Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, October 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated October 4, 1860 Page 3
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... J— fj* JjMmntoa Couvitr. IjocixI unci Miscellaneous. OT'I UMA\ A, lOW A, Ort., 4, ISCiO. 16 1 177, J. W. Robb, Secy. The K Atlantic Monthly u a. y every Friday c\ enlug.ovcr Hedrick A Gillespie's Store,Front Itreet. Members of the party are lnvite.1 to attend. Eddyvlllc Hi'pultlicnn Mult—Meets tfgrcry Monday evening at Vanc« A Benedict's Hall. 1^-cry body In Invited to attend without distinction »mr,y- R. W. XJOU0, Prest. TIME 'J'AIII.E, It.A B|. H. KA1LUOAD. C/TA SOS OF TIMS. L«av« Ottttrawa, 4:15 *.«.««» P.M. Arriv«at" 12:50 p.m.10:10 p.m. CO A CUES LEA VK DA IL1'. West—for DOT Moines, v!a Eddyville, Oskaloota and Ml a, at 1 a. ni. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at 11.110 p. m. For Charlton, via Biikesburg and Albia, nt 1 p. m. South—For Iiloomflcld,and Centrevtllo,atl p.m. —For Keokuk Railroad, at 1« m. A. C. PARKS, Ageill, Office corner of Front and Market Sts., Ottumw.-v Tit heu you want Boots, Shoes and Clothing, go to Vtmple's, New Clothing Store. Several communications intended for this issue are un&voMahly crowdol out. Last Sunday was a wet, disagreeable day, with up. Unexpectedly, it cleared away warm, and we are now having fine weather. Wide-Awake Notice.—A. D. Culver, of this city, is prepared to furnish Wide-Awake Uniforms at short notice. is on our table.— This magazine is ably conducted, and should hlivc its dues—nn extensive circulation. The present (October) number is very valuable. Afflicted persons will do well to read Dr. F. A. Cadwell's advertisement. Sound eyes ,dhd ears are essentially necessary in these political times. Episcopal Seuvis.—Rev. 13: R. GifTord will preach at the Courthouse on Sunday, Oct 7th, inat., at 10$ o'clock, a. m., and 4 -ft m. Our friend, M. I). Murphy, makes saddles and harness to sell. He does more—gives ^talue received," which is more than cart be *^iiid of many. His establishment is directly opposite Temple's new bank, Maiu-st. Say, wha^was the occasion of that "fizsfle" last Monday night More Lintseed Oil Please don't dieyel! We want something to flghl and besides they say your Pap's com ing. Iledrick & Gillespie have removed (heir •Ipc k of dry goods and groceries to Packard's 'Hw building, first door west of the Stage Oflice, Main-st, where th°y are receiving piles of new goods. Call and see how nicely Ye John's arc fixed, in their new quarters. Messrs. J. E. DeLee & Co., Grocers and Confectioners, have removed their store to Hbvin's block, opposite the Stage ofTice.— They lave a fine stock, and will be liberally patronized, of course, a» they are honorable men to deal with. We call attention to the new advertise* Went of T. F. Newell, Eddyville, Iowa. Mr. H. keeps heavy stocks, good goods, and is a fair dealer. Fanners will do well to read Attention is directed to the advertisement of C. P. Cullon's "Claim Agency and Gener al Intelligence Office," Washington City, D. C. Persons having business transactions in •fiat direction, will do well to read U. C. \Y. Slagle, Esq., will address the Re­ publican Club at the Court Ilou^e on next Friday Evening at 7 o'clock. Mr. Slagel is wpll known in this County and his presence Hill secure a largo audience. Republicans s&ould come in from all parts of the County, •s also Democrats. See new advertisement of Lnwwtw & Chambers. It will be seen that our friends have received a large stock of goods in their line, which will be said at as low prices as any goods af the quality, can bo bought for in Southern Iowa. Give them a call. J. A.Smith & Co., 118 Lake St.,Chicago, have the best Wide Awake Cnifarrns got up in the States, and at lowest prices. Also «»,000 Lincoln and Ilamlin medals, and of 41 the other candidates, which they sell at ^ew York prices. aug. 30. Our Merchants arc now receiving their new goods by the car load, and, as a natural eonsequenc, are selling The Echo Agricole gives the following short summary of the accounts received {rem the countries in the South of Europe, where Ac harvest is terminated: "In Italy it is only in the North that the crop of wheat is satisfactory in Loinbardy it is middling, and in the provinces of Mo dena, Parma and Tiulogne indifferent In Ycnctia the results differ in various locali ties at Naples the Crop will be less than Jh'st expected. In Spain the harvest in the ^vo Castiles and La Mancha is satisfactory fcMt in Audalusia the crop has not equalled ^Kjcpeetation. Accounts from Odessa and the l|hole Polish provinces, give reason to hope that the crop of wheat will be excellent. An ittmizer of the Adams (Mass.) script Tran- says that a man in Williamstown has a large lot .f bulfrogs, all fattened for a for «ign market. Some of thum have been high ly fed for several years, and arc of enormous weighing about 49 pounds! Although no premium is offered on this stock, he in ||nds to exhibit them at the Uoospe JrfUey "Wanted."