Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 23, 1860 Page 2
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IF '.V'v 1 II •1 1 ibc (OUnmto Coimtt. THE OFFICIAL^ CITY PAPER.1 W. OHKl*, miln« OTTUMWA, IOWA,: Ai^cUSt 23, .1160. _. V»|: V.UTftKDPNT, ABEAHAM LB Oi- ILUSui.i. FOR VICK l'KKSUJKN T, BAMIBAL HAMLIM, mmx -:. a i= niESIDEKTIAI. CLKt rous. ,'TLARGF. ^•ITJ5 TtENTlT WARHEN.of To lh* litpuhUcann of Joint I have ti*en direcfcil bv (he Republican State Cen tral Committee, to announce to thp Republican party nn'l press of the State of Iowa, that the Committee have, with Mnpular unani nitv. rc«o!ved, 1st—Not to a.«scmVle u State Convention to nominate a candidate for Justice*f the Stipruue Oonrt, to fill the v.irHiiey orra.«ioiH-'i by the dfath of lion. I,. J». ftorVfon. 2l—To rerninmend to the ItepubHcan party mill the Itepiililiean press, tliat Hon. (OJIUI.I FO tv, has aright to move to v,v Territory and carry his property with him.— Speech at .Yew Orleans. right of property of the mnster in a slave, i cription of property and other proporl v own id hy n citizen, no tribunal acting under the Authority of the United States, whether it be hpishiti'ce, i8L- We ask condid Democrats to read and candidly ponder, the above extracts, and see if the}- can be reconciled with the Popular Sovereignty which the Douglas stumpers are preaching in this county see if the}' can find a shade of difference between the most ex treme pto-slaven-ism, and this kind of Pop ular Sovereignty, non-intervention, or by whatever name it may be called see if theses doctrines are true, if the people in the Terri tories are not compelled to have slavery whether they will or no, if any bod}' chowc to take slaves there see if there is any difference in the world between Douglas lta$erac}' and Breckinridge. Democracy. Cole at C. ©Hiiinvv.1. C. Co'e, Douglas candidate for Congress in this district, spoke at the Court House in this city, on Thursday of last wvk. We did not hear him, but understand that he disappointed hi political frends, who had formed too large anticipationsinrelntion toliim llis speech is represented a* abounding in rash and inconsiderate statements and asser tions, manifesting ignorance in relation to questions and issues, inexcusable in a can didate for so high an office. He told the cow glory, a trumped up yarn, utterly false, as we learn ly the press of Warren county, with much assumed feeling, on his part, but lesion the part of his audience, many of whom regarded it in the light a sensation story, got up for political effect, which is the fact. His disquisition upon the revenue law exhibited a degree of ignorance of the legis tion of the Strte, truly astonishing. When he charged upon the Republican Party, the responsibility of the pro\ isinn far distress and sale of personal property for taxes, he simply proved liis ignorance «f the legisla tion of the State, that redounds little to his credit. That provision had it* origin #ix years before the formation of the Renubliciin arty, when the Democrats were in power !i tljis State. It will lie found in the Code published in 1S5I. The fact i^4 the Democracy ttr.d to thrir cjiagrin thfri (Me u not nearly s«H»rt as they had been led suppose. IJefides, he came from the south, where he-was a slave bolder, and with which he doubtless ympa ^liises more than with the ^"orth, his present ti me. The idea of sending £iich a man to {3ongress to occupy the seat so worthily and filily filled by Col. Curtis 1* itumiU tting. But fortunately there Is'wt the toast danger of its being done. Drovers & Produce Dealers desiring re i^ionsible Correspondents at Chicago,* are ^commended to Ellis & Gallagher, Nqrth fflark '., near the bridge. ST. JOJIIKPH, August 21.—News received from the mines to the JOINT vrtar ^s'-„ Dm M. im'f r. 408. A. 011APMN, of Duliaque r,.. MsPRit'T M.KCTokS. lit But. M. L. Mi-PIIERSOX, of M.»cli-on •i —CH VP. POMKUOV, of Boone Co *wisr*vr Kl.KCTORS. lit OUl,-J. W. NE .VCOMIJ, of ivl n, —BEV. RKCroil. if Kre.n !»t ,. —E.N. ll.VTi:S, of Mull _W. B. FATliFFRLn, of Klojd Co. HVPI'BLK AV STAID XICKEV. FOB C0XGRKS3—FIRST TLFTK" 8 AM DEL R. CURTIS, of Let Count/. FOH SSVHBLABT OF^TATK, RJfM.VH SELLS, of U«s.'iitln« to. FOR ATDITFIR OF STATU, J011S W. JONE?, Of Hardin Co. FOR ATTORNEY NIRKKAL, CIIA8. C. KOL'RSK, «f Polk Co. roa REGISTER or STATK LAS&OKI »•, k. B. MILLER, of Ccrro OorrtoCo. F'lR STTBEMK /fDOK, G.EO G. WRIGHT, "f Van Tur.-n Co. n VTI I ld« 4 KM Ml. Ci'MVITTKE, I iug-o.1 Cl!i, Is'it. ^F nil IIt l'Kj MOJM 1 U. WR GUT of A an Bur tn County, lie reparrl»d and supported as the Repnliliean Candidate for that po-itlon. It i? nee tsfary to inciitinn hut oneoftlie many reason." that prompted thN a.-tion. The Committee are advised, that in doinjr, they reflect the wiflies of a very l.nrge majority of the party in this Sta»e. 11. M. HOXIE, Chairman Rep. Mate Central Com. Kovoiu'i^iily. as property, and Douglas' Po|Mttai' "Slaves vvrarded placed on an equal footing with all other prop ertv. II once the owner of slaves, the same as the owner of any other specie of proper- executive, or judicial, has a right! to draw such a distinction, or deny to it the benefit of the provisions and guaranties i which haye been provided for the protection of private property against the encroachments ofthe Government."—Drctl n 1 have been 14-th inst. DISCUSSIONS w o n N The f,.U««ln* arrangement for joint discussion. be- twotn Col. Cortls and Mr. U»le, has been consumatcd Uetit..!ispovt. Vah llu. Co. 1'rid iv. do 24. Ki o«:mqna, S iturdtiy, do S!.\ Troy, l«\is county, Monday, do 27, do llhtomfleld, l»«vls Co. Tuodajr, do 2^, do Centreville. A]JIHTI'I! Knoxville, Friday, do 26. do do I'ella, Satutday, do 27, do do The terms of the discussion shall he 01 nnd makes no distinction between that des- i people at the timos and placet indt- New Oregon, Howard' Clarkesville. Hutler Waverly. Hremer co. S^otf Derision. Douglas said at New Orleans, that slaves were property, and the owner of slaves had a right to take them to the Territories as any other property might be taken there. Doug las and his platform also endorse the Dred Scott deci ion, and that decision savs. that i laves are pr pertv, an 1 that tint property, OS all other property must be protected by .date for Presidential 1 .'lector, is respectmiv invited .. 