Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 23, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 23, 1857 Page 2
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"»V *'& V# tf* V I M*« I«WI ,J& ,, .**--- err.-5-r.v J--- .. ***R w. ti iituvT OTTTMWA, IOWA. tlffsivn a vi ,x Mr *i*. «•—-J«W»«»S'•r^.iju lAi'i1 .. *:«?*T«U i TI RIMIAM '. '. cimriu:i»'-ati»Tyi ninit h« acrwymited by the 'FECIT, NAM* NF F.H' a-jtfcor, t«e MAY BI.AVK» JUSTI'HINTKP —Attachment bond* AND writs of aUachineul for justices', accurate form. Notarial PROBATA anil ttdtkes, tadiajMnsible t« NOTARIES public. Promissory notes,, NEW and approved farm. These and a GENERAL assort meat of deeds, ^MORTGAGES, poweTS of attorney, notices, exe cutions. fee., just printed in good style and on the est of pnper, and for sale at August election, cinrfidates for Governor ER Lieutenant Governor will be put in noinina LITn at said Convention. „The ratio of representation will b« one del egate for every one hundred Republican vo ters in each county, and one additional dele & T* for fractious over fifty voters. Counties not having the requisite r.umber of Republican VOTERS to entitle hav« I* the fit twain, iinpw r..:f^»ac23K3^ COTFRITT. fee C'*'1'' MEETING* of them to one delegate by the tpiio adopted, will Olle delegate. state Centrril For Surveyor, WALTER CLEMENT. For CORONER! WILLIAM E. GOE. TLIF ,\E«s. Thomas,the man indicted for the murder of Igr. and Mrs. Casteel in wbo been appalling. This lOih mob minder in the State of Iowa. 4£OUT enough! There have been elected to the new House AT Representatives, 78 Black Democrats, and ft opposition members. There are 63 mem tars yet to be elected. Should they be Henri anrt I«ra, bavirjr Demoorafic press of PRRNITS^IT«FLF to be OF thereijia of PUBLISHED ALUI a H'tftfPnw -^'iriatur*. a,tic^ of *ul Unftiag* Ijfflll)# i)'(VU.'hf'fl free of c»..irj r. IL ^OT*T0 tions, some (H.:»ltahl*Institutions, and nnd rmVllc meet.iu ^t ucrail.., (tall the id pulittc aiti-t.II, rttes of urtvrrtl* NP. IMIW e e e n o u s sav, this office. jKciiublicnn Male Convention. T}E Ileoublicans of the •W-et in FOLATE of Iowa will Convention at Iowa City, on uvsday. August 16th. for general consultation upon matters of vital importance. ^TF the amended Constitution is adopted e i s o e e a e a i u a i o n fnlly endorse AT to nevertheless be entitled to By 6RD§R TTFLIHE COMMITTAL. SAM'L J. KIRKWOOI). HENRY O'CONNOR, WM. PENN CLARK, GEO. D. WOODEN, HIRAM PRICE. Republican County Ticket. For County Judge, JOHNW. IIEDRICK. For Treasurer and Recorder, JOHN E. WRIGHT. For Sheriff, WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS. oppose it, and all of the same complexion as the members from the Mine districts in the present House, Buchanan IFIJL have the slender number of 8 as the ma jority on which to lean for support in tBe pop •lar House. But an ultra Southern party is organizing under the lead of Toombs, Stephens, Davis Co., which will split the party in and Buchanan will, in consequence, be Mt in a minority in the lower House, and VARY probabiy in the Senate also. ^*?TBE Republicans and Sham Democrats are Ifllth holding a Constitutional Convention in Minnesota. The Republicans have a large aiajority, and are in possession of the regular ittd legal place of meeting. This is a charac teristic trick of the Black Democrats, who twver permit an opportunity to pasa, to ruin Mien they cannot rule. jKansaa affairs are stormy agw, An imur rtption was reported at Lawrence, and Gov. Walker had summoned the troops to suppress IT. The occasion of the fresh difficulty was •ilher the adoption of the Charter by the cili »»ns of Lawfeqcg, or an AJTATPPT ,TP collect MORF about this A|«$2«r another fifae. ^JFORNEY, Buchanan's right bower in the late Hfivass, has got mad, because the President Ungratefully wants to put hiin off with a Con sulship worth only $15,000, when he thinks he OG^HT to have a first claas *The mission. He is HimpHliire, held on the 25th ult., tiien This is not tow. alart- an opposition paper iu Philadelphia. -f ,(£3^WE hoj e thut our Wapello county H» I., |M« lite OtU city. Vlnneaty—Coimtfttcncy. Domefriu* T*i«» Nebra KA co-labor "conciliated" a LO ijority of 'he ^TATE. are N'IW atirg THROUGH iteir A^CN'S on Democratic Coal 'tjr Conventions. to PUS resolutions APAINST amended Constitution.- Verily the Dem$ ey of Iowa has come to a pretty pisi wbun it «SI*d for the perpetuation SHIIIPU^TERS. IN carrying oiF 'he Nebraska plan of opera­ STRAIICP THINS* occasionally occur. We instance the proceeding of the Democratic Convention in Wappello county. The resolutions PASSED at thin Convention were elaborately drawn up at head-qil.trfers. I They denounce the amended Constitution as .. ... A ot lauph. o e i n e e s o e S a e a n That W pleriee ourselves to use out .... .. ,, .. DM o e o n s i- tution at the coming flection," and RNAT I he course taken a py was the delegate from Wapello county. That gentleman vo ted/or the article on "corporations" and "ed uedtion,*' the TWO artrcles most violently as sailed by the Democratic papers, and when the final vote was taken on the Wednes- COIISLIIIITIPN as a whole, Hon. George Gillaspjr JED the Demo cratic column in its support.' .. v I The Convention of Wapello county de nounce the new Constitution, pledge them selves yet or the managers Powshiek CC., and has been confined at Davenport to await kis trial, was brought down to Powshiek the otjher day to be tried before Judge FCtone at a special term. An application for a change of vanue, on the ground of the excited state of feeling in Powshiek Co., was granted, and the Cfmrt moved the case to Mahaska county. WO sooner was this known, than an organized mob of several hundred, forcibly took Thomas from the Sheriff and hung him upon A tree, A •fcort distance outside of Montezuma. The FRIES of the victim, and