Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, June 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated June 7, 1860 Page 2
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£[)c (Ditumlua (foutut. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. jr. W. lORHIS, r.rtitor. OTTUMWA, IOWA, June 7, I860. FOU PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, QF 1T.T.ISOIS. FOR TtCB PRESTDKNT, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, or nra. PRESIDETI\1. ELECTORS. AT I »KOR. FTTZ mtVRT WARREV, of T»e» Moines Co. JOS. A. CHAPU% "f Dubuque Co. PTSTR'CT «I.»"TO*S. Tat Mat. M. L. McPltruaoN. nf Maitao* ©». —CH VS. POMFROY, of Boon* Co. IMUST* *fT FtFCTORS. 1st Hist.—.1. W. N WCOMR. of Davis Co. —BRN. RECTOR. of Fremont Oo. Sd —E. N. BUKi, o'Mnn Oo. —AY. B. FAIRFIELD, of Floyd Co. ST ATE TICKET. ro* Mmnui or STATB, ELIJAH SELL', of Muscatine Co. FOR miTOR OF STATW, JtOHN W. JONES, of Hardin Co. FOR ATTORNPT OKITIKAL, OR AS. 0. NOCRSE, of Polk Co. FOR RRGTSTFR OF A I.*\D OFFICII, A. B. MILLER, of Cerro Gordo To. Republican, JI »s* .Hocliiij. Tile Republicans of Wapello county, tows, will meet foWas Meeting at Ottumwa, on the Pth day of June 1860, at one o'clock, m, for the purpose of selecting delegates to the Congressional Convention for the lit District, at Oskaloosa, on the 20th of .Tune, 1560. By order of Central Com- A. LOTSPKICH, Ch'n CongrewioiiHl Convention. The Republican elector* of the First Con gressional District oflowa, are requested to meet in Convention hy their Deletmtes, at Oskaloosa, on Wednesday, June 2i"th, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Congress in said district, and for the trans action of such business as may legitimately come before said Convention. We would snnrest *s a ratio of represen tation, one Delecrate for each one hundred votes, or fraction thereof exceeding fifty, enst for Governor Kirkwood at the last State election. JNO. R. NEEDHAM, C. Baldwin, J»W.NOBBIS, Geo. W. McCrary, S. E. Zinn. Cnn" CVntrn' fnm. Ratification Reeling at Fair Held. The pallant Be publicans of Fairfield and Jefferson County, had an enthusiastic Meet ing to ratify the nomination of LINCOLN and HAMLIN, at Fairfield on Wednesday of last wsek. The attendance was lame, and would have been more numerous Inr for indications of unfavorable weather. It was the design to hold the meeting in the Park, one of the most beautiful spots in Iowa, and the at tempt was made to hold it there but the wind blew so fiercely that an adjournment was had to Well's Ilall, which was filled to repletion. JudLi'ious arrangements for the meeting made by Dr. S. Clarke, A. M. •mt, S. P. Majors, M. Green and Wm. jf. Clark, a Committee appointed for that purpose, among which was a torch-light pro cession, headed by a Brass Bind, and bear ing appropriate and suggestive banners and transparencies. One of the latter represen ted'the strife of the Democracy, in the shape of two hulls, named Old Buck and Douz'.as, at Charleston, May 2d, 1800. Another rep resented Old Abe splitting rails to fense in the Union. Thj torch-light procession was ft brilliant success. Dr. Clarke presided at the meeting jn an able and efficient manner. Interesting and eloquent speeches were made by L. D. Inger soll, "Linkensale of the Hiiwk Eye" Col. Sanders, Samuel McFarland an 1 A. II. Ber eman, of Mt. Pleasant, and J. F. Wilson, of Fairfield. Speaking was interspersed with songs, composed for the occasion by A. R. Fulton, of Fairfield. Strangers from abroad, were under great obligations to Dr. Clarke and his estimable Lady, for generous Republican hospitality. We inferred from this meeting, at which we had the pleasure of being present, that the Republicans of Jefferson are running ever with enthusiasm, and that they will give a good account of themselves in Novem ber. They are about organizing a campany •f "Wide Awakes," for the campaign. Tlie District Court- The case of the State vs. Merriraan, 6r Rape.—A. Harris, Dist. Pros., Heudershott & Burton, for Prosecution, Williams & Ham ilton for Defense, went to the Jury Satur day evening. The Jury were out until Sun day morning, when, being unable to agree, they were permitted to^eptrate. They were discharged on Monday morning, the case continued and the defendant hfeld to bail in $500. G. W. Thavor, vs. Osburn & DougTass.— Suit for money, T. Bighain for plaintiff, Hendershott& Burton fr defendants.—Jury trial.—Verdict $21,00 for Plaintiff. In the case of Carson vs. Martz, the Court held that the foreclosure of a Vendor's lien, oomes within the statute passed by the last Legislature giting nine months to the Deft, in which to file his answer. Case continued, Bigham for Pltf. Hendershott & Burton for Defendant. D. P. Inskeep, vs. W. H. Williams, late Sheriff and his securities—Jury trial Ver dict, $2-j0.56 for Plaintiff. B. & ftr M. R. R. Co. vs. Sinnamon, Suit Railroad subscription.