Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1876 Page 8
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THE COURTS. Singular Ejectment Suit After Fif teen Years' Occupancy. Profits of the Kentucky Lotteries. Abraham Van Orden In 1841 owned the two lots N01. 132 atid 134 \Vest Twuliin street. In l,s44 bo conveyed Na 134 to Joseph C. Asten, who proposed to build, snd ihe line was run by ihe parties between the two lota, and Asten erected a home on hia lino lorty feet deep leaving a courtyard of eight feet In iront. Ur. Van Orden then bad upon his lot a rear bouse and an old ?bop I routing on the Una or tlio street, which ob Itxucted tho view or both avenues. Alter a icrles of years Mr. llonry 11 Morango became the owner of the houso No. 134, and expended tumo $6,000 in motiernll Ingand building an exienilon. Mr. Van Orden con Btdcriug the shop nn tvesore to the neighborhood anlreated Mr. Morango to i>u 11 it down, but lb" latter declined to do m. utiles. Van Orden would pay part of the expo use, which was relused. Van Or,ion then built 'ouse: . A.;u'r fllleen years' acquiescence in the ime adopt d by his gramme \ au Oraen commenced a sua of Jjeclment against Morange. to compel him to take down two an,|it half incl.cs of nine leet ol the re,? "aJ' ot. U'? originally built, alleging that it incroached that much up.,n i ts |,iuu ... Mse came to trial yesterday belor,' J?!l ? Hr* Mnrsn'1 ?f .llie. ..Cour' 01 Common i'lsas Mr. Morango contended tliut the j.l.i null's Ion ?cqulcsccnco In the l,?e anumcd by A.ten was ev.^ dence ol an agreement; that there was a i.rac' i" Hoc* Moo by consent and that when part." a/r'e m'on a division line elthor by consent or lone arauien'enc iiuch a lino ig not to bo disturbed; that i>uh,im? and permanent improvements made upon the faith u1 u?i loca.ion o. the line cannot be dutirbeu;H'ul trailer? and aUdiitoDs may be inaUe, and to permit -ucli ! nea "o productive 01 incalculable n J V , action was maliciously brought. ,,n I th it InLW 1? ?ihDi ?f rtwo >nca<-s 01 defeiid ri i h 7 2 no advantage io the plaiutiflf; The Judge charged tho Jury ih.ii tiicre could be r.o no. juiescenco if the p an,tin did not know o [he en, and in ,t, ? they believed ihe plaintiff's testimony, they r....-t renuer a verdict ,n his fa vor riiojurj retired and quickly reiuine.l wub a verdict in i?Z nnn d0l*VlUnt- A '"?"<?? >nad? by ," lelenuant lor an allowance upon n,o amoutil claimed by the plaintiff, but the Judge denied tin- application a Slay Uuu,J da>'= to make a case with SUMMARY OF LAW CASES. In tlio suit brought by Sylvester Cobb against Hen lam.n Wood, the tacts of ?hlch have been reported tried before Judge Sinford, ol the Superior Court, a rerdict was yesterday rendered lor f3,S7o 9s) lor liio Plain tin. Judge Donohue yesterday settled the order giving leave to leaso the Bloeckor Street 1U11 road to tho rwenty-thlrd Street Railroad Company. Other litiga tions grow out ol this decision, and to day there w?l be further skirmishing to protect the franchises of the road. Judge Donohuo yesterday rctnandod Julius L. Lam ben, arrested on a charge or collecting money in Hur. srsw r. perlor Court, a Hard man to deal with Hn v,...lf Imposed a line of $.>o each upon twentyoight iuronj who, alter personal service, failed to attend court i ? 5K" "" " "?"?? ? the dissenting opinion, and the controlling op n Sn was ihe concurrent ones ol Judges Larromoro and J K Dalv confirming the vordict lor the phiiutin J Kuulman S;mon, a lawyer, h ivinir h's nm? .. v 2(56 Broadway, has been ind.ctedTor ru,?l . ' N,a wonif* Wo"l? 1,1 nwr- Irom Judson U. \Vortii a well known merchant, who was lormnriv - ^ Bimon. To tins indictment Simon has iderd'vi ?l.of trial IS *01 down lor the July term of th ro,?!,* "c1"" lions. Several actions havo also been t>rou'<'hi ulvnUi. Pimon in the civil courts by Mr Worth In ? moneys alleged to havo hoc/ d am. , I'X?V?r pS, a^i-s "?r wV'rnf? Ua's'lcd h's opening, and the resi of thediv 7"r,n < " ''xamiuation or H?<nry Sheriuan Acting Superintendent ot tho .Ninth Avenue Rallrond' 'i,;',;:?*"""'" ",,w damages lor the l.tiri.ltig of 1'.," fn-r, ^ S5?^ TTSZW* 'mo!ion fzr:M plaint, upon Which a decision w.l, he given ihis^^; I he trial of a ra~o was commenced vosterdav beforn J'ZiL!'m-T""" '?" ""???'?S5 Susan Uoono i.,d iotestate somo i;mo aso hav ing us is claimod, deposited two nm's oi tSUl K" P'M book a tiuU iho inOKier In 10 1 ^ -Covrr tlio Hliom thoaci.on w, in;!i * 1 'rron.orc, Lrforo Torn, hotdsihal cesti'*'queCfrustVnd vested1 i'ii"'ach T ^ nie'nt accordingVy^0 ^'?' ^-ctVd^^t DECISIONS. SUPREMr. COURT?CHAMBERS. 1 ,!>" Judge Donohue. ?????.-x.,.? I lister vs. Weitt ? What is wrukm " P.SSS- "? ci.' w?? ,p. pi <? in eu ta ry* proceed In if ^'i n' r'yi' /v? h r ip^ru 7 r" ^uarino ,.0d , or.Mo Boat Con?'? any ? KeIe^c"aco llrush vs. Broad?Must he reierred. Kice v^. Ilico.?Referee ippouile l. Asloi el al. is Moclavo. ?| waul to see counsel (?ales vs. Ball; In th<'matter of the idimj r im.ninr s trustee of trusts created f.y tl?. ? ,;| P',r J . ' u," Bei?to?4 The C.Uenr S.v ngs "a/k i?-iiiiiNt?s. o and 4; \oiajii vs Tho I , ? and Miohigaa Southern lUiiroad Conipauv ?"ingails vl" 1" atrchllu, Oieie v*. Schuelte ? Swill vl C.h'.?i !l tl.w m.uer ol ilirsch vh H.n.han lhe L nlJu . Iust t.omp.111 > VS. Mem; Henhu.-st vh UaeharacU aad M llr ;V? !be "'?"?L"' U*'??ro; tn the mat.'r " f southern ?K*iiro?d Company* *Ty*a ?t? *' oV"1 ,u.'" r?wn.?B,l va M?dd:'cton BadVi'ey ?* lb. Harlem lu.k vi Tale ?' u 'ulll tl H#S,n ~ Softer; Matthew* the rtesu'rr.., ifnn; Banna'isKVr"kter v'"' SfurcU ?' $ '^env; ar j . Manilla, t urers and Builders OtU k v? Keri iv i!."? In the Hatter of ihi >1 T 1,0 v? l-.vall. ?%OICh.soh"UrU,,i .Th" H" -'S y Stem: Norton v' Kob.nson'ilu-k e\v? f, U Ac.; la the mailer of Kav ton I he 11..1 r ?? n !' ,>"r' AC., orphan Asylum .Soci/ly sTie* "Z, ?v ' v ^'-'Ah^v.ter Kv,u^; 8oS0eilnM,TI,?*,flL0r;J- T.ini:en!>aum vs The Svea granied. company Vs. Scraulon ct al ?Orders While v*. Sieleman ?Memorandum buflern va The National ^hon and Uthtr lt..k >err,s vs. Koran Smith v. va. >or. 111; Van i)o ion va Vnu i? ti i ' ? ssi^rr." "? K":"?'"??..'^1;".^. ? A'Her -Motion deme I Memorandum. ? Prillfi ^ ^ Herman.?Donictl, withoui rout - Ocottv* VVhtung. -Motion denied, without eosta lirowu ta KuIjius ?lluiiun Ucnietl. Hy Jvd^e Uw ronc#, I'rager vs. MUnr and Hani v- Main.?Orders r an'r t By Judge The I eople, Ac,, v.? Kreedman -Settled Oarcht v?. Clark. ?-t;ranted 4,Utl Tiflan/i ?"