Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, 2 Ağustos 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated 2 Ağustos 1860 Page 2
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itbc (Oiiunilua (L'ouviri. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. J. W. XOSlltIS, Bit! it or. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Augu.-t 2, IRrto. 1'''!: rilESIUKNT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF Il.UXVl- FOR VICE rilESIPKNT, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, or m.u.VI PnESIDE.1TI.IL ELECXOBS, A T.A ROF. KIT7. H1CNHT WAItREN, of Des Molnet IV JOS. A. CHAPLIN, of Dubuque Co. DISTRICT nT.KCTORS. lit Disk M. L. McPHKKSON, ofMadWon Co, 2d -CII18. roMKUOY, of Boone Co. ASSISTANT KI.KI'TOH*. lstDlst,-J. W. NKWCOMH, of DavIsC" —BBN. RECTOR, of Fremont Co. Id —E. X. BATES, of Linn Co. _W. B. FAIRFIELD, of Floyd Co. LLKPL«RIRA\ STATE TIORE FOR CONLIRKSS—FIRST DISTRICT, SAMUEL K. CURTIS, of Lee County. FOB SKCRKTARY OK STATI', ELIJAH SBLL3, of Muscatine Co. FOR AL'MTOROR STATE, JOHN W. JONES, of Hardin Co. FOR ATTORNRY ORKKRAI, OflAS. C. NOURSB, of Polk Co. COK HBGIHTER OF STATK LA SO OFPICI A. B. MILLER, of Ccrro Gorilo Co. FOR 81-PDEMK JL'IMIC, GF. O. WRIGHT, of Van linren Co. Only Forty Cents! that these aro always freely exercised on a certain specified way—besides the assail- ing of a Presidential elector is a tiling unpre-1 We know no better rule, in morals or poli tics, than that men should be held respon sible for their individual acts. You, Demo crats, for your unparallelled stupidity, and without any hope of relief, must endure the ridicule and the contempt of an insulted and incensed public, while your pet candidate will have to submit to the indignation and defeat the people will so cheerfully confer. This "Squatter Elector"—for we will con tinue to call him such—is a man. who, in many respects, is not a little remarkable— one whose equal, we believe, remains unborn. in an article like this, we cannot be expect od to relate every mean act of his life, for newspapers arc not issued,'weekly, by the volume. Tt would matter little, then, for us to state how, by fraud., he obtained a Railroad pass for a year or mare. It* would matter little for us to state how he passed worthless mon et/t and then, after the discovery of the fraud, neglected or refused to redeem. Th°se are only individual acts, and others can be found who have done like things. We, therefore, enter upon our task in a different way. A man's life davoted to certain illegal and immoral practices, renders him notorious, but, usually, only in a certain way. Our "Squatter Elector" is notorious in every way. In private life ho is selfish, miserly and ty ranv'al. His tastes are low, and his labits assimilate accordingly. To his family, his unclejinliness is a source of annoyance, anrl his worthiessness a source of expense. His personal appcarance is disgi sting, and, in decent society, his very presence is abom inable. He in, withal, a cautious man. 1 a public lile he considers well the strength and the character of hi opponent. If lie is persua ded that his impudence will nonplus his ad verwuy, he becomes uiimeieifullv severe.— Iike the Ass in the fable, he is bold and fearless, in tho absence of danger—when the lion is dead, lie fights and kicks him with desperation. in play, when this mass of fa-human corrup tion is set in motion UKHIUI'M 1 FOR THE COL'RIKR f"r Hie Campaign pie, men invite the criticism of the public— free thought and free speech are among the boasted features of this government, and among the brakes of Copperas Creek, and The Convention Assembled at Des Moines, or was of little consequence—one that would In this way, the party hoped to shield both him and its cause from the abuse and defeat! they knew would attach, did they r.ominate °n ought against the man V The party answer,' was public men and public measures. The pii-1 stream on the south side for the purpose of. vate life of men, who are seeking official po- getting into the Agency city road, and when bition, some think, should be exempt from pretty well up the ravine, at a point where scrutiny. Custom has, however, determin- the banks come very near together, and are etl otherwise and well, as we think,—for' a course be wise *nd politic? We believe 'j0°* es are such as to justify us in stating fact* and criticising character and motives. Previous to the Democratic State Conven tion, it was generally understood that our Squatter Elector would be nominated as the candidate for Congress from this District.— .hulas- who, for tuc merest nothing, would bargain himself awny—soul and body —yon, Democrats!, lmvo put in nomination The Laura Ilarv«?y .Vnrder. FURTHER IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS. believe became a conviction, when, in addi tion to the absence of an)r motive on the part of Lawrence to take the life ol the girl, no intelligence was had of him, as there was of McCotnb, who was alone when heard of. On Saturday, this mystery was solved, by the discover}- of the remains, clothing, &c, of a man answering the description of Geo. Lawrence, in every particular. The follow- ,nKarti A. NqiiMlior Koverei^titi In accepting office at the hands of the neo- -W COat aS °ne His morbid exerweenecs are truly surpri sing—even to the profane, revolting. Some are quite confounded to see this uian, in spite of God's mandate, serving both "God and .•Haminon,"—a thing that, in olden times, when H-Iigion was more respected, would have been irt-onounced utterly impossible— hut they need not be, for this is but an index to the sumtotal of his villainies. On week days, he labo:s for A»s country on Sundays for hin God. On Saturday he pr.aches pol itico— and Democratic politics at that—on Sunday he preaches religion. Indeed, tak- I mercury had risen to 107, the highest point ing him ail in all, can you imagine an ele- reached in the memory of the oldest inhabi nieut of depravity in man's nature, not called tant. Upwards of 4'i deaths from heat are Aod, yet, this "soil perditton"~4bis for Presidential Elector. Can you expect to make amends for ptevious failures and the people to respect you when you do not misfortunes, the few Douglas manogers of respect yourselves? Can you hope for your Wapello had a demonstration at Agency city principles to be esteemed, when you seek to on Saturday last, designed to be a grand af enunciate them through such a medium?