Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, September 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated September 27, 1860 Page 2
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•••i *1 ,ti •1 'A i t' fobt (Dttiuntoa Coimci. TIE_OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. J. W. XORKIK. Editor. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Sept. 27,.1800. ABRAHAM' LINCOLN, OF 1LUXOIS. n»:: vf-K rtJK^Twrvr, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, OF .1IAIXK. PRKSlRF.VriAI, ELECTOR'* f\ i.tftor. mi HENRY WARREN,of Des Moines Co. JOS. A. CI! API.1N, of Politique Co. WHTR1CT nl.I'l'TnllS. lvi ntst. M.I.. MePHFUSON, ofMartl*on Co. •J.J —CUVi1. I'OMFROY, ri:: nT ltoone Co. ASSISTANT Kl.KCTOM. 1st Pi*t,-JAMES r..\KER, -IKS. REiTOI. of Frennnt Co. 2 I S. \TES, of Linn Co. —W. R. FAIRFIELD, of Floyd Ce. •I «LIR%\ STATE TICKET. IV»R COVQRKSS— MSTtUCT, SAMUEL 11. Cl'RTIS, of Lee County. roa SKCRKTARY OP STATE, KLtJ Vtt SELL"?, of Muisatine Co. FOR rniTO* or «TATB, JOIIX W. JONES, of lUrdin Co. ron ATTOHXKY OKNBRAL, CIIAB. C. SOfRSE, or Polk Co. rOR RtirtlSTER or STATK USD OfTH F, A. It. ILl.Ell, of Cerro C.orilo Co. r.'H i-RriMK ji ho ', i?EO C,. WRHUIT, "f V:»n i'.uren Co. ItvOMS OK TI1K RL Dks MIXNK* loWH, 4ugud Gill, 1SW. BtOi'klon. Mr. Brown does not possess, injustice has been done him. The Wide-Awakes were oat, and escorted Mr. Nourse to thc Court House. The Wide Awake Glee (Hub, who, by I he way, are des 4lned to do gio and e.'fieient service this campaign, sang in their best style, adding much to the interest of the occasion. i ST.ATK CENTRAI. COMMITTER, Tit t.'/f I?f/un* "J Itirn I li*v* hoon »lireefeil hy the RF-pnMlcin Smte Cen tral Committee, to announce to thf lit'piiblican party •*'l pro«'of the Stiite of Iowa, that the Committee lutvi', with sinfriilar «nnni-.nty, resolve.1, lftf—N'nt to Stiite Convention to nominate ft fanilMatc for .Tutire of the Supreme Court, to fill the vftranr.v nrcasioneJ by tlio death of Hon. L. I) 2il—To reromnienil to t!io pRrtv .• i. Mt$c majority of the party in tills State. II. SF. HOXIE, Chatrmnn and thejirpubiicHn press, that Hon. ORepublican BHROKG. Wit GHT gatnei e\er Lild in the west.— Wide-Awake Clubs of the'entire North-west of.Vnn Riiran County, be repardeil and nipporte'I as the KepubHean Candiilate for that position. It is nec ennry to mention but one of the many reasons that: are invited, and it is expected that 15,000 nrompteil thin notion. The C'onmittee are advised, .„ flint in co dolnp. they reflect the wishes of a very Will R-'p. St»e Centra! Pom, Bcpuili* 11 County Convention. 'iavc? The Republicans of Wapello County, will ft can lidate for Clerk of District Court. The fownship meetings will be held on Thurs-, dtliy proceeding the Co. Convention, to send ^cn('crpd The Democrats held th. ir County Conven- 'ti}.s JJ and Dr. Black, of Agency. was spirited and the result only attained af ter quite a numb-.-r of billots. offi-e in it i a. Mr. Nourse spoke two hours, and tho ef irt is pronounced by all the ablest and most efFoctivo v« have bid during the present canvass. We nolicel quite a number of leading Democrats present, but few of thc rank and file. The attendance of the latter at Repub lican meeting* not encouraged. and delicate trust, than such a man as this w»ldy responsible for the banner, and that i But this is the business of the Democracy.! „,1 the pubiic welfare, ,o dceide bet^n about this .l.i hi ous'y ciitici-ing a speech of Thomas Macon, a brother of the Sheriff. Tlio atln. k un, i made in the street, Beardsley defended him- self as wcll^as l.e could, but was feeble from recent indisposition, and he is physically in ferior to Macon. The parties were seperatcd by by-standcrs, but Macon followed Boards ley, swearing to take his life, and in thcaftc iii on cf the same da}-, Thomas Macon made second assault on him, knocking him sense Vs- The Ojkaloosa Wide Awakes, of which Dr. Beardsley is a membe, met, and passed some very pertinent resolution* touching this attempt to intinmlats the press. abundantly proves. This causeless assault upon him will benefit, rather tlnn injure hiin and his paper. The citiaens cf Oskaloosa and Mahaska county will vindicate i:i the person of Dr. Beardley, the freedom cf the press, s far at least, as coniuienti^ en Bro*" oratoiical tSi,rts,Ara concerned, or we are mistaken. Monster Republican Meit ngs are adver* tisei at numerous points. At Chicigo, Oct. 2d, the cc-'»sion of Sen. Seward's Speech, that will probably ba the USU!*1 ste.r mcetin? f-irmor hv nTrtf.«« n i ®ft iiirtnCP 'jy proicssioilj lias the reputation of being a very rab-d par- tieui, an.l is tho h»t.,t or wcghing rmy better qualified for States' in(1,ulinK tt| five -legitcs from eanli Township. Schurz, F. P. Blair, Caleb B. Smith, D. K. By order of the Central Committee, A. LOTSPEICII Chairman. tion on Saturday, and placed in nomination nouneed as speakers. for District Clerk Hugh Brown, of wo be-1 At heve Richland township. The other candi- noting of South Eastern Iowa. Wide dates, we learn, were A. M. Bonnifield, of Awake Clubs and similar organizations, are Ottumwa, Thomas Fowler, of Adams,: The competition' Mr. l,rown, who thus prc^ntcl t„ the, voters of the county for the most resjionsible Brown is represented to be. To enter up the Republican Party and nomember thereof.'a^ns ^here •Tudgments and Decrees upon which