Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, 23 Ağustos 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated 23 Ağustos 1860 Page 3
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1 C|jf ©ttutnlma (Courirr.i- IrfOOfvl £ititl Miscellaneous. OTTIWHVA, I\V v TT'v. 1 sn'st'23,""l,%0'' .. ^tcpubliciin lul)*»M«'l« nsRuljuly every yfiday e\ ening, over 11 odrick it- (Jiliesplc'p sjfore, Front t*teet. Members of the party are invited to attend. F.ddj villi* ltcpubliin ItitoMeets very Monday evening at Vnnce A Benedict'., Hull.— Every body If invited to fcttind without dlitlntttoi ®f Piir,.v- K. W. BOYD, Prest. J. W. ROBD,SecJf. TIME TABLE, 11. A IW. RA1LUOAO. €11A .V GE OF TIME. Leave Ottumwa, 4:1»a.w. S:80r Arrive at." 12:50r.M.I0 1( KNg »r.«J CO A (II ICS I.EA YE DAILY. West For Des Moines, via Eddyvllle, OskalOotl u4 Mln, at 1 a. tn. i Accommodation fur Oskalonsa, at lt.OOp. m. for Charlton, via Blikesburg and Alhin, at 1 p. m. Soutli^For Bloom field, and Centr ville, atl p. A. C. DARKS, Ageai Office corner of Front and Market 8ts.,Ottumwo. TPF.vrn.u. CoMMi-Mt-ATtiiKH were rvoeived too luiefor till? week'sl$ue. WheO yon want Boots. Plme* an it Cfotftfn#, to TempleV, New Clothing Store. Catti.e.—Droves of fine Cat cattlfe«d(mtitin to arrive from thj west daily. Melons.—Our dance, as business of importance wil) be transacted. MOOVERS.—The fall emigration has com­ menced. We coti id a number of^fanulM passing through th* city yesterl«y~a por tion of which settle in this crnintv. THE REPORTER.—We are glad to learn that this recent convert to Republicanism, has secured the services of L. I. Ingersoll as its Editor in chief. The sprightly and versatile i jten of "Link,' will make the Reporter one of the leading papers in the State. The gentleman associated with Mr. Ingersoll, is F.Lloyd. Edrnond Harrison is Propi ieloT. 8ucccoS to the h'e/i'jrtcr. CAMP MEKTINO AT F8EMon«.~AiiiRim«iMi»{ congregation from Mahaska, Wapello and Keokuk Counties, attended the Camp Meet ing near Fremont last S.inday, variously rtU timated from tinvelo fi/a thousand persatn. The sermons cn the occasion, especially the leading discourse by Elder Coles ofOskaloo- I, from Ilaggai, 2, 7, is said to have pro- duced a marked inflii&nfie'ufkHD theauditoty. I Mr. Rice was unable to fill ht.4 appoint ment in this city, on Thursday evening" dn account of the sickness of a child. Th« meeting was held, however, but with dimin­ ished numbers. J. W. Dixon delivered a truly able speech in reply to Cole's speech hi the day time, exposing in the clearest ftht, many of the falacies of the would-be Congressman. The Democrats kindled a lion-fire at the corner of Front and Market, for the purpose ofprevontingthe peopK- frotri attending the Republican meeting. We refer the public who want the best pntnp ever invented, to I). B. Abrahams, of this city, who has pure bused the rijiht for .CLOTHING, tbiscountv, of Cooley's Double-Action Force $un»p, exhilited the pant week by A. J. Reynolds, tu.d notioid by us in our last is- Rj»e. The pumps, or township rights, can be bad of Mt. A. Consult hint at his LiveVy SUble. Travellers arc referred to the advertise ments of the C. & L. &, I'. & B. R. II. and the T? & W. & L. P. & B. li. R., in another place. These routes have many advantages of directions, sure connections, fcc., which commend them to public favoc. Speaking at Kirkvillc. Hon. Win. Seevers, and Hon. Win. Lough ijflge, will address th_ citizens of RleUaad Yjnrnship and others at KIRKVILLK, 0|i Saturday, the 23th, inst., at' ft o'clock I M. 'Democratic Speakers arc requested to be Jfesent and discuss the questions pending before the country* vith the above nantod gentlemen. Hon. J. F. Wilson and Hon. H. C. Caldwell, expected ta be prwent and address the meeting. The Republicans of Wapello ant) adjoin ing counties, are cordially invited to attend. A beautiful Pole will le raised. The Ottumwa Wide-Awakes aritl bo on hand. City Improvi'iiK'iiti Among the valuable and permanent provements now in progress in our go-ahea City, wo note tf»e following Edward A. Temple is putting a very hand some brick front into his building on Front designed for hankin* purposes. Bow 'Windows, Iron columns, and an Iron halony, Wiake it the finest front in town. citnuiiidii v v* FURfr 1 CIkain.—Shipai nt-j during th^ ireek t|av«| been licavj'. Prices fluctuating. Streets for sc\cral days past have presented the appearance of a huge melon patch—minus the vines, Wmr Awake.—A 'meeting of theffttum- wa Wide Awakea to-ni xlit at the KepubH can Club Rooms. Let there be a full atten­ CIIICAOO GBX-EKY IIOLSE.