft*nd? Hartf^lies. UorW?tsndn. t otnmodes hairunt spr.n. Mattresses. It ,|-. Halatar*. Pillow,. Tahl *s LnnacrmL lw,J" sideboard 'extension i vnrwii'i 1' tW,n* *,ld stivarwara. Cutlery. J. KR-CMKR, Auctioneer. A r.?re cprKirtunlt? tor mrtie* wishlnt: first class lioassliold turnltare. A tX'TJON SAI.L RICH 110 V Sfc I till?L>~ FURNITURE ?TV. THIS tW ediie>da/i MORNINU. at IO o'ci ick. ?_ at live stori brown si.nie msnsloa KO. 47 WEST IHTii .-si1., Mi TWEK.N .'.Til aNDSTH ATS i h ckeriiig "!? octave Pianotorie: Slelnway's lewr round 7*, oetate Planofurta, Patatlaga. Works af Art. .?.^k i " TS. richly carved in damask satia" and ? ? ''?rocad.i I nrklsb and Spanish Lounges. Easy Chairs ir.;ald and marble I p i.enlrc and Console I aules labsnets. r Fn K?I O t' "s K T ?!" "f''h, l"* l V'lK'k,? urJfr*t- rr': r KDRtK'M SBTs e MuiMin.- elaborate Bedsteads. Dretslng < as s. WashstaadS. t helloniars. fine hnlr ami spring Mat, Pillows liisnkat.. alse single and double Bodsteads. llnreaos, rep. rilu.l .aifi-loth sulls. S rha'i^Vl't. Vu cniion Tables, Sideboard, i hairs In, ?i verware. ? rockery. Librarv and Secre taire. Ileokcasea, Library tallies, Stilt. De?k. it UiSr 7""* Bm.sels anJ tagrain Carpets; K. chen Pttrnitnre. Ac. N H -Sale no.iti?# lake eixth avenue or I nivarsity piace rars. Meu to remove nacx or snip gooda ROBERT C Cash IN. Aoulolte"? 4LCIION OP MAUNIFICFNT ItOl sEIKiLlI FUR.nT -'*? l"r';D,fi'T ?* Hr<"- Fisnoforte, Hronres. Ac. . TH',S MORNINU. commencing at iov. o clock, at four ?t?rr residence 21 East oth st near rtroadway. couslstlag ol elegant Pnrlor Snit;* in satin, cite:ai?ie, rep and halrclotli. made to order ?t* month, agnt I ian lorte Bromea, Oil Paint liiits, Jt.rro-s, Uookcase., Desks, nooks. Etaaeres ttalaats. larsleti Coalrs Lnusges, Centre. Side' andtiilt; Cartalns, UUcks \ aset. Jardiaiei**. Car pet, Ac.: Bsdronn suite, with Dreeing t Uttreans ttanh.imds, M stt rat set. Wardrobes. Ac.; B i.Tet Chair* Rxtension Tabl?. silver and plated Wa-e. t reekery. Cotlery! Ac., and all necessary ilnaeeheld Furniture. N. B. ? House ta Itk UaaAa Itntd, packed ar removed, city ar conntrr. HENRY liii.N, Aacttoaea*. A SALES AT AUCTION. RT RALE. BRIC-A-BRAC. A s-iperb collection of rars and valuable Work* of Art. Clolionno round and painted porslain Vimi, mammoth Vueml lacquered porccain; ununiit Wtra; ? Marie Au toineite Table, made al Sevres. Ancient Pottery, from Cyprus, Nola, Egypt and Perm. Fine Oriental Lacquers. Knamels nnd Bronses; North Ameiicaa Indian implements. Japanese nnd other flne Porcelains?Antiques and Curios? "BlenuerbussettV not braes Fire Dogs. A large collection of medieval and modern Armor nnd Arms, Ac.. Ac. IMPORTANT STATUARY. THE SACRIFICE OP ISAAC, by Rogers, or Bom*. BENJAMIN FRASKIJN, by Hlrnm Roftri. ANGEL, by Miu Stebblns. WILL O' THE WISP, by Harriet Hoemer. Also ESMERALDA, DIANA, APOLLO BEL7IDERE, Ac. The whole now on exhibition nl Clinton Hall, nnd to be ?old by auction on the Altersoocs of THURSDAY and FRIDAY, June H ond 9. commencing at I! o'clock each day. I be Mesars. LEAVITT. Auctioneer*. A RT.?NOW~ON~EX ti I BIT!ON AT Till 1i. MATHEWS GALLERY, 37 LIBERTY ST.. A SUPERB COLLKCTIuN OK PA1NTIN(HL by the most diatingiiished American iirtiats, many of whleh have been recoivcd irom the late exhibition AT THE ACADEMY OF DEMON. Alio a number of exceedingly choice Work* by CELEBRATED FOREIGN ARTISTS, The entire collection to be sold TO-MORROW, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. JUNE H AND D, at 1U o'clock each dny. DANIEL MA IIIEWS. Au ctioneer. 57 Liberty it. "I"BT~MR. DANIEL A. MATHEWS"BEGS TO AS 1V nounce hisclosinir >ale of ELEGANT CARRAKA MARBLE 8TATDARY, Classic \ aaus. Alabauer Groups. Pedestals, Ac., on Wednes day and Thursday, June 14 and 1>. at the MATHEWS GALLERY. 57 LIBERTY ST. E DWARD 8CHENCK, AUCTIONEER. Assignee's aale in bankruptcy of elegant Cabinet Furniture, A RT NOTICE. A barker a co. art emporium, 47 and 49 Liberty St NOW UN EXHIBITION the most valuable, unique mid interesting collection of American and Europe in Oil Pointing* that our down town community have ever had the pleasure of looking at; they comprise over "JOO worka, mostly Irom Ibe National Academy ot Design nn<i contributions Irom celebrated private nailer ies. 