the demoniac yells of UKF mob, are said to "fully endorse" the course of their delegate,who voted for the objectionable articles separately and for the "deleterious Constitution" as a whole! Is there no upright Democrat left in Wapello county to require an explanation of this singu larly dishonest, and inconsistent course of the Convention? O. P. Q. Mr. O. P. Q. is not fully posted in relation to the late and very memorable convention to which he imputes inconsistency* The resolu­ tions to which he refes were not reported to the convention until after its adjournment,and conseq lently were not adopted et all. It is doubtless all very true that resolutions of the "tiaracter above 'indicated were elaborately drawn up at bead-quarters,and it is a violent presumption that the public abroad were duly advised that they would be adopted by the convention in subserviency to tJ.e interests of Nebraska shin-plaiters, and in obedience to tie encyclical letter of the Hon. B. Henn. But either circumstances were unpropitious, Bhrunk from committing they come to the sticking point, or for some other reasou, the convention adjourned with out formally adopting the resolutions. They may have been reported as adopted, perhaps. We have pot seen any printed report. It is a tact, hjwever. that notwithstanding the overwhelming majority in favor of a re vision of the Constitution, and the pretence on the part of the Shain-democracy generally, up to a recent themselves against the new Constitution, when which the victims were placed, and the ropes period, tbat this revision would not he made a party question,the entire absence of party ism in the convention, and the hearty support which the ablest and beet democrats in the State are giving to the new Constitution, the leaders in this County are bitterly hostile to it, and are leaving no stone unturned to compass its defeat, resorting for this purpose to every species of misrepresentation,and ap pealing to every imagined popular prejudice. Dr. Hint,the candidate for County Judge, we understand, has taken ultra grounds against it, on the stump,' and otherwise the impression is suught to be created that the party as such are agaiost it. The Democratic Party of Iowa have not acted on the subject at all, and the question is now springing up IL himself to be favorable rcaJ- CR» will be interested in, as well as edified by, {JFEE short story entitled ''Delinquent Tax List" Wfcieh we commence the publication of thiB WEEK, and which we shall be under the neces sity of continuing several weeks in spite of FUR repugnance to continued stories. The list this year is fortunately short, owing we sup pose, in part to the dmi imH fid»lty of our Treasurer collecting, and in other part, to the punctual ly of our citizens ja PAYING tems.. COMPLE MENTARY to both. State Republican Convention 1 of New passed reso­ lutions recommencing Fremont a* the candi for the Presidency in 1$60. .YOO early to move in this matter, seems to IT quite possible that Col. Fremont |OMY be the choice of the Republican Party in JUK0, and we hope he will be, if, as at present, BE should SEEM to be the strongest Nothing gained by discussing this (jueatiou BOOKS.—Oody*s Ladv's Book for Attest has a fine engraving, "Aittumu Flow eH»," another of (hose unnvajltd colored fash ion plates, and other excellencies. be&ides its interesting reading matter, making it (he Chef Oitrre of magazines. Louis A. (jadey, Ppb lisher. Philadelphia at $3,00, aiiifle copyj 2 f(W$5 and for $rt. retar&ou for August, cuituins (liirty ftre aiticlcs by twenty-two tutfeient authors, Afed thirty five euibellihiiinents. '*&ee Saw" jt ji hue engraving. This is a ecack number of v ^grMv/i.i., the Russian Con-' sul General to the United States for moic than Wttlkf .. just nov*. r.: in the coun­ ties by party leaders for purposes best known to themselves. There are Democrats in ditier ent parts of the State, whose talents and influ ence entitle them to respect, and whom it will be a delicate and dangerous matter to read out of the party, who through the sea, claiming and proving, too, that the adog- tion of the new Constitution is not only import-JLLAR ant to the best interests of the State,, but to the Democratic Party also and who shall decide the issue thus joined between the State Journal,!^ND at Des ty,Judge Johnson, Moines, the Plain Dealer at Ft. Madi- *R "A^°UT gh, of Des Moines Coun-! of Lee, and other to be an issue in the canvass which is not. One word in relation (o the course of Hon Geoige Gillaspy, who is attended to in thejSARY Convention, where he advocated and voted for most of the provisions of the new constitution, voted for it upon its final passage, and represent- to it on his lM me, as we have no doubt he then return was. the people sent the Hon. George to Iowa City of the State, why did not he denounce it then r:iio.«-u o se«'d the prisoners to some other county in Gillasp, plun binnlf ... anjU.^B but an «n- I thrSlaU, where Joe, to tbat th. Hon. G«m„ ...ble brjh,. course. He .Jmh, that I „s0,ved ,hat '°t .W ,0""'!tul,0n'1",l»«'",le l.wleafl violpnce, which, under the j.iea of ad d,l ,t under prote.1 Now ,( .eem, that! and ken fight it in all its stagf s, and on it. final'! Th «tl,m.„ 1. right now peri,.p. hi, influence »d I... »..