Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 16, 1860 Page 2
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n i flic (DtiunUiut (Couritr. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. J.W.MORHIS Kdilor. OTTUMWA IOWA, :TAuK«-t 16, 18(50. rot: PRESWFNT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Oir ILLlSOi*. FOIl VICE PRESIDENT, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, v.i/v :. !tGSID£XTIAI' ULECrOBS. tlXZ n'ENllY WAlJREN.of Pes Molues i' JOS. A. CHAPLIN, of Dubuque Co. tHSTBICT it.KOTOM. lat Dlat. M.L. McPlIKRSON, of Madron '•. •Jd —CH\S. POMKKOY, of Boone i\. ASSIST* XT H.rCTORS. 1*1 Dial,-J. W. NEWCO.MB, of Davis C, —BEN. RECTOR, of Freiu V'd —E.N. PATES, of Him Co. _W. B. FAIHFIFLD, ofFloyd Co. ^IKPl'BLItJ VX STATE TICKET. ma COSOBKSS— KIRST di-TKICT, SAMUEL R. CURTIS, of Lee County. roH SKOBKTAItT OP 8TAt», ELIJAH SELLS, of Mascatine Co. FOR ACUlTORor 9TATF, JOHN W. JONES, of Hardin Co. FOR ATTORNET CEXtB.lL, CHA8. 0. SOURSR, of Polk Co. rOtt RKlllSTER OF MATH LAND OfriCl, 1. B. MILLER, of Cerro Gordo Co. FOR SrFRKMC JffGR, QJBO. G. WRIGHT, of Van Huron Co. LJ ... —JJ llOOMSOF TIIF Ui:P. FT\TV Mt«ooU. but eAAAn/l in it on. ('EMRU. MITT*. P., MuiNEtf, Iowa, August Ctli, ISW To He Repu7-?h-ttUMtf fci I have Vrn directed by the Republican Stat© Cen* tral Committee, to announce to the Republican party an! press of the State of Iowa, that the Committee have, with lingular unani nit.v, resolved, 1st—Not to a-*s«.Muble a State Convention to nominate a candi'Int'-for Justice of t!i* Supreme Court, to fill the vacancy ocnjiimi"'! by the death of lion. L. D. Stockton. 2d—To recommend to the !tepnhihan party and the publican press, that lion. Gkorc.k ». Wk OUT of Van Ihinm Conntv, be regarded and supported as the Republican Candidate for that position. It Is nec essary to mention butoueofihe many reasons that prompted this action. The Committee are advised, that in ?o doing, they reflect the wishes of a very large majority of the partv in this State. personal controversy. IT. M. HOXIK, Chairman Rep. State Centra! Com. out (jieuUeutiui, we lire nftor you." Ah, ha 1 you are? Will, "Friday," we are obliged for the information, and wil) loose no „,h. candidate. time in donning tit clothe* "~e uonmng^ic cunntm tor uh. iuc.unu.r —Jbr we never run, not even for n -i Wb in auauion to jour oM ta&k, you assume Vr-tTaVin-s^TO. Fna..y justify a man—a thing—embodying thj v0a..vtMly.' "luintessenceofevery deformity Now sir, why should a simple statement Vi*li,yt'^ We understand, but will not say ^0^'' allow us to suggest that the office of IipU"-V. demolisl your attention to that occasioii, and ftgain, to indicate the strong now, that we arc speaking of Dean's and not Dean's person, wrong points about ____ one—and observe Sidney, Krem- any party or principle, no one doubts.— a sn\nll remnant of the Whig party and the sweat of the Democratic party." "Jts princi­ ple was, restriction of Slavery within its present limits"—'"That the Republican pnrty was opposed to a fugitive Slave Law"—"That aRepublican could not be a christian"—'That the principles of the Republican party were subversive of our government"—"That the leaders of the party—Seward—Trumbull&c, —could not have as much crammed into their heads by God Almighty, a* Washing­ ton and Jefferson would forget between sun down and dark."— ^ell us sir, if you can, which is the strong point. We apprehend that these are mere,. declarations, and, without proof, are worthy State®. The procession was ten miles long, and was three hours passing a given point. There were 5,000 Wide Awakes, any quan­ tity of banners, si'jrnilicant mottoes, able tspeefhes, and unmistakcable indications that Old Abe has more friends than any other man in the United States. We copy full particulars of the meeting from the State Jwrnal. lite fighting Divine, h' Henry lay D-'an^ we learn, professed great anxiety to findus after we left last week, extending his search to every place in town, except the Hon. Sam. A. Rice, of Oskalooaa, will ad- dress the Republican club and our citizens generally, in behalf of the Republic: 11 cause, at tnc Court House, this ('I hursday) evening, at 7 o clock. (Jive him a good meetiri". Ladies are respectfully invited. A trip Into central and northern Illinois, last week, impressed us with the fact that cpruand Republicans lire plenty this year. We desire to express our gratitude to friends in Davis county for large lists of subscribers at Blootnfteld and Draki svillo. According to tho New Vot k Comme -ciai $15,000 a day are spjnt oyster-. JOINT DISCUSSIONS B.-tweon ("urlU Rtitl Colo. I The fallowing arrangement fur joint discussions bo twevn Col. Curtis and Mr. Cole, lias been consumated Fort Madison, Lee Co. WedMay, do 22, Writ Point. Lee co. Thursday, do 2$, Benton«pi»rt, Van l'u. Co. Friday, do 24, Keosauqua, 44 14 Wapello, Louisa co. Monday, do 24, Cnlurobu* City, do do Tuesday. do 2ft, Washington, Wash'n Wed'day, do 2ft, Brighton,* 44 44 &r., expiration of t?ieir time, nntl the the moment he i? notified the ex without regard to the closing of his wife: for tho encounter Neither candidate shall sneak at any time or place not nameJ j„ ho s.lon iir,"r ,1,t" v 1 1 1 e n a n v u u i n v i u u o u o u n i Dean. We irould have supposed would have learned wisdom from JOU secona campaign fiddler for this district, Pavi'tport,Scott eo. Thursday, do 20' imposes on you no such duty. What we Wa^Rou^^^^ |j- h»ve to say in answer to your article, is tended for the public. the sandy foundation on which rests all their hopes, so completely leveled their abolition! Lincoln Temple, that a great cry was set up i 1. 