Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 19, 1860 Page 3
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t+- f|c ^ftitmlua (Couvirr, T-iOoal and Miscellaneous*. OTTUMWA, IOWA, July l^ lSflO. HrpubliraJI «'lub--Meets regularly every Friday even!ng, over Hedrlck A (illlespic's Store, Frr.xt atreet. Mcmb ers of the party are Invited to attend. Fddyvlllo Republican Club—Meet* «tery Monday evening at Vance A Benedict's Hall.— f|very body It Invited to attend without distinction Ht party. II. W. BOYD, Prest. J. W. ROBB,Secy. TIME TARLE,R.ft ]*f. R.RAILROAD. CHA SOU Or TIME. 4:16 A.M. 8s00r.«. Leave Ottumwa, Arrive at 4 12:50 r.#.1« to 1».». Only Fifty Cents! KSSJL'F T, "S'T When yon want Clolthng, Boot*, ft Shoe*, go to Tem ple's New Store. Rev. A. V. Baldwin, of Pella, will preach In tho Congregational Church, the next and following Sab baths, the 22d and the 29th Inst., at 11 o'clock. SRn mo MACHINES.—We call the attention of per •atu cat of employment to the advertisement of the Mle Sawing Machine Company, Pf. in our to-day's pa- l'.r i* MAKING.—Messrs. Cloutman A Sowers are ex MtMvely engaged the manufacture of plows at the aabllshment,TheyIn l'e* Mill. have the foundation tor a heavy and we wish them success fh class, It Is believed, will have plenty ofbuslaess, hereafter. RANK BPILDHO.— Mr. R, A. Temple has We learn that steps are being taken among oar cit izens for the erection of a speaker* stand on the pUb Ue square. The Idea Is a good one—let's have the •tind —don't stand la »ver we may look for the greatest rash we hare ev er had. W« WAIIT Moaa MAMi'rACToaiifl.—WhaA want just now in Ottumwa la more manufacturtes. There artfew points in the State or in the West, better situ ated for almost all branches of manufacturing. One railroad already connects us with the Mississippi at Burlington, and In a few months another will connect ua with that river at another point, Keokuk. Around U Is a region of exceeding fertility, settled and in cultivation. Besides, the locality furnishes the raw Mterial for Manufactures In abundance. Water p«wer, stone, stone-coal, Iron, Ac., can be had in any quantity. We mean by the above, that we want HOTEL ARRIVALS FOR THE PAJBl* WEEK. CAaaou. Hocsr. A Stone, Chicago O Whitman, do. O W A Blddle, 8t Louis Mo. Wood, Niles, Mich. 8 S Powers, Panama, N Y 8 Kobinson, Burlington 8 Malory, do.. Campbell, do., N Sunderland, do W II Northrop, Vt., W Beckwilb, Iowa Cal. Kemick do., E Exeklel, do., W McClure, do., W Carpenter do., 0 O Brannon, do., O W Webber, do., II Mc Ctery, do., Locke, do., llendrle, do., II Eaton OS Knight, Owarga Ills., A Barnes Albla E Nell Knoxville Searls Oskaloosa S Ilurst, Blakes burg, Jno. Hurst, do RS Peebler, Peoria Ills. Coyle, do. W Smith, Little Kock Aakansa* A Lao, Bloomfield W Burt, Saratoga Mias A Collins Clan. O S Ave-y, do E O Lalne, Davenport O O Tubs, Council Bluffu N Cook, Bloomfield Ban, d«n Shelton, do.,J Pollard, do., II Trimble do. A Bently, do., W Kills, do., O Duffield, do., Young, do., W Dart, do. Phillips, Cedar Blub Bliss, Boston Davis, do. Stuart, Columbus, 0., A U Smith, Ookaloosa Mrs E White do., A Woastle, do. CP Hyde, aud family, Athens Ohio JH Vance, Eddyvllle Rice. Des Moines Lovejoy, do. Marshall, Mt Pleasant II Eree boarn. Petersburgh Ills. O Slade, Toledo Ohio McKlbben, Ohio Bayley, do. li Gray, Des Moines Slough, Ills. II Chamberlln Sexton NT Dan Rrce, Arkansas U Searl, Jackson Mlaa. Mrs 0 Searl Miss II Searl do. Mister Searl do. Schauch, Bloomington His. W 11 Whitney, N Y., O W Whitney, Des Moines Holmes Fairfield W fi Bellbun S Myers, Falrfl«ld W Warmlck, MtPlevsant II Marshall, Burlington O Cram, Dubuque A Still, Danville Mrs W Smith, Des Moioej II Sample, Keokuk Griffith,do Reed, do., 8 W Irwin, Miss Anna Irwin, do, Johnson, do. II Goodrich, Ft Madison Dorr, Dab^ue 8 Wilson, Ills. 8 8 Covert, do. Davis' Agency City W Hunt, do. Gen. Ramsy, lieo' kuk Buckingham, do. Gallagher, Rome: Will Thompson, Mt Pleasant II Haspess, Pella CCory, do., E Ballford, do., A Van Dam, do BP Tyler, Fairfield N'orris, Mt Pleasant W Blgdrall, do., N Kaspp, do., Carpenter, Jainaca Crusen, Mt Ptoaaant O W Dashield, Wapello Co., Stark weather, Omaha Jeff Williams, do. E Randall, Cinn. Ohio E Browu, do., Urcig, do., Burke, do Mendnou, Dayton Hellville, Eddyvllle Vanee, do., FR Manning, do Neely, St Louis 9 Carnes, Boston Pcntly, do Thracy, Blr pdagham W Thray, N V W Palmer, Ohio Roberts, Bellfountaln Bliss, Boston W Baltus, Ohio Scott, Mlun. Johnson, Dubuque John Shaw, do. O Humphry, Eddy vllfe Allen, Ohio Searcy, Burlington Hamilton, Cincinnati, Ohio Hardin, Chariton Mr* Hardin do Mrs K Palmer, do A Bun, Mt Pleasant A Starts, Ills, JH Garllnghouse and Lady, Blakesburgh II Thlel foa U Hark, Chicago Stuart, l'a. Buck nor, Ind. Henesey, Chicago 11 U Fruuch, 8t Louts Mack, Cleveland Ohio U Watson, Ilia. A Warner, Moines Stone, Boston CWll DHdlt, Ul.viMliilJ. liVheat, of the new crop, our millers Inform us. Is OC.DF.NSBI'RC, July 17.—Mr. Day, A law ©Wrinlog In In considerable quantities, and of excel- on the matter, but tkintl. stand up to the We have seldom, if ever, had as hot weather as dn-' Vltg the past few days, particularly Sunday and Mon day. The mercury rose to 102, In the shade, during UK day, and didn't fall much during the night. Deci dedly too warm for comfort! We learn that the Republicans of Agency City and Vicinity are to have a grand Lincoln A llamlln jollifl Oation meeting as soon as harvest is over. That', talk. Agency contains many staunch Republi cans, under whose management, we predict, the atteiing will be large and enthusiastic. "Keep the Mil In motion." BC!I.DKKS.