Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, October 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated October 11, 1860 Page 2
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iL'oc Ottuuitoa outlet. I *{& THE OFFICIAL CITY •UJAIT 32L.L3, of .Vt.ifc.uiua Co. FOR it cnxor -r=r—- jeC{jng Kldisor. 01'TUMWA, IO VA, :0t. 11, 1S6U. 1'OH I'UESinKNT, ABMEAM LINCOLN, Ojt ILui A UtS. ron VICE PWESIDKN'!'. HANNIBAL HA.MLIN, or sim PBESinETiTIAl, CLECYOB$. I'.acr, FIT2 ItENRT WAllliEN, of Dc* Moines Co. JOS. A. CU A PUS, of Diamine Co. PATRIOT *t-fVTO!:B. 1st Otst M. L. McPHKIiSOS. of SI-nil «on Co. fj —cn VS. POMKKOT. af Boone Co. *p«tsT\sT ri.rcvoRS. 1st D1*T.—.'AMES B.aKE'I, —BE.V. It^Crm. of Pre:r»T)t r"o. 2J —E.N'. 15 \TE*. of l.ltiti (V\ —W. P. F\inFIH.D, nf riovrt Cn. 1 H£prstM( v\ vi('*'r'-: invti. »0B COSGItKS*—l:lRaT DISTRICT, 8AUUEL n. cuarts, " County. FOR sarRHTARv or #TAT«, OF uTAtr, JOHN W. JONES, of Hardin Co. FOR ATTOKNEV OKSKKAL, CH4S. C. NOURSE, of Polk Co. Mil RRGlSntR OF STJTS uJHmci, 1. B. MILLER, of Cerco flordo Co. ro* 3CPrKMR jrDc.p, QKO. a WRIGHT, of Van Buren Co. roa CLFRK or ii?TRICT t'0C«T. JOSEPH IIAVXE. Roomsor r„K U-p DKS STAT,- om*™. w 'I.VEJ, IOWHkstr*lC6tt August I8G fb th* ItepuTJii •art* of Toira I 'ifon (lireeted hy the Ur' Ptftte Cet» tr»l Committee, t-i 'itinonnce to thp Republican purlf I au'I press of t!ie Ptn'e of Iowa, that the Committee! harp, wl'h pirifrnlur UM.-iii lit—Not nity, re^oli-ed, to JiwcmMe a S'nte Convention to candidntc for Justice of the Supreme Cnnrt, the vacancy occasioncd by the ka»li n t- '~y surge u&Jurlijf'ol tuc party iu luid state. h. M. of New Yoilc, Hon. Wm. II Seroid.was Iruly Douglas in Chicago. The LitUe ant was in Chicago on the 5th inst, arriving on tho evening of the 4th. His fi «.'nd% had in id. f-upsrhutmn ex'rt'onp, by monster ills, promu es of earn mt speak ers, and a lar'sh cxpsnd.ture cf funds for music, torch s, and tmm and boys to carry the.o, and decorations, to give hhn a grand reception, and it would have b^cn con.-idered •o, if the Se.vard demonsiration had n pre- RepnUlicau Geo. May E .q will addres tlip citizens of Ottumwa and Wapello County, on political issues,"on Saturday evening, ihe lSt!i inst, at the Court IIous?. Every Wide-Awakens ezpeeted lo turn out. the joint discussion between Col. Fitz Henry Wflirt'ii- and Hon. Lincoln Clark, Presidential Electors, is coming "off at the Court Hi'U- e, in this dty, as we gn to press. \Yq cannot, of courso, devote lurcher notice this wink. The Col. ia giving him Fit*. A more orderly intelligent, and respecta- his appointment nt this pla^o, and if li? had blacrowd of people was never assembled on como, hi? reception would hava born a cold any occasion than that at Chicago on the'one. One of the Invincible* was so incens-1 2d, gathered from all parts of tho North-led, about th* Bloom field failure, that he went! West to do lienor to the distinguished ohnm-, round, on his return, and tore down all the pion of Republican principles. Tliey were bills. This was the unkinde-t cut of all, men who pay their own expense, form th^ir aBawng—gKMn rf ajmi "n in 'i i.'*i nmr—n 5*: :&cli »:id Onrsi'H. nn UAU tiidj, All UjiOiO^ li. litjjl t0 n .Eft* 1 V ivlseit, Willi II'11. Lfl.0 TTOXIK, Chairman Rep. State Central Coin, 4H(V*t Sr iv a rt! 7fe«ii«K CJilcago. every vhere with the best results. 109,COO ill Coiiaci!. 0,00 3 Yr'iJe A \e.ihes. The demonstration at Chicago, on the fast, in honor of thedintinguished Statesman i W own opinions, and do their owu voting. Not if he hears of it! an instabce af disorderly conduct, aud scarce- ly any druukeones9 occurred during the entire meeting. This waa a common remark of citizens of Clrcoeo. t... 1 4 witnessed on this continent. Ihcre wore ccdcd it two days As it wis, com «,„o«r,i« rpi N gathered to do hcn-rt Wm. II. S. ward, not candidiits for any office, and this, notwith standing free rides were oiTered on miny roads to oil who w«»uld avail themselves of Ihe same, and lamps furnished gratis aiui 10 c:nt3 an hour paid to men a sd boys to carry them. At-ide from the Republicans sticcts and to get him t.) visit th ir several tnado large gnins, and that the result is fa- localities, to help thtir failing rt\)nc?s, the vorab'e to them. At all events, ihe reports principal and mo-.t enthusiastic portion of the crtv.vd, were Iiishrnen wotn and chil dren of Ch cago and vicini'y, who tcriicl out en masse, and did nvti-'t of the lluora'ting fjr Doog., in their usual henrly nnd em-rgetic ffyle, rode dray horses and carricd torches ia the procession. Mr. Douglas spoke on the evening of his urrivnl at the Tvi-nvnit »use, and more extendt-dly a 10 acre lot in the western suburbs, on the latler occa sion. taking his test from Seward's speech two days before. lit- lo ks travel worn and ar.djaded his voice ie thick and hoarse, indicating want of rest hut he cannot ve it T*t, the merciless ercw who are using him for Iheir own purposes, will give him no re.