—A lady who has been reading of the odometers, which tell how fur a car »|ago h^s been run, says slie wishes somo Connecticut genius would invent an instru B^ent to tell how far hu&l>ands had been in t|ie evening, when they "just stepped down fe the post ofH:c,n or 'Vent out to at tend a caucus.*' M- .. 1 11 tonncitciiL. BvitUN'iiTON, Tuesday p. in., Oct. The weather for a few diy* past has bc« n et, ntid sk a «-o!isef)uenc} litlU* rr:iin Ims »en bro't to ui.n kt't. Flour mid wli at nre 'i'i' -ed. iri vigfcto have aftTtacm^ bu millers are still pnyui^ fr itn 7:(/-7" cts for good samples of wheat Som: new corn has been brought to market selling at 20cts. The quality was excellent, but as yet only fit for immediate use. Egisnre now worth 8 cts per dozen. Other articles remain a& last quoted. A 1*. CHICAGO, Oct. 2. Flour—Tn gr o shipping demand, and market advanced oc. Wheat—Market opened quiet but firm, and after the steamev's news was announced closing again quiet but steady at foi No. 1 and 2 spring sales -i.OUO bus N. W. club at 91c, 1,000 but at 1)0,400 bus No. 1 spring at 89$ K,000 bus at 8'Jc, 2,000 bus at bOJe. Corn—there was a good demand by ship pers, and the market was firmer Rales 24,000 DPS do at 40 Jc, 30,000 bus No. 2 at 89c, 8,000 No. 2 canal at 41c. Oats—Quiet. 1,500 bus No. 2 in bags at 22c, delivered.. Cecilia OrricK, Oct. 4. FLOUR (wholesale)... *S,20®8,40 WHEAT tt©7« O UN........ IS SHELLED CODS .... .... 2(» CHUN MEAL 85 OATS ... J6cta. RYE 80 POTATOES(new) 20 Sweetdo ftn i ...... «•*«.'..• COFKEB 11 fV SALT f'2,30 III DES, dry 10 iri'cen 4 COTTON VAttS 22% NAILS ... 4,25 PINK LUMBER, common, 12.Wtff.20 00 clear, 8 grades.......... 25 00T 00 SHINGLES 3 00©-17r LATH, .- 800 TH'TTElt 1»#©15 I.ARD 10 TU.LOW .'. 10 BEESWAX 20 EGGS CHEESB .....1*^(^15 sokgiium 50 PORK SIDES 7T£S II S *0Qklt CHICKENS $ d»« 1,00 ({!'AI Ld, $ dos r,5 DRIED A I 'L kS, lb. .. .... 10 PEACHES lb# ............ 15 LEATHER (Sole) *V(fc2li Calf 95fi7.1,20 FC*8—Mink, No. 1 1,20 COON ....-i *^40 WILD CAT RAT OTTER 1 .WS5I) HEAVER W ft 75^.1 00 DEER lb. 14ff.2l MHWAL0 ROUES 0001000 MI"NrARIAN SEED ........... TIMOTHY $»©'2,20 WIIISkEV 25 V1M.L.AR blil 5,00 SPECIAL NOTICES. SCOV ILL'S Nursaparilla nnl Stillin^In, or BLOOD AXD LIVE U SYRl'l CIJUKS SCROFULA, SCROFULOUS TUMORS. I K E S KING'S EVIL, MERCURIAL AFFECTIONS. K E S WHITE SWELLINGS, SYPHILITIC AFFECTIONS, ci r«:s DYSPEPSIA, LIVER COMPLAINTS. nui:s DISEASKD IJLOOD, ALL SCROFULA DISEASES. ClltEH MANY DISEASES INCIDENT TO FEMALES. JOHN D. PARK, Proprietor, 124 Lake Street, Chicago. Oct. 4,lSr.0-1m. O W ,mt PLACE BARGAINS! JBUAT CLOTHING, them by the dozen Wagon loads. At any hour of the day •tores of teams freighted and freighting fer the West, arc to be seen at every corner •«hd in every by-way of the City, while the «i nsequent hurrying to nr.d fro among our fcalers, and their customers is astonishing. would be impossible to estimate the value goods shippod to this place for Western •einsumption. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS $ CAPS! DURING THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, WE 'WILL SELL EXTREMELY LOW! To make room for Fall Goods. We hav« just received a new lot of I'all Stylo, I K A N A S S I E E II A. S, Also a few pieces CASSIMERE, which we will IQARE UP TO OlCDKUi a RJUiV TO I'LEASC, A. D. TEMPLE A CO., Nn. ?. Mrtln ?t., Ottumwa. OTTl W A CA U1UAOK PACTOIf Y! fB^IIK undersign woul.i respectuHy solicit the at J1 I ent ion of the public to the facilities which he no* pontes* for manufacturing AKlUAtlKr" & WAG ONS, of eery description, after the most improved •i.vl es, us K'ood as cau be ot^alitkd Kant, aud upon sat is actory terms. Those tt ''shin ,' to purchase will please call and ati'ine my stock. PST'llepairlng promptly attended to. A. UAI.OWI5I. Ottiiava, Uar. 1»t,lll#-ftT-Ir O. K. A Few Breed of Elephants! SECOND FALL AND WINTER STOCK DEVESTS, Opposite Ilawlcy's, Front Street, Ottumwa. Cash and Light roliits. BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! llearjr Stock of XO. 1 PRINTS. DELAINES, CIIALLIS, LTNCOLX P(fftll BFRAOE3, DEBEGKS Alpacew MKRINOS, VALENTIA PIall.«, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS of every description ofthojo CHEAP rilNOHAMS— Fast Colore. HATS, DOUGLAS BIl£CKISJUDGE Tobaccos-Si'""1' CAPS, COOTS, BELL RIBBONS, A DMIH1STRA TION /roCSrOJVBUnkeU, Ac. 8IIOK8, IRREPRBSSIB1E Wonder In tho w.iy of CLOTHSCASSIJIERES, SATINETS, JEANS, COHDUROYS nels COTTONS Ac., for the 6% MILLION. GROCERIES, TP A LAUGE STOCK—Best W*4 eliaaawrt 1 LAD In the Country. COFFEES, SUGABS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA, SOAPS, SPICES &c. HARDWARE— Selling and giving away. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. y. t. |)K VIN. "MM Kit AIIR A NO. EM ENIi THE lvi, STA«.E (OUPANV APE iio^v running Dully Four IIoiso Line of Post, t'ii.u-lii j, from Ot»nmw to Hentonsjiort, |a«si 11 tr through lrakesvillo, ItloumfieM, Troy, Strlnirtowu nn KLO--nnf|u«, makiug sure connections with tilt' Cars for Keokuk. Also a iLii'y line of Hacks from Otfumwa to Ccntre villc, connrctiiijr witti a trl-wcckly line from there to Cor.vilon, Loon. Iecatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsvllle, Cla riii I.t, and through to Xehra ka City making |iil' ktime and sure connecfions at all points along saM ITn.