Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 30, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 30, 1860 Page 2
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S 4i •o Mt, •i (ffUlVlPf THE OFFtCrAL CITY PAPER. M. W. !MKRIS, Krfitor. TTrMWA, IOWA,: Fdl 1IIESI1M NT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, tfolt V1CK VKKSIUKN'T, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, (11 .tl.l/Xli. PBB8UIESTIAI. ELECTOH*. I.* ROE. FITZ IIKXRV WARI5KN, of ASSISTANT HtCTHW. IStMst,--J. w. tA NE TVCOMII, of DavUtV. —BEN. RKCroJl, of Fremont C«x —K.N. BATE*, of Unn Co. •. —TR. B. FAHIFTKI.D. of rtoyd c». ItEPCBLtCW STATE TICKET. TOK COXCRKSS— EIR^T MPTRICT, MMl'KL It. Ct'RTIS, of LeeCounty. FOR BRC««TA*F OF STATE, 4.UAH SELLS, of Majjutinc Ce. EOR Jl-I)!TORor ST IT*, JOHN \v. JONES, ..f Hardin Co. FOR ATTORSKT GKSRRAL, C1IA8. V. NOURSE. of Polk o. FOR RKQISTEH OF R-TATK ft. B. MILLER, of Cerro Oordo Co. FOR SI PI.K*r JI'DOR, •n o C. WRIGHT, of Van Dun n R( OK THE KKP. SR TL OKXTIMI. CNMMITTF K DKS MOIKFS, Iowa, AUGUST 6th, ISFIT. To tha Ktpul lirttn* of lotra M.are Seen directe.i by the Republican the ttmt low. have, with sinpuiar unani mty, resolved, 0f Republican nndidate for that position, it is nec- in wi doiof, t.hev reflect the wishes of a verv JOINT DISCUSSIONS B. tweea .TIe««ra. Curtis and Colts The following arrangement for joint discussions be tween Col. Curtis and Mr. Cole, has been consumated bjr H. M. Hoxie, in behalf of the State Republican Committee, aud Mr. Cole. We call attention to the terms, as ell ns to the times and places specified be­ We trust that the press of the State will give Widest circulation to these appointments Cory don, Wayne co Thursday, Auff.W, Leon, Decatur Friday," do 81, Decatur City, Decatur co. gatu'y, Sept. 1, tit. Ayr, Rinpold co. Monday, do 8, Bedford, Taylor eo. Tuesday, Jo 4, Clarinda. I'ape co. Wed'day, do 5, Sidney, Kremont co. Thursday, do 6, Glenwixirl Mills county, Friday, do 7, Vraakford. Mont'cmy co. Monday, do In, Quincv, Adams co. Tuesday, do 11, Afton, Union county, Wed'day, do 12, Oaceola, Clark-co. Thursday, do 13, Chariton, l.ucas co. Friday, do 14, Allia, Monroe co. Saturday, do !5, Kddyville, Wapello co Monday, do 1»| Ottumwa, Tuesday, do IS, Fairfiel'1,.tellers'"n Wed'day, do 19, Mt. Pleasant, Henry Thursday, do 20, New London, Friday, do 21, Burlinpton, Moi's Saturday, do 22, Wapello, Louisa co. .Monday, do 24, Columbus City, do do Tuesday. do 2ft, Washington, Wash'n co. Wed'day, do2«5, Brighton, Thursday, do 27, Slnourney, Keokuk co Friday, do 28, Otkalnosa, Maharka Saturday, do 29, Mont eznmii Pow'shk Monday', Oct. 1, Oilnnell Tuesday, do 2, Newton, Jasper co. Wed'day, do 8, Vandiilia, Thursday, do 4, Dei" Moines, Polk co. Saturday, do 6, Adel, Dallas county, Tuesday, do 9, Wlscolta," Wednesday, do 10, Guthrie t:t. Guth'e co Thursday, do 11, E*lra, Auduhon co. Friday, do 19, llarl an, Shclhy co. Saturday, do 1?, Matrnolia, nr'son i*. Monday, do 15, Council Ulu. Pot'mie co Tuesday, do lfi, Lewis. Cass co. Friday, do 19, Fontenelle, Adair co. Saturday, do 20, Wlnt erset, Madison co. Monday, do 22, 8t. CbarleF, *'Tue^dny, do 2-S, Ind'.anola, Warren co. Wed'day, do 24, WeahHHtvllle, Marlon corThursday do 2ft, Kaoxvilie, 44 41 ^•^la, "Whal j«H Des do do do do Friday, do 2fi% 44 14 do Satuidny. do 27. do without regard to the closing of his sentence, or oth Neither candidate shall sneak at any time or place Mlt named in the list of appointments for joint discus don. after the commencement of the joint canvass on tbf*21st of August, without giving to the other party two weeks not ice thereof and extending to the oppo site party an invitation to meet him in joint discussion •pun the same terms at such times and places. HO*. FIT5E HE\UV WiKKiEN R+j/ulli\:n Camhrfute for l^ren'dential Elector IVill address tl.'e peofile at tlie times .'ind places indi onted by the following list of appointments Waukon, Alamakee Co. Wed'day, Aug. 2tf, at 2 o'cl'k. Decorah, Winne'shk Thursday, do 3(1, do do New Oregon, Howard" Friday, do 81, Oeage, Mitchell Sat irdav, Sept. 1, StCharles City, Floyd co Monday, do Olarkesville, Butler Tuesday, do Waverly, Bremer eo. Wed'day, do New Hampton _hic'»aw ro Th'rsilay do West t'riii u, Ka.s ette co. Friday, do Klkadnr, Clayton co. Saturday, do Qranavllo, (Jo and site one log OCCupy iHvo chairm«n shall be selected at each meeting by their resj)ective parties, whose duty it shall be to pre •Idc keep order Ac., and notify the speakers of the The citizens of this ronntv "iro nil nr.ih* expiration of tiieir time, and the speaker shall stop at 'uzens. 01 mis couniy are all proDa the momenthe isnotified of the expiration ofthe time, blv speech shall then ccnclude the argument, and may Organized on Tl esdav evenin*' 'upy not more than half an hour. 1 he chairman politically friendly to the party mak- tog Chairman and act accordingly- and in case of any disagreement, they shall choose an umpire,-who shall With them decide the point. Neither candidate tihall be permitted to supply his place with another speaker except hy consent of the Otlier candidate. 1 the middle speech, shall be regarded as the first, do Hon. Lincoln Clark, or any other Democratic Candi- »u n date for Presidential Elector, is respect ft Hy invited meet d. Warren, at the above meetings, for joint discussion s-uch discission to be conducted o-i the satiie term" as the canvas* of Col. Curtis and C. C. Cole, candidates for Congress in the 1st District. Other appointments for Col. Warren will be an nounced in due time. Hy order olthe liepubllcan Slate Central Com. The State Fair. We are indebted to the couitesy of J. H. Wallace, Esq.. Secretary of the State Agri cultural Society, fo*a Card of admission to the Fair of ibis year, lo be held n( Iowa City, Ortobor 2, "i, I, and oth, for which our ac knowledgments ar»' due. It in exceedingly important that the meet ing of thi year sin.old be well attended, and H)c ifjoioe to learn that the prospect of its Ucing so. is very flattering. The State has bteii blessed with a lx untilul harvest, and the material for an exhibition that will be OVeditalile to the State, is abundant. Let the people then meet at Iowa City taking with them such specimens of the productions of the