Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, October 11, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated October 11, 1860 Page 3
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I ln' (Dltumtoa (Koinirr. il and AIisceli:ineou.s. V W A o w A O 1 1 1 s e n J»!l bticnil C'luI"Mttls regularly every \I embers of the party are Invited to attend. villn llrpnhlicnn Clul—M.eta ndiiy evening ut Vance A Ronedict's Hall.— Jy I* Invited to attend without distinction lioBB, Prey. 4lake R. W. BOYD, Prest. a TAULE,n.^ ff.R. ItAILaOAD. CUA SgFoF TlitK. v:umt», A: 1(1 A.X. :90 it 12:2) ou want ltonts, Shoes and Clothing, go to New Clothing iStnrc. the advertisement of C. P. Culv?r. a?, devious of obtaining to.wl, we Mrs. Wood's caH, in to-day's P'P'-f. improvements, of every vari ty, in are being pushed forward in a siness liko manner. Nothing like it. Catholics of thisci'y ara now erecting Cathedral on the corner of Fourth and uri SIP. The building is 50 bv 80, with t4$b basement, the inrrn building to be of The spire is to be 150 feet lii^h. s"»n's Magazine for November, is ra re* It is the st and cheapest in the rt|i*f Ladies. Only $2,00, and much iflielubs. A splendid present given to erp.j erson getting up a club. W|p. D. IIOFFMAV & Co., No. 7V£*lwJH., *|fc clvint Tailors of great skill an I ex ri#»s i i their business, and they k*ep obllly th© choicest stock of goo3$ for Gen |n'i use, to bo found in the west, and in of superior reputation and skill, •ir card. Religious I¥oti«c. T^rr will be servicJ at the Congregv toMl i,'hurch next Sabbath, at 11 o'clock, ijfibe Pastor, Rev. B. A. Spnulding. ji|0N.—Lyon, Shorb & Co, 263 N. S'e~ond t4 St. Loui-i, manufacture and have a i\ill tj^plv of "Sligo," an Tyrone brands of [•ip, made of cold blast charcoal metal, and iitb n f.dl supply of Sligo Plow StA&t. Sue titir udvcrtistment. COAL.—In ^proat hing, our city readers will do well to sad tho advertisement of Chilton It Bro., in lother placc. Barrett, King &, Co., is the pioneer whole ,'e Ciothing House in Chicago, and a liouse first rate reputation withal, They were oong tha few who met their obligations in 7. They do their own manufacturing at tie* N. Y., and henca tho supoiior qudity their goods. See card. Tho ladies of Ottumwa and vicinity will ea^o refer to Mrs. Paroell's Card. They |1 there learn that Mrs. P. has returned oin th2 East with a very full, and a very pmplete stock of giois in her line, and, o ^urse they will call early. iftS^KBAUM ScUBODEa & Co. BaBLtXOTOM To person shouM g« to Burlington without ling On tho ab^ve Dealers in Dry Goads, U kind «, on Jefureon St. Ladies parlicu 'y will Sii i nu.ierous attractions on tlieir pie and crowded shelves. It is iaipossi nrlba to particularize, but fortunately, ean refer to their new advertisement in '^notber column, vrieresorne particulars are 'n, though the alf is not, and could not, ejpa^tatemeat, 1| told. great p'easuro in laying before "^dcrs the cari of II. Newhall & Co. in a!l kinds if Fruit, 1-4 South Water .ago. We hive known Mr. Nawhall enty years a? a frait dealer, and the in the west Dealers and private can be suppltd by them at all sea Vait put ti iin the fall to keep winter ko, fruit can be sup ping ad summer. We know st fait house in tho West, 'eri to tip n at any tiroa. «t Co.—Che oldest, best known fe Dru.fstablishment in the |~ade |n Chicago is I when lias enjoyed a very Ipg relation. One of the in NJ Vork, for the par- ndin person all tho pur use, w!^!i gives them luar.j quaii £nd cost of articles. ever ijhing they want, &ndc>^teous genti'^manly Vlecd's. .Sjadveiii^eaiout & ,TT l|.s.-We learn from manner iiv iirh they treat They |'g. tiing & good dc of the kit North-West, deserve it. Th^.rd w3 he fouad ler page. Read t)«K, Oct. 8 —'|K .nhorn Lteht (ing brought Pan* S::ir and Iler V 29th. I Lick hud bwn rrmliy an armed |i t-b -Is. ngiinst t%,,v ntmcnt «f Five soldier eve killed. Th1.1 bi Corredzo atul I t?"r»[ifl. sUiru»ivh lasted thi-!i:i-5, about 0 o'rlick in day tl»? i'.'th, wh- '.i at the rebels bv i- Jaipur I _H,II is pip*' P.M. P.M. 10:00 P.M. COACHES LEAVE DAII. Y. Tor Des Moines, via EilUyvllle, Oskaloosa and IVll i, »t 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at!T.-OO p. n*. l\r Chariton, vla Bl tkesburj aii Albia, at 1 p. m. -I'nr liloomBeld, and C'entreTiSlc, at 1 p. in. -I'or Keokuk Railroad, at 12 ru. A. C. PARRS, Agent. corner of Front and Market Sts., Ottumwa. 