rights, was in any degree responsible. Mr. C. says interests and titles, to an immense extent de- he is an Abolitionist, nf thc Garrisonian quires talcuts, soimil ju.lgment an.l c.vpcri- be"» covenant ivitll ilrath and an agre^m-nt «ice, such as few men possess, au4- uhich with hellthat he was present on that1 property. un'.ess any can candidate for Attorney General. It was aid. The Union last week hoists thc Know one of those large and appreciative audiences Nothing colors,as big as life, and duly cap Ilepub- italized Wc shouldn't wonder if th:s with which it is the delight of Ottumwa to should be followed by ly advertised, that the people understand them perfectly. The fusion schemes of their opponents have been thc greatest possible help to the Republicans. They have insur ed the State, with its decisive thiity-fivej votes, for Line lii. We should not be sur-' prised if New York should be carried for' Lincoln by fifty thousar\l majority over all. ATTEXTIOX WIOB-AWAKES.—Company rneets for 1: ill t» mirr w Friday) night. B^dilor \Hv tult'(l. IVovr* of tli« Wt'ok. On Saturday last, a most brutal assault The population of Iowa is about 730,000, was made on Charlbs Beardsley, editor of enough probably to entitle us to six mem tbe Oskaloosa 1L raid, by Joseph II. Macon, berg of Congress. SherifTof Mahaska County. The proroca- philiibu^ter Walker, it seeing, U captured, tion was an article in the Uerahl, humor- I with the object of that mcetin more than ?-Vay tive.s and reasons. It will be for the voters banner was gotten up by him, explained by of the county, in view of their own interests him as expressing his individual sentiments! AiV'tho nhirvec sn i g„,,„:„ent. Mr. Brown and some other man yet to be us to make this statement, because he says Public sentiment points strongly to Joseph Breckinridge, and next to him, Douglas, but! JIayne, and wo presume he will be mmina- wont vote f«r anybody. W. COOK. tid if h5 will accept. ,I, my s and It is proper to say, that tho article in rela tion to Bro. Thnma«, contained nothinj to which the Macon'-, or any-bod/, could justly take cxccp'ion«. It was c. rlninly not more pointed and severe, than every political pa per habitually publishes about political speak- I^ac® Pessoro, Montefcltro and Urfino. ers. Dr. lieardsley is on of the .st inof- 1 fensive, gentlemanly men, in the State, mild i '^',e and forbearing to a fault. lie is also a fine °hcr WTiter, as the Ilcrald under his supervision, jc^a':Tlcl Emanuel. Ihe telegraphs and be present. Fare by the B. & XI. R. and the C. B. & Q. R. R. from Ottumwa and The Western Stag? Company return, $0,00. a^R0 r°duced tho fare, to two-tliirds rate^. hold a delegate Convention on the Cth day Oct. 10, will come off a mon of October. I SCO, for the p-irpose of selecting forTowa, Illinois, and Missouri, Wide-Awakes of numerous counties in tlisse Wapello, are invited, and a dinner. Tom. Corwin. Carl. Cartter, Sam. Gailoway, C. M. Clay, John Sherman, Owen Lovejoy, O. II. Browning, Dick Yates, Lyman Trumbull, B. M. Pren- Gratz JROWN) and othcrs are an. Fairfield Oct. 17 will be the great speciaIlv inrited and hospitniities n ,n ims n,!i.L Tn ., n s a i 1 ao° or pystem, the Board meets but twice a year, paper signed X. Y., giving an account of and the management of business will devolve! a to a great extent, upon the Clerk. Eddyville, allusion was nr.ade to a banner It certainly strikes us, that the Democracy representing a negro as old Buck, in terms of this county, if they have any regard for of condemnation, as charactcrislic of theman their own interests and if they expect to elect who carried the banner. We have recieve 1 their nominee, ought to have presented a man a call from Mr. "Walter Cook, cf Kirk- this exceedingly intricate genera! rush of thc birth in carrying out the twenty-one years probation. The association will also, doubt-! less, be equa'Iy grateful and pleasant to the foreign-born in the Douglas ranks They will relish beyond doubt, above all filings, the embrace of their dear friends, the Know Nothings Isn't the spectacle a beautiful one. A Card. In the name and in behalf of ths Republi cans of Blakesburg and its vicinity, we desire to tender to our political brethren of Ottum- Itire There is no long th" sh idow of a chance' to them on the 18th inst., and most especially fur the fu.iouists to boat Lincoln in New wa, .sincere and very hearty thanks for generous hospitality so kindly extended (h we York. The miserably dishonest schemes of: with which they anticipated the wants, and the New York gimblers to d-'feat Lincoln in ministered to the comforts of the ladies who that State, with the purpose of carrying the! honored us with their company. election into Congress, have been so thorough- C. T. BLAKE, B. ASBUEY. according to last advices, ho Mid One Comp: nion had been shot Th(, prince of wJm nnd prei u n i tendered. G_ w Julian Kirkwood) w Grimes, J. W. Rankin, S. F. Miller, C. C. N'ourse, Hon. J. R. Doolittle, F. P. Blair, Hon anil othcrs to j)e ,,a e n for tliis meeting. Every-1 .... ,,c e their wives and children are going. ,.... ,, 1 In addition to the above, preparations are for 0raVl ,, mcrfi ofSo thereabouts, in a communication in P°'e raising and Republican meeting at su||. ww# in the 21. He travels in this coun Renfrcw, anl asks as a favor, to Qn fts nr(j be spired all ceremoi.y and lionizing, in which it is hoped he will be gratified. The foreign news is important Garibaldi entered Naples on the 8th with h:s stnff alone. The y was intense. A provisional government was formed. Xaples was tran quil. Garibaldi had discovered a national committee illegally constituted, and ordered the prefecs of police to punish them. He has consigned the fleet and arsenal to Admi ral Percano and proclaimed Emanuel King of Italy. The capitulation of the fort was expected immediately. Insurrectionary movements bad taken insurgents repulsed the papal troops.