Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1876 Page 5
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Seoond Day of the Spring Meeting at Jerome Park. THE COACHING CLUB. Delightful Weather and Large Attendance. FIVE CAPITAL RACES. Spindrift, Viator, Sultana, Olitipa and Trouble the Winners. The weather was delightful yesterday afternoon and the drive through the I'ark on the way to the races waa charming. The grass seemed greener and the foliage on the trees more denae than on Saturday last, while the atmosphere was much clearer and more braciug. Through the Park and ou tho groat avenues to tho bridge the scene was inspiriting, as many a fast horse to light wagon waa shown off to best advantage, while the family carriages with thoir prancing teams Jogged leisurely along with windows open, enjoying the balmy breeze and admiring the grand lour-in-hand teams of the COACUJ.tU CLUB U they dashed along with their happy loads of beauty and lashion en the outside, making the coaches from a distance resomble a large bunch of dowers?a huge bouquet. There were three drugs of the Coaching Club at Jerome Park on the terrace In front of the dab bouse. These were Mr. Leonard W. Jerome's drag, with cross team of bays and grays, which was first on the ground, loaded with gentlomen exclusively. Mr. Douglas came next, with his drag and cross team of bays and grays, the company on the coach being brilliant with fashion and beauty. Mr. Scbermerborn was the third to reach the grounds with three chestnuts, and a bay at the near wheel* Tho top of the drag was ornamented with female love, llnoss, and the three Handsome vehicles occasioned a great deal of admiration from the spectators. The attendance at Jerome Park was not as large pos sibly as on tho opening day, yet there waa Just as grand a display of beauty and fashion. The club house balconies were crowded, and tne terrace of groon in front of the houso was covored with ladies and gen tlemen. wliilo the grand stand, the lawn In front and around the pool stands wero well fllle I with admiring spectators. The lulls on tho outside of the enclosure were also crowded with their usual number of admir ers of racing who care littlo for tho stand point so the race can be seen for nothing, and this class, be it said to their credit, always condi^t themselves in a quiet and orderly manner and enjoy tho sport with as much gusto as those who grace the club house balconies or the grand stand. All, rich and poor, Insiders and out- ] stders, admired the racing yestorday, and the sevoral contests will long be remembered by those who wit nessed tho capital running that took place. Five events were on the card, tho am a dash of a milo; the second the Westchester Cup, two miles and a quarter; tbe third tho Maryland stokes, one mile; the fourth a dash of a milo and three-quarters, with one huudrod and ten pounds up, and tho fifth a handi cap steeplechase ovor the usual course, and they all tame off satisfactorily with the exception of the stee plechase, which was ratber a failnro from the fact that two ol the contending horses roll early in tho race, making tbe affair A one-sided race, as the two horses tbat finished the raco were ownod by tho same man. Recklessness was the causo of tho flails, but fortunately no ono was hurt. Both horsos, whon riderless, contin ued in the race for somo tiiuo. and Jumped hurdles and walls without any one to guide them. THE FIR8T KVK.NT war for a purse of $500, with allowances for maidens as follows:?It three years old, three pounds; II loar years old, seven pounds; if five yoarsor upward, twelve pound* The distance ono mile. For this race seven came to the post. These wore George Langstaff'g imp. tay Uily Yorkshire I^asa, by King or Trumps, dam llona, throe years old, carrying 03 lbs.; l). Mi-Daniel's chestnut filly Australlna, by Australian, da-n Dolly Carter, four years old, 109 lbs.; George L. Lorillard's bay colt Leandor, by Enquirer, dam by Bonnie Scot land, four years old, 118 lbs., C. a Lloyd's brown horse, by Asteroid, dam Katona, (ivo years old, 112 lbs.; Jo. Donohuo's bay horso Spindrift, by Bonnie Scotland, dam by Wagner, aged, 134 lbs.; Doswoll tt Cam mack's bay colt Outcast, by Leamington, dam Oriana, three years old. 08 los., and E. K. Norton's bay filly Jnnette Norton, by Leamington, dam Carrio Atherton four years old, 100 lbs. Tho old horse Spindrift was the favorite, Leander second choice. Tho helling was very brisk on this raco. and tho lollowlng figures will show ibe state ol the market at tho start: TUB nKTTIJIO. Spindrift $150 180 100 300 Leander 86 i?5 loft 150 *U8,?,i1n,J ? 65 00 100 Lloy d'a horse 70 00 po 100 > orkslilrc Lass 40 00 so 10ft Outcast M 00 1(X) 220 Jauette Norton 30 so 20 as THIS RACK. The Horse: were started In a very unequal manner, the fkvorite, Sp.ndrlft, having tbe best of the lead by four or flvo lengths before the second horso, somo of the others not getting ..way unt;! be was ten lengths *' ay. Leander was the second horse, Yorkshire Lass tit'-"!. Outcast fourth, Lloyd's horso fifth, Australind sixth, Janetto Norton seventh. The horses ran In this away around the upper turn, tbe hindmost ones run ning at the top of their speed to overtake the leaders and pumping thcuisclrcs out in the eflort. I.candcr ran to tho front beforn ho reached tho quarter pole, and aa he passed that point he was two lengths ahead of Spindrift, Hughes, tho rider of the old horse, saviug him as much as possible lor tho latter fieri of the race. Coming down to the foot ot tho bluff leander led, Spindrift second, Yorkshire Lass third. Outcast fourth, Lloyd's horso fifth, Janette Norton sixth, Australind eevtnth. Going around the hill, out of sight Leander led, Spindrift second, Yorkshlro Lars third Outcast fourth, Australind tilth, Lloyd sixth, Janette Norton seventh. When tho horses came in view on the lower turn Loundcr was slightly in front, Spindrift second, Yorkshire Lass third, Outcast fourth Lloyd's horse filth, Ausir.iliud sixth, Jaoetto Norton seventh all well spread out. There was n > change of positions on the lower turn, and Leanuor led in tno homestretch Spindrift second, Yorkshire Lass third. Outcast fourth' As soon as the horses got into straight work Spindrift toon passed Leander. and coming on. won the race by two lengths, Leander sccond, Yorkshire Lis* third Outcast fourth, Australind fifth, J.loyd's horse sixth' Janette Norton seventh. Time 1:46J*. The Paris .niuiuels paid $!&? Til* SKCoXIl KVKST was tho Westchester Cnp, a sweepstakes of $60 each play or pny. with $1,5"0 added ; the second horse to receive out of too slakes; the winuer of any siu glo race amounting to $2,' 00 10 carry 3 lhe exiia of $3,000, 7 lbs. ; of $4,000, 10 Ilia ; the distance two milea and a quaner. There were sixteen entries for this race, but only five came to the post These wore:? F.. A Clabaugh's hay colt Viator, by Vauxball, dam Hcatherbell, 4 years old, carrying the new weights, 118 lbs ; James A. tirinstend's chestnut colt St. Martin, by imported l'haeiou, dam Tokay, 4 years old. 118 lbs. : D. McDanlel'a chestnut colt Jo (.'ems. by Australian, dam Bet tie Ward, 4 years old, 118 ilw.. and J. s. Cattanack's bay coll l>elnpa, by Leamington, dam imported Pussy, ' years old, US 11m. The following were the rales at which the horsea sold Just previous to tbe ftarl thk iirrrtxo. Bt Martin. $800 750 800 300 * '?l<y 025 52u 405. 