Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, September 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated September 20, 1860 Page 2
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••'.?. *s ill ii I 1 *4 ,i i ii be (DttuinliKi Courier. E O I I A I Y A E J. \V. XOIIKIS, Editor. QTIUilWA, 1UWA, Sept 2), I860. l'Oll rKESIIH'NT, ABBAHAM LINCOLN, OF ll.USOis. »OK VICK PltESlDENT, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, O A I E i?- PKEailtr..Vri AL KLF.t roRK. I \RllF. rttt IIKNRY W A U I :\. i.r 1M m*t. I'.loomfield, Monday, Albia, Tuesday, Chalrton, Wednesday, Oceola, Thur day, Nor. Wintersett Friday. C. Dcs Moin«« Co JOS. A. CHAPLIN, of Dubuque Co. DISTRICT II.N'TOM. M. I.. McPIIKRSON. of Madl-on Co. 2tl CH \9. P0.MER0Y, of Boone To. ASSIST* INT FMICTORS. lit Dlst.~JAMES It.iKLR, —DBN. RRCroR. ofKrenv.nM'o. t\ —E.N. H\TI', of Unn —W. B. FAIRFIELD, of Floyd Co. RCVI'BLKW ST ATE TICKET. MI COXOHKS8—KJR!»T DL-rmct, S A.ML*EL CURTIS, oft.eeCounty. roH SKCRKTARY or ST lit, ELIJAH SEU,?, of Muviathic Co. ran imiTOH or *r*Tif, JOttS W. J0NK3, of Hardin Co. FOR ATTOKSKV QRKKIUL, CM48. C. NOURPE, of Polk Co. r" FOBHECISTPH or TTATK LASD orncs, B. MILLER, of Cerro Oordo Co. FH* FCPPEME JCDO*, 4BO. O. WRIOHT. of Van Tltiren Co. Clisiriet «urtc, Rvputlican Candidate for Attorney General, will address the people at time* ud places Indicated be low OttuuiT*, Thursday. loivaville, Friday, Kensauqua, Saturday, Keokuk, Monday, Kort Madison, Tung September 2\ at 2 o'clock, do 91, do do do 22, d* do do do do do do do do do do do U, 96, M, Jar, 4'i 4o da do do d« da d« da do Burlington, Wednetda.r, Mt. ricasant, Thursday, FnirfieiJ, Friday, Wapello, Louisa Co. Tu»4ay, 1 2 7 2 tsP 8, do do do Oct. Muscatine, Wednesday, Davenport, Thursday, Icritt, Friday, I.yotis, Saturday, BelleTue, Weduesday, Dubuque, Thursday, Granville, Friday, WestOeld, Saturday, Independence, Monday, *'edar Falls, Tuesday, Waterloo, Wednesday, Vinton, Thursday, C«d ir Rapids, Friday, Tipton, Saturday, lowra City, Monday, Washington, Tuesday, Ptffourny, Wednesday, 5 2 0. 6, do do 10, 11, 12, 18, 18. 16, do 2 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 7 IT, 18, 19, SO, 22, 28. 8*, 29, 8ft, 81, 4, I do do do do do Wm. McCIintock, Esq., Democratic Candidate, Is respectfully Invited to meet Mr. Sonrse at the above appointments. Speaking to-night by How House. C. NOURSE, at the Court i***"fT* be out, and the "Glee Club" will sing. Ladies especially, are invi ted. Curtis and role's Joint Dlacns* sioii nt Ottumwa. The joint discussion between Curtis and was as anticipated. Cole did not do as well as usual, that i, if we can judg properly !in from the accounts lished. He has cunning stumper, point where lie had the material, and aid- i t) divert the attention of his audience from those facts an honest explanation of which 'rees cannot be given. If this be the character tory, notwithstanding the constitution of the United States established it there be- vond the control of the people—and he said that this was on5 of the fundamentd prin- Pat expected to get wluit he didn't dr.Miin soon annihilate him, and so they got togeth- Voi« iov Curtix & Ihc Ruilrourt. No measure so doofly con the the Cole, in the outset, mounted his squatter There was a large crowd in attendance, beast, and like Djan, Bennett, Dodge, and and the escitenant was great. Prof. Shotts in fine, like all the Bob-tail stump rs of the i3 at the National House, where every atten uate, labored hard to show how the people jn be paid him. nf a territory could constitutionally do a thing which cf its very self was unconstitu tional. He said that the people of a territo ry could legally exclude slavery from a terri-! ciples to which the National Democratic par. morrcnv about it in their national piatJor.n. He I National Democrats would not only sustain could not, though, explain this matter to!tlie pr,ntiples °f their party and preserve a the satisfaction of his own fi i» n is. Perhaps It rained and blew through a conside rable i pail of the afternnon, which very mueh the Douglas Invincible* paraded. The Wide Awakes nuH.bered about two hundred. They nifictnt The Invincibles had what more in their ranks than the Republicans, but they were, ut least, one fourth boys.- they do every thing—the squatter end Hrt. We should Judge there were present, on the occasion, three thousand in all. Every thing passed olf as pleasantly as Juld'V peo­ ple of Iowa, as a Railroad to the Pacific, and we want it upon the Central, or the route starting from our western borders. Col. Curtis has labored assiduously and faithfully for a Pacific Railroad over the Central route, I and can. and will, if re-elected, as he will be, do nvre to secure the e ily adoption of that i measure, which will open our State to the trade and commerce of the world, make a market for oil our productions, and crcate a i demand for our labor and enterprise, than C. C. Cole, a man of no pract:cal knowledge of the subject, a more pettifogger, and al most certain to be influenced and neutral ized in his action, as northern Democrats have been fore him, by southern Demo crats, who will never vote for any but a Southern loute. Foi XI) BIS MOTHER.—It is a source of grat ifl»ti'n that Dougla*, after his long and weary pilgrimage, in search of his maternal relative, has at 1 ist found her. Of course. he had to make a ppeech on the occasion.