State, as will most satisfactorily ex the progress wc have made in Agri culture and its kindred sciences, and great got to the most important interest among will result. The citizens of Iowa City, W« U-nro, are making the necessary propara and we know that nothing will be left tftdow by the enlightened and public spirit ed President, Hon. ito. G. Wright, J. II. Wallace, Esq.. the Secretary, and other offi cers of the Society, necessary to insure coin pfcte success. Douglas is still in hot pursuit of his Ma. He has perambulated n]l do tilt' Rrpnbliaiipartf ,hat mpn Augut-t 30, 18fi0. OF ILUXOIS. There is not a Democratic orator in the Molne* Co. 40(1. A. CHAPLIN, of Dulmqae Co. l'ISTRICT «LKCT('R. Hi Mai. M.L. McPlIERSON, of Madison Co. —CIIVS POM EliOY, of Boone (V. and on every occasion triumphantly ask— "What do the Repnblican party mean by such language as tfiat Well, one would think it a sufficient answer to say—"Wc mean just what Hancock, Jefferson, Sherman, Floyd, Thornton, Franklin and Morris meant, when they first cave utterance to this language."—Rut this does not sati fy tlie Beauties. They conclude that the Re publican party mean "nigger equality"—that the language betray* abolition sentiments. If all men are creited e il, the/ must, say they, be eqml in every respect If a man is entitled to his liberty, he imum 1 i most be lit necessarily follows, that they arc equal in a lMVe nmlurltjr ofrHie "party in this state. to justify the inserron that tho Declaration 1 If. M. HO.YfR, Chairmaa Rep. StaUe Ceutral Com. every respect, morally,.physically and intel-! state Cen- lectuallv and the final conclusion itu m, ro 1st—Nut to assemble nState Convention to nominate Candidate for .Justice of the Supreme Court, to fill If thl 1C a trilC interpretation of tht? DeC he va eanrv occasioned bv the ileatli of Hon. L. I) i I 1 iltoe'ifon. 2d—To recommend to the Hepubll. nn party ,ara,l0n fWf.v to mention but one ofthe mano' reasons that prompteil this action. The i'o'n nittee are advised. W'hicll WOuld leading the i 2 o'clock, do do do do do do dd do do do do do dd do do do do do do do do do "do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 1 he argued this quest'on, and the mental ac- umenhe displavcd were both tan positions. do do do do do do do de do do do do do do do do do do do do do Dabuque, Dubuque Monday, do DellJ, Oelaware o«. Tuesday, do 11, do Independence, liuch. co Wed'day, do 12, do Cedar.Kails, Ul'k Hawk Thursday, do 18, do Bellevue, .lackson Friday, do 14, do AAaniosa, Jones co. Saturday, do 1A, do M*rion, Linn county, Monday, do IT, do Tipton, Cedar co, Tuesday, do 1ft, do De Witt, Clinton eo. Wed'day, do 19, do Davenport, Fcott co. Thursday, do 20, do Muscatine, Muscatine co. Friday, do 21, do Wjipello, Louisa co. Saturday, do 8, do 10, do ,nc -ollrt New England and portion of .New York without success, and is now in Virginia. The like of this filial exhibition has not been heard of since the fltliKius -ear.-h «f f«.r hi Father. f^k. ingenious and umeii in uispiayca, were Doui ingenious and surprising and we will bet five dollars that no living man, except those who have read Tlie Hew Supervisor Ki&nr. aware, that llOUSe, we are sure that and paper is in its place, and there is a con-1 that may be wanted, and he is always happy I u such aa officer. Th«* ROVOHHP LIIW W V i u i i u u a V U I U U I n i i i i y i a n u a e 1 8 5 1 o n u s e I a n n o s u i w a s o e n e I he second Resolution of the National been perpetrated by unscrupulous traveling ,AX Republican Platform, which declares—"That politicians of the Democratic party, respect- are created equal that th?y are en- ingthe revenue law of dowel by their creator with certain inalien- bring tln'se gentlemen down face to. face able rights that among these are life, liberty with the Adams, entitled to the elective franchise. Who, now, cannot see the falsity of such an argument It does not even have the dignity of sophistry would be involved shoul we concede the See what an absurdity uuiinuneu „.. position of the Democritic nirtv to b^ is, truth—however and tl»e pursuit of happiness"—troubles the! traordinary meeting may alarm them. Democratic party prodigiously. The following comparison of tlie Demo- that, Independence, it follows that, nn 1 *, of Independence was nothing more thau "a aring of elitterina generalities. Sol Dead Yet Our "Democratic Club" had its irregular Aeetinj.last Mo„.l„jr owning. Wedroppct! a, it w» nearly »„J observed that not man v ofthe led and but verv few of the latter class we noticed Messrs. Holmes and Jeffries (the Judge) and Messrs. Brady, Worthington, Sullivan and Honnifleld. .. so, he proceeded to go in. Tiie speaker showed that the contest, lx^jvcen the Re- publican and Democratic pirtbs, was a "pc- litical warfare," and that tbo tactics auopted by the Republican party, were of "talisman ic charm." In the course of his remirks, the speak*r I said, he would prove, from the Republican platform, that the party was against the ad mission of any more Slave States and in this connection he read from the Republican Platform the following :—'-That all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of hap piness"—also that—"no person should be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law." The manner in which ,he Under alaW parsed la^t win- ter, there will be elected in November an H„J O 1 c'iue1 w Supervisor in each Township, hich will COtlst:til1f -l Hotrrl onlhwl wnu ul const TJie a loam CailtU COU.,1) Supervisors, and upon whom will devolve the general direction ofCounty affairs. They will, to a certain extent, supercede the Coun ty Judge. We need not suggest to the citi zens of the county the importance of the t0 offor at Ii(, Sep. 51S, selection by both parties-, of the best, most VrZSXZS?' SSKISVEf competent, and discreet men for these impor-! On aCCOUnt ot their political services, but] lness qualifications, their sound judgment, and sterling integrity. This on I J?ourt, & 3 the supposition that party candidates will by run, should be done by both parties. It should be done, in order that the new law may have a fair trial. Our District Clerk. We believe it :s conceeded that we have the most efficient, competent, and ac commodating Clerk in the person of Joseph Hayne, in the State. Certainly it will be difficult to find one more popular with everv OIK- It. than he deservedly is, and if any one will take the trouble to step into his office at he will agree with us that no office could be kept mote neatly or systematically. Every book veiucnt and safe place for every record. It loniency in that of 1860, in every particular. don't take Mr. Ilayne long to find any paper1 to attend to the wants of all. It is impos-!., sible to estimate the value to the public of i ut Ajfi'ucy. The prospcct now is that the attendance at the meeting at "Agency to-day, will be very large. We hear of extensive prepera tions all about us. We predict for them a glorious time The rrnnor, ftrrid^mtty ftcptfrt circulation w tradicted by the latter. He thought of such a thing. says he never The Douglasites and Know-Nothings of New York, have cnabsccd. The Catholic and American hnveembnw-ed in a manner I •iv•!