Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 26, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 26, 1860 Page 2
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CTtAS. C. KOURSK, ofPoifc Co. TOR REGISTER OF TATF I.ASD orrrcc, A. MILLER, of Cerro Gordo Co. fin erp»FMe jnHJF, CEO. O. WEIGHT, rf Van Piiren Co. Only Forty Cents! WJffiSi •.«** *£*.-?&titsm-.rjr. •br ©ttnmkr Convict. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. J. XV. 'iORKtS, Editor. OTTUMWA, IOWA, •777July 2cTl8Cn. FOU rKESITKNT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF ILUX01S. rorc Tien pnEsirrvT, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, OP MMXB. PRESIDE'T!U. ELECTORS. /TtARC*. FITZ TIENUY WARREN,of DM MOISM CO. JOS. A. CHAPLIN, of Djbnqu* Co. DISTRICT r.I.^TORS. 1M DJst. M. 1j. MePIlf-nsON', of Madison Co —CX1\S. POMEROY, of Boone Co. ASSIST (NT FI.FCTOHS. tMDUt,—J. W. XEWCOMn, of Davis Co. —-BEV. R^CTO?.. or Fremont Co. ta —15. N. VTE*. of UIIIVCA. —W. B. FAIRFIRLP, of Flo-d C«. REPi 8!-!t STATU ilCKET, FOR C1XCRKS5—::IRST DJ-TRICT, SAMUEL R. CUUTIS, of Lee County. TO* SECRETARY OF STATU, ILUAQ SELLS, of i:itin5 Co. TOR uniTrm or STJIT*, JOHN W. JONES,-OF Hardin C«. FOR ATTORXKV GCINIT, COURIER ign! Douglas all the time." Are not every one of you hurrahing for Stephen A.Douglas,as the candidate of the Deftioeratic party? What, now, is the platform on which Ste phen-A. Douglas stands? Fur God* take, don't stop but read. Resolved, That we the Democracy of the Union, in Convention assembled, hereby do clare our affirmation of the tl0M?.e*^c r,''a*i°ns, 1 Conventions, we had conversation.* with ington has been accepted. not less than twenty Dsmocrats in this vi cinity. Etsry last man of them sail that if a platform should bcadop'ed more pro-sla very than the Cincinnati platform they would not vote for the candidate of the party even if the candidate should be Stephen A. IJ-.ughis. S lid thoy'Douglas declared in a loted letter written to a gentleman of Du luque, that should the Charleston Conven tion adopt any other th in the Cincinnati plat form he would never consent to b.-come the nondnee of the party, and we will trust Mr. resolutions further resolutions the following Among these "further resolutions," we find— It is well known that I am and ever have been opposed to the doctrine of squttcr sov ereignty, as it is sometimes ca'led. I have never recognized, and never will recognize, the right of the first Ijody of people that can throw themselves into a Territory, to keep oi.t or drive out by nnfrindly legis lation everybody who disagrees with tinm in opinion. I indorse the doctrines of the JelTer^on City platform as the true doctrine of the Constitution but i:i supporting Judge DOCUI.AS 1 do n it regard myself as abondon- 'ng any opinion I enteriain on this question. I tind.that the Baltimore Convension adop ted the following resolutionviz the one above quoted. We of the South contend that we have a all legislative discrimination a.-aiu-t that property, and we say the Supreme Court nt toe United States has decided the principle Rr us, and will so decide again if the ques tion comes before that court. The 1 iuiore Convention adop+s and affirms the Cincin nati platform, their constitutional restrictions must be respected and enforced by every branch of the Federal Government. What those constitutional restrictions are, is refer red to the decision of the Supreme Court, created for the purpose of deciding questions or cases arising under the Constitution and laws of the United States. .Judge DOCOLAS, in his letter of acceptance, ind orses this reso lution, as well as all the others, and thereby pledges himself to carry out in good faith the propositions contained in it. Judge PofoLAs goes a step further in his letter of acceptance. lie used this language! 7he General Trnion must be preserved, and the Con*1ttution mvsf he maintained i/i tiolnie, in a!l itsp/irt*. Kc^ry ritjht junr antced by lh* Constih.i finti ^nniKt be protected by law in oil, et^ea where legislation is nce cssary to it* enjoyment. If, therefore, the Supreme Corrt of the Uni ted Slates have decided, or shall decide, that the people ofthe South have a rigbt under the Constitution to go to the Territories, and carry with them that which is property in their own St'tte. and so hold it there as such, then if any legishiion is nec^s- arv to iu comt Icte enjoyment, Judge Dorc.i,ASdeclares that s-ich legislation must be hud. Whatev er opinions .Judge DOCOLAS may have her* t fore expressed upon the abstract question of power in the Territorial Legislatures, I un dcrs.find him, in his letter of acceptance, considered in connection with the "Baltimore resolution?, to take the broad and compre hensive ground, that whenever tl is* judicial )uesti shall be finally determined by the Federal Courts, every department of the Federal Government mu-t enf rce and carry out the decision in good faith ami that'if he w re then President of the United States IT1 wrnld use all the necessary power of hi office to so enforce and carry it out. lam, therefore bound to conclude that whatever differences of opinion may exist between Northern and Southern Democrats, on the nbstraet question, practically their actiou would be the same. MIT, EDITOR neui uisaonin conrend tnat we have a ^ta*e ^ic,vet- In Mis,ouri, they are running riglit to go to the common territories with *wo operate tickets for State ofHeers. In our property and that the Federal Constitu- Kentucky, a recent State convention en tirn stricts the Tec torial Lejsl. tur from dorse Breckcnridgeand repudiated Don-las all legislative drscnminnfion fl.ot I This definition is in tny lesson in geometry A point has position, but no substance— Mr. Breckinridge is a point. A line has position and length, but no breadth—Mr. Bell is a line. A curve is a line that varies a£ every point—Mr. Douglas is a curve. A solid has length and breadth and thick n«ss— Honest ABC is a solid/ LTNCOLK SrcnsHT. Ffowi In Scrap*. i Hccnan the Fugilist, iras returned to New York. The Prince of TV ales arrived at St. Johns on the 23d. Anothsr European Steamer arrived on the 23d, but reports nothing important. 