— Jn'ia^'-nnt5 of Pergold, Sinigoglia and districts had *Uo revolted and pro- bridges were all broken down. Urfino was free. Insurrectionary movements in the Marches and Unibria were extending. Russia desires a perfect reconciliation with Austria. Arrangements for a meeting are to be made immediately and measures taken for ending the present state of things, which Russia considers intolerable. A state of seige at Antonia has been pro claimed. The Turkish Ambassador of Par- is had received powers to sign the Syrian Convention. The United States Council General at Alexandria had protested against the creation of an international tribunal for the settlement of foreign monetary disputes, the competency of which tribunal he could not recognize unless he had the same right to anpoint members as the Consuls General of the great European Powers. As the Pope's protection disapproves arm ed resistance and should Piedmont accom plish protection from Sardinia. France hone? 0r^at.rd^pkh jection. 0Ii" great: ocaion, not bccaue ho sympathised! Xcarlv every bouse at Balize was carried an(1 are weet Woiirnc at Ottnmwa. 1 he Bobtails in spite of their assumed con-1 by fire. I rrom ottlimwa Thc Court House was crammed on Thurs-j fidence and ignorant bluster are evidently I Several steamboats and a brig wore blown y 1 thank them for the taste and gallantry DKATW SANPORU J. SMITH.—This gen tleman, of the firm of Smith, Leighton & Co., lessees and contractors of the K. Ft. D. M. & M. Railroad, and the active manager of the affairs of that road, died at Stumptown on Wednesday last. The Gate City expresses the opinion that owing to the energy, skill and experience of Mr. Smith in railroad bu hin^s^. it will be difficult to supply his place immediately. 1 aggression, France will withdraw 'lier w 1 i 1 v whole rcgon is alive lately been put up, we notice, at the' Cattle w i preperation foi t.ns .eting. Every- ards of the Pittsburg and Fort Wayne „Ul,.rn lnil e n a o v a a i s a e s o e i e i n O surne is found his sole qualification for the **,!.• °f which due notice will be given. office of Clerk of the District Court, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, anil inanagw in That Banner. chief of the entire finances, business, and It may be recollecte 1 that some gfac weeks affairs of Wapello county, for under the new ville, who desires u« to say that he wa* dentlTwhich adantVthom iTuI) v i i A v u i i i u i would be an ob- Terrible Storm in the Gulf, so,veral livc3 lost other, but on invitation for^the purpose Ma'rfv JeSs bound out w^Wawnad,^ I They have thc po„-er ,h, nominate an, body of assisting t, rata a pole, in which b„StaL|at the KS15 drill It contains over one hundred cng.^1 to I they please, and are judges of their own mo- he aras known to have had experience. The! Milnebnrg, the terminus of (lie Pontcha hi».M nominated by the Republicans. We trust he don't wish anybody else to be held res-1 The town of Bioloxi, in Mississippi are in! The Ottumwa Martial Band, composed of averri(r(\ and be of fine quality, while those the latter party will present a more compe- ponsible for his acts and doings in the prcmi- Ivroimr 9fnf 1 Th^ ctnrm flnruinri «n Keister, J. White, John Simons, Henry of Barley and Oats are quite as satisfactory. tent man for the position, and if they do, we ses. Mr. C. further says that as a matter of third of our citv, and the loss is estimated at hope the people will vote for and elect him. policy he prefers the election of John C. a million of dollars. ™U, whwh also play for the Invincibles is Sloop c» ^r^ Pawnee, The ship R. II. Dixie was wrecked in Mo-! .lay niRhtlastto hear a spccch from Hon. scared and are forth delicate hints are $5,00. the regular f«ebeinS!fl8. Turn hstem.,1 to tho speech with the dosest ktten Nourse, the able and popular Rcpubh-! to the Bell and Everett men, to come to their *"cn- W S«w, Sept. 17.—Thc Spanish ras war steamer Francisco Deasis arrived at Ha- ithey authorities. Walker's men were very destitute, and many sick. They were permitted to return to the United States upon cond.tion that the}' would not engage in another expedition against Central America. Gen. Walker and Col. Rudley were to be The party of the Prince of Wales was rid-1 v: American who was on the Canadian side of the river, and was better mounted than any of the Royal party. Thc American said that he proposed to show tho Prince that ho could not throw dust in tho eyes of an American t'zen. LOOK OUT NUT HOBSB-THIEVWI.