—We take great pleasure in directing attention to the adver- DURING THE NEXT THIRTY tisement of Gray, Phillips, & Co., Whole sale Grocers, 109 South-water, 11 Dearborn DAY8 Streets, Chicago, on the opposite of i this paper. Town dealers will find this the AVTT* WT T" I T y best house in Chicago to deal with, and Chi- 'l accept of tho challenge, nnd "wtll me?t Judge Seevers and Win. I.oujrhridge, at the y & cc and time indicated. M. S. Box si FIELD. Meetingat Aoescy Cary Inskeep is building a fine residence, to cost $1,400 on a beautiful t-.ife on the bluff, on Jefferson near fifth street. The Messrs. Lindsey, are building a Tesi- 4pnee on the bottom, south of the Railroad ifack. The new packing Il use of Geo, (iillasjy Co., is approaching completion. The roof alxuit on. It will be i)uady for ti^eia time Ur their season's huimt»s. Vi, ,i •I. S. IIaiian is building a j-owidenc •ourth Sfreef, which is nearly t'omphiied VXjJ cago is now the best market for our mer- ruTnniri u i mil i W. T. Shuffeldt k Co., manufacture Pure Spirits, 4c., for A. F. Croskey, corner of 'To make rOODl for Fall Goods. South-water St., Wabash Avenue, Chicago. Iowa dealers in these articles will find thi* a good hojse, See their card elsewhere. City, August 30,1860. Ron. James Harlan, Hon. J. W. flrim s, Oinisi ©mc*, Aag. 2'-'. FLOCK (wholtftk). $8,10 WHEAT 48©uio CORN........ .....V.»..«• rt« ..HAIIXA., so SHELLED CO UN ......... 22 ColtN MEAI V «.* OATS RYE.... .. ..:T.r. •.'frtfrlittt POTATOES(new) i» St'OWl COFFER kvjt».. *'», f! SALT **w*r«q* .j.'.. HIDES, dry .. .'. green 4 COTTON YAR* i. 22,V N A1 l.S 4,2a DINK 1,1'MBER, common, 12 50(( 2iwki clear, grades S I N E S AT 11, M/T»y£'ii ,*.»•• c!ii:KcK FOINSJIUM.v... DulIK ... ., .... Sll Ef COON .... 2.',(TMii WILD CAT I! AT OTTK.'t IIKAVKK ft DKKK TO...T., BUFFALO IiOHKS.. 11 lr\!\It I A N SKKD....... TIMOTHY WHIPkKY. VINKC Alt M.I. Sl'KClAL XOTICi:^. nr. rhrUHi'*i Airnr nnliam I tlie best rempily forth" pei iiiiti"tit curt of Chill and Kt -r, K-ver and .\p-ue, Dumh Ajnie, and all Ma larious Dlne.-isi-s iiirideiit to the clinrite. iIt. CIlltlSTIK'S ACI'K ItALSVM hus never keen known to fall where the diieetlotm have been strictly frillowt-il. DR. CIIRIHTIK'S AOUr BALSAM la purely veffet •l!e roin|iiMind, containlni iieither Arsenle, »i'jinii.e, Strychnine, or anj thin,,' of a poisonous or deletert us I nature. I DR. (THR|STIB48 A«l'K 1,3AM has att lined it* iiniMense ti'ipnlarlty through lis own merits, its great power fh curing disf-anes, it-s sineular Inrmlessness, and freedom from hurtful iiiKtedicnt It ran he ta k: ii hy the helpless infant, vi^ .rims youth and feeble H^e, ever wlilimit injury, ainl always with lo nefit. We appen I a certificate from I)r. Lawrence Reld, I one of the most scientific Chemlxts in Hie United States Nkw YORK, Aupu?t2J, ISM. I ive analyzed Dr. t'hristie's Apue Haln im, and Certify it contain sneUher Quinine. Arsenic, Mer «ury, Stryehniue, nor any Mineral or Poisonous sub stance. From tny knowledge of It* Inpredlcnt*, I consider it a safe and excellent preparation for the cure of Fe ver and Airue, and that it will not prove injurious to the cui.-'tilutiC'Il. o Aljli EXTREMELV LOW! We hare just received a Q8V lo( of & a S y e SIL.K AND CA€6IM^RE i v s Also a few pieces CASSTMERE, which we will mAKsr rp to oftftrm, aui wab* RANT t:» IM.KAsr. A. P. TI'.MIM.E .Vr CO.. No. 2. Main-St., Ottumwa. a k E»i: A!' 1 t!l.! O. I)R. ALLEN", Th* eekHrated operator on the Eye and Bar, 'WW .win mi mm i 101 25 oo 8 U0© 4 75 *oo DELAINK3, »il» BUTTER LARD «... TALLOW.... .... .. BEESWAX. ...... 101 20 GJ4 I so 7 rffc« .M..HVrr....l .f" Itre.^ II\MS ... ..-{A.V..t.v4i*.. Moem rmcKT^J! lat...'. :.. l/io trAILS, V dor,. .. A-ft.*.*.. 85 DRllCIt .VDDIii.S. V flVt....r. 10 DR.VCIIE8 fl»^- IS LKATHKK (Sole) f|.I•* -.. :ffl(f?28 111.K (Sole) n.|4.... Calf. ..., «f -Mink, JtOWti.. jf jl.MJd• 1 sffy asJ. -«aaa. m' New Store IS THE PLACE BARGAINS! :j»T BOOTS, SHOES, HATS & CAPS! wiBmake rejrular visits at Oltumwa, until all cases commen ced, arc cured, and will treat ALL IIMEA*ES OF THE EYE, ALL DISEASES OF THE EA 1'ILEb it FISTULA—CLUB FOOT—HAIL' LIP and all other deformities,SCROFULA Ac. In the treatment of the above diseases, hlannrrailiis been the must satisfactory, some of the Deal inmates of the Asylum have been entirely restored, and many of the ltlimi. who have ^rnped their way in darkness nor He,.. ||,. f,aM cured as many if not ni'Tc Club F*-et, llalr Lips and other deformities, tlmu any other Ptiysician in the west, and from his extensive and daily e.\perieuce, anil with the vcrv best tr. itment and apparatus known to the medical profession, all entrusting themselves t.« lib can- can re.-t assured that if relief \a possible, they will be cured. All wish ing treatment will pl-ax-: ,..,11 .lurtiifr till'first visit, so that if lie ea«e lrf ti-dioiisyou have the advantage of Ihe mb.4-|u«nt visit*. .V« oitK,« treated unUa» curablt. Examination free. Sea circular. lie will be at the Ottuuwa llouse in this citv, Aug. gild and 24tli. Jul ^f. OKDIXAKCEi NO. 30. IS tt^LA HOX TO CKMETRAY QBOVKM."' lie it enacted by the City Council of the Oittf of Otttnmra: ?»:«'1l"S 1. That an that traet or lot nf pround nown tts the Cemetery (ii-ound within the original •orded plat of tho city t.f Oltumwa. he and U hereby rated as a burial place, and the public are forever ohihlted fro id making internients therein. Sk«-. 2. In consideration of the donation of two ground set apart in the New Cemetery, hy tbe 0 tumwa Cemetery Association, said ground com lug the old Cemetery within the city limits, Is irehx vrr ttI to said Association, and the Mayor is hiri 1 y empowered to quit cl.ilni all ln'erect the citj mfi.i have In taid ground, to aaid Association, they a,i r. tl i ir sii.