—Jury trial, Ver dict $189,97 for the Plaintiff. In this case the Court held that Railroad Corporations are not bound by representa tions of Agents procuring subscriptions of Stock, unless authorised to inaku them by vote of the Board of Directors. Shuck vs. School District in Comptttine Township—The Court held that the power to contract lies with the Board of Directors, as such, and not with the President or any individual member or rnemlwrs. Inskeep vs. Inskeep, Petition of Mrg. Tns keep foi Divorce— Demurrer of Defendant to Petition sustained, tlie court holding that the causes set forth in the petition, if true, were insufficient. Numerous cases have been disposed of by dafkult, on motion, by agreement, or contin uance, besides the above. The Court is still in session, and there are a good many important litigated cases to be tried. Judge Townsend, however, is dispatching business with the greatest expedition consistent with the rights of parties, and in a manner highly satisfactory to all concerned. Court will Adjourn this week. Qaly Fifty Cental FOB THE "Mnkensnle" on Otinmwa. L. D. Ingersall Esq., the versatile and talented corespondent of the Hawk-Eye, was this way recently, an! thus discourseth of us: This town is the best town I know of in interior low i. The streets are all the tim? crowded with wagons which have brought grain to market or have come here to carry merchandise to the towns further west. The merchants are all doing well, and would be in the highest possible spirits if it would only rain. I have become acquainted with seve ral of the business mc-n hare, and like them well. Mr. Ilawlev, Mr. Hrlnc't, Dr. War den, and Mr. Farlcv are gvl talkers, good traders, and warm h?arted Republicans.— Among the professional men I must mention Messrs Dixon, Stuait and Summers, and Dr. Williamson, as men who know and do th *ir whole duty. Mr. Dixon must be specially |»opular with the fair ic*, for he accompanied no less than three to the m?etin» on Satur day night J. W. Caldwell and A. Lots peich are warm hearted Republicans hen-, always on hand when a political meeting takes place. The fact is. it WOT!1 require too much space to speak in particular of all the good men and handsom* women I have seen at Ottumwa, and so I'll stop just as soon as I havo stated that J. W. NORRIS, of the Courier, is always at his port, attentive to those who visit his sanctum, and is gi-ttin? up one of the brst Republican journals in Iowa. He is greatly liked an 1 respected at home, as he is a!road. It would not become me to speak m'ich of the meeting on Saturday night. 1 nvty state, without immodesty, however, that the audi ence was very large a»d attentive, the court room being quite full. A good many ladies were present, and I was greatly obliged both to.them and the 'otlemeVi for their good attention to the remarks I made. Mr. Fisn ER. of OskaToosa, made a lively and taking little speech —the best I ever heard him make and I have heard him make several good ones. I heard Rev. Spaulding, of the Congrega tional Church, preach a good,'sensible, prac tical sermon, yesterday morning, and Rev. Bradrick, of the Methodist Church, at night. His discourse was a very excellent one, and had, as had also Mr. Spaulding's, the fine merit of brevity. The Ottu-nwa House, is a good place to stop at. Dick Warden is one of the best of landlords, his clerk a firstrate clerk, and all things move on smoothly and agreeably. I can most conscientiously recommend the house to all travelers coming to Ottumwa. LTNKENSALE. THE STATE FAIR 1SG0.—The State Fair is to be held at Iowa City this pjar, on the I st 2d and 3d days of October, commencing on Tuesday. We learn frm Hon. Geo. G. Wright, President of the Society, now in this city, that the citizens of Iowa City, are are making the most ample arrangements for the Fair, and that nothing will be omitted on their part necessary to make the inreeting the most interestingan 1 suTOissful ever held in the State. Since the indications of an abundant harvest have become so fl ittering, it will be wel! for the inn -rs in every part of the State, to have the State Fair ir. view, and make all possible preparation to render it a perfect exhibition of the agricultural re sources and development of the State. Richland Wide Awake. The Republicans of Richland Township in this county, had an enthusiastic imetin* on Saturday last, for the purpose of raising a pole and ratifying the nominations of Lincoln & Hamlin. The attendance was large, and the greotest enthusiasm prevailed. A pole 16-1 feet above ground was raised and telling speeches were made bv Mr. Kellev ofOska loosa, and A. Lotsp 'ich Esq., of Ottumwa. Our informant says the pole was long enough to knock, the persimmons, and thrash De mocracy. Late News from Europe, indicate renewal of hostilities upon a large scale at no distant day, growing out of the peculiar condition ofj affairs in Italv, where it is believed the irre pressible tendencies of the Italians to revo lution, will provoke and combine the abso lutists to make another and a desperate strug gle-to maintain their supremacy. Things look threatening in the direction of Turkey, where Russia is more than suspected of watching a favorable and probable opprtu nicy to meddle again with the" "sick man." PROSPECTS IN W APELLO."—From all parts of the County we have the most flattering ac counts of the progress of the paod work.— Everywhere the nomir.ations of LINCOLN and HAMLIN are received with favor, and we hear of numerous persons n*ho either have here tofore been indifferent in political matters or have always voted against the Republicans, who are coming out and taking a decided stand for our candidates and ticket. The spirit of 1840 is up and even exceeded. PERSONAL.