Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, September 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated September 20, 1860 Page 3
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ff|c ©ffuinloa (fotirirr. Local and Miscellaneous. OTTrMWA. IOWA, Sept.. 2), 1360 Ilepilblicnn lub-Meets regularly every Mday evening, over Hedrlck A Gillespie's Store,Front atfeet. Member* of the partv are Invited to attend, JEdlyviIl« oke Itcpublirnn Club—M^et* «*«ry Monday evening at Vance A Benedict's Hall.— Everybody Invited to attend witl.out distinction efjpartr. E. W.-BOYD, Prest. t. W. P.oas, Secy. TI.TIt TADLE,D.4c MI. R. RAILROAD. OTA yog OF TISte. Leave Ottawa 4:16*.*. S:00r.*. 1*90 r.K.1fc»ML COACHES LEA VS DAILY. We*!—For De* Moinen, via Eddyrilie, Oskalooaa and Pelia, at 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oakatootfa, at 11.00 p. m. For Chariton, via B1 tkeaburg and Albia at 1p.m. South—For Bioomfleld, and Centrevillo. at I p. m. a. c. parks, Agent. |)ITice comer of Front and Market Sts., Ottumwa. Vheoyou want Roots, Shoe* and Clethlog, ge U Temple's, New Clothing Store. Wide-A wake N otice —A. D. Culver. of til's city, i prepared to furnish Wide-Awake I uniforms at thort n tiiee. On Y es !—If you want any thing fa the way of Yaiik-'e Notion?, go to InsWp'a. Carey always koep3 every thin that ia nice in that lirto. J. A. Smith A Co., 118 Lake St., Chicago, hare the best IVide Awake Uniform got up in the States, and at lowest prices. Also 10,000 Lincoln and Hamlin medals, and of all the other candidates, which they sell at New York price*. 3^ Spirit of rm-ichacy.—We are in- fjrme that ih: "zj'al us Post M,i-t r" at Dahloneg:i, dre v a chair on L. S. Silsby of tl^tt town, b?cause he (Silsby) said he was not an Abolitionist. Mr. Silsby, you must ask the P. M. after thU, what you may say. We learn fro n a Republican from Ccntre villf?, (and whom we filTei an order fjr 100 flags for their company,) that the masses are AW. W10B Awake in that sectbn. Let's hear from you, ye sons of Freedom, and may your efforts to carry light to the benighted haunts of Democracy, be crowned with that success for which you are battling—tin pro motion of our stan lar 1 baaivr— citizens of that placc and vicinity, including the ladies, turned out to welcome us. Port Richmond is a fine placo to drill, indeed, and the citizens are court ous withal. Excellent and rlinent speeches wi re id -by :-rs. Hamilton and Dixon, and the Wide" Awake Glee Club'* sang admirab'y sev ral ap propriate songs. IFrosii New IKvxteo. I ndependence, Mo., Sept. 17.—The New Mexican mail with dates to the 3(1 inst., ar rived tbi.s evening A convention of the people of New Mexico, met nt Santa Fe, on th- 2Gth ult., to make arrangements for the prolection of their lives and propertv from the Navajoe and other Indi ins. They re solved to raise 1000 volunteers and asked the Governor to receive lhem. He refused.— They then resolved, that owing to private quarrels between the officers cf the gular army, no dependence could be p'a ?t in iem, and that the regular troops in the Territory are not sufficient for its protection. They detc mined to take their d(fence into their own hands, and a ca'l fT 100 mounted men from each county was ide. Manuel Choirs was appointed Col. of the rigiment, and it in expected to open the campaign tn the 20th iniit. Col. Font'eroy has ordered a campaign against the Indians, to move in three columns oil tlie Kt of October. On the 8th inst., a band of Kiowas num bering 1 ], with Catouak, their Chief, went to Alison's Ranche on Carr Creek, and agreed with Mr. I'eecock, the proprietor, to come next day and g.» to Panee Ford and make a treaty with the U. S. officers. True to their promise, thav came, and induced Mr. Peacock to go out and look through a spy glass at, as they represented, a company of soldiers a distance off. While Mr. P. was in the act of looking, they shot him through the head, also through the body, killing him instantly. They then shot Mr. Nugens, his clerk, but did not kill him at once. He retreated to a room, where there was a sick man, and warned him of what was going on. He then died. The sick man was armed with two rev* Ivers. which the Indians being apprised of did not molest him. They loaded 11 ponies with goods and left. The people at Cow creek were expecting aa attack from some Indians and had only one company of soldiers to protect them. Mr. Horgs lost 80 head of cattle at Cow mek. They were run off by a stampede of luilffalos. He is en route for Santa Fe with a large train. band of Pawnee and Ote Indians a few dsjys sine* came to Council Grove and run oft GO head of Mules and Ponies. From all the information to be had, it seems that there U a determined plan among all the wild Ia disns to make war on the regular army and cttizens traveling the plains. Leavenworth, K. T., Sept. 18.—Guidon, the alleged murderer, who ucently escaped from Denver and who had been in custody of tho U. S. for some time past, had an examination yesterday before Judge Pettit, of the U. S. District Court, which resulted in his discharge for want of jurisdiction, it having been shown that Denver, where the off. mce is alleged to havo been committed, ia in Mortano county, and not in Arrapahoe,as was supposed. This decision leave.