Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1876 Page 9
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FINANCIAL AND The Stook Market Again Weak ening?Prices Lower. GOLD 112 5-8 Government Bonds Firm?Railroad and In vestment Stares Steady?Money on Call 2 and 2 1-2 Per Cent. Will Btkbst, ) Tcksdat, JuuoO?6 P. M. I Pritys ware as strong >1 the opening to-day u was Sanson when he gava tbe famous pull at the pillara, no became as weak afterward as did the hero with hta hair cut There was no especial Delilah with trenchant ?hears to eat awajr tho buoyant lading, but the separa tion was made, rather on a desire to reap the prollts ot the rise of a day or two baclc than lrom fear of a posi tive decline. Thus the early prices of Lake Shore, Western Union, Pacific Mall and St. Paul preferred were the beat ot tbe day, as the late ones were tne worst, Slnoo thou there occurred a genoral decline along the whole line on a desire to realize profits. The amateur Block apecuiatorH who were induced to ahip In tho Pacific Mall enterprise at advanced prices and under the promise or future fair weather aro be ginning to think that tho royage may turn out m dis agreeable one after alL It la easy enough to put a new man at the wheel, as the past election has done, but it Is quite possible that the steersman will find the posi tion no more desirable than that of lxion in Hadea. Whatover may be the reason, tho price of the stock ?lumped off ono per cent to-day, and holders with attenuated bank accounts wero willing to pay 3 to 4 per cent to have tho sharea carried. In Western Union tho best card In tho present deal seems to have been played In the shape of a recom monded dividend and in a promised showing of an in creased business. Some sort of an exhibu is exported from and will probably be made by the F.xecutlvo Committee, but whether the (iradgrlnds ot the street will obtain all tho "facts" they would like to havo is as doubtful as tho existence ot tho philosopher's stone. Meanwhile opinions a3 to its vjaluo aro as antagonistic as tha positlvo and nogativo poles of an olectric bat tery, with only tho singlo certainty that there Is a shock In abeyance for one sldo or tbe other. The perversity of Lako Shore, which contlnnes to hold its own despite tbe cogent reasons which are urged for its docllnc, has somewhat disconcerted tbe ?anguino bears who havo embarked on tho short side. Commodore Vanderbllt has proved a disappointment In hii tenure of lite, and the ghouls who have hoped to feast on the occasion of his demise remain banquetless. They still talk of the "forties," and have an eye upon a block of stock which they hopo to shake out from pres cnt holders' bands, but thoy are met by the assertion that the road will show an increase of a million or so in Its earnings, in sdUo of freight and passenger reduc tions in tolls, while Uioy quite lose sight of tho nascent Improvement In commercial circles which la slowly ?triiggllng into light. Tho drop of a point in St Paul preferred was proba bly due to the reaction of tho general speculative list, combined with a desiro to realize profits on tho late rise, ratber than to any chango In the condition of the road itselC There was plenty or money offering to-day at 2* a 8 per cent, which has an ill look lor any Increase of business and rather points to a dull and steady market for the summer daya to come. THK 8ALKS TO-DAT. Tho transactions at the Stock Kxcbango to day ag gregated 123,300 shares:?New Yortc Central and ilud ?on, 100; Erie, 5.800; Lake Shore, 34,200; North western, 700; Northwestern preferred, 1,700; Kock Island, 1,600; Pacific Mail, 17,300; St Paul, 8.CO0; St Paul preferred, 0,700; Ohios, 3,600; Western Union, 10,622; Wabash, 1.200; Union Pacific, 100: Michigan Central, 2,?'50; Now Jersey Central, 1,747; Union Mining Company, 1,312; Uelawure, Lackawanna and Western, 618. OI'KXINO, UKIHL8T AND LOWBST rRICKS. The following tablo shows tho opening, highest and lowest prices ol the day:? Opening. Highett. LowrtL Kcw York Central 110 110 109* Harlem 138 138 138 Erie 14* 14* 14* take Shore. 1 54* 64* 63* Wabash 21, 2* D Northwestern 41 * 41 * 40* Northwestern preferred... 02)4 62* 61 Kock Island 107* 107*4 106% Pittsburg MX 92* Milwaukee and St Paul... 40* 40* 3#* Mil. and St Paul prelerred 70>4 70 * 68* Ohio and Mississippi 17* 17* I' New Jersey Central 85 * 85 * 84* Del., Lack, and Western.. 108 108 107* Union l'aclilc 60 60 60 tt.C. and I. C 4* 4* 4* Western Union 69* 70 * 68* Atlantic and Pacific Tel... 15 15 15 Pacific Mail 26* 26 * 25* *anuma 130 13U 139 Producers and Petroleum.. 117* 118 117* CXOB1XU PKICES 8 P. 11. I'stifle Mall.... 2ft* ? 25* >li a m rpr.. * ro IVtst Inlal... t8* a >U C,C,U*I .. 47* a 4** I tiickMlvar.... 15 u 1(1 C. <: A 1 0. .. 4 a 4* VatcksUver pf. yo u '.a llsl, L A W ..#107S ? l"* V ar LandA M ? a 7 Kris ,... 14* n 14* toar L * M pi. 0* a " Hun A 8t Jo... 13* a 13* Adam* Ks H a It W* Lake Store.... ?'?:<* a A3', An.triean Ex.. <3 a ?13 Mich Central 47?< * 47)? 1 h Express .. 74* a 7ft N Y A Harlem. 1?* a 139 Wt^a-rar^r-n *w, ? no* N V C All it..100* a 110 CliicA Ali.. ?U* ? 10 '4 X i On a h5* Met* Pitt* IV* a S Obio t Miss.. 17* a 17'4 CfclJk N W.... 40* ? 40* I'linunia 18?i a ? t hie k S W pi ?>', ? til T..I . Wab. 3'tf a S* < l;i< k K 1 .1' 0* n 107 Union Pacific.. 8H a 61 toll A fciPaul. 8t?* 1 39* tolaanur Pae.. 9* a 10* ADVASCB A JIB DBCLIXB. The following are tho ciianges in closing prices com pared with those of Saturday :? Aovancb.?Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph, *; C., C., C. ana I., *; Illinois Central, 1*; Producers'Petro leum, *. Dkclikk.?Western Union. *; Union Pacific, 1; St, Paul common, 1; do. preferred. 1*; Kock Island,*; Pacific Mail,*; Ohio and Mississippi, *; New Jersey Central, *; Northwest, *;do. pro errod, * ; Mlisouri I'uciilc, 2*; Michigan Central, *; Lake Shore, *; Delaware and Lackawanna, *; Erie. * ; Hannibal and St Joaaph common, *. The rost of tbe stocks wero without change. TIM HON ST MAKE ST. Money was supplied at 2 and 2* per cent Prime paper passes at 5 and 6 per cent, and the indications ?re that we shall have an easy condition during the summer months. The following are tbe rates ol ex change on New York at tbe undermentioned cities to day:?Savannah, * premium; Charleston, selling * a 8-16 premium, buying "/premium; New Orleans, com mercial *, bank *; Chicago, 60c. a00c. discount; St Lrais, 60c. premium. Sterling exchange was steady; prime banking rates, 4.88 and 4.90; selling rfltes, 4.87* and 4.89* jralcbnlarks, 95* a95* and 96 a 96*; cables, 06*; prima Paris, 6.14* and 6.11*. TBI OOLD MARKBT. Gold opened and closed at 112*, with sales In the In terim at 112*. The rates paid for borrowing wore 1, I and 3 per cent per annum and 1-64 per diom. Loans were also made flat OPERATIONS Of TUB OOLD MtriAXOB DA3B TO^DAT. Gold $919,916 Currency balances Gross clearances 14,715,000 CLKAR1KO HOI SB STATBMBXT. Currency exchanges SW,601,TO1 Currency balances. Gold exchangee. 3,200,621 Gold balances 022,061 TBB CN1TSD BTATBS TRBAMBT. The gold payments at the Sub-Treasury to-day wera 935,000 for bonds and $64,000 for interest. Tbe silver paymeula lo-day loot up $55,159, of which $13,469 was paid to 159 applicants under the $100 limit, aad the remainder on ailver drafts from Wash ington. Bank notes received to-day for redemption, $600,000; Internal revenue receipts, $16&,000; customs receipts, $400,000. OOVBRXXfcBT BONOS. Government bonds ware held with hrinncss this afternoon, and in ?>nie case* slightly higher figures wero asked; l?67's wero noticeably ttroug sud told up to 122. 'I he market closed active ut '.be following quotationsUnited state* currency sixes, 1*4 , a 1-5'?; da sites, 1831, registered, 11U a 119 '4 a Uw, ilu no., tlo , cou|M>n, 122'4 a 123ta; do. tlo , 1866, registered. 115* a 115* ; do. da, da, cuupuii. 115* ? ll'i*, >lu iki do., new, icgisterod, 116'4 a 118^; iitt, do., ?ln., 1. coupon, 119* a 110*; do. da, 18d7, registered. 118;, a 118*; do. do., do., coupon, 122 a 121* ; -do. 9o., lhtii, fglaiarad.^ 120 * a 120>.; do. do., dfc, coupon, 12;iS ] ? 123*4; do. lea-forties. registered, 117V ? ; da da, coupon, 118% a 11 s "4; do. fives, ls*l, reinsured, 117% a 117%; da ca, ?Jo.. coupon, 117% a 117%. IXVCSTHCXT SHARKS. luvc.