50 convicts escaped from the Missouri Pen itentiary on* the 23d. S were killed. The St. L. A. & C. R. lost their round house at Springfield, on the 23J, by fire. C. M. Clay addressed 10,000 enthusiastic Indianians at Vinccnnes on the 23d. Sen. Grimes addressed a large Republican meeting at Olenn, Ills., yestercay, the 23th. The State Democrat„ Springfield, Ills., has raised the Brcckinridgc & Lane flag. Ben. M. Samuels, of Dubuque, "our Ben.," is the Douglas Candidate for Congress in the 2d District, of this State. Ben. is used to defeat, and will be more so directly. Judge Grant declines the honor of being beat by Judge Wright, for Supreme Judge. Sensible to the last. F-AIRS, 1860.—U. S. at Cincinnati, in Sep­ tember American Pomologtcal Society, Philadelphia, Sept., 11 Ohio State Fair, Dayton, Sent., 2J Indiana, Indianapolis, Oct., 13 Illinois, Jacksonvi'le, Sept., 12 -13 New York, Elmira, Oct., 2d to 5th Iowa, Iowa City, Oct., 2d to 5th. The cases of cattle disease in Guthrie Co., in this State, ate said not to be pleuro-pneu monia. The Prince of TVafes has left England for Canada. Tie will visit the United States, kopp yottr Promise coining as far west as Cincinnati. An invi Previous to the Charleston, anrl Baltimore tation of President Buchanan to yisit Wash- The expenses of entertaining the Japanese in New York, was $121,000. The amount appropriated was $3},003. Sen. Trumbull is filling a series ofbppoint ments in Illinois. The last is at Monmouth, Aug. 22. It would be a good idea to invite him to pay us a visit about that time. The New Census gives Illinois 1,800.000 to 851,000 in 1850, probably entitling her to 15 Congressman. It is impossible to keep pace with the "Ir repressible conflict" among the Democrats of this county, or to sufficiently wonder at the diversified shapes it assumes. Last week the readers of the Union of this city, were gratified with the perusal of a three colum3d article, wherein the editor of that pa-perpitch ed into the clique of Ottumwa, to an extent rtnd Reserved, That during the existence of territorial governments, the measure of re strictions, whateyer it tnav be, imposed bv -p., the Federal Constitution on the power of the statement that if thischqiu, ... territorial legislature over the subject of the rcciSnise as the most active prominent lead as the same has en or, shall hereafter be finally determined bv the Supreme Court of the United States, should be rcspected by all good citizens, and should le enforced with promptness and fidelity by every branch of the General Govern nt. What this resolution means, and how it should be construed, we will not attempt to say. AVe lcrft'c this task to abler hands.— The Hon. John W. Noel!, now a rej re-:ent ntivc in Congress, from the Seventh District of Missouri- -and who, by the way, is a fierce champion for Douglas—in a communication to the Missouri Republican,whichisDouglas* leading organ in the west,-says in a style quite refreshing for the state out of our pnver ith the sight of this bill of indictment against the wicked clique who have done so many naughty things, owing to its length, and to the fact that it is no concern of ours, except as an item of currenc political intelli gence, and we dismiss tlie subject with the whom we crs of the Democracy in this county from the time whereof the memory of man ruueth not to the contrary, are one half as selfish, cor rupt and knavish, as they are represented in the article allud*1 to, it is no wonder that they are troubled with a conflict, seemingly so irrepressible. Can it be possible that men who have stood so high their party, and have been so honored, coull stoop so low and practice such arts and subterfuges to secure office, as the clique are represented in said article as doing. Verily it is melun cholly to think of! Th? "Irrepressible conflict" is raging with irrepressible fury in the ranks of the disin tegrated Democracy, becoming apparently more and more bitter every day. If things go on the way they are now tending untie the day of the election, they will present a beautiful spectacle to the rest of mankind. On the whole," Breckinridge is gaining in both sect ons. It is now certain that two electo ral Democratic tickets will be run in every State. In this State, a mass convention will meet August 22 1, at Davenport, to nomi nate a Breckinridge & Lane electoral and „„1 1 Irhnois has a strong Brcckiuridge Ticket in the field. Indiana is to have one, as is Ohio, Pennsylvania, and tntny other States that have been heard from. In New York, Dan iel S. Dii.kinson heads a powerful movement for Breckinridge. This latter gen'deman de fivered a speech recently in New York, from which, as it doubtless exposes tho animus of the Breckin. idgc wing of the Democracy at the North, we make extracts iu another part of this paper. It will hi seen that he has drawn the sword and thrown the scab bard away. Well,'we hope they will both whip. At any rate, when rogues fall out, honest men get their dues. We copy from the Hawk Eye, a letter {^ora Col. Curtis, to which we invite attention.— It m.eta and successfully refutes sundry misrepresentations in circulation touching the action of the Pacific Railroad committee. These attempts to injure Col. Curtis, will recoil on the heads of his calumniators. No tnemlier of Congress did more for the Pacific Radroad, the IIo:i»estead, and other measures in which this District is interested, than he did, and he would have succeoded if he had not been met at every turn by a solid array of Democratic opposition to all of them. These Democrats are a pretty set of fellows to call in que-tion the acts and doings of Col. Cur tis iu behalf of measures, in which the State of Iowa is interested But they can't hum bug the people. They know Col. Curtis acts efficiently and votes right all the time, and they wiil sen.' him back witb big en dorsement of his course. WFIJ WANT TO Bar?