—Among onr most enterprising taec'ian los are Messrs. Jackson A Rouse, builders and house carpenters. These genMemen are at present en paged upon a building for Mr. Richards, In sight of our office and the rapid progress of the work induces us to say all who contemplate building, and desire to have it done expeditiously and skillfully, will do well to con anlt the above gentlemen. FRONT STRKBT.—Underthe energetic supervision of Street Commissioner Miiligan, Front Street i* under going a very desirable change. From Oreento Mark et, it has been raised to grade, and McAdamixed in the most substantial manner. A culvert has been •ude across Front, diagonally from Devin's to Rich ard's corner, well planked, and workmen are now en gaged between Market and Green. The grade here Is to be raised and McAdamlsed to correspond with the portion already done. j*?-—""*» bMiness establishments In erery department, all of Horn. ro* 8Ai*.—The Brick Hotel in this City, the Carroll, formerly the Curlew Home 1* offered fir sale nostly on time. The location Is a very desirable one, Council relative to the war nirainst China, Ming the junction of two Railroads, and the point *Hen «ffif,'allv communicated to the De Stage* diverge to all parts of the State. Address A. D. WOOD. We notice a new enterprise In the shape of a Live- Washington correspondent intimates that ry Stable on Front St, between Market and Green, In gome of the captured negroes have been car the old brick blacksmith shop. That building i* an rk-d off from Key West to the plantations old settler, having been built by D. P. Smith, at an Alabama ami Mississippi. Suspicious ves eariy day In the history of Ottumwa. Messrs. liarlan A Hunt I* the New Firm In Business here. which will be Ailed up with all sorts of commodities, Sec. 3. That said Solicitor receive for his services demanded by the trade of this region. When harvest "u,n RcoKrc, FT. DRH MOI.VRS A MINNESOTA RAILROAD.— The grading on this road below this place la tald to be nearly completed, and wt we Informed that, un der a favorable state of thin**, the track can be laid and the cars running to Ottumwa by the lSth of Sep tember. A large forre of contractors and men are now here awaiting the letting of further contract* of work through the city and westward. The only thing unw delaying I* the right of way over and through the Depit grounds of the B. M. R. It. Co. The lat ter Company has interposed an Injunction In the way of crossing In the direction specified, nnd the ques tion is not yet disposed of by Judge Springer, before whom It Is depending. This obstacle will doubtless be disposed of or surmounted In some way before long, we hope,to the mutual satisfaction of all par ties concerned. At any rate, gentlemen connected with the road assure us that the road is coming right along. St. JOHNS, N. P., July 15.—A bark-ripped screw steamship, doubt'ess the Ceutonia, ,i s ,h of »7'"". fltant, for Now ork, passed Cape Race at half past 3 o'clock yesterday (Sunday) morn in£. She made in from tlie south about 6 miles but would not stop and no communi cation was.had with her. The Connaught, from Galway, 10th, Is ex pected to-day. DANRIRY, Conn., July 17.—An unusually severe thunder storm passed over this place Inst evening. The li^itnins struck a dwel ling on Spring slro'-t, instantly killing Pat ric Lynch and slii»htly imacing the buil ding. The lightning struck in several pla ces outside of Danbury. s,n fcftft quality. The mills, of which we have two of the sell, in this county, in the wood- himfins Mr. Day shot Mr. Derby through the heart, killing him instantly, mistaking him for a deer. EOM&nced thr work of remodelling the building In which we re. ceiitly had our office, for a Banking House below, and ratidcnce abot e. An entirely new front Is to be put '(,nt of this place, and Mr. Derby of Rus- NEW YORK, July 17.—The new French Minister's first official communication to the Sttite department, was the announcement that Fra nee and England had declared against Cliina, {riving as-itirancu that neutral goods excepting contraband would be pro tected. Senator Clingman has written a letter de clining to support Douglas. John Morrisey challenges Heenan to fight him in 4 months, for from 10 to 10,000 dol lars a side. Nearly 700 persons visited the Great Eas tern yesterday. The Chicago Zouaves visit her Wednesday by invitation, and will per form drill movements on her deck. WASHINGTON, July 17.