•• 'iti'nl M'O »v.* f*.ws» «f 1SOO and of demonstrating this, we give below the provisions of each tow, placed for facility of comparison. And it will be especially borne in mind, that the Code was enacted propertv, excepting such a heri'ersonal property, ex- I WtnalK- *11/1 »lio «r»nl «t,„* be a sufficient warrant for 1'^ alone^liall be sufficient laxof 18o6 ih nociamuon Independence, but only the Caucasian. the h,V '-""Tatic partv is the equal of the Republican partv. be an cb-UrdilV SO CTOSS, SS of the 1 to time «n1 men were present—of the i tle owner and the Treas- the Treasurer shall on de- i I As much and gross misrepresentation ta» whatever incurred, the facts are that 18f»0, much such on cratic law with that passed by a Republican (utility, State or country, who does not i Legislature in 1800, will show how willful and i next following, to be the same, and the fol bccome eloquent oicr this "Black Plank,' paij,ai,|e these misrepresentations have been, tiie tress and sale of personal property. By by Legislature in 1851 durinjt the four months Treasurer named, [that is, September Nov,inh, correct! 4 Tliev ar rue, that, if all men are. bv nature, •I""'»ml en,i,k'J,h" of life, liberty and th3 p-irsuit of happiness, r' H'1'1 n,llv ,, ..... and after the fifteerith tax.s, and if anv one and the time of sale shall for a period •ale shall not be more than not he more than twenty „. i ten days from the day of "'ays from the day of the not i*i»e in n«t exceeding five •xct dinp three diva and day.«, and shall adjourn at •hall adjourn once at least l^'Hst once when tliere are case ft an adjourn- adjournment he shall put of ke,i'in? and fee? r.»r and fees for sa!e, shall be »ale, shall be returned to returned to the owner, and :r u After the regular business of the mcetin*!^"««-". tho payment of h.d been disced of, Mr. BonniSeld SSXSSS l'roraP"r. »PP^'"o tax payer culled on for a speech. It was hi* turn, and eal prope, lv are made a perpetual real estate aa hereinafter day nf June in each vear, day of October In the year .,. it |.„ Before the first Sac. is. On the first Mon- Measurer is directed istf, and in each ,,Ue,.e the Court House after 1.. his Treasurer is reqim-e* to County all 1 nds on which (Ter at public sale the taxes levied tlie pre-Court House, or if there be ct-eding year still remain uo Cour'. House at tlie of easur- lota or property on scrip preceeding year or years shall have jbeen delinquent and re fmaiti |sueft sale jhe made for and in pay ment of the total amount jmain due and unpaid.^and oirtaxea. Interestand^u di e and unpaid on luch ireal property. Land will be subject BO sold fi.». Heal property to redemp- ^old under the provision* tlori af follows If re- of this act, may be redeeiu deeinwt before a suit be ed at any time before the commenced as her.after exniratinn of three years taxes on the land' pab^by the purchaser of* the^m- ""'I if Men should be selected, not' fenced by paving iu addi- num onthe whole amount pu-v""''!t 1 hls t"- 1 to italicise the changes where slight in the' law of 1860, as compared with that of 1851,! and have set the two laws on the same sub- ject opposite each other throughout. A com parisori of the tw0 laws win show greater By Lhe was law of 1851, the distress and sale ordered to be on the first Januarv by a o 1 8 0 o n e i s o e u a y v a. i the former the taxes were due September l-jth, by the latter not till Xovember 1st.— J*are y°'1~you Forrif^n Item*. By the law of 1800, when goods are dis-1 It is rumored that in the event of fjari-j trained, twenty days notice of the time and baldi's invasion of Naples, Austria will re- place of sale must be giveu, where formerly ct tie from the treaty of Villa Franca, and it was ten an adjournment shall be made go with troops and mo iey to the relief of, now fire dais instead of Ihree as befoie, in Boinba. Such an event is not deemed im probable, and hence a general war may break out at any moment. The effect upon the material interests of this country, it is sup posed, would be beneficial. The latest news is, that Naples has been declared in a state seige. The weather in England unsettled, and the pruapect of« deficient hanreat con tinued. ca^e of want of bidders. By the law of 1851, there waa no way to By the Democratic measure of 1851, taxes e e n e a n n u o a n u a y 1 s U n der the Republican Regime they become de- on October 1st. If redeemed after six by the Douglas men, that Breckinridge has months by the law of 1851, the purchaser ja j^e or is going to withdraw, is positively coo 6 and conclusive dccree of court vesting the without anv Having But even supp^-ing th:tt no sale was hail in wc propose to tbe 1 0f the three years given to redeem wJJJ aiDOunt fifty-two rents more by the sale, pennltv and intoiest. i in ^representations reference to the laws, it will be fotyid, that Ta^ of 1859 .. .. v.„. the law wherever different was more strin- Interest from January 1st, 18{K), cent than it now is. And for the purpose' e n n n u n side by side, a Democratic CODE—SECTION 492. I lITUCt LAW 1S0O—MC "No demand of TeT«s| 44 shall he n-cessarv, but it is No demand of Taxes the duty of every person sdiail be necessary, but it iUnlmp1. ISftl »iO", „..~4 uljeett.) taxation to at- i.