Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 12, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 12, 1860 Page 3
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I I Jf to* r* ®|t (SHtumtoa Courier, Local and Miscellaneous. ©TTUMWA, IOWA, ••We can supply o'lr friend* of the western Frees with Ink on as favorable t^rins n»- th^y can ask ttcpnbllcan Clnb«Mepts regularly every Mil*)' evening, over Hedrlck k iGddyvillc Hepiiblirnn Cliib~Meets •fiery Monday evening at Vance %fhy k ••ery bod/ Is Invltsd to attend williout distinction •f party. R. W. BOYD, Prest. 1. W. Ron*, Pecy. Only Fifty Cents! WM the Democratic pole, on Saturday, like flayers In the late International llghtf Became It went down the first and last PHU.D round. B0» ovsn.—A» the people were leaving Col­ late Square after the speaking, on Saturday, a little ««*1. name not known, was knocked down and tram pled upon by a ft ray mule, Inflicting a severe Injury. Tie child w is Immediately removed, and the result of the Injury has not been reported. RTPRRLICAH RUTINO*.—The turned to mother earth—slightly broken In three piece*! Md dilapidated conditio-) of their ranks. en route. IWIT Hchards I. about erecting a two story business House. MC, Holes by the way to Hew Eag laud. Qpa litnilj CORBISPO.XDENCS. BEDFOBD, •re not cxactly den but in a «ort heat of a Presidential campaign. In the midst of this scenery stands a dwelling, venerable for its antiquity, and in the preciousnegs of childhood's memories, second to that in which we MgjNfiSSWjW July 12, 1860. Gillespie's Store, Front •Meet. Members of the party are Invited to attend. Lincoln and namlln Obb of Centre Township, will meet at the Court House Friday evening next, at early candle lighting.— Ben. Henry Ambler of Mt. Pleasant, It Is expected, I ,, ., will address Hie club. The ihe Ladie. esne- will addreasjhe club. The public, the Ladies espe •tolly, are Invited to be present. two or It Is ominous, and represents the broken There Is some speculation as to whom the honor will be conceeded of being beaten by Col. Curtis, for Con gPtis in this District, by the Democratic Convention at Des Moines to-day. Henry County Is Instructed f»» Henry Clay Dean, and it Is supposed that his rml- bration WAS over (June 28th) Mlit services to the politicians and p-rty of the State wni Insure the nomination for him. His competitor.! •Hi be Cole of Des Moines, and Oad Bryan of Warren I The Democrats, one wing, we don't know which, held a State and Congressional Convention at Des Mfolnes, on the 11 and 12th. A large number of dele gates passed through this city, on Monday and Tues day, They were generally old stagers In politics, such men as II. W. Sample, Judge Rnapp, J»se Williams, Wm, Thompson, •Nnsthlng will be did. I etidomiu genus.— It was a noticeable fact that, after the' programme ••splayedout on Saturday by the Democracy, ihid ®(|er their cheers went up for Douglas A Job two*, a ••re hearty and enthusiastic cheer at the suggsd&on of a Republican, went up for Lntcoi.a W*welkin k Hanun. Old Wapello is full of live Republicans, and they'll make ring this fail. AIRLAND SEMINARY. We are pleased to leart tb1^ Mmf. A. ITull formerly of this city, and late of Oska\ .. ...» sa, at both of which places, he enjoyed a deserved advantages of Ashland as a site of a Seminary, and of our Institutions of learning. See advertisement. Two suspicious characters, a man and woman, pre* •adding to be husband and wife, hut deporting them Hives in a manner not conformatory of that preten Sten, spent Tuesday night last at the Jefferson (Pot tar) House. The teamster with whom they rode from Lncas county, watched their movements, while here, te get evidence to convict them of stealing money, of which they were strongly suspected. The woman pre tended to have no money, and left on the cars with ««i paying her biil—the huxbnnd the delay of stopping. On Lake 'Erie our speed was of course less than by rai road, but the comforts of sleeping tranquilly all night, of having an abundance of leisure to take your meals, to read, write, rest or enjoy any thing else you please, especially the view of the Lake and the (listnnt shore, compen­ sates one for the loss of an hour or two of time in as many hundred miles, unless he is in pressing haste. From Dunkirk to Benedict's ITall.— for the Campaign I When you want Clothing Boots and Shoes, go to Temple's New Store. Our citlccns will do well to read the proceeding* of tkt city Council of last Monday, and two ordlnanoes, |Jj|ewhere publlihed. K the C(n]n( Mass., July 8d, 1860. "Requitecat in pace" .j| is sometimes by a free translation, made to read "peace to his •shea." Using still more liberty with its grammar, we propose at present, to read it, "Uere let us rest in peace." Why not The readers of the COURIER have heard of a garden planted "eastward in Eden." We thtre, were born. Its occupants were the playmates and companions of our earliest years and their revered parents now more than eighty years of age, stands in our heart, second only to her who filled the place of a mother. With such sur­ roundings we almost'instinctively drop back into that condition of freedom from care and responsibility that belongs to childhood. ]tut how did we reach this point? From