« m.Bl.t, a. the ,,p.r „m,, h.,e Hangittn of OleHra and Soper. The Tipton Advertiser gives a LENGR&J' ac- ount of the teoveneiita of th* '*R« ffalafars" of that county. It expresses the conviction that the (rouble in that vicinity is ended the thieves having been iienilv all hung or driven out. V\e copy its account cf the hanging of Glesson and Soper. We come now to the faangtog/ 'After they had been captured, and TAKEN from the Court House, thej were brought to a GROW on Yan kee Run, near the levidence of Harvey Parr, in this county for trial. They were fir*t toU to confess their offences. Gleason kept up his •L.irit., but Sop.V'WM in Terror,' "«nd whin 'I1* 'II"LD' "",L told to confess, Gleason replied with a joke and Soper with enes andnrotesta- tiona of innoct nee. inallv, however, I coniess tohavingdealt ey» nc said they That we BV our delegat e in the late Constitutions! Convention." H-n. George (J i 11 they in counterfeit mon- HAD passed off anv amount of it. Gleason, meanwhile Was joyful, and Soper in sobs. They were then separated, when the regulators in vain tried to extort a confession from CJIeason. He was firm and only laughed at their efforts. lie was then taken away, and Soper brought forward, wa* first asked "what tbey had done with the other borse which they took from the. Dutch man on Yankee Bun." This led Soper to think that Gleason had confessed all about it, when he replied that "the horse followed them to the river, where they lost it." He was then asked where they took the other one to. and replied that it was to Bloomington, 111., and sold. The whole secret thus got out of him, be went en and confessed the whole matter, telling how and when they had stolen horse that he and Gleason had been stealing togeth er, that they had stolen the two horses from Yankee Run, and several others from the' county, told the names of thirty or forty be longing to the gang, and many other things about horse stealing from which it appeared they had acted in concert with an organized band, who carried on the business extensive- 'R°M *!)E •Y They were (hen allowed time to prepare for execution. Gleason was composed, and even mirthful, saying he was ready to die. S per was overcome with grief, AND W«pt bitterly. He was unprepared to die. Two ropes were then attached to a tree, and a wagon brought underneath, in fastened around their necks. Gleason was un moved, and showed no signs, of regret,, nor was he even in awe. Soper wept bitterly*and was frequently told by Gleason TQ act the man. as it would soon be over with him," and that "they would soon be better off.»* The regulators were then about to drive, or rather call, the horses with the wagon from under the tree, when Gleason voluntarily jumped from the wagon aud soon became corpse. Soper struggled for Letter from Gov. Crimes. INJHMW 7™ (JLN'°N'A" .rg letter from Gov. G«1meS Executive Office, Iowa, BTTRLRNGTON, July 3,18.07. $ W. H. BUCHANAN, Esq., Sheriff of SIH-Your for the arrest of persons.who seized and L-unr Bennet Warren in your county the 25lh inst CSS TFNU ON IAR|R„ ROM K NN the stump are giving the lie to all such preten-J combination has been formed, banded TO£EULER BY OU,RASES UPON OTHE.r BND DEFEND ,LIAT COMB presses and acknowledged leaders of the party, and Dr. Flint and Hon. Geo. Gillaspv, of Wapello county. It would seem that they were trying to deceive.the people,by representing that Bto to vote right, and not to vote wrong under a ~,7 rV"T7 "7 protest. If he believed the constitution either "T n 1°' l°l» nT™ u 0 1 1 passage record his vote against it K the H*n. be dodge of the silliest and most transparent ception^ hardly worth ihe taking out a ip for. O,. of Ke-ry, Cork l.„„er,cl! and T,pperarr- come, j*?-.'"' unusual prosperity." H9"Strawbeniesani frqga are aitfd to he v YOU TO D0 WEEKLY OTTUMWA COUBIEB. FVRM TTLR ONTTCHY. ConHtituffon not New ConHtituffon not a Party QucMtion. The formation of the new Constitution publican voted nay. The article on schools was He sat down and wrote a letter to his mother, telling her he was in the han Is of the regulators, that his comrade had betrayed him, and that in a short time he mu?t die. Now, we ask, why a limb of a & Y WHEN soot gave up the ghost. ill along the to Sheriff PL,KHSHES the follow- THE presen*. terminus, thirty-six miles west of «uch-! Burlington, and the anan of Clinton county. It breathes the right ble NTATE of forwardness. spirit anil expresses the feeling of every good er received or on*the way to complete the road citizen who cannot but hlush at the lawless to Fairfield, fifty five MILEP West of the Mis doings which have greatly injured the good r.anie of our State throughout the entire coun try. Let the rule of the mob be AT^ M)CF -bro ken down and forever stopped. ClinJonCo. you statethat youhave warrents in your hands HC persons and protect ANY OF T,IEIR ATTEMPTED members who may be TO BE DEALT with according to law,-"' OA,»°n »S supposed to num- 2 000 son, Senator Coolbaugh, of Des Moines Coun­ "^joining counties," has been received. pwaons in Jackson and have authority to summon to your aid the the entire force of your county. IK you DEEM IT TO R,E NECES- CA" abovs article. This gentleman was sent to IPKCSECUTE EVERY MAH WHO REI USES TO represent this District in the Constitutional1 °BEY RO" THAT FORCE, AND Y°UR 8UMMON9' If- the power of your county is not sufficient to executc the laws, a sufficient force from oth er counties Bhall be placed at your disposal. If the peisons arrested refuse to give bail, tbey will U««cure. far in me |hi |.ler„,jurtic,,0 h„r.ert,le.e., ..Uaflefi- a-c. the ,uthnri,iM B,.t. 0lalC, °UU UC9lIoya hi it* preliminary stage, or on its final passage checked. I shall have no hesi- tion. The Washington correspondent of the objectionable and detrimental to the interests t.herefore» wlJen ial'y adv'sed e"tlfe mil,ta,y i s s i i o e e i o n w a s s o w n i s e iu coun, (llrect mi|it a SMc ioU lllMllelte ta iecured the adoption of abetter instrument, duty. and thereby saved the Slate some $60.(X)u, the i As I have been written to 011 this subject. cost of the Convention, ?nd if ihe constitution by your County Judge and by o'her citizens now pending is defeated some fit^OrX) more, of Clinton, and as 1 desire that there should ihe tost of anoiher convtrition. Voting under be no doubt asto.uiv opinions on the subi^ci. pro est,may be considered a valuable dieco'v eiy, aud take rank perhaps with Squatter Sov ereignty, but at present it s. ems to us t-j a de- Emigratio»/r»s» trelwdltoilb* United States continues on a huge scale. At the latest dates, thousands were preparing to leave the oKl country. One of the papers says "The arroiuits represent tho emigration as still in creasing, especially from the south«rn oonn- i„ to. I fitrmera Ml A.ner.c. and .tem,. ,„i| ,„fe,inS, A*.