Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, September 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated September 6, 1860 Page 2
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Clic lOttumliu (iouuct. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. W. \01tlllS. Editor. i TTUMWA, IOWA, Sept. 6, i860. 1'OTJ PRESIDKNT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Of ILUXOIi. rom VICK L'KKSIDKXT. HANNIBAL HAMLIN, of IIA1XH. PBES1DENT1AL F.LECTOR^ HRfiK. P|TZ HENRY WARREN, of Des Mol nes Co. JO#. A. CHAPLIN, of Dubtiqtle Co. DISTRICT nLKl-TilM. U1 Dial M.!.. McPHKKSON, of-Madlson Co. •Jd —CH IS. POMKROY, of Boone Co. ASSISTANT K1.KCTOK8. 1st Di»1,-J. W. NEWOOMK, of Davis Co. —BEN. RKCPOR, of Fremont Co. —E. N. BATES, of Linn Co. —W. B. FAIRFIELD, of Floyd C«.„ KEFI «NRA\ STATI: TICKET. FOB CONURKSS—EIRST 1)|!«TH1'.T, SAMIEL K. CURTIS, County. FOR SKl'RKTARY OF 8TATK, R£U4tI SILLS, of Muscatine Co. FOR AUDITOR OF STATU, JOHN W. JONKS, of Hardin Co. FOR ATTORNEY (SKSKftJL, CHAS. C. NOVUSE, of Polk Co. roa REGISTKR OF STATU LAXD OF* !CKT B. MI LLKR, of Cerro Gordo Co. FOR SRRNRXK jrnnit, GEO. (i. WRIGHT, of Van Ruren Co. noml«r Tlecfiitir at Ajfenry City. 5,000 FHKEMKX IX COl'-WII.. INTENSE ENTHUSIASM! Able Sperrhesi by Son. rimrs* Hon. F. Wilson,.4.11. Srott,.4.2.o(spelch an If. Ueater^Eitf1, or The Republican meeting at Agency City on Thursday last, was a great success, ex ceeding in numbers and enthusiasm the most sanguine expectations of its wide-awake and spirited projectors, the Republicans of Agency City. We are certainly within bounds when we state the numbers present at 5,000. Many estimates were higher. It was unquestionably the largest political moot ing ever held in the county. It was ateo the most effective and-satisfactory demon stration we ever attended anywhere. The day was very suitable, warm bwt agre ably tempered with a grateful breeze. The dust and the Douglas Democrats alone were i Some four or five very large 14 delegations Ottumwa. The former, from Dahlonega, was the largest, and was two miles long as displayed-on the march. It consisted of numerous wagons and other vehicles, a troupe of couple of young Ladies and Gentlemen residing at Long Point, Dahlone ga and the vicinity of inglon Township, scarcely on which a half dozen stalwart Republicans from Competine, Pleasant and other Town i ships in this county, and a good many ar- most orderly and systematic manner, but i noticed Maj. S. K. Creamer, Chief Marshal, i S. W. Merrill, W. C. Ruynolds, Col. Jona- than Thorn j.son and others, acting in Sen. Crimes and Hon. .James W. Wilson, made the set speeches of the occasion, in the beautiful grove north of the City where the meeting was held. We regret that our space will not admit of at least a skcteh of the principal topics discussed in these truly (jbte and eloquent speeches, which were en- nient of the Republicans who resorted ber, representing each a State, and one rep-! purposes by suppressing free speech by mob resenting Kansas, with little flags with the! violence, by interrupting meetings, by egging names, of the States on them, and a monster females, by throwing stones in the night team of yoke of oxen drawinB „.,^ n posed of 154 members, of whom 104 were!tota,k present, and called the Lincoln minute men of 1800, made a most striking display. A finer body of men, and a better specimen of ofthe intelligent freemen of our gloripus coun try, we never saw anywhere. There were in addition, large delegations rived on the trains. The Ottumwa delcga-, tion did not all go together. The number companies, the Fairfield, numbering we be lieve about 7-r», and the Ottnmwa company containing 50. The display of the Wide Awakes in the day time and especially at night, was truly imposing. We did not learn the names of all theMar- Kitate wlio managed the proceedings in thc I I could suggest, to insult not only the male members of the various delegations, bnteven the Ladies. They presi-stently kept up, not only cheers for Douglas, but the most un earthly yells, hooting* and bowlings, such as were seldom if evei before heard in a civilized community. Such remarks as this were made to Ladies, than wboin none in this county stand higher for intelligence and re i sportability, "you ought to have big buck anoving and disturbed the perfect enjoyment: was done with politics several whose names Mr. Caldwell spoke in the Court House. of the vast crowd. The principal occasion ofthe meeting-, was the raising of a beautiful pole, and the dis play of a splendid Hag from it, by the earn est aud public spirited Republican citiaens of the place. This ceremony, with the ex- ception of hoisting the Hag, which was tern- disappeared. i belonging to the Birmingham Wide Awake porarily defered, on account of the high! We gladly bear testimony to the noble coinpanjr, fell out of a wagon at Birmingham wind prevailing at the time, was successfully conduct of these Democrats, and only wish juntas they were starting for Keosauqua, concluded in the morning before the arrival! that we could hear of and mention more, and broke his leg. of the delegations from abroad. More there doubtless were, but not enough The Wide Awakes from Birmingham* oame in by the different roads connecting at The only provocation we heard of for this ton, to the number of 22'j, were on hand. Agency City, from DahJonega, and Kirkville, conduct was, that in the morning some Re- ami formed a torch-light procession in.