—The British order partmont, from which it appears that Victo ria and Napoleon intend and desire to act dt ring the hostilities in strict conformity with the declaration of the Congress at Paris April 1850. They undertake to extend the declaration that the flag* ofa neutral power shall cover the enemy's {roods with the ex ception of contraband of war to all powers which may be neutral in their hostilities. NEW YORK, July 14—The Tribune's RCIS have been prowling about Key West. and the alleged mortality anions the captured Africans is alleged to be only a sham to cover nefarious designs. MA HI i IF, IV-On the 12th Inst., at the resi dence of the bride's father, by the Bev. Mr. Hare, MR JAB. S. HARLAN and Miss Main F. GBAVES, all of this city. Accompanying the above notice, was a bountiful supply of excellent cake for which the happy c.nple will accept the thanks of all hands co»ine-,t',d with Mi" Cm* II:'S. ORniA\n:, \o, 2». It Will be a busy street thi( fall, and from this time the Mayor's Court, ami prosecute all offender* of the i ©B, we are Inclined to think. It is well supplied with FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF A SOLICITOR. B* it orft4iim il by the City Council of the City of Ottumicn: Section 1. That the City Council do appoint a City i Solicitor forsaid City of Ottumwa. I Sec. "2. That it shall be the duty of said City Solicit- Front Street presents a busy appearance noir-» or to sive his adrice and counsel to the M^vor, City I ani1 S. IJ. THRALL, Recorder, more manu* factories, not that we are now entirely deficient in that line of industry and enterprise. On the contrary due from such person for the years X, .M and '60, W JUTBOII shall he credited on the tax lUts of8Ut»8e* nave numerous heavy and prosperous entaMibh- quetit ytara whh the amount due them on the tax list m#nt£, such as Flouriof? mills, Plow factories, Wagon oflN^. Provided further, that the poll taxes paid M4 Carriage shops, a Planing mill, a Carding and for Is shflH nnt ..a ra% wash's. capital, cannot be found just now anywhere, we are allow and direct the Mayor and Recorder to litutt mi confident. Business is good crops are excellent order therefor. and property U cheap. Now is the time to settle In A 1 Ottumwa. S. H. T,:RALL, II. sslria ordinances of the City of Otturnwa, ami ,he •an,e t0 final abdication 'he high- OKDIWNCK, ^O. 28. TO AMEND OKDIN \NCK No. 2\ an Ordinnnne for the adjnt»urit of claims against the City of Ottom w.t. for money paid as taxes under an illegal levy of 1 V7. B' it ontnined by City Council of Me City y ot/n in ro: Section 1. That the followlne be added to section 1 of Ordinance No. '25. Provided, that if any taxes are due from any person fur I lie yearn 1$SS.\'9 and '6RT, to whom taxe are to be refunded, the amount shall be deducted from tItr amount tine such person on the assessment of ls.')7, and that orders be drawn in favor of such person for the balance, if any,only and if the amount to be refunded under the ordinance to which this is amendatory shall not be equal to the amount hl* Cloth Dressing mill, a Marble factory, Cabinet ma- "^Trhe ciVy cXcK'Lrebv authorized to king, Ac., besides the largest, heaviest and most com- receive receipts for taxes for 'n.^, on taxes due for plate Packing House in the State. I subsequent years, and fr any overplus remaining af- a"d ttl'"rove' ls«. •der. Shipment. 11-32 tf. J. LOOMIS & CO., ItH'llAItDN' BI.OCKi FRONT STREET, OTMUMNVA, IOWA., UEAI.KKS l\ DRV AND FANCY GOODS, xrocorios, Jrockcry, BOOTS A3STD SHOES, If'itx H'hl (ytpx, Rmnets, dbe. A laifrestook of all kinds of seasonable goods for this market, for sale cln-Hp for CASH AND KKADY PAT. fWProduce of all klnda wantodla exchange for goods. Ottumwa, Sept. 1st, 'J9-25-11 1 *75' l'er •mum. payable in monthly equal instalment*. This ordinance to take effect and be in force by publication as required by City i harter. Paused and approved July 9th. 1S60. Attest, Win. L. ORE, Mayor. I riliui hut Wk. L. OUR, Mayor. OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Mendenhall & WliUham, Forwarding and Commission MUIt CIIANXS AND General Freight^ NEAR Til* RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTFMIVA IOWA. tw Liberal Caab advaacaa made oa Produce for -tf CLOCK, WA'I'I II A JCWKLBT E A I K E undersigned, having located in Ottumwa, will i-.»rry 011 the follow ing limine**, aud solicits aliii r:iI sliare ofthe pnlilic patronage: lt'Mi ii ri iii{ all kind of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Mu" Inslrunients. A No (Soiil Itinga made to order, lettering, and en-1 graving done. He h:i.s ii flue assortment of Olorks, n^ti'lieji, Jewel ry, Miiiic !I Inurnment*. Hold Kreast Pinx, Kitr-rings, Wnijer-rinBS, l.oekets. t'h.ilns, Keys, Slides, Pens,aud a variety of not ions for sale. Please call and see. Place of business opposite the Ottumwa House. H. NUNAMAKBt. Aug. 4th, *69-21-11-6m OTTUHW LIVI1RV STABLE. L. 11. STUEETEll ItKOTIililt. OJtce, OC/um 11,1 iw. Horses and f'arria^Ms to Let AT aLL llOlJUS. K*7 Omnllnm l.lne ruunlng to and boa tlM Depot, and to nil point* of the eity. Nov. •'!, ls.'i! n.H4-l 1-y Wrave Di^^in^. TillsuV-eiilier lenders his services tb the public ts I'" dertalser mi (irave Iit-r. He la provi ded rlth i ea'ii and Hears®, *nd will attend firicrul* what denized at sh ^rt notice. Be'ldence—East end of .I ff'-rs*" street, on the bluflf. I? "jM ul'» 11 y WM. MALU.NE. ijjUiiiij SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT! CREAT ATTRACTION! J. LOOMIS & CO, RAVE BEEN KECEIVITVO The last four weeks, their SPRING AND SUMMER —rrocK OF— Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS! GROCERIES, BOOTS So HATS, CAPS, Bonnets, fcc., WHICH NOW AK&M THEIR STOCK •mr motto "LOW PRIDES WIN," Is warranted by our purchasing from first bands, and selling to a close, prompt, paying trade, for Casta and Ready Pay Only. TO ALL SUCH we shall offer throughout the season, a complete and UNSURPASSED STOCK OF SPRING AND SUMMER 8tap1e and Fancy ROC UK I IS, ROOTS A\I SHOES, HATS & CAPS, O N N E S Hosiery, TANKBE NOTIONS, &C -AT- WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest possible prices. We will pay Ike highest market