Ottumwa to Burlington there was of course but one route. From Burlington, for reasons which the result has proved to us wise, we chose the route through Poorh, Logansport, Fort Wayne and Toledo, thence across the i^akc in a boat of the N. Y. and Erie trans portation lincto Dunkirk,and to New York of course over the Erie road. From the be ginning to the end of this route we were more than satisfied and glad all the time Jp that we had taken no other. The directness, its spoed, and above all, the country shown to travellers on it, must render it attractive and popular. As to time we took it quite lei«urely, lying over at both Burlington and rS, Peoria to rest and visit friends. Had we Ii'ft in the train the same evening lit we reach Burlington, we should have been in Toledo, a distance of 500 miles from home, at the end of 21 or 2"i hours, making an ave- on the Erie road, a traveller is all the time in his element ifhe loves both comfort and speed, and withall, a most romantic scenery. The cars on this road, in their structure and finish, are far better than we have found elsewhere. Their seats are susceptible of adjustment to the comfort of the passenger, waking or sleeping, by night or by day. They ate ventilated on such a plan that yon can always have an abundance of puie air to breathe, without annoyance from smoke, dust or cinders, or from a current of cold air through a window thrown open upon you by the caprice of some nervous neighbor. The trains on this road, according to its own time table, goes about 450 miles in about 18 hours, averaging a fraction more than 23 miles an hour, and we noticed that they reached their stopping places uniformly about two minutes before their time, and in no case one minute behind it. The consideration shown to the comfort and fPhe pole which was to have been raised by the De •Scracy of Blakesburg, on Friday of last week, met the same fate that befel Washburn's eagle—it didn't this the unsurpassed beauty of the scenery hlgerthan the heads of the multitude when It re­ convenience of passengers by all the em ployees, and all the arrangements on this road, surpasses all our previous or subse­ quent experience on this subject. Add to along the route, and till one has passed over it, he may remember that there is still some­ thing new in the world for hi'n to see and enjoy. B. A. S. Mr. Editor gmid)lv Moved popularity as a teacher, is about taking charge of |'.organization, consisting of four persons. Car tfee above institution,in connection with Mrs Hull, tried. Messrs. Honifield, Axliue, Wilkison and alio an experienced and able teacher. The manifold ^ughs preceding her on fMt, and probably joined her again at Agency. The VOIBH was very beautiful, Potter informed a*. City Improvements. The old Post OflBce on the corner of Front an^'a first-class power. A pamphlet of M. Abert, Market, has retired to a position in therear on Mar-ion this subject, is attracting attention. Mt St., and the Stage office has taken Its place on the CSaribahli was about investing Messina MTner. Oa the former site of the Stage office, Mr. ,j After the exercises of the cel i meeting of teachers was gchool officers and called. Mr. Graves, of Ottumwa, was chosen Chairman, and Mr. Hammond of" the same place for Secretary. Mr. Blakemore of, Fair field, stated that the object of the meeting was to call a "Sabbath School Institute, 'sim ilar to the common school "Teachers Insti­ tute." We then bud some commendatory speeches. Moved that we call a convention to organize a "Sabbath School Institute'' on the first Tues day in October. Moved to amend by chang ing the time to the first Tuesday in Septem ber. The motion as amended carried. Mr. Blakemore moved that the convention be held in Ottumwa. Amended in favor of Faiifield Amendment lost original motion passed. *0 appoint a committee of permanent were .. ... .. T,,„f ,„,J added to the committee. A vote of thanks the known qualifications ana experience or Prof. antjr Mrs. Hull, must place this Semenarv in the front ranks was tendered lo Mr. AV ells for the MM +f hi® appointed. Mr. McKlroy was European JJcw*. N:ip(»leT»n ha-* been conferring with the Kin 'of Prussia and nuinnrou-i of the s nailer German Sovereigns, at Radon, to interest i thein in favor of a sehetn toext-nd the loun darv of France to the llhirv, Prussia lein_' tickled with a proposal to annex a dozen or more of small Get man States, ivin her 32 V millions population, enough to constitute her of jf. ons tothe The Pork Packing House of Geo. Glllaspy A Co., we jon l,ad not been obtained. Tho days of is going ahead finely, as fast, in f»ct, as men and jjomba are evident!v numbered. money can push the work. This building will be not)) •ly one of the largest In the State, being 150 by 100? The Rothschilds are raising ft IMW 1*U feet, but It will be perfect in arrangement, machinery j'or Md facilities, for doing an Immense buslnes. We notice several other buildings going up in that region/ 1K.%F AM) HMM). flW Cooper shops, Ac. /j I)R. ALLEN, |)r. H. B. Sisson has a neat OoUt|l la The celebrated operator on the Kye and Ear, will make •late, on Market St., on the bluff. regular visits at Ottumwa, until all cases commen- 4 par- eastward from Iowa. On the East and South of us, are cultiva ted fields and lruit trees, beyond which a beautiful hill rises to the height of 40 or 50 feet. On tbe West, an extensive meadow stretches itself from South to North, as green as the influence of dew drqps combined with the rays of a summer's sun can make it.