*lralia. form tl« bnlk of h. .n..6,a„t., and thin is the more remarkable, as wages are pest magazine exUut. Pubierte4 by now much higher than in former years, and l®*'fr«n Philadelphia, at §2. 1 jail branches of agriculture are in a state of Lt„ cMWqnmc, of paiD(u| aliy lor or as to what my action will be, I request you to give publicity to this communication. 1 an very truly, is a matter of State policy and should be vote upon as such, AND ia no sense made a party question. The Convention that framed it did not make IT a parry question the Conventions of both parties held in Des Moines county, refused to make it a party question,and the people should frown dowu the effort of the Locofoco press to do so. The truth is,that the adoption of the Con stitution is a question between the people of and their hirelings on the other. To show that the adoption of the Constitu tion was not made a party question, we ap peal to the published statements of the fact BY J. C. Hall, as well as that made by a distin guished Democrat in Fort Madison Plain the Dealer. The article on the right of suffrage was adopted in TL^FT Convention by a vote of 30 for to 2 against. That or. the excutive E imous vote. department by a unao- .... The Legislative department by a vote of 30 to 4. The article OP the State 4«bts was carried unanimously. And the article on corporations, including Banks, was adopted by a vote of 29 yeas to 6 nays. Nine Democrats voting yea and 20 Republicans, while 5 Democrats and one Re­ sot opposed by a single Democrat. The vote on the miscellaneous article was also nearly unanimous, there being but four votes against it. The vote on the bill of rights, which F.rtl cle has been do not happen to have at hand, but we quote tob»,«« Und A^,E ARI'C*E: He says: "The vote on the final passage of the Bill of Rights was not a party vote. 11 was supported by Bome whose Democracy is «tbout as sound, and knowledge of the legsl construction about as reliable as that of any of the opponents of the Constitution." at RAI"D!Y INCREASI"S 1 °F press and on -VL,U °,C "'"lonnea mat a very ., .., .,—that you are "informed that A VPM, MOST VA,UAL,'' work work is A large amount of rolling stoc!I, embracing a complete equipment, has been purchased, and is being daily received at Burlington.— Extensive and convenient grounds have been obtained in city fqr depot*, machine tdiops. letter of the 29ih June, i„' WHich ACTLVEPREPARA''0"9 AR« PF°V Kansas! We and thousands of others "are bouud to go"4then, if not before.—[Chicago Preaa.. HF* mj opinions on th^ subje^i, Y our obedient servant, JA E S W. CHIMES^ Coii. BENTOIT.—A Washington letter says: ,st?oI6ifeI Benton was more seriously injured by the recent railroad accident than even he is inclined to aainit. Though he continues to I the' River war^. The buildings are closely work in order to keep ahead of his entire- 1 v, v "v .u 1 v. »», »,.• u e"paKe ment with the publishers of the Appendix, I gammon. that which was once a labor of leve, has be- .hi, shock to hi, Hi.bacL protracled ,ltli„e. „a. ing requires all the exertion of his strong will to overcome physical suffering at times." WHY NOT ?—The Vicksburg Sentinel is fe rocious on Gov. Walker for his Kansas policy, and closes a bilter paragraph with this remark: we should j-^JKohert J. Walker is our d«fr the fiisi, lo kick hiui."' mm ST. liJtlcrt from Kansas. Walker Marching on Lawrerict! Mr. Theodore L. ftouston Friday morning DAR to r»*iat ths ir ,LLE SllinpluWren ..... ,LS^ between him and the leading pro-slaterv BY a distinguished Dem­ ocrat. in the Plain Dealer, this testimony to show that even on that the party question was not raised. should the people of Iowa make A party question of this important matter of State policy at this late day We believe they will nut. Burlington and Missouri Rail road. We learn from WM. H. Backus, EGQ., Su perintendent OF the Burlington and Missouri Railroad, that the affairs of this corn^nnv and the work along its line are in a most prosper- ons condition. At the last annual meeting a I,LT" TIN? life, but the hor- roads, or gentlemen connected with these HE' TOO complete it to these the line between Ottumwa and Rome, in The iron is all eith- sissippi, in lime for ihe full business. BUSINES OF THE LRAC,S OF V U /T„N U ble the company to push agreement or oath T* execute sim- ROAD' 0TTUINWB THE ROAD HAS ,ARJRE ,AND' WHICH WIN dispatch. It will reach Ottumwa early in the Spring, when it will form the most dii ect route to Kansas, leaving duly You ask me «what course shall be pursued." I answer unhesitatingly, SERVE THE WAR HANTS IN TOUR HANDS AND ENFORCE THE XAWS or TAE STATE. miles of staging to the Missouri River. Eve rything which energy and ample means can accomplish will be done to secure an early completion of the road. With the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, already one of the best and most important roads entering the city, this road will secure for our merchants and manufacturers*an amont of business which we have no doubt will surprise them. Let us have i the road as early as possible and then, ho for LOUIS, July 17. DWOMRAT HAS advices from Kansas and you believe your county jail 10 be unsafe, stating that Gov. Walker has issued a procla- npAKKN "i» by Charles w. Deariey, living in you will have authority to establish a guard, mation declaring his in(ention to put down of July, A. I).PIW7,'one bay in"are|°niriel'yetars oiliiast to tlle „ritor|ll by and