-t until the Cthof March, when be will be per mitted to retire and enj y a l»ng rcposo. tioe r.nothor ot imnunic.tion from ecievtd soYvr tl weeks a ic. Ourapoloorv is absence a good deal since tint time, and douht as to whether a public notice would be agreeable to hitn. In an account cf the Re pnltlicnn meet in nt Agency City, wo charged am )ng oilier tilings, that a prominent Dorno crat, made certnin declarations in f:oi:t of hi-i store, and mhs-'nuently stated that M»j. Heidi was the gentleman n-fetred to. We now state, thi.t M:ij. 11. disclaims using all the liin^u tje attributed to him. The words charg 'd a used, were "Ilura'i for Keph.n t, i Hurrah for John Brown, Disunbn In'f re Line ln Disunion before Abolili mistn."— Ail thewor Is exc pt th.- litter rime "Dis union before Ab -litioniMi," j. -ach dis claims u-injj that dime he adtn'ts hi did lU-e. We very cheerfully give j. Bench (the benefit of this statement, and express our ireprct that we atributed to him language he I did not us'. We had no di po-ition to mis I repre.-ent or i jnc the jor in the premises. We made the stat'm?i upon the strength ofajvport current at the time, and which we had every reason to believe correct. We are-very confident that thos? words substan tially were u«'d by souebodv, but it seotns from Maj. Beach's disc-aimer that the three first clavises must, have been made by nnoth Jer party. Ascribing them to the Mj. was not unnntural from the f.ict that nc did np p.!ar in the street and utter a portion of the expressions. Wii repeat that we nre^lul to learn that he did not utter them all, and that we regret that we did him the injustice to at- Col. Warren. We are ?r ttiO to 1 am from cur ex changes nn 1 other sources, that the able :nd nominate ,, ,t to All of Sto^cton. 2 1—To reeomm-nd Hon. I., to the IJepuhlimP party and the rrepuhiicnn pre««.thnt lion nrcRCf (i. wr o eiO.JUl'nt gcnth'mr.n at the MPMO Of ourelecto- p. .. I Tj,.b,.» Mfii»-v W-irron 1,1 11 KC1, 4 ilZ Il VC'T 1 ing anything of the kiwi except perhaps tho SpritiKfieiJ meeting, ever held in the west.:1, .. .. _[ derstands tie evils of the tunes and the rem The Ra lroads broutrht IU vast numbers, esti-i 3 m. edy to npplv. There is no man in ihis State mated at /5.000, of which about 10,000 wrn* n u t, iWito has labored more faithfu!!.* and un by one roa.l, tho C. B. & Q. Citizens of Chi s e i i s n v o e s u e s s o e u o i i n n n eago ana vic.mty, made up not lrss than 25,000 more. There actual count in the to ue-Awake procee... .. at night, with f)T ban-Is of music, an.l inn.,- ,of made up not lrss than e wer« 6,000 torches by Wide-Awake nrocw«im taerable banners and transparencies- Publicnn PiCsident. wid furnish to Col. War 600 of these were mounted rangers. The ren a portion of that reward to which ho is procession was three miles long, and oeeu- entitled for his labors and sacrifices in the pied about two hours in passing a given most glorious cause that ever enliste-l human •point. It was a most beautiful and imposing e::?rthn tight Besides Sen. Seward, lion. Owen Lovejoy anl Hon. C. B. Denio, addressed the multi- Bloomficld the othi-r day wa- the flada of tude, the former from a stand on tho west side of Market at, nearly opposite the Wig. „mjs t» sand. Ihe stree, from Lake to U-atidotph wnsdenscly crowded, and the buildings near covered, and all windows in the full lark, who IS roptesented to be one of the fairest and most gent'eman- jy of the stu upeT* for Douglas, he has now canvassed a large portion of the State, and W'.'h ivc no public man in the State, who combines n.oro important qualifications f.r I an tiT c-ive canvxsst r, tiian C»1. Warren.— Thtfr8 .. pa one mOK fimiihr wUh the po. |il5ca, w of and th(J cmntry I wlo ha^had more practical experience in public business and life, anl who better uu- th"n Co!' arren' :tous to and U 18 ^"'kthat the approa-hing Humph those pni:ciple, ia the election of a Re Democra2ic Fizzle. The Gr«at Democratic "Camp Meeting" at this cainpa gn Th warn, and the two latter in that building. !, ,, iink o, but nnrry one cm?, and tliev had. which was crowded. It holds 1C to 12 thou* i .»y ,wd advertised all the ju tbjj could i to put up with su3h small y as could be cked UP for th° occas,on* Lhlder th^ of people. Thee was scarcely any dimuni-! »nlig™nt nnd the I.tviocibbs wrot.iy be lion of the crowds ia the streets during the 7°"^ conc?ption. It was, indeed, a moan •peaking. JU doubtJo=s b? the death cf L:nder.: Ifon* of (lii! Week. Three colored pers-ms were kidnapped! frm th? vicini:y of Council Bluffs recently and taken to Missouri and reduced to s'ave ry. Thry arc- supposed to bo free persons. The Nonpareil spi-aks in terms of just indi» nation o!'this high handed outrage upon the rights and dignity of th? Free State of Iowa, a ui ^ays that measures have been taken to bring the perpetrators to justice. Th* Wide Awnko demonstration in the1 citv of New Y rk on Ih'i 81 hut., was the ., 23,0«i0 uniformed Wide Awakes with torch- parativ.iy, n was a h-./.le. ThectrentNorth-! ,, ... i ir ics, 7'^ acres, »Thalf a mile of spectators.