2:15 Jo. Cerns 144 loo so so loo 110 M 4i tiik bacx. The Dorses had % very good start. Jo Cetns getting ?way first \ mior sccond, I?laps third. ?u Martin fourth. Alter a merry run op the homestretch Viator led at tliH stand by a head, Jo Cerns second, lour lengths ahead of l<ela|<s, the latter two lengths in advance of St. Martin. Going arouud tho upper turn \ tutor Ifrt two length*, Jo C*ros urcond, iwo lengths in front of tho latter two lengths m ndvAocc of Si, Martin At thequarter pole Viator led three lengths Jo Cerns second, .me lensth In Iront 01 Lolaps wno was four lengths ahead ol St Martin. Coming down to the blutl > Istor had the be?t of tt by three lengths Jo 1 Cerns second, half a lengln ahead of f.elaps tho Init< r i two lengths ahead ol St. Martin. Going around the ! bill '>01 of sight, Vtafor had the best of it by iwo | lengths, I,claps second a neck in fron' of Jo Ceroa. ' St.* Martin close up. When the borso? appeared in i view on the ower turn Viator stilt mainiaine.i the ad- . Vantage nt two lengths and was running ensy, |.elni,s I setond, .la Cerns third, St. Martin fourth, htajnekev ' pulin g him hard i<> keep bim lax k. At the three. : quarter poio the horses were two Icngihs apart. Viaior leading, Irlnps second, Jo ferns third. St. Martin I fMTtfc Manning up the homeetmch to the stand, at. Martin tool tblrd place, and looked as tf he could run over tbe others eaaily. At tbe hon?e? paused tn front of the Judge*' a land Viator was aull iwo Uugiba in ad ranee of Lelaps. Hie lalter two lengths ahead ol St Martina, *ho was six length ahead of Jo terna. Viator opened ihe gap on the upper turn and was four lengths in Ironi of l,elaps at the quarter pole, the latter two lengths. in advance of at. Martin, Jo Cerns four lengths lurtborofT. Viator held this ad vantage dovrn to the blufl ami around the hill. Lelaps still second, a length tn front of St. Martin, Jo Cerns six lengtns away. The horses then parsed out of sight, but when they uppeared agaiu Viator led lour lengths, St Martin second, he having distanced Lelaps and Jo Cerus complete!*. At the three-quarter polo Viator led two leugtbs. and St. Marun was theu doing his best to overtake bim. When Viator got Into straight work on the homestretch his Jockey gave him his head, and in a moment afterward St. Martin showed that he was in dlltleuliies. Then Viator came away and gal loped homo a Winner by six lengths, making the two miles and a quarter in 4:10)?. Jo Cerns was third, Lelaps fourth. Th? stake was worth $2,300. THK TI1IKD avKHT was the Maryland Stakes, for Allies three vesrs old, (10?) entrance, hail lorlelt, with $750 added; ihe sec ond Allv to receive $200 out of the stakes. Tnls sta?? closed with foriy-lour nominations, seven of which came 10 the post! These were Mr. lioliuont'a hay Ally Sultana, by Lexington, dam Mildred: P. Lorillardis bay filly Pera. by Leamington, dam Maggie B. B.; D. D Withers' imp. chestnut Ally Cyclone, by Parmesan, dam Typhoon; P. Lnrillard's (P. Morris') brown Ally Merciless, by Kclipse, dam Barbarity; D. McUaniol a gray Ally Lulu B. : A. Belmont's imp. Allv 1 a tlence, t>y Parmesan, dam Patronago, and Doswell k Camtnack's chestnut flliy Sunbeam, by Leamington, dam Kcllptlc. TtiK nrrruia. Belmont $500 T50 1,100 400 Lorillard... 3*0 686 WO 366 witbo":: i2? jw McDanlel. 75 106 J J? Doswell k Cam mack.. 106 1J0 150 85 thk rack Tho Allies were started Ally yards from the Jndgei atand down the homestretch to give them a chance of gelling around tbe upper turn safely. Merciless was first away, Sultana second, Sunbonm ihtrd. Lulu B. fourth, Peru llfih. 1'ailence sixth. Cyclone seventh The Allie* lod pist th# stand and rounded the turn In this way, and whon they reached the quarter pole MerrilOM was leading two lengths. Sunbeam second, hair a length tn front ol Sultana, Pera Afth, Patienco sixth, Cyclono seventh. There were no changes of positions around the bluff, and in going out or sight Merciless had tho best of it by a length, Sunbeam second, Sul tana third, tho others ctaao up. When the Allioa came lu aight on tho lower turn Merciless was a length In ironi oi Sultana, the latter half a length ahead or Sunbeam, Patience fourth, Pera Afth, Lulu B. sixth, Cyclone seventh. Tho ladies cume Into tbe home stretch In this order, and, after a beautiful struggle. Sultana landed u winner by hair a length, Merciless second, a neck in frouit>r Patience, Pera fourth, Sun beam Afth. Cyclone sixth. Lulu a seventh. Time, 1:47 H'. The value ortno stakes was $2,300. The Paris mutuels paid $8 70. . % THX FOURTH 1VKKT was for a purse of $6U0, for all agos, each to carry 110 lbs., with no allowances, tho dlstauce one mile aud three-quarters. Three aspirants come to tho post. These wcro Mr. Belmont's chestnut Ally Olltipa, by Leamington, dam Oliata, 4 years old; W. Cottrill a chestnut horso Stampede, by War Dance, dam Dolly Morgan 5 years old; aud John O'Donnel.'s bay coll Kildaro'(h?to Milner), by Leamington, dam by Lexing ton. 4 years old. Olitlpa was a great lavorlto over the others, as the following pool sales exhibit:? Tim hkttiso. Olitlpa $700 600 400 450 Stampede 150 106 36 110 Kildare 145 100 66 06 TUB RACK. Ktldnre was away Urst, stampede second, Olltipa closo up, Hay ward, her rider, snowing at the com mencement mat ho Intended making a waiting race or it. Ah the horses passed around tho bluff Kildare showed the way, Stampede second, Olltipa third. When tho borsos appeared on tho lower turn, after being out of sight for a low seconds, Kildare was leading two lengths fjtampedo second, lour lengths ahead of Ollilpa. The trio ran iu this way around the lower turn I ut when ihey cuino to the stand Kildaro was iwo lengths lu advance of Stampede, iho latter two lengths in front ol Olitlpa. Going around the upper turn Hugbos put on the steam and ran away from Stampede and Olitlpa. He was haif a dozeu lengths in lrout at tho quarter pole, but coming down toward the blull Olitlpa made a rush, and, passing Stampede, quickly made aftor Kildare at a lightning pace. As the borsos passed out ol sight Olltipa w as at the heels of Kildare, and sho lay there until woll around tho lower turn, when sho moved up and look sides wilh linn. Slauipodo at this tiuio was far behind. Kildaro and Oliilpa came into tho homestretch side and side, and, after a strong gal lop undor a pull, Olitlpa wou ihe raco by two lengths, Stampede tou leneths away. Time or tho mile and three-quarters, 3:12>4. which waa very good time on so heavy a track. Olitlpa showed by her run oh this occasion that Bhe is still the fleet foole I Ally that ?bo was last year, with a grout deal more body. She will be found a formidable racehorse in any of the great oveuts that come off during tho summer in which sho may be engaged. The Paris mutuels paid $0 00. TIIK Firm KVKST was a handicap steeplechase lor a purse of $800, of which $200 had 10 go to the second horse, over tho usual stcoplecbase courso. There were lour starters, comprising W. Cottrill's bay horse Colonel Nelilgan, by Harry of tho West, dam Ernestine, 6 years old, carry ing 153 lbs. ; Herd's cbestnui gelding Trouble, by Diversion, dam Kato McDonald, G years old, 13S lbs. and the saiuo gentleman's bay gohliug Point Blank (lato Minstrel), by Marsyas, dam Marchioness, 6 years old, 140 lbs., aud tl. L. Lorillard's