-cessnrs, to appr tl|e sale me 1 thelmpr of the jtround so granted, to the impr.n emetit I further purchasini ground" for the new Cemetery I^im ided, said grounds shall never be soli! to parties used for any other purpose than a burial grounl I itil all the remains are removed to some other place, #u\ I!. All persons having friends or relations in rred in the old Cemetery ground, shall c»u«e tlie I to be removed within 12 m»nths from the patsage I this Ordinance. 4. I his ordinance shall tr»Kr effect after publl-, 'cation In tho Ottumwa fowei. e and Democratic i Union. Pawed and approved, July 5£W, l^Ow. Attest Wiuum I,. S B. Titr t, Recorder. Obk, Mayor. limmn n rai.oRK, »«tti)t««««i«i ,t the Col'RIKR OFFICE. THE GUI-:AT EASTERN 'W^HAS ARRIVED WITtl FALL AX I) WIXTKR STOCK DEVIN'S! .. 40 #@•11 $2 iff Opposite I*foikl. OUinnwa. Oash and I^roffits. llOVST*Blunketj, .4e. «ft(Trf41 .. 1 !WHfji3 5'. T6ftl 00 14T?20 .. i) i)0@1im)0 .... $2@2,20 25 5,00 BARGAINS!! .f NO. 1 PRINTS. BARGAINS! Hi'Bvy St CIIA1.I.!?, BKR AC! Eg, DBBROV8 Atpaceaa MERINOS, VAtF.NTiA Plaids, gf TKIMMINGP and'NOflONS ot ereff desicrlptlon of tbM« CH KAP c. INT() A MS--Fast Colon. LTXCOLXIIATS, DO I'd LA CAPS, BRECKIXBflG BOOTS, HELL RIBBONS,' IRREPRESSf.BlE Wonders In tin- way of CLOTHS CA8SIME BBS, SATINKTS, KAN'S, COHDUltOYS Han nels COTTOSS^c.. for tlio mLUOtf. I GROCERIES, rp„"U„ Beet Brnnds and lowest lObaCCOS "Priced. rpi? A CJ._I'ARak STOCK lii the Country. COFFEES, smxm. PRUJM59. cuanESta, Si IDA« SOAPS, SPICE»4b. HARDWARE- Selling mfd giving! awav. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Constantlv arriving. (JOODS Au?. 1 LAWliF.WK U K1IV Dr.if. nf h. n,i«lry. T. DEVIN. IrswswGiAis Y I1!K ASI) H-MtlSX INSOTA?»CE cofiiFiUrr 'j* *9. ,'hd "jr-Sr*- i II ART FOR I) HAR?rfitO CAP IT# L1 5C.O0OC. -.CASH CiTITAL,$£C0.000Q -Will) n. inrtn1SuriiTusCS •rniurvi-ur.K x.vx :zn \'iis?* xsr Policies l*«ied on as favorable terms as by any other solvent Company. A. A. STUART, Art., For Ottumwa and vicinity. SUM.ME't ARItANUEMENTS! fT-f- Tin: wEsrEits VI?J" STAGE OUPASY now running a Daily Four ilotso Line of Post Cnache«, from ot'iimwa to Bentcnsport, pas.sing throuth Drakcsvllle, Blooinfleld, Troy, Str^sVtown and K"i)«.aui|'ia, making sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. ANo a dai'y line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Ontre ville, e.innectinp with a trl-weekly line from there t Cory don, Leon, De'atur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsville, Clarin'1-i, and thnviirh to Nt-hra ka City making qnirktime anil sure canjc.'ion at all points along said lines. i l*7~ Pasii^iigcrs Western Iowa, and Xorthern Missouri, will find It to their interest to take this route. Stag? Office, corner Market A Front itrtfta. Oltumwa, July 9tli, l»». A. C. PARKS, Af't. OGDKN & COPP, Siftwwrs to Mtsadenhall & Wliitham. Forwarding and Commission lUUplIANTS A\H r- Miei-nl TrVoi^aL A^ent-. NKAKTHC RAILROAD l£l*OT, OTTI MWA IOWA. W Liberal QaaL adviUMke* au4« «n Produce for Shipment. 11-82 tf. TRI'STFF.'S SA_I.II. WHEREAS,11. on the "rd day of'Nov«mter, A- D. i K. Murphy and Margaret Mnrptrr tiy Deed of trust conveyed to me the following described Ileal Est ate to wit Lot No. Twenty nine cJ!», in Nor lis's sub-division of Ten (101 acres, offof the South end of the East half of the Sontli-WiMt «.f section No. Nineteen llt'i, in To»-nship No. First advertising tin same iu uni' Newspaper printed in th city of Ot tumw a Wapello county and Stale of Jowa, at least Twenty (2t) days. And Whereas, the said note is now due, and neither interest nor princi pal has been paid. Now ther. ire. Notice is re™ given, that unless the snld note with intevest and co«ts are sooner paid, I will oilVr the a'nive described property for sale at public Auction, to the highest hi ler forcn«h, at the Front door of lie Court House, in the city of Ottumwa Wap' l'b county, Iowa, on the 7th day of September, A. I li0, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day. by virtue of the i-.ver iu me vested, under said deed of trust, to satisfy note and Interest thereon. 2U-12 -Iw A. II. \MILTON', Trustee. Sugar Mills and Evaporators,] Manufactured by !OTV!T,AS HKOTUERS, Zanesvillc, Ohio.' IS Being the only establishment In tbe IT sited 9 States Manufacturing exclusively the above ar ticles, they have facilildes for ottering to the public better aud cheaper Mills than any other. Material, workmanship, power, efficiency aud durability con-1 1 red. Pku'k of Mill*—40, 50, 0'» and to 150 dollars—larger sines m: de to order. Pku'k of Evaporator*—made of heavy galvanised Iron—with cast lion Furnace 50,55, 65, and Dollar? In sl*e and patern. Pans .fsame meterial without Fumac"—Iftto Onjlars, according to size The Subscriber* are Airi-iits for the S-ile of the above Articles—and offer at the MaNufHcturers prices—free i 10111 Freight Chargcii. Purchaser, are advised to eall on vis before buylug elsewhere. OQDKN A COPf. Ottumwa, Iowa Aug. 16, 60,23— 12—2m.* •THE I'I.ACE TO BUY Ll'NULB, SUING3.ES, &C., 18 AT LllTIKEIl YAKIVS 4it lid'Mt. r.x'rr\ld, Ajvt.*.'