- the duty of every person tend .t the oftice of the subject to taxation to at Trea-urer, at souie tinietfintat the niuce of the J" De-ember, Co.le, Sec. 4--.] riuai itecti.'ii or t/,Wnvt Xa.X of 1S59 d:iv .fr"« of September and pav ne-ti'-tcs. flrVt'day Ami if any one _» !. I A* N..N1URTFA IA IXIV I.A. I Tax of 18(0 Interest from January 1st, 1801, to October 1st, 1863, at 25 per cent per annum Tax of 1 HA 1 Interest from January 1st, 1862, to October 1st, 1863, at 25 per cent per annum Tax of isr,i Interest from inuary 1st, 186S, to October 1st, 1863, at Total to MV (nnUs* other- tri«t irort Jt/) I LAWS OF 1860. N"v. 1 ?t to K. b. 1st. 1-1 I, n 1, his Sec. 41) aiid pay his or her Interest front February 1st her 1 aa •'i't per cent damage on all above such distress. w arrant for such distress. Interest from February 1st, 1861. to 9I:E. 4'.M. When the SKI-. 4I. hea the Treas- I I I Treasurer distrains tromls.'urer distrains poods he October 1 st, 1863, at ten per Wit he mn.v keep them at the »a.v keep them at the ex- per annum, fxpense of the owners and pense of owners, and shall Interest on all above to October 1st, rt y of 1 HtV' •hall t:ive notice of the time A'Vl-* notice of the time and of tbeir sale within five place of tiieir sale, within Interest from February 1st, 1868, to davs after jive days after the taking October 1st, 1803, at 10 Der Cent. btk'nig in the manner con- i*1 the manner constable* I stables .ire required to give are required to give notice o .ticeof the sale of per-of the sale of personal Total to redeem October 1st, 1863 sonal property on execu- property under execution tions at the'time of the 1111 e u e s a 0 1 1 e a n e n u i a n e n e a n a o u n v i e v n n i i i n der an account in writing in writing of the sale and •f the sale and charges. charges. ?KC 4!)5. On TLTE first' SEC. 19. On the first day day of January the unpaid of Febuary the unpaid tax Taxes of P"""1"1' m"y inafter provided, i—.......... HM. ,n.\t» is twehe ]ier cflit nnnnb a i .. hereby per annum, Sec. 6o), and thereupon against all per- are hereby made a''pe'rpet^ .. i sons, except the United u*l states ud U»la state, upon against"all p'™ except the unite.i States and this tftate and taxes ., r,. Idue from any per-on upon iriienupdn anVieai''"^ &V^n ,1i^hlUmVacr: urer shall in no case sell i {real property for u nrf ,i the caunt v fltinf the breeze from Tlie lini-1m.»t..n Awakes will IMJ ner our teUing re-cent oiuhe same with ten ,. tlon to the foregoing the from the day of sale and thpir hiwinocj *1.costs of suit to be taxed by curing after such sale, DU. deemed after a suit is coin-per cent interest per an- i sum often dollar* and the the amount of all taxes ac- I the Clerk of the District with ten per cent interest 'on such subse- 'I bemailetn the purchaser, )ueiit taxes, unless such bfe agent, or atto-ney, or subsequent taxes have to the Treasurer who Is to beer, paid bv the person for enter a meinoradum cfthe whose benefit the vedeinp redemption in the list oftion is made, which fact sales and give a certificate may be shown by the thereof to the redemption- Treasurer's receipt, Provl erand give a certificate ded that if real property thereof to the redemp-of any minor, married wo tioner and hold the money man or lunatic, be sold for paid (except the costs of ataxes, the same maybe re sult)^ tii* nss st th* par- deemed at any time with chaser. |in one year after such dls, ability be removed upon 1 may be made )y the guar- dian or legal representa tives. Now in the foregoing we have taken pains ^UU1 "V CnoirE ean' became delinquent and drew interest at 25 kkeh** and the party U based on a lie Undent and drew int?i?»t it 1? per cadaverous fellows, that live on p,:,.,p e i.\it-i rr from February "T$t. By the law of 1851, the land was ordered to be sold by June 1st. By the law of 1860, XFW YORK., and no Aug. extra ex- than by the present law, including the cost* ted President of the United States, would Assume the tax to be $10 on a given tract of land for 1839, and for the three years lowing tables will show what will be the re­ collection of taxes by dis- lative costs by the two laws for that time:— i of the United States, would not justify any LAWS OF 1851. 9 37 10 00 «S7 10 00 10 00 _J percent, Tar Ootohpr 10 1i4t IRAS P"/ lAX at some *-'"OOer IM, IOOO tO st at January6 fob Rt^e'uK-Vrst'.Uy ofFebur.\- Advertising, make the same by distress ted to make the same by r. and sale if his personal digress and sale of hU or Octo* 12 per cent, 1 {-STb2 of Supervisors fee, ptr Ctni 8 42 per cent per annum, 444 10 00 10 00 6a 53 90 Now if we add the $10 additional penalty on taking but he may'ad-taking iut he may ad- and 6U cents Sheriff's fee, we will have a Journ the sale from time journ the sale from time to commencing SUlt and oO Clerk S fee, penalty of $13 10 which is liable to be at- tacnea on eacli sepcrate tax, be the same To sure ,Mr P-'.«t the costs of court are liable to bo much over what we estimate Pecl?H'y 1« U L- UCCC^Sary tO ',C onl^' gel U"a''10 SCr vice by publication. In conclusion we have to aay that the law of 1350 has the true end and aim of a just to rpay. 'ay' p-naity oi 14 who tn.ay be unable to ou attaches a per cent absolute if the tax is delinquent beyond a Certain day, but exacts 10 per cent interest alter that time, Nor is it nearly so stringent as the laws of other States A- DoU«,a3t°th« quire a title. The lreus- nA property no"t wn^tTom sa,° i'ndividua'i^carf'be found* ccn'" luniess, the owner shall Iwriting designate what jpiece of real property he iprefers having sold, rather ithan the personal property land the sale of real proper ty and the sale of real {property so designated iShall be made at the regu lar annual sale of otner states. 1 he same Legislature that in whenever new scales are put upon the niar- pro- cessions of 100 to 150 wagons, with banners steadily forward, increasing in public favor and music, will be there. A beautiful pole year after year, and are now nnch more cncrally used than all others, not only in i»Uy Hun" tj the breeze from u the Mt. Pleasant, Fairfield and Ottumwa Wide-1 i:,i 4 be raied, artd a splendid American flag procession, several hand,-ed sttong, n the 1 on hand, and will march in Gov. Grimes and Hon. J. F. Wil- evening, son will positively be present, and other speakers are expected. Arrangements have been made to convey all who wish to go from the city in tea ns, and the 3 o'clock, P. M. train, will furnish another way. The latter can return ia tho 10 o'clock, evening train. 