Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 16, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 16, 1860 Page 3
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OT fat (Dtt 11 111 hi a ffnnrirr vl XiS Rcpnblirn.i regularly every Friday evening,over iledrlck A (JiIIcsplf'a Store, Front •treet. Members of the party are Invite,! to attend. Eddjrvillr CIIA NGS or T13TK. Leave Ottumwa, 4:1ft*.*.aw**. Arrfy at Ifc.Wf.M/totlrfMi. CO A CUES LEAVE DA IT. 0fl'c thla week's line, Groceries, Dry Goods, Ac, flaw-ley's for bargains. you want any of the choice Clothing and other Goods ',flr'rn at A. D. Temple, k 0, but go riplit along and pur chase white thejr are selllnf at such Dgures, to room for another stock. See new adveatlsement, The Republicans of Eddvvillc, HBttlsted bv Inrcr* I pf ii had a Pole raising on Saturday, and Speeches from A. Rice and J. B. Netdham Esqs. Full account next week. w lie .c.rn?''1th eVerth,nK Prodccb A OMMISSION.—TVe t^ke pleasure in refer- rlngto the card of C. S Huti-hins, Produce Commls-I |. cago, as one entirely worthy western Producers and Dealers. ATS, APS, Ac—Weber, Williams A Tale, 25 take St., Chicago, announce for the Fall trade of I860, the largest and best assorted and cheapest stock of goods In the above line, in the west. See advertisement. IlARDWAa*.—One of the oldest and bett Importing Aa acquaintance of many years with Mr. Botsford, enables us to recommend him and his House to buyers] as one of the best In Chicago, or the west. They com- i BIGS.—One of the most Interesting Indications at Chicago at present. Is the numerous manufactories lu ill parts of the city. Among these we note the steam Bag Factory of Simeon Farwell, 42,44, aud4(5, Wabash Avenue. Here a Caloric Ktiglne runs all the machine ry, including Sewing Machines, and one of Hoe's Power Presses, by which the dlversiiied processes of making the bags is performed. So perfect and systematic is the process, that the article is afforded at exceedingly lowprlces. They are printed plaiu or in colors, with i various devices. A visit to this establishment will i interest all. Mr. Farwell is affable and attentive to stiaigers and deserves the success which he is enjoy ing in this useful branch of business. See his adver tisement. A UsircL Isvbktion.—One of the most Important Inventions so fir as practical utility 1» concerned, seems to us to he Isaac Korabacks Patent Compound Chemical Toilet Washing Soap, which has just been brought to our notice, by Mr. A. 8. Burt, one of the Proprietors of the Right for Iowa and several other! State6. It is impossible to set forih what merit is! claimed for this article, but we muy say briefly, that it is cheap, costing only for the best article for the toilet, 4 cents, and for ordinary use, one quarter of a cent its cleansing qualities are more thorough, spee dy and perfect than any other It is perfectly harm- I lets to all substances and it 1s so simple hist any! family can make it. We direct the public attention' to this article, and would say that rights can be pur. chased of Messrs. Fisher A Burt, at very low rates-— Address them at the Carroll House. Nsw Ann V ALI'ahlk.—The CaUatDeviu's and see the modest litUe Elephant ripping about in those nice 15 cent hose, with a trunk full of 5 cent handkerchiefs, fine collar*, laeea, head dresses, girdles, belts, trimmings, Ac. First Book of Chroiiiclei. C1IAPTEI17. 1. Then said the Clarion, Henry the Trimbalite has said, we will have a meeting at a village called Stylesville, which lieth to the south east amongst the brush, in the land of Davis. A ml tki rdott'..i »,/» KM. St'k's,vil!c' Republican Every body's 'n "'c^to'at "d" of party. IUUUU& ^UUUCl, |man the healer of diseases, sto,.l before them, and "I am not IjOC.'ll and. ^lisCGllrmeO'U.R I ^°"nver of Stephen Arnold, known to you as Douglas the jriant," and they shouted OTTt'MWA, IOWA. An^i.t 18, Ififio. thrTrtMl'"n" i t0 J. W. Ronn, Secy. cious appetites of these ignorant idolateis of Stephen, and like unto a do«r, they became TIME TABLE P.4c W. R. HA1LHOAD. *#rD«Molnea, via Eddyville, Oskaloosa and Pella, at 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, atII.-00p. m. For Chariton, via Blikesburg and Albia, at lp.m. for BIMnllt^ il^tntrerllli, at I p.w. A. C. PARRS, Ar*nt. corner of Front and Market Stt, Ot tumwn. SKVERAI. CO I ns wire received too lutcXur When you want BooU, Shoes and Clothing, ga Temple'*, New Clothing Store. Flie has jot been uncomf rtable for several days the past week. Sanday night was nearly cofi enOngh for a frost. See advertisement of Sugar Mills and Evaporators, manufactured by Douglas Brothers, Zanesvllle, Ohio, Ogden A Copp, Agents, In another place. Tiab.—A superior quality of all kind* will be fonnd those saving* quite amused the atT. Devln's, at low rates ales, a fall stock of other p®°ple, for it shows how bad the faction feel Go to Devln's opposite J. W. Dixon, will address the Republicans of Ottawa* A ed Delato Aas D*NOERocs.-Dont delay a moment, if ?'teP'10n- .1. Aud tni plcttsea the bob-tails much, so tltcy gathered themselves together in num bers, until they formed Coooourw, Mid air full procession.