prioe for every variety of though PRODUCE. We will pay the highest market price in cash', for TVOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. Ot in I ra, Oct. LOOMIS it. CO. .t iXCHAMCiE, AND— COLLECTION OL'FICK, OF TEMPLR Sc BROTHE8, OTTI VWA, IOWA. Tin: II AVR RR- moved their Kxelian^e oftiee from Charlton, Iowa, to tliis point, and are prepared fo transact any business pelt lining to Ranking. Kxclian^-e or i'ollec tlons, which invv he entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten year* in 80 nt her 11 Iowa, will ••liable us to lender satisfaction to our patrons. We sell a.M« crr ITIT.IT RSOX IVT:W VOKK and other eastern P"lnt«,ln sums to suit purchasers and can also furnish Kxchanpe on ENGLAND, 1 UK I, AN 1) AND SCOTLAND, AND ON UUUMANV, KKANCK. SWKDKN. DKNMAHK, AND ALL OTIIKK ColTNTKlKS OP EUK( 1»K, well a» collect in ney, inheritances, and ever^oth er claim in foicign counties. We receive Deposit* and issue Certificates which bear interest only by spweial agreement. I' »l,l,l)( I I .Vn. made payable at onrofllee, Will lie remitted for, at current rates of Kschange and those niaturiug at other points, will h- collected aud remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— We will 'iIs• 1 pay attention t'st!CuriiiK audcollectiug d'lulitful ii«lts. I'arlies h.ililing I'nciirreiii floury, Draffn. Cer of Depositee or Bijyr ExchniiKe, Pay»b!e ATSK1IIT OK ON TIMK, In any place,«an have them Cashed by calling at par ottice. iXKI.-We hare correspondents In nearly every county in Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents aud others, for a re:!s malile com mission. Money for taxes abvavs required In advauce and all orders should le s.-nt us ly 1st of January. 1 I A NTI W V It It A NTS. We will at all times paycash for Land Warrants, and will also attend to the location of them, or the entry Willi cash, of tlovernn.eiit lands, in IO W t, li A W%*. OK HllHK AKKi. We have ample asrHiiRements for the selection of do-1 siraMc lands in ilie Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. I. *0*.— We ran furnish emigrant* and others with flrst rate Partus, in the central counties of this Stale, or with unimproved Unit In this and the south* em tier of counties, f.r Cash. They can be bad «s "cheap as dirt." TOWS I.OTS We have over two un.lred town lots in Chariton, Osceola, \ftonaiiil Mount vr, all Knndcoiintv Towns, three of which are oil the line of the llurlintrton a E S A W O O W A ARB C0XSTA -V7X PROM TIIE IIATS, CAPS, notm, SHOES IIAXOKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, GUM SHOES, CARPET SACKS, KITTREDBE St MERRILL, WHOLESALE AND hETATL Qurcnswnre, Boot* and Shoes, All of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or exchanged for Country Produce. \%r fnrwWrh will he paid the very highest market price in Cash. ill a* examine goods and prices, In Daum's brick opposite the Ottumwa Hnii«e, Kront-st. Omoher 6th, ch-80-oldl5-ll NEW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS DIRECT FROM TIIU CAST. C. O. Warden, ts receiving and NOW OPENING a large and fashionable »icek of IVKIV UOODS! SEW «OOIW! STOVE Y RECKIVIXQ S IlLVKDKD LOIS OF C")ATS, PANTS, VESTS iniRTs, STOCKINGS, GLOVES, GUM COATS, GUM GLOVES, UMBRELLAS, TRUNXS, POCKBT BOOKS, CLOTHS, SHOE*, 8ATINETTS, PIECE GOODS, GASST MERES, JEANS, O E S OTTUMWA, IOWA. BATE NOW IN STORE AND FOR SAL* SO Bbls and hlf bbla X. 0. KolMses and Syrup, 80 Sacks CoPTee, 10 Java Coffee, 2ft Keps Pure Soda, 100 Kegs Nails, Cotton Yam, Batt«, Candles, Soaps,Tobacoes, afid all other articles in our line. Y O O S AND Motions, Cloth* A Gasxiuteres, Hats, Caps, Booh and Shoes. And a complete astsnrtroent of evervthSnff *0 mfft tti»» *aiils of fii-fivi Inats or families n his Itof ri' iiii'iri injfin nir' fn')•ws Plain. Black and Fancy Ca^simrres, Bmad Hnth, Satinelts TICKS, 8HIBTINGS, STRIPES, COKDUttOTt, .JEA.VS, DEXX/XS, DRILLS, BLEACHED lOfllKO Ml/'SI^llVSt I N S Of every Variety. Style and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC UIXUHAMS IU'des a Kruit Variety of Dress Goods! FOR MEN, WOMKN, AND CHILDREN, Which could not be enitmei ateil In an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, aud cheapness of his stuck will he to call and look through for yourselves. 1 aiu also receiving a well (elected stock of A I Y O E I E S such as Tea. OofTee, Sugar, Rice, Dried FruU,8*4a, Tobacco, Vinegar, 3oup, Ac. It. I RIt ir. 1 RE A CCTL ER Glaaaitid Nails, 1$ til'»r* tlerial nni house fitrtiinliini floods. Atn) hnx an entire atork coinplele it, e-er\lltiti^ that *vonl 1 rointn«e ft stuck for '.he time* anil for this vicinitv, all of which he is anximia to clisrvts* of for ln» readv pav. or lo apprnvcd enatomera. All kind- of Countrv produce taken in pav f"r Good*. Il 3ili.*i's an »x lini'iatinn of ^»oiIb and nriceaand ill take pleasure in showing you through whether you tviv not. April 19 1860. C. C. WARDEN. FOR k Missouri It. It. K. To parties desiring residence or business lots, In any ofthese points, we will givegood bairns. I'arties at a distance, desiring informat'on as tothe property offered, are requested to correspond with us. All others will please call at our ..tlice, on Market SI. two doors from Front St.. Ottumwa, Iowa. miPi.E «v UHoriiRu, Ockebei 6, 1SU-BW--4». ri^lIK iindersljrned oIT.