— Wci.t u:d not turn mt mere thin half ,. ., .. The city was one universal blaze of light, many to greet a I resident al Candidate, a*, .. ,. and g^y with various and glimmering uni form. The account in tho Tribune i3 very interesting. The Prince of Wales was In Philadelphia on*the !)t'.i. who remained over fr^m the S. wnrd m^etinr, ni l, Ohio ami Indiana, re^-ivi en \Vednes and a considerable number uf Duugias pt»H- day. It wiil be seen tint while the returns tirians from different quarto: s, who were on are too meagre to de id the result in any of, hand to make arrangements for offices upon tho^e States, there is yet enough to render it the rerr.o:© contingency of :he Little Giant's morally certain that the Republicans have! I]lo€tion«. We pub ish n'! the f:mi Pennsylva- look that way to us. It should b? recollect ed that in this election all shade* of opposi tion wire combined against tho Republicans, n ittiina'ioni having he -n made before the split in tho. Di-mncratic Party. In Novem ber the case will be very different, and hence there is now no longer a shade of doubt but that Lincoln & Hamlin will carry those States us they will every other free Stale. Go to Fairfield on the 17t!i. Everybody in Town and cmntry, should SO to Fairtkdd to tho Grand Republican Demonstration on the 17th., Wednesday next. Takes your wives nd fimilies. and go down on the cars, and hear some of the ablest speaker.- in the count!y, and have a good tim" generally. It costs only 50 cents fiom Otlurawa nnd return. Thi» unparal leled liberality of the U. & M. R. Railroad, ought to be responded to generous-'y and no!dy. The Republicans' of Fairfield will give agonerous and hearty welcome to all. Wide- Awakns wiil be there in jrreat numbers, from the entire region. Go to Fairlkld by all ans. Colonel Slobkins says that out in Indiana, where ho km p* tavern, thi wsiors drink so much com whiskey, that "tassels" grow out through their hats and the stalks hang through the holes of thtir trowters. 1^. Et jsJi&Iit'a C« is5115 Com vt'iiJion. Hie li'.'pu'. licati Convcut.on of ipi llo Cour.ty, nut at the Court llousa in Oitum wn, October (ith, 18l0, and was organised on motion A. Lotspeich Esq., by calling Hon. J. C. Mitchell to the chair, and ap pointing A. M. Hamilton Secretary. On motion, names of lel?g'\K'S foim the several Townsh'ps wcte handed to t!ie Sec rctary, as follows At'.Evev.—S. K. Cica'nrr. I'LEASANT.—J. C. MitcheH. W asmn: TON. Lester. BIC.iii.AND.-Si—Thouia- th Siiinpso:!, It. T. Ludnarr, R. Tei'! w.ll, M. KuUi aslic'-t. CASS.—A. Jenkins. J. lleac-ock, W. Hen shaw, \V. Nye, A. C. Ohiey. CENTHE.—A. Lotspiech, A. II. Hamilton, R. N. Harlan. A. Hoenier, N. 0 IIi:I. (J KEKN.-—D.». Aoams—J. Sib r.'ll. W. Mar.-lui!l. RICIJT.AND.—Win. Ilinsl, J. Y. Sympson, D. Wliitc-mb, II. Kiikpatrick, W. Common. C"MP: TIXU.—J. M. Scott, J. Alexander, J. l)nvis, \V. 'Sylvc.-tw, A. F. B. rluynu ventior proceeded to th:t is floin» I1CUV •irrtn, Is ClOing cht a tiohl'.' work in a Ivoc icy of Republican of Van Rtuan Countv. be regarded fim) supported the Ueppbii.-m nndirtatefor tint it is ne.-. IvmctpLw i i this campaign. In company •-ition. It is n rMftr.r to mention but one oft'te mmy resisons that ... i_ i i i i prompted fiis action. The Coianlttue lire 0 1 1 T1,C at w,u tr,c'c and The speech of Qov. Seward, which we pub- i P«f Squatt iws do Tliey are in a dos lish this week, was one of the ablest of his p?rat« state—..le-^rate cases require des-. efforts, as our renders will adroit aftergiving p?rat*i rcrno c. i it a careful perusal. Tii? celebrated tinder also failed fill, 'h tJ'*P="l'l-! an imp -sitio-i. But what can the K :oah -A. 1). N ppl L. Z. hup?, Republicans, jeered and deiided their David Mr.?heo, S. Buchanan, J. M. Bupe. Burton, A. II. W l'!t *, NV. T. Harper. DXIIIXNBOA.—J. Thompsoi, J.C. McClung, J. W. up-M»tnr. L'ick'.vood, (J. Godfrey. ik Th« Rrv Gonds Fusion Comm'ttae of New i York city, in conjunction with Dem Rich- mond, representing ths Douglas State Com. mittee, have slice 1 up the Hondas electors! i u 1 most imposing and impressive spectacle ever street. TI12 ultimatum of the B. eck nr dg.' "e f™"*? svlvaniaand other paits of th. country where i er they stan on th ir heads or tluir hejl.s.— Press & Tribune. Richland Nominations—Town ship Office*. For Justices-WM A. WIXSELL, 41 1 initiation of a candidate fur Clerk cf the District Court. A. Lot-piech presented the name of Joseph Hayne. No other name being presented, Mr. Ilayne was nominated by acclamation, as6uch candidate. Convention adjourned tine die. J. C. MiTcnELL, PreslJent A. II. Hamilton, Sec v. Ottttmwa. The following persons were appointed Central Committee of Wapello cnuntv fjr the ensuing year, to wit A. it-piech, Tliom. Foster, A. II. Hamilton, J. M. Hediick, and resplendent sense Tho most logic.d writer S. W. Summers. of t'ie London Time* oukl hardly surpass it! Short and pithy speeches were tnade byj In the first place, Mr. Street's informant J. C. Mitchell, S. W. Summers, A. Lotspcich,! told a bare-faced falsehood It is but adding and J. W. Dixon, whereupon on motion the insult to injury tos'.y that Republicans threw week we were called to Ot'umwa on1 make such filse, and slanderous asseitions 1 pressing business, and although we were But let that pass. much engaged during our brief s'.ay, we had Whenever the Invinci'-las of Agency, pr»- an opporiu:iit}* to see considerable of the' rade, they do nnthave to bear thecntnme!y cec( in a very few wrecks. Then, wUh four trains Democracy has always been very prevalent th0 Lincoln a trmhvd thousand plurality i'i tlu* State. The thing was done by taki ig off saveti LKnigl-isites and putting in iluir places four nam?s from th3 llre^kinridg^ elect rial ticket, anl throe p.trams picked up in tho W «-.o s ua tli .