?? Saxe.?Orders granted. supremi court?cm rr it?part 2. Bjr Judge Van Vorst. Marshall vt. Mary ami another.?Order resettled. SUPREME COVUT?IFECUt TEltlC. By Judge Van Vorst. Farley vs. Farreli.? Findings iPtHed and signed. By Jti<1^o l>arrcmore. Grout and another vs. Cooper.?Judgment for plaintiff | as demanded in tho complaint. I Martin vs. Funk ot al.?Judgment for plaintiff. See : decision Sri'EIlIOB COritT?SPECIAL term. By Judge Sedgwick. Tymng vs. Marsh el at. ? I'ms motion is denied, but Judge Speir will hear any applit attou for reaetllomcnt ot order made by him, an<l couu.-tl may appear before bun on Thursday, June H, at half-part ten A. M. We her va Kreund.?The mailer a-ked to be stricken out is not pleaded in law, nnd the defendant cannot us" it lo mitigate damages because it is not pleaded as niUianiing circumstances. Motion granted. Krlschkarn vs. llautscb.?Undertaking approved. Doyle vs. Sharpo Order reversed. Stiger vj, Delavan.?Plaintiff's complaint dii-mlssed with costs. Bauks vs. Gale.?Adrianre Bush appointed receiver. Johnson v* HuUlg.tu; Banks el al vs. Gale.?Re ceiver's bond approved. Keitbe vs. Conner.?Ordered 011 short calendar. MARINE COCBT "HAMMERS. By Judge Mr Ada m. Goodklnd vs. Bough.?Jiecistou tiled. Chandler vs. Hamilton. ? Leave to serve supplemental camplatnt granted. ? Cuine vs. Cide. ? Prisoner discharged. Allbrecbt vs. Louiimn.?1'Iamtifl must enter Judg ment, Kiug vs. Holly.?Time toanswer shortened. Cbadwick vs. Brooke.?Attachment ordered. I'rlcP vs. Buscli.?Costs taxed. Guillon vs. Cory.?CwuituisMon ordered. O'Bara vs. Weld.?Action declared abated. llerhst vs. Mayorga.? Arrest stt astdo. Krackaucr vs Hardinan.?Case settled. The Simpson Ha.I Miller Company vs. Bnyle*; ney wood vs. Covei l; Hu e vs. Hoc.-e; Hone vs. Hliiinm; Farmer vs. llaucKer.?Motions granted. Mavo vs. Bryan.?Complaint dismissed, with costs. vs. Day.?Bond approved. Hor-tman vs. Sweetland.?William H. Speurer, wit ness, discharged. GENERAL SESSIONS?PART I. Before Recorder Hackett. II t(JH\T.\Y BOBBERY. ? James Campbell and Peter Clark worn placed at the bur charged with having, in company of nn unknown person, attacked Joseph Silk, of No. 290 Ninth avenue, while in Bieccker street on the morning of the 3d of May, and robbed him of a silver watch, i Campb"ll pkaded guilty and was sent to tho Stato lor llftcen years. A nolle prosequi was entered iu ttio case ot Clark. GENERAL SESSIONS?PART II. Bofore Jud;o Gildcrsleuvo. HIGHWAY ROBMCBY. Jam?s Flanagan, twenty one, of No. 309 East Forty fourth street, was indicted tor robbery in the Gist de gree. Ono afternoon Mrs. Gillig, of No. 310 Fast Forty-fl th street, was walking toward her home, when a man approached her and pulled from her hand a : satchel, containing $80 and a bunch of keys. In tho struggle Mrs. (iillis fell to the ground. Tho prisoner ! was fully identified by a boy named Frank Shelley, who witnessed the occurrence. Tho prisoner, who bad alreadv served three terms In tho Penitentiary, was i found guilty of the crime charged, and was sentenced < to ten years' imprisonment lu the State Prison at hard ; labor. GRAND LABCENY. William Thompson was placod at tho bar charged with grand larceny from tho person. On the night of the 27th of May last, Nathan S. Harris was passing 1 down Bleecker street, whon some persons approached 1 him irom behind. His watch was suatcbeu irom him, uml 111 the middle ot the street 11 tell to the ground. Th" complainant alleged that he saw tho prisonor pick it up and ruu off He waa Immediately raptured by an offlcor coming up Houston street. Tho prisouer was found guilty aud sentenced to live years in the Stato Prison. COUNTERFEIT CHAMPAGNE. Yesterday morning bench warrants wero Issued by Bucorder llackclt, ol tho Court of General .Sessions of tho Peace, Part I, for tho arrest of Thomas E. Arnold, No. 22 New Ctiurch street; Km mi ucl I* Spellman, No. | 22 New Church street; Henry Wenko, Nos. 151 aud 153 Canal street; K. Vou .-Tclioening, with Henry Brandt ! it Co, No. 77 Chrystio street; H. Matlnas, No. 238 Front streot; David Stern, No. 45 Wnrren street; August Werner, with H. Piper & Co,, No. 20 Park place; George E. Bliss, with the American Wine Company, No. 6 Cedar street; Philip Hono, No. 34 Vescy street; Charles H. Cole, No. 7 New streot; J.,mes S. Jackson and James H. Jackson, of No. 840 Sixth avenue, against whom the Grand Jury has found true bills of Indictment for counterfeiting the chani pagno wine and tho labels on the bottles and tho bottles aud packages containing said wiuo, and selling the said wine, bottles and packages as ttio original G. H. Mum in A: Co. 'a extra dry and dry Ver/euay cham pagne wine, knowing the same to tie counter* fa t. Several arrests wore made yesterday and others will lie marie to day. The persons arrested gavo ball lor trial. Tho trials will come on at an early da o. Tbe indictments were trained undor section 209 o! the Lawsof 1*83, of the Stato of New York, passed in amendment ot tlio law enacted' April 17, 1862, and which provides as the penalties lor counterfoitlng such trade mark or label a line not exceeding $500; a penalty of 1100 for each separate oflencc. anil holds the ollender liable to a civil action by the plaintiff lor all damage* to Ills business resulting from such coun terfeUlng. It is understood that by a recent amend ment the nenalty lias been raised to $500 flne and im prisontnent tor not more than eighteen mouths, at the discretion ol the Court The plaintiff* In the case are Messrs. F. do Bary .V Co., the ager.ts ot G. II. Mutnrn & Co. 1 It has been estimated by experts that of the cham pagne drnuk in me I'll ted States three-quarters is bogus and made here. Tho profits of the venders ol the bogu< champagne are sai l to be onormous. Their ruifl is set (orili in Uio affidavits iu the suits be^un yes terday as a chemical preparation of santerne or aerated California wine, costing about twenty cents per bottle. The so-called champagne with counierleits of kuown brands is generally sold at auction, all receipts abovo $tf or a case l>eing net profit. The price ol Imported champagne varies iroili $20 to $36 per ease, one ot the parties srrestod yesterday had i lactory in tho MXtli w.ird. Tho detective employed discovered that the sautorne or California wtne wss taken there in ca^ks, doetored and bottled, corkod and labelled witn a counterfeit ot & 11. Muinm i Co.'s label and sent otf ai nialit. The evidence before the Recorder shows that a short time since eerta n Junk dealers gave uotice to their boy agents ttint Xiimm Co.'s champagne boxes wero worth more than ttrewood, and a detective hearing of this followed an empty box tft us destination. Lven the straw parking was bought by tho iiinkman. The empty case And the straw were >ent into a bogus wine tictory. the bottles il,led with a mixture and marked witn the counterfeit labels. The twine was staiued, the tin toil put on and ihe case with a dozen others nut on an express wagon after a scom li.ia reported tho i oast clrar. >oon after it was, with the others, lolt in a eel:nr. A driver's wapon then slopped * and took np all the cases, In two hours from the lime it was packed it was in tho cellar of one ot the eomplainams, who had purchased It is evidence, paying $22 for what bad prooably cost ffl. I'he groc< r of eeitrse, denied all guilty knowledge, but cou'd not reply wh n isked why he ?eu( his waion in such a surreptitious maimer tor well known brands of wlnr. It is understood that the example of Messrs. F. Pe Bary k Co.. in aeekiug to punish ttie manufacturers ot bogus wise w I be closely loHowed i>v the other agents ol leading champagn ? kousOS. 