Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, June 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated June 14, 1860 Page 3
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ft 'I# (Dttnmtoa Courier. -Local and Miscellaneou». OTTUMWA, IOWA, .June 14, 1H60. We can supply oir friends of the western Press with ink on as favorable term* ai the/ can aik Republican Clul»--Meets MplMly every i Friday evening,over Hedrick ft Gillespie's Store, Front itreet. Member* of the party are Invited to attend. KddyTille Repnhllran Clnt»*Me»ts every Monday evening at Vance A Benedict's Hall.— Every body Is Invited to attend without distinction of party. R. W. BOYD, Prest. J. W. ROBB, Pecy. Only Fifty Cents! for the Campaign When you want Clothing Boots and Shoen, go to Temple's New Store. INSKEEP fc BRO. If AVE TTfiCtfTV. ED ANOTHER LOT OF THOSE FINE, CHEAP GOODS! GO AND SEE 'EM 1! We have had quite a number of shower* the past week, and as we go to press this CWednesday) evening, a gentle shower is falling. Good. We hope that the card of our friend, J. (J. Boor, Paper Hanger and IIousc Painter, will receive the attention of those in want of ser vices in that line. Mr. B. is superior wurk* 'man. EDITOR COURIER :—Please give notree that a native of Virginia will speak in Ottumwa, on Thursday evening, June 14, on matters connected with the Kentucky ExQe. A col lection to be taken up. Yours, J. S. DAVIS. R«okuk, June 9,1860. Jehu Moore has moved his store into his New Building, 2 doors east of the Carroll House, where he will be happy to see his old customers and every body else who want to bo? Goods CHEAP. A. D. Culver has removed his Store Store to the building formerly occupied by Win. Main-st., where he is fully prepared to furnish those in want of Stoves, Tinware, Ac., of a superior quality at prices that preclude competition. Mr. C. has establish ed himself, permanently and, as a business man, gentleman and a fair dealer, we can fiJlly recommend him to oar patrons and the trading public. I)aniel Eaton, wholesale and retail dealer tafcvery variety of household Furniture, has an announcement in to-day's paper. He Is constantly receiving, from the East, large invoices of wares in his line, of the very best quality and latest styles, and will sell cheap er than any other establishment in the inte rior of Iowa. He is also prepared to do «11 Iliads of cabinet work to order. We (the foreman,) acknowledge the ceipt of two very nice boquets. One, a rare collection of flowers, had the following com pliment attached: a "Presented, with the compliment* of the donors, as token of their appreciation of the neat and prompt manner In which the COCKIM make* it* appearane* each week. We feel encouraged, rather than ihtterod and while we return thanks for the compli ment in connection with the flowers, hope we shall ever merit such tokens. Council Prorecdingi. June 11, '60. Council met. Present Mayor, Recorder, Marshal, Street Commis sioner, Alderman Baldwin, Dixon, Milburn, O'Connor, Warden and Williamson. Ab sent— Kittrcdfre, Lotspeich and Mitchell.— Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Printing committee made their report.-— The petition of the Cemetery association was taken from the table, read, and Ward en, Williamson and Milburn appointed a committee to draw up an ordinance grant ing prayer of petitioners. Adjourned to meet Monday craning, Jum lStih, at 7i o'clock. S. B. TUBALL. Rec. I^TBLIC GROUNDS.—We are reminded forci^ bly by the present warm weather, of the im portance and value to Cities of public grounds, squares or parks, full of trees and ornamented with shrubbery. Fountains would not be objectionable of if they could be had but some sort of grounds, dedicated to verdure, in the midst of dusty streets and cheerless structures, ought to be had in a country where there is as much land as there is about here. If this is so, 'and if Ottum wa is not an exception to this rule, it would be w ell for our citizens to take early meas ures to improve what limited public'grounds we have, and perhaps make promission for others and more extensive. The Public square, what there is of it will, do to com mence ujjon, and after fencing and planting that, the College square perhaps might jus-i tify gome attention. This latter might tal made a very beautiful spot. RICITMOND, June 11.—The Convention as mmbled at noon. Governor Ludbuck, of Texas, was called to the chair, and returned thanks. He deemed his selection a compli ment to his State. He trusted they had as sembled for a triumph of principles, and not for slander, and that if their principles are repudiated they will go before the country as the true Democratic party, with their prin ciples emblazoned on their banner. Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Burroughs. The States were called New York responded amidst immense applause. A list of Dele gates appointed by the trustees of the Na tional Democratic Ilafl of the State of New York was handed in. The delegate who presented the credentials is Thaddeus I. Mott, who is here as the alternate of Gideon. J. Tocker, who is delayed by serious illness. He said that time did not premit the. calling of a State Convention, but he was assured the President that 15 of the 16 members of the Committe approved of delegation, and desired that they should represent the State in the Richmond Convention. The present ation created quite a stir and much stir. It is supposed to be a move in favor of Dickin son New York members of the pre**. All the seceding States are represented but Del aware. Mr. Barney, of Miss., moved the appoint ment of a Committee of one from each State on Permanent Organization, and at one •Mock the Convention adjourned till one •*Alrk, to-morrow. Mayor Wood has sent word here that the delegation represented nobody, and the im pression is that tliey will be repudiated by the Convention. There will be little or no discussion in public. Ever' (hing CHEAT ATTRACTION! J. LOOMIS & CO, •AVE SEEK BECEIVIKCI Tie last four weeks, their I SPRING AND SUMMER —STOCK or— pie and Fancy DRY GOODS! GROCERIES, BOOTS & SHOES, HATS, CAP% Bonnets, fcc., WHICH NOW MAKES THEIR STOCK COMPLETE!! Our ITIotto "10t¥ PRICES WIN," Is warranted by otir purchasing from first hands, and selling to a dose, prompt, paying trade, for Cash and Ready Pay tftaljr. TO ALL SUCH we shall offer throughout the season, a complete and UNSURPASSED STOCK #F SPRING AND SUMMER Staple and Famy GROCERIES, BOOTS AIYD SHOES, HATS & CAPS, O N N E S TAHXSSB0TOSS,&3 -AT— WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, i the lowest possible prices. We will pay the highest market ijrice for every variety of PRODUCE. We will pay the highest market 'price in cash, for WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. J. LOOMIS Sl OO. Ottumwa, Oct. 6,1S6#-ntii-tf GREAT NATIONAL. ROUTE TO BALTIMORE, NEW YORK, PUILADEL I'llI A A BOSTON! imore & will be settled in committee and all differences of opinion accommodated. There is no doubt that the convention will close to-morrow to await the action at Baltimore. •The "'Wide Awakes" will meet at the ftfpublican Club rooms, over Iledrick mm*. So Is the only Road to WASHINGTON CITY. CAtfTtftflf I «Th,*' w»*»»in*ton branch of this I iVi¥» I Road is owned and operated ex clusively hy the 11. A O. K. K. Co. Passengers bv the pretended routes to Washinirton Cltv, are sutjected to omnibus travel, tedious delay*, uud extra cliareea at llaltiinore. The Baltimore and Ohio Ra'lrOad In connection with the Central Ohio Railroad, presents to the trav eling public a short and desirable route, from Colum bus to all the K.istern cities. Passengers I.y this route can visit the cities of Hal tlmore, Philaddphi i, X«w Vork or Itoatoti, at the cost of a ticket to New York or Uostoa alone by other lines. Through tlckeU can also be procured Tla Washing ton City to the Eastern citiea, at an additional charge of two dollars. Travellers to the Kast, from all Western points, can depend upon piick time and sure connections. Sleep inn cars attached to all night trains. Two trains leave Columbus, Ohio, daily, 4:^11 a. TO Newark ,V!W a m., Zan-sville a.m.. Renwood, (Wheeling) 1 p.m., Urafron S:2», Cumberland I0:4i p.m., Harper's Kerry S.iH a.m. arrives in ltalti inore p.m., Washington Citv 7::k n.iii. »:N)pin, Newark 4: I I piu, Z inesviile .YtO pm, Ren wood, W heellnp) lltrld pm, Grafton iK) am, Cumber land VIA am, Harper's Kerry li:Vl pm arrives at Bal timore 4: Jft pm, Washinirton Citv fiitOpm. Direct connections made at Baltimore with ahove trains for Phlladelphl-, New Vork and Btstnn and at Washington City for Richmond, Wilmington, Charles ton. Ac. Ticket* irood until used with the privilege of stop ping iff at all principal points. Hut unu change of cars between Columbus and llaltiinore. Business men aud travelers for pleasure or inform ation, can visit all the eastern cilles at a comparative ly small expense. The scenery i* celebrated for its wonderful beauty and sublimttv: It Is uuci|oallcd in the world. Its svst em or day and night Track Police its splendid e.piiprient if evelusive telegraph lines its lar^e amount of ilanhle track: its fine hotels, (un der the survellance of the companv.) ensures to Ihe pa*"enger, speed, safety, and comfort. Time as quick and