chestnut solding Bullet, by Bulletin, dam by Wagner, aged, LIS lbs. The following aro a lew last pools sold on the race:? ? THK IIKTTIXO. Trouble and Point Blank 250 260 450 615 23d 2*0 600 600 Colonel Nolllgan 86 110 236 300 TUB MACK. The horses had a good start aud wont off In a north erly direction from tho foot of tho bluff, down the fractional track, where, ai-out midway, they oncoun tered a hurdle, which Colonel Nelilgan was tho lirst to go over, followed by Point Blank, who knocked It down, Trouble being third and Bullet fourth. The horses then went down to tho end ol tho track and lumped into the Aeld, Xelligan showing tho way, Trouble second, Bullet third, Peint Blank fourth. Circling around" tho Aeld to tho left they cncoun tered a rail leuo#, Nolllgan going over llrst very cleverly, Troublo second, Bullcl third and Point Blank bringing up the rear. Still circling tne Held tho horses lacod the grand stand an<l coming on had a stiff lenco to Jump. Nelli gau cjiuc to it lirst, but touching the top rail fell and threw Hugliy liaffuey a burster on tho grass. Trouble was next over the leiico, theu Bullet, Point Blank fol lowing some lew lengths away. Troublo ihen went on with the lead, lollowcd by Nelilgan without a rider, Huiloi third. Point Blank rourtb. They took the two liurdlos, which wero close together ai tho loot or tho bluff known ?s "In and outers," anil then parsed into tno 'south Aeld in this way, and circled all around there, making four jump- over fences and then came to tho hetise and water In front of the stand which, having ouiarged since last year, ta uow a lormidable leap for a horse. Trouble showed tho way over, one length ahead ol Bullet, Nolllgan third, Point Blank bringing up tho rear. Shouts ol delight at the good jumping of the horses, and particularly the way tho riderless horse porlormed bis work, now rent tho air Trouble passed on through the shute between tho two tracks, taking a hurdle on the way. closely fol lowed by Bullet, Nelilgan next, and then Point Blank, none of them making tho slightest mi-take, and ihey crossed the track and went out to the road leading up to the picnic grounds, Trouble still leofllnu, Bullet second, Nulligae third, Point Blank a few lengths behind. Nelilgan then missed hlj way, and Insfud of going to iho lop of the hill, ran around It and ihusquit the company or the othors. Trouble was iwo lengths ahead of Bullet when ho lumped tho stone wall at the top of the hill. Point Blank about eight lengths behind. Trouble and Uullot came down iho bill, crossed !ho track, and entered the north Aeld close togelbor. when SutliAe, the rider of Bullet, wane a dash lor the lead, and, puittng his horse to the ton oT his speed, inado a rush lor the alone wall in tho centre ol the Held. Trouble and Bullet came lo the wall together, hut Bulloi struck Ihe top ol u and came down on his knees, throwing Sotliff# heavily over his head and stopping on him ?s he lay appar ently Insensible. Bullet continued on alter Trouble and jumped tho two hurdles at the loot or the blurt, but soon afterward gave up ihe chose. Them were now but two noracs in tho race and these owned by Iho same man. and, as it made lillle difference to the b ickers which wou, little interest was taken lurther In the race. AM eves wero. then turned to SutliBe, the lallrn jocKev, but after being lifted from Iho ground ho recovered his senses and walked with his helpers to tho judgos' stand not much the worse for tho shako UP. (iaflney, the rider or Colonel Nelilgan. was not much hurt aud was walking about soon alter the !a'l. Trouble and Point Blank galloped home alter Jumping all the walls and fences in ihe south Aeld and on Iho regular track. Trouble leading bv about elaht lengths. The timo of tho run was 4:28tf. Tho mutuels paid $8 r.o. Tho following aro tho si MMARtes. Tim FimsT Back.?Putse $">00; maidens allowed. If three years old, 3 lbs.; if loar years old, 7 lbs.; if Ave years old or upward, 12 lbs. One mile. SUtrtcrt. jo. Donahue's b. h., by Bonnie Scotland .lam by Wagner, aged. 1-4 lbs (Hughes) 1 0. L i.ortl!ard's b. g. Lcander, by Enquirer, .laiu by Bonn e seotlaiid. 4 years old, 118 lbs (Sparling) 2 George Lungsun's imp b. t. Yorkshire Lass, by King ol Trumps, dam Iloua, 94 lbs. (Cornier) 3 Dos well A: Cammack's h. c. Outcast, by Leamington, dam Uriana, 3 years old, 88 Iba (Brown) 4 D. M< Daniel's ch. I, Aufiralmd, by Australia, 0am l'olly carter, 4 years old. 106 lbs (Spllman) 6 C Lloyd's br. b. by Astoroid, dam Kalona. 5 yeara old, 112 lb? (N. Haywood) 6 E. K. Norton's b. f. Jonette Norton, by Learning ton. dnm Carrie Alherton, 4 years old, 100Iba..... (Say res) 7 Time. 1:46',. THK SKCOMU HACK. Thk WtncmTM Ccr, a sweepstakes of $50 each, play or pay ?llh #1 500 added ? Ihe second hone lo re ceive $300 oat 01 iho stake-. The winner ol any single race a mount tag to |2.>*>0 to carry i lbs. extra; of <f:i.iKi0. 7 lbs. ; of *4,000, 10 lbs extra. Two nillos and a quarter. SlirUr*. E. A. Clabaugh's b. c. Viator, by VsnThall, dam Hcsthert ell, 4 years old, 118 lb* (Holloway) 1 James A. tirih-lead's ch c. St Martins by Phealort, dun Tokay, 4 rear-old. 118 Ilia (Hurb.-e) 2 D M< Daniel's ch. c. Jo fern . by Australian, dam Kettle I. 4 veara old, 1IH lbs (Johnson) 3 J * CMitunack's b. c. 1*1*, by Loamington, dnm ' Pussy, 4 years old, 118 il* (Hugue*; 4 Time. 4:10*4 Thk Tnian Back.?Tho Maryland Stakes for Allies, 3 years old; #100 entrance, ball lurleit, with $750 added, the second Ally to receive $200 oat of the stskes. 0n* mile. Startfrt. A. Belmont's b. f. Sultana, by Lexington, dsm Mil dred .7. ( 1 P. Lorillard's (F. Morris') br. f. Mcrclless by Kc.iipse, dam Barbarity (Sparltni) a A. Belmont'* imp. b. t. Patience, by P arm Man, darn Patronage.... .. (I:cofe.) 3 P. I.orlllard's b. t Pera, by Leamington, dam Maggie B. ....(Barl>eo) 4 Dos well & Coin mack's eh. I. Sunbeam, by Leainiujj tan, dam Kcltptic (Lakeland) 6 D. D. Withers' imp. ch. f. Cyclone, by Pirmcsan, dam Tvphooa <Jenk'!V0 0 D. McDtuiels' g. L l.ula B., by Planet, damI EUa Stiippen (Clark) 7 Time, 1:47^. Tns Focrth Rack.?Puree $600, for all ages, ?? carry 110 lbs.; one mile and three-quarters. Staritrt. A. Belmont's cb. f. Olitipa, by Leamington, dam Oliata. 4 yeara old ..(Hajrwaru) * John O'Donnoll's ch. h. Klldare, by Leamington, dam by Lexlngtou, 4 years old (Hughes) a W. Cottrill'u ch. h. Stampede, by War Dunce, dam Dolly Morgan. 6 years old (Lakeland) 3 Time, 3:12*. ? ? Tna Firm Rack.?Handicap Steeplechase. Purse $800, ol which $200 to the second hurso. Entranco free. The usual steeplechase course. .Startert. Charles Reed's cb. g. Trouble, by inversion, dam Kato McDonald, 0 years old, 158 lba (Little) Charles Reed's h. g. Point Blnuk, by Marsyas, dam Marchioness, 8 years old, 140 lbs (Maney) 2 C. U Ixirillani's cb. g. Bullet, by Bulletin, dam by Wagner, aged, 166 lbs .jpulllffe) W. CoitrlU's b. b. Colonel Nelllgan, by Harry of the West, dam Ernestine, 6 yean old, 153 lbs. .. (Gaffhey) Time, 4:58>f. DEEEFOOT PARK. Tbe Oral day of the aecond spring trotting meeting at Deerfoot Park passed off very creditably. Tbero ) wero two cvonts on the card, theao being a purse of $150, for three minute horses, and a purse of $200, tor horses that never neat 2:38, each mile heats, three In live. In harness. J. a Conklln's bay gelding Oyster Boy won the former and W. Bodine't bay maro Lady Mills tbe latter race. 8r**AKY. Pbkrfoot Pakk, Pakkviiak, L. I.. Jr?s fl, 1879.? Purse of $160, for horsos that never beat three min utes; mile beats, throe lu live, in harness; $80 to tbe first, $50 to the second and $20 to tho think J. B. Conklin'i h. g. Oyster Boy 2 111. O. F. Jones' b. g. Webster Boy 1 2 3 2 D. M. Ssnlord's b. m. Flora 4 3 2 3 T. Ogle's b. m. Richmoud Olrl ? 