-tmcut shares ware steuUy. New Jersey Central selling at 85% a MX a 84?? a 85% a 85; Morris and Essex, 104; Pittsburg and Kort Wayne guaranteed, 103; Delaware and Lackawanna, 108; Kock Island, 107 a 106%; Illinois Central, 96% a 97%; New York Cen tral, 110; Delaware aud Hudson Canal, 110; Untied States Express, 75; Weils-Fargo, 90%; Adams, 109; American, 63%; Producers' Petroleum, US. raoouci KiroKTH. The exports ol produce from tbis port for the week ending to-day were $5,(74,347, against $5,503,109 for the corresponding week In 1875, and $6,631,705 in 1874. The total exports of produce from the port stnoe Jan uary 1, this year, were $107,484,633, against $105,163,505 for the'eorresponding period In 1875, and $124,470,768 In 1874 7 THE FORK1Q2I MAKKKT. The London adviccs are favorable. At the opening consols were % per cent lower than at the closo on Saturday, but subsequently mado an advance from 93% a 93& to 93% a 94. United States bonds, judging from the quotations, which aro % tp % higher than on Saturday, are in active demand, especially lor 1867's. Erie sold at 12T{ a 13* The Bank of England gained ?137,000 sterling on ba'anco to-day. The following are the last London quotationsConsols lor monoy, 93?j; do. lor account, 93% a 94; 1865 bonds, 104', a 104%; 1867 da, 110; ten-forty da, 107; new fives, 106 a 106%; Erie, 12% a 13; Erie, preferred, 19 a 21. In Frank fort United States new fives are 101V- In Paris rentes aro firmer at 10JC 27%c. Exchungo on London for short sight, 25f. 27c. STAT! UO.MIS. In State bonds tho transactions were small Mis souri, Hannibal and St Joseph, Issue or 1S60, sold at 105 a 105%, Louisiana consolidated sevens at 06%, and AUbama lives, of 18?6, at 30%. RAILROAD HOND8. Railroad bonds are strong and generally higher. The changes were:?An advance of % per cent iu Ohio and Mississippi consolidated sinking (und, % per cent in Milwaukee and Su Paul eights first, aud Cleveland and Toledo new bouda; % per cent In Chicago and North western consolidated coupon gold bonds, and Galena and Chicago firsts; % percent in Mllwaukeo ami St. Paul consolidated siuklng fund, and Union Puctflc Kail road first mortgage; a decline of .% per ceut In Pacific Railroad of Missouri firsts, aud % in Union Pacific sinking lund. Tho bonds were generally firm in tho late afternoon dealings. Tho principal activity was In St. Paul con solidated sinking fuuds, which brought 8i)% a 89?,'. Rock Island sovens sold at 110%, Morris and Essex sec ond at 110, Delaware and Hudson, registered, at 112, and Union Pacific firsts at 105. Michigan Coutral sevna declined to 100%. The following were tho closing quo tations for Pacific Railroad bonds:?L'nion Pacific firsts at 105 a 105%, Union Pacific land grants at 99% a 100, Union Pacltlo sinking fuuds at 89% a 00, Central Pacific* at 108,X a 108%. XIMNO HTOCKri. Sax Francisco, Juno 6 ?Tho following aro the clos ing official prices of mining stocks to-day:? Consolidated Virginia 74% Crown Point. 13 % California S3 Alpha 54%; lielchor 17% Confidence 20 Sierra N <ivada 13 % Kxcnequer 18% Overman B2 Justice 22% Caltfdonta 8 % Yellow Jacket 31% Segregated lielchor .. 7."> Oplur 66% Cboliar 85 Savago 17'a Consolidated Imporial 0% Moxican 31% Gould & Curry. 15% Best k Belcher 63% Hale & Norcross 58 AN KRIS RUMOR. It is rumorod that a proposition is being considered iu Loudon, and likely to be made at au early meeting of tho English stockholders, which Involves the scaling of the second consolidated mortgage bonds thirty or forty per ccnt, and the funding of the coupons of tho fiftn, tho first consolidated and the second consolidated bonds Into Income bonds, payable In five years; also the surrender aud cancella.ion by the holders of half the stock, common and preferred. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SALES Tuksdat, June 6, 1878. $2700 Ala 8'?, 'RB 3i*' ?lis L'u Miu Co.slO 1 O) Itli b I 4'?> do 7>s> <io G<*> On 3. s.) Mich Oil Kit 1200 do..... IU) do b3 H'?? West lTn Tel BF.FORK I ALL?10 A. 3)% 1400 shs l.s ft* M S RR 240<> 3? 10 IU 2DO 900 nun 4 "? 2300 2 JO Del. I- * W RR.. 200 ilo 7 ?> Pac Mall 88 s3 1 n'? 14)2 14% 14% IOO 48 }?{{ i 9% e?% 70 70% 5?> 70', sno 6 -K au?o 1 >(IU 40 3(10 IJrt") U*>) 1IOO 100 do., do. do. do. do. do. do.. do. do. do. do do. do., dv. ...*5 .. s3 2 'O Chi X It 1 UR IOO do. ll*i do Mt>% 107% 3<*>N J Cen RR....... 88% M. 54% r.4 54% r>4 M% ?>4 fl" 53\ o.l% tiS\, 53% U'7% 107 MOO 100 7>? 300 ll? 0 500 ?J o ocxi 2UO do do. ilo. do dn do <io d ? co. do. do do 0 do do do >3 lot)Chi A N W RR.... 20O do IO do 20)ChiiNff pf...... US) do s3 100 do 300 100 300 6 10 2.% IOO Mo, K X Tex b3 20% 40 I Ohio X Miss Ull... s3 24% 1O0 do . h3 20% 100 do 20% 1! O do b3 ... 2 % S00 do ... _?% 100 do *... 26% 4?>MI1 I St PRK..S3 ... 20 11*) do 23% ?*) do s3 25% li?) do 25% 100 do sl5 20% 2 ) > Mil x st p Kit pr. do... b3 .0 25% 200 28 100 23% 200 41% IOO 41% 700 ? 41% 1<*> s? 200 100 do. do. do. do. do. do. do .s.S $50 ) IU S 3-20, c, *65.. 115% t?JM US 3-20.0, '08 123J< Kinsr 91000 Mo C's, St J, '88. H?.-? 2000 Oo lo.V?' urn do 108 50 11 La Cons )1 110% 1000 Joiiol k Chi 1st llU ||ij?h:.< mi tctK. 11% 2D" OUal k Chi 1st... 107 MOM) M A S i' con s (.. 1000 M k St 1'8's. 1st 115% .VSpOCIev *Tol n b... IIM 200O Mich Csa 7's.... 100% 3.>??) ? u fa. UK 1st.. lo4% K**) I 11 rsc ? 1000 So P?c bdsof Mo 51) SUJO1*sc of M o I st. b e I"-% 2?*)r. ?" X I C 1st... 43 IO S) P. I t W X C Ut 119% 4000U4 W.'.i 2U 00 4il?i W. st L c. IHOO ini% HOONorth Mo 1st.... W.% 4m?i llsr 1st T's.c 110% 2ISS1U A Mlsscnn ? f. 100 1<| sbs Nlntli Sat Bk. t-0 5 II A II t ?n...bc.b3 Ho 212 I'n M'U Co. be 1% 100 " - l-.\prf?s.. .b3 75 30 Adsms Ex 1<>U 6<>AiaerKx be H3% 100 Wells-Karifo .bee 1(U do 500 Wssi U Ial...bc.b3 100C. C.Ckl lilt .>3 :lj AND 11:30 A. $2300J U S 5's, 10-40, r. If to 17% 4o '4 4<i% 40% 4")?, 40|5 70% 70% 70% 70 ??% tt)Vj <11% 09>, 48 H. 117X UDAUI)?10:30 A. lis)sbs Mich Cen UK.. 200 111 Can Kit b c 50 Id Pac Kk be IOO do ..... . OO )L a k M 8 RH.b c 30 do 16*) do do s3 do do.. 180) 1400 ? Si 48 roo 60 i loo ;ido 5? 3. Si l'?) 10J 2 do. do..., do ... do.... do.... do.... do.... b3 ?S20 90", UO % lil)% ??% t.k?% B-'., U8% HUM ??'? 08% ??% ?ittU ?H% M?% 00 100 STCillR RK.'.b c 110 l?> do op* 11 > 30 do oi>?j 1'4J% lo?) I'ac Itsii 8h.. .be u *5 i do. lOOCbilN WRRpf.kj 20t) do 200 do 100 Chi A It I Kit... .b o 3') do 500 do 100 do loOC.C, i' A I I ?>X J Cen KR....bc 30 51*1 51*) ftV) I0O0 50 5'S) 200 40) !*n 15-) IS*) 1739 4-0 l(S> lis) 200 ll?) 100 do. dn. do. Jo.... do.... do... do... do... do ... do... do... do... do .. do .. do ,.b3 ....?? ;:;.b3 ,..b? ...s5 .?10 50 100 100 100 10) U)> 20 lis) . .sl5 do do. do. do. do. do. do. do :?00 Tol. W k W RR.... loo do lis) no be lis) do 2 S) Mil k St I' RK.b ..sS 2)i ?s) us) 8oo 2U0 IO) 100 2O0 loo 7UJ ilo.,,..*.. 9 K) Mil ASte pf.. .be do. do rto . do do . .... <to do do do. b'4 47^ 59}, t?l 63% 4 ?% 54 53% tl i 53% ?1% 81% 81 10/ 107% lu7 10% 83,'t 81% M 81% *% 2 4-1% 40% 4";? 4"% 40 . 4?% *'h 4<"? 40% 4 too 100 US) ?J" I 0) |ISJ 4'S) 401) a to 10) 300 do do do do S 2> ,.b.J . .s3 l>s) Erie Kit.. yis? <111... COO do... 7ot) do lis) do 100 V icli ? in UK. 30 do > c . s3 ..b) 2J% 25", 25% 25N 23>, 25% >4% 14% 14% 14% 14 . ^'% 47% . KKK l f35< C?J M A" 81' con s f.. , llt(S) do 8:>% 1,<s.('aN < c i !i)'4 . (1J )0!il?. X M con s I IU) ?V??) LAN con. . ?_% iii) ?in r i; i> s r C? ii?,'? 114.) do. Oo do do do do s3 ?lo do 2 ) ) 200 100 7<S) 3' *) 100 21S) 200 IOO loo 200 ilo I" Del.!. X W Rlt. be 15 P. Kt W X C gtd lo M?r A Kf< Itl' in Alt A T II RR be |)S) Hmi X St Jo Ittibe IO ) Unto A M l?K..ll c ?18% 88% (iU% <18% 81'% do 10 do 4Ut> 1 CAI.I/?l'.'r.l" P. 2 *? sbs I. S k M S... ,s l ?l) US) ...>3 IU8 1031 104 0 13) )7J 17? 17 M. s3 10) do Mf i :ioii L'n Miu t:o -70" I > ? .si 1,. . S ? '8 CO ... '"% IO I I III X > w It 2 "iCbi X N W lit.,... JU .) ? ci. ItK 1 ?> Cln X I. i "It-. ..o ? mi a st r ki>. 2 O do ?U' It It pi. j.,11 <l>> J.n do , OI Micii i t ."??*) i .r>c ' i too do. ? I > ? SiO if. Ob.u X M ill ? P. M. 4XM I' 8 v?<. c. ?,7. 12 > fcJOJ I C U 5'a *. *?l... 117?< J'JUX) L S 5's. 10-40. c. 118J; SlirnNMi '<o.\UT>?! P. M. f?Wltr. BIAP7'*... llOj< KXkbi 1'ac Mall SS.... 2*>H l'*Ki Mor * K 2d .... llo 2<> do 3">K 400 D*l JtUr, 1M... 112 50CI do a6x I'n I'M UK 1(1. J. 5 40) do sJ 25*2 7<*>" I'm- of Mo In... l>3 tnn do 25*, luOtOGt West 2u ??1 1100 do i'>\ aouo W L'nTel c.liWM lieu 25o lU C?b Kit t'7'.. lmsi Midi Cm 7 s. 10)': luOCANu oil. .best 4(>?i 10000 )H >P t af. .]