Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 9, 1860 Page 2
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tTbe S)ttiunliKi (fouvitr. THE OFFICIAL CITY J. W. XAIUIIS, Editor. OTTUilW Ay lOW A, August y, I860 FOtt PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN *OR VICK PKKSinEST, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, W A I K VttKSIDFATIAl. RIKCTOHsi •«.T LARO*. *XTZ 1IK.NKY WARREN,of De» Mnlncn (V •308. A. CHAPI.IN, r.f Dubuque Co. PISTHII'T *LFCTOR.«. l«4Ii»C M. 1.. McPHERSON, of Martian Co. iM —CH 19. POMKltOY, of Boone .. A 981ST ANT KMX'toR*. 1st Dill,-J. W. NEWCOMB, of Davis C(t. —BEN. RECTOR, of Fremont Co. 2.1 —E. N\ RlVTES, of Linn Co. ~W. B. FAinKIRLD, of Floyd Co. BfiPrniillMV ST.ITK TICKET* FOR COSORK.IS—FIRST DISTRICT, SAMUEL R. CI RTIS, of Lee County. FOR SKCRRTARY OF 8TATF, KLIJAII SELLS, of Muscatine Co. FOR AUDITOR OF UTATB, JOB* W. JONES, of Ilardin Co. FOR ATTOHSEY GKXKIUL, C1I8. C. NOl'RSE, of lMk Co. FOR REGISTER OK STATU LAND OTKICK, A. B. MILLER, of Ccrro Gordo Co. FOR SL'PRKMK JTDWK, 0B0. 0. WRIGHT, of Van Buren C», Fill! TIII: col IIIKI! the Campaign Only Forty Cents! I All owing back subscriptions for the Cou rier, pty up. Those of this class in the vicinity of Blakesburg, are requested top»y to A. II. Oris.void, If your subscrip tions arc out, pay for another year. If vou Tant a Republican paper, you must support t„ A Bad Case! In this way the party If a man lias a bad cause, he.ig sure, in one way or another, to show it. When i started that the Bell and Everett men were, '•ailed on to ACT, he always shows a hope*: Theae is no use to show delicacy in this matter longrer. Slave Holders Want more Slave Territory. Both wings of the Democratic The question very naturally arises, why they have adopted this course. answer it unless it rotes and support In To is a bid for Southern to the United States. therefor'! ey. 1 its acquisition the south will gain a platform with the doctrine of popular sover slave representation in the Senate of offer to strengthen the slave-holding infiu- the school encein the Federal Government, the South Aug, 18A0. would never think of its acquisition, they The Citizens of Cass and Columbia Town would not desire it, and as a consequence, ships met at the Stone School house on the the Democratic party would not desire show the financial results to do of the pur- chase of Cubs, look at the efforts of Pierce's School of 1848. He read several resolutions administration to procure it, ami the facts i his efforts developed. In August, 18ot, Mr. time. Now if these resolutions do not con Marcy, being than at thc head of thc state de-j tain exactly the words, they certainly con partmcnt, directed Pierre Soule, Minister to tain the principles of the platform of the Re Spain, J. Y. Mason, Minister to Franco, and publican party. They declare most emphat an 1.1 AMES BUCHANAN, then Minister ically against slavery extension, Mr. M. said to Great Britan, "to meet as early as may be he would not change his political creed in "at some convenient point, to consult to* voting from their original faith, that he could "gether, to comparo opinions as to what "may be advisable, and to adopt measures "for perfect concert of action" in aid of measures to acquire Cuba. These three Ministers m&t in pursuance of this direction, at a place called Ostend, hold a conference McPherin will continue to speak to the peo for a number of days, and prepared, a oirci- pie, and that many other democrats will rallv lar which they sent to the State Department around the standard of Republicanism, and of our go\ eminent, at Washington, in Octo- I protect their constitutional and natural rights, ber, 1854. The circular, tlms prepared took not only in the States, but in the Territoiies! its name from the name of the place where Peter Knox Esq,, then read the platform the Conference wis held, and is know i of the Republican party, and made a few a«s the "Ostcnd Manifesto" In which, we remarks. The meeting then adjourned, to find the follownrg impressive reasons why meet at Chillicothe, Aug. 11th, I860, at 6 Spain should sell out her Cdban possessions o'clock, P. M. A. C. "Cuba, In her palmiest days, never yielded her ex rhepquer after ilerfnctinjr thn expenses of its povern ment it clear annual income of more than A million ,, wnri a half of dollars. Those i-xponnt'S havo increased UWIoteuIy reCCIV in mirh a d.'jrree as to leave a deficit rharceahle on n.h5/»l» the treasury of Ppn'n to the amount of fix hundred L.IM I? ["""""'"r.v point of 1M10KAM.K OCHA KVKK riew. Intreron th«j i«land Is nn incumUr .nice, Instead of a «ource of profit to its inothfr country.'' "I'NOKIt NO IKCPMSTANCEH CAN YIKl.D TO SPAIN ONK PEIt CENT ON THE LARGE AMOUNT WHICH THE UNITED HTATE8 A HE WILLING TO PAY FOR ITS ACQl'ISI- The JKW ty that would recklessly expend the monvy of the people, while the treasury is empty, and while the ordinary espeases of the government are running the nation ink debt 1 »y tens of millions of o a s e n i u U n o o I O n e per rent, per annum for money invested in the acquisition of for eign lands, when we have almost exhaust less plains of unsurpassing fertility, yet un occupied, and that too, when we would be compelled to borrow the money to be thu invested, and pay for the same from Ave Crcnt lii'ttiiitUciin Hooting at our Capital! I On Saturday the 4th inst., one PAPER. meetings that tell for freedom, wu held at our beautiful Capital—Des Moines. There were present, in all, between There were present of those five and six thousand, and a degrea of enthusiasm was manifested, that is rarely witnessed In one rocession from the country, were, I