—The Albany Even ing Journal has the following, which is lib eral enough to sat sfy tho most timid of the Doug'asites who are accustomed to "back up their assertions:" If any Do jglas men want to bet, here is a chance for hi:a. We have the name of the firm in this city where tho money is deposit ed. The bets arc to be taken entire: $100 that LiacoU will bo a»xl Presi­ dent. $100 that Lincoln will get as many electo ral votes as Fremont did. $100 that fivo StaSes cannot be named that will go for Douglas. $100 lhat Lincoln will cany New York. |fl00 that Lincoln will oarry Illinois. Col. Cnrtts* Letter* Ki: ki"R, July 19, 189(V—C. Dr sham E«q.~ f'r Sir: Iain told that it has been reported in Buvlington that I had presented the Pacific Railroad i»v a map. which ignores Burlingtutt-and exalts Keokuk. I send you the report and map whieh yoa will see do no such thin *. Burlington and Keokuk are both on the irtap equally plain. None of the Iowa roads are presented except the Rock Island road, because the map only intends to show the Pacific Jtuilroadsurveys as made by the War Department prior to 1S53, and tho lines then known as Eastern connections. The map speaks for itself, shewing that I did not prepare it and the War Department did. You will sec the boundary line of the -State laid down from near Keokuk, whi :h some have no doubt, taken f«r a proposed Railroad, whereas you will see by inspection it is no such a thing. I think, therefore, I am clear of all sellish imputation in this re spect. having sh nvn that 5 did not make the map, and second,that it does exalt not Keokuk over Burlington, as it .places bdh on the same footing. In point of fact, the map only attempts to present accurately the routes found to be practicable wet of the Missis sippi when tin- surveys were uiade and the bill and map show that any of our Iowa or Missouri roads may, by being prolonged, be come equally entitled to claim preference after being united with the main trunk.— Anion'* competitors, no road stands fairer than the Burlington road, as it runs directly towards the Platte Valley, where I suppose the main trunk will run and Mr. Corning, who was on the committee with ma when the map was prepare.!, and who is a large stockholder in the Burlington road, was ful'h satisfied with the fa'rn a"d bi"' The passage of tho "Pacific Railroad bill, and the commencement of that great western outlet, will give new impulse to all the Iowa and Missouri roads now progressing west ward. and secure their early completion to the Missouri river and their progress be yond. The eastern stockholders will see a way is opening through the plains and mountains to the wealth of India, and they will per ceive the vast advantage to them for our roads to secure an early connection. The progress of such a work will give employ ment to thousands now thrown out of work and the supplies needed for feeding the em- plovers will be furnished by our fartnvrs in fowa and Missouri. In view of the ul( imate T* a s o s s i e o o i n e e e a e s s u o local interests. The bill, therefore, starts a road at any point on the western border of the State, and also another branch at any point on the border of Missouri, which tlie future stockholders may prefer—the two branches converging so as to unite a* one stem within two hundred miles of the Mis souri river. All our roads can be connected let the main line start as it may. We have enough outsrdc jealousies to contend with on this subject withoirt rais ing any among ourselves. The hill, map and reports of inaj irities an I minoriti \s are to be printed and circulated bv Congress, and the subject is made a special order, and must vne up for consideration in the House ou the third Tuesday of n *xt December. I consider any attempt to prejudice the matter by fal-e presentations and appeals to local prejudice, a most pernicious assau't 011 the interests of the State, for I sincerely be lieve united efforts and earnest exertions will secure the early commencement of a great en advance railroad products and develops the vast resources of the whole West. Very trulv yours., s, secure a convenient market for our what I know to be true. This is no country for a northern man to farm in. lie who expects to live by farming ha better not go to Texas. But for raising I stock it beats tlie world. I never saw as fine cattle or as good beef at the north as are found here. They are never fed by man. I Horses do as well, and are never fed, al I though at times American horses require it. All work-horses must be fed some, duriri- i They should be fed from five to thirty days There are but few people, however, who feed anything. I speak of what should be. It would be impossible to feed the roving wild btock of rses and cattle. Let all who emigrate to Texas bring none but good mares—horses are not worth, in reality, half as much as mares. Let the wagon and harness be new. and of the best quality. 11 is foolish to bring an old wagon and harness—a good team is the thing. Most of the Ottumwa people saw my out-fit. 1 I'and. I spead of this that those who knew the team can readily sec that "old plugs" wrould have sold for only ab iut half as much. Texas is a dry country, little or no fruit, few vegetables, no luxuries, but a great place for lazy people. Yours, truly, W. iairbanh^ Series. It is with some business firms as it is with some indi.idual.s, that they stand alone in the walk of department of trade to which thoy dircct their attention. It becomes a speciality with them, and by unki.igit such they carry it to the highest perfection of which it isctpable. This is the case with Messrs. Fiirlnnks, the debrate Seale Ma kers. They have devoted themselves so en tirely, and with such thorough science and skill, to the manufacture of weighing instru ments, th it they seem to have left nothing to be dme by others.