- the from Ashland and eastward thereof and from publican, goaded on by the taunts and in- evening. The imposing spectacle they pre sults of the crowd throwing stones and wa-{sentei can be more easily imagined than ving Hags to scare the horses, and interrupt described. the pole raising, threw several harmless pie- The Republicans latch-strings were out ces of gingerbread at them, and this some all over the city, inviting the Wide Awakes pretend to allege as an excuse and provoca-1 to walk in and partake of the good things tion for the gross and presistent insults prepared for them. Your correspondent par took of an excellent Supper at the house of those places, on horse- heaped upon the entire company ol Republi back, with flags, banners and decorations.— cans during tlic day, and commenced by This company composed of some of Wap- them. ello's fairest daughters and bravest m:n,, T1,is is id,e- was verv beautiful. I «nt. It is found in thc illiberality, the malice. The Delegation firtm A«h1»n^ leas numerous than the one last mentioned, also made a-finc that fell spirit which, failing to put down itl M.en cownrjly slmking ..v,y al,e'R away reason was large from this city and vicinity, and IKjncnts- from the region west of us. 20 wagons went in company, including six conveying the Wide Awakesr Of the latter there were two anc^ &rc0lint vv'icre PcrscnaJ ''ate' v('nr!t''in(-e i\.ttb.iiijr in t'.K-ir powi-r, to vnil.'i tit-• invasion agreeable to all in attendance. The Wide-| Awakes arc under especial obligations to MR, them and ninny others. ided the great Republi^.n Mass Meeting at We should bv plud to close our account of Keos-uiqua, Van liuran County, which nieet this meeting here, so that the imprcs&ion of ing was, from the best information I have, it on the leaders mind, might be pleasant the most complete success of any political and ajrreahle. We should be glad if we said gathering that has been held in this State anything about them, to say of our political since the opening of the present campaign. •ponents at Agency City, that their treat- Indeed, I have not seen anything equal to it/^ Douglasites to their town to hold a political meeting, was was a general outpouring of the people. polite and courteous, such as one political Men of "three score years and ten party has a right to expect from their fellow there "children of days, old ladies anQ citizens of all other parties. But truth and ladies innumerable were there. justice c»inpells us to say, that the conduct! an array of beauty, chivalry, virtue, intelli nf a portion of the Douglas Democrats of gcnce «nd patriotism of the land, I never Agency City, on Thursday last, better com-! saw. Banners, transparencies and flags, ported with a tribe of Savages, than with bearing almost every conceivable inscription that of enlightened civilized human beings, and device, were in the procession. I will From the time the Republicans commenced notice the inscriptions and devices on a few their entrance into the place, during the en- "Hurrah for Kephart Ilurah for John mated to contain over 3,000 people. One Brown, Disunion before Lincoln, Disunion hundred of these wagons were from the vi before Abolitionism." One went up to a! cinity of Birmingham. I think I am safe horse-back campany of Ladies ard Gentle in estimating the entire crowd at 7,000 per men and said they needed some buck niggers sons. to make tho company complete &c, «fcc, ad Able seeches were made in the afternoon nauseujtb. These are fair specimens. by Messrs. Grimes, Wilson and Bromley.— to exonerate the party from responsibility. Bentonsport, Winchtster, Vernon and Tren- The cause WM vel7 differ- the rule or ruin policy and principles of the participated in by six young men impression. There was a company of ox- R-pnblican party by appeals to reason friends. WILMOUK. ceedingly pretty young Ladies, in num-' R,uJ ^ou?'as Inr'v- They are the concentration count}*. Thc speakers acquitted themselves *air argument, would accomplish their into from har,n and ,,ninti,nidated such riba,d disK™ced the-' co"9,ie that opacity. The music by the Agency Sax Horn Band, and the Martini Bauds ofthe ^airfield and Ottumwu--Wide Awakes, was of the first degree of merit. and proceeded S. W. Merrill, the Messrs. Knight, Mr. Che-- Douglas Procession on Tuesday, was the old ney, Charles Dudley, and L. W» Stebbius, or a new one. The reply was. the old one «4ti*«js ««f Agency City, Who negleAcd d.rk WRy- were mauling rails most vigorously. Such a state of things, and thc feelings oM fric-ncl.sanrl supporters of Henry A company of Horsemen from Locust pr°,npt'ng them, cannot but be deprecated flay are now asked to go into a coalition Grove and vicinitv. Jefferson countv com-! c°nlemned about the lInion as thesc men when they arfc doin? aU thuy an^ inflict harm upon political op- We Wl11 uPon and put a stop to thc rowdy, blackguard. Tribune mob iropensitics of their followers, or we rv V shall see a condition of since the memorable campaign of 1840. It of VTRAGEOUS COXDUCT OF DoPGLA&ITKS. the procession, crying out, here is your what split 'em." When Douglas and Brcck- Swecm. procession, crying out, here is your "honest old Abe," the fellow in the cart go ing through the motion of splitting rails One prominent and leading Democrat came out in front of his Store and proclaimed lhom- tire proceedings, the streets were lined with sentation of the irrepressible conflict at a crowd of Douglasites, who by word, gesture, Charleston, lwo steers, one representing and deeds, did everyfiing tliat the' basest Douglas and the other Breckinridge, were malignity, and the* dirtiest blackguardism inridge get to the head of Salt, they will doubtless find this same "irrepressible nig ger" laughing at their calamity. We are rejoiced to say that many of'the The speaking took place from two stands,1 best men in the party discountenanced in