— fair. To this end, a pole was to be raised, i Knowing that your sq jatter doctrine is r.»- music was engaged, eminent speakers an i garded as none too [Hire, at best, why do you nounced, and an earnest cry raised for the I seek to render it still more odious Do you faithful to come to the rescue. All things think that the people, because they have once considered they evidently counted on a good i endorsed your squatter dogma, will now en-! time. i dorse your Squatter dog? Dear fellows,) But alas far the expectations of our Doug what apology can you make to the public for las friends Not even the promise ufa fine your conduct day, the charms of the Brass Hand, the I __ presence of Ben. Ilall. Cien. Dodce. Maco? ...... p.™..-. VERDICT OF THE CORONER S the facts as we learn them from the a,ld cthe1' 0,1 we say invite, because they well know that -John Butchler, a man in the employment of Mr- sources. Saturday morning, the 28th inst., Mr Lcw,s ,,( SS' was searching for a cow passing up a ravine putting into that vei7 stwp, he suddenly came upon the de- wlio that is selfish, corrupt and tyrannical in cayed skeleton of a human being laying on private life, can safely be entrusted with the back in the bed of the ravine. The flesh public interests In the present instance. mostly gone, but the skeleton was en therefore, we regard our right to criticise, tire except one leg which had disappeared tion of the principles of the Republicon party with reference to both public and private entirely. The hair had become detached acts, as settled. from the scalp but was all there, and all the but the declaration that the fathers of theRe' Tln only remaining question is, will such I c'°^ies' on onc Rnd not e:it'rebT present instance, we think thc circumstanc- i ^r' immediately made known junior. the discovery, and about 10 o'clock the1 Coroner went down and summoned a Jury consisting of m. L. Orr, Q. A. Wood, and ^as House, examined a large number of wit- nesses» n,aterial he 0n Why abuse the man If elected, the of I ^uttons ^or Lawrence the night he stayed 8ce he will hold will be unimportant, for he .R* ^K'r aru* is to do but a single thing, and that thing in i ^r' identified the buttons as those 80^ to s'zo. unpre­ cedented." Ah, yes, we understand. But, Democrats of Wapello and of the first District, if you did not wish us to tell the truth on your paragon of leauty, why did you bring him before the people at all! tai!eRIu^feCt' ^awrPnce others swore to 8UCh "th° fitlding TWo'rn^r were tntorre,1 on Lawrence had a valuable scarf, for witnesses recognized it as the same worn by I .r a sailor's knot. Tho nlMo Khcro of the ravine, and the banks each side were i lation of guilt, this added atrocity, will in tensify, it is hoped, the desire to find and bring him to justice. OSKALOOSA RAII.HOAD.—Wclcurn from the last Hnrahl that the citizens of Oskaloosa, in view of thc expected early completion of tho K. Ft. D. M., & M. R. R. to Eddyville, are taking measures to construct'a road to inter sect it. The Ilerald zealously advocates the project, and a public meeting held last week unanimously voted in favor of it, and adop ted articles of Incorporation. The distance to Oskoloosa from Eddyville, is ten miles.— The estimated cost of grading and tieing is $80,000 to $40,000. Although Osknloosa is off the proposed route of the Keokuk road, the opinion is expressed that if a road is built now, it will be adopted by that company as a part of their route. Dtfiisl^atAgcnt y City. I For the purpose of reviving the spirits of the bob-tails in this county, and if possible Found and Identified 4 meetings, could save them from another fail ure. There was no response from the peo ple, only about 250, of whom half were Re publicans, Breckinridge men, women and children, were present, and there was an en tire absence of all feeling and enthusiasm.— that the girl was not the only victim 111 this ., i The effect was discouraging in the extreme, tragedy, but that Geo. Lawrence had been ,, ., i and a longer set of visages than were worn made way with at the same tune. Jhis we .. by that small crowd of Dotiglasites at the close of the performance were never seen, certainly in Agency city while on the other hand the Republicans present were wild with joy and enthusiasm, the onl^r cheering that had any heart in it, being for Lincolu and JURT. At the time of the murder of Laura J. Harvey, now some four months ago, the cir cum stances of the case induced the belief presence of Ben. Ilall, Cien. Dodge, the orator of Mahaska, Stiles and Street of Irw. he EemaillS of Geo. Lawrence atmospheie of Agency city for Democratic i Hamlin. The speeches were delivered by young Ben. Hall, Gen. Augustus Caesar Dodge, and a smart young man from Mahaska, by name of Macon. Stiles, the orator of Wap ello, and Street of the Union, and Bonnifield were there, but did'ntget a chance tovcntil- ate themsejvos 5n thc day time. A BmaI1 crowd among whom the principle were and after weighty deliberations, the idea!