fare as low as via any other route. Through tickets and bainrage checks can be pro cured at all the principal railroad and steamboat of flees in lie west. Ask for tickets via Baltsmore and Ohio L. M. COLK. (len. Ticket Ag't A O R. W. F. BMITII, Mast. Transportation, Gil­ lespie's store, this evening at o'deolci|*» An address may be expected*, II. O. JEWKTT, Pies't, O 3. W. BROWN, Oen. Ticket Ag't COR B.F. FCLLKR.Oen. West'n Ag'tBAORR. I D1UUI FttQJI IUL JLAfelV C. C. Warden, la receiving and NOW OPENING a large and fashionable stock of DRY GOODS! A**/ Notion*, Cloths A Caawimeres, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. Am! a complete a««ortment of evrvthin0 to ®eet the wants of iivtivHiials or families in his lln* of trade, romifri^ine in part follow* ftin, Black and Fancy Cassimeres, Broad Cloth, Satiaetts TTCKf, SHIRTINGS, STRIPES, CORDUROYS, JEAN'S, DENNINS, DRILLS, Sc BLEACHED FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC OINGIIAMS Besides a great variety of Dress Goods! F«»ii Mt:\, WOMKN, -\\n rm Which could not he enumei ated in an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of Ms stuck will he to call and look through for yourselves. lam alio receiving a well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, such a* Tea. Coffee, Suirar, Rice, Dried Tobacco, Vinegar, Snap, 4c. (llimnnd Nails. Bnil'»»r* materia! and hmisp f'irnishinc gnoiin. And has an entire stork completp in pvervMiini that would cnmprup a stock for'.lie times and for this virinitv, all of which he is anxious to !i*no«c of for tne reailv pav. or to approvefj customers. All kinds of Country produce takeu in pay for Goods, lie solicits an examination of e**ods and prices and w ill take plea?Mre in showing you through whether yoii h'iv or not-. c. c. April 12 1«fi0. OK KM WA VN'Y, E N HAWKINS, EXCHANGE, —AND— COLLECTION T!IR OFFICE, or TETIFLF, & RROTIirn, OTTCYWA, I Off A. IM»RNSNI^EN U v IIF movpii thfir Krrli low*, to this point, «nl inire oflicp from Charlton, ire irpp busi'uec^ |«ert tiniiijr tn Flanking, Collec­ tion*, which iy le pnfni«tprl to u». feeling confluent that our tR«t pructicHl experience often vturg in Southern Iowa, will *"n!il)le us to i enderaatlffaction to our putrons. We nell Kiuirr nu.if-rsox N E W VORK, M'l other en«tern points, in sura* to suit purchasff*. •U'l tn :tNn furnish Kxchan^e mi BKOLAND, IKKI,\\I AND SCOTI, wn, AVO ON KRAVCK. SWKOKN. !K\M A RK, AND ALI. OTIIHII corvntiKs or J£im )FK, as well at collect money, inheritance!, itldefery Mh er claim in foi eijrn cnuiit'e*. We receive Deposits anil iwie."Cprtlfleatf*g Whtcfl bar interest only by spttcial agreement. *i. made pityalile at our office, Will he remittal for, at current rates of Kxchitnfre and tllose maturing other points, will he collected and Kniitteil, less exchange ami eM ense of collection.— IVe will also pay Attention •"•'securingandcollectlns doubtful ddlitK. Parties h.ildinp Uiiriirr«nt Drafts. C'er- lifiraft'H of, i$c iosite. or Ril i at Dxc'iiiutie, l'ayabie AT SITHIT 01t ON TIME, In any plac*,«an ive them Cashed by cal!ln(r fit •Hice. TAXFS,—T/e have correspondent* In nearly •*er conntv in Southern Iowa, andean par taxes far tion-resilent9 and otherfi, for roHninnhlt1 com* mifftlon. Money for taxes always requireil in advance and all opders should 1e sent us hv 1st of January. LAND W A Kit A NTH. Wt- wili it rill times i»a,v cast* fur Ijand Warrant#, and Will attend to tlie lorat ion of them, or the entry wlill *ayhtof Government lands, In KMV \, KANSAS OU £B1CA^KJI« We have ample aaranireraentsfor the selection of .le •Irable lands iu the Territories, for individuals or for Ol!»iiies. (JA SI)S.—U*e cun furnish emijrrnnts and others with flrst rate Kami ,i». I he central connties of this State, or with unimproved land in this ami the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be had as *4fheap a* dirt." TOWS I,OTS. have over two hundred town lots In ClllHtSti eiceola, Afton and Mount Ayr, all enod conntv Towtif, three of which are on the line of the Ituriincton A Missouri K. II. It. Tofarties desiriujr resiiit-nce or kosirtess lots, in any oftheae points, we will ^ivegood bare ains. I'arties at adistance, desiring information astothe property oirered. are requested to correspond with us. All other* will please call at our olflce. on Market m. two doors from Frnnt St., Ottuniw a, Iowa Ti ti A. October 6, 1859-ir.'