>? SD? HOC \ S W pf..bc.b3 ?IH 81 ?h? Mcr Huuk 114 200 do 01-, 50 Adam, h* . 1C9 100 do 6l>j[ 15 t'S Ex be 7ft :i?NJ('?u W> 1" Mich ( en Kit. be 47*i Ml do S5? *?J do -17 * J 100 D, I, a W UK 107> !<?? do ,t 47', loo do be 107?? 10 i W Co ( 9', 2>?) Mil X. fit P RU. be -(OS 100 do >4 HB1! 2U) do 4 >4 ????<*> oo 19V 3 0 do 40>; 800 do i oC 10U0 do 40 ?10 do 09?J Mil A Si P pf..b e 00 1"0 do S.Oj 1(M do bJ 00', ^OJ do s3 ?'J 100 do ? iOS '2tAJ do 19 5 O oo 60'-, 1?)LS* ?."ItR. be ,s'l 53** HOI I do 60 4"0 do b3 5a?i 4<?> " do USJJ 200 do :.a? 100Tol, W4 W . . .be 2 2<?<P?elilcM? 2ftK 100 ubio X M RR..b e 175* K?0 <lo b3 M 1UI do 17W 3UI do b3 2tl}? 4U) do 17W do 2.i IK) nan A St 1 >| 20f? do b3 26 lfi Mo. K A Tex. be 12J, 100 do 3i?i 1U0 Jdor A has Kit bo 104 TO :i P. ,\l. $2000 C 1" lit, S J br.. HI .tOO(lis C, C. C 4 I RK 48 lOOshsP CLAl'Co 117J? 100 N J Can UK.. ..a 5 Hi 200 <|o IIS '_'(to do 8*. 20(1 Un Min (Jo S3 14* 10" do ,.?3 85 do aJO n2 2(i) Mil A St P RR ... 30% 17U0 West la Tel. .. I bj, liOO do 39$, 303 do *3 C8>, loo do 39* 3 JO do b3 (9 |iii ,t? il 39'a JO' do -. ( II rum Mil 4 St P RR pf. 60 10 Adam* Ex 1(0 3 0 Tol 4 W ab itlt .. 2'^ 114) Wetls-Furgu Ex .. 9(>?; 200 dn 2 m 5 American Ex. 1.3,'? 2 0 Ohio A Miss RR... 17?, 500 i hi Mull -''v'j t(0 do a3 17 200 do 2i?, _?? 11 do 17 Si lou Erie i.K i4J, l(*? do 17fi lOOi. ,>AM6UK 100 uo 17 a 10> do .3 53>, 100 lUn Ik St Jo . a3 I3?? 200 do 1 1) d.. 131, 4") uo 1)3 f.3)? 1<HI Pac Kllor Mo 12'i 2'JO do b3 53'4 2(10 do 11>, 1((1 do li JO ) do 11 100 Ckl t.VV pf. 01'4 IO> do 10 COMMERCIAL REPORT. COTTON ON THE SPOT UNCHANGED?FUTURES CLOSE QUIET AND BTEADV?FEOUB QUIET? WHEAT DULL AND LOWER ?CORN EA&lElt? OATS F1IJMEB ? WHI8KET I'IRMEB - POKK FI11MER?LAUD FIKMElt?l'ET.HOLEUM QUIET BUT STEADY?BPIBITS TUllPKNTINK LOWEB? BOS IN QUIET ? OILS STEADY ? PBEIGHTS QUIET?COFFEE QUIET?SUOAR STEADY. Tvkhuay, June U?0 P. M. The trade movomont was slow In nearly every de partment to-day, uud the actual truusacilons on and oir 'Cliangu were ltubt, lu most oases extremely no. Oa 'CUange flour wag >iulot. W heat was dull and lower, with llttlo mauifest inclination to purchase any consid erable amount even at the decline. Corn wan a shade easior at the close. Oats llrmer. Whiskey firmer. I*oric nnd lard firmer. Freights quiet but steady. Cot ton on the apot wax qjnlot. Future* were quiet and uteady at the cloae. Coffee win quiet. Koaln waa quiet, Spirita turpentine waa lower. Oila were quiet. Petroleum was steady. Sugar van quiet. Asuks were qukit and steady at S^c. a 5>^c. for pots. Pearla were uomiual at (!%c. a 7c. Axttstour w?? unchanged; quoted at l.Wc., gold. Bekkwax waa quiet and steady at 34c. a J4,'Jc. for W'eatorn and :i5>^c. a 3B!?c. for Southern. It room Coun waa quiet and unaettled. We quota:?Red, 4,l?c. a 5c.; rod tipped, 9c. a Oc.; medium green, 7>?c. a 8c. Camdlks were ateudy, with a fair Jobbing demand. We quoteSperm. 28c.: auerut. patent. 38c.; stearic, aeld (10 o*.J, 21c. a 23c.: adamantine (12, 14. 16 os.), 12c. a 16c.; paralliue (4'a. O'a uud 12's). 10c. u 20c. CorrKK.?Market for Itlo was qulot. Mild cotTea wa* also quiet. We unote Ordinary cargoea l-tj-^c. a 10c,; lulr do., Itl.^c. a ; good do.. 17c. a 17i4c.: prime do., 17,^0. a 17V-; extreme rauge for lota, H?4'e. a lH34a ; Santoa, fair to good, 10'4o. a 17c., gold, ninety day*; Java, government bags, 20c. a 22c.; do., graaa mats, 2i?c. a 23c.; Singapore, do.. 18c. a 20c.; Ceylon, 17c. a 10c.; Maracalbo, l.">>,'c. a 10c.; Laguayra, 17c. a 18c.; Jamaica, 1 ">>?c. a irif,c.; St. Doirlngo, 15c. a 15<4C.; Porto Rico. 1 Sc. n 19c.: Coita lilca, 17c. a 10c.; MacHaaar, 18c. a 10'^c.: Mexican, 17c. a I He.; Mauila. 17c. a 18c.; Augoatura, 17c. a 18c.; Savanilla. 15Uc. a l7lic.: Curacoa. 15*ic. a 17KC. Coopkuaqr Stock waa nnchanged. We qnote Molanne- abooka, 32-Inch, with beads, il 00 a <2 25; augar ?hooka, with heads. 38-Inch. $2 3(1*92 65; do.. do.,:iO-iiich $1 50 a $2: box ahonks 75c. a 80c.: rum do., $4: nine do., ?(> a $0 50: eiuptv hogsheads, 92 50: hoops, 14 feet, or dinary to prime, $37 a 840: hoops, 12 teat. uo.. $33 a 435 per M. CorrKic?We note ?ali>< of 150,00 ) lha. lake at 20l^e. a ao'.i'c. The market cloaod quiet and nominal at J(i(ac. toKUAOK waa unchanged. We quote Manila uarge and ?mail aiael.per lb.. l-i>ic. a 147,e.; do. cordage, holt rope yarns. l?c. a 17c.; tarred MaMta. 14c.; Sisal rupo, 10c. a lie.; New Zealand, 1 l?ac. a 12%e.; Rustia hemp, tarrad 14c.: American do 14c.: Ituaain bolt rone 17e Cotton on the ,|>ot uu quint and unchanged. Futures were unsettled, but cloaed steady. Tho closing pricea to-day compare with Monday's prices aa follow,:? JfoM<//iy. June 5. Tuctilait. Jane 0. Jan II 27-32 a - June 11 27 32 a 11?,' July 11 15.KI a 1131-32 July 11 15-10 ? 11 3t-TO August.. 12 1-10 a? August... 12 1-02 a 12 116 Sept 12 a? hept 12 a 12 1-32 October.. UK a? October.. 11 21-38*1 Iff Nov 11 ^5-32 a? Nov. 11V *1125-32 Dec 11 25-32 a ? Deo 11 a VSJ * _ Jau 11 2i*-32 all 15-16 Jan 11 20 32 a 11 15-10 Feb 12 132*12 1-16 Feb 12 1-I6al2 3-32 March... 12 5-32 a 12 3 10 March.... 12 3-10*12!, April 12 0-32 a 12 5-16 AprtL.... 12 11-32 a 12 13-32 *iHv 12 7-10 a 12X May U}( *12 0-10 - Quotations are based on American stanoard of ciasaltlca tlon and on cotton In store running in quality not more tltau half a tirade uboro or below the gr ide quoted VplntuU. Alabama. Xric (trlmnt. JV.mj. Ordinary 8 0-16 8 ? 10 * 0 16 8 n-10 Strict ordinary B1,' 0\ tHr (?ood ordinary 0 15 10 0 15-16 10 1-16 10 1-10 Strict good ordinary. 101, lllM li)J/ lo1. Low middling 11 1-10 113.10 ll.vifl llo-lO Strict low middling. IIS 11}i 11', II% Middling 12 12', 12 3 16 12 3-16 (iood middling 12^ 12*4 12V 12V Strict good middliug. 13 13'.? 13'.. 13*3 Mid Uiug fair 13%' 13? 13-, 13^ Fair 14?i 14s; UiJ 14 >i ?Stained?Uood ordinary, 8*1.0.: strict goou ordinary. ??^c.; low middling, 10\c.; middling, llj,'c. Spot sales were as follows:? To-Day. Lari Erenuui. Total. Consumption 141 373 514 Speculation. 20 ? 20 Total 170 373 543 ?Delivered on contract, 2,500 bales. For future dellverv the sales were aa followa:?Veaterdav, after two P. M.July, 4<s)at II 1516c.; Auguit, lou at 12c.; October, 100 nt 12 7 .32c. . November, too at 11 23-32c., KIO at ll*4c.; He comber, 10O at 11 23-3ae., 100 at 11 13-I6c.; total, l,(?si bales. To-day up to two P. M.?Juue, floo at tlj^c.; Julv, HOat 12 1 3.'c.. 3<SI at 12c., 30 ) at 11 31-(2c., 100 at II 15-lOc.: August, 1.5IO at 12 l-lOe., 50(i at Vi 3-32c., 20) at 12l,c.: ICS) at 12 I-18c., 1,000 at 12c.. 100*02 1 32c., 10J*t 12 1-IHc., 100 *t 12S'c-, 100 *t 12 3 32c.; September. 2(X) at 12 110c.. IOO at 12 1 32c.. l'O at l^c., 3(0 at II 3l-32c.. 100 at 12c.; October, 10 at I1J?C.: November, 3U> at 11 13-I8c.. .K*) at II 25-32e : December, 2?f) at 11 Ve. Total. 6.71)0 bales. Grand total, tt.40o hales. Tho receipts at ilie porta wero aa follows:?Galveston. I9t bales: New Orleans. 195; Mobile, 40: Savannah, 347; Charleston, -Ol ; .Norfolk, (15; New York, 57; Boston. 03; Philadelphia, 14. Total, 1,250 bales, litis day last week, 1.807. This d*v last year, l.iMH. Total since September 1, 4,025,703 bales. Cotton freights closed as follows:?To Havre, by ateam. *^e. eompresaed; to Hamburg, by st?am, Jjc. compressed: to Bremen, bv steam, J4c. compressed; tu Liverpool, 5-ltlc. by steam: by sail.... 1 ? d IiHt'GS. Ai' ? Opintn wss flnuer, owing to the estimated re duction of the crop; quoted ut ? I 37J; a r4 .V). gold, lu bond, and 90 15. earrency for Job lota Oil rltnol was quiet at $1 75 per cwt. for large lota and 2c * 2Sc. p?r lb. for small lota Camphor was at 27c. lor retlned. Cream tartar was quoted at 32e., gold, for American, and 37c. lor Froncli, and 37>{c. for pnwderrd in bhls. and 3?^c. for do. in boxes. Alcoholics?Chloroform and ether were steady at MS.', for the formur anJ 54c. a 04c. for the latter. Borax was steady at ll.L?c. a U^c. for refined city and UUc. lor do. Caillbrnia. Balsam toiu was unchanged; quoted *t $1 65 * <2. currency. Burgundy pitch w*s quoted at 7Sjc a Sc. (Juarana was eutirelv nominal at $2 5(1 a $3. Manna was strong: new crop was quoted at 05c. a 7oc. lor small. $1 05 a (I 'JO for large aa!50e. lor sort* Rus sian caniharldes were quiet ut $1 :5a|l 5(1. Shellac was iuiel at 45c.. gold, for L>. 