-s. Patf^encers fr Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to their Interest to take this Mute. fly" Stajre Oflice, corner Market A Front treetg. Ottumwa, July #th, 1S5». A. C. PARKi*, Ag't. OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Mendenhall k Whitbam, Forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS AND Q-eneral Freight Agents, NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTIJIIVA IOWA. C3T* Liberal Oath adrucesnade on Product for Piiil'IIK'Ut. 11-32 tf. Sugar Mills and Evaporators, Maimfiiotnrcd by DOUOLAS Iiil^TlIERS, Zanoaville, Ohio. rilillS Iieinjc the only eatalilUhmcnt In tbe Ualted •_ S'.-itea Manufacturing exclusively the ahove ar ti iln'v have tciIltiea for offering to the public ni'ttcr ami cheaper Mill* than any other. Material, workmanship, power, elUcleuuy and durability con •iidereil. PhU is of Mills—lt, 60,60 and to 150 dollars—larger sizes m:-de to order. Pau'iiof Kraporators—made of beary pslvnnued Iron—with ca^t lion Furnace .V,S5, if», and 7. Dollars hs In size ami patent. Pan* name meterial without Kurnaee—15 to 25 Dollars, acrordinp to si*©. The Subscribers are Av'ent* for the fiale of the above Articles—and offer at 'in- Manufacturer* prices—ft-ee roi Kroiv'ht .'hnr»tes. I'ttrchaserj are advised to call on us before buying elsewhere. MANHOOD Li^AJF lion 1.0*1, (low ICtMorcd. Just Published, in a S'ahf Enrt liet A lecture on nature treatment and Hadical cure of Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Deblli- ty. Nervousness and Involuntary Kinissiong producing Imputency, Coiuuiuption und Mental and Physical Debility. Rr ROB. J. Cl'LVKRWELL, M. P. The Important fact that the awful consequoncc-s of celf-ahuse uiay he etfectually removed without intern itl inediclnc' or the dangerous applica:ions of caustics, instruments, medicated bougies, and other empirical devises, Is here clearly demonstrated,and the entire ly new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the celebrated author fully explained, by means of which every one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cot.t, thereby avoiding all the advertised nostrums of the day. This Lecture will prove a boon to thousands anil thousands. Pent under seal to any address, iu*t paid, on the receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing Dr. C. KLINE, 4S0 First Avenue, New York,Pott Box 4.5S6, 25-19 ly City n«at Market. Pront St. 2 doort east Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. I'llKsubscrlber, grateful fi 'at favors, would gay to t!i i'ulilicthat his market, open-. il nearly four years ajro, is still i i full •ased facilities to fnrnish sea"tiaide i. .il -i !i.i as at all reasonable hours, at tbu low est living rates. Tallow, Lard, Sausages, aud every thing usually kept iu a City Market for sale. ldat, The highest market price in cash paid for fat Stock Term* Iiivat'i:iB»ly C'a^h. li i is e'ia vinx unsettled accounts, or not es due, w ill please call and pay up. J. W. UUOWN. OUuiuwa, b. lOth.lsMl.—Is TIIK PI. AC I: TO BUY LVNltKIl, SIHIVKI^K, drr., IS .If UWD'S TIKFIt Y1BD8 O U W A W1IERK ad ViB* will be found the largest stock erer of fered In the west, aud which will be sold lower than at any point on the Mlssishippl. Also those A Shingles of our manufacture, full count, every Shingle perfect K. I». K VND 4 CO. On.t7, lS59-nS3-l 1 tf \i:\V GOODSl Mi \V «OOOS E 3 W O O W A A KE OO.VSTA.XTr.)' I 1 FOK I.\CIX.\ATII CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, CINCINNATI "SHORT LINE liail Tlt)ucl! Bhortoct, Quickest, and only Direct Uost« cago to Cincinnati. Passenger trains leave the Great Central Depot, foot of l,ake street, a«fdlows: First train 7:tr a.m., arrives at Michigan City at 12:Kl p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 5:25, (supper,) Indl annpolU 1ft, p.m., Lawreuceburg IJ^^aud Cliicin tiatl at ll:46p.ui. Secoinl train S:00p.ut, arrive at Michigan Olty atttJiO p.m.. La Faj ill i i:40 a.m., IndlanapoiU fl:20 a.m., Lawreuceburjf 10 2t a.m., Ciucinnati at a.m. l'as-ienjreM leave Ottumwa S:00 p.m., arrive at liurlinrtou at 7:2ft p.m., arrive at Chicago ati:15 a.m. at t'iueinuatl l:80a.ui. Only one change of can between Culcago aad Cln-! clnuati. Patent sleeping cars attaehed to atl night tr»li», and run through from Chicago lo Cmciunati without dialler. Through tickets can be had at all railroad effices In the West, and at the company's office, corner Lake aud Dearborn -trccts, aud at the depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago. 1 tt*m Qh\- Fare as low a» via anv other route. II .1. PtHLlMNG, Ag't Chicago. Wv. l'OWBLL, Trav. A -'ellt. 1 *T n i:«'FIVi:i», full aHt taiaUf Ware at C.C. WAtOWIV. mmwwi 7.7 /.Vi/ rtOMTnr E A S stlg\did LfTS or COATS, PANTS, VESTS IIATS, C.tPS, IiOOTS, SHOES GLOTES, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, GUM SHOES, CARPET SACKS, GUM COATS, OUM GLOVES, UMBRELT.AS, tauNxs, I*OCKET