1' the Illicit traffic is not 'topped the American market for pure Champagne will ba abolished, sad 'lie revenue to the government on nearly 3u0,00t) cases of wine per annum completely lost. POLICE COURT NOTES. At tbe Essex Market Court, before Justice Blxbr, Annie Graham, dressmaker, living at No. West Twenty second street, was committed in default of $1,000 ball >or stealing $40 from James Sterrin. a 'long-hnreman. while In a disreputable house at Duyard street and the Itowery. I'reuerick K ng-ley. of So. 53 Lewis street, was sent from |he Fifty-seventh Street Court to blackwell's Island on the 26tb ol May for one year on a charge of disorderly conduct. There were lound upon li ? person at the time some pawn tickets, which, on inventigation, led to tho discovery of a burglary in wl.ich Kiagsley bad taken part. A- gold cli.un. ? valuable jold rlr.i; an t other property were rerov'red noma pawn shop bv means of the tickets, aud DsnISI (>ono\au. of No. 415 Kast Fourteenth street. identified tne article* as Ins property. Kiagsley wss committed in default ot biif to stand hit trial for burglary st the General Ses sions. COURT CALENDARS?THIS DAT. Srrsans t>?osr? CiiamiKas?Helit by Judge Bono hue. ?Nod. 54. 5W. 61. *4. 70, Ttf, 103, 107, 133, 134, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, ISO, IW9, 20., 223, 225. $28, 2321 233, 1U, 248, 270, 277, 276. 284, WW, 300, 304, 30i. 3i sera*** Conif?Srsnsi. Tssn?-41e|d by Judge LawrettM.? No?. .:n.i, B7. .(1*. 200, 361, 410, 411, 223, 376, 241, 283, 874, 37 ', 387, $38, 4,10. 214, 420, 27$, 279 178. 174 o 14. 518. 587. fStrrasax Curat?Cmrrir?Part I?Held bv Jui1,-je Barrett. ?No* 1671, 2*58, 14?. 1113, 1761, 1781, 1789, 1.S81, 423. ll.:."s 1461. 1051, 14".'3. 2850. 1535. 252, 1140ft, 114*. lot, 1636. 14251391. 1577. 1579, 1647. Part 2.? Adjourn-d until K'riday, June i'. H76 I'art 3? Held by Judge l-arrcmore.?Noe <'7 24 M>. IS00. 575l%, 1811, V47 3019 755. 296$, 1121, 871, 1944, 1431, 413, 1734, 2o '?9. lot I 691, 191$, 3C1 St-rsKii'S Cot-KT?Gsxiftafc Tnt*?Held by Judges Cartis and Van Vorst ? Appeals Irem order?? Nos 9, Id, II, 12, 13 lieiioral Ml 12, 14, lrt, 16, '11. 29 SrrsKioK CofaT?ST'rial. Unv?Held bt Judge f-v Ij-w k ?Be .ner No. J. I-sue of ,ai?No. 41. 8trm< a Cocht? Tbiai, Tkrv?Part I?Held t>y Jndgasattard.? Nos.u 11 m*|. *??,, mo, U33, 1072, t 1112, 108^ low> *4;i ?5:i l'art COUltT OF APPEALS. A must, JanoO, 1S70. DSCTSIOXS nAKPKD DOWN. Judgment reversed and new trial granted, costs to ibid* event?Claflin vs. Lcnhrim; Richard vs. Welling ton: Weller vs. Tut lull. Judgment. nfllrined with costs?Malr ??. Erio Rail way Company; Wintringham vs. Dibble; Slowed vs. llazlctt. Order affirmed and judgment absolute for plaintiff cn Stipulation witU costs?ferry vs. Stephens. Order <il General Term reversed and judgment on re j>ort ol referee affirmed with costs?West Now York Llle insurance Company vs. Clinton. Juiigmiut affirmed,? Masou vs. I'artrldgo; Kilbouru vs. Partridge; Sawyer vs. Partridge. Order granting new trial alllrnied, and Judgment absolute tor i iaiiiuff. uu stipulation with costs.? Clemcnce v?, ctty ot Auburn. Order atllrtned ?People, ex rel., .Stokes vs. tho War den ol tlie Stnie PriSou al Sing Sing. Order affirmed uud Judgment absolute for defendant on simulation, Willi ousts.?Smith vs. Ryan. Appeal dismissed^ with costs In re petition of W Ultoiesey v?. Hoguet; 1'iaii vs. Piatt; Gray vs. Green. Order ol Special form and of General Term reversed and motion granted,?Cole vs. Malcolm. cautwoaii. Tho following is the day calendar (or Wednesday, Julio 7:?Not. 'JOU, 2i'o, 4:J^, 200, lstl, 106, '?K?, 64. MOTIONS. 1 l.istnian vs. Riant. ? Motion 10 dismiss appeal. An drew J. Crapsoy lor 1I10 motion; Otio Uorwiu oppose.. i Ordered leave to amend notice ol appeal granted with I out costs. Uiurber v*. Chambers.?Motion 10 amend Judgment | as to cost. M. C. James lor motion; S. lluud opposed. Hrick vs. Ilrtck.?Motion to nmctid judgment as to ? costs. Henry K. Da vies lor motion; S. Hand opposed. APl'KALS rKOM OKUK No. Ss:i. Hohm t vs. l.itliauor.?Submitted. No. ati'j. piunkett vs. Appleton.?Ar.;ued by William G. Chouto lor appellant, 1C. J. shepherd for respond ent. No. 374. Franklyn vs. Sprugue.? Argued by Jame3 McKecnoJor appellant, George C. Holt tor respondent. ?No. 377. People's Sulo IKpostt Company vs. Hu clianan.- Argued by A. M. Doardsluy lor appellant, W. or respondent. No. Powers vs. Gross. ?Submitted No. 37s In ro Second Avenus Methodist Episcopal Church.?Argued by A. i). Johusju lor appellaut, J. A. Hc.ill for respondent No. 388. hi re Dcansvtllo Cemetery.?Submitted. Adjourned. GESTUiiES TO A JURY. ! Tlio trial of Sergeant Heeler, of the Third pre clnct, for an attempted outrago on Mary Russell was brought to a close yesterday. Tho complainant, who Is a native of Newcastle West, county of Limorlck, Ire. land, arrived in lilts country in January. Sbc went to JerseyjL'lty in search of (Mends, but, baring lo-t their address, she wandered up and down lu u fruitless search till night came on. JJetng friendless and penni less She betook herself to tho Third precinct station where she obtained lodging. During tho uiglit Scrg.