Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, September 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated September 27, 1860 Page 3
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ttj|( 4)ttiinilu i d'oiivicr. I^ocalland Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, TOW A, Sept., 27, 1800. Il.pnblirnn ltth»Mc, t? regularly "every Friday evening, over I led rick ,t (i illespji.-V street. Member* ofthe J. W. Roim, Pecy. IIORSE STOLEN.—Mr. Store,Front party are Invited to attend. T:dd)^illc KcpnltHcnn Cluti—Meeta very Monday evening at Vance A Benedict's Hall Every body I* Invited to attend without distinction of party. 11. \X. liOYD, TIMF. TAUI.I', V.&jff.R.llAILROAD. CIIASGK OF TIME. Leave Ottamira, Arrive at *:18 A.M.8:00P.*.*. CO A CUES LB A YB DAILY. Wat—?\rDea Moines, via Eddyville, Oskalooi* and Fella, at 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oskaioosa, nt 11.00p.m. or Chariton, via Blikesburg and Albla, at 1 p. m. South—For Bloomfleld,nnd Centrevllle, atl p.m. —ror Keokuk Railroad,at 12m. A. C. PARKS, Agent. Officc corner of Front and Market Sts.,Ottumwa. Wheu you want Boots, Shoes and Clothing, go to Temple'*, New Clothing Store. WWE-AWAKE NOTICE—A. The Democrats, hereabouts, are trying t) »mke the gullible portion of their ranks be lieve thet Douglas will address them at an early day. A drove of some 500 very fat hogg wm shiped on the U. & M. R. Railroad on Tues day. A great many cattle, hogs and fdtecp are going ov this road now. NCNAMAKEH, Wafrch Maker and Jeweler, lias removed to the opposite side of Front Street o:n s old qunrtcrs, where he has more light, more loim and better accommo dations in every particular. ——, _V We note that our TASK NOTICE, that you can go to Chicago and back for $fi,00 and that the Western Stage Company will carry at a reduction of one third, for both the Chicago meetings. The pro pe of our rattling, clattering and business little city, arc growing brighter and better every day. We are now driving the most prfitable and flourishing trade of any inland town Itr the State—wre make no exceptions. The announcement of the Fall Term of the Ottumwa Seminary, will be found elsewhere. It will be seen that it is to be under the charge of Rev. J. XL McElroy, an able"and experienced teacher,, and numer ous and popular assistants. Let this impor tant Institution bo sustained. John Bizer, living throe miles from this city, on the Eddyville road, lost a mare, undoubtedly stolen, on Sunday lat. The marc was 15 hands high, gray color, nick out of end of right ear, left hip knocked down, tail full length but thin, vjry light man? and scarcely any foretop. MncriNu or Svsoa.—The Synod of South ern Iova, of the Presbyterian Church, will meet in Ottumwa this (Thursday) evening at 7 o'clock P. M., and remain in session several days. Preaching may be expected at least each evening. The pulpits of the sev eral churches in the city will be occupied on Sabbath, as has been requested, by members of Synod. The place of meeting, through the courtesy of our Methodist brethren, will be the Methodist church. J. M. M. PATENT FENCE.—Onoofthe many valua­ ble inventions is ths "Patent Fence," the Right of whi 'h, for Wapello County, has been pu-ch ised by our fellow citizen, A. M. Karns. Letters Patent for this fence were taken out August 2d, 1859, by T. B. Garsidc, of Burlington, Iowa, since which time it has been adopted by hundreds of farmers, and others having need of fence, and who "count ths cost," in Das )ines, Henry and other counties. Models ty be seen and Town, Farm or Township Rights had at th:s office. This patent can bi attached to any kind of board, picket or rail fence, saving at least one-half, in timber and cost of building it. See advertisement in to-day's paper. Wlial they Tliiitk of us. The crehants of Ottumwa, in view of the early completion of the Des Moines Valley railroad to that point, and the conse quent increase of business that must inevita bly come there from the interior and South ern Iowa, arc becoming awake to the neces sity of making their facilities known through the medium of the press. Heretofore the .grocery and otlier heavy trade via New Or leans and St. Louis that was supplied to the interior through Burlington, has had the disadvantage of boing re-shipped over the fapids at* heavy rates of freight, which is or ^fvas no small tax upon the Consumers.