0., and 30c.. gold, for English. >IVI divi was very scarce and firm at *6.> per ton. t.'utch was quiet at 0){c., gold. Frussiate potash waa quiet at 20c. a.'tdc., as to quality. Bichromate potash was dull at I.V;c. Sal ammoniac was dull at l'J(*c , gold. Irish moss ? as quiet attfMc. a7c. Gauibisr was firm at de., gold. Epsom salts were in fair dniuaud at 2c. Sumac was Arm at VI 35. Ar gots were steady *1 28c. a 32l^e.. gold, according to quality. Geutiao root was Urm at 7c. Caasia buds were quoted at 45c. a 5<ic. Colombo root was quoted at ?c. for whole and 14c. for powdered. Gum gedda.Was firm at 7J?c. a Sc.. with upward (end'ney. Juniper berries were dull at 8c. a U^c. for ordinary Italian. Orange peei ruled quiet at lO^c. a lie., spot- Venic" turpentln, waadull at l/Hc a 19c. Castllu soap?Conti wuite was quoted at I0?fc. and Marseilles pure mottled at |(fc, gold salts wero steady and lairly active a? 30>je. I. r nnis. ana :ilUc. lor boxes. Quinine was very active at $2 20. Blue vitriol waa stead* at 8!,e. Mor pbine was active at $4. with an advancing ten dency. Iodide potash was active at $'J 25, balk, anil $2 33 b. I. A hi in?Lump was In fair de mand at 2He. * 2%c. Chlorate potash was In fair demand ktile. * 2l)?c., gold, and 22e. tor greenbacks, far aric acid was quiet at 42)jc., gold, for crystal, and 49c. a Mte. lur t.ow |.-r?d Citric add was quoted at 73c. a 7k Licorice root was quiet at tornier prices; quoted at 40., gold, and from He. to lie., curreocy. for selected. Lleorlce fiaste, ? alaoria, was nulet at 31*. a .fie ; Spanish solid was n good demand at 2ae. a 28c., gold: Pigaatelii waa quiet at 34c.: small Gnsaline was quoted *t 32c.; large ttnsalina was in good attinanu at 40e.; P. M S. small waa active at 36c. a :(H'.C. ( erigllano was vey scarce; last lot was sold st 45c. Cuttlefish bones rated steady at 2?c. a 27c. Raisam copaiba w*s easy at 05c. a 70c. Saffron was firm at 22c. a25e. lor American and ?? 9U far Spanislt. Galaitgal root wasqntet t 4c. a 4t,e. Cod liver oil was in lai de mend at til. -O a $1 60 for Newfoundland and 42 for Norwr glan. Knnnarh was e\fltrd and tending; upward, with nnces ranging from $1 60 lo 92 75. Aloes were quoted at 12c. a I2',c. Ginger was llrm at 2oc. tor Jamaica bleached. Ergot was easy at el 23. Vulcksilvsr was quoted at O.'e. a ft*. Leaves Wero quiet, but steady at unchanged prices; qaoted at 2<Jt. fur belladonna, lie. lor conluin and aconite. 2oc 1 --'c tor henbann and 41 35 tor roae. Arsenic was In lair deinanJ at 3'jc. adSgc . gold, for white powdered, and 13c. a li>Ae. lor red do. Seeds wore quiet. WeWite: Muslard Yellow CalifoiBla. 7>jc. * Sc.; brown do.. 7c.; trow* Trieste. 7Hc.; yellow English. 9c. Canary? I'jitne Duteii was quoted (7 75 an t Smyrna was firm at #7 15 llriup wai qu.ei at 91 B2ij t'snway was firm at ? 12'.r CorriaiiUer was uuoted at ,e. Camotnila ?r? ?*re quiet at l.'ie. a *.>e. U.yeerine was in lair demand and firm at 17c. a IHJ^e. Sw.-et insrloram w is quiet at 2"c (/me rout was steady at lSKc. a -?V. according to uuallty. ionca beans steady at 4-t 50 tor Angttt.ura. Altlie* root was quirted at 25*. lor while ent. (ism araoie was quoted at 15e. lor prim ? ?orta and lie. lor second do. Angostura bars wa, ?carer ami hrinly held at ode. Sa*t?fraa bark was quiet at "<? Squifla weie quiet at 14c. f.avender flowers were quiet at U>?c> V aleriau root was quoted at 25e. lor Kngltsh end l >c. lor (seruin*. Alo iiuen was steady at '15c a *"c I. r blood aud |l a 41 15 lor egg. Saraap.irill* wa, q 11.1t t.iit -tea-ly. We quote :?llimdnra, eummoii at :i4r, a .t7c. ; d ? Uo. lor exjiort. a lie., gold; Mexican. 13c. a 15c. ?i il in *?t tuu'.c't at 12e. a l.te.. told. (Inm damar wus quiet ai M>c. ? IGauilf ge wss uuoted at U7e. Assafialid i w as stesily at 1 >0. a 17c. t.'arbonate ammonia was quiet at 14'fC. ^seeutial oil-, were moderately active and Urin We quota Oil Uc: gatuot, t-4 >J; oil iesiaa, Sanderson'*, $3 SO; lhusen'e I filicit alt roa?. $0 S7>j: o'l anise. >1 T5, *11 cold: I oil citr.iwftv, #| 4'? <4 $2 5<h ?H erolon. O; oil j ciir,?utlU, 7?c. ?* U>k ; *?i* lav#uU*r. 7o . h $1; do. do. i <MitCtallu), $\'J :?J; uil ctuve*. XC i?5j nil vmltrKNOB, I ; oil KH9N;itrHMt inclusive. ?VJ'jc.; oil MUU/WTI.. I r* h ;?? 5"), ttl< currency: oil of l?av. $!?? 50 and JF -?*>. En.'lllili 0b?iuicttlk*Th? niurket c o?ed qttiet but ttrm. with a betiar fttfliuir in blvitchitijc powder. which w?r* btld ?V note *ale? of j:> u>u? ?oda ??fo ut $i 0ft * $J ; i!5 toaa ?-?1 ?oda; l<?Odruiuii por rent caustic *ouaat4%e; I'M k?if* bicar b unite ?o?ia, hi 4l4c.. uh trold, a nil 1<X> ca?k? bUa?*t.inir powder at 91 tit) currency. \W quote :?Sodn a?h. ordinary to yood bran 1*. <1 u.i * $??.'; ?ut *oda? JO: cautftic ?oda. ?4 37 oicurbonato ?>d*, $1 - nil. irnld; bleaching powder, *i OO. currency; superearbonata nod*. Julia Dwlght A to.'a, (iu 4?., curri'iicj. Kkathkhs were steady at 57c. for priiu*, 43c. fur whit* mixed anil 33c. fur old do Fish?The supply of all kinds wan vury moderate, and the market wan generally quiet. There was a good inquiry fur new mackerel, but uu tales uf importance acre made u>in* tu the light supply. Mux herring were h id at tu ar rive. We quote:?New Georges coil, i-'t a 95 25: Grand Hank do., jit; .shore mackerel. No. 1. 920 a $2^; do.. Urge No. 2. $15 a 91". Hox herring. No. I. 15c. : scaled do., "Sic. a 2-ic. : bairelled do., furtlaud, $4 7J a fj; Laorador ift jU a & 75. I r ami Okaim.?Receipt*?Klour. 9.865 bbl*.: wheat, Its4.n70 bushels; curu meal I O hois. and 410 anki; oats, 43,20i bushels; corn, 112.UK) do.: ryo. 31.140 du.. barley malt, 1,245 do The Hour uiaraet win steady, under a moderate Inquiry fur shipment at steady prices. The a ale* were about I4,'00 bbls., including State. Western mid Southern, at the annexed quotations. live Hour was quiet, Willi sule. ot ilfai bids. ai #1 7."> a 95 2 I for ilno to suuer fine. Curu ineal ?>i fairly active: 2.500 bbls. aold at $:> 40 a $i tr> iur Hraudvwiue, and ?>' UU a $3 25 fur Jeraey, t'ennaylvauia and Western yellow. We quote No. 2 State #2 75 a S3 ."><) Supvrtiuu Mute 4 l'? a 4 511 K*ira StatB 5 <10 a 5 -5 Cli.'iro Mat? A 'J5 a H (?J Superline Wvalern 4 10 a 4 ."><1* Kxtra Weatern . 4 ?<) a 5 25 Mlbueauta 6 25 a 7 ml 1:oniid hoop Ohio, alilppini; l.rauda 5 Ul u 5 '.'5 Kound hoop Ohio, trade brands 5 511 a tl 50 Kauilly 7 Oil a S :*> St. l.ouit, luw extr.i 5 00 a ll i*J Si. Luuia airaiirht oxtra (1 5n a 7 oo Si. Louia, clioii-e double exira ,.?? 7 iMJa S IK) St. l.ouli, choice f.'.Hilly H 25 a it 00 Kyo tluur, liuo in atiperiluj *.1 7o a 4 20 Suuthcru, No. 2 3 2 > a 4 OO Sautht-ru, au|iertliie 4 25 a 4 05 Southern, extra 5 25 a 7 00 Southern, family 7 25 a 1' 40 Horn meal, Weatern 3 00 a 'I 30 Corn meal, Jersey 3 0>a 3 30 Corn ineal. liraiidy wiue 3 55 a 3 00 Corn meal, imucliconi 20 ooa 2o 50 ?WI eat was dull and lower. No. 2 I'hle ijjo being #1 17 and Milwaukee $1 20 tu ?.ll. The sales v<era about 200.000 biiali. la at ?1 o7 a ?<l Os fur No. 3 I'hirauu, $1 07 tor no urade winter, $1 20 a $1 2i 1}^ !ur No. 2 Milwaukee, $1 25 a 91 20 for toll No. 1 Minnesota, <>l 2S for prune do to arrive, (il 10 a$l 20 for uiijiraded ?prinif, IO a $1 15 lor old Iowa do. iind$l 2S a ^1 30 for No. 1 spring. Com wits easy at the close. Miles were ubout 140 OJ0 bushels al a .Vie. lor steamer, 50c. tor no t.rrade, 35J. a 52c. lor d.minted, 5Sv. a ."lie. lor graded mixed. 55c. for ungraded mixed, tioc. lor Western yellow, Omu. a 02c. fur .'southern do., and Olio. Iur ulme. K.irler ?'a> quiet, llarley mall, >,o 41 bushel. Canada sold at $1 3o, 0 ? days, live was flrm ; H.ikXj buthela Western told, to arrive, at s7c. Oats weru tiriuer: wc uoie sales of abuot 40.5O0 tiashel* at 3.C. a 43c. Iur lul.xud, i.e. a 35e. for rejected, 40c. Iur No. 2Cliic.tgu mixed. 43c. fur cli ouu .MIUuuivcu mixed, 30u. a 43c. lor mixed Wecteru, 40c. a 43c. lor mixed Statu and 3^>jc. for No. 2 white. Kkuit ?The maiket fur turelirn dried was g-nerally qu el and eaaler. Wo quoteI.a . er raisins, per bux, 72>,; half do.. $> oO: quarter du., 700.: new looae niuaciilel, <2 75 a t- uo pur box, accord lug to quality; new seedleas ralenis, $.5 J> per Irali: Va.eucia ratslua. Inc. per lb.; sultana do., lie lor new: Turkey prunes, 5c. lor .