^—Within the pa-t few days and nights the fact has been demonstrated that a gang of horse thieves have made this city and vicinity their headquarters. Besides the loss of John Bi zer's mare, mentioned elsewhere, we since hear that Josiahll. Myers lost two horses on Tuesday night. Suspicious characters are here and are watched. We recommend vig ilance to all our citizens. I'atvnl* ranted li» Western In ventor*. Liat of important Patents issued to Wes tern inventors for the too weak* ending Sept. 18th, 1860. Reported weekly for tho Courier by Brandna* & Gray, Patent Attor neys an 1 Solicitors, St. Louis and Washing ton, whose terms, if go desired, are UN) n The Sultan has ordered the Grand Viser Republicanism equal his past acnuireme.nts. The Kinj of Sardin'a on the 11 th received \v'"' a deputation from Xewbia and the inhabit ants of the Marches. His Majestv granted I the protection which the deputation solicited. I cri:l°nP An order has been given to Sardinian F°ur years longer, and Mr. Douglas will troops to cuter the Provinces by a proclama tion. from the Chicago Democrat. FAIRBANKS' SCALES.—A new scale for weighing stock before loading in cars, has pat cut no pay. Leonard Bricker, Springfield, 111., Improved Smoothing Iron and Lamp. C. P. Groberg, Aurora, 111., Improvement in raking attachment to Ilarvesteis. Richard Mertz, Burlington, Iowa, Improve ment in Harvesters. J. J. Parker, Marietta, Ohio, Improved Parer, Corer and Slicer. Benatd F. Roe, Xebraska City, N. T. Im provement in Fanning Mills. Levi. F. Stiaight, Fairbury, III., Improve ment in corn Planters. W. B. Atkinson, Plymcuth, 111., improve ment in Mole Plows. Martin Drew, St Paul, Minn improve ment in 1 lames for Horse Collars. W. W. Marsh, Alton, TIL, Improvement in Grate Bars. George W. Scollay. St. Louis, Mo., Im provement in Glass Moulds, (one of the greatest improvements of the age.) Seth Ti. Wilkinson, Cross Plains, Tentt., Improved system of School \sks.' Richard J. itling, Tndianoplis, Ind., Im provement in Machine Gearing. Joel Lee. Galesburg, 111., Improved meth od of raising water from wells. S. W. Thickstan, Cholfield, Minn., Im provement in hanging window sash. RF.-ISSI:ES. Henry Lester, Cincinnati, Ohio, Improve June mon^ Roofinj Compound, Patented G. W, Brown, Galesburg 111., Improve ment in Seed Planters, Patented Feb 1833. n Donslas Di^poM'd of from a ^oiilliorii l'oint of View. The Richmond Enquirer of Lite date says: has for weal or woe, for life or death, a soldier ,,n __ J* I •». I lii» }o/1 Hrnncrlit tn nirf V oc vril 1 aq }»r* I many of these requiring only twelve inches ^am'ne vT i i ties of stock, as hers are to be weighed for the enemy of the South, Douglas IK shipping. The scale bears the name of "Fairbanks'," which has long been familiar wherever scales are used, and is always the highest guaranty for excellence. It seems to be so construc, ted in all its parts as to combine the greatest possible strength, accuracy and durability, and has a shallow pit, as have various other modifications of Fairbanks' large scales, able to respond, "the betrayal of the South I titution and suffering will be experienced there this winter. All arc leaving that cr^n get away, but comparatively fow, of course, have the means to escape with. A similar things exists in parts of Missonri, stampede from thence to Iowa.— in?rcasinS s, M, Cook r,qucsts la^cshore between ^'StoZZlSZ ^M^n W do" s" K^hon 3d dV A felMUTS bile Bay, and 16 lives lost, including Capt. Wide-Awakes. Dixie Go TO Cnic.vjo.—Thc B. & M. R., and the During the galo Messrs. Pomeroy & Mar- Fly shrill's lime warehouse was totally destroyed C. B. alkcr and Ins Army Cap-! & tured.—Walker to be Shol. 1- ,' Xanles to take refuge in Germany. his future improvement in doctrines of Black man's conscience don't trouble hirn when he i character, they shall be foreterfrce. IIow 1 conflict"''between'efr°!n and 'slavery jthe^ licairsm might be attended with physical aid jiL have come to tlm cly. It est,- fusio!1 Saturday 'caused much destruction of: mated that 3000 havo removed into thisState. formed that thc question of fusion has'at no '"eluding Capt company of this city is getting along finely, Hannah Jones, was shot dead to-day noon, in numbers and w tirm. it now contains over one hundred ""Ul11 I members, is constantly increasing. Mo-t L., mcrn er-and nn i constant v increasing n^t of the members are voters. 1 he officers are Joseph W. Caldwell, Commander W. W. time 4:55} and 5 minutes. swept awa3'. ... I T'L' s o w a e w e a o w i o v e a u Rudolp^' a"d one of Q. Railroads have reduced their faro ln 4U- i i ^-7 ."r ashore one-third usual rates. Tickets for excursion less than 2,000 persons were present, and Qut 0 bod and ghow that thig libcralit 0 Can bc llberal and make vana from Truxillo on the 7tli, and states We are authorized by Col. Park#, Agent den through and pretty nearly ridden down,' EFFECTED aOCRE. 1 have no hesitancy near .\i igara alls, the other day, by an IJLOOD that the British war steamer Icarus, with a of the Western Stage Co., to say that ex- Democratic candidate for the Vice Presiden- ClxciN.N.vrr, March, 3, 1851).—Mesjra. L. Scovill & Co. DEAR SIRS. last five years with the SALT RHEUM, I ,. L. was very shot. dies, and had a number of Physicians. They ^1,e Gautamala expedition arrived after *11 failed to cure me. I havo used but eight the Capture of Walker. ., ... .. 