1 purposely specch, pic'fieCHy^ for,, that ther arc that, that would demolish Dean said—"That the Republican partv was innde up of Abolitionists, Free of no more credit, than a declaration from ^on"irt'^s us, that Ilenry Clay Dean The demonstration in honor of Lin his home in Springfield, on Wednesti.( in New York for by n. M. Hoxie, in behalf of the State Republican this part of the State on yesterday. We Committee, aud Mr. Cole. We call attention to the have no adequate words tO describe what terms, at ell as to the times and places specified be- Saturday, do 2\ Troy, luvi», Monday, do 27, Wopmfi*dd, Pavis Co, Tuesd«y, do 2?, Cnitreville, Appan's co WptiM.iv. do 29, Corydon, Wayne co Tlmrsday, do 80, Leon, Dec itur Friday, do 31, Decatur City, Dev*turco. Satu'.v, Sept. 1, Mt. Ayr, Ringold co. Monday, do 8, Bedford, Taylor co. Tuesday, do 4, Clartrd*. »ge co. WedMay, do Sidney, Fremont co. Thursday, do 6, Glenwood Miils county, Friday, do 7, Tranlcfor-I, Moi.Cgiuy .o. M^nl iy,do 10, Qnincy, Adams co. Tuesday, do 11, Afton, Union county, AVe«Cdny, do 12, Osceola, Clark** co. Thursday, do 1$, Chariton, Lucas co. Friday, do 14, AlMa, Monroe co. Saturday, do 15, Edd ville, Wapello co Monday, do 17, Ottiiuiwa, 14 4tTui«day, Fairfield, Jefferson Mt. Pleasmit, Henry do IS, 44 Wed'day, do 1#, 41 Thursday, do 20, New London, 44 41 Friday, do 21, Burlington, Moi\s 14 Saturday, do 22, Thursday, do 27, Sigourney, KeokuV co Friday, do 2^, i Oska'oo^a MatnsVa Saturday, do 29, i Montefumi Pow^hk 44 Monday, O^t. Ojlnnell 4 4 4 Tuesday, do 2, Newton, Jasper co, Wed'day, do Vand tlia. 44 Thursday, do 4, DeaMoines, PolV co. Saturday, do 6, 1 A del, Dallas couuty, Tuesb»y, do 9, tVKftoolta, 44 44 Wednesday, do 10, Guthrie tt. Outline co Thursday, do 11, Exira, Audubon co. Friday, do Is, Harlan, Shelby co. Saturday, do 18, Magnolia, IFarNon co. Monday, do l.\ Council Bin. Pot'mir co Tuesday, do 16, Lewis Cass co. Fiiday, do 19, Fnntenelle, Adair co. Saturday, do 20, AViuterset, Madison co. Monday, do 22, St. CVarle*, 44 ^Tuesday, do 2'^,»oIa, Warren co. WedMav, do 24, PleasHi-tville, Marit n co. Thursday do 25, Knoxville, 4i 44 Pella, Friday, do 2(1, 41 44 Satui day, do 27, The term? of the dlsr.wion flmll l.c as follows:' but, since you have not, you mut take1 Reptti 'ican candidate for Pro'dentinl Ehcior eating the ownward march of Republican another lesson under this severest of masters. Win addr. ss the people at the times and places indl- principles, and tilled with appropriate mot in... vm.nncnfrWi.1 an M'temnt to *1,e following lUt of app-imrnents: toe!3 Mitn ir yon once t.i.lert an a.temnt to ^aukon, Alrimakee Co. Wed'day, Aug.29, at 2 o'cl'k. ''Lincoln Ham to addition to vonr nl,l fV't -.^Mi^pecorah, Winne'shk Thursday, do»l, do do PUDH-atl lUlMMU 111011011. L.intOUI, nam Wedoesday, Thursday. Fridav, Saturday, Lewi*, county, Moitdnv. co Tuehi »y, tjuincy, Wi'dnpsilav Quincy, Ailams Fon^ent•lle, Adair co. Thursday, WSnterset, Madison co. Saturday, Sept. The Central Committees SOI'Uts, an is a Genthman. Dean's declarations, are as absurd on their face, as would be ours. V of last week, at which we had the gratification of being present, undoubtedly exceeded in numbers and enthusiam any meeting ever held for similar purposes in the West. The lowest estimate of the numbers presej was 7.1,000 from all parts of Illinois, from In­ diana, Iowa, Missouri, and some from other in the several counties wi r" lk(! al! neeessary air.riir,,,,, ,,^ rortne meetings, and see that due notice is puhli«hed My order of the Hep. State Central Com. An«aiicr 1.'ci$»ion I'xpectod A\ e understand from the Shelbv that a suit has been instituted in the Ciicuit Court involvinj the question very in the .NV.rthwostm, Territory, .(fee-1 ted by the ordinance of 1787. The plaintiff various trades. ttiu Constitution and laws of! tinjr rail-si]i!ter Illinois, this residence liberated hint from i Roch slavery.—Louistille Journal. po, ,ularly calle,I but rt'aI1y of a*: Why not? The Ordinance if 17s7, osts pon th foundation as that which sustained the y°i J,,s«astis CoiiLt as "inoperative and void." They i and the Supreme Court dare to attack th-*t i vc-Kwd. ««. til the triumph of 1806 was secured. Should the South drop their candidate and unite on Douglas and he thereby bo elccted, would a decision follow, overthrow- ing the ordinance of 1787? If we were to judge a tree by its fruits, we should say yes. tliu one wnere we are usually found—at our Of- i'dy, and one only, in the whole catalogue of flee, Pumroy's block, 2nd story. We expect But thank (Jod, this will never be. Douglas will never be President. Mark Mitrk Quinine produces dizzi ness in the Head, Loss of Sight, Ringing in Ears, Loss of Hearing, and very often produ cos Insanity !1 Tt constipates the bowels— locking: up tlv humors within the o jrans, and causing Ague C.