— He also expressed regret that Lincoln could I not vi-it the graves of his parents from fear i of violence. of their platforms they vote against it al most to a man, and the President vetoes it if it ptsses Congress. The reason is pi a n. The South are deadly hostile to the Home stead, and what can th-' Democracy di with out the South. Vote then for Cul t's, and you vote diret tly for a Homestead law. Cole i ii trying to deceive the people by pretend ing to be for the Homestead, because his party hav.* a resolution for it in their State platform. Ccn^ress, and not th«s Stat2 of I Iowa, must pass on that question. AT HANNIBAL.—F. P. Blair was mob bed by the Pro Slavery fanatics of Missouri, at Hannibal on tho 13th. Ezgs and stones were thrown at him in profusion but he i stood his ground and finished his speech.— The mob was incited by handbills of the most incendiary character. LBOOET IIOCSE. —We were glad to find our old friend Legget re-installed in his Hotel at Fairfitild, and take pleasure in tiling the attention of his fiicnds to the fact. The Lcgaet is a No. on house. KEOKIK RAILROAD. On Monday last, trains commenced running to Independence, one mile below lowaville, which point two trains run iily, arriving at Independence at 9 A. M. and 8.20 P. M. Leave Indepcnd and 5 P. M. Stages leave ence 5.40 A. M. Ottumwa at 12 Vote for Curtis & lh« IIoni??:cad. that occasion. The same influence, I sup- Tha Demo'*ruts, bi th factions, have left it out Mulnix's wagon, about the same moment.- M. every day, connacting with the 5 p. m. train for Keokuk Two very interesting and important arti- The Wide Awakes will in the Douglas Platform," and the "Letter of Rev. Mr. Fjddy, to Buchanan," demanding for the Methodist people th? protection of law, will be found on first page of this issui. Read thsm! amount of 1of OWo Democrats agfnn^t the Wickliffe Resolution BOSTOS, Sept. IS.—Before referees a suit has been brought by F. O. ,J. Smith against Prof. Morse to recover five-sixteenths of the monc7 Cole, candidates for Congress in the tir»t the different governments of Europe for district, came off last Tuesday. The result thl'invcn,i received by Prof. Morse ,n of the telegranh. The Parties havu been connected together 'legraph business for twenty years, open for suit or reference, one- The are Jud£es of the man. he did not do himself justice on MARIETTA, Sept 12.—Prof. Photts, the on Tuesday last. Any one, uninfluenced by aeronaut, made a balloon ascension here this party bias would say that Cole is no match evening about 5 o'clock. When he had for urvi.-, all things considered nfact that reached a height of about one hundred feat, he was literally annihilated by his opponent. the balloon burst He came down standing If we had time we would give the speeches on his basket, alighting on the levee. Singu of the candidate.-, in full, but we will have Jar as this may see n, thj on'y injury he ap to content ourselves by rcfereno to some pears to have sustained is a badly mashed of thi principal points. ankle. Th'-V sn^': nuc'eui he might have done so, had he referred, by) Part.V in the State, but will encourage way of illustration, to the Irishman's dream, i tbe*r their Sprague and Upham and 0ur by a11 the The candidates will be supported encrgy &nd Douglas on^ means at our command, organizations in rej cling the mea,is by ty were pledged and on which thev relied I prevented from voting for Lincoln, has which the State could be about which will be formed a nation- 0 lds c?lved and over the Union, and be re- honored in thc next National about, and Democrats expect to du things Convention of Democrats instead of being re about w hich their platform ii Such jfcted and de-pised as they surely will be if Bay of Naples, with two regiments of Ber»a is Democracy they present themselves upon this platform glicei onboard. When Cole was through his leading friends' ^Hua,ter Sovereignty in company with The Brit:sh steamer Orwell, which was ta had sense enough to see that Curtis would i n'W Hllies' ThcJ" b"rg0 P°rsi ten 'y' our ,. i vember. tislxad closed thc Republicans quietly march- ed away, leaving Cole surrounded by some forty Erins and psrhap« »n equally .large number of Sonp-Creekers. wb:)'c Vjt- dampened the enthusiasm of all par tie*. fourth of all we meet are tainted with tfiem, In the evening, the Wi le Awakes and were finely drilled and their parade was mng- I and on" rupti"« AIK* foul They went through with their drill j.U as! ?roan For the Courier. Road Supervisor versus l»osi» Flatter. "Men, clothed with bflef authority, Cut such fantastic tricks As make the Angels weep In the lust weeks issue of the Democratic Union, 1 noticed an article written by one M. M. Lane, "Road Supervisor of District No. 1, Justice of the Peace, and Po»t Master at Dahlonega," (till by appointment,1 in which he, by virtue of soma one of his offices attacks you, Mr. Editor, a "connection'' of mine, and myself. The si at omenta in your editorial, to which this whiskey-seller takes exceptions, are rue to the letter, and to which I am willing to be qualified at any time. I suppose that the The only way get a homet.'ad l..w is to pose, caused that old gray haired, toothless {comPan'e^ paraded to the number of 870.— vote for Cu tis and the Repubhcan ticket, democratic guest, t) throw stones at Mr. Ihey brought up after parade in front of the All, all, caused by tho tpirit of damcracy— mixed with eggs Now, the assertions in the luminous article of my friend of many offices, this P. M., Justice of the Peace, "Supervisor of Road district No. 1.," and whiskey seller—by the way, this great man is always prating about being a law-abiding man—and is now, My "connection" asserts, and authorizes me to say, that he never used the language to L. T. Stewart, Esq., or to any other per son whatever, that this "zealous Postmaster" assures his readers he did. More 4han this. I know that my "connection" sent the second messenger—that this P. M. had sent to him to ask some acknowledgements, instructions to tell Mr. Lane if he wanted any satisfaction in any way, he was at per-' after this, while laboring under the formed, elected Constable, served his con tit- Nearoes of which this is her,rin? is now finished. The re- the future. Dahlonega, 1860. i giving their statement of the recent neKoti»tions with the Douglas Committee.