Messrs. Miller, Weaver, Semple and Cald the most emphatic manner, this conduct. well spoke at night. Weaver, Miller and One remarked that from thut time forth, he Caldwell were speaking at the same time. we heard, declared their purpose to act with i The best of order prevailed. The Democrats the party no longer, and one gentleman, Mr. behaved admirably. Roger Kellogg, and we take pleasure in men- I regret to state that an estimable citizen tioniug his name, told the cart performers to of Keosauqua whose name I have forgotten, make themselves scarce, or he would whip was injured in the morning by the prenta theni to their hearts content, and.'tho. vehicle ture discharge of a cannon. A drummer, In the procession were 31'J wagons, esti- Mr. Kays. An interesting discussion, on the political topics of the day, took place in the Public Park of this city, on Saturday night last, a BriM a I 1844 by all good men. It is idle with those who are trying to elevate the ut- can to destroy those friendly and tolerant feelings, without which Union is impossible. What do thesc crew's tl*ms.»lvesto ever do,! terer of this tirade to the Presidency!— htenir,4J dourrm leaders dnsire Do they wish to see our journ:ii repeats it. political gatherings converted into scenes of And the Buffalo Republic utter) a fflae violence and bloodshed, wac-re the voice tjf i hcxxl in pronouncing tin extract "a forge- as A?e"icy City thc other day. While mo*'~ un?,'n01'°"- an(1 different matter. The atmosphere of Wap- cy playing at that game aguin, we hope they will do it boldly, an ', not shirk the responsi bility by running away and hic&ig them selves i:~. the darkness of. night. The gratitude of the entire company prcs-! triid to pull Mr. Rowell off. Mr. Rowell! ent at this meeting, is due to the zealous, probably ha 1 not asked Mr. Lanes permis-! NKW, YOHK, Sopt 2.—A Sunday paper as wholc-souled Republicans of Agency City, sion to burrah for his favorite candidate, ^rtepo.itivdy that Heenan and Mornssey for the atlmirable pre arations ma«le for the cei taiuly a great oversight. Will the lie- meetnig, und for the generous hospitality publicans of Dahlonega please remember Pn^,a*Jb in Jan.for #10,000 a side. extended by them to their tiiends. Perfect that when thev feel an inclination to shout justice weuld require particular mention of cach.-Republican resident of the placc and vicinity, hut as this manifestly done, we must be permitted to for. Lincoln in the streets of their Town, just to run in the first place and ask Postmaster cannot be Lane's permission. singie outj Somebody asked if the yellow Eagle in the wUb From the Argus. The Buffalo Repiblic has already nounced this extract a forgery: persuasion cannot be heard on |ry Itsjtruthis affirmed Carrolton (III.) see^ on^ wreak -f ai or insulting, they can go tr or Illinois Hon. David M. Woodson was «t their hearts content, for most of tl.em his opponent. During the canvass, they are incapable of anything else but when it spoke at Carrolton and in his Speech .at comes to throwing e_*gs and stones, that is a A Zralouv Post MarttT. Mr. Buchanan's Pou Master at Dahlonega must be taken as a frank and honest confes- tiiely worthy of the extended leputation of' M. M. Lane, seems to be one of the zealous sion of the hypocrisy of the new admiration tbe eminent gentlemen»who pronounced them.! kind. We learn that the other day while of Mr. Douglas for the memory ofthe states- ",c kvansville (Ind.) ide Awakes, The speeches of Messrs Scott, Weaver &. able and produced a marked effect upon tbe 1 of his office, seized the bridle of Mr. Rowell's other jotmials which are shedding crocodile 'c rowdies. Onu af the ide awakes was thousands who heard them. j-horse, th*WkkUff.rcsolutloa!- il Kcotuuqiia. l»olili«al AIKKIEI.I', Iowa, Sept. », 1800. Tuc llepudli( MIS if ()KU!'OS'i and Mahas* EDITOR:—On Friday, 31st ult., I atten- :kn County, have a Grand Hallv on the 11th, t: be addressed by Son. «rimes and others. On °nc transparency was a reprc- 'igagcd a "deadly combat." That the combat was a deadly one to both the Doug las and Hreckenridge parties, will more fully appear next November. On another transparency was a caricature on the Douglas platform. Douglas was mounted upon two ponies, the one going North the other South. The one going North was labelled Squatter Sovei eignty, and the one going South was labelled Dred Scott.— Douglas was standing with one foot on I nugers with you." One man had a big i Squatter Sovereignty and the other on Dred I butcher knife which he brandished threaten- Scott. ingly towards the procession as it passed.— On another transparency was represented i Albia, J. W. Latham Centreville, Cj*rus Several Ladies were hit with eggs, and more i "the wedge what split'em." Douglas and ^ro^rA' -Jolnison Inion than of the men with brick-bats. And i Breckinridge were being bisected by the in the evening a* the Widc-Avakcs were "Irrepressible nigger Forn^the mouth of paniding the street*,, a -cart, with', a fellow Douglas proceeded this expression "0, that enveloped in a sheep-skin, and four other Irrepressible Nigger The nigger was ex- '.y1.1!' V fellows propelling it, was trundled along by ulting over the fact that he was "the wedge j^^™xville' 1 iR M. at pro- but the PartJ passion and malignity where the remark was made, ami Supreme Court on the foreclosure of mortga- imnte4j to be true by Douglass otoa gCS We quote thing.