1 TIso Star gays tho landing of th.) forcos from the vessels und'iuhU'dly settled a con iiitt which locked dubious lur tlu ove»n nient. The ree ftom tho steamer St. Mary took possession tho Railroad station, hut no attack was made upon it by thi in* sur-icnts. There was still a preat deal of excitement enlnf,over litilrlck k Gillespie's Store, Front I t*ic n:»»Of P.maintl (ill the 29th, as it was supposed the Insurgents were enoain ped within a mile or two of the city. A tron s fi ivo was titill kept und urtus by the Government. Th- fureigu population t.x k no part in the alfa'r. The troub'c, it was thought, originated by the attempt of the General Governuiet to fore recruits into the armv, tiiktl, it is sup posed, by politicians in ill ir emkavor to ob tai i th ir end, l»y inciting revolution. Tite British lorce had returned to the Cli on the 2iHh, consid.'ring tint there vu no Au thor n'MVs.ssity tf their get vices. A revolution in favor ofix-Piosident Mor.t has broken out in Ooti Hi en w'th a great chincs of SUCOJSS,as tho people flock, to h:ra. '1 he treaty lctwven Great Britain and Nicarrg'ia. It is sai 1 to contain a provis ion making San Jturi a Ciee port, but «n tirtly su'-j -t*t to the laws of Nicaragua. -s ironi Valparaiso arc to th 1st of September and Callao to the 24lh. No news of importance. General l£iij ih Ward, candidate for Oon press in the 7th District, was asulteil on Saturday n. m. in Broadway bv Jj. Hart, i S The cirvette f'awnue with minister Mc Lane sailed for Pensacola 5th for Venezue li. Tha factions of the Democracy of Oregon have got up a split among themselves thit can hardly be racoticilc.l, t!u old Senatorial question bein* the big vvedge. As th Rc- pnbli^anscatnc within nil ace of carrying the State against the combined factions, there is littji room to doubt that th three votes of Oreg will ba cast for Lincoln and Ha'.n lin. €'O.H I". Kl'I A I.. CQIOAGO, Flour—Finn. Wheat—Declined }@lc. Salw bu., 89(5^89^0 for No. 1 86@8G^ Spring in store. C"m—Heavy and de. lined l@2c. Sales 2.800 bu., at 42@l3c for No. 1 in store. Oats—St -ady. Receipts, 370 bu. FLOOR (whotaaale). WIIKAT COK.V SI!KI.LED CORN CO UN MEAL OATS UYK view of the fact that winter is POTATOES CovftiK* Orrica, Oct. 01. •s.wKas.M (new)... Sweet do SL'OAR COFFEE SALT. I1IDE3, dry green COTTON YAUN .. NAILS LATH XI 3ti0 DUTTEU W.*4@Lr» I.ARO 10 TALLOW 10 ItKESWAX...,, 20 Kr.G* 6* CHKKSE ...» lt,V@15 ,«OH(lHOM 60 i POltK S1DKS HAMS Il"®19 CHICKENS t» d«z. I,"'0 QC VILS, dot 85 DK1EI) API'LKS. 1" PKACtlES V$ 15 LEATHER (Sole) 2«!?12S Calf *©'.2(1 FCttS—Mink. No. 1 1.2" COON* S.VTr.40 WILD CAT 2504) RAT ... OTTEt 1 IKVJ?.e. 5t» HEAVE't r* lb •Ritrc.ioii 1KKR V lb... l4(-?e2« Borr\i.o i.'iitKs.. «oo@iuoo HIINO I! I AN *Ki:i TIMOTHY $2jJ2,2rt IIISkEY *. 25 VINEGAR IdiL .. SPECIAL NOTICES. S O V I S Sur««parilla and SlilliBfftaf «r BLOOD AND MVGB SlttlP, IH IKS SCROFULA. 8CROFtTLOUS TUMORS. ci itr.* K I N S V I MERCURIAL AFFECTIONS. I K 1 S WHITE SWELLINGS, 8YPUILITIC AFFECTIGXS. crm:s DYSPr.l'SlA, LIVEIl COMPLAINTS. c*iii:s DISEASED BLOOD, ALL SCROFULA DISEASES, oi ui:« A N Y I S E A S E S INCIDENT TO FEMALES. JOHN D. PARK, Proprietor, 124 Luke Street, Ch:c tgo. Oct. 4,1960-1 ai. rST"Roraback's Compound'Chemleal Washing and Toilet Soap Is tioltumhtiir, but the best, most easily tnada, and the cheapest of any now in use. This I Co., 14 144 and 146, Lako i Poap, though recently pnteSted, has already attained was *'ablis!ia some 20 1 |"T^cedeMted ptipulirity. Iti»o«Ki as readily ia hard ai soft Water. See wh:U your ueighbon say of It:. i, 9o.ooa /=T/ =r/ =r")ff ?r/ IS 2i .. lfiCtB. Sit 80 ... 6o ... 1@11 IS r» 20 .... J2.30 10 ...... 4 .... 4,ea PINE LUMMtK, common, M....i.....l250(?2(UI clear, 3gradei,......... 2SOO0f.iiM SHINGLES 8(K'01 75 CLOTHING, 81, 1540. OTTPMWI, AU O. E. AsriawiLL,—Dtar Sir: The ffc -illy right to man nfnetwr* R^MhaeW Componr 0 ..-nil'xtl Washing arid Toilet Soup, whieh I olilaineJ imin you. 1 regard lis Invahi iMt'. Whatever i.tht-r other patent iriven tio!i« tn'ty be, this one Is no humbug. The intfredients of nhiihthis goap is compomtded are perfectly harin l"-s and so ir from clothes lieiiig injured |y its use, 1 believe five dolUrs a year will he saved in the usual weir and tear which r«-xulls from the u*.e of other soap. The soap will eadlly remove French po'.i'h. Print er's Ink, lead paint, wheel ^rrense. tar, A -., 4 Shoe, lhat lh\ founa (he »hovo (k 'je St., to bine of tho best to on accoutiif the large and fept by tha th.