— 24th of September. the factl0n ln be State wich erthe weak ones and marched them off the Pre?ent fficulty in the party and with Scylla. ground. They remained away till Curtis liavi,,S r' ^sinC WAS about closing when they returned. but another .rm of Republicanism, and con Curtis made a good Republican speech, elude by recommending the fjrrna'i n of which is equivalent to sayios, I its speech tras' ^mpdg11 clubs and active measures for good and true in every respect When Cur- to br'n^ n° »]]o™ thdr aljust- mi'nt and «ay that Squatter Sovereignty is to the polls in No- Struo ous or Scrofulous Affiict'ons are the Cur«e and Blight of Mankind. They are vile as will as fatal. Thoy aris from con- tamination an! Impurity of the Blood, and are l" b: s"en arouud us everywhere. One fourth oftheso die- bacaus- the-v die arc of Sa,sftparil Livur foolishly too, cureable. Scovills compound a and Stillingi or Blood and 'S)Tup c,eanses out the Scrofulous cor- from the blood, and renders it pure ^-"Ithy and effectually expunges the ^ontamioation from the system longer unler ders wb expected. The results of this meeting will I 7,lu,lt .v°,|r scrofulous disor- *n ^*c vill s Compound is to be had. See Adver isement. NEW YORK, Sept. 16.—The Douglas sub committee rejected the proposals of the Breck- m' he recorded in ^oveiu jcr. As we stuti'd my the on ilti d#c* Jhtfi iwek, Curtit* election Unoir sure toral ti rket. ™atio» a'so d^ar«d they would not under any consideration take Fdght Sardinian war vessels were in Douglas ken possession of by tha Garibaldians, had produced been captured by the English war steam Garibaldi was last heard of aft Palemi, marching on Salerim, b.'ing supported on the right wing by General Coz°n. Four thousand men under General Fim had bombarded Cahvi. An insurrection had broken out at Sold, where Victor Emmanuel was proclaimed. It was repoartei that the Austrian Minis ter at Naples had telegraphed to Vienna that the King of Naples had resolved to quit his States. The picture and furniture of the Palace and the King's baggage were embar ked on th3 4th on b3ird a S pannish vessel. Other authorities affirm that the King had adopted thc desperate policy of no surren der and would not leave till thelaat extremi ty. I would not intrude upon your crowded three small girls were appropriat ly dressed columns to notice this beautiful specimen of a circulating library of fa'shoods, (all by vir tue of his numerous offices by ppointnient,) if everybody, who will have read his commu nication, was as well aeqiu tiled with him as his neighbois. To them, a notic3 from me ii unnecessary. i influ?tiC3 of immediately imbibing a fluid called Egi-Nog. had something to do with applause, his cloq jent, able and tnabusive the zeal whi. was actuating this man of Address. There was speaking in other places many offices, in protecting his guests uponj^y Senator Grimes, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. effects of some of his merchandise, threatened ''Old Abe." l'ours truly, "connection" with a suit for slander my unless he would acknowledge that he had lied, sail "connection1' T. Stewart and two cr thr no acknowledgments to make, and would not j18 Quit ^important. Said P. M., also asserts that my mother !1,19 When Edward Jones, member parliament, passed through Paris he was received by Jules Tavre, and othirs. He stated that he was going t-sec Garibaldi, and Lord Palmei ston had authorize 1 him to tell him that he (Palmet ston) considered that Garibaldi would compromise all his success by an immediate attack upon some part of Venitia. An evidence that Republicanism la en the increase—the COI RIFIR it in great d, m*nd. was made here th?n. My information In about correct, at least, as near so as possible. Early in the morning, three large flags were hoisted at different corners of the square.— Pretty soon the delegations began to arrive from different places. About 10 o'clock a procession of Wide-Awakes and wagons wus formed to parade through the city They then marched through the principal streets, with music, flags, and banners. Thirtjr- riding in a wagon. The sam? number of young ladies rode horses, holding banners saa. Th? Kansas banner had this motto, "Abraham will take me to his bowwn." At about 2 o'clock the speaking commenced.— Mr. 0. H. Browning, of Ills., was introduced and spoke with tilling effect. Before hi had done it began to rain, but the crowd called vehemontlv for him to proceed, which he did to tin tearing down of the strongholds of democracy. He concluded amid shoats of Gue ly- or has been very recently, stlling whiskey, ard mean whiskey at thaf, %_y th? drink contrary to the will and wishes of the citi- tendc?d tender sympathies" for the "detr zens of this town—I say the assertions in p°°ple.' t»ut as they were about old enough relation to "my connection," are all a lia in whole and in part. l'es chasiised for their sniritual and larger than himself, moved back to the north not be raised where he continues to practice the plantation ^*aples. manners of his Southern education uoon the o o r- W a w o n e n o e s o u n o r- In ths evening the Wide-Awake