twentv-five wagons, from each of which ]ccf^ i ed forth constantly, checrs for "Lincoln and Hamlin." The number present was so large that it lHeame necessary to errect two stands for the speakers. for speaker*, Col. Cur- tis, of Lee Col. Warren, of Pes Moines Messrs. Stone and May, of Marion, and Mr. Nourse, of Polk. We speak the truth when wc say that Republican doctrine was preach ed, and Republican converts were made. Political neetliig*. J. \V. Dixon, will meet Thomas Fowler in discission at Hlakesburg, on Saturday, Aug. 18th, at 2 oYVtek P. M., an I will speak at Iiarlans l.»ig tent, in Richland Tp., a on Friday Aug. I7th, at 2 o'clock, P. M. If the D.: inocracv of Richland wish to bring out any person to meet Mr. Dixon, wc are authorized to say, that fair division of ti'ne will be i made. Turn out everybody and hear what i Mr. Dixon has to say. A Bell man Ihdinnant at the Conr«e nf Wn«hiii 'toii Hiiiif. i Mr. F. II. Pierpont, a prominent suppor ter of Hell and Everett, writes from Fair mount, Va., to the Baltimore Patriot, review ng Gov. Hunt's great efFort at Albany. He cannot see why Breckinridge is to be pre ferred to Lincoln, if an election by the people is desired, for the former, if chosen at all, will undoubtedly secure the vote? of lack of an "aid society" to the Democracy. But af- eonfidence. What is true of one man, is ter the division at Baltimore, it was evident true of a body of men or party. that the Democracy, instead of one 'aid so Take for instance the Democratic party ciety, had formed two for Lincoln. But the one prop after another has been knocked Governor seems bound to carry out the first from under it, till ft now shows weakness idea, that he will not let the Democracy de rn the knees— its treachery has been so clear- feat themselves. Oh, no, they are so nation ly demonstrated to the masses, that it no tional, especially tha Yancey wing, that all longer presents a bold front. Tt is remarka- the Bell men in the North must unite with ble but the impudence of the part}* is gone. Douglas to defeat Lincoln there, that Lane There was a time when the "trumpeters" of may be President. Is not this a bright of the party, were willing to meet an adver- idea? Yet it is the Legitimate logical con sary—that time is gone And now when you sequence of Gov. Hunt's proposition. Any say "are you willing to meet and discuss the man that begins to make propositions pub qustions at such a place," they always reply i licaly for political intrige shows its impropri "It would not to proper, we are to have a etv. The only true Democratic mode of ma pole raising on that day, and our friends king a President, is for the tnen to vote for insist on our occupying the whole time." the electors who represent his sentiments, to protract a and if a majority of such doctors are elected weary existence, and put olT the evil day for according to the Constitution of the United a little longer. But we now give you fair States, let them elect their President, and notice, that you are to be foiled in this.— there is the end of it. But all attempts to Wherever you meet to lie, there shall we be get the people to enter into unholy combina to tell the truth. Whenever you charge Re-j tions to do one thing to prevont another, publicans with offences for which they are i that a third, more to be deprecated than the in no wise responsible, then will they charge second, may happen, ought to meet a prompt home on you crimes, which your own records repudiation by all the people of e vary party, show to be true. unless politics is a mere game, to bs phyed, at as gamblers play at cards, to make money. All who view politics in this light are welcome to play as they please. Republican party are in fkvor of the annexation of the Island of Cuba. Both platforms pledged their res pective party organizations to that end. The Republican meeting held at Chillicothe on the 23th ult. was well attended, both bv Republicans and Democrats, and was ably I addressed by A. Lotspeach Esq., of Oftum wa. He gave us a brief sketch of the polit- We cannot *ca' history of the country examined the principles and platforms of the respective Wo of the Xorth have! parties, now claiming the suffrage of the no interests that demand the acquisition of American people and particularly the plat Cuba, but we have interests that do dictate i form of the Douglas Faction of the Democra it should not be acquired. Icy. He showed the incompatibility of this the eignty. In short he comple United States. i popular sovereignty humbug. After the If the ncquisition-oPCaba dM not tely exposed the thus Speaking the meeting adjourned to meet house on Saturday the 4th of 14th inst and were ably addressed by McPher I rin Esq., of Eddyville. Mr. McPherin has been, and ckims still to be a democrat of the adopted by democratic Conventions of that no longer co-operate with them. His speech was heard with enthusiasm, and at the close, two other democrats gave us their names and declared their intention to vote the Republican ticket. We hope Mr. OXLEY, 5 is to» 8iu.ll Oodettiou .f Mr. Lm Sec'y. A leading Houston man in this city saiil, aday or two since, that Houston would un the vote of Texas, "in he adtled, "he will stand better •liege than Douglas, for I don't believe Douglas cau get an Electoral vote." We shall all look about alike—Hous ton, Breckinridge, Douglas and -n in the Electoral Bell-for Republicans will beat us all. coin, two that of Mr. Bell, fifteen united, national, democratic party' have he know the reason We havo seen the I about 1,000. brought upon themselves, to wit.