4 o ar J. Smith's s. g. Robiu.... & 5 4 dr M. S. Currv's b. g. Billie 0 dls, , J. Langan's b. g. Billy Cook dls. G. N. Itecmer'a b. w. Mary Uccmer dis. TIME. Quarter. Half. Mil4. Firsthcat 41 1:22 o'f?., Second heat 31>X 1:21 2:41 * Third heat 41 1:22 2:45 Fourih beat 43 r if Samk Dat?Skcosd Rack?Purse of $200, for liorves that never beat 2:38, mile heats. three In five, in har ness; $100 to tho first, $00 to the socond and $40 to the third. , , , W. Bodine's b. m. Lady Mill* Ill W. Bassiord'sb. m. Carrie N 2 2 2 A. C. Hopkins' gr. e W. R. Roberta 4 33 T. Crane's r. g. St. George 3 dls. 1. Donton'sb. g. JoraeyJobn dr. J. Langan's ch. g. Mayor Lumbcrt dr. Jobn Trout's blk. g. W. R dr. T1MK. Quarter. Jlalf. Mil< First beat 40 1:19 2:37 % Serond heat 39 1'iriy Third heat 37 1:1<>)? 2:3J ? The purses for the 2:36 and 2:50 cl'isses are post poned until Friday. To day tho purse lor the 2:45 class and a special pnrso will bo trotted lor. BEACON PARK. Boston, June 8, 1878. Tho June trotlne meeting at Boacon Park opened to day. There waa & large attendance. Two races were trotted. srw ART> First Race?Three minute class; mile heats, three In five, to harness; purso $600; $250 to Urst, $125 to second, $73 to third, $50 to fourth. Seven starters. 8. Tult's b. m. Chrlstio 1 \ } C. H. Moslier's b g. Bancroft 3 6 i Charles Hose's blk. m. Lady Balch ? ? , W. W. Conell's b. g. Brother 2 3 4 J. A. Corkev's blk. a. Tartar ? 4 5 H. S. Smith's g. in. Patcben Mind 7 6 8 FrcJ Halgbt's b. g. B. I. Fisk 5 dia. , Time, 2:40>4-2:36>4-2:40. Second Rack?For horses that nover boaU2:28; purse $1,600; $750 to llrst, $375 lo second, $250 to third, $176 to lourth. Flvo horse* started. D. Urlnckerhobb's b. g. T- A 1 1 5 6 1 J. Goldin's b. h. Ned Wallaco 2 3 1 1 - D. W. Uoc.kicr's ch. ni. Flora Bolle 4 4 8 2 3 J. J. Boweu's h. m. Kitty Cook 3 2 3 4 5 C E. Mosher's blk. m. Belle Donno 5 6 4 2 4 Time, 2:26>i?2:28 *?2:28-2:28,'4-2:27 KALAMAZOO RACES. Dktkoit. Mich., Juno6, 187& The June meeting of the National Trotting Park at Kalamazoo commenced to-day. Tho weather and >rack were lavorablo. The three minutes raco was won by Neeme Jaking the first, third and lourth heats. Lady Vesta took second' money. Time, 2:34?2:34 -2:39 The 2:30 rare wa* won by Marion In three straight heats, in 2:34, 2:31* ami 2:34* HUDSON RIVER DRIVING PARK. Por<?n ki;k i'sib, N. Y., June 6, 1870. Tho entries to the Juno mcctiug of the Hudson River Driving Park Association closed last night. Tlioro aro about sixty in all. _, ' There aro about fllty-five entries to the Rhlnobock Park Association racos, commencing June 16. A CHALLENGE CUP. A challenge cup has been presented to the Polo Club by their President, which will bo compctod for on next Saturday at flvo P. M., after tho Jerome Park rH cos. As there are eighteen playing members of the Polo Club, and only ton c.m eugago in the match, it ban been docidcd to place all tho eighteen names iu a bag and draw out ten. tho drst five to play on ono side and tho second live on the other. By tho letter of presentation the cup has to bo won iu threo conx-cutlve matches Be- i lure it becomes tbe property of tbe players; therolore tbe second match will bu played between tbe winners and the next live drawn Irom tbo remaining eight. I Tho three left onto! tbe llrst and second inatchcs will ; draw two more to make a complete sido, and then the ' third maieli will lie played. Sucn an arrangement will | C ve'iill Hie players a chance in tho game and keep up i tlie eicltomont in tbe matches. The polo matchcs cau I 1)0 Wituessed by obtaining tickets Irom tho Secretary, Mr Howiand Rob'jins, Knickerbocker Club. This rule u> the same os that in lorce at Hurlingbam, snd has , been adopted in order to excludo objectionable people. CiiEEDMOOR Yesterday's competition for plnccs on the American Toam brought twenty-one of tho twenty-lonr marks. men entitled to compote to the range at Creodmoor Messrs. Ballard, C. C. Hlbbord and Smyth absenting themselves. The wind was regular and tho aversges i of the best shots woro good. Tho following aro tho totals at the different ranges, fifteen shots being al lowed at 800 and 900 yardi, and twenty at 1,000 yards. , Vnrrlt , jyamrt. 800. 9001 1,000. Total. I W. B. Farwell 68 70 7ft 217 y; Hyde 67 63 84 214 R. Kathbone 66 68 78 212 G. W. Yalo 09 67 71 2<i7 T. S. Dak in 64 65 76 206 L. Weber W 2?? H. 8. Jewell 62 57 82 2HI I U C. Bruce 5(1 6t 74 1!'4 1 N. Wasbbarne w 68 ?7 l'.?4 J. A Shatler 61 5ft 71 193 A. An lerson "4 62 65 l!'l H. Fulton 68 04 67 lwl T. II. Orny ^ ^ 70 189 E H. Raymond 67 59 63 1S9 W. S. Elmendorl 60 03 04 187 C. liusenberry 61 53 70 ls4 B. 8. Gray ?''? 56 60 1KI 1 (1 E. Ovcrbaugh 67 4-> t>8 110 T. L Allen 5ft M 65 178 O. Judd . '*3 '?3 44 1.0 C. E. Mlydonimrgh 37 04 63 164 . Competition continues st the ssme ranges to-day, and irom these competitors sixteen wi 1 be chosen, from whum ure t<? be ultimately selected the twelve members of iho team ami rcser*?. The lollowing com petitors si.-tn.i at tho head on their entire record thus Inr: DakiU. 038; n'A: Hvde, 615; Yale, fl<?4' Anderson, 5l?2; Jewell, 588; Waalil.iiriie.6Sl; Raymond. 681: Farwell, 57ft; T. H Gray, 576; Bruce, 676- Thaller. 674; Weber, 672; Fulton, 570; Dusen I.erry, .V>8; Ovortiaii^h MM; ElmoiMorf, 5?i3; R. 8. (iray^6?lj Judd, 5A5; Blydeiiburgh, 543; Allen, 637. BILLIARDS. Tho socond of tho series of games, to replace the games "Hod" in tho Philadelphia tournament was played at Irving Hall last evening between Jeseph Dion and Maurice Daly. Dion won ea?lly, Duly playing a miserable game. Tho result gives Dion the Drst ot ilia three '?play-off" prises. The following Is the score J. Hlon?10, 0, 25, 21, 18, 2, 0, 2, 0, 48, C, 48, 7, 47, *0, 4, 12-300. Average?17 11-17. Mini rice Daly?O, 26, 6, 0, $, 4, 2, 27. 0, 0, 8, 0, 1, 27, 0, 0?109. Average?6 13 16. To m*ht Kudoipll snd Daly p'ay for the second snd tMrrt priioe, snd to mi.rr.'W night the contest lor the extra i>urse ot $l,6oo wuiimuhs YACHTING. Annual Regattas of the Atlantic and Jersey City Clubs. A FINE DAY AND A GOOD BREEZE. Onr Beautiful Bay Filled with Gallant Sailing Craft and Trim Steamboat!. Tbe annual regatta of the Atlantlo Tacht Club was ?ailed ye?torday over their regular courts, and resulted la a victory lor the schooner Triton and the sloops Madcap and Curlew id their respective classes. The weathor could not bavo been wore propitious, as a clear sky and a warm sun woro coupled with a good sailing breoze from start to finish. The Triton won her race in handsome style bjr over five minutes, besides the 7m. 40s. time that sbo bad to allow. The Madcap was woll handled and sailod thioaghout the r gatta, and achieved a remarkable victory In detesting the crack sloop Undine cn time allowance. The Curlew, In carrying off tbo first prize for tho second class sloops, did qnito a fosi considering tho record ol ono of her opponents, the Kalasr Wll holm, probably the best sloop of her class that McGeehan over built, Thcro wero sonio changes In