— This will now bs in a great measure changed And instead of Burlington, Ottumwa will be ilie point to which these things will be ship ped. As fir as wo arc oncernel Ottumiva possesses advantages superior to any other point. The distance is only 60 miles and is always accessible, whereas Alexandria it Ss nearly twiee the ^distance. Freight from Ottumwa to this place is from 53 to 60 cts per 100 lb. From Alexinlrii it ran^s from $1, to 1,50. With the propsr cxerti.m on tho part of the trading men of Ottumvra, it can soon command a business eqnal to any of the Iowa cities on the Missisippi. Hide not your lights under a bushel. Let the pc iple know what you can do, and the trade will surely oome. Bjuth Tier Democrat, Corydon Iowa. The dedication of the Republican Wig wam of Delphi, Indiana, a few weeks ago was attended by 15,000 persons. Sew York TCarket. NEW YORK, Sept. 25. FLOUR—Market about 5e better with a pretty good export demand. WIIKAT—Receipts 204,266 htfth. Mar ket fully 2c better, with moro doing for ex port. Sales 200,003 bush at $1 14fr@l 22 Chicago spring, the latter for choice $1 21 jf?il 2"» Mill. (-luh, the latter for choice $1 26 44* 23 winter red western $1 32 S5 for white Ohio and In|. Ill K very heavy, Sales at 75. BARLEY- Steady. Sales at 89# CORN-Receipts 30,076 bush market without material change. Sales 51,000 bosh at for pound mixed western. OATS—Dull. Sales at 87@39 for will tern, State and Canadian. WHISKKY—Unchanged. Sales400bbls at OATS— D. Culver, of tlvs city, u prnparcd tofuri:ia!i Wide-Awake uniforms at short n it ice. J. A.Smith & Co., 118 Lake St., Chicago, have the best Wide Auoahe Uniform* FLOUR CORN got up In tho States, and at lowest prices. Also 10,000 Lincoln and Hamlin medals, and of nil the other candidates, which they sell at New York prices. nug. 80. CHICAGO, FLOCB—Moderately I'rest. Sept. 25. active at 5@ 10c de­ cline. WitEAT—Steady. Sales 9,000 bosh N. W. Club at 88c fair parcels do at 875c 2300 bush No. 1 Spiingat 80 7,000 bush do at 80^ 2500 buh and several small lots do at 86 Je 51,000 bush No. 2 at 83c 3800 bush do at 83J 22f0 bush rejected Spring at 75c 2 cars rejected Winter at 77c, all in store. CORN—Fir.n. Siles 12030 bush No. 1 at 39c 13,00 bmh No. 2 do at 38c two cars do at 371-3 10,000b idi white river at 44Jc on board. Ileavr. «'0 tlHCICC IAI,. Copaica Orricc, Sept. 20. (wholesale) |2,S0ta2,40 WIIKAT M@70 COTTON YARN 22J4 NAILS 4,2: IMNE LUMBER, common, ,...1250(rfc20 on clear, 8 grades ... 2600^40 00 PHINGL1ES S0O@4 75 LATH, S00 BUTTER LARD... TALLOW.. BEESWAX EG (IS K ESE QUAILS, e-te^M-«nH'lift(#fn,fe- ing friend, J. A. Sjihworm, h.%bcen en'arg ing his premises, i^ order mike r,o:n for the largest stock of groitfmes fib has:ever brought to this market. Go nnd see. A. *.V. doe DRIED APPLrS. 4 PEACHES LEATHER (Sole) BUFFALO ROUES..,.. HUNG ARIAN SEED... TIMOTHY .... WIHSkEV VINEGAR lilil BO I E .IV. 4 New Store IS THE PLACE BARGAINS! car CLOTHING, BOOTS, iftlOESt HATS & CAPS! DURING THE NEXT THIRTY DAY8, WE WILL SELL! EXTREMELY LOW! To make room for Fall Goods. We have just received a new lot of Fall Style, SILK AND CASSIMERE A S Also a few piec*» CASSIMERE, which we will .'HAKE UP TO flUDEBi and WiR* BAXT TO PLEASE. A. D. TEMPLE & CO., No. 2. Maln-St., Ottumwa. OTYdNWl CARRIAGE FACTORY! ra^llE undersign vouid respeetully sidicit the al tention of the public to the faeilltie* which bo now possess for manufacturing C.VltRIACES A WAtl ONS, of e^er.v description, after the most improved stvlcs, as good as can beobtained East and u^ionsat isfactorv terms. Those w'shing to purchase will pleas* «al| aa4 Ms amine my stock. 1ST Uep*irin« erQ^Hj' »ttendedto. .. A. RALDiVII. 1 Ottawa. Mar. l»t,183*^l-ly THE GREAT EASTERN HAS ARRIVED WITIT FALL AND WINTER STOCK DEVINS, Opposite Hawley'it, Front Street, Ottumwa Onsli and Light. I "Vo flits?. BARGAINS BARGAINS II of every description vftomic Heavy Stock of NO. 1 PRINTS. DELAIirCS, COALMS, HER AG ES, DEBEQIS Alpaceaa MERINOS, VALKNTIA Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS CHEAP GINGHAMS—Fast Colore. L1XCOLX HATS, DOUGLAS COFFEES, STTGARS. Ut 10 20 i.» SOROUUM PORK ... SIDES HAMS CHICKENS $ doz.... ........ r»V 50 739 ... 10® 11 ....... 1,00 «5 .. .... 10 15 26@2S ,...t:.@i,20 1.20 .... 2»(Tn40 .... 25W4 I Calf ...... FURS—Mink, No. 1 COON WILD CAT RAT ... •. .. OTTER w......i. 1 .. 1 Ilf VVHit |1 ft DEER r»r. .7 .(Tni oo 14fT/l2it 00® 16 oo •2^..2.20 "... 2.'. SPECIAL NOTICES. CHRISTUM Afil E RALSAITT. I want more of Dr. Christie's A(jue Wants more Iials:im. Pleas'? send me half a gross Christie's iuiGtediat el.v. Ague Balsam Respectfully your", A. MOORE, Slu'llield, III. We are all out of Dr. Christie's Airne All out of Balsam. Please send me six doaen. "It Christie's goes off like hot cakes." Ague Balsam WILSON NEVILLE, 1 Mack:ntck, 111. i Christie's j. R.1K. IH)\TK A Co., AlidwHy. III., Ague Balsam say: "We lo not know of .1 single fail is sure cure, ure where directions were followed." NK«V YORK, Aup. 22(1, 1S55. Christie's Frem my kno rledge of the ingredl- I A^ue Balsam ents of Cliristie's Ague Balsam, I'cun-I is Bider it a safe and excellent prcpar.-i- I recommend- tion for the cure of Fevrr Agile, and ed hy that it will not prove injurious to the Chemists. constitution. LAWRENCE KFfcf), I'rijf. of cli'-mistrv. Jr.! I hy JOHN D, PARK, Prop'r, Chi.-ago, iil CAPS, BItECKI.VH/DGE BOOTS, HE1.I. RIBBONS, Wonders IS SHELLED CORN .... .... SO CORN MEAL -... 86 OATS ....................... IScta. RYE 80 POTATOES (new) ADMWISTRA r/0JVsn0K8, f/O rSTOir Btotkf, *e. IRREPRESSIBLE )n the n :iy (if CLOTHS CASSIME RES, SAT I NETS, E ANS, CORDUROYS Flan nels COTTONS 4c., for the PRUNES, CURRENTS, SOOAi SOAPS. SPICES IC. IIAHD WARE- Sallirig giving away. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. 9.