- low rates at fi to tho tra^an 1 the a^reca- from the finest fabrics, without injiii ing them In thf le ist— thlu.u's which no othersuap, uiih which 1 atn aoi|UHint ed, ill do. buy Thi* Tollrt Soap is useful for shsvlnp, washing hands, and everything else fur four cents per pound. The Cheapness with a'hich the Washing Soap is ni'inufac'ured li, with me, an important Item. Fifty peundK ran lie made »t a cost of only cents, and as easily as you can make a rup of coffee. The fuct, too, that ihes c«n 'ie easily wa.-hed and washed clean, hi fitr/ ftil/ihur water, is of great consider ation to me. I would not be without a fumilv right fur four times Its cost. W. W. JOHNSON. Family High's, formerly sold fer $10, each, but now fnrfA, or for the washing soap, and (2 for the toilet au be had at the Cocuit'B Office. t',at SM:I Tho rebels o^'ip and were anued u i ic. \Government f-iv s, GEO. ,lie commen- Imorning of 4ut-» were fhs from the p:«nta Anna inuskets, ?re Vllil about isisoldli 1 ilid Vt'lun- my own repu »\l h-5 shots weir i returned Active mean ^ring was kop 'and militia the landii [lid ilest ru i. wools, h:i\ parlk'x, aai u E. ASPINWALL. [toniTiiniixT.] A Car«l 7b mv Republican fritndt in Ih* SOTmNn 4/ T« petto and Monro*. A most injurious report Is !n extensive circulation, to the effect that have threatened my son, io case ho votes the lemormtlc ticket In November next, and )f I'iinvm but Hlwi-fiJ reptiLcd that I will write to his creditors In Canada and indue* OSS of five or SIX 1|i md 1 0 taken them to come here and break htm up. (.ii)Vei lill»ent I The above charge Is said to be contained In a lottor dors are sup- written to him by me. I have reasons for believing '(•a both of charge originated In my son's house, and In! order effectually to disabuse the putillc mind, I have made every effort to oMaln the original letter, oral etrtifitd copy of it for publication, but without sue-1 cess. 1 atn refused that reasonable measure of justice,! snd hence, in self defence. 1 Thullhe am compelled to Institute legal proceedings for the recovery of the matter coa-1 away. tn!n«-d io the Utter referred to. Interests of the puhllcsn party as well as reputation, demand that I tnka the most ef s to rebut It. In the meantime, I beg to Aug. 9.- y. assure toy Republican friends that the report Is a foul Urbana, M"ort#Ca.»»h, 1M8. iwmpgtf JOHN D. PARK,—DEAR Sin.—Will you please send mo another supply of Christie'* Ague Balsam, ns it is Belling very rapidly and gives giod satisfaction. I think it .the best remedy fr F«.ver an I Ajr-'ics ever used, an 1 have sold s Jveral bottles to Jpo family, they all arc anxious to get it, and you will do ma a favor by shipping it at onec. Ship via ui iina. WILLIAM DEVIN, SAMUEL J. DUNK AN. See Adroit a®mcnt. Republican Mass Meeting AT FAIRFIELD. Bl'RI-IAtiTO'V A. illlSSOl It I IUVLR RAIIiUOAIf. A upectal tra:n nil1 le run betiwn Ottumwa and Fuirlltl'l Ht the rillciwinx very loh' r»te of faro, oa oc casion of the lU|iuMii an Mass MeetUx at K»irfl«ld, OCTOBER I7tli, 1860, when lion. J. R. UODUTTI.k, U. S. Senator from Wis eoiihi'I, ('«ssu-. M. CI.AY, JOV. KIKKWOOII, Hnit othtr dislliifjuislifil ?|»':iki-r?i arc i-xpct Uil to l» pi A special train will leave uttutuwa Out. I7lh, at 9:30 a. m. Apcnry Cily a. nnri Hit a via 10:i() for Fairfield, iitTivin* fit II o'clnck, and reliirn to Ottuir.wa after the Torch liprht procession, Ac., Ac., In the eveiling, at the foUowiug ver/lov rates of fare One ticket from Ottumwa to Fairfield and return ...60 rent* From Ajrenry to Fairfield mid return 4') From l!.itaviii K.iirficld and rctu-a 23 Tickets KAST (foo.l only on "5pecln! train." Hcturn llcki't* »rr..