'I'liey are to be perempiorily aolii on Thursday, Friday nnd Saturday, the (Mb, 9th und 10th ol June. BARKER A CO.. Auctioneers. LFR~E D U7()V b7 " AUCTION I-Te rT~ OFF IC ES~ ~ Broadwav?Will, this day. at S o'clock, sell the Fix tures and Stock of thi elegantly fitted Sample Room 37 Front st.: Bars, Mirrors, .-ilverwure, Glassware, Ac., Ac. aX)Y ROBE RT SUMKit VILLE. AUCTIONEER, JJ OS THURSDAY, JUNE H. AT 11 A. M., final nnd peremptory mortgage aalo of the balance of stock of furniture store, 723 6th av.. between 41at and 42d sts., consisting of a general assortment of PARLOR, DINING and BEDROOM FURNITUKE, i.OUNGES, WINDOW and EASY CHAIRS. Ac.. Ac. Good* now on view. consisting of black walnnt Chamber Snite of Beleteads, Dressing Cases, Bureaus, W ishatands and Commodes; Parlor Suits In variety; Hall Stands, Tables, Buffots, Lounges, Chairs, Escretoires. Ac.. A.-.; also Carpets, spring Beds, Chairs, Mattresses, Ac.; 7UI8 DAY. Jnne 7. at 12 o'clock, at No. 00 Liberty it. George holbkook, auction eii-holbkook A ROLLINS sell this dav, at 'J o'clock, at their sales, rooms. 4.VJ, 404 and 40<> I'anal st., Psrlvr Suits, in green, tan and crimson reps and haircloth : b ack walnut and enam elled Chamber Suits, Wardrobes. Bookcases, Extension Ta bles. Sofa Beds. Carpet* and oilcloths, luce Curtains, hair Mattresses, feather Beds, Bedding, Crockery, Cutlery, Glaas and Platsd Ware. Kitchen Utensils, Ac. 0KOROEGEOGHEGAN^AUCTIONEER?W1LL HELL a'. II o'clock A. M. on Thursday, Jnne S, at 010 West iiWth at., the stock and eiTects of the late John arrell. con tractor. comprising nine Horses, eight Carts, one amide Truck, ono stone Truck, Harness, Stable Fixtures. Feed Boxes, Water Pails, Ac.; tools, consisting ol Sledges. Striking Hammers, Hand Hammers, Pickaxes, Drills, Ac. H. H. HERTS A SON'S, AUCTIONEERS. SHERIFF'S SALE. M WATCHES, JEWELRY. DIAMONDS, SILVERWARE, FANCY GOODS, SAFES. SHOWCASES, Ac., ON THURSDAY, JUNE 8, AT 10}* O'CLOCK, AT THE SALESROOM, NO. 17 PARK PLACE, comprizing it large itock of One gold Jewelry In every va riety ; gold and silver Watches. rieli diamond Jewelry, silver and silver Plated Ware; Fancy Goods. Chains, Kan*. Opera Glars a, Travelling Bars. Jet Uoodi. Clock*. Bronze*, Jewel ler'* .-ale. Showcases, Ac., Ac. Ilv order of WM C. CONNER, Sheriff. WILLIAM HENRY, Deputy Sheriff. Isaac wolf, auctioneek.-meyers a co. will ?ell thl* day. at 10J? o'clock, at 15 Bowery, one Plauo t) pay *t or age, black walnut Bedstead*. Bureaus, Table*, two dozen Arm Chairs, Beds. Bedding, Mattresses, Carpets, Oilcloth, Ice Boxes, Ac. Also, Marshal'* sale of the Con tents ol a Bakery, consisting of Fans, Forms. Moulds, Troughs, Counters, Showcases, Office Desks, Safes, together with one elegant Soda Water Fountain. Sale positive. Dealers, housekeeper* and buyer* Invited. By order of Wu?. Alt, City Marshal. p. TRAVKK. AUCTIONEER. ? Mortgage axle on Thursday, J itne 8. elegant Furniture, Carpets pier and mantel Mirrors, Piano, Ac., Ac., at private residence No. 101 East 7lst St.. corner of Park av.. by virtue ol a chattel mortgage, at lot, o'clock, elegant rusewooo I'arlor Suits, in silk hrm-atel and silk rep; extra fine rosewood Etairere, bronzed Clocks and mantel Orna ment*. magniOccut pier and mantel Mirrors, gilt window Vases and centre Tallies, rosewood Piano, bronzed Chande liers and Bracket*. Axmiuster. Wilton, body Brussels and other Carpet*, real Uce and brocatel Curtains, fine library Tab a*, rosewood Hall Stand, walnut and mahoganv Cham ber Suits. Bookcases. Dressing Case*, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wazbstands, Commodes, Tallies, Chairs, l.ounge*. Oil Paint ings, Chromos, Engravings, feather Beds, Pillow* and Bol ster*. best hair audotuer Mattresses, Bedding, elegant Side board. extra ~ne pillar legged Extemion Table, walnut dining Chairs, Crockery, Plate. QUrsware. Ac . Ac. L. WaLLACK, Attorney lor Mortgagee. r. TBAVXft, AUCTIONEER.?MARSHAL'S SALS . thl* day at 10:30 o'clock at 59 Great Jones st.. large lot of Furniture, Carpets, Pictures, Showcase*. Mirrors. Ladies' and Gentlomen's Fane; Goo.I* Groceries. Ac. GEORGE BEaUSCFIN, Marshal. triLLEEN, AUCTIONEER, SELLS 8TH IXST, CON J\_ tents private residence W West IRh St., comprising general household assortment, with lot carpets. OMUK WILKIN*, AUCTIONEER Fine Mirror* and Engraving*, rosewood xiuare lirand Pianaforte, Bronze* and Articles of Vertu. E H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction, en WEDNESDAY. June 7. at 11 o'clock, at No. 7 East 31st st, elegant rosewood Parlor Suits, In zatln and brocatel; mar quetry Cabinets and Tables. Itne Mirror. Curtains and Cor nices: carvcl Buffets and Chati*. in morocco, Extension Tables, ormolu Mautel Clock and Sets, carved rosewood Bedstead*. Bureaus Armoires-a-Ulace, Easy andArm Chairs; Turkey, Moquet. Brussels and other Carpets; Extension Chandeliers, curled hair Mattreaae*. feather Bolsters and Pillows, Ac.; also kitchen and laundry Furniture. Ac. Permits to view the larnittue can be bad at office oi auc tioneer. No. 3 Pine st. ORTt;AGE SALB.-J SEEBACHER. AUOTIONEER, will sell Thursday. June M, at 11 o'clock, at salesroom No. 8 Rivington st., near Bowery, throe large Counters, black walnut Bar, 85 cane-seat Chairs. 25 black walnut Tables, a large lot copper Cooking I'tcusii*. Crockery Ware, t'ntlery, Table Cloths. Napkins, silver platoil Castors. Show Case, two large Mirrors, patent Icehouse, Iceboxes, Oil Cloth, Matting, Carpet*, bedding. Ac. Sold without re-crve. eugene VON NORD1UUSEN, Attorney tor Mortgagee. ARM!AL'S SALE.?john A. DUNN, AUCTIONEER, will sell this day, 10t? o'clock, 2U3 3d av., coutents of a Grocery, consisting of Teas, Spices, Flour, Soap, Starch, Candle*, Scale*. Weights. Palls. Blueing, Extracts, Ac. alio Bedding at?d Carpet* belonging to the ramilv. THOMAS CUNNINGHAM, MarzhaL MJ. s KE B AC HE It. AUCTIONEER?WILL SKLL, . Thursday, June S, at 10>, o'clock, at salesroom .No ? Ktvington ?t.. near Bowery on account of whom it mar con cern. Ki ilexes Cnaznpague (impA-iai cabinet), quart*; 2t? cases of (imperial; quarts and pint*, and a lot of Llquor* in demijohns. CHAS. STRAUS, Attorney, 17S Broadway. N~0TICE isliEKEBY GIVEN"'tTT'loUIS FHAAS OR whom it nkay concern that unless t!io charges are paid oti a certain Vseat Ko?d Wagou before Monday, Juno 12 the tame will be sold by VAN TASsELL A KEARNEY, at their mart, llu and 112 East Kith St., to pay derate. Ky oider of Conover A Haley. F"~ AWNHKOKElt'S SALE ?WATCHES AND JEW elry.--R. FIELD, Grneral Auitioaecr. salesroom No. So Bowery, will soli on Thursday, June S, at 11 o clock, S <) lots gold and silver Watches, diamond anil go4d .lewelry, Ac.,; also Guns, Pistols. Musical lu-trjincnts, Ac. Hy ordir late firm Simpson, Green A Co., 1*1 ll.iwery. pAWNBRokl.lyS SALh. ~WATC'lifeS~TsD jew" A elry.?K. MELD, General Auctioneer, s.ilezroom No. Bowery, w.ll *oll this day. at It o'clock. WXi lot* gold and silver \t aichez, diamnud and gold .lewelrv, Pins. Kin.'s Earrings, gold Guard, Fob and Vest i hains, ic.; also Guns' Pistol". Mdsk zI Instruments, Ac. By order X Stich. :id av. PvWNRRoKKllH-" S vI.E -f HOM.m~j! Mtn;R aT|F. Auctioneer, IM Chatham *t.. corner Molberry. w;l> sell tills day. at II o clock, Itu lots men's and w men S Cloth ii,t. Urease*. Shaw.*, Remnants Wits. markets Bend ng. Boots, shoes, ,t,'. ; al-o Coats, Flint. mi.l \ ests; als ? one large valuable Oil Pii.ntin.. By order B. Oaken, Delancey zt.. and Mr>. Caroliae M. Mlchaeii, av. a. T> if s inn >K hits- if ALE, THIS JAMS* agar. Auctioneer, will sell at ;>:? .New liowery. .'**( lot* uresses, j-hawls, Remnants, Table Linen, I'mlerclothini. Sheets. Spreads, Blaukett, Quins. Coats. Patna oons and ?_eits. By oriier of D. rt. Sot.oMoX A CO., H*1 Stli av. SHERMAN. .-II KKllK'S AXI) GENERAL AUCTION ? eer. ? Assignee ? *ale ol imported Win*-. Liqaon, Ohatnpagtie, Cigars, A?f, FRIDAY, June i*. at 11 o'clock, at salesroom No 1 :t Botrery. About worth of W luskevt. Braudle*. ?fjn. Runt, Port, Sherry. Rhine Wine, Clarets, Champagn e i igars, Ai\. in casks, barrels ai.d case*. Saie potnive. without reserve. M CHERIFF'S SALE OF A I'OKD AND TASPKL MANU t; lactory.?GKRaRD HK1 T.