* Jinnkrupt- same kind of animals 1 We notice a hmftb »r of new bnildings be-' H°n- ing erected on the bit yon The Trenton Gazette compares the politi cal position of the press in New Jersey with that exhibited during the Fremont campaign. In 18oG fourteen journals suppoi ted Fremont six Film re and fourteen Buchanan. Now Fir*t Book of niroiiiclc*. CHAPTER S. 1 And it happened while the peoplo round about the village called Drakeville, were as sembled together, on the twenty-eighth of the seventh month, to renew their tempo ral strength, and become strong in the cause of Stephen Arnold, that all the people of Davis assembled at their own Temple. 2. Now at a Township called Union, the people met at their school house, nigh unto a store called Thomas's, to hear the sayings of Daniel the prophet, the dealer in dry goods, of the house of Tisdale. 3. And a goodly number 8. Then a mi­ nority. Mr. Pierpont says in conclusion "If Governor Hunt is determined to turn the Bell ond Everett, party into a nose of wax to serve the behests of jobbing politi cians, to secure the election of particular fa vorites, let him say so. The idea was first were present, of all tribes, and Daniel was acconi|anicd by Allen of the tribe of Bently, and tlu same did stand before them for five Dan id the prophet spake, and said—I am not use to a war of words, but, inasmuch, as am before you, I will demol ish the last of the camp of the Republicans, from out your midst. 9. Then for the space of three hours, did he gass, much to the delight of all, for this Daniel is a man of great parts, and comical, withall. 10. And he told how these Republicans were abolitionists at heart, how they were opposed to the fugitive slave law, and desired not to give rights to the men of the south, but were working a disolution of the Union. 11. Now the people thought these strange sayings, and that Daniel was jealous of them, thinking these men loved tbe niggers. 12. But so earnest was he in his manner, and so eloquent were his figures, so warm, and sympathetic his appeals, that they bore with him all the time that he stood up before them. 13. Then every man went to his own place, strongly convinced that much learning had made this man mad, and Ihey believed not the sayings against this party, called Republicans. 14. And Daniel, together with the was this man extalled, that the people throughout the land of Davis, said, surely there is something rotten about this, for Cyrus is no great speaker, but a poor expounder, and slow of speech. 5. And so great is the astonishment to this day, that they are wondering how such things can be, of a truth these people at Monterey must be a hardened set, and pos­ sessed with a very ignorent devil. 6. Now of the course of this man Cyrus, we know nothing farther, as he created no such excitement anywhere throughout the land, unto this day. 7. But James, tho son of Absalom, has been talking unto the people in many places, but so little argument does he present, that the people called Republicans, smiled much at his efforts. 8- Now this James does handle the eagle with strong hands, insomuch, that the peo ple fear they will be compelled to get to themselves a new bird of greater dimensions. 9. On several occasions did this man have the old bird up so high, that he became very dizzy, and scorched his feathers, by rubbing his feathers against the sun, called Sol. 10. And on one occasion, he laid the bill of this bird, on Canada—bade him flap his wings, and blow old England further from us, while his tail was fanning Cuba in as a State, with a large nigger representation. II. Now to this day is he a straddle the old bird, singing the tune of slavery with divine unction, and like Ilenry the Dsan, showing to the people, the christianizing ass-pects of this (God-forsaken) institution. 12. Oh citizens of Davis, why will ye be duped by this wicked party, called bob-tails leave not your homes, and follow after them, for, surely your country will be given to idolatry, and he people die of thirst in the wilderness. 13. Oh ye old National Democrats, not with this taction, whose sole ST. LOUIS, tbatof Mr. Douglas, and five for Brekinridge. Dtan Axain. six per cent, per annum for its use. said that, telling the truth, was evidence of the Union candidate, received about 4:300 Suoh financial skill would bring upon the a lack of brains. "No Republican," said he, I votes, which is a loss* of 700 since 1858.— government tho sauir? fate that the "great, "dare come within four feet of me." do damage at more than four times that distance. Hon ». tort a,n ar Friday. go object it to gra-.p the reins of power. 14. Be not a Judas sell not your country for thirty pieces of silver betray not with a kiss, but, Peter like, confess, repent, and strong in the faith of tho Fathers, redeem your countiy from the tyranical hands of this slavery extension oligarchy. 15. For, of a truth, when tho wicked rule, the people mourn. Soumsx. COMTIKOStk. August 7.—Eighteen precincts heard from give Blair 1817 majority for the short term and 2381 majority for the long term. 12 M.—There K are still four precincts to hear from which two years ago gave Barret The vote has of n,,j it y Uj""~ 1 I an deliv.-red himself of another fiery turbance of any kind. As far as heard from, I hiltipee, at the (.ourt II'»'i-»e, last Mondaj' Blair's majority for the short term is about night. Ife was fierce on the Courier and 4.1 and the result is still doubtful. Todd, bfeen a very heavy one, being an increase about 7U00 over the vote in 1858. E.\erv thing passed off quietly and with out dis- Don't Blair's majority over Barret for the long term I Orr, (Union) for Governor, receives Republican llccting at Drakc* ville. MR. EDITOR m.l U n *f IT I On Resolutions—Jul. and forty minutes 4. And fie told them how the Democracy had held the destinies of this nation, and how Stephen Arnold the traitor, was this democracy personified. 