tho position of the yachts on the return from Gcdney's buoy to the home stake, but It was Impossible to de scribe them, as tho cuptnin of tho steamboat Tiitamer took his vcssol heme so fast that the yachts were lelt out ol sight. Tbo stcainors Tiitamer and Magenta were char tered by tho club for tho uso of tho Judges and their guests, and ut a quarter to ten tbo Tittamer leli Martin's duck and wits followed shortly after by the Magenta. Alter paying a Hying visit to Gowunus Hay, where tho yachts woro laying ut anchor with thoir can vas stretched, the Titiainor ran down to tho starting point off Bay Kidge. There was atresia broczo from tho north northwest, and tho lido was running ebb. There wore three races on the programme:?Ono for schoou ers, ono lor first class sloops (all cabin sloops of 40 loot and over on water line), one for second class sloops (all cabin sloops undor 40 feot on water lino). Tho prizes to bo awarded to (he first boat In on time allow ance in eacn class, lu addition, tho "Livingston Me morial" prize to bo awarded to tho first yacht of the first class sloops in at home stakeboat Irrespective of time allowance, and to bo held on tbo conditions of the presentation. Til a COURSE to be, for schooners and first class sloops, flrom the anchorago down through tho Narrows to and around the stakeboat at Southwest Spit ion buoy 8?f), thence to and around lightship, rounding tho same by east ward and southward, thouco home, going to south, ward and westward or beacon on Romor Shoal. For second class sloops tho samo course, to and around stakebout at Southwest Spit (on buoy 8X), thouco to and around a stakeboat near a buoy in (iednoy Chan nel, rouuding tho same from tho southward, thence homo, passing to tho westward of beacon on Romor Shoal All yachts wero to pass to westward of Fort Lafayette, to tho oastward of buoys 11, 13 and 1ft on Vest Dank, both going and returning; around atuko boat at Southwost Spit by the westward and south ward, and at home stako between tho two stakoboata marking the lino. The homo timo will be taken as the yachts cross tho lino between the two stakoboata. If one yacht of the fleet shall sail the course (as pro scribed for lu class) in eight hours, It will be con sidered a race for every class. Tho dlstarico of coursos, upon which time allowance will bo calculated, wlij bo for schoonors and first class sloops, lorty ratios; lor second class sloops, tbirty-two tnlles. Tho following yachts slartod in this regatta-.a SCHOONERS. Mtan Allow ,T LfngtK. an eft. A ame. Owner. >V. In. M. S. Peerless J. R. Maxwell........ 70 9 Allows Triton G. A. Tliayer 06 a 04 .12 Agnes Ik a. Fisii :.... 07 9 13 12 FlltST class sloops. Undine Brasher and Fowlor.. 62 0 Allows Orion Wiiiiani Cooper 60 0 02 60 Sadie W. K. Greenleaf 48 A 05 10 Madcap J. It Musk 46 0 10 31 SK('OSI> C I. A MS SLOOTS, Kaiser Wiltiulm..W. II. Field.... 40 9 Allows Nimbus L. 11. Bigelow 36 3 u'J 24 Curlew GouvencurKortrlgbt.. 29 3 21 02 B'rb'ru Frietcliiu.Jolin 11. Khodus 24 3 3J 11 The start was a flying one for all clauses, the signal being glvon from tho steamor Magenta as follows First to prepare, second for schooners nnd third for all sloops to atari The regstis was sailed undor the di rections of the Regatta Committee, Messrs. C. T. Lippitt, F. T. Peet and G. A. Weber, and Messrs. H. C. Murphy, Jr.; T.J. Northall and C. T. I'elrco officiated as judges. Til a START. The steamer Tlttamor arrived off Bay Ridge at half. | past ten and took up a position outsido the stakeboat. Tho yachts were ull beating about the bay waning lor the starting signal. The Judges wero put off on a row boat to take the timo of tho yachts ns tlicy crossed tho Iirie, and nt loh. 43m. ;;0a. the preparatory whistle waa blown from tho Mag<-ntu. Thero was a pleasant sailing breeze lrora the north by west und tbo tide was about tho first of the ebb. The Pccrloss was cruising around In complete racing trim and pot leaded up to her rail. Tho second gun was fired at loh. 61m., and tho schooners prepared to cross the Una Tho Triton came op first with her boom to port and heeling over under the breeze. Sho was carrying main snd foresail, Jib nnd flying Jib, main club topsail and working foretopsail The Poerles3 and Agnes followed shortly afterward under tho samo canvas, with tho ad dition of a Jib topsail. At llh. a third whistle gavo the sloops their starting orders and they bogan to head for the llnst. Tlio I'inline was tho flrst to ar. rive and alippod across very hunUsomely under main sail, jib ana club topsail. Tho Oriou followed under similar canvas, and then the trim little Madcap danced across about half a minute ahead of the Sadie, which had her lib topsail set. Tho Kaiser led ihe second class sloops, with tbo Niuibus and Curlew following shortly afterward. Tho Curlew had her Jib lopsail set. Tho time of tho yaclita crossing tho line waa taken as fol lows :? H. M. a H. M. S. Triton 10 67 30 Madcap 11 oft 2H >g"CH 10 611 46 Sadie It (*) 06 Peerless 11 00 10 Kaiser 11 o? 30 Uuuine 11 03 47 Nimbus 11 07 00 Orion 11 04 60 Curlew 11 OS 00 Tlio fleet looked very pretty ns thoy headed out toward tbo Narrows, keeping well out in the channel to gel tho lull strongth of the ebb tide. Tho floop yacht Arrow was out accompanying the fleet, and looked as II slie was sailing fast. OIT Fort Hamilton the Tittamer * caught up wiin the Curlew, which wss bringing up ths rear of the fleet. The Nimbus was close up behind tho Kaisor, and both of them had their jib topsails sot. The Kaisor appeared to bo makins up the time between her hiiU tlio Nimbus, and tho latter lei her Jib topsail run down. The Hndio passed Hodman's Island, lasi of hsr class, at llh. 3jiii., and, at lib. 40in., tbo Orion, midway between Hoffman's Island and the hospi at hulk, carried away her topmast, when leaking a pretty race wltii tho Ciidinc. Tho schoonors vutu slill too tar ahead to muko out anything ol what they were doing. Tee breeze appeared to lie Ircshen lug nnd tne sloops had all they wanted. The Undine leading tho sloops, was sailing vc-y fast, followed up by the Madcap, still carrying her New York Club top sail. Tne Orion was off' tlio weather quarter of tho Madcap, pegging along with tier topmost, sail and rin ging Intuging down to leeward. Tho Triton was leading tlio licet and keeping well up to windward so as to weather tho Mak< boat on iho Southwest SpiL Tho I'e.-rless was some distance behind the Triton and lead ing tbo A Kb en about a minute. By this timo the Orion had tho wreck cleared awuy and was lioldiug bor own with toe Madcap, which was still crscking along under Jib, topsail and club topsail. The Sadie appeared to be gaiuing a little on tho urlon, nnd tho Kaiser w is still ahead in her class, being a trifle loo big for the Nimbus and Curlew in such a breeze. Tho Trilou was the first to round tho smkoboat on. the itoji, and, squaring away, started wing and wing lor tho Hook. The Poor less came next, about s minute ahead of the Agnes, The ("ndino led the sloopa, followed shortly afterward by tho Madcap, and then ranio tlio Orion and Sadto. The Kaiser followed somo four minutes lalar, and the Nimbus and Curlew brought tip iho rear. The yachts rounded the Southwest Spit as follows-? H M. 8. H. M. S. Triton 12 00 00 Orion 12 14 00 Peerless 12 03 30 Sadie. 12 HI 00 Agnes 12 04 (si Kaisor. 