—4w. BituriiEa. PCURIAI AXO L.O- (iANSPOItT R. It. Trains leave burlinjjton (Saturdays excepted) &00 m, ami 7:* a m. The s:iKtp Lo?an»port Kxpreaa make* dlreot Cun •ections, as follows: At K1 I'aso with Illinois Central Rallroedfor Bloom blKton, lecatur. Pan*, Sandoval and Cairo. At Chenoa with Chicago and it. Louis Railroad for Alton to St. Louis. At il iiwn with (Chieijro Rrancli) Illinois Centrftl • for Cliii a«o and South. At Iteynobls with New Albativ and Salem Railroad fcr Lafayette, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. At Lo^ansport with IVIedo, Wala and Western Railroad for Toledo and all points Kast also with Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad for Cincinnati, Day ton ami Coluiebus. The 1:4.5 Peoria Accommodation make* the Mine connections as above to tiilman. The above is a new and very much shorter Line than anv other to the above named points. It is thoroughly built, and well manned, and run In •very way to merit the approbation of the travelling |Hblic. Cars will run directly tftrouir'h from fiurlinjrton to Toledo without change, and arrive in advance of any and all other lines. Our advantages are, Shortest and Quickest one less etiaupe of cars no Omnihussln? as via Chic a (to con •ections positive, as it is owned and rontrok1 by Ifrt Mine interest, while via ('hicn|{o it is the reverse la is every way the most desirable line. J. R. KA V KWKATII Kit, Ticket Ajr't Hurllngton. T. B. WILSON, Passenjrer Ap't, Ottumwa. A BAUBKR, Weateru Agrt, ires Mofnee. lov*. OTTITM WA tr mm Hthat TAKF\ m:M llliter Af sower* arinouueeto the public on the 'iiUh (lav of April last. Uetfrge W. S».-r- «as assnciateil as full partner in'said Arm, which sill be known afterthat date as IIIMTI.R, SOIVI RS A by whom the business of Milling will be carried an with Increased facilities, at the CITY MILLS HOfTK R, SOW EJttf A CQu Otto*wa,May 1», lSJW-lo-u-y. ESTBAY ^OTirr. up an e«tray, by Walter Cross, *t his residence. In Kddyville, Wapello county, Iowa, on the *',lh day of April, 1mo, one Sorrel Pony, with while face, (lax mane i-d tail, underlip white, heavy built, about 14 hands high has harness ma.ks on ci ther side and on the rump scar on either side of the face, supposed to have been caused hv a burn for the blghead shod before and suppoied to be 13 year* old. No other marks or brands visible. Appraised at $^5, before R. W. Boyd, a Justice of the Peace. JOSEPH JLAYNKS CO. Clerk. Ottumwa, April 341, '60—"-Ig-ttia. SAI.\T LOl'IS CIIFAP MILLIKERT KT(H« C, raOKT ST., RpilljtM's MRS. MARTIN, lormerly of Bt. Loula. vonld la. form the Ladies of Ottumwa nnd surrounding conntry that she has brought on an entire new Slock of Spring Bonnets of all the iatest styles worn in the East, which she will sell at prices to suit the times. idie* are i n v it ed lit call and ex a to i tie her assort nieut and not listen to the fools' statements of Interested parties. Fashionable Dres* Makin*. Bonnets Bleached to look as good as new, and Trimmed for GU CcUtS. May 8d— vl-_'- ns—2ui HOI FOR PIKE'S PEAK! underslirned would respectfully Inform the Itireris of Oi|itiiiwa. and the puMIc !n -neral, that he i again In the Held, with his trowel in hand, ready to do their plastering in the cheapest anil best stvle, or to contract for buildings throughot at ffclr rates. I.line always on hand and for sale. Having had long experience in the baslness, he hopes to have n Hh^rnl pitronaffe, Mar. H, 15*19—112- 6in C. M. KKLLOGO. A FISE CHANCE TO BUY A 1IOKEI Afsistingd-femilned I am to sell all my real estate, con of three dwelling honses, one storp house ar1 one farm, I will sell the above propertv for one rpiirth cash down. Die balance on 1, 2 and 3 rears Ume With interest from date. Prices reasonable. For further j»%rtirularii applv to A. L. UAAVtt. OttaBWft, May 81% wmamrn AMJS QQtfSTANTL Y RECEIVING FROM TITT SPLENDID LOTS OF COATS, PANTS, VESTS HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES GLOVES, GUM PANTS, COTIttO* mi/SLUtS* PRINTS, Of toery Variety. Style and Quality? GUM SHOES, CARPET SACKS, CL0T8B, Pralt, Soda, HARDWARE & CUTLERY. SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, OtfM COATS, GUM GLOVES, UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, CASSIME11ES, '-W.TINETTS, JEAHS. (V)TTOXADES, and all articles initially kept in a CLOTHING House. Call in ami examine the Stock. Clothing con stantly made to order. Ottumwa April 12th, '«0-2.VU-ch-B-19. KITTREDGE & MERR I LI, Wlloi.ESA I E A Xl /. F.IML O E S OTTIMWA, IOW1. HAY* flOlf IN STORE AKt FOR MATK THE LIRGG^T Wfli of O E I E S EVER BROUGHT TO THIS MARKET WMcb they are prepared to sell aa low a* can be bought in any market west of the river. The stock consists in part of the following fOOl« Id Hds N. O. Sugar, 20 Hhls Rettned Su^ar, rft Hhls rtnd hit ir»Ml to transact any Ktrhinire bbls O. N. MtffauM* aa4 Symp, 60 Sacks Coffee, 10 Java Coffee, 25 Kegs Pure 8odaf 100 Kegs Nails, Cotton Yarn, Batts. Caniftef, Bosps, TottacCos, and all other articles in our lint. The trade of Merchants aod cltliens (ferMTally Is fespectfullv solicited. The highest market price paid for Hides, Graaa Seed and all kind of produce. K, A M. Sept. 15, ls59.