-ir o-rn machu.o „owl.,(^ party by Jam.-, T. Bra-ty, their, candidate f,r Governor, was thit the .seven should all be ta'con from tlu will n w probablv re * Bre.'k- fall to pieces v ry fa3t an 1 the demoralization will extend to Penn-! DAVID WHITCOMB. For Superrisor—AARON IIAIILAN. For Clerk-ALVIN ROSS. For Trustees—MICilAF.L KING, WM. CUMMINS, WM. IIERST. For Assessor—GEO. W. PIKE. It will be observed that a change of time is announced by thc B. & M. R. Itai'road, which tho Officers of th3 form us "Douglas is sweeping everything before him i i Iowa.'* Yes just as he did in VermonUand Maine —"sweeping everything*' right into tho Re publican party. in Duri'ig the-pa-1 week, we learn, thre?lads working one was killed near Kirkville. tys can not bo too careful while at work with uiachineiy of this kind. Look out dangerous couiitcrfeit tens on the Merchants' liank of St. Lonis. To Fairflald? Brerybody'a going? T'-rf For the Courier. From Apwaf. MR Editor It seem t' e Editor cf the Union has not yetrav •.r_"l fiom tha cff- cus of the Republican meeting that was ld »t Agency, Aug. UOth lie puMi-hos again awl again, h'i Rrect gingerhi't'atl story, il iubt'e.^, wishing by th:.t cximipie, and some hook or crook, to saddle all the mean tricks that occur At politi cal meetings, upm Republicans. Although early in the morning of the 80th, small boys and large boys, young boys, and old boys, had oovgregitv'd over the w.nv o:n the Re publican pd:\ hooted, yelled, and groaned ex.Tiions, and expended iheir vocabulary of base epitliets again and a^ain the leading Republicans, yes, the Republicans en mn**e, denounced the act of that one Republican who threw the ginger bread. A1 hough that act was denounced by the individual's own party, although theleadin Dc nocrats of Agency the denunciations, Stre an airing in his columns again and again. it even that has not satisfied him. It ap On motion of A. Lok-puch Esq, the con- pears he was in search of some good authori ty the last time ha was in An-ncy—some "good authority," ready to swear every mean trick upon Republicans. Read him "We are informed upon what we conceive to he good authority, that the fBculty was produced by Republicans throwing eggs and itone*, an hiving it on Dewtcraf*, with a view to create sympathy in their own favor." 5 Is not that a bright passage, containing egzs and stones at their own piriy. And it is adding insult to insult, and piling injury on injury to asert they did it ft lack of sympathy. lie must have a fa e of brass, slid a heart to truth a stranger, who wcul 1 city, note its prosperity, and mike the ac of Republican', no la-g Republican boysj j^0rte cotinty, Lane's maj. 1000. qmin'.ance of many of the business men. follow them around and as-nil their with Tli? city is delightfully situated at a great1 would-be-witty remarks they are nottroub bend in the Des Moines river, and cs'onds led by the shouts of Republican spectators from a very handsome scope of second t- hut they are let don: toenj iy them-elves as torn table-land, far up along the sloping hill- b^t they can. I would be pleased to be able side, upon which are very many iuds me to say the same of tho opposi o party when residences, denoting at once tho (a-te and the Wide- A wakes parade. They can never opulence of the proprietor. The business appear without be'ng ar.noyed in some man houses are princ:pdly on a street near the a*r. But it is to be hoped that a better with in growing cities of th- Wt st.— Fi -y night. The most pleasant feature of trade that this young city now command^.: the compar.y was formed in Teams, from onehundred miles distant, we-t.' and listened to a speech by Ifon were unloading pro luc? ttn loading with ell which was able and appropiiate afser 84-. by tho above ntm?d Road so that it will Mn. EniToa :—According to promise I pro have but li'tle to dvirc in toe way of rail-1 river, and extmd for a considerable distance stata of things may takj place in Ageney I coumie sliuw hirjre republican gaitts, and ^OftobtfrTif'e^sT-ilYf.1'0*' the buildings -n. rally being of a very sub- her^aftvr. indicate the success tha repu d'ican ticket. st,intinl, and many of them of the be't^r class1 The Wide Awakes had a fine drill last Th" s'ocks of goods and wares we had but the occasion happened when tl.ev were march little tims to examine, but fro ti the very act- ing to the residence of G. D. Ulrich Esq., ive business we are led to believe th» induce-1 west of iwn, where unknown to llii'm were ments to trade must be the very best. It is refr-shni nts prepared by the "good woman maj. w"385 astonishing to mark the great amount of of the house" for all. In frmt of the house, I, 78 for Curtin goods and wares, either purchase 1 in O'.tum- wlii di Mr. Uhich app?ared and welcomed wa, or shipped to that point from Chicago, them to partake of the refreshments prepared Now York, St. Louis and Keokuk. This for them by his '"b -tfer hnK." And atter business is rapid'y