-servia and Kosnia: new Kietich do., Oc. a 1 lc., aacurdlng to elie tnd quality. Currauls, 7!4c., aucording lu qua ily. Leghorn citron, 20c. Kigs. 14c. lor layers. Ualea,5'jc. Uracil uuts. 0^?e. I'resers ed ginger. ^7 .>0 per case Domestic dried was aetiVd and ilrui. W e quolu : ? Apples, State, quarteis, Uc. a'.i'.c.; du., sliced, U?jo. a liai.: Southern, quarter*. rt,'jc. a !i!Jc.; do., sliced, b,-. a lie.: do , laucy. 12)jjc. a 13.'. Praulm-. p*?led?lleorgia, prima tu faucy, 14c. a l 'c.: uupenled do., quartors, lo'^c.: halves, 12^c. a I3c. lllackberriea, 7.'ao. a l'c. Kaspberries, 20c a 27c. Cherries, 20u. 1'tuuis, Southern, lKc. a 20c. J do.. Stale, 21c. Peunuts were active and firm. We quoteIirdlnarv Virginia, ijl 25 it ?! 50: prime do.. $1 05 a il 7U;choiou do., ^$1 75 a $1 HO; ordinary Wilmington. *1 in a 91 >0; prluio to lauey ilo,, 9175 a 91. Domestic greeu was in lair iieinnml and sl*>idy. We quoteApples, ?elected winter, per bbl.. 95 a $5 50; do., mixed, 92 50 a 92 75; do., commuo, 9.' a $2 5 ' 11 a v ami tiiaw.?The receipts wero qnlto large and with a very limited demand price* were wenk* Wo quute :?Male hay, ahipplBk', at 75c.; retail qualities at X*>c. a 91 : clover at l?5c. a 75c. Straw?Ixnig rve. 7t>c. a 91: oat do. MOe. Hump anii .luru.?Market quiet. Wn quute Aniericun dre.sed. 911*0 a 9'JOO tor single, 92UO a .*225 Iur ouuble and 91 20 a $125 for rough Manila liuiup, OV1'. a Oi,e , gold; Kus?ia clean. f.-Mk> a 9210, gold: Italian, 9275 a 92KI, gold; Ju:e,4'4e. a S'^c., currency: Jute Hutta, 2^0., cash; sisal liemu. 4c. a 4i^c., gold: Istie, 5,Cc. a 5*.c., gold. lliUKa.?I'he market was decidedly Krmer, with mere doing. Sales were l.soo Klo (iranou at lsijc., gul4, tour months; 3(JU> Muiitevidoo at lU>jC.,gold; 4,0(>odry Mataiuo rus ut 17c., gold, Oo days: 1,100 city slauzhters, ut Sc., cur rency; mid un |?-ivaie terms 5<jli dry silted lexiia. 1.500 dry iexas, 7.>o Texas kips, l,5(io dry California ami 0.t*J0 Kiver I'latie Irom Kurope. Wo uuute :?Ituenus Ayres, 20 to 24 lbs., Iti.'jc. a 2oa do . 24 to 27 lbs., lUc. u 21V,e.; MoDtevidoo, 20 a 22>a' lbs. ID.!*1', a 20c.; Cor* rieutes. 21 to ;3 lbs.. 18c; Uio Urande, 2<> to 22 Ibi.. I?lic. a Htc.; 'Irlnoco, 20 to 22 lbs., l-'jC.; l alirornia. 21 to 25 lbs., 10c.; Central American, IK to 21 lbs., 13c. J Mataniurus and Mexican. 22 tu 25 lbs., 15c.; Vera i rus, IS to 10 lbs., 13c.: Hogota, 1H to 20. lb*.. Ctc. a 14c., all gulu, selected: Texas. 20 to 34 lbs., 11c. a 12c.; dry Texas, 17c. a inc.; Southern, 24 to 30 lbs., 10c. 11c., ourrency, as they run: city slaughter, us, Go to HO In.. 8c.: cur. 45 to Oo lbs,. n>ic.. currency, selected. Hops?The market was null and prices were entirely nominal. Wo quote: New York State, loe. a 17c,; Knstarn. Sc. a 15c.; Wisconsin, sc. a 15c.; yearlings. He. I 10. .; ulus, all growths. 4c. a Oc.; Calilornia. 15c. a lbc. IkuK.?The ma.'ket for American pig wits quiet. Sales wero 200 tons No. 2 at 92 I and -2UI tuns mottled on private terms. Scotch pig was unchanged; 150 tuns Coltness, from dock, sold at 9%>, and loo tons (lien (iirnock to arrlvo at 92H 75; srrap was ne glocted and ollered at ?2n a +10. We quote ^Ameri can pig. No. 1, $22 a 923: do.. No. 2, 920 a $21; do., forge,91Sa $20. Scotch-Coltues*,$30 a93l; Gartsnerrie, $30; Ulongarnock. 920a92u50; Kgllnlon. $2h a $2n fv); scrap, wruught, 92H a 930; rails, steel. 900 per tun; do., iron, 931 a 934 per ton. 1.KAU was steady, but only a Jobbing business was doing. l.i.ATHfcH. ? 1 he market was steady with a lair demand for hemlock sole. We uuoto Hemlock?Light Buenos Ayres. 20c. a 21c.; do. California. 20c.; do. cuminon liido, 20c.; middle iltlenits Avras 22.? a 'Jlle ? iln- l!.ll(t>?..l. - Calilurnla, IHc. a Inc.; do. coiumuu hid*, lHo. a 10c. > pour, damaged couimon hide. 15c. a 17c. HiiLtMki-Foretrn was dull and unsettled: New Orleans was fairly aetlvo and steady, I 0 bids, sold at 4Hr. a 00c. lor good to fancy. We quota:?Cuba, centriiugal and mixed, 32c, a 28c.; clayed, 20c. a 33c.; do. muscovado retlniug. 30e. a 34c.; do. grocery, 32c. a 40*.; I'urto Kico, 35c. a 5oc.; Rnglikh Islands, 32c. a 5oc.; New Orleans fair tu good. 4Sc. a 52c..' prime tu chulce. 50c. a 5He. Naval Stokc*.?The market for spirits turpentine was dull. On Chauga 50 bbls. suld at 30a, but later advices Irom Wilmington were 1 jo. lower, and the market clusi'd with holders otTerlng at 2nij*. Itosis was uulet. We quute :?Spirits turpentine, 2!i>gC. Kosln?common strained, 91 70; good du., $1 75. Tar?Washington. 92 15 a 92 25; Wiliningtou, 92 13 a $2 25. Aiivirus from Wil mington wero as lolluwsrosin quiet: strained. $1 25; good strained. 91 ?ar firm: $i Ik) hid. Turpentine steadv: hard, $1 10; soft. $2; vlrg.n, $1 .s), Spirits quiet at 2oVjC. Oius.?Market quiet. We quoteUnseed, casks, 50c.; Cottonseed, crude, 40c. a 42c.; Mint horn yellow, i*o a .Vic, ; yellow winter, 50c. a AM*.; white winter, ?5c.; lard, nresent make, 00c. to 05c.; sperm, crude. $1 37; do., (?leached winter, $1 70; du., natural do., 91 SA; wlntle. crude. Northern, 00c.; do , Suutherii, 55c.; blearln d winter, 7<ic. a 72c.; olive, casks, 91 17\ a $1 22',; do., case*, $4 35 a 94 40; winter, bleached flsh. 48c.; crude llsh, 35c. a 37c. Hkikolkcm.?The msrket was quiet but steady; 3.000 and 5,000 bbls. refined a dd at Philadelphia at H'4e.. and 5,(SS) bbls. do. last evening at New \ork at HJJ?., and rumored sale of a cargo of do. at llaltltnore on private terms. The closing prices were as follows: - Crude, In bulk, s^c.: do., In bbls., lie. a ll^c.; refined. In bbls. I4.11c.; do. cases, 1 Ho. Kedned at Philadelphia. 1 l!<.'c. snd ut Baltimore. 14c. Ad vltes from the Cieek were as follows;?Oil city?L'ftltod lirm. 92 01'i; shipments, 92 27U. Parker's weak. United, 92 Ol >4; shipments. 9J 27'^. ? Kaceipts-l'ork. 400 hbls.; lard. 041 tierces, 23 kens and 01 cases; cutmeats, 225 packages; ba on, 5s tierces and t!3i boxes; beef, 330 cases. I he Jiurk market was firmer closing at iho second "call" iu lul. una:?June, 918 45 bid, 910 asked; July. #1H ik', idd, #18 SOasked: Au_nst, 918 Hft bid, 810 a.ikrd: September 918 05 lid. 910 2o asked: Ocftber. #1H HO bid. 910 50 asked.. Tliu sales were about 5,000 bbls. at 918 75 for July and 910 far August; 200 bbls. mess sold on tlio spot at (18 75. Cut meats were quiet; 500 frcah hams suid at iUWc Kresh hams were qiiu:od at lie. a 11 ??c., pickled do. at UI4C. a l|l4'c.: fresh bellies at 10c. a I'J^e.; p.eklcddo. at l)*^c. a 11 '4c., and boxed do. at ll>jc. a 12c. Macon was quiet; 1.5UO boxes lung clear suld at the West on private terms. Meef wa.squiui, but unchanged; lis> bbls. mess sold uu privat* terms. We aaote :-Barrels?Kxtra mesa, 912; pl ilii do., 911: packet. $i4. Tierces?City extra India mess, 923 a $24; India mess, t'22, and prime nie*s, #20. Itoef naraa were dull and unsettled ;quoted st920 a92l for prime West ern, mid $17 a 91U lor fair to giHid do. Smoked meats wero qnlet. and in the absence of business were inure or leas nominal: quuiod at 13^'c. a 14c. Iur hams atid HjjC. for shoulders, i.urd was Uruier and in fair deiuan.I. The closing "call'' prices ware as lollowsJ una, 910 70 bid, $11 asksif; July, $10'J5 bid. 911 asked*, August, $11 02>f bid.'Sl I 07.'i askpd : SeTitem'ier, $11 10 lud, 911 22)i asked; Octuber, 911 15 bid. 9M askad. The sales vers about 0,500 vierres al $1 - SO a 9io 07k lor July, 911 05 a $11 o7'i a $11 10 Iur Annual and 91007},, a 911 a 9llo3a9ll lo a 911 15 for September. Sput anles wsra 4iai tierces city at 10%c-. 4-0 tisreea Western at lO'.e, a lie. and 50ti at the West on iirivaie t*. ins. Kcnued was qul*t; 125 tierces city No. 1 sold al lOe. Hntler was nmet but steady at 2l>c. a 20c. for Stat* and 10c. a 20c. fur West ern. Clieas* was doll and easy. We qncte:?Best Ststa factor* at He., good do. al Oc a 10c., skluibad at 4c, a Sc. and Vvestern at 7c. a 10c. Kick?Thera was an actlvs demand from the Jobbing trade and the market ruled firm. Sales were about 3^)1 bbls. Louisiana aud about 15(1 easks Carolina wlvuiii the range. We quotaCarolina, fair tu prime, Oc. a ll'ac.; ixiuisiana. fair to good, 5V?c. a 5',c.; du, prim*. .V^o a Oc.; Rangoon, fair to good. Oc. a 6Ue.| ra'tia, good, l^c. a 7Sc . gold: Rangoon. In bond. 2J4c. a 2Sc.. gold. Srgi.ntR?Was firmer; quoted al 7?ic. a 8a, currency, for cuniblnallon. and 7>?c . gold, for foreign. ^TKABINB.?Tha market was quiet at 13c. a 13'^c. for prime. Suuait?Th* market for raw was steady, bat quiet. Rales were 285 hhds. Porto Rico at 7>(c. a 7?,c. aud .'