Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, June 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated June 28, 1860 Page 3
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frjjt (Pttumlua (Courier. Jjocal and. Miscellaneous. •TTU MWA, IOWA, TT:7 j'nne~28," 1 MO gggggggSg, Ink—We can supply otr friends of the western Press with Ink on ag favorable terms as they can ask Republican CJnt—MrM* regularly every Friday evening, overHedrlck '.illesple'? Store. Front Street. Members of the pnrt.v uie Invited lo attend. IvitdyTillo Itopublirnn Clnh*-Me«ta every Monday evening at Vance k Benedict's Hall.— Everybody U iuviW4 W aU«Mt without distinction of party. R. W. BOYD, Prest. J. W. Rou, Sec jr. Only Fifty Cents! FOR THE COURIER for the Campaign M'hcn yon want Clothing Boots and Shoes, go to Temple's New Stor\ There will Divine service at the Congre gational Church next Sabbath at 11 o'clock. KJriN'SKEEP .1- BltO. HAVK RECEIV E A N O E O 0 O S E I E CHEAP GOODS! GO AND SEE 'EM! Boulton, of the City Bakery, hns just rc icivod a fine vari'-ty of Fire Works, for (ampaign "blow-outs." Ord-r. from the country promptly filled. Our enterprising and wide nwafo*Attend, Adam Sehworm, has a very large and well •elected stock of fresh goods just received and fcrriving from Burlington which ho is selling at very low figures. Adam is a fine fellow, i i '^nd is winning a host of friends. Lost.—On Fi idsvy morning at or near the Depot, a gold watch seal, hook and part of a chain, the seal having a Cornelian on one side, and a lK'ket containing the picture of a little girl. The hook had been broken. A puitaWe reward will bepnid to the finder on return of the property to R. II. Warden, or ti this office. Select School.—We desire to call atten­ tion to the opening on Mond.iy last, of a sol *ct School by Miss Sheffield, in the residence of Mrs. Spaulding, near John I). Devin s on the Bluff. This school, on account of the quali fications of Miss Sheffield to teach the young,1 J. W., Sec't & Trasi-rer, and its admirablo location, will furnish the best facilities for children, and we hope all Betts We desire to express acknowledgments to the Burlington ancKMi.ssouri River Railroad Company through their very polite and ob liging agent here Mr. Northrup, and to the A e i a n E e s s O o a n y o u vev to said company, a certain parcel of land, with certain conditions named and that the contract between C. F. Blake, and the city of Ottumwa, be rescinded in consideration of such recision, tho bonds of the city now held b\' C. F. Blake, ivill be by him given tip to tho city to be, ami are cancelled the R. & M. R. R. Co., will take upon themselves the purchase of said land- at their own our citizens who regard the health as ivell as resolution, which was adopted and ratified tliA mnrtfnl 4«man inn. ?11 *11 a the mental training of their children, will recognise its claims upon a generous rap port. and Woodward Ahead.—We de­ sire to say to our readers that Betts & Wood ward have received and opened within the few last days decidedly the largest and in every respect the best stock of clothing. Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, &c. ever hi ought to this market. Mr. Woodward being now ftt the East, is superintending in person the purchases for the firm, and buying exclu- Harken, for expediting B»»riin*ton and bick a portion of our press so promptly as to avoid delay in our business, and without charge. This most grateful favor to the press entitles the above companies to this acknowledgment, although it is not the first instance of the liberality which characterizes the management of their business. We' commend them and also Mr. Charles IJen drie, at whose excellent foundry our press! was so promptly and skilfdlly repaired, to the continued favor of an appreciating public. Conncll Prorct'diugs. MONDAY Eve. June 25, 1S30. UMMril met—Mayor in I lit* ciiair. It was moved that the resolution beadop t"d. The question was discussed by mem bers of rhe Council, and by permission of: the council, by the Agents of the Railroads! above named, and by some citizens of the city, by C. F. Blake, who on bis part as sented to the remarks. A motion to lay the question and propo sition offered by Judge Rorer, upon the table, was lost. A motion to lav upOn the table until to-morrow, K' o'clock June 2'ith, was carried. Aid. Lotepeich offered a resolution that the assessm^jit list and valuation of the taxa ble property in this city as reported by the Assessor for 18tio, be approved—adopted. AM. Kittredge, from committee to draw up a contract with K. Ft. & M. R. R. pre KenteO the report of committee—read ami laid upon the. table until next meeting. Kively for cash, this house has the ability toj "Whei Horses" of the Democracy of Spen sell lower than ever before. The proof of this will be demonstrated to every one who determined to vote for "Old Abe" at the will call and examine for themselves. Their next November election, as he had a fi^l.t g.Kds are seasonable, well made, and of goodi with Abe when they were boys, and Abe material as well as cheap. Adjourned tc meet Juiu 2i'»th, at 1*2 o'eleck. S. B. Tiik vll, Recorder. 