'in recommending it for all DISEASES of the Weather the past few days has been de»'road, Wm Daggett, Agent, Ottumwa. Ar jJigUKI. mm feeling, peaceful pro-ress and national pros- that day, wero democrats! Granted. One of asrerta ning there were about 126 1— leaving a majority of voters—153 "Oh, fie, And straight is the path from squatter sovereignty to Black Republicanism, Mr. Douglas lias verified tho words of Mr. Burke effect ofdiivingmany away from the geound ,what shall be the character of our teifi —lie has made that easy transition from what was the effect of driving near all the tories, grows up into a mountain of magiitr friendship to the South to "enmity" to Xnvincribles away before the rain»had dis- tudc, higher and broader than any que«ti6tr! her institutions. Ulack Republicans "are ,. ., i ... no longer so ve^ frightful" and Mr.Douglas turbed an' ponders over the willful falsehood he stated lrum were entirel3r solid basis uotn upon the acquisitions greater portion of them and their sympathies ^t \v\ i mjury he had done the enemy. Willie iAi Democracy 1 While Seward may appeal to curse 01 "ie uons ana littler-" economical arrangement where largo quanti- prejudices of the North that be had ever been fishes," be upon you. Know ye not that jcaned by my friends, was the real cause of vour ,, .iU victory." Will men. who call themselves KANSAS AND MISSOURI.—We man from the interior of Kansas the other day, and he confirmed the worst accounts we have received of the drouth, short crops and wc Th=re can be no question but that great des- hopes to be inasmuch as the weak Curtis was so com- letd w ruins will be looked upon with disgust by ccde investigators and invincible patriots. CI i 1 s e o n e s u e o a e e o o s a s o in i Oca WIDE-AWAKKS.—The Wide-Awake ^proving in in Morris street, by Wm. N. I'ierpont, to ,1J I i m- V H* Cal(?" the finest in the State. Succesa to the \r'.E,I r,'IA'f .. .. Lawrence and Leavenworth. nUnmU, mone^ ,L i n-co cvniin bottles of your BLOOD and LH ER SI RUP, which has not only relievc the Pain' but has J. A. BROWN, Fifth Street, North side, betweon Plum and Western Row. Dr. R. J. Patterson, Superintendent of thc Ohio State Idiot Asylum, has been appoint ed Superintendent of the Iowa Hospital for the Insane, at Mt. Pleasant in this State. TTT, 77~:— I Supreme Bench, is spending a few days in this city at the residence of his brother-in law, Mr. A. Mudgc. Tho Judge goes to Davenport Oct. 1st, to hold a Term of Court. DAILY EXPRESS TO KEOKUK.—The United States Express Company have established a daily line from Ottumwa to Keokuk, via the Keokuk, Ft. Des Moines & Minnesota Rail- FaNeliood inn^l Sner:ittib. Ms. XoRRia: It is tni^y Htoni^Ung to this ^aJ when the important issues n w before sha11 of old Wapello and encouraging to the lovers shall they be slave territories? Shall slave of th e Union, who desire to see scctionality labor be the condition of the laboring man in and abolitionism crushed, out and the coun- these territories, or shall free labor such as try restored to its former stale of fraternal n e i penty, is the burning eloquence of the those territories? Never since the adoption young man's elaborate mind and no doubt! °f the Constitution of the United States, has future generations will rally to the support, there been presented to the people of thiS vindication and preservation of our modern country questions of greater magnitude, or Style, of Democratic effrontery. The young which involves sufih vastly impoit mt man's numerical qualities arc much limited, interests of the people of this country, and we must say now, he only calculatss that their children down to their latest posterity, two-thirds of the people assembled here on ^or ranks of thrt 240 Invincibles We will an-!1 helieve one thousand million acres of pub swer for him, as we had a good opportunity ilic And Xobie Douglas Magnanimous Invincibles turv, wc will, in all probability, exten the Out of fire companies of S. A. Douglas In- territorial limits of our conntry to the Isth vincibles, fths Triers, hid a 'majority of Panama cn ths south, and to the far twelve thest northern latitude of the country. IT# Now, we will look at the other side will embrace the who'c of the North Amerl Of the Agency and Ottumwa Wide Awakes, can two companies only, there were 173 in the 'he progress of time for who can Ottumwa Company there wcreabout 0 minors l°!)k in the Agency Company, not more than 11,' powers physical, mental and moral, can lo k at for shame, you ought to be ridiculous," "wid bility and invincible entei prise of the people,! yer backs to Tay's and yer face to Tom's, without coming to the conclusion that the forards an' march, flip, flops 1" manifest destiny of the countiy is to spread The gentleman is very liberal in his way,! 't-» jurisdiction over the whole North Ameri* I speaking of the "sbvere rain that bad the do ouUklQ of P'our years longer, and Mr. Douglas will be we suppose that the way Mr. Curtis policy of the country, as shown by the or found a competitor with Seward for the hon-. was so completely picked and skinned or and office of Black Republicanism. His that half hours speech, was because Mr. Cole firmed by the Congress of the United States cruUs, sol hat bisT^ertion to°Black Repub" had ths aud,cit' t0 at(ack hU the to the cause, and his claim to preferment kno.ving with what tenacity he held the including Mr. Polk's, when he signed and as cause him to "avow himself. econom cal of the truth. There was not a gfcssiotial enactment the extension of the in- GcHSido'S P^tSIlt FeilCG! HARRIE. State Executive Committee publish a °caJT Ith'* time been entertained by the Committee. XKW YORK, Sept. 24.—A widow named ^ogageu 10 oc marriea. rpG tsv,° ,n^e i ,,,, Flora feinple and George M. Patchen to-day Flora was lhc trotting match between „-inncr in e tw0 straight ^op^. 