-, tho eiti xsns of the Pike's Peak region outs-ide of Arrapahoe county and without any law wliat ercr. Immediately after the discharge ofj the prisoner threats of lynching were made and an excited crowd gathered aroun 1 the courthouse, (jordon, however, was taken to jail for safety under the protection of the sheriff and city officers. Late in the c-wning a body of friends un dertook to remove him thence, but were im mediately surrounded by an excited crowd Khouting, hang him, string hiin up," &c. The friends of law and order, however, under th" lead of Major McDowell and other city nffi cers, succeeded in preventing the mob from proceeding to extremities, and Gordon was again lodged in jail for safety. He was badly bruised and cut during the melee, and others were somewhat injured. Sheriff Nie daugh, of Arraphoe county, who arrived in town during the tumult, was badlv injured *»y a blow in the head. Gordon has been re-arrested on a Justices warrant and will be handed over to Sheriff Nihddaujrh to be taken to Denver as soon as his injuries will permit. Burlington Market., Sept. 18.—Flour on stand at Hit quotation. AV'heat lower. Millers were pnying 70 to 7# this p. m. for pood milling samples. The continiuvl favorable reports with f wwnce to crops on tlie oth«'r side, has had a depresninp inHucnre on all the maikets.— AH vices from Chicago to-day ouote No. 3 Spring at 7M@80. Whiskey i now worth 20®22e, and Ann Butter UQlSt P« fttj 8&» 6©7c per doEen. No oth.T changes hare taken £h0Cf and we omit quotations.—Hawk-Eye. Cbicugo iHarket. Chicago, Sept 18. FLOUR—Market unsettled—buyers gen erally holding of!', but prices nominally low er 150 bbls good spring, extra, $1 70, de livered 200 bbls fair at $4 55. WHEAT—Market opened bride at 81c. but as soon as the steams was nnnounc a dcclin cf 2@3c took place. No. 1 at 83c 10,000 bus. do at 82Jc 15,000 bus. do at 82c 300 bus. rejected at 73c 700 bus. No. 2 Red at 85c—market closing firmer. CORN—Notwithstanding the steamer's news, prices ruled a thide high jr. Sales, 25,000 bus. No. 1 at 88c in store" 15,000 bus. do at 40Jc F. O. B. 500 bus do at 37J in frtare 1000 bus do at 37c, 700 bus. No. 2 at 35c 5000 bus rejected canal at 37c afloat. OAT6—Steady with a fair demand at 22c. New York Market. SHINGLES lath, Lincoln. Wide Awakes at Richmond. The Ottumwa Wide Awakes visited Port Richmond Saturday night, and had decided­ ly ia good time. That sterling RepulJican, Mr. C. Ilickcnloopor, very generously fer ried tho oinpany cvnr the river, and the N. Y., Sept. 10. FLOUR—Mai ket heary and 10@15clow •r. Sales 18,000 bb!s. WHEAT—Market l@2c lower, with a moderate business doing on a decline for ex port Sales 12,000 bus. at $1 12@1 21 in ferior to prims $1 26® 1 28 red Stats $1 28@1 30 western $1 30@1 43 wh'te western Si 45@1 50 white Michigan. WHISKEY—Snlcs (lower) 500 bbls at 23. conn r.itciAi.. Oocataa FLOOR (vkelaMle) WHEAT C'MKN SHELLED CORH '. it CORN MEAL ... OATS !RVE ll'OT.v TOES (new) .. Ml'OAR K'OFFEtt fc.VLV HIDES, dry........ ............. green ...... COTTON YAP.!* NAILS PINE LUMBER, common. clear, 8 grade* nCTTElt.. Lard Tallow beeswax euos. CHKESJ* H)RG HUM..... .... PORK BIDES. HAMS CHICKENS $ da« QUAILS, dot DRIED APPLES. ft PEACHES fc® LEATHER fSoie) Calf FORS—Mink, No. 1........ ..... COON WILD CAT RAT OTTE^ HEAVER ffi ft DEER ft BUFFALO ROUES HUNGARIAN SEED............ TIMOTHY whiS'kEY VINEGAR bbl Want* more Christie'* Ague Balaam All out of Christie'* Ague BaUam Christie'* A|(ue Balsam I* sure cure. Christie'* A/cue Bnlsam is recommend ed by CbemUt*. ISctR. ........ f«i@4A 20 »@11 20 *2,25 10 4 .22* 4,25 .....1-2 50^20 00 .. 25 00@40 00 ... 8U084 75 S no .... 12^®15 10 10 20 l«X ...... 50 7@s! ...... lo@it! 1,00. ............ 85 .... 10 15 2fiC£28 »6@1,20 1,20 *5 25(^4) 0 W New Store IS THE PLACE BARGAINS! xar CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, DURING THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, WE THE GREAT EASTERN HAS ARRIVED WITII FALL AKD WINTER STOCK" AT BARGAINS BARGAINS II Heavy Stock of NO. 1 PRINTS. DELAINES, CIIALLI3, JSTOrjSTVjlirBlanket*, Ac. IRREPRESSIBLE Wonders in the way of CLOTHSCASSIMERES, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Flan^ nets COTTONS 4c., for the MILLIOX GROCERIES, Tobaccos-?^?"^ fPP A CI LARGE 8TOCK—Beat and chnpot LAO In the Comntry. COFFEES, SUGARS. Office, Sept. 20. 42,80 80Q60 20 22 ..»..»•»«*.«•. 80 THE .».".Yw®3 5ii T5®1 00 14@20 ... «00@10 00 S2©2,20 25 5,0(1 SPECIAL NOTICES. CHRISTIE'S AGUE BAMtff. I want more of Dr. Christie'* Ague Balsam, l'leaa? Bend me half a pro** lanxe.lia!ely. Kesp'olfr.llv vo 11 r«, A. M. MOORE, 'Sheffield, III. We are ail out of Dr. Christie'* Ague Balaam. Please send me six dozen. "11 goe* off like hot rakes." WILSON A NEVILLE, Mack'ntclc^Ill. J. R. A F. ROYCE Co., Mi.Way, 111.', •ay: -'We 'lo not know of a single fail ure where directions were followed." NKW YO K, AIIR. 2J I, 1S55. Frstn my kno fledge of the ingredi ents of Christie's \gii-? Balsam, I con sider it a safe and excellent prepara tion for the cure of Fever A Ague, and that it will not prove injurious to the constitution. LAWRENCE REED, Prof, of chemistry. Sold bv JOHN D, PARK, Pron'r, Cbi^a^), 111. ••*. SELL Will EXTREMELY LOW! To make room for Fall Gtoods. We have Just received a new lot of' a S y e 8U.KAND CA83IMERE A. B, Also a far pieces CASS 151 