buildinj a fine city. The choering the addresses and Mrs Ulrich. pics List year, shows a Demon atic gain i»f 2S0. !o?alitv U a delightful and healthful one,! and cakes in abuninnce were handed round, 'l', naturally nnd upon the cunpl tion of tle to which the compiny did ample justice. Keokuk and Des .incs llnilri ad to th- city The company dispersed at a late hour well fOttumwa,) it will be connected wish the sati-flcd with the evenings performance, after busine-s-wr.rld ca«t. by ths Biirl'naton and giving three rousing cheers for Lmcoln and Missouri River Rail Road, and with the south Ilamlin. ERITAS. f0 give y0u what little information I rosd facilities. The Keokuk nnd Ft. Des have picked up in regard to politics. This Moines road will be completed to Ottumwa i,ice issituated in what iscalled, the pocket. I Bucks _county _gives Foster 23 maj., a a t/.« may readily conclude that it wiil h? a bust- in their figuring. If there Las been a siwii- ncss p-int among the first in importance in lar increase elsewhere, which is very sup-! Johnston, Cambria county, gves—Jeffemnian Blade, Albta, I» pisable, and the Breckinwdge men cunpoiriJ2 maj. Wilkesbatre, two ward as many votes as they claim, Lincoln is Curtin 18 tiinj. Ilarris'iurg oily Foster 108 Tlie I,a*t Gag. i certain of getting the most votes- T,ie thc is Company here in­ will probably bo permanent. State election comes off soon, and there ,Tl)lltimrtni7 aourl DUI n,ai u,e OI,ue 1 .u vote it, for the reason that the tickct was pii-jlic.u» g*'n rresiJcne reaMj h'9 nati*e 1 the Democracy areevennr.v uneerta:nwheth- n® made a short reaeption ^h, in which this county had their hands torn off while Philadelphia papers say water gas has about Sorghum nulls, and a fourth IIOUSJ 'fr i nmninftteil by tl.e .hoi. p.rl,. r«,,.». t. y*.. h-ar from. for the two seel ions of the democracy fight, they are 80 Ilou. Jo. Lane in this county, which !lis intention, undewtanO, to canvass .outhern Indiana Patents Gr.:tiled t» Western Ii» Vt'llt«)V4. Liht «f important lJutci,ts issued to est- ern r.iV .i s :h? we k ei.diog Sppt. 2-jth, 1SG0. U-] O't for the CoraiEit by Broad-1 n:ix Si (imy, Tutent Attorneys and Solicitors St. Louis and Washington, wh:jse terms, if so desm d, arc No UerU no iy.M Leti L. Aldiioh, Caithage, Impjpore mcnt in Faurets. T. E. C. Britily. Louisville, Ky. Improre mcnt in Cultivators. O. W. Cunningham, Pat is, Mo. Improve ment in riow«. David KM'.ed, Monmot. til, 111 improve ment in Seeding Machines. Henry II. Foye, Ottiwr, Id. tmprove ment in Harvesters. John Underwood, Catrcron, IB. Improte ment in Corn Planters. Joseph Worcester, Newport, Ky. Im provement in annealing apparatus. Allen S. Ballard, Mt. Pie is tut, Iottji, PlIILADnLPIIfA, P. is gaining ground that Curtin iselected Bucks denvcr.itic loss of 5. NlH..lia,n 0()untv ves tf cars per dtv, this young and thr.vmg city io this part of Indiana. Four years »go,jtvof-43 demo.'ratic loss of 1. will have trade facilities of far more than this county gave somethingoveronehundred Union county will give Curlin 8^0 maj a ordinary importance fjr Iowa Town^ and for Fremont, and this fall's election, the d"ino ralic iss of 201) in Lincister city.— Gov. iford,(Kx Lieut. Gov.)Mausi'.eid, Ohio from the character of hor business men one democrats allow Lincoln near five hundred iJemocrtts .in 600 hi fui towns The "CKei ,or Breckinri.lge men are mostly going to roughs, lie ntade a slir»rt reaoption speech, in which for Mavor in 1 Hot. he gave Douglas'-fits," and called Lincoln Scranton, Glow and Hale republicans tre a fine man. lie, with hisparty, and the Bell eleet'-d to Congress. and Doughis parties, all seem to think that the contest lies between their own candidate and Lincoln. This in undoubtedly a good omen to the Republicans, for if their suppo sition be true and Lincoln stands a chance with each of ilie other candidates and they all, but one chance against hiui, he certainly has three chances to one, that is if their cal euhitions be true. But my communication is sufficiently long for this time. 1 therefore close with au expression of my belief that Old Abe will be our nest President. J, W. H. While Gsn. liimwja Tenuessean, was: ad Iri-s-dnga Douglas Bell meeting at Buffalo he confidently aked the as^etnb'a^e whether Abraham Lincoln ought t) bo elected Presi dent. An almost tinmiiiious response of ves!" fr'-m the audii-nc.! nearly drove the' '. speaker from his propriety. The Tcnnessee an didn't put the question ajain, K0T any thing like it, during his speech. be3n burnt s sn?c«=fu?ly at the G'rrard i.i that city during the past three mths, that arrange uents are now on foot for the erection of numerous works for the manufacture of gas according to the process of Dr. Sanders, in New Englan I, New York, New Jersey, and several of tlu Western State*. *3- n-orf» wiiUficd with signor to himself an^^1 R. J. Robe^jn, same were saiuneu won i lower portion of Floridi. has given that deed lmprovaneut earih bow fjr po.t holes. J. C. Richards, Lafayette, fnd., wrignor to himself, J. Ilubhler and R. McGrnth, cf same place. Improvement in Coin Shel ters and Cleaners. Edwin J. Frnzer, Kansas City, lib. Im provement in Plows. Jos ph S. Hall, Cinqianativ 0. Improve ment in Locks. P. H. Roots, Connersville, Ind. IfUprOTi* m-Mit in Bio vers. W. G. Savage, Clinton, 111. loipiove ment in Corn Planters. Ives Seoville, Chicago, lit Improvement in Hemp Brakes. Kirby Spencer. MinncopoHs, Minn provement in Refri »''rators. CHICAGO, Oet. 9th, 3 P. M.