stand, when Mr. Wo'f, of Ills., was loudly called for. lie arose and delivered one of the finest speeches I ever heard. The audience of over 2,000 listened to and apphud'^d him for one hour and a quarter, amid rain, wind and thunder. After ho had concluded, Mr. Warren, of Nebraska, was introduced, and gave "popular sovereignty" its final blow. He showed its practical workings from his experience in tin territory, and returned his sincerest thank to democracy fv its "pre- he though they would tike the privilege of entrusting their concerns into tha hands of better guardians. He thought that although they had been poor.and despised, "Abraham would soon take them to his bosom." The people as ri ar as I could count from the seats they occupied, amounted to 5,000. Some say eight or ten thou and, ochers twelve, but I think 5,000 will include all. The gates all back with i ^irouS^ the city were arched over with ever greens and flowers. was a feet liberty to get it. i slumbering and no doubt some wh were Again I also know that when said P. M.,! °PP vfaking Sran^ display, and many who were nse to republican principle? will berous- ., ,, i ed by the bu ning e.oquencj and irresistable delusive lo2ie of Ul spjaker Cf,Pital i. in ,f my .SSi,t.noe, .„d that I "had ^2^" was n(ar ceeded ... I |raence(jin the northern counties with en- ,ci it,ve 1 body else upon whom to vent his spleen, he LrTThl.^UeC" ?f J. S. ROWELL. P. S. This man who is go sealous in doing °f R^me must come next. his master's will," is uncle to the nice young ROME.--Turin journals denounce th man, who told the ladies at Agency City, ^Tpope^dXid his fon NEW YORK, Sept. 1«.—The Breckinridge they ought to have afew "Buck Niggers'' It is rumored that Count Covour had sent L. .... State Committee publishes an address to- to ride with them. And, it is suopo^ed, that a note to R.nne announcing that any move-! 1- that he is the low-lived scoundrel, who cut l? ontnieiMi tro ps beyorul tni ..v .. I Rom:in borders wiiuld be considered an aci the rope on the Republican pole in this T. JiJI to cat their vote for J. W. HAMMOND. ST. JOHNS, N. F.. via Sackville, Sent. 18. told him, before L. The R. M. steamship Europa, passed at 7£ e others, that hehad el°ck «*. h. wanted any faction in any manner, he should be grali-1 Garibaldi was at Cora, 26 miles from Na fied at any time and place. ple^, on the 6th, and was espscted to reach Sunday evening. The intelligence on tlie better go to her assistance &c.' Now, I The harvest in England was making sat will inform this whiskey seller and drinker,! isfactory progress. that my mot her can buy and sell h:m and LONDON-, Se[t. 9th.— Insurrectionary move his whole familv and 'that she used to live !nerits A word of advice to my friend of iny ^lv offices, and I will take my leave of him for the present. This man of many wondrous fine, and the harvest in the southern coun works, was, in his young days, as I am in-1 7th. His advanced guards have. ,"e C0"' brokt ,. ,, insurgents have attacked and defeated the here, and the citizens of this town areas sell papal troops. acquainted with her as they arc with the The Opinione National of Turin says the "zealous Post Master." ^lrst column of volunteers enters the marshes at Pesoro and the Liverpool Breadstuff's Markets paralyzed. GREAT BRITAIN.—The weather continued )r completed, and the result ex- expecU.tion Operations have com- as en routi for Madrid, reported that he has a mission trade, U,L' sl!lve liaae- ', The number of English vol.inters offering mental benefit," w.nppei a man a great deal for GaribaKli was soVeat that funds could Z the iemtories beyond tho power Naples^ as^'good as lost'an^that the'term that he is the low-lived scoundrel, who cut!mentof the PontifL-i-l tro »ps beyond the t»ve, Judicial and Legislative, which being o I.__J i i i of interv?nlioiI and that ii,.,imont Pac® J. L. R. such case consider herself justified in occu Arrival of iho J..ri P?1"* the marshes. ^ose MR. EDITOR—De-ar SirBeing in Mt For the Courier. I AG :NCY CITY, Sept 13th, 1800. Pleasant yesterday, I propose giving you an Doujfla* ici favor of Inter" Xounis, Esq., idea of the grand rally of Republicans, which *eialio« b} Coilj i e»a Dear Sir At thi first meeting of the MB. EDITOB: The Democracy of the rv ex fat enough to send them Naples-—A SPair^ to, of had ... of Naples a refuge in Spain, which the latter tries his hand cn some one of his own family, I accepted. just to keep himself in practice. Now, my The brigade Caldarell is reported have advice is, to reform and act the man. and P?ssed over to Garibaldi. you will not have half so much trouble in!., *be Lo:idon Times editorially says that the Kin'4 had gone to Gaeta onlv to consider free AUSTRIA.—It was reported that Prince I PEOPLE NAPLES. A Naples telegram of the om Mttternich would be Minister of Foreign Af- But are they even one-third sovereign with announces the arnval of Garibaldi and his forces at. Palermo. He was expected at Na ples immediately. The despatch also says the King will leave here for Gaeta. .. ,. -i ... ,, the d.scovery of a great conspiracy favorable one-tnird of one-third, or one-ninth sover t1(? to Garibaldi, and numerous arrests were eign, to form and regulate their domestic in' „«, i received orders vo leave V lenna for neste. Recent disturbances at Uvine had led while popular sovereignty is inside the Con stitution, and in obedience to the federal au thority. In answer t" a Republican, he stated that Jeff..' rson was Minister to France wh :n the ordinance of 1TS7 north, through ignorance, seem inclined to force upon the Republicans, the following qucs "why the South would refuse Mr. Douglas, if h's platform affords all pro tection to slave property in the Territories, which they ak." The question might ap- i pear difficult at Brat, but as you will see is easily explained. It will be remembered by .7 "p rir-i i ... al all win are acquainted with the proceedings ... ... ir of the convention which nominated Mr.' bearing the natues of all the St »tes and Kan- Douglas, that tha concluding resolution of! ",n^ 6, the platform was introduced by Mr. liff^, of Louisiana, after Mr. Douglas was .' 