-"CO-22-13 v. T. T5EVIN. .SI'.MM Ell ARRANGEMENTS TKI: STAr i: cotiPA^Y A RI", now running a Daily Four IIoiso Line of Post Coaches, from Ottumwa to Ilentcnsport, pacsinj through Drakesville, liloomfieM, Troy, Strinfftowii ami Keosauqua, making sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'y line of Harks from Ottumwa to Centre ville, connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to Corydon, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, PlatUville. Clarinda, and through to Nehra ka City making qnirktime aud sure connections at all points along »:U'I lines. tw Passenjrers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to their interest to take this route. Sta *e Office, corner Market A Front streets. Ottumwa, July 9th, 1959. A. C. PARK?, Ag't. OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Mendenhall & Whitham, Forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS AND Q-eneral Freight Agents, NEARTIIE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTI MWA IOWA. fW Liberal Cash adraattt made aa Produce for! Shipment. 11-32 tf. Sugar Mills and Evaporators, Manufactured by OOTTOLAS BROTHERS, Zanesville, Ohio.' TStatesRi'ing HIS the only establishment in tbe Uaiteil Manufacturing exclusively the aliove ar tlel"s, tlu-y have facilities for ofTering to the pulilie i better and cheaper Mills than any oilier. Material,! workmauship, power, efficiency and durability con sidered. i PHII'K of Mills—40, 5H, 60 and to 150 dollars—larger sires m: ile to order. PRICK of Evaporators—made of heavy fralvamzed Iron—with cast lion Furnace 50,55, &">, and 7.j Dollars as in size and pnteru. Pans jf same meterlal without Furuace—15 to 'J'i Dollars, according to size. i i The Subscribers :ire Agents for the Sale of the akova Articles—and offer at the Manufacturers prices—free I roin Freight Charges. Purchasers arc advised to call I on ua befure buying elsewhere. I OODENACOOT. Ottnmws, Iowa Aug. 16, 60,88—18— 2m. MANHOOD Ho%v Lot, How Restored, Just PiihlMed, in a Scaled Envelope, A lecture on nature treatment and Radical cure of fpermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debili ty, Nervousness and Involuntary Emissions producing Impotency, Consumption and Mental and Phvsical Debility. Rt ROR. J. Cl'LVERU ELL, M. D. The important fact tliat the awful consequences of, self-abuse may lie elTectually removed without intern al medicines or the dangerous applica'ions of caustics. instruments, medicated bougies, and other empirical devises, Is here clearly demonstrated,and the entire ly new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the celebrated author fully explained, by means of which every one N enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised nostrums of the day. This Lccture will prove a boon to thousands ami thousands. Sent underseal to any address, pott paid, on the receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing Dr. C. KLINE, 4S0 First Avenue, New York,Post l]ox-t,5S6, 25-1'J ly City Jlcat Market. Front Ft. 3 doors east Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA, TIIEsiibscriber, grateful for past favors, would say to th? public that his market, open­m: ed nearly four years ago, la still in full blast, with increased facilities to furnish sea- -i iMc meats ofall kinks at all reasonable hours, at the low est living rates. Tallow, Lard, TilE l'l.Aci: TO BUY LRTOUCH, SHHGI.ES, Ar., OM.97,180#-n83-l 1 tf IS AT RIND'S LIBBER YARDS At Iiurli!i(/toii, lit. 1'Uiinant, Fair/itld, Agency,at*d OTTUMWA, WHERE1n willbe found the largest stoclc. aver of fered the west, and which will be sold lower than at any point on the Mississippi. Also those A Shinglesof our manufacture, full count, ever? Shingle perfect. K. I). RAND i CO. FOR CI.\CIM,¥ATII CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, AXD CINCINNATI SHORT LINE Itail IloacL! Shortest, Quickest, and only Direct Koute front Chi cago to Cincinnati. Passenger trains leave the Ureat Central Depot, foot of Lake street, as follows: First train 7:45 a.m., arrives at Michigan City at 12:30 p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 6:23, (supper,) Indi anapolis VIS, p.m., Lawrenceburg !2:Sn, and Cincin nati at 11:15p.m. Second train Srddp.m, arrive at Michigan City at 9:20 p.m.. La Favett 2:40 a.m., Indianapolis 6:30 a.m., Lawrenceburg 10:-Jt) a.m., Cincinnati at 10:45 a.m. Passengers leave Ottumwa S.tHl p.m., arrive at Burlington at 7:'»S p.m., arrive at Chicago at 5:15 a.m. at Cincinnati 1:30 a.m. Only one cbange of can between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping cars attached to all night trains,: and rur. through from Chicago to Cincinnati wlthou change. Through tickets can be had at all railroad cfllces in the West, and at the company's office, corner Lake and Dearborn streets, and at the depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago. Fare as low as via any other route. II. J. SPALDING, Ag't Chicago, Wit. foTMJ., Trav. Agent. 8. M. 8MITH7 ATTORNEY AT LAW, And General Collector. Bept. 13, '«0-lJ4rtf i—imay crrr nmtu* 1 NEW WOODS NEW GOODS 1 E S W O O W A A RE COXST. 