EKE, which we will DIAKE tnr TO OBDEBi VAB BAKT TO PLEASE, A. D. TEMPLE & 00., No 2. Main-8t., Ottumwa. RNTHAV FB^AKEN up by James Anderson, at hi* residence in Columbia Townshil Wapello county, Iowa, One Sorrel Mare, with white feet, sin til white strip In the forehead, a scar on the right thigh, some harne** mat ks and marked by collar on the top of neck, about 14 hands high, supposed to be from nine to twelve vears o!d, and valued at Forty Dollar') before R. W. Iliyd, a Justice of the peace, on the 2Mh day of JglT, lM'i. JOSEPH HAYNK, Olluunwi, Aug 18, '60-Aw OUrk. JUST it ECEI%'!21», a fall awc tmaat of QueeasaadOlats Ware at C. C. WABDINf. •mm iMiNigtti mm MfM DEVESTS! Opposite Hawley's, Front Street, Oituawa. Ca^hand T^i^ht TVofTits. BE RAGES, DEISEGTS Alpacea* MERINOS, VALtNTIA Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS 0#eT««y'description of those CHEAP GINGHAMS—Fast Colon. LIXCOLy AT?, DOUGLAS CAPS, BRECKIXRIDGS BOOTS, BELL RIBBONS, ADMINISTRA 770JV SHOES, PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA. SOAPS, SPICES Ac. HARDWARE—Selling and giving away. WHOLESALE ANB RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aup. K.-'fll-O-'-1..' y. T. DEVIN. ATTENTION FARMERS!" abore cut represents Itiikr A" Hunt1* Improved Sugar Cane Mil!. Improved March 1S59. Thl* mill is conitructed of iron—except lcrer and hopper—it has no equal in Ughtnegsof draft, durabil ity, simplicity and src'-d. Any amount of pressure isobtained by moving one set screw—the pressure all comes upon a gum spring. This mill can he fed from both side* of the large cone—thereby maUag* double mill, without extra tax to the mill. No. 1 Mill, (one horsed complete, #65. 2 (two horse) $S5. Expre*«es from 50 to 120 gallon* per hour. Manufactured at (.'has. Hen.lri.'« Foundry, Rurllng ton, Iowa. J. R. CRAWFORD, Asrent, Jas. R. IIorniN?, Oen. Apt. Ottumwa, Iowa. For tb« sale of Territory, Ac. [May 17-nlO-IS-ta. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS ~L -I THE Wr.STI'n^l STAGE CO^IPAIfY RE i.nw r'inning a Daily Four Hoise Line of Post (!oacln'», from Ottumwa to Bentcnsport, passing throueh Drake-ville, Bloomfield, Troy, Strlngtown and K-.^iuqua, making sure connection* with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'y line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre ville, connecting with a tri-weeUr line from there to i Corydon, Leon. Decatur City, Sit. Ayr, Plattsville, Clarinda, and through to Nebra ka City making qnicktime and aure connections at ail points along aid li 11 1ST I'asiengers for We»*ern Iowa, and Northern •I issouri, will find It to their Interest to take thl* route. tW Stage Office, corner Market A Front Street*, i Ottumwa, July »th, ISM. A. C. PARKS, Ag't. OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Mendenhall k Whitham, forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS AND Greneral Freight Agents, NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTIJIWA IOWA. %W Liberal Oaah advaacea atle ea Produce for Shipment. Il-M tf. TRUSTEE'S SALE, WTETHFRF A8, on the 3rd day of November, A. t. ww l"»5s. E. B. Murphy and Margaret Murphy, by Deed of trust conveyed to tne tht following described Real Estate to wit Lot No. Twenty nine ('^9), in Nor I i-'.- sul.-di vision of Ten (10) acres, off of the tfouth end of the Eaei half of the South-west J* of section No. Nineteen (IS), in Township No. Seventy-two (~J) North of range No. thirteen (.18) west, and the building there eu in trust to secure the paymen' of a c-rtain promi •ory Note, bearing even date with said decl of trust, Iiarrisby iven said E Murphy aud Margaret Murphy to Vernon, for the sum of Three Hundred and Unety-eight and 67-H«l dollars, with ten per cent in •erestfroiu date, payable March 1st, 1S60. And where •*, the 6.lid deed i ti u»t authorises uie lu case tho •aid Note »i:h the interest accru.-d thereon, was not faid wiien due, to seii the Mid property to the high est bid ler for cash, at public aucli.11, at the door of Che Court House, in the city of Ottumwa, Iowa,— first advertising the same in any Newspaper printed In thj city of Ottumwa Wapello county and £tate of Iowa, at least Twenty (2.t) days. And Whereas, the •aid note is now due, and neither interest nor princi pal has been paid. Now therefore. Notice is hereby given, that utiles* tlie said note with Interest and costs are sooner paid, I will offer the a'.ove described property for sale at f'jblicdoor IIATS& CAPS! Auction, to the highest bidder for cash, at the ront of the Court House, in the city of Ottumwa Wapello county, Iowa, on the 7th day of September, A. I) IsCo, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. ID. of said day, by virtue of the twer in me vested, under said deed of tract, to eatlafjr net* and Interest thereon. 23-12 4w A. H. HAMILTON, Trustee. Bugar Mills and Evaporators, Mamif ii uirt.(i by IOl I [.AS IJROTF1KIIS, Zanosville, Ohio. Ills Being the ouly establishment In tbe U(ited I. States Manufacturing exclusively the abore ar-1 tides, they have facilities for offering to the public fce'ter and cheaper Mills than any other. Material, Vorktuauship, power, efficiency and durability con sidered. Pate* of Mills—10, 50, 60 and to 150 dollars—larger sites in delo order. Prick of Evaporators—made of heavy galvanised Iron —with 1st lion Furnace .'»,S.V £.