9 ed by the Federal Constitution, on the pow er of the Territorial Legislature, over the eil just such Skm CojU ,'l.nk t!,c South jthe had wanted to f™, „p,n th,m. Why did i they do it? Mr. Wicklitfe, the nia 1 who in troduced the resolution, said openly in th? Convention, that its adoption would give Douglas 40,000 votes in the State of Louis iana which was the object of this resolution. That explains and exposes the whole thing. stand all together it of slavery within the Territories. First, the preme Court says that "The Constitution of1. ,taVithis the owner in his righta." And Mr. Douglas is pledged bv his platform to enforce the de- cision of the Supreme Court, "CM the name has been or shall hereafter be decided? over \,ntea1 the institution of slavery in the Territories bu etery branch of the General Gocern- ment." Is not Congress one branch of the Par^* General Government? If that is so then,! Congress is one branch of the General Gov' I eminent, that if the Supreme Court should anJ I decide which it has already done that slave- ™sponsi!ni't' ists in the Territories bevond th,. nnwor Territorial Legislature to remove it,! is it not bound by the Douglas platform, as I battle was considered likely a branch of the General Government, to en- i0f n w o s the King matter of non-intervention by Congress, which you delight to call "Popular Sover eignty?" Th» truth about tt is, it is no where. __ 9 sl,tutions in their w.m'.d ir V. FRANCE.—lt was reported that the French the President appoints him, which de- VJUEBECK, »-ept. Ii. in- steam snip Jura Government has sent a diplomatic note to stroys the. Executive third of the people's is arrived. Switzerland, relative to the outrages at Ge-1 sovereignty. Do the people of a Territory GREAT BBITAIH.—The weather continued neva ou toe Fre u-h flag. The outrage in and hurricanes are reported in the provinces. !Creig,nty °"'n tion of the troops of Lamoriciero, and call on i of no force? Let us see. Tho government e o e o i s a n i s o e i n e e n a i e s o a n w i i u s i a n S n o wa^ 1 Rct are one 0 w of a' g°"e' to popular the falls, visii 'd ih" Musi-um, and this p. in. they ntto see B! ndin carry a man across the rope on his back and walk the rope on stilts. The Prince was greeted eveiywhere with enthusiasm by tlie crowd. NEW YORK. Sept. 18.—Counterfeit 5's on the NorU* ja etr milatinn. &t to fairs, but the rumor was contradicted. in themselves No, the Governor possesses AT'?-'fd!"•« i th3 remamin e rae p. m. to a crowd of over 30,000 people, as- *ba* tbftt power to Prussia, and the convention of a I contending for. Away with your humbug' German Parliament It -S sovereignty. CLIFTON SPRINOS, Sept. 16.—Judge Doug CLIFTON HOUSE, N. FALLS, Sept. W.- The a°y leavinK m&t0illM mmm mmm subject of the domestic relations, a» the same j1" has been or shall hereafter be derided by the I That the Ritpuhlican, of O^kalotMB on Supreme Court of th?. 'United Slates, should that occasion pr.vid themselves to ba of be respected by all good citizens and enforced wide-awa' e zeal and spirited enterprise in with promptness and fidelity by every branch Li,. „e rr ,• of the General Government" ^nolnand Hamlin, and that Douglasites, are you n »t ana rereJ, ipso facto, that it was because the North would not accept of an 1 adopt this resolution, as a pla ik into their platf)i*iu? And because they would not, the South withdrew* from the union convention and went into a sec tional one this, or a similar resolution, until they had split th* Bat the North, »ft,r iluh"'ta cnvint:oi, and nominated Mr. Douglas on their own platform in a word after th v ha 1 gained e.obmle, jAsency City Wide-Awakes after returning tion, which I now propose to explain to them offered, and unanimously adopted, and Ii as they appear to be in total ign ranee, as to i transmit them accordingly, for publication in, fuse to unite on e Courier. Truly your•», from th3 great Republican mass meeting at i Oskaloosa, the following resolutions were' T. II. GRIFF 15, Secy. RWOLVTTONS. Itesolccd, That the Agency Ci|y Wid Awakes hereby tender their warmest thanks to the Republicans of Ktrkville and vicinity, Ifor the ll!,er''1' l«-!inR at hospitality th y expended us u 0 1 f. |our way to the great Republican mass meet- Oskaloosa. 01 ,. »r n 2 J- 1 hat nominated, and on motion of Mr. P.iyne, of .. 4. i «n». untiring in zeal, and unsurpassed Ohio, was adopted unanimously in the ful- lowing words: -. uo m, v Ihrance of the Agency City Wid-A vake«. Jiesoh-ed, That it is in accordance with qi rr) i t, the Cincinnati |latform, that during the ex-1 inst., w.ien on they are whole-souled Republ 4l hospitality, well meriting th- grateful rjinem- ihat nlso istence of Territorial Government, the mea*- "3artfelt thanks to the hospitable Republi-1 ure of restriction whatever it may b, impos- cans of OAaloosa, for the kind and liberal I fw-t in l,ere,»y SccretarJ Cob1j.yesterday, lbinot Pacific ilivcsti._ra,i()n Calvm iiut again: are the people of a territory from Racine to Freeport, was run into last1 to form and regulate their domestic in- night by a freight train which it had flagged tha same as those froin Rac:nj at of a State, considering the decision of the wood and water. Five passengers were kill posi-1 Supreme Court to be an obiter dictum, and ed and 25 wounded, some of whom, it is ree departments, viz Execu- }j 0 e 'n First, do the people of a territory, like c,ect their own Governor? like those of a Stflt ebc their QWn Ju(lges? are also appointed by the destroying tho Judicial third see two thirds of the people's sov- U the elect tlie legislative third only.