— Through the midst of it flows a stream, silvery in the sunlight, and of the same kind of crater, no doubt, as that on which our first parents looked in their rural home. On the njsrth and west beyond the meadow, are native forest trees, oak, bireh, and maple, so mingled with a variety of evergreens which lift their lofty tops far above that of their unconscious neighbors, as perennial piety and patriotism must ever rise above that vvhich only "leaves out" during the summer of a revival, or makes the whole land fragrant with the aroma of its blossoms, during the h:l(] rtff-(.r0(l nr con ,M,t the Royal sanc- cel, are cured, and will treat 4 A I.I. DISEASES OF TffK KYE, ALL DISEASES OF THE EAIt-IlLEti k FISTULA—CLUB FOOT—HAl K I.I 1' Snd all other deformities, SCROFULA Ac. En the treatment of the above diseases, hissucccsshas been the most satisfactory, some of the Deaf inmate* of the Asylum have been entirely restored, and many of the Itlind, who have groped their way in durkixsa no* see. He has cured as many if not more Club Feet, Hair l.lpg and utlicr deformities, than any other Physician in the west, and from his extensive and daily experience, and with the very best treatment ami apparatus known to the medical profession, all pClCO fw 6VefV Variety Of entrust in} themselves to his care can rest assured that if relief is possible, they will be cured. All wish ing treatment will please call during the first visit, so that if the ease tedious ynuhavt- the ad vantngc of the subsequent visits. Xo treated unlet# curable. Examination free. See circular. lie will he at the Ottumwa House In this city, Jal/ 27th, to 29th. July Otf. OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Ifendenhall & Whitham, Forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS AND Q-enoral Freight Agents, NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTFffWA IOWA. i i e a O a s a v a n e s s u s o n o u e o Shlpinent lt_32 J. LOOMIS & CO., IlICIIAItDS' BLOCK, FRONT STREET, OTMUMWA, IOWA., DEALl'KS IN PRV AND FANCY GOODS, Groceries', (Crockery, BOOTS AXSTID SHOES, Ilats ami Cup*, Bonnets, &c. k laige stock of all kinds of seasonable goods for this market, for sale cheap for CASH AND READY PAY. fl^Produce of all kinds wanted in sxckaag* fW goods. Ottumwa, Sept. 1st,'1-9-25-11-tf Til CLOCK, WATt'II & JEWELRY E A I E undersigned, having located In Ottumwa, will carry on the following business, and solicits Sliberal share of the public patronage: Repairing all kinds of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Musical Instruments. Also—Mold Rings made to order, lettering, and en graving done. He lias a tine assortment of Clocks, Oatches, Jewel ry, Musical Instruments, Mold Ureast Pins, Ear-rings, Kinder-rings, Lockets, Chains, Keys, Slides, Pens,and a variety of notions for sale. Please callaud sue. Place of business opposlts the Ottumwa House. II. NUNAMAKJER. Aug. 4th, '59-21-ll-6m OTTl flWi LIVEKV §TABLE. L. ii. STREETER & BROTHER. OJice, Ottumtca lloune. Horses and Carriages to AT aLL HOUK3, MP Omnibus Line ruunlng to and froB} ths Dspot, and to all points of the city. NOT. S, lS59-n34-ll-y Grave Diffffiner* Tnitsubscriber tenders his services to the poblle as U-dert«ker and Grave Digcer. lie Is provi ded rltha earn and Hearse, and will attend funerals whs desl/ed at shirt notice. Resilience—East end of Cfcrs" street, on tbe bluff. i.lV B3»-n40 11-y WM. If ALONE. CITY PROPERTY. OT9 for reslMps*«Mpfc«kad snd mnstly on fj time of Sent. 1 !, ISM. J. W NOKRIS, Courier Oflss. SPRING AiOUHCEMENI! CHEAT ATTRACTION! J. LOOMIS & CO, HAVE BEEN RECEIVING The last four weeks, thoif SPRING AND SUMMER —STOCK OF— Staple and Fancy BUY G3SDS! GROCERIES, BOOTS & SHOES, HATS, CAPS, Bonnets, &c., WHICH NOW MAKES THEIESTOCK Our TOotti "L0IV PRIDES MN," I« warranted by our purchasing from -A fint and selling to clonic, prompt, paying trade, for Casta and Ready Pay Only. TO ALL SUCH we shall offer throughout (he season, a complete and .i i Hall. Meeting then adjourned. 9y order of Committe J. W. HAMMOND Secretary. FairiHd, Jane 28th, i860 1 UNSURPASSED NTOCEi or SP I N A N S U E Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, O O S A S O E S HATS & CAl'S, O N N H3::lery, E 8 YAHKEB HOTIONS, &C —AT— WHOLE8ALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest possible prices. We will pay the market PRODUCE:. W© WlU pfty thft highest market price in cash, for WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. I Sl CO. J. LOOMIS Ottumwa, Oct. 6, l$M)-ntto-tf SANKJN8, EXCHANGE, AND— COLLECTION OFFICE, OF TEMPLE & BROTHER, OTTCVWA, IOWA. HE I A Y II I moved their Kxchanpe oflice from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, ami art- prepared to transact any business pert lining to Rankin) JCxcliaiitfe or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, will enable us to i eudersatisfaction to our patrons. We sell T' BMIIIIRR DIIAITS O\ NI:W VORK ami other eastern points, In sums to suit purchasers andean also furnish Exchange