5. And the people doubted among them- selveg, saying this man does speak with boldness, and smooth words, that he may decieve us but wc have been gulled by his sayings for these many days,) in the "little one horse sheet," called Clarion. C- Now he does come here among ua, to take away our children unto this faction of depravity, called bob tails. 7. And the people had no faith in his words. PREAMRI.K, priest Allen, went unto his own house, sorely tried in body, and vexed in spirit, as lie had spent much strength with this people, and to no effect. CHAPTER 6. I. Now another body of this faction, were gathered together, at a place called Monterrey which lieth to the south-west. 2- And with them was Gyrus, of the house of Bussey, General of the forces in Davis. Now for many hours did this man hold the people "spell-bound with his teach ings, and the wildest enthusiasm prevailed 3. But so effected were they by the mysti fied sayings of Cyrus, that his posterior parts become as it were glued to the spot whereon they sat, insomuch, that it was with great effort they extricated themselves from this sad perdicamont. 4. Now so highly American citizens to perpetuate the princi ples of Lihcyty and Humanity, as handed down to us by the "Fathers of the Republic and believing that the principles of the Re publican party are more nearly those of th founders of our government, than any other and WHKRFAS, the people, and due to our national character at home and abroad, that the parties to elect inn frauds—parties to a corrupt administra tion, and abettors and supporters of flagrant doctrine, and extrajudicial decisions, munria- jects, and bring the facts brfore f,.e Resolved 2d, That we recognizo in Abra ham Lincoln, a tru* representative and an able exponent of Republican principles—a man well quallified, an] fully capable of ad ministering our government in justice and equity, and that we have every assurance of this in his moral character—his home reputa tion—as exhibited by the hvmhle, though worthy cognomen, of Honest Old Abe. Resolved 3d, That, in thc present political crisis, it is thc duty of all ejood citizens— lovers of the Constitution and Union—with out regard to past political differences, to ingruin through the corruption of Demo cratic. rale and that we will use all honora ble means to induce those opposed to us in political faith, to investigate the claims of Moved, that the proceedings of this meet ing, with the Preamble and Resolutions, be transmitted to the Ottumwa Courier, for publication. Moved to adjourn until Aug. 10th, at 7 p.m. Jul. CORNER, Sec'y. MR. EDITOR: Bills were circulated some a ma- uvicnior, receives a ma­ jority in this distrto of about 2.000. The Legislative ticket is in doubt, but favors the Sain (_ aruthers died at Cape Cjrint-! Republicans. The Republicans also elect a majpeity of the County offloers. wmm :—Pursuant to a call address- ... n i -11 i atthe school house, on Thursday evening, v a ji i D. P. M. M. Corner, Dr. C. M. Harlep, Esq., F. M. Kirkham and John Week. On Permanent Organization—Albert Cor ner, R. L. Cloyd and A. C. Traitt, after which the meeting adjourned until August 1st., when the committee on permanent or* ganization reported the following named Gentlemen, as officers. President A. C. Fouts Vice President Prof. Jt.l, Corner, Sec'y Win. C. Drake, Cor. Sec'y Dr. F. M. Kirk ham, Esq., Treasurer J. Van Boskirk Esq. Marshal, who were unanimously chosen. The committee on resolutions reported the following Preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously adopted. i i Republicanism on all lovers of free homes, truth cf Democracy. free bd.or and grce ,peeeh and, after having responsible for his mnl-administration. cans of Round Prairie Township, at fJlas- C. M. HARLEP Pres't. FAIRFIELD, Iowa, Aug. 6, 1860. Since I last wrote to you, there has been, in this county and at Bright on, fifteen miles from this city, in Washing ton county, four large political meetings three Republican meetings and one Demo cratic. I was not at the meeting at Brighton on Thursday last, but learn that there were about one thousand persons in attendance. The meeting was addressed by Hon. Mr. Smith, of Maine, (Secretary of State,) and Hon. Jas. F. Wilson, of this city. The Washington Wide-Awakes were on hand, as I learn, and formed a torch light proces sion in the evening. On Tuesday eveninglast, Col. Curtis made his appcarance in this city, and was imme diately put down on the bills for a speech in the evening. Although but three hours no tice had been given, about four hundred persons attended the meeting, and listened attentively during his entire speech of hours. The Colonel's speech was thc best two I ever heard him make, and was well received, not only by Republicans, but by many Demo crats. His speech was very much unlike the speech of a more poli'ician he spoke not as a politician, but as a man desirous of representing the material interests of his constituency. He first took up the Home stead law, speaking i i favor of a bill that give homes to the homeless and lands to the landless," free of cost, and showed the benefits that would accrue to thc country and to the people from the passage of such a law. lie next took up the Pacific Rail road Bill for the passage of which he has la bored so zealously and incessantly during the four years that he has been our Repre sentative, showing the advantages of the great Central Route through Iowa over the route through Central America. The