2i wa!,argtd ~Tho sions to-day. I ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Sept. 2! ard arrived here last nijrht. at t,le rh* arm t. corted to the Pattee House, wnero he was r£ urn'. 0 Tb. Douglas party had a demonstration ^ches and torchlight procession. PITTSBCRO, Sept. 23. Johnson, he appeared on the balcony, and on being in troduced to tho audience by Judge Shannon, I have been troubled for the he delivered a speech of an hour's length in fav°r no,1'it'tervention ,, ,., applause. Several other speakers followed. breaking out in blotehes over my body, which Cov. Johnson leaves to-night on the 12 o'clock train west. ST. JOSEPH, Sept. 24.—The Pony Express with California dates to thc 12th inst., arrived here last night. painful- I had tried various reme- T.T nr\n. which elicited great San Francisco, Sept. 12—P.M.—Thc Pony Express with St. Louis dates to August 31st, arrived at Carson Valley this morning. The tenth annivcrsjiry of thc admission of California into the Union, was celebrated by the pioneers in San Francisco on th? lOtli by a partial suspension of business. DWK IIT STATION, 111., Sept. 25.—Lord Renfrew and suite left at 8 o'clock this morning on a special train for Spencer's Grove to hunt for quail, and returned at 7:30 thte evening. They expressed them selves highly gratified at their two days sPort on PERSONAL. Hon. C. Baldwin, of the Iowa bagged one hundred and sixty-three quail, PM. the prairies. The party to-day three prairie chickens and four rabbits, of which Lord Renfew killed twenty-eight quail and three rabbits. The royal party leave by a special train at 8 o'clock to-morrow morn ing for St. Louis. Blondin offered to cany the Pnaee of Wales over tho tight-rope at Niagara, on his back. The New York nowspapor letter writers say the Prince would have accepted the invitation if it had not been for tho Duke of Newcastle. ipgj,. .l'i|i]|i»i||li|ip within the hearing of the speaker, for stitution of slavery into any and all of tho-e rfliiK uti.i.-r^vied, having purchased in biU and knowing also, that if Mr Curtis had had slavery the territory of Oregon. We i demolished by Cole, who is now 7 ac Virginia Democrats, longer follow this impu- the springing wire of "unterrified Democracy' dent and insolent apostate of Iowa, whose main guys, Samuels, Dodge erve' sion'ti!1thc a Cth of anc* *a^e' suPes ora^or' have received from that Territory. Blondm, saw a gentle- ^on ^8eser» cannot loose their ten- 1*111*1.1. f°r the main stay "young swell, burst and launch the must cou^ry a n heats' case of thc tourt of Q^ter Ses- .—Senator Sew Ile was received Awakes, and es- called out, and inado a short speech. Not tien. He leaves to-morrow morning for For tho Courier. In lSo.", MR. EDITOR: We arc fast approaching the community, that the "young orator" of "our the people are to be settled, and settled I have given rise to the hon i jle susp cijn that great principle," would sO debase himself as hoPe to course bis pencil in the lines which appear quest'00 is, what shall be the condition of the ,tiie i^t. It is now c.iarged that Lsnt Mc as the leader of the last Union. His words: territories now owned by the Unit -d States Comb, who seduced and murdered Laura "The 18th was a glorious day for Democracy i have here in the glorious State of Iowa, he the distinguishing trait of the laborer in as w"'11 passed by Congress for the prohibition out of il» to great and glorious country of ours. Now shall wc change the whole policy of our government No sir—T believe the peo-1 pie will say in November tha1. it is better for us to walk in the old pathways marked out by our fathers of the revolution, than to take Member, when the block ?P ^newfangled heresies, though they personage of beloved Cole, and the main stay through the country. We know that —Stephen—into oblivion, and thc squatter havo the endorsement of Stephen A. Doug las, and all the little and big giants now pa- tho maj0rlty mob Merer. The chief and important Mayberry was innocent, as he protisted to those territories be free territories or Harvy.some months since, was alsj gully your territories are, so your States bc thnt arc fourth of that number wero voters, the bal-! territories be free the States ccming out of ance minors and wc would ask the gentle them wil. be free. If lh"y be slave the Slates man how many voters there were in the com carved out of them. If those out of them will be slave. We ha.fe now belonging to the United Sta'es we shall have passed half a con! continent. If not in lnlf a century we ftt our country as it is with its proat ifs grRat resources, can look to tho capa- cat1 of tho lnd,cs tr,at WJS on the CVCr subm,tted to a frec the people of Virginia that"" ho «nd while Mr. Curtis was yot speak-1 try under heaven in ancient, or modern tinv*. I will aid and assi«t his new friends and asso- We supposed, as many others, that these territories must and shall be Continent and therefore the question Kt fcople of any ogun-f And the crowd— territories. W e say that that was the origin- ttVubi'ie an opportunity"^' ava'iii dinance ol "87, which was approved and competitor in under General Washington, and was approv- Presence of his party coadjutors alone, |e(1hy all our Administrations down to Con­ an(| that tho people are the reservoir of all political power, and that all just governments must be founded upon their will. These principles constitute the «f i. e oa m. 1 P*»a»um of liberty, and for seventy years of /Ad other distinguished Republicans will be presfat. republic have the'e^heen 1 11 4I 1' The country increa^inir in noliticil iinnort Chicago, Rurlington& Quincy R: ilroads. stating that as inuch has recently been pub- I ne mcreas ng in poutical import free labor and free men are better than slaves Long has our country stood amidst political I convulsions, and it to-day sustains the mag- ... •. 