— by veto, to neutralise two thinls of third, which leaves the people .i_ *,t I stitutions in their own way,and the Supreme GEKMASY.- —A general meeting of the Na-' tional Union at Coburg unanimously adopted i C°urt has taken that from them. Then tell as a programme, tho transfer of the central! non-intervention is a principle worth a ,iCi SYRACUSE. Sep. 18.—Douglas arrived here Stephen A. Douglas for the purpose of pull Saturday from Clifton Springs. Upon his jng the wool over the eyes of the north: and arrival here and during the dav he has been .. i V. the recipient of honors. He spoke yesterday i a cheat) a ddugion gotten up by 11 haS dane ,fc for SOme sembled in a live acre lot. His speech cm-! humbugged by this deception are now get brst.-ed som^ new arguments on points not ting their eyes open again, are beginning to before, touched upon by him. He explained »u *i i i. i i_ see that the gxl |non intervention 1 which that the difference between popular sover-1 eignty and squatter sovereignty, was that I they have been so long worshiping, is but the latter is outside the Constitution, and in a shadow, a ghost as it were, a mere noth rebellion against the Federal Government, l,tne» a but 1 thank God 9reat many of those who have been ing and, through the influence of speeches, made by Street—the mud sill of the Democ racy of Wapello county—they are forsaking "the Little Giant" and swearing eternal al legiance to Abraham Lincoln, the ,AS Prince of Wales and roval party went under i 'he house of Jhs M'thcr till afternoon, when h" addressed an audience of from fif teen to twenty thousand people. He express ed pleasure that he had the opportunity of relieving his Republican friends by announ cing that he had at last found his Mother 1! ARRIVED here this morning, and remained He expressed regret that Lincoln did not find it safe visit his birth place, or the graves of his parents for f-m if rifllepMfe*. He ^p »kf about two hours. express our i accommodation we received from them while the ina-S meeting was a comnlete snrwaq cjrnpine SUCCCSS, their groat credit. rea Minding to 5. Tliat we hereby return special thanks to the Oskaloosa Wide-Awakes for the kind attention they paid us on the occasion. 0. That the firegoing resolutions bo pub- 0*••«« wa Courier. burstid up the party •». •Ww'SnilO t.ouner low in„ t!ieylhcnsurrenawc'lnnUlopt-|1°Wmslletujr, Clwk and protest" slavery in tha Territories of the REN. United States, which is all that Mr. Breck- We can all stand on ths platform of 18G2, i inridge claims, so far as regards the question r^00?n z,nK n i i the enforcement Oi the laws. There need be Supreme Court has decided that "every nt- no question for criticism as to the past, but izen of the United States lias a right to talcs pet feet harmony in combating the common with him into the Territories any hind of C.ncmy property, which the Constitution of the Uni-! ffc ''"1le ted States recognuss as properly." Now. disunionists have only received their.rfrrtre the question is, what does the Federal Con- buke—mild and gentle compared to the fu stitution recognise as propertv. The Su- ture- lh= K,on ai,'yin wh,ich h« 1 S ^fully i acknowledges the assistance he received from the Douglas men, in gaining h's elec tion: LKXINOTON, 'Aug. 8, I8fl0.-GEXTI.EMEX. Profoundly grateful as I am to Providence and the people for making me the instru ment of political redemption. I ask leave to the compromise of 1850. Here­ f°r Vf?n\lhc r°"sLt:tution,a"d hereafter— i. e. both sectional par- lhf Pn^ °v bot!' si(!cs n. __ tike til 8 g:0'jnd. he Yancoy Brcckinridge 7:4ft am f* 80 pm Cincinnati, rre oecas on tn .1 it j( i n, cii i bold, a )le and energet advocacy of mv the United States recognises Shoes as prop-. personal claims to the erty and pledges the Federal Government to people. protect it." Further, in speaking of the powers conferred upon Congress, over tho subject of slavery in the Territories of the United States, the Supreme Court has said, "the only power conferred is the power coup- .... i Ud with the duty of guarding and protecting you for your conlidencs of r3p..rted to the proposals for buildin of a'' hi:n' the Mr- Sjbley c.nteds the parties under-bidding I an 1 thc matter w,u undergo a thorough D"ravo vs- CBICAOO, Capt. II illms, of the Delevan, Wis., while taking foared, will die. At the tim the tra:n left, the names of those killed and wounded had not been ascertained. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. T3—A Bell and Ev erett meeting in the First Congressional Dis trict was interrupted by Republican clubs marching through the crowd. A fight en sued, and stones and pistols were used. The meeting was finally dispersed. Nina rioters GALENA, Sept 18.—The Democratic mass meeting here last night was the largest of the season. The Douglas Guards in uniform and numbering over TiOO torches, paraded the principal streets, and w^re presented with a banner by the youi.g ladies of this city. The audience were addressed by Gen. IJ. F. Lin den- and E. Van Buren, Esq., of Chicago, and were very enthusiastically applauded. New Advertiseiuoiits. 