Col. closet! his speech by some well-timed re marks on thc Tariff and the slavery ques tions, defining the position of the several parties on these great questions. two weeks ago announcing a grand Mass Meeting of the Democracy in this city, on Friday, the 3d. inst. It was also announced that Hcnrv Clay Dean, the great unwashed clerical "greaser" and Democratic Bruiser," wo'd be present and address the meeting, and the Democrats and the rest of mankind were invited to come out and hear the truths of Democracy "expounded by this popular and gifted orator." The time came -the Democracy turned out iu its strength, and many Republicans came to town to see the sights." At 11 A. M. the eastern train ar rived, and, strange to relate, thc popular and gifted orator*' «m aboard. A defega- tion of the faithful was there to receive him, and when he got off the cars three checrs WCrC i ed to Repub.icans of Drakesville and vicini- cheering, Dean pulled a bandanna from his i strengthen the iioewg of Stephen Arnold, and ty, a large number of our citizens assembled pocket and covercd his face bein" sorry no *,rlkctcrror doubt and almost I.nil UIC. L. M. Ilarlcp, hsq., h*as called to count of thc unworthinessof the object upon to be thc chair, and Dr. F. M. Kirkham appointed which their apparently enthusiastic cheers i Secretary after which, A. C. Fouts. Esq., were bestowed. From the railroad the speak bcing called upon, explained tho object of the meeting. Short and appropriate speech es were made, by Kirkham and C. Harlep, Esq. On motion, the following named Gentle men were appointed committees ,V.„ Believing it to be the duty of Thc stability of all free govern­ ments rests upon thc inteligence of the masses, and the freedom of the people—the prosperi ty of the country—the peace and harmony of societv—are in proportion to the moral tone, and enlightened sentiment of its citi zens and WUERRA.8, It is due almost nltected to tears, On ac- two. After the procession had proceeded through several of the principal streets, it I i u nn *er' was Irrought to a halt, when Col. Thompson o e poses, should be arraigned before thc people, vary tliere had never lieen n. timo hnn i tne opinion ef your correspondent that the ladies were "filled" long before they could .. .. make their escape through thc crowd which Surrounded them on all sides. Almost the first thing to be Known as the prakcyille Republican ceslors in bringing the Africans to this I *cr Club, and adopt the following Resolutions: Resolved, 1 st, 'J'hat wc endorse the Re publican Platform adopted at the Chicago Convention, and support its nominees— Lincoln and Hamlin—for the Presidency and "Christianizing Vice Presidency, at the next November election. I lar and gifted orator" say after appeared on tllO ground, was that be had heard much said about free labor. He said that those ucu «*Vin+ I have given you a specimen of the com mencement of the speech of the "gifted and ... i ,, A popular orator, who fr0 see that they cast their votes for the representiitives of National principles. Resolxed, 4th, That James Buchanan is a traitor to the people—a traitor to the coun try, and a traitor to his God that his ad ministration commenced in corruption that it has been out of dishonesty, tyranny and unparalleled extravagencc and that unless retrenchment is made, our government will soon be bankrupt, distracted by discord at home, and disrespected abroad, and that we hold the Democratic party, Xorth and South, Pose ,n converted them from thc error of their ways, ., not tell you of the remainder of it. I learn true hnurornr tW Floor, well, the reputation be has acquired, of be- in thc greatest blackguard in the State. ot*attending hoar, principally on the tariff tion. After Mr. Scott was through speaking, the company formed into line. After perform-' ing several evolutions, they halted in frontofj the stand. Three cheers were proposed for the Fairfield Wide-Awakes, and were given We left Glasgow on Saturday morning, never to forget the hospitable manner In which we were entertained by the whole hearted Republicans of that village. May the Republicans of Glasgow live a thousand years, and we live just as long to share their hospitality. I cannot close this already too lengthy ar ticle, without a word of praise to the Nation al Band of this city, which has furnished us with most excellent music upon all occasions. It has few equals and no superiors. Long live the National Band of Fairfield and the live Republicans of Glasgow. MR. EMTOR £iven 'or r*enn. Will O they were ofthe united btmocracy of «outhern Wapello, which affected'to tears w,,h thc the people did as they pleased from that That begli.a to look like douglas." Another Telce: time until half-past one o'clock, when the i (Rei'«llicaii) SO I say. It would be Impossible to give Colonel made his appcarance on the stand i ?ne,Wh°!fc i i i i e s i u a i o n s e e a a w a s e y u s in the park, and cried out "in thc words mind and obey, last part, fiat inpurty decent raton and figures following, to-wit: for a few white men." Next, three tremendous cheer* 0 yes 1 O yes Let everybody leave I f"," 00d for Col. Thompson! It IS to the enormous crowd of 97, ropub leant mid all.