-unt Heeler, slio alleges, entered tier cell three times uud made three attempts to commit an indecent assault. She struggled against him successfully uud screamed lor help but no assistance arrived. The third tiuio no visitod her cell sho alleges that ho placod some tiling liKo rubber across her inouih but she loro it away. Early In the morning she re ported tho case to Captain Glenney, Sergeant Gilkiu son and Justlco Davis The poor girl was thrown into Jail where she has since remained as a witness lor the State. Her health in tho meantime gave way nnd she was uttaeked with hemorrhugo of tho lungs una ner vous prostration. Tho evidonco adduced was very strong, and District Attorney Garretson in sum ming up lor the State delivered a scathing address The case was given to tho jury by Judge Hoffman at fifteen minutes before three o'clock. The friends ol the accused flocked ibo court houno grounds and threw mysterious signs at the window of ihe room In wnlch tho jury was locked up. The Jury came inlo ?court nt live minutes to six and rondered a vordict ot not guilty. SING , SING. . THE STATE PRISON COMMISSION OF INVESTIGA TION?EDWARD 8. STOKES. The commission appolntod by tho Legislature to In vestigate Sing Sing Prison assembled yssterda? after noon at that Institution to commence Its labors. Tho members were Messrs. Sinclair Tousey, chairman I.oulsD. Pilsbury, Superfnten dent of tho Albany Peni tentiary; George R. Habcock of Uuflalo, and General A. C. Novin, of Sullivan couul itesido theso gentle men were D. U. Starr, Sergeao -at-Arms, ol Monticello, and Mr. 0. Loyns, stenographs. Tho Prison Inspect' ors Clark, Crowley and Wagner wore also requested to bo present at the invoi tigatiou, but only the tlrst and last named gontlemon wcro at the State Prison yester day, awaiting tho srr val of the commission. The business transacted wU> n Ihe members did arrtvo was ocly preliminary, and consisted of a mere survev of tho institution and a cursory examination ol Its depart meuts preparatory to the thorough arrangement ol tho programme to be pursued in the course 01 ihc inquiry For the l ist four weeks, according to tho statement of Mr. Tousey, thero has been an expert at the prison o\i>r.iaulin^ ibo books, vouchors and papors roiaiiuir to the linaiicial tran.saciious iu ihe prison *inco October 1, 1809, lor the purpose ol discovering and tracing out the history of every contract lrom that time 10 this, so that Iruud, il any exist, may bo uncaribed and lasu-ucd upon its perpetrator, the inquiry will probably occupy two or threo months, and eight or ten hours or each day will be devoted to its conduct by the commission ers, who will remain in Sing Sing, wiiere thev liavo engaged board witn Mrs. Gilbert, on tho bill above tho prison, lor the season. It is not yet definitely known what lino of investigation. financial or I disciplinary, will bo adopted first; therefore iu all probability, tho former win flrst engage the attention ol the commissioners. Tbey hsve resolved to oon.luct their business ssquiotlyas possible, and re train from publishing any part of tlio tt-siiinouv re ceived, leeling in auty bound to comply with the set under which they operate, in making their flrst report ol tho re-nit ol ihcir labors to tbo Governor next Oc tober. Tbey have been invested with reniirkablo powers. They can subprona nnd compel witnesses 10 testify when necessary, in order that evervchance may be utilized to |( arn why the State Prison lias been Isr behind llnaDCiully. It is thought that ibe tirst le?ti. mony will i>o heard on or about Thursday. The laxnv o! discipline 111 the prison is such as to warrant expectu lion ol startling revolatlous. not only in the financial affairs, but also 1110 routine conduct ol the former prison authorities. This morning the tlrst regular session 01 ibe commission ? egins. and hereafter bust ne<s will be resumed dally until the work is thor oughly Dnlshcd. KDWARII S. UTOKKS. Ye-ierday K.r.vard s. Stokes was in a verv norv*" ? *?* * TWO RUFFIANS. OfTiccr William K. l)o Nyso. of theSKourtcenth pre cinct, yesterday brought a roan and child to the Mul berry rirect ?tallon. 1'ho little girl told a horrible ?lory. She Mid sliO was Inktn by ih? ui.m to itic Thirty leurth Street Theatre. then drought down town to a ?nloon hi Amity itrm au.i inilecci Uy assaulted, (m leaving the Amuv street den the man took Mr to Canal street. where be wa? wrtatM iiv officer De Nyse. The prisoner, who gave bit name a- James^lilln, ? boiler Maker. l.vnnt m Wm Thirteenth street, on I?e<nj5 arraigned belor* Jujuce M tirr.n . at tb<'Toinb* ! yesterday, ?#? held for trial in .i'<tauit offtl 000 hail. ! At the WMlmMli 1'iaee I'once Court Michael ; McCnnn. of No. .'>,;o West Thirty fourth str< et, was held I in fi.000 hail lor committing a similar as*anlt on Mary Ann Keilly, aged nine year*, of So. Ml Went Thirty fourth street. BOY BURGLARS. At two o'clock yesterday morn ng Officer rtellard, ol the leuth precinct, round John May, aged fifteen years, of So. Ill bast Kourth street, snd James Gill, sited twelve years, of No^ 80 Hamilton street, robbiug the cigar and pipe more of Abraham Knenberg, No. *9 Canal street. They had broken the ula** (>f the show window With the qatakilCM ami accuracy ol ?'profes sionals," mmI ?ere lelptn.* themselves to the -nock when arretted by Officer Hellard. I he boy burglars were held .'or trial. ' A BAD POINT WELL TAKEN. 1 To Tit* Kbito* or tiik On >aturday last t received <n payment for (roods a Avcdollir bill on ibe "Hampden National Dunk el Westfleld, Mass." I sent it to the bank to dopoett. Tbe teller stamped it With a large -'C'' and pronounced it a counterfeit anil sent It ba< k I returned it to ilia man who gave it me. and he ?wears bo hadn't any bill ? lamprtl WtUI ihe letter "t' " or lie -. ouid hiv,- on It All sny explanation* are ftitile, lor li<- >*y*. and ' nays traiy. he never gave me a bill stamped n that I way. Has tbo bank any right to stamp a utll they 1 r?:ui? to t*kef I F. AND A. M. wncrrr-nrTH AwirtrAL cosiirumcATiosj of tot OIUND LODOE Or HEW TOBK. The Most Worthy Grand Lodge of F. and A. 11. of the .Stale of New Turk convened yesterday afternoon In annual communication. At two o'clock the large hall in the Masonic Temple, corner ol Twonty-third street and Sixth avenue, wan filled to its seating capa city by the grand officers of this State and the repre sentatives of 756 subordinate lodges in this State. The Grand Lodge hall was clcared of ?? but members, and a lew minute, later the organist, Brother Henry Carter, piayod a march as the grand officers entorcd in column procession. The M. W. Grand Master welcomed the brethren In a spleen, contrasting the five lodges represented last year with the many huudreda there this year. After a voluntary on the orpin by Brother Morgan the (.rand Lodge was declared open for business. The , Most Worthy Grand Master delivered his nnnual ad | <lress. The Grand Master announced that be bad ap j pointed representatives noar other Grand Lodges. I The a W. Grand SecroUry presented his roport as I follows:? | Receipts for the year, fl00.849 25, rlr. ?_ J.roiu dues of lodges ra2 I Jrom w.irrnnts and dispensations. i'?0 00 j From certificates and o.plomas ^ | * rom dues of brethren ol delunct lodge*.. ! je So i j"'*' 24 I A. the annual communication of 1875 there were 097 '"rhn ? rclnrnc'1 reports to the Crand Secretary ? Comtmttee " r?CCIV0'1 a',l! rP,crrc" ,u I M W. John W. Simons, Grant! Treasurer rcnortsthn transactions of his offlce-M follows - ' I I ue receipts lor the year were:? Prom ihe lii-and Secretary ilm a_a i 110 'II line rati on deposits... "ij] I Total ? ?? i On voucher. * 'M 51 ; Balance tg Ball aud A.)l?ra j/,1?!