1 O 1 the veil that dem igogues wear for a pass port enwrap the political carcasses of Stephen A. Douglas and his followers. Bloomfield, Iowa. WM.1.BUBQESS. 8D0 in dust, besides some $40,000 or $50,000 in the hands of passengers. This is the 1 ancc. 1 la l,,t heaviest treasure arrival of the season. Business at Denver City is fast recovering Jfor ^"1" and thc streets present a very lively appear-! The hot weather is about over and the cold weather commencing, and parties are begin* ning to arrive from the mountains for tho purpose of purchasing tin ir winter supplies. Discoveries of silver continue to be made, which promises to yield well, and is exciting much attention. A crevice from five to six hundred feet in length, where it shows itself to the surface, in solid oie," is reported to have been discovered. Several assays hwe been made with different results, ranging in value from $100 to $1700 per ton, and pure silver in large quantities is found in sluices in the Big Blue. Nuggets weighing one and a half ounces have been taken out. Other reports are in circulation that the ore is worthless, and that these reports are circulated very industriously by men of cap ital, w w ho think by that course to buy many MH.LS of the kuiu fiaims ior utmost noining, he gold claims for almost How- "I ?rHI"'' w and if they yield any thing near what is re- Fzedyeariyny H1""01" °f1°llarS Thc coachcs to and from Denver CUy ere crowded every trip. AIJI one Mayb Try was hung by of the murder of Alger.—Ex. i»ir.n—in Ktidyviiie, i it i •, a XT it i ,• tliM Homkr, eldest son of 11. 1. and Mary W. IVM. How eoniil you leave your "brother Frisk,w And "C'orra Kmina''and "siater Mayf* IIow could you leare these dearest OHM, Say Willie dear, dear Willie say? Say, did you see a happier Home in some far itis'ant twinkling star, Where sweet spirits, rob'ii in tfl°ry, More beloved than parents are? Hare you joln'd their happy number, Hare you tun'd your harp of golit. Are yon singing songs of triumph— Drinking joys that cau't be told? Stay then dear Willie, and drink In The fullness of thy higher joy— Till Sisters—Urotht r—Father—Mother— Come to join their darling Boy. tg?ej gu yJal^.'Sept*1,t'r*iW* V, illie dear, I see yon new, I hear your new "tuned harp of poid," I hear you "singing songs of triumph," I know your "Joys that can't be told." n in Wisconsin, for themurder of a tnaa named Alger. SuVsejucnt develop ncntn GARIBALDI is claimed as a Mrtfre Caradi- sist stay, A n. flV0 vears flve motlthj, 11s Wit- and twenty days. Sin. PAi.MKn: Aceompanyinp the above arothaful lowirijr lines. They are not sent to you for their Poe try. They were written down in the stage by the fath- buried I Willie dear, why did you leare ns, When you lov'd h« nil so weUf And all of us lov'd dearest Willi# More than earth can ever l!, llow could you leare the thousand things Your little heart seem'd set uponf Your kusy hands were ever free, Your little feet would ever ru i. Father, Mother. Hrother, Sif ters, They've hid "their Frank" the last "fOOd-bjre," And boys and girls around my bed Hare given each the parting sigh. Come, the n, Willie, let's join our hands— Our hearts long since were knit one Let'* play a tune Let's sing a song In our new and Heavenly home. Tn the same place. Sept. 17th, HATTIS, onngsst daughter of Thomas F. and Luuice Newell, aged IT more than a month since Mis* Newell and ed the relation of teacher and pupil.— red each other none knew go well U9 those to day during his sickness witnessed ionate manner in which she embraced "her lightly lie we propose to accomplish that great end? And spring""urna^siled heHnfluenWceetherrn(1 •ating up the Wide- Why wc propose to do as our fathers did, H. i. i Hits he heard. He their children did for the first sixty *VT \-i or else .he is veiy years of the republic. To prohibit by Con- —'1.- the turf upon your breast, (par# NV A 1 C0U" Ti the Right of llo County, of ing themselves of its advantages. Its cheapness alone, recommends It, 10 suv nothing of other tidrtntage» over the (Id fe »ce. Any infringments of this P.itent will be prosecuted. Townj.Farm, and Township Rights are to be had by applying !o or addressing A, ,TI. KAUIVS, Sept. -.'T, '00.-tf] COVRIER OFFICK, Ottumwa. i:i»trn- otico. TAKEN the UP by John M. Purder, at his residence la Pleasant township, Wapello county, Iowa, on ttm 18th day of August, 1S'3, two estrays of the following description, to-witi A bsy iruiro, Buppos'Mi to be thir* teen years old, cap of right hip knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown Oily three years old last o the pasture joint, blase right shoulder. The bay perpetual freedom in this OTTUMWA Alley at $6.'), before of the Peace of sal JOSEPH HAYNE, County Clerk. Male and Female Seminary, REV. J. M. MCKLUOY, A M., Principal. MissM.C. ITALTjOWAY, I Miss M. E. WILSON, Assistants. Mm. LIZZIE I. WOOPWAP.D, Drawing and FreBck. RKV. S. II. WORCESTER, Oil Painting. O effort will be spared to render this Institution i.