*^°^n Patter, Smith, Miss. E. Potter, ppon Breckinridge, Jeff. Davis and the was abandoned. Under the circumstances, j*^" Loomis, O. II. Harlan and others. The other fellows down south who don't train our State Democracy were unwilling to haz- elicited from these witnesses, the most vritli Douglas, was the finest specimen of in ard such an experiment. But the man had done the party good service and, in some Lawrence, and that he came to h!s death by thought, was slightly impaired, by the eulo way, must be rewarded. The office of elect- raenns a mended the pantaloons of the man known Same' a s e o i w e n e e s o w e i n o i n n e x- I and that he him for Congress. Does any one now say ^rs" ^otter, ^h recognized i Iec^»lwd t'lfi „as drummed up at the school House in the cvonin„ spc i^ers spt.p(]ies that particular, was not inchiding coat, vest, pants, gaiter public did not understand the Territorial s'^ cravat that, in political matters, circumstances de- ^ie throat. The flesh of the remaining foot tonishingly profound, considering the age, tennine questions of expediency and, in the possibly for the distinguished from ottumwa. The day time ^-ere dull and formal affairs, and in in harmony with the temper of the crowd. Young Hall is smaller in mere senses than one than his father, a fact which he would do well to bear in mind. A good deal more is cxpected of him on account of his parent age than he is abletto furnish. His dctini- quite as clear as a problem in Euclid, tied around question as well as S. A. Douglas, was as- decayed. family connections and opportunities of Hall, But the spec eh of Gen. Dodge was of course the spcech of theoccasion The a Lewis Hess, w ho proceeded to the ground, upon all occasions, small as well as and on adjournment afterwards to the Court sewed intimated that, every thing considered, he preferrej °f| The clothing found on thc deceased, his hair, £c, are in thc possession of the Coroner, Mr. C. G. Packard. The silk scarf, as are most of the articles, are in a good state of prescr vation h-hich he paid *5,00 i" Rockford. Several Lawrence had a valuable scarf for The and the travelled road to Airencv citv somo j- I ST. LOCIS, July 23.—The* weather for thc past week has boen unprecedented ly warm. Theriiiotnator ranging from K.O to 106 in ifa,n the shade at four o'clock Saturday. The i *lerpCan reported by the Coroner since Friday. RJMHIBKR that the Corjiit can Lc had aati! etober lMM*r40 ecnt.*. Ik. him to Breckinridge was aware Henry Burhans clerk of that things were considerably mixed up, but that somebody would be elected, and who- evcr waS) the skeleton and Lawrence^ cor-1 Lane, Bell or Houston, the government would responding, others to the shoe, color of the have to be administered upon about the right hair &c. The identification is deemed by sort of principles. Lincoln, Douglas, Breckinridge, Gcn' wa succceded 1 by WCrC interred on ollTi-IftV*""™-' DniTtpd \fflpnn ilia mnut Macon, probably the most a &0°a,0ok:nS servcd tlll the last, and, lt ls mm nere, and it was tied the same wav, i tunately,just as his eyes were rolling in a thM rcm-in- „,r„ 'h? i ne piact w nere these remains were found, into the ecstacies, there came is perhaps as .veil adapted to the purposes of conccaling in thc county of conceal^ dead hody, .scouid l,c found It i about three miles east ... marking thc spot where the first American Ottumwn, to say nothing of the congenial I,, .• *A A aS c,^ Gen. jlftppy faculty of being dignified and (,arge It makes prccioug 15ttle differcnce to him At any he WRS gloomy nnd peculiar," on this occasion. His anath- were, that the deceased was Geo. vective in the language. Thc effect, some °f wound inflicted on the head with gy excite no jealousy—and he was, consequent i P6*"8003 unknown. Mr. Smith testified that f^e Gen. was exceedingly happy on splits. ly, nominated as candidate for that office. upon murderous instrument, by some person or ^e wound up this part of his subject. the haughty southrons with which 1Ie eave an the deceased as elaborate history of the recent i i aV "ll 7i"" 1 Democrats one, which he participated. Several shed tears. Thc Gen. thought thc the identical onehemend-, "Little Giant," about as nice and smart a tnan) as they generally got them up, and very smart '°UnS ^"(leman from Ma- „e promising orator of his age now living. His manner and style area combination of all I tho cxcoli(.ncics of all the orator3 of andent and modern times. certed) that hc wou]d have excel]ed ljimself the him here and it was tied in the same wav 1 J- 15°tDoue1«atos wa3 ana me travelled road to Agency city, some Agency are not discouraged by this Doue- .t SO rods from oneh Tt mo cn i i Mass., is on account of his celcbnty ou rods irom each. It was so near the head aa dering hi.s friend and associate, for the sake ed the attention of the large audience, with a demonstration, but are wider awake than ever so deep and precipitous, that every body raise, and undoubtedly the flag in the would find it easier to go round the head of county to raise on it. -The Republicans of the ravine than to attempt to cross it. But, Agency will do their whole duty. for the accident of Mr. Butchler selecting the bed of the ravine through which to reach Republican meeting in Blakes the higher ground, in search of a cow, thj burg. merest accident, the remains might have lain there undisturbed perhaps for years. Si it is, that tlie mystery of crime is unravelled, link by link, until thc chain reaches to the criminal, and brings him sooner or later, to justicc. So may it be with Lant McComb. It is now clear that no one shared with him _"^ !,aVwai, !aULtif!!finest The Adams Tp., Jefiersonian Club met i pursuant to adjournment, on Saturday last. meeting, the M. E. Church was resorted to. President Blake being indisposed, Samuel A. Swiggette was called to the chair, who, after the guilt of the murder of Laura J. Harvey, ja few appropriate remarks pertaining to the Crusoe, or Sancho Panza held to Don Quix but that he has thc additional guilt of uiur- meeting, presented Mr. Dixon, who enchain- of his money and property. This aceuinu- most happy speech of two and a half hours, They had better plant a few wooden cucumber in which Democratic Squatter Sovereinty, or I "My Great Principle," was most admirably dissected. The enthusiasm was immense, and the walls echoed with round after round ofapplause. A vote of thanks was then passed to Mr. Dixon, and also tr» the B^tnd from Ottumwa, for their very superior service. Three rous ing cheers were then given for Lincoln, Ham lin and Free Territory,and alike number for Dixon, whereupon the Club adjourned to meet at the Brush creck School House, S E., corner of Adams Tp., on Saturday, the 11th day of August, at 2 o'clock p.m., which meet ing will be addressed by J). C. Mitchell, Esq., of Ottumwa. S. A. SWIOUKYTE, Pres., A. H. GBISWOLD,Sec'y. To I'repare Hoinc-.