8. M. SMITH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, And General Collector. AGENCY CITY, IOWA. Sept. 18, '60—12 27-tf (VRoraback's Compound Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap Is no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and the cheapest of any now in use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attained unprecedented popularity. It la aaed at jydtly ta hard as soft water. Sun what cuir neighbor* say of It OTTUMWA, Aug. St, 1640. Q. E. A aria WALL,—Dear Sir: The family right ta man ufacture Roraback's Compound "hemioal Washing and Toilet Soap, which 1 obtained from you, 1 regard as invaluaftle. Whatever other other patent Inven tions may lie, this one is no humbug. The ingredients i Of which this soap Is compounded are perfectly harm less and so far from clothes being injured by its use, I believe five dollars u year will be saved in the usual we ir and tear which results fioin the use of other soap. The soap will eadily remove French polith, Print- A I? I? I fl-V. er's Ink, lead paint, wheel greaBe, tar, Ac., from the finest fabrics, without injuring them In the least— things which no other soap, with which I am acquaint ed, will do. The Toilet Soap Is useful for shaving, washing hands, and everything else fur which toilet soap Is used, lt is cheap, costiag only four cents per pound. The Cheapness with which the Washing Soap is manufactured is, with me, an important item. Fifty pounds can be made at a cost of only :{7I^ cents, and as easily as you can make a cup of coffee. The' fact, too, that clothes can he easily washed and washed clean, in hard tulphur irattr, is of great consider­ FOR CATTLE AN0 HORSES. rj^His -m lioltle ly. Hi or sioan's Instant lirlii-f, givvii in Wholesale at manufacturer's ,iyand,,retail, |u)mva OtMra- Kentucky. publishes the fol- lntt'inrr l.-.f'n^ r.,.„ /. ,. Instruments, medicuted bougies, and other empirical Iiom (jen. Iiesllii ,l'tier f,om I'=sli,! C«"»t«. a arm water, seldom fails to cure u horse of folk few minutes:—In extreme if cases r»-p.*at the !uso I i n u e s Kor bruises, strains, sprains, and many other Inju I'icn on liorsp", Citttl"' ami otlitT Hiiimnl.*, i^l'Win s ln sUiil Relief s|redil' ell'ects n cure. Many prions have been astonished 1 o »itneF* the rapid cure effect ,.,| ... ,1 this «...»! m-H. in'.'. «V"(let eiiv.ihirs -f A?, i t-. SLOAN'S OINTMENT. For mildness, safety, certainty, thoroughness, Sloan's Ointment Is rapidly supereerting all other Ointments ail I Liniments f-r the cure of II,e following comi'l.iints Kre.-h wound*,Gulls of ull k.lids, crack ed lieels, rlnphones, ].olevil, windgall, callous, spavin sweeney, listulu, fmindered feet, sand cracks, s.cratch es or greese, mange and IiorsJ distemper. II*I:.IKI-:D IIOKSI S AI» RITTI.r, require reslorntion of insensible perspiration. Sloan's Fever Antidote, Co" ditioti I'owiler, is a curlain blood purilier. It never fails to loosen tne skin, cleanse llie water, ereute an appetite, and is a positive cure for eol ghs, colds, stifT complaint, founder. Distemper, and carries oir butts and worms, and may be given at any time a-d under ull circumstances perfect safety. One ps ckaireof the Powders and a bottle of the perfectly cure u recent founder In six ut leaving the least effect 111 the umper, they will allay the fever and promote a healthy -t-rminution of the disease.— One powder and a pa I ofa hold, of Ointment, will. oTAp-i %^SSSKSS^ XSXir^SS!.^ ."',11 doomed. thV Very truly, your friend, LESLIE COOMOS Messrs. G. D. Prent'ce & patch the Co. NEW YORK, Sept 15.—A Washington dis- t,me\ sa^ offi ,ial information WllniVl I 'II #1 A/\n fl HVM 1 tl.M yl n i ... .SK 2^. I received, confirms the fjat of Miramon in! Th® battle W'lSfoU of Gcn"s- E K',0 In all cases, cure die bom diste:nper In a cow two art* bonie'lmes required for an ox. Walter 11. Sloan, the original discoverer of this tru ly valuable medicine, still has the sole supervlslon'of its manufacture, but orders should be sent to hi* Ron, Oscar Ii. Sloan, i.") South Water §t, Chicago, III., who will promptly supply the demand for these popular and trulv great, medicines: They lire sold by all dealers in medicine Sold, prices, at Y)t- Tltvll)1 lind bv all the otherlrug£ists. Pumroyand retailed A O O How I-osl. How Ilestorcd. Just. Published, in 1 Sc-tle-l h'nrcl'ipe, A lecture on nature treatment mid Radical cure of Fpermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debili ty, Nervousness and Involuntary Lmlssions producing Impoteucy, Consumption tnd Mental and l'hyslcul Debility. in- uon. J. crLvi:r.w ELL, M. I. The important fact thai the awful con»equ?ncei of self-abuse may be effectually removed without lutern- al medicines or the dangerous appiic.i ions of caustic, (onniha devises, is here clearly demons! rated, and the enlir" advertised nostrums of the day. This Lecture will prove a boon to thousands nnd thousands. Sent underseal to any address, pout jmiit, on the' receipt of two postage stamps, by addressinjr l»r. C. KL1.XE, 4(0 First Avenue, Near Vork.Post llox4,SSG, ao ia iy CIKIXJIAII AXI LUiaXSPOlji Pr0R!A AND BURLINGTON AilillOl Shortest Liii©. om Burlington via /.oy a import via (,'Hwwii.' 1 Cincinnati 4iS miles MSfeiilea To Dayton 41ft To Colmnbus 475 &19 To Wheeling «li AST .To llallimore i»9l ItHiT To Washington M'21 1040 Shortest Time Tabic. OOO.U RKTIBSISC, 8:'HI p. m., Rurlington, 8:FT0 p. m. 1^:40 a. m, Peoria, 8:45 p. n. AI.SO LKiVK7:('0 a Auio. li':00 in a Loginsport. arlve 0 am S:10 pin 1:10 a VJ: 10 pin Anderson. 114:1 u am l'2:l()pm 4:00am pni lliehinond. 