1XTL Y llKCEl I IX'J nou me IS SPLEXDID LOTS COATS, PANTS, VEST? HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, S|[OES GLOVES, MILLTOX. GROCERIES, To1)accos-K». 20 Sweet do 7.1 Hl'fl Alt 0 COFFEE IS 20 SAI.T .............. #2,30 HIDES, dry................ 10 green ...... 4 SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, CARPET SACKS, n a ", mr A CJ^LARGE STOCK—Beat and cheapest JL XJxi-O In the Country. CLOTHS, GUM COATS, GUM GLOVES, GUM SHOES UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, CASSIMERES, SATINETTS, JEANS, COTTON A DES, and all articles usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call In and examine the Stock. Clothing con stantly made to order. Ottumwa April 12th, 'G0-25-U-ch-5-lS. GOODS! sew GOOWI Jafct received from the East at J-. A. scwomr!! GROCERY AND PROVISION' VIDRi: Front Street, Oppoiite the Ottnmwa House. A TARGE" AND SRITITINI STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries FrnilH«& \uls, Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AND REAL HAVANA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL. Queei)Sicare, Hoot* nnd Shoes, All of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or exchanged for Country Produce. WA XTED-HIDES, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. Call ar.d examine goods and prices,in Daittt'abrick opposite theOttuinwa Hons.', Frout-st. October 6th. cli-"l-oldlf-ll NEW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS DtltUlT FR09I fHE EAST. C. C. Warden, is receiving and NOW OPENING a large and fashionable stcck of Y O O S A00 Motious« Cloths St Cawimcvos Hals, Caps, Boots and Shoes, And complete assortment of everything lo meet the wants of individuals or families in his line of trailp|*omjiri'»in» in pnrt follow Plain, Black aad Fancy Cassimcrcs, Broad Cloth, Satineto TICK?, SiimriNGS, STKIPES, COP.DUROV3, JEAXS, DEXXIXS, DRILLS, BJLEACIKED & FOK MEN, WOMEN, AND 1" I i I i .1 I! EN, Which could not be enumeiated in an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the e.xteut, variety, and cheapness of his stock will be to call and look through for yourselves. I ain also receiving well(elected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, such as Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Dried Fralt, »«•&, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. HARn WAlii: CUTLERY. Glass and Nails, Builders material and house furnishing goods. And has an entire stock complete in everything that would comprise a stock for the times and for this vicinity, all of which he is anxious to dispose of for tne rradv pay. or to approved customers. All kinds of Country produce taken in pay for Goods. He solicits an examination of j»eods and prices and will take pleasure in showing you through whether vou buv or not. April 1-2 1 SCO. Sausages, and every­ thing usually kept in a City Market forsale. The highest market price in cash paid for FatStock 'IVrsitK luvariably 4'u*li. tw Those having unsettled accounts, or notes doe, will please call and pay up. J. W. 11KOWN. Ottumwa. Feb. 10lh,l-."i9.—4S of warm water, seldom fails to cure a horse of Colic ir. a few minutes:—In extreme cases repeat the dose iu 15 mi nutes. Eor bruises, strains, sprains, and many other inju ries on horses, cattle anil other animals, Sloan's In stant Relief speedily effects a cure. Many persons have been astonished to witness the rapid cure effect ed by the use of this wonderful medicine. lariiet circulars of Agents. SLOAN'S OINTMENT. For mildness, safety, certainty, thoroughness, Sloan's Ointment is rapidly superceding all other Ointments an 1 Liniments for the cure of the following complaints: Fresh wounds,(ialls of all kinds,crack ed heels, ringbones, polevil, windgall, callous, spavin sweeney, fistula, foundered feet, sand cracks, scratch es or greese, mange ami lo'rse distemper. DIMMSKO llOUSCS A.\0 (VTT1.E require restoration of insensible perspiration. Sloan's Fever Antidote, Col dition Powder, is a certain blood purifier. It never fails to loosen the skiu, cleanse the water, create an appetite, and is a positive cure for coi glm, colds, stiIT complaint, foutider. Distemper, aud carries olfbotts and worms, and may be given at any time a id under all circumstances with perfect safety. One pack age of the Powders and a bottle of the Ointment will perfectly cure a recent founder in six or eight days, without leaving the least effect lu the feet. In horse distemper, they will allay the fever and promote a healthy termination of the disease.