-rs for sale one of the bent I K AUMS in Wapello county, coiisi'tini of two iindred acres, si'uat-d In I'leasi it totvusliip, 4 miles e.i-t ihlon-^i, 4 miles north west or Atfencv City, and 4 mil' s 1101 th-east of OttumwH. Said firm is 120 acres In alii-'h «tateof eul'ivation—two tt»«d ten nant houses, with irooit wtls, barns, out-tiouses, etc. Also, pasture rontaiiiiiiir 25 acres, with never falling water running tlirou)rh it SO acres timber, one mile distant, aud S.% acres niilcs dist int. This is one of the liest stock and irritin irms In this section of the countr, and will be sold ext'eiudy low for cash, o» exchanged for aood slock or merchandise. wuoe81,loJtMf J. M. HKDRICK. A I IM: ciiAxn: TO Hi Y A IKIMI:: S a e e u i u e o -1 1 .- i u i v e e s e o n sistlng of three dwelling liouse-', one store house and one farm. I will sell the atnlve property for one fourth cash down, •lie balance on I, 2 and 8 vears time, with intcrent from date. Prices reasonable.— For further particulars aptl» to A. L. GRAVED. OUusMWiMay »1, 'W-lK li-ta S O E A. D. CULVER, OOTTONADES, and all nrtiolea usually TIN, HOLLOW St, JAPAN WARE. kept in a CLOTHING House. Job work, to tin, copper and sheet iron, promptly ,, ... done, on reasonable tenm, and in the best manner. Call in and t-xamlne the Stock. ClotMM i _!. stantlv made tn oriler I will receive In exchanjri' for the ahove wares, Ottumwa *i,ril 1-Jtli* '6n-2.V11-ch-.VI2. old copp-r, brass, r.^ Iron, and wMrli *il| cn. _____ able farmers to .1 vi- from $10 to #"'1 rr unii'im. TmfBJ .% WOTK Al ofthe larpeit and best (elected stock of (roods ever I broujrht to the Des Moinea Valley, which they are O E I E S EVER BROUGHT TO THIS MARKET, Which they are prepared to sell a* low as can be bought in any market west ofthe river. The stock consists in part *(the following goods: 10 Hds N. O. Sujrar, 20 Bbls Hefined Sugar, The trade of Merchanta and eitlse*. geMralljr Is respectfullv solicited. injrs, Katineiis, The highest market price paid far Side*, Grass Seed and all kind of produce. X. k M. Sept. 15, l«5.—11-iT-y WEW ROODS! XEW ROODS! Jiut received from the East at J. A. SCKWORM'S GROCERY AWD PRIIVIMOX STORE Frout Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A l.ARdE AND Sri'R'tlOR STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, Chcwitiir and Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AKD It E 11. IIAV4\A TOIHTCO, AT WHOLESALE & KETAIf^. Front Street, Daggett's old Stand, Ottumwa, Iowa. fflHF. riTI^K^S OF OTTI'llIWA AND 1 Virln'ty are Invited tc call and get my new prices on s»T(VE^. An I pay cash for my Stoves, I flatter myself that I can sell th"m if 3 p.-r cent, cheaper than they hare ever been Knld in this m-irknt tr» ra«li cii*tomer§. Mr Stove* iire of the noted COMSTOt'K inanufiicture Quincy City Cook Stoves, Which to"k t!i.' modal ov.t all ol't'-r stovea la the West, to which 1 invite especial attrition. WILL HM RR AST ALL MY STOVES ami will furnixh •plates, free of charge, if tJuj/ crv*l: hy Arc. I have in utoro at all timea a full assortment of May 24, I-r,«t— 1 11-y A. 1. CTIAKK. DON'T FAIL! TO GO TO HEDRICK A GILLESPIE'S MAIX STREET, OTTi ntVA, Befoi* huylnjr your (foods, aathej arejust inree«l|* CASH TRADE AT PRICES DEFYING GOMPETION, SclHnc exclusively for Cash or 1'wluce eoablce us ts sell TEX PER CENT LOWER TEAIf ANY OTHER HOUSE WTMT ra 0arpl„,k ,lf 5taple Dr-. 0oods Uf Remember that we pay the highest pries for Honfcy aud Laid. Uumember that we pay the highest price for Chick* 'ens and Tui kies. Rem-tuber that we pay the highest price for Feath* ers, Hides and Deer dkins. Remember that we pay the highest price in fact for all kinds of produce. Remember that we pay the highest price for Count? and City Orders, Itememher that we sell at least I® per eaat lower than any other house in town. Remember that we dor't sell "nary" item on Credit. Remember the place, Main Street, opposite Ottuni. wa House. HKDIUCK January 13, Hiio—n44-ll ^(ii^jii|g^||p' )if|i|ffynfj)rfrTiilB^fi'^fflilifiiirlriji^^igwi^ijIj^^ f^ni^nitniim ifritlirtiiWiiiiiiM^ tiitim ruirr ifarj itifi SuitJtilii!l.«lii k GILLESPIE. OTTIM If A A I A E A O Y fBHIK undersign would respectull.v solicit the at tentiou ofthe public to the facilities which he now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES WAG ONS, nf e-'ery description, after the most improved st i les, as good as can be obtaiued East, and upon sat isfactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will pleaaa call aad ts atniiie my stock. Repairing promptly attended to. A. HAI.DWliV Ottumwa, Mar. lit,lS5!l-flMj' FOR CI^CI3T.\ATI! CHICAGO, INDIAXAPOLIS, CINCINNATI "SHORT UNS Rail Rond! SliorUat, Quickest, and only Direct Koate Una Chi cago to Cincinnati. Passenger trains leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake street, as follows: First train 7:4A a.m., arrives at Michigan City at l'islo p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 5:2ft, (supper,) Indi anapolis s i.