12 19 00 Undino..12 10 4.5 Nimbus 12 23 00 Madcap 12 13 00 Curlew 12 2* 00 I here was hard'y any sea outsido the Hook, and Ihe schooners slipped along pretty last, with their canvas spicad uinii and wing. Tho schooners Columbia and Tidal Wave, the latu-r painted black, wore oil the Hook running out toward tbo Lightship The Tidal Wavo looks a great deal better 1 muted black. Willi a gold band round the rail. The Triton was still leading tho fleet and holding the time sho nad at the Spit Tho Peerless was a abort distance ahead of the Agnes, and tiio t. ndtiie came n?xt, leading the sloops. TMK * AIX-A I" WAS VMV WRLL snd tbofiidie turn gained considerably on the Orion. All ihe sloops hud their jibs winged and were carrying ! ail tho law allowed. The Kaiser kept her lend 01 tho ' second c.ass sloops sad turned tbo buoy is Gsdney's 1 Channel a few minutes before one P. M. The Curlew api*sred to be doing belter and l( looked as II the bad gamed ou the Nimbus. lbo day woe perfectly charm ">* and tbe ladies on board the Magenta wero bavin# ? pleasant time, as lbo breeze bad died a*ay and tbe yacbts wure moving very slowing in tbe direction of lbo Lightship. Just before reaching (be Lightship. Tbe second class sloops rounded tbe buoy lu lieduey's Channel aa lollowa:? U. M. 3. U. M. S. Kaiser. U 64 uo Carlew 1 03 00 Nimbus 1 Oo oo | Tbey thou trimmed down sheets and beaded for home. Juki before reaching tbe Lightship tbu Trtton gvl>ed bcr main boom aud rounded with ber starboard tack aboard. She then mmmid down ou tbe wit.d und raude a atretcb on tbe starboard tack. Tbo Peerless came up next, and waa was just going round wlien the Agnea cam" up between ber and the Lightship. and tbe pair turned IcgutDer. Tbo Peerless, uowever, abot out from under her lee and trimming down on the wind went alter the Triton. Tho Agnee was aaillug well and came up to windward of the l'eerleaa taking second place. The Undine rouuded next, and, cuffing sharp on tbe wlad, followed the schooner* on the starboard tack. The Sadlo aud Orion came up abreast, the former to tbe costwa d and lacking togoiher to turn tho Lght-lnp, (lie Sadie c me out to windward aud got awuy first. Tbe yachts were turnsd arouud tho Lightship iu lol lowa :? /T. M. S. //, M. s. Tnton l' lo' IS Madcap l' 22 30 Peerless 1 18 80 Orion 1 27 ?W Agnea 1 13 18 Sudio 1 27 00 Uudiuo 1 10 00 The audio did not long retain bor advantage, as tho Orion Boon began to overbaul her and the Sadie went In stays and stood to the eastward on ibe port lack. The Triton made a long loy hcuding In slioro, aud tho Peerless find Agnes adopted tbe same tactics, the latter holding tho weather poaitlon. Tbo breeze waa now a little fresher lhau it had been, and the schooners were moving cleverly. Tbo Uudiuo waa in her glory and muking strong play in the smooth water, followed very steadily by tho Madcap, a boat ol good sailing qualities. Nearing tho Highlunds the Peerless crawled Up lo wiudward of tbu Agnea and raced utter tho Triton, but tho latter held her advantage and clawed up lo windward like a racing cutter. Tbo wind waa ?till holding northwest, giving the fleet n pleasant match at short taoks along tbe beach. At lb. ilm. tho Triton stayed, and made a short stretch on tho port tack, crossing the bows of the i'eeriess aud Agnes. Tbe Peerless looked ai lb. Mm., and lollowod alter the Triton, eating well lip to windward and gradually leaving tho Agnes. Tho Undine was doing well wil l the scboouors, and In tbi snort lacka lu lbo smooth water appeared to have the advuutaye. The steamer came straight in from tbe Lightship to tbe poiui of tbe ilook, and lor about twenty minutes thero was a slight difference In opinion among the members of the press as to what scboouur was leading, hut presently a gleam of sunshine shone like a calcium light on her mainsail, aud the figure 2 gave iho friends of the Tnton uuliinitcd satisfaction. At 2b. 44m. Ibe Triton tacked and stood in by the Hook, leading the fleet, and passed buoy No. 6 ut 2b. 50m. Tbo i'eeriess came iioxt, with tbo Undine nnder her lea, hut the cutler catch ing a puff shot ahead and passed buoy No. 6 at 2:56 P. M., a clear length in advance. Tbo contest between the Agnes and tho Triton now became very interesting, as tticlutierhad to allow Iho Agnes 7m. 40s. time allow ance, ami tho Agnes weathered buoy No. 5 al 2li. 67m., only ecvoii minutes behind the Triton. Inside tho Horseshoe tho Triton went on the port tack and headed for the Narrows, followed by tho l'oerless and Uudinc, tho lulter about a cable's length to windward. The breeze was still holding fresh and the Triton had as much as she wauted under her topsalis. Tho Madcap was away down to leaward of the Peerless, making good weather and carrying her topsail Itko a three docker. The I'eeriess and Agnes hud their loretopsai.s down und tbe Trtton kept liors standing. The Mohawk passed lo leaward of tho fleet, stunding up toward tho Horseshoe, with all her light canvas stretched and making land very last. Tbo Tidul Wavo made a stretch down In her direction as If anxious to glvo her a brush aud lacked across lior bows. Tho Triton tackod off the Roincr deacon at Kb. -"-'m. and inade a stretch ou tho starboard tack, crossing the bows of tbe Undiue' and I'eer iess. Tbe laltor was now socoud boat In the fleet, and the I'eeriess led tho Agnes by about four minutes. Al 3b. 27m. tbe Trilon stuyod off the weather bow of tho I ndino and headed up toward the narrows. Tbe Wan derer came out and met tho licet, looking In good sail ing trim this season. Tho Undine was loilowing in tho wako of the Triton nnd appeared to bo closing up the gap. Tbe captain of tho Tlltumor was now steam ing ahead lor dear life, and the racing yachts were be ing gradually left so far astorn that it was Imposslhlo to mako out what they were dolug. Tho Tuiamcr ar rived ai tbe homo stakeboat at 4:25, beforo the rncing yaebis hud reached tho narrows, haviug carefully car ried tho members ol the oross out ol all view of iho most interesting portion ol tho race. Ai 4h. :iOm. tbo Triton was sighted coming down through tbo narrows on the port tack, heeling over lo tho brcozo and leading the schooners. Tho brcozo was now blowiug very Irosh and coming In strong pufls from tho north west, raiding tho while caps as It swept across tho harbor. The Tri ton crossed Hio line first, followed shortly by the Un dine, Madcap, Agnes and Peerless in tho order named. 'I he Orion, minus a topmast, beit the Sadie home. The following is tbo actual and corrcctcd lime of the vachts:? 8CIIOOXKK8. Actual Corrected Arrival Ttone. Time. 11. M. S. H M. S. 11. Al. S. Triton 4 48 30 6 51 ? 5 4tl 28 Agnes.. 4 59 ? A 5? 15 5 51 35 Peerless ? 02 20 C 02 20 U 02 20 PlitrfT CI.ASS H LOOPS. Actual Corrected Arrival. Time, Time. 11. M. S. Jr. M S. 11. M. S. ITndine 4 52 10 5 4* 23 ft 48 23 Madcap. 4S1 4ft 5 53 17 ft 42 4(1 Orion 5 07 30 II 02 40 6 00 50 Suite. 5 13 30 tl 07 25 G 02 16 ?BOOXB t'l.ASH BLOOI'S. Actual . Corrected Arrival. litnr. Time. If. M. X 11. M. a. If. M X Kaiser 4 07 27 6 ? 57 5 ? 67 Nimbus. 