} I Total ? ? Leaving In (be treaiary nithVn* flOI.Wl 51 1 ^iMSS "??jN .lm from M*( ,o ?5'l, KT Z'r'^m'Z fUTA? and Asylum Fund ngaregat <1 fi am iSii t? . i SfSSra; V,? flT,r?a me WM lan >Mr for ^nts A resolution wns adopted that It be referred to -> nut too to consider and' report wlieilierfSvicwo'the Iai'-l ?et(!VUf#nJl alflachl"clit manifested by Goneral fraternity, ami the eminent services be aZ'o/ lor '"the'? rrr'Cnn n,,l'0"? " woa,,l uot , . B"'ng lor tlio to attend in ? ?n1'Ve*re^iinV"hPI,le ?er<,?n?nlcs ol unvailmg i. STJ* "M s,?tue in Central I'ark it iv cor,'1,,.miteeBC,'1'r' K?nl UDJ Ha"tea were "PPolnted "such J'Xu's,-!" ???"{"" ?mco" ? ,"a THE P11ISON KEFOIiMERS. About 200 people assembled last night In Stclnway Hah to witness tho convening of the Fourth Congress of the ?National Prison Heform Association. j{ev. Or. Bellows presided nnd opened the proceedings with a speech In which he regretted tho absence of exUovernor Sey mour, wbo was to havo acted as chairman, and still more regretted the absonco of so many of the intelligent people of this city who had bcon expected to All tho benches. Ho attributed the slight Interest In the sub Ject of prison discipline to the comparative newness of tho scienco and the consequent indisposition of many to study It at all. He referred to tho present system ns one tending rather to create than suppross tho criminal classoa He adverted to the conviction now estabiiahod that the criminals cure is to bt> effected by educating him intellectually and morally to bnnz out what is right and Just in hia naturo and disposition, and to eievaie him by aid of his own powers and afloctlons above the baler appetites to which bo hat fallen a victim. The speaker closed his remarks by introducing Mayor W ickhatn, who welcomed tho Congress to Now York 'in tho name of the city and in behalf of her good pet?ple." He made a short addross which ho prefaced by the remark, "There It no community In America for which tholr deliberations have greater interou than forthls. Our polico force numiiers some 2,500 men- we havo nine police Justices, three Judges of the General Sessions i.nd ? Court ol Oyer and Term'ner-all of hem of criminal juristictlon and all constantly occu pied; wo havo forty-five prisons (Including ,,ohce intended *1 or'm Th"*'" th? c?v- -"h accommodM ons intendod lor, in tho a^gregato, 3,000 person*, and actu ally containing m?re than tbat number " William Cuilen Bryant was next intro'du-ed and mado abriol addross. in tho course of which he remarked tbat every part ol tho country ia concerned m the I'nrtTh R.T( ? ,r *Dd moral Pur,ly of every other parr and tbat there Is no country in tho civilised vv.?rlJ which is not interested In th-laws for the suppression of crime to every otbor country. Mr. I!ry:mt alter ? or^iVtn? h,s ?e*t> taylugthat ho hau thought of sev hm memory meeting but they had slipped Dr. Bello ws replied that it was well f0r the world that t remembored the thoughts of the vrnenl.lo noei i,?i tor than himself, and thereupon Introduced Hon Itich ard Vaux, who was President of tho .St. Louis <;?nKre? Mr. \ aux referred to tho lack or interest m prison d? cinlmo on the part of the mass of people, a laruor attendance he tl.ongbt could have been ieenred if fho penal RWer#'? <i,8CUM CTCD ,m,cnl ???? "?cad of , "" nFrederlck H- Wines- e?>tlrmtn of tho Commit tee on Organization, read the report of the bodv which was adopted. By its provisions at haB-p^t ,e^ fun^vB the Congress will as8rmblo in ? Ua" to orK?n:to, alter which It will l.o divided into three sections, for the consideration or 1 Criminal law rolorm; A Prison reform, and 3. Pre! ventivo measures. Jw"1 h,,'J meetings on Wednestlav Thnrsdny and ^rlday mornings, the Urst in a small Ii?m on the Urst floor, entrance on Kjtenth *trw" be second on tho i latform In too largo ball and the third in the small ball. General meeting! will be held cach evening during tho session in the large hali. A letter received from tho authorities of ihe Caihniin Protectory in Westchester, inviting the ?ngress ,o ' f ?h" 'tj*Utuilon, was referred to the Committee on Business, as was also tho invitation of Ro.lnev H Crow'ey. state Prison Inspector, to the Congress to State ? 8 aD<1 ?lh*,r p0ti*' ""tuitions of tho COLUMBIA COLLEGE The examination at Columbia College has not yet ex tended beyond the Senior class. This class began last Thursday with astronomy, on Friday they took up chemistry; on Monday, Ureek and Calculus; yester day, physics; to-day, economics; tomorrow they will tako up phys'cs an l Latin, and on Kridnv ch niistry und psychology. The examination of the other cla'sea aud ior lellowstilps will begin on tlio l'jth and couciudn on the 17th. Micro arc uow in the Senior class 41 fflMtil'cr?; in the Junior. 29; In the Sophon.ore, 54, and In the Freshmen, 48, making a total ot 172. NOBMAL COLLEGE. Between *00 and SOO young ladies were examined during the last two (lavs lor admission into tlic Sormil College. 0" Monday the examimtion was upon the suhject of arithinetic, algebra and history; and on Tuesday upon ?ngli-h grammar, geography and spell lii?. The results will b.i announced .>n the 14tn Inst. To day the graduating cl*** t?ejin with their egatHfn*. tion, which will continue throu^n the next throe days. The subjects to bo taken up by them ?ro tueihou* of teaching Latin and history on to-dav; literature, a?tron?my. algebra am! spell-ng to-morrow ; physics, grammar, Oerwan ami French oti Krday: pityiolocy, arithmetic aiui geometry on nuxt Monday. 1ho other trades do not begin until the 16th. TIIE FREE COLLEGE. the examination yesterd iy embraced only the non graduating elasses, the Seniors, after day before yes terday's soTere strain. waiting until to day before re commencing their work. The Junior elasa took up in tellectual pbllosop iv and logic; the Sophomore class, S|Ninish, Merman and Latin; the Freshman class, Kngli-h literature and xoology; and the commercial department of the Introductory class, bookkeeping and phonography. THE CUSTOM HOUSE. Seventeen storekeepers were suspended from the Custom Houso yesterday till the 1st of July on account of a deiiriency ol funds for collection of the revenue. The deficiency amounts to over $2,000. It wtli i o re paid l>y the 1st of July by ibe suspension of the officers. CHARLIE KOSS. There I* a rnmor tn Mrooklvn that a confederate ol Douglas and Mother, tho abductors of t'harlie, is In that city. The case was brought to the attention of Captain Kerry by a relauve of the Rots tmnilr. Uriniklyii has i ceo thoroughly searched, but up to llie protcni without any t-ign of tuccess. A HORRIBLE ACCIDENT. About two o'clock yesterday afternoon a !