—ll-i*-y NEW GOODS? ffftr ftflttlHI Jnst received from the Ka»t at J. A. SCHW0IWFS GIIOCF.RT A^IO ritovisno STORE Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa Houae. A I.AROE AND SUPERIOTt STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, Fruit* & \nl«. Chewing and Smoking Tohnrcn, Clpirs, AlfO HI A I. HAVANA TOBACCO, AT W1101 .ESAI-K tSL* KTA11.. Qwenwnre, Boot* and Shots, AH of which will be sold for Cash at the •cry Lowest Market Prices, Of meMangtd for Country Prwhte*. TVT A NTrn—IMDKS, for which wTil be pctd tile very hlj^test market price in Caak. Call a examine poods and prices, In opposite the Ottumwa House, Front-*(. October 6th, ch-:lli-oldl5-l I Da*n,(brick CHI(7A(i() HIDE AND LEATHER Keep* e«i"stin'U tion of L.- itiit-r 'ivvl IM 1 for everydfarip* lie .Mi»:iiifa.:ture of BOOTS, SHOES, HARNESS AND SADDLES. Will also pay the liiirln-sl price in Ca*h, for HUM:*, RI I. UOOI FIRS. Thi*Hou»e has connections with Eastern Manufacture* of Leather, and being centrally located, offers pecu liar facilities to the trade of Middle and Southern Iowa. Our prices will favorably compare with any llou«e in the West. Thi* !lon*» also commends ita Selfto the notice ofKarmers, and Dealers in HIDES AND FURS, as a sure Market for every thin* In the line, and a Cheap and reliable place to deal. We are prepared also to show sanipli of SADDLERY HARDWARE, and take orders for the fame. Also have a large atock of BUFFALO SOAKS, which w#«(frr(or sale. FULLED CLOTH, A RKAPV-M ADR COATS, we will exchange for Corn, Oats or llay. Opposite the Crrroll llouse, Ottumwa Iowa, and Norih-west Corner Square, Fairfield HI- II -tf. D. M. CUIPIN, A(rt. W%*T¥?1—All kinds of grain wanted at the Chicago Le ither Store, Front st-eet, Ottumwa *»». [No*- *4,18ft» OGDEN & COPP. Sut'cossors to Mcmlcnhal! 1 Whithani, Forwarding and Commission MKIiCIIANTS. A!»D General IV-eiglit NKAR TUB RAILritOAD DB1HT, OTTl'.UWA fOWA. Liberal CasW»d»utw «n Produce for Shipment. 11-3* tf ATTENTION FARMERST liii K%9. 'Vi'-o A lt*itt Jmpt tst rti iisyor um MtU. Improved'March This mill Is constructed of iron—except lever and hopper—It has no equal In lightness of draft, darabll Ity, simplicity and speed. Any amount of pressure Isobtalned by moving one set screw—the pressure •11 comes npon a gum spring. This mill can he fed from hoth «ldes of the larife cone—thereby making a double mill, without extra tax to the mill! No. 1 Mill, (one horse) complete, 2 (two hor«e) tsft. Expresses from to 12i illotis per hour. Manufactured at Chas Hendrle's Foim drv RVritoc ton. Iowa. J. R. CRAWFORD. Agent, JAS. R. HOPHU,(Ifn. ift. Ottumwa, Iowa. For the sale of Territory, Ac. [May 17-nltMWm. r«T l»r rr,iVFn- Casks Cheese. SJ boxes Fre,h Rsi»in«, 25drums Kl, me Figs, tir KITTREDGE A MCRUrX.^ f»AO^ ~The highest market price paid for good Rags, »t this offioe. S O K E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Dara ctt's old Stand, Oiiiimwu, Iowa* rnnr riTta!E\si OF oTTimwi AND I Vicinity are Invited tc call and get my new pri.-.-s on STOVKS. As I pay cn«h for mv ftovea, I flatter myself that can sell them ~£!i per cent, 'cheaper than the.v have ever been sold in this market to ca«h customer*. My Moves are of the noted ClIMSTOi'K iri'if ifture of over Fifty different patterns. 1 have the celebrated Quincy City Cook Stoves, Which took the $.*0 prize medal over all other stove# in the West, to which 1 Invite especial attention. I WILL WA RRA NT A LL MY STOVES awl will furnish platen, free of charge if they track hy ft re. have In store at all time* a ftit! n««mftT!ent of TIN, HOLLOW 8L JAPAN WARE. Job work. In tin. copper and sheet Iron, promptly done, on reasonable terin«, and in ihe beat manner. will receive in exchange for the ah.»ve warest old ropp-r, brass, cas' iron, and rags, which will en able farmers to save from |I0 to #.'! per annum. i.v -JI. I»r,(i—I-.' I.y A. II. cri.VKU. DON'T FAIL! TO GO TO HEDRICK & Ml IESPIE'S 91 \1.