| on ''uc.jDinmodation train" Rrrivlngat WKST Immii^ lantitid «t s o clock .. ... ."1. .... Ottuunva at lit o'clock, and on the "special tram." irvevoroi the pi.rt, with a bludgeon, but .. ....... «T-To oeruri? the above ronnctiori tu-Ket- nwt w. s not seriously hurt. nr-Tc procured at the Stations, trains. O^t. 4, 1S50. X'\! Oct. 9. i. M., nrriving nw»t h« No reductio* i-ridi on WM. II NORTHUm*, Oiu. Agent, ottumx'a. 1 for No. 2. =3j J=| =r -^l XSSl/^m£7 BOOTS, fr* New Store IS TIIl^ PLACE sroac. BARGAINS! x.w SHOES, DURING THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, WE WILL SELL EXTREMELY LOW! To makoroom for Fail Goods. We have jtist received a nvw b: of S I K A N A S S I E E A. S, ALoa few pieces CASSIMERE, which we will ITIAKE UP TO ORDfclt, and WAR* R1.M TO PLEASE. A. D. TEMPLE Jk CO., Vo. ?. ?t., Ottumwa. A New Breed of Elephants! SECOND FALL AXD WINTER STOCK AT DEVIN'S, Opposite Hawlcy-H, Front Street, Ottuiawa. Oa-ah nnl Tjit»ht "Pi'ofTlt^. BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! Heavy Stock of NO. 1 TUINTS. DKLAIHK^ C1ULL1.-*, 11 KB AG Eg, DEBKGfS Alpaceas, MERINOS, VALENTIA Plaids. TSIMMIXOg aad XOTIOKB of every description BOOTS, •ftkaa* CUK.tP ClNGIIAM^-F.1' Colors. i A.\D Itl^AL. HAV.WA TOBACCO) LIXVOLATIIATS, DOUGLAS CAPS, AT WHOLESALED BRECKIXMDGE BELL RIDBON^, livil.EPRESS!BLE °r Wonder? in tl.c nay of CLOTHSCASSIMEItES, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS ¥hir neb COTTONS &e., for tho MILLION". GROCERIES, Tobaccos-Prices. 5 TEAS 1JIIIOR STOCK—»M* mi in the Couutrjr. COFFEES, SUQAES. SODA. 1 i)« moeratic slstuler. The letter in quesfiou does not 1* !t *l* V. It ki'i^ their r* ilihing i contain one word pointing in the direction of mch a vb l-5 h:i I thecal, or of any threat st all. It does not contain n made one sentence wliich sny man need be ashamed to the Brit- have published to the world. I invite and shall lator .u# of jfor Us publicity, JAMEg V1'ITV CURRENTS, l'^son SOAPS, SPICES HARDWARE- Selling w»l giving Ijemocra.. peddle the sl«nder and exultingly say, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL J-tf] 'there Is a fair specimen of what Republicans are.M— GOODS, Constantly airivinj Private resilience on Second Street, near corner of Marion, for sale at a bargain, and partly on time. I'osKcssion given issuedtately. Kntjuire at this office of Jauuaiy 26,'60. 4 K v. EnEnBER thatthe Couatsa Office Is Till aee to ge« your Jots PrloHogowaMy Maevtei UWRENCE & CHAMBERS HAVE NOW READY for the FALL I WLNTEli a stock Of /m. JI: GROCERIES, which for EXTENT e VARIETY. UNSURPASSED, and vrill be sold, WHOLESALE & RETAIL* as low as they can be bought in Southern Ottumwa, Oct. 4, HATS & CAPS! Opposite Ottumwa House. E 8 & W O O W A A HE C0 .Vo TA XTL i~ V1XJ FROM TH5 SPLENDID LOSS Of COATS, PANTS, VEST? HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, e SHOES SHIRT." STOCKINGS, (.LOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, GUM SHOES, CARPET SACKS, CLOTHS, SATINETTS, GUM COATS, GUM GLOVES, UMDRELLAS, IRUNSS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, CASSIMERES, JEANS, COTTONADE?!, nml atl articles asuallv kept in a CLOTHING Hmise. Call ID and examine the Stock. Clothing con- Ottumwa April lith, KG W GOODS! N£1V OOXM Ju»t received from the East at J. A. SCHWORM'S (lt(c ru\ ASD l'UOVliilUX Frost Strsst, Opposite the Ottauawa Hoaaa. A LARGE AXD Sn»K:ilOB STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries Fillip & ci: Chewing and Smoking Tobaceos, Cigurs, Q'tccnsicitre, Boot* and S.U'CS, ADMIKISTBATI02rmOt&, All of which will be sold for Cash pt ihc 1 ver}- Lowest Market Prices, WA TUK T. DEVIN. I')IC SAM). M_Coul%lrv Proa"*- »—IIIDF?. for which will befskMVhe very highest market price In Cash. HII a- examine goods and prices, in Daans brick oppii*ite theOttuinwa llou«e, Krout-st. October Mb, ch-ao-oldl&-ll OTTUMWA Male and Female Seminary. nt v. J. M. MrKLIJOV, A M., I'riuctpal. MwM.O. llAl.l.nWAY, I Miss M. E W ILSON, Mas. I.1ZZIK I). WOODWARD, Drawing and VmMIi. UKV. S. 11. WOKCKTKIt, Oil PainitDg. O effort will tic spared to render this Instltntl^n worthy ti e continued confidcnce of the friends of education. Tuition, per term often wefksfmm to fs, accord In# to thi brunches studl-ii. The next Term com menci Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, IStM. For further inform a tioa write for a circular, or apply to the Principal iu [dept. 27 ly. Garside's Patent Fence! PM^UK u-id r-iu'iicd, hiving purclrised th- Klg'it of fl. t'lealnvc i:.ite .it Fence, l.-r W.\pi llu t'ouuty. of* lers th-palilic ail nppor'uuity of -ivaUing tluen..elves of I's advantage". Its cheapness alutie, rc.-oai neii.U it, to say mulling of other it'ftuiufniim over ih-" Id feito ,uu»'1 6toi'e TOT? J. W. NUUK1& P«' at i CREAT ATTRACTION! j. Looms & co, ZUfK BL£.