1 to meet Col. Warren, at the above meejincs," for joint discussion—such discission to be conducted 01 tlie same terms as the canvass of Col. Curtis and C. C. the tribunals of the Federal government. What then becomes of Popular Sov ereignty, or the right of the people to have! Other appointments for Col. Warren will bean- Foutenelle, Adair co. Thursday, 83, 2 Wint ersel, Madison co. Saturday, Sept. lf ab?ve^medawrnm"i"aM (not i for the meetiiiv's, tt in some quarters, to patch up some sort of a Union between the two factions of the De mocracy, but with no success so far. The indications are. that the Republicans would carry every Northern State, with the I)e inocracy united against a divided Democra cy, the victory will be sure and easy. 1)1 i nois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, are regard- ed as certain for the Republicans by lar^e majorities. Il inois is as certain for LincJn i by nt least 20,000 majority, as any State in the Union. There are large gains nil over !the the tate in the South the vote ov*r mont's, will be qr.adrupled, and the Breck-1 inridee and Lane Ticket will get 10,000 from i the approaching victory decisive of the fate i of pro slavery, jIL brains, w on. the stump, and loading the air K""'"" n a n o e RR follows Each party shall Itematelv make the opening speech and may occupy not more than one hour the oppo site party shall follow ami may occupy not more than one h«ur ind a haif. and the party making the open- i inp speech shull then ccnclude the arpument, and may I occupy not more than half an hour. Two chairmen sli ill be selected at each meeting hy their respective parties, whose duty It shall bp to pre side, keep ord«r Ac., and notify the speakers of the expiration of their time, nnd the speaker shall stop at the moment lie is notified of the expiration ofthe time, without regard to the closlnj of Ills sentence, or oth wise The chairman politically friendly to the party inak inp the middle speech, shall be regarded as the first1 chairman and act accordingly- -and In case of any i disagreement, they shall choose an umpire, who shall with them decide the point. i Neither candidate shall be permitted to supply his Neither'eanludate shall sneak at any time or place i .vear"!- nf,,?r ",e rormnf Douglas T.n.t_'Ls.l? Lt.f.rm"at g"ch timcS atu'plaeCi- "And if the Constitution recognises the HOW. FITZ IIEMIY 1VA RRF.W have been an almost constant attendant upon Hfpvbti^an CnmUihttt /or Pre*-'(fentiui Elector cated by the following i Waukon, Alamakee Cn Decorah, Winne'shk list of appointments: Wed'day, Thursday, Friday, Aup. at 2 o\?rk. do do do 81, do do Sept. 1f do do do 8, do do 1 do 4, do do I do Tuesday, Wed'day, ft, West 1'iiion, Fayette co. Friday, Klkail ir, Clayton co. Saturday, (Iranavllo, Dnbunue, liuhaque Monday, ltlhl, Delaware no. TuesilaV, 1ndep,"id nce, Buch. co Wed'day, Cedar Fulls. l!l'k Hawk Thursday, Uellevue, Jackson Friday, Anamojii, .Jones co. Saturday. .Marion, l.inn county, Monday, Tipton, Cedar co, Tuesday, De Wit Clinton co. We l'dav, Davenport, Scott cn. Thursday, Muse.itine. Muscatine eo. Friday, Wapello, Louisa co. Saturday, do do 1 ny do do do do 7, do do do do do 8, do do 1 do 1«, do do do do do do do do I do 13, do do I do 14, do do do \6, do do do 17, do do do 17, do do do 19, do do do SO, do do do 21, do do do 22. do do Hon. Lincoln Clark, or any other Democratic Candi- Cole, candidates for Congress iu the 1st District. noanced in due time, lly order of the slavery or not as they please. If Douglas Republican state Central Com. was right at New Orleans, if his platform is right now, and if the Dred Scott decision is the true doctrine, as Douglas and his party I Pay, we should like to see the tie holding of slaves in a for that matter. How, pi ay, could it be done. Manifestly it cannot be done. If slaves are property in the Territories, the slaveholder is entitled to protection of that property, as the Supreme Cot rt say in the Dred Scott case, and it is idle to talk about the right or the power of the people to pre vent it. The Supreme Court is omnipotent, and its decisions are the law of the land, in Territories, in State and every where. HOW. 1*1. I.. n'PIIDiiso^, Ittpiil.lici'i rinliht1f for Prrsl,'rutin! iyactor, Will address the people upon the Political i^ues, at the times and places as staled beluir August 28, at 8 o'ct'k "24, 2 turd ay, 86. 9 I,ew is, Cas-i county, Monday, 27, 4 Frankfort. Mt'gomry co Tuesday, ie people prevent I Gienwood, MillsCo, Thursday, "rritorv or stile t.ity, 44 Friday, -rill or Sl.lie Council.Cluffs. Safurdij QvuiK'y, Adams '/ft 2 u \Yrln#day, 11 291 2 1 cf ft note addrissed to the editor of tl»c SpMllIing in low., We ttu«t that tho press of the state win give the1 _T V i i *«. ... i widett circulation to tiu'te nppotntim-utt: "s v do do (In 40 do Ho co Wed'duy.dn 1!!', *F•» Corydon, Wavne co Thursday, do ."io, do I.eon. Iteeatnr Friday, do 81, do do ltecatur City. Decatur co. Satn'y, Hept. I, do Mt. Avr, Rintold eo. Monday, do 8, do do He.'ford, Taylor co. Tuesday, do 4, do do ClarinUu. I'airo co. Wed'day, do 5, do do SM'iey, Kreiaont c». Th'irsday, do fi, do do tllenwood Mills county, Friday, do 7, do dd Fr.Mtikfonl, Mont'gmy f. Monday, ili, III, do do Qnlney, Adams co. Tin ^lay, do 11, do do Afton, ("nion county, Wed'd iy, do 12, do do Osceola, Clurk»co. Thursday, «lo 18, do da Chariton. I.ucas co. Krida.v, do 14, do do Allda, Monroe CO. Saturday, do IB, do dd Kd.iyvilie, Wapello co Mi nday, do 17* do do Ottumwn, Tmsday, do is, do d« Pairtield,Jefferson "Wed'diy, do 19, do do Mt. Pleasant, Henry" Thursday, do 20, do do New London, I'rMay, do 21, do do PiirHii^'ton, II Moi's" Saturday, do 22, do do Wapello, Louisa co, Monday, do '2», do do Columbus City, do do Tuesday, «ln 2.1, do do W a s i n o n W a s i n o W e 1 I a y o o o Brighton, Thursday, do 27, do do Sip urnev, Keokuk co Friday, do 2S, do do O^kaloosa. Mahaska" Saturday, do 29, do do Montezuma l'ow'shk Monday, Oct. I, do do tijinnell Tuesday, do 2, do do Newton, Jasper co. Wed'day, do 3, do do Vand'illa, Thursday, do 4, do do Ie« Moiniw, l'olk co. Saturday, do (5, do do A del, IV-illas county, Tuesday, do Jt, do do Wiseolta. Wednesday, do 1(1, do do (Juthlio *. t. Guth'e co Thursday, do 11, do do Kxira, Audubon co. Friday, do 12, do do Harlan, Shelby co. Saturday, do 13, do do Matrnolin, llar'son c.o. Monday, do 15, do do Council lliu. I'ot'mle co l-uc.uhiy, do Id, do do l.ewis. C'ISJ co. Friday. do 19, do do Fotitene'.le, Adair co. Saturday, do 2, do do Winterset, Madison eo. Monday, do 22, du do St.CVarKs, •'Tuesday, do 2S, do do Indianoln. Warren co. Wed'd.iy, do 24, do do. Pleas'iwtville, Marion co. Thursday do 25, do do doc* no haroi. 