2Gth, 13 o'clock. Council met, Mayor in the chair. All the members pres ent. The resolution offered last evening, with reference to rescinding contract with B. & M. R. R. Co., was taken from the table, j'Oitd, and on motioft adopted. Yeas and Xavs called as follows: Yeas, Warden, Kittivd-.'e, Milburn, O'Connor, Mitchell and Williamson, ». Nay, Bald vin. Dixon. Lotspeich, :l. Mr. Blke then hand ed to the city council, the bonds of the city for and received frotu the Mayor his bond to the city. The Recorder was directed to cancel the bonds of the city and file them away in hid office. It was moved and carried to tako from the fable the Resolution and form of'contract with ibe Keokuk, 11. I). M. & M. R. R. Co., n poited at la*t meeting it was r^ad and on motion adopted. Adjourned to meet next Monday evening. July hi '•». ri.Tw4U, E.dilyvilU' Etc [mhlirmi flub. Wc the undersigned citizens of Eddyvlfic and vicinity, desirous of securing the ascen dency and the prosperity of the principles of the K 'publican Party and th »"election of its Candidates ftr office to all places of power, honor and trust in the Government, do here by explicitly declare our entire devotion tho Constitution aid the Union our oppo sition to the interference with slavery in the States where it now legally exists, and our unqualified and unalterable determination to resist by all constitutional means, its further extension. To accomplish the aforesaid oHject, we do hereby adopt for our government and per manent continuence, the following Constitu tion Abtmbji 1st The name of this association shall be the Eddvville Republican Club, and shall bold its regular meetings on Monday night of each week. Art. 2d. This association shall by meet ings held under its direction, by its general iufiu-.'nee and the personal inflence of its members, seek to attain the otject set forth in this preamble. Art. 3d. The Officers of this Association shall consist of a President, two Vice Presi dents, and Secretary who shall also net as Treasurer, an executive committee of three, who shall constitute a board of control, and a corresponding Secretary. Art. 4th. 11 shall l»c the duty of the Presi dent to preside at all meetings of the Club, and in case of his absence cither Vice Presi dents may preside. Art. 5th. It shall be the duty of tlie ex ecutire committee to provide a mutable place for meetings and shall adopt such means as they shall deem best coiculated to further thc'ohjcct of the association. Art. 6th. Every voter who will vow to prove true to the cause we maintain, and be governed by the Constitution, may enroll his name upon the list and be considered a member. The above Constitution was adopted, and Officers elected, as follow.*: R. W. BOYD, Pres't. W. M. Allison, Corresponduitr Sec'y. ST. Caldwell, Esq., offered the following with three hearty checrs. That the Eddyville Republican Club, do hearti'.y endorse the nominat ions* if tho Nation, al Republican Convention held at Chicago for President and Vice President, and the Platform as adopted. AUo the Nominations made at Iowa City. An appropriate speech was made by Dr. Xosler, which called forth applause. The Republicans of Eddyville are Wide Awake. An old farmer who hat been one of the cer County for many years, says that he is whipped him. He wishes to have the satis faction of knowing that he has been whip ped by the President of the Uoited States-— itangtille Journal. ye will it ot\and thai their efficient Agent, Win.' Daggett and their storj^of Pumroy's block—entrances, on Mar faithful and most worthy Messenger Mr- inform our readers that it is very hot.\and that our Office U now in the third s^vct- All Ihe members pre^'iit. Aid. Lot^pfieh moved hat Mr. Reoiand Roreroftiiu W. & M. R. R. Co. OTfcil Mr. C. F. Rlakeofthis city who were present, l»e heard ou any proposi tion they may wish to present to the city Council.—Carried. NKW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS D1R&CT FROM THE EAST. C, C. Warden, {•receiving and N O W O E N I N Rorer, made some remarks, and presented to the consideration of the" Coun ril, a resolution rescinding so much of the contract, entered into on the 27th day of July, between the city of Ottumwa and the B. & M. R. lv. I/O., as stiii'imted the 1,1 *,i ,» n i .l i! .* .. city shall procure from C. F. Blake and con-!,!lin' a largeaodfashionable stock of Y O O S Sotimu* Clotlas db CtMinem, Mats, Caps, Boots and Shoes And a eoraplete a*«ortmfnt of pvorvthlne to meet the wanln of itvlivi-luals or families in tiia lini» if 'r^ !».