\ nECEIVLK The !a*t four we«ks, their SPRING AND SUMMER —STOCK OF— Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, BOOTS & snoEs, IIATS, CAPS, Bonnets, //i LOW PRICES WIN," Is warranted by oar purchasing from first hands, and selling to a cl'.so, prompt, paying trade, (or Cash and Beady Pay Oul} TO. ALL SUCII we Iovra. LAWRENCE ib CHAMBERS, shall offer throughout tho complete an.l YANKEE S0TI0OTf«I AT WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest possible prL os. Wo will pay the highest marktt price for every variety of PRODUCE. We will pay tlie market price in cash, for WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. A N W A Any inl'jingaicnts of thi* l* lent will he prosecuted. Colonies. ... To i ti, Par,a. and Tawaahii. ttlghta ar« to be had by 1 I. %, 0*i.-Ww can furnish emtgi arts acd others applying to or addressing ». 'I. with first rate Jarius, i'i lie central coiiiiiies of this VJT/\VI^ PI'TTrVf1 '""l 1 Lr cellars, Ac t^ree of which i"e oi the C5ITY PIlOPKltTY. jbarcsins fnr raildeosescan be had low and loosftv oa Parties n» a disftnee, d'slrlnglnforrn-itlrn as to the time of J. W. NORKIS, property ottere.1. are re.pie'ted to corropond -ith t*ept. 15,IS5. Courier Otfice. I us. All others willpUa»e call «t our oflice, on Market BI*TI*rc roi.ORS, MMI7 axee«M4 KUW»tt she COCBIIR OFFIOS. ^takar*. giiiiaHai See., WHICH Kaw MAKES THEIR STOCK I I Our .HoAo season, a UNSURPASSED STOCK OF i\jcvv iiooi^! Aiitv iToui)1)! SPRING AXD SUMMER Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, O O S A S O E S IIA'L'S & CAPS, O N N E S ~~yL April 12 1S60. J. LOOMIS £l CO. Ott mnwa, Oct. 0,1 v"9 -n-"ti-tf BANXma, iXCHA^GS, —AXD— CXLL.EOTION OFFICE, OP EQWARD A. TI^I^LE CO I OTTU.VWA, IOWA. miir i ti A v E moved th "i* K\. u'.-'' n^.-e from 'h iritr.n, Ioiv.i, t,o this point, ami ji r«- prep:trrd to trail-" i. bu-iinsis pe,"t iiiiii'-' t" M'tuking, Kxchange or f.'Wtje. tions. which i:i v 1k fiitriisted to ns. feeling conti lent that our |i.«.t prfctlCHl experience of ten years In Siut!i-ni Iowa, vviUenableus to lendersatiafavtlon to I our patrons. Wesell _Mt iir rs »UAI o.\ \i:iv YOUKIO and oiher eatteru p-iiits, In sums to suit purchasers and cm ilso Kxch4iiire on BXU.I.\NII. tl.\NI AMI Si ilTLANI'. AND OS ii cltM VN V, Kit M'l"', SWKiUV, lKN\|AKK, AXD A LI. OT UK It t'm'M'lilKS or ElUtol'K, as well at collect -iit-v,inheritances, and every oth er claim in foi eign count it s. We receive l)epirits un.l issue Certificates which bear iuterest only by special i ^ri cioont. i i'.i S'a V •*. IIII.U- 1 »H i! 11 le at ourofHce, Will be remitted for, :tl eurri'iit»f K.vhauge 'V-d those iii.'itiu inj: at other puinls, «Kl ti^ collcclcil und remitted, less exchange anil expense ut collection.— kVe will ila-i p4.v .utfiiti'in t" scaring audcollating doubtful tftji». 1'arties lulding nc1 »*ronl »ary, frnff«s. Cep* tiflc.tlfs of Erp(»-ilc. or Uit s Hxc'rid ?, I*.»yalile AT SIGHT Ott O.N TIME, In any ^lut,nu have tliem Cashed by eatitegUfar ofl •». M' KHS.-Ve h*v« cnrreapondetits In nearly i every county in SmilUtrn lowu, andean pay taxes for turn residents and others, for a renstnable com tul*«ioti. Money f..i ixes il v iv» vequiri 1 in advauce and all orderi- -h'mld ie scut by l.-t of.' .attary. ANTS. We will at all times pay ca»l for 1 Warrants, and i will also iiiend to the loi'ation of tiiew, or the eutry wi.h cash, of vt'.verniu-nt lands, In li»\V I. K «itt M^IIRASKA, We have ample a«rat»g-ment»forthe seii-ction of ,!» sirable I and* io the T-rrkorliiS, for indivUtn-.i for CocalBH Orrtcs Ottumwa. I5'3'*- "r with uuimiiroved land la this and the «itti!h em tier of counties, for Cash. They cau be had as "cheap as dirt SlOM's C.1^ 1 UNO. rOH l,Or». ,i0„ setting np as cau»c for sai.I Divorce, a wilf.tlde- subscriber cm furnish to We hav* over nr via-lm! i»wrii lots In Oharltoo, «»f h«r bv you, huI .vourscif rrtui fir llouse \t ork. sills, raps, or anv other kind of Oaceola, Afton and Mo ant i vr, itl jood cuuty Town*. I tser* wlihuiit rtasooatile csin-e, for the space i two i«' *l j^'iJ Iik- .if the 40-ll ch.23 lj y VI »U. .tiAljtfXISt Toi»»rtles desiring residence or th's act!»n, an 1 cruvl and iuiiiDhuii treitme'.it mIjt a .