* 8. It cuius to pjss, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard, in praising and thanking the traitor Stephen Arnold, anrt when they lifted up their voices with the trumpets, drums, and instruments of music, and praised Stephen Arnold, saying, "For he is great, and his VW the thi street wns tilled with du*t, cren the street of I «e securin UloouifleUl. 4, And there were four nnd ton wagons filled, and they were tilled hnlffnll with in-n, women nnd children, of the villtt«r^ called Itloomfield with thern were other ten mai dens, arrayed in white linen, a id they were next unto the in tsieiatiers. 5. All Win ready for the journey, (n wagon huldin^ a harrtl of whiskey stood nign unto the front of the procession, atid the same did exalt the spirits of the follower^ of Stephen Arnold,) they went on their whv r^f^einjp. d. .Vow asstt-mhlod' at tliu fktoa «tU»l jtri% were a unto in lhe mere,-n-| cu*tomers ar« truth of the assertion that, "Devln's Is wa place,"- for they perform all on the bills. II.tRDwAitB Ac.- J.Morton A Co., 17 JefTer*n St., Burlington, are offerinj? strong Inducements to pur chasers at wholesale of Hardware, Agricultural In plemeuts, Qardoa SMda It ts a flnl rata Hvtcw.r See Card. '"'sRv tin on-, and sd r\ democrat, with loud voices because of tins. 7. Then, they all, every man in his owlf way, did eat of an Old Bci.i that hail bean prepared for this occasion, and the same wail not hall cooked, for as much as the blood ides of their mouths. of the hull was seen to run down the 8* N'UV t,lis ,m was U,,to St,, !,un aild a,so to sacrifice offered the fern- very cross, and snarled and bit at the lie publicans for tnany hours. 9. Then Henry the Triinbal'te, an.' Cyrus the general of the forces, harrnnirtied wcil nijih unto dark, talking with great effort, about the life of their faction, CHAPTER 8. 1. Now, soon after these things happened, the "one horse sheet' called Clarion, out ofpres like unto a giant /little giant), refreshed with new (whiskey)'wine. 2. And it said, "the country wai all ablaze for Stephen, and that the people were assem bling together in threatning masses favoring I Squatter i»v-cr-ci'jn-t/." 8. And how the traitor, Stephen Arnold, __ paining ground, throughout all the land. over their coining defept, and though this land of Davis, Ins herel ofore been strong for democracy, day bv day they are growing weaker and beautifully less, by degrees. 5. And every place that this faction a^cuip, ble can lie seen "Bhu-k Republicans" writing? down the savings of these aspirants, thai? j-v 1 wa and vicinity, at the Court House, on Friday even- I Fey mav refute all thev n.ay say. Then do gwwtl«"end»nce *»pe- i they publish fright in their' midst.) a meet* v11«*• J»»1 111 IIUI9 «nd ask all the people of the fiction an*1 the democracy, to come and th ir sayings a v,„ tt,« o. these thin zs cause much fear with o. th^ loaders »f tliis faction, anl they look sad 4» i 1 n.™ of the KopuMWd Str md V P,,lcehate're w,K Mr. T.Devln will please accept the thanks of thfs people COPC rning onr ficfi n Office for samples of till coorls and wares. His store 8. "And thoy will publish our sins, and show fully realising the of What poor mau-rial we are made, and wa dare not answer .them lefove the pc-opl-, f)r out of our onfn niottha will, we be condemned." I 9. Oh! ye priest,*, Amosand Allen, yratlur frotn out the records of tlu country as many sayings as will he favorable unto us, and pub lish the same in yottr Monc t7t°3" aU W0 V0U lk sc 1 Houses In the Hardware Line in Chlenjro, is Uotsford, manner in which thoy Kimball A Co., (Successors to J. K. Botsford A Co.) to a('a''p,l r,u,c soun bine extensive acquaintance, business experience, people see the leprosy oil them, ami and ample capital. See Card. iire making ready to drive them from out all New GOODS.—Doggett, Bassett A Hills, No. 28 Lake ^l^And^im'lv^thljV ''VeJ~ street, Chicago, have just received for the fall trade i an immeuse stock of Boots and Shoes of every grade' 1 •'!, S HIP Chandlkbs*c.—Tn thenne oi .-mP Sail making, Twine, Cordage, Flags, Ac. Gilbert Hub bard A Co., 205and 207, Chic .go, is the heaviest and best house of the kind in the West. We call attention to their advertiseineut In another olumn, especially to their facilities to furnish, cheaper ami better articles than others, Hags, Banners, Ensigns, Tent!, Awnings Wagon Covers, Ac. Read the advertisement, else where. Having taken advantage of the late cheap frdghts COmnntted the Untry, even laying in their new stock, they arc prepared to sellat i con.stit tl very .ow figures. Over a thousand casearsceived last week. See advertisement. 1,1 to horse sheet." fore 1ain, and the kingdom turned nnto Abra ham I'M loader of the Republican host. A It SllINOLEi? LATH, BUTTER.. .. LARD .*4. TALLOW r. E ES W A X.......... i EutiS CitEESK SOIKlllUM. PORK SIOKS HAMS CHICKENS d••...« QUAILS, do*. ... DRIED A I 'LkS. V I'K VCIIES LEA I'll 1:it (Solo) Caif FL'RS—Mink, No. 1 present age hae produced I many useful Inventions, but few of more practical value than Cooler's Double Action Force Pump, on ex- I hibitlon this week lu this city, by A J. Reynolds. An admirable feature of this pump, is the fact that no water can remain In it, rendering freezing impossible. The cost Is only $15, and it weighs only 35 pounds.