1 think ilifFjren fore a^k YOU the of nd «.•• that due notice I* piihiMi-d Will \'ou join them and take to yourself! ^.v nrdcr «.f tlie St: Cuiii and nothing but some unforeseen combina-' mine on the latter, I ask you to publish this tion can prevent it. There ore efforts making in your next issue as a needful corrective where the fact's are not otherwise known. •T. WlI.MAMSOX. the ",u!t!tudc Fre iilman, Banker of New ork, for the insig- "shall never march in the rear of Russia, nor nificant sum of $5,000. A very pretty spec- loiter in the shadow of Turkey, whilst error ulatlon. W wish i^ understood this stalks abroad "like a wolf in sheep's clothing,' sale is not a fair in^kaiioi the y^Jue ^)fj or wliiUt the faintest clank of the chain is Western Cities. heard rattling on the slave of might, or the and The waning prospects of the s-piatterites i in this County, are stimulating the worship- i er.s of th. Small to extraordinary exer- Ilhe tiwns. Every sm d! jnip gun about Ottumwa, i with enough brass to supply deficiency of|iin witli tlie nineteenth edition of slang about'on Abolitionism, Negro Equality, Old John that so inu.-h precocity can survive this (ampaigu. A person would think to bear them talk, that they had slept with Clav,, And hob-nobbed with Webster. |,andCla^ is their favorite expression, The revenues of our office will not justify i paying for communications. A silver and lead mine was disco*|*c4iH write for Hie punt tfo io -prv bmo *^insure4^^tel^««o«ftt'*«44b»»d*©w«i«| near Tf.rryall on f'riday, the 10th inst. ''fhimsclfc ..tirvs- K,='h nion after reading his slanderous attack on Mr. ,):ip?r of ,nh in,t 1 \b\ II. M. Hoxie, In InhaM of the State Republican hoped lifter a little reflection, that he would Committee, aud Mr. Cole. We call attention to the' have the magnanimity, aftd of enough of self term'', n? welt ns t»tin times and place* specified be-, re9 It was »,Cl.t to make tho neoessary correction.— may think any such notice entirely unneces-1 sary, that a falsehood so gross, only scorches the lips of hiin who utters it, and after that' tAgivft plac^' to fienote. J. M*. Mr. J. 11. Ih SfRKKT, to ?CV-I3- u Sir: comparatively a stranger. Yon make the statement that lie is accus tomed to preach Illaek Republican politics in his pulpit on the sabbath day. Aftor the plain verbal statement, you go on to insinu ate that he eulogise* old Brown, recommends Sharp's rifles and Bowie knives, as the best Yon know they arc fxb in every particular. 0 .. place with another speaker except by conscnt or the "?. npaulding s church for niore than live those of the prosent Democratic party, and 1 havc no not named in the list of appointments for joint discus-1 during that time, you never heard him make I measures of 1820. His spaech was through commencement o) the joint canvass on I ithout giving to the other party Slavery, or any of its kindred reof anil extending to the oppo site party an invitation to meet him in joint discussion theme ot asingla discourse, isinco I have (were no uoubt clearly presented and ably the time ho came here, about sixteen years I ago, and not one corroborates the state rffents setting forth and applying tho truths of the Gospel to the hearts and consciences «f his hearers, without reference to any ofthe dis trading questions ofthe day. These are the 'facts in the case, and if there ha-ibeeri error, it has been on the other hand such would be the judgment of nine-tenths of the christ ian public. The only pretext you haw for your asser tions, is, that he did, in a week day thanks giving sermon, in 1«34, I believe, to some pro-slavery sensibilities were wrought upon, i left the house, and from that day to this, Mr. Spanlding has not ceased to be the object their Jesuitical malice. the unenviable dntinction orh^in^ the first Tiie Mkicsi are Bright. to openly slander one ofthe most irreproach The political skies are growing brighter able of men, one, too. who has done more and and brighter every day, for Lincoln and sacrificed more for this community, than any Hamlin. It is now reduced to as much of a other one man. certainty as any future event can be, that What say you will you as a gentleman the Republican candidates will receive the and man ofhonor, Dublicly retract your tate- li*"* i ,, ... has paid the per electoral vote of every tree .State. Every ments, or will you, as you say you will,, con- rally crushed t) thing is clearly working towards that result, i tinue them next week. Should Man Aceiicy ity. The Republicans of Wapello county, are cordially invited to turn out brceze in honor of the i:ivi,K'ib!e th:lt wlH he,Pen,ar«e 0,1 C' 1 YOU en masse, and witness the raising of a tall Pole, and tho Hinging of a beautiful, national flag to the pliant leaders of the H.'publican army, and aid to swell aiseuibl- n,,niuations the ratify of Lincdn and IIatnlin for the Nation, and Curtis, for the State and reverberating, glorious shout t!'at slia" resonn^ to Douglas. The skies then are bright, so bright Freedom, at Agency as to encourage Republicans to work to make l'10 s^'es ^(,r 4'ie August oOth. Senators Harl:,n and -il,,|vrun' Grina,?s' J* F" Wilson- and other a1),e e e e o a e s s u s a n e e n e e Kddyvillc Sold OuK.