>, >heriff's Anctloneer. will sell, Wednesday, J line 7. nl II o clock, at lloand 117 East i;ith st.. tba stock of a Cord and lassel Manulartory. con sisting ot Trimmings, Fringe*, Mlk and Worsted. SpoolseAe. Jim W. siiiKLtiz, Deputy. WM. C. CONNER. Sheriff. rirjLIitAM ARBOTT. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 3 ft Coambers st.?Will sell on tlii> day. at lot, o cluck, the Furniture and Fisturet of th* Liquor and 1 Seer Saloon Nn. 5 t'aih rme slip?One thro -pull Ale t'uu.p, Itagatetie Table. Ice House, loitml and square Table*, copper Meas ures. i !i a tide lie rs, Ac. MlUilAHuii " ?"t ifhitiCA.v staSDarii REVki; iiiltlXRUTAffEITi J\. with Dtlaney's wire c ishlons. solely used iu all cham pionship and znati'h games: reeond na'tid tables at great W. II. ORirKITH A CO.. No. to Veeey zt. (10LI F.XDKR'S STANDARD AMERICAN BF.VKL ) Billiard l able*. with the ce:abreted Phelau k Cullender comfetani'aa cushion*, for tale In this c.ty only at TJM Broad wnr. w anvsbnrhts. r(Sod's Must.i m. ?&is~daY. Maiitiee at 2. Ereninc at ?. ? GEUROK C. BuMKACB itu(l MARIE STJ.LL.A In GILBERT'S Cowed;, HWKBTHBaRTS. and ROBERTSON s Comedyt, uwid garriok. P VRlSIAK VXRIETIES. T MAI 1NEhTO-VORROW Evening* at x. | iKth and Broadway. I Populai Price*. Coolest | 1 iouchm win lows optniut into ^Hrdens. | Theatre TEMI'LE O" ORJttINAL s?ENiATK>NH. ^ 100 ArlieU of ackaowledced merit appear each Perlormnnce. New Sensation*. | flaw Artists I New Sensations. 3}?Hour*. | Funny, Prenchy ?n<l Piquant. | Hour*. ? Saw sariee of Living J*>ctur?i??????? MyVVife't Birthday. | Suh>, the Tailor. Mile. BirtM*. | New Pallets. | lienor Vo? iulmo. Uuautiful Sensational and Voluptuous Lc Minuet. FILLK DK MADAME A Powerful cast: cnndetued in one act' firs scenes. MJia Elite Matiide. I Mis* Ruse Keene. Mr. Wllllaiu Kurrrscer | Mr. John (Jourley. Oreat Horace Weston, and onr army nt old favorites. 5th avbnue theatre. ~~ Proprietor and Manager Mr. AUGC3TIN DALY PPTPP II QQQQ 0 0 BEBB r p ii q o v u E PPPFP II <5 rf C IT EKE p 11 d q q u u k p ii uuuu eebe $ EVEET NIGHT THIS WEEK. POSITIVELY LAST ?? N1UHT4 Mlae FANNY DAVENPORT. Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM. Mr. D H. HA RKINS, Mr. JAMES LEWIS. Mr. SOL SMITH RCSsELI.. .Mr. W. DAVIDGK. MAL'KIUE BAKRYMORK, Miss SYDNEY COW ELL. Mrs. CILBKRT. (ifcOBUINA DREW. PIQUfc will be acted every night. INCLUDING SATURDAY. EX I ItAOKDI N ARV MATFnEK, SATUR DAY. Jane lO. at I :3U REPETITION OK TUB GREAT Bf.NEKIT BILK PRO FROU (entire) aud JENNY UND Miss DAVEVI'URT as HHberte mid Jenny. V2<X>tb PERFORMANCE of PIQUfc,, FRIDAY, June 33. TTNIOW 8QUARE~~TliEATU E._ _ U Proprietor Mr. SHEBIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER LAST WKEK OF THE SEASON. Lait Gre performance* ot tlm charming play, CONSCIENCE, with it* beautiful scenea and ifreat cast. FRIDAY EVENING, June U. the laet nirht of the seaaon. will be presented to each gen tleman enter! g the theatre accompanied by a lady a copy os the Union Square Theatre Souvenir Book, elegantly bound la aatin. MONDAY EVENING. June 19. reappearance here of tne wonderful YOKES FAMILY. B ENJ. W. HITCHCOCK'!! NEW AND ELEGANT TBIED AVENUb THEATRE, 443 AND 443 UD AV? NEAR 31ST ST. B W. HITCIJCOCK Proprietor and GEORGE WINSHIP . Stage Director IMMENSE ATTRACTIONS. MONDAY NIGHT, JUNE 5, EVERT EVENING dor log tke week. at 8 o'clock, TEE RENOWNED AND POPULAR ACTOR, Mr JOHN THOMPSON. IN THE SENSATIONAL DRAMA, BNTITED ON HAND; OR. TRUE TO THE LAST! in which he will appear la the following charactere:? JACK NORTON, a young man of the period J MOLLY McGoRMLEY, a kitchen mechanic I _? JACOB HANSWl'LLER. a German musician 0 OLIVER BUM WELL, a New York tough I Sr.-yj CHAKLES DK LIVINGSTONE, a Broadway atutue. is^ BHANGrtll. ? Chinaman. wM SIMPLE SIMON, a mimical phenomenon 12 MOSKS LEVI I'OHN. a Chatham street Jew I g ANTOI.Nl'. BAKAJALDI. an Italian I *" Mr. SOOWENHOVHN, a Yankee iarmer ....I i-haaCwi .... Jaa. H Mulligan Mr1"l ja?. Ti?h? John Jamei Snaggles iiA'cC B?ackburn I Lawyer Skinner U- c- ?artbnrn p,,nip o'Dowd V.V.V.'