* iri oar' s« fnl'ow* BIafk anJ Cost, and will receive from said Blake, a ed re leased from ail obligations to let any other Railroad pass over said laud, if any such obligation existed therein. It was moved and carried, that an Attor ney of the Keokuk & Ft. Oes Moines R. R. Co., be heard on the oue-tion when Mr. llurton in behalf of saia Road, made some I Temarks. h"0 Cl5simercs' Broai Cl,»th- ^1Brtls TICKS, SHIUTIXGS, STUIl'ES, C0RDCK0V3, JEAN'S, DEXXIXS, DRILLS, bleached ronitojf ntsuiii, I S Of every Viririy. Style, and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC OINGHAMS Besides a great variety of Dress Good^l i'Jii Mi-N, W0M1..N, AM) CUIUJULN, Whicli could not he enumei ateil in an advertisement like this. Tbe only way to appreciate the extent, Viirit-ty, and chenpness his stuck will he to ill and Uok through for yourselves. 1 atn also reMtviag It WellreK"i.-tc.l *tock of FA MIL V GROCERIES, such a* Ten. t'olT.-.', Sugar, Rice, Drl«d Fruit,Ia4a, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. 1L1Rl) jr. 1 lit: & CUTLER V. Gla"* "it'l Vail*, Buil^r* matprial anl hou? fiirni«liiiiC gooils. Anl lias an entire stock com|ilet«» in evervUiitis: that woull rntnprisn a stock for'.he times ami for this vicimtv, all of winch he is anxious to ilisp"«o of for tn«» r«u'lv psv. nr to approved customers. All kiiiils of Coiinlrv produce taken in pay f(r (Jonds. He solicits an e*,iminiili"n of tr'-'od* ami prices an«l ill take pleasure in shoeing you through wbatber you hov or not. c. c. April 12 1340. WARDEN. ESTRAY !VOn«'l% AKRV up «n ef'rsv, lv Wnlti Crow, al hla rpsidence. In K l'lvvlll**. Wnpt-llo conntv, Iowa, on the tfrh di.v of April, HC one fnrr^l Pony, with white ice, flax inane a"d tall, imderllp whlti*, heavv tinlil, iihout It li-inds hijjh hus li:irni-«! mt.ks nn el th. i- -1 a»'! on Ihe rump *Ciir on either *i«le nf th? fi.-e, kiipp'x^il lo lv- In-en •!(:,sel tiv ft hum fir the lilii'ie i hli il before and sunpn^ed to he IS ear* nll. Vo other m-ir'.K orhrands vlslhl". \[raT»td at before It. W. Uovd, a Jtl^tiee nftllH Pe fC^. JOKPII H.VYNE, Co. Clerk. Ottumwa, April 8#, '#o—7-12-1m. nnT Loi'm CIIFAP siiujiieby RTOItf, raoNT *T., tu .'i \M'-I bvilmso. 1 M\RT1V, formerlv of f«t. I,mils. wouM In rin tile 1,11'!leu of Ottumwa find surrounding i- Ir, 11)ht t» hroii^ht fill hii elilire ne«r Slo'-k ri'ilt'inii»lK of nit th» Infest style* worn in the l!a»t, which she will sell nl price* lo suit the lime*.— I. lilies :ire Invited to cull '.tnl examine !ier a«nr nicut and not listen to the fools' statement, of interested parties. Fiishloiwi'de lire** Mil^llif, llonnet* Itleriched to look ns good as new, and Trimmed for CO cent*. Hay 8d—*12- r.S—5 HUE CHANCE I •im d'-tormined to *r!l :i11 KiImk of three dTelllntr Imu TO BI A nonn y re il estate, con one store hoiic nut one f*rm. 1 will *e|l Ihe aM»ve p-onertv fir one fo irth cash down. *he hal mc on 1, 2 nnd 8 v^ars lime, wilh lnlere*t from date. Prices reasonable.— For further p-irliciil-ir* npnlv to A. t. GRAV^1. Ott.imwi, My #1. 'ft'—IJ-I2 dm CITY PUOl'l HTV. Itlinaaf OTRforrMldencescar he had A !«»and oatljoa s. w, Jtept. |ft(IS6*. korrisl OauHtrOflhM. SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT! CREAT ATTRACTION! J. -LOOMS & CO, HAVE BEEN BECEIVINB The last four weeks, thtfit SPRING AND SUMMER —stock or— staple and Fancy MY d©ODS! GROCERIES, WHICH NOW MAKE» TKEm STOCK COMPLETE!! i«r "LOW PRICES WIN," prompt, paying trade, for Casta and Ready Par Only. TO ALL SUCH we shall offer throughout the season, a complete and UNSURPASSED STOCK OF S I N A N S U E Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, BOOTS A SIIOES, the :*i:w highest market price in eash, for WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. O O I S & O Ottnnin- i, Oct. li, 1 v. A N K I N E A N E -ANR~ COLLECTION OFFICE, OP TEMPLK RKOTIIF.R, OTTl'YWA, IOWA. Tiir »ri«sifai-i» v moved their Kielrtnire otli-e from Chariton, I."VI. to this .-Mill art- prepared to transact any l"i-iiit «s pert lininx Mtiukini:, Kxchartire or t'ollcc tioiis, which in iv he entrusted to us, feelitijr contldrni that our i:ist practical experletiee often years in Southern lovra, will enable us to i eaders&tisfa'clion to our piitrous. We sell £l SKillT DKAI'TS XKW YOllK.ff and oiher eastern p-^nts, In sums to suit purchaser* andean -ilso firnish KxclMnjreon £NGLVM, I it K I. N 1) ami sroTI.AVP. AND ON aCKMANV. KKAN'CK. SWKIlKN, HKN.MAKK, AND A1.I, OTII Kit Col" XTltlKS OF I U O K as well as collect money. Inheritances, and every otb er claim in foiei»ii counties We receive Deposits an.) iwne Oertlfleates irhleh benr tutei rut ohlv l»y Hxreftnent. iW'®'V niade payable at ourofllce, will be remitt•••I for. !.t current r.iles of Kxchange and those matiiriiiK at ol her points, i II b« collected aud remitted, less exchnnKe anil expense of collection.— He will ilso pay attention I-. securing aiidcollectlnc doubtful ilt'lits, Partie# hilillh|f Unciirrrnt Ifoucy, Draff*. Cer tificates til', or Hit s of i:\chiiusf, P.iyuWe AT SIUHT OR OS TIMS, In Any plMi,(in have them Cashed br «alIiM*|yir offlre. "Ve have correspondents In nearly every county In Southern Iowa, andean pay taxe* for noil rest.lents and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for i\e* alwi.v* r.-|nire.