^ i nal principle#, for which we are battling, ft :s known to many in this rogio:r,^hat Turn out, ye honest yeomanry, and show the city of Lddyville, in this county, was to the world of Nations, that there is a bold laid out by J. P. Eddy, of St. Louis that and sturdy host enlisted under the flounting some six years ago be sold bis interest con- i flag of Liberty and Truth, doing fearless bat sisting of some 400 acres, a large number of, tie far the sake of rigot, and waging ceasless blocks and Lots, to II. Berdan, of New York, i warfare upon tlie sullen, scowling army of Since that time Mr. Berdan has sold some of' error. the land and Lots, but there remains now Turn out, ye fibcrty-loying sons of Amer sorne 300 acres Adjoining the city, and about ioa, as one broad living sign upon which the 20 Blocks, 2o) Lots. The entire property, whole wide world can look, and read in worth as any one must s-c, a iargesum, was glowing letters, "Columbia the gem of the sold toe past week by Mr. Berdan, to W. S- Ocean, the home ofthe ^P-^ers, are braveand 01 lJ,!! ,,roken 1,:U" a th ^rMl i v/ree," s^rit' prayor °f 5411,1 tlie th' poor» thr ,ne of 0 k1 C"me on' Wlth hu'»ble 41,11 °:,Pr0ise(J. a^end to 'our Ronf ^gU^rs, oTd arui in-~thc Ilrown, and the various versions of ",ny|l'*e people r.'joic3 Libert}' is a reality, a great principle." It is probab.e that elo-, truth' quencc and political wisdom will die with Come on, and give nine cheers for "Hon these striplings, and it really Feeins strange Ps^ ra^5rned f,re' artt time-the ,K,rnlnS~fl»«-' the h!"s-tbe .aeons flame Bus'1' of Freedom is sound- shouts of the ghd ring out, and all but Slwery U an absurdity, a wrong. ^'0 aiu' se,,d dadness through all the land. aK tb^ill of RyM|«ApncrCity Rop,.Utdn Club,„j The latest Irish bull wo read of in tht case' of an Irish gentleman, who, in order to' SIRCOL AII4 FKIIIX I IIII' HTIT.TIP. Those gtntleinen inado their debate at King's School House, in Richland Township on the Evening of the Mth inst. Street as you are nwaro, Is the dignitary that prj» •ides ofer the columns of th- Democratic Unionswan l-iri Point. Lee co, Timr* lav, Aug 23, at 2 ®*«lock, others of Mr. Spa uldmg nutnerotw friend*,! ,, ian1 corner of Seventh And F. streets, Wash' hc"m* for several years an old line In your p^r ,f this .,vi.rnm™t »ml an Intcplly last week, you make some statements in re- or otherwise that is in k nsping with that of Ba jji„trj* A" SPaul,lin?' ih- ch"" I acter of his preaching: which arc so foreign to ington hunsclf. \i»donlit the colonel sees in the truth, and so injuri as a minister of the go-del. tliat, in his ab-! Land Offices, MarshnNhips, Supreme Jud^ sence, as a friend of his, I feel called is to his reputation the person of the little Giant, Post (!Tice«, to take some notice of them. at the disposal of true Democratic execu Any denial of what yori say, is made nec- t«ves. His whole speech was fl izrunt, falla cssarv, only, by the fact that our town and cious and of the tru.5 cango Democratic vicinity, arc largely of those who have recent- stamp. IIJ emittel volume of trass St only !y com? nmong us, and, of course, to whom to illuminato wooloy headed Democatic prj Mr. Sp.iulding as a man and minister, i cincts, He neither endorsed nor repudiated I whip and sinCe tin: breaking tip of that party «Pn^ nf^V "tlT* has tieionired i ust where yon could f:ni lirn u n i v e y e e n y o a s e o e s o n i impregnated with the congo Demooatic theo* y a n a e a s o a v e a n a u a s u u o tellm- Com and typos**,n tlorlc* be voted "up or voted down"—it has a Bibles talks about underground railronds, I existence in the territ-jriei by virtue ofthe encournffcs running ofT slave-, inculcates a right of property in man—"of the master over disregard of the fugitive slave law, and pours I the slav3. This doctrine of non-intervention out abuse on the democratic party. All this I will compare favorably withDouglas1 publish as a part of his Sabbath day ministrations. I ed opinion with that set fort bin the speech of Mr. Street, for one moment I ask you to! Mr. (i mldin at Baltimore, an I vary favora let yourself down from tho frenzy of political bly with that of Senator Toombs of Georgia, excitement, into which you have worked when he said a year or two since in the sen vourself, and consider what it is 3'ou have ate of th# United States, that he expected to said, and how great the injury done to an I see tho day whan he could thrash his slaves old friend. I need not tell 3-011 3'our state-1 under t!io shadow of Bu iker hill Monu ments are false. hesitation in s\vin?, that that Mr. Clay strongly opposed the coinpro- subjects, the out strongly Democratic. His propositions f)t clearly pre Street's style. i been in Ottumwa, now nearly eight years, I argued after Street's style. Kin his pulpit ministrations, and I um free to say that (hiring that time, I have never heard 1 known tent whatever, the subject of Slavery. I' gu irds) thit ever tried to address the ly crucified the poor fellow. If Fowler made a single point, it was so very fine and deter-' ,. i UttriimftntAttrn 1 Another Woiunci -Tlurdcred. We hear of the death of a younj womarf/ name not reported, at Libertyvills, Jefferson county, one day last week, caused hy an at tempt to produce abortion. It seems that a young man named Wm. Sheets, living some three miles west of Libertyville, had seduced the woman, and for the purpose of concealment procured the services of a Dr. Smith, to procure an abortion. The woman was taken to an unoccupied house, where the operation was performed, which resulted in death. ed in Agency City, on Friday, but Dr. Smith was still at large, at last account*. The young man, Sheets, was arrest-j LATER. Sheets had a preliminary trial, and was ad mitted to bail iu the sum of $1500. Smith left on horseback, since which time his horse, *-ith saddle and bridle, has return ed to Libertyville. It is supposed ht is skul king in the woods in that vicinity. NEW YOBK, August n n and for la-v Tn,1ian ]0X'",U August, Uth,iHiio. '-,J of th0 upon ships and other apppuntments that arc ever the doctrine of a Slave code for tho Territo ries but like the little god at whose shrine he worships was perfectly willing to leave that for the Supreme Court to decide- the just arbiter of political 1ijFerenw and of party in lifferenrt. He cares not whether slavery 19.—The steamer' .•Etna from Liverpool arrived this morning. Russia sen 14 four ships of the line and two frigates to Syria. Napoleon conferred th? grand cross of the Legion of Honor on Abdel Radar for his ser vices at Damascus. The Gov rnor fl-m^ral of Dvnatcui*at Beyrout was suspended and arrested. The Sardinian Government hive negocia-, ted a loan of oO,000,000 livros at 8'If. INDIA.—The China mails lnv? arrived. It is rumored that the Neapolitan envoys at Turin seein* t'i^ rnp xsibdity of conclu ding an allian?" between Sardinia and Na ples, were to leave there forthwith. It was mm ured at Paris that r?gitnmts »f the line would be increased from 102 to 110. From the lew a Exchange w« extract the following. In these dogUjy.i^ qrbea jagne M4£»ver is prevailing through city and country, it is pleasant to announce that there is a remedy which always