\ p.m., Lawreuceburg 12:30, and Cincin nati at ll:4ftp.m. Sec'nd train ^iHtp m, arrive at Michigan City at 9:2" p.m.. La F.ivett* 2:t a.m., Indianapolis 5:2" a m., Lxwrenceburg 10:20 a.m., Cincinnati at !u:4ft a.m. Passengers leave Ottumwa 3 o0 p.m., arrive at Burlington at T:2ft p.m., arrive at Chicago at 5:15 a.m. at Cincinnati 1:30 a.m. Only one change of cars between Chicago and Cln cinnttl. Patent sleepln* cars attached to all night trains, an I mt through from Chicago to Cincinnati wlthou: clunge. Throuth tickets can be had at all railroad cilices lu the West, and at the company's office, corner Lake a'ld l--arborii streets, and at tile depot, foot of Lal^e street, Chicago. Fare as low as via an v other route. II. J. SPALUlsa, Ag'tChicago. W*. POWSLL, Trav. Ayeut. HARTKOUD FIIIE l\Si:paME C01PA.M, OK HARTFORD, CONN. I O K I I A K A 1 8 I O Cll VRTER PERPETUAL. CASR %riT A i f1,ooo,ooo. C*rtT»L. MID IS tfOO.IK O. srapLirs, iivmt 8 ki,tHKt. The reputation acquired by this Company d'ti ing the last fifty years, by an honorable course In the transaction of its business, and the iiro.opt and liberal settlement of Losses, together with the character of the securities composing its Assets, entitlr the Com pany to the utmost confidence of the public, as afford ing reliable Insurance agaiust loss or damage by tire. K. II. STILES. Agent, Nov. 24,1 •«ft9-n!t7-l l-y Ottumwa, Iowa. City .Ui'iit .Vlarkvt. Front St. 2 doors ea»t Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. TIIEsiibserlber, grateful at favors, would say to '**n- uiblicthat his market, open I nearly f,mr vears ago. i«st i'i full l.lan. 'Mi 1 reased facilities to furni .h se i. i' le meats of ill kinks at ^treasonable hours, at the low est living rites. T.illow, I. ird, Sausnges, and every thing usually ke|»t lu a City Mnket for sale. The highest market price in cash paid for Fat Stock ITIM* LU FflESH ARRIVAL NEW GOODS, AT TEMPLE'S NEW CLOTHING STORE, No Mnin Street, OTTUMWA. Con»i»ting of a General Assortment of FDBNJSHiNS GOODS, ion ni:\ AD IIOVS, COUP nisiXG A ORgAT VARIETY OF CLOTH. CASSIMKRE, SATTIN'F.TT, LINEN" and ALl'ACCA COATS. FANCY SATINETT, CLOTH, CASSTMERF, at over Fifty different putterns. I have the celebrated LINUX and COTTON PANTS. MARSEILLES, CLOTH, SATIN, FANCY SILK and STT.K VELVET VESTS. OMAR PASHA, UNCLE SAlf, HUNGARIAN, Dcnima Tick, BOOTS, SHOES & GROCERIES, being very full, we can sell th»*m as low as they can be bought at KKOKl'K or UUKLINOTON. Before trading Remember that we pay the highest pries for 0mm Wheat and Oats. Remember that we pay the highest price for Meal and Klour. Remember that we pay the highest price for Flax and Timothy Seed. Remember that we pa/ the highest price for Rags and Beeswax. Remember that ws pay the highest price for Butter O E A FUR LEDGER, PALM LEAK, ITEEL, AI.I1I\ AM* SiLASLESS Know Nothing, Coriit'd, Double Corded, St 'finiboat, Hailro.-td," lmportfJ, AlXGnAlX CR A VATS A PRINTED LAWN TIKS, Cotton, Fancy Mixed half Hose. Colored Cotton, Linen am? Lilt Thread GLOVES. 4?anq por.jcc anti ^3naiaiu HANDKERCHIEFS. ALSO--Al^7 GULAT A4TIO.UL KOlT£ TO a 1 o u e n e w y o rk PHILADELPHIA & BOSTON.' Baltimore & Ohio Railroad! Is the only Road to WASHINGTON" CITY. 0 tt*f trtUt he UAv 4 i vli« Washington branch of this 1 Road is owned and operated ex- clu».v. Iv v t' e ,t O R. R. Co. Passengers by the pretended routes to Washington City, are subjected to omnibus travel, tedious delays, anil extra charge* at Baltimore. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in connection with the Centra! Ohio Railroad, presents to the traV elinjr public a short and desirable route, from ColuM bus to all the Eastern cities. Passengers by this route can vigit the cities of Bal timore. Philaik-lphl 1. N«w York or Boston, at the cost of a ticket to New York or Boston alone by other lines. Through tickets can also be procured via Washing ton City to the Eastern cities, at an additional charge of two dollars. Travellers to the East, from all Western points, cat depend upon quick time and sure connections. Sleep ing cars attach to all night trains. Two trains leave Columbus, Ohio, dally, 4:80 a. m. Newark .V.*h5 in., /anesvilie 7:1S a.m., Benwood, (Wheelingi 12:Jt5p.m., (irafton 5:25 i.m., Cumberland *ll»:4o p.m., Harper's Kerry rt.oo a m.: arrives in Balti more rt:4." p. 111 Washington City i:Hilp.m. 8:00 pm^Nrwark 4: l'i pni. Zanesville 5:40 pm, Ben wood, Wheeling) 10:10 pm, firaftnn 8:00 am, Cumber land .15 am. Harper's Ferry 12:.Vi pm arrives at Bal timore 4:4,'.p'ii. Washington City «i:"U ptn. Direct connections made at Baltimore with above trains for Philadelphia New York and Boston, and at Washington City for Richmond, Wilmington, Charles ton, Ac. Tickets good until used: with the privilege of stop ping off at all principal points. But one change of 1 cars between Columbus and Business men and travelers for pleasure or Inform ation, can visit all the eastern cities at a comparative ly small expense. The scenery is celebrated for Its I wonderful beauty and sublimity it is unequalled in the world. Its system of day and night Track Police its splendid equipment, its exclusive telegraph lines Its large amount of double track its fine hotels, (un der the surv e.I.nice of the company,) ensures to the, passenger, speed, safety, and comfort. Time as quick and fare as low as via any other route. Through tickets and baggage checks can he pro cured at all the principal raiiruad and steamboat of fices in the west. Ask for tickets via Baltsnnre and Ohio Railroad. O E e n i- k A O K W. P. SMITH. Mast. Transportation. li.JEWErr, I'us't.c 0 J. W. BROWN, lien. Ticket Ag'tOOft E. F. Fl'Ll.EU.lieii. West'n Ag't RAO R. BrKi.i\« roN, PEUKIA, ANO I.O- UANSPORT R. R. Trains lea*r Burlington as follows: MORNING MAIL, T:lo a in NIUIII' Kx„ (Saturdays excepted) 8 p. m. Sunday Night Train leaves at S m. Connect ing at TOLEDO with LIUHTN1NU Ex. TRAINS on LAKE SHORER R. Th- vWp l.ogansport Express makes direct c^n