'oca'speakers, and they are hav- province. w,.,il0 on tho oth!r the Democrats are losing ground, their meet- ,nJ?s being cold, formal and slimly attended. We hear of numerous conversions in all parts of the county. Among the Speakers who are doing good service, are Dixon, Hamilton, Stuart, Walker D. C. Mitchell, Dudley, Ilinsey, Lotspeich, J. C. Mitchell, Taunton, Allison, McPherin, Olncy and others. Speed tne ball. The Missouri Democrat has strong hopes that Missouri may go for Lincoln A Hamlin. The two Democratic factions will be about the terms specified in "this equally divided, and the Belleveret ticket section, which redemption will poll a large vote. It is deemed quite likely that the Republican vote may be larger one other three. ^^N-isMs.-The Rev. Henry C. ®ena^orta^ Elector for the Douglas fac- ition of the Democratic party, in Iowa, made speeches hereon Monday. The following Your n'^n i ougfat .^S,FEN^E. The Chicago platform is a deliberate a I New -Knglanders are a long, lean, v*^kihs, and New England has not enough about it to be contemptible—it is beneath contempt." W bat the Der.1 do these men about the Territories—for they 1 44 i title to the land forever in hitu, and that loo, such a missionary party.'' I ri»d wotiioa *iid lunatics. African rare. 27.- on a tract of land upon which handed to him, it was cut from the Norfolk (ax is$m per year, to tight- dollars and laily Argus, and contained two polite ques- Democratic act tie Southern States to O o e 1 s 1 8 0 n 2 V O W i v -Judge Douglas I answer emphatically that it U the duty of the Presinent of the United States and all others in authority under hiin to enforco the laws of the United States possessed by Con gress and as the courts expound them. And I as in duty bound by oath of fidelity to the Constitution would do all in my power to aid the Government of the United States in maintaining the supremacy of the laws' (10 00 agninst all resistance to them, come from whatever quarter it might in other words, 4 37 1 u I this HTUL an enthusiastic reception at Norfolk, and spoke in the presence of 6,000 persons. In the middle of his address a slip, of pape* was tions. First, "If Abraham Lincoln be elec- be I think the President of the United States should treat all attempts to break up the Un ion by resistance to its Itws, as Old Hickory treated the Xullitiers in 1832. [Applause.] Capt. Ogden of the Navy, .died in New York, Saturday evening. KVANSVIU.E, 1 58 interruPted ft nl Aug. 25.—A Republican meeting was held at Newburg, Ind., last night, and addressed by II. W. Ellsworth and J. G. Jones. The Evansville Wide Awakes were in attendance and joined in a torch light procession. The meeting was and the speakers insulted, from the commencement, by a band led on by one Sol. Keoker, the Marshal of the town, and Democratic Candidate for Coroner, of the county, while Mr. Jones vas speaking. stones and bricks. The Wide Awakes were unarmed but a small party rallied and drove their assailants from the ground. The Republican citizens of Warrick county con demn this murderous assault and attempt to suppress free speech. FAIRBANKS' SCAI.ES.—It winter of 1852 and 1853 elected Stephen ket, as large numbers have been from time ., and the tax United States Senate, to time, during the last thirty years, it seems J, country, but wherever American com- merce has fccn 50 if ,hfv MONTREAL, The canvass in this County is progressing present the streets which were swarming very satisfactorily for the Republicans.— i with crowds, were beautiful, decorated.— n«raber timber. aff"a'r®» are some of his model remarks, as hundreds I well. who heard him will remember. The report of the death of Hr. Bent tv I can't furnish brains for the Republican contradicted. party." to he here to take I ,mPu^®nc® AN AN3 P00Pe evcr saw ,n RAY life."—A fternoon Spcech. '•ffhe people of Oskaloosa will compare favorably with any other town in Iowa, for intelligence."—Evening Speech. The Republican doctrine is a robber, with a smile ^n his brow, and a murderer at heart." collect the tax on personal property, except' gotten Sheep of Republicanism." by distress and sale thereof by the law of The Republicans have uo conscience." 1800, the tax payer may direct what picce of land he will turn out to pay even his per sonal tax. I would have proved Stone a liar only that it would be granting some oae might have believed him." I I e o i y o n y u W e on each suit and the costs of court and if Missionary party of the country—all others our own families, and have known it to be not so redeemed the purchaser got a final are heretical." 1 he procession I* just entering the Exhibition building. The Prince will proceed to Victoria Bridge at half past 12 for the purpose of inaugura ting the Bridge. INDEPENDENCE, Aug. 27.—The „. on the Arkansas River, going to big Mr. Greenwood, coipuussioner of Indian I 0*et on Ae 25th, getting along St. Louis, Aug. 27.—The Douglas Demo. which was addressed by Itep^nUtives craU hela a raoetiri hcre on Aug. 1 Never on the face of the earth was then i clause for infants, mar-' The Democracy is the only friend of (he! GORTON A DtTTCftf. Herald. 27.