— i .i .. i u i. Mr- Hurtou heard persons who harped about free labor were i "l? "u J1?"'1 \BOW T» store-keepers, Bankers, a they were "small fitted farmers," "greasy Port,inl points. mechanics and filthy operatives," mutl-sills \*'T 01 society, &c. ted by men in high places, for political pur- was, that Jesus Christ died upon Cal-1 The next remarkable statement he made, the world, and high Heaven and in »rder ... i i IJL!! "n, r. Proof,t'i1is raiged another ruinpus-j to secure a unity of action in those *reat ob- bdrbar,ans I,ad heon people, w e therefore, resolve ourselves into a body, the stem inaugurated by our English sn- 8 the "Popu­ persons who never did a day's work in their lives." The "Popular and gifted orator" differs some- «hat in opinion from his d.stinguished to ourselves—due to brother Democrats in thc South, from degra- void but we think we will Dean next November that th I party is not "inoperative android," tot rally to the standard of Lincoln and Hamlin, ja subversion of the government." Wc will n^an'ar|3 in order to rescue the country from impend- show him within the next four Years. that. was to expound the The rain prevented me heari his aml BuUotk't0 Mi« Mar* 0 i however, that Dean sutained remarkably .. hips. 1 0n 0f a meeting of the llepubli- gow, in the evening. They marched round the Public Square, and halted in front ofthe Legget House. After getting seated in the wagon, three rousing cheers were given for Lincoln and Hamlin, and we departed for i Glasgow. It was raining when we started I and continued raining until we arrived at Glasgow. About sundown, however, the clouds dispersed and wo had a delightful night for the meeting. Notwithstanding it had rained all afternoon, there were about four hundred people in attendance at the meeting, about jne hundred and liflty of whom were ladies. The Wide-Awakes formed In procession as soon as it was dark, lit their torches, and marched through several streets. They Wilson was called for, and responded in a speech that caused thc few Democrats in at tendance to "fear and tremble." After Mr. Wilson had spoken about an hour and a half, ho took his seat, and Mr. K*KNH WILMORE. Senator Green of Missouri, in a recent speech at St. Joseph, dealt the Little Giant some pretty severe left-handed b'ows, as fol lows He supported John C. Breckinridge, be cause he had never traveled up and down the river on deck' of a steamboat, advoca ting his own election to the Presidency he had never descended into beer saloons, and drank lager in order to gain popularity with the vulgar rabble he had never sent hired letter-writers all over thc country to puff himself into notority, and cry down everv- body else he bad never prostituted the tel- egraph to sound b:s own praises and tnisre- present every other prominent man in Ais« the party: and, final] v, he sunnorted him X,lh'' because he was the only man who had any iilitHi»iii qgjgMia I'OHT The 1 ot)F talked of, thc on'nc he*rt of ^,ow,° ls er popular and.gifted orator," I mean) this fide of Illakeshurg was coming, consulting of six was escorte1 to his hotel by people (men, over- be 0Terrun by the here from Green, rae women and children, and some "babes at T" the breast, in wagons and on horse back, raise the sapling yet. Fearing that they would meet nunjx-ring, all told, three hundred and sixty- fate of the grand dodge rally which WM at rWlki and speech was principally devoted to who said cratlc vrty had no regular candidate—two very liu- W^e intro uby IllilK L.—At the residence -of the Bride's Mother, in Wapello county, iowa, on Thurs- day ,l'e2,linst» by Kev-**eo. Banford, Mr. Benjmln and HicHMoxn, Anjru«t 4th. *a*' lonft-expected, much-promUed, grand, overwMming demonstration Brpck-.""J We were expectingio ho»ta of theunterrlfled which w«re Adarai,and./WM«rv "hen the hour ««t. (iu A. But M.) arrived, the great num- ber of twenty-eight were on hand. At this time the news was cent forth that the great-western hand fron* i,— flrc, armed with a gourd necked fife, and play* t'n? "^P™"rer fence." By 'his time 12 M. had arrived, and not enough to ottmnwa sometime ago, they left the Iirocured an whom" w „h the (as I learn without authority from the Na went to work, the sapling started, when Mr. O. com tional Union Democratic Club") ordered! Hlcnce1 engineer from some other quar- the arrangements" were conferred.— i ^.heade(1 ,ear ofthe otturaw#clIqile they rcijen,|nP .1 j* I** i i oM thing witli a few Additions the uole is now it An i the crowd to 1,, and ,t dispersed, and I quarre'8' a"1 "•luatterlsm in the Te^torles. During hU 8Pet'ch ho H'ked the question Did not the Territorial Legislature of Nebraska pa„ an act to car ry out sijuatterism which wa« defeated." ("Heuder •hott, that question is not to the point.") This raised a I rumpus among the sore heads standing in the rear,1 i who were going to do something if the Republicans didn't keep still, but they were very careful not to do I But Mr- u- ma,le &C., duc"'0,1 ,, man from Ottuinwa, the Dame of Stile*, who was country, lie repeated this declaration, in order that he might not be misunderstood. If bringing tho Africans to this country is and civilizing" pro. cess, it would seem that tore-open the slare- We learn from reliable authority, that trade would be advisable. Chief Justice Taney, of the Supreme Court Dean says thc Republican party is an un- ofthe United States, w a warm advocate of constitutional party. If the Republican par- Douglas' election. So says the Rochester ty is unconstitutional, it is "inoperative and Union, a Douglas organ. It is not strange piovc to Mr. that this should be the position of Judge party never can administer the government! _at Springfield, Illinois, says, "40, without an entire change of Constitution or 1 »»swered against the protest of Mr ab"u\.,hal- Mr a two points, and proved them. The first point he proved by Mr. Dixon—that Mr. Lincoln had more votes from theSouth, in the conevntlon that noialna. Le,lh1im'.tl'1H''..M?,,DousU.s u* j* 1 nominated hliu and second, he proved by i h#J In the convention I »ome I Demo- of Mr. Buchanan's late production* that the of verjr »raart Introduced by taking the pitcher to his mouth and *waiiowingaswig. He commenced reciting a piece, pr^,i,"ed for the boye thal cant ew or was Phl1"- ^tion, as in the last two hundred years, W i \T'y ...