-iKe, Liver Ccm plaint. Dropsy and Consuu piion. One rem- ,r L'(1'L''!l ?s »r,,r 'his prevalent arid often fatal to be at home most of the time this fall diseasc~Dr. Christie's Ague Balsam never produces these airections, and bv its action li^the Wilhatusville delegation, which on the stoiuacii and Ijowels, obviates and See advertisement. AII the colors have boen produmd by photography, but it has been heretofore im possible to fix them. It is now -tated* that M. Totissaint, has done it and that quently we aretohave photographs of objects! in all tlu-ir natural colors. Tho nrincinal I r1 Groat Meeting at Springfield. Full l* irlicnlari. [From the State Journal.] luff »iceeh ch-ill tln-n ecndmle the argument, and may the march commenced, blK owing to tile im occupy not more than half an hour. menso number of vt-hiolea extending miles Two chairmen fhall he sclccli'il :it each meeting by their respective parties, whose fluty if shall he to pre fMo,keen oriler ami notify the speaker* of the various del cpe-it-er shall -top at hi,] The chairman politically friendly to the pavty m:ik- -j A veritable politi-d earthquake past over onr low. We tru*t that the press of the State will five the^^^y of the country, WAS there ll larger or widest circulation to these appointments morj magnificent political demonstration K ?okuk, Lee Co., Tuesday, Aug. 21, at Vclock than that whi*'h yesterday took place here at the home of Mr. Lincoln. Certainly noth ing has ever occurretl in the west which al all compares to it. Heretofore we ha e hr*cn in the hahit of referi inw: to the Harrison do do do do do do 7o do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do dd do do do do do dd do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do hoheld. Never, we believe, in the Convention, which met here in 1840 or to the Ti »p°eanoe Mass meeting vhp'h shortly afterwards assembled at Cinein'iati* aslars^e meetings hut henceforth the Lincoln rally of 1800 will be the standard of reference.— For its extent, its number and it- display, it makes a new era in the matter of political de monstrations, while bvits vastness and en thusiasm, it proves conclusively that the people are heart and strength for Lin coln. lint wliat shall wo say of it. The thou sands upon thousands w ho were here from all the central counties of the State, know for themselves what it was, but how* shall we to ab!s to convey i i lnnruace even a faint idea of the monster alfair? The day was most favorable for the demonstration. The sun arose in the nudst of a dense ifg whicii L, e Long before nine oclock one dense mass of l,nVn (piratinn ofthe time, Ing the middle speech, shall l»e regarded as the Bret chairman ami act aeconlinpljr- -and in case of any dlnfiprcement. thev shall choose an umpire, who shall h^ve lipon tasked further, with them decide the point. Neither candidate shall he permitted to supply liis eral columns of our paper, were we ... ,, .. ... place with nnotiier speaker except by consent of the tempt a description of them. We nn.t .. ...- commencement of the joint canvas on .. the 2ist of Auirust, without L'lv.ngto the oth. party Tou have taken it upon you to defend H. two w eeks not ire thereof an•! extending to the oppo- the procession, they passed, so far as we C. iw U experience, (I'' •'t1 »it,, Clinton co. »efi nav, do ]9 in- 11r You say—"Mr. Dean came her® and mad' r,ar!'". 1 »c. u0 you understand what you say, or 'he times «nd piaccs ns stated beio are you dishonest greet speech our is sentence, or oth- followed. Tt was, by all odds, the 1 'ir^est affair of the kind we have ever seen. ... ..j largest affair of the kind we have e n 1 -,llo 1 nmon si, or any other Democratic rifndl- dale for 1 residential Elector, is re.«]cctfr!lv lrn !t...t We have no tune for V? Warren, at the above mlejinps f^r joh,t discii.-»lon—sueli disc -ts?!!!!) to be conducted o 1 the jame terms as the MHV».I of Col. Curtis and Cole, candidates for Congress lu the 1st District ... Other appointments for Col. Warren a spiecn, which so completely undermined |n®u"eed lu due time, by order of the JJepublieau State Central Com. ,, do K 'fer New ll impton Chic'sanr co Thursday do We?t Union, Px.rette co. Fridav, do Satu.:"u-V- Saturday, inn county, Monday, Tuesday, co. Wed'dav, ie do do do tnr do. do do do do do do do di do do do do do do do We do 8, da 8, do li), do U do 1«, do 13, do 14, do 1«, do 17, do IS, (lo 19, rill be an- £. K VOIV, wuiaHri l'h*" tor Elector address the |«ople np..n the Political issaei, at k aboard, got up :n exe"llent style, and drawn Uy six hoirse was the work of some of the Sprin r field Republicans. The enterprising proprietors of the Sprinjrfield oolen Mill were represented in 1 the procession by an immense wagon con I tainiiig a power loom, driven by a small steam engine. During tho progress of the proc^i,.,, llicy iiiaiK* s.vcral'yar.U of sub. STL, They had numerous flags, banners were represented CTr in which asncrtj that his master became a permanent! Ihe Menard delegation, among other good resident of Illinois, and took the i "i f"'" rers, and ai.^o a \\a' on urawn Ijv four there that by virtue of the Ordin uK- oi i 1707 „_,i .. al.o a \\a' on drawn by four horses represen horses at work. lestcv turned out in of wagons nearly 500 strong. Two decorated carriages were i filled with young ladies representing the dif- ferent States. ttie 178^ act of Fancy CI reek came iu 58 wagons and 110 same! numbered -ijij. It also had a car with in 1:i'lioK in U- Missouri Compromise from 1820 down I^vs-m turru-d out well, and had also a ... decorated enr of vounj: ladies. not in accordance! Mcli.inic.