0:4'! pin 9:10pni f» 80 pm Cincinnati, 6:01/ pm pui Al Richmond, trains connect with Indiana Ceutral K. U. for Dayton, Springfield and Coluuibus Ohio, Wheeling, lialtimore and Washington. Freight Trains make regular connections through, from Cincinnati to Ilurllngion, in three days. For farther particulars apply to A. BAK11KU, llen'l K. it. Ag't, Hesmoines, Iowa. JAS. FAVERVVKAT11K 1{, Ag't II A R, Ilurlington, Iowa. S. W. CHAPMAN, Oennr't Ag't A 11 It, at 'ht S°S Te^il nt Seld i» n0t' lt ,attud 0J,LV °»3 da)' anl w 0re and dreZ W0N 1Iernan-: ^riema and Au- ^on prUon«rs-a!l of Miraraon's Cincinnati, Ohio. I). S GRAY, Gen'l F't Ag't, Central Ohio R. It. Columbus, Ohio. Aug. 2:5, 1 SCO. NEW YORK ANO ERIE It All iltOMj. rC Broad Gunge, Uoiiblo Track and Teli'sruiih Itoiite, FB^O New York, lioston. snd all eastern'cltlef, ear I ryinj the (ircat Western and Norlli-WMt«m .Vnited Stall's mails. Kxpress Trains leave Dunkirk daily, on arrival of all trains on the Lake Shore Railroad, fi om Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, jSt. Louis, Dubuque, Hurlington, Iowa City, ic., and run through to Sew York city without change. The only route running cars through from the Lakel to New York city. Splendid ventilated slcepiug car* ruj on night trains. ltaggage checked through. Fare always as Low as by any other route. Host on Passengers and their Baggage transferred Free in New York. 15e particular and call for tickets via Dunkirk and the New York and Krle Railroad, which are sold at all the principal Railroad offices in the West. This road albirils facilities for shipment of freight, superior to anv oilier route. AX i:\»*i«ivss ini:i« n: i ,. leaves New York daily, making close connections 111 tuc LMstriCt Court, ye.-terday, the case o i the defendant, on tho ground that he was acting undir tin orders of the Secretary of War. Sept. 13.—The 4:30 p. oi. traia n rini\ through to all points West, and quicker time than ever before inade on any line. For freight rates enquire of J. C. Oatmnn, 241 Ilroad- wav, ew York, or of Jacob Forsyth, Freight Agei.t, f4 Dearborn St., Chicago. C1IAS. MI NOT, 8up't, THE TOLEDO A: WABASH, LOGANSPORT, PEOUIA & RURLINGTN FAST FREIOHT LINK. C•"OOD8 i forwarded from Lake Krie to the Mlsslssip pi, in continuous Express Fr»ight trains, wlth-iw i' iiai lie, Hi* trans-shipment, O and in quicker time than by any Rates as low as by any other route. Overcharges snd damages promptly settled. Contracts can b« made at as low rates in New York or Hoston, at pjr' any other line, wilh the undersigned agents: OATMAN, A'„'t N Y A- E K.'JH llrnndway. II MOKK, Ag't N Y 11,'iSy Rromlway, Si'Afi.MNC, Spauldir.g's Kv. 'J Astor ileuts, PKAv. T.'iNNKit A Co, 171 Broadway, (.Jreat Western Dispatch, '2.M Broadway, Western Tiansportatlon Co, 191 l!roadwar( American Transportation Co, Centre Slip." BOSTON, 9 Di-ITLAF, Ag't N Y A E 11,15 State Street, JAS. MUX?, Ag't 11 & W It R, 19 State Street, Pmu.ii'8, Fitchhurg R., i State Street. A Ksiuur, Ag't W Dispatch, State Street. n e A I.O O K LOOM is, Gen'l Freight Ag't & E It. I) DOLK, Ag't N Y O Propeller Line. K S SPESCEH, Uen'l Eastern Ag't A B., New York. Be particular and mark packages care W R"5".via Logarsport. were arrested. No one was seriously injur ed, as far a-! known. It is -opposed the af fair was in retaliation for a disturbance per- ^glCAGO, INDIAN APOLIS, petrated by parties hurrahing for Bell and ..... "t Everett at the Republican serenade to Mr. Sherman on Wednesday evening. A. BAliBKR, Ag't, Destnoiues, Iowa FOR CINCINNATI! CINCINNATI SHORT LINE Hail Tlond! Shortest,Quickest, and only Direct ltoat*fro»OU. cago to Cincinnati. r,„w 1 1 i Passenger trains leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake street, a» follows: First train T:4FT a.m., arrives at Michigan City at 12:80 p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette ft:2A, (supper,) tndi anapolis t:1ft, p.m., Lawreuceburg 12:30, and Cincin­ nati at ll:4£p.iu. Second train 9:00p.m, arrive at Michigan City at9:20 p.m., La Fayett. 2:40 a.m., Indianapolis ft 20 am Lawrenceburg 10:20 a.m., Cincinnati at 10:4ft a.m." Passengers leave Ottumwa 8:(in p.m arrive at Burlington at 7:25 p.m., arriveat Chicago atft lSa at Cincinnati 1:80 a.m. Only one change of can between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping curs attached to all night trains and rui. through from Chicago to Cincinnati wifhou'! Cn*itifre. Through tickets can be had at all railroad cfflc*s in the est, and at the company's office, corner Lake and Dearborn streets, and at the depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago. Fare as lotv as via any other route. C. 1 11 ation to me. I would nut be without a family right fjr four times Its cost. W. W. JOHNSON, Notice is hre-by given to *11 Family Rights, formerly sold fcr 110, each, but now i persons interested, that the 1st day of October, li»60, for or |3 for the washing soap, and |2 for the toilet: ha« b»en fixed upon by the county Court of said conn ... ty for proving thelaat ill and Tesumeut of DavU SPALDING, Aft Chicago jTll^oweLL, Trav. Agent. vino.^o. O A A fl'POTJ'N' I\ A fB^IIK undersign would respectully solicit the MI-. tent ion of the public to the facilities which he now possess fur manufacturing CARKIAGKS A WAG ON'S, of every description, after the tuost improved styles, as good as can be obtained East, aud upon sat isfactory tcrius. Those wishing to purchase will please call and ex amine my stock. (9r'Repairiug promptly attended to. Ottumwa. Msr. lst.lW-flT-ly^' STATE OF IOWA, I Wapello Co. ClWIH OScf. TuHls, deceit sell CEW.Jt AWIXWALL. ?er».« 2« I3 4w

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