— It Is manufactured at Burlington and can be made in any machine shop. This machine is cou.uiended lu the highest terms by the leading papers of the country, as ail it claims to be. It can be seen at Abraham's, and Harlan's Stables and at the (larroll House in tbiscity. Mr. Reynolds has the right of nine counties including Wapello. Address hlui at the Carroll House. SOLOMON. TO BE COXTINL'EO' A large stock of laep^aaUat INvia's, a»4 mk oralng on i ii i::in AI FLOUR (wholea ale) WllKAT ... CORN SIIKLLKD CORN CORN MEAL OATS RYE POTATOES (new). Si t} 1 icataa Orrica, Aug. 15. *2,!rt 4s^).tja •&) COON WILD CAT RAT ... ...... OTTE't BFAVEK *1 DEEK niTFFAI.O ROUES IIUN«i Ii I AN SEB».... TIMOTHY Wilis, EY VINEGAR bbl n K5 l&cta. 8t@:ft i... 40 COFFEE SALT HIDES, dry ifreen COTTON YARN NAILS PINE LUMBER, common, AI clear, 8 gradea.. .... 20 »a,is lu 4 a ..iafc0(^-2o .. #5iM'G/i o 00 ... 8 till© 4 75 3 t'O 12i@15 10 w 20 SPECIAL NOTICES. Dr. Christie's Atrun Rnisam I lithe best remedy for the permanent cure of Chill's and Fever. Fever and Aene, Dumb Ague, and all Ma larious as -s iociilent to the climate. DR. CHI!l.*l !E'S A(«CK BALSAM s never Ween known to fail where the dii ectious have been stric followed. 1R. CHRISTIE'S AKUE BALSAM U a purely veget alile ci.iiipouit.I, containing neither Arsenic, Quinine, Strychnine, or any thiug of a poisonous or deleterous nature. DR. CHRISTIES AGUE VLSAM has attained its Immeuse popularity through Its own merits, its great power in curing diseases, Its sincular harmlessness, anil freedom from hurtful ingredient«. It can tie ta ken by the helpless infant, vigorous youth and feeble age. ever without injury, and always with benefit. We appcu 1 u certitlcatu from Dr. Lawrence lleid, one of the most scientific Chemists In the Uulted States I 1 o4 ....Vi i2^@l5i »»#•«».» I 1' 1,10 85 •-•V" .... 10 15 New Yokk, August 28,1855. hiveanalysed Dr. Christie's Akuc Balsam, and certify that it cnntalu snelther Quinine, Arsenic, Mer cury, Strychulue, uor any Mineral or Polsouous sub stance. Fro'ti my knowledge of Its Ingredients, I consider I It a safe and excellent preparation for the cure of Fe- ¥er .„d Ague, and tliat It will not prove Injurious to the constitution. I. \WREN('E KKID. Pruf. of t'lieiuistry. HAKTFORD FIRE INSIRYU'E WMtAili, Of HARTFORD, CONN. ih€oui'ouati:d, a. d. is to. CHARTER PERPETUAL. ca8nc*rtTAt, |1,00«,000. Mm»t, p.ttn IN SUBfLl'S, ovua Ullll.lMH). The reputation ncqulred by this Company dm Ing the lust fifty years, by an honorable coarse In the and tl !^ntmem of fo^'io^^b'r w^VhVh"1 eharac.'er^ imposing its Assets, entitle the Com pany to the utmost confidence of the public, as afford ing reliable Insurance against loss nr damage by Ore. NOT.!?4, E. 11. BTILKS. Agent. ISM-niii-i 1-y Ottumwa, Iowa. Hi: 1*1 AOM Tt HUY il' lIIIDH, SEIIMiLI S Ac., in AT R.l^D'S UHRER At Burlington, Xt. I'le,f.rir/tet.t, Atffar,/,,nd O U W A WHERE than at any poiut on the Mississippi, Also those A Shingles of our manufacture, full count, erery Shingle perfect. 4 I Oct 27, t,'.J n'W-l! tf THE GREAT EASTERN IIAS ARRIVED WITH FALL AND WINTER STOCK DEVTN'S! Opposite Hawtey's, Front Street, Oltttrair t. Cnsli ond Xji^ht 1*1*0flit BARGAINS! BARGAINS// DEL AINU, the nigger. 10. Then every man went unto his own home with much disgust at these saving.--, knowing of a truth they had no pood reason for being the followers of this traitor to mocracy, Stephen A mold. -de­ Heavy Stock of NO. 1 PRINlt, •LIS, BKRAGEP, DEBEOVS Alpaceas MERINOS, VALENTIA Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS of every description 0#«Kse CHEAP GINGHAMS—Fast Colors. LIXCOLXW.YY*, DOUGLAS BliEnClNRTbUfC irorsmjf Plankets, Ac. came rMliPHESSIBLl Wonders in !!','• n:iv i,f CLOTHS CASSIME RK^ SAT IN ETS, E A XS, COR DUKOYS Fla nels COTTONS Ac., for the GROCERIES, Tobaccoes-r."™."""* "4. TEAS-'1ROE COFFEES, ., HARDWARE—Selling Aii4 giviii v 4 and do cotmcil often amongst themselves, savin ?, "what sisal! we do to'he saved." WHOLESALE AND RETAIL in weas^em!le they come, and nii do to show our colors before, I them, and thov know w« mn-st lie unto the 1 10. And be careful ye priests, that he-' in«s you may father, place 'V •lou Merchant, 211 and 213, South Water street Chl- ^Ul Abolition, whenever of the aoiifidM^. of ,IOt tW h,"a2^n, R'-'pn^l'^ans, thnt wo i may charge npon them that whtoli they do hate, and which we know ourselves to* be a lie. 11. And Amos, and All'n, did according to these sayings, and are hunting even unto this day, for some sayings that may favor their faction- deceive the people of the lain! Davis, but. with all iheir deceipt, and hyp:cracy nnd smooth falsehoods, the °f drums, and flourish of trumpets, i n tlnn shall .snr-Jr- trn?*-resl'1"ns XVfl,'!l o-T"* s GOODS, Constantly arriring. v Aug. ».-'60-2S-19 y. *P. DEVIN. NEW ENGLAND rn'i .vt iiiisnw •''•J k- JJJI ~^T 1 _L_ r- -Jr HAilTFORB CAP.'XAL^^tG zV,ASH CAi'ITAfj, S'JCO.COO.^ I-Jj 11 i.T Ak[ uru' 0^ Policies Issued on as favorable terms at by an other solvent Company. A. A.. STCART, Agt., For Ottumwa and vicinity. SUMMER AllliANGEMl£XTi«! Wr***r T" v THK STAGE CO.HPASIY \15K now running a Daily Four Ifoiac Line of Post Co.K-lies, from Ot«umw t» Hentcnsport, pasing tiiroush Drakesville, Hloomfleld, Troy, Strlngtowft and Keo«au|ua, making sure connections with the Missouri, will find it to their lutereet to take this route. fW Stage Office, comer Market & Front streets. Ottumwa, July 9th, 1S39. A. C. PARKS, Ag't. OGDEN & COPP Successors to Mcndenhall & Whitham, Forwarding and Oosnmission Ailuli CHANTS AND Gruiiornl Freight NEAR TUB RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTIinWA IOWA. rw Liberal CashadvancM mads on Produce far Shipment. .. 