- •, |,,|i,lots,lu any of theae poiuts, we will givegood fmlure on »our par: Id mikr .ut proviiion for her I SI. two doors flora Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. •siu O E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Dag^tt's old Stand, OttKiuwa, luw 1 Vicinity nr* lavited tc call and gitl my beir prices oa STOVES. As 1 p:«y cish for my Store*, I myself that 1 can *cii them if p-*r cent, chcap-.r limn thtv lutre ever been so Quincy City Cook Stoves, V. fck-li ti»'i'« tlie rn-'1 il TIT nil ritipr stores la iKe West, to which I kiviie especial attention. I WILL WA fill A XT A LL MYST:j VES a-h:l ici''l/inriih plata, free of cV/rjr.?, if they crack ly fire. 1 hare in store *t all tlinr*9 a fait .asiortment of. TIN, HOLLOW & JAPAN WARE. w.rk, in tin. copper and s!i»(t Iron, f.romntly done, on r-.TiSuna'da tt.rin-,uu'2 ia thebesl ij tnritr. iri will receive In ••xchanjrc for tlie a') JV.- wares, old copp r, br.iss, cas iron, and rng*. whie'i will en able farmers to jjrt from $10 lo per aiitniin. May J4, ISCo—12 11-y A. D. CULVER. Ni:\V bTOCIv OF DiRCpT rROM THi: EAST. C. O. Warden, Is reccivi-it: and N O W O E N I N largf an fisfcionable srrck of Y O O S Xoliont, Cloths & Cassluaere*, C. C. WARDEN. O T'U HI U A {CARRIAGE FACTt liY! TpoSM.« as 1 BS^Ui. pairing promptly attended to. A. HALDtl 1. Ottumwa, Mar. 1st,ls50-riT-U OGDEN & COPP, Successors ta Mcndenluill & Vv'Iiilliam, Forwarding and Commission AXD •j-eneral Fi-eij^lit I a ay NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, o rmiwi C'ity Hctil .I3ir(st'(. Kront St. 2 doors east Carroll llonce. OTTUMWA, IO"WA.J ill! subscriber, grntefi'l t-T i-t fivorn. would say to th . i'cthat hisiusrket, npen i neirlv f"nr year* a,t.i, Isii'.l i»i full i-ril facilitl-s to tUI'Uirb --'as :::itile at nil re i«onaMe bour«,ur the Jnw- i Mat', ii meat- of atl kink e»t It vine Mc*. tbins u-u illy a ji 'i'ftc li.^lukt iu .rkct price Iu ca^b paid for Fat Stock "j. ,3- I) Sft'.'t **»«•_ *-v^- i? I »T anon. Ottumu'H, I A|tei:'. v ti.j I U»tn\ ia, IVSii' field, P'iirf eld, tilend'ile, Clitcnuqu'i. Mt- LI In this mir'.:' to ca^h cnst'.::ier*. Mjr fctove« \m if th-j noted I'OMSTOCK iiiaiiuf.'Ctui cf over Fiftjr dirf reut iltorni. I liave tlie cd j'or.ited tums I -nh!* TICKS, S1IIRTIXOS. 8TUIPES, COllDCKOYJ, JEA y.v, DEXXIXS, mi ILLS, BLCACiirn -v co'imw .nvsti.xs, s, Of every Vtritfy. and Qialiti' FOIlStGN AND DOMESTIC GINGHAMS Ilv-sUes a great variety of Wlilo)i could not be enumeiated in an advertis?jT:»nt like thi.1. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and rheapness of tiii »ti»:k will he to_ call and look through f.r yourselvea. atii aits ", r. ri :r!-r i a well selected stack af FAMILY GROCERIES -tnehasTsa. CtfT-f, Suj?ar, Rice, Dried Fruit, Sod*, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, 4c. HA lib IVA HE cC CUTLER Y. GIa"H iiil Nulls, iili!»r* tiuterial and ftirnit-ltinc jji'O.i.-i. Anil has an eiitire slock 'complete in r»er\ ILITTER that ilt undersign wonld respectuii.n »olieit ih«-at-! tention oTthe public to the ficilitics which he Dttrhtf the SoUUKi. Xdtiotlli'J'l. thi Firt now fr iiiaaur'a'.'tui i:itf CAUillAliKS A WAU-' ONS, of e'-er.v dt-scriptiop, :»rt. the imj.roved A Marwii tHk on wost Waids of merchanditeshlpped. etylf.-. a« cau be obtained tast.and upon sat- isfactor terms. Those w'sliHig to p-arcbase willpleaae call and am I ii" my stock. IOWA. Cir* Liberal Cask *4rut,ft*mad* oa Produce for Sliipuiciii. 11-02 tf. Tallow, I, ir.!, S .sisa^ef, and every* a City Mar'.ct f"t».i!e. 'S'im-.SI* liivariablv Ca*?). rr ThOM''i ivlnif irt«fttted accounts or note* dae, will nle n call in I iia» no. J. w. iJKOWJi. pttuumii, Feb. luth.tijtf.—'4S THP I. i tr 1 fei ed ill the wt sl,and wl.ic'i n ilibe «!d lower than at aisv point on the Mississippi. Also those 4 («hing!i s of our inauufacturc, futleouut. every Shingle perfect. t. l». RAND CO U t. al, |!59-II83.|1 tf To DAYIO RIUMt. Vou are hcr4y notifle.l that the Peiitl of Mary Rider will be on til.* in the office of the Clerk of the District Coin of Wapello rountv. Si nte of Iowa, by the flrl day of November, IM».I, praying for a dei-ree of Divorce, iirirt tilv fro.u the bonds of matrimony between her and ou, as her pre-etit husliird, and fur alimonv, an I the custoily ot tieorge II. Kider. a u.ioor child of tie:'* and said I'aviii UUier. Ihe ssid peti- Burlington A years and turn# next preceding the conn-ietn ing of sustenance. Ai.-l that unless yuu ap,. ar and dv-fend bef re loon of the s^ lsy o! th? m-xt Term '1 aai.i Ci aitto be begu'.i and h.