—Return* re ceived from a few wns in Northern Indiana 1 |!rr'^aVU ticket is elected. mlw square,, RE-I3SUE3.—Nat'.ian C. Travis, Na'fcnn i ton'l striding a special mission to London Johnson an 1 RHiard E nerson, Alton, 1!'.,!anl Pans. assignees of N. C. Travis afresaid. Im-1 Garibaldi had attacked Copera. Two prov-uient in Itegnhit^r Yalvt s for Steam i hundred Garibal lians were wonnled.— Engines. Patented Oct. 11, 1859. I The Garibald'ans succ?eded in pissing Cat- show Republican gnin over the vo'.e of ltJo8. 11( re?ovr Sograso n'u^i nS definite until vtr lute Noble county In Eliviiart, Wayne, II ncock and Marion unties, the Republicans gain in their ma rities in 1858. OIITO ELECTION. Cuyahoga county gives a republican gain of 1300 over la-t year. Summit county—In 12 towns the republi can jzaiti is 430. Lovaine county—Republican maj. 3"0 1 Scattering returns from all the" northern t0wnsllitis 8 ra* "in S^nTuskv county the whole democratic PENNSYLVANIA ELECTION. Susquehanna county, 8 town*, Our tin's Luznne cnunty. Pittston township Foster 20 niaJ plvuiout.a 70 for n. J. C. Mitch- Cut tin 4i, Carbondale, 2 wards, Curtin'u Oet li—si-ia-ia 6-22 Monroe county, 2 towr.s, Fostei'smnj 494. Lancaster city oiws Fot.r 20t» m»j tin. Tue vote in tliese town-, compared with Norlhamiit county give.*- a Republican maj., but a Democratic gain of 11. iluntin^trn county, 7u0 maj. for Curtin, a Democratic loss of 220. Foster a tnajor- of Lancaster county the democratic loss is c«»un/y_will give Curtin from 10UU xer Ji(|ent.'TUe Doug.: Pan.»DE,.p„,.,. 11 p. n..-Tw™ty dUHcte las papers will be apt to predict his success in Chester county. Curing maj. is 1.200. .u ..i .• i .1 I»':ur ''""otv »u.i Miffln rounty 227 on the ground that his ticket succeed* inthe Ln ,ster co Four evenly divided here. Like all queru-^GOO n ajority. inridge tisket. This was refused hy Ili h- j0iIS fi-ionds, they have» great many smutty The •ll",.ving are reported majorities:— n I, who was, in fact, oppiS 'd to having i stories to tell on each other. After they get ^"rthamplon county,poster lfitM'j Carbon cioiha and Vesting* «lwuy» any dealings with th"J co icern over the way. through quarreling a The Committee accordingly hatched a com-1 delight to call the 1.08U. year, 2,710. ,„itv 4(5lM) State, but if what Breckinridge men s.iy can Yuikeoun y is reported 2,3u0 for Foster and be relied on. the State and Presidential elec- Cambria fiOtl. .tions will be very differeut, because each wing will then vote for its own candidate Krie count v 2.300 „c r.«r )i t,j?.s n, ]!u U tounly .hU«r Democratic logs of 100. a PniT.ADEtpniA, 2 a. m., Oct. 10.—In 11 Wnrds the democratic gain 2200 over vote Additional returns from Allfjrhany kIIOW Curtin's umjority r-,3on to 7,000. Monroe gives Foster and Northampton 1,000. RICPIMOSD, Va., Oct. 5.—Tha National De nocrat'c State Co ntnitt33 took ni sU-ps twird» fidon to day, and the D.»ugUs Ex ecutive Com n ttoe repudiate tho idea of withdrawing their ticket. Th re will proba bly be no fusion. SAVAKNAn, Oct. 5.—Nassau eo., Fla., gives 2»"0 majority for Milton (Breckinridge) Fernandino and Jacksonville pipers estimate Milton^ majority in the State at 2,000. WILJIIMOTOX, N. J., Oct f.—At six o'clock yesterd »y evening an up freight train ran into an up passenger train on the Wei den road at Ev.rtdeville. Tha baggage mas ter was killed, and tho conductor, Mr. Las- i i e a a e o k e n a n i s n o e e e to live. There is no other damage. NEW YORK, atic sailed at 10 A. m. tr in specie. The Edinghurg to k 212 pas sengvi-s and $17,'43 in spe ie. Fiaucois an Gabriel llavcl and families were passen *rs in the former. WASHINGTON,Oct. known those known to I* killed principally be'ong to the boat, and negroes. 1'h-re was a 1 irgj list of p:\8ingerA Ksp'o.ujn wat»| r!Uls ^j incrustation by.salt water in the X) T\ Oi 0 The Marine band n!ternft*e?y pri*f»nnel the national a rs of England anl Amvrica. Tie dinner given to-night was attended by the Royal party, the President and Cabinet, several ladies, and the Diplomatic Corps. AuatJiTA.G*., OjL4.—Passengersarrir^d here report a severa a oral tajiAg tft t! a TRENTON, N. J. Oct. 6. ATBATT, Oet.d.—A-tifwH. Prrseott, Pres ident of th- American State Council, hi* obmdor.ed the Urdon ticket, and declared 'or Li ico-n. nis letter i-t published ill the Evening Journal to-night. NEW YORK. i l,t.'liip,'ieii'#oi"tbe Uovurutucnl, the Court of Clai and Cdiifjr.- •The impression I I't-rf ii.n wishlnpr business transacted, lnfirrantlnn or TO—Rev. P. D. A. J- 0 S Clirtin namilton Acordand !, give Surah A cud, et-al. to 12' »0 lli:ti. A democratic gaiil of 400 in "f the District-Court ot W'up.llo County. I(.iva,|. I-HJ-- e l'»»1 ^1 Ki V tl i ,|. c. ... lluiiimjj.'Jii. Kiid liovd to the followiiifj described real estate, sit- i PouglftA, will bo elected, from the fact that Pitts'mrg. All ghi 'tv, and all adjoining »r- "f ",e rih-.