>87 lilids..and 101 boxes muscovado and low centrl ugal at a 8c. We quote .? Fair retlning, 7',c.; good do., 7?^a.; Cuba, gro (erv. fair to choice, 8Wc a S\c.; do., centrifugal, bhds. ana boxes. No*. 8 to 13. 8l4c a tic. . do , molasses. Iihds. and buxes, ?>4c. a 7)^c.; Porte Rico, refining, com uun to prime, 7e. a 8c.; do., grocery, fair tu choice, Hije. a HUc ; refined, standard A. l?%e. a ovc.; off A. O'^e. a H',c.; crushed, |oi,e a 10V,; powdered, 10??c.; granulated. HHic.: cut loaf, lo'4c Tallow. ? Keceipts, 45 lihda. 341 bbls. and 17 casks. The market was qul*t. Sales war* about 150,000 lbs. at S^c. for prime. Tm.? Ine market was decidedly firmer. We qnote llauca. 22>?c.; Straits, 18)^c ; English. ISc., all guld. Plates?Charcoal, nominally 97 50; *ok*. to 50 a 90 lAt; terne. 90 12 a $0 37W. Io*ai CO.?Th* market waa generally quiet. Sale* of Kenincay ware bhds. at unehangad orices: sales of seedleaf were Ilk) cases sundries at 7c n 3iie ; fji) do. New Kngiand. crop IM7&. a 12c.. 15c., and Inc.; 2iKI do., do., crop 1874, al tU;r , |2c.. I l>,c.. and 25c.; IH do. Ohio, crop 1873, at He. a 7o.; 40 *u. Wiscuiisln, crup 1h73 and |M74, at 7c., and 4UU bales Havana at urtces ranging from 82c. to $1 13. Wmagrr.?Hcecipts All bbls. whiskey and loo bbls. alcohol Tba market waa quiet, but firmer; 50 bbls. sold at #1 II. Kkkiuht*.?^There was comparatively no change to the general marcat, and there was only a moderate business transacted. To Liverpool, par steam, boxes chees* slid 7(S> hoxes bacon, rata to be named; 1, ?*> baler cottuu al 5-18d.; grain nominally at l?>jd. st l"d To la<ndon, per steam, i.isio boxes cheese at 5ns.; grain nominally nt lid per bushel, and by Ski I 2,000 bbls Hour. ?t 2s. ttd. To (tlas goW. per staam, 24,IU > bushels grain at H,'ad. a lod. To Hull, per steam, iHO>4l bnshels .rain, rumored but not antheiiti cated. The charters comprise an American bar*, he nee to Cork lor orders with H.Olxi quarters craln al Os. H<|.; an American schuitner hence for same vuyaire with 2,7<*> quar ters do, al Os. IKt. ; a Nurwegian bark, henre for do. with qnariera do al 0*. HI.: a Ornish l>ark (now lierei. from Norfolk or Baltunure tu Curk tor ?.rders. wish 4.KS) qnariera grain at s. KM.; a Norwegian bark. He arrival, reported Irom Haltlmure to fork lor urder?, with i;5,<an quarters do. at 7s.; an Italian bark, Irom Halliruore, wub 2.*esi quarters, at samu rate: one of 3,iikl qrs . for saisa voyage, at tta. Od. and one of 3,500 quarters, same voyage and rat*; alio o&e of 3.JOU quarters, at Ut. Vd. and jCIO gratuity for ?tm? voyage: a German bark, benee t? irifilVli! 'l.^*0.^.1^ on' V.'K"' cargo. Including 1,000 bale. c?tt .n in o-l'/d.. and ,r,H ta.low, >;i .< ? ;:d.. a. part ..r argo; an American lam-, Irmu Clurle.ton. particular! not reported . br g h. n.-e t<. Richmond erd tlieuce to Kio Grande, with J,.iX/ ublm. Hour, at $1 K t>er bbl. DOMESTIC MARKETS. CALYX.";*. J?M l! Tf ('littoii dull, nominal: middling. 11 \fc : I?JW middling. lO'.c ; good ordinary. B'.i' receipt., lilt bales- r.x porta?To Or. at Britain, 1.400. cuaxteri.e. I?d. ??"i stock. i3,waa. ? , . 1H7,. Skw 0?LC.t*?. Jnne <>. i*;" Cotton In (air demand-, middling. ll??c.; low middling, IlJic.; good ordinary, Net receipt.. l.i.?bale?; nr"" 270 knport.?To Ureal Britain, 1.078; to trance, 173. Sale.. l.t?0". Slock. 1O0.8UU June ?. 1H7". Cotton quiet and iteady: middling. II. : low middling. Inc.; Rood ordinary. f>V ? Uc- Net receipt.. 40 J"* Export. ?l'o the CoDtUtuUt, 1,300; cua?twi?e, ot. sale!. 50J. Stock, 17,744. _ ? n iutii Savannah. Jnne (1, lS/ti. Cotton dull; middling tic.; low middling. 10 l-IOc. -?*<"* orill.iary, Hjfc. Net receipt., 317 bale*. f-ale., 87. Moc*. CuaBLKHTON. June 0, IH70. Cotton quiet; middling. 1 y*?-j J?" ' I,'11"f' 1 SS ,.,* l<i7,c.; good ordinary, luc. Net receipt#, J01 balei. nai??, 10;. Stock, 7,olti. ? tx-n OiWrco, June ?. l?io. Flour unchanged: .ale! 1 .MX) bbl?. Wheat .leadv; *Sl.'' Milwaukee ciuo. #1 20; ?ale. ** ??' ??*? ?* *'u|"y niieliautted. Harley quiet I rn meal.**tlla*-7T.?rbolitert. a tor unbolted* jHtr ton- ' ?htpsittir*. $1?; middling, *19 l??r *??? v\^ h[mb^r *' Wl.eut, 51,?.; corn. '>c.; Pea., tW. to New * ork lumbfr. ? to tlie; *2 7S to New York. Lake rer.rl,'f"7inViiU O.WJO bv.abele; lumber. IIfeet, i.aiml .lutmiit."it? V\ boat, 7.f*ki litiaiiele: luiubur, IKiO llI feet. * cm.11I Worn Buffalo and K.weno lor tide water ' noon. n< near a? can l.e au-ertained-Wb.jat, I.K-.i"' bimlieli; corn. 54,0U)4o. i o?t?. IH.UW do.; b?rle>, IO.oOI do. , peal, 1.1O.1 do. BurfALO, Juuo 0. IK7iX l.akt r 'ceiptt?Flour, l.:?0bbla ; w'tt-at. TSTjl***! corn. 7 .,<**? do.; oats. :?).<? <> do. hatiroadr.-celil.-l'.'or. 3.1MH wU.'at, 7.UW biiHtiele: corn lU.t?>J do.. <>at?. Ilimkl .lo, ; liarlev. l.SM do. t)4ltal ?U piuont? lor trItt aaler?Wbeat. J,i87,a*? biultel.i oata 44.00 Uu ; .....I Ahititnaute-fiour. II.IKX bblii : wlteat, Ul,_? ? '?-? road uhlpmeute?Kli'iir. :?.iw? bble ; wiieat 1J1, > ?l?Mi pie; corn. tHl.oOOdo.; o?t?. 10,000 do ; barley, ft?Jj Cutial nwlgbte-Wbeut. U^c to New\..rk. l'i. u brni and quiet. Wliem dull; sulci 7.HU0 bu?l.el?^No. J^Milw?u lice ..11 private terms; 4,ii00.lo. t tl i; 'ecorditii; ?l 21k; iix earn wiilto winter at #1 -* a*' . Sbl i: ; six curs w uuu ~ - - ? to quality. Cum dull and ur?v ; nalei K,K) i liUi.l.el?, ule lit "jOC ; I Mill do. No. 2. in lot". ?t -idc. Oats quut, ?atei of one cur W. iter,, at :.7e. Uye h?c. Bar ley neaiectod. I'rovtiioai dull and lower I ork. ?l? ?>? or heavy Dieu. hard. 1 lie. IllKliwiuen iiomlmiily ^1 1- lur city made. Seed. Inactive. Tolkdo. June 0. 1?7i). Hour flrnier. Wheat lirm.-r; No. 2 white tort "l^fdKUu!#V:W;\VoU2do,.%\ ln#; amber MIcM.^.u^Sl 2;V^ ^n't^V^:1 So'^ rU r.Jjeeted red Corn "awhae ?ficvttita quiet ; No 2, a2e.; Mlcbi?an. *le. Kecoti.t?? :akj UbU Hour. <10 biulioU licut. ?lo. corij, 0*i *> do. outh. Shipment*?6U0 bbU. Hour 57.UX) busboU euro, 3,000 do. oatt Obkuoo. .luno 0. 1878. Flour quiet; common to clmlco Wo.tir.i iliipolug eairne. $4 2"i u # i; iriio.l to laiicy taiullv bi n.ula, *?' -> ? * ? ? Minnesota *Su$.l75; medium to choice winter extrae, Sr i -J.i a ^7 Ml. Whe.1t uuiettleii, nctivo, but weak 'ind lo.ver; No. 2 Ohieairo sprluif. $1 04^. ?l?;>t ! ????* *' .-1 ;ifl itfi'i .luno; cnno.l ?t f I 01 .iuiiejljl 0? l J ' Chicago Hirltilf. ?-'C a UJ'3r.; rejected. Hl.'.O. a.8.c. Curi, in ,;ood demand at lull price.; No J at 44^.4* epot. 41?iC. a 4l\:c. June; 14'^c. bid .lulv. "'J1''"'; ll'.ie. llatu hnn; So. 2 at -Si uc. 3P?' ? - ?J', July live In Rood demand and a 11 1' , at TUc. n 71c. Barley U1111, at .i7c. Ki^k ?"???o,d but generally lil?lior: ?.7 0. a #18, ip-t; *?8a ?l?0 >. July; <18 2.1 k^1S27>; Auguat; li*a ?oi > 'i'l,rv'v" trust. 1'iird uniettled. but generally Jj1"11"; JliiilO ipot: ?lo 00, Ju'jf: *10 70 a ^ui 7-X. Auguat. Bulk men. fairly act he and a sliado biglier; til'c.; eieiir rib .id. 1. 0l4c.; cloar .ldes USe. \\ hl.key ca?ler at $1 08L. Kreik'lii* to Buffalo?beat. J iC. Ki - ceilitH?Klour, lti.nOO bbls.; wheat, 188.Wn) bitslieU; corn, 4t']oo(l do ? outs 111.000 do.; rye, 10,000 do,; imrley. t%'*> do. Shipment!-Flour. bbl..; wlie-it. Ulj'W" bushel*: corn. l!6i).0(X) do.; ont?. 77,(10 J do., rye, , ?fi1' At tho nftcrnoon call of tti? HoJird; -Wheat June; $1 045m .July Oom it e ad jr. Out* eaulcr. *Bc. 2H1 ic .luly. f*??rk easier; Aujju?t. Lard higher, 5'lU U7>a 70 July; 910 HO Auguit. HAVANA MARKET. II AVAXJt, Juna 0. lS7it. Spanish gold, 220 a 220>i. Exchange uumlual. sugar nominal. FISASCIAIi. ^ aar t NKW HI li lie ON STOUli Sl'kcLL..vl'|l>N. AI.SU ?asy?*""?" irixvftwi'.?." ixoi uteu. a7 Broad at.. New York. A" LKX. rttOTIlISUH AM A OO. HANKERS, 12 WALL ?t? make Inveitmenti of large or nniall amount! In .tocks of a lo^'itiiuate character; reliable put! and eall., atocka bought and carried on a of J to o per cent. Circular! and weekly report! lent free. _l ntKS At' 7 i'lill CKNT ON LIFK INsl.'KANl'E ..rVolkiel COItYKLL.37 Viirk row. room m_ t l.UiV WOULD l.l KH TllK LOAN t?F #7 . FOR A A. short time; the be.t of r*'?rence ijMvcn; alio wcuritv irdeslred. Adaro.b, for tlireo d.?yi, HONfcSl*, box 10.. HoritUi offica. ? T~L \D.Y WII.L tllVK UNDOLBTliU SKC' KlTV KOtt A a loan of *IMJ for a few muntha. Addrcis ylilt.K, Herald I'ptown Branch ollice. A Ijvis MALE?4100,000 YOSKEk'S 7 I'tK t!ENT SINK ' ing Fund wator bond., due 190J. Apply to O. A. BILL*, No.3K l'lne ?t. >(,11 hale?EXCELLENT SECOND MOItTOAGE; ^ <4*10; term! Iloeral. OKAKE k CO., No. 3 Boerum gt., Hrookl?ti. F I "always I1AVE MONEY TO LOAN O.N MOIIT BMire Sew York city properly: city railroad Htocki ntid Bondi^Tought aud aoldT ii. il OKAST. 