nections, as follows: At El l'aso with Illinois Central Railrosd for Bloom ington, Decatur, Pana, Sandoval and Cairo. At Chenoa with Ch'.cago and St. Louis Railroad for Alton to M. Louis. At (111 inaii with (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central Railroad for Cli'u ago and South. At Reynolds with N-w Albany and Salem Railroad for Lafayette, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. At Lo^aniport with Toledo, Waha li aud Western Railroad for dedo and all points East also with Cincinnati and Chicago Kuilroad for Ciuciuuati, Day ton and t'olun-btui. The 1:45 111 Peoria Acconunodatlon makes tike same connections us above to Cilman. The above is a new and very much shorter Line than anv other to the above named points. It is thoroughly built, and well manned, and run In every way to merit the approbation of the travailing public. Cars will run directly through from lltirlingtou to Toledo without change, and arrive In advance of any and all other lines. Our advantages are, Shortest and Quickest one less change of cars no Omnlhussing as via Chicago con neetlons positive, as It is owned and controKd by the same Interest, while via Chicago It Is the reverse. In short,it is every wav the most desirable line. j. R. FA V KW FATHER, Jr. XV uriablv 'aah. rr Thosehavlng unsettled accounts, or notes due, will pit IM' call aud pay n?i. |J. tt '.IIUIIVS. Ottuaw«» VM. 19 RAILROADS Burlingtou Sc OX Uar.. 1, 'M.n4 k LK'ilh MiN, IHAWATIIA and PANAMA HATS. Onlit'o, Check and Hickory SHIRTS. Drilling fc Mix Cotton 6 Woolen Drawers, selected BOOTS Sc SHOES, Foraienand Boys, and a General Assortment for LADIES AXD CHlLDUElf. As well as a choice lot of CLOTHS, CASSf.VERES A VESTINGS which will be made to Order. Ottu:n« 1. March ?!, 15.V-3.12-y ittfseoitri B. R. B. OHAfSK OF TIME. AND AFTER MAII. 1, and until further 11 e Is fivi n, Passenper Trains will leave an4' arrive as follons C3-OX3STO- WEST: STAttnss. Barllnirton, Mlddliiiiwn, Danville. New l.omlon, Mt. I'leasHiit, Cheranqua, Glendale, Fairfield, Wl.llfleld, Rata via, Airtney Cltr, Ottumwa, CXPRKSS. S.iu a-iu,leave, 9,00 14 io.« 10.84 10.&T p. at. 11.27 11.44 13.07 jtcrollMODATIOK. i. lu leave. «.57 4.19 4.*6 6.60] 6.«0 7.11 8.0ft 8.81 9.ri* 9.41*#. lt.AOarrive. GOING EAST: "STATIOVS. X'COMMOPiTioa Ottamwa, 4.1.* a. u. leavu Afrenry City, 4.49 Ratavia, 6.94 Whitfield, B.fiS Fairfield, (1.20 Olendsle, 7.S8 Checaunua, 8.09 Mt. l'lHa,:,nt, 8.46 New I.nndoa, P.S7 Panvllle, 10.11 Mid.lletnwn, 10.SI Burlington, 11.16 arrive. urhrt. 8.IM) p. B.leave 8.20 8 44 4.i:9 4.27 4 6.50 620 0 49 6.NI 7.25 arrlra. J. o. READ, Vice Pret't and 8op'». Chicago, Burlington & Quincj, DEPARTURES: lat ^Toriiine raNNrngcr leaves Bur. 8 OS a.m 2d Arrommotlation do do do 8.80 p.a 3d l^vcninsr do do do 7.Wp,a ARBIVALS: lat nern'ir Pas*ieiigcr arrives at Bur. (.Km 2d .iccomd'n do do do 1.36p^a 3*1 I'vrn'g do do do V.ASp.m The above trains make close connect Ions with the B. M. R. R. at Kurlinirtnn. and with all the veal eastern thorn itch fare* at Chicaen. D. REM1CK. Mar. 11, ls«o.-n4-l'2-y. GenT in't C., B. PiTTiipi CHICAGO RAILROAD k Q.B.ft wr:. FPIIT WAVUE ANB' Now completed, and cars run from Chlcapo to itt burjr without chans*, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAIMtOA» To New York, Philadelphia. Baltimore and WashlSfi ton City, and all the Interior towns of Pennsyl var la. New Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac. Merchants by taklnirthis route will have the benaAt of all the eastern markets at no additional cost. Ba zeafre checked throujrh. Train* leavc the depot, corner of Canal and Taa Bur'n streets, west side, twice dally on arrival of trains from the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland and Lake Shore Railroad to Dunkirk, Buffalo, Nl« afrara Falls, New York and Boston, and all the Interior towns of New Enr'aml via New York Csntral an1 New York A Erie Railroads. Also Booth to Columbus. Zanesville, Newark, Mt. Vernon. Htenbenville, Wheeling, and interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. The above trains connect at Forest with trains OS Mad River Road to SprincfJ'dd, I'rhnna, Dayton and Clncir natl. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton a»4 Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROUTS. Passengers bound east will And this route boti pleasant and arreenhle, pa««ine throuir tnanv of the larifst and finest cities in the (*nited States. Passengers arrivire In Chicago on any of the roadt will find attentive check agun's at the depots to ra* celv- checks and convey baggage free of charge to tt* Pittsburg and Chicago car*. Sleeping cars accompany each train. Tickets for sale at 'ill the principal Ticket OflleeS^ the West, and at the Company's Office, corner of Ran dolph and Dearborn streets, opposite the Revera Hons-, or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal and Van Iluren streets, Chicago. Be particular to ask for tickets br Fort Wavne. B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Freleht of all Vlnds will be carried from Chicago to all points East at all times, at as low rates as any oth er Eailroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND PHIPPES. The Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Co. having effected an arrangement with the Pennsyl vania Central R. R. Co. for the tran«portation of Through Freight propertv can now be -hipped hv this line between Chicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore, Now York and Boston, with promptness and despatch Contracts can be made at the following plaess No. 2 Astor House, New York. No. 1 P. William St., do No. Battery place, do No. "7 Washington St.. Boston. No. 3 Dock St.. Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. Depot. Charles street, West 8ide,aMT Vaa Bursa Street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne i Chicago, Mar. 1», C. R. B. For farther information to AS. W. Ml'SSOX. Freight A g't Chicago. J. J. llofSTnv, Gen'l Freight Agent Chicago. EXPRESS, PASSI.^GFR &FBKIGHV BOITE. NewMCentral,Great Western, And connecting Roads to and from IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. The Roads forming this old and reliable route tt«m the Seaboard and the West, have organized a FAST WEIGHT LIFE! Giving perfect reliability and greatly Increased dispatch to Freight— the trains forming the Line, East and West, run with the same regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus of each Road as Through Passenger Trains. CLOSE COXXECTI0XS MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads dlvergtog from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upaa having their goods receive utmost despatch, Durintj the Season of Navigation, tJw Fire k Marine risk on mnat kinds of merchandise shipped via Steam or 8'iil essels, amounts In many caoee to More than the difference between rail or water rates of freight. he«liW the difference of time, as will he seen by the following comparative statement of Insurance saved hy sending goods all the way by rail mad: TV T?0S^ Ticket Ag't Burlington. T.i. WllHOV. Tass etiger Ag't, Ottuinw.i. A. BARBER, Western Ag't, Des Moines. Iowa. NEW LUMBER YARD. OTTi nWA, IU1YA. TE have located a branch »f our Burlington Yard at ottumwa. where will he found at all t'mes a full assortment of I.umber. Lath, aud Mar. l(», l:o- 1 12 y ¥1ST Value per Aia't Ins. saT. 100 lbi. per 100 lbs, at Xper ct. pro. Dry good (trn I ast'm't) #0.00 CO Cent* Book« and Stationery (coin'n) 72.00 54 Gen'l stock groceries (except Sugar* and coffe**.) 20.00 15 Boots A Shoes (av'ge val 74.0# R5 Drt|gg!it»'A(trocer«'city as'tm"t44 *1# Hats, caps A furs (genl as'tm't Wt 00 tn Hardware (shelfg ods gen'ly) 86.lft ST Rerlanuxitou s P}oui}itly and Fairly Ad just $&, Mark Packages, "East Exgress Line, vlaO. W. R,» IN \FW YORTvi roo/ts nt Ha« *'1j" 1 Wh sengcr Depot. son River Enilroa.1 paa f,J Wsrn :i st.,crat Carfnl st. Depot. 1 Shingles, which we will -ell at the very lowest prices, for Cssh. Persons about buyIng orurd.-ing bills of Lumber, would il well to call and See for themselves •. fore purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL 4 McCl.l'RK. It Et'EIVEB, a Q'l »ns audi lass Ware at I full aaac tauat of, C.C. WARDKNf 0\^^ Deliver goods at Boston and Worcester Railroad Depat. and mark as above. E-'stward bound freight of every d»srrlptlnn will ka forwarded at 1-nvest current rates, and if from West era Roads, should insisted to "A. WA1.1.1NOKOII|, Chicago,"or"«REAT WESTERN RAILWAY.Petrel*.'* For the transportation of Live St. ck to Buffslo. Al bany, New York an I Bo-ton. this route is uncquallei for speed, stock cars. Shaping cars for Drovera, ao spacious and convetdeni vards for stock, making it most desirable route for Shippers. Thro.igh bills of La ling given, and RrclumatloBe paid, at any of the c. iiipany'* offices. C.J. PRYDrtES. Managing Director O. W. R., Hma* ilton. JCLIl'S MOVirs, t.enl Agt. Buffalo. TI10B. BEI.L, Uenl Fr't Agt, Hamilton. W. J. SP1CER, A«*. Detroit. K. P. BEACH, Agt 2"* Broadway, N. Y. O, KIMBALL, Agt 21 Staid st., Boston. A. Al Westere Ag t., Cor. Lake and Dearborn Sts., opp. Tremont Ho«e* March29, ImV. CHICAGO HIRTNO.MRTLIKGTOXT^LLKTCL RAILROAD LINE. «l anfl Only RcliaWe Route Ensl. From Burlington to Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Ptttt hurg. Philadt l|)hia, lUltiiimrc. New Yurk, and all er Easte-n aud Southeaster:! Cities. 1st Morning Train leaves S 05 a m. 2d Aecommoditlon 2:8« lu, Otl|a Sd Evening Express 7:50 ml Pasen.'ers leaving Burlington, mi the fi:' 0« trata Connect ot Mcndota with the Illinois Oentra* Railroad North and South, aud at Chicago both the morning and cvei ing trails 0 a ind 7 In n .i connect with all the (Ireat Eastern Railroad route*, to wit: M. R. via Detroit M. S. R. K., via Toledo, aad Pittsburg and Ft. Wayne R. R., via Ft. W ajne, af which passengers can take tbeir hoiee. »nly twt nty l.nurs from Burlington to Toledo thir teen hours ahead of any other rout* leaving Burling* ton. Raeeage checked through to Detroit. Nl igara Kalle and New York. Boston. Toledo, Dunkirk, UufflUe, PUlsliiirg and Ph:'u Iphiu. Tickets for this gre »t Eastern thoroughfare for sale at Httnm» i, Kalr^el t. Mt. PI. asant, and at the Tlckel G|B'e, corner Eront and Water sta.. Burlingtou. Keeping cars attael ed to the ul^'ht tralus. Fare a* low a* by any other route. IV RKMICK, Msy. '60—tf. Cen'l Ag't k C. II R. B, i'inc.HT omiK or proiiVAt 1 OQCWVU v and Britl.lN't TUN R. R._ NOTICE, To Merchant* and Shippers wishing to hvHie above K'lad. will p'-:n«e a 11 -it the IVori.\ l!:il'ro*d Ticket omce,2 W. tern, to have tl.elr bills fcf la Hna signed. This Company have arrangement* to »Mp to M. VMbi Is, Cincinnati and Cairo, without change of earn |l. C.KtN#. JaiuKMI. (i*«CA«Ntt

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