—We notice the presence in the city of John G. Read, Esq of the B. & M. R. Railroad, and S. Dwight Eaton, Esq., of the K. Ft. & M. R. on business, we presume connoted with their respective roads. The latter road being on the point of completion to this place, there are some matters about the rifht of way pending between the com panies, which we hope they will b® aHie to adjust to their mutual satisfaction. We learn that on Friday last the District Court sitting at Ft. Madison, on motion re ferred the case of the State vs. Eads' secu rities to three referees, viz: Judge Wright ofKeosaqua, Judge Woodward, and the Hon. David S. Wilson of Dubuque, whose de cision. after hearing, is to be entered as the judgement of the Court. The proposition in the M. E. Conference, to change the rule of the Church in relation to membership of slave-holders, has been de feated for the want of the constitutional ma jority of two-thirds. We are under obligation to Col. Curtis of the House of Representatives, fbr a copy of the Report of the majority of the select Com mittee on the Pacific UriJiOMl* and accom panying map. As the hav crop will undoubtedly be short this season, we would suggest the propriety of our farmers sowing an extra acre or two of Hungarian, June is plenty soon enough to sow it. The Old Settlers of Burlington- grand celebration yesterday. The Masonic Gr ind Lodge COURIER IWti Owfaiitr Burlioaton on T|U|dftv. Terrible Tornado In Illinois. STERLING, June 4.—A terrible tornando passed .about three miles south of this place last night, untoofing some houses and en tirelv demolishing others, killing 7 persons and breaking the limbs an 1 otherwise maim inga great many. We learn that st Lyn den, 12 mile* smith of hare, the tornado was even move distructive. The physicians and people generally from this sity have turned out to aid the sufferers. Sf'mi ilrtpatch.—Sterling, 111., June 12 x.—The of the RtpuhTirnn and Ga ?tte has just returns'! from the teens of 'struction. The Allowing particulars are taken from his report. The tornado came from the south-west and the first house struck in this vicinity was a large brick on'?, belonging to David Svtt. The nprwr story was taker entirely off, next Alonzi Galdus, tearing it comp'etely in piec?s an 1 seriously injuring his son. Jitnes^Woo l's vn3 was taken entirely from its fourufcition and carried some distance The fa nily escaped by ta king refuge in the cellar next Wm. Good rich's house whose family escaped bv taking refuge in the cellar—house entirelv demol ished. A V^ise donging to E 1. Cook, and occupied by a family name I Pike, was also torn down. Mr. Pike's wife was so serious ly injured that she will live but a few hours. His son's leg ami daughter's arms were bro ken. Mr Chambers house was moved from its foundation and the gable end tore off next houne was that of Capt, Doty, where every thing was torn "to peices. His son and hired man, Win. Ye vrard, were lip stairs at the time, and were carried by the force of the tornndi upwards of 101 feet and badly injured. The remainder of the fam ily escape! uninjured in the cellar. Wm. Kimball's house was torn down, his wife badly hurt and child" killed. Opposite this the house and barn of Cyrus Scott were' blowr. d)wn, also house of Jesse E. Scott. whos fimi'y were all dangerously injured. S. issell's h"»use blown down. Mr. Jen nings an mither were both killed. On the vrhole of the tornado scarcely a piece of furniture can be found. Cattle were killed and the feathers blown from turkeys, chick ens. &c. The tornado was in the form of a whirl wind funnel shaped, ard cajrried pieces of turn'ture, &c., upwards of two miles. It is impossible as yet to estimate the loss of life and damage which is immense. We just learn that at Camanche there were 40 lives lost and the entire village destroyed. At Albany 6 lives were lost and much damage to done to property. LATER.—At Lyden the following persons were killed —The wife of D. Richmond the wife of George Di rhy George or and wife a son of Alfred Pammeni aged six years.— Some fifteen are bruised, limbs broken, &c. MORRISON, Illinois, June 4.—A tornado passed about five miles south of Morrison, extending through a long range of country, creating great distruction of property and loss of life. A doctor has just returned from the scene of suffering and says 3 or 10 were killed and 50 seriously injured. One woman was taken from her bid and carried 20 or 25 rods. A number of houses were destroyed and a large number of horses and cattle kill odt AUBOY, IH., June 4.—The tornado reaches about eight miles in length. John Hubbeil's farm house, barn, fences and stock were destroeyd, and Mr. and Mrs. llubbell dan gereus y injured, and Henry Ilnbbeirs wife badly injured. Mr. Moss' farm-house, barn, fences and stock were destroyed Mrs Moss was killed Mr. Moss and daughter danger ously injured, and two sons slightly. J. Rosebough's farm-house, barn, fences and stock destroyed, and Mr. Sackett was badly injured. Mr. Jforthway's farm-house-, barn, fences and stock destroyed Mr. Northway's son was badly injured. B'gsby' barn, fences an stock desfriyed. Crarn bies' farm house, barn, fencas destroyed his child killed an 1 another dangerously iujured. Jtdge Woods' extensive farm-house, barn, fences and stock destroyed. Mr. Wright's farm-house, barn, fences and stock destroyed' and Mr. Wright dangerously injured. Mc Elmett's house, barn, fences and stock des troyed, Mr. Maine's farm-house, barn-, fences and stock destroyed. FCLTON, June 4.