BOOKS, CLOTHS, CASSI MERES, SATINETTS, JEANS, COTTONADES, and all nrtidtt kept in a CLOTHING House. Call in and examine the Stock. ClotMag eon stantly made to order. Ottumwa A1 rI 12th, '60-25-11-ch-^-H. SEW COODSl NEW eOODS! Jtkt received from the East at J. A. BCHWOHSrS (iKOCRRl AND I'ltOVISIOX OKE Front Street, Opposite the Ottonnra Itouec. a r.AitiE \yv All of which will bo sold for Cash at the very lowest Market Prices, Or erchnngtd for Country Product. W \TEI—HIDE?, IVolioHt, Cloths 4k Casaiuicrcs, And a complete assortment of evcrythinp •o meet the wants of inlivi4uals or families in his line of tra-lo,oomprisiiiif in part follow*: Plain, Black and Fancy Cassiraorcs, Broad Cloth, Satinetts TICKS, SIIIUTIXG?, STllIPF.S, COUDUUOYS, JEAX., FA MIL Y GROCERIES, such as Tea. Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Dried Fruit,8*4*, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, 4c. HARD WARE FOR CATTLE AND HORSES. is truly a Great Kemedy. Half a 25 cent JB_ •"ittle of loati's lntant"ltelief, Riven in a ))int i warm water, seldum faiU to cure a r»e of folK it: a few minutes:—In extreme cases repeat the dose iu 15 minutes, Kor bruises, strains, sprains, and many other Inju ries on horses, cattle and other animal!*, Sloan's In s-taut Uelief peedily elleeU a cure. Many person* have been astonished lo witness the rapid cure effect ed by the use of this wonderful medieine. {S^Uet circulars of Agents. SLOAN'S OINTMENT. For in'.! Ine^s, safety, certainty, t! m.iichni'ss, Sloan's Ointment Is rapidly superceding all other Ointments an.l Liniments tor the cure of the following complaints: Fresh wounds, Calls all kni.l«, crack ed heels, ringbones, polevil, windfall, callous, spavin sweeney, fistula, foundered feet, »aud cracks, scratch es or greese, mange a*id horse distemper. iihi:am:i iiousi:n axu cattle re|ulrc restoration of Insensible perspiration. Sloan's Fever Antidote, Co|lition Powder, is a certain blood purifier. It never fails to loosen the skin, cleanse the water, create an appetite, and is a positive cure f-ir cot ghs, colds, stiff complaint, founder, Distemper, and carries oITbotts and worm*, and may be given at any time a.d under all circuiustauces with perfect safety. i One package of the Powders and it Icdtle of the Ointment will perfectly cure a recent founder in si\ or eight days, without leaving the least effect in the feet. In horse distemper, they will allay the fever i and promote a healthy of the disease.— I srpnnTTrt ?mric nr Gioceries and Confectioneries, Fruih & !Viils Chewing ami Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AND ItE.IE HAVANA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE & KETA1JL. Queensutare, Boots and Shoes, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. Call and examine (roods and prices, in Daum'a krlck opposite the Ottumwa House, Kront-(t. October 6th, ch-8t)-oldl5-l 1 NEW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, DIRECT FROTIIE EAST. C. O. "Warden, is receiving and NOW OPENING a large and fashionable stock of Y O O S One ponder and a pa of a bottl. of Oiutuieut, will, in all ci.set-, cure the -rn distemper lu a cow two are somcHiucs required for an ox. Walter H. Sloan, the original discoverer of this tru ly valuable medicine, still li is the sole supervision of Its manufacture, but orders should be sent to his son, Oscar H. Sloan, 25 South Water st, Chicago, 111., who will promptly supply the demand for these popular and truly great medicines: They are sold by all dealers in medlclno Sold, wholesale and retail, at manufacturer's prices, at Ot tumwa, by J. 1.. Taylor, nnd John Puturoyaud retailed by all tliu otherDruggists. I 1'ITV PIIOPDKTV FOR NALR, A Private resilience en Second Street, near corner Jm. "f Marion, for sale at a bargain, and partly on time. Possession given lmmediatclv. Fnquire at this olltee of J. W. NORRIS. January 20,'60. Hals, Caps, Boots and Shoes. 33 ONNETS, DEXXIXS, DRILLS, BLEAdlKD A: COTIiriOX .HtSLHS, I N S Of every OGDEN* COPP. Ottumwa, Iowa Aug. 16, 60,2U—18—2m. ,1' rut y. Style and Qualify roliKI'lX AND noMI-NTK.' I No HAMS Ueii Jes a jreat variety of Dress Goods! Ft)K MKN, W.i.MKN', AND 111 1.1' 11KS, Which c.)uM no: he enumeiatcd in an advet isem«nt like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of his stock will lie to call an look through for yourselves. 1 am also receiving a trull jclccted stock of .t- April!2 lv. §1 CUTLER Glaus and Nails, Builders material and hotlM fttrnisliinp goods. And lias an entire s'ock complete in everything that would comprise a stock for the times and for this vicinity, all of which he is anxious lo dispose of for tno r«adv pay. or to approved customers. All kinds of Country produce taken in pay for Goods. He solicits an examination of u»odS and prices and will take pleasure in showing you through whether vou b'»v or not. C. C. W AH HEN. N S A N-f pfMJRLTJSi^ SSS£ STONB CUTTING. ibscrilier can furnish CI for anv other kind of r|^iiK for House Work, sills, caps St'»ne in use. Also rough Stoi ,r e. Il-t.-s, ,ve 4 i-ii-ch.25 lS-y Win. .TI LVIH SALI..