\ K1I T. (iTTI TI \T X, Before buying your goods, as they areju«t In receipt of the largest and heat selected stock of goods ever brought to the l)es Moin»s Valley, which they are selling to the CASH TRADE AT PEICBS DEFYING COMPETIOH. Celling excloslrely DMT Cash or Produce «oaMM aa to sell TEN PER CENT LOWER THAN A IVY OTHER 1VOITSE Our stoclt of Staple Dry Ooods, Prlcts, Denim* Tick In^s, Saliuetts, BOOTS, SHOES & being very full, we ran sell them as loir as t%«]r caa be bought at KEOKUK or BURLINGTON. Before trading Remember -that we pay the highest price for Corn Wheat and Oats. Remember that we pay the highest price for Meal and Flour. Remember that we pajr the highest price for Flax and Timothy $eed. Remember that we pay tbe highest price for Rags and Beeswax. Remember that ws pay the highest price for Butter and Kggs. Remember that we pay the highest price for Honey and Lard. Rememher that we pay the highest price for Chick ens and Turkies, Remember that we pay the highest price for Feath ers, Hides and Deer 9kins. Remember that we pay the highest price tn fact for all kiuds of produce. Remember that we pmf the highest price fo* County and City Orders, Rememher that we sell at least 10 per cfent lower (ban any other bouse in town. Remember that we dor't sell "nary" Item on Credit. Remember the place, Main Street, opposite Ottum wa House. IIEDR1CK A CILLESPIE. January 12, I860—n44-ll U N W A ARR I A.055 fA(Ti\R V fMHIK undersign woulil respectully sdlicit the at I. tention oftho public to the facilities which he luw p)»o«!i for niaiiutacturliig CARRlAliK£ A WAG ONS, of e"ery description, after the most improved styles, as good as can be obtained Kast, and upon sat isfactory terms. Those wwliing to purchase will please call and ex amine my stock. (WRepairing promptly attended to. OttHffiwa, liar. lst,lS.19-ri7-b' FOR CI^CI«-\ATft CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, 1NP CINCINNATI SHORT USE Kail Road! Shortest, Quickest, and only Direct Route from Chi cago to Ciuclnnati. Fa««enper trains leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake street, as follows First train 7:45 a.m., arrives at Michigan City at 12:!?o p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 5:14S, (supper,) Indi anapnli* vl.\ p.m., Lawreuceburg li:3«, and Cincin nati at 1 l:4Tp.m. Second tr.iin •'MVIp.m, arrive at Michigan City at9:2d p.m.. La Fa.vetK i:4J a.m.. Indianapolis 5:'io a.ia., l.awrenceburg |i»:20 a.m., Cincinnati at hl:4A a.m. Passenger* leave Ottumwa S:'H p.m., arrive at Burlington at 7L p.m., arrive at Chicago at 5:15 a.m. at Cincinnati l:Sil a.m. Onlv one clrange of ears between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping cars attached to all night trains, ami rut. through from Chicago to Cincinnati withou elia nge. Through tickets can be had at all railroad cfUces In the and at the company's office, corner l.ake and Dearborn streets, and at the depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago. Fare** low as rta aur other rou?e. J. PA LD1 N4», Ajr't Cldcago. W*. Powm t., Tr*r. Agent. HI0(»D*S PATFAT BEE HlVC. rw-^IIE SUBSCRIBERS, Proprietors of the ah»ve W Hive fr the co-intles of Wapello, Meh.»«!ia, K 'ol-nk, Jefferson and Davis, have engaged in the in iiuif icture of them in Ot'innwi*, at the corner of Krotit and Green Street*, nearly opposite the Jeff Mouse, where tiiey Invite Ilee raisers of the above nnd other ceunties, to call and examine the Hive lt :irii prices .t". 'Twill cost nothing to look iit them. Order* sollciled. Agents to sell rights in the above coutities wanted. We are al«o Carpenters and Joiners, and will prompt ly attend to orders, or coutra. U iu those lines. Ottumwa, April ,Vh TSflO— 4-Hni. LEWIS A IfOTT. City n«'ul ^lark t. Front 8t. i disnrs east C.irrc.11 llouse. Ji' OT"rTTD^rWA IO^A. lda?t. TilE subscriber, grateful for s','1 VI »»t favors, would say to tli— puldic that his market, open- A ed nearly f.nir years ago, is still in full reused facilities to furnish seasonable meat* I ika at all reasonable hours, at the Intr est li viii).'rile*. Tallow, Lard, Sausages, and every* kept in a City Market for sale. The highest market price in cash paid for Fat Stock T«'ri««* Invariably Cn «h. Thosehaving unsettled accounts, or notes due. will please call and pay up. J. Ottumwa. Feb. loth. 1S51.—48 JQaeenaandQlass W.BROWN. I'ST K FI'KIVDDt A full asic tmtol of Ware at 0. C. WARDEN'S. NEW GOODS! LAWRENCE & CHAMBERS HAYS JUST BKC1EVED THEIR SECOND SUPPLY OK English Jaconets and Organdie DUNNELL PACIFIC LAWNS, JASPER PL AID#, Newest style ot Dress Goods at 37i c., worth 50 AT TEBEPLE'S NEW CLOTHtMG STORE, ICo S !tain Street, OTTUMWA. Consixtini/ of (j General Assortment of FURWSH1WQ ®00»S, Foit n»:\ A n ROVS, co.vrmsix/ CLOTH. A GREAT VARIETY OF CASSIMERE. SATT1NRTT, LIXKX and ALPACCA COATS. FANCY SATIXETt, CLOTH, ASS I If F. RE, LINKX and COTTOK PANTS. MARSEILLES, A. KALDWlft. CLOTH, SATIN, AXCY SILK and SILK VELVET YESTB. OMAR PASHA, •UNl'LE SAM, HUKtfATtTA*, O K A Fi ll LEDGER, PALM r.KAF, LECIIOHN. PANAMA HATS. WEKL, AI,BIO AM) SDA.nLEM