—A ernt^eni- h»d to avoijL added LUAVI:NWOHTII., justified in .seceding from the Union." To this I emphatically answer no. [great applause] The election of a tnan to the Presidency by the American people in conformity with the Constitution attempt at dissolving this glorious confedera 410 00|cy. [applause.] Second. "If thej*" the Southern states, secede from the Union upon the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln before he commences an overt act against their constitutional rights, will you adviae or vindi cate resistance by force, to their secession Keoker and his band finding the Repub licans would not retaliate, drew revolvers there is a steady increase of success in sep and fired several shots indiscriminately into arating the gold. the ranks of the Wide Awakes. One mem- In this city business is reviving. Manv her, Mr. Suiter, received a ball in the shoul- of the merchants are starting for the river to der, inflicted a painful but not dangerous purchase their winter stock. Some dua] wound, and several were slightly injured by pointed emigrants are also going. Is a signHteant fact, which the public will appreciate, that L. rl passed an act for the Stsite of Illinois by i to be the first and chief aim of makers to arrived at Carson Valley on the """""—i. deiiu- which 100 per cent penalty attaches upon show that they are the same as Fairbanks', (lraw^ interest at ten per or like them, or are improvements upon them ^e trust this may be esteemed high or have taken premiums over them, thus rec- in Democratic authority for Mr. Cole and Lin- ognizing the latter as the standard for excel- dred falsifers of the truth. lence, and showing the stronghold they have upon the public confidence. It is a well- REMEMBER the Grand Mass Meeting at known fact that while most of these scales Agency City today. It will be a monster. have, after more or less trial, past gathering 10,000 strong. Numerous pro- mainly out of use, Fairbanks' have gone Aug. 1 i i 27. CINCINNATI, TOUONTO, This could not be wm th„u dII1M| for of W.,M them in t0 their ijr.biUt},, I as convenience and accuracy.- Chicago Press houses of Parliament. and Tribune Aug. IS.—The Prince landed shortly after 9 o'clock amidst a royal salute from the batteries on St. Halen Island by the fleet and regulars. It was a beautiful morning. Upwards of -4,000 people were the Chariton Grcer The RINWTI of this city has intelligence of the safe nrhral at Colorad),City. Of the Smoky Hill wagon road expedition, they have constructed a good wagon r»ad from Ft Hiley to Denver and Colorado. The party lost one man in a skirmish with a irty of Kiowas. There is much rejoicing here over the finaJ success of the expedition and the opening of routes. The weather U warm and very dry, Mer cury 93 deg. ST. Lot-is, Auo. it.—The total earnings for the 3d week in August of the St. Louis, Alton & Chicago R. R. arc $2,807, 762 in crease11'/1r esameweekin 18G9 $7M,040. Considerable excitement exists in Hancock county, 111., relative to a rumor that the Mormons intend returning and settling at Nauvoo, under the leadership of Joe Smith, Jr. A mass meeting ef the ritfeens was held on the 21st at Carthage, which protested against, and declared that tl»ey would not al low them to return. ST. JOSKPII, An*. 27.—The Pike's Ptak I express arrived this morning with Denver dates to the 21st. A subscription is bcln^r raised for exten ding the Telegraph from Ft. Kearny to Den ver City with a good prospect of obtaining the requisite sum. The excitement is increasing in regard to the recently discovered silver leads nearTar ryall and Breckinridge. The ore assays from $200 to $ 175 to the ton. Thousands of claims have been taken, and many are stampeding from the gold diggings to tjic silver mines. California gulch continues to pay richly and Multy, (jeorgiaand Ilumbug gulches. Miners are realizing all sums from nothing to $50 to the man. The weather is cold in the southern mines and there has beoa a light fall of snow in the Gregory diggings. Some men discouraged in quartz mills, arc selling out bebw cost, but the general feeling is one of increasing confidence and From $'20,000 to$5,000 in dust per week is now leaving for the river, mostly in pri- vate hands, and Clark, (Jruber & Co. are re- ceiving and coining about $2,000 per day. Many substantial brick baildings aret, go ing up. Th! Ponny Express, with San Francisco advices to tha 15th inst,, arrived here last! n eo,r^v?r„?rln V^U,S 11th instant. The San Farncisco Herald has change 1 editors and come out for Breckinridge. It is now entirely owned and controlled by Federal officers. Aug. 27.—On Saturday mor­ ning a fire broke out in the building occu pied by James Cullen, boot store, P. W. Stonehope, commission merchant, extending to the store occupied by lsham & Fisher.— Loss (20,000 fully insured. Aug. 2-t.—The Masonic body are making ari angeuients to meet the Prince ,t,(tu„ yiA it it jn „11 „yof Uyingthefoundartoa .Kmeof th. new Col. tforney is fully sustained by tlie Douglas national committee in his opposi tion to any fusion with the Breckinridge 'party. It is generally conceded at Wash ington that the Repubh'juns will carry Penn sylvania. J.T). •On the 16th inst. bv & Saturday night, elect, Clark and Noell, and John son. General Gardenhira, late Republican can didate for Governor, and Frank Blair, Debility. B. llender- ad- dressed a meeting at St. Charles on Thurs- day evening. Appointments for speaking have been made by the above named and other prominent Republicans, in some 20 counties, during the remainder of the canvas?. NEW YORK, Paris correspon dent ofthe New York Times, says Austria has near 250,000 men in Venetla. The same letter says the Neapolitan (iov- decided to postpone the Parlia- mentary elections indefinitely. This step which is equivalent in the eyes of the Nea politans to an abrogation of the new consti tution, will produce an immense fermentation and only hasten the crisia the King wishe* BABBT, 111., April 11th. 1866. Jon* D. PARK, ESQ., Chicago:—We are all out of Christie's Aguo Balsam, and wish you would send us one half gross, as we an(* we o u s e s e i u U 8 i i n used in our vicinity with perfect satisfaction A i n E C'll Ina'c no See advertisement. i L. Patriot, Santa Fe mail arrived to-day. The 5th Infantry, from Utah, arrived there on the 11th, and their arrival somewhat re vived business, which was very dull. The troops are en route for Ft. Defiance. The Indians are still hostile, but no out break of consequence since last mail. Stone in use. 40-11 ch.25-12-y No Indians were soen on the route, but fresh trails were seen where they crossed ihe road at two places. The troops are pushing* them and they have no time to tarry long ii» one place. Six hundred troops were met at n o_ r* i Iron Creek going to Ft. Minion, also a large 7,. Supe* AMAH and MI** KDTHEA KUPK, all at the residence of the bride'* Worster. Ma. Val. Mcidcl. and kliss Lome Dahlonega, Iowa. A A. CLAFF of Now Advertisements. STONE CUTTING. THE subscriber can furnish Cl'T STONE ttf for House Work, sills, caps, or any other kind af Also rough Stone for ceilars, 4c. Win. .HALONE. Q. H. BICKLEN & CO., Wholesale A He tail