-V LILLIAUD TAULK, A9 OOOD new, and cheap for part ea*h, and balance ge viitJ ua liuui. timuire lor owuer a i«| U, tt-tS-lS-lui :r-". SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT! CREAT ATTRACTtOdI J. L003ITS & CO, HAVE BEEX StECElVIXC The ImI bUl&'iiS, STOCKINGS, foor weeks, their SPRING AND SUMMER —STOOt (ilM Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS! GROCERIES, PIECE GOODS, BOOTS & SIIOE9, HATS, CAPS, Bonnets, fcc., WHICH NOW MAKES THEIR STOCK our n«tm //i LOW PRICES MN» Is warranted by our purchasing from first bands, and selling to .1 clo*e, prompt, paying trade, for Casta and Ready Pay Only. TO ALL SUCH we shall offer throughout (be season, a complete ami UNSURPASSED STOCK OF SPRING AND SUMMER Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, BOOTS A.\D SHOES, HATS & CAPS, Hosiery, YANKEE NOTIONS, kC —AT— WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest possible prices. W will pay the higbent market price for t'vt ry.vai H'ty of PRODUCE. We will pay the highest market price ia cash, for "WOOL COUNTY aud CITY ORDERS. J. LOOMI8 1 v.O-n Ottittiitva, O. TKinoveil mm Sl CO. £X€HAHa£, AND— COLLECTION OFFICE, or EDWARD A/TmntE & CO^ OTTCYWA, IOWA. I I A V E their K\change oflice from Ch iritou, Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pertaining to hanking, Kxchange or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, feeliug coutident (hat our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, willcnableus to leudcrsatUfaction to our patron*. We sell jkiuixt diiai'Ts o m:\v YORK^J and other eastern poliits, in sums to suit purchasers and can also furnish Kxchange on KNOLAND, IKFLANO AND SCOTLAND, AND ON OEUMANV. FKANCF, SWKDKN', DENMARK, AND ALL OT1IKK CttrNTRIES OF i:u lioi'i as well as collect money, Inheritances, and erery oth er claim in foieign counties. We receive Deposits and issue Certificate* which bcarlnterest only by special agreement. CO 1.1,1". t' l'10 made pay able at our office, will be remitted for, at current rates of Exchange ana those Maturing at other points, will be collected and remitted, less exchange aud expense of collection.— We will il« pay attention to securing andcollciliiig doubtful debts. Parties holdiug llocurrcnt Money, Drafts, Cer tificates orvl)epoite. or Oil s o r.\chau' i, l*.»yuble AT SianT OR ON T1UB, In any p!*C«,*an hare them Cashed by callMl#«t »ur office. TAXDS,—We have correspondents In nearly every county In Southern Iowa, anil can pav taxes for non-residents and others, for a reasonable coin miwl»u. Money for taxes al vays rcpilred In advance and all orders should be sent ns bv l.-t of January. LANL) WAllliANTS. We will at all times pay cash for Land Warra*t«, and will also attend to the location of tliera, or the entry with cash, of (iovernmeut lands, lu IOWA, KA\V\S, on KRUASKA. We have ample asrangementsfor thesel-ctun of Je sirable lauds iu the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. li.i^DV—We can furnish emigrants and others with first rate Farms, In the central counties of this State, or with unimproved land in this and the south era tier of .- .unties, for Cash. They cau be had a* "cheap as dirt." TOWX l.OT* We have over tw tun lr. I iwu lot* In Chariton, Oace«la, Afton and Mount Cr, all od county Towns, three of which are on the liue «f the Iturlington A Missouri K. R. R. To parties dealrlng residence or tiusiness lots, In any of these points, we will give good bargains. Parties at a distance, deslrlnsr Information astothe property offered, are requested to correspond with Oc to tart, l$a*u20~4w. I Ottumwa, Aaftt.NIt*^ S O E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Daggett's old Stand, Ottumwa, Iowa. mttRnn/Lvs OF tsri OTTI 1 Vicinity are invited tc call and {ret my new prices on STOVES. As I pay cash for mjr Stove#, I &atter myself that I can sell tli-ni 25 per cent, cheaper tlian tln-v have ever been sold in this market to cash customers. My Stoves are of the noted COM? n'X'K manufacture of over Fifty different patterns. 1 have the celebrated WILL WARRAXT ALL MY STOVE* art'l icill t'liriiifh plate*, free of chary s, ij they r,rtck hy (i rc. I have tn store at all times a fuli assortment of TIN, HOLLOW 8L JAPAN WARE. Job work. In tin, copper and sh»"-t iron, promptly done, o:t reasonable tcr ns, and in the best manner. will receive in exch&ngu for the above wares, old copper, brass, cast iron, and rags, which will en able farmers to save from fit/ to $60per annum. May 24, 1-riD—12 11-y A. D. Cl'LVEK. CiIIL.iT -V1TIOXAL KOITE iO BALTIMORE, NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA A BOSTVX! Is the only Road to WASHINGTON CITY. The Washincten branch of this V(\w lUl¥» Road i-* owned and operated ex clusively by tin- It. k t). R. K. Co. Passengers by the pretended routes to Washington City, are subjected to omnibus travel, tedious delays, and extra charge* at Halt itnore. The Baltimore and Ohio R&'lroad in connection with the Central Ohio Railroad, presents to the trav eling public a short and desirable route, from Colum bus to all the Kastern cities. Passengers ]y this route can visit the cities of Bal timore, Philadelphi i. New York or Rnston, at the cost of a ticket to New York or Boston alone by other lines. Through tickets can also be procured via Washing ton City to the Eastern cities, at en additional charge of two dollars. Travellers to the Fast, from all Western points, car depend uti hi |tii.