ceusuring the citizens of Lawrence and warning them not to organize under the To peka charter. Rumor says that 700 troops are summoned to march against Lawrence, and thaf il ifl he de8i^n of d*' KaD"8 WaMter to retain the t0 bre#k UP th® Ut*h eXpCdi" Herald says the President yesterday received a dlBPalth t0 from Gov- °Ut th*daV Walker stating that on previous an snown use^r ir'8urr«uon broke out at Lawrence and he had summoned the U. S. Troops to suppress it. The cause of the out break is not alluded to, but is supposed to have originated in an attempt lo collect the taxes imposed by the territorial law, which the tree State settlers have resojved not to NEW The Comptroller yesterday paid off the Mu nicipal Police of the 1st and 8th wards. Mr. Fiagg also drew a warrant for $10,000, with which to meet the demands of the Metropoli an Police,but the Mavor declined to sign it. Many rumors are afloat of further intended resistance to the police authorities. Exciting stories are in circulation that large quantities of paving stones are concealed in houses in watched, but much of the rumors are probably In the Court of Common Pleas in this city to-day a temporary injunction was granted agaiust tbe.paying of the Metropolitan Police from the city funds. The case will be argued tf-iaortoyy* .$ NEW YORK, July 17. Mr. Simeon Draper, Chairman of the Met ropolitan Police Commissioners, has resigued his position. Mr. Draper was one of the most active in resisting the encroachment of tbe opponents of this reformatory measure. left Lawrence on la«t. The people there had but W. -I-'M,,,,,,, pretext for the administration to back out from the Utah expedition.—[St. Louis Detnoi-rat, 18th. The Republican of determined, at a public meeting held on Thurs- Feotion 1 Be It nrdsin. ly the TTNWOJ f, MT II 'V'1 NII'RIHPCILP. rie MET IrOV. Walker ten miles from Law- I rlca 1 performunr,., I-x fence, w ith seven companies OF infantry. He inquired particularly what the inten tions of the Lawrence people were, but an answer was evaded. He said he would try to arrange matters peaceably at first, but he would use force if recessary. He kindly ad ded that he would not shed any more blood than was necessary. The squatters were hurrying into Lawrence. Gen. Lane was not at Topeka, but had been sent for.—fitLouis Democrat, SO'.h. FROM Kansas. Walker has just issued a proclamation to the people of the territory, and to those of Law rence in particular, stating that he intends to put down by the strong arm of the U. S. Government, all efforts or plans that'may be adopted by the people of Kansas which are in opposition to the bogus laws. The people of Lawrence are warned against putting in force the new charter cf that, which they have recently adopted and he ateo reprimands them for urging other towns to adopt si-nilar charters. In order to enforce his arguments, he has called out seven hundred United States troops, who were to march to Lawrence on Thursday last, and compel submission by the people to the bogus laws. It is the opinion of the principal men there, that Gov. Walker does not intend to disturb the people, but that his design is to retain the troops in Kansas, as it is Well known that a very hostile feeling ex- the REPIMENT« Michigan Central HAMEY and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Rail- great "NTLTERTOK^TR'1!^• 7" •LLP.O.iJ.DTO (®-LE,S YMr Min„,S„t. bad ... RECEIVE Republicans have 10,tlM Democrats 12, and 7 are neutral. One each, of the publican and Democratic cominenda- in the German The coal TIADE of papers is published LANGUAGE, Pittsbmg LBS been aboul 21,000.000 bushels. ,N PROG- THE GRASSHOPPER PLAGUE.—The St Paul Timet says that '««8MI-Y accommodations all (he extra prb!..ce of Illinois this IIR enormous destruction I "ONS by'the grasshoppers. North of Uti- ,U,'E 45 IL it forward rapidly to to 1 Missouri River. The character of the men who control it is a sufficient guarantee UISVILLE, Ky.,July18. that it will be completed with all reasonable A correspondent of the Courier J®M" ""J"8 NOT be grain enough half of the population. oaly one hundred and forty P^ 'N THE POSSESION of the citizens of Wood ford, Franklin, and adjoinhi? counties. S3?" A laud of liberty, a land of newspapers. "1 had lather have newspapers without gov ernment." said Jefiersoa, ''than government without newspapers. (IS^H'IMAN existence hinges upon trifle what is beauty without so.IN? Kttu jaubcrttsrmtuts. Etilray Notice. |lclu Itibfrtisfinrnts. Ordinance IVo. it. LICENSE. City of Ottumwa, It Khali In- unlawful for oay, TO rtsist the United States troops if an to P^EMSE WITHIN the limiu of THU (,'itv, the bu»ineiw attempt should made to collect the taxes I of n ,V(1!'r-or t".ev,lII,il !U,.V 1'r INC. P^PI)PT«, *viix FIGURE.", II ^EIIIFNIHIII, ]UKILNM, public bowling IIINE Sec. 2. There shall HE AS CJIFICJ? seems State men have to be the leading item in this new programme for crush ing out the Free State spirit and sentiment The I ree coi tinually declared that they would not pay ihe taxes levied by that lawless Legislature. It has long been a •ettlcd and determined matter. Come what will, they will never do it. ••••fully to RESIST this tyrannical measure! ST. Louis, July 15. Advices frhm Leavenworth say that the 10th INFANTRY will leave for Utah on 1811'T,IE 5,H controlling interest in its stock was taker, by ^,A£OON* about- the 1st of Aiiffust. Gen. the New York