4,i» tl-82 tr. J. LOOi\IIS & CO., RICHAUUS* m.OC'lM FRONT STHI'iET, OTMUMWA, IOWA.J DKAI.i:! IN OR* MD FANCY COODS,, (jrx'otVv.'rit.'s, 'rocki-vy, BOOTS ,^-JsTJD SHCOE3,j Hat* and Cuj.j.t, Bonnet», &e. Alaigestock of all kinds of seasonable foods fori this market, for sale cheap for CASH AND READY PAY. I tW~I*ro,luce of ail kinds wanted In exobAJtfe foe1 goods. Ottuiuw*, Sept. 1st,': 9-25-11-tf 1 fi' I5(%1 l'» 14(?i2l» I tH'©l H) CLOCUL, WATCH & Ji:\vEi.nv K A I E r|l.i uulerslgned, having located in Ottumw*,! I will ..-rv on the folio.vlugbusiness, and solicHa: alibcral-U-.rc .if th p-ibllc patronage: Repair in all kind' if tVatcheS, Clocks, Jewelry and Musical 111 1 foments. AU —tiol Rings made to order, lettering, and en graving done. He has a tl-ie issortinent of Clocks, Ojtches, Jewel- s r.v. Musical Instruments, Cold ISreast I'ins, Kar-rin^s, Firig"r-ri:»gs, Lockets, Chains, Keys, Slides, Pens,ana a variety of notions for sile. Please call and see. Place of business opposite the Oltuniu a House, U. NUN.iUAli.ER, Aug. 4th, '59-'21-l 1-Cm AI1IIM«TKA roit*S KAI.E. OT1CE is hereby given, that by virtue of an *r issued (o me as administrator of the estate of William l.ick, deceased, hv ihe co'iut.v Court Wap -Ilo comity Iowa, on the 7th will offer for sale to the highest bidder on th«» foorth ilay of September next, between the hours of'J o'clock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M., of said day, upon the fal lowing ilesci Itted premises, helon:log to the estate of William lita-k dee'd. to wit N. W. V of S. W. of Section No. Ji, and SK. 4'of SE. of Section No. tl, and NR 'V of.NK. of Section I, an I Lot No. 7 iu Section No. 7, and SW. .'4 of N W. V nf Section S, and W S of SW. ?i of Section No. 8, and SW. V of SlV. if nf Section No. 5. all In Towiuhip No. 7d N of Range No. !.'• W, iu Wapello county lows. Terms of Sale, one third cash paid down, on- third In six months, and one third in twelve 1.ninths, the part unnaid lo draw ten per cent per annum until paid, secured by notes aud lieu on said pr- ndses. ISM the Spring and Summer, of the same length, the l"! Monday in February, l-t»l. A. HI LL, A.' M., and MRS. M. HULL, will take charge of the School. A thorough Academic and Or namental cotirs- of instruction can now be received in this Institution. ed sickness Jaijr 1860-isu. *, wuns M. B. ROOT, OTTUMWA MARBLE WORKS Frout St., Oppo.-ite the Jtllerson House. Jfjl WE A TCI! A7f fr SEI'rr.rUEIiAL MOSTU- JtESr.i' nni/ts. u.\ ri: STOXES, TABLE Tor.s, ,c.', FROM FOREIGN AMERICAN MAX BLE. Aug., i.-'dt-jr. city pmopi:« Fvl will bp found Hie largest stock ever of OTS for residences can be had low and mostly op fered In the I which wlllbesold lower I JLi time of J. W. NORRIS, Sept. lft, 1859. &suri«r OiSoa. PIIIXTIW K. D. RAND 4 CO. at I" ihe COCKIER OFFICE. HEW GOODS NEW GOODS E 8 W O O W A ART, J.\ S2ANI Y J&dmjjU FROM Till GLOVES, MILLION\ STOCK—Best and cheapest i the Country. SUGARS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA, SOAPS, SPICES &c. s BPLE.\DID Mil Or COATS, PANTS, V BATS, CAPS, BOOTS, CAPS, lt')OTS, BELT. RIOROMS, ADMIXISTRA TWNMon, SHOES SHIRTS. STOCKINGS,. HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GtTM PANTS, GUM COATS, GUM GLOVES, OtJM SU0B8, CARPET tACJKS, UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, SATIN ETTS, JEANS, LOTTONADES, all n'ltfefts usually kept in a CLOTHINtr House. Call In and examine the Stock. Clothing Con •tftutly inurte to oriitr. Otfuniwa April 12th, VW-KMl-ch-JMS. KITTREDGE & MERRILL, T.E A X/ 1.1ST !L 0 E S OTTUMWA, IOWA. HAVI NOW IN STORE AND JTOB THE LARCKST STOCK of| U O E I E S EVER LROUiiUl TO TUU XALKLT, Which they are prepared to sell as low aaeaabe bought In any market west of the river. The stock consists In part «f the following SotOi: 10 IMs N*. O. Sugar, W Bbls Refined Sugar, tW Obis and hlf bbls Sf. O. ItolattM and ri:p, 54 Sacks Coffee, 10 Java Coffee, W Kegs Pure Soda, 100 Kegs Nails, Cotton Yarn, ltatts, Candles, Soaps, Tobaecoe, ail all other articles in our line. The trade of Merchants and cltlsens generally i.* respectfully solicited. The highest market price paid for HMOS, Grass See! and all kind of produce. K A Sept. ift, ls69.—11-27-y NEW GOO^Vr ti e Rsitst a. A. BCHWORirS GROCERY AND PttOVISl« froilf Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. All nich will be sold for Cash J. L001IIS Is VN'B SCI'STUOR STOCK, or WK AND UE.II, HAVANA TORACtO* AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL Qf/rciisicare, IooU and Shoes, the very Lowest Market Prices, Or (xckanged Jbr Chtinirff Froth WA \Tirr TTTDE?, f.r «r?i1ch win be paid the vc y hl.-'.ie-t market piice iu Cash. iH :t- I ex-iinine -jooils and prices, in opposite the Ottumwa House, Fronl-st. October 6th, ch-80-oldl5-ll NKW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS IIIUECT FliOM THE EAST. O. C. "Warden, Is receiving and NOW OPENING a large anil fashionable stcck of Y O O S I AND Ifotiotwp, Clothe & Camimeros, An) complete MNortacnttOf everything to ro^et Ihe wauls of iri'tivt-! ial5 or families in his line of r.idf. i"m|«!