- that we shall. ., all deprecate, for we assure them in all sin­ cerity, that it is thc uncl.angable determina tion of an overwhelming majority of the i people of the North, to exercise the right of free speech, and freedom of opinion, unawed that place Douglas used the following lan-1 gU:!fjounced w'11 him in the Congress of ello county is hardly adapted to that kind t|ic United States, and I now denounce him, argument just ywt. When any of them fan I as a TKAITOU—AN OLD BLACK-llKAIi TEI) TR AI TOR—the first American *t«u»-1 personal friends to make a speech, for the man who ever attempted to tell hi* country purpose of publicly vindicating himself from for British Gold. the violent personal assaults made upon |him Ots Mr. .Jacob Rowell was riding through Dab-. man, the author of thc Missouri Com pro- while attending a Republican meeting at peich, in the evening, had the ring of lonega, and exercising the right of hurrahing mise. We thank the Union for its unwon- Newburg. Warwick county, on the 24th Hue uietal in them. All the speeches were for Lincoln, this Federal official rushed out ted honesty, and commend its example to 'nst- We quote the article entire from the col- since his nomination for the Presidency at limns ofihe LTnion of Sunday, Aug. 19th.— Baltimore." The time fixed is the 5th of It there appears as wo print it and it i September, and the place "near Lexing ton." to kick the horse, and j" tears over Mr. Clays bones. severely wounded and others were injured Prcvious to the otii of Marcfi, IM other brigs and barks have recently A suspicious looking coast sailing 1 Hiley, had a battle with the Kiowas, having ou board a large quantity of rice and lumber, besides water casks beyond thc or dinary number, left Atlantic with a cargo of Negroes. Rumor adds that two or three 1 Wide Awake Companies including the Agen cy City, Ottumwa and Eddwille Clubs will be there. A grand time is expected. Douglas Hole I4'moli«th«'d Lightning on Tuesday. Tuesday night the lightning struck and knocked off about 120 feet of it. No use, Gentlemen! Your cause la bad! You are doomed! ouch\ IitA of this manner satisfactory to their political I denounced him (Clay) in the Congress of the United States, and I now denounce him as traitor AN OLD BLACK 11AIITED TUAlTOll—-thc first American Statesman who ever attempted to sell his county or •y raiscl a Pole atEddyville ing been appointed Vice President and man aging Director of the I. C. 11. R., at a salary of$10,0U0. There was a monster Republican gather ing at Indianapolis on the -Oth. 40 or 50, 0(MI persons were present. There were8,000 Wide Awakes in procession. Tom Corwin, F. P. Stanton, F. P. Blair, and others spoke. The most intense enthusiasm, exceeding 1840, prevailed. Home Stolen. A teamster, who had come to the Depot for goods, and was camping out there, had one of his horses stolen on Tuesday night. We extract the following from the list of appointments of tbe Annual Conference, which met at Oskaloosa ou the 3d inst, and should hare published the List entire but for want of space: The Indian Chamber of Commerce has passed resolutions against Mr, Wilso.i, Sec- retary, for the India cuiency scheme. i The Income Tax bill had passed th« Com i rnons. Consols were quoted on the 22d at 08 for money, and for account. Illinois and New York and Erie securities had advanced. LONDON MAKKKTS.—Sugar,- coffee, tea and salt-petre, quiet tallow firm. NIAGARA FALLS, Sept. 1.—1'he Hydraulic canal, with 70 acres of land, which has, been so long in litigation, was finally sold at auction here to-day, under an order of the an( -the Democratic gart X\oria, Illinois the candid members pnion. of the Douglas party to think of these things, and the Chicago Press ,. DouotAs AW OIAV. W6 have before us T. a copy of the Daily Democratic Ijnion, a The Union says:— Some ye^rs ago Douglas was a candidate for Congress in the 6th Congressional Dis- Gov. N. P. Banks, of Massachusetts, is *loud his Clarion (ets.) and tell the people shortly to become a citizen of Chicago, hav- to send up their chief men, tnd decide in AI.UIA DISTRICT, M. II. Hare, P. E. ville, Win. Byrkit Drakeville, Henry Crel lin Bloomneld, J. B. Hardy Bloomtield circuit, Jas. Ilaynes Floris, Wm. Mahon OTTVMWA, I). Worthington Blukesburg, (». W. Byrkit Chillieothe, G. W. Bamfbrd Smith Attica, G. LL Clark Allcnder Melrose, D. T. For the Ottumwa Courier. 2. Jiesolvetf, That the untiring energy and zeal of the Republicans of that hitherto I stronghold of Democracy, foreshadow the speedy and complete redemption of Wapello county from Democratic misrule. 3. lieaolred, That in the efforts of a por tion of the Douglas Democracy at Agcncy to "save the Union" liy hurling brickbats at i the Ottumwa Wide Awakes, we recognize I thc legitimate consequence and peculiar miKlicnan in tnA llffiimipa i'mmtnii Ann KS published in Fairfield U Ager. Xaples. Col. Cosing, with four thousand volunteers, had quitted Bonconar, taking the direction of the main land. One thousand five hundred men with arms and tents, from Sardinia, had landed at Na ples, but were compelled to re embark. It is asserted that two Companies of Dragoons had joined the insurgents. The Austrian Marin Budget is to be in creased to one hundred million florins. Thc English Cabinet agree to discontinue their negotiations for including Spain aft one of tho great-Powers of Europe. jn satisfaction of a judgment in fa- ges vorofII. II. Day for $111,000 and was bought on his account. Mr. Day will imrne diately complete the canal having the whole power ready for us next spring. i i PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 1.—A correspondent vo rof II. II. Dav for |111,000 l' will soon proceed to Pennsylvania, and I address a meeting at Harrisburg on the 7th of the Press announces that Mr Douglas paper printed at Peoria, Illinois, in which wc find the following frank admission of the charge that during Mr. Clay's life time Reading on thc 8th, and Philadelphia on the he was bitterly mulignodand persecuted by Stephen A. Douglas. SARATOC.A, Sept. 1.