-M ttti the 'Jii'ii .iav of ,\«. lemlicr. ISi'm, defaul will be entctcd a,ait:st von *nj judg.neut rcudered thereon. MARY RlliKit. *v. RAILKOADN .Ui^ouri 11. fittritu: on R. U. IRAXII: Cr TIKE O^AXDAFIEU M\H. 1, and until further 0*» lice i# snivel V*eceu£^r liaii.* »iil lea»« **4 arrive aa folios* GOING- WEST: aTATIO^J,. Cturt! t.jki«»r, Miiiitlit'jwn, bativiile, ,\tir l.ji dn. Ml. I'l-a»i.B% Ch«cai u, OI-1 u .|.i. Fairfie!.!, IVI.itPeld, l:ata\i«, .\CP?JC.V Cit*, OttUlIlA'lt. Kxrucs. imn'imfK n. Kiki iiu,!:!'?, ni,leave. «. *.14 ».xl i.:* w.9 a.*' ld.S4 1»W p.n. II 11.JT 11.48 (USI 12.n7 V-* IS 8 Xijo^rrlvp. .in«»rtlTt OOHSTG- EAST: Arii.a«..i.ATi's arcyf. 4,!.*i ». u:. .-rt 8.)»0 p. m. !c 4.4» 82^ 6*4 8 44 B.M 4'Ji «.«! 7 18 b.«nt New Lorn I l)ativi!!». i Miih'.icN.'T n, CF CTTi'iwtrA AND 4.2T 4 'A C..'*» f.tft e 4t ».*r Uur'.inKtoB, Si. i, en i\e. I.n4 v:, 1. O. IJKAH, Pre»'l and Sup't. Chicago, Biiiiinglon S Cuincy, IE IP .A. IR.X TTTJ.E S= tat nor is it: v S'a^»?'iipri leaves Dur. If a.ra 2d Ai tiu iir.oualiojt do «io «lo I.At Sii 2Ivc.i.tit tT 4,0 ".Wii.® 1st arrives iitBur. 7.t®a.ra 2tl Art'or.tU'a do do ?.C0p.n» Sl I!v-n*t» do llo do Tt» above tri'rn* make ektt# ««rinect!ons •'Ith tha II. A 51. !!. II. ut r.uriintftnn. u^d trltli all tK* Jftwat eastern thoroa^-lifarei, at Chicago. J). KEV3* K, (ien'l Jtpr't C.. P. A U.R.II J. R. WITI!i:0*.V, Passenger Agrttt, Ottutu-tra^ V.aiae!3 FORT CHICAGO ItAJLHCAD N-ivr fonipKtt-J, ir4 e ir» run from Chicago t* tts burg wiilmnt change, Ctinnp. titij with tl-u GAT IM:NX3VLVANI\ CENTRAL RAILROAD To Sew Vorlc, Phil:idcl ihia. LnlTWrg and Uin City, and sllt'.ii* ht^rior totrr.s of IVntisjl rat la, New Jersy, New York. Maryland, Ac. Mc-fh'anti taking tl'.ls route w!ll have tlit I.eacfiV nil th« eaf- rn r.:url:.tii Rt no cost. F.\NE Hats, Cans, Boots and Shoos,!™™: I1. I A'l'l rorttpMewWir't' nf *v*rrth th*• xtranJs of or f.imitfes )ti» «F tr fMtiitri-'ini in Plain, Black and Fancy Cassimeres, Broaii Cloth, Satiseth AS LO'.V AS H' j-i* rrcar? Jioiue, or at the Depot, w. ft side, ti ca Y €3"3 J5t4 Ci ~J 'A WOMEN, vNI 1 1 rti»fk»«S throuyli. leave :hr dt jI:, pf Canal «nd Vai*, Cuxpu strict!1, wrst side, twice d^iljr o»i arrital ot' ttSi=ll Strict! 1 Wrst £i Ueias the Best. conn"'tititf at Crccttine with Cltri-lard and loike !-h»»rs ltnllr.»ml *o D'titUlrk. tutI»lo, |tj» ag-.ra .lu, New V'-rk and ». »i.d n|l ihc Ihterior tc vfi.s o N-w Vn^lniid \i'» Nt* lurk C«:iti «l aliil New VurV Ki ie Knil'-fads. Also I Font!, to Zim»sil». Newark. Mt. i Vei inn. Stciihenv! !-, Wheeling, auu lulerlnf i tow cf Ohio and irglaia. The above trshis cr.ut-i-t at Fortst with trains oa MailKivir Ko i.i to fprln/fltld, ri an*, l»ytm afci Cincl call. Alc", wiLlt u »iL» at L.W.* fur l)~3 tou ai4( Cilitii::iati, direct. nr ANY OrilEIt r.OCT«. Passengers bound fast will fr.d this route both pleusant and agreealdt, parsing throng man.'oftlie, latgi.»r and finest cities in the tuited States. rs Hnivlfsr in C'F.iciigo on any of theroaJa ngebts at the d.pnts to re* Linggage free of charge to tha J-J-i* rr scrr n pr.nv each triiln. irkeis S'r s.tW ai nil tl»-s 7 rSnt-lt»:xl Ticket Oflice* 1*. ilicp, cc.i tier Ka« ite the litnr* coriicr cl Cain. 1*»4 Vau liureti streets, t'hieafo. fce lia'ticular to a*k for ti'kets tiv Tort Wayrn*. iS. P. I'ATIUCK, Ticket carJ a,'r' mp8" irkets S'r s.tW ai nil t!i tiH* *O I e*'' aI,f'at Cotupn.iy's »Ii dolpli and L''- utit n stu i-ts, opp Freight of all Vioils will be carried from Chlcajja •II utnN t:i«t at all tiums, at as low sates as ai y otk* er iUUroa rotste. TO MERCHANTS ANC PKIPrES. The PHtfhiir,.'. fort Wayne srd Chicago HalinitA Co. having eflTted an :!rrj ij.-'*eEt !th the l»ec •»yi vai'i i .'en:r:i| l{. K. Co. f»r 1' H*OH! I conipri""- a lt"ck for :he times ap.d fm lliia viciml v. fiU tf tvhicli he is n»xio»H to dispose of for If riailv piy. »r to approved ciH^orucra. Ai i kimls of Country produce t.ikeii in pay fnr Goo*!'1. He so!ti*i's at. exituination of and price*ami il! take |!e.»sme in showing you through whether *ou buy or not. ihe ti ,i... (n rta: iuu of Tltrrusrli Frt-i^ht. prnper'y CMI now te sl.ij.ped by (hi* I Hi'-: bctaetui thif.'p Phiailelphli. L'altiii.ero. KeV V' rk a:»d I.'ji iui, aitli prcmi-toesa at.d titipi'.tch Conti ict can he ma^e at the folloviaff Blscca: No. 2 Attnr ll'iiise, X«w Vorlt. •No. 1 3. ft., do ''1. Haitt-ry ptace, do N». asiiir.fe't''.n ft., p.^ton. No. 3 .'i'«'"k St.. I'hihiaeiphia. 