-iiiij in t»ar: follow: Plain, Black and Fancy Caiiaiercs, Bfoad Cloth. Satiuetts TICKS, SHIRTINGS. STRIPES, CORDUROYS, JEAN'S, DEXXIXS, DRILLS, •LCACIIF.D A- t'011 :nOX JII'SLIXS, I N S Of tctnj Var'uty. Style ami Qunlity FOUETfiN ImH,of I iv of May, VXD DOMESTIC GINGHAMS Besides a great variety of 53 FOit MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN, Which could not be emr.nciated hi an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the exleut, variety, and cheapness of his stock will be to call aud look through for yourselves, I aiu also receiving a Well selected stock of F. 1 MIL V GROCERIES, such aaTea. Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Dried Fruit,Beda, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. IIA a It ir. 1 RE CUTLER V. PETER KNOX, Administrator. ., ... .1 .1 August 2d, 1860—N Ji l.'-iw. Glass and Nails, Builders material and bouse furiiisliinj: goods. Ami has an entire stock ASIILAXD Ai'ADKJIY* complete in ever\tiling ttiat would coinpfis)* f^HK FALL and WIN fER TERM of ii WEEKS, a *ti'Ck for'lie times Tuition I11 Literary department will range from |S you through whether you buy or not $10 per ti rin in Ornamental branches at inaialras Tuition for evenr half term must be paid Invariably »nrU II IMA n advance. No deduction made except for protract- bmJ it is vicinity, all of which he is anxious to dispose of Tor 1110 rtutlv pav. or to approved customers. All kituls of Country produce takpti itt pay f»r Goods. Me sn'.irifs ,vi examination of tfwo'ls and price*and ill take pleasure in sliowiug 6. C. WARDEN. City Harhot. front St. -2 doors east Carroll I nearly four years ago. is still I11 full Must, with inc. ised facilities to furnish seasonable meat-.if illUi.iv-at all reasonable hours, at the low CHl living 1-ties. 1'allow, 1. ird, Sau-a/es. aud every ng usually kept in a City Market for sale. ft'he highest market price in ca^ paid for Fat Stock Tovtu* la\at-iubi) Ca»li. C^8T" Those having unsettled accounts or notes flue, «|ll please call and pay up. J. Ottuama,Feb.luth.ls59.—4e JrsT I.\ roi OHS, aeatly exttnted 1 mcwii ,iisw GREAT ATTRACTION! k The last four weeks, their CO, HAVE BEEJf BECEtri.M SPRING AND SUMMER —•roc* or-- Staple and Fancv GROCERIES, WECE GOODS, HATS, CAPS, &c., WHICH'KOW MAKES TIIEIRSTOCK iiij Our Motto "WIV PRICES WIN," •v t: rautcd !y bar purchasing from first hands, and selling to a close, prompt, pnving trade, far Cash and Ready Pay Only. TO ALL SUCH we stall offer throughout the season, a complete and UNSURPASSED AND a i N SUMMER Sf :milo :iild Fancy GROCERIES, ROOTS AND SHOES, HATS & CAPS, O N N E S Hosiery, YAHKBE NOTIONS, &G WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, «t the lowest possible prices. We will, pay the highest market price for. every variety of PRODUCE. Vfe Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. ^xchav^e will pay (lie highest n.irket price in oiwk, Ibr WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. J. LOOM 13 8L CO. OttmnwH, ©e*. fl, 185»-n:!ii-tf AND OL.LrECTION OFFICE, OF EDWARD A. TK^l'LK CO., OTTPmVA, isdipisiIvm:!! have Southern Iowa, will enable us to I endersut is faction our patrons. We sell .Miill't' DRAFTS ON SKW VOHfi,C and other eastern points. In sums to suit purchasers andean also furnish Exchance on ENULAND. IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND OW GERM \NY. FR W'CE, SWEDEN'. DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COlWtUIES OF r,UK( )I'K, aa well at collect money,inheritances,andevec/ Otis er claim lu foteign counties. We receive Deposits and issue Certificates which be intere.-t only by special agreement. i'lSI.I.IM' I'!'/.•* S. made payable at ourofllce, will tie remitte'^for, at current rates of Exchange anil those maturing at other poiuis. will be collected aud remitted, less exchange andexpeuse of collection.— We will its pay attention t« securing audcollectlng df-.'-tftil -K-lits. Parties holding Ijiiciirrciil Money, Drafts. (!er« lilic^les of v Dep»site, KIW I, K A.MS Houm. OTTTJMWA, IOWA Esiihscriber, grateful V ,t favors, would say to th ,ulic that his market, open- W, BROWN. 1 f4-' o.c. «M( tmtst of F.CKli El'. tatandCiass Wart- at WARDtN'f. or Itil a «f Excliatige, Payable AT SUillT OR ON TIME, In my plac», an hive them Cashed by Catting ati-ur offlce. TAX'''",—We have correspondents in nearly every c-mnty In Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes. for non-residents and others, a re is mable com tuislou. Money for 'axes always re piir.-d in adrauee and all orders should he seut us by 1st of /auuarjr. I.\X1 WAUUANTS. We will at all tim'-s i«ay cash for Land Warrants, and ill also attend to the location of them, or the entry with cash, of Government lauds, iu IN. or «u M:BK ASKA. We !i 1 vp ample asrangementsfor the selection of d» atlle I uids ill tiie .-rrllories, for indi»iduals orfor Colonies. I. DV We can furnish emigrants and others •ith first rate Farms, D. the central comities of this -'tate. with unimproved land iu this and the south­ ern tier of co-antics, Parties at a distance, -siringInformation astothe property offered, are requested to correspond with •s. All others wttlplonse rail at onr office, on Market St. two door* from i'r iit St., Ottumwa, Iowa. rt»\V*f» A. TI-*IPI.E & CO. Oetohartl, 1S3 nJf' -t*. mm mm mm T?