—Mrs. Garland of the U. S. Army, dropped dead in the street here last evening, while walking with her daugh ter, the wife of Major Deas. She had been in her usual health previously. Hon J. C. Breckinridge has written a Henry ol the tribe ofCranmor wa.s chief pub lican, and David His butler, sat at the rcccipt of custom, 2. That Norman was acting as acribd, and had grow n exceedingly rich, so that h* had much substance. 3. And he traded abundantly in lands, hmscs, mules, asses and patent-rights. 4. Then it was that Samuel the Judge, spake unto Allen or Aminadabof the house of Bently, chief of the trnmpeters, to sound convention who should be their next scribe. 6. And when the sound was given, many of the people spake after this manner: 6. "Let us go up and make Norman scribe, for he is a good scribe, and comely to look upon, and he will be much pleased, and oor wives and daughters, delighted." 7. But it happened in those days that many others desired to ba scribe, in order that they might grow rich like unto Nor man, and the office of scribe was much to be desired. 8. Among these were Richard of the house of Rolliin, John of the tribe of Shelton, Harrison of the tribe of Kelsey, Mass Mcc'ting at Agency City. EDITOR COURIER—Dear Sir: The follow-1 heard, ing resolutions were unanimously adopted way up into the office of the priest Amini-1 a position in which the Executive, Lcgis by the Fairfield Wide Awakes, on the cars, i dab, chief of the trumpeters, to consider the lative, and Judicial departments shall cad) while returning to Fairfield, on Friday morn- matter with him. observe its own appropriate duties, ing, August 31st, 18ii0. 13. And when they had communed to- i A ratification meeting was held in the Yours respectfully, gether, Norman and Aminidab were much evening, which was largely attended, and A. It. FULTON, Secretary, 'grieved, but Samuel the Judge comforted much enthusiasm prevailed. Speeches were RESOLUTIONS. them, and spake after this wise made by Judge McIIenry, W. H. Worth 1. Retolwd, That the Fairfield Wide 14. Be ye not grieved nor your souls troub-1 ingtort and others. Awakes hereby express their wannest thanks Jed, nor your spirits cast down within you, to the Republicans of Agency City for the I fop veri]y( verily) say unto y0U) that then thc Ottumwa Courier and i, Wcws by the Fulton. truth a11 r,8ht» CAPE RACE. August SI.—One hundred and fifty Garibaldians had disitnbarkcd in Calabria, and were joined by two thousand he be willing to catch the crumbs and put up insurgents, with whom they retired to the with tit-bits, Township clerk or District mountains. Treasurer, then will we keep him, if not he Preparations continued for the defense of may go.unto the paoty called Black-Repub- licans. 18. But as for Harrison of the tribe tm» Douglas will same evening, thence Kaston and other towns of the State. He will then return to New York. let- ter in answer to the invitation of numerous were ^rt'^ 'nto a I,!u ty Democrat- This Is au outrage to be committed in a fret country. Dates from Denver City to the 7th inst., says that U. S. troops from Forts Kearney near lients Fort, on the 24th ult. Five killed- and 13 taken Kiowas were ers. PRIZE campment haulrd out from the same rendezvous and companies, for a lrocoMed on eimQar voyag«. October 4th, th* 8d dar of State fUr. prison- J)iiu.—Theret% to be A grind an­ and prize Drill of Wide Awake prize for James the son of Absalom did not in our assembly, even when we all united against him, and would cDmbine against him again were he a candidate. 22. And were he to go with the Black Republicans round about Drakesville, what harm can he do our camp truly he and Dutch Ager would not be missed from amongst our number, inasmuch as the peo pie in that place are given to hardness of heart, and worship at the altar, of Abraham the mighty leader. 23. Now this Dutch Ager, and Crawford us, or worship Stephen Arnold the traitor. I say unto you they had best be gone. 24. Then said Norman, behold I atn pleas ed with your council for I see great judg ment in your sayings, surely we can dispose with John, and this soar headed Dick." 25. And Aminadab's counsel regarding Harrison, is good and findeth favor in my eyes, but how are we to cast Clinton, of the tribe of Thomas from us. 2ft. Did I not promise this man Clinton my place, even twelve months ago, and many also of you have made like promises unto him, and otn his hands we have received many presents, and great help, he has also many friends, and, verily I say unto you, we must work this matter ingeniously, else they all will surely bolt, and great will bo our defeat in this land of Davis. 27. Then spake Samuel again, saying Aminadab must act as a friend to Clinton, and Daniel must electioneer for him, (over the left you know.) 28. And I am always neutral, at least peo pie think I am, therefore we will have it understood that the other Delegates when they fail with their candidates, must unite on Norman. 20. Now this will beat Clinton, and Nor man must say the people would bring me out even against my will, therefore, I will serve the dear people, even though you, Clinton, do become soar headed. 30. But be w ill think that it was all done by a converted clique in the delegation from the place called Drakeville, 81. Now when all these things were raid, they become highly pleased and said, surely this man Samuel'is a man of great wisdom, and their hearts were made happy within them, insomuch that they went to their own off 100, at Iowa City, tents about the hour of cock crowing. First SSook of Cliroilicle.l. PIIILAHKI.IMIIA, Aug. 31.