* XI- H' ^s:»v *0M»/S E 8 & W O O W A .1 ilia (rd.vgTA rrr. hi'ceivisu S SPI, \t»ID I.OIS l|' OCKATS, PANTS, VESTS HAT^ CAP8, HOOTS, SttOKH OVERALLS, WUM PANTS, Ottumwa April 12th, '80-25-11 -eh-R-IS. KITTREDBE & MERRUt, WHOLESALE AX It A ETA October 6tb, cb-lMHldl5-ll 1 Seventy-two (72)North of range No. thirteen (i:) west, and the building there on ill trust to secure the pay-men* of a certain promi sory Note, bearing even date with said dee.I of trust, given by said E II Murphy and Margaret Murphy to Marris K Verin.n, for the sum of Three Hundred and Ninety-eight anil li7-luil dollars, with ten per cent In I terest from date, payable March 1st. l^H. And Where I as, the said deed of trust authorizes me iu case the said Note with the interest accrued thereon, was not I paid when due, to sell the said property to the high est bidder for cash, at pubiic auction, at the door of the Court House, in the «-itv of Ottumwa, Iowa,— ial O U W A WHEREpoint will be uind the largest stock ever of-| fereil In the west,and which wlllbesold lower than at any on the Mississippi. Also those A Oct. 27, I^SO-iioS-ll tf Duershlp is«*01.ivri0i !VO 1 .-shingles of our manufacture, full count, every Shingle a'nl prii'esan! will take pleasure In showing perfect. E. D. RAND k CO. you through whether yo-t huv tint.<p></p>WA,0Wi rit'f'.-The co-part-1 heretofore existing at Chariton and Ot- tumua, Iowa, ii'ider the name of Teaiple A Bro., is this dry dissolved hy iritual cunsi'iit. Ceo. D. Tcni- pie ha ing disposed of his Interest in the business at i Ottumw i to Edward A. Temple who will continue tu eing on their part, and binding themselves ,,,,-4 transael l...«1nes« as heretofore, at the old stand of -u....«,«,rs, to appropriate all the proceeds from I 4 "*"'ul",er tl,«" r,amc "n,il of A Temple Co. Oflicc, after 1st September, on Maln-st.. in new Banking House. tiK». D. TEMPI.K, RDWAUD A. TEMPLE. Ottumwa, Aug, It, 1810—23-12- Iw FSTitAY XOTKI'. 1AKEN up by Jaiite* Vuderson, at his residence in Columbia Town-hit, Wapello county, Iowa, One Sorrel Mare, with white feet, «mnll white strip In I the forehead, a scar on the right thigh, smne harness 11111 ks and marked by collar on tho top of about 14 haiil» high, supposed to twelve years o'.d, and valued at R. W. Boyd, a Justice of the peac .T.iiv, 1««n. "t'timwa, Aug 16, H'.' -4w neck, NEW STOOK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS DIRECT FROM THE PROM THC CBEAT ATTRACIiOil! 8HIKT., STOCKINGS, GLOVES, A \rixiTi:A rmxmots, I 'HANDKKRCII1EFS, ri'JMCOATS, i Uli GU)YKS, ^UM SHOES. CARPET SACKS, UMBREM.A: POCKET-. BOOKS, CLOTHS. A 4 cheapest (JASSfMEKEV SATINETTS, iKAxs, COTTON AI E^, and all nrtielea kept in a CLOTHING House. Call In and examine the Stock. ClothbiK stantly made to order. IL O E S OTTUIWA, IOWA. HAVi: NOW IN STOUK AND FOR SALE BO Sacks ColTee, 10 Java Coffee, 85 Kegs Pure Soda, 100Kegs Nails, Cotton Yarn, Batts, Candles, T4k«cee», ailid allother articles in our lint. The trade of Merchants and cltixens generally Is respectfullv solicited. The highest market prleo paid for IIldM, fir as* Peed and alt kind of produce. K. .t M. Sept. 1ft, 1859.—11-27-y NEW GOODS! !SEW GOO DM Jmt received from the Cast at J. A. SCHVVOIttl'S GROCERY AND l'UOUSlOJ Vi'OIti: Front Street, Opposite the Ottunwa Hoasc. TIIK Mm EST STOCK ofi warranted by oar purchasing fro tn O E I E S EVER BROUGHT TO THIS HA RKET. Which they are prepared to sell aslov as can be bought In any market west of the river. The stock consists in part of the following good* 10 lids N. O. Sugar, 20 Bhls Refined Sugar, no Bbls and hlf bhls N. 0. Moluoe* nd gyrtip, A LARftK AND SUPniHOR STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries 6-rtiil* & !\nix, Chejurint in Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AND IIEAI, I1AVAJIA TOIIAfrO, AT WHOLESALE & ItETATI,. Qu+enwire, lioot* and Shoe*, All if which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Priccs, Or excJuttiffed for Country Prwluet. «Vr .1^fTM»—HIDFS, for which wtll be paid the Vw verv highest market price in Cash. I EAST. O. O. Warden, is receiving and mow OPENING a large and fashionable stock of DRY GOODS! AN Xollonf, Clot lis 4k Cns*iiueres, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, ^awxihs, .And a complete a**ortment of everything: »o ihe wauls of individuals or families in fl« liti«* of tri»i|»,,ci»tnpri'»itia: in part follow Plain, Black and Fancy Cassimcres, Broad Cloth, Satinet Is TICKS, SHIRTINGS, STRIPES, CORDUROYS, JEA XS, DEXXIXS, DRILLS, Bl.EAClKi:i A (Oi|'IO\ Ni'SLRIS, I N S Of ceery Variety. Styls and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! (ilXtiUAMS I! '. .» gr- at Variety "f Dress Gsods! FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN, Which could not be enmnei ated in an advertiaeainut like this. The only way to appeeoiair the eatent, variety, and cheapness of his stock will be to call hear*interest aud lonk through for yourselves. 1 I am also receiving a well selected stock of FAMIIA such as Tea, ColT. e, Sugar, Rice, Dried GROCERIES, Fruii^foda, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. JJA Hit U'A RE A CUTL Eli)". Glaaaand Nails, material ami hou^a ftirtiisbins jioods. Att'f has an en'ire sf'ffk complete in ^vervlhins th^t wmibl ro:ri ri*e a «tn'k for the times and forthis vicinity, all of wliirli he is anxious to Jistu»e of for tne ri-aiiv pav. or lo approved customer*. All kimls of Country pro'luce taken in pay for Goiwl?. lie soliri's an exri initiation of I'm».