cures T. II. (jiuffin, Secty. There is no humbug about ii. i without leaving any tins in the men or arhing int». See advertisement. BEDFORD SPRINGS, r.iise th*' wind wb reby relieve himself com an arrived here, to-day, in excellent THbse who i from pecuniary embarrassments, got his lif.' health. Ho was warmly greeted by the vis itor* and citizens. AttoaMy^onaiial tiMi arrived here satur kf. *i:1 pVovemcnt in Fruit Jars. of ,,k ment. He could easily prove Henry Clay's You were a member of1 prolavery proclivities to be greater than giance to the Democratic come out genuine Republicans. We advise our congo friends to send 'um out again. Kirkville Aug. 14th, 1860 WHO? I cannot better describe it til in by Adop ting the hnu of spcech used by Mr. Drydeu in commenting on the miracio ofthe water turned iuto wine. Mr. Dry den said: "The conscious water saw its God and blushed. I use a parody of tho language anil say .. ,, ,. i "v i. i. u.Fiij wi nut um- iumn nar week with a large stock of shawls, plaid*, extent, incidentally discuss slaverj' in its'UTi i 4 Wo know w haj. we are saying, for we have tried Aug. 18.r~Preaident Bu- iiTJl ill- l* i!rnts JiiraiiitMl to \V veutoi'H. The following important Patents were i» 'sued to We t*r i Inventors from th*1 TTnltcd Spates Patent Office, the week ending Aug. ington, D. G., whose ternn, if go desire 1, arc 7 h-y 1 con tut ton il no patent no pay. Send for one of their circulars of instructions. o n 0 U 1*4 n i s U 0 y,,re' B. W. Bruel, Beluit, Wisconsin Improved In the person of Stephen Arnold Donglis he Holder rccopraz.. p.tmt. Arm Mpp-.rtor of w,,, Cliurchmiui, Jaaenillo, Wiscon. Jetertm. Madison, Monroe and even Wash- Henry D. Dunbar, Momphk fcnessee Improvements in Pistons for Steam En- I. James S. Fowler, Peoria,filings improve- msnt in Com pl!inteM Robert W. Gardiner, Quincy, Illinois Im provement in Governors for Steam E11 gines. Schuyler Qo|dtnilH^ Watu *, Illinois (ra. provement in Cultivators. Wtn. II. Greenwood, Gatvft, llliQoi« im proved Lock. Asa Greenwood1 Toulon, lllinob Improv ed Ten ):i ing Frame. Lathrop Kaztr, Leroj', Illinois Itnrove men in adjustable M.le, fur Mole Plow. W111. Kim-.n'e & D. Kim nle, Cambridge City, In liana Improved Stump Extract or. ... O, H. kuaibi Xew&irk, Mi ssonclf Improve ment in carriage Springs. R. M. Lyttle, Triune, Tenneafte# Improve ment in Portable Scaffolds. Charles Marston, Viroqua, Wisconsin Improvement in Grain Harvesters. Win. F. Schrbeder, La Porte, Indiana Improvement in Seed Planters. M. Messer & A. Steinbren ir, Cleveland, 0!ii) Improvement Hanging Sash of Rail road Car Windows. AMen ... (usually arrangements) Street in rhet* as bruddy King is the counter part of Col. oric. diction &e. presented, are the same—idcntical-both the effort Blakesburg, Aug 25th, 1860. Hit. Imuran—Sir: The political discussion between T. Fowler and Mr. Dixon came off in this town on Siturd iy last, if it mig'it be called a discussion at all. Ballard Mt Pleasant, town, assignor to himself and Joseph Howe, same place Iinprovenisnt in Ditching Machines. DKSiflXS. John D. Cunningham, Fianklin, Tennes see Design for Coffins. Who €ome Dar? A young orator of the Democratic stripe But their principles, as was rehearsing his slanders the other day, in who has made extensive observations and the woods back of our city. He had evi- enquiries, assures us that the new wheat dently heard Dean and Cole, and was copy crop of that State will not fall short of30,000, ing their style and the subject matter of their 000 bushels. We believe tho largest crop discourse admirably. In the course of his! ever before harvested in that State was not party and have falsehood that Clay ard Webster were pop u- i 101 i 4 i i e o n s i o u s o w e s a w i s o o a n 1 1 1 e n e a i n e s a a a s a n y e s s o o s relations to our national prosperity. On that .1 yelled out his despair never- was defeat i osmanlie cloths, Clothildas, cashmcres.jjau-', occasion, some two or three persons whose more signal and overwhelming.. In argu- satinets, fleeced hosteiy* gloves, jiandker mentative sense, Mr. Dixon cooly and quiet- chies, u!ar sovereignty men. After reading a gar bled extract from Clay the orator continued: and now I call on the immortal and Clod like Clay, if what I say is not true?" At that instant, there was a rustling in 'debush' hard by, and the orator, turning his eyes in that direction, saw a white object advanc ing. The orator rehear**I. the ghost of Clay, or a white calf—as it really was—we can't say. Lot it be as it will, he hts never been seen in the woods since. Devin's Elephants are coming in next &c. Ginghams, Fall sfyles, at 12} cents. LOI ISVILI.F., infinitesimal that, he has not a triend who can put his finger upon it. This should teach dimagogj'js nat to suf fer themselves to be pushei out into water V- .... ., ,. ,, Breckinrdge, contradicting the report of his beyond wad in depth. .. .... "VT ., witlidrawal and saving that hewillmafDW "Not half so rash the fly, that dares with busy hum "within he crocodile's stre ched jaws to come, as this sa:n3 Fowler and he nnlty of his folly—he is lite atoms b.'tween Mr. Dixon'ti argumentative teeth. WAPELLO. Aug. 21.—Letters have been i addressed from Lexington to the New York Herald Charleston Mercury, by Sam'l C. Keid, Jr., of Louisiana, on authority of Mr. 'icarin death. days reply to tho slanderous charges of his enemies. KEOKUK AND DES MOINES RAII-UOAD.—The cars on this road ran to Philadelphia *on the 16th inst., and in forty working days it is cxpccted the rails will be laid to Ottumwa. INDEPENDENCE, Aug. 20.