Cetifr.IL, G0*9 W,,H MIR'* FI"AL Ottumwa, on the Dns Moines i 17 newspapers—6 Republican, 10 Democratic River, eighty miles west of Burlington, as fast I and one neutral, now the number is 35, and of is possib'e. Large gangs of men are the receipt in cash In full of the amount requir ed to be paid for such license, which receipt shall be preserved by the Mayor the violation WHEN same IIL Ile- vnusu ,1]„ ,K I •, I ally active this season the shipments or tl e Sec. 4. last five mouths having reached 18,177.52*.) biibhels. This includes only what passed •HRMINH the locks of IHE Monougahela, so that ihe TOTAL shipments may be I I Minnerota clone wfll consume I ted. Passed July 20th,1857. set (lo«"N at Attest: season, states that °F Be it ordained by FCIEC. i. lars, MAR8EILLES. ABSCOIL,1«D LEAV»F AND AND ^00,0UU of his forged pa- DETROIT, July 17. THE TELEGRAPHIC cable across the Detroit river, at this point, was successfully laid yes terday. Adams spring, a star in the forehead, ami a snip on the nose a coUr murk on the ri/ht shoulder heavy main ami tail- about fifteen IIJIKIS high. T»ald uiare ap­ praised at oui hundred and ten dollars. ^JOSEPH N. CAMI'BKLL, Clerk. by D. ('a nptjell, leput/. Est ray Notice. rgY-VKKN up by Thomas «. Fuller, living in fompe i tine towushi|, Wapello county, Iowa, on thettlst da.v of June, 1S57, one bay mare, alxteen or seventeen years old last spring, saddle and rullar marks, rope halt. on her neck, shod all round, the lore right knee larger than the other, both fore hoofs cracked In anil cracked around white spot on the left hind panture Joint some scan about the ruinp. Haid mare appraised at thirty-Ave dollars. JOSEPH N. CAMPBELL, Clerk, n'.'l-iim David Campbell, Deputy The Truth About Kaniait GOVERNOR GEARY'S ADM1J1 ISTILATIO!V IN KANSAS. "M" AU(K 12mo. IM15 panes, with JLi patres. with a COMPLKTK IJIg rKKItlTOKY, UNTIL JI NK, 185T. TOR* OK THE T* Embracing a full account of iu discovery, geoxraphy, •nil, climate, products, its organization ns a Territory! transactions and evrnts under Governors Keeder arid' Shannon, political dissensions, pcisoital rencounters, election frauds, battles and outrages, with portrait* of promluent actors therein, all fully authenticated By JOII.\ If. GIHOW, M. !., Private »e'y to Got. Geary. Carefully coinplleil from the official docntnento ou file iu the Department of 8ta'« at Washington, and other papers in the poaseasion «f the Author, with full account of The Invasion of Kansas from Missouri: The capture, trial and treatment of the Kree State prisoners, the character au.I movements of the Missou ri border KulHans, the murder of Buffuin and ot i«ra. The Controversy :twoen Governor Gearey and Judge Lecompte. The proceedings of the Territorial Legislature, of tbe pro-slavery convention, aud the organisation of the National Democratic Party, with a 8KETCH ef KANSAS? DURING its EARLY TROUBLES Under Gott. Reader and Shannon. Its Invasions, Patties, Outrages and Murders A copy will be sent to any part of the I'nited States, by mall, free of postage, on the rcceipt of retail price. A liberal ii*.»unt to the, trade. |y 1,000 AatnUt watiUd. Price in Cloth tl. Paper 60 ?#HARLE8 Cte. C. RHODES, INQL1RLS Bt'ILDII G, PgTI.AItl I T»TA S: L^OTICE n. *cii"es*ri- ffiuinjr, or any ottu hitinn,show, or aiuuscm,nt, or to or ten pin alky. shuJllrboard 6r bngMtclli* table, without a llcfime tli'.rt-forc, provided t!iat the provisions of this Section -hall levied and collected on every liceime granted for any biiiineis or object herein spec ified follows in cash: That sum which the Oltv Coun cil SLI.tll by resolution of record from time to time de clare save that upon a lic-nse for an exhibition of a circus equestrian exhibition or niengacrle not leu than five nor more than fifty DOLLARS p-r day, .it the discretion of the Mayor upon license Jor any musical party, conccrt, theatrical performance, exhibition of lope or wire dancing, puppets, wax futures, pointings, statuary, tricks of LEGERDEMAIN, exhibition of pugilism, fencing, or other exhibition or performance within the MEANING of this Ordinance, not der the .Seal force. Sec. ss than five toan twenty-live dollars nor more FOR the lirst day, and not less than three nor more than fifteen dollars for each subfte iuenl day, at Ihe discretion of the Muror. Upon Hec. of the City, and shall state'the name of the person licensed,and the nature of the business to be licensed, the amount paid for the license, the date of irrantinK the some and how long it U 4. NO til the to continue In license shall be punted by the Mayor un­ PERSON ASKING with him the receipt of the city Treasurer, acknowl- OR the business Is local. SEE. 7. dale contains TTE proclamation of Walker. Ostensibly it is an effort to compel the payment of the taxes levied by the bogus Legislature,and to prevent making use of franchises granted by the Tope ka Legislature. The former this Section by the Mayor,shall render him personally liable to the City lor the same amount in cash. Sec. 5. Every pep-NII HOLDING shall be required a licrtise from the City, to show the same to the Cit.v Marshal at any time upon demand pcrcon neglcct Inx so tu do,shail be liable to the -penalties provided by this ordinance,against persons carrying oa the bus iness or occupation herein mentioned without a license. !*ec. 6. No license granted by litis Cit E shall be ai- elgnable or transferable, nur shall wn such license au thorize any person to do business or act under it. but the person UAC^RJ therein, or at MORE than one pi ice Whoever shall vifllate or neglect or refuse to conform to and observe the provision* of tliik Ordi nance, shall upon conviction thereof be fined not less than ten nor more than one hundred dollars,inca*E the offender has no licence he shall b- liable to the Citv for the amount required for such license to be recovered in any action of debt brought In the name of th Citv against such offender. Sec. 8. Sec. It shall be the duty of the City Marshal to In­ form the Mayor of every Infraction of this Ordinance, and for every conviction of any violation of this Ordi nance, the Marshal shall receive one dollar In addition to his regular salary to be paid when the fine la col lected. 