— One powder and a pa-t of a bottl of Ointment, will, In all rases, cure the horn distemper in a cow two are sometime* required for an ox. Walter It. Sloan, the original discoverer of this tru ly valuable medicine, still has the sole supervision of Its manufacture, but orders should be sent to his son, Oscar It. Sloan, 'J5 South Water st, Chicago, III., who will promptly supply the demand for these popular and truly great medicines: They are sold by all dealers ill medicine Sold, wholesale and retail, at manufacturer's prices, at Ot tumwa, by J. L. Taylor, and John Pumroy»ud retailed by all tha otherDrugglsts. CITY l'lt»Pi:UT\ FOK SALE. A Private residence on Second Street, near corner /m of Marion, for sale at a htrualn, and partly on time. Possession givau immediately. Enquire at this office of J. January 26, '60. GREAT ATTRACTION! J. LOOMS & CO, HAVE MRE1V BKOEITtRU The last four weeks, their SPRING AND SUMMED —STOCK OF— Staple and Fancy MT GOODS! GROCERIES, HATS, CAT'S, Bonnets, fcc., WHICH NOW MAKER THEIR STOCK Our .llotto "10IV PRICES WIN," Is warranted by oar purchasing from first hands, and selling lo a clone, prompt, paying trade, for Ca*!i and Ready Pay Only. TO ALL SUCH we gliall offer throughout the season, a complete and UNSURPASSED or STOCK SPR I N A N S U E Staple and Fancy JIO DC. W co.Ti.nox nrsLi." s, I N S Of every Vio-'uty. Styh and Quality FORENJX AND DOMKSTIC fSlXf'IIAMS Besides a great variety of Dress floods! C. C. WARDEN. FOR CATTLE AND HORSES. rjlllIS is trill at Remedy, ll.ilf i 'J,"» cent bottle of Sloan's Instant Relief, given in a i: 11 W. NORRIS. STONR CMTTTINCl. HE subscriber can furnish CI'T S'CO!¥I% for I. for House Work, sills, caps, or !in v otb-r Wind of Stone iu use. Also rough Stone for cellars, ,tc. 4ii-11 eh .'.•5 1J y \V111. 'I A I.«\ i:. I4IOU SALK.-A MILLI ARD TARLE, AS (IOOD JT as new, and cheap far part tatli, amiUalauee ifl •ured on time. Enquire (or ovaer aft tMt OAw. A«g l«, '«0—»-lMm pjsm GROCERIES, O O S A I S O E S IIATS & CAPS, O N N E S Hosiery, YANKEE NOTIONS, &C —AT— WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest possible prices. We will pay the highest market price for every variety of PRODUCE. We will pay the highest market price ia cash, for WOOL* COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. J. LOOMIS Sl CO. Ottumwa, Oct. fi, »n'?o tf BANKJWt}, EXCHANGE, -AND- COL.L.ECTION OFFICE. or EDWARD A. TEMPLE & CO., OTTl'Jf\VA, IOW A. Tllii: IMll'USKiM'n U E It E moved e i E\-'hange oflice from Chariton, I 'A a, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pertaining t» Banking, Exchange or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience often years in Southern Iowa, will enable ug to I endcrsatisfaction to our patrons. We sell KM'U t' DICAFTS ON NEW VOUK^V and otlier eastern points, In sums to suit purchasers andean also furnish Exchange on KNGLVNn, IKEl.ANIt ANO SCOTLAND, AND Off GERMANY, ERA WE. S\V EI»KN, DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER OL ANNOUNCEMENT! "BW STOTfB BOOT3 & SHOES, NTRIES OF EIJUOPK, as well a* collect money, inheritance#, and er claim In foieign counties. We receive Deposits and issue Certificate* which bear interest only by special agreement. made payable at our office, will be remitted for. at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at otlier points, w ill be collected and remitted, less exchange aud expense of collection.— We will also pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful ilxbts. Parties holding Uururrciit Money, Drafts. Cer­ tificates «l\Deposits, or llil o txcliuuge, Puyablv AT SIGHT OR ON TIME, In anf plaee,«an have them Cashed by caUiBf air jr office. TAXES,—We have correspondents In nearly every county In Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required In advance and all orders should be sent us bv 1st of January. LAND \V AH It ANTS. We w i i i at all time* paycash for Land Warrants, and will also attend to the location uf them, or tbe entry with cash, of Government lands. In IOWA, KAYS AS. OK .M: IIU.ISKA. We have ample asraugementsforthe selection of de sirable lands In tbe Territories, for individuals or for Colonics. I. A 1S. can furnish emigrants ami others ith first rate Farm*, in the central counties of this State, or with unimproved land in this and the soiith «rn tier of counties, for Cash. They cau be had as "cheap as dirt." TOW\ I.OTg. We have over two hundred town lot* In CharlVOO, Osceola, Aftonand Mount Ayr, all good comity Towns three of which are on the line of the Burlington A Missouri R. R. R. To parties desiring residence or business lots, iu any ofthese points, we will givegood bargains. Parties at ad istance, desiring information as lothe property ottered, are requested to correspond with «*. All others will please call at our office, on Market M.two door* from Front St., Iowa. AOttumwa, Ri»wu Oetobfrfi. TsW-nCft y|WH Oil E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Daggett's old Stand, Oltujtiwu, Iowa. miir ciTizrcxN Quincy City Cook Stoves, Wtich to.JV the f.V» prize me lal over all other st jves la the West, to which I I have in storcat alt times a Ml mortmeBt of TIN, HOLLOW SL A ttYtrtM $ JAPAN WARE. Joh work, in tin. c--tpprr and sli«.»'t iron, promptly done, on reasonable terms, and in iliebest m-trui -r. t*/ 1 will receive in exchange for the above wares, old copper, brass, cas iron, nnd rags, which will en able farmers to save from $10 to f.V per annum. May -.'1, 1S6—12 ll-y A. 1. t'TIAKR. tiiiiMT \%Tio\Ai. isorri TO BALTIMORE, N E \y PHILADELPHIA 4 BOSToX! Itimore & Ohio Railroad! Is tbe only Road to WASHINGTON CITY. Th clu-ivrly 1 Washington branch of this I vI• I ftoail is owned ind operated ex- I:. A O. I!. K. Co. Passengers ly the prer einlir -to Washington l.'il.v. are'*uljectel to