-nst quarter of Pe.tion tweiMj-eijjht :ve Curtin 4.03H majoritj'. a Re- I wards in Philadelphia give Foster inrVT, Paron Renfew and suit, the President, Members of the Cabinet, and invitc.l friends 'including la-lie?, vi^ted Mt. Vernon to-d.iy. On th? departure a s iluts was tirol from tl»e 'Arsenal in honor of tha r\v«l vnitors, and *a Ij^rgBSt Stock 10 the Country! double one f. om the cutter bearing the pnr ty, in welcome both to the Prince nn.l the. THE CIIhAPEs OOIT, JS TT 20 PER President, during which the Brith Ha was] CEN7\ IN Tills TO HA/ h'»ist*do the ve sel, while our own wa^ brightly proniinrn\ Three bills of in­ dictment ir mnrd'Tand robbery have betn fou id against Jacka'ow, employed in the i-lo S( ray trx.'ody, and he is to be tried at the special Urna of ih* U. S. Court in Jan uary. Oct. 7.-*-The Vandcrbilt, ar­ rived last night. The Great Eastern was not exported to be ready to sail for America by the I7th of Iin- Octob r. It was ofilchllr denied that the Sultan in- The Nepolitans unsuccessfully endeavored *n immtu»e stock. Garibaldi wa-« waiting the arrival of Gen. I.urr for an immediate attack on the Ncopoli tan«. The inhabitants of Verti)0 had revolted and diive i away the Hapil girison. Two French tV:ich nents hai been sent fmm Rom? the Nea o'iton frontier. jSTo\V A el vortisompntis. PIHVtTK ROlRE)MC. fa LIMITED NUMUER CF ROARD1CR.' WILL BE Kitvin? the l.-it st ptvletfir dresses and clonk», Mrs. p- intends to nuit all who may favor her with a call, Cnr'in PiUboro' "'.T.r''•«hfJi'1°°& UiUII'ly °f dp, ndvice by letter, will pleine euclone a fee in ordrrto (nbure a reply. C. P. CL'LVl.'R. UEFKII Curler, ritv, D. C. Hon. D. n., Washington H. Greenwood, Com. Indian Af- ^'^'i^ou^u-1 as-atriV^r* Iowa, smd bitid iietition makes jou and John Shift Kii'l Murprel i-ilift |aitied deiendi'iitv 1 n said tl.iim. Now unirsfi you, ll-imillon Acord and y.-irwh Acord, H|)|»ear and itnewer or demur to paid wiil he taken n.irainf you, aud decree rendered there on arcordinj to prayer of petition. WIM-I ANM A'II'V'mILTON, Oct r. D. r^rpMiX fii'rs, do lion. S. A. Doug'a U. S S., hicapo. 111 »t»«. _. lion. G. E. l'ujrh, U. S. S., incinniitl, Ohio O-l. (i. (VTt I MTlPW a.Tin Stffl.W CrOOnFl I \V. Anderson. 1 .onisv11 le, Ky. Ccd. l' rter Cul«n, lU***UulJf UillU. UbiOiW UVUUO i .T.incRvillf, Wl«. Hon. A. K Wripht, Ex-M. O., Rome, i. Hon. A. II. Stephens, Ex-M. Cr.iwf.irdvllK, Immense Stock, consisting Ultumw'1' EJward Bo/d, *ona- tL*lr]ct Court i Wapello County, Iowi*. I Novi.iiiber Term, lSGrt. To Hamilton Arord and F.-irah A cord You, and each of you are hereby notified tint the I'eUtltn of Ivhvanl Itoyd is now on file in the office of the L'leik i r-'n ti.nt court «ill decree »r.d quiet the title in All'-nan V ro in'V, 38 district^, inclunin^ in cnunty,to-wit The north-west qu:«rfrr tmvnshi| fiventy-three, r.'tni e f.iurteen went, in jh-IIO AND DEALERS IN* •:vs FURNISHING o. A iarie and well uelected stock of C:»»slmerc«, loths and Vesting* always on ind, which will bj made to order In the most approved style ahd work manlike mauner. [Oct. lllh, 1SGU—."Jl-lli-tf COALI(OAL!COAL! 'i'eruj«, Cash or 1'ay. [Oct. 11th,—31-12-St OLSTE I30XL3^A.IT It Is ladles. Oct. 6.—The steamship Adri­ Havre and South- ampt n with 240 passengers and $)!• ,000 «re »i*nt one year for j£S WilAT IT Wl!.!, I0. It will procure for you a whole year BALLOU'S DOLLAR MONTHLY. IW There are one liundreil p.*.ge» of reading mat ter in each number of n»Uou'« Dollar Monthly." Sixteen page* of ffoe and beautifully priuted illustration* are given in clne. each number of the Maga- tw Two pages of finely execute.I, original humor ous illuftratloni also embellish each number. J3?" Ove. twelve hundred page* of reading nutter per anuaui, for the unprecedented price of one dollar! just such a work ai any father, brother, or friend, wouM introduce to the family circle. In all respect* it is fresh, and what It purplrtl t? be, the cheapest magazine in the world. (W It Is carefully edited by Mr. Ballon, who ht twenty years experiercc on the Loston press, pg* Devoted to news, tules, poems, stories of the sen. discoveries, miscellany, wit and humor. tsr It hns a curious department, floral r2T" Each number contain* original article* from more than ticetUy regular contributor*. Any person enclosing on# tW Now B.—The N. O. Picayune of the 2nd teports the st-amer Hayon City, near Lynchburg, with a fearful 1 as cf life.— Total number of kilM and wtandad ia the time {ST Though published hut lis y ear*. It hasgeacMJ the extraordinary circulation of 120,000. Praches. Pears. Berrk». Dried Fruits, Nut*, Lemous ____ uoluir to the prietor, as below, shalj receive the Manaalne for FIT* DOLLABS—THUI year. (9^ fix copies of Dallou'* Dollar Mugmine nliout SH ct'iiU a year making to subtcrlbe, u Toluma OUr. teen. If just ubout lo commence. M. M. BALLOU, Publixhtr ond Proprietor, No. 22,!