^Iade Samp. Gather ripe c:irs of corn from the fields, and with a carjK.'ntcr's plane lightly pressed against'the kernels, take off shavings of the UI'Ul tac is For (tie Courier. BEOFOUP, Mass., July 24-th 1860. We have just returned from a ride to Con cord, and a visit to the spot where the first British blood was shed by our fathers on the memorable 19th of April, 177"), the day which inaugurated the American Revolu tion, though the Declaration of Indepjndence was not till nearly a year and a quar ter later. The spot is marked very fitly by a monument of solid granite chiselled with a simple record of the event. About six miles south eastward of this, at I-exington, on the road to Boston, whence eight hundred British soldiers marched in the mirning on their foray into the country to destroy the military stores which the Yankees had gathered at Concord, stands another granite monument, Tc lay. short distance from this place, is a guide board, pointing westward to "Lincoln." As you par,s from the Concord monument to wards that at Lexington, before you have gone quite 9 mile, you reach a beautiful resi dence in a grove, made classic by being the home of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Right here your road divides, and that which seems most direct leads to "Lincoln." In short all the way from Lexington to Concord, or Con cord to Lexington, you arc reminded of Lin coln, and are a portion of your time in the town of "Lincoln." What silent prophetic inspiration led our fathers to call this revo lutionary territory, "Lincoln," we will leave each one to imagine for himself, but we be lieve the day is not far distant in the future, when the name of "Lincoln" shall do much towards preserving that liberty which waked the echoes of a death-dealing musketry along the hills and valleys of old Lincoln, in Mass., more than eighty five years ago. Last week, we were gratified by seeing the Little Giant of the west, Hon. S. A. Douglas. He reached Boston on the evening of the 17th. The next morning we happened to fall in with the bands of music and mili tary escort which conducted His Excellency, Gov. Banks, his council and aids, from Bos ton to Cambridge, to attend the exercises of the commencement at Harvard College.— In this crowd was the little Giant, as large as life, and no doubt twice as natural. He certainly is in good condition, if evidence of being well fed and clothed proves it, as they say it does in case of negroes. A more jolly, self complacent, fat looking man, we have not had in our field of yision for along time, east or west. Thc fires of a restless ambi tion have certainly yet much to feed upon, before he will have'a lean and hungry look like Cassius, or like those politicians out of office. In fact, we rather think he enjoys being in a position where his democratic rivals "go down" urder his influence, like Sayers under thc blows of lleenan. Exter nally he seems exactly the man to manage a right merry family quarrel. A democratic fthowman in this region would never be asked vich is Daniel and vich are the lions. There is not the slightest difficulty in discovering the lions, the only question is, Where is Daniel On the platform at Cambridge, Mr. Doug las occupied a prominent position near the right hand of Gov. Banks, where for the day he was the object sought by all eyes. Charles S u n e E w a E v e e e n y W i s o n a n othcr sons of thc OJJ AY were 7 rally known, the great question of the day, therefore, was, which is Mr. Douglas. Forty eight speakers, a few only of whom were not called out, protracted the exercises so that dinner caine at a very late hour. This being over, a few words must be had from Mr. Douglas of cours e, as he was a stranger, though others could be passed by. In Mass., Mr. Douglas is a curiosity, and so that Yankee would be, could he be found, who sold the wooden nutmegs and cucumber sec(ls. Do(lglas has done more than lhat_ has actuaUy made some u ieve) or at Mac°n waR- wisely, re- hold confidently as- !,t|Tne wmgrtUnj. up a shower 10f wliicli so damped the nrdor of tho crowd, and cooled the fervor of the speaker, that it and tho f„rvor of lhp BpraiWcri that thought best to bring the great demon-:• 0— of this city, about one mile east of Sugar stmion to a close, which was according^ -o bring the great demon- creek, or Wood's, and about half way be-'done Douglas must stand alone. tween tli, track of the B. & M. R. Railroad We are elad to lcarn that the Renu,)liciinR \c&stprofess to believe, that the right to Md slaves is not only necessary but, in raust now 1_ P°!! rCad^° Dodge, head of the reached the remain- SC,Td off with the biick of a knife. Put ut into four times its bulk of hot water, stir it until thc mass boils, and add salt to tho taste. Cook with a slow fire two or three hours. E iteu with tuilk it is a rich and wholesome dish. Rain fell here the greater jtart of yesterday. to liberty, a measure, constitutes its tery essence, i so that if people in the territories cannot slaves or not just as they please, they are partially enslaved hc Kclls themselves. He is a ,1I,mY1uor elements had let him alone l.nt nnfnr i cucum er man. The next m„n T. nov, 'voodcn cucumber seeds, he nust take alon ig a few black and yellow bugs and declaro tht u w thc cuHu°c cucumbers that the bugs should have the libcrty of or not Mli just same class with Mr. Douglas till then, Mr. n I A mnn of thc discmuuL'nt