4 14 37 5 07 32 4 58 13 Curlew 4 17 25 5 09 25 4 48 23 Tbo Triton, Mndcap and Cnrlew win tbo prises In their respective classes aud tho Undine wins the Llv Ingstuno Memorial prize. JERSEY CITY YACHT CLUB. The regatta of tho Jorsejr City Vacht Club, which took place yesterday, in which lonr classes of ynchts took part, provod a porfcct success, notwithstanding that tho number of conthstiug lioats was considerably less than the entries. The club house, opposite which the start was mado for all classes ot yachts, was thronged throughout the day with ladios and members ?r tbo club. Wind and weather were &I1 that could bo desired, and, although several of tb? com peting yachts met- with mishaps, yet the occasion was one of gratification at tho man ner in which tbo regatta was carrlcd out. In fact the club has seldom in previous years held a re gatta wherein greater satisfaction has been the result to all contestants and others Interested than that of yes torday. As was stated In tbe Hkrai.d of yostorday, tho competing yachts woro divided Into four classes, tbe first being tor cabin sloops, In which competed tho yachts Plover, Lurltno, Mary and 8<a Spray, tho courso being front tho clubhouse to and around Ihe Southwest Spit (buoy 8),) and return, uj It was also lor tho socoinl cla-s (open boats.) In tho tlrst class ihu I.urhue proved tbo winner, the Plover and Mary run ning ashore when almost abreast tho home stake boat, allowing the l,urline, which had been soma twenty minutes behind, to creep up and win the prize. Tho .Sea Spray did not round tho buoy at tho Southwest Spit. In tbo second class the Knight Templar proved tbo ? ictnr, heating the Rebecca over tho course by tllue al lowance. It is ouly lair, howovor, to ?ay that the luttor parted her mainslieel twico, compelling her to lose over eight minutes in time wlulo splicing It. For tho third class the course was ironi tbo club house to olid around Purl Lafayette, to and arouud tho slake boat ofr ibe club bouse nnd to and around tho can buoy off Hobbins lteef nnd return lo the oilgl Hal place of starting. Tho only two antagonists were the Willie aud Addle Taylor, the former winning the race through tbe withdrawal of tno latter by reason of carrying away bor shrouds. In the fourth class there were five competing yachts? viz., Ibe Annie K. Forsyth, Alice, Kdnu. Ilijou and II. Jaline. Tho course was from tbo club house to and around Robblns Reef and return and again over tho sumo distance. I he Bijou proved iho victor. The yachts generally wero woll handled and sailed by those In charge of them, nnd the results attulnod could not bo but considered ss a thorough test of judg. ment ol the sailing masters and tho weatberly quality Of the lioats. Alter tne regatta dancing became the order In tho club rooms, and It w*? not until late al night that tbo members and tlioir guests separated. NEW YORK YACHT CLUB REGATTA. TJIB ENTRIES AND TIME ALLOWANCES IN THE BEOATTA or THE NEW YnttK TACMT CLUB. The annual regatta of tho New York Yacht'Club will be sailed tomorrow over the regular regatta coarse. Tho yacbu are divided Into four classes:?Keel schooners, first class centreboard schooners, second claas centrebosrd schooners, first class sloops and accond claas sloops. The Ilennott Challenge Cups will also be sailed for by schooners and sloops. The following table shows tho allowances la each class and In tbe Ilnnnett Cap races. The Restless baa been i laced with the keel scboonora, but It is not yet decided whether she will sail with the keel schooners or the second clsas schooners. tiy cubical contents she is a second class schooner, and some ol the o? nor* of the large keel schooners object to her sailing lu their class, us they will havo to allow her so much time aud also liecmse the resolution offering a keel schooner cup specified Crat c:as? keel ?choosers. KIKti SCBOOKBRft. r?A Unwnncer?. tic* nett Hy Cubical Cup. Class. flame. Oirnrr. Cnnl-nt. M. tt M S. Rambler W. H Thomas BOOK Allows Allow* Alarm t'om.O. I- Ktngsland 14.703 25 25 Wanderer. ...V. Stilliiinn 10.171 3 ">2 3 52 Restless .V. Coin. *. M. Kane aojv 13 67 13 67 MUST CLASS (-RJTHKIIOARn ID IIOOXaR*. Calmer R Stuyvessnt 14.015 42 Allows idler ...H, J. Colgate if.WW 4 08 3 20 Tidal Wave. ,.W. YoorhiM 9.162 5 26 4 43 Undeletes....J 3. JJicksrsoB litt ? tt $ H fXCOXD CI.AM CUTXUOAJU SCHOOXrn*. ^?AUmnmcm % Bmnett Uy Cubical C*up. Clou. Simc. Owner. Content. M. S. SI. X EstcJie J. J) Smith 6,7.18 15 12 Allow* CoM?t W. H. Langley 4.602 20 40 5 28 Peerless J. It. Maxwell 3. *4-5 20 04 10 ii Clio. John Piatt 3.729 2d 55 11 43 Meta W. K. Dolin 3.674 27 20 la 08 riusr CLASH SLOOPS. Arrow I). Kdgar ;t n 17 Allows Allow* Oracle J. K. llalecy 3.7'Ji 24 21 V index K. Com. It. Center.. 3.25U 4 40 4 40 A'idlo Voorhta.C. Hoo?ovolt 2.711 V 44 0 44 1'clreL J. Boucher 2.104 lb M 15 3(t SXCO*0 CLASS Ul.oors. Active K. W. J Hurut 1.'.W3 is 4? Allow! Windward....H. U Wlllooghby. .. 1.880 lw 10 2.1 Madcap. J. It. Bunk 1.4dl 24 12 8 26 Urouze II. 1'. Klngsland.... L172 28 40 10 03 YACHTING NOTES. The following yachts panted W bltestono yosterd*y:?. Madollene, N.Y.Y.C., Mr. J. 8. Dlckereou, from City Inland for New York; Arrow, N.Y.Y.C., Mr. Daniel Edgar, froni New Kocholle for New York. INTERNATIONAL AQUATICS. BETCliN OF CAPTAIN BEES?TWO DCBUW CBEWS AND ONE CAMIHIIDOE CHEW TO COKE?AIW OXFORD AND C.VMDBIDOE ATHLETES. Captain B. Frank Bee*, Chairman of the Ecgatta CoinmltU'e of tho American College Bowing Associa tion, has Just returned from Europo by the City of Cheslor. It will be remembered that he crossed a 'ew weeks ago to urge the acceptance of tho very hearty and genoroua clinllcugo ot the association to the representa tive crews ol the universities of Oxford, Cambrdgo and Dublin, and whtle all have not decided to corno still enough has been accomplished to insure a race which has not been equalled in interest since our studonta rowed England's on the Thames tn 1S09. Proceeding flmt to Cambridge, ho visited Mr. W. B. Close, President of th? University Bont Club, lie found many mon who wtflild like much to see a crew sent out and was very cor dially seconded In his endeavors by Mr. l'eabody, ono of the university crew of 1874, who ts also an Amer ican. Time was taken to commnnlcnto with the parents or tho men who would probably, make up tho team. Prosident Close having advlsod frequently with his brothers (one of whom rowed bow in tho London Bowing Club four which beat tho Atalantas), there teemed no difficulty about the expense, and at la t all was mude to hinge on whether Mr. Sbafto, stroko ol tha crew which whipped Oxford on the 8th of April, would consent to come and row stroke. Ho was on the Conti nent at the time, but h a answor proved to be a Uat re fusal, and no reason was alleged. Captain Bees wax told tliat two othor crews would come from Cambridge, ono of which, that lrorn First Trinity, wltu Mr. Penrose as stroke, will Include Prosident Close, of tho Untvorslty Boat Club. Although thlx Is almost ns nearly a University four as wax tho Harvard ono which rowed Oxford (for only two out or that?Messrs. Loring and Simmons-had ever previously rowrd In a university* race) still Cap. tain Bees bad no power to treat with any but a univer sity crew, and so Mr. Closo's crew were uot asked to take part In the coming August contest at Saratoga, and so lar arc only planning to contend In the Cen toutilal races on tho Schuylkill at the end of August. Ho is not certain whether thoy will row next week at the Thames National regatta at Henley. While they diil not head tho rivor this year, Jesus Collogo having that honor, they were among the Ural, and are a fast team. , .. ,, While at Oxford the