—New Yorlc Tlie Divided Democracy—Dan iel S.Dirliiusou iuYcwYork. The Breckinridge demonstration at the Cooper Institute, New York city, on Wednes day evening last, is said by the New York urnals, to have far su«pass»d in point of numbers and enthusiasm the late Douglas ratification meeting in that city. The princi pal speech was made by Daniel S. Dickenson. It was from first to la-ta fbry declaration war and a bugle call to arms against Douglas and his men, W« quote ft low specimen paragraphs THE DEMOCRATIC TFATTO!?ATT 4OYTEWNT)S— rUBUC EXPECTATION. There was never a moment in the history of the Den.ocr itic party, or a time when the masses of the people looked to the sitting of a National Convention with more confiding expectation than when it was about to assem bleat Charleston in April lat. Ther« was never a time when such confidence was more w ickedly, wantonly and shamefully betrayed —when reasonable expectations were so mad ly blasted as in the results produced hv its action. Its proceedings find no parallel in disgrace and degradation since the empire of the New World was sold at auction for money. The Democratic party for its steady devo tion to the principles of the Constitution, thci catholicv of its creeds, for its grand radical analysis and its just and lofty conservatism, had won the confidence of the masses and wrung unwilling admiration from its hereditary opjmnenrs, and all good men looked to tt this, the evil day of our, for deliverenco and safe ty. Its Convention assembled at Charleston w ... y Rit,.in at In^ ,uns ECC.I'hiq Post. It is by th i attending to every diuunl in tlu wide world that th'u house has bwne the great national scale mar.ufactoring es tablishment of the United S ate. From Maine to Texas and from Florida to Wash ington Territory, their scales have become the established standard weighing balances of the age.—JV. Orle ins Picayune. We are pleased to loam that the C. B. & Q. R. It. Co., have appointed J. R. Withrow, ofthe Western Stage Co., their passenger Agent at this placo. The selection is a first rateon?, both for the Company and the pub lic. Jack, is a gentleman and a scholar. Pmr.ATJEi.piiia, July 21.For ten days past serous tires have been raging in the pine forests of New Jersey, on the line of the Can ada and Atlantic Railroad between Wcj' mouth an Egg Harbor. Many square miles of timber are burned, together with several dwellings. 8 A holy man ar- r^'.,hll(!P,,t UP^ th"lowest and immediate advantages which we will all ^y.dcnee of dehborate tance. 1 derive-from a Pacific Railroad, I have press- i ^"^'icrtsaed desian, of a combination water, ar ed it as a national interest in depend-tit of1ef n!P'r'W,y to tie up minori rs against pcarel ti an FLT,AIN, K a n s s 1 he ruling faction had snnffed up the-scent .va.N/ «.iiv v.M I* U| «l 1 1 1 r* *1 1 iterprise that will revive immi-rration delegates from a portion of the States, and the present a3e. The calamity i. the prosperity of our languishing T"mP, Z,'1 •V.-* I I entirely to the constituency of these ddega offer the Sicilians the constitution of 1813. U ^U,H° 0l1'V COi,du^t,of lhe nm»'hiation 1 rrat'c ,MT? a hundred miles on the shore of the sold it a few dav.8 since for $1,000 ca«h in hvhile they had been revolving in nn eddy As we eo to pres&. titsXlunMiiM, I rything with which tl ey came in contact, cx ter Ui running orar U rayed in the robes of his sacred office, with of Davenport, although we believe he raised hands and fervent supplication, in-j Jjved here: vokes the favor of the Beneficient Beingl It appears, from the* information we have who has vouchsafed to us, as a people, so received, that on the 5th inst., at 8. P. M., many blessings. I he whisper of beauty is i tlie Rev. Mr. Nichols, pastor of the Congre hushed in the galleries the aged bow their i gational church at Minneapolis, his wife and gray hairs in simnathetie and deeo devotion chil.l, (a boy abiut 13 years) accompained —lev ty is humbled in silence, and even lurk-1 by Mr. Cleveland, his brother-in-law, and his ing fraud is abashed and cowers for a hiding: fvvo daughters, aged, respectively, 11 and place. But the prayer is over, and a band of, 13 years, went to Lake Calhoun for the pui conspiratoTs take possession of the assem-1 and had seen but one. The Douglas strength is estimated in the same way. IIo then goes into the canvass of the dis ruption and charges upon the ruling major ity of the New York delegation the respon sibility of it, To these gmtbmon and their political associates, be addresses himself as follows: "s Those who ruled and dictated to. and wiel ded the vote oflho N -w York delegation, thiough the lulent process of a unit vote —a rule fircod nnon a large minority of this delegation to stifle their sentiments, while small minorities were released from it in oth ers to suit the purposes of the conspirators —will hereafter be known by the name ulain lv bran 1-d upon their guilty foreheads at Charleston—"political gan.biers"—as crea tures who hang festering upon the lobbies of State and Federal legislation to purchase chartered privilege and immunity bv corrupt' appliances who thrive in its foeted atmo. phnre, and swell to o'.e^e proportions, like vultures upon nffd office brokers, who crawl and cringe around the footsteps of power, an I by false pretences procure themselves, or vile tools places of official trust and cmo'u ment, that pack a control caucuses and conventions at the expense of the people they def:aud and betrav, while lvmest in^n are engaged in their in lustrial avoca tions to earn th-ir bread \Lou I cheers, nnl a voice, "Go it, oil man."] 0*i, how has the once noble spirit of tho 'inocracy fled from such cmtuninating approaches Rome, whose proud banner one Anted triumph ant over a conquored world, degenerated in th» pursuit of sensual delights to a band of fiddlers and dancers, and the Democratic party of N'iv York. f»un led in the spirit of Jefferson, an 1 emulating for many years, the noble effons of a Jackson and a Tompkins, has, in the han Is of "political gamblers," been degraded by practices which would (lis. honor the resorts ofa Peter Funk iu cast off clothing, cheating the sentiment ofthe peo ple ofthe State and nation cheating a great an 1 confiding party whosu principles thev put on as a disguise, for the purpose of en abling them to cheat che iting the Conven tion which admitted th^m to seats cheating del'gations who trusted them cheating eve- pt to day, thai the Convention had not remain ed together so that they n.ight finally have cheated him. They have overthrown the Democratic masses, but "Wo to the riders that trampled them