«.• "•-r City Wont IViirk^r. Froat ^t. 2 .li'ors east Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. rilEsubscriber, grateful for v favors, ublic that hi* nearly four year* ago, is still Iu full sed facilities to furnish seasonable meats! kinks at unreasonable hours, at the low est living iU». Tallow, L-ird,Sausages, and tvyj: thlngusually kept in a City larkct for sale. --»»L»r«3s2|* llKsuliscriber, grateful ror gaf YJ l»ast favors, would say to th-.- ,T'"pleasecalland w The highest market price in ••ash paid for I'atStaafc 'i'cruis luvai*ial»lv 'iuh. tsrr hose'iavlng unsettled accounts,or notes dee, pay up. J. W. BROWN. 1.1. J. L003IIS & CO. HAVE RECEITIIK The last fpur weeks, their SPRING AND SUMMER ST': K i.»r-- IStapLc L\iui Fancy B:ciy 1RITNKS, GUOCERIES, PIECE GOODS, HOOTS & SHOES, HATS, GAPS, "•^Bonnets, See., WHICH NOW MAKE* THEIR STOCK »nr Tiotlo II, LOW PRICES WIN," first hands, and Belling to a close, prompt, payhtg trade, far Cash and Ready Pajr Oulj. tb ALL SUCH we shnll offer throu^hont the season, complete and UNSURPASSED sTocsi or iSPRI NO AND SUMMER Stftjik' an.I Fancy am. GROCERIES. BOOTS A\D SHOES, HA TS & O N N E S IEssicry, IY AHXEE 0T10 HS, dcG AT- WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest |ossib!e prices. We will pay the highest market! price for every, variety of PRODUCE. We will pay tbe highest market prieelft Wsh, fbr WOOL COUNTT and CITY ORDERS. J. LOOMIS Ottumwa, Oct. 6, lS-M'-n^o :f CO. bE, -AND— COLLECTION OFF1C L.. OF EDWARD A. TEllHLG & CO., OTTCYWA. IOWA. rp:u: rvDEnsicMin n W'e receive Deposits uiul issue Certificates which lily by special agrecuiei.t. C0|jj:i lia.\S. made payable at our office, will be remitted for, at current rates of Exchange* and those maturing at other points, will b« collected at#l remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.•' We will 11" pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful debts. Parties haiding l/nciirrciit IHaiicy, Drafts. C'er» lilivatos of Doposite. or Bil & u fit r\cliaugi k Payable AT SUIHT OH ON TIME, Iu any place,san have them Cashed by calling at cur ofilce. TAX.UN.—T.'e have correspondent* In nearly every county lu Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non residents and other*, for a reasonable com mission. Money taxes al v ivs r« pilred in advanoe and all orders should be sent us by l.-t of muary. LAND WAUUANT8. We wlli at *11 times pay cash for Laud Warrants, and will also attend to the location of thein, or the entry with ish,of Government lands, In IOW t, ICAWtS »l \!:iiUASKA. We have a -opt® «sr an foment* for th- "election of de sirable lands iu the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. I.AM)V-lVi' can furuUh emigrantsand others 1th flrst rite F.irn«, l». the central conntles of this irit unimproved land in this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. Th«$ cauUt bad "cheap as dirt." li 1 st:, his market, open- Ien li —JLe| nearly four year* ago, is still lu full .-i blast. it li i TOWX i,(»rs. W» have ov»r two tundr-d t.»»n lot* la CharltMk Osceola. Af'o-i and Mount r, all good county Town-, three ot whlti!) are on the line of the Burlington .t Missouri R. I! It. To parties de-lring residence ei business lots, bargain to l»e from nine to Ottumas. Feb. I(lth.ls59. 4S I 1 properly oB'ered, are requested to correspond with purchasing elsewhere. CAM I Forty Doliars before !u*. All others will please ealt at o«r »«ce. on Market Mar. H, IstW—t 13-y no the 2*th day of' I'ST K F.fEIVEn. 1 f|ll I u any of these points, we will gl veg«od Parties i distance, deslringinformat'.on astothe would do ant t««nt afiSi. two doors from Front St.. OMuinwa, Iowa. JOSKPH MAYNE. *J Q-teeniandGlssi Ware at I FltWO \. TFMPI.E A CO. AOT}»T Pn^feil 1erk. C. C. W4KDRN'f. October «, 1 6,*9 U UH IJ OrCy UOllTIS. t-Ja O E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Daggett's old Stan !, Ottneuwa, low *. roii»r itizi:xs or OTTI'swa GKC1T X4TIOKAL ItOlTE TO RA O It E, E W Y 6 K. PHILADELPHIA «C B0ST0X.' Baltimore & Ohio Railroad! Isthe only R«%'.! io WASIIIXtiTON" CITV. Tli" Washington hrnuch of this UAv lwiv» i Road Is owned and operated ex clasively by the B. & O. R. K. Co. Passengers by tMr I I pretemlpd routes to Washington City, are subjected! to omnibus travel, tedious delays, and extra charges I at Baltimore. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad In connection with the C.