—The names bad a of Iowa met at of those killed by the tornado at Albany, III., on the eveninr of the 3d are as follows D. Buck, E. Elffner, Mr. Sweat, Miss Byden, missing, and two children of Mr. Riley. Those fatal ly wounded are Mr. Riley, Miss Mary Stagg, Mrs. Slocum btdlv hurt are Mr. Perkins, Mrs. Sweat, Mrs. Cripen an! child, Mrs. Mc Mann, Mrs. Cole, Moses Bishop, wife and child. Mrs. Whitcotnb, leg broken, Mrs. Eff ner, Fred M. Millc, Mr. O'strander. Several others were more or less injured. A public meeting of citizens of Fulton was held to-day which resolved to furnish homes and every assistance necessary for the comfort of the sufferers. We hope to be able to give a list of tl:e killed and wounded at Camanche, Iowa, in a despatch this evening. Bright Pro»|»f»cts at thf Dnever City papers of a rocent date give very favorable accounts of affairs at Pike's Peak. They chronicle the arrivals from ev ery quarter, amongst whom we find the names of llawkeyes from ail parts of the State. The immigrants are numerous, and are represented as generally arriving there in good condition. Many new discoveries of rich leads are an nounced, fresh diggings of great value are daity opened, and old diggings are worked iy»o i a more extended scale. Silver mines of great richnes? are reported in the immediate vicinity of Mountain City, and, from geological indications further im portant discoveries of that metal am oonfi dently expected. The Louisvitt Journal sajs of the fence rails: "Who will presume to rail at this use of rails: what part'zan pen can write down the influence of rail p-ns, or wh sre is the politi cian so cunning of fence as to ward of tin logical assults of a sharp pointed fence rail? We are beginning to realize the truth of the fact that this will be a great country when it is all fenced in.'" Great Tornado in Io' On the 3d inst. the most destructive tor nado ever known in the west visited Linn and Clinton Counties, Iowa, completely des troying the towns of Camanche and Albany and killing 200 persons. We want time and VOMMfc ll|l| wegli I«1he Vnion Worth ft 80? A serious quarrel between the President and Secretary of State has been produced by a very trivial cause. It will be remembered that Mr. Geo. N. Sanders, Navy Agent of this port, while at Charleston sent some tel egrams of an unpleasant nature to Dt*. Bu chanan—orre of these nussives beingso lontr is to cost Twenty Six Dollars and Eighty Cents. The remaining telegrams were com naritively short, and their aggregate did not exceed ei jht dollars. Itoccurrel to Dr. Buchanan that th President of the United S'.at «s, and not J. individually, should pay fir these telegrarnr and there was some warrant for this notion in the fact that the Secretary of that State had heretofore audited and paid many hun dred dollars for telegrams sent to Dr. Bu chanan by the identical Sand rs, when the latter gentleman was politically prospecting 'he possible Democratic placers aud pockets of Kansas. So thinking, Dr. Bnchanan sent the bill for Charleston telegrams to the State Depart ment, regularly signed and vouched—needed nothing, in fact, except to be audited and countersigned by the venerable Secretary.— But the venerable Cass was not in an obli ging humor. To the horror and amazement of Dr. J. B.. the Secretary returned the bill to its sender, with this indorsement: "Not allowed a private expenseand from that apparently trival soun-e of mischief we are now threatened with little le s than a breach in the Cabinet—of course to Ire followed by immediate disunion. Whether in the ex tremity Dr. Buchanan's patriotism will prove sufficient to a dispursement from his own personal resources of thirty four dillars and eighty cent, rather than see tha fabric of this Government dissolved—is now the great question of the day. We are nnH Int that peace and affection of the Cabinet must be fully worth one-half of the sui named—sav $18 40 and if in Dr. BuchanaiiTs opinion, the pras"rvation of the Union be notw irt'i the other half, we will unf :rtaV* to rais it by pnvat's ibsTi-ioti u. It iisaft') bs "fif ty-four forty" in gr«*e an 1 minutes it is now 34 8) in x'lirs air! —Tribune Rpfnrii of *ir. *ew:trd. WASIIINT,TON, May 31, 18G).r-Mr. Sew and returned lat night and his spat in the Senate to-day. Ha says emphatically that all the pretended hopes of ths Democ racy resulting from the disappointment of his friends are ^absurd, and that whoever may be the candidate at Baltimore he will be defeated by 70,000 in New York. Perhaps they will bicvisolel by this in formation, and the Ihtrild may discover some new cause of sympathy. When he reappeared in his seat, he was cordially wel comed by his political friends. But the most noticeaole feature was the su Man and affectionate interest exhibited by the Democratic side, who swarmed around him. The very men who delibarately, gratuit ously and insultingly witheld their recogni tion upon his return fro n E irop j, and who had concocted a programme of persecution for the campaign in expectation of his nom ination, were foremost in their greeting. The motive is well understood.—Nta York Trib une. Tho Great Sforau* The terriiic st rn whic'i pissi I oyer a por tion of O.iio and Kentucky, on last Monday week, extend from Lo-iUville to Marietta, following in its geneial direction the course of the Ohio River. Its breadth appears to have bejn from forty to sixty miles. The velocity of its mo nentum may b? estimated by the fact that it WH two hours in going from Louisrii: to irtsm nth, a listvi VJ of 163 miles. I? trin in min 1 th it it pursued sinuosities of the river, it will be s?en. that its speed wa iunna-mraMy beyond that of the fastest Locomotive ever run. The move ment of the strm wis rotary. It included n its tria'c th*5 to v is and cities ofLouisville Cincinnatti, New Albany, Lebanon, Love Ian 1, C'lilli Gre'jnlell, Le3sb'jrgr Lynchburg, Pbrts ninth, Lexington, CO.) NJW Vienna Martinsville, We«tb wo-, Athens Marrietta, w Richmond, an I others. It is impossible t" estimate thr» a n it of lam age me but it innot fall short of millions of dollars. N*m the South Tim BiNK.