.V.V.V. . t wu E- ''oweri | 'iir'.h T. Kiechen ??ra y.'.'.y.. a. r. saowu Twhrgim! '7.7..'. Ton'r Oougan Lucy H arblson.7. .7.7. Ml.. Marie Le Brun BMa'ila " ::"7.7.7.\\\\V:.mI5 KHy Parker T? Miss Aim. S^fla .7.7 Mi?? \onng (?J!? Miss Crusoe | Klnr -nea MU? Shlnley ESS" m a i ??? Augusta'' "i"::::! Mlai Anderson A * ALSO SIX MATINEES. belncanaftemoon^r^man^ ^ 0.CL0CKi at each of which^ jQnN thompson will appear a. DIXIE. OR THE COLORED HERO. General adml?aion...25 cent. I Reservad aeata. ?? ? ????- JJ Dre.a circle ftOeents Private boxea. f? and H Orche.tra chaira 75 cent. | o"rTUST REET OPERA HOUSE, BETWEEN 3D AND ,)4: 3<j ?V?.? C. 8. Grey. Sole Pronrietor and Mauag-r; D. B Steven. Trea.nrer. Second weed ot the new company. NEW REGIME IN AMUSEMENTS. under entire now management. Americana Abroad. | Exeitlrg Cancan. Jardin Mabille. ? BeautlfoT Women. Female Minstrel Scene. J'"''/. STAR TROUPE OP SPECIALTY ARTISTS. Every night. Wednesday and ftaturday Matineea at two. T7ELLY k LEON'S M IN STEELS, 23D ST?, NEAR 6TH av.?Every evening and Saturday matinee.'Theonly LJON. LEW BENEDICT, WALTERS and MORTON: JAPAN ESE TOMMY, EDWIN LESTER. C. H. GORDON. *c. Box office open all day. WALLACE'S _ The talented and poonlar artim. MB. AND MRS. W J FLORENCE ____ in their famona original imperaonationa ol BABDWELL SLOTH and Mra General GILKLORT, la the aucsesslul American corned, oftheHTY MIGHTY DOLLAR! . EVERY EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINEE ^LYMPIC-TirEATRE. 024 BROADWAT. * GRAM) MATINEE TO-DAY. TW>r.own at IV: * commence, at 2 o cloak. ML'LKS UKLPniNK AND JULIE PASCAL, the dashing younn opera bouffe The cornedy glints. UUiLTER i The charming vocalUt-MISS ANNA MORGAN. HCMPTY DUMPTY. HUMPTY DUMPTY. The rteiightfnl petite opera boufle, PAolA AND PfETftO. Mile Ida Devere's Centennial Medley, "PETER. YOU'HE IN LUCK THIS MORNINO," r ' HUMPTY DUMPTY. ROBERT PHASEK a. ULtfPTT. THE GREAT OLYMPIC QUARTET. Pifty novel and attractive f.ature? THIS AFTERNOON AND EVr.NI.NG. C" 1 ILMOBK'S CONCERT GABDEN. T M.dlvn and 4th av?. aud 2?th and 27th eta. Messrs. SHOOK* PALMER Proprietors and Managers Mr K G GILMORE Director ^AsTtiioHT BUT TWO OK JACQUES OFFENBACH. aaai.ted by 100 .killed mualciaaa and MAX *ARfcTZEK..?alk.^.....- Cond.tor I Orerttire, "Daughter ot the Keniment Donuettl 2.' Nautilus Waits...... 3. Selections from La .fuhre... 4. Kanta>ie. "La Grande Dneheeae Kn^ini ft Overture. "William Tell" !i w H. Kanta.ic, -Genevieve de Brabant vi.?!?. i n.v.ri. 8. Burlesque Pollia ft. Introduction toCaailda ntr.oh^h 1U Offcnbachiana - ?' ? II Kanvette Polka 12 March. "Oueen of Saba '. Gounod SATURDAY EVENING. Jane 10. Mr. P. a GILMORE, ARBUCKLK and tha FAMOUS MILITARY BAND. r Admission .n(t u | Boxee (lour places) ? ^ H CTABTLINJ >UBCES8 :1 ONLY FOR THIf *EEE. & T Jem" mace and geo. booke T j- _____ w in an exciting encounter with the C1"'*"-, ? HOWES A CUSHING'S Great U. S. DOUBLE CIRCUS. Afternoons at 2; eveninga .IS o'clock. Corner rttli av. and 4?th at. THE WoNsTEP. CIRCWS TROUPE. QaWEBBINOHTHALL. s(} BEQUEST. MR. W. IRVING BISHOP will repeat hm eatrat rdlnary entertainmenV, RPTRITlHlil^M AND ITS AO^NCIkS ON IRIaL, m TUtMOAY JUNK ^ at 8 P M. oa which occasion an iut,n= Qon j0i|N B. BlUDY hsi kinrtlv consented t?? preside. The proeaed* ol the pertormance will l?e ftven fo the Hit ter* of the Str?njrert. Admission. 60S.' reserred seats, SI. Ticket* at Sehuberth A Co.'?, 23 t nlon square. HAKE CIIANCB TO SPEC I' LATO"It -A COLLEC Hon ar over 100 Wax Hgurea. aome mechanical, all drewed In fancy eoaiumea, to be dl.po.ed ol. situated on t:le.tnnt it. Reaaon for aelllng. proprietor leaving conntp. Only principals dMilt with. Addreaa R. 8L, Herald Pmla delphla Branch office. K IBALFY'S ALHAMBBA PALACE, Broad .t.. above Spruce, Philadelphia. Third we-k and continued sneeaaa. ABOUND THE WOELD IN (?? DAYS. AND FASHIONABLE PROMENADE CONCEET IN THE ILLUMINATED GARDEN. GHL2^..