-burg was fully represented, the with the spirit and letter of the Constitution delegation consisting of 580 in 9ii wagons, the first may be set aside by tho Suroeme 1 decided is this: Will pro-slavery jnliticians The Spring Creek delegation, which con- Scott County sent up 200 wagon's aud & ,,r n.11 .11 1 lazi-'well Countv came in wagons to the Ja'1 to-cthtr, because they rest on number 5u0. Del,van alone furnishing tue «an:e basis. The only quest.on to be de-1 over one hundred. sistcd of 17 1 which gave freedom to the .Northwest? The young ladies and a variety of handsome Driu beott decision was not pronounced un- banners and spicy mottoes. Cotton Hill came in 200 strong. A log cabin on wheels with an old settler In front splitting rails was greatly admired and well got up. Chatham delegation, thirty wagons, with numerous flags ami banners. One of the wagons, contained thirty-three beautiful young ladies representing* the States. A company of thirty-three horseman were also iu this delegation. Rochester precinct turned out largely.— One of the best features was the wagon "con taining ladies representing the different States. The Mt. Pulaski Lincoln Oiunrds made a fine appearance with their neat uniform and Has. was cures these very diseases. drawn by twenty three vuke of oxen. This JOIIX D. PARK. ,„rt«l to and cliloroid of beoil old. acres. |,Ianliid in a jteriuclons. strong, was an immense wagon w a,s er, ct medley of workshops- blacksmith sboin^ a horse, another making shoes whei'lright makiijg a wheel a uang of men splitting rails carpenters, shoemakers weavers, etc, nJ'''r !':irt wcl1' ptok market gardener in the Southern part oral appearance gave universal of Indiana, has a "patch" containing 1,700 Tli" lVa-rat IM.titis delegation c.mi number uf |«iey banners, among which w# noticed the following, "On the llth of No vctn^er the American People will rest in the belief that the Democracy ia in course of ul timate extinction.' "Down with the party that robs the treas ury, anl then packs a jury to acquit the rogue." liirard Lincoln Club, fifteen wagons with banners—'uAbo Lincoln, the rail candi date." \Tirden delegation, 20 wagons, with nu merous Hags and banners. We noticed a beautiful paintimr, entitled "Free Homes," which was much admired. Hunker Hill Glee Club with six horse team, and flags, made a very fine appear ance. Waverly delegation, 98 wagons, with a beautiful display of flags and banners. Upper Lick Creek turned ut a fine dele gation—among which we noticed a six horse team hauling a wagon with a rail fence upon it. These do not begin to embrace all the del ations that was present, but owing to the impossibility of arranging them in line we did not succeed in completing our list. As it was, the procession was nearly ten miles long. Its counter-marching and doubling i i 1 1 I V V U 4 1 I v I U k I i U v ... ,. i, I, i-i.i eu trie enthusiasm winch thev all fc was sneedtlv dispell'- bv a lijihtbroe?.:! from ., i .r i passim* the residence ut Mr. Liucirln, the est, leaving th3 weather warm but 1 ... u, pleasant. 1 he pageant of the day was .- ,.. heralded by the tirin* of a national snlutc but even at that early hour the roads 1 to 'own filled with vehicles, and the streets were alive with hurrvinij rrowUs. i of c% human beings hned all the thoroughfares I ,, Steamers banners. Hags, an 1 mottoes wen ,,|5c flung to the brcew in ah l"^tions, a he (1 city n- of which .vas never before witnessed. Mean while Col. Williams, his stall' and assistant! Marshals, were busily arranging the positions n i, v Each party Khali makf tlin op.-nliiB speech fI UU ariOUs OiH the party making the open- -r:lM1o di-le"ations ai thev arrived n anl insy oc'iipv not more tinm oitu hour I Tie nppo* i for the grand procession. site party shall follow and may o. cupv not. more than f$v ^en o'clock tile line Wa* formeil ftnd one lixur !i" it haif, .lUOH.s, as Ulty arrival, .1 ,, ,•„! i. n i i Regular trains Hears excursion train from •o"*1'- tllC tr. OV(,n nn nnnrovitnatelv r- PP r,st„f appointments for joint discus- full list ofthe numerous delegations winch wore Jrould have sunnoscd vou ^were able to get them, in tho Mowing or- pon t)le game terms at such times and places. ti(T" Ifo :v fitz HE present. At the point where we noted \BV i First came an immense Rolling Ball, indi- 4l North 29 »ates into line, the programme for the procession was not stricMv i ,17 1 n the array of flags, banner, mottoes, devi-] «ro^* .1 i- 0 es, cars, etc., etc., ingenuity could hardlv .1 ,n the following "The Re- lip and the whole State Ticket "The people mourn Insulted laws, "T— Jind curse Steve. Douglas as the caose." tinX-diil(i ct?. 1 A —Jra takes its way, FiH'vyin.i this were the SpriniTfpkf c,*3r» 1 Oreen countv Wul« I A ,hrsLsta-n? Jacksonville Wnle Awake*. Piatt county Wide Awakes, Meredosia Wide Asvakes. About all these companies were headed bv bands i music. Then came forty one couple ofladie* and gentlemen on horseback traily caparisoned, hailiii'jr from cotton Hill Precinct, which at- ,, i 'arlv. the hurras were incessant, cnt w n nailroad ~tinie a 10 k i jijipi ar .1^,^ icars 5th extra, from Decatur, S cars Oth partic- nn,,mernbl« In addition to the innumerable throng I i a o