of Mr-Don^as' that the attention shown him in a stoGl l"Seon as a sort of political rope dancer, rather than an I approval of his political course. And yet it is quite in keeping with his character to as sume in his speeches, that the excitement which his presence creates, is so much done for his support. The publication of these speeches in the west, are designed to operate toIravv Mr As the crowd could not be accommodated K00(1 dinners, being secure in his seat in the at the School House, the usual place 0f othcrs into the net- Douglas luxuriates in classic shades and Senate, while such hungry fellows as A. C. and 11. C. Dean, "the man of all work" hol'linS about him as the mah N A the same relation to Fri(lay an(' s%vcat, Pos'tion secds- Thcy lhat kce "'ho to Robinson in fruitless efforts to place to do something for them, wil1 be aPl to come up the same Douglas is elected, and then the Yan- ,nade them should be placed at the Agricultural Bureau. Some curious fellow has given a statisti cal view of the class graduating at Cambridge this year, including such items as their age, height, weight, religious and political opin ions, etc. In politics, 9 arc democrats, 23 Union, 74 Republicans. Voters at the Presi dential election, 69, of whom 6 are democrats, 13 Union, and 50 Republican. This is a little ominous when we rememljer the college stands in sight of Bunker Hill, and within a few rods of the spot where Gen. Washington assumed the command of the American Army. There were some Republicans in those days, and some others.. If any think this letter smacks too much of politics, let them read awhile in the Book of Exodus, beginning with the first chapter, and sec what they think of Moses. B. A. S. The fruit crop of Iowa, the present sea son. is much larger than was anticipated in the spring. We have wild fruits of all va rieties, in abundance. lion. K. B. Washburn was rc-nominated for Congress in the 1st, the Galena District, of 1)1umm*» on Thursday of bsTwcek. Reward! Is offered for the arrest of 11. A. Ii^ and his delivery at Ottumwa, Wapello Co., Iowa. Of this sum $300,00 is offered by thc Gov ernor of Iowa, $."00,00 by thc Citizens of Ottumwa, and $500,00 by the Board of Su pervisors of Winebago County, Illinois. DESCRIPTION OF McCOMB. McComb is about 5 feet 7 or 8 inchos in height very dark complexion black hair, with a very little gTay interspersed black eyes, rather down-cast look very heavy beard, when not shaved, and coal black drinks a good deal of liquor is not very talkative has a scar on his forehead, but it cannot be seen without pushing thc hair back about this scar hair more gray is be tween 25 and 30 years old looks like an In dian is a notorious villain and horsc-tliief, and served a term in thc Illinois State Pris on, for mail robbing—is connected with a gang of liorse- thieves in northern Illinois, and goes by the nick-name, "Lant McComb." On the 16th of March last, George Law rence seduced Laura J. Harvey from her home, in Rockford, Ills., by means of a sham marriage, and, by agreement, met with B. A. McComb on the Mississippi river, to which point hi1 had driven the team of Lawrence. On the 27th of March the three arrived at Ottumwa, Iowa, and on thc jiightofthe 29th Lawrence and Miss Ilarvey were both mur dered by McComb. r, on thc *28th of Jul}'. Laura J. Ilarvey was only 16 years old, and of a respectable family residing in Rock ford, III. Shortly after the murder was committed, McComb was traced to Iowa City, where he disposed of the wagon and team, and from there to his father s house, near Rockford, Ills., and from there to Heloit, Wisconsin, at which place all trace of him was lost. Foreign New* by (he City of Wash* iugrfon. P\Rist7.—The Bourse is flat, with hut little busi ness. The rentes closed 68190c or 90 less than yes terday. It is stated that private orders have been given to the French press to say as little as possible about Garahaldl. occasions, left the Christians to their fate. By the Bohemian. QruBFC, July 30.—The steamship Bohemian, from Liverpool on the 13th, via Londonderry on the 19th Instant, passed Farther Point at 11 A. N. and arrived at this pol.t this mornlnp thJS0 llinil:nen In the House of Lords on the ISth, the Earl of Gran ville stated his belief that the disturbances In New Mr. Gladstone rolled, denying that the war was made a statement ofthe financial position of the coun try, proposing to levy an immediate duty of 1 slid per gallon on ardent spirits, which was agreed to. In the House of Lords on the 17th, Lord Brougham called attention to the case of negro lady who was re cently refused first class passage in a Cunard steamer At a preliminary Meeting Mr. Wiiner Gibson welcom ed the Congress in the name of the British Govern ment. Prince Albert, President of the Congress, de livered an appropriate inaugural address. and cheering. but the negro In question, M. Doctor Delany, arose and returned thanks for the kind Illusion which had been made to him, and assured all present that he too was a man. This was greeted with renewed cheerinf from all parts of the hall. The second Neapolitan Plenipotentiary to Sardinia had reached Turin. A Neapolitan Minister had also reached Paris. A new Sicilian Ministry had been formed. Senor Intendonato Argo, the historian, and Senor Emeranti are among the members, and Lagoote, Laporta and Orsini coutlnue In the Cabinet. A Naples telegram says a strong and compact Min istry would be immediately formed, to carry out to their ful! extent the principles ofthe Constitution and Government, and to watch over the interests of the nation. NIPLBH AKD SICILY.—Sanguinary tgmbats are repor ted to have taken place near Messina between the Nea politans under Co'. Bosco and the Advance guard of the Sicilian Arm/. The British Admiral, Munday, had quitted Palermo for Naples, and there were scarcely any but Sardinian vessels in the Road. Garibaldi had expelled Farini and two others from Sicily for conspiring against order. Farini is said to have had full power from Sardinia to assume the tit le of Royal Commissioner as soon as anexation was declared. SYUIA—BeIrout July 11.