| in advance and ail order* should be sent us by 1st of/^riuary. i A W A I K A N S We will at all time* p.iv en«b f„r l,an| Warrants, will itlso attend to tbe location oftheiu,ur the entry wiih carh, of (i .vermnent lands, in l«W K 1VNAV. OR M'ltK.lKKA. We ive -imple asran(fementsfor the selection of.le -Ira'.le I i.i 1. in the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. liAKUM.—We can furnish »mlrransand others with first rate Farm*, !•, the central counties or this State, or with unimproved land In this and the south, ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can he had as "cheap as dirt." TOW* I.OTS. Wehaveovertwo 'nn lred to,,,, Iota In Charlton, Osceola, ffmon and Mount n r. all i-oodeoaatvT-wne three or which are on the line of the Itijrllnutoii Missouri R. It. R. To parties desiring residence or r-usiness lots, In anjr of these points, wc will elvecood barifjiins. I'.irtlcs at a distance, d-siring I nformsf Inn n« »oHie property offered, are requested to correspond with u«. All others will please call at our nDice, on Market St. two door* from Front St., Ottumwa Iowa toJSFZ1'* «*OT.iw«. E S W O O W A Alls CU.YJTA ML KECEIV1XQ FROM Till SP1.oniD LOIS OF Is Warranted by our purchasing from I THE IjARISEST STOCK of first bands, and selling to a closc, HATS & CAPS, O N N E S Hosisry, YANKEE NOTIOSS.&C -AT WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest .}X)ssibIe prices. We will pay tho highest market price for every variety of PRODUCE. We will pay COATS, PANTS, VESTS IIATS, CAPS, BOOTS, snoEij GLOVES, GUM PANTS, BOOTS & SHOES, IIATS, CAPS, Bonnets, &c., SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GtJM COATS, fUJI GLOVES, GUM SHOES, CARPET SACKS, UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, CLOTHS, PIECE GOODS, CASSIMERES, SATINETTS, JEANS, Call In and examine the Stock. (tnnlly made KJTTREDGE & MERRJU, \YH'Li:AI.L AXi) Li:iMr. HIDES AND FURS, as a sure Market for every thine In the line, and a Cheap anil reliable place to deal. We are prepared also to show samples of 6ADDLERY HARDWARE, and tike orkra the sam.\ AUo ha\c a large stock of BUFFALO ROBES, which we offer for sale. Fl'U.KD CLOI H, i UHADYM A HE 00 ATS, we will exchange for Corn, Outs or llay. COTTONADES, and all nrti«le« usually jT,N HOLLOW & JAPAN WARE. kept in a CLOTHING House. 1 Clothing COD- Ottamwa April lithj '6~i-25-11 -ch-ft-12. O E S OTTIMW I, IOWA. BATB VOVT TV STORC AND COB SALE O E I E S EVER 1JRVUUUT TO Til IS MARKET Which they are prepared to aetl a* loir can be bought In any market ireat of the rfrer. The stock consists i a part of the followlitf pood?: 10 IH« V. O. Sugar, 20 Bll» Rtfinetl Sugar, 60 Bils anl hi !bl« W. 0. and Syrup, 60 Sacks CaflTee, 10 Java Coffee, !S Keps Pure 8oda, 100 Kep Nail*, Cotton Yarn, Batu, Candle*, Soaps,Tobaccos, an# all other articles in oar tine. The trarie of Merchant* and cltitens generally is reopectfullv solicited. The hlRhest market price paid for Iltde*, Grans Peed and all Vinil «F prmluce. K. A M. Sept. 15, lSM.-ll-47-y NEW UOOOft? TCW flOOSS! ^«kt received from the at J. A. SCHWORM'S GROCERY AKU PROVISION STOli Front 8treet,Opposite I lie Ottumwa House. LARCE AXD SUPElttOTt STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, Fruit* & Xut*, Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Cigar*, REAL IIAVA5A T«H»(( 0, AT WHOLESALE & 1JETAIL. QHttmteare, Boots and Shoes, All of which will be sold for Cash at the •ery Lowest Market Prices, Or eachangtd Jbr Country Prod*»•». WAUT^n—illDKH. ftr Ociolier 6th, cli-SO-olill.Vll which will be paid tfie very hlfrhest market price in Cash. Call a° examine eoid^ and prices, In Datitn's brick opposite the Ottumwa 11 '»•!•»«-, Froiit-st. CI1 H'A I I HIDE AND TiEATHER Keepscorstantly on han 1 mi I for everydlaerlf" tlon »f Leather suitable to the autifacture #f BOOTS, SHOES, HARNESS AND SADDLES. Will also pay th e highest prir»» in Ca!h,for I U K S I S A I W Iwt Hons wHh Rnr.tpm Mnnofncttirps of K'-'ifN' r, Jiinl lu-inu' ivntrallv !•»r-:»t•*•!, oflVrs n liar to tho trsnie MnbJIe nml Southern niir will favorably nonpar** uith irtu.M in tliM We»t. lloitsc aNo furimentl* it* self to i i otic** cf Kari:u'•!, uixl [ciU in Opposite the Crrroll House, Ottumwa Iowa, and N-r'Vi-wt st Coruer Square, VairSeld hi u-tf. D. M. CIIiPIN, Agt. *TKP—All kinds of gr^in wanted at the Iowa. Chicago Le .ther Store, Front st-eet. Ottumwa [Nov. 24, ISi9 -OGDEN & COPP, Su^^essor.s to Monilenhal! & Whitbam, FfliivardinJ and brnmm KJtClIANTS AND Oenera.1 Freight Agents, NEAR TUB RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTAWA IOWA. Liberal Cask adrantes asd* oa Produce for Shipment. 11-34 tf. "ATTENTION FAI5MESS! rut rrpri'sri and mill Is constructed of hopper—It has ity,simplicity and speed. Any Isobtaiaed ly Manufactured at Ch is. Ilendrit Foiin drv. Rurling ton. Iowa. J. JI'«T U*l»Si! MR rf S O E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Daggett's old Stand, Ottumwa, Iowa. r»^T*r, riTizr.