•spf 2~Jf tl-i Vair Lj' S O K E A. D. CULVER, Krout Street, Daggett's old bland. Ottumwu, Iowm. n"i' riTiasKjrs op OTTI jiwa AND »I' initv nr« Invited tc call and get my new JWi.-e. on STOVK.i. As I pay cashjor my S»tnve«. I fiattfr myself that I Can sell th.-m *?.» [^r ctMit. cheaper t'uau tliev have ever hcen solil in thi^ market to cash customers Mv st«vr.« arenff),,, nr.{, ,l COMSTOfK mnnnfacture of over Fifty different patterns. I have tli.j celebrated i Quincy City Cook Stoves, ,, I Whloh took the prise medal over all other stoves LOOTS SttOE? th® est, t* it liich 1 Inrite es-pecl'il attention. W I W A I A A Y $ O V E S and iciU furuixh plate*, free of eharg, ir the if rra-k hi/ ,1 re. I have In store *t all times a MI assortment of TIN, HOLLOW 8L JAPAN WARE. Jo'i work. In tin. roppep and site. done, on r-asonable terni-, and in tl ?^"I will receive in iron, promptly best manner. schnnpe fer the sh.»ve wares, old copper, brass, cas' Iron, and rasr*. which will en a#le farmers to snvt from $10 to $5(1 per a"t.urn. M:iv 1, 1||.j A. D. ri.VER. CiliUAT .\ lHO.\AL UOUT TO 15ALTIMORE, NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA 16 BOSTON! Baltimore k Ohio Railroad! Is the only Road to WASHINGTON* CITY. fi AflTf AM ,. Tf bti? to -ill the E i«t'. Passen?ers hy his route can visit the cities of Bal timore, Piiiladeiphi '. New Vork or Boston, at the cost of a ticket to New York or fioston alone bv other lines. Through tickets can also be procured via Washing ton City to the Eastern cities, at sn additional Charge of twn dollars. Travellers to the East, from all Western nolntn. par- 8:«xt pui, Newark 4:1J pm, Zanesvllle t:W pra, Ben i, (VVh-eiini 1' I0 piu, lirafton -J:aui. Cumber lan.I •?-. 15 am. Harper's Ferry pin arrives at Bat-1 tlmore 4:4ipm. Washington City t!-.i:i)pm. I Direct connections made at Baltimore with above' trains for Philadelphia, New York and Boston, and at Washington City for Richmond, Wilmington, Ciiarles toti. Ac. Tickets good until used: with the privilege of at op ping off at all principal points. But un-j change of cars between Columbus and lialtlni'-re. liufin-ss men and travelers for pleasure or Inform ation, c*n visit all the eastern cities at a comparative ly small expense. The scenery is 0 IchraKd its Wonderf beauty and siihiimitr: it is unei|iialled In the world. Its system of day urnl night Tra 'k Police its -plendid epii!rient lis exelasive telegraph lines its large amount of double track its line hotels, (un derthe s'irve.lanceofthe company.) ensures to the! passetizer, «ieed, safety, and comfort. 'l ime a- )uick and fare as low as via any other ronte. Through tickets and hageage checks can be pro-] cured at all the principal railroad and steauibout of fices in the west. I Ask for tickets via it tltsmore and Ohio Kallrotid. L. M. CUI.E. Ceil. Ti-kct Ag't Bsc OR 11. W. P. SMITH, Ma.-t. Transportation, 11. O. JEWETT, Pies't.C O It J. W. BROWN, (Jen. Ticket Aif't O B. F. FCLLER, Ocn. Westn Ag't 1140R a. FOU CI.VCn.YATI! CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, CINCINNATI SHORT LINE Road.!. Rail Short est, Quickest, and only Direct Rotrt* from cago to Cincinnati. Passenger trains leave tha Oreat Central Depot, foi of Lake street, as follows: Flr«t train 7:4." a.m., arrives at Michigan City at! p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 5:'i5, (sapper,) Indl ^tiupolls p.m., Lawrtuceburg 12:30, and Clncin nml at ll:4Ap.m. Second train SuKlp.m, arrive at Michigan City at9:2t) i p.m., La Favett 2:i a.m Indianapolis fi-iO a.m., Lawrenceburg ln:iti a.m., Cincinnati at lv:4j a.m. Passengers leave Ottumwa 3:00 p.ui., arrive at Rurlington at 7:-J5 p.m., arrireat Chicago at5:15 a.m. at Cincinnati liUa.iu. Oaly one change of cars between Chicago and Ciu- street, Ch Fare as low as via any other route. 11. J. I 1 SP.vLDING, Ag'tCMeago. WsirPowKLL, Trav. Agent. (i VNSPORT R. R. PCUHIA, AD LO Tr iii:s leave Rnrlington as follows MORNING SI AIL, 7:ooaia NDillT Ex., (Saturdays excepted) S p. ui. Ni^ht Train leaves at s m.l'nuuect I,^lVu,RFRWRk U0,ITSIX(i Ex- Railroad for Chu ago and South. it B. moved tliei' Exchange oflice from Ch iriton, lows, to this p'dnt, and are prepared to transact any business pert lining to ftanking. Exchange or Collec tions, which '11 v le entrusted to us, feeling contident that our past practical experience of ten years in TIU1-!i 0u At El i'aso with Illinois Central Railrosd for BIoom-1 Boots A Shoes (av'ge vui.) 74.U0 lngtoii. Decatur, Paua, Sandoval and Cairo. Drukgists'dGr-eers"city as*tm*t-14.00 10 At Cbenoa with Chicago and St. Louis Railroad for 1 llatr, caps At K.\ noi ls with N\w Aihany and Salein Rallrtfad o IOWA. It is thoroughly built, aud well manned, and ran in everv way to merit the approbation of the travelling public. Our advantages are. .Shortest aud Quickest oneless change of cars no Omuibusslug as via Chicago con in '-tjons po.-itivf, as It is ,wuel and controlcd by the same Interest, while via Chicago it is the reverse. ID is every way the most desirable line. j. 11. FAYiiu i:a rnr.i:. jr. ot Ti W A hs for Cash, l'bcy caw bo had as ••cheap as dirt." TOH I.OT8 We have overtvo -u i.lred to«n lots la Charlton, O-ceoH, Afton and Xlonnt n-r, all sroo.l .-nantv Town*, three of which are on the line of the Hurlin^tou k Missouri R. R. R. To parlies desiring rest donee or business lots, iu any of these points, we will give good barealn*. KAILItOA OS. Ifin liu^ on 'Y .