„ ii 1 i i i i 1 iii n.. i wonder if Ben remembers a tale he told that young man read- ,le Deraocratlc- 113 wa* here -'.ookhls old hat and muttered out something' (I about every one who voted for Douglas would get 160 I of land and a yoke of oxen to boot you should keep stili, after telling that.) The young man wound' up by telling us that Henry Clay wa* a Bret rate man, say iug that the Republican party wa* about a* go ok EI the Democratic patty. Thu* ends another farce. Republican Taney, as he is ardent Roman Catholic, and uin- full force and virtue." Dean further says that "the Republican the auther of the H. ,lDred Scott decision." The Plain Dealer, speaks of a Douglas r* wurc 1 out-" noro^ Forty Thousand a Douglas meeting in the inte- ^"'no's Suckordom will never "suck A. ™ck*on both oC Polk Town, Wedneaday Evening, August 1st, at the residence the liride s Father, by Rev. j. M. McKir. B. Mi RPiiv.and MMS. A. A. I 0n arrangement Oj/i.e. Friday, in accordance with an previously made, the beting about sixty members, formed into procession in front of their Hall, for the pur- Wide-Awakes, nuin- Miss jost c. finally halted in front of the speakers. Mr. Heavy stock of NO. PRINTS. Scott was called for. Mr. Scott spoke about1 ofthoae Lr.V0Oiyil\TS, II0U8T0NP\an\ttU, 1,111 i *1^1 iii I kor.vion Leon, Decatur Citv. Mt Avr Piatt trill* i chance of defeating Lincoln. No Southern I «i"ick State would, under any circumstances, cast her Electoral vote for Douglas, and he didn't believe he could get a single Northern State. oy, Mr. M. BAKER, exct'"t,I,tf:akeand ail of this city. magnificent boquet, emblemat- ii i ical of beauty and plenty, accompanied the above, o'clock P. M., of said day, upon the fol- was appreciated by all connected with the Courier May the future of our young fi'iuuiln i good and their pathway be be adorned with On Monday the 6th ln.t., at the residence of the Now Advertisements. THE GREAT EASTERN HAS ARRIVED WITH FALL ASTD WINTER STOCK AT bride's Mother, by Rev. 9. 11. Ma. A. M. i one tiurdVash p^i dow ",'one Ud'l iT""ix months^ I*6 '"'five months, the part unpaid We mutually congratulate the paitie* for tbe taste they have displayed—had we been in the place of either of them wc could n»t have made a different choice. We have always predicted for Mr. Karns suc cess—we now do—happiness. We acknowledge the receipt of a bountiful supply of very fine Cake. WOOD,Worcester,city ail of this DEVIN'S! Opposite Hawley's, Front Street, Ottumwa. Cash and Liglit "ProHits. BARGAINS! BARGAINS GHALLIS, I BER AGES, DEBEUKS Alpacev, MERINOS, VALENTIA Plaids, TRIMMINGS and MOTIONS of every description I CHEAP UINTIN DOUGLAS CAPS, BttECKINRIDGE BOOTS, BELL RIBBONS, A MINIS TRA 77?.y way of with a will. Three cheers were then given i OLO J^.HS OA.SsSl]YXER,ES, for the Republicans of Glasgow, after which SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Flans thc company was ordered to dispose. JkXlxxO in the Country. COFFEES, SUGARS. SHOES, 4c. IRREPRESSIBLE nels COTTONS Ac., for the MILLION. GROCERIES, Tobaccoes— Prices. TP A Q—' AUCiE STOCK—Be*t and cheapest PRUNES, SODA. SOAPS, SPICES &c. HARDWARE— Selling and giving away. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. 9.-'60-22-12 y. DWCN. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS 1 v.'Ot'tanii. Tin: ARE STAGE tojiPAxy now running a Daily Eour lloise Line of Post Coaches, from Ottumwa to Rentcnsport, passing through Drakesville, BloomUeld, Troy, Htringtown cars ror Keokuk'. mttking 8ure co,inucllon» torn FLOUR (wholesale) WHKAT I'OKN S UK I,LED COM CORN MEAL OXTS HYK. POTATOES(n«W).. srtiAit COFI-'KE 8AI,T HIDES, dry green COTTON VAR* .. NAILS rive a death- LATH, .M I piece, con»i?ting of the tame A „lc ,: Q's ^cei wUh Do"g A,J"hn8on their stores, &C„ and rally around this stand the same old tune, they marched to the ground where I for a short time—wee'l do you good The Mr- next ,n ordcr a ,n fcfrmed, headed by the band before named, playing nurtnn ladies or. the front seats till they arc tiillcdj(whl^h "ow ^Increased by the return of quite a •_ n i TI number of people going home from mill ank market,) 1 retty •riflirfiiiiniiiii^j^i ,iin 1 OevaiaM Orvtes, Atig. 0. *2,0.0 48(i 0 '20 #3 .. 40 SUota. $(«(Mft •••••••••••••.. 60 9(^11 »a,i5 ... ft 82* 4, PINE Ll'MBKR, common, 12fi0@20 00 clear, 8 grade*.......... 2S 00©40 *H SHINGLES 8 00@4T5 Bl'TTRU.. 1*^(^15 LARD TALLOW CIIICKKN* 1 ma"y dry r™«Mion Introducod to the Immense masn, I 10 HKKSWAX 20 K(, s 03« CIIKKSE ftjfc$1 soitlillUM SO I'OKK SIKKS 7@8 HAMS 9® 10 1,00 QUAILS. 86 I)K1 Kl A I'I'I.fS, 1t 12V riCACilK8 lb? ID LKATHIIK (Sole) «T Calf ..1.00 FURS—Mink, No. 1 ...1,20 COON t5®40 WILD CAT t6®4) It AT OTTKIt ItKAVRR TB@i1 01) nmi lb I4ft2 BUFFALO ROBES «00©lu00' HUNGARIAN SEED TIMOTHY |2 WillSkKY tO VINEGAR bbl ft.OO i Fat Cattle meet with ready sale. Good cattle seU arty I for, gross Cut meat, 4 to cent*, Sheep, jl.60 (it. $2,00)er lieaif. Cnicifio, July 81.—Floor—Quiet.—Wirt ft—Tenden cy downward. Sales 7,000 hus. No.2 spring, at 90c i 8,000 bus. No. 1, do. 92c. A few parcel* icjected •pring, at 7i?c. Cons—Steady. Sate* 19,000 bo*. No. 1, at 42^0. Nkw Yonif, July 81.—FLOUR—Recelp* 6,007 bjla. Market more active.—Sale* at $5o5(3i5 10 for supper state. HEAT— Receipts 46,022 bush. Market ahout 1c higher with rather more export demand. Sales 40,000 biiriiit fl.'joftV I.'J-.', mill club. CORN.