-ntral Ohio Railroad, presents to the trav- I eling public a short and desirable route, from Colum bus to all the Kastemcities. Passengers bv this route can visit the cities of Ital- i I tlmore, Philadclphi i. N«w York or Boston, at the cost I of a ticket to New York or Bostou alone by other i line*. i Through tickets can also be procured via Washings. I ton City to the Eastern cities, at iii additional charge of two d'dlai s. Travellers to the East, from all Western poiuts, car depend upon quick time anil sure connection*. Sleep ing cars attach'd to all night trains. Two train- leave Coluuilni*. Ohio, daily, 4:*0 a. m. 1 Newark .":5'5 a in., Za:i'iville 7:1s a.m.. Benwood Tickets 3oo! nntil used: with the privilege of stop-' ping oil'at all principal points. But OIK- change of cars between Colutubus and Baltimore. I Business men and all the CAPS, Rail Itoact! Shortest, Qntckest, and only Direct Soate from Chi cago to Cincinnati. Passonger trains leave the Great Central Dep^t, foot, of Lake street, as follows First train 7:45 a.m., arrives at Mlehlnn City at 12:80p.m..(dinner,) La Fayette 5:25, (supper,) Indl anapolls »:l.^, p.m., Lawrenceburg 12:30, and Clnda natl at 11:45p.m. Second train 9:iHlp.m. arrive at Michigan City at 9:20 p.m., La Favett v 2:4d a.m., Indianapolis ." :2i) a.m., Lawrenceburg 1o:2ij a.m., Cincinnati at lu:4" a.m. Passengers leave Ottumwa p.m., arrive at Bnrllngton at 7:25 p.m., arrive at Chicago at 5:15 at Cinciunati l:o i a.ui. Only one change of cars between Chicago and Cla clnnati. Patent sleeping ears attached to all night trains, and rut. through from Chicago to Cincinnati without change. Strp.rr aslow via any other ronte. BrUMNCTOV, SL "m. ocha A V r. u* H. moved their Exchange ottice from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pert lining to flankine. Exchange or Collec tions, which 111 ij- lie entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, will enable us to 1 eudersatisfaction to our patrons. We sell SI(i»T I:sAFT* OX XI3W \ORK,0 and other eastern points, in sum* to suit purcliasi rs andean alsof ir:iih Exchange on ENGLAND. IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON GERM AN V, FRANCE, SWEDEN, DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER CD'.'N 1'IUES OF EUHOPK, as well a» collect uwiicy, i n heritaoce((a»dsfMg*th er claimlufoicign counties. The s:ti0 Logansport Express makes direct C«.B nections. ns follows: At El Paso with Illinois Central Railros.lfor Bloom Ington, Decatur. Pana, Sandoval and Cairo-. At Chenoa with Chicago and St. i.ouis Railroad for Alton to ^t. I.oui". AfOil man with (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central Railroad for Chi. ago and South. At Reynolds with Ntw Albany and Salem Railroad forl.afayette. Indianapolis and Cincinnati. At I. "gallsj Railroad for Cincinnati an ton and Coluo'bus The 1:45 Peoria Accommodation makes the same connections a* above to Gilman. The above is a new and very much shorter Line than any other to the above named points. It is thoroughly built, ami well manned, anil ran In every way to merit the approbation of the travelling public. f*tfr 'Vmjiff^^Kifjitii IJjaitcaii ^owtyniiriMn-iiMi^iajr^»iairif^iiiy»iMMiBa^ AND JL Vicinity are invited tc call and get my new priecs oti STUVHS. As I pay c*sh for my Stoyc«. I flatter myself that I can xell tliera 85 :er cent, cheaper than they have i ever been «oM In thU mark-t t» eash customer*. My Stov*" ar" if i»ie notrd t'OMSTOt'K manufacture of over Fifty ii X-rent pattern.'!. 1 have th-: eulelirated ThrutiL-h tickets can be hail at all railroad cSices In the West, and at the company's office, corner Lake ... and Dearborn streets, and at tue depot, foot of I.ake Durutg the Season Oj 3drtgatlOH, the FtM Cars will run directly through from Burlington to Toledo without change, and arrive in advance «f any aud all other line*. 1 Our ad\ antages are, ShorWt and Quickest one less change of cars no Oinnibnssing as via Chicago eon neetion- positive, as it is owned and controled by the same Interest, while via Chicago it isthe reverse. In short,It Is every way the most desirable line. 1 ort with Toledo, Wabadi ami Western IX J. R. FAVRWEATHFK, Jr. i Ticket Atr't I'urlington. T. S. WILSON. Tassere, \Vt, i»t:um».-,. A. BARIIER. Wikti'in Ag't, Des Moines. Iowa. O I V n A /Cv^h CARHIAOE b'Al'TOin T' HE uudcrs\ch would respeefulty solicit tl teiition ofthe public to the f^.-iiiti.s which be, now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG ONS, of eery Oescriplion. after the most improved styles, as )d as can be obtained East, aud npon sat-' isfaetor.v terms. Those wishing to purchase will please call and ot amine mv slock. £9~Repai(ing promptly attended to. li \Il.liOA l»S. jt _ii_ jBvcliiiK.oii A ^iwoiiri K. It. i A. U YI.DWIX Otttimwa, Mar. 1st.1659-117-1} NEW LUMBER YARD. OTI't.itV V. ItlU'A. w F. hire located a branch of our Burlington Yard at mtumwa. where will be found st all full assortment of Lumber, l.nth. and Shlngle«, hi.-h *e will sell at the very lowest prices. fnrCush. Person* -jtvoit uving or ordering bills well of ill CIIASfiKOF TIWE. ffclt AND AFTKR MAR. 1, and until f*flll«r no I tlct* ill Kiv.-n, I'i«*fng»rr Trail s will KntV I arrive as foll"«.» I C3-OI3STO WEST: STATIONS. Burlington, Middletown, Dativitle, New Lnn.lon, Mt. Pleasant, Checaii)Ua, Olendale, Kairtield. Whittkl.l, liatavla, Agency Citr, Ottttniwa, KlrRRW). S.i}0 am,len ve, 9,mi 9.14 W.«T 10.S ln.:M 10.87 p. m. 11.*T 11.44 13.0T 1S.M li5oarrive. Mar 1, -fl fFifty li^X-rent pattern.'!. 