*M OF OTTIHITA AND Jl Vicinity are Invited tc call and get my new prices on STOVKS. A» I psy cash for my Pfove', I flatter myself that I c*n sell them 25 per cent. cheaper than they hava ever been sold Id this market to cash customers". My Move® ir'-of the noted COMSTOf'K rninuf itiiro of over Fifty diMerciit patterns. Ih.i-.e tin: celebrated Qnincy City Cook Stoves, Which took the prise medal over all other stovta ia the West, to which 1 Iririie especial attention. I KILL WARRAXTALL MY STOVES mi will furnish plates, free of charge, \f they cruck fry A re. 1 have In stnro all tlmt** a ftjT? n«-«or!inciit of Jot, work, in tin, ropp :inl -I iron. don**, on ri.'»S'in:ille trrin-, and in ihe lest manner. t*r i will receive in "Xcliinpe fur the ah.ive ware*, old enpp-r, l»r.i?s, cas iron, and n liich will en able farmer* to s:»ve from $10 t« |.Vt ainmm. Slay U4, 1-'• 1- v A D. l'l.\ KII. DON'T FAIL! TO GO TO HFOntDK & GILLESP IF S ?IAI STKI'I T. r.TTI MWA, Before liuvlng your as they areju«t In receipt of the Inrpest and hcit. selected stock if poods ever hrouirlit to the IK'S Moiiivs Valley, which they are •elliui.' t?ie CASH TRADE AT PRICES DEFflHG COMPETIflN. Selling nclaiiTd for Cash or Prod«c« imHm tta to •«U tex peti crxT Lowrrr TIT ax ANV OTHER nor* E Our*t"ck of Staple Dry Goods* Printi, Denim* Tick ings, ^atinetts, BOOTS, SHOES & GPiOCEHIES, Itciiifi itrj w.o .... a* a* y ,-aa be bought at KKOKUK or DUKLIXfiTON. Before trading Remember that we pay the highest price tor Corn Wheat and Oats. Remember that we pay the highest price for Meal and Fiour. Remember that we pay the highest price for Flax and Timothy Seed. Retroeiiiber that we pay the highest price for Rags and lieeswax. Remember that ws pay the highest prlee for Batter add Kfrjrs. Remember that we pay the highest pries for Honey and La:d. Remember that we pay the highest price for Chick ens aid Turkies. Remember that we pay the highest price for Feath ers, Hides and Deer Kleins. Remember that we pay the highest jrice in fact for all kinds of produce. Remember that we pay the highest pric* for Coanty and City Orders, Remember that we sell at least 10 per ccot lower thau any other house In town. Remember that we dor't sell "nary" item on Credit. Remember the place, Malu Sfreet, opposite Ottum wa House. HEDRICK A CILLER PIE. January li, 1860—n4-t-l 1 OTTU MWA CA UUIAOE l\\.c roi JV! fE^HE underslcn would respcctullv solicit the at M. tention ofthe public to the facilities which he now possess for ruamifacturinr VUK1 AtiES A WA(i ONC, of e'cr.v iescription, after tbe most improved styles, us food as can be obtaiued East, and upou sat isfactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please call aud ex amine tny stock. BT"Repairing promptly attended to. House, II. CRAWFORD, t-.'-nt. J\s. It. Il'irihs, lien. Agt. OftuniMra, Iowa. For the sale of Territory, iic. [May 17-nllM|-8sD. HWi:ivrn-| Casks Cheese, i.i boxes Fresh Raisins, £9drums EUme Figs, br KITTREDGE4 MKEUIJ*. %«iS!—The hlghsat mark si priaa paid for good Rags, at this oBe*. where 's "»n I A lltinf JliH. li:inro. ed March rru Can lh6S». This Iron—except lever and no equal in lightness of A. liALDWM. Ottumwa, Mar. 1st,tS59-fIT-ly FOR CIXCIWXATII CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, CtNOtNNATl SHORT LINE Shortest, Quickest, and only Direct Route (Tom Chi cago to ClneinnHti. Passenger trains leave the (treat Central Depot, foot of Lake street, as follows First train 7:tf a.m., arrives at Michigan City at li:-top III., (dinner,) La Fayette .V?5, (supper,) Indi- anapolis *•:!", p.m., La'-vreuccburg li!:30, and Cincib-. nail at ll:-Pp.m. 8ec nd train S Afip.ui, arrive at Michigan City at9 3(l p.m.. La Fayett. 4:4) a.m., Indianapolis ,Vjo a.m., LtwrenuebHrj 1V.'"a.m., Cincinnati at ld:45 a m. Passengers leave Ottumwa p.m., arrive at Burli ii ^ton at T:i5, arrive at Chicago at5:l5a.m. nt Ciaciunatl l:^i a.m. Only one change of cars between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping ears attached to all night trains, and rui. through from Chicago to Cincinnati without ch inge. Through tickets can he had at all Chicago. railroad O'tumwa, April Mi 1^(1 l-1tn. draft, durabil­ amount of pressure moving one all set comes noon screw—the prenture a gum siring. This mill can No. I Mill, (iitie horse) complete, ffi\ 8 (two hor-e) .. Kxpresses from to 12 i •Pons per hour. h-fed from both sid. s of the Urge cone—'hereby making i double mill, without extr-i tax to the mlp. The hi^hi7rhi»i l.e L-I rfflces In the Wrst, and at the company's olfice. corner Lake and Dearborn streets, and al tiie depot, foot of Lake Street, Fare us low as via anr other route. II. J. -iP iLDlXU, Agt Chicago. W*. Powkll,Trav. Agent. IM-OOD'S pa i evf ber hive. UK SniSCRTBFH*. Proprlei.TS of the nbjve' Hive for t!m coimti,".s of Wapello, Meh iska, Ki okuk, Jefferson nnd Davis, h-»vc engaged niaioif ictnre of t'o 'n In Oltnnivva, at Front and Green Streets, nearly s i in the the corner of v it, J. .1 -on tlicy Invite Be- ruI^'Witf"^' at)«Ve and otherccunties. tn rail and exnoine the Hive |e*rn prices A". 