*, and 7^ Dollars as in size aii'i pa tern. Pans .f same meterial without furuace—lito 26 Dollars, accordiug to .ixe The Subscribers are Agents for the Sale of the above Articles —and off.r attiie Manufacturers price*—fr«e rom Freight Charges. Purchaser* are advised to call. «n us before buying elsewhere. OODEN k COPP. Otlumwa, Iowa Aug. It, 60,li—2m. THE PLACE TO BUY IXJIBIlK, Ac., IS AT O U W A WHERE will be found the largest stock ever o^! fered I n the west, and which will be sold lower than at anv point on the Mississippi. Also those A Shingles of our manufacture, full count, every Shingle erfect. H. D. U.A.XB A CO. Oct. 27, lS69-n2W-ll tf niier»hij. lSMOl.tTTlO* KOTICE.-The co-part heretofore existing at Chariton and Ot tumwa, Iowa, under the name of Temple A Bro is this di-y dissolved by mutual consent. Geo. D. Tem ple having disposed of his interest in the business at. Ottumwa to Edward A. Temple who will continue to transact bu.iness as heretofore, at the old stand of. Temple A Bro., under the name and style of Edward! A Temple Co. i Office, after 1st September, on Main-st., in NEW CiOOOM HEW GOODS! E 8 W O O W A A HE CuSfSIANTL A LI Y1SG VftOU TUB E A & itle.ydi» lots COATS, PANTS, VESTS HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, CARPET SACKS, GUM COATS, 00M GLOVES, GUM SHOES* UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, CLOTHS, CASS I MERES, SATINETTS, JEANS, COTTONADES, and all articles kept in a CLOTHING House. Call in and examine tbe Stock. CletUsg con stantly made trt order. Ottumwa April 12th, '«0-25-ll-ch-5-l*. KITTREDGE & MERRILl, II'//('I.A'. '.l LE A XJ /. ETAIL O E S ottuhwi, koh'a. 1IATB SOW 121 STORE AXt FOB SALE THE LARGEST STOCK of O E I E S EVER BROUGHT TO THIS MARKET\ Which they art prepared to sell as low as can be bought in any market west of the rlrer. The stock consists In part of the following good* 10 lids N. O. Sugar, 20 Bbls Refined Sugar, 50 Bbls and lilf bbls N. O. MoUMtsaad Sjrmp, 60 Sacks Coffee, 10 Java Coffee, 25 Keg* Pure Soda, 100 Kegs Nail*, Cotton Yarn, Batt#, Candle*, Soaps,Tobacco*, and all other articles in our line. The trade of Merchant* and citlsens generally ts respectfully solicited. The highest market prleepald for Hide*, Grass Seed and all kind of producn. K.AM. Sept. 16,1S59.—U-27-jr XUJV CSOOOS! IfEW GOODS! Jut receired from the East at J. A. SCHWORM'S GROCERY AXD Pi{OVIM(l\ STOKE Frost Street, Opposite the Ottouawa Hense. A T.vnaE AND SCPERTOT1 ?TOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, rruits A .\uts Chewing nnd Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, A!ND HEAL I1AVAXA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE & HUTAIL. Queemicare, Boots and Shoct, All of which will b? sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or exchanged for Country Produce. WA\TFD--IIIDES, for which will be paid ike very highest market price in Cash. Call a:.d examine roods and prices, in Daua'lbfifek opposite the Ottumwa House, Front-et. October 6th, ch-30-oldl5-l 1 NEW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS UttttT rSOM TUG fiAST. C. C. Warden, ta receiving and N O W O E N I N a large and fashionable stock of Y O O S AND Xotiout, Cloths A Cisdinem, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. And a complete axsortment of everything 0 meet the wants of individuals or families in his line of trade, comprisi!):* in part follow*: Plain, Black anil Fancy Cxssimerfes, Broad Cloth, Satindts TICK?, SH1UT1NOS. STRIPES, CORDUROYS, JEAX.^ DEXXIXS, DRILLS, BLEACUID fOIIJlOX UlSLUiai I N S or every Variety. Style and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC GINGHAMS Beside* a great variety of Dress Crsods! t.'R :n, \Vii\n N, AMI I'll I l.i !1EN," Which could not he enumeiated in an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of his stock wil! he to call and look through for yourselves. 1 aui also reeeiviag Well (elected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, 1 i HER Y/IKDS At Burlington., Ml. PUatani, Fairfield, Agencyt and such as Tea. CoTc, Sugar, Rice, Dried Fruit,Sella, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. HARDWARE & CUTLERY. Glasq and Nails, BaiKlers material ariJ furiiisliinp goods. And lias an entire slock complete in everytliiti^ tSat wouM comprise a-lock for :he limes and for this vicinity, all of which he is anxious to dispose of for tne ready pav. or to approved customers. All kinds of Country produce ken in pay for Good*. He solicits an examination of and prices and will take pleasure in showing you through whether you btiv or not. April I860. new Banking House. OKO. I) TEMPI.K, KDWAUD A. TEMPL1. Ottumwa, Aug.11, I860—2S-12-1 w STONE CUTTING. THE subscriber can furnish I'l.'T KTOM! for for House Work, aills, caps, or any other kUul ef Stone in use. Also rough Stone for cellars, kr «rt.llch 2.MJy Wni. vj 1I.|»-VE. City Tlvat Harket. Front St. i doors east Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. blast, with meats ofall k e»t living 1 1 C. C. WARDEN. THEsuliscriber, grateful for past favors, would say to th public that bis market, op.-u il nearly four years aio. is still in full reased facilities to furoikh seasonable iks at all reasonable hours, at-the l..w s. Tallow, I. ir.I, Sausages, and every, thlngusually kept lu a City Market for sale. Thehigh.