prospect seemed no bettor thnn at Cambridge, and tho lack or any respeclahlo appear, aneo of a reason lor it was almost equally marked; but he lound a willingness to share in tho ATIII.KT1C KI-OKTH. Oxford being vory strong tn some ol those this year, hav ing lor Instance, a tall fellow who clears six feet two in tho high Jump, which, when put beaide the live feet two ol Iho winners in the meeting llio other day nt tlio New Yolk Athletlc's grounds, will be seen to tie prodigious; indeed, it is probably tho best on record, whether ainaienr or proleaSlonaL What she Boomed to prefer was not to send a team exclusively her owu but to couibiuo with Cambridge and send over six or eight mon lor all tlio content*. Although it is likely that thoy could thus beat us In moH of the trials, yet our student* will be blameworthy If thoy 'ot slip an occasion for such raro sport, and Captain Beea thinks thai tho American College Athletic Association should loso no time In forwarding an Invitation at Hearty ns was tho rowing one. ltut whatever hesiiation and counting ot chancel there were at Oxford and Cambridge there wero non? at Dublin. To be sure, tho undorgraduato tonn wer? reluctant nntil he mudo clear to them tho reception they would meet with In this country aud tho interest the'race would excite. The graduate team, Meaer*. Pentium!, llick&ou aud the two Barrlhgtons, had been already working lor wooks and making all preparation* to 1)0 on baud at tho Centennial racos. But they would not be allowed In a raeo with our undergraduates?in deed they aro said to have been tarred out at Henley on the aorooground. Tho Harringtons, lor Instance, wbil? graduates and also residing at Dublin, have bad nc connection lor somo years with Iho University, liul while tnls is fO, Mr. Croker Harrington, wtio will row No 3 nud now weighs upward of 180 pounds, la ro. pUted to bJ TMK FIRST OXKSMAK IX 1RKEAXD. His brother weighs hardly a stone less, while Messrs. Pentlund aud Hickson are lighter and smaller men. Thoy much regret that they cannot meet our under graduates, and when Captain ftee* reminded them liovr generous were the terms ottered by our students, and thou"hl ll the lormi r would not be too exacting a raco lor them might ulao be arranged at Saratoga separato lrorn the undergraduate contest, they promptly uud manfully told him to make them such a ruco as ho Fa* Hi and tbcv would row in iU With such excellent a* surance, alter so much vacillating elsewhere, he wal natuiall'v gratified, and will try bard to arrange agradu. ales' race for the day nfter, or possibly tho afternoon ot Hie dny of the Undergraduate International Meeting, l? which not only tlio Wesleyan graduate four alroadj together, but perhaps crews of Cornell, Columbia, Yule and other graduates will take part. As already said the undcrgradnatoa nnd thoir groat Irleud, I'ro lessor Leslie, at llrst needed some jxplanations, but when tbeeo cam* they quickly began to be interested, and tho result was that a crew, with Mr. Cowen at stroko and Messrs. Ambrose, Poole and Cowen, IIAVH AOenrTXO TIIX C0AU.KXOX, and nro to row our students at Saratoga. Something of their quality may bo inferred from Cowen'* rowing stroke of the crew which won the Ladles'Piute last vesr at Henley, beating, we helievo, crows from Imtb Oxford nnd Cambridge, while Poole was in tho winnlnj crow in the Dublin Metropolitan Begatta and Ambrose Is an experienced oar. Professor Lcalle promise) them substantial aid with the excuse ?? the voyage, while, ns Is only right, * nr rangement* hove already been completed t? render their slay In thm countrv one whicl will cost tlietn nothing, unless possibly n beating. They cannot leave till well into July owing to tholl borne flxtuio, the Metropolitan Begatta, early In that month. Tho tune set for the race at Saratoga is "on or Colore the 15th or August," as a later dale would not allow them sufficient time at Philadelphia bcrori tho Contenn al racing In which they with to partici pate, and hero broke out a sample of the bitter hostil ity existing between them and their rivals of tht rowing club. Professor Italic told Captain Hees that II ovrn ten minutes before any race they lound that tha Barringtjii team would be in It, they wot t.o AT OMrn WITItUXAW. Thi?, then. Is the crew which Is mark ng out the work for our students, the arrangement being that the two or tbrro foremovt crews in tlio national university aix-oared race on tlio 19th or July are to each select their heat lour men, nnd these latter nro to meet the Irish graduates In the straightaway three mile laned course on Saratoga liako on a day to b" yet settled about the middle ol August. Captain Be.?? found tb? coming lour to bo of medium height and weight, ol much about an age with our undergraduates and look ing nt to row them a lively race. He alao saw tht Harrington Tour al work, and wh:l* W was not hard to detect faults, and nol always unimportant one*, they have some very strong points In common with tho Cambridge oars men, who were out lu gr?-*t number* on the little Cam, thoy ahow more straight back* and erect hoads than we do, gel their hand* charpty off their bodies at th* beginning of tho stroke, and tha bodies themselve* olng forward moro mensuredly, thus avoiding th* ucketing which is too common among oh. But tin chief aupcriorlty lay In the grip they uianagod to gel of the water, tearlnr the oar through with great lorce, leaving a cavity behind It, and leathering up very cleanly. While < ambrtdft caporialiy wa* T'CH in fine, strong looking men, they. In com mon with KngUsh nlhlete* generally, bad nm the wiry look of our men when trained. Whethef onr climate may cause tlio difference will be better tin. derst 'Od niter thev come and try it, tnough there y little doubt that their temperamental phlegm an4 calmness will serve tliem well here. From imerviewi with gentlemen of thi l?ndon Rowing and Boya Ch< ster clubs Captain Bee* think* it very tmproltablf that either will be represented In the Centennial races, and could hear of nu Kn^lish amateur cr*w that will, notwithstanding the very sanguine hope* that haV* been hold out iroin Philadelphia to tho contrary. ACROSS THE OCEAN IN A DOIlY. ? t.LorcrsTxn, Ma**., Juno 5, 1876. Mr. Alfred Joiinsen will start Irom this harbor to morrow or next day for a trip to Liverpool, Kngland, in a coiflre board dory: The dory baa been built ex pro-sly for this trip by Messrs. Biggins Sc Olilord of this city, and ha* attracted th* attention of hundred* or persona who have vialtod their preraiaca lb* present week It I* built or pino and extra timbered with oak. 1* Irt rent In lengtn on the bottom nnd 20 on top. leel In width and 2M In depth. Sho i* docked over, with tlio exception ot standing room nnd n hatchway, hat three water tight compartment*, and the water and provision* lor a cruiso ol ninety day* will be carried In quarter barrels and tin cans, flh* 1* provided witt a mast and inainnail, two Jib* nnd sqoare saiL MM accommodation* lor sleeping nro in th* hatchway, and the dory I* provided with n drag to be used tn a gala. Mr. Jubnseu is on* ot our fishermen, *nd i* perfectly consent that be w.ll make the trip in **f?ty, and will occasionally, when not having apoien with any T?M?t throw ovor a bottle securely sealed, flviAj kl? j?ri?M* and vhwMbwMi ?

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