Itoow Notl'incr, CUNK'TL,. DouiiJe (Mil, iiailmad, Iinj) irtotf, Calico, Check an«f Burlington &. nksouri Ottumwa, imported, MAR. 22. Another lot of Brilliatsttoes. at tS o., 13 Bar Hooped Skirts 7£«*f Worth One Dolln, 75 PIECES Summer styles PRINTS, The third lot of S O K O K O A I S for Men aul Boy's wttr. Good Goods nnd Low Prices are bound to win. LAWHDIVCE A. CIIATIIIT RS. FKESK ARRIVAL of NEW GOODS Chicag», Mar. 18, l*t). Hiolcorv SHIRTS. Drilling dt Mix'd Cotton Woolen Drawers, elNQHAn CRAVATS A PB1ITED LAWN TJKS, Brown Cotton, Kancy Mixed half Hole. 0ifcred Cotton, Linen and ^Uc Thread an": HANDKERCHIEFS. ALSO-A i:.? SK"CI,:D BOOT'S Ss ^HOES," Por Bi-n Him B'» and a li-'nerai At'-oi tment fi*r LAOlJt^i AM) UULUUO. i As «r*H as a eholoe lot of CLOTHS, CASSniMES Jk VSSTIAT0S which will he made to Order. Ottumwa, March ?!, IWSO-SH y 11. is*).-n4-i2-y. PCHICAGO II. CIS T.M tM *.*•» ».xft •vt i t-a *~i i '**f,,rii tlioronphfnres at Chicatro. D. RKMICK, [T. CKA*«K OF TVHVE. OWAWft AFTER MAR. 1, and until fnrther no tice is given, Paasenger Trains will IMTI a&d arrive as follows aOINQ WEST STATIOHB. Burlington, Mld'tletoWD, Ian ville. New I."tidon, Mt. I'leasant, Cheimiqua, Ob dale, Kiirfield, I Whitfield, i llatavla, I Agency CUr, iiniw. 7.4A am,leave, ACCOHMODATIOII, 8.00 m,leave. 8.4ft 4.1H 4.M KM 8.NJ 9.2ft ».r2 10.15 10.4d 11.00 11.87 ll.M 12.10arrive, 4.4*1 7.5W» 4 8.M 9.86 lt.yi 10.60 avrlva..'' GOINC3- BAST STtTIONK. ACCOMMODATION llPHlf, Ottuinwa, Agency City, Bat a via. Whit Held, Kiirfleld, ftlendal^, Chefill(|lia, Mt. PKvisant, New T.ondon, Tanville. Mlddletown, Burlington. tu. leave. 4.i 4.n: *.im p. m. I«a»*r H.2» 8 44 4.0* 4.87 4.M ft.W 5.80 «.?0 (143 It «.M 7 a i v e J. o. RKAD, Ptcs't and Pnp'f. T».I« 11.M It 1* 11.00 MrlTt, Mar.. 1, '6O.B4 Chicapjuiliogton & Quincy. DEPARTURES: 1st IHnrtiinir I'asM'iiKer leaves Bur. A IK a .as 9d Arcnmmoilalion (tr do do A.20 pj| 3d Krrnipr do do do 7.10 pjki* ARRIVALS: l*t l*Iorn*e Passenger arrives at Bur. 9.10 a.m 3d Aroonirl'ii do do do 1.86p.m 3d Fron'c do do do ii.Mp.a The above trains make close connections with tbfe I R. A M. R. R. at Burlington, and with all the g:tMS OEU'UG'T C.,B. AQ.R,* A!^l |TT*nrp«'. rni^x WAYNE RAILROAD. How completed, and cars run from Chlcaeo U burir without chsnee, connecting with tts. ORKAT PEWfTLVAMA CFN'TRAL RAlT,R0AT» To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washing ton City, and all the interior towns of Penns* 1* varta, New Jersy, Xew York, Maryland, Ac. Merchants bv takitisr this route will have the benefit' of all the eH«ti-rn mnrkets at no additional cost. Paptrstre checked thrrufth. Train* leave the depot, corner of Canal and Van Buren street*, w-st side, twice dally on arrival of" trains from the west. I connecting at Tre'tline with Cleveland anA: Lake Shore P:illroad to Honklrk, Buffalo, Nl atrara Fails, New York and Boston, and all tfc#. interior towns of New Fncland via New York C»ntral nnd New York A Erie Railroads. AIM. Couth to Cninmhn*. Zanesville, Newark, M*. I Vernon. St^uhenville. Wheeling, and InterlM'* tows of Ohio ami Virginia. I The ahove trains connect at Forest with trains OH Mad River Road to fprinirfleld, I'rbana. Dayton aaift' Cincinnati. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton aftd Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHKR ROFTF. Pass eneersbonnd east will find this route hoth. I pleasant and airreeahle. pa«?ine thronir manv of tha laree«t ami finest cities in 'he United ?tates. Pa««-neers arrlvinir in Chicapo on anv of the roate I will find attentive check agents at th- depots to na celve checks and convey baggage free of charge to tfc» Plttsbnre and Chicago cars. Sleeping cars accompanv each train. Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticltet OflleM In the tVe«t. and at the Company's Office, corner of Rlb-, dolph and Dearborn street*, opposite the Revet# House, or at the Denot, west sfde, corner of Canal ailH i Van Buren streets. Chicaco. Bo particular to aak for ticVet® hv For* Wavne. B. F. PATRICK, Ticltet Agent. Freight of all kind* will he carried from Chicago to. alt points East at all times, at as low rates as any oth er Bailroad route. TO MERCHANT? AND SHIPPES. The Pittshnnr, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rallfrad Co. having effected an arrVingement with the Pennsyl vania Central R. R. Co. for the transportation of Through Freight, propertv can now be shipped hy thter line between Chlcairo. Philadelphia. Baltimore, Sew York and Boston, with promptness and despateh. Contracts can be made ft the following places: No. 2 Astor House, New Vork. No. 1 S. William St., d* No. S Batterv place, \r* No. 77 Wa«h'ngtnn st.. BoHofc No. .