dealers In Groceries and Country Produce, Cicbrick's old 8(an4t One door East of the Carroll Howe, OTTI'MWA, "tMfA. t* All kinds of Prodncebought%nd sold. Aug 80 '60-25-12-ly C. L. A O N WII01.ESA I.E Commission Merchant, No. l:5 South Water St., Chieago. Agent for sale of llerrinp's Patent Champion Safes Hagan's Hoisting Wheels, and Fairbank's railroad, u^v: pla,for"'a'1'1 counter scales ALK "ti»—'25-I2-8m Just Ho iv LSKII I1*\V Reetared. Published, in a Sealed En idope, A lecture on nature treatment and Hadicul cure of Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Deblll- i-issions ,„ odu, inK und Mental and Pin steal KyUOII. J. Cl'LVKRWELI., M. D. The important fart that the awful conseqaences of self-abuse may be effectually removed without intern al medicines or the dangerous apjdiea 'ions of caustics. Instruments, medicated bougies, and other empirical devises, is here clearly demonstrated,and the entire- ly new aud highly successful treatment, as adopted by 1 the celebrated author fully explained, by means of which every one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, »•../. i and at the least possible cost, tliereby avoidiux all the advertised nostrums of the da.v. i'liis l.ectuie will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. Sent underseal to any address, //o»f paid, onthe receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing Dr. C. 4si» First Aveuue, New York,Post itox4,ta6. 26 -19 .v CALL AND SEE MY RAT AND GAME TRAPS, At the CARROLL HOUSE. THIS TRAP catches, kills,boxes and^etts Itself 14 times without being re set by band. HF"Shop, Tjwnship, and f'ounty Hlghts fbrsale. A. 8. BUKT. CALL AND GETSOMEOF RORABACK'S COMPOUND CHEMICAL SOAPS. At tho Carroll Ilou*«e, THV ITI You can do year Washing In half the time and with half tha lahor. Then buy a Right, make your own Soaps, as It can be wade in from ft to XU minutes, at a cost of 4 cents per pound for Toilet Soap, aud of a cent per pound for Washing Soap. ,, So simple that any person can make It on any stove and in any boiler. |^ramUy, Township and Oooaty Rights for sale! hy A. 8. BURT. e e s e n e a i o n i n s i s i n o e e u e i n i o n e s o e o u s e and TO Bt'V A HOME I V^f E hesitation in recommend-1 A 5 I am dc'-rmiiieu .» seiiaii my r»mi, win sell fourth rash down, the K°ottamrHl,M'/v' real estate, con- the a- i»ve property for one balance nn 1, 2 and years time, with Interest from data. Prices reasonable.~ A (JRAV LAT AUCTION Will be Mold at Anrtion, Septcm* Ix'rJOIh, 1N60, Tlie Suporb Stallions, WALKER CADMUS, GREEN MOUNTAIN MORGN, Lately owned by the Washington Co., O., Stork Com pany, and favorably known in that |iart ofthe Stateias the Sir-* of the hest Worses In ife Itavini served purposesnf their purchasers are now offered fyr sale at Auction. WALKER CADMITS Is a Chestnut Sorrel, hands hifrh, ofpreatstrenJMl and action, and possesses all the points requlalt serviciihle and elegant road horse. Pe'h's/ree-—This Pedigree.—Green tot a superior thorough-bred horse 4M frothy Younj Cadmus, bred hy.Goldstnlth Warren County O., be by lleach's Old Cadmus, he fcy American Kclipse, by old Duroc, by imported Diomed. The dam of Cadmus was got by Marshal Duroc, grand dam bv Imported expedition, great grand dam by i,fe ported Grey lii/hlander, great great grand dam b/ imported Grey Messenger- The dam of G. CoffeBV Cadmus was got by Brunswick, her dam by Caok'l Whip, of Kentucky. BRTMSWICK was a thorough bred son of- Old SUTNPR. ter, bred by Col. Buford, of Kv., was a hor?e of grMkfr site and beauty, was tha sire of O. Caffen's Wanteo Will, Harper's Hoh Walker, and many lange, powtr ful race horses of the first order. Mars'ial Duroc wa« got ly Old Ou»c, half brother to American Kclipse: Marshal Duroc's dam was lien. Ridgley'k fainou*Mali ofthe Oaks, got by imported spread Kagle- Imported KXPKIIITION was got by l'cgasus, he hy the matcbleM horse Kclipse, of F.n».'land. Imported GR. IIIO Lttim foaled in 17S3, bred by Mr. Douglas, of England, waa got by Bordeaux, liis dam by Tetntum, by Matchem. See American Turf Register, Vol 3, page 150 Impar ted Or. Messenger, the sire of the dam of AmericM Kclipse, was got by Membrlno, in Eng ind, he by Snrf. See Turf Register, Vol. 8, p. 20. Suinpter, the aire of Brunswick, was by the renowed Sir Archy^ half brother to Old Duroc, by Imported Dioiued. (}REI-:X MO I XT AIX ORG AX Is n beautiful Black, Ifl hands and -1 inches high, ot great strangth ai.d action, and weiprs in good condi tion 1300 lbs., possesses a quiet disposition, is kind In all places, yet high spirited and ambitious, and WM probably the largest well-bred Morgan horse in Ohle. The Morgan is one of the most judicious crosses that has given us a racc of horses able to perform, with singular eBiciency,, all that can be required of then in the different pursuits and relations of active acd practical as well as more fashionable life—a race «f remarkable symetry, compactness, action rnd end*, ranee— a race of the greatest kindness and docility— a race of work and all go—a race, in a word which concentrates a mighty rse in a small compass. Mountain wrs sired by lllghw^ man he hy the original Morgan. The dam of UreMI Mountain was hy Old Nimed whose sire was True American, and his dam from the original Morgan, which brings Green Mountain directly from the origi nal stock on both sides. Tcatis—One third ca«h, balance in one and IN years, with In per cent interest, well secured by pw sonal or real estate security. Address W. II. TAT LOB orC, K. DEVOI.. Mt. Fleasantt Iowa, Aug 1^, lb60, t-d. THE CHICAGO JOURNAL* FOR 1S60, Daily, Tri-Weekly, and Weekly. The CHICAOO lonaKAi., whL-h has, for tarenteeo eventful years, enjoyed the good will, and, it is be lieved, the confidence, of hosts of readers in the West, solicits a continuance of the generous patronage hith erto bestowed, and an increase ofthe number of Its patrons. First established to advocate the election of He lrv Clay, it has followed the vital principles of the old Whig party into the Republican ranks, and in its political conduct has ever cherished and main tained them. Advocating, with unflagging real, whatever seemed uiosst conducive to the hoiioa. well being and stability of the Union, it has ever opposed Public Fraud, Detnagogueisiu, and Misgoverment, and favored a judicious system of Public Economy, en couraged Home Enterprise, and the development of the Country's material resources and its general pros perity. As a Newspaper, the JoraNiL gives each day tfct Telegraphic News from all sections of the conntrj|ha» Home and Eastern Market and Financial Report4» all Local Matters of public interest—a compi ehensiT# summary of General News—while the literary Departs ment is under the charge of B. Taylor, Esq., widely known as one of the most poli.