—The New Mex­ situ die. Sr. JOSEPH, MO., STANTON, 10 p. ("ituiiriI 14, IHM. Reported weekly for the Courier ness 111 ii and citizen-, asking for the irntne by Broadnax & Gray, Patent Attorneys and idiate improvement of Court Street, waa pre Solicitors, No. 44 Mine street, St. »uisv Mo. sentcd and 1 lid on the tabl "IfThc ColleBtoi's Ite^pts for balance duo on Tax It wipts of 1857, in favor of a num ber of individuals, were read and orders au thorized for the amounts specified.. 5 i ican mail, with dates to the 5th, arrived thi^ eve. i There is great excitement in Santa Fe. The Navajo Indians made an attact on a lit tle settlement 11 miles below,killed two men ('Hl'l.MK.'AIj SOAl'S and drove off all their stock. There wasou-! At tho Oai'l'oll LLon^f i i i i n n a i v I I I Y o u a n o v o u W a s i n i n a ly eleven soldiers in hanta Fe, and they wore sent in n-irsnit of In.liins in n u-nron wcrt fetni in jrsun oi inaian^ in a w agon, A party of citizens went out and overtook the Indians and recovered the stock, but 1 and in any hoiier. e had t0 »t AND ice of some of tlie men three of tho party were killed and (ire wound «d« iva of vrhoio have since died. CIIARI.OTI'VII.LE, Aug. 18, 10 p. show» that all overtures for a compromise I were rejected. Senator Mason, in his speech to-day, declared that the path marked out by Douglas leads directly the abolition camp.— sI,e(iC^os li*'1 Aug. IO.—'fEe Steamer Hesperian belonging to tho II. & St. Jo Railroad, running to Kansas, together vith :10') ton3 of freight, consisting of 2,500 bush els corn, and 50 hhd. sugar, wa* burned yesterday evening at the levee in Atchison. Boat partially insured. There is little or n4 insurance on the cargo. No lives lost M. Aug. 18.—The confer­ ence committee have been discharged and the proposition for a compromise denounced. A resolution was adopted that the electoral vote of Virginia would bo cast for an v one who can d^*»t Liu^oln. jre»t eulhusuMpn e v a i s L^risviLtt, Aug. 20--lTlic Courier'' says Breckinridge has written a letter auth rist ing Stevens, (-hainnan of National Commit tee, to contradict emphatically the absurd rumor that he thought of withdrawing or desired to withdraw. NEW OBLEAVS, Aug. to.—A eoHtslon «c- •. Jcurrod on the Oarrolton Railroad last night, The artHo alluded to i.» Christie'a Ague killing two pjrson and wounding nevera! is tll bc it0 The astronomer Herschel has predietad that England will this year be visited by a storm of a violence unprecedent in the annals ofthe globo, i'o,'('(li)i, MONDAY EVK. August 13, 1800. Council met. May tr in the chair. Minutes of last meeting read and approve 1. A petition signed hy a number of bilM- Th.i Auditing committee reported adversely to allowing the rl:thn of R. & ,f. C. Fisher, of $10,50 fir work done on Washington St., in August '5D, report received, and report of committee adopted. The Street Commissioners report from Jane 14th, to August 11 th, was read, show ing an expenditure on tho Street*—paid by Road Receipts—of $300. The city Solicitor was present and read bis "report, re ]'tested at last meeting of Council. Opinion given, that ordinance No. 11, was not valid. Aid. Mitchell gave notic that at the next meeting, he woul' introduce an ordinance repealing ordinance No. 11. Aid. Dixon, offered the following Resolved, That immediate steps should be taken by the Street Commissioner and City Marshal, with the aid of the City Solicitor, to collect all Taxes due on side-walks, by sale of L)ts or otherwise, as required bj- the ordinances of this city.—Adopted. Aid. Dixon, from special Street Committee reported verbally, not ready to report satis factorily, and that the committee could not do so unless they have further time, and authority to employ an Engineer—Report re cieved and Committee discharged. A motion to direct the St., Coicmittee to hive a inojority of the Road and Poll Tax due tho citv, expended on Court -St, was made and carried. Adjourned to meet Monday Eve. Sept. 3. S. B. ho commenced repeating the stale half so large as that of 1 St»0, which is now did not wait to finish his Whether he took the object for TIIRALL, NEW YORK, Owing to adverse Wtridtf OH the day the mail left, a favorable chang-,' had occurred, and the fleet was to leave immediately. A private letter from Wisconsin, from one nearly secured in excellent condition! LIVERPOOL, AU.*» Ever since her return from Texas, she has been con scious that her days were numbered, and seemed per fect!}'reconciled. There was, she sai'l, "nothing to .. ., I HT"Famlly, Township and County Blvlits for sale to the coward-| M.—The She was a woman of strong mind, and great independence of character. By all with whom she was acquainted, her lo^a will be justly la mented. iSTew Advertiscmuntsk CALL AND SEE MY At tlu CARROLL ILMTSi:. rrinis TRAP catches, kills, boxes andjsetts itself 14 *imes without being re set by hand. f3r"dhop, Tjwns ip, and Aiunty Rights for sale. BY A.S.BURT. VINCENT, TIBBALS, SHIRK & CO., Succassors o Vincent, lliinrod & Co., llANrFACTCREKS .* WHOt.ESAI.K I'l"AI.ERS correspondence between the two conventions Agents f..r Meneeiey's eei.-i.rate.i church, si i.ool i .i„i ..ii e STOVES, HOLLOWS ARE &C. i House and Steamhoat Hells, Peckham's Agricultural Furn 1C4 ,Si Arca Lighti ,)a} Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors, Old Rye, BOCRBO Ac LIT AUCTION I'filiijref.a Recorder. Aug. 20.—Important Intelli­ gence is received from China by the way of Russia. The Celestial Empire is said be in a ve.y disorganized state, owing to internal disturbances. The insurgents are within 14 miles of Pekin. The British fle:t had not left Hong Kong. 10 'CO.—Tho weather continues favorable for the crops. Bread stuffs linn, flour firm, and beat descriptions slightly higher Wheat tinn with an advancing tendency for the best descriptions offered. Corn quiet, mixed and yellow 85s. Provisions dull. IJ.iof heavy. Pofk dull. con quiet. TV"e:i(*i'.-r Ii il. roads prospect of rain. ,J„ dustv, nnd but liltU' Dl K D—Inthis city, on Monday the 2nth inst., ot Consu'iipti jii, Misi Mattle A. Asplnwall, Aged 38 years. The deceased wan tho eldest of th»troupe of Sinp* era, formerly known as the ASPIMNRALX FAMILY. She was a native of Augusta, Main-, and became a resi dent ofthls city in tho Kali of 1S37. The fatal disease was contracted while she wis travelling irith the fam ily la the Southern nnd Western States. Last Pall she visited Texas, with the h6p« of recovering her health, but the exposures of the journe/ served only to hasten the disease. RAT AND GAME TRAPS, PEORIA AND BURLINGTON A. S. KUBT. CALL AND GET SOME OF ROMBACK'S COMPOUND time and with half the lahor. Then hu.v a Itifnt, ,U!,lce 0111 inu,(.'s.