—Mr. John 1*. CHATTER 8 Vcrel has been re-nominated by the llepub 1. And behold it came to pruw in the days jjcans 0f when Samuel judged the people, and while i ex-Judge Kelly was nominated at midnight 1 Samuol and Norman made their means the country may be brought back to i have upon the KepuulS TZ Democracy in a poor condition many naltiplm impro»em«nta in th. use Meeting at that place. times during my reign. ful machinery of the day. In this instance 15. And if you will give heed to me, I will!in now tell you how this can be adjusted, and Norman elected. John of the tribe of Shel-! li°we'8 Standard Scale. The principal of ton we know is nnfit for scribe, but we must not offe id offend him. I will get some one to persuade him off ofthe track by promis ing him the office of squire. 16. And as he is not qualified for thtnt force of Judge Douglas' »trohj argument." office, we will run him for Constable, and platform resting and wearing upon the 4. A'cwhed, That theforegoin" resolutions and ye know we can lay low for ducks. 17. And as for Richard, he is a faithful little soul, but has never done enough for the party to merit the office of scribc, but if, ®(iS' 0 know not, for of a truth we have made many promised this tuing, and now we are pre tending to be his friend* even for this office of scribe. 20. Then spake Aminadab the priest and trumpeter, saying "this man Harrison has been a Democrat too long to bolt, and he knows that bolting would be his ruin forever. 8OUM0N. the Third Congressional District by the Republicans of the Fourth District, after a long und excited' contest of 63 bal lot!. FK.vNC.roRT, Kr, Sept. 1.—Tho official rote for Clerk Court of Appeals—Coombs, 68,034 MvClarty, -t."),00i) Balling, 10,874 Hopkins, 804. MAI.ONK, Aug. 95.—H. II. Thompsons Tannery was destroyed by fire this morning, i ... also a carriage shop adjoining. Loss 8,000 dollars insured 4 *i00 dnllnrs uouars, insured aonara. v v NEW XOKK, cs«„ tnd of the tribe of Thomas. 9 Clinton Now these mjn claimed that they had State were represented. Hon. E. Cook of served the party long, and faithfully, kept Scott county was chosen President. many of its secrets, made many presents The follo»ving Electoral Ticket was nomi and stump speeches, yea, even unto this time! nated: Col. W.J. Henderson of Matshal been sent away penuiless. county Judge M. D. McIIcnry of Polk 10. Then they began to murmur and to I county C. W. Boyer of Pottawatamio coun say, lo! Norman has been scribe for two' ty J. J. Lindley of Scott county. terms, and we do not wish our children toj Assistant Electors—J. C. L. Avciy, J. II. cry for bread "(while Norman is growing Wallace. rich from their toil,") and we a na ry red!. It was considered inexpedient to nominate 11. And when Samuel the Judge heard a State ticket. these things, he was sorely troubled, for he' Resolutions were adopted endorsing Boll loved Not man, and his soul was knit to him. and Everett declaring the tendency of power 12. Then, when even was come, and thej into the hands of the Executive department people were shut up in their own tents, and as having reached a point which loudly ad there was not the sound of a hammer to be monishes all good men to consider by what Sept. 1.—A letter published from San Af.toniosays two incendiaries weie arrested at Henderson, and lynched. Large quantities of poisons were found on the ne groes for the understood purpose of poison ing the wells and fojd of the whites.— Total loss of property in Texas is said to rcich $3,000,000, and 2') persons hanged. Douglas arrived at Richmond last evening from Raleigh, and made a speech in the pres ence of 1-2,000 or 15,000 persons. Much cheering. DAVESPOKT, Sept. 1.— The friends of Bel* and Eveiett were in convention of Iowa City yesterday. About i 25 delegatus were pres ent. Scarcely one hilf the counties in tho We take pleasure in chronicling tho vari- cal,i"? the scalo to thc ycar^ attention of every one using a antl Kelsey, he must be held right and with when first put d°wn smooth hands, else he may prevent tho elec- i uxsl,"ne tion of Norman, and how this is to be done I nupt etion, recommend itself |y to that bcst improvements found in leverage as used in every scale heretofore manufactured is the same as in that of scales fifty years a^o and although thc manufac ture of portable platform scales is more mod- CTn ifSeint or Van beat him, whv.'fora the knife edges, has been the only scale otr- t'on' the olti-fashi°ncd clicck rods, with .« .. ml v ed to the public. The Howe scale requi res no pit, which in a 'prairie country, par ticularly, is of great advantage, and all l'ric- iusteaJ of being received on knife ed- as 'n °^iers an °f fair promises unto him. fhornas S. Dickerson, at h:s metal Ware-1 19. And ye know that the last time our people were gathered together in convention I Building,) has a large sale-room for these to choose a Treasurer, he was defeated and sca'esi came nijjh unto bolting, for he had been '"ro,n the most delicate Post Office balancei to tho thirty ton railroad track scale.—Chi-. eago Democrat. lingenioi.s devico received on chilled iron balls, and it will weigh accurately either in or out of level.— As an instance of this, we will mention that one of their two hundred to scales seven feet out of level, has been in A LKDO, Jane 30th 1860. JOHN D. PARK, Esq, DEAU SIB.—1 hare sold your very reliable medicines for the past three years, and in no gia, or Wood and Liver Syrup for Scrofula and all impurities of the Blood is beyond question the most valuable remedy before the public. Even Physicians are using and perscribing it with great and bentlcial re sult ,£ Respectfully Yours, See Advertisement. the (fix) cap delegation, have ever been a cago describing the two grea* remedies, man pest unto us, and should not commune with ufacturcd bv him. COMPLIMENTARY NOTICE.