-k time ami sure connections. Sleep ing cars attach- to all night trains. Two trajn.- leave Columbus, Ohio, dally, 4 oo a. tn. Newark a m., Zanesvillc 7:1s a.m.. lienwood, (Wheeling) 12:35 p.m.. (irafiou :20p.m., Cumberland li:40p.m., Harper's Ferry :t.t»i a.m. arrives ia Haiti more 0:45 p.m., Washington Ci'y 7:::'ip.m. 8:*pm, Newark 4:13'pni, Zatiesville 5:10 pm, Ben wood. Wheeling) lD:lti pm, Grafton 8:00 am, Cumber land .15 am, Harper's Ferry 12:5n pm arrives at ttal timore 4:45pm, Washington City C:(Klpm. Direct connections made at lialtimore with abore trains for Philadelphia New York t-id B--ston, and at Washington City for Richmond, Wilmington, Charles ton, kc. Tickets good until used with the privilege of »top piug otf at all principal points. But one change of cars between Columbus and Baltimore. Business men and travelers for pleasure or inform ation, ran visit all the eastern cities at a comparative ly small expense. The scenery is celebrated for Its wonderful beauty and sublimity it is unequalled in the world. Its system of day ami night Track Police its splendid equipment its exclusive telegraph lines lu large amount of doable track its fine hotels, un derthe snrveilanee of the company.) eusurcs to the passenger, speed, safety, and comfort. Time as quick and fare as low as via any otherronte. Through tickets and baggage ehecks'can be pro cured at all the principal railroad and steamboat of fices in the west. Ask for tickets via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. L. M. COM', (Jen. Tiwket Ag't A O R. W. p. SMITH, Mast. Transportation, II. Cr. JKWKTT, Pies't. COR J. W. BROWN, tien. Ticket Ag't 0 K. F. FULLKR, Oen. Wcst'n Ag't BAO R. BltiH».l\ P1IOBIA, AM LO* ANSPORT R. K. I TraitiJ leave liurllnifton as fdlows: MORNIVO MAIL, 7:o i a MiiHT Lx,, (Saturdays excej'ted) p. m. Sunday Night Train leaves at m, Connet. t ing at TOLKDO with LItiHTNING Ex. TRAINS cu LAKESHOUKR R. The S:(»0 Logansport Express makes direct cwti nectlons, as follows: At El Paso with Illinois Central Railrosdfor Bloom ington, Decatur, Pana, Sandoval and Cairo. At Chenoa with Chicago and St. Louis Railroad for Alton to St. Louis. At Oil mati with (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central Railroad for Chicago and South. At Reynolds with New Albany and Salem Railroad forLafayette, IudianapolU and Cincinnati. At Logansport with Toledo, Waha-h and Western Railroad for Toledo and all points East also with Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad fur Cincinnati, Dil lon and Columbus. The 1:45 IVorla Accommodation makes the same connections as above to Oilman. The above is a new and very much shorter Ll*e than any other to the above named points. It is thoroughly built, mid well manned, and run la every way to merit the approbation of the travelling public. Cars will run directly through from Burlington to To'ledo without charge, and arrive In advance of any aud all other lines. Our advantages are, Shortest and Quickest one less change of cars no Ounibilssing as via Chicago con nections positive, a» it is owned and controled by the same Interest, while via Chicago it i-the reverse. In short,il t« every way the most desirable line. J. R., Jr. Ticket Ag't Burlington. T. 8. WILSON, Passenger Ag't, Ottumwa. A. BAIUILR, Western A^'t, Dcs Moines, low*. CIX'IWATI A• O I,Of A\*I»ORT PEORIA AND RURUNQTON I A i i O Shortest Line. DM ncc*ru.ii Mtuiiiiylutt cut Logtinttpn, 445 miles 415 475 619 Ml 1U» T- Cincinnati To Dayton To dumbus To Wheeling To Baitimore To Washington Kiiottest Time Tablr. ttoisu R»:Tt KKiaa 6:0u p. m., liurlington, p. n. 18:40 a. Peoria, :i:45 m. t.«tvE 7 i)0 am *iso. Ihmni 9:20 a Logansport. arive .V30 am S:lt put 1:10 a ui Pi: lit piu Andersop. l°i:lu am 1^:1D pai 4:0lam 2:-H» pm Richmond. 9:4) pin 9:10pm 7:45 am .*, pm Cinelniiatl, C.1K1 pin pm At Richmond, trains connect with Indiana Central R. It. for Dayton, Springfield and Coluuibus Ohio. heeling. Ilaltliaore and Washington. Freight Trains make regular connections through, from Cincinnati lo llurl.rivtoti, in threw days. For further particulars apply to A. ItAl!BKR, tien'l R. It. Asj't,Desmolnos, Iowa. JAB. AVER WEATHER, Ag't 1! A R, Hurlington, Iowa. 8. W. CHAPMAN, Qcn'I Ft Ag't 4 It R, Cincinnati, Ohio. D. 8 GRAY, 6«an ft Afl* Central Ohio R. R. Columbus, Ohio. Aog. 23,1S«0. NEW YORK AND ERIE 11.