* Winter Street, lloilon, llaaa. B. OFFER Si It 1' t|Ot I'.LF ti II corner of Front and Court i i v o i s i i i n I i i y am:AT OF otn Immense rtoclc of D2 LAINTS, FT AW FT Una. it. L. WOOD, i I iTl 11,1,1 'EFt Y. mi.MMEItl TWTRS. I'ARCKI.L lias .inst returned from t!e Ka*t IVi with :i lai-jro -wi'l well sclfoteil stoclj of Millinery i Good' oonsigtitig of Klontrj, Frtithi-rn, lleinl DrcniPS, and V'-lvt-t R'siihon* al«o liaik Straw liorini-ts in viirit-ty Silk and Velvet Hotinets, anil a vu-i-ty of other things too tediou* tu mention, for «ll of which she exnict* to fin! a demand, as her Belec tion was inndi' in refeience t« the iiicrciislnp popultt tinn a iinprovftnfnts it) the ttttfle of the laUic* of OttmnwH a id n-i(jhliiriii(i towni. yur" STOCKS, curement of Hoi'NTV I.ISDS ork county, York borough Foster 100 will prosecute all kind* of Claims beforo the Executive m:j., a D.'tliocratic ga'n of 4.0'j. C3 13 S FANCY GOODS & DOMESTICS, AT THE PHILADELPHIA SYOBI. GKEEHBsl'M.SCHBCilER&Co., AS the Philadelphia %torc, are no^r opening the ir eat re b*w stock of Fall and Winter Goods, •st«ctcd directly from the manafuct'ircru and Impor ter*, and which thejr will ««n Cheaper than any Hovsi in thit CU Jojt opening a large isisrtmcnl of PLAIN AND FANCY SILKS, BIAOK SILKS, A NO SILK CSTIi&t.,, PARANfirTOES, POPLI: S, LIXSEYS, ami "d CLAIM AGENCY AND v T,.u Tn .!^i 2^ I General Intelligence Office. IVASIIIXCTOIN CITY, D. C. TIIK undereifvicd wonld respectfully offer hi* ter vic-s to the iuhli I the pun hiise andta'eof Wi•stubs Ltsr-^, ASH ports to foreign countries, p.?nsior.s, Land Patents l.lrh n Susquehanna county, 5 towns, Curtin 446 "fj' maj. Republican maj. in the county last, to the eats Becuifd tor invention*, OPERA FLANNELS. BASKETSV BASKETS! HOSIERYjVLiL KINDS. SHAWLS, CLOAKS, nnd •t nanafecturcrg prlcoa. Nm. «nl 93 LAKE Sr., CHICAGO, ILL*) 1T e i i n n on or hi fore noun of the second div of the' Hoop ^»Z:!'t.s, lvt,'6*lS, OlC IHUH /VtlCilOn. next term of he liUtrk-t Com In and for said county, to he hold-n th iioth d:(y of November, ISfrt, default 1 Over American Exprcas Company. lilPOBTLIi and JOBBER or ID part of. Mr. i 1 BONNETS, IIATS, TRIMMINGS, FEATHERS, SILKS, VELVETS, BONNETTINGS, DRESS CAPS, FLOWBUS, RIBBONS, R'TCIIES, All of the lfiteit Importations and of the newest nnd most desirable ttyle«. SUuy of thtse goods having Boagfct at Agctia, will WH- be sold Accordingly. The sto.^k will be found rejdete In every departmsat. AUo A l.irjjj aisortment of .Ion* experience In the Trade, and unequalled fi- cilltie» in purchaiiinjr, t.v having a resident buying lu New York,.renders the fact a palpableone, that the AttV's for Petitioner. STOrK IS UNSL'UI'ASSKJ by any in this market. »t 11li lSfli 8l-li 11 orders will b« satUlactoriljr Oiled by I'LIUEXCKD SALESMEN. .. sneiB. o i I E E & O MERCHANT TAILORS WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS, GOODS. GLASS, PALM OIL, MANUFACTURERS GOODS, SODA A3n, CiUSTIC SODA, ROSIN, TEP,HA SA90M1CA, LARD OIL, WIIALE OIL* HYDRO-CARBON OIL, COAL Oil, HOMERS and POLAND KESOSESE, To which we luvlte the attention those buying:, •t wholesale. [Oct. 11th, 1^1-21-12-^ IBARRET, KINO-^CO. Manuf.ictu:'.-ri »nd Jol burg of lEEADY-MADE CLOTHING ASD Geiittrnicu'* FornlshlnsGood*! No. ST I-AKE STREET, CHICAOO, ItiHRKTT, 1 u 9. i licNiir Ki'-o, VChicago CUAS.1*.\\. KkLi.ooa, department i housewife department, and mutter especially for Oct. 11th, 1^00—31-12 y. the ,iJyv Motul hoJy MERINOS, MORCLLA CLOTHS •MIAVELINO GOODS, and by for the largest inortineni In town u4 at fM* ct» to ilctf cdir.pttltion. A bfj-.t ful a«fortiD t-nt Kreneh nlMVcol MERINOS AND DELAINES\ aoli cbeapcrtbao trar before. CaSHHERBS, CASHM2EETTES and CAMELLETS, DOMESTIC GOODS, MANTLES, TRIMMINGS, ALL KINDS. Ca!l and nee for jmursclvee u4 will wlU coa vlnce you thatt we sell by Ut THE CHEAPEST GOODS, THE NICEST GOODS and KEEfr the BEST ASSORTMENT to be found In the tows. Ore en ban m. Schroder, 4b Co.* PHILADELPHIA STORE, Ho*t S Roxp-, and MokTAG':s pro­ ATHSIP, I.ASD have rpon the discoiiUntisince cf the various 1*11 I a llJillXTn I IH f\ I'aveats illed, and all bu- fhirss btfure th-' Ptttent office attindedto. lu f.ict, ^^nd^tw rALL WIN ILKI rad8 of lobUi A 10 Jefferion street, DURLlNQTON, CO* A. Oct. 1! th, 1S5 1 —y. Pur­ S. W. BIPLKY, KCLLOOO,A t. •. pproa u th icthe 4 EX- Nos. tot 1 i'i L,c' Snr CHI'1 AG(). H\XV. Lake Struct, CUIt'AWO. now the I,\RfiEST anl HKST SEI.K. '"'CD STOCK Jt mkkh.'INKS lmhewtnt. ok nituu.s, llav'mx i rr»iili ai pnrtnrr In New York who clve* pi-i'iLiiul attention lo tlie et'lt-ction of our jtock, w» are ennhli-d to trll goods of the IlKST Ql'.VLITY Ihe LONVfctT 1'UICKS. We also il.-al largely in PAINTS OILS, BUKKJUK* miu CAMPHENE, ALCOHOL, TURPENTINE, BRUSHES. Co. t'tica, M. Y. H. NEWHALL So QO-, DLALKHS IS Summer & Winter Apples, Orancth. New Ciilt-r, Sariliiie?'. «i*. pro- ciii"r Jir-p i r« to keep good any length of time.— oue i (ip U N inter :ipplt'» 'I®^k,l'„ though the Winter. Will bare them to sell in the Spring. [N'o. 14, South WaterSt., Cliioago.—81-li Our Ntoc k of Iron, Uruuds, "SI.KiO" and TYRONR," made by LYON, bllOUB* Co., St. I.ouix. i virTrKfKivK o 1 v K I». l,..-e u:nl furuurly y I'l.ailes Lawrcnce, where he »111 be happy to tee hi* Mt-nds. A new stock exueot- •4U fM. II, "4 ^'•elves. uniformly of Cold Blast Clwicoal Mttal.*' lb full supl'lv. A W e also manufacture and k(j£P a full a^f-ortiucnt «»f SLIO^^ best po«sii.le character. 7

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