145 ?roadway. NKW MINING sTOt.'K EXCIlANtJE.?Al'I'Lll'.ATU'NS lor mombemhip will contlnuo to be received dur ng a thi. week at the rate ot 9IOO. alter that tiiue tho rate will be advanced ai circumitance* may require. WM. WAKO, Temporary Chairman, Oroxel Building. pitOl'OSALS FOR BO.NOS. Notice ii hcrobj given that propotali for $;i in Bergen County (S. J.) Coupon Hondl, bearing Interest at seveu per cent. uavable January ind July, redeemable >12.0? per year, commencing.' nnuary I, 1877. will be received by the Finance Committee or the lloanl ot Uhoacn Freeholder! ot aivid couuty. on or before Monday, the 12th day of June, 187(1. at lo o'clock A. M. I'rupoiaU ?I I be received for any P,,p1"" of the a >ove amount. The committeo reierve the right to reject any or nil bldi. J AMI'S VANDEKHECK, WILLIAM UUYLEit, TUEODOKE MUEIILIXO. Committee. rflRL'ST FUNDS ON NEW YOKE, BROOKLYN AN0 1 Westchc.ter Property : dvo years : no bouui. Addie.i TRUSTEE, box QUO New York Poet 0B0*. ?7 4!fTRD?#3,OOJ FIRST MtiRTll AiiK ON IM I" it' 1 \ KIJ \\ Karm. alio,it ntj acre*; one hour IturaNewYnrka mbitautial in vestment; 110 bonui givun. Addren Jioui O AUK, Herald olllce. - \irASTKD?A OE.NTLB.MA5i KXI'KRIBNCEp IN Al> VY vertlilim bustneil M partnur 111 a niW 1 eutonnial adverlising and Un .nciai publication; mn.t be willing to Invest ill it from *1 <0 to $200 afi r latiilaetoiy particular, lure protli. in Bltee, d.,^. 9ijjjM. ??X? nood uonty to day, froiu i? to li A, Mm t<? bnN IKW^iAb EXCHANUb <. t lUE I'UrtLIMIIKB, ?4 Clinton place. WiNiKD-r BOND AND MORT gage "n llr?t cla? Sew York city Property; no agents. Add. o.i ll. W.. Herald. ATV-"/\lti? WASTED TO EXTEND A LBUITIM \ 11.. ?JjO.UUU ?afe and profltabl- Manufacturing B111I MM- eetUlaCtory releience given nud fequlred. Addie.i WaBINO. ileraiu olliie. jkTnn ",ii ui^aooo, WANTED?at six 1 UU.wUU per cent on m.irtgnge on Broadway Froi. crty. Addre.. fitiWCIPAL. boa 4,o7d Poit offlco. A i ?? - l\i\t I TO LOAN ON KB A L EST AT K; SUMS $435,000 to suit SUIPMAN k MEH8BREAU, ,)2 William it., Ualan Buiidin^e. . . COfAHTM K HSI1IPB. ffnnn^m^Rfs^ti^rrp v.xffriMrMKt .< p.en I Oeo. C. farnlyu k Brother baa tlila daj lieen diswilved M- mutual couient. AI. debt, due the laicf firm will be re ceived by Oeo. C.Tamlyn. who continue, the buelneii at No. 20S Weit 34th it. and anumei^aU Brni- kkeu. 'w. rA.MIAN. _ " KLSI.VKSH UPPOIttDMITfltk. _ ~Sl "lr!,h aVl' wbom^iC mav concern.?Tako notice that let ter. patent ol tne L'nltcd Statv l.avo been i.aucd t.. me for ?..n,,i^cturiinr oil and butter Irom animal lat. Date, ar.d II uinbe^? enI* ?? itiued. N\i. 6.7.17. November Itt. 1875; So 17J OI2. February 1, IH7H, No. 100.0?.?. Aujfuit '24, 1^7') I hereby notify and .trlctiy forbid all infringement* upon tlie above uained patent, and to cea.e u.lng tho tame from tbl. date, or they will be aeld resporiiible and dealt with according to law. By order ol V\. K. ASDIIEW, Patentee, 318 Weit 4IM e*., New York. \ ZADbTno'NAL CAPITAL PROl'L'HKH FoR MEK A. chania, manulncturereand other.-. Real hstate e-j changed lor Bniinei.; Mining lniereiti. *c.. negotiated, per., in with capital leeking bu.lneee advlied. without charire or approve.! opportunitie.. Rolerence.?II. B. Cialllii k Co., dry goodi, I40 Church ?t.; Baldwin, Setton k Peters... manulacturlug jewelle^. S^ ?^k?E ?n. Financial and BnilneM Broken, i-1 lti..?.i?*v. ?4 N lNlirsTRIOl S MAS WANTED Willi j5jw TO A MOO. In a ia!e manulacturliig builne..; over l'*l per cent and thoroughly eitabli.lied; the only ?ure thing on tale. ? Wett ltHn it. .New Tort. . |,| 11 ksFabusuro l.Kiiir A. manufacturing UuiineM, with liood Will, F:\turei and be.t cuetom, for ? IW. arTIX ^ VEYEII. 173 Broadway. jnFS^ES^cTyr^'ni^.Ve-. braojl! agency m'i'n.'* ' " P'rm'U'UVASr.A,rTAN.k4;u W'S " k N KDUCATKD. CHRISTIAN YOiixtl MAN. WITH A ??ine capital and bu.ineii experience, de.lre. to orortiabiy enit.ior hi. time , preierance fo?vclerk?hip Intro .iMUrr tii a bneineee intere.t ; llmt claee reference. A.l die.. isTERPrtI?E, bo* 170 Herald Iptown llrauch office. T" proHTA15LK OPRNlNd IN A SMALL I KOKIT 4 able liotel; another In a light prolllable liu.lne.i, #1 >0 weekly .partner with about *t,OOOj. J*'3* Utli iv., leoond lioor. ' . ' UruoAB* "and vaorasts wasted to pur. IJ cha? hall Intere.t In an eitabllehed hnilne?i, pay - ilirf ait> mi i .r year. tlio?e nuaule to write preferred. 1 all oerson on JOTIS W. Ml'DUETT, 2i Ea.t 10th it. Sen albfe men with ?1.tOJ. eaeh, are alio invited to call ; they will .tend a better .how. ? i| i:ol'l. ON B1'81NESS. ? A OhNTLI.W v.N Wwl l.D Cj attend to the bu.ine.s of any one for part 01 traveiliug; lilgtte.t refureucefc Addre.* KAl PA, Herald ottice rriiik ADVERTISER. IIAVISO AN ESTABLISHED 1 f 1 v u jC Butinr** In one or the b? alt hi eft nnd banO?uiue?t title* l? the ^outli. d?nlr?* a partner aritli in cajii, to nurehaM hall liittfeet U? ?!??? ??l lit* moiea and Uke e.i?r?:e !,l .nine, reaao . tor **1hn*. ha? tw? ittfW ^djawnot ti?nd to botti. K?f ttarticulari addreM liALL A 14H KtU, 214 tireewwkll ?t.. n??w York. \ t r A N T KI ? A PAR TN Ell WITH ?.V?I IS A WKIL VV paying llglit m.uulactuilng caeli Mueiaeee. AdiUeee VABTNklUmir. Uexaid oflUe. w YV Bt'*I*KSS OPPOHTf^flTIKS. ? v >1. ? kit 1. . WftoL >ai.k'Tu,TTC '?a?uip,?. wuli ?<??:.,'?l .,f A>l.lruH i, ' ? . I*"i Sa?-in . r inn I N,- . V. rk. \\ ? v ?? ?* 'III. <? WI r \i,. IN an obi ?.i vll' ; undoubted Miciaril/. Addreee MONMDi;TU. U??r?iU i?8ke. # 'AMKIi?A TllOliOl iiilCy KxT'KKIKSCKD IKiTBC i B>*n. . lilt mean* to ?*.,.? tbe man?it(Wiil unit h?lt . . the U-.t paying Hiii <i iliai avall ?M* roora.i. fireproof. modern bull!, centrally located hotel ifi Chicago. III. *, trowl uiur^fifj tor Investment: to rljchl party iruuraiuuu J. AUdreu \V. 1II., Atlauiic Hotel Obi. C*lfO. III. ' IVantkd?a man with i ro join ADVER." r , * w"? ,lke amount. t<? buy out en? of' the beat roiiMet lottery rind ice cream ??ioou? in the cilv ; located on M MTfiilJSriv1ln. ,N;rw YofkJ eU**? ren*- Addresft OH TAN. Herald Uptown K ranch office. UjTAATfc&.?A HAWTV COlMi To KL'RoVk WUIIEl to i&ll a limine** psyiu&r $.*mj weekly; terms very reaiottaMs; a rare opporiuuity. AddreM UUSIXKSSL Hcruld Lptowa Branch office. S1r3 WILL KiSTABLISlI A SMART HAN IN A v''V/? lljrat, prmlfHlilf} buiiiiftis, by >vMcli he ran make aeokly the year round, il ANDINO. (&I Hroauway. ?inn 1,1 '? SbcUkI SAKE BUSIXRM, PArlMO ?JFAWW ifOQil profit. 41 CorMandt at. IIKItM ANCK A CO.| C:'OWl I'Ait rNKit wa.m'ko in tiik i.wan hi: si." ?pfJv/tr. ness: can his own money: ni ike .$7."> * wvek. Apply to O. I.xt*'HOST, itttt Rowiry, cumsr 4lb it S7(t|l ttll.L Ml'V A II W.I' iNfeukS IN A v bualnca* paying 9*0.) per month; >tock will foot up $1,(M1. Address 17:t Broadway, room 8. S-UH) ^:LI' v i?'a: r iNil;I'Tisr in mi? IV.,. I'?jrtog 4Jac*J por luuuili net. Ad.lrete 1* Herald ollice. . Si (WW) I'AkTnkk WANTED; BC8INK8* e3T " , 'tabtis ?'l: profit* e tally extended to W i.KOO yeiriy. .til? illeceker ?t., lower hell iftl (WW) PAKTXEit WANTED: TBADB ? J..WVMJ N>' dialled lii native wlmia mill bottled alea; , .*} l?"ltln;i oii Hrna.lway; fortune ?,irj to rliclit party. Addrtti i MII.i.Ki . || , ..... J&l V<WI -I'MUNKH WANTKuTTn TIIK BK8T .^iiir H,|,l wiut nalooii on the li iw? rv . o? ai K 'Jr, V."r >'.'"rV- uw,"'r ''?? otLer bui'ilius]. AililroM ALr t.M), llural.t otllci*. $4- (Mill ~jITA"' H'l lK. r\M'V IIIMIIIS *A,\U >'"tl'"iery M ire mid Circnlutlnvr Ubniry .u,.,f.r?f V }/ '' 11 ,lru|y itu''d invcKtment. Addren* 0., box . ,l.?> N t. ro?t olllce. S.~> ()()(> *5ois caotobv vo? uu. 7 . I . M'H'li'n.'ry. KI*turi-? .uwl M ock or a ?ucc<-i? 1.11 ait<i well i^tat?!i<ilied i'ltila?lflp in Shoe fnotorv, con* trally loc?fe4 mi i n ununable rent, with good trade in Panu *\ ivttiiU, Helawure.. ew .lemey and tln^ VVintern Ktatea; no goad will ; ptrt cuhh, Lalanc * on tiuuvwitli KatUiactorv Hectiruy. The seller will j^ivo two or threo lionr.4 daily taitoiib attenrion to the hu<duo?H tor tw?> or three montlm II ro'HiTtul. (io? l roHfions will b?