1 have th-: eulelirated fti i n ti I i Quincy City Cook Stoves, LtliC3£0i tlUfllUglOIl Gl Which took the $.V)prire medal over ail other stoves la the West, to which I Inrlte especial attention. I I WILL ir.l RUA XT A LI. V STO and will furnuh phita, free of ehnrft, if i thty er*ck by fire. Thave in .'tore nt all time* a ft tt a«nrtTnnnt of I TIN, HOLLOW 8L JAPAN WARE. Job work, in tin. copper and sheet iron, prmnptly done, on reasonable term*, and in the best manner. rri will receive in exchange for the above ware*, old copper, bras*, cn«t Iron, and rags, wliich will en able fanners to .avr from $10 to f.Viper anMim. i May 1, isi',.'— 1 J.y A. I). CflAER. PICHICAliO (Wheeling) 12:"") iu., Grafton p.m., Cumberland dolph and Dearborn street*, opposite the RevoM 10:40p.m.. Harper's Ferry *5.o i a.m. arrive* iu Balti- House, or at the Depot, west side, vomer of Canri aM more ti: lo ..m Washin-jtou Citv 7 .'!u p.iu. Van liuren strei ts, Chicago. 3:tw pin. Newark 4:!'! p:n, 7.\eSvilie 5:M pm, Ben- Be partlculir to ask for tickets by F^rt Wayne, wood, tt h-.-ct:ng» I0:1« p::i, iir.ft .'u Miod am. Cu ,nb«r- B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agenfc land "s i." am. Harper's Ferry J:"ill pm arrives at Hal timore 4:45 pm. Washington Citv 6:mt pin. I Freight of all kinds will be carried from Chicago,to. Direct connection* made at Baltimore with above all Joints Past at all times, at as kw rates as any 0*fc trains for Phil.idelpiii", New York and Boston, and all Washlngtou City fur Richmond, Wilmington,Charles ton, Ac. travelers for pleasure or inform- atioD, cun visit all the eastern cities at a comparative Ithe ly small expense. Tbe scenery is celebrated for Its wondorf il beauty ati I sublimity it is unequalled in i world. It^ system of day and night Track Police its splendid equipment lis exrlu*i\e telegraph lines its large amount »f double track it* fine hotels, un-i der the sur. cilance of the compaii.) ensures to Ihei passenger, speed, safety, and con fort. I Time as .puck, and fare as low as via any other route. I Through tickets and baggage checks can t-* pro cured at priucipal railroad and steamboat of- flees in the est. I 1 Ask for tickets via Baltsmore and Ohio RaUroad, L. M. COLE. Cen. i -k Ag't B4 O It. W. P. SMITH. Mast. Transportation, H. il. JEWEI'T, Pies't.C O J. W. BROWN. Hen. Ti -kot Ag'1 0 E E.F. FULLER, (ien. West n Ag'tBAORS. FOR CIXCIXXATI! CHICAGO, IXDIAXAPOLIS, ill' CINCINNATI SHORT LINE accommooatioji. ». 10 in,leave. «.6T 4.1!) 4.S6 (.SO 6.:{rt •7.11 h.Oft 6.31 9.08 9.41 lo.IO srrlvt. GOI3STO EAST nrinii, p. u. leave ».»• STATIUNS. Otturnwa, Aifeney (.'Hy liatavla, Whit field, FalrfieM, Olendale, •'hecnuuua. Mt. PI.visan New L'Uidci Danville. MidJleluwn Barllnffton, ..rcoMMoOATlna 4. IS a. m. leave. 4.49 .'.,"4 .-..M S-44 4.HS 4.27 4.54 A.** f.,6.) It.*} H4t 6.6ft 7,25 arrive. T.W S.ntf 8.46 s».«r i ).n 1UL81 11.1ft »frUp J. O. KKAD, Pres't and Sup't. it DEPARTUBE3: t»l .tloruintf Pas»rn|{er leHvea Bar. 806 a.m 34 Ai-t oiuino.Iat ion do do do 2.80 p.«i 3d Evcniitu do do lo 7.60p.» ARRIVALS: 1 «1 ^lorn'e I'assrngfr arrive* at Bur. 9.10 a.m 2d At «-o tlvI*tl do do do 1.85p.m 3:1 do do do 9.S5p.Si The above trains make close pormections with tkO B. A M. K. R. at Burlington, and with all the *r*a4 eastern thoroughfares at Chicago. I). REMICK. Cen'l tg't B. A Q.B.B .1. R. WITllROW, Passenger Ag.-nt, Ottumwa. ITSM KC F«K1 WAVMv AJt|| RAILROAD Now completed, anj cars run from Chicago ftf tts hurg without change, connecting with lb# (iREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAIIROAD To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore aftd Washing ton City, and all the inttrhir town* of Penns.t I vnt !*i, New Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac. Merchants by taking this route will have the benefit of all the eastern markets at no additional cost. Baggage checked through. Trains leave the depot, corner of Canal and Bureri streets, west side, twice dally on arrival W" trains from the weat. "connecting at Orcstllne with Clevctantf itW* Lake £hore Railroad to Dunkirk, HuL'alo, Ni agara Falls, New York and Bootoii, aud all th.a Interior towns o: New England via New Yort Central and New York & Erie Railroads. Ala# South to Columbus, Zatiesville, Newark, Mi.' Vernon, Steubenville, Wheeling, and interior tow? of Ohio and Virginia. The above tr il'is connect at Forest with trains qb Mad U»eer Rnml to Springfield. Urbana, Dayton and Cificii rati. Also, w 1th trains at Libia for Dayton aa4 Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROVTE. Passengers bound east will find this route balk pleasant and agreeable, passing throiig mativ of (M iargesa and finest rltie* in the United States. Pa»s"i,gers arriving in Chicago on any of the roads will find attentive clo ck agents at the depots to rt celve chock# and convey l.aggage free of charge to the Pittsburg and Chicago cars. tdeepiug cars accompany each train. Tickets for sal.