u e i n o n o s e a k a n i n v e i e s 1in we f)ml ((n at (hc rnilr,, i4l tl A \, i riva s of n cars containing passeneers were as follows: ,Ar 1rnin i ,^ U{ xir lv from u rav 2(1 (Jo n (ar w (](J 15 rs from do do 10 cars. Total from the east, 75 cars. Regular train from Naples and Meredosia, 8 1st extra, from Jacksonville, 29 cars cars "id do do 7 cars :d do do 7 cars. Total from the \Vcl 4o cars. This gives a total i of l'Jd cars by this road. i St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Railroad curs train from v 1111 »i' 0'). C0,nP'-^e-' 1 South. cars. Total number of cars by this road ill probably bj entirely fair to esti *e trains Every one who saw the trains come in is aware that they were filled to repletion, many being a e e n u e o e s o n s i n e at an average of SO to the car. Lvi _• I whit ww i fritin in lc otr« It would fill to We find it' to stand in the aislos, and others e 1 i- ridin on 1,10 ruofs the car'!- Accordiri to the estimate the 1 SO cars which came yesterday added about 14,500 persons to the crowd. The procassion reached the Fair Grounds at about 1 o'clock P. M., and in a very short time thereafter the entire grove was tilled crowded to excess with tho vast multitude, llow many were present, it is impossible to tell, but by actual count more than 19,000 as^d in at one of the entr ince alone, wh'le .. -.I,,, 1 to the speaking, the throng upon the streets «-oV« 1 1 11 "v was not apparently in the least deminished '.\aKe Lincoln Club and band, Spri.i?flela:numbers. i n.'nlf Jvj.y? i *cr" "m^iiig irt^the impossibility of one speaker AW«kcS,j live l,,fc lV,m,nr i? 1 ''fi-.j' .va,'!"ll» I t!w Rmun.1. .liiroroiit parte of oanrifrs, Sleneral countv Wide Vwikes \t f5».» 1.1 At the fourth stand. Mr. Carr t»nd the lion. Josefih (lillespie spoke. We heard a part of the latter speech, which was most el- oquent, and brought the cheers from\he i trwXCSS Ferree, of Lebanon, Mr. Line-ar, Republican i m! 2 *'a6on? Wed, represented amonj other fea 11 res three cars filled with Berlin mustered 500 strong in i."ctv wag ons. A rail wagon and a bi^ flat boat, with an immense rudder attracted much atten tion. tned with wagons and other vehicles. Andj yet, while this immense mass of human be- "uinbcr present at tins much talked of "re ings were out at the Fair Grounds listening i ception" of tho "Little Giant" was far from imposing. The cars on regular and extra wercaKirt, At the second stand Mr. Case, Republican candidate for Congress, Mr. Cowan of Men ard, Mr. Ketehura of Morsjan, and Messrs. A\ olf and Lallue made tellinq s ieeches. At t!ie third stand, Hon. R.J. OA'/by of Decatur held an immense crowd for full two honrs, and made a most telling speech, brist ling with sharp points. candMte for Conjress in the Pth district.! *ent CilitMf. o. Several sonjis were also sung ob 1 u'tl, \TT' gentleman, whose name imiAediat ?ly surround Mr. reDresen- i ...i tho meaning of that praver "May Ood speed the ri^ht." tinners, One ff th" most attractive features of the proce-i-ii.!) was a company of forty-thre horsemen, disguised as Indians, in imiLition of ,1» Ud tea party" of old. They ac- a,l,i t,,e l^Tult' His are-Cwoiawti. r.-misyil!,.. v,„. Chicago, market* ,, rd bv their presence. ,ll'ccr»,'on was n,l, to I,.,,,,,,. Tli"ir b.^:! SlCy K w S ip au fon-lu. and gen-1 at the 1 by his warm admir- in f'r: crowd were besieging the carriage (o which from the consciousness ofheinr cmhrac^ed in sion, made our city the theatre of a snlen- tonh lions O W As far as the eve could roach to the north and seemingly interminable line of fianies stretch ed o-jt its moving length. Buildings along the rout* assisted the display. The Journal buildings, and "the \V. ('hatter ton, besides others in various parts of the city, were brilliantly lighted up, The front Mr. Fox's store was decorated with numerous transparencies which were especially worthy ofnoticf. A large ball was placed on the n iX arid Mr tl stand, wh"i che was called upon for a speech, and reconed him the champion that they l'hc huzzas and cheers which greeted him thanked him for his "popular sovereignty1'• were continued nearly t.-n minutes without cessation, the uproar being so great that be i V^ did parent, the beauty and sublimity I 'onore(i- Mr. D., "pitched into" Buchanan of which wasonly equaled by its vast ex- At about seven o clock the various deletra- tions of k'\VifJo 4 w ,l. oa 't i -ft inir. ^ivinix it a very line u]|eni \nee. The ab»rbrd by the through this was a brilliant spectacle. The men were truly all "Wide Awake," ami behaved fiemselves in such a stylo as to "win applause from all beholders. Even dur ing the animation and excitement attendant upon the discharge of a vast number of Ro man candles by the members of procession or the south side of tho Square, the most admirable order was preserved. The good conduct of so large a body of men reflects the highest credit upon themselves and their offi cer--. upon itself gave all in it a fine opportunity hsteeersin rapt attention to a calm and ar- shake hands with him. Mrs. Douglas receiv of seeing each other, and the cheers which srumentative speech of great length. Mr. Atuerirun and the German National lag said not a word about the breaking uf the bob wnve.l sido by side ovi«r the whole. Al- A very large trar^parcr. y, l)earm«i tlio monced at an early hour, both at the Wig- warn and at the State house. Hon. Wm. reounded from one end to the oth.