'Twill cost nothing to 1 :oii at them! Orders solicited. Agents fo s,.|l rights In the '.hove counties wanted. We are also irpeuteis aud Joiners, and will prompt ly attend to orders, or contracts In those lines. LEWIS IIOYT. €'ity Hurkvf. Front St. do ir .. .istCarre 11 House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. Tilr-nbscrlber, grateful for -yrvfr, X'JI i- favors, would sav to »lr ), yP -a® i ltint his market, open ed nearly «ur years ago, Is still ln'f ill blast, ail .ncrea.-ed facilities to furui»h seasonable meals oi viuks al al: re isouablc hours, at the o w est living .-ate*. Talloa. ird, Sausages, and everv thing us i Ulw.. pi in a Ci» v Mai for sale price in ca-b j--. J^Those Viv 5:itr unsettled accounts or uptes due, will phase call tnd ray up. k Uttuiuwa, Feb. lotli. I."s-lh—dS AfiEitfAi Of NEW GOODS, AT NEW CLOTHING STORE,j No 2 .Main Stree!, OTTXTMWA. fni'j •/it ,eral A-is-rfmnit i FURNlSHiWa GOODS, FOH JIE 4XD ROT A, coMPiiisrxa A a he a yahiety CI.OTH, CASSIMERE, SAT i lSTETT, LINEN and ALPACCA COATS. FANCY SATINZTT, CLOTH. CASSIMERE. LINEN and COTTON MARSEILLES. CLOTH. SATIS, FANCY SILK an.! SILK VELVET VESTS. OMAR PASHA, UNCLE saw, HUNGARIAN*. O E A FtTll LEDGER. PALM LEAF, LEGHORN. HIAWATHA and PANAMA HAT S. STEEI.* AMlCO sr.l^t£,CS9 Know Nothing, Corded, Double Corded, Steamboat, Railroiwl, Imported, C'aliro, Check nnd IIiuk.rv SHIRTS. Drilling Mix 1 C»tUm Jc Woolen. Dnitrcrs, GIKtillATI CRAVATS A PRINTED liAWN TIKS. r.rowa Cotton, Fancy Mixed half II e. Colored Cotton, Linen and Lite Thread GHLO-VES. d?aaSihteK, ^br.orc airt ^anluina A N K E I E S ALSO--A HILL Mock of SELECTED BOOTS Ss SHOES, For nen and Boys, and a General Assortment fi.r LADIKS A.\» i'KIILDKEIf. As well as a choice lot of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES VESTIXCS wh|.:'i I !..» nnd to flrd r. O*' I, l!- l-i ..:V GREAT 9T4TIO.V4L. ROUTE TO BALTIMORE, NE W YORK. PHILADELPHIA & B0ST0X! more & Ohio. Railroad! i Is the only itoaii to i WASHINGTON CITY. T'"* xv.»s'"i"glon branch of this witU 4 I V»»»» I Road is (wned and operated ex clusively by the II. A O I!. R. Co. Passengers hv fhe pre', n ted routes to Washlngt-in Citv. are subjected to on,nibii" irai el, tedious delays, and extra charges at I! illimore. The 11 iltiraore and Ohio Radroai] In connection with the Central O iio Railroad, presents to the trav-* eling public a short and desirable route, from Colum bus to all the E i»ter n citie". Passenir.-rs by this route can visit the cities of Bal timore. riiil idelphl Nj* York or Boston, at the cost of a ticket to New York or Boston alone by other lines. Through tickets can also be procured via Washing ton Citv to the Eastern cities, at additional charge of two dollars. Travellers to the East, from all Western points, cat depend upon quick tiiu and sure connections. Sleep ing cars attach, to all iii^ht tr .ins. Two trains leave Columbus, Ohio, dally, 4:30 a.m. Newark .Y.V5 a in., Ziri-sville 7:IS a.m.. Henwood, (Wheeling! IJ:3S p.m., Uraf'on -ViA ..m., Cumberland 10:4 p.m.. Harper's Ferry :|.uu a.m. arrives iu Baltl •inore 1:4-j Wa-hin^ton City 7:Ho p.m. SiiMipm. N. ivark4: pm, /.anesville S:»il ptp, Ren wood. Wheeliogt lo lo pin. (irafton tm am, Cumber land 8.1.* am, Harper's Ferry I J:.%n pin arrives at Bal timore 4:4'.pin, Washington City li.iMlpiu. Direct 'nnec'ions made »t Baltimore with above trains ir Philadelphia New \'.rk and Biston, atnl at Washington City for Riohtuoud, Wilmington. Charles ton. Ac. Tick -Is good until useil wilh the pr! vllegesr.f stop ping off at all principal points. But one change of cars between Columbus ami Baltimore. Business men an.I travelers for pleasure or Inform ation, can visit all he eastern ci I ies at a coin rural i vk ly snull expense. The s.-enery .is celebrated for its wonderful beauty and sublimity ii is uneijnalled in Ihe world. Its system of day and night Track Police its splendid equipr.lent Us exclusive telegraph lines Its large amount of doable track its liri^. hotels, (uu iter the survcilance of the company.) ensures to ihe passenger, speed, safety, and comfort. Time as quick ami fare as lo-.v as via any otherroute. Through tickets and bai^-aire checks can be pro carol at all the priuolpal railroad and steamboat of fice." in the west. A«k for tickets via Baltsmore find Ohio Railroad L. M. COLE. Cien. Ti-ket Ag't li* O R. W. P. SMI I'll. Mast. Transportation, II. «i. JEWK r, Pies't, O J. W. H'lllH'N, Hen. Ticket Ag't O KI(i.VNSIMRT PE(H1A,A\B I.O-i IXiTOY R. R. Tries 1 -axe Burlington as follows: MORVTXG MAIL, i.Niaui Mii it I1 hx„ (Saturday* excepted) S p. m. Sunday Night Train leaves at m. Connect ing at TOI.KDO with LltJUTN.NO E*. TRAINii on LAKL SIlDiiK IC i(. The •vim |i l.o-ansport Express mikes direct c«B usctiotis, a» foliovs: At KI I'iso witii Illinois Central Railrosd for Bluast ington. Decatur, I'ana, Sandoval and Cairo. At Chenoa with Chicago and St. Louis Railroad tor Alton to St. Louis. At (iil man w-th (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central Railroad for Chi ago an.I fouth. C'tlf At Reynolds aItli Nw Vli.nny and Salem Railroad for Lafayette, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. At Log io- -ort with Toledo, Wit'oa and Western1 Railroad lor Toledo and all points Kast also with I same coimectl ins as above to (iilinan. Hie above Is a new an I very much shorter Lht* thin anv other to th"' above named points. It is thoroughly built, and well manned, and run In every way to merit the approbation of the travelling public. Curs will run directly through from Burlington to T-dedo without change, »ud arrive iu II II I A id for Fal Stock Iitvnriub:v (-•'isb. J. W.BUOiVN. advance of and all other lines. Our advantages are. Shortest and Quickest oneless Change of cars no ()innibu.sing wvia Chicago con nection. positive, a, it la owned and controltd by the same interest, wkiie via Chicago it l« the reverse. In is every wajr the «."»t .h^lnbie line. J. IS. FAYRWK VTIIKR, t'icki Ag't Burlington. T. 8. WILSON, Tasxenjor tg'l, Ounmw i. A. BARBKK, Western Ag l, Des Moines. Iowa. OTTUMWA •S'vr* lowers srith I'CKIYKOf fall assc taunt QtMHastOlisi War* K of 'ito-mice to ti e public th-'J.'th i« of vp-il last, tj .or^g w«s associated as full nartaer ia Said Arm which »lll t,«e (uowo aftert I-It d.l* e as mTrn,s(»writs.t rs»., hv whom the bu«in.»«s of li'11ncwM »e orr!»d on increasedfaoiiitic it l:r CITY Mil I.« MI-NTFR, SOWEUS* CO. Ottumwa. May 19, IS&Mft-l 1-y. w. 'II C. 0. WARDCN ft pa-f m«i'K that the Constm Office Is 11IE to get your Job PriatinR uostljr r.xecu«d. •SfrvmoM RAILROADS. _SJH nr ti Tr~- lou Ac iVi^eitri K. K. I{. .. (IF TIME. AKT) A TK i -j. ve« ^er Tr*ir'« STATIONS. Burlinyton, Mldiilttown, Pan ville. New l.niLilc.n, Mt. rir.w »n% Checamiua, Gi^iMi.ile, Kairfir!l, Wl.itfieM, Bat avia, Airency Cltr, Ottumwa, w111 GOING ST: •YPft CM T.V. ra", lt*»t, 8,19 8.3» aoft .. tr ra,leave. 4.1H 4.M r.5e «4'» 7.2i» •M 10.15 p. 1A.46 11.05 11.2T 11.W 12.1U.irr!i 8.54 086 If I0.5) urriv^. 0-0I3STC5- EAST •TATIOSS. ACCiMVODATIOH Ottu !iiwa. 4.2 a. m.ltarv. Agency Clt/, •4.^7 Batavin, 6.!*D 6.18 Whitfi.ld, KalrfipH, Qlendal", Clierdiu|uB. Wt. l'l»-ii«nr t. Vew l.nndon. PanviUe, Mlddlftown, Bnrllnjrtoti, Kxramf. 8.00 p. m. l«av« 3 4-1 4.VS 4.27 4M K/i .» 8.20 «4? T.m 74« 8.8S 10.16 11.69 11 16 1S.00 arrive Mar.. 1, 'SO.*4 7.2S arrlre. J. G. RKAD, Pres't ard Stip't, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, DEPAIITTJBES: 1 st 'lorn* il ir I'jc.s.i'iinrcr leaves Uur. I),', a.ia 94 A i coiumodation do do do i.Hii p.« 3d Evrnimr do do do 7.5i)p.ra 1«t ITorn'ir r»««t*on|ror arrives at Bur. 9.10 a. 34 .4rrontil'n do do do l.SBp.a 34 irvrn'tr do do do Vp.m Tbe ahore trains make close connection" with th» B. A M. I! FJ. nt flurlinirton. and with aM Ihe if?eat ea«»err)'li-ironL.hfife*8t Chlcaito. n. REMICK, Mar. ISfifl.-n4-I2-y. Oen'I Ag't Tt. A Q.R.& PiT^prp, rom VAYHiE AND CniPAr.O RAILROAD Vuw completed, and cars run from Chicapo to tts burp without change, connectinjr with the OREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To New York, Philvlelnhia, Baltimore and Washing ton City, and all the Interior towns of vat la, New Jersy, New Yorfc, Maryland, Ac. Merchants hy t.ikinir this route w ill hare the beLeOt ill the eastern markets at no additlcnal cost, Itarsrape checked thr^u^h. Trslns leave the depot, c«rn®r of Canal and Van Hnren street*, west side, twice daily on arrival of trains from the west. connoetinp at CrMflin* with ri»rel«nd awl Lake Shore Kniiroad to D-inkirk, Vu(Tii|o. NI Myarn Falls. New York and Ih-str n, nnd ail the" Interior towns o'New Enpland via New York Central and New York A Erie Railroads. Also ftuth to Columbus. Zanesville, Newark, Mt. Vernon. Pteubenvili^. Wheeling, and interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. Th" Shore trains conner* at Forest with trains oW Mail Rir-r Ro«rj fo Ppr|n?fleld, t', Davfon at»if Oltici-nnti. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton and Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROCTE. I'assenpers hound east will find this route both I 1. i«:int nnd aereeahlc. passinir tlir' nc niativ of th* lai2-'«t and finest rjtles in 'be I'nited State'. I'assenppr* srrivine in Chicago on any of the roads will find attentive check »f?eri*s at the depots lo re* reive checks and convey hnp/age free of charge toth* Pif'shursr and Chicago enrs. leepinif cars acconpsnv each train. Th kets for sale at all the principal Ticket Offir«V the West, and at the Company's Office, corner of Raa dolph and Dearborn streets, opposite the lievero ftnos". or at the Depot. rest side, corner of Canal sai Van Buren stree's, Chlcapo. particular to ask for tickets hr Fort Wavne B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Apent Freight of all kinds wl'l be carried from Chicago to points Ksst at all times, et as low rates ss any ott Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SIIIPPES. The Pit'sbtirir. Fort Wayne and Chicago RallKsd Co. havlnp