—The attack of the Druses on Damascus, commenced on the evening of the 9th.— Several men were killed and many women carried off The French, Russian and Greek Consuls took refuge In the house of Ab de'. Kader. The attitude of the of the Turkish authorities was undecisive and rather Injurious than useful to Christians. 80,000 Turkish sol dier-' arrived to-day. The fears ofthe Christians are redoubled and Commissioners Derby and Norwich are expected with impatience. The massacre of Christians In Syria are said to each from 7,500 to 8,000 persons, while 161 villages have been destroyed. Sickeuihg details are given of the barbarity inflictcd on ail ages end Hexes. KAK KAKK, July 28,—The Wide Awakes held a so ciable at the residence of James McGrew, Esq., on the evening of the 2«th. The company were out 100 stroug, and the number present at the meeting number ed some 800 pel sons. Able speeches were made by E. Denman, Esq. and E, Schleager, both of Chicago, the latter editor of the Staadts Zellung, xpeaklng in German. The meeting was very enthusiastic. DWIGHT, July 30.—The night express train on the C. A, & S. L. R. R., going north, ran over a track la borer, killing him Instantly. UII.KXA, July 80.—An excursion party from Cana da, over 80, being prominent merchants, farmers, Legislators, editors, Ac., and accompanied by promi nent citisens of Ills., arrived here this P. M. on a spe cial train. They have been inspecting the lands of the 1. C. R. R. They were entertained here, visited the lead mines, 4c. They were well pleased. LAOON, 111., July 80.—A boy arid^girl aged respect ively 5 and 7 years, were run over by the Peoria pas senger train t* day, cutting their legs off. Ne hopes of their recovery. New York, July 80.—The Great Eastern sailed thla afternoon for C'ape May. BoriTo*, July 30.—Hon. Jonathan Phillips, died yesterday,aged 82. He was among our most worthy i »ad benevolent eUUent. on the ground of color. H? said he had no doubt but many strangers, people that worship at the recovered,,the had not been compromised. Lord Woodhouse confirmed the news that !00 Chris tians had been massacred in Dunascus, and all enn suWte houses, with the exception ofthe British, had been burned. m*tter|altars The Fourteenth Session of the International Statis tical Congress opened In London on the 16th.Delegates from all parts of the world were present. The Repre sentatives from the United States were Judge Long street «nd Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Dallas was aleopres ent in the midst of numerous distinguished guests.— officer of an university but one of the council of Stephan Arnold, to aid bim in the temporal concerns of hi.s see. 11. Now, this faction has no spiritual con cern, and. therefore this man has laid off his JifiriMi IVlil«ffiriftiiirti ^'im ji i n i i i i i i liLiiUNCT."*, Yt., July Hon. S. A. Douglas arri rl ved at 9: 80 A. M. Pii i. He was greeted by a latge and en­ thusiastic collection of citicens, escorted by the How ard Ouard and a large procession of carriges and cit izen.*. He passed through the principal streets to the town Hall, where Mr. Saxe Introduced Mr, Douglas to the audience, some S0t In number, and Mr. Douglas responded In a short speech expressive of hi* appre ciation ofthe kind and honorable reception thns ir giren him in his native State. Mr. Douglas receh 1 hi* friends at the American Hotel. He left for Mont peller on the 7:90 train this evening. DAVKSPOITT, July 28.—Col. IDKLPHIA, n. Walters, of Her Brlt- tanic Majesty's service, arrived here thla evening from Montreal and has engaged rooms at the Dortis House for the Prince of Wale* on hi* Western tonr. iNDFriHDKiicR, Mo., July 80.—New Mexican date* to 16th arrived last night. Manuel Choves, with fifty Mexicans, had gone In pursuit of a large band of Navajo Indians who had run off with a herd of sheep from the Rio Grande.— They overtook the Indians and had a fight with them in which 20 Mexicans and 40 Indians were killed and wounded and a conslderaple quantity of sheep and other stock recovered. Duslness in Santa Fe was reviving. The crops promise good yield, but provisions were *t111 scare* and command very high prices. Major Sedgewlck's command are at Bent's PoM, Capt. Stewart, a few days ago, went in pursuit of and captured the family ofthe principal chief of the Kiowa tribe of Indians, and in the melee two soldiers were wounded, one by the arrow being shot In his cheek, but at last accounts from him the point of the arrow was still in the wound and he would be sent to Pawnee Fork for medical treatment. Two Indians were killed. July 80.—The Pennsylvanlan has changed proprietors, Dr. B. Norwlts retiring, succeed ed by John II. Hreenner. The llrecklnrldge and Lane flag lias been hoisted. Boston, July 80.—Lord Lyons and Frederick Ware, Esq., of the British Legation, left here thla morning for Canada, to meet the Prince of Wales. 1 hc body of Miss Harrey was found in Saturday night to throw the N. Y. Express train from BOSTON, July 80.-An unsuccessful attempt wan made the Des Moines River, at this place, on the! the track, near Framingham, by placing sleepers I for'grosrin.fto^Vii.""cuTmeat, 4 to 7 cent#, morning Of March 30tll. The remains of' aCrosa t,,e Tail9- i i ,! *peed, being behind time, but the engineer had jimt lieorire La1wroncc were found and identified w *%. a cy downward. Saie*7,xobu8, No. 2 §pring, at *oc .u«, uucu 8hut off steam as It was nearlng the depot, *hen the ^0IMI stopped. The train rocked fearfully, causing a panic, »tat Imt no damage was done. First Book of Chronicle*. CHAPTER IV. 1. W. L. ORR, Mayor of Ottumwa, Ottumwa, Iowa,'July 81, 1860. And it camc to pass again on a certain day in the seventh month, that the faction «mty°pta"!es' The appcarance of the growing crops is favorable.