-r, show- I Kellogg is a very eloquent and gertlemanly Sanborn felt. In i speaker, as his large audience of last evening A display of rockets, Roman e«ndles, and was assembled. We are very sure tbis gathering has never been surpassed in the West, if, indeed, in 1 any part ofthe Union we are firmly convinc ed that it never will be. There will be no occasion for excelling it. While we do not claim that there were people enough here to ,„ ,l(lps streets to front of State House. lie alight- I ed and n*° u'ith ine Awakes, to the number of Wigwam, ami formed in marching order.-- I sou,e to the south, to the east and to the west, a iaration that Pierce "was a candidate for re- A 111 Jir t!, was cinducted into the yard to a erectcd ft'oin crowd incessantly. Upon the stage were tho committee ofar-1 At the 5th stand, where a very large au- rangements and some others. Ex-President tlie Sta Si an Illinois audience. There was rush from ^thc-r slow. But he got through, bavin?' __ every stand towards his carriage, which vas told Mr. Douglas that lie cordially wel-' Lincoln was forced ahno-t vio- ... 1 impromtu y fi,„. Vr tl,at N rt, WOrd"" At the coiii'lusion of these remai ks, Mr. I 1 Lincoln descended from the platform, and vast, thronjr who eagerly passed around to was to make a "visit to the grave of his fatl take him by the hand By an adroit_ move- er" in Vernont. A gootl many people pres menthe escaped on horseback, while the n thou 11 and entlmsi say, hav town, lsrsre or small Z it was expected he would return." route to reach the ''grave of his father"— In the evening there was a magnificent coming to Cambridge thence journeying display of tor-h-lights and fire works qrene-1 through Massachusetts westward toSarato rallv. I he stiuct any emn compilct 0f names of our raJl:int ^tamHnl bearers, "Lin- whence has flowed whichhe flgurcd so 1 1 ubu"- coin and Hamlin," was :ils displayed from tion, which he deplores, as well he may, for the top of Mr. Ninth's foundry, on VVashing- I ton strett, an.l addeil another attractive i feature to .he sple.uli.l scene. |t has s proeossior after marehin^throu^h the prinei of the people of a territory pal stree ts, in a very gentlemanly manner, dispersed in a becoming w ay, each delega tion retiring to its proper place. e would be willing to bear witness. In the Wigwam speeches were made by Senators the cheaper pyrotechnics was kept up dur Trumpull, Doolittle, lion. Francis P. Rlair, and several others. There were speaking, also, at three stands outside the building. ^ence of the ruling of a spirit which will in- C.c. and MARTHAWARDEN, ngeJ about 6 months, sure us a glorious victory in November. s Douglas In Concord. Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, came, in the circuit of his stumping tour, to this pity, on Tuesday last. The Democracy, of the Squatter Sovereignty stripe, had made much noisy preparation, and we really supposed that their stupendous efforts, in the way of half-fare arrangements upon railroads, pres sing solici'ations sent over the State for Democrats to bo on hand, announcement of: fire works, and other tempting appliances, fur a iere week or two beforehand, would bring qUjt0 tbe fields adjoining were packed and jam- .. .. Rn imposing multitude of "the »i v: 1 faithful.' but we were disanpointed. The TI trains came in, bit enthusiastic hosts of! Democrats didn't come. The Patriot's statement as to the numbers present being from "10,000 to 15,000" is one o^that pa-: There were Doug persons of the i i came in. was respect of numbers, and not a few candid Democrats acknowledge their disappointment At half past three P. M., Mr. Douglas ar- rived in tbctram theXorihern Kailroad.: mnxjj He rode in a carriage, in a meagre procession through Main, Washington, State and School! House steps.—: Was not thcre ho tostart Ib-nrv S. Bitker, of Alton, and I)r. Dver of morning of this great day of Douglas's rt-! ception. Our respccted fellow-citizen, Jo- WTT O sejih Robinson, Eq., a Deputy Marshal for' taking the census, wa« there. Henry P. Rolfe, late Democratic candidate for Senator in his our Fourth Senatorial Dis­ come(1 that he woul probably have no of trict, did the introducing. Ho seemed to' 1 i? ti 11 n 1 find it rather a 1 up-hill job and therefore! IQ3(l£G TOOIH I0r (ill GOOU.81 Hampshire was grateful to him 0 »y est could not make himself heard. When order and New England as"hcr child and was partially restored. Mr. Lincoln declined that he was claimed him as "her the "American Statesman Mr D'uiglas then came forward, and pro- a t- 1 a with difficulty made his way through the by saying the object of his tour characteri.-.tic speech.— 1 ht that he took a pretty circuitous he streets were all blaz" with li"bt v V .1 IHed of tru«Hoiiveyed to me tlu following deieribed iiisi'i^m Vnvnr n •"I gn, N. \tlience eastward across Vermont, 'tlsiasm ^e\er, we Wl'.l venture to ... 'sul.-divi^io,, of Ten nio a.Ti.s, oirof thV South end •the highways and by-ways of any state,, ana tnence southward to of the Ew half of the South-west «f scrtinn No. been so completely sur Rhode Island. Mr. Douglas then went on char-red with the el.