down." Political gab blers you have breathed your con'agi.i throughout the Democratic citadel, and pro faned an I polluted its very walls. You have defiled its holy places by your corrupting presence unclean beasts fold in tlie area of its temples, and filthy Jeptiles have inhabit- ctl th- pos blage, and instead of a National Convention Clevelard went into the Lake first and un huckstering bazarr is erected—a po-! fortunately ventured out of their depth. Mr. i Ht1c.1l tradw r?h is opened—mfinijjcmont Jf boy went to their as itanco, but inaugurates her slinvy and repulsive court, th e ind the office of Chief Magistrate of this depth, and as they all appeared tob3 per- bidder, 5 ... lepend -nt of rs against. p-are that he would soon drown with the not suppott him. The Club met, and a mo party considerations and I have tried as far i -V °R ^R"E A ,R". of four hundred mdliou.i of spoil1, and for. his hand. She resolutelv obeyed tho sum them the administration of Douglas was ex- mous clasped his hand in hers, and terrible I pected to ram uulk and nnnev. snow pow- to relate, the whole party were drawn into dered sugar, and had Moffat's Vegetable deep watr and perihed together. ,,,rt/emont re-"J',r s and develops the vast resources of P,rn,.sb.thcm Sam'l 11. Ct'HTlS. "P0" rights one. deiegays from another portion- f'r COKBBSFOS&CXCI or THE Commit. at Baltimore, because they did not occupy It was rumored that Garibaldi has deter TEXAS, July 1st, 1800. i them for the whole period of the protracted i minad to besiege Messina. MR. EDITOR —I promised you and others sanctuary of its gods. Its towerinir eagle of liberty has fled tor a season, and foul ravens crouk for prey and whet their bloody beaks and flirty ilousupo i its sacred alters. Political gamblers! you have perpetrated your list cheat—consummated your last fia it! upon the Democratic party, for you will never again be trusted. Henceforth vou will be held and treated as political out laws, and set at defiance. There is no fox so crafty but his hide finally goes to the hat ters. You will hang upon its skirts to re sjain power, and lie in ambush lor revenge, but as an open enemy you are powerless, and are onH* dangerous to those who trust you. With parties, and especially cliques, who betrav trusts and abuse power as with individuals, there isadiy of reckoning and retribution, and yours is at hand, For time at least sets all things even, And if we but watch the hour, There never yet was human power, Who could evade, if unforciven, The patient sea-cli and vigil Ion «f him who treasured up a wronj.—[Cheers.] A ^Terrible Ca!ainity«Six Per sons Er» Prom the St. Paul Times of the 7th, we take the following account of the drowning of six persons. We clipped it for publication last week, but it was overlooked. Mr. Nich ols was well known by a numb.-r of citizens never e of bathing. Tho two girh of Mr. giils dinging to lrm drew him out of hing, Mr. Cleveland went to their ass.s- n Charleston —a que-tion belonging The Nepolitan government had resolved to °f tions alone, an 1 with which the National! NAPLES. July 7th.—Tt is asserted that the iexas. I found that I could not do so Convention had no business whatsoever.— Ministry has obtained the King's consent t» until I had taken time. I can now statej^11^ not *en. w a s s o o n a w n i n o e e 1 and as he was unable to swim, it ap- s e n i e s u e I mout or of consequences which might follow, maintaining hi^fo^'ng!1^^!! however?^ I SOon lost, calling to his vife to take hold of «on L-fe Pills, Laughter.] Under nearly two yr*. Cleveland and an in'ant child of Mr. 1 weeks of this application of the forcing pro- Nicliols were the only survivors of this sad cess the Convention proved nneqaul to the calamity. There was no boat at hand, and weeks siuce that time, and tho gentleman emergency, and nausH f„r breath—a portion Mrs. Cleveland had the dreadful afifctum or has not of tiie delegation withdrew, and the residue 1 ad)ourn"d to Baitim^r for a period of some sister, brother-in-law an 1 his child, p'rish sixw -eks, for ventilation. The public had before her eyes. The bodies were all re reason to hope, that serrated from the in-! covered on Thursday night, but with life ex flu'mc.'s which surroi nde 1 them and no long- i tin''*. er breathing the contagions th y engenderel| This fearful calamity has cast a dc»p gliom but inhaling a healthy moral atmosphere,! over the whole community of Minneapolis th-v m'ght return and discharge the duty and the neighborhood, as Mr. Nichol was whi'h they had uiylertaken. But absti-: universally beloved and respected by the nenc» only edged their apnelites, and their whole community. He was formerly pas last state wa worst than the first. [A voice tor of a church in Stillwater, and was —"1 hat s so."] The same drilled, packed, greatly loved by all who listened to his elo machine majority met again, composed of qK nee in the pulpit, touchin the evils of witnessing her husband and t-vo children, nnnconlnrmity to RT JOHWS N. F.. July 22,— the majority standard or other dtdinquency ship North Briton, arrived at St. Johns At 5 —in short, to deny to sovereign Democratic p. m. to day. States the right to return to their seats The news is not important. The calamity is a terrible wcr* those delegations the removal of (Jen. Nunsiata, the head ofj e refused longer to preside over the tyrannous i and the interests of Switzerland. three or four months. cabal and of the delegations who, under thej Th" last Despatch, dated Juno "15th, by Sheep pay better than any other stocks—- same President, re organize! and p'aced in Lord Russell, intimates unwillingness of her They pay from fifty to one hundred percent body, proceeded to norninato Mr Doug, bef re the fortress. The steam- expelled under under such petension i the Count Camarilla of i lie former reign. Bill Ilarupson's speech was his second ef hut bogus delegations, mads up The official journal of Sicily publishes the fort at public speaki to suit the convenience and necessity of proclamation ofthe Kinggrantingacoiistitu- effort Tt would liiro the occasion, were put ir» their places. [His tion to Naples, but proceeds it I y a leading ,, V .T ses and cheers] A decision so abhorent to, article advising him to remember the perjury !OU'r dism-.mVred and broke up the Convention The Emperor Napoleon gave an audience as it sh uld have done, and as every sensible on Sunday to Count De Vaurane, special .