°"'na?°aps, .ost 20 Itl of 4 fS°ai'- ',n,, 'i "f I ,„be ,„mndin for Toilet I 0VIlts l'nt P?r I'oumi for Waghinu Soap.— I Po simple that anv person can make it on any stove i IH Li N. DIVIR4Y, °f Sen vto s Mason and Hun­ ter have been reputed for publication.— Amidst the greatest cnthuiuiin the capvtfii tion adjourned „ht Ue JOHNSON „ectors, satin- ett Warp, &•-. No. 24'i Lake St. and 2C'l South Water Street, Chicago, 111 (of Li 11 & Iliversy.) FRANK JONNAOM. 8L DIVER8Y, Wholesale Dealers in If AI/r WillWT. Agents for LUI A Divcrsy's Stock and Pale Crcaui Ale. Lager lteer, Portci and Urown Stout, and Malt Vin egar. No. 179 South Water (corner La Salle) St., Chicago. Aug. 23, '01—y IV. T. SHUFEL A o7, MANUFACTURERS roa A. TP. Croskev, 51 'i:-"|»UTH WATER STREET, 51 Corner of Wabash Avenue, Ohira^t Illiiiotot DISTILLERS OF ALCOHOL, Pure Spirit-. Whiskies, Abo, Manufacturer of Domestic Liquor*, Burntttf JlaiJ, and Dealer in Highwine* and Rectifying Coal. |3T*The Trade supplied at mod«rtU« rait* aaA on liberal terms. .1 ,- Aug. 28, '00—Cm 9 Our thanks are due to aerfrai Ripu^ati n workcrs for Clubs to the Courier. HARTFORD FIRS INSURANCE COHPAKT, OI' 1IAIITFOKD, CONN. l!HCOBlOKATi:», A. CUAUJ.XU 1 CiSnCAPtTAL, $1,000,000. CAPITAL, PAID IK (...v................ «O(l,O.0. HVRfLU4, OVBR ..... 300,000. The reputation acquired by this Company dui ing the last ttfty years, by an honorable course in the transact inn of its bu»inews, hrid the prouijit and liberal settlement of Losses, together with the character of the securities composing iu Asset.*, entitle the Com pany to the utmost confidence ofthe public, a? afford ing reliable Insurance againntloss or damace hv tiro K. H. STILKS, Agent Kov. 24,lS.')9-n')7-ll-y Ottumwa, Iowa. A II\I: CIIA ICR TO B?YA HOME I 1 SI am determined to soli all my retl estate, con i Msting of three uu'elling li'iiises, out* store hou^e and one farm, I will sell the al0ve properly for one fourth cash down, the balance on 1, 2 and 8 yearn Ith interest from date. Price* reasonable,*^ Par turther particulars apply to A. L. A K A V K jj Ott.imws. iv »l. '*o 12 I? 6m I _t Will bo so I it at Auction, SqitCRl* hvr 20IJ». 1H»0. Tho Superb Stallions, WALKER CADMUS, GREEN MOUNTAIN MORBN, I.i.l o-.wi-.l by the \V.i-hin::tori Co., O., Stock Com pany, and favorably known In that part of the Htate at the Sir-s of the best Horses In It. Having served the purposes of their purchaser* are now offered for tale at Auction. WALKER* CADMUS Is a Chestnut Sorrel. 16 V hands high, ofgteat strength, and action, and pos»L-sses all the points requislt tor Bervicable and elegant road horse. l'n/if/1-ic--This superior tlioroupli-breil horse wa« git by Vounp Cadmus, bred by Goldsmith Colfeen, of Warren County O., lie hy lleach's Old Cadmus, ht» by American Kclipse, by old Duroc, by imported Diomed. The dam of Cailuius was pot by Marshal Duroc, prand dam by imported F.vpedition, great prand dam by im ported Grey Highlander, ^reat great prand dma by Imported Grey Messenger- The dam of ColTen's Cadmus was pot by Urunswiclt, her dam hy Coolc'a Whip, of Kentucky. HI L'N^Wu'K was a thorough bred son of Old Samp­ ler, bred by Col. lluford, of Ky., was a horse of great size and beauty, was the sire of O. Coffen's Wantea Will, Harper's Hob Walker, and many lari/e, power ful race hor.-es of the (irst order. Mars'inl Duroc was got by Old Duroc, half brother to American Eclipse Marsiml Duroc's dam was Gen. Kidelev's famous Maid ofthe Oaks, got. by imported Spread Eagle- Imported" EM'KPITIIIS WHS pot 1 V Pegasus, lie by the matchless horse Ellipse, of England. Imported GR. IIIH I.ANPKR foaled 111 I'^o.bred by Mr. Douglas, of England, was got by Hordeaux, his dam by Tetotum, by Matchem. See A-merican Turf Register, Vol .1, page lfi'J Impor ted Gr. Messenger, the sire of the dam of American Eclipse, was pot. by Memhrino, In Eng and, he by Snrf. See Turf Itegister, Vol. 2, p. 20. Sumpter, the sire of llrutisu-ick. was by the renowed Sir Arcly^ half brother to Old Duroc, by Imported I'iomod. QREEX M0UXTAIXMORQA Is a beautiful Plack, 15 hands and inches hlgti, of great strangth and action, ari vreiprs in good condi tion lillTu lbs., jiossesses a quiet disposition, is kind in all places, yet high spirited and ambitious, nnd wa# probably the largest well-bred Morgan horse in Ohio. The Morgan is one of the most judicious crosses that has given us a race of horses able to perforin, with singular efficiency,, all that can he required of them In the dilTerent pursuits and relations of active ar.J practical as well as more fashionable life—a race of remarkable symetry, compactness, action rnd endu rance— a race of the greatest kindness and docility— a race of work and all go—a race, in a word which concentrates mighty horse in as:nall compass. —(ireeii Mountain wrs sired by Highway­ man he by the original Morgan. The dam of Green Mountain washy Old Nimed whose sire was True American, and his dam from the original Morgan, which brings Green Mountain directly from the origi nal stock on both sides. TKKMK—One third CA,«h, balance In one and tlfo years, with In percent interest, well secured by per gonal or real estate security. Address W. II. TAY LOR orC, F. DKVOh. Mt.. Pieasantt Iowa, Aug 13, ISflft, t-d. THE CHICAGO JOURNAL, TOK lsoi, Daily, Tri-Weekly, and Weekly. The CrtiCAGO Jot-Rsu., whijh has, for Sevet|t|«a eventful years, enjoyed the pood will, and, It in lieved, the confidence, of hostf of readers in the West, solicits a continuance of the generous patronage hith erto bestowed, and an increase ofthe number of its patrons. Hrsl established to advocate the election of He iry Clay, it has followed the vital principles of the old Whif: party into the Republican ranks, and in its political conduct has ever cherished and main tained them. Advocating, with unflagging *eil, whatever seemed ui isst conducive to the honoa. weli beine and stability of the Union, it has ever opposed Public fraud, Demagogueism. and Misgovevment, and favored a judicious system of