—Sloan s Instant Relief.—We publish today, on second page the advertisement of Oscar B. Sloan, of Chi- is Sloan's Instant Relief—an invalua ble reined}* for home colic, a disease whictl is often suddenly fatal to horses. The instant Relief will almost invarably cure colic in a few minute«. Sloan's ointment for flesh wounds and skin diseases of horses and cat tle, is already so well known to the public as to need no recommendation from us.— Read thc advertisement.—Alton Demorr~U. New Advertisements. STATE Or IOWA, Wapello Co Bept. ti, Notle* la breehy given to ill persons interested, that the 1st day of October, ISM, lias bven fixed upon hy the county Court of said comi ty for proving the last Will aud Testament of Daniel Tullis, deceased. '60—36-It! tw HOWE'S STANDARD SCALES. Kods. FOB SAl.K IIV THOS. S. DICKERHO.V, 7!i» Plate Wanlwu*e X«. 4§ Wabash Arenve, Otilctgo. Weight out of bevel, No Check All friction received on Balls. [?6-l£-ly] O A O N WHOLESALE Grocer & Commission Merchant, AV 1:55 *i(th Water St., Chicago. SJIRSAPARILU &STILLINGIflt —OH BLOOD & LIVER SYBUP. Sarsapnrilla is a Tropical Root too well known Me cf the IrtfSt antidotes wc possess for Scrofuloua complaints need commendation. But an Stillingla an article of more recent use lie cay* ?t will complete the cure of ulcera tion n of the Palate ami Throat, anil mucous membrane ofthe Nose, Skin, and other parts. It will efface thf Blotched, Joul Spots, Stains, etc., which In a constlto- tion of this character so to nnn il*l'i assimilative operations of the system, that a more healthy hlooil and mure renev eil tjlier will be snhsti- tuted for the defective conditions of onetiml the other and thus fully support the character of these medl cineB for being essentially alterative." Also state ment of I»r. III. ACK, published In the I* a purely vegetable compound. put up for I use whei-hsas accurately today, as Howes Standard Scales, confident ii i.„ Wo,.If 1 thc senses ro,nm( n ho,,se 45 scnse-1 Wabash Avenue, (Burch'g Iron, where may be seen every variety, CHRISTIE'S AOUK HA I. SAW IIac never been known to fall when the directions have been strictly folio vel. CHHISTIE'S A«UE B1L81M Contains an mineral poisonous suhHtance, as will be seen by reading the following NNW U* ROB. J. instance have they been returned or even the seif-ahuse may he effectualiy removed without intern­ al VniFthiiman lfirriain will nnf holt ... ... »1 medicines or the daiigerous appli a ions of caustic*. Jl. -OW man Harrison Will not DOIl, g^jrhest fault found with them. our bco- instruments, medicated houses, and other eui).iric»f II, i r. -i, oi-ii- 1 VLLL S Compound of Sarsaparilla and Stlllm- ly new and hiphly successful treatment, as adopted by the celebrated author fully explained, by means of S. MAP*. Agent for sale of Herring's Patent Champion Safes V',"'1 I*''!!'!1" nax»|i,i lliiiitlnK Wheels, aud Kttirb*r»k's mlfrosd, i Hav, I'latforui and counter Scales. Atg 80 '60—21-l2-8ui Q. H. BICKLEN St. CO* Wholesale ft It eta 11 dealers In Groceries and Country Produce, liiekrlck'i aid Maud* One door Ea»t of the Carroll lloute, OTTUMWA, 10W4. py All kinds of Producc baogM aad soli. Aug K0 '60-2&-12 IT HTON'K (TTTIXG. subscriber can furnish ('IT N'l'OKF. fori for House Work, sills, cap*, or any other kind cf L-UIIUS, AI*Q PLO'IT ("R CILLSN.AC. PUI -1"46'''IF JR'p. Mar. »0 BT»- ID ScrofttlQM affec­ tions, we give below the statement of Ir. It. II. I IIOKT, In tlie Snnthu n ./on run! of M,'iiclne niirf Pharma cy. frequently eiJ wi occur from ,.move Slight at 1.. l], or remain after the have heal- „. „lorl)1,,ulcerations a conditio,,* of the Flu- i ami Solid* which disposes every Injury, however slIgllti wllh ft.8teriiiK, painful, scatty u e I w i I n s o s o i o v e e i e s i v e a n Cincinnati E'ertte SMioaj JouiUnt In wh ch he "After (riving it fair trial hi several forms of disease, I am convinced that, a* a. general alterative, it lias no superior in the rmtteria medial. Since last March, I have treated about 85 cases of Syphilis without i single failure whtu the pa tient gave me anything like a fair trial. Sroviirs Stirmtj) irilla and Stillingia Is a preparation which Is compounded upon scientific principles, and with (treat care, by one thoroughly acquainted with the medical equalities aud effect* of each article separately considered, as well as the whole iu its combined state. MR. W S. ITiritRIM., of Cincinnati, one of the oldest and meet relKM*. druggists of that city, makes the following statement! "We have been acquainted with the formula of Messrs. Seovills k C^.'s Compound Syrup of Sariapa rilla and Stiliinj{ia, and it is been made under oor supervision. The ingredients are entirely of veget able origin the virtues are extracted In a great meas ure by the vapor of ah'oho!. No minerai substance enters into the composition." The formula fo* the preparation of the above will be forwarded Id ftjrsicians or Druggists on appl|& tion to JOHN I). I'AIIK, I'rop'r, 124 Lake St., Chscago, 10. CHRISTIE'S A U E A S A CUKES CUHES CHILLS «fc KI'iVF.Il! CHlIJi & FEV|B I KVEU &. A(ii i:! Dl .Tiit A«I E, Di nu AOI'EI CHRISTIE'S AGUE BALSAM! YOKK, AUK. 22d, 1355,' lhavs analysed Dr. Christie's Ague Ilalsam, *M* certify thatltcoiitaiiisneither Quiuiue, Arsenic, MefCB ry, Strychnine, or any mineral or poison us substance. LAWltKXCE KEKI), I'rof. of Chemistry. JOHN D. PARK. Proprietor. 124 Lake Street. Chi cago, III., to all unle:- .