- mind saw it would do, and I commend with ambassador from Garibaldi. my whole heart the spirit, and apnrove th° Further papers had been laid before the Ci.shing, who British Parliment respecting Savoy and Nice Messrs. Breckinridge and T.ane. Majesty's Government to lake part in a Con- «P chiefly of ferenc-. .r delegates from Republican States, whose del-1 A Rome dispatch of the 7th says the Irish eac.i winer tnat i.- it there is any snow or egations were the authors of the great wrong, volunteers are leaving for Spolets, where a i sleet, as there is generally from one to ten deprived of their Ivad and without a Demo- corps of 10.000 men is to bo concentrated sleets 'hat lay on from one to three days fit7'Pnl7cV' as we were informed. The French Government had refused to annu-t tremendous enthusiasm—v ennont' denationalize the two French vessels pur and other New England States, and the w hole Northwest, were pledged to Mr. Douglas, (subject of course to a slight encumbrance, held by one Abraham Lincoln) with deafen ing anplause. Some fiat boatmen decending the Mississippi, in rathrr a.jollv mood, passed a house on the shore where they were fiddling 1 Mr. DO0!:1,S, .hrfrnoj.!**, .nd theb- imentingin their accredited organ, from day contemplated event. u ., ... S?. so terrible in Sicily in July and August, will render operations exceedingly difficult. Th" programme of demonstration on the arrival of the Prince :—On 1st day the Gov ernor, Bishop, Judg's, rneet the Royal party on Queen's wharf and the different Societies, headed by the Masonic bo Iv, form an escort to the Government House. In the evening there will be a disnlav of fireworks and the public buildings will be illuminated. On the second dy the Prince holds a levee and receives an address. There will be n regatta on Lake Oulviva. and probably the Prince will drive un I th3 Lake. In the evening there will be a grand ball, which tin Prince will attend On the third day lie embarks, and the arrung mients are the same as at his landing. The wnther is beautiful clear and cool. The s^-ialron is expected here to-morro v or Wednesday evning.— The House ofPirlimnnt is handsomely dec orated. Much enthusiasm prevails. From the Daily Gate City. "Report Me and My Cause Aright." I.»jroor.ibbt.Issue I see the of Charlen Franklin signc 1 a» Secretary pro tern ofa politieil cl i'» mijtin I an not the CXirle* Franklin mentinel in sail pro cecli:ig4. I never ae'.e as Secretary of a po litical meeting, as I verily believe, in my life, aad Jknow di I as the Secret try of t'n one allubl tsj». If I had, tlu name wo i! mt hivj appearol in two places as CkxrUi. If there is a Charles Franklin a n o$ us, I an g' 11 sea hi.n pledgjl to the rights an 1 epility of the Sutos. For n/silf, I a n ever piei 1 hJ k i v as a Statj'sR its DJ aur it, o ip?cl to all here sies atti n tel tbj in'erp ite I int Deme static fiit'i, an I aa uidinsYin supporter of B:j.:keariI*j ail Lioe. Please tosoroport me, and then, being reported aright, I will be, Very respectfully, July 13, 183"). G'" F1 VNiartf. Tremendous miss meetings for Lincoln and II nihil have within a fa.v diys b»en held in St. Louis, Indianoplis, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. Letters from Tex is speak ofa drouth as prevailing through a considerable part of that State, with great intensity. CMKUrOKDEMCE OF TOR CoCRtll. FAIRFIELD, Iowa, July 23, 18G0. Ma. EDIT#R The past fortnight has been a somewhat eventful one. The events of the past two weeks will long be remem bered with pleasure by the Republicans, and with sorrow by the few remaining Demo crats. There is an organization in this city known by the name of the National Union Democratic Club of Fairfield," which was organized sometime previous to the assem bling of the Baltimore Convention. It was organized u ider a pledge to support the nominees of the Baltimore Convention and its first meeting, after the organization, was to be a grand Mass Meeting in the Park, to ratify the nominations of tho said Conven-' tion. After that august assemblage had been in session about a week, tho telegraph announced the result, which was, a double ticket— one for the North and one for the South. "The National Union Democratic Club" was in a dilemma. It took the Douglas horn, however, and immediately issued flaming hand-bills, inviting the Dem ocracy of old Jefferson to come out on the 30th of June to ratify the nomination of Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois, for Presi dent and Benjamin Fitzpatrick, of Alabama, for Yice President of the United States. The Democrats, or a portion of them, came into town to 'ratify,' but found out, when they arrived, that Mr. Fitzpatrick had declined, and that Ilcrschul V. Johnson, of Georgia, had been substituted. This change, how ever, did not make any difference—they 4u„.. ,, ioi.stodo meetmg, however, it was ascertained that a ion Democratic Club" had the manliness to declare lhat as Mr Dou ks back down fro,n hls diildren. Mr. Nicholas then went to the tion was made to erase the name of the cren- finally decided that the fientleman's name should be allowed to remain on the book ftr one week, which would give him time to sec the error of his way, repent of his folly, and sin no more! It has now been nearly two 1 ii* 111 1 1 i .1 i It is equally poiceful to cleatrou pain of every c/M. •ave ode resolution had been added to the c'iptio», und 1 wouiu tli«refnre recommend aii Djuglas platform, by the Baltimore Conven tion, and one member of tho National Ur position, ho would tl,C ^°°k' P2nclin5 several whjch ni°- speeches were made, and it was yet repented but what tho Club has done, or is going to do with his case, I have not learned. I suppose, however, they will let the matter rest, inasmuch its their party is dead, and the funeral nennons are being preached all over the country. Gen eral Dodge preachcd tho funeral sermo i hero, on Tuesday evening last, to a very few mourners. The Wide Awakes turned out on Satur day evening last, and had a very large and enthusiastic meeting in the Park. It is esti mated that there were five or six hundred person at the meeting. Eloquent and ef fective speeches were made by Messrs. O, W. Slagle, William Ilampson and J. F, Wilson. XIr. Slagle spoke of the developments made by the investigations of Covodc's Com mittee, and urged the importance of hurling1lor, 1 n. ,a ever tj ea(** every principleof cotnmon fairness «o re- of his predecessors, who also swore to govern Present engaged in the study of the law.