-Ottumwa is a city on a hill, un 1 jr hill and all around a hill, and is a busy place in abusines^ point of view, though to-day, owing to the col 1 weather, perhaps, there is not so m-nh d»inga usual. Quite an amount of buil lin-g is being me, and the city is improving at a rate that will soon make it a place of importance. The contrast lietween our own quiet little town and one possessing the cim nsrcial advantages Wc. made excellent time on tho of Ot' tumwa is striking. The Carroll II une is doing the heaviest business in th »tel lire, and as long as John Carroll is host, it always will. Our citizens and others who have occasion to travel this way w.ll find it to their advantage to make this their stopping-pl tee, as tho charges are moderate and the accommoda tions excelent. Mr. Lincoln, oar candidate for President has a most interesting family—a fact that will be gratifying to those who expjet him to occupy the White House. Mrs. Lincoln s a most refined, intelligent and accom olished lady, being one of three sister (daughters of Dr. Told, of the "first farai ies" of Kentucky) who in their younger lays were regarded as the reigning *ell(?s at our State ca ital She is a lively conversa tionalist Mr. Lincoln has three children— ill boys—two of whom are mere lads, and rhe other aged about sixteen, is now a stu lent at Ilavanl College, Cambridge, Mass. The name of this latter, who is really a bright young man, is Roh -rt. NOT TO BJ FOUND.—Weare infoemed^ that in the town of Cedar Falls, Iowa, containing about 1,500 inhabitants, there are not over twelve or fifteen Democrats, and among this number, not one was competent to manage the post-office «f the town. A Democrat was therefore imoorted from Dubuque, and CROPS.—The following is from the Cincin nati Gazette of Wednesday: The season has advanced sufficiently to enable us to arrive at a tolerably reliable con clusion as to the prospects of the growin-r wheat crop. In the South, where thft season is considerably earlier than in this latitude the harvest will unquestionably prove unfa vorable. Thing-! are now too faT advanced to admit of the hop» of any change for the better. If Kentucky producer half an aver age crop, it will be all that thne who ar nr»ttv well informed anticipate. 11 Georgia Vlabatna and Tennessee, the deficit will be still greater. In many portions of thosp States the crop is almost an entire failur™, and in no section is the yield-likely to reach one-half an average in Ohio and Indiana there will be fair hut not large crops. This State will probably do better than Indiana, but neither will reach an average. The ag gregate product, however, will be larger than last year. Missouri will do bally. In llli nois, Iowa. Michigan and Minnesota verv good c.'ops nrc promised. Pennsylvania oromises much better than last yaar, an 1 in New York the prospects are fair. Uporvthe whole, therefore, we shall, no accident or disaster occuring between this time and har vest, have a larger yield of wheat in the Nor thern States than last yearoi the year hefore while in the South there will be a heavy defi ciency. This dificit in the South will' have to be twv'e up mainly from tlie Central West. It has for a month past had a very decided influence upon prices in this market. It is safe to say that the amount of ground" oc cupied is I trger than in any previous year. Two weeks, or even one week ago, the grow ing prospects were not Htttjrii in many sections, o vi ig to dry wjather, but within the last week th drouth has been effectual ly broken, and the plants are nojr looking, thri'ty. Some replanting had to be* done, but this labor was not as the avenge of or dinary years. The yield, of course, will de pend up the character of the season here after. All that cin be said now is that the prospects are decidedly favorable for a large crop. With reference to other grains we are not prepared to speak at pre-en t, further than to say we have not noticed any general Complaint. WAS:IIN JTOI, iy 23.—The ipanese are much troubled about the return of the Ni agara and cannot be ma le to believe that it was occasioned by acci, but are pur sunderl that it is an artifice to detain them. The naval commissioners cannot remove this preju lice. The difficulty may interfere with projecte 1 arrangements at New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, an 1 Boston. Mr. Murphy was to-day examined, before the Covode Committee, in reference to the alleged transportation of 3,003 voters from New York, to Connecticut, at a recent elec tion. He admitted having rec lived a letter from Mr. Archibald, chief engineer of the avv department, through the treasurer of i the Democratic fund,' with a request to do what he might desire. ITe was not examin ed beyond this point, for satisfactory reasons but may be recalled! I WASHINGTON, May 31st, 1860.—Charles Francis Adam4 male his debut in the House to-dav. and though the attendance was thin when he opened, no announcement of his purpose having been made, the benches of both si les were title 1 in a fe.v minutes, and the galleries exhibited a oresponding inter est. His speech was a philosophical, lu minous an 1 st attractive review of the slavery question, or rather the problem of the representation which the "peculiar iu stitution" had secured in the popular branch of Congress, the influence it coin man le i in th-3 Cabinet, in the Supreme Court and every other department of the Qoverament. Wr- Everett Accepts. Mr. Everett has at last definitely accepted the honir of the Baltimore nomination, and will run as the cindi 1 tte for the Vice Pres idency of the national Union party. At present it see lies probable that in all the Free States at least, that ticket will receive very fe.v votes which would not otherwise be given to ths Demcrttic candidates. Cer tainly no one who desirss a reform in the •xtravagincean 1 corruption of the vern ment, which can bnly be achieved by turn ing th Da no*:ratic party out of power, will waste his vole by casting it for such hope less chanpims as the N itional Union candi dates.