-h'Hild be 1. FOR DATTLE AND HORSEY— TB^HlS is truly a Great Icemeiiy. Half a 25 cent _R. bottle of Sloan's'Uelief, given in a pint of warm water, seldom falls to cure a horse of folic ir. a few minutes:—In extreme cases repeat the d«w In 15 minutes. Kor bruises, strains, sprains, and many other Inju ries 011 horses, cattle and other animals, Sloan's In stant Kclief speedily eiTects a cure. Many perg«M, have been astonished to witness the rapid care effjSF* ed by the use of this wonderful medicine. |3i7"Oet circulars of Agents. SLOAN'S OINTMENT. For mildness, safety, certainty, thoroughness, Sloan's Ointment i- rapidly supertodiiiit all other Ointments anrl Liniments fr tho cure ofthe following complaints Fresh wound-', (.Jails of all kinds, crack ed heels, rinjrhones, polovil, windfall, callous, sp.-ivln nweene.v, fistula, foundered feet, sand cracks, scratch es or piecsc, manure aud horse distemper. DISI:ASI:D HOICSKS AXD CATTLB require restoration n: insensible perspiration. SloaaV Fever Antidote, Coj dition l'owdcr, is a certain blood purifier. It never fails to loosen the skin, cleanse the water, create an appetite, aud is a positive cure for coi (fhs, colds, stiff complaint, founder, Distemper, and carries off bolts and worms, and may be given at any time aid under all circumstances with perfect safety. One package of the Powders aDd a bottle of the founder In its or eight days, without leaving the least effect in the feet. In horse distemper, they will allay the fercr and promote a healthy termination of the disease.— We advise every one one powder and a pa-t of a bottl of Ointment, will, In all canes, cure the horn distemper in a cow two are s o e i e s e u i e o a u ox. er I*. M«»ant the original discoverer of this tm« valuable medicine, still has the «oie supervision of its i.ianufaeture, hut orders should be sent to his SOB, Oscar 11. Sloan, 2/i South Water st, Chicago, 111., who will iirotiiptl.v supply the demand for theie popular and truly reat medicines: They are cold liy all dealers in medicine Sold, wholesale and retail, at manufacturer's pricey at Ot tuiuwa, liy J. L. Taylor, and John l'uiuroyr.ud retailed by all the otherOrufcists. imMANHOOD Ho iv l.o*t, Iloiv IC CM to red. '"-t J'ublitshed, in Sculed' Envelope, A lecture on nature treatment, and Kadical euro of Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debili ty, Nervousness und Involuntary Lmissions producing Impotency, Consumption and Mental and l'hysiMU. Debility. Cl'LVKUWF.LL, M. D. The Important fact that the awful coDscquence4flf. devises, is here clearly demonstrated,and the entire* which every one is enabled to cure hihjself perfe "•ly, and at the least possible Coat, tneruby avoiding all the advertised nostrums of the day. This Lecture will prove a boon to thousands aud thousands. Sent under seal to any address, (jotrf ou the- receipt of two postage stamps, hy addressing Dr. O. 1LL1.MC, 4m First Avenue, New YniV.I'oht llox 4,fifl|L !46-iy ly CINCINNATI AND LO«ANK1OHC PEORIA AND BURUNBT0M itAii.non. Shortest Lin©. ixttanoe/rom Burlington vta Loganxj+rf ifti C/ucafa{ To Cincinnati 445 miles 68SiuiU» To Dayton To Columbus To Wheel ing To Baltimore To Washington 41f 475 48S MS 6ST fll'2 091 1007 1046 1021 w Slioxtest Time TaU«. G01HQ RKTIBKIKG 8:00 p. m., Burlington, 8:50 p. m. 12:40 a. •, Peoria, 8:45 p. m. LKAVK 7:09 A AUO. 10:00 a Logansport. arive 5:80 am 8:1 pin 1:10 a in 12:111 pin Anderson. 12:10 am 12:10 pm 4:0Oa in 2:8 pm Kichmoud. 1*:40 pm 9:10pm 7:45 a ni .Vftt pm Cincinnati, 6:0( pm 6:50 pn At ltiehmond, trains conncct with Indiana Central I R. K. for I)aton, Sprinufield and^Coluuihus Wheeling, lialtimore anil Washington. Freight TraiIIN make regular connections through* from Cincinnati to lim lington, in three dayi. For furthi particulars apply to .. A. HA ItiiKK, (ien'l R. K. Ag't, Desmoinea, Inwml"-'' i'AVEUWiiA'llltU, Ag't I! A 1 It K, lturlington, & W A A N A O A K ,• Cincinnati, P. 8 GRAY, Gen'! F't Ag't, Aug. 2S, I860. IUM.LJ Central Ohio K. at, Columbus, 04*. NEt¥ YORK AND ER/E~ ltAIl.llOAD. Track. 4Jrea( IIroad Uouhle atid T«-l-ura|)lt ltout« New York,, ni all eastern cities, car- rying the (inal We-Um and N. rt.'i-West«m. United States mails. Kxpresj 'I rains leave Dunkirk daily, ou arrival of I.ake Shore Kailrond, fi om Cleveland, alltrains on th Chic ago, Milwaukee, St. l'aul, St. Louis, Dubuu*., Burlington, Iowa City, Ac., aud ruu through to Saw York city withoot change. The only route running cars through from the Lakea to New ork city. Splendid ventilated sleeping cara' riLi on ni^'ht trains. Baggage checked through. Fare alwajra as Low by any other route. s, Boston Passenger* and their Bajrgsge transferred. Free iu New York. Be particular aud call for tickets via Dunkirk Mil i the New York and Erie Railroad, which are sold at all the principal Uailroad ofiice* in the West. f"r Bhi I nitutof lie 1 frel ht A* FXI»lii:xN Fltl'IfillT TIUIM leaver New \ork daily, making close connectiMMt througli to all points West, and quicker time than erar bef ire made on any line. For freight rates enquire of J. C. 0atiuan,241 Broad way, New York, or ofJacob Forsyth, Freight Agef.l, bearhorn St., Cliicago. JOHN OSBOEN, CIIAS. MINOT, Sup't, Western Ag't Cleveland, Ohio, flytM't S 11KAli, Ag' Toledo, Ohio. HNEW LUMBER "YARD. ATTI JIWA, IOWA. WKYard have locatel a branch of our lturlington at Ottumwa, where will be found at alf times a full a s s o e n o u e a a n Sliinglear which we will xell at thc ery lowest prices, for Cudh. Per»ons about buying or ordering bills of i.uinlsc*, would do well to call and I for themselves befora fUl 'basil'* el«p« b'-re. A^IIMiKM. A Mcc|,l 1-— 4 jj in

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