\ 1.1 It AL. C«roat Ilruinl Doable Track ami Ti'lcgraph ilnute, k, Boston, and all ea-.tern cities, car t..tal Wvsteru and Nc-rth-We»tern United States tuail.s. r«^0 N. A rying the Kxprcss Trains leave Dunkirk daily, on arrival of all trains on the Lake Shore Railroad, ftom Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, St. I ouis, Dubuque, Burlington. Iowa City, Ac., aud ruu through lo New i York cily *ithoit cl.anse. The only route rutiniug cars through from the Lakes to New York city, gplendid ventilated sleeping cars ru on night iraius. I Kagiia^e cheeked through. Fare always as Low as by any other ate. Boston l'.issermtis and their Baggage transferred Free In New York. lie particular and call for tickets via Dunkirk and the New York and Krlo Railroad, which are sold i.t all the principal Railroad ollicts iu the Wist. This toad Is facilities for shipment of freight, *up rior to ai.e her route. A\ ». V :'K IliElfiHT TRAIX leaves New York dally, making close connections through to all points West, an quicker tlu^than ever before made 011 an3' line. ESTKAY NOTICE. T\icr? up^-v James Atider«o i, at Tils 1. AILROADS. 3L-Jf U ,.t- rt, Bnrliug:oii & IVlisMouri R. R. R. O*AXD^'i STATIONS. burlicfctiu Mi'ldletunn, Danville, New London, Ml. Pleasan' Checau((ua, (ilendiile, Fairfield, Whitfield, Itatavia, A(f-iiey CStv, OUuiuwa, or tijie. A FT Lit MA !{. 1. an 1 until furtlre* no tice Is veil, Passenger Trains will Icare aui arrive as follows C3-OINQ WEST: KXPBKrl#. B^JO 111,11. It V 9,')0 9.14 9.87 lt'.tJ 1V.8« 10.57 p.». •TAtlOSS. ACC".**OlATti'5 Ottumwa, 416 a. at. leave Agency t'liy, Bntavla, 4*4 Whitfield, 4.^ Fairfield, d.JO (Slendale, 7.48 Checauqua. iflj Mt. Pleasant. New London, !.K7 Danville, l».ll Middletown, liurUugt'jn, 1J.15 arrlvu. JIW A AND Mar.. 1, ,M.b4 liijr iinierciii paiierns. i nave t« ceieuraieu #1 11 Quinsy City Cook Stoves, ChlCSgO, DUflinjuOn & QlMI* ch to.ik the •.*»')prize medal ovr all other stove? WWcl lit the West, to which I inri especial attention. .ATO\t*«J»ATIN. a 10 #.£7 4.11) 4.06 5.N» «.«« 7.11 3.1)3' S.8t V.0'( #.41 V.10 arrhi. 11.*? 11.4fi 11.0T l!MH 12.»arrive. QOINGEAST: umM. 4.49 3.00 p. i,i. Icuvi 8.20 8 44 4.e 4.S7 4.56 5.50 6.20 «4* 0.55 7.25 arrive. J. O. ItKAD, •lee I'res't and Sup't. DEPAHTUHES: Int Tlorn i it ir iipcr leaves Bur. 7 15 a.m 2d Afcottimoilntiou do do do 8.45 p.a 3«1 llvcnim do do do 7.80p-9 ARRIVALS: fat Worn'y I'assciiifcr arrives at Bur. T/B®^ 2d Acromd'u do do do f.'Op.m 3 A l: veil'«r do d* do 7.15 p.» The above trains make ##«n*«tloi»s with tita B. A M. It. R. at liurllngton. and with all the PITT«?MK CHICAGO RAILROAD Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne ft", eastern thoroughfares at Chicago. I). REMICK, Gent Ag't C., B. A Q.R.* J. R. WITIIROW, Passenger Agent, Ottumwa. FORT WAV."ME ^11 Now completed, and cars run fi-om Chicago to tt.t. burg aithout chsng.*, connecting with the GKEAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To'Kew York, Philadelphia, BaRinure and Washing ton City, and all the Interior towns of Pennsjl var la, New Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac. Merchant? by takinir this route will have the bcntil^ of all the eastern markets at no additicnal cost. Kageagechecked through. Trains leave the depot, corner of Canal and Vm Bnren streets, west side, twice daily on arrival trains from the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland u4 Lake Shore Railroad to Dunkirk, Buffalo, Ni agara Kails, New York and Host- n, and all the interior towns o* New England ia New York Central and New York A Erie Railroads. Aha South to Columbus, Zanesviile, Newark, ternon, SUubenvilIe, Wheeling, and intcr^r. tows of Ohio and Virginia. The above Iralns connect at Forest with trains ®n, Mad River Road to Springfield, L'rbana, Dayton MMi Cincii nati. Also, with traiui at Lluia for Dayton Mk^ Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTIIER ROUTE. Paisengers bound east will find this route b«4t. pleasant and a?recnlilv, throu?1 nan. of a* largest and finest cities in tbe I nitt States. Passengers an-iving in Chicago on any of the roadQ will find attentive check agents at the depots to re ceive checks anil convey baggage free of charge to thf Pittsburg and Chicago cars. Sleeping cars accompany each train. Ticket- for sal .- at all the principal Ticket Offices 1%, the Wt-t, uid at the Company's OSice. corner of ItCB-. dolph and Dearborn streets, opposite the Revartt. House, or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal amV Van Bu.-en streets, !:icago. Be particular to ask for tickets by Fort Wavne. li. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent, rill be carried from Chicago Freight of all kinds i ail points East at all tiniel, at as low rate# as any er Railroad route. r««l? TO MERCHANTS AND SHIPPES. The Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago R&ltn ad Co. having effected an arrangement with the PennsI vania Central R. R. Co. f.,r the transprjrtatlon Through Freight, property car. no^ b* shipped by tUa. line between Chicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore, Nm& York laid Boston, with promptness and despatch Contracts can be made at the folloalM bImm No. 2 Astor House, New York. No. I S. William st., do No. Battery place, dc* No. 77 Washington st., Boston. No. o Dock st., Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. Depot, Charles street, West Side, uear Van Bttrta Street bridg-', Chicago. ti Chicag*, Mar. 1 «, C. R. R. For further information apply to JA3. W. MCSSON, Freight Ag'tChlca**. J. J. UorsTox, »en'l Freight Agent Chicago. EXPRESS I*ASSE.