—y. Y. Tribune. As a cirractir'j a 11 sti nil tnt fr the Smmach, Dr. Baker's P.tin Panacea pos s-xses r3 ntrkahh pr jerti s. In too free an in lulgvnca in vegetables at this season of thj year resultin i'i ditrrhoi, yo have oily to ad ninister ths Panama, an 1 til is wall but ify.-u negl ct in air thing, it soon be cones an un nanog.uble eno ay. The P.tin Panacea gives tone to the sto nac'i, and re stores tin mucous membrane of the See advertisement. way down arriving here at one o'clock to-day. John Baker is like unto "Jehu, the son of Nim^hi, for he driveth fur-iously." There are no political news of any impor tance what little there may be you will get by this mail. The Republicans are in high spirits, prognosticating the downfall of Dem ocracy on the strength of the proceedings of the Charleston Convention. Let those laugh that win. CUT. bow ds to a healthy state. It shout i therefore al ways be kept on hand. For Sale by.J. L. Taylor, OttUQMrft, A locomotive rjesntly rana**joi the We-it Cornwall line, in England. Th throttle-valve hazing &n in liverteutly lett open, ana lire kin llel in the furnace, the at te.idint went away for a fear moments on his return it hal left town, and only ran out of britth at a stttimsone sixteen nibs distant, having ru-shed down steep in inclinei an I over sh trp curroi, attb» rate sixty miles an R-S3L1NBD AND QJIT T!I3 PARTY.— Major W. D. N o.i) of ths etrliast settlers o Iowa an 1 fir so u sti u out a itv United States Marshal, a Democrat of the old school has just resigned his office, and declared hi •j irpn to n I i» er act with the Diaa»crat o yirty. e Il-ri'd. A Pjura n Via PitisiiDRxr—Hi». i*l llt nli.i onnencillifeas a far.nir b/, in 1 after.virli ci.nd a printer, an 1 m tinued "setting up type" till ho commenced the study of the 11 w. He w the bar in lSii, when ha was twenty-four years of age. Sa Visits Sl'ittJI AT lVA4Ul3Mr09fcr*&* very severe storm visited tlie City of Washing ton on Saturday. Senator Douglas' house was unroofed and his carpets, furniture, &c., completely ruined. Judge D. was very ill at the time with throat disease. John Van Buren his bsen appointed by the President as Commissioner under the Paraguay treaty. So at last "Prince John" has ao4 on affiia Council Proceedings. MONDAY EVE. June 4th, 1860. Council met pursuant to adjournment.— Present, Mayor, Recorder, Marshal, Street Commissioner. Aldermen Lotspeich, Warden Williamson, Mitchell, Dixoo, Kittrodge and ')C«innor—-Absent Baldwin and Milburn. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. A petition from the Trustees of the Cem tery Association, was presented, and laid lpon the table. Aid. Dixon from committee revised ordinances, made a report, and the foil wing motion That the Rec ler be requested to have those revised o.di nances Recorded, that have been published. »nd not recorded, and have the certificate of the Publisher also recorded—carried. Report of committee on the petition of K Ft. s. & M. R. R. Co., was taken from the tab'e, and adopted. Mr. F. W. Huvley, committee from the Band, as reorganized, was preset and made a statement regarding the musical Instru ments, belonging to the citv, and a request that the Band have the instruments on th' same t'*rms that the former Bind had them. Kittredge moved that the Band have the Instruments on condition, that th^y ngrec to take proper care of them, and return them to the city wh°n they disband also that :hey fin accordance with former condition-1* n'ay free for the citv of Ottumwa. far the Ma sonic Order, and Odd Fellows of the city, carried. Printing committee asked further time to make their report, which was granted. Amendments to ordinances 18 and 19, taken from the tabl read, and disposed of A. Lotspeich introd iced an amendment to Sec. 2d of ordinance 19. The committee on printing, w re authorized to contract for citv printing, and have those ordinances published which have been passed and not yet published. On motion, the Recorder was requested to furnish copies of the minutes to the city papers. Adjourned to meet Monday evening, June 11th. S. B. THUTiL. Recorder. St. LOCTS, May 2!».—A violent hail storm at Lexington last night did much damage to the fruit in that vicinity, and broke nearly all the glass in the citv some of the hail stones weighed seven ounces, and split shin gles on the roofs of houses in their des cent. *t?f-EVERY BODY GOES TO TNSKEEP AND BR'OS FOR NEW AND CHEAP GOOD'S. INTew AdvovtisomontfS. O O K ROYAL CIRCUS. Tms KKQT iLLrn nrnoPMn TROUPE, comprising all the (rreat talent In the Equestrian Profession, will exhibit their Splendid, Novel iml Exciting Feata of Moreemaustiip and Ath letic Skill, At on TiiCMliiy, .Vnn lut'iirv. .Viiih' l*(ii E.l clyville, JMJIL 20lit, lStfO. A Grand mid-l.\v performance, commencing at 2 o'clock m, ami in the evening at 7 o'clock^ A^lrnlt rion Txi cents. Children 25 cents. Amen th* su|i»ri) attract inns which distinguish the Royiil (.'irons is the maunitio-nt ECOLE DE MANE8E, R.v tlio Itri 11 i 1111 Dauntl.