- at all the principal Ticket Offices in the We«t, and at 'ho Company's Office, corner of Kan- erJtallroad rrute TO MERCHANTS AND SIIIPPEB. The Pittsburg, Forf Wayne and Chicago Ratlr* ad Co. ha\ii.g effected an arrangement with ihe Peninyl vania Central li. R. Co. for the transportation of Through Freight, property can ow he shipped by this liae between Chicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore, New York aud Ii.»eio:i, with pronirtues* and despatch Contracts can lie made at the following places: No. 2 Aster House. New York. No. 1 S. WilH.'ni st do No. Battery place, do Mo. 77 Washington st.. Boston. No. 8 Dock St., Philadelphia. l»ep ot, North street, Baltimore. I»epot. Charles street, West Side, near Van Burec street bri'ige, Chicago. Mariv packages via P., Ft. Wayne 4 C. R. R. For further information applv to AS. W. MUSSON, Freight AgHChicago. J. J. IIoi'ston.(iui'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicaga, Mar. Is, l^Cu. EXPRESS, PASSE!N EU A FBK1GHT ISO? TE. viv dew fork Central, Great Western, Atkd connecting Roads to and from IOWA, AND ALL TUE WEST. 1 he Roads forming this old and reliable root* front the Seaboard and the West, have organized a FAST PHEIGHT LIXX! Giving perfect reliability and greatly Increased dispatch to Freight—the trains forming the Line, East and West, run with the sane regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus or each Road as Through Passenger Trains. OlOXE C0XXECTIOXS MADE— With Express Freight Train* on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upon 1 ating their goods teeeive utmost despatch. 4 M#rl"e rUk °n mo't fcin,U ll.J. SPALDIKO, Agl CTiicago. Steam or Sail essels, amounts In many cases. WM. POWELL, Trav. Agent. (o More than the difference between rail or water.. rates of freight, besides the difference rf time, as will be seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by sending goods all the way bjf rtiil road: PEUBIAf AND I.O i GANSPORTR.II. i Trains leave Burlington a* follows: MORNING MAIL, 7 iil a ni NIGHT Ex., (Saturdays excepted} S p.m. Sundav Nisht Train leaves at S m. Connect-! Ing at TOLEDO with LIGHTNING Ex. TRAINS on I r.. f„,n aaA.« I vice siioRf it ^""^handlseshlpp^ Value per liKilbs. r, i. Am't Ins. *av. per It 10 fo«4»(ga »ISO.oO Books and Stationer^ (com•«) 18.9* lbs, Gen'l stock groceries (except Sugars and coffees,) 20.M Boots Shoes (av'ge al 74.41 Dru^'.'itir'-ers'city .s'tin'l44.00 88 Hats, caps It furs tgf i.l as'tm't) fi.t»0 tiff Hardware (slicit ods gen'ly) 841.00 tt UcH uoai'or I'^orui'tiy nu F^irlyA at er ct. pre. 60 Cents 1* Mark Package?, "Fast Express Line, via G. W. R." Deliver good* at Hod- XEW YOiiK-1^ Toledo and all points East »l*o with ,, Chicago Railroad for Cincinnati, Day- »en»-'er Depot, P- Warrtnst.,er TV PfKTOV Deliver goods at Boston «ad son River Eailroad pM at Canal at. Depot. Ijv/o 1 Worcetter Kailruad Depot, and mark as above. E istward bound freight of every description will be forwmdeil ai lowest current rates, and iffrom Westers Roads, should be consigned to "A. WAL1.1NGFORU, Chicago,*\.r"G HEAT U ESTERN RAILWAY, Detroit.'4 For the transportation of Live Stock to Itutlalo, Al bany, New Vork an I Boston this route Is unequalled for speed, stock cars, Sleeping cars for Urovers, aad spacious ami couvvuietH yards for stock, making tl a most desirable route for Shippers. Thro jgh bills of Lading given, and Reclamations paid, at any ofthe 0 mp.iiiy's 1.Dices. BR^ 1 1ES, Managing Director O W. R., Ham ilton. JI LIt MOVlt tienl Agt. Buffalo. THO*. BELL. Gvnl Fr't Agt, ll.miilt. n. W. J. M'ICEK, Agt. Detroit. £. P. BEACH, A^-t Broadway, S. Fare as low as by any other route. I.nmber, and s«*» for themselve* ^ei.ire CAMPBELL A McCLfRE. FOR THE COUR1KR for the CswpaipT* Y." O. KIMBALL, AM il State st iston A. W AI I.n I I«It D, «Vnttr» Art., Cor. 1 ake and D«*rb«rn St«.,ofp. Tpwnont HoMSe March 89, IbSo. ClllCAMf C13itrai-o.nmr.-ixcsfcnaqaixr1LINE.UAILRO.-iD 1 Ohl ami M»iv IMiiiMt* Haute Kast. From lturtngtoii to Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Pittt bnm. Phil.- Iptiiri, Baltimore, New York, an.l alletfc er Eatleiit and ^ouGieasteiii Oiliv*. 1st Morning Train leat^ 5 a m. il Acoioi-ioilatlon S:Sti m. !d Evening Express 7:541 m. piissengt-rs ieav ne Huriingtoii «n the trato CMiuett at Mimi l* with the Illinois CentraI Raltrt ail Nurtlt and Souili, and at Chicago hoth the morning anil evtidng trains t#:"0 a in and 7:lo m. connect with ill the tircat En-tern Railroad routes, to wit: R., via Detroit M. S. U.K.. via Toledo, and Pittsburg and Ft. Wayne I!. I!., via Ft. Wayne, of which passengers can tak their choice. Onl.i t« ent hours from Burlington to Toledo thlr 1 teen hours ahead »t any oth. ruutv leaving Burling 1 Un. Baggage checked through to Detrrit, Niagara Palls anil New York, ilnntna, Toledo, Dunkirk Buffalo, Pittsburg nr.! Ph'Iad. Iplda. lickels fr this great Eastern thorouchfarefor sate at Ottainu a. Fairh 1.1, Ml. Pleasant, and at the Tick«% O* ce, corner Froht and Water «!»., Burlington, ."sleeping ear gttached to the night trains. D. REMICK, May. 'fri— tf.'l Ag't 4 C. B. K. R. D.MT ftlFU E OF PKdHIA. Otit'AWK A and Bt'RI.lNGTON 1! K.— NOTICE. Mi rch.mis and Shipper* wishing to ship by the .it'oce Road, will pi*ae call at the Peoria Railroad Ticket office, S3 W^ter-st, to have their bl)l» of lading signed. This Company have imnscm*i.u to shir to St. L*a l», Ch»elnn4G wfHtisttt change of urs. If. KIM#. Jan. 'fif--tf. C*n. A tat

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