>0y named Solomon Goldstein, shoot ci?-hl years old, at So. 1^3 Kast 117th sireet, wli;le cro.?-lng 1/arlem Bruigo. the the drawbridge being op-u, was cr.u^ht be tween itio ofaw >nd ttio railing and mmilotrd in g hor rible manner. He was instantly killed, his head bung i severed irvm ma body and hn left Ice cut e? CITY TAXES. The amount oftaxes levied this year for the purposes of the city government, he., wis fixed at $32,348,800 AS ? the yearly budget. Over $38,000,000 of thta had been collected by Jaae I, at which time the collection ot the balance of $4,340,134 24 was turned over to the Board of Arrears. oo.TraAf-ra awarder. Commissioner Campbell, of the Department of Pub lic Works, yesterday awarded the following con tractu:? Regulating and grading Fourth avenue, be tween 1021 and 110th streets, to Ed. Brad burn $12,585 00 Re?ulstlBg and grading Sixty-second street, between Tenth and Kloventh avenues to J. Wybert.v T,907 91 Regulating and grading loist street, between the Boulevard and Ktverside Parle, to Abra ham Dowdney 8,8(9 25 Regulating and grading 113th street, between Mornlngsido Drive <uid Kiver^ida Drive, . Muthew H. Moore 7,874 85 Regulating 130ih street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, James Kvarard 2,348 50 Regulating and grading 144ih street. Ten'h avenue, to tlic Boulevard. Mathew H. Moon? 2.051 00 Flagging east side of Ninth avenue, between fifty-ninth and Sixty-third streets, Will lam A. Cunnany 885 38 Flagging 120th street from Third to Sixth avenue, K. W. Hinmau 2,350 58 Total amount covered by contracts $39,921 15 MUNICIPAL NOTES. Comptroller Green yesterday paid the small pipe men over $17,000. The walks about the oast side of tbe City Hall Park ore in a scandalous stale of decay. Bootblacks :n City Hall Park shine for three cents Hard times bring down trade. Tbe Governor's Room in tbe City Hall has man* Centenulal and rural visitors. Tlio report ol the Department of Buildings lor the week endiug Juno 3 shows that there were 16 plans for new buildings' tiled, 21 lor alterations, 30 for buildings passed upon and IS plans approved. In May 164 uew buildings were commenced, 142 buildings completed. 175 alterations commenced, 660 new buildings and 239 alterations in progross. Tl:e following sums were turnod in to the City Cham Derlain In May l>y the oierk* of tno various police courts:?First district (Tombs). $1,975; Second dis trict, $1,092; Third district, $858 50; Fourth district, $505; Filth distr'ct, $304; Sixth district (Morrisanla), $20; total, $5,084 60. The Mayor yesterday signed payrolls for tbe watch men on the reservoirs, engineer iind laborers on Cro ton water mains, engineers nnd laborers on the storage reservoirs, 'engineers and laborors on alterations of the aqueduct, tho City lirronl employes and tlio Stato Homeopathic Asylum lor board of patients. I lie Paymaster of tho city yestorday paid to tho Sold corps and other attaches of the Dock Department $5,776, and to the commissioners and ofllccrs of tho Park Deportment, $6,031. Comptroller Green will pay to-day the lalxtrers on boulevards roads aud avenues to Muy 27, amounting to $15,801 71; the laboreis on repairs to six loot pipes to May 31, amounting to $574 18; also tbe laborers of the Department of Docks to May 27, amounting to $5,614 86. coroners; cases. The body of Wllllnm J. Burrows, one of tbe four men drowned Irom tbe Plymouth Hock on Sunday last, was recovered yesterday and removed to his lato residence. Coroner Ellinger yesterday held an ln<|Uost in the cnso3 of Charles Winbergcr, who was run over and cut in two by a New H ivcn Railroad train while seated on tho Portchectcr Railroad bridge on the 27th ult. A verdict of accidental death was rendered. Coroner Ellinger also investigated tho ca?c of An thony Schnner, drowned on the 14th ult. from a boat run down by the Astoria forrylioat Yorkvillo. Schri tier's body was recovered on tlio 27th ult. by the police boat. The jury on the inquest censured tbe pilot of tbe ferryboat. Thomas Lamb, aged twenty-flve, of Jersey City, was run over aud instantly killed yestorday afternoon by a trucic on the Pavoma ferry pier. Michael Quigley, tbe driver, was arrested. Mary Hill, aged thirty-live, an inmate of Woodhcad's lodging house, No. 75 West Ninth street, was ycsterduy found dead In her room. John McGovem, aged thirty, a carpenter, was taken to Bellevue Hospital last Tuesday at noon, and died within four hours. Coroner Eickhofl' will investigate the case. At seven o'clock yesterday morn ing Officer McGowan," of tho Fourteenth precinct, found the dead body of a female child about uve months' old In front of No- 104 East Houston street. Coroner Eickhotf has tho case. A RIVER MYSTERY CLEARED "UI>. About a month ago tho body of a man was fo'ind floating in tho river off tbo foot of Van Brant street, South Brooklyn, and was taken to tho Morgue, from whence it was subsequently Interred in Potter's Field. In the pockets of an overcoat on the bodr were found two letters, which were addressed to H. W. Llusley. aud were written by A. B. Llnsley, of West Winsted, Conn. Coroner Simms, who held tho inquest on the body, wrote to A. H. I.ins-ley lor Information a* to wnether his brother, H. W. Linsley, was missing. This morning ho received an answer to the communication saymg that H. W. Llnslev had his ovorcoat stolen last winter, in tho pockets of which were tho letters spoken of. The coat was stolen by a sailor named John Shay. The description of tbe thlof answers that of tho dead man on whom the letters wero found. Shay had a sister living in tho Eastern district ot Brooklyn. THE BULL-HUSSEY HOMICIDE. Colonel Henry C. Bull, President of tbe Ball Patent Arms Company, Brooklyn, who was recently arreated on'cliargo of baring killed Stfchael Hussoy, by cutting bit throat with a razor during a light at tbo corner of Pearl and Nassau streets, was brought from the Ray mond street Juil to the Court ol Sessions yesterday tor the purpose of being formally discharged. TUo Coro ner's jury lound a verdict against Bull, bot tlin Grand Jury lailed to inJict him upon (he evidence adduced. As thera was do Court in Sei-.