on ENGLAND, IKKI.AND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON UEK.MANY, Fit A NCR. SWEDEN, DENMARK, AND ALL OTHEIl COl NTItlES OK EIJHOPK, as well as collect money, Inheritances, aafsvityotlfc sr claim In foi elgn counties. We receive Deposits and issue CerttBcateS wlitch bear interest only by special agreement. COM.LC I I MS. made payable at our ofBce, will be remitted for, at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, will be collected and remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— We will ils.i pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful debts. Parties holding Uncurrent Wloiiev, Drafts. Cer- Itloiiey, tlflcates of Deposit?, or Ril s Cxcliaiige, Payable AT SIGHT OR ON TIME, la tajr|lacs,*an have them Cashed by calilngaatyv oHlce. I'AXES.—We hare correspondents in nearly every county In Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required in adtrancs and all orders should be sent us hv 1st nf January. A N W A K i A N S We will at all times pay cash for Land Warrants, and will also attend to the location of them, or the entry with carh, of Government lands, in low t, K \V*S, Oil ASKA. We have ample asrangemeutsfor the selection of de sirable lands In the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. l,%iO*i.—We can furnish emigrants and others with flrst rate Karms, In the central connties of this State, or with unimproved land in this and tbe south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They uari le had as "cheap as dirt." TOWN V,OT8. We hare over two undred town lot® In Charlton, Osceola, Aftonand Mount vvr, all good *Qntr Towns, three of which are on the line of the llurlinirton k Missouri R. R. R. To parties desiring residence or husiness lots, in any of these points, we will give good bargains. Parties at a distance, desiring Information as tothe property offered, are requested to correspond with us. All others will please call at our office, on Market St. two doors from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. TKHPLE 4k Ostshsr •, IMW-nSO-4w. RROTHIB. NIJW CiOODS NEW CiOODS E 0 W O O W A ARE ObNSTANTLT RECEIVING FROM TUB NPM:\I1D LOIS if COATS, PANTS, VESTS HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES SHIRTS, SACKINGS, GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, CARPET SACKS, CLOTHS, SATINETTS, Ottumwa April lJlh,'W-M-l1-ch-IV-H. KITTREDGE&MERRItl, WHO KSA I.E A XI) A K TAIL O E S OTTUMWA, IOWA. HAVE NOW TN STOltK AND FOPv SALE THE DARKEST Which they are prepared to sell as low as can be bought In any market west of the river. The stock consists in part of the following goods 10 Hds N. O. Sugar, 20 Dhls Refined $ugar, 50 RhIs ami hlf bbls N, O. Votanea and Syrup, 60 Sacks Coffee, 10 Java Coffee, 25 Kegs Pure Soda, 100 Kegs Nails, Cotton Yarn, Batts, Candles, Soaps,TobaceOS, aa4 all other articles in our line. The trade of Merchants and citizens generally Is respectfully solicited. The highest market price paid for Hides, Grass Seed and all kind of products. LiK. Sept. 15,1859,—11-27-y HE «OOD*T trw RdOttSi Jflht recelveil from the Ka«t at A. SCHWOKM' 3. GROCRRY A!VD PROVISION 3TOK1 Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. T\ A^n II\VA!\'.% TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE ft HETAIL. Qnetmware, lioot* and Shoes, All of which will he sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Priccs, Or exchanged for Country Produce. W \^Tl' »»—IITDKS, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. Call a- examine goods and prices, »i|i*mii|iiii»^ GUM COATS, GUM GLOVES, GUM SHOES, UMBRELLAS, fJRlTNXS, POCKET BOOKS,, PTECE GOODS, CASSTMERES, JEANS, COTTONADES, and all nrtides usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call in and examine the Stock. Clothing con stant lv tnarle to order. STOKI: A T,ARRE ANI» SPPFHTon STOrK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, Frui:« &. XiitN, Chenrinz and Smokiti-x Tobaecoa Cipsre, IB Daan** brick opposite the Ottumwa House, Front-st. October 6th, ch-30-old 15-11 HEW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS SUUtr I'KOM Till EAST. C. O. Warden, Is receiving aid N O W O E N I N a Inrgsand fashionable stock of DRY GOODS! AK9 Notions, Cloths 4c Cassimeres, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. Anil a complete assortment of everything 'o meet the vt anls of inlivi-lnaIs or families in his line of trade cum pricing in part a* follow* Plain, Black and Faney Cissimerts, Broad Cloth, Sitinetts TICKS, SHIRTINGS. STRIPES, CORDCKOYg, JEAXS, DEXXIXS, DRILLS, BLEACHED COlfJIOS NISLI?L8, I N S Of every Viiriity. Style and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC fllNUUAMS Desldss a great variety of Dress KOI! i o o s MEN", WOMEN, AND t. 1111.HI!EN, Which couhl not be enumeiated In an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of his stock will be to call and look through for yourselves. 