- trivon lor *i'llinir. No agents noed apply. Addre??, tor one w.-ek, L., Ucruld PhiladelphU liranch office. r BUSINESS TilOUliLiES. Messrs. (Jllbort Weavor, cloth Importers and Job. bcr?, ol linmioc street, have stopped payuivut. Tlmli liabilities will reiteli the uci^hborliooil of $160,000 uud tlieir assets cannot lie asrertulned as yet. At the first meeting ol the creditors of Abil Oenlson, held boloro Iioglster Allen, of No. 152 Uroadway, Jaiuea S Leeds, of tbls city, was clpo.toil tissl^uoe, and tb* following Qruis proved tboir claims:?Arthur M. KusW man, of Munchestor, N. H., $lo,000^ Arnold, Constnbls A; Co., ilJ,itl4 CO; of the Metropolis, $11,5J9; Slurry itikor, $#,000: K,chard Arnold, $4,000; Robert Sfhell, $4,4iii; K. C. l'ratt, Urother .t Co., $J,102 TU; Christopher Meyi r. #.!,V4r. s4; Ntw Vork Rubber Cotn puny, $1,10J, and Alflvd Becsr, i?00 At tbo llrst meeting ol the creditors of Goorgo H, (jodwurd A: Horuco II. Clark, held before liogistsr 1 Allen, no creditors proved their debts, and the Reirlstol appointed John H. I'lutt, the mnclttl assignee. luiuc J. Oliver has been discharged from baukritptcy nt a meeting ol his creditors held buloro Register Kitcb. ol No. .'M6 HrondWav. The llrst meeting of the creditors of r.ofrgett & Voting, truckmen, was held yesterday before licgisier Allen, when the following del i-i were proven Criggs & Co., $723 i'J; Emmett N. Sinn*), $.'?? all; Charles l.aue, $112; 1). N. t.arJuer, $1,7^7 "o, und tho last iiamnd gentle, man wns elected as igneo. I?ati el Sloau, a prominent speculator and lato presi dent of various corporations, lias filed u p.'tition in bankruptcy. Tliero are fifty four creditors, to whom he owes $137,000, the principal ones being Klizabetb Sloan, $.00,000; t.'eorgo Vox, $.'fti,O00; Mutual l.ifa Instimnce Compiny, $20,000; Martin At Winston, $12,275; tJe.irge K. Slstare, 83. His assois ar? nominally $1,122,002 02, but they consul rnaiuly ol stoe.'is and notes which nro absolutoly worthless. In. cludeil in tho assets is a lot lu Greenwood Cemetery, valued at $75U SUNDAY LIQUOii LAW. SOMK SXItOXO BEHOLU1ION8 IN BKLATION TO THE EXCISE LVW PASSED BT THE POLXCS COM MIHH ION I. ItS. At a meoting of th# Hoard of l'ollca yesterday af er? noon, liencral Smith presiding, tho following roi-o'ti? tiotis relating to the pnforc.iment of tho Sunday Liquor law were adopted and ordered to be transmitted to tlx force:? Re.otvod, That the statute provide! that "no Inn, tavern or hotel k.-eui'r or other person slnll sell or cive awav l>* toxlcatlng liquor, or wiiiet oil Sunday ? ? ? t,i irnr pjr. ?on a? it bever.iiro." "Whoever hIimII offend ai(ain?t tUs provf.i.m ot tills aectl-in .bull lie irutlty or a itiWdetiicaoor.*1 Kesolved, That the atatuto further provide, tliat "Til several nieinberii of tho pollen force .ball have power to ini" mediately Hrre.t. wllh 'Ut* warrant, and take into euatndjr any pernon wlio all u 11 commit ? ? ? in th.' prcience o( ndfli mem lor or within hi. view nny ? ? ? offeueo di rectly probfblied by act of the I.?gl<laturs.n Ka.olved, That the .tstato further provide* that "It II hereby made tho duty of ilio puifee force * ? ? at all tiiuss i.f the dai- uud night ? ? ? and the members tnereOI a e aerordinitly he/eby thereto empowered to e?p? clally pre-urie public pence, prevent ertuie. detect uail arrest oD'enders ... eolorce every law relating to I hi ?uppressli.n uud punishment ufcrimi or to the obaervaucu d Kuinlay." Itesolved. That tho statute, further provide that all placsi licenced Hinder chapter 17."i, lawn 1S70. us iimeuded by lh< act of IS73 ) to sell, nlvo away or dispose of atroug or uririt. uoiis liquor.. Wines, ale. or iieer, (ball be cloned and kepi Coined between tho hours of one and live o'clock lu tlis morning und at all other time* when sacn ilqii .r >?|llnit li not uuthoriaeil bylaw: and It iihall lie the duty of every policeman and officer of police to culorco thu observance of the foregoing provisions. Itesnlved, I'liat tho Hoard in addremed hy counsel learned In the law; that tho members of the police force are en* powered bv law to enforce obedience to tho law. referred ts by nrre.tlnic lb.1 person* wlio shall bo lound viol .ting theio, and for such purpoio they are nuthuriied to enter placet ol amusement und places where liquor, nr.i kold without pay. lug lor any admlisiou ticket or lee, and il mi h entrance II objected to in demanding sueli aduil??lon, stating the pur p 'se, such admi.ulou lie.iic refused, they may use such furel as in.y bo necenary tu outer the promise* and arrest vi? lators. Keanlved, That the Puporlntendent instrnct the Inspector! and through tbom the captain, to cause the member* of til* foreo engaged in the enforcement of the law in matter* re ferred to In these ro.olutions to be drenaoil In the police uniform and cautioned not 11 take any measure to iuduco of countenance tho aellliiKor drinking of Intoxicating liquors, alea. wluo. or beer. lteaolved. That the Superintendent promulgate the abort by ireneral order, ao that they may have g -neral publicatioS boloro next Sunday. CAPTAIN BTKJiUlT TBIAL. Tho trial of Captain Henry V. Steers, of tbo Twantf* ninth precinct, on the churgn oi neglect of duty la falling to stop tho sala ot liquor at Gilmoro't Gardes on Sunday, May 28, took place yestorday before th? full Hoard of Commissioners. Inspector McDermott tcstifled that he was In tb? ' garden from a quarter-past nloo to twenty minute* past ten P. M., during which time no arrests were made, although beer was openly sold there, some of which wituofs bought and drank. On cross-cxamniitiioii witness admitted that at other periods ol mo day Cuptsin Stoern had caused the nr rest of several waiters, as shown hy the records of th* dopartmeuL Ho also heard Captain Steers giving in structions to his men at tho midnight roll call the evening previous lo arrest all persons found violating tho Excise law. The defendant testified tint be had taken every pre. caution lo prevent the sale of liquor in the garden, and had made sevoral arrests. The ca?e was referred l| tho full lioard. HE PUSHED THE DOOE OPEN. Nkw Vork, June 6, 187& To Tua Editor ok tub Hckalo:? On Saturday night last I had my place open, anil alxiut one nnnuto lo tweivo an ofltcer came aud said II was tune to closo. I Immediately began closing an4 was about locking tbo door when the relief or tbls offi cer ramc and pushed tho door open and said tome;-' "Wiut the h?I are you keeping your place open aftel twelve o'clock for"1' I pointed lo my clock and said. "It is not after twelve o'clock. I was aliout locking tne door and there is not a person In the place." "You sro my prisoner and liavo to cotno along." I went, and at the stnt'on hoimo I was locked up all night like a felon. The next morning, In the court room, the oiticcr said it was twenty minutes past twelve when he arrested me The Judge called my witness and he was sworn. He said:?"I do not ap pear in this esse that I atn tu with tho saloon keeper, but to seo justice dono to all; I deny the statement of tlieofficer, and I strw him push the door open; I was standing ouiside and entered with the officer,.M<t II my statement Is not enough there Is ano. her gentle man who will swear, to tho same". Thereupon 1 was discharged by Dully. I hope *uch ouiragot will bo put to an end. JOHN <f. GKISINGER TENTED EVANGELISM. The members of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Madison avenue and Korly-second street, have deter* mined upon giving worshippers fresh sir during the summer nights. Workmen ure now erecting a tent oa Thirty lourth street, near Sixth avenue. It is to I* circular and loo feet in diamftter. Tbo internal ar rniigciiioiits will resemble those at tho Hippodrome ?luring Mr. Moody's revival. Il will he abundantly lighted, auJ will Im surmounted hy an imiuuuse white (lag bearing tho words "Tho Gosnel Tent, 'in red let ters. Tb? lU-v. Stephen H. Tyng, Jr., will couduct the services, I'rofesaor Theodore K. Perkins will lead the siugiug. Rev. \V. Ramsford, of Norwich, England, it expected to preuch horn, aa is also Mr. Moody. THE M'CLELLAN KOHBERY. The pollco have recovered uoarly half the property recently stolen from the country resldeaoeof General McCleiisn at Mount Orange, N. J., and eiyetl sees Ml have Ute Utieves la castidf.

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