-s! market price in cash paid for Kat Stock ^Ts'reii* luvuriiibl)' HfThoschavinf unsettled aeconnta.or note* dee, will please call and pay up. J. W.BROWN. Ottumwa, Feb. 10th.l!M.— 4S CITY PIIOPIIKTV FOU NAI.K. Private residence on Second Street, near corner of Marion, for sale at a bargain, aud partly on time. PoMdMiea glvea laaiflatoly. Ka^ulr* at this office of J, W. NORRIS. January ''i', 'M. mm SFRIW UIOUlCfUilT! MEW ST GREAT ATTRACTION J. L00M1S & CO, MAVC BEEX BECEIVMO The last four weeks, their SPFUNG AND SUMMER —STOCK ©»-—J Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS! GROCERIES, PIECE GOODS. BOOTS SHOES, HATS, CAPS, —*!Bonnets, fec., WHICH NOW MAKES THEIR STOCK COMPLETE!! Our .Tlotto "LOW PRICES WIN," Is warranted by ovr purchasing from firs^ hands, and selling to a clone, prom[)t, paying trade, for Casta and Ready Pay Only. TO ALL SUCH wo shall offer throughout the season, a complete and UNSURPASSED STOCK OF S I N A N S U E Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, BOOTS A.\D SHOES, HATS & CAPS, O N N E S Hosiery, YANKEE N0TX OBS, &C —XT- WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at tlie lowest possible prices. i We will pay the highest price for every variety of We will pay price and market PRODUCE. the highest CITY ORDERS. Ottumwa, Oct. ft, lS'i-n' o market In cash, for WOOL COUNTY J. LOOMIS & CO. 1 BANKING, IXCHANfJE, -AND— COLLECTION OFFICE, OF EDWARD I. TE.H J'LE & CO-, I OTTClfWA, IOWA. ra^in: i \Di:iisu.i:n n v i: it e» H. moved tiieir Exchange office Iowa, to this from Chariton, point, and are prepared to transact any bu.iness pertaining to Banking, Exchange or Collec- tions, which may le entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, will enable us to endersatisfactiou to our patrons. Wesell jtfeKHjirr DIIAI'TS OX NEW \OHK,Q i and other eastern '\nts, in sum* to suit purchasers and can also furnish Exchange on ENGLAND. IRELAND AND SCOTLAND. AND ON GERMANY. FRANCE. SWEDEN. DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES OP E K o K as well as collect money, inheritance*, and evefjr oth er claim in foteigu counties. i We receive Deposits and issue C-rtlHeate* which bear intereit only by special agreement, €•«»!. i.i:ri«i N. made payable at ouroillce, I will be remitted for, at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at oilier points, will be collected and remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— We will also pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful debts. Parties holding tnciiirrut Honey. Drafts. Cer tificates of Dcposite. or ItiI s of Cxcliuugo, l'ayable AT SIGHT OK ON TIME, la any placeman have them Cashed by calitag eftear office. TAXEN.—T/e have correspondents in nearly every county in Southern Iowa, and ran pay taxes for mn-residents and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required in adraace and all orders should he «eut us by 1st of January. A N W A U A N S We wili at all tliu. s pay cash for Laud Warrants, and will also attend to the location of with cash, of them, or the entry G'.verniiicut laii.l.,iii Oil' I, It A* SAM, OU LUUASKA. We have ample asrangementsfor the selection of de sirable lands In the Territories, for individuals orfor I Colonies. We can furnish emigrants and others with lirst rale Farin», it: the central counti-i. ot 11,is State, or with unimproved land in this and the south ern tier «*f counties, for Cash. They can bv had as "cheap a* dirt." TOW* LOTS. We have orer two hundred town letftla Chartt«D Osceola, Afton and Mount iyr, all go.nt county Towns, three of which are on the line of the liurtlniMou A Missouri It. It. It. To parties desiring residence or tiusinei- lots, in any of these points, we will gn egood bargains. Parties at a distance, desiring information *s »o the property offered, are requested to correspond with us. All others wlllplease rail at our office, on Market St.twe door* from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. row'd.a Tini'ii 4 re. Qctehert, 1 *.*.9 nCo.-tn, i iiij'ijiitiiftrfiiiTitri in naiiaiiiiiW,fiif ifir i S O E D. CULVER, A. Front Street, Daggett's oM Stand, Ottnmwa, Iow.c. film' C|TI'/E!*s OF OTTI'MWA AND Virfnity are invited tc Call and gt my new Ir!. e~ on STOVE*. As 1 p:iy caili for my Stove«, I fl»tt»r myself that I can sell them 2.i per r»nt. cheaper than they have ever been e»M in tlii-i market to cash customers. My Stoves are of the noted COMSTOl'K maiiufacture of over Fifty different patterns. I have the C"lebr.ited Quincy City Cook Stoves, Which took the prixe medal over all other stove* ia the West, to which 1 inrite especial attention. WILL WAR IIA XT ALL MY STOVES and will furnish plates, free of charge, if then crack hy Ji re. I have In store at all times a ful! assortment of iTIN, HOLLOW &, JAPAN WARE. i» work, in ^jn, copper ami sh". iron, promptly done, on rcajonaMe term-, and in 111 e 1 j•.-1 manner. wri will receive in exchange for the ahjve ar old copper, brass, casi iron, and rags, which will en i able farmers to save from |10 to f.V) per annum. May JI, 1SG0—1 11-y A. D. Ct'LVER. at xiTio.ML Koi ri: TO A I O E N E W Y O I PHILADELPHIA 6 BOSTON! Baltimore & Ohio Railroad! Is the only Road to WASHINGTON CTTY. 1 The Washington l.runch of this i 1 Road is owned an.l operated ex climit.