^hMiuri U. R. K. ClKA^Cti: OF Tl.llll OW AND AFTKR MAR. 1, and until hirtticr no tice i- ,'iven, Pjyieiiger Traii.s will lcart iUMl arrive as foiiuwi) O-OINO WEST: -T(T|OMS, HurliiiiitM, EXPRESS. b.: o a as,leave, 9, o lf tiivillc, ew London, V CheCHU'iua, (jilftxL.I.!, Fairfield, V l.ittield, Batavia, Agcucy Citv, Ottumwa, CHICAGO i 1 U'a-W"f1,'n ,^ave,, teJious branch ofthls 4 (Via* Road is owned and operated eX cl i v tV Jt. ii O. K. R. Co. l'as-ieugers by the pretemk-d routes to Washington City, are subjected 'VTI".ihlis delays, and extra charges at Baltimore. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad iu connection With the Central O.iio fCnllrorii]. nregenf* tn fhf» tpiv v»» ?Ji"? «bHc a^short and desirable route, from Oolum- Cinci. JaM. Al i Cars w ill run directly through from lturiinglon io 1 T«ded.1 without change, aud arrive iu advance of auy "Hlv» and all other lines. for spe d, stc Ticket Ag't Uurl.OjJtOB. T. S. WILSON, Fassetigcr Ag't, ttttumu 1. A. IVVRRER, Western Ag't, Des Moinss. Iowa. OAIIRIA.GE I'ACTt) 1 iV! fB^llr. undersign would rvspectully solicit tbeat 9 t.-ntion of the public to the facilities which he non iio.seso for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG |\S, every Uescriptlnn. after the most improved st vies, good as can be obtained East, and npon sat­ isfactory terms. Those Mi'isl'.I ni* to purchase will please call and ex amine my stock. tyttepalrinir prompt!} attended to. Mar. I", I Sav—I lS-jr A. KALDWIS. Ottumwa, Mar. Ist.i i59-f II-l» NEW LUMBER" YARD. OTTI"»aV A. H!W t. E have local* branch of ouv Burlington Yard at Ottuni.. a. where w ill V* foiu.o »i all i full assortment of Lumber, J.*ih, and Shingles, wo c'i ire vr' 1! sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Per*, ns «lnut bu\Ing or ordrelng bills of Lumber, would do wcli to call and see for thems. Ive« before purch is in .-iscwbci ••. CAMPBELL A McCLCRE. Only Forty Cents! •esssnp SCrOHHODiTIOV.» m,leave. *67 14 tlx. 0.87 1'lvasan*, ts 10.a4 10.57 p. m. 11 .ST 11.46 12.07 1-2.88 r.'.iOiirr! *». Ml 8.tiS «.8l 9M Ml 10.10 arrive. OOIlsra- EAST STA1 O N.s. sccoNMonATIOH CkFBwa*. llttuiuwa. 4. lft a. m. leave. 8,'hi p. m. Isavf Apenc (.ivy, 4.4» 8.2i Bat a via. ft.»4 •*41 Whitfield, 6.M 4.1W Fairfield. «.#t «St Gielldalt. 7.'.8 Ch*c iur(ua. «St S.H3 1 Mt. Pleasant, 8.48 I New London, ».H7 1*0 Danville. 10.11 *4* MiUdUtown, a.,'5 Uurllngton, I Mar.. 1, 'tW.n4 ll.tto, v 7.-5 arrlve Uurllngton, I Mar.. 1, 'tW.n4 i. O. READ, 'ce Pres'i and Sup't. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, DEPARTURES: 1st no r?iiii«r i'asoi-ii^rt leaves I3ur. Stft'a.m 3d At omnio:!ation do do do 8.80 a 3*1 iiv do do do 7,Mlp ARRIVALS: I fct ^lorn'ar Passntfcr arrive* at Bur. B.IOa.m Ar«-f»m«:*n ,i0 do do 1.35p 3 1 do do do 9.35 p. in The above trains make close ccnnectlons with tha B. k M. K. H. at Itarllnjrtnti, an] with nil the g?e»i eastern thoroughfares at Chicago. D. KK.M1CK, Geu'l sn't C.. H. A J. U. ITHKO\V, Pu.seng^r Agcut, Q.R.R '(HIT tl'AIAE AND RAILROAD Now completed, and csrs run from Chicago to tt* burg without ch«ngc, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CFNTRAL RAfLROAD To New ork, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washing ton City, and all the interior towns ir l'ciiusjl vat In, New Jt-rsy, New York. Maryland, Ac. Merchants by taking this route will have the bmM of all the eastern marUcts at u, a.ia cost. Ragsrage checked through. I'raini leave the depot, corner of Canul and Van Buren streets, west side, twice dally on arrival of train fn in the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland arA I,al«e M.on- Railroad to Dunkirk, Ituffalo, Ni agara tails. Sew Vork and fco'tc n, aiu! all the iiiterinr lu»n. o: Mew Kn/Knil via New York C'eutral and New York k Erie Railroad#. Also :-'_oulh to Columbus, Zanesville, Newark, Mt. Vernon, Steubenville. Wheeling, and Interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. The al'ore trains connect at Forest with trains on "p.ring?eI,1\Lima rh*v* 1a ,un with traics at for Dayton and Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTIILR ROUT*. P.iasengers bound east will find this route both pleasant and tigreeable, pasting throug man. of tha laige't and finest cities in the niu Stales. Passe:.neis arriving in Chicago on any of the roada iil tii:d attvn'.ive check agents at the depots hecks ami conK^ ticket Offices in oi Rftii- Kevera Canal and lie paiticular to aak for tickets liv Fort Wayne. B. T. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Freight of all kinds wi-.l be carried from Chlcajp all points K.n^t at all times, at as low rates as any •life' er Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SHIPPES. The Kitti-hurg, Kort Wayne and I hicago Railrtad' Co. having effected an arrangement «it!i the Pennsyl vania Central R. R. Co. for the transportation of Through Freight, property can now be shipped by this liue between Chicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore, New York and Jiosion, with promptness and despatch Contracts can l.e made at the following places No.- Aftor House, New York. No. 1 S. William St., do No. S Ihittery place, do No. 77 Wuahiii^ti-n st.,Bustcri. No. 3 Dock s!.. Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. D.-P it, I'h tries street, West Side, near Van KNit street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne C. ft. &, For further information applv to AS. W. CSSON", Freight Ag't Chltaflau J. J. HorsTos, Geu'l Freight Agent CiiicagO. Chtc»g», Mar. Is,lMid. ., EXPBES8,PASM.X.F.B AfUJCIGBT hoi 11:. -VIA- [lew Yolk Central, Great Western. And connecting Roada t(f aad from IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST Tlr?fcwnd* form??"? this old nnd reliable route from he Seaboard and the West, have organised a FAST FREIGHT LINE! Giving perfect reliability and greatly increased dispatch to Freight—the trains forming tha l.iue, East and West, ran with the samo regulaiity, making as sure connection' at the terminus ot each Road as Through Passenger Trains* -tOSH CO\ A cinnati. .... I With Express Freight Traius 011 all roads diverging l'au-nt sleeping ears attached to all night trains,:. .... ... and rui. through from Chicago to Cincinnati wjthou: *n esteru shippers can rely apo» change. 1 having their goods receive utmost despatch. Through tickets can he had at all railroad cffices in the West, and at the compauy's office, corner Lake _, _. and Dearborn streets, and at the depot, foot of Lake LCTIO^ *3 JIAD Dui'tM0 the &MSOH OJ JXGttg&tlOtl, the ire A Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shfppetf via Steam or S iil Vessels, amounts iu many caaea to More than the difference between rail or wattr rates of fre'ght, be»ides the dilTereuce of time, as wiil tie seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by sending goods aU the way by rail road: Value per IWlbS. Or/ gMd, fgA'l asfm't) 98Q.M LAKE ^HORL R. R. 1 and Stationery vcom'li) ia.OO The S:0il Logansport Express make* direct c«.n- i Gcn'l stock gmctries (.except nections. as follows: Sugars and colTws.) 80.(H» 1& A Alton to St. Louis. Hardware (.shelf g' ods gen'h 80.00 #T At Gil man vrith (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central i •. ., ,, .... Railroad for Toledo and all points East also with' ... sou Rmr fcailroad pas I Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad for Cincinnati, Day- I'lie l:t.'ip in Peoria Accommodation makes the me cot.ti. ctiolis as above to Gilman. The above is a new and very much shorter Line than any other to the above nauied poiuts st fui (geiii us'tm':) m.ik) til Mjirk a a v e e I n i a n a o i s a n i n i n n a i At Loiatisp 'tt with T.dedo, Waliah aud Western UN NEW YOl\K IIKt'r ton and TV l^f V i s forwarded at I a est current rates, and if from Wrsiem ltoaiis, should CJ be cons.gued to "A. WALLING! URD, Chicago,'"or-GKEAT WESTERN RAILWAY,Detroit." For the trausporiatiou of Live Stock to liuffalo, Al "ork an I Ito-ton. this route i unequalled ock cars, ticcpit.g cars for Drovers, and spacious and convenient yards for stock, making it a most desirable route for Shipper*. Through bills of Lali:ig civen, and Reclamations paid, at any of the inp..ny's offices. C. J. 11RYDGES, Mana^it.g Director G. W. 11., Hsar iltoii. Jt Lit M»M ICS, Gei.I Agt. i py i I: A i Arn't In.-, sav. per lilt: lbs, at J^perct. pre. Cd Cents £4 4 R' :r, l,«•'*»» I'fnnVt! nnd ttr'y Adjvtttd. Packages, "Fast Exgress Line, viaG. W. R." Uello-r it Uepot, b. urren »t., or ut Canal »t. Depot. D5'iT«r w i-r"ods at Doston and Wifrceettr Kailroud Depot, und mark as above. istwar i bound freight of every d"*cr!pticn will be LuBalo. TliOS. LELL, Genl y-'t A :t. llaujilton. W. J. SP1CEU, A*t, Detroit E. I'. IJEACH, Agt l'ioadway, N. Y. O, KIMBALL, Agt State st., Losioa. A. UAi l.tALI Clili* WestereAg't., Cor. Lake and Dearborn Ai.,om, Tremont House llartIi3V, ItsW. CHICAGO mic ittP.Brnuxciox &. qiinci RAILROAD LlkK. Old and ihilv IleliaMe Uoute Kast. From l: irliuv.ton to Chicago, iHtrolt, Toledo, Pitts burg Pbil^delpliia, Baltimore, New Yorfc,aii.i alioth' cr Lustc.u and Southea^Uru Cuics. 1st Morning Train leaves 35an. 2d Accoinmi'datlon V Ui at. ild Evi l,ing l-.spr. rs 7.Ni ni. Passeii-tr^ leaving Burlington n ike(:H)«ai tralh connect nt Mendota with the li'li.oisCentra!Rnllrt-ait North and South, and at Chicago both the iu, ruing and evei ii iraiio- t»irmi a in nnd 7:ln m,) c-iin«-cf with alt the Great Kustcrn Railroadrotil«s. to wit: M. C. R. 1!., vbi Dttroil: M. K. II. Ii., via Toledo, und Fitisl urg ami Ft. Wuiue I*. I!., via Ft. Wayue, of wfri*h passenger* can take their choice. Only tweut hours from Iturtingtou to Toledo thir teen hours ahead of any other loot, leaving Burling' ton. ilaggage checked through to Detroit. Niagara Fall* aud .New York. I'.oston, Toledo, Duukirk, Luffalo, Pittsburg and rhilad. iphla. Tickets for tbisgient EaaUrn thoroughfare for sale at Ottaiomt, iirti Id, Mt. l'U.utant, ami at the Tickit Othee, corner Frost and Wai^r sts., Burlington. tieepiug car* sttsd.ed to the night Fare as tow a* by any other route. i 1 i K KEM1CK, May. 'tW— if. Gen'l Ag'tU.B.iM. S. ^KI-IUIIT OFIIt K OF Pl'« IIIA, njl V'.VKA and I ItLINUToN R. R.-NOTICE. To M'-rchant* and Shippers uishiDy to »hi| I i li e abov Ilo «.t, i» ill p'-?.ise call at the I'eoria Usllro id Ticket lthce,-2S W. ter-»t,to hate tlielr btlie of la il-g signed. Tbls Coiu|»Mjr have arrangements to shin to St. Lou- la, Ciuttunatl CalMh ctonge of »rs. k J0*r

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