*^fBtb.LDUCHMVor- MUEEAT HILL The Roman Statue. AMERICA PROTECTING HER SUBJECTS. THE ORIGINAL FRENCH MINI ET. Living Table.ux by the hand.jma.i lornied ladiee la the worlil. The coolest theatre In ihe cltv and the fineat > arlaty Pertormance extant. A call at thla theatre will repay the visitor. 34th st. and 3d av. Evenings at S I. M. Matineea, Thursday and Saturday at 2 In the afternoon. HITTIERS "CENTENNIAL HYMN," MUSIC BY Paine, as perlormed at the opening ceremoniea at Philadelphia Price ;?c in sheet mu.ic lorm, and lot in octavo form lor ehorusaa. No celcbratlon complete without this magnificent hymn. Also Downing', 'anions "ttuten nui March.1' with suiterb titta in colors; price hijc. mat Jiarcn. w? eu?mThON * e^No. 711 Broadway. T\ANCING^THIn WEDNESDAY EVENING AT RINK' XJ ?.W .1 aad 3d av. Admiaaion 26 centa. Ladiea Iree. i.njoynieut a certainty. . Palais royal. 4w btu av.-4o young lady attendants, iirsnd Vocal and instrumental Concerts trom 7 until 1 o'clock.^ Admi?*lon tree. ' T~I7e FOLLOWINO Has BEEN SENT TO THIS office : -A Challenge.?To eettle all future coatrovertv. I hereby challenge R. M Carroll to dance me a straight Jig lor tha. hampionslilp of Amerrca and a purse ol *><*?, tima and esecntio.i ol step, to dedda the winner. eMhtohaveA judge .he judgae to choose a ^'dV ***** K>cl* T1'??<r* 1^-/. _ IBVING HALL. 1W?. ..iiliard* toarnaaieat, Wednesday evening. J*ne 7, 1S"0. MauHce Daly and A. P. Rudolphe, Wm. Mextoa and Oeorce Sloseoa: 30" polata each; game ?0 eammaaoe a* SI M. Adaiaaien. SO cente. reserved seats. St: boxee, I&. Gallery i leeartal far ladlaa aooemoaaiad hr geatieiaea. iNUamBRTS. BOWERV THKATRKT'MONT)AY?JU!fO~EiToAa? mentef the celebrated Equedrienne Artiste, for ana fffl only. Mint KATK FISHER. and her renowned Arabian ?teed wonder ma*kppa. To commence witb ikrce or MARRIED BAKE. THEATHK, 7J? AND nollMJAD WAT. " ^ K. W. Hi rLKK .. Mkolftr THK STANDARD FAMILY THEATRE COOLEST IHBATHE IN THE CITY. .. .??? ''ompaoy In a glorieua bill. T. M. HENGLEK. the Monoliatic Darkey Artist. Mr. HILLY HARRY ill his fun provocations. Senator HUB IIaKI'. Phlioaopbleallv mid Politically. Reappearance nt the popular and talented favorite*. Mis* EVA W EST and Mlw JITI.Ia WIL>ON, in Popular Sentimental and Serio Comic Sonsr? Muter DARE, theone-levced gymnast. audTi >MM V HALL. the drnll imrt whim>tei?l '.vnmax Clown. ' All the old f.i*or;te? H. BLITZ. GEOltGU RKED Miaa EFFI'i. Ar. l'lO superb art Ut* every night (?RAND FAMILY MATINEE TO-DAY. EXTRA ?Thnradar evening, Testimonial Benefit to Mr JOHN II. McKKNWA. Trousnrer. F.iltK THEATttE. BROADWAY' AND 220~sf LAST ?? EKK. LAST WEEK OK r.VCLE TOM'S CABIN. THIS A FT ERNOON AND hVK.NINO. Orand Teatimrn'al HeneWt to Mra. (? C. HOWARD. EAST WIIEK OF IJNCLE TOM'S CABIN. alao ol Mra. (i. C. H <war<l, in bar great character of T-pse ; Mr. O. Hunkel, Mr. <i. C. Howard, Bijou Heron. Slaving Georgia (colored) JuMIee Singer*. In their old-time planta *tl'>n melodic*, nud Gle*sing's panorama of the Mississippi River. Evening *t *. We<hie*'lav and Saturdar matineea at 2. Keduci>d popular snminor price*. Admissiou Vie. and _'5e. Reserved seats, $1, Mr. JOSEPH MURPHY, Monday, I2tn, li. th. 'Kerry Go*." by Marulen. B A dOTlI'S TllhATKE, NEXT WEEK. OFFENBACH aud AIMER. Tba Kin;; of Opera Bouffe. The Queen of Opara Bouffe. EXTRAORDINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MONDAY. JUNE 12. Inaoguration of a Short Season of Opera Bouffe. Joint Appearance of Mile. AIMER and M. OFFENBACH and Fir?t Performance in several year* of Offcubacb's Merriest Work. LA TTE PARISIENNE (LIKE IX PARIS), prodneed nnder the Personal Direction of the Aothor, Mr. JACQUES OFFENBACH, and In whlcb Mile MARIE AIMEK, th ? Queen of Opera Bouffe, will make her Re-entree In America alter her recent moat brilliant Kuronean Triumph*. a?aiaied liy A POWERFUL aud COMPLETE COMPANY. SPECIAL ATTENTION is called to the INCREASED ORCHESTRA. which, on tha OPENING NliiUT (Next Monday), will be uuder the Pertonal Direction of tha Com poaer, Mr. JACQUES OFFENBACH. Notwithstanding the aelf-evident expenses of thti ex traordinary season the following popular inmmar prices will prevail. Admission to Orchestra, Orchestra