-I.v l.v tlo- II. O R. R. Co. Passengers by the pretendeil routes to Washington City, are subjected to omnilius travel, ted!ou« delays, and extra chargee at Baltimore. The Baltimore and Ohio Ra'lrnad In connecti«M with the Central Ohio Railroad, present* to the trav eling public a short and desirably route, from Colum bus to all the Eastei n cities. Passengers hy this ute can visit the cities of Hal tlmore, Philadelphia, New York or Boston, at the post of a ticket to New York or Boston alone by other lines. Through tickets can also be procured via Welling ton Citv to the Eastern cities, at an additional charge of two dollar*. Travellers to the East, from all We*tern points, rat depend upon quick time and sure connections. Sleep ing cars attacli- to all night trains. Two trains leave Columbus, Ohio, daily, 4:3 a. m. Newark .V.**1? a m., Zan-«ville 7:1S a.m.. Benwood, (Whe-iing. IS «.» p.m., draft on 5:25 Cumberland I0:40p.m., Harper's Kerry a.i"i a.m.: arrives in Balti more i:45 p.m Washington City 7:"!iip.m. 8:iNtpm, Newark 4:l: pm, Zanesviile 5:40 pm, Ben wood, Wiie. iiog) lt:lo pm, (irafton 3 iH) am, Cumber land S:l' ain. Harper's Kerry 12:.Vi pm arrive* at Bal timore 4:4J pin, Wmshington City t:ii0pm. Direct connections made at Baltimore with above trains for Philadelphia, New York and Boston, and at' Washington City for Richmond, Wilmington, Charles ton. Ac. its II. (J. JKWKTT, l'ie- i. CORK J. W. BROWN, 1 reu. Ticket Ag't O t. E. FULLER,Gen. est'n Ag'tBAO It S. I RI IXJTOX, PEORIA, A!*D LO* UAXSPORT R. R. Trains leaie Burlington as follows MORNING MAIL, 7:0uain MUHT Ex., (Saturday* excepted) ». p. in. Sunday Niu'ht Train leaves at S m, Connect ing at TOLEDO with LIGHTNING Ex. TRAINS 9: Ss,em for Lafayette. Indianapolis and Cincinnati. 1 At l.ogansport with Toledo. Waba ia every way the most desirable line. J. R. FAYRWEATIIKR, Jr. Ticket Ag't Burlington. T.S. WILSON,Tassenger Ag't, Ott un.» Will be sold at Auc'iou, Septcai* Imt 20|Ji, 1WOO, Tho Superb Stallions, WALKER CADMUS, GREEN MOUNTAIN MORGN, got hy Young Cadmus, bred bv Goldsmith Coffeen, of Warren County O., hebv Heath's Old Cadmus, he by "y' American Eclipse, by old Duroc. by i aiported Diomed. The dam of Cadinus was got by Marslial Duroc, crand I dam imported Fxpedili. ri. grea: grand daui by iik ported Grey Hi jldander, great great grand dam by imported Grey Messenger- The dam of G. Colfen's Cadmus w is got by Brunswick, her dam by Cook's Whip, of KeutucLy. Bill n'sW I 1 The Morgan is out of the most judicious i roscs that has given us a racc of horses able to per.or.u, with singular etliciency,, all that can be required of Iheui in the different pursuits and relations of active aid I practical as well as more fashionable life—a race of remarkable symetry, compactness, action ml endu ranee— a race of the greatest kindness and docility a racc of work aud all go —a race, in a word which concentrates a mighty rse in a s nail compans. /V'/i'jfrf.- "RAILROADS. JseeeMatM' -ST 'f ltMrliiij .ou dc Jllwtonri K. R. K. ST«TIOjJ. llurlinnton, Midillttoon, Danville, New London, Ml. Plca*an*, Checati((U.i, (llendr.l. Kalrfteld, Whitfield, liata\ia, Agency Citv, Ottuiawa. Tickets porul until uffed with tlie privilege of stop-1 The PiU»t»urfr, Fort Wayne and Chicago RtlKix ff) ping tf nt a)l principn! point*. Hut one cliaugti of Co. Iiavin^ effected ait arrau^ouu'itt with tlie cara between Cnlumhus un.i JUUim^re. v*nia Central K. K. Co. for the transportation Business men and travelers for pleasure or inform- i Through 1'relght, propert v can now be shipped by thl* ation, can visit all the eastern cities at a comparative line between Chicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore, Newt, ly small expense. The scenery is celebrated for its York and Bosion, Willi piomptnes* and despatch wonderful beauty and sublimity it Is unequalled the world. Its system of day and night itsspl 'ndid equipment Track Police exclusive teleirraph lines its large amount of double track its tine hotels, (un- derthe survedance of the company.) ensure* to the passenger, speed, safety, and comfort. Time as quick and fare as low as via any other route. Through tickets and baggage checks can be pro cured at all the principal railroad aud steamboat of fices in I he west. Ask for tickets via Raltsmore and Ohio Railroad. I.. II. COLE. Gen. Ticket Ag't HA K R. W. P. SMITH, Mast. Transportation, or Tinr. AX,»KTEU M.\R. 1, find until furttor ti»- -1 tlf-r I* ttiv.-ii, l'aauviigvr Tiuii.s «ll) ll«et» end arrive .ip foiinn« o-omsra- west: KXChKK*. KHt) »m,lta\ e, t»,l0 1» U !».S7 1K.S IO.H1 10.:.: i-. 11. *T lt.4i w.t: 12.:^ rive. 4.i Chicago, Mar. IS, latin. 0:1 LAKE SHORE K. The *uhip Logansport Express makes direct con nections, as follows: At El Paso with Illinois Central Railrosd for Bloom inglon. Decatur, I'ana, Sandoval ami Cairo. At Chenoa with Chicago and St. Louis Railroad for Alton to j»t. Louis. At Gil man with (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central Railroad for Chicago and South.<p></p>KS^.na Atii:::: ami Western] Railroad for Toledo and all points East also witkj Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad for Cincinnati, Day-J ton and Coluiebu*. 1 The 1:15 Peoria Accommodation makes the same connections as above to Gilman. The above is a new and very much shorter Line than any other to the above named points. It is thoroughly built, and well manned, and run la every way tu merit the approbation of the travellinc public. S 4tJ 7.VH Cxi s.4« TI.'SI I'.IT fi.'Jt) 10.11 a 43 !'