1 aia also rttccU'iag wstl selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, such as Tea. Coffee, Sugar, Hies, Drlsd Fruit, Mb, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. IIA Rl) ir.l RE e CUTLER II Glatoatid Nails, U iil*ers material ani hoiiss fin tiisliini gooiU. And hns an entire stock complete iii ever*ihins that *votild comprtue a stock for the lime® and for this vicinity, all of which he is anxious to dispose of for tne rsadv pav. or to approved customers. All kinds of Country produce taken in pay fr (ioods. solicits an examination of trwods and price*and ill take pleasure in shov%ing you ihrouKtt«t)MHb«f VSHA buy «*r not. April la 1860. FOI? SALE. THE undersigned offers for sale one of ths best KAKM8 in Wapello county, consisting nf two hundred acres, si'u ited in Pleasant township, utiles east of I) ihloneg'i, 4 miles north west of Agency City, and fi miles north east of (Ittuniwa. Said farm has 120 acres In a hlirh stale of cultivation—two good ten. nant houses, with good w.'lis, barns, out-hous.-s, etc. Also, pasture containing acres, with never failing water running through it 4*l acres timber, one mile distant, and *25 acres -S.Vtf miles dlst int. This Is ono of the best stock and grain farms in this section of the country, and will be sold extremely low for cash, or exchanged for good stock or uierchaiultia. rfuue »1, IstW-tf J. M. HKDRiCK. A FI*E niA^CK TO BVY A A S a e e i n e s e n i v e a e n a e o n ststlng of three dwelling houses, one storehouse and one farm. I will sell ttie »t0ve property fo' one fourth cash down, «he balance on 1, i and 8 vears time, with interest from date. Prices rsaaoaable. For further particulars apply to A. I. OfcATM- Ottomwa.May SI, '6-1MMB "•np f-i. NEW STOVE O E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Daggett's old Stand, Ottuniwa, Iowa. rnivr TITIZESS or OTTI'^TIWA AND 1 Vicinity are invited tc call and get ay new prices on STOVES. As I p»y casli for my Stoves, I flatter myself that I can sell them 25 per cent, cheaper than they have ever been sold in this market t» cash customers. My Stoves ar«* of thn noted COMSTOCK manufacture of over Fifty different patterns. I have the celebrated Quincy City Cook Stoves, Which took the $50 prise medal over all other stoves in the West, to which I invite especial attention. I WILL WAHliAXT ALL MY STO VB$ and will furnish plates, free of charge, if thty crack by /ire. I have In store at all times a full assortment of TIN, HOLLOW & JAPAN WARE. Job work, in tin, copper and sliest iron, promptly done, on reasonable terun, and in the best manner. will receive In xc!iinge for the above ware*, old copper, lir:iss, casi iron, and rags, which will en able farmers to save from $10 to $50 per annum. May Jt, W!i—1:2 11-y A. D. CUIAKR. DON'T FAIL! TO GO TO HEDRWK & GILLESPIE'S N S I I I ofthe O E I E S EVER BROUGHT TO TUTS MARKET\ oTri .nwA, Before buying your goods, as they arc just in receipt ol* largest and best selected stock of goods ever brought to the Des Muln:s Valley, which they ars selling to the CASH TRADE AT PRICES DEFYING GOMPETIQH Selling sxelnslrsly for Cash or Pvodass saabiss as sell TEX PER EXT LOWER Til AX A N Y O E IIOUj^E Our stock of Staple Dry Goods, Pricts, Denims Tlc». ings, ^atineits, BOOTS, SHOES & u..l JuLli. Lu, being very full, we can sell them as low Remember that we pay the highest pries for Honey and Lard. Remember that we pay the highest price for Chick ens and 'furkies. Remember that we pay the highest price for Feath ers, Hides and Deer Skins. Remember that we pay the highest price In fact for all kinds of produce. Remember that we pay ths highest prlss for County and City Orders, Remember that we sell at least I» per cent lower than any other house In town. Remember that we doc't sell "nary" item on Credit. Remember the place, Main Street, opposite Ottum wa House. HEDR1CK GILLESPIE. January 12,18®0—n44-ll O U W A CA RRIAGKE FACTORY! T^llE undersign would respectultv solicit the at tention of the public to the facilities which he now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG ONS, of eery description, after the most improved styles, as good as can be obtained East, and upon sat isfactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please call and ex amine my stock. I39p~Repairingpromptlyattendedto. A.BALDWIN. Ottumwa, Mar. lit,lS50-flT-ly FOR CIXCI^YATIJ CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, 4KD CINCINNATI SHORT LINE lC:Lil Road! Shortest, Quickest, and only Direct Route from Chi cago to Cincinnati. Passengsr trains leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake street, as follows First train 7:45 a.m., arrives at Michigan City at 12:80 p.m., (dlnuer,) La Fayette B:"25, (supper,) Indi anapolis :|.\ p.m., Lawreuceburf IJ:3U, and Cincin nati at ll:4Ap.m. Seciid trainS^tp.m, arrive at Michigan City at 9:M p.m.. La Kayett ?:40 a.m., Indianapolis .V20 a.m., Lawreiiceourg ln:'Jil a.m., Cincinnati at 1U:45 a.m. Passengers leave Ottumwa 3:00 p.m., arrive lit Burlington at T:'2A p.m., arrive at Chicago atS:15a.m. at Ciuciuu.iti 1:40 a.m. Only one change of cars between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping cars attached to all night trains, and rut. through from Chicago to Cincinnati without change. Through ticket* can be had at all railroad offices in the West, and at the company's office, corner Lake and Dearborn streets, and at the depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago. Fare as low as via any other route. H. J. SPALDINO, Ag't Chicago W*. POWELL, Trav. Agent. HARTFORD FIRE lXSMAWE COIPAKT, OF 1IAKTF0RD, COM*. n