efr»ctedan arr.incement with the Pennsyl vania Central R. R. Co. for the transportation of Throtiuh Freight, propertv can now he shipped by this line between Chicairo, Philadelphia. Dnltitrore. New York and Ilosion. witli promptness and despatch Contracts can he made at the following places No. *stor House, New York. No. 1 •!. M'illisni St., do No. S Itatterv place, do No. T7 Wash'n^ff.n *t.. Boston. No. S Dock st.. Philadelphia. D- pot. North str»-^ t, Baltimor**. Depot, rhartes street, west Side, near Van Buret Street l.ridpe, Chicago. Mark pnrknees via P.. Ft. Wavne C. R. R. For further information annlv to JAS W. Mi's?ox. Freight Ag't Chicago. J. J. HnrsTov. fien'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chlctige, Mar. IS, 1 60. BXPRE8S,FAS*i:«.ri{ AFBF.ICHT hoi rr. -VIA- New York Central, Great Western, And connecting Roads to and from IO\FA, AND ALL THE WEST. The Roads forming this old and reliable roots from the .-eabo:»rd a: the We«t. !,r. e organized a FAST FREIGHT LIKE! Giving perfect reliability and greatly increased dltpatch to Freight—Ihe trains forming the I.lrie. East and West, rnn with the same regularity, making as sore connection at the terminus of each Road as Through Passenger Trains. —CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MAITE WilTi Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can r«ij upon having their goods receive utmost despatch. During the. Season of Xarigation, th* PiiB-irs ami Coffees.) Boots ,• Sl- .es eiv'ge v:,l 74.40 Tkrulr^:sts•40rocers• city 3s'tm't14 00 lfus. cr.ji A furs (g. nl ns'tm't^ Hardware (shelf g- ods gen'l.v) oft.(H) IV \EW YORK^ 2d \crotnmod:tCon S:W!i in. any Fire A Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shipped via Steam or 9 ill Vessels, amounts In many cases to More than the difference between rail or water rntes of freight, be-ldes the difference of time, as will be seen hy the following comparative statement of insurance saved bjr sending goods all the way by rail road: Value per 100 Ihs. Dry gcod -1gn'l ast'mt) RooVs and S#»1lonerr feom'n") 72.0«t Oen'l stock groceries (except Am't Tn«. sar. per 1 10 lbs. at \per ct. p-e. Cents il *8 97 RcrLnnaitohs Pfuwifttly unil FairlyAdjustuM'. irk Packages, "Fast Fvgre«s Line, via O. W. R." I)P,,VM" Pn?v'!' 1 VyUIV)son RiverKallroadpas- seiiL-r Depot. Warren St., or at Canal st. Depot. TV BDSTOV) "'H v fi)il« Boston and 1a IJ i I worctst,r Railroad Depot, .40i mark as above. V -stward honnd freight of every d'scrlntion will bo' fnrwnrded at lowest current rates, and Iffrom Western Roads, should h* cons'irned "A. W.|,l.INOFORD Oiicago,"«r' uUFAT WKSTFRN \1 LW A Y. Detroit." For the transportation of Live Stock to BufTalo Al- K. F. Fl'I.LKI!, Oen. Weft'u Agt HAJ S. hiny. New Yorii .n I |!o-tt this route i« unequalled I for speed, stock ears. Sleeping ,-ars for Drov. rs. and spacious and conveeleni i nriis for stock, making it most desirable route for Shippers. Thro, gh hills of Lading given, a aud Reclamations paid, at any ofthe c.'s offices. C.J. ItRVDnflS. Mi'iiging Director O. W. 1} Ham* ilton. Jfl.ll'S MOVIl'S, Oenl Agt. Bnffalo. Til08. HELL, ti-ti! Fr'» V-.'t. Ilnmilton. W. J. SPICRR Agt. Detroit. P. IIK veil. Aft V7 Broadway. K Y o' KIMBALL, Aat 2J .t »tc 1 1! -ton A. \VA LMM F«K D. lVattre Ag't., Cor. Lake an i llearboru Btr., opp, Trenionf nous* •March ^9, 1^.1. CHICAGO tfitiHTftLINGTOXftQUXTY RAILROAD LINF. .--- From Burlington to Chicago, Detroit. Toledo thtu. ^uciunati in-l hicago Railroad for Ciucitunati, Day- burc. Philadidtihia, Baltimore. New York aal ^11 ftiti. ton a,"I Coiuu bus «r Kastern and Southeastern Cities. The Peoria Accommo Utiou makes the) Morning TrK.n leaves S oS 1 DM :inl Only Rt'li.tlilo Route East. 4 ro "d Kv ening Kxpre-s 7 A»» m. Pass ns r« iea\ frg Burlington en the d:t»0a ui train cannect at Mend-da with th Illinois Central Railroad North mi South, srd at Chicago both the rooming rn'ns (t'.'Hi a n mid T:lli m.) cennect and «i'h all tiie Ureat Fnktrrri Ratlroail routes, to a-lt: J#. R. R., Ii4 Ds'tro'I M. ?. I!. II.. via Toledo, ami ne R. If., via Ft. Wayne, Pitt-burg wHlc'i pa M*i!v tvi nid Ft. Way •ergers can take their •n'y aadNrw of choice. hours from Pnrlington to Toledo thir­ teen l.our.-ahead of any other routv leaving BurMne ton. Ha teas e ehecke I through to Detisdt. Niagara Falls York. Boston. Toledo, Dunkirk, Vufialo P1»t«l..irgsnd lplda. 1i.-l:etsf this it Fasfrrti thoroughfare for saia at Ottamw.-i. Falrfl. I t. ©Hi.-... Mt. pleasant. nn' at the Ticket Frost m, v«t,.r lew O0r\WRA 1' To 1. its Burlington t-leepleg ears attfltcied tbe B'd't trains. Fare as a* at her route. J| D. RFMfOJC. Mar '6.—tf Ceu'l Ag'tK C, B. Q. R. R. iTftriii, BCRLIVC.TON R. R. NOTir®, Sbll-pers wld.inrto sl,iP pT th e ,I" Peoria Kailrnad TI. ". Office, S3 W. ter-st, to have their blU of ia tot •Igned. Tbl« Company have arrargemet t* to ship Jtt w is, Cincinnati and Ca!t% vttfcaat changs 1 r--r« n. c. Ki.vdt ^Jan. "tt—tf.

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