— jespaid. This u a new Machine, and go'simple in its plete with outrage and usurpation divided, i constitutionally. lie possesses all the elements necessary to1 oner'atTi't i" hli'ir an'"!,').'.',','."!cu". ,s make a first-class orator His manner of !°ilnv£V"i,y U': Of Mr. Wilson's speech, it is not necessa ry for me to speak. He is well known to your citizens as a who never makes any thing but a good speech. The enthusiasm raanifiested at tho meet ing was unbounded, and the nvajo-ritv in this county for Old Abe, from present indica tions, will be perfectly overwhelming. JOSEPH, chased for Gar,hahl, Peak Eoress Cmovny's Coach reached The Pans Patne states that the siege of |,erelast evening. Our advice by this arri Mcssina is decided upon, but the gr*at heat. I St. Jonxs, N. F., July 22—Tho prepir-,„ and dancing on the piazza—the boat f. 11 into tions for the reception of the Prince of Wales ed with water, and quite a lam- amount of an eddy and once in each half hour passed are neatly completed. There is much ex- goods were damaged by cellawbein- flooded the noose again, nn the boatmen swore they citement among all classes in view of were Piddling and dancing in everv house for va ara !ts the with water where they were stored, dense was tho falling rain, that could not see across the streets. The Man hat tan Billiard Saloon was struck by light ning. \V e have enjoyed fine showers every afternoon for a week, inu-h to the joy of our gardeners. A largi building, with a brick front, on B.ake street, in process of erection, fell in during the storm, owing to the walls bein undermined by the fl ind. A shooting aTr ty oecurrc 1 in West Den ver yesterday p. M. A mulatto man named Stark, formerly from O n iha, applied to Chas. Harrison an insulting epithet and drew h:s knife, when Harrison drew bis re volver an 1 shot him in three differ mt places. The wounds are n considered fatal, and Si ark wfii probably recover. Harrison is 'generally considered justified in shooting httn. The advance division of the U. S. troops from Camp Fl y 1 on their way to Arizonia, un Iji* oin nm I of CM Morrison, passed through ire this tuiruing. The rear divis ion is oected through to-morrow. All are in excellent health. There are reported discoveries from the west slono of the rantre, one hundred miles from California Gulch, ofmarvelous richness. imps are said to have been found tho size of hens' eggs. There is considerable excitement existing here in regard to the United States mail for this place. Tlu letting is considered to be the same as a failure, and a vet in is called to .a lopt. measures for relief. Thelettin to Cruce & Co. is considered a dodge of^ th" Express Company to retain th s mail in their own hands, an I whether the conjecture is true remains to be seen. At an auction sale of Denver City lots in Parkinson's addition yesterday, prices ran ged from $2 to $50 per lot. All out lots cial.l sold hi :i. Business is dull. tie than ever. We have used Scovill's Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla and Stillingia in large qua£ titics and find it ill every instance to accoi#» plish tho dosiredobject. This fa now one of the offiicial modicinn. The formula for its preparation, with a fill) direction in regard to its mode of action, al* so Mr. Wm. S. Merrill's statement of htt knowledge and opinion of the same, wen published in the May No. of the Eclectic Med ical Journal for 185'J, since which time moMl than one thousand of the readers of that joitf* nal have used the Stillingia Compound la their practice.—Cincinnati Western Medioti 'Ifewt. See advertisement. »1 .. 'Jli'M'l NLW YORK, July,23.—TIUJ Tribune sajm. the Attorney-General has commenced action against the Central Railroad for the recovery of tolls remitted by the act of 1S51, amoufl^ ting to $3,000,000. Jo. Lane is said to spell God with a smali g, and corn with a k, &c. under all tho circutn starces ofthj case, wo hardly think, ha. will" spell "able," It Is a very common opinion that tho Douglasitlesliave a hard road to travel, a#4 must agree that the other wing will havo A hard Lane to run. SPECIAL NOTICES. RIIErTOATISJI CAS BE Cl'REr. Hear IVbat Henry J» Wiltou Says, TOWXSHIP FIV«, M'Dnsopon, III., August 16,1858. MWJW, AfDKRSON A ttALt.—Oenfn :—Feeling an*- all I can for were for princip-o, not men, consequent-: state to you, tiiat 1 was seriously afflicted witii/^a»i» malar t/ was unalilo to i ly, Mr. Johnson would do just as well as Mr. Fitzpatrick, and they ratified the nomina-!the Buffering humanity, U,M-' of art'cies tion of Douglas and Johnson, the exponents, ONE DOI'AR BOTTLES OT "BAKER'S PAIN PANACEA."— »i 1 ,. Althoufftent almost double, and Buffeiing the mott as they then believed, of tho principles of excruciating jxt'wty whenl oommtneed the use of non-intervention bv Cono-rosR with K!«ivprv IIUU uutr\tnilon uy l_onolCS8 U lin Slavery until 1 was able to attend to daily work by th« in the Territories." After their ratification i,i,n('1111(1 1 BTFFAI.O ITOLIFIS HUNUARIAN SEED TIMOTHY Fiil Cl,t!® from power the most corrupt Aduiiniatra- Shetp, ii.5o $2,ooperhead. curscd the earth. .u,an"er make a first-class orator. His manner of speaking is of that forcible, positive charac ter, which never fails to have a telling cffect upon an audience. WILMORE. Mo., July 21.