Stall* and First Balcony ONE DOLLAB Reserved Seat* Fifty (K1) centa extra, Admission to Dress Circle Seventy-fi* e(7.V cent* Ueacrved Seat* Twenty-Sve (25) cents extra. Gallery Fifty (30) centa The sale commences at the box office ol the t eatre on FRIDAY MORNING at ? O'CLOCK. CADF.MY OF?MUslC. JEFFERYS A CO Lexeei GERTRUDE CORBETT-NORMA. FNfiTistl I THIS (WEDNESDAY) l-.VKNING, ENGLISH | Norn)? Gertrude Corbel! OPERA i Adalgiia Alice Hoamer vnpvti I Fnllio Christian Frltach miK.HA. | Oroveso Alcnin Blum Mnalcal Director and Conductor, Caryl Klnrio. Popular prices. Admission $1, reserve I seals $1 50, lamily circle 50c. _PIA\()POUTES. OllGASS, flU,. A?FOR RENT? UPRIOHT, SQUARE" AND~~gKaND ? Piano* of oar own make; also tor sale and rent, a number of line lecond hand Piano*. In perfect order. WILL IAM KNABE A CO.. No. 112 5th nv.. abt>vn l*Hh st. ?PIANOFORTE-" TO RE.NT. OF OUR OWN MANU ? facture: alao second hand Pianos for tale, at moderate prices, by CHICKER1NG A SONS, 1-0 5th a*., corner a 18th *t. SEVEN OCTAVE UPrTgUT PIANO. $12ft; GOOD Piano*. $100; $.? monthly until paid; 7 1-3 ociava, $1. 0 PECK A HON, 23 Clinton place, 8th it., neai ? Broadway. GREAT OFFER-HORACE WATI R3 A SON". 481 Broadway. New York, will during ihia week, rant ? lew first class new Pitnos and Organ* until tha rent money pays Irr tliem aa per contract. A lew secondhand Iustru ment*. little used, at astonishingly low prices fir cash. LADY WILL 8ELL~FOR~?757rO8EWOOD STOD art Pianoforte. includiaK Stool. 28 East 3d *t, neat 2d ar. RARE CHANCE.??190 FOR MAGNIFICENT ROSE wood P anoforte; 7 octave*; carved ca*e and led*. co*t$600; modern improvements: Chlokerlux maker. MCDONALD'S,57 hast Oth St., uear Broadway, T PRIVATE HOUSE L"0 rt'KST 28O ST.. NEAR Otli av., for sale, brilliant toned, round cori ered. 7)< octave, carved roaawood l'innolorte, nsed eiitbt month*, coat $1,<>00, for $25ii; also Parlor and Bedroom Suit*. Car fieu. Mirrors. Paintiuga. Ac.. 50 per cent leu than cots. It ots to suit cash purcbaaers. N B.?Call and tee tlilt riiauoforte before purthaainR elsewhere. Good PianoforU or $50. Can box for ahipnin* if required. Cot thi* out. N-OWNER WILL SELL ROSEWOOD 7 OCTAV1 Planolorta, overstrung baaa, $luO. 216 East 30th St., naar 3d av. A~PRfVATE FAMILY WILL* SELL STEINWAY A Sons 7tj octave roaawood Ptanotnrta, all improve ments, for 9225, Colt $.475; alao 7)* octave Dicker Piano forte, four ronnd, carved caaa. used six month* (at aacrilice). N. B.?Both pianos bavinw nam* on plate. Call private residence No. 47 West 16th at. AP It IV A T1- F A MIL Y WILL SACRIFICE, IF SOLD Immediately, their elegant rosewood Plauo; carved legs; all modern improvements. Call at 13 East 16th *L, between 5th av. aud Union ai|uare. X BALL * CO.. 15 EAST 14TH ST.?THE PLACE ? to buy and rant first class Planoa and Organ* at lo? nricea. i.Vsi'Ki i;iio.\. A commence (hit week. daily. at alt boura, without pro vinos appointment. a course of tea private writing luntitiii terms, $0. Rooms Utli av. and 4 id st GOLDSMITH RKSCH LESSONS AT REDUCED ThRMSKOB summer. I'KOKEBSOR PARRAYN. 48 West 11th it. Private lessons only. Practical lessons in kki-.nch. $5 i*ek month'i convrraatlon; no granmar Is required. Call on or ad dress FRENCH TEACHER, 47 West -4th at. ~ FU11 j# I T I IIK. ' " A-WEF.K L Y~Tnd"mo nT h ly patmSSto taken ? for Furniture. Carpets and Beading at B. X. COW PERTH WAIT A CO.'H, 105 and 157 Chatham at. An im mense stock at low prices. A ? FRfcSsINO CIRCUMSTANCES COMPEL A PRI~ A ? vate family to sell magnificent Household Furniture, Steiuwuy A Son's Piano, satin Parlor bnit. co t $HOO, fof $J0 ; one d $150; Turkish Suit, $(*>: rep Suits. $30; Cham ber Suits, complete. #40 upw.ird; Buffet, Extension Tables. Chairs, Carpet, 40 pound hair Mattresses, $10. Ac. Call, pri vate residence 47 West ltilh St., between 3th and 8th a vs. IacIi'FTCIT?FOR SALE, ALL THE FL'RNn\~RH at the private bouse lOj East I3tb at., second dooi from 4tli av.: latest style satin brocade Parlor Suit, cost ?V>0. for $ 1 .V); one do.. $135, do., 100; two Pianofortes, repi and haircloth Suits, $3 ? up; 10 Bedroom Suits, with Dress ins Cases, $35 up; Mattresses. Bedding. 