-iona yesterday, Hull, who commanded the Twenty-eighth regiment Kentucky volunteers during the war, was remanded until today| ALLEGED INFANTICIDE. Detective Phil Rcilly, of the Central Office, yesterday arrested Mary Smith, a young woman of thirty yearn on a telegram from the Coroner ol Newark charging her with having killed her infant child, born two dayt> ago. Sho was found at No. 321 Greenwich street. She was taken to tbe Central Office to await tbe action of the Newark authorities, who were notified. DUFFY'S PUNISHMENT. James DnflV, an Intoxicated man, aged fifty-fire years, residing at No 2S: Baltie street, Brooklyn, was arretted on Monday night aud locked up In tbo Bntler street station bouse. During the night Doorman Ken* nedy discovered DnlTy hanging by a leather strap from the'bar ol his roll Tlic prisoner was cut down and restisitated with difficulty Justice Delmar yesterday committed DulTy to jail ior ten days. A FRENCH SHOPLIFTER. Edottard Blertcr, alias Wieder, was arrested last night.on the corner of Canal street, having In his pos session a valise containing a quantity of jeweller's tools, ovldontly stolen. Ho served several terms of imprisonment In France and Ua? only been down eigbi months Irom Sine Sing, where he served a term of five years for larceny Hieuer was arraigned before Justice Duffy, att he Washington Place Court, yester day and remanded until to-day. THE BELL HOMICIDE. The Jury tn the Rell-Kcenan stabbing case yesterday brought In a verdict that "Richard Boll came to his death bv internal hemorrhage from a stab wound ol the cheet, inflicted with a knife or some sharp instrument iu the tends o! John Koenan at No. 'JO'J William street, May 31, 147#." DEATH . ON A DOORSTEP. An unknown man was yesterday round dead .by Officer McCornnck The body was in a silting posituro or. the loorsi.'p of So. 123 Kivtngton street. Coroner Kickbofl was notitled. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. Early yesterday morning John Rchaffcr, aged forty. Ave, of No. M First avenue, while laboring under delirium tremens, attempted suicide by cutting his iliront with a knife. I he wuund was serious. He was taken to Ueilcvuo Hospital. ESCAPE OF A LUNATIC. John Flanagan, forty year* old, an inmate of the Ward's Island Lunatic Asylum, e.-raped yesterday. His left arm is amputated at Im elbow and he lias the letter "D" branded in indelible ink on one of his hi us. A CASE FOR CHARITY. Yesterday a most pitiable ram was presented to tbe Kmtgrint Commissioner* at Custle Garden A very comely Uermau woman, with twe charming children? one in her arms?applied for help for taereelf and litU. onq^. It appears bar husband, whoso nam* ss Stargera, a few days sine-1 brought her and the children from Kansas for ibe purpo-e of going back te Uermaay Forty dollars in ail w.-u pneeoesad t>? ihe man. and instead ol seudlr.g his wtlc torward and remaining be hind blmaolf until he could ears suaicieat te join ttem h* to?k I?T of the little store, taring the wifoonly U, and departed for Germany. The Gorman Emigrant Bociaty baa aided the poor creature a little, bat a* she lias been four year* In tbia country and tlie children were both born here the Emigration Commission can not legally reeogmae her claims Any help forwarded J- .1 n ?'?O's*on'Treasurer of the CommiMlonera at t a^tie Garden, will reach tbia worthy object of charity. MARRIAGES ASD DEATHS. married. Bmxs?Smith. ?On the 5th inn., at St Peter's Ro man Catholic church, by Hev. Father Corley. Timotht A. Bck.ns tu Miss Mamis A., daughter of William JL biniih, Esq., all of New York. j*o. cards. Colk Ballard.?In Brooklyn, ou Thursday ovoniDir. June ^ 1878 by the Rev. A ?. Lawsou, assistod by the Rev. H. a Warring, the bride's pastor, llr. Alo.nzo O Colk. ?f Brooklyn, to Mr* Sarah C. Baiaard of Mahopac Full*. ' ItBiKHrn? Thursday, June 1 mu at the residence of the bride's lamer, by tbe Re'v. Cor' nolius S. Abbott, rector of Christ church, Bolloviile N. J., Warksn G. GRimvu, ol Philadelphia, to Martha A., youugest daughter of Richard Ktuzalaud, or Frank. lin, N. J. No cards. Hur.imt isT?SoMMftt.?On Tuesday, June fl, In tho Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ho!y Trinity, by the Rev. G. F. K rot el, D. D., Fhedrik L. Hoi.iiQOi.iT to 8., daughter ol Sebastian Sommor, ot New York. Morford?Rrrni.?At tho residence of the bride's parents, May 26. by Jit-v. E. F. Mundy. Mr. T. P. Mon roKn, of rorichostcr, N. Y., to jj. Lmuus Ritch, of Greenwich, Iowa. Prk.ston?Arozarkna.? In St. Peter's church, Brook lyn, by mo Re*, f, Fransioli, on Saturday, Juno 3, 1878, WlLLI AM S. 1'RESTON to DuLORKt) AMil I.') UK Aro zarkna, oldest daughter of Scdor Don Lauriano An gulo, of .Mat.inzas, Cuba. Waldo?Riii.xkla.nokr.?On Ttiesdoy, Juno fl, at St Bartholomew's church, by Rev. Dr. Cooke, Francis W. Waldo to Gektuidk, daughter of the late Bernard Rhlnelander. DIED. Aiken.?On Tuesday, June 8, at Brooklyn, Mm Ellk.n Aikkn.a native or Londonderry, Ireland, for many years a laithful servant in the lanuly of Mr. Samuel Daniels. Funeral from his residenoe, 117 Columbia Heights, oa Thursday, at half-past ten A. M. Londonderry papers please copy. Aloricu. ? In Brooklyn, June o. ol diphtheria, H*l? Coxonox, daughter ol Charles T. and Mary A. Aldrich, aged 7 years aud 9months. Croatman.?on Sunday, Juno 4, 1876, alter a short illness, Henry Cruatma.n, aged 31 years, 4 months and 18 days. Tbo relatives and friends or tho family, also mem hers or Continental Lodge No. 117, 1. O. O. F.. are ro spectiullyjnvited to attend tho funeral. on Wednosday, June 7, 1870, ui two P. M.. Ironi h.a lalo residence, No. 295 7th st. Tho members or Continental Lodge, No. 117, 1. O. O. j K., aro hereby summoned to attend a special meeting at the lodge room. No. 325 Bowery, on Wednesday, 7tli inst, at hair-past f.velvo P. M sharp, to pay the 'last ; sad tribute <>r respect to our late brother, Henry Croat liian. Members or sistor lodges aro respectlully in vited. By order of the N. G. F. A. DIDIER, Perm. Secretary. Carnbt?On Monday, June 6, of pneumonia, Ron rrt A. Carnkt, iigod 20 years and 2 month?. The relatives and friends or tho family aro rospeot fully invited to attend tho funeral, on Thursday, June 8, ai eleven A. M., from his late residence, No. 28 Washington place. Boston and Si. John (N. B.) papers please copy. . Camill.?On Sunday, Juue 4, 1S76. Wakrbx K. Caiiill, son or James and Mary a. Cahill, aged 13 yoars, 0 months and 1 dav. Relatives and trionds aro respectfully Invited to nt tend the funeral. Irom the residonco of his parents, No. 110 Lewis st, on Weduesdav, June 7, at onoo'clock Caitk.ntbr.?On Sunday, Juno 4. Mart Lavixia. daughter or Chester and Letitia Carpenter, aged li years and 4 mouths. Relatives and Irionds of the family are respectlully invited to attend tho lunoral, rrom her lato rosidinco, 173 East 91st st, on this day (Wednesday), June 7, at one o'clock. Foster.? In Brooklyn, Jouo 5, Susan Foster, wlf? or Charlos Foster, aged 37 years, 11 months and days. We watchcd her breathing through tho night Her