.«» Il.l.'i li M«r.. 1,'(ft. n 4 ve. 7.2ft arrive. J. li. READ, Vice I're.'t and Snp't. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, I DEPARTURES: let ^lorniny I'u^sciipcr i-.n u pur. S05 a t* i 44 Accommodation do do do 2.Wp.-a SB Evrili ItK do do do 7.&0 |.ui ARRIV ALS: l«t ^lorn'jr arrive* at Bur. 9.1ft a.'«r' 2d Ac'niiil*n do do do 3it Dxi-tt's do dn ilo 9..VItvW The above trains make close connections with Hi* B. A .M. It. R. at Iturlington. and with all 11.e #:**}$ eu»ttni thoroughfares at Chicago. D. RE.MK K. (Jen'l Ag't C., II. A Q.R.B J. It. WITH ROW. l'a**eiiger Ag:iit, Ottumwa. Pri isin KOKT wavm: i.tu CIIU'A o RAILROAD Now completed, and cars run from Chicago t® tf* Imrg without chfttiifc, connecting with I be GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL IMIl.ROW To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washlt Ion City, and all the Interior town* of Pent.*.* 1 vai ia. Now Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac. Merchants by taking this route will have the benefit of all the eastern markets at no additional co*t. Baggage checked ti.rough. Trains leave the depot, corner «f Canal and Vjii" I Hnren streets, went side, tnlce daily on arriral Ml' train* from the west. coutlerti^g at Orenlllne with Cleveland *'n4r' Lake ^hore Railroad l» Dunkirk, bulTalo, Ni agara Kull«, New York hiid r.f.sti :!, hi.i1 ail the intwrior towns o' New.England via New Yirfc i. tt.tral and New York A Erie Railroad*. Al*» South to ColumliUK. /.ani^ville, Newark, Mt. Yernou, Steuoeiiviile, Wheeling, and Interior tow* of Ohio and Virginia. Tho above trains connect at Forest with train.* oi» Mad River Road to Spiingtield, I'rhana, Da ton MNt Cinciri.ati. Also, "i'h trtiiin at Liioa frr Dnytnn Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS I.OW AS BY AW OTHER ROUTE. Pa«sengrrs bound east will find this route '"th pleasant and agreeable, parsing throug man.'of ti.e largest ami finest cities in the I'nited States. Pawengers arriving in Chicago on any of the roa^.,. will Ihid at'entive chec!. at 'he d*potj to f*" ceire checks anil convey baggage free of charge to tfe6*' i'lttshurg and I'hicngo cars. Sleeping cai accompany each train. Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticket Office# in the West, and at the Coixpany't Office, cor-ter of Ran dolph ami Dearborn streets, opposite the Kevna House, or at the Depot, wc«t side, corner of Canal and Van I.uren street*. Chicago. Be particular to ask for tickets bv Fort Wavne. B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Freight of all kinds wl!l be carried from Chicago t^ all point* East at ail time*, at a* low rate* a* a:iy oili er Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND 81UPPE3. piuinptness aud despatch Contracts can be made at the following place*: No. 'J Astor House, New York. No. 1 .••. William st., do No. 8 Battery place, do No. Ti Washing''n st., Bostoa. No. 8 Dock st., i'Mlmielphia. Depot, North street, Bal'imore. Depot, Charles street, West Side, near Van Borer, street briiige, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne k C. R. R. For further information npplr to JAS. W. MCSSUN, Freight Ag't Chicago. J. J. Houston, (ieu'l Freight Agent Chicago. EXPRESS, PANSI.N i.U & FBK(CH'r itot 11:. -V! v- New York Centra!, Great Western, And connecting Road* to and from IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. Tiie Road* forming this old and reliable route from, the ain .rd and the V\.-,!, Uk: organized a .^.d FAST FHEiGHT LIHBt A A 1 Cars will run directly through from Burlington to WUh Express Freight Trains on all roads divergl^ Toledo without change, and arrive in advance of any from Chicago, and Western Shippjrs can rely UD«a aud aii other lines. ... »ir»» Our advantages are. Shortest and Quickest one less v ck »as a thorough hred ton of Old Sum|f ter, bred by Col. lluford, of Ky., was a horse of great size ami beauty, u»s the sire of G. Co (Ton's Wa'ilen WHI, Harper's Hob Walker, and large, power- ful race hordes of the first order. Martial Duroc was got bv Old Duroc, half brother to American Eclipse.' Marsh:.! Duroc's dam was Geu. Ki.lglej's fani..u» Maid ufthe Oaks, got b\ imported Spread Eagle- Imported ExPhMTioN was got by Pegasus, he by the matchless horse Eclipse, of England. Imported Gk. 111. i Green Mountain wrs slrnl by llighway- I man he by the original Morgan. The dam of Green Mountain a as by Old Nimed wliot-e sire was T:ae i and his dam from the original Morgan, which brings Green Mountain directly from the origi nal stock on both sides. Tkkms -One third cash, balance In one and two years, with 10 percent intereat, well secured by t»er soiial or real e«t*te security. Address W. H. TAY LOR orC, F. DEVOL. Mt. Pleasautt Iowa, Aug IS, ISCi), t-d. I1 AlAiAVAAA A A&XX.1AA* Giving perfect reliability and greatly Increased dUpatch to Freight—the trains loriuing the Line, East and Wtst, run with the suae regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus ol each Road u Through Passenger Train*. -CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MADE- lnt» '", lr change of cars no Oiunibussing as via Chicago con nections positive, as it is owned and controled by the r»..