1 Iepnt, Norrh strict, l.'Iiaoi e. p'jt. Charles street, \Vt3i side, oear Vau Eurei .v-t 1 r' b'n g". M:.rV Ig. s »u P., Ft. Wayne C. E. R. For further information n!«ply to \j». w. Freight Agt Cbteago. J. J. Ilor.STOX,Ueti'l Freight Ajfelit Cbicajo. Chicane, Mar. IS, Ifriu. E*CrKL"\ rASSEAfiEII A FBTIClfT U«ITK. New York Centra!, Great Western, And connecting Roads to and from IOTA, AND ALL THE WEST-. The Roads forming this old and reliable roata MM| the Seaboard and the Witt, have crjraatzed a FAST FHEXGHT LINE! Giving perfect reliability and jrrcatly Increased dispatch to Freight—the train? loraiing tha Line, East and West, run with the same regularity, making as sure counedttasi at the terminus of each Road at Through Tasscifjei" Trains. CLOSE COXXECTWXS J/ADff—A With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely VMS ring their goods tecwive urtnost despatch. Thro.-gh hills of Lading give*, and ReclasiatiebS paid, at any of t!ie e mj...n«'t cibcea. VPfSKS, M:iti-.j itig Director O. Y". K.. ilton. Lti's Mt»V U, Ocii! l-utiaio. TUOS1. lil l.i., tr-iil \.r, H.tmil.'o!). W. J, i'U EK, Ait. Dt i r. it. K. r. 1 r\» it, A (it i."3 Pffadway, N. V. kl.M0.\LL, A^t STtale st liostou A. WAl I.IX-I CXlU.AVest.reAg't., Cor. i«o a::d bcurlioru 3».,«pp. Tremoitt Hwsf March .9. 1«i. I ttlCAUO C/' IM.ACI-: TO BUY n a s u i \«I .rs. Ac., IS %T WTI5ir.51 YAJJOS At Burlington, Mt. /'.Viis./ff, fiiirpel'f, OTTT \V rHSRK A, 1 ia Meam or Si!l Vessels, amot.o's In uiany eases to More thia the dilTtriiice between rail or »«k rates of freight, I e-i.its t!:e diiference if t!r:s, as will be seeu by thvfottawiug co&>part- iv* slntt utonl ef iusuraucesavcU by seuuiug goods all tUe way by rail road: Valtte per JiHIlbs. P*? good- fgn'l ast'int) fi«ok» auu itaHanery icom'c i'^.tk I tie:.'! kroctc frcici r'tS (.^scept Ain't ins.sav. per loo Io*, at Jil'er ct. pre. fit Cesta frt Sugar* an.1 cptfees.) 80.0B 13 Boot? Phoo «av ge val.) 74.M 55 I 0ru}tg!st.s'4tJiiicn' oily ss'tni,t44.00 8S IT..I5-,. ap» Ji fu!» tgvbl as'tiu'iW..(tO 45R Hiiroware isheif goU(i« geu'ly)S.t!V ti Iteclauwtw* Ppcr,.h'li/ and Fulrt^JdjuU^i, Mark Pa -ka jrcs,r.\ r£5J L!uo, vi* t. W. E.° po-i.'sat 11 ud E ii'-o*il pa*. •auger 1'ejfOt, C-' WarrtB St., crat Caiialst. Depot. IV Ti/ KTHV Deliver goods at Iloston aa4 S IN NEW YO»K- ™Y 1 JJ 1 Worcester JlaiUcad and mark asubove. i k .etwjird b»ut.-d (Volglit every i'-«crip!!on will be foraarded 1 i»r?t current rat» s, and if T: oin W. »i cru. Roari, slxiuld lie ..jihijix ii to WAL IM FOKP, Cliic:'i:i',"uf"lilttA 1' i. KSTLKN RAILWAY, llftrolt.** Foi' llio trs'u-f ort»tiin of Live Stock to ruffalo, Al bany, Nm Vork au.l l'o tou. tl. s mute i- iiiiet)uali-4 fer ?pei d, slock cars, .~kt irg cars for Drjvcvs, i^.yl spaciou* «nl convrrlvtii yarn's for stuck, Utakiiig U Oiost iK»a..l'!e u ute for fliippers. uiir4«o,KinLkikcxtix4( n:iC) RAILROAD LINE. UlU ami Only Ivcli ible Route K»*t. Prom Hurlingtan to Cb'.c.'^jt', Delreit, Tuledo, Pitta burg. PMIdilelpiiia. It ill r.o rii, Nr* York, iu, er I istcui aud t-ouuien^t*!n I itieo. 1-i MM nitig VHIB le.ives 7 Ift a in, '.'d Acc« mm-. l..t.on H:: ,i iu. «.l E\ii.ii.^ fc\i ros i!s) ta. Prtsm ng r» leaving Burlington n tae ft'Car. train connect at, Meodi-t* witti the liUi'oI Central ailtbe found the largert stock eesr oN Si.rth »t.d .^mili, io'iI jt Chicago I o:h tl.e raortjiag rn i evci.U'g'rai^ it in hi T: n i iu.) connect wi:h ail the Great K istei ii K.-aroad utifr, t.i w!t: M. t'. It. U., via 1ji M. S. It. II.. via Toleiiu, anil {*ittel.Uig and t't. it a.vtie I*. K., via Fk. Uav:.e, o( wld eh pansetigt rs can take their choice. tweoty l:our« from I'uriingtou to Toledo 'Mr teen liours ahead of acy other tout* leaving tMI. ejteck,. il.rough Ditrr it. NUgars F*!U and New Vork. Toledo, 1'UuUrs, itu{ely, KailroaA Pittsburg a. 1 Ph!:...ii:phla. Ti»'kit* f..r •l.l»si -ut Kueteru thoroughfare for sale at t'f iui-' S, Vairiu ld, it._Pi asant, and at the Ticket Ofiice, cellar I'ro.t unl Wnt sts.. Borliii^tou. Mev' cars !•. the night traiua, tare aa low as by at} Q'-her route. D. EI.M!.:K, May. —tf. Oeu'lA^'tA C. l. f7|«» OPFM'IE OF F OQCAttU V Frul.lM.TOX R. To Mrritn'it* nod fchij.pers wi*.l.:igt ato\e lion, 1, ili !-a.*e C*U it tl»e Pr.n Ticket Othce, U*(er-at, to bat ti.eii aigneil. TtdsfVtttjvmy bavc arranecraet tn Is, CiucivbaU »ad Cairo, aitLi.ut vU •*W A idMSr m*--*

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