— Artiste 3IARY ASH C0QKB, On her beautiful Manege Horae—JUPITER, Lv PETITE LAURA, Mary On horseback aa the Roae QMt WALTER COOKE, On hts wild, bare-backed iteaSt YOUXtt LKSTEli, The champion ontortioniat of Koropa Sfct tullll M. MADDRIi Will intr.-ifluce Ms little gon«i, with the performing Ponies—(Jberrv and Fair Star. A MATCHLESS ACT O.V TWO IWRSK8 BY Ann Oaoke & Maurice Mills. PROP. CIIARLKS AND ITIS PET tl—.U AZE 1» PA. The aa'.onishing Double Summersault performance, besides many other Great Acts. The performance will be interspersed by the Gym nastic and Lo'juacious Drolleries of The Court Joster, (iKOiiuE COXSTIBLE. The e'lturtalnm jnt will cnm-nence with a Orand IIi|ipo-dr:im itic Spectacle, and conclude with a Bur lesque I l'antoiaiiue. PROFESSOR REUBENS Will form a procession in his splendiJ Chariot, and drive a mammoth troupe of beautiful horaea, accompanied by a SUPERB BAND OP MUSTC, Will enter town at 10 a m, on the day of exhibition. tiie sabliTITarmonists Will give a GltAN'D CONCEIIT In the same Pavilion Immediately after the conclusion of the Circus per formances. aKMMUU STILLIKGIA, —OH BLOOD & LIVER SYRllK Pro*. **. Si. say». In Cincinnati Mtillral JowtMtl, The [Vol. 1 No. 5, page 810,1 In regard to the cure of MAUTIN RCBUtNS, one or the most rem trka'de cures on record. While he wa Mn the worst imaginable condition, we were called to attend him fur a fracture of the leg produce I bv a fall. 'Che indications of a re union of the hone, under the clroumsranc-i-, were very unfa vorable, for he would sit ila.v after day, picking out srnali pi ees of hone which would slongh off. I found him uainn Scofill's Preparation, which he coatinued to use until a cure was effected. "We ive him no constitutional treatmeut, being In attendance only as a surgeon yet we confess we had mu'ili cifiositv to see what could he done in a system o KXTKXSIVKI.T DISRASKD as his was." Ji'f'iial remarks, in passing on, that "Many other eq'iVlv bad c*«e.s Hive HKKN CCKKD iithi* city by the Syrup of Saraaparilla and Stillingia." "'He Irii'e Itnoirn the manufacturers of it personal ly for many years, and can say that they are reliable men." 8Md by JOHN P, PARK, Prop'r, Cbic««e,itt. A K E S A I N A N A E A CTTRRS PUM BOTH I.VTERXALLV & EX TERNALLY DR. BIKER'S P*IX PANACEA Cures °ramp and Pain in the stomach. B|t. li.tki l('S t'AI\ Qure* colic, pain in the back anil bowel^ DR. Ii\ iE t'i Hll\ PANACEA Cures ii irrhea, dizziness aud costiveneM. IMC.'.* I'll PAV U ^A Cures cuts, bums, bruises, sprains and all 8orea. UH. t%K.EU'« PAM Pl\ Vl'IH Has more real merit than any Pain Killer in use. DK.HtKKllS PAI.X PA.V% ICA Is used in nearly every family In tlie West. UK. 'tER'si P%l PI VAC ISA Used aa a liniment or wash, has no superior, Ult. II ViE lS P.U V PAX KMJA lathe best remedy for summer complaints to MS. OUt. UtKMItN PAIV PANACEA Cures chronic disease, such as dyspepsia, weak brei at, liver complaint, general debility, fever and ague, canker, sore throat, weak eyes, Spine and old sores, Ac. ift. is admitted to BI TOT'* P*I PAXARIH The fi.eaieit PaiaOarin| RdmeJy Eer Discovered! JOHN D. PA UK, Proprietor, 124 Lake Street, Chi iyo. Ill to whom .til oMer* hIiomM i»« .-nUronst* 1. Knki, F)rt Dei Mnnea and Minnesota is.A.mjL(ft«.oA. mM. CHANGE OF TlXK. s One iilv Train, ONther AND APT It THIS IMTR AND UNTIL KUR notice one Pa»scn|(er train, will run each way. daily,(Sunday* excepted,) as fullows: L.'avio£ Keokuk at 8:10 a. m. Leaving 'iontou-oortat 2:30 p. in Connecting at the latter place, as heretofore, with the ooichef of the Western ftage Co., for all points in tlildle, Western'and Southern Iowa, Nebraska, Kau s*, kz. Through Tickets to St. Louis, L'ulsvilie, Cincinnati ard th, may be had at the office in Uentonsport. us low as the lowest, to all Southern and Eistcra cities. Jkl Passengers o.v this route make sure connec tkns with the li A M. It K It at PairAeld, reaching OTTUMWA tin same evening. w HIG.MNS, Suparlntaodaat. GF"Tkket Office at the Depot. fl^-THE LARGEST STOCK, FINEST AND CHEAPEST GOODS ARE FOUND AT INSKEEP k BRO S. Only Fifty Cents! PLOCT! (wtelaaala) LATH, M. BUTTE It LARI) TALLOW..., BEESWAX C.IKESE 80RG11 CM PORK CHICKENS d«a.... QCAILS, f? rtna. .. DRIED AFPLFS. "t fjr fie Campaign I Utl TIKKC IAJL. Cocaiaa PEACHES $ LEATHER (Sole). Cair fO«S—Mink, No. 1 Orrica, Jno« 6 CORN SHELLED COIN CORN MEAL OATS POTATOES..... SUGAR COFFEE SALT HIDES, dry green ...... COTTON YARW NAILS PINE LUMBER, common, clear, 8 gradea COON ....»«•«• a WILDCAT RAT OTTER BEAVER -p ft DEER 1° lb BUFFALO H011ES HTNGARIAN SEED TIMOTHY 6u®90 22@24 86 40 2uct(. ,'V.V.V.V.V 8@io 15©16 92,50 12* a 22* 19 ft0220 U0 .... 25 00@4H 00 8 Ki@4 75 81»0 12X@15 10 10 W 8 12X®1& to 4,00 sa .... 12* 15 2T .1.00 1,20 2.VS40 2r©4 8 1 To® i ov 14(53120 ...i.-SOOGlijOO |2®2,20 SPECIAL NOTICES. HEALTH & PIT RE BLOOD AttB Xlf* SUPER4RLE. Recollect that all iicknessjarlses fiom Imparity of the blood, and that Judson's Mountain Herb pills will so surely And out and cleanse these impurities from the system, that disease cannot exist.