9. For all licenses Issued by the Mayor under the provisions of this Oi-illnance, he shall receive the sum of one dollar to be paid by the pursou taking such license. Sec. 10. list of Jt shall be the duty of the Mayor to keep a PERNORS who shall 1.\ve L'i«ssed July And they are right. God and all good men help them sue- Section 1. Be to ON the 21st and "-E latter. Governor Cum- ROES TO D»Y or two to "^"CT'ONS. taken out a license from the city, which list shall contain the name of the gran tee, the business licensed, the amount paid, the date and character of the license. The neglect of this duty shall render the Mayor liable to A fine of not less than ten nor more than one hundred dollars 20, L5,'7. D. HA I LOW), JAMBS 1). Devm, city Pccordef. Ordinunce IVo. 11, AUCTIONS AND AUCTIONEERS. it enacted V tumwa, that it the City Council Khali be unlawful for any person ex.end one ear. See ANY may person dersiriug to obtain s-ith license MA'KE AP,-iication 10 the Mayor, MA on liili.G with the Mayor the Treasurer's receipt for the payment in to the treasury the sum of 'wenty-dve lug bond aud security in the sum dollars', an-' giv- *f five tundred dol- lars to the acceptance of the Mayor or City Council, J'roriilt'f, ISSUED H. 1 ceive ten per cent, from the riett proceeds orsuchsales, i for selling cattle and horses, five per cent, on such sales. He sh also in addition to the annual license, pay into the City Treasury one per cent, on all goods, i wares, rind merchandise sold by him belonging to non residents for this purpose he SIIHII under Oath to the make a statement I it y treasurer of the amount per cout. as i« allowed by ordinance BEFORE Mayor or any Justice of the Peace,be Gned iu C'.ty Council I O and this ordinance, the person so offending shall pay a fine of not less than ten nor more than ttftv dollars, to be recovered by suit as other, fines are recovered. Se.vil. I/icense granted to sell and veud spirituous and vinous Ihiuors, shall not authorize the person ob taining such license to vend orsell spirituous or viuous liquors in niort! than one place or house at the same time. fc*ec. 5. That all attempts to evade this ordinance by evasions of any, where it can be ascertained that spir ituous and viuous liquors have been indirectly sold, shall be regarded as a violation of Uiis ordinance, and the person so offending may be proceeded against ac cording! v. OS I will Bell all my Hardware at Cost! SHOVELS, HOI S, IOHKS SCVTIIE8, HADLLS, Jti. Now is your tine, Mechanics, Farmers and H««se keepen. Call early. ELMENDORF, ,l»ll' New Buildisf. PMCLAMATIO.\ A S S E E I N AU those favorable to the beet iiUeretU y" Wapello County WILL meet every dajr ia tbe veekf (Sunday** cepted) at DAGGETT'S HARDWARE, AGUKlI.TlItAI. IMl'LEMEIf, AND 8 I I I A Z I 0 V 1 I I T" 'Ti..]iei-I his new goods constantly arriving. For par ticulars see my advertisement In another column. N. —A Urge supply of KKKSII TURNIP SEED Jnst rtcelTed. [a2l FARM FOR Teruu resjonsble mwf""*'a SAMjE. .lOWTY ACHES of supsrior land, gocd bewed log JT house, shingle roof on it, on the Fairfield aud Ot iSlnwa Mate Uoad, IX wiles east of Ottumwa, bX Hilts ntrth-east of Agency City, 13» miies wiat of Jladensburg la Pleasaot lowsship. le Inquire oa tha- prantisas, er N0.30 Ncto adbcrtfsnncnt*. HELIMQT EWT TAX 94TH ALOCTFT, 18B7, at u s i a jmrt.v, roncert, i i o n of rojie. wire fiftne- paintm#-, mutuary, trick* I'xlii- n.t applv to musical parties, concerts, thespian performance for benevolent or chnritable purposed, or to cxhibiiioim of ftn.\ literary or scientific iii8titutiuiis,orschoolssituated within this City. LIST. is hereby given that there I^L :IF WITPE Cit.v ronncll of the ANY PEITOII w i 875 870 S77 »7 8» 400 of goods, wares and merchandise sold fornon-resideuls, and pay such per cent, into the City Treasury, EXCEPTING such belling. Any person violating any of the provis N Btagrdeck se of se.V provisions of this ordinance, shall, on conviction thereof o ANY !#uui not exceeding Ufty dollars for each offence so eoiniuit- D. F. Ordinance IVo. M. AM WINVANCK LLEFIULAT1NG TUB S41K OF SPIRITUOUS AND VINOUS LIQUORS. Section 1. lloitslnger GAYLOltD, Mayor. JAMES I. Davis, City Recorder. at |he City of Ottumwa, that it shall be unlawful for any par son within the limits of the city to sell and vend spirit uous aud vinous liquors, without having first, obtained a license so to do, in less quantities than one g.'illon. That any person wishing to obtain a liceuae lo sell and vend spirituous and vinous lk,uor*.In the fity,shall apply to the Mayor, who sh.ill issue his rant directing I not exceeding three hundred dol- not le-s than one hundred dollars, and obtain the Treasurer's receipt !or the same and upou the pre- sentation of said receipt to the Mayor, the Mavor shall grant to such applicant a license to vend and Ituous and vinous liquors iu said cit.v I BI'LV NE# Sec 4. If any pervon shall sell or retail any spirituous tr vinous liquors iu less quantity or quantities than one gallon, without first having obtained a license agree-' Mary Dennis uX ofsw)» ably to this act, he shall, upon conviction thereof, be JosHigdon nw of nwV and o ii" fined in any sutu not exceeding fifty dollars, nor lest* I of ue of neX than ten dollars, for the use of the city. And for the *X ofne ofnwW fg second offence may be fined a sum not exceeding one W Lamson ae o(ne\j 4 hundred dollars, and not less than twenty dollars, to be Me,'ullough w)$of se1^ (4 recovered as other fines and penalties are recovered. I Shaws sw of ne'4 4 And It is hereby made the dutv of the City Winnjger pt nw,'4 8 TV Marshal and hi*, subordinates, knowing of a violation Wand nwofuw! of this ordinance, to ioak« complaint to the Mavor, swofswi, go whose duty it shall he to prosecute such delinquent *4 or nw o|g»|f 90 nd in the absence of the Mayor, to communicate the COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP facts to the city solicitor for