^r .jl o. .• v .• ., same interest, while via Chicago it is the reverse. In Duti/iff the Vt 11 itftft UTI, the /Tfe# a. A. BARBER, Western Ag't, Ih-s Moine*. Iowa. 'i JLl fotds leceive utmost despatch. A Marine ri*fc on most kinds of merchandise shippe# Tia Steam or Sail Vessel*, amount* In many cate* to More than the difference between rail or water rates of freight, besides the difference of time, w will be seen by the following compar^ive slateiuenk of insurance saved by sending good* all the way Dry goods (gn'l asl'iu Books and Ststlnnf .-v coin'r.) 72.(W Oetl'i stock gioceries lexcipt Sugars and coffee*,) 1# Boots & Shoes (av'ge val.) panv, and favorably known in that part of the State as the Sir-s of the best Horses in U. Having served the ROSTOV Deliver goods at Boston a»« purposes of their purchasers are now offered for sale ilw XJVJ. I U^N Worcester Railroad LViwt* at Auctiou. i and mark :isa''o\e v** I. AI^Ml Eastward bound freight of every d»scrlptlrn will fce I I* a Chestnut Sorrel, 1(5* hands high, nfgreatstrength forwarded at I iwe.-t current rates, and iffrom Westeia and action, and possesses all the poluts requUit for a Roads, should be consigned to "A. W Al.1,1 MiFORD servlcahle amiI elegant road horse. Chicago,"or"GREAT ESTERN RAILWAY, Detroit.* ((lii/ref—This superior thorough-bred horse was. ... or I kk foaled ia Ks:$, bretl by Mr. Douglas, of England, was got by llordeativ, Ins dam by Tetotutn, by Matched). See American Turf Register, \ol ii, page 1*mi Impor ted tlr. Messencer, the »ire of the dam of American burg,.Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and all Eclipse, was g.l by Meinbrinn, in Eng »nd, he by er Eastern and Southeastern Citie*. Snrf. See Turf Register, Vol. i, p. So. Suinpter, the •ire «f Brunswick, was by the renowed Sir Arclgr, I half brother to Old Duroc, by imported Diomed. (I n KEX M'H 'XTAIX (i AX I* a beautiful Black. l.Miands and -1 inches high, of' great strangth and action, and Keigrs in good condi tion I.Stiii lbs., possesses a quiet disposition, is kind in all places, yet high spirited and ambitious, and w»a probably the largest well-bred Morgan horse in Ohio. u OMVmiJtTtf'K. 8. Ill m,l«si e. a..' 4.l!i 4.:^ 7.11 h.i ft 5.HI IMrt 41 iU.lll ai ri\ e. a-OIISTO EAST *T.tTI«». Ottumwa, Agency tl.y, llatavla, Willi llei.l, Fairfield, lilendale, Checamjua. Ml. Pleasant, New London, Danville. Mid'IUtow n, Bnrlington, vceuMMOOSTlOa Kxraap*. 4.1 ft a. ui .leave. !.«« p. in. Ivav« 4.4V Hill .VI H44 b£. Value per llMl lb». Ain't Ins. sav. per lttu lbs, at Siperct. pre. «M» Cent# 74.«o &0 Dreggists'illrocers' city »s'1m't-t4.fle 8S Hat*, caps k fur» (geui as'tm't i 6.n(| 0A Hardware (.shelf .ods geii'ij I 3£.o0 2T Rechtmiiiton* P}omjtly and Fairly Adjust al. Mark Packages, "Fast Evgres* Liue, via G. W. R." TV VpW YORK Deliver goods at 11 L\ xr_.VY I \_J1\JY} g()|) Kiwr Eailroud i |taa» senger Depot, !2 Warreu st., or at Canal st. Depot. n aj 'hef»!,#,I,orlYi,°! of La e Stork to Buffalo, Al- n 1 '"V Ul ri"IU! 15 uuequalleA for speed, stock cars, Mccping cars tor Drovers, u4 spacious and conveiileiu arils for stock, making It a tuo*t desirable route for Shippers. Through bills of Lading giv en, and Reclamation* paid, at any of the c. mp.n.y's i /iices. C.J. BRYDGES. Man-iging Director G. W. R., llfcM* ilton. JCLIl S MOVIl S, Genl Agt. Buffalo. TIIOS. BELL, Geul Fr't Agt, Hamilton. IV. J. SP1CER, A^». Detroit. E. I*. BEACH, Agt L'Ti l'roadwav, Si. V. O. KIMBALL, A-t Jl State Boston. A. V AI l.n(.I Westere Ag't., Cor. Lake and Dearborn 8t*., opp. Treniont llouse March i"J, Is6i. CII1CA^ CHHAGO.B1 MXGTON Atl 1 Xfl RAILROAD LINE. OKI anil Only Reliable Route East. From Burlin rton to Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Pitt*. 1st Morning Train lea* is S itA a n. 'Jd Accommodation *.':Sn ni. .Sd Evening Express *:.Vt ui. Passengers leaving llnrlliigtoii on the 6:Maintrah connect at Mend 't^ uiili the lillnolsCentral Kailmad North and South, unit at Chicago both the morning and evening trair.s vti.Oti a anil 7:10 in.* connect with all ihe reat Ka.teru R.i li oad rout es, Io »it: M. C. R. It., via Detroit M. S. It. II., ia Toledo, and Pittsburg and Ft. Wayne R. K., via )l. Wayue^ which pusfengers can take their choice. Only twenty hours froui Knrluigtoii to Toledo ifclr. teeu hoars ahead of any oihci rout. lea% ing Bui liug ton. Kaggage checked through to Detroit, Niagara Fa'l* at-.d New York. Itnvtnn, Toledo, Dunkirk, Buffet*. Pittsburg and l'hiladt Iphia. Ticket. f..r Ibis irral Eastern thoroughfare for Bate at Ultaiuwa, Fairliebl, Mt. Pleasant, aud atthe Tidtek Ofhce, coi ner Fro*t and Water »l» liurllngloft. S.eepiug cars attaU.eU U the uigltt traiua. Fare as low a* by any ether route. D. RKMICK, May. *0t—tf. 7IOK 8AI.E.—A BILLIARD TABLE, AS OOOD as new, and cheap for pan each, and balance ae- i la, Cla«lnwa »ail VUfceftt Change of am. cured or tine Enquire for owuer at thi* Office. Aug !*. 'ft Im Jm *«0-t(, n. Geu'l Ag't A C. B. Q. It. R. LVIFH.HT DIIICE OF PIOVIIA, OyfAWKA an+ HfHLlNGTOV NOTtCR. To Merchants and Mu| (m- viriiingto fiiip b\ abov li.n l, will pi-ase cail at the Peoria K*i!r©a«t Ticket Othce, 2t W^ter-st, to ha«e their loUs of lading signed. This Company havs arrangements to ship to St. Lea- W. KING.

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