-chic current which Hows to glorify his own action on the Lecompton which says, .T I Marri* u »ernoii r..r Hearts beat-' le allusion, his action four years before sinety-eiaht and'tiT-i Seemingly 'illimitable thing about his readiness to support the En- triumph and joy. or torches, bringing into bold relief a vast glish-Bribe bill,worse than Lccompton no re s"a of hunrin he.ids on eit'i si of nroo^a. i *n.i- i Sl"'P® 6Puaker a looseness, that made some of his Dem- otratic listeners very restless, and we heard I more than one III more than two thousand, assembled at the evidently warned to a i-i.' ive In a few moments the long procession bejranj locality didn't perhaps seem to be favorable move, «uni f^r more thun an h«»»v* it r^ore-, «t sented the anp .ar tnee ofa vast eo,..^ration, I wmmmmmmmm&m 4tn"j ro quo-lion, but the Mlssnuri Compromise in prominently, and the great notnl of agita* him into ft gulf prcme Court dogma, which gives to five judg­ es the rn ht of deciding whether the people may prohibit slavery or not. The speech was long. Itaotnimioaa wert more significant than its expressions. It was dUin^enious and sophistical and showed the low demagogue throughout. It did him or hi.? cause no honor or benefit. The loud­ est and heartiest cheer given during tho ef­ fort, was at the referrence to "rail-splitting." Tho Speaking of tho evening was com- The Republicans, of wh rtii th-jro were a good many pr^ent, helped give it. n theevcningi Mr Doug Kellogg addressed an audience in the Hall of' the House of Representatives, and held hi? j^- 'y by those who wished to the ladies at the residence of Mr. Oliver ing the evening. It would be in vain for us, at this la^e hour, to attempt even a slight synopsis of the eloquent and effective offoits ofthe speak ers. We have neither timo nor spac?, and can only wish that they had been heard by ,...* .. ... r. thousands besides the vast audience which On Wednesday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas left the city, en route R.I. We don't know whether or not he will find the "grave of his father" there. One thing is sure he is finding his own 1 ,ol,tlcal as flst as dependent EIephanU u c0(a 1 SHOES, noriii town John H. |DURING THE NEXT THIRTY 't convene f°r "the mountains" on the rery i OAY8, it -^i aor.v Note, lienrlnj even dute with said deed of trust, **ry N tho crowd UlUtter, "He hon'ever* Revolutionary struggle. top with light inside, on which were inscrib- and laboriuosly upon 1776 but he forgot to "C0|I',T!: »r »l«"«'w. -our of ri»J. of a shield, "and the motto,'"Our Ithc PrinclPle of Congressional intervention tributod over the whole fmnt of the build- that thetimeof Congress was too much ve him "a™ rubs. One of which was his dec election in 1850." We presume this state ment was peeuliary gratifying to the Patriot and others who have always denied tliai General Pierce ever desired a re election. Mr. I)., then rode his bobby of "popular sovereignty'' or "non-intervention" lor half an hour. He referred to "the fathers" in He dwelt long Prac.i-J upon mmm v of political infa- T« whenC2 he nCTer SaVC S lf" To return to the "Wide Awakes." The I his loud and boisterous advocacy of the right "to govern them- selves," ho had nothing to say of his Su_ i a8 W po^ible.-^ (X. II.) In- Deinocrat. 5p,rUcd L,e'!,ian,a thoBe at Dev,n'1 -those Teai do kt—basket* and buckets and stacks of them to elevate the county. 0ne of Dcv ,n,B ,nf of fn ,.nv oei carry Illinois for the Republican cause, we do claim that the number present, and the iiu Tuesday I4t!i inst, of intermittent Spirit displayed, gave US convincing evi- Fever and Whooping Cough, EMZAHBTI?, daughter of i„ttlg with jillKham,. **". 1 .r_T 3Kr o 1 New Advertissements. rmri IK us, sa 9 .IV 1 w New Store IS THE PLACE BARGAINS! 3 'W rLOTinm BOOTS, IIATS & CAPS I 1 EJTREMELT LOW! hare just received a new lot of a S y o SILK AND CA8SIMERE A. 0, Also a few pieces OA6SIMEBE, which we will MAKE HP TO OK»L n, nud WAS* BAST TO PI.EANE. A. O. TEMPLE & CO., No. 2. Maln-St., Ottunm, TiH s rri rs WHEREAS,II. 011 tlit "rd day of November, A. D. ls's, K. Murphy and Marg.-iret Murphy, by Deed of tru«t conveyeil to me tin following (leseribed K, al wit: Lot No. Twenty ni,... (-'»), Nineteen (I!'), in Township No. Seventy-two ("•_') North of raiiRo No. thirteen (l:i) west, ami the building there- 1 .. on in trust to eeoure the of a certain promi- I 'lul•' experience, undwith the very host SWIIlUIe, Skipping, Without a reference or i fK IJ Murphy and Margaret Murphy to r,nlru!"n.? 'heji,selves to his I'o.e.sion, alt i"«-a,»t carefully Twenty (2.i)'daj!.county N «w .her,.f.r«. Notice i»h»re.,y rfren. 1s u K*- President Pierce a skinning, but the o satisfy Manufactured by DOUGLAS BROTHERS, Zanesvffle, Ohio. Rein# the«nly establishment In the United •states Muiiiifacturing exclusively tho above ar ticles, they have facilities for offering to Uie public belter and cheaper Mills than any other. Material workmanship, power, rfflcleucy and durability con sidered. I'KIC'K of Mills—40,50, 80and to BAG6 & SACK8 EVERT PEPCHIFTJtm I I PAhBED on short Notice and printed icith Steam ::ew A JHICAGO.ILL: aa called on and Appropriate BBAMDS. A O S frliitod in Colon* iWABASH AVE£ PIMHON FARWCLL. Xi 2S-12-y K I A 60., 0 8 0 (Successors to J. K. Ilot.-T'-ird A Co.) IMPOUTEitS AND WHOLESALE DEALCR3r||l ENGLISH AND AMERICA* HARDWARE, CUTLERY, TIN PLATE, SHEET IRM, WPIR, Nall«t Etc.* Etc. IT*. MtLalwftreet, CHICAGO. 