^1 worthy the continued confidence of the friend* of education. Tuition, per terra often weeks from |8 to |S, accord ing to the branches studied. The next Term com mences Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, I860. For further informa tion write for a circular, or apply to the Principal in IH/snn. [Sept. 27-29-12-ly. .4rand Republican Meeting 1 At Chicago, October 2nd, 1860. 1 ,, J, .. Train, which leaves CIHcairo by the I'. It. A Q. R. R., on and tyrants-thateducation and religion are Oc'oh^^ the best foundations for power and greatness. *r«m Jg'n'c **ity HON. WM. H. 8EWARD, I experienced, RFPCCTTON OF FARP by the Tick(.|sanil wm |je foM a n o w e u o e e s e n a y a n o n e u i a a i n s w i a i v e a u u i i Po„„Wlvan„, tho public ,,o in- presenting to the worl.l the truths tl,,t the ?MJS| SfW people are capable of self-governmcnt-that evenfig0om^irtinWdmtrnBiSoftV/wof?. IsV. a republic is better than a monarchv—that K00l t( ('hecauqua niftcent edifice which freedom constructed New'/ondon 4 re upon it ever may it remain "the land of the 13^" thc fathers for any new dogma. Never may Tim western stage company the squatter sovereignty of to-day find a wel- i -a nuriington 4 Mi.sou- To secure reduction, tickets i,___ _r .. ,, »T ed at Stationi). No reduction made on train*. free, the home of the brave. Never may 1 JOHN O. READ, vice the people abandon the good old policy of 1 °en'' r, come in the hearts of our people shouting I3!f~"0rab«ck's 0 with its siren song thoso who love freedom better than slavery rnajr its serpent-like in- fluence never reach our glorious escutcheon, this the will-'o the-wisp of the nineteenth Chicago Burlington on th# and 1st October, N.4Q.R.R.,on return on or before the regular Express the morning of the 3d or October, and likewise pood on lUcSd ,uld4lhof Ch\c*s° a"(l re t®rB» Bal»via i a i i e n 5 0 •••jjjj RV muat be purcbM* I'reat. a Sunt, Ticket Agt" will 'lucliuD carry iniirnwn uf one thlrd the ttsaal»'«. Compound Chemical Wathing and 1 Toilet Soap Is no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and the Cheapest of any now in use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attained nnii-ecedented nor America's brightest star be blackened and made to totter and fall from its meridian p. OTTiitTTA, Aug. 31, 1S83 altitude and go down in a sea of blood, by 1 E- popularity, it is used as readily in hard as soft water. See what your neighbors say of 11: ASPWWIU ,—Dtar $ir:^ century. The most complete humbug that \^er* ever was presented to an Intelligent people \,e',h'9 .one uracture Roraback's Compound'o^emioM^'wasltoa u 110 ,l"lJ 80 ir '"""'"'ff- The ingredients 1 of which this soap IS compounded are perfirtiv harm- ,ess rr""' to office and power the last resort for a few wclr ri^^^ depraved politicians the shroud that is to er^^XiiaVpalnt'^^ ic'^o.^ha finest frtliricsi, .... doilies beinjj injured by'its use without Injuring them in the least— things winch no other soap, with which I am aooualnt-. ed, will do. The Toilet Soap is useful for shaving, washing hands, and everything else fur .• used. hands, and everything else fur which toilet soap ST. JoSEni, Sept. 20.—The Pike's Peak The Cheapness with Which tht Washing .Soap Is Express reached here lft.Kt niffht nigni Willi fi+O,- pounds can be made at a cost of OHIV .'iTii centa and HS t:islb' c'.lV'e ,IMFS 1,8 for*5» or an b* i* WA It is cheap, costlair only four cents per pound vvilli wanufac'ttred l«, with ine, an important item. Fifty as you can make a cup of coffee. The' fact w^i'ed and washed' 'I clean, tn hard *ulph»r imter, Is of great consider ation to me. I would not be without a family rig mum me. 1 woum not ne without a family right cost- W. w. JOHNSON. Fam'b' Rights, formerly sold fcr fio, ha1 at the each, but 00^ ••^^orthe washingsoap, and #2 for Col'R,,1B the tolls* Of»ce. GEO. E. ASPIXWALL, *»E TOLEDO & WABASH, AKI LOG ANSPORT, PEORIA & u ,iontIn,'o« BURLINGTR. FAST FREIGHT I.INE. OODS forwarded from Lake Erie to the Mlsjlsats- Pi ,n Express Fr.lght traina, wllh- out tranH-shipraeot, and In quicker time than by any ites as low as by any other route. Overcharges n.i damages promptly settled. Contracts can bn made at an low rates in Sew Vork or Koston any other line, with the undersigned agents as by OATMAK, AM't N Y 4 K U R,241 Uroadwav. MOKE, Ag't N V R. 259 Broadway 11 II SPAL-I.MXI:, Snatililli.g's Ex.2 Astor Hens* I|HAY. THMNKR 4 Co, 171 Rroadway, 1 Creat Western Dispatch, i«l Broad'war Western Transportation Co, 191 Broadway American Transportation Co, Centre Slip/' BOSTON, ., 1 JS DI SLAP, A?H N Y K E R, 15 STATE Street Ag't it .t w IS, 19 state street s inspected, ever the silver mines are bein- insnected.! Fi,chb,irK"".« A K wil1 be state street! Ks"""'Ag'° 6 SUte kooM'f.C.eo'i Freight Ag't real" Gold claims continue to pay as largely as ever. GEN. SAM CAHEV, a prominent Bell and .. —.. B.crett OM lVhir, of Cincinnati, Im! f1K.1'\ 1'il tu?nmniit'"f DSSfi n AE N R. K L^i" "pi IE L, New York. I* fie particular and nark packages care 4 W K. via Logarsport. A. BARBER, Ag't, Desmoines, STAT* or IOWA, R~ Wapello Vo.f" Noties Is hrasby gtrm to all persons Interested, that the 1st day of October, 1WW, til It H, 'J 1?C BC11. M-lt-Iw RM

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