prosecution. Sec. r. The Mayor shall 1,? entitled to a fee of one foliar fc»r cath lit:t-usie issued nii'irr the provisi»os 0 thin ordinance, to le paid bjr the person to wUoni tt is issued. Passed July 20th, 1&57. Attest: D. F. GAY LORD, Mayor. JAMBS I). Davis, City Recorder. (Ml*St II A It IV A K AT be offered public sale at the door of the Court llouae, Addition, Agency LA lo county, Iowa, the following described lanrtj and town lots, or so much thereof as may be necessary to liquidate the delinquent taxes and penalty thereon, for the year K.FI. Said sale to commcnce on MONDAY* o'clack M- KT'ep a billiard tablr. Robert Newell Samuel Ranuuv A. M.. and to con­ tinue from day to day no long as may be necessary for the purpose of said sale, closing each dav at o'clock I'KTKU KNtfX, Treasurer and Collector, WapeUetSb HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP. DSS^IIRRIOAR(nc.|TP. a. F'tTSf. neofne^ 4 7S~L*T6"»5 *E* 1 "H IS •W.V A 7* 18 swofseH A 7i 18 11 44 NON-RESIDENT LOT. IN 18 18 NW »f a hawkers and pedlers license from one dollar to five dollars per day, at the discretion OR 3. thn Mavor. All licenses shall be Issued by the Mavorun- 6 n 8 10 8 10 a «A 80 S^OFNWH 4 78 ne of swi, 4 78 AW* ofseV .4 78 TX STT\ IS IS 18 IX 13 18 18 18 of S« of SWS' EX OF »W.V WX Of OS so SEV n» of ne of ta 18 as it 1 K 46 s n 1 K SEX ne.V IX of ne ST of NE.V DAHT.ONEOA TOWNSHIP. Yaryut, WM O S.V Of II Of lots 1 A i, BLOCK:* Oahlopfga 4 #l K EOK Be 1^) K Botfcer the license, shall have deposited I K N 0 RESIDENT LIST. swofswV 8* 71 18 1 60 se of nw.H Kg 71 18 IN nwofse^ 71 18 80 CENTER TOWNSHIP. ne of se and ofse 4 ofswlS 7J 14 ne of sw 4 and 12 teres off ofne 18 U 14 SW^' of nw.v King 78 14 sv of 4 SWJF 250 235 32* I for the faithful observance of tliis'onliniiuce, the Mav-| or shall issue to such person a license for one year.— Mich licen-e shall not entitle the person to whom it was to sell or have auction in than i one place at the same time. Sec. For selling any goods, wares, merchandise, or chatties at public uuction, he shall be allowed to re- TW 385 A8» SW I 18 38 NW II N«r ofsw\ WftiMu 84 72 14 Uehmond lot 1:11.lock 3 NON-REMDEST*. WIRF of se of a« 18 72 18 lot 4 81 18 •X of se.V 18 14 sideneof I -#I1 S IS S 11 8 47 4 48 8 47 ft of se V 1* 14 e i o s w 1 8 1 4 nw of sw 18 14 10 acres off UW^LT U 18 WTFNE* .It se of TJ 1 2.1 se.V 4 11 I* ne of ne V 6 E% ne.V I ne of se.H sw of »w}-i 19 nwofswH 1# T,V 1 VFI 1 18 1 26 1 18 1 IS 1 G» 4 5 (HI 4 SO 1 cf ue V 11 of SW SJ CT WX OF NW,1, W SEX of AWX W A %X of NE)4 -S4 nw of nw FT of SW.V 80 JWOFSW'.-I 4 *X of«»»ofjw ay of se.»i Si section 1 It se 2ft 2 S2 5 OFSEV 88 40 WX OFSEV 89 ne of SCII' 10 I'I* 2 5i 2 FII OF NW4 PH of NI of NW.V SO IM NON-MSIDEN'T LOTS IN OTTOTPTA. Lot 8 S6 56 60 6T T» 80 86 of Ot­ to sell any goods, wares, merchandise, or chattels, at public auction within the limits of the city of Ottumwa, without first having obtained a license therefor, said i liceiis" 168 170 an «6 1 05 73 75 4 1 OFT 1 86 1 5 1 Oft 1 06 1 TT 1 U 13L. I OR* K I O» 18 I ss 1 K 1 1 37 I sr 1 I'D 1 86 1 Oft I to 1 IIT SW S W Myers i Jnoat'n Rush pt e^ of nw ft- ot "W-1* 1 TL IS lot I, bl'k -1, Agency lot M, bl'k 12, i A KWair W Benson US of 11 w V' !oU40, 41, Johns*., Kline* Crook w pt lot I, bl k K4. dvvlll Rob't Miller lot S,bl'k 19,Ed'yvlB» 37 1 UFT 1 21 1 85 1 8ft 1 lift 1 uv 2 IS WASHINGTON TLWN'HHtfV" J, I -0 acres olf e end of ne of »*X 71 S Sac's ollseV of seJ4 Jl 12 90 1 ST tl lot= 1, i aud 0, bl'K t'l, Ashland Powers ne se!4 25 a Qoorttuan nw ofseV ill Y Kvuviiy u» OF 44 44 i or 1 HLE.V8ANT TOWNSHIP. 78 ie.V*se of 'i-M 11 it 12 U aeofsw.V ALL 14 7* COMP£TI.NE TOWNSHIP. S Usjnrett EX 80 79 ae «F lac ef se of SWIF 4 19 8 HOX-KWIDKST L18T. •X »e V 7» •w of sw v BW of se'j fX se Wft of sw V* mX OF N* J* AW« *x war- the person so applying to pay into the City Treasury a SUM I of sw., aX of "sellsplr- I FUR the term of one year, by the said applicant also executing to the lleadlev city a boud in tiie penalty of six hundred dollars, with U Hofstatl one or more sufficient securities, ,o be ^.proved by the 3 ul^Tk^,e"^d^ Mayor, conditioned that such applicant will keep an ofnwV 86 ft ofl lot 3, orderly house, and that he w ill not permit any unlaw ful gaming, or riotous conduct in or abous his house U 5 E U I S se.V I BW V of sw aw of se.i 2 W 1 1 W» 2 tfi ft to 6* 5 2 6* 2 bt 1 itH 1 -I V U 1« 1FT «1 AUKNCY TOWNSHIP, ae of nw V 27 ft« 4 bl'k 4, T# U h* in Addition to Agency OK KEN TUW.N'tiKlP. lots 2,0 a 16 Orman* ville 8 7» u S TS •I*. :s 2 IS 0 80 1 ts J* tieo Temple swofne^ 4 Thompa'u sw of teX 9 WCIILAND TOWNSHIP. Austin seJC 84 TO ne of nw 3 7| JP Yi 1 85 14 S» 70 S S6 NON-RESIDENT. M( and 6, bl'k 1H, Bddyville 5, 6,7. S, bl kiia, W«ly ville 16 CASS TOWNSlH^ W LMjren,Jr lot 9, bl'k 2, ChillS- COthe ADAMR TOWNSHIP. Btvens iX oheX mm of seV NE.V se of nw ae of sw j* wX of ef ni|.h 4# 14 FT .» 14 11 *X of ne of se* se of ne.^ »X •w of sw ne of se nwofs*1., *X of sw of nwJU' Jacob Reed 'ft 11 II 15 Tbos Tlnsley e fr of nwjt mn aj»t of ofneX Sat of aw,'' S.ON-RES1DENT LIST. 81 —h ae of Be of ne') •W of nw »X ofse^ nw ofne^ na of nw, of ne1-, •X of sw.V •X *X 14 85 B' s)f. 5 1 1 68 1 8(1 2 60 1 «H 1 68 -i 60 50 10 0 70 2 00 & M. 'H- "«A. and noefsvl^ w sw V ae of nw^ •X cf se\ •e of nw'j of sw BC of se Be of n* V) •w of ne V •eof se\ 6 00 1 1 *5 80 «, 1 «F» Ljr 60 «R-1 K. ." I 2.'. 1 «6 1 Est ray Notice. TAKE!? up by Mathew Carter, living io Adams township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the 11th dajy of July, 1&57, one bay mare, supposed to be fourteen or ilfteen years old, left eys out, main and foretop cut Otf a whits spot on her left wether, tiftven hands-Wfb. dolHrs. -Clark, Eaid DIM appraised at thirty d. hlsih^p in Ajea-y City. I JCBfPH WK. &0I. A.'L-IA F^- rCA.MPBEU, wvu Mjfb Uia hij exchanged fu fisxbtil, Dspusy,