— Everthing promises well, Including fruit. Sickening details of the massacre of Christians in Syria have been received. The general opinion was the Turkish authorities were acting in connivance with the Druses, and that the governnimt at Constant- James, AtnOS, Henry of the house of Trilll Inople, which might have stopped the bloodshed on all 8"lhCrWi 2. And they were expecting great things, for lo! the Clarion had'called them many days, saying, 'come ye that are heavy laden, and we'll give you rest, (uigger) on this vexed question'. 8. Then did the people coma together at their own temples, and shouted with a great shout, for the traitor Stephen Arnold. 4. Now at these places were the Priests, the Generals, the Colonels, the Captains, ffrom out of lilooinfield) Cyrus, Oaniel, ftn(j Tolman healer out the land, and many otheis. 5. And these did speak unto the people concerning this question of slavery, and yesterday,: long and 'oud did thev herald the charms of and e thou goeth to Ottumwa. 9. And at this place were they gathered in great numbers, there being with them of Bell, and Lincoln and Breckin ridge. 10. Present on this occasion was ft cer tain priest, from a city which lieth to the northeast, called Mt. Pleasant, and his name is Henry. 11: And this man is lrom thc office of Dean not the dignitary of a divine, or an After the address the following little Incident occur- ""'i inort-ioru mis mini mis mm on nis T) a. "n 1 1 red: Lord Brougham, seeing the American Minister priestly garments and works Only for the -«-0 eFSOIlS OUt Ol LjUpiOVIll t. present, said he hoped Mr. Dallas would forgive him c., A u'lvTrn for reminding him that there was a negro present as a rCVenUC .um met nainucjru |irratui iu it member of Congress. This gave rise to lond laughter °f Stat°» an1 hc 18 an(l *,*OtnC i revenue of State, and he ivii IVVIHH, and cheerina Mr. Dallas made no sign In response, great capacity to tell yarn8. construct™'" hat acl.U^r'of TV yearrcaii'llfarn 't* 13. And he spake for three hours, like he jo Jy j^^Vsewi^ was addressing a horde voice, how are we to be delivered from these D*Migjk.sites. ble, is produced by rubbing with a moist lin en cloth and the powder of calcined tin. The finishing touch is given by rubbing with dry soft leather, or wbafc is letter ajfc. COTI.niJHIAl, 44 green LKATHKK (Sole) Cair FURS—Mink, No. 1 ?f"w Yob*i Ju'y ... ... Market more active.—Sales at 10 CORN.—More of diseases thrOUgh- bondwomen as they art South. Zealand had been greatly exaggerated. 6. And the peoflfe said, 'surely these tlieti A debate took place on the Savoy question, and the are philanthropists, inasmuch as they plead policy of England taking part in the proposed confer- SQ earncstly for this accurscd institution in ence, in the course of which the annexation ol8avoy to Prance was very generally denounced. the SOUtll, when there Will bo no golflen in the House of commons Mr. Roebuck attacked the wedges, no silver, or praise, or fame, for them Government for prosecuting an uujustifiable war with China and encouraging the opium trade. I ... ." Mulies, should be confined, and kept fremrunniniT at mMlllll men W0U,d Sel1'(hkC the"' b,rthnSt unjust, and asserting that the treaty of Tension was freedom) for a sip of slavery pottage. as binding an engagement as could be made, and that 8. Now chief among the places wllOM the Its ratification was most Important. Mr. Gladstone „i. „„i i -n n i r* people assembled, was a village calley Drake rille, and it lieth to the north, on the wav long harangue made by Clay, from the office particularly requosted to acquaint themselves with i. .»• ourterius. Our inducements are unrivalled, and out of Dean. Truly this people are a people of all others in the shade. hard language, and a people whoso sins have ripened them for judgment. 17 Now after this Henry of the house of Trimble spoke unto the multitude saying many good things and delivering himself with much candor and honesty, nude "in finite merriment by harpings upor. old themes," and crying I came hither to transport the tidings which I liave heavily borne, for I hear there are divisions among you, and I partly believe it." 18 Now, so different were the teachings of these men, that they looked with amazement one at the other, crying with a loud 1 1 10 Then two men strangers from afar ap peared before them and for a long time borei them sorely, raising the nigger cry continual ly, and on this topic they waxed warm, and herborized as they traveled, onriching the Flora Surcica with new discoveries. 20 After this every man fled unto his own i Oovum Qrrics, Aug. i. MagllH |Ml Vltk, builneM hat been brisk In this City. Farmer*having completed tlielr wheat harvest, and as some of them have thrashed, they are coming to market. Corn and some wheat la com ing forward, Prices are downward. WHEAT cannot be quoted to day higher than SOcU. for spring, tenden cy still down. FLOUR, spring. Is |'2, CORN, ear, 20ct, shelled 25, POTATOES new are yet high, 40 to COcts, In nurlin^rton 25 ROASTING EARS 5ct«, per dozeu. FI.OUR(wholesale) WIIKAT ...... COI'N SIIKI.LKI) COIN CORN MEAL OATS RYK POTATOES new) Sl'OAR COFFEK SALT .. .......... HIDES, dry. COON WILD CAT RAT ... OTTER BEAVER DEER Tr BUFFALO ROBES.. HUNGARIAN SEE I TIMOTHY WHISkEY VINEGAR bbl Fat Cattle meet with r«*4.r sal*. v„vllc ..... The train had been running at high W»etp, t-50 (ft |2,ooper head. CHICAGO, bu8.. Nc. 1( do. engine struck the sleepers on the track Three of spring, at 7'lc. them were thrown off the rails, but two caught under Cons—Steady. Sales 18,000 bjs. No. 1, at the cow-catcher an 1 was b- rne al »ng till the train •2,00 60 40 40 2llCtH. ..... 80&4f>. 60 9 .... COTTON YARN NAILS 1'IVK LUMBER, common, M.... clear, 8 grade*.... SHINGLES .7. LATH, ........ #2,15 12 5 ..IttMKTf 20 00K MJM)@40 (H»- ... BUTT Kit.. LARD TALLOW HKE3WAX KUOS ........ CHEESE SORftHCM PORK ... S1DK8 HAMS CHICKKNS V* d«JS QUAILS, do* DRIED APPLES, 4 7.V 8 cot ... 