3. K. BoUford, Mark Kimball, John R. Botsford. C. S. HUTCIIINS, Produce Commis'ii Merchant, Nos. 211 and 213 South Water Street, Chicago, Illinois. Agent for T. Klngoford k Bon's Oswego Starch, and Jesse Oakley's Chemical Soaps. Aut. y XMorton & Co. Whole-sale I)eaU r» in Shelf and Heavy to Providence, Mm, Agricultural Ir.ii i•• tits of all kinds. FIHIjD & GAKIJEN SEEDS. 17 Jefferson Street, Burlington, Iowa. At»fl6,'60—y TO IOWA MERCHANT#*' A S A S U S Buffalo Robes, &o.,' I860 niVi)i WEBER, WILLIAMS&YALE, 25 LAKE STREET, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS^ Are now receiving, direct from ManufactuMMi The LAMEST, best ASSORTED, CHEAPEST rl TfoS? iAtlradi\e Stock of the above named Cowls to be fond ii tbe We&t, *bleh wtQlnaold at EASTERN PRICES^ For CA SIIor approval CREDIT. K O A N 8 Who have heretofore purctiused In other Markets are 1 apecialljr solicited to examine our Stock. i WEBER, WILLIAMS TMJL Aug. 16, '60—y |GILBERT~HUBBARD & CO, Ship Chandlers & Sail Makers, IfM 205 k SOT South Water St, tomr WUb. /fhiccLQa JfLLLnaL&. The attention of Country Merchant* la called** OW large stock of Cotton, Flax and Hemp Twines, Cordage, and Heavy Cotton Goods. Wholesale and Retail Dealeraln TWl«ESA«i) e©BM8t, •MahiLi iniJ T'trreJ U"±it\ Sail Ihtck, Bans, Bogging and Burlaps, Wool Seine and Gill-IS tt Tiritics, ^,'cts S ines, Tur, Oakum, Bitch, Paints, Oils, Chains, An chors, Tackle Blocks. Canvnta JJeltir.g and nose, Voal Tar, Roofing Pitch and Felt ing. Flag*. Banners and En^igni* Tentt, Awning?, Wagon Covers and Tarp luliag, eon* atuntly on hand and made to order. OILBERT HCniUHD, J. g. Tl'BHCI, GEO. ». CilflUB. Aug 10, '00—y FOR THE FALL TRADE, D0GBETT, BASSETT&HILLS Wholesale Dealers, tiiKK STREET CHICAGO, al,1 rnon, for the ruiu of Three Hundred and nil dullurp, witli ten jer cent in Oltumwa Wapello nml Slate of And Whereas, the n"te due^aud neitinr inureat' nor'p'rincT- y pal has been paid. Riven, 'that unless the said note with Interest and cmis are sooner paid, I will offer the aSove described property for sale at public Auction, to the hijihest bidder for cash, at the Front iloor of the Court Mouse, in the oit v of Ottumwa Waptl o county, Iowa, on the 7(h day o'f September, -that nnie„ .„ ,- i h""r of 0 b" v 1 -ioek note and interest thereon. liv A. II. HAMILTON, 150 J.ilv, IStt'l. tlttumira. Anf lfi, 'A) dollars—Iarirer aires de to order. pHicieof Evaporators—made of heavy galvanwed Iron—with cast lion Furnace .VI,i5, OS, and l.j Dollars ai-in size and patern. pans if same meterial without riiruacf— Ito 2.j Dollars. n'cording to slate. The Subscribers are Agents for the Sale ofthe abore Articles-and offer at the Manufacturers prices—freo from Freight Charges. Purchasers are advised to call •a u« before buying eUewhere. 00DEN4C0PP Ottumwa, Iowa Aug 14, 0,88—12—2ra. F.STII A NOTICE, AKKN up by Jam Anderson, at his residence -i.#1 a®w rocelve an unusually large And coasplete Stock uf BOOTS Sb SHOES, Ajid are prepared to aupptjr W E S E N E K A N 1 9 AT LOW PKICFIS. Chicago, Aug. 16, '60—y a k A a i n »I AF A_a ULIAO. DR. ALLEN, MMnM operator on the Eye and Ear. will make EE's™".". 'OF'tuf SALE, r- FOO ii.un ul DISEASES 4 fistula-olu* and all other deformitiei, SCROFULA Au. in Xor- "I'l^ifalus known to the medical irofc-iiliiii »n that if relief is possible, th SKCTION p. m. of said day, rtu«"r «''e Pwer In ine vested, un.lersaid deed Trustee. Sugar Mills and Evaporators, V care can rest assured ill be cured. All wish visit, so ad vantageofthe i, wm ho cured A inp treatment W'll please call during the fii»t ,C'^"U J'nu,iave lt,e l' ... l!, -A" ^,M4,84l!LUt advantas Examination free. ~See'circui^r CUrabl'- cite* treated unletm a 0UUmWa 1!uust: ln 1. That all that tract or lot of rrounri recorded*plat of (h^'ity Z"ur^t and" Is^l^by t.r. .. In cons'deration of the donation of two ground set apart In the New Cemetery, by the •aid ground ncr Ottumwa Ceneterv Association. l)liVin7 tliu n 1 I K' uUIHl CUm-com- here! vm- .,r.l tV' 'Ty "t*-''fH'd Association, and the Mavor la .' 'I'',pOWe,r:''1 thu to ()uU S!:'1 •jr.xri'.'i"«»•• "!*•:, n.™ ... o »rc remove.i to some other place, vllfnfl nT bt\m? of .is Onliiuiice canon tn'lh« °r""ance havinff 6 Aug. July 6tf. OnUI\ACE, SiO. 30. t* RELATION TO CEMETERY GROUNDS. Be it enacted by the City Council ofthe City of Ottumira: 9 ail lu'erest the city may have lu said groun.l, to said Association" tb.'v ligrt-eiiig on their part, and hin!inz the the city in, they Mends or relation. In- ?h,H" cation in the Ottumwa Court,,- Cm inn. Attest S- H. TIIRAH Tert after publi­ U n.| I.,„oiratio rassed and approved, July 03d, 18«(t. Willum L. bile, Mayor. Recorder. TIO\ TVOTICfl.—The co-part- n'T-dup heretofore exlstlnir at Charlton anelOt JJ'juwa, Iowa, uuder the name of Temple & Bro., Is this d.-y d.ssolved by mutual consent. (ieo. D. Tem ple bavin# disposed of his interest In the business .» Ottumwa to Kdward A. Temple who will continue to transact bmlness as heretofore, at the old stand of~ Tc in pie A liro under the name and style of Edward A 1 emple A o. wSzsiA'* day JOSFl'H IIAYNF, w ^4s.rva» Sf— Ottumwa, Aug. 11, 1M©-2S-12^'y^D A' FLE SAI/l',"iA BILLIARD TAIiLE, AS GIOOO 7 Urk. 'n\T' Hn 'Ifor ,,,4rt cafchl »nd h»l"n«,e """i'ti''to-w-is-i** *',hI'0ffic'"'

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