* So simple and innocent are the herb* and plants that compose them, that it Is not necessary to hare themaugai coated In order that the stomach can bear them. Inmost ca ses Pills are sugar coated because materials of which they are made are so griping and malignant, that oth erwise a delicate stomach could not bear them. These Pills deal with disease aa It L, and will not only cure by removing the cause, but will build up and restore the broken constitution. There aremaoy who have so trifled with their constlutlon that they think medicine Cant help them let not even these despair incredulity and scepticism is overthrown by a mass of testimony which is truly irresistible. At first the virt ies ascribed to these Mountain Herb Pills wera deemed fabulous. Th« public had been *o often de ceived that they could not believe the aimple trutha advanced by their discoverer. Yet facts undenlabte, attested by witnesses of the highest character and re spectability, have proved, and are proving each day the virtues of this "mighty dealer." They mark by their miraculous efficacy and power a new era ia medicine.—Sold byallMedicn# Dealers. SCOVIM,** BLOOD Sc OentlfMfn—l LIVER SYRUP. will with great pleasure give my tes­ timony as to what your Sarsip-triila and Stillingia, or lllood and Liver Svrup, is done for me. Some three and i h-ilf years since, I was attacked with Scrofulous White Swelling, which wa» attended with most excruciating pains I tried various remrdies, and was attended by t-vo of the l»est Physicians of the elt.v (one of tiiein a Professor in an Old School Medi cal U'dlegc,) anil they l.iiled to ^ive me relief! I was so reduced that I was confined to my bed for over S months. The nerre* and muscles of one lejf were so contracted and drawn up that I rould not walk. I had in"re »hau a DOZKN' running I'LCEKS on my leg, from w Virb I took from time to time more than one hundred pieces of bone, some of ttiein from three to four inches long. I reduced to almost a skeleton •itid my friends had piveu up all hopes of my recovery. I was in this condition when I commenced the use of yoor Klood and Liver Syrup. I have used, altogether foine two dozen bottles of it, and at the time the Indi'le Ointment, which you advise to use with it and lastly thi Healititr Oint.nent, ^riv-n under the head if 'SVhite Swelling," in your directions. I am ivw ahle to attend to business, and nay legs have become so strong tlat I'walk without any difficulty--and have eutirely recovered ruy health Yours, M.VKTIN R0BWN3, Jr. STOVE S onE! CULVER A. D. Front Street, Opposite Moore's New Store, Ottumwa, Iowa. rfMIE €ITlzr\S OF OTTI'MWA ahd Vicinity are invited tc call and get my new prices on STOVES. As I pay cash for my Stoves, 1 flatter myself that I cnn sell them 'iH per cent, cheaper than they have ever tieen sold in this market to cash customers. My Moves are of the noted OOMSTOCK manufacture of »ver Fifty different patterns. I have tlie celebrated Quincy City Cook Stoves, Which took the (5*) prise medal over all other stores ia the W est. to which 1 invite especial attention. I WILL WARRAXT ALL MY STOVES and will fur n i*h plates, free of charge, if thei/ rrtfk hy n re. I have in store at all times a fuH assortment of TIN, HOLLOW 8L JAPAN WARE. Job work, In tin, copper and sheet Iron, promptly done, on reasonable terms, aud in the best manner. (w I will receive In exchange for the above wares, old copper, brass, casi Iron, and rag«, which will en able farmers to save from $10 to $50 er annum. May 24, 1*00—12.11-y A. D. CULVER. FOR CINCINNATI! CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, AND CINCINNATI SHORT LINE Hail Road Shortest, Qatokest, and only I»lrect Boot* from Chi cago to Cincinnati. Passenger trains leave the Great Central bst of Lake street, as follows: First train 7:45 a.m., arrlres at Michigan City at 12:So p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 5-5, (supper,) Indl. anapoli* s i\ p.m., LawreuceL-urg 12:30, and Cincin nati at ll:4.*|i m. Second train S:oftp.m, arrive at Michigan City at 9:2® p.m.. La Fayett. 2:40 a.m., Indianapolle 6:20 a.m., Lawrenceburg lu:20 a.m., Cincinnati at 10:45 a.m. Passengers leave Ottumwa 8:00 p.m., arrive at Burlington at 7:25 p.m., arrlveat Chicago at 5:15 a.m. at Cli.tltii.«ti l.So a.m. Only one change of cars between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping cars attached to all night, trains and rub through from Chicago to Cincinnati without change. Throuirh tickets epn be had at all ralwcad offices In the West, and at the company's office, corner I.ake and Dearborn streets, and at the depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago. Fare as low as via any other route. 8PAUIN«,Af*0l!!cH*. W*. POWKIL, Trar, Agent. A FINE CHANCE TO 1H V A IIOJUE 4S I am determined to sell all my real estate, con sisting of three dwelling houses, one store house and one farm, 1 will sell the at)0ve property for one fourth cash down, the balance on 1, 2 and 8 rears time, with interest from date. Prices reasonable For (urther particular* apply to A. Ottumwa, May 81. '60—12-12 6m GUAVKS PLOW ^AKI!V() TrtEstiMcr.oerrespectfullyinformsliTsWends ar| the puMic jjener~ 11v, th*.t he manufactures all* *imls of plows, a ml is prepared to supply the Farmer# of Wapello Co. with an article unsurpassed In material and workmapshlp. Itla'-ksmiihing in all Its various branches, horse jho. inir.ox shoeing, and jobbing of all kinds. MJ~Kemember the place, the Lower Steam Mill. AARON MYCR8. Ottumwa.Feb. Htfc.lVSft-nM-v SAINT LOCIS CHEAP MlLLIKKgy RTOIIF, rmowr 8T., BIOITAM's BVILMITO. MARTIN, formerly of St. I.onle, would fn form the Ladies of Ottumwa and surrounding country that she has brought on an entire new Stock of Spring Honnete of all the latest styles worn In the East, which she w4ll sell at prices to suit the times idles are invited to call and examine her assorrmeut and not listen to the fools' statements of interestedt parties. Fashlonahle Dress Making. Bonnets Bleached in link is tm1 ss nrir ART IIIMIIIS tar

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