—More active and firm. Sales 90,000 bus at 61 '...M tli ?ntiini mixed: 67 very choice western yellow. M. B. ROOT, OTTUMWA MARBLE WORKS Froi.t St., 0]i]osite the Jt ITerson House. A N U A i K I i O S E I E A O N U MENTS' TOMRS, (illA YE-STONES, TABl.E-TOPS, FROM FOREIGN k AMERICAN MARBLE. Auf., i-'60-y. F1B£ AK1) MAHINK INSURANCE CQMB&NT cBAxvmeinMftiQQm rCASH CAPITAL, $200.0000 ^OWith a large Surplus. C?® GEODJEVSTT.Soey. N.MWATMMM.PrrA. t#1 Policies i~Mn il on ae favorable terms at by any other aolvent Company. A. A. STUART, Agt., For Ottumwa aad vicinity. PROCLAnATIOIV. YVHEReAS, it has been represented to me, th»t the public safety requires, that all dogs and nitvhe*, should be confined and kept frerarunnint at large within the city. Therefore, by virtue ofthe authority invested In me aa ,:'v',ri I hereby order that all persona owning don or bitches shall conflne the same, and Keep them from riuiniiig at large, on and after Monday Aug, 6th untill Oct, 1st, and if any dog or bitch is fomxi ran-' ning at large within the City, during.the time abo*e ment.oncd, it shall he the duty of the .Marshal to kill or cause the same to be killed. (liven under my hand and the seal ofthe Cltv.thl* "h WILLIAM L. ORR, 80th d»y of Ju|y.1Qit" i860 Mayor. AH.niMMTKA rOK'S SALE. NOTICE is hereby given, that by virtue of aa -M* der iK^ued to me as administrator of the estate or w illiam Black, deceased, by the conntv Court of W apello County Iowa, on the 7th day of May lfe60 I will olTer for sale to the highest bidder on the fourth day of September next, between the hours of# o'clock \V*IM premises, belonging to the estate of crowned Section No?^ and sk'V^f Slf'7 of' S^io^' So°c! flower*, *n' S of la the printers prayer. oV.V V NE. of Section T, anil Lot No. in of Sections, and W of SW. of Section No. S, and SW. V of fiW1 NO^A'w"i^xv6, "i,'n Towno,,'P No- 73 of Range draw t»n per cent per annum until paid, *ecur«4 lur notes and lien on said premises. ^August 2d, lS60-N-7iTKN°X' AdmlnUtratW" To Persons out of Employm't* 4, ,'rs %v\vn:I» TO SELL THE ERIE SEWINH MACHINE. We will give a commiss ion, or wiiges at 4u per month, and expens ch This is i new Machine, and ao simple in its #oiistructioi] that a child of 10 years can learn to •perate it by half an hour's instruction. It 1* equal to any fami!y Sewing Machine in use, and the price IS but Fifteen Dollars, Penoaa wishtngan Agency will address J.N. HOYLAN, Secretary Erie Sewing Machine Company. MILAN, OilM. t|i Watches Given Away IA GIFT, valued from two dollantoeM hinlretM !»*", GIVE* tith every llaok sold at retail prices AtleMtona Watch is GUARANTEED With ere^7 twelve books These inducements are ofTered by tbe SUFFOLK EXCHANGE CO HO Washington St.,Hoitou. I the most extensive and the must liberal Olft concern in existence. SEND FOR A CATALOGUE. ducements are unrivalled, and put all others in the shade. The following are some ofthe Gift* to pnrcfcM«w«t English I,ever Gold Watche*, hunting case*. Patent Lever .» Ladies Lever 14 44 open face Detached Lever Silver Watches, hunting caie*. Lepine Silver Watches, open face. Gold Lockets various sices. Ladje.s'ami (jents uold Chains, various siscs. LadieM and (rents' Gold Sleeve Button* and Studs, all patterns. Gents* Bosom Pins, new and rich stylaa. Gold Pencils and Pens. r"f Ladies' and Uents' Gold Ring*, Gold Watoh Keys aud Belt Pin*. A Great variety of Ladies Jewelry, MntHmt! Car- Drops, comprising all the style* now worn, •uch as tanwo, Moaalo, Gold Stone, Lava Florentine, Ac., Ac. Gold Bracelets, all styles. The List of Books comprises agreat assortment of •tan.lard works in every department of Literature. Interesting to the young and old. Do not fall to aenj re s s 'A *j ?t CURRENTS, Catalo,?ue8 Illai,ed FOO T—JfA IR LIP the a dai'y line of Hacks from ottumwa to Centre- c,,,,nectini'*l,h a triweekly line from there to ciarinda, and through to NVbra k•, making time aud sure connection* at all points atone Stage 0®ce, rorner Market k Front Hreet». Ottuinwa, July 9th, 1SS#. A. C. PARKS, Agt. fW Passengers for Western Towa, and Northern! ww fered in the west, and which willbesold lower Missouri, will find it to their interest to take this than at any point on the Mississippi. Also those A free to any ad- ,SUFFOLK EXCHANGE COMPY, 116 Washington street, Bosto#. 0. Wt ELDRIDGE, Treasurer. 1N&AF AND BLIND. DR. ALLEN, The celebrated Operator on the Eye and Ear, will make regular \i,it» at ottumwa, until ail caee* commen CtMl, are curt'd, ami will treut A I S K A S S O E E Y E A a e w o OF THE EA R- riL EPkFlIrULA^L VA UW VJt" and all other deformities, SCROFULA Ac. In the treatment ofthe above diseases, his succc** ha* been the most satisfactory, some of the Deaflnmatea oft\.'e I"",* bee" ell,lre|y 8 restored, and many Of the l.lmd who have groped their way in darkness ?r, n' '.l ',,ae rv "f "'"y if not more Club Ftit, llair Lips and other deformities, than any other Physician in the west and from his extensive and daily exper ence, and with the very best treatment and apparatus known to the medical profession all eiitru.tiug themselves to his care can rest assured that if relief Is possible, they will be cured. All wish Ing treatment will please call during the first visit *o that if the case ha tediou youhave tlje advantage of tl subsequent vi«it*. No vate*treated unlet* curabU examination 8ce circular. He will be at .e Ottuiuwa lluuse in this city. 27th, to Wlh. ju|y THE PLACE TO BU Y LI UIIEIt, Ar., IS AT RAID'S LIMBER YARDS At Burlington, Mt. Plea$ant, Fairfield, Aatnev isi' OTTUMWA, MrnFllE Will be found the largest slock ever of- Shingles of our manufacture, full count eve* WFT, K.D. AIND I Oct. S7vlS69-aSI-ll It

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