breathing soli aud low, As in her heart the wave o[ life Kept bearing to and fro. Her lunoral will tako plaoo on Wednesday, Tto 7th insi., at one o'clock P. M., irom her late rosidenco, 250 8iu st.. South Brooklyn. Her relatives anil Irieuds and the New York and Sandv Hook pilots are respoct fully invited to attend the luneral wiilioui noilce. I iskk.?On Tuesday, June 0, ut her lato residence, No. 98 Prospect place, Brooklyn, ol pneumonia, Mart E., wiroot Alexanders. Fisko. Notice of luneral hcroalter. Providence (R. 1.) papers please copy. Fci.mek.?On Monday, Juno 5, Henrietta, wife of Ilenry Fultner, need 67 years. Relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully invited 10 attend tho lunoral. from hor late residence 331 East 84th sL, on Friday, tho Olh Inst., al ouo o'clock. Grumlet.? On Tuesday morning, Juno (I, after s short illness, Jamks, only son of Uuuiol and Mary Grumloy. aged 1 year and 11 months. Tho relatives aud friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the luneral, Irom tbe reslOcnot ( ol bis parents, 338 East 9th st.. on Wednesday (to day) 1 Juno 7. at two o'clock P. M. Interment in Culv.try. ' HE.NSTKn.-iOn Tuesday, June 8, Josephine A. ilm I stku, daughter of Amanda and Hie latoJoseph Hensted. Relatives and Iriends uro invited to attend the Itinera!, from St Andrew's church, Statnlord, Conn., on Thuri day, June ?. at two o'clock 1*. M. ; also services al bet mother's residonce, 300 East 14ih st., New York, at lea o'clock A. M. Holder.?On Tuesday, June 6. 1876, sfters lone Ill ness, Thomas Holder, aged 41 yoars. Tbe relatives and Irieuds of tbo ratnily, also th< members ol tbe Fulton Benevolent Association, are re spectluily Invited to attend the luneral, on Thursday, Juno 8, irom his late residonce, 111 South st. at two o'clock P. M. ' Lovett.?On Monday morning, at six o'clock, Jons Lovstt, formerly of Now York. His friends are respectfully invited to attend bia fun eral, at tho residence of bis brothor, Daniel M. Loveit near Morrisvillo, Bucks county. Pa., on Thursday al two o'clock. Carriages will be in waiting at Trenton, N. J., lor the 9:24 A. Jl. train from New York. IiOt'CKh, ?On Tuesday, June 8. Elhkr Da luCT, only sou o|,I)e Laoy and Maggio A. Loucks. Keiatives and friends of the family aro invited tt attend tbe funeral, on Thursday, June 8. rrom the real dcnco or his grandparents, No. 306 East 30th st, al two o'clock. MnLi.ttiAit.?On Tuwday, Juno 6, Ann Mi-i.lioan, ths ' beloved wife of Lawrence Mulligan, native or tho county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 2d years. The relatives and friend* of tho family are respect* fully invited to attend tbe funeral. Horn her lalo real I deuce, 038 11th av., between 46!h aud 47th sis., oa Thursday. th<? 8th, al two P. M. McQrKKNeY. ?ln?Brooklyn, JunoS, Joh.x, age l 83 years. Relatives and friends am Invited to attend ths luneral, from his reiidenee, IS Little Water street, oa Thursday, Juno S; thence to St Ann s Kownn CatUolls ' church, corner Front aud Gold sis. His retnaina will bo taken Irom the church at one o'clock P. .M., to bs Interred In the Cemetery of tbe Holy Cross, Flatbush. McCi'lli-m.?on Sunday. June 4, in the 67th year ol bis ago, al his late residence, 70 Stags st, Brooklyn, E l>.. Jamks McCllluh, father of Rev. John A. lirCullum. Relatives and friends of the Tamil? are invited to at tend the luneral, at St. Mary's church, cornor of Maojei and Leouard sis., ou Wednesday, Juue 7. at ten A. M Mavhew.? Members of Euclid Lodge, No. 138 A. K.' and A. M., are hereby summoned lo an emergent com munication on Wednesday, June 7, at seven o'clock P. M., Tor the purpose ol attending tbe Amoral ol Brother Georg.? B Mavbew. Members of tbe fraiernity are resptoliully invited. EDWIN J. KERR. W M. Maiikr.?On Tuesday. 0th inst, st the residence ol bis parents, 1'uiLir II.. son oT Peter and Julia Maher, aged 20 years and 3 months, native of this city. Relatives and Irieuds of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from bis late residence, No. 27 Rutgers st, ou Thursday afternoon, at ball-pasi one o'clock. Irish papers copy. Mi-xskll.?Alter a long and p.tlnful'lllness, James A. Mi'nskll, ol tho firm of Muuscll A Thompson, aged M years. Keiatives and friends of iho lamily are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence^ No. 44 Uesi 4Vth st. ,on Thursday, June 8, al tw? P. M Elizabeth iN. J.) and Albany (N. Y.) papers pleasi copy. Prick ?At his residence, Caldwell. Lake George, W. Y? on Mon<lay, June 6, 1870, Ooloacl Walter W. Prick, in the i>8ih year of his ago. Funeral services will take place at St James' Episco pal church, Caldwell, on Thursday alternoon, al Ibree o'clock. Fr.ends of the family are respoctiully invitod to atteml. Skitil?On Tuesday, June ?, at hair past one o'clock A. \t, alter a fhori Wines*, Jacob Smith, aged 43 years. 3 months. The relatives and friends of the family, also tin member* ol Walter Scott Lodge, No. 402, I. O. O. F.. also the members ol Hose Company 18, V I)., are re s|if>ct(ully inviied to attend the fuueral, on Wednesday, Juno 7, at one o'clock, from his lalo residence, 341 6th st Stock.?On Tuesday, June fl, Jssss I. Stock, young est son of l?eopvld aud Jeannetta Slock, aged A montbi and 17 days. Funeral will lake place to-morrow, al one o'clock P. U.j Irom residence. 372 West 6.MI1 si. IemiaN.? on .Inlie 6, Eli.k.n CtltTT, wife of Mlchao Tee has, aged 38 years. Relatives and Iriends of the Tamiiy are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her lalo rcsiilouee, 34 Slate st, this day. at two o'clock I'. M. Sullivan?I" Brooklyn. Juno 6, MAkr K. Fit/.tat. rips, beloved wile of Dotjnls Sullivan and daushter ol Mary and the late Daniel Fiizpatrick. aged 38 yoars. Relatives and Iriends ol the tamilv are invited IS attend the Mineral, irotn her late residence. 244 Yorl st, on Thursday, the 8ID insu, al uiue o'clock A. M. thi nee o (he t'harch of the Assumption, corner o! York and Jay sta, whore a aolomn mass of requiem will be oflered lor the repose of her sosl; thence to thi Cemetery of the Holy Cross for interment Wit***.?Suddenly, on the Sth lust , Isaac, only child o! Thomas and A ldle Wiison, aged 2 years i months and 17 days. The relatives and frlen ls or iho family are respect filiy invited to attend the funeral, from tbo residence of hi* parents, PfJd ?t.. between flth .Mid 7tti svit, ihlf aiieriioou, ai ?>uo o'clock. Wch?i>s.-o-i Mondiy, Juno 5, Frank H., son ol Sirah ajid itir l.its Dennis Woods, seed 10 years. Toe frienua-01 the lamily are re.poatfuliy invitsd tS attend 1 tie lunoral, from tho residenco of his moth St. Ml Sd sy., this WsUnssdsjr, m two P. H,

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