O I O I I I A it to. CUAUlfcil PKftPKIUkh. CASH CAPITAL, C. C. WARDEN. $1,000,000. CAPITAL, PAIO lit t00,OHI. Sl'SPtl'f, OVK» 300,000. The reputation acquired by this Compahy dui Ing the last fifty years, by an honorable course iti the transaction of its business, and the pro.npt and liberal settlement of Losses, together with the character of the securities composing Its Assets, entitle the Com pany to the utmost eoufidem-e of the public, as afford ing reliable Insurance against loss or damage by fire. E. II. 8TILES, Agent. Nor. M, 18M-n87-ll-y Ottumwa,lows. City Jlcut .TIark't. Front St. '2 doors east Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. et TilKsubscriber, grateful pa»t fivors, would sa.v to th public that his market, open e*1 nearly four years ago, is still in ull blast, with increased facilities to furnish seasonable meats "fail kinks at all reasonable hours, at the low est living rates. Tallow, Lard, Sai.sagrs, every thing usually kept in a City Market for «ale. The highest market price in ca^h paid for Fat Stock Term* In variably :uh. Thosehaving unsettled a£CQUntf,Qr notes due, will please call and pay ap. U. W. MMWlf. Ottumwa. Fsb.KHb,ISM.—•» PH.ESH ARRIVAL NEW GOODS AT NEW CLOTHlNC STORE, No Main Street, OTTUMWA. Oirntfit-irr! of a Gthtral Aiw?rrnt. nf FDBNiSHINQ CS00DS, roil MEJI A\D ROYS CO It PS IS/yO A ORE AT VARIETY OF CLOTH. CASSIMERE, SATTINETT, LINEN and ALPACCA FANCY SATINETT, CLOTH, CASSIMERE, LINEN and COTTON OMAR PA SUA, UNCLE SAM, HL'NliARIAN, O E A FlTR LEDGER, PALM LEAF, DriHinn ,6 MUMJT ean be bought at KEOKUK or BUUL1XOTON. Before trading Remember that we pay the highest pries for Corn Wheat and Oats. Remember that we pay the highest price for Meal and Flour. Remember that we pay the highest price for Flax and Timothy Seed. Remember that we pay the highest price for Rags and Beeswax. Remember that vs pay the highest pries far Butter and Epfis. LEGHORN, HIAWATHA and PANAMA HATS. Know Nothing, Corded, Double Cordedt Steamboat, Railroad, Imported, Calico, Check and Hickory "SHIRTS. 3IU\l Clton WMn Draper,, G|S(iUA9I CKAVAT8 & PBIXTEO J.AWN TIKS, Cotton, Fancy Mixed half Hose. Colored Cotton, Linen and Lile Thread GLOVES. 32.inrn, ?iPonc ct aul5 33«n^nu HANDKERCHIEFS. ALSO--A Sf SELECTED BOOTS Sc SHOES, For men and Boys, and a General Absortmsat for LADIES AND CHILDKEIf. As well as a choice lot of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES A which will he n to Ord'T. Ottumwa. March l"»fio-3-12-y mm [ScisSv Burliu OA HI am fmv 1 J-J I 4%1V AVH AFTKIl MAR. l, until fln- 1 COATB. PANTS. MARSEILLES, CLOTH, SATIN, FANCY SILK and SILK VELVET VESTS. VFSTTW&Q* VJieUJIVVd GREAT If 4TIOXAL. ROUTE TO BALTIMORE, NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA A BOSTON/ imore Is the only Itoad to I I .1. The Washington branch ofthis UAw )vis» i Road is owned and operated ex 'clusivel.v i»y the It. A O. J{. R. Co. Passengers by ths pretended routes to Washington City, are subjected to omnibus travel, tedious delays, and extra charges at Bait imore. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in connection with the Central Ohio Railroad, presents to the trav eling public a short and desirable route, from Coluss bus to all the Eastern cities. Passengers by this route can visit the cities of Travellers to the East, from all Western points, cac depend upon Business quick time ami sure connections. Sleep­ ing cars attach) to all ni^ht trains. Two trains leave Columbus, Ohio, daily, -1:30 a. m. Newark .V.Vl a m., Zan-sville 7:1S a.m.. Kenwood, (Wheeling) li::« p.m., Gr.ifton 5:2.") p.m., Cumberland, Harper's Kerry 3.0»t a.m. arrives in Balti more fi:t.r p.m., Washington City 7.S0 p.m. il:no ptn, Newark 4:1:1 pin, Zanesville 5:40 pm, lien wool, (Wheeling) ln:10pm, Grafton 3:i)0 am, Cumber land vlftam, Harper's Kerry l-J.."o pin arrives at Bal timore 4:4Apm, Washington City 0:00 pm. Direct connections made at Baltimore with above trains for Philadelphia New York and Boston, and at Washington City for Richmond, Wiluiingtou, Charles ton, Ac. Tickets good until used: with the privilege of stop ping off at all principal points. But one change of cars between Columbus and Baltimore. HD-II ami travelers for pleasure or inform­ ation, can visit all the eastern cities at a comparative ly small expense. The scenery is celebrated for its wonderful beauty and sublimity it is unequalled in the world. Its system of day anil night Track Police its splendid equipment its exclusive telegraph lines its large amount of douMe track its flue hotels, (un ilertiie surveilance of the company,) ensures to the passenger, speed, safety, and comfort. Time as quick and fare as low as via any other route. Through tickets and baggage checks can be pro cured at all the principal railroad and steamboat of fices in the west. Ask for tickets via Raltsmore and Ohio Railroad. L. M. COLE, Gen. Ti.ket Ag't A O R. W. P. SMITH, Mast. Transportation, II. G. JEWETT, Pies't, CORK J. W. BROWN, Gen. Ticket Ag't O E F. Fl'LLElt, S OO |I HI Gen. West'n Ag't BAO S. I RI I\(iTO\, PEOHIA, A!N0 LO* GANSPORT R. R. Trains leu-' Burlington as follows: MORNING MAIL, 7:00 a in MtiUT Ex., (Saturdays excepted) 9 p. m. Sundav Night Train leaves attipni, *ipw»w RAILROADS. «CTMS»w: A ifli^onri It. Ml. K., NIAXOC OF TIME. ESU Ir la 127 S asr ^M,nrTrand"wlufgrttof *h rk QOINQ- WEST: STATIOXS. llurllnpti n, MiddU-tiiw n, Danville. New f.ondon, Mt. Pleasant, Checauqna, Olendale, Fairfield, Whitfield, Batavla, Agency Cltr, Ottuoiwa, nriiM. T.45 a m, I rave, 8,19 a.aa «.» ».