-hed writers of the day. It has also regular correspondents at Washington and New York, ami an efficient corps of Reporters attd traveling correspondents. Of those who have so nobly extended their aid In times past, the proprietors ofthe Journal truBt they may ask the favor of further friendly efforts to in crease its circulation. With others who have hereto* fore been strangers to it, it is hoped it may become a familiar acquaintance. To such as do not agree with its political tents, they promise a good Newspaper—to such as do, an ardent and earnest, supporter of tho principles which underlie the Republican orgunijo tion. THK DAILY EVENING JOURNAL, containing felt Telegraphic Reports of News and the Markets up to o'clock, P. M. each day, will be mailed to subscri bers as follows. Single Copies $7.00 Five or more copies to on*P. O. address.6.00 each. THE TRI-WEEKLY JOURNAL embraces the In inside page* of the Dally JOURNAL, each number con taining the Impression, without change of matter, of the forms of two Daily papers. This is furnished SS follows Single copies $4.00 Three or more copies to one 9.0. address.$8 00 each. THE WEEKLY JOURNAL Is printed on a mam moth sheet, containing closely printed eel uuis, embr icing most ofthe matter of general interest published in the Daily JOI HMAL. It has also a Week ly Report of the Orain and Produce Markets of Chi cago carefullyjprepared by thee Journal Reporters, and a statement of Mouetary Atfairs, revised by an experienced banker it is mailed every Thursday In time for it to reach iu subscribers by the close of tho week. TUUia rAtllU !K A1UICI. Single copies fi,flo Clubs often or more $1.00 eash And a gratuitous a umber to the person who sets (Hi the Club. At these !ow prices, every family can afford to take a paper. The commencement of the year is a good time to begin a subscription. Postmasters and others are invited to form Clubs. A little effort on the part of some one in every town, who desires a Chicago pa per, would largely increase the circulation of UlO JoL KM L, and thereby he the means of spreading much useful knowledge amongthe families of the people. C. L. WILSON A Co., Pujlishers, 5i Dearborn St., Chicago. CINCINNATI AND I.«CiA.\SI»OIt* AND PEORIA AND RURUNGT0N li AILIJOD. Shortest Line. To Dayton 415 To Colutnbos 475 To Wheeling 619 To Baltimore W1 To Washington lUSl i Chicamr JHttan**Jbom Burlington i ctEa Log a nsp$ri eA To Cincinnati 4(5 miles iSSS mils* 438 619 68T 1007 1046 Kkarlnt Tine Table. 00150 KKTCHNIMO 8:00 p. m., Burlington, K:5o p. m. 12:40 a. Peoria, 8:45 p. m. *1-5" LKIVST OO a ALSO. 10:00 w 9 ii0 a ni I.ogansport. arlve 6:80 am 8:10 pu 1:10 a 12:10 pra Anderson. 14:10 am 12:10 pm 4:00a ni 2:So pm Klchniond. 9:40 pin 9:10pm 7:4S a 5 30 |tn Cincinnati, 6.1M1 pm 6:50 pm At Richmond, trains connect with Indiana Centra) R. It. for Dayton, Springfield and Columbus Ohio* Wheeling, Baltimore and Washington. Freight Trains make regular connections throoS|k from Cincinnati to Burlington, in three days. For further particulars apply lo BAHBKR, (Jen'l R. R. Ag't, Desmoines, lo#a JAB. FAYKKWKATHKR, Ag't II A It R, Burlington, IOIMl A W. CHAPMAN, Oen'l F't Ag't A K, Cincinnati, OliflAr D. 8 ORAY, Oen'l Pt Ag't, Central Ohio R.m. Columbus, Ohla. _Aug. 1W, 1S60._ THE TOLEDO A WABASH, AMD LOUANSPORT, PK »ILLA & RURLINGT'N FAST FKKIIillT I.IN'K. C-* MANHOOD UODS forwarded from I.ake Krieto the Mlsslsrtp K pi, in continuous K.xpre»s Freight trains, with* out trans-shipment, and in quicker time thau by aay other route. Rates as low as by any other route. Overchargea and damages promptly settled. Contracts can be tnadeat HS low rates In New York or Boston, as by any other line, with the undersigned agents 0»TMA«, Ag't N V A E It, 241 Broadway, II MOKE, Ag't N Y R.2S9 Broadway, II SfAi'LniNu, 8pauldir.g's Ex. 2 Astor lleosa, Pkvv. TaNXKK 4 Co, 171 Broadway, Ureal Western Dispatch, 251 Broadway, Wefte-ri Transportation ('o, 1H1 ltroadwty, American Traubportation Co, (\-ntre Slip. BOSTON, 8 Dnsi.ip, Ag't N Y A K R, 15 State BtrMK JAS. Milus, Ag't A W R, 19 State StreeU PitiM-ips, Fitchburg R., 6 State Street" A KSIUUT, Ag't O W Dispatch, 6 State Street. BIKKALO K Loomx, Oen'l Prelght Ag't A E R. Doi.k, Ag't NYC Propeller Line. K 8 SrnscKH, Oen'l Eastern Ag't PA R., New York. vrn e particular and mark packages care T4W R. via Logarvport. A. BAKBKR, Ag't,Desmotnjg, NEW YORK AND ERIE KAII.ItOAD. Urrat Broad Gnafe, Doable Track und Telegraph Itoute, TOrylng New York, Boston, aud all eastern cities, cf0+ the (treat Western and Nortb-WeatM United States mails. Kxpress Trains leave Dunkirk dally, on arrival of all trains on the Lake Shore Railroad, ft om Clevelaad, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Pt. Louis, Dubuqae, Burlington, Iowa City, Ac., and run through to New York city without change. The only route running cars through from the Lakes to New York city. Splendid ventilated sleeping cars rua on night traliiH. Baggage checked throagh. Fare always as Low by any other route. Boston Passengers aad their Baggage tranaferfe# Free iu New York. Be particular and call for tickets eta Dnakirk aad the v York and Krie Railroad, which are sold it|J| the principal Railroad offices in the West. This road affords facilities for shipment of freig|M. superior to any other route. A* KXPRKS* FltF.K.1IT TRAIN leaves New York daily, making close cnunectlIM through to all points West, and quicker time than ever before made on any line. For freight ratec. enquire of J. C. Oatraan, 241 Broad way, f-ew York, or of Jacob Forsyth, Freight AgeM, Dearborn St., Chicsgo. CH A *. MINOT. S«p'», Jon* Oae«»*. Western Ag't Cleveland Ohio, (ii'i s HEAP, Ag, Toled-, Ohia.

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