1» 10 20 6Jtf 12)4 8H ..... CO 4.. 7®-8 9©10 i,oo 86 12* ir» 87 .........1.00 1 1 8 0 ...... 25340 25^ 4 PEACHES ft? .... Jur'nK y I'ftOC&Sfth ,...7S(ffc1 Ort 14© 20 ..0(1010 00 |2@2,20 ft,00 Good cattle sell July 81.—Flour—Quiet.—WHBAT—^Tcfiden- 92c, A few parcels rejected 81,T^LOHR^^»e.!PinVW7supperfor WHEAT—Receipts 46,022 bush. Market about 1c highar with rather more export demand. Sales 40,000 bns at |1.2'K7 1.22, mill club. active nnd firm. Sales 90,000 bus at fil\'ff sound mixed 67 very choice western yellow. New Advertisements. i M. B. ROOT, t(8c",c- OTTUMWA MARBLE WORKS Front St., Opposite the Jefferson House. MANUFA CTl'ItElt OFSEPVLCHERAT. MOSU MENTi' TOMBS, OR A VE-STONOL TABLE-TOPS, A FROM FOREIGN A AMERICAN MARB&B. Aug., t-"G0-v. riar, AHD MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY @@HARTFORD&!§ QCASH CAPITAL, $200,000.-3 '-^OWith a large SurpluN. GEORJEWETT.Say. NJfWATERMM.brA. Policies is*ued on as favorable terms as by any other solvtrit Company. A. A. STUAllT, Agt., For Ottumwa and vicinity. PROCLAWATIO,\. i.u I i' it haB been represented to me, that 7. And they wonaered greatly that these public safety requires, that ail dogs and (of within the city. nlnB at V Ume Therefore, by virtue ofthe authority invested in mo as Mayor, I hereby order that all persons owning dogs or bitches, shall confine the same, and Keep them from running at large, on and after Monday Aug, 6th, untill Oct, 1st, and if any dog or bitch is found run- Iar1ge..wi',li"the -p'1-?'' the time above uienti otiea, it shall he the duty of the Marshal to kill or cause the same to be killed. Given under my hand and the seal ofthe Citv.thla 80th, day of July, 1860 WILLIAM L. ORR, Mayor. Aimi.MSTUATOB'S SALE, "MTOT1CF. is hereby given, that by virtue of an or der issued to me as administrator of the estate of William Black, deceased, by the county* Court of Wapello county Iorra, on the Ttli day of M*ay, 1S60, I will offer for sale »o the highest bidder on the fourth day of Sept ember next, between the Iiours or9 o'clock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M., of said day, upon the fol lowing described premises, belonging to the estate of William Itlack dee'd, to wit N. W. V of S. W. of Section No. 5, and SE. V of SK. of Section No. 6, and NE. of NE. of Section 7, and Lot No. 7 in Section No. 7, andSW. of NW. of Section s, and W of SW. of Section No. S, and 9W. of SW. }4' of Section No. ft, all in Township No. N of Range No. lft W', in Wapello county Iowa. Terms of Sale, one third cash paid down, one third In six months, and one third in twelve months, the part unpaid ti draw t»n per cent per annum until paid, secured by notes and lien on said premises. IKTKK Withal very homely to look QpOU, and of commission, or wages at $40 per month, and expens- of barbarians or a KN0X August 2d, 1860—N-21-12-4W. A ERA Administrator v 4 I v ,1° xm. r.Kth SLWINtjr MACHINE. We will give IV is but Fifteen Dollarn, Persons wishtngan Agency will address J.N. IIHVLAIV, band of pirates, and this highly pleased the followers of Stephen Arnold, and they shout ed with a great shout. 14. Now, on this occasion, many were greatly disgusted, and declared for Abraham, the leader of the Republican host. 15. Declaring among themselves, that they would not worship with this man, else they would become as a stench in the nostrils of the people, therefore they denounced this faction of blackguardism and lies,—saying" I hey would commune with them no more forever, as they were about to lose their ne mo,t extensive and the most liberal Gift wncem honor and tlieir rights." I,n wktence. 16 Now these things are the effects ofthe Secretary Erie Sewing Machine Company. MILAN, OniO. Watches Given Away! A GIFT, valued from two dollars to one hundred dot I*", (ilVEN with every Beok sold at retail prieea At leait one Watch is GUARANTEED with eveny twelve books! These inducements are offered by the SUFFOLK EXCHANCE GO., 110 Washington St.,Bo«toa. A J'. Those Who have patronised other Gift Houses are The following are some ofthe Gifts to purchasers of books: Kiiglish Lever Gold Watches, hunting caeea. Patent Lever Ladies' Lever open face, Wet ached Lever Silver Watches, hunting eases. Lfpiru* Silver Watches, open face. Gold Lockets variuus sizes. Ladles and Gents tiold Chains, various slsett. Ladies' and (tents' Gold Sleeve Buttons and S'tud*, all patterns. Gents' Bosom I'ins, new and rich StrlM. Gold Pencils and Pens. Ladies' ami Gents' Gold Rings, Gold Watoh Keys and Belt Pins. AGreat variety of Ladies Jewelry, Pintuind Ear ,I), comprising all the styles nSw worn. Huh as Cam«o Mosaic, Gold Stone, Lata. Florentine, Ac., Ac. Gold Bracelets, all styles. The List of Books comprise# a great assortment of standard works iu every department of Literature interesting to the young and old. Do not fall to send a A catalogue. Catalogues mailed free to any ad- AI'l'ij* to dilticultics surely the God of learning and of 8UFFOLK EXCHANGE COMP'Y, light, would want a god himself to help him 116 MET\,!A,R,LIP? SOLOMON. OMtlUiCM.] The beautiful gloss of alabaster an.l mar- street, Boston. C. v. KLDillDGK, Treasurer. DEAF AND BLIKf^ DR. ALLEN, The celebrated operator on the Fye and Ear, will make regular visits at Ottumwa, until all ced, are cured, and will treat cases comnen- K A I S E A S E S OF INK EAR—PILES A F1BTUUL—CLVH FOOT-IIMl! IIP and all other deformities,8CROFCLA Ac. OT'LER J,F"RL"ities,than anv other I'HJ'LFLH" in the west and from his extensive and To"?!,, M.EL ^,,!f',thecapi47in,teriioii a tnu'nt cal.'durI,,R tI,e nrst that If l»o vnuhnvpthc visit, the ease bo tediou youhave the advantage oft/, subsequent vMts. Ao treated u,u^s cUil hxamlnation free. Bee circular He will be at the Ottumwa House in this cltr Jnlr 27th, to 29th. July lWf' PRINTIM* COLP|(L octllf tzstntMl at the COURIER OFFICK, 7 exetuled

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