nniniliustravel, tedious delays, and extra charges at lt iltimor% Ilie lialtlftiorc and Ohio Ha'Iroad in connection with the Contrnl Ohio Kailroad, presents to the trav ellnK public a short and desirable route, from Colum bu» tu all the Extern cities. senders l.v tliis route can visit the cities of Bal timore. Philadi-iphl S«w York or Boston, at the cost of a ticket to New York or Boston alone by otlier lines. Through tickets can also be proenred via Wsshing ton City to the Eastern cities, at en additional charge of two dollars. Travellers to the Ea*t. from all Western point*, cat depend upon quick time and sure connections. Sltet,- I TF I. *I 4 4A IH 1 1 A. I .T A I y\ lug cars attached to all nifrtit train*. Two trains leave Columbus, Ohio, dally, 4:af) Newark r:-V a m., Zauesville 7:H a.m.. Hen more f! IV1"*' Harper s erry H. WO a. m. wood. Time as quick and fare as low as via any other route. Through tickets and baggage checks'can he pro cured ut all the principal railroad and steamboat «f flce in the west. Ask for tickets via Baltsmore and Ohio Railroad. L. M. COLE, Gen. Ticket Ag't lltOKlt. (W heeling) 12:0. p.m., Grafton 5:'i5 p.m.. Cnmberlmnd the W est, and at the Company's OBce, corner of San 10:4n p.m.. Harper s Ferry 8.IJI ...... I I I KI.iyftTOjy, 1'EuniA, AD LC-I UM N CAN SPORT R. R. Trains l.,-a\e Burlinirtcn n follow, MAIL, 7:'Mnm NIGHT Ex., tSaturd, p. m. tfundav Nisht Train leaves at Ing at TOLEDO with LIGHTNING LAKE SHORE 1! R. The voo Logansport Erpress make* direct c. n occtions, as follows: At El Paso with Illinois Central Rallrosd for BIMHK ington, Decatur. I'ana, Sandoval and Cairo. At Chenoa with Chicago and St. Louis Railroad for Alton to St. Louis. At till man with (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central Rai Iroad for Chicago and South. At Reynolds with New Albany and Salem Railroad for Lafayette, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. At Logansport with Toledo, Waba and Western Railroad for Toledo and all points East also with Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad for Cincinnati, Pay ton and Columbus. The 1:45 Peoria Accommodation makes tbe same connections as above to Gilman. The above is a new an very much shorter LIlM than any other to the above named points. It is thoroughly built, and well manned, and run In •Tery way to merit the approbation of the travelling public. KA 1 IAU I 6 Cars will run directly through from Burlington io Toledo without change, and arrive in advance uf any and all other lines. Ouradvantages are, Shortest and Quickest oneless change of cars no Omnibusslng as via Chicago con nections positive, as it is owned and controltd by the same Interest, while via Chicago it is the reverse.' In abort, it is every wavthe desirable line. j. U. FAYRWEATI1ER, Jr. Ticket Ag't Burlington. T. 8. TVIIPON. Fasaenger Ag't, Ottumwa. A. BARBER, Western Ag't, Des Moines. Iova, IM ISSilTI A I.OtiA^SPOItT PEORIA AND BURLINGTON Shortest .Line. Di»t nce/i-vm Burlington rut ngan*port via Cktcuffo: Cincinnati To Dayton To Columbus To Wheeling To Baltimore To Washington 4*5 miles 4lA 475 612 Wl ltttl Shortest Time Table. eoiso Birrrasisa 8^0 p. m., Burlingtou, p. m. 12:40 a. m, Peoria, 8:4i p. m. *I-si I K.v vt: 7:00 a K*:i*0 9 20 a I.ogan»port. arl\ 1:10 a IS: 10 pm Andersor. 4:(*0am 2:^0 pm Richmond. U:4ii pm Freiitht Trains make regtUar connections throdgb, from Cincinnati to Burlington, in threw days. For further particulars apply to F\YFRWE\THVR" V-I' 1 tA1 llfcR Auc. S3.1S0. NEW YORK AND ER/F i: A 1 I ,li( A I. tireat liroatl uus:«. Double Track i and 'IVlegrrapli ISoutc, TOrying New York, Boston, -tid a the tlrcat Western Baggage cheeked through, by an y other route. ^t W Ti:.npi,E & r«. VX" 4B1 RAILROADS. nvittttisa Nmo'tviw*' St _*!_ -iL ZCiiiiiiitf oil 4 iMisKonri H. It. K. cmxa:oFTi7ir. OX AND AFTKIt MAI!. I, and until further lice Is given, I'ajscnger Trains v.ill Uave Ut arrive as follows GOING STITIOSS. 4rsT»oa*. OF OTTTSWA AND Jl. Vicinity are Invited tc call and get my new prices on STOVES. As I pay ash for my Stovo«. I (latter myself that I cau sell them 5ii per cent, cheap jr than they have ever been sold in this market to ea»h customers. My' Stoves are of the noted COM9TOCK manufacture of' overl'ifty different patterns. 1 have the celebrated inrite especial attention. I WILL WA IiRA XT A V STOVES and iciUfurn'uh jihtei, free of diar/jc, if they rrack by fire. WEST: KXPRKIS, l!uflin|itori, Midiil.lown, Danville, New London, Mt. Pleasant, I ChecauqiU, I Olendnle, 1 Knirlield, Whitfield, Itatavia, Agency Citv, otluin* a. iCCUXMOVAlK*. 8.10 Hi.-leave. 8.M 8.H0 am.! t,nv 14 87 10.9 K».»4 10.57 4.1* 4.55 6.5»i u.:K. 7.11 S.t« 8.81 V.08 B. tn. 11.S7 11A9 li.oT I-'.S3 •.41 T.'.S'tar:' Hi. 10 snivr. O-oixsro- EAS*±1 C('uMMUCATIU3i 4.15 a. a. leave. 4.49 5.'M Ottumwa, Agency LI.y, tlata\ ia, Wiilifl. Id, ralrtiel I. Olendale, Cliecau'iua. Mt. I'lensn it, Xew London, Danville. Mlddletown, Dnrlington, Mar.. 1, '60. n4 fcXMrsH. 8.00 p. u. leave 8.*U bM «.» T.Di *.f* 4.X7 4.60 f».«f 5.5o 6.2n «4 2 «.15 7.5!fc arrive. O. ltKAD, s.»ni H.46 0.87 10.11 l'.*l 11.15 arrive. Vice I'rcs't and Sup't. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy. DEPABTI7BES: Iht *Iorr. i tic I'asM'iijjcr leavoi linr. lSa.ra Stl Accoiunio^ut.oxi ilo I'O do 2.4b p.-a 3d J2v«-niu do do do p.ra ARBIVALS: 1st TTorn'r I*n*«en^«r arrives at Bnr. r/5a.m gtl .Irroiud'ii do do do f/ip.m 3d L\rii'(f Jo lo do 7.15 p.m The above trains make close connections with tha D. i M. It. It. nt Itmlincton. and with all th»' sj: eat eastern thoroughfares at Chientfo. D. IlKMIt'K, PITTJk-ptl Uen'l As't C., B. A J. H. WITIf ROvr, Passenger At'-nt, Ottumwa. FCFOIST WAlSi: AJ*© CIIICAlio H.MMtOAD YORK, Xow completed, anI cars ran from Chlcnpo to tit bur^ without change, connecting with tha GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTBA1. RAII.KOAO New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and WaeMtif* tia City, and all the Interior towns of Hennsy vat la, New Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac.- Merchants by taking this route wiH ha?e the btMlf of al) the markets at uu additlenal cost. I'.HVg:'ue eh^cke'l ihi ugh. Train* iiMtc tlie depot, corner of Canal and Tan Karen streets, *nt side, twice daily on arrival of tiaim from the went. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland »n«f I.iike t-lsore Hailroail to I'uiikirK, ItulT^lo, Ni ^jrara 1'nlU, New York arid Boston, mid all the interior towns o! New England via New York Central and New York k Erie ltailroads. Also South to Columbus, Zaiirsvllle, Newark, Mi. Vernon, St^ubenvilie, Wheeling, add IrrtOflof tows of (Jltio Htiil Virginia. The ahove trains connect al Forest with trains Off Mad Kiver Koad to t'pringfleld, L'rbana, Bay ton and i Ciurii nati. Al.-o, with trains at l.ima fur Dayton and Cincinnati, direct. I'ARE Af LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROl'Ttf. Passengers hound »-ast will fin.l this route bntft pleasant and agreeable, passir.g throng mnn~ of tb« largest and fiu»st cities in the United States. Passengers arriving In Chicago on any of the roadf will (liiil attentive check agents at the depots to rc» ceive cheeks ami convey baggage free of charge totii# Piitnburg and Chicago cars. Healing car? accompany each train. Ticke's for -ale at all the principal Ticket Office* fli( a.m. ari'Ives in Baltl- dolph and liearborii streets, opposite the Ktvera .re .4o p.rn W ashiugton (. ity 7:Srtp.m. House, or at the Depot, west side, vomer of Canal and1 i:«Hi pm. Newark 4:1X iim, Zanesville ft 40 pm, Ben- Van liuren street*. Chicago. »i. (VN heel:oi: ln:|o pm, (irafton G:i* am, Cumber- i Be juticulur to a^k for tickcts by Fort Wavr*. it. F. PATRICK, Ticket A.-eiit. land vir am, Harper's Ferry l-':5i pm arrives at Bai timore 4:4.". pin, Washington City fi:Kipm. Direct coTwiecjioiis made at.Baltimore with above! Freight of allkinds will be carried from Chicago tar trains for 1 hil iilelphr\ N ork Bo»tun, and at all points Km*t at all times, ut a» low rates azjy oth— wa«liin^tou Cit fur Uichuioud, Waruington, Charlea- er Uailroa rout». Tickets pfod until used with the privilege of stop-' TO MERCHANTS AND SHIPPES. plug off at all principal points. But one change uf! T*,e cars between Columbus and Baltimore. Co. bavLig effected an arrangement with the PentJFjrl' Bu?ine«s men and travelers for pleasure or Inform- vania Central I!. R. Co. for the transportation of Minn, ran visit all the eastern cities at a comparative Through Freight, property can now be shipped by thi» ly small expense. The scenery is celebrated for Its between t/hicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore. Nt»r wonderful beauty anil sublimity it' i* uriequa'lett in tbe world. Its system of day and night Track Police IU splendid equipment its exclusive telegraph lines lt» large amount of double track its fine hotels, (un-' der the survetlance of the company,1* ensures to the passenger, speed, safety, and comfort. ^i it.-burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago RaiffTM York aud Boston, with promptness and despatch Contracts can be ma le at the following places No. t! Astor House, New York. No. 1 S. William S !u 1 No. Battery jdace, do No. 77 Washington St., lve 5:30 am 8:t0 pin V liOSTOV HI tbel' Boston. No. 3 Dock st.. Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. I)« pot, Charles street, West Side, near Van llunt *lreet bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne C. R. R. For further information apply to '. P. SMITH, Ma-t. Transportation. JAS. W. MCS«SON, Freight A*'t Chicago II. i. KW E I'T, 1'ies't. OUR J. J. IIocsTnjt, Geu'l Freight Agent Chicago. J. W. BROWN, Gen. Ticket Ag't COB i Chicago, Mar. 1», ISCo. E. F. ITl.I.Ei:, lien. West'n Ag't BAD R. EVPUCS3, PASSI.