« c« 10.1» ACCOMMODAtla||( 8.'-0 n w,l«avsk, 9 4.IH 9 40 r.*«i p. m. 10.4« II.Oft 11.ST 1VM laMuarrire. b.M It H'.w arrtrs Q-OI3STC3- EAST riTioss. AccoMMon.ttioii sxrsap^. Ottoinwa, Agency City, Ratavia, in. leave 4 2 4.M Whitfield, Fairfield, Olendale, Checauiia, Mt. Ple.i^ant, New I.UIHIOB, DanvtUe, I Midilletowrt, 1 Barlitigtrin. Mar.. I,'».a4 a.OO p. u. leave 8.80 844 «.«H 4S7 4.M «.l8 T.ijQ 7 .« 6.83 a. fin |o.l« 11.53 11 16 lid) arrive. S..N5 7.SJ6 arrive. KKAD, Vies Pres't and Sup't. Chicago, Burlington Quint^v, DEPARTURES: lfornin)f Pa**encrr leaves liar. S 0B a.* Accommodation do do do 3d firming do do do 7.50pA ARRIVALS: 1st TTornV Paaaenyer arrives at Bur. 9,l0a.« 2d Arromd'n do do do 1.8&p.a 3d Kvrn'ff do do do p.q The above trains make close connections with tha B. k M. R. R. at Rurlington, and with all U'e IT eat' eastern thornnirhfares «t Chicago. F). RKMICK, Mar. 22, l«i,m-IJ-j. Gen'l Ag't C., B. piTTVUI Mt k further information applv to JAg w Bal­| timore. Pliiladelphi *, N«w York or Boston, at the cost of a ticket to New York or Boston alone by other lines. Through tickets csn also be procured via Washing ton City to the Eastern cities, at an additional chargc of two dollars. Connect­ ing i.t TOLEDO with LIGHTNING Ex. TRAINS on LAKE SHORE It R. The Logansport Express makes direct con­ nections, as follows At El Paso «ith Illinois Central Railrosdfor Blooa Ington, Decr.tnr, l'una, Sandoval ami Cairn. At Cheuoa with Chicago and U. Louis Railroad for Alton to St. Louis. At Gil man with (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central Railroad for Chicago andSoylh. At Reynolds with New Albany and Salem Railroad for Lafayette, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. At ^ansport with Toledo, Waha and Western Railroad for Toledo and all points East also with Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad for Cincluuati, Day Ion ami Colurrhus. The 1:4r in Peoria Accommodation makes the same connections as above to Gilman. The above is a new and very much shorter Line than anv other to the above named points. it is thoroughly buil:, and wt II manned, and run In every way to merit the approbation of the travelling public. Cars will run directly through from Burlinp*on to Toledo wituout change, aud arrive in advance of any ami all other lines. Our advantages are, Shortest and Quickest one less change of cars no Omnibussing as via Chicago con nections positive, as it is owned ami eontroltd by the same Interest, while via Chicago It is the reverse. In short,It Is every way the most desirable line. "NEW LUMBER YARD. OTTI'MVA, IOWA. WEfullassortment have located a branch of our Burlington Yard at ottumwa, where will be found at all timss a of Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, which we will sell at the very lowest prices, for C.ish. Person* about buying or ordering bills of I.umber would do wrl! to call and see for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL A McCLCRE. Mar. IS, IS6&-1 12 y ri'SX K F.CE1VED, full 1 J. R. FAYRWKATIIKR, Jr. Ticket Ag't Burlington. T.8. WILflON, Tassenger Ag't, Ottumwa. A. UAKHEK, Western Ag't, Des Moines. Iowa. Q.B.R. RORT WAYNE 4.1B C1MCAUO RAILROAD Ksw completed, and cars run from Chlcapo to Ht. burg without change, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROA». TsNew Vork, Philadelphia. Baltimore and Washing ton City, and all the inttrlor towns of Pennil vai la, New Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac. Merchants by taklnp this route will have the benfttt sf all the ea»t rn nrirkets at no sddlticnal cost. B'lcirafre checked through. Trains leave the depot., corner of Canal and Vs# Karen streets, west side, twice daily on arrival STEEL, ALRIO WD SEAn^EKS trains from the west. connecting at Crestllpe with Cleveland an4, Lake ?hire Railroad to Dunkirk, HulTalo, KJ agtra Fails, New York and Poston, and all ths Interior towns of Nt w KiFr1*nd via New York' Centrnl and New York A Erie Railronds. Also Potith to Columbu*. Zanesville, Newark, Mt.' Vernon. Steubenville. Wheeling, and interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. The above trains connect at Forest with trains Mad Hirer Road to Sprinfrfield, Urbaoa, Dayton and i Clmlr nati. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton sa4 I Cincinnati, direct, "d FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROUTE, Passengers hound esst will find this route bntlt. plsnsant and agreeable, passlD? throug manv of iar|Tf-st and finest cities In the United States. P:i«sentrers arriving in Chicago on any of the ros4s will tlnd attentive check agents at the "depots to re ceive checks ami convey baggage free of chargc to thf I Pittsburg and Chicag'i cars. Offlc I. the W e«t, and at the Company's Office, corner of Ran-' dolph and Dearborn streets, opposite the KevtTS House, or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal MsC Van Buren streets, Chicago. Be particular to ask fur tickets bv Fort Wayne. B. V. PATRICK, Ticket Agecl freight of all kinds will be carried from Chicago Mi all points East at all times, at as low rates as any sr Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND PHIPPES. The Plttshurg. Knrt Wayne and Chicago RailrraA Oo. having effected an arrangement with the PennlffP vania Central R. R. Co. for the transportation of. Through Freight, property car. now be shipped by this line between Chicago. PhiladelphTa. Italtimore, Ss*= York and Host on, with promptness and despatch Contracts can be made at the follsvlacplMsa: Ko. 2 Astnr House, New York. Ko. 1 P. William St., do Ko. S Rattery place, do Ko. T7 Washington st.. Boston Ko. Dock St., i'hilaileiphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. Depot, Charles street, West Side, near Van Bsrss Street bridge, Chicago. Hark packages via P.. Ft. Wayne or k C. R. R. MUS30N, Freight Ag't Cbls«M. J. J. HorsTo*, Oen'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicage, Mar. 1^, 1S60. UUPBBfifii PASSETTGEIi f«K BOI TE. New York Central, Great Western, And connecting Roads to and fross IOWA, AND ALL TI1E WEST, The Roads forming this old and rellahls roals tto» the and the hare firpanftetJ n FAST FREIGHT Giving perfect reliability and greatly Increased ditpatch to Freight—the trains forming ths Line, East and West, ifli with the same regularity, making as sure connectlMI at the terminus of each Road ag Through Passenger Trains. —CL0S& C0XXECTIOXS MADE-^ With Bxpress Freight Train* on all roads dlvergjMC from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rsly MpM having their goods receive ntmost despatch. 1 i During the Season o Xarigatum, the Fire k Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shlpps^ via Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts In many cases I to More than the difference between rail or water r»te« of freight, betides the difference of time, S* i will be seen by the following comparative statement of insuranosssvsd hj tending goods all the way frjr 1 rail road: Value per I lt0 Ihs. Dry good" tgn'l ast'm'O Books and Stationery (cotn'n) TS.Ot Uen'l stock groceries (except Sugars aud coffees,) Boots A Shoes (av'ge val.1 .., Draggists'AGrocers' city «s'tm't44 Lw Hats, caps A furs (gen! as'tm't Hardware ^shelf goods gen'ly S6.00 Am't Tr«. SSV. per 100 lbs, at Xperrt. pro.' 641 Cents 20.1 74. as ST Reclamations Ppomptly and Fairly Adjusted* Mark Packages, "East Exgress Line, via O. W. R.*V IN NEW YORK-! ,,e,,vor pf"i',»»t ihi gol| fjjy^r Kailroad pas­ senger Depot, Warren «t.. or at Canal st. Depot. TV RO«iTONi Deliver goods at Boston sad, W'ureester Railroad pirnotJ and mark as above. Eastward bound frelg! of every description will be forwarded at 1 iwfst curient rates, and iffrom Western Roails. should be ennsigned to "A. W A LI.ING FORD. Chicago,"or'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. Detroit." For the transportation of Live Stock to Buffalo, A bany, New lork an 1 Bo-ton. this route is unequalled for speed, stock cars. Sleeping cars for Drovers, and spacious and convenient yards for stock, making U| most desirable route for Shippers. Through bills of LaJing given, and See lamatlSM paid, at any of the ccmpauy's offices. C.J. BRYDOES. Mintging Director O. W. It. TTsm llton. JCLICS MOVIl S, Genl Act. Buffalo. TI10S. BELL. Genl Er't Agt. Hamilton. W. J. SPICER, Aft. Detroit. E. P. PEU'H, Agt J7S Broadwav, N. 11 arch ill, lsp(i. X. 0/ KIMBALL, Agt '.'1 State St., Boston. A*. WAI LIM.M'IID, Wsstere Ag'tH Cor. Lake ami Dearboru Sis., opp. Tremont IIoMM| »icaS3 t1ILIRA»O.IIRL»«TON*MMCVVLINE.RAILROAD Old and Only Keliuble Route K»i»t. From Burlington to Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, PiMs burr. Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York,MtJi^Uoth' I ST Eastern and Southeastern Cities. -^T I l«t Morning Train leaves S A a m. I 2d Accommodation m. •t Evening Express T.'s) m. Passengers iea\ ing Burlington n the train i connect at Memlota with the Illinois Central Railroad North and South, a.'i »t Chicago both tbe mornlnf I and t:vet)lng trains (A im a in and 7:10 nt.) connect with all the Great Eastern Railroad routes, to wit: M.' 'O.K. It., via Detroit M. S. BR. via Toledo, and Pittsburg ami Ft. Wayne B. II., via Ft. Wayae, of which passenger* can take thrir choice. Only twenty hours from Burlington to Toledo thtv* teen hours ahsad of any oiher routv leaving Burl$if ton. Baggage che.-ked tio-.ingb to Detridt, Nlagars Fs!ls and New York. Boston, Toledo, Dunkirk, liuffals, Pltt-I.urgand Philadelphia. I Tickets for this gre*t Eastern thoroughfare for sals i atOttamwa, K.ti.-tiel.l, kit. Pleasant, and at tbe T1S|^i Oin-e. corner KD.NI t' To MSC QossnsandGlass Wars Ussnt ot p.C W4HDPN 0. R9BI 4 and Water sts., Burlington. Pleepine cars attached to the n'ght trains. Fare as low as li auy other route. D. KF.MICK, May. flsn'l Ag't k C. B. Q. R. |. iitncnT rtmcE OF U)t" PKOKIA, K A and Bl'RLINUTON R.—NOTICE. M-r. ti.uits and Shippers wi«hing to above I!.. »il. •lop bv ths will p'-ace call at the Peoria Ticket Ku road Office, Water-st, to have their bills oi iat$M signed This Company have arrangements to ship to S«. LOH 1*. Cincinnati and Cairo, within change of ears. EC KINg. n i, i .Is-'

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