\«EU IIOITE. -via- Hew York Central, Great Weslerir^ And connecting Roads to and froip. IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. The Roada forming this old and reliable re&t« flros the ^eabosrd and th We*», hare organised a PAST FEKIGHT 1 IKHt tiiviug perfect reliability and greatly Increased dupatch to Freight—the trains lorming the Line, East and West, run with the saum regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus of each Road as Through Passenger Trains. —CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upon., having their goods receive utmost despatch* During the Severn of Xaeigation, the Fife k Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shipped •la fleam or Sill Vessels, amounts in many casea to More than the difference between rail or water rutes of freight, besides the difference of lime, as will be seen by thefulljuciug comparative statement' of lnsuranceaavsd kjr acuding good* all tbe way by, rail road Dry good (gCl ast'm't) 0.(10 Books and Stationery (cotn'n) 7S.90 I Oen'l stock groceries (except Ct.u«(jo: fctt mileii 4»S SI 9 r.s7 Uhi7 10bU 4 1 For freight rates enquire of J. C. Oilman, 3il Broad- e.w Y«fk- "l.of JilC0*» Dearborn St., Chlcagi CII.VS MI NOT, flnp't, Job* OsiMia*. Western Ag Clcvelai.d, Ohle, Sin't. 8 lkKAP,..Vgt, Toledo, Old V idence lu Columbia To«ushl|, Wapello county, Iowa, One Sorrel Mare, »i:h while feet, small white strip in the forehead, a scar on the right thigh, some harness maiksand i about 14 ha u«. All others will please call at our otlice, on Market i twelve years o'd, ami valued at Forty Dollars before This Company have arrangements to ship to ft. L99-. Pi. two doors from Front St., Ottumwa. Iowa. K. W. Boyd, a Justice of the peace, on the '.'Mb dav of Is, CUtciuuati aud Cairo, withuut chenuc ef ears. iked by collar on the top of neck. Ticket Ot'.ice,W^ler-st, to have Uielr bills of i*Hug •••om n u.ioos high, supposed tn he froiu nine to signed. Ain't Ins. mt. p«r 100 lbs, at* Hp er ct. pre. 60 Cents. Value per lilt) lb*. Mu-ars and coffets,) *20.00 1ft Boots A Shoes (av'ge val 74.W KB 44 Droggi.--ts'AOrocers' city as'tm't44.M 88 Hats, ca|* A furs (genl as'tm't) SC.00 19 Uardwarc (shelfgoods gen'ly) CC.00 2T *•. Reehunaitons Pj-oi.i/itly iw- FiirIyAdjtitfftdx Mark Packages, "'Fast Exgrcss Line, via G. W. R." IN \EW YOUK-1 n"lir,r u«d- i son River Eailroad paa- aengcr Depot, c-i Warren st., cr al Caual it. Depot. TN ROS' TON I Dt,iver Ai !Pods 1 at Boston and i Worcester Railroad Depot, anil mark as above. Eastward bound frel^-lit ef every d-«criptiou will be forwarded at bae.-t current rates, and Iffroirt litem Rouds, should l.c consigtieil lo "A. W A LI.I Nf FORD, Chicago,"of'UREAT U ESTKRN Al I.W A Y, lMi oil." For the transportation of Live Stock to Buffalo, Al bany, New York an 1 Bo ton. this route is unequalled for speed, stock care. Sleeping ears for Drovrts, aud spacious and convenient yards for stock, luakihg it most desitable route for Shijtpcrs. Through bills of Lading given, and KecVtnattMft paid, at any of the o uiputi's otlicea. C.J. BRYDtiES, Managing Director IS. W. R., Ilani llton. JI'l.ll'S Mi»t ll'S, tienl ^\^t. Buffalo. TII08. BKLL, Genl Fr't Act, Hamilton. W. J. SPIt'KR. Apt. Detroit. E. P. BEACH, Agl Broadway, N. Y. (j. KXMBALL, Agt 'il State st., Boston. A. UALLIX.IUH D, West ere Ag't, Cor. Lake and Uearbut li Su,, oyp. Trcwoat SI arch ClIIC "SRf Cllir.tftO,BI'HL^6T01l[ftQ(l.U,l 1U1LROAD LINK. i t)U hihI Only lloliable Route llaM. I Fro ru llurUngton to Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, P.tts bnrg, Philadelphia, ll iitintc.rc. New York, an.t r.Il.tb tr Eastciu and Sootheuoteru Cities. 1st MorningTrjtin leaves 1ft a m. I 2d Accominedatlon i:3u n. IJl.I livening Express 44 2Ji iu. Passengers leaving Burll:i^tjn in the^:fHta ni traift Connect at Mend da w!th the Illinois Central Itailmad. i North and South, and at Chicago both tin* morning. and evening trains io:t0 a nod 7:ltl i.i.i connect with all the Orefit Eastern Ruili oai! routes, to a it: M. C. K. I!., via Detroit M. S. R. K via Toledo, and Pittsburg and Ft. Wt»yne R. R., via Ft. Wujue, of which passengers can take their choice. Only twenty hours from Burlington to Toledo Ifclr leeu hours ahead of any other ruut. ieaviuc itarlteg i ton. Baggage i ^cck. I through to Detroit. Niagara Fa'U and V v York, Boston, Toledo, Dunkirk, L'uffalo, Pitt^l-u! and Philadelphia. Tickets for tbl* trr«-nt E«»tern thnrons^fare ff»r till ^orsy th, Freight AgeLt, at lttam» a, Faiiiiei l, Mt. Pleasant, and at the TI«fc*V ORice, coiner Froi.t and Water sts., Burlington. Sleeping curs attached to 1'ie night trains. (are a* low aa »thcr route. D. REM It'Kir Hay. '**H-tf, Oen'l Ag't A tj. U. Q. R.Jfe" 1 yc wrrr7«»r rr«twiri", AWK V and Bl'RLlNCTON K_ R. —NOT1CK. To mi bants and Shippers wishing to ship by bov.f Uoa.l. will pi-use call at tbe pi oi i i ..iiroH JUWra UAYNK, I H.C.KtW. Cl^t, Jan. qcu. A|*%^,

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