*tC KB & New a nt pit kit iii .. r. i tor speed, stock cars. Meeping cars for Drovers, and AS' i l' K R. I most desirable ro Burlington, Iowa. S.VT. CHAPMAN, (leii'l As't A R, Cincinnati, Ohio. D. 8 GRAY, Q«a1 n Ac**. Central Ohio R. R. Columbus, Ohio. furred i Be particular and call for ticket, via Dunkirk and ''^"^ro^T 6 Railroad, which are sold at all Pittsbm-g a n Ft. ay tie the New oik aiof Erie ....I...,..., null «rt OIII at ail Piti^loM-• aid Kl \\i. io.. It 1! the principal Railroad otlices in the West. —i, fur sh, 64 Dearborn St. CWcago. For freight rates entire of J. C. Oat in in,211 Broad-: vi iUr,? .. wav, ew York, or of Jacob Forsyth Freight AreLt ,0r U, ^r, "8 h, CHA8. MINOT, Sujt't, i Ag't Clevelaud.Ohio. JOR* OSBOHN, Western Ag't Clevelaud,Ohio. BAM'L8 RKAI, Ag't, Toledo, Ohij. I1STRA1 MOTirt. Thi AKEN up by James Anderson, at his residence Columtiia Tnwnshh Wapello countv. "jr--*? '-^x One Sorrel Mare, with white'feet,'small whlte'Vtrip*!*! the forehead, a scar on tbe right thigh, some harness matks and marked l.y collar on the top „f neck, TicW Ottice, 2 W. tent, to have their bills «'f laVll7,^ uhnut It m.l-* hi^'h, poflfd to he from nine to n v a u e a o y o a s e o e I i s o a n y a e a a n e e n s o s i o S ?•.! of tbe peace, on the »th day of to, Cincinnati a*f C«iro, tfftfeeal efcaege of ,-ai«. IJaly, IMA. J05EPII IIAVNR, ~r JUNG Ottumwa, Aug 18, «»-4» Jan.'CO—*t FIT 1 EIUUT York Central, Great Western, And connecting Road* to and front IOWA, AND ALL TIIE WEST, Thp Roads forming this old and reliable route from tin- S.-uhoiird and the »f, !.:iw organized a .FAST FHETGHT MHS! Giving perfect reliability and greatly Increased dispatch to Freight—the trains forming the Line, East and West, run with tbe Mm* regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus ot each Road a» Through Passenger Trains. —CLOSE COXXECTIOXS JfADE With Expscss Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upoa ha. ing their goods tccuive utmost despatch. During the Season of Xatigalion, the Fir6 k Marine risk on most kinds or merchandise shipped ia Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts in many cases to More than the difference between rail or watef rates of freight, besides the difference of time, as will be seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by sending goods ail the way by rail road: Value per 100 lbs. Dry goods (gn'l ast'm't) $80.00 Books and Stationery (rnot'n) 74.00 Geu'l stock groceries (except 638 miles •S3 MS «ST 10*iT ll»46 ALSO. Am't Ins. s»y. per lwu lbs, at hper ct. pre. 60 Cents Sugars and coffees,) 20.00 IS Boots A ^lioes (av'ge val.) 74.00 Driiggist.^'Aiirocers* city as'tm't44.00 88 Hats,caps Jt fur* (getil as'tm'ti -C.lH) 6A Hardware tshelfgoods gen'l.\ I oC.lM) 87 JfciCLUUtditi.'iix I)'omjtly itnd Fairly Adjusted. Mark Packages,''Fast Exgress Lioe, viaG. W. R.'* IV VPW YOKK.'Deliver goods at Hud ^JJ»¥ I WHIV S0I1 KiverEailroadpas- I senger Depot, (52 Warren ft., or at Canal st. Depot, 1),,liver no 14:10 am 12:lo pm Worcester Railroad Depot, 9:4u pm '.':lopm *'»d mark as above. 7:4.*ain pin Cincinnati, 6:(Hi pm iV.Vt pm E istward bound freight of every description will be At Richmond, trains connect «ith Indiana Central forwarded at lowest current rates", and iffroin Westein R. R. for Dayton, Springfield and Columbus Ohio, Roads, should be consigned to "A. WAI.LINCFORP. Wheeling. Baltimore and Washington. Chicago,"of'GREAT ESTER N l: Am XV 'l' «t Boston and AILVV AY,Detroit." For the transportation of Live Stock to Buffalo, Al ba ny, New ork an.l Bo-ton. this route is unequalled »"d con venien. ards for stock, making it route for Shippers. Through bills of Lading given, and Reclamation* paid, at any of the ci mp.tu.i's oRicrs. C. J. BHYDGES, Managing Director G. W. R., IItm ilton. Jt'Lll'S MOVIl'S, (ienl Agt. Iloffalo. TIIOS. BELL, tienl Fr't Act, Hamilton. W. J. 8P1CKR, Act. Detroit. E. P. BEACH, Agt SM Broadway, N, tt. i KIMBALL, A^t Jl State ?l., Hostoti. A 1.1.1 I 1R D. M'tstere A Cor. Lake and Dearborn 8ts., opp. Tremont House CHICAGO- March St', lW'-O. ud all eukriiVitifi, car-' f^llin«O.RI tern and North-Western RAILROAD LINE. RUXGTO.'V & Ql lX V OKI and Only H'-liablc Route I'nited states mails. Express Trains leave Dunkirk daily, nn arrival of all trains on the Lake Shore Railroad, fiom Cleveland, From Kurlltigtmi to hlcsgo, Detroit, Toledo, Pltr* Chicngo, Milwaukee, St. Paul. St. Louis, Dubuque, burg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and allotfe. Burlington, Iowa City, Ac., aud run through to New er Easlei n aud SouthvnMci n Cities. York city »it hoot change. 1st Morning Trait: leaves 7 I." a n». 1 he only route running cars through from the Lakes I *,i t,-. oinmod tt-on "So i, to New ork city, ^pleudid ventilated sleeping cars 5.1 Evening Expre-s V:.Vi ru.i on night trains. Posse,.g, r- leaving Burlington ,'n *b. Fare always as Low as connect at nd-ta wirti the 1 illtioisCentral Haifa.** Flast'. W a train mtTfio'?. ,nA ,I L. «—^to^ -W FXI'ICIISS rif^llT TH \I!M »«ur® aUcuiluf any other rouU U-uvitig Uurllng- ri'!' cCS °via^' Ut WU: Toledo, and via Ft. Wayne, t.f i Wr .. for at ottamwa, Ja.rt.eld, Mt Pleasant, and at the Ticket i Otlice, comer *ro«t anil \V uter «ts Burlington. Sleeping cars attached to the night trains. Fare as low as bjr any other route. n remick.v lay. O0—tf. Gen'i Ag't A C. B. 4. ft, R? Oinii: OK PH*HM, Ql K A and BCR1.INGTON R. R.— NOTICE Merchants and Shipper? wishing to ship bv the above Road, will please call at tiie Peoria Rniiroad Loj. #t

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