*1 Dock sl.. PhiladelpMfc. Depo t, North street, Baltimore. Depot. Charles street, West 8ide, Bear Tan teres street bridee, CM capo. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne A C. R. S. For further inform itu'n :uiplv tn \S. W. Ml'SSON, Freight Agt CkicafO* J. JT. Horsrov, Gen'l Freight Agent Chicago. EXPRESS, PASSrT.EB &FBF10RT ROITE. -VIA- New York Central, Great Western, And connecting Roads to and from IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. The T?aT* form'nsr th's old and reliable route fr1» the Seaboard and the We«t, have organized a PAST FREIGHT IINE? Glvine perfect reliability and greatly Increased dispatch to Freight—the trains forming the Line, East and West, run with the fMM regularity, making as strre connect!#® at the terminus of each Road as Through Passenger Train*. —CLOSE CONNECTION'S MADE— With Express Frelrht Trains on all roads dlrerirltof* from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upMi baring tbeir goods receive utmost despatch. During the Season of Navigation, (he Fire A Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shipped Tla Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts In many case* to More than the difference between rail or water rate* of freljrht, betides the difference of time, will be seen hy the following comparative statement •f insurance saved by sending goods all the way by rail road Value per 100 lbs. ItM n't ISfl itO Books and Stationery (com'n T'2.0ti Qen'l stock (froceries (except Am't Ins. S»T. per ino lbs, at XP" ct. pre. fci Cegt* Puirar* and cofT.-e.) 20.0ft 15 |S6y Boots A Shoes (av'e* ral 7*.Oft ftt lrng(fi«t.s,Afirocers'city as'tm't44.0(1 tt Hats, raps A fur* (penl as'tm'tl *A.ilV dK Hardware (shelf (r ods gen'ly Rfi.Oj t7 Reelmntiiton* P/)oi»/-t!y and FairlyAdjvtteA, Mark Packages, "Past Fvirress Line, viaG. W. R.M mTP\V VORk' 1fj Oelirer roods at Ha#- son River Failroad pa* sender TVpot, Warren «t.. or at Canal st. Depot. TM "ROSTOXf I Roods at Boston ttl lil 1 Worcester Railroad Depot, and mark as above. Rastward hound freight of ever* d»«rrlptien will ko HIA W ATBA Mid Urw arded at lowest current rates, and Iffrom Westtra I Roads, should be r-onsifrned to A. WALLINOPOEB. Chicago,"or'"(i KKAT KSTKRN RAILWAY, Detroit.'* For fhe tran«porta!ion ofLivePtAck to Buffalo, Al i bany. New rk an:l liodoti. thi.i route is unequalla^l for speed, stock cars. Sleeping cars for Drovers, aid spacious and convenient vards for stock, making Ha most desirable route for Shippers. Itiro.ieh bills of Lading civen. and ReclamatlOM paid, at any of the o mpany's offices. C.J. P1!V10KS. M.nacinj Director O. W. R., na«l llton. Jt'l.irs MUYirs. t-.enl A(rt. Buffalo. Til Oft. BELL, tienl Kr't \.*t. Ham Hon. W. J. SPICRR. Ad.' i Deir« it. K. P. UK \t"ll, A:t 2T:i Broadway, N. Y. Tt KlMiiALl., A^'t il Stnte ft., Boston. A. VT AI.I.I^UAOKD, Westere Ap t., Ofr. Lake and Dearborn Sis., opp. Tremont lloaaa" March lsfti. ClIICAflOr Cinrt:n.prna\(iTONAQII««yWHLINK.UAII.UOAB Old and Onlv Reliable Route East. Prom Burlington to Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Pitfc hurg. Philadelphia, Baltimore. New York, and all «UK er Eastern and Southeastern Cities. 1st Morning Train leaver 9 00 a in. 2d Ae-nnmioi|:i(ton S-00 m. 3d Kvenltig rwpre^s MSp*. Pl«sseni.'er« leaving fturllnirton on the t:MtatraM connect at Mendota with the Illinois Central Railroad North and S*nib, a*id at t'bi«'airo both the morning and evening train* ovno a and 7:10 m, connect with all the (ireat Kit stern Kailroad routes, to wit: M. ft. N. It., via Hetro!»: M. S. R. R., via Toledo, aad Pittxbnrir and Pt. Wa.vne K. R.. via Ft. Wayne, of which ptfjei'cen call take tbetr choice. Onlv twenty hours front Burlington to Toledo thir teen hours ahead of any other routs leaving BurllM t«n. Barrage cheeked through to Petrolt N'l.iuar* Fall* and New York. Boston, Toledo, Dunkirk. Buffalo. Pittsburg and Phllad, Iplda. Tickets fur tbs irr -'it K»«tern thoronehfare for sala at ttttamwa, Fairfield, Mt. Pennant, and at the Ticke# Office, corner Kro*t and Water sts.. Burlington. Sleeping cars attached to the night trains. Pare as low as by any other route. n nrMfCK, HSO—tf. Mar. Qen'l Ag't A C. B. Q. K. ffrtcnx nrrirr OF PKf*n*A OQUAWKA and RPRLtNCTOK R.~ NOTtrfl To Merchants and Slilpp- r* wishing to ship bv the Shove Road, Will pi-Hse call at the |V«rt* Railroad Ticket Office, 2S W»ter-st, to have their bills of iadiM alfrned. Tltt" Company have arranr-men's to ship tog«. 1Mb »i Cincinnati md Cairo, of *•**%. M»M H. P4C.KU9. ta, Afaair

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