—The Pike's follows. DENVER Cm*, July 15—This city was yesterday visitel by a severe thun br storm For one hour rain fell in a perfect sheet ac companied with hail. Thi streets were flood f°llOWinS Money tighter if possi- No news of interest from, the Blue, Tarry all or Gregory mines. CAIRO, July 21 --Yesterday between three and H'liiMs.l An» #re Arkansas, afternoonn, five o'clock ft fcpvnni stor n arose fr«m the North which unroofed the Il.inois Central railroad freight house Feet, Hair Li. brick bttildinxs and several other n» ravished. I would atie»if for samp sixteen months and cure relief from Physicians, or from which are advertised in the papers, until by your solicitation, I procured three 8 4il1 1not usemy U5t"1 entire second bottle tlie t,lirtl Lottie 1 was entirely cured. I can have no doubt, that as it is so effectual in re- moving the Urrihle Hheumtttic ptiinn from my bodjr^ are afflicted to try it. Yours respectfully, liKXKY 3. WILSON, We hereby certify that we are Inoicini7 to the/ai tnt,le above case, and that the (.tatements of Mr. Wikoa are entitled, to entire credit. A_NUKRSON HALL. BtJsns«L, Ki., August 16,1S03. CooftHK Ornct, July 25 FLOUR (trhoteaftia) WIIKAT CORN .. 811 KI.LED CORN COITN MEAL ..., OATS UYK POTATOES (new) sun AR COFFEE SAI.T HIDES, dry green ....... COTTON YARN .. ,\. .. Hit NA1I.S 4 §5 PINE LUMBEIt, common, Bt ....12!^0(T520 00 clear, 8 grade* 8t 'Mi$t4iKW 8TITVOLKS... I-*THtM nUTTEtt LARP TA 1.1,0 W HKKSWAX ... E(H!S K.......... CHF.ESn 80 It 111L' .....i.... PORK ... PIPES HAMS CllirKENS $ d«a..., Ql' VTl.S, lo7, DRIEP AI'PI.rS. fp ft BI.ACKRKIiR I ES PEACHES ft a LEATHER (Sole). Calf ..... FURS—Mink, No. 1 .. COON •WlI.DCAT HAT OTTE'T BEAVE't ft IEEIt fe I2.00". 75© 100 .... SO-: .... 28 4 0 .. Mtti. 8U@45. .... CO 15-UH& .. $8,IS IS ft- 3 UU®4 T5 Hue 12 X®1» 10: 10 20. C* .. 1«^lO 60 -. S®10 ...... 1,00 84 12* ... 4&.Y 15 8T l.nO 1.80 ... ?r.7 ... 25®4V 1 1 6» ...T53i1 00 ... 14(^20 6 or® io oo «2@2,t0 cattle MU readjr •al0, cross $ 3NTew Advortissementi ling, and was a nobie of. To Per sons out of Employm't. ave reflected credit on an A -VT* «V«W«RF» KEI.I THB un a'. *1-11 .T.',^IV TVX° *1*'-'''HE a joung man, and at commission.'or ira i's at f4a per month, and' exp *n£ s,-'win« of w n i n n i n j- i U n- i u n s w u n a n A e n y w i a e s s 1.L.arr'L,!t| Machine in use, and the pde* J.N. IIOVI.AX, Secretary Erie Sewing Machine Cnmpanv. MILAN, Oliiat Watches Given Away I A GIFT, valued from two dollars to one bnndrtd)|||^ 'a», til VEX with every Beok sold a* retail prlcei At least one Watch is GUARANTEED vtflfr evacy twelve books v These inducements are offered hy the SUFFDLK EXCHANGE CO., 11G Wanhiusluu bl.,Uoitoii. The mKt extensive and the most liberal Gift condttifc in existence. SKXD FOB A' CATALOCrr. Those who have patronized other Gift Houses *r« t.+'uliirly r.-quofted to acquaint themselves with our term*. Our inducements are unrivalled, and oat all others in the shade. boTke *°me So persons lmi^ln•v.l,: 1,||Vsi,-'lH" THECAL,, T)J 2?I J0NE makes a prophecy of fa nine. The season has been not only in England, but through out VVostern Erope, unpropitious. 40 r—vnr|»iC Kn^lish T.erer Gold W«tchee, hunting cacti. I'ntfiit Lever .» Ladies' Lever open face, Petached Lever Silver Watch- s, liuutin* Ckier. lupine Silver Watches, open face. Gold Lockets various ftizeH. Ladies and Gents Hold Chain*, varlom (izof. Ladies and (ients' Gold Sleeve Rut tons M4 fctud«, ai!])aiter:n. GeMs' His Pi,19, new and rich «tyl*», »'dd IVneils ami IVns. Ladies' and (l.-nis' Gold Rin(r% Gflld Wat-ih Kev» »nd Tt.-It Pin«. A Gfe''t variety of Ladies Jewelry. Pins and Ear- IJropg, comiirisinj all the Mvles now worn, •uch as Caiu«o. Mosaic, Gold Stone. Lava. Horentine, Ac.. Ac. Goid Hracvlets, all ktyles. The List of Hooks comprises a great BMortmenl W Stand ird works in every department ef LiteraMmfi Interesting to the vounj: nd old. Do not fail to send dress'" Apidy'to Catal sue free to any ad' SUFFOLK EXCHANGE COMP^f* 116 Washington etreet, Boston. CJ. W. IILDKIDG E, Treasurcfs ASIIUM) ACADEMY. THE FALL and WtNTElt TEKM of 2t WFEKH. ofthis lii-titution. will commence Septembvr 8v V "'"I Summer, of the same leugth, the 1st Monday in February, 1J6I. A. HULL A M., anil M«S. m! HULL, will take chm ge oft lie bcliool. A thorough Academic and Or namental course of instruction can now be lecclved lu this Institution. Tuition in Literary department will range from S3. ,, J"1 i Ornamental brunches at usual rases. 1 union for every half term must he paid Invarltbl* ed Sickness n 1Ud(^e July 4, 1SG0—1S-12, except for protract* TO TIKE TAX i» 1 Elt. Of TjiiE C1VV or orrniwA. Yroll* ou me herel.y notified, that the City assessment for the yetr 15Glure now in my poffucaiiloa ami are there'ore due In three days after he Pul.llca on of I, notice. On faxes re,n lining unpaid on the first day of January IS81 interest at the rate of per cent, per a'lnam will l,e added. It U not the collector s duty to hunt up tax pivers. Therefor* tlie tax list will nl.i ays he found at the Mayor's office. Kesp-ctfuilv, ty. CLirroB. Ottumwa. July 12, 1S3J. irshai and Collector. DEAF AMD 1SEIAD. J" DH. ALLEN, The celebrated operator on the Kye and Ear.wIS repnlar visits at Oitumwa, uutil all casts commen ced, are cured, and will treat A 'S5S '.'F 'nrE k. .... I dally experience, and With (he vel o hv)Use Completely de- and apparatus known to the medic KYEr A TL DISEA8ES J1A k FISTULA—CUJli* rooT-iiAin Lif and nil other deformities, SCROFULA 4c. In the treatment ofthe above tises»ea, his success hi# been the most satij-factory, home of the Deaf inmates of tlie A-tylum have been entirely restored, and many of th.- Ulind, who have groped tlieir way iu darkncfS lie has cured as many If not more Club Lips and other deformities, than any other his extensive aod ery best treatmerfk lieu] profci'sicn &11 in ,h« weg from I •ntra-iiox themselves to his care can rest H^iiivd that if rt-lief is po^ihle, they win be cured A" wtaK h*.,Trv.t,Ul'nt rHse caU the first visit, SO that if he case ha lediou tyouhave the ad. antag. of the tU iflequ^nt vi*"lts. Ho CdKfH tt'eaicU unfits vum&ts J*X*!uioHlton freo, circulttr. He wiM he at the Ottumwa Uouse In this city July JkUrfef.' JTth. to Mtb.

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