Public Economy, en courage 1 Home Enterprise, and the development of the Country's material resources an«i its general pros perity. As a Newspaper, the Jot-RNAL gives each day the Telegraphic News from all sections of the country— Home and Eastern Market and Financial Reports— all I.o ni M.itters of public interest—a comprehensive summary of (1-neral News—while the literary Depart ment IS under the charge of 11. K Taylor, ESIJ., widely known as one of the most polished writers of the day. It has also regular correspondents at Washington and New York, and an efficient corps of Reporters and traveling correspondents. Of those who have so nobly extended their aid In times past, the proprietors ofthe Journal trust Uiey may ask the favor of further friendly efforts to In crease its circulation. With others who have hereto fore been strangers to it, it i« hoped it may become a familiar acquaintance. To such as do not agree with its political tents, they promise a good Newspaper—to such as do, an ardent, ami earnest supporter of the principles which underlie the Republican organisa tion. THE I1AI1.Y EVENING JOURNAL, containing tall Telegraphic Reports of News and the Markets up to 2)s o'clock, P. M. each day, will be mailed to subscri bers as f.dlows. Fingle Copies #7.00 Five or more copies to one P. O. address.6.00 each. THE TIII-WEEKLY JOURNAL embraces the In Inside jiave.t of the Daily JorRHAi., each number con taining the Impression, without change of matter, of the forms of two Daily papers. This Is furnished at follows I Single copies $4.00 Three or mare copies to one P. O. address, f# 00 each, THE WEEKLY JOURNAL Is printed on a nwm moth sheet, containing t?iirti/-x!,r UIII«, 1 closely printed col- embr icing most ofthe matter of general interest published in the Daily JofRSAi.. It has also a Week i ly Report uf the Crain and Produce .Markets of Chi- cago carefull.vji'repared by thee Journal Reporter*, I and a statement of Monetary Affairs, revised by an experienced banker It is mailed every Thursday Iu time for it to reach its subscribers by the close of the week. TKRXa rATAMJI ABVASCM. Single copies fl«80 Clubs often or more.. fl.00 each AtiJ a gratuitous number to the person who gets ap the Club. At these !ow prices, every family can afford to take a paper. The commencement of the year is a good time to begin a subscription. Postmasters and other* are invited to form Clubs. A little effort on the part of some one iu every town, who desires a Chicago pa per, would largely increase the circulation of UM JoruNAL, and thereby Se the in cans of spreading mach useful knowledge amongthe families of the people, L. WILSON A Co Pu ilishers, 6o Dearborn St., Chicaga.,- CIKClNNAri AND LOUA\SPOH| Avn KAll.ltOl). Shortest Lin©. IHttane0/ro/,i Bnrlinaton via Lognnnpori via Chicago: To Cincinnati 415 miles rallea To Daytou 415 4SS To Columbus 475 519 To Wheeling 612 687 To Baltimore «»1 1007 To Washington 1021 1046 sitwrleat Time Table. COT.NTT tb« ALSO as it can made from 8 to KSTCBSIMO S:"0 p. ln., Durlington, 8:50 p. m. 12:4'J a. m, Peoria^ S:4i p. m. t.K.ivK 7:00 a also. ltiroft n l.ogansport. ari ve 5:30 am S:10 pm l:lnain l'J:IHpm Andcr»op. 12:10 am 12:10 pm 4:nuam 2:Hn pm ltichmond. 9:40 pm 9:10pm 7:45 am t' 8:i pm Cincinnati, 6:0 pin C:50prn At Hichmond, trains connect with Indiana Central R. It. for Ilayton, Springfield and Columbus Ohio. Wli eeling, ISaitimorc and Washington. Freight Trains make regular connections through, trim Cincinnati to liurlingt.jii, in threw day*. For further particulars apply to A. UAlMlKIt, (ien'l It. It. Ag't, De?molne», Iowa. JAS. P.VVKKWKATIIKit, Ag't II A R, Burlington, Iowa. 8. W. CHAPMAK, Qen'IP't Ag't A It R. Cincinnati, Oilie. D. GRAY, Qen'l F't Ag't, Central Ohio R. K. Colurabug, Cite.' Aug. 28, I860. THE TOLi:UO & IVAUAMII, ANTl LOGANSPORT, PEURIA & BURLINGTII FAST RLIOUT I.1NE. OOPS fbrwarded from Lake Erie to the MIssluip p, in continuous Kxprcss Freight trains, with out trans Khipment, and in quicker time than by anjr other route. Hates us low as hy any other route. Overcharge* and damages promptly fettled. Contracts can made at as low rates in New York or llostou, a* bjr any other line, with the undersigned agents A Oatmab,Ac't N V .1 II MI»I K, F, It R,241 liroadway, Ag't N' Y It liroadway, It SiwruiiM Spauldlng's K.\. 2 Astor Heusn, I'ltay. TaNXKH 4 Co, 171 liroadway. Great Western Dispatch, 251 Broadway, Western 1'iansportation Co, 191 liroadway, American Transportation ('«, Centre Slip. IIOSTON •JS Dt-N-I.AP, Ag't N Y & K It II. 15 State Street, /as. Mills,Ag't A i I'll W It II, 19 State Street, I i.i.irs, Fitchhurg It II., C. Slate Street. A I. KNUitiT, Ag't (i W nil-patch, 6 State Street. IXKFALU A K Looms, C.en'l Freight Ag't 15 Dolk, E R. Ag't N Y Propeller Line. K 8 Si'KSCEB,(ien'l Kastern Ag't 15 PA R., Xt'w Vork \3T~ Be particular and mark packages care TAW li. via Lognr Fport. A. DAKHKlt, Ag't, Desmolnee, NEW YORK AND ER/fc* RAILROAD. N.AI fircal llroad Guaurc, Double TraiK^ nnd T«'l^ru|li Itoutf, rj^ONeiv ork, Boston, snd all eastern cities, car i rying the Great Western and North-Western I'nited States mails. r.xpress Trains leave Dunkirk daily, on arrival of all trains on the Lake Shore Hailroad, fi om Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, St. Louis, Dubuane, Burlington, Iowa City, Ac., and run through to New York city witlo.ol change. The only route runnitigcars through from the Lakes to New Vork city. £plciidid ventilated sleeping car* roj on night train*. Baggage cle i.ed through. Fare always as Low ft by an.v other iute. Iiosiou l'as-mgers and their Baggage tran*fei"mA Free in New York. He particular nnd eall for tickets T!B Dunkirk anl the N w York and Krie Itailroad, which are sold atall tlie principal Itailroad offices in the West. This road affords facilities for shipment of freight, superior to anv other route. A* I:\PHi:s!s niI:K IIT TK iiki leaves New erk daily, making close cnnnectiMa through to all points West, and quicker time than tiVtiP made on any line. For freight rates enquire of J. C. Oatmnn. 241 Rrne4' way. New York, or of Jacob Forsyth, Freight Agepi^ 54 Dearborn St., Chicago CHAS MINOT. Bop't, Ohio, Joun U OsaoB*. Western Ag't Cleveland' VAII'I. A R*AK, Ag'«, Toledo, Ohio.