19 Carpets, two Sideboards, Extension Tables, Curtains, Library l-urmtore. Silverware, Ac. Call Immediately. 105 bast 13th st. LL KINDS OF WJRNTrUBE. CUTLERY, iTrROKS' Beds, Ac.?Private sale: owner wants money; packed cheap. FAVOR'S Auction House, 13 East 14th st. ?FOR SALE, AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE 123 ? West '-'.'la st., near Oth av.. Parlor Suits. 14 pieces, covered in satin, coat $1,000. lor $30<1; one do., $1-5; lurk Isb Suits. #!?>; rep, haircloth and plush Suita, $35 and $55: iHarvin's Cabinet Parlor Safe, inlaid and gilt black walnut Bedsteads. Dressing Cases. Bureaus, Washstands, Ward robes. hair and spring Mattresses, dining Furniture, hxten ?Ion Tables, Buffet. Chairs. Ac. N. B.?An elegant rose wood fonr round Chlctfering A Son Piano, $200. a bargain: magnificent Windsor Piano. $300, cost $1,000. Call this day. 1HOK KALE?BLEOANT PARLOK FURNITURE. ' Bedding. Carpets. Ac., cheap. Apply at 133 West 'J34 at., between rt h and 7th avt Good second hand and misfit English Brnssels, three-ply and ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Ac., very cheap. at the old place, 112 Ftrlton St. P~*R~L(jR SUIT WANTF.D -CIIAI ILSi blVA.V. COUCH1 all covered;centre Table. Curtains. Carpet, one camel's hair Shawl, one Jurgensen Watch: must b- elegant, u? soiled. nearly new. Address BACHELOR. Hera d office. u NPUtCEDENTED REDUCTION I I GEOROF. A. CLARKE. 747 Broadway, N. T., In order to reduce his large stock of fine Fnnsttore, Car pets. Mirrors, Bedding, Ac., and also to extend the advan tages of his popular system of payments to many who have lieretolore b<<ngbt for cash, has determined to alter hls>niire stock ol good* at an actual reduction of 10 to 50 per cant from former prices. An examination of goods and terms of payment respect fully solicited. ? IJIaOfHlilU. " AT MINTZ'S, 248 3D AV.. NKAR 20Tit"sf~^LAl5f E8 and gentlemen will be surprised at great prices B. Mum paya in cash lor Caat o? Clothing. Carpets. Jewelry. Orders attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mints. ?NATHAN'S OLD ESTABLISHMENT, 33H; ?TU . av., near 4th at.; the highest value paid tor cast off Clothing. Carp eta, Ac. Call on or addrese Mr. or Mra. NATHAN. I 4 T 1.274 BROADWAY. BETWEEN 32D AND 330 A tt? ?Brondway prices paid for Cast-off Clothing. Jew elrr, Ae., by culling 00 or aadrt?*iDff B. UAKltlH. 1.J71 ^ T EDWARD MILLER'S WELL-KNOW.1 EsTAB I Is litre ii ;, ?H rith av., nearWaverley place, utmost value paid lor ca?t-off rlothing, carpet*, by calling on or ad dressing Mr. or Mrs. MILLEIL f FLATTO'K, BP TOWN, 816 8TH AV.. CORNER OF 4?i n St.. $25,000 worth sfcast off Clothing wanted, for the Southern and western trade; 50 per cent more than elsewhere will positively be paid for tbem by addressing Mr or Mrs. FLA.TO. ATTENTION!?PHILADELPHIA ORDER RECEIVED; Immense prices paid for cast off Clothing, Carpets, Ac., by Mr. or Mrs, HARRIS, 01 tkti av., near Waverley place. T ANHALT'8, 178 7TH AV -LADIES AND ~0EN tlem. ti will be satonisbed at the hiah prices you get in c*sb for cast-off Clothing. Carpets, Furniture, Ulamends and Jewelrv. Please try and satisty j eurseif. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Anhalt, it." AN0 MR& MASl'R-WILL ~P AY THE HIOHEST prices fur Cast off Clothing, Carpets aad Farnwre. I'lease address 25?> 7tb av. ? _____ .ItifUllCA'b. 4 -^?in?r<TrLOj rinrrnrimv*iscr'Nirr xl.. East aid St., Urn door from ">tb av Advt.-e free. -OR. AND MM*. MOfT?COMFIUENHAla"oo3* sultatlon on all female complaints. 47 Ws?t 13th at. -DR. AND MME. MAURtCF.AU; 30 YEARS* PRAU a tle?. OlB.'S IJ? Liberty St.. near OreenwiclL R. WHITEHEAD. JO1 EAST .VJTII ST.. NKAR SS av.?Female complaints safely treated lor $J5. R. AND MME. UKINDI.B I4J WLST4i?TII -T.-COR. Bdentlal consultations in all teniaie complaints. R. WESTBROOK, in WEST 30 ST., NEAR BROAD way.?Female complaints a specialty. A SPCCF.8FFUL CCREf Ol'ARANTEEI>?ALL CASKS by Doctor er Hue. Wttt, 45 liisecksr st., near Mead way

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