Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, October 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated October 25, 1860 Page 2
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IlK oMtumViui THE OlT''M W A, WjA, 0 0UYlcl CITY PAPER. official. it IS, i£ditofv W JU. o, 1SCO. FOK IMIKSIDFNT, BEA.HAM LINCOLN, o I I N O I S FOJl VICE TRESIDEXT, HANNIBIL HAMLIN, o A I N E FHKSIDE.VriAL ELECTORS. at la net. riTE IIKNRY WAKREN, of Des Moines Co. JOS. A. CHAPLIN, of Dul.uqae C«. WMtTCT »I.«VTOR5«. trt Diet. M. I.. McPHEItSOX, of MudNoti Co. CH \S. POMEROY, of Boon* Co. i.«*I.'TA*T rCTORS. 1t Disl.-JAMES H.tKKR, iE\. RECTOR, of Frem.vit rv. SJ —E. X. HATES, of Linn (V. .. _\V. n. FAIRFIELD, of Ft.iv.1 Co. unprKUon* SI'ATI: T»« KUI FOK CONCBKS-" EIRST DISTRICT, S1IICCL R. CURTIS, of LeeCouuty. r.lR 3SCHKTAHT OF 9TATI, SEL1.S, or r.o.itine Co. roa irniroRor ptath, JOIIX W. JONES, of lUrJln Co. k ATTuRJKY GFNKRAL, CltA9. C. SfOUtSK, of Polk Co. roa RtmsTeii or statk li*» or net, A. D. IflLLElt, of Cerro Gordo Co. rOH SrPBRMR JfDiiK, GEO. G. WRIGHT, of Van nurcn Co. m* «ir prsTnieT coot. JOSEPH HAVXE. DooHSor nil! Rkp State Cisritu. Committm, 1)»? Mdixif, Iowa, iugutt 6th, l&fiC. T¥ Ud Rtpuliif.ana of /pica knvc, itIHi jinjrnlar unan! nitv, re?nlve'! 1st—Not to H.jsenilile a State Convention to nomlnntf camlidate for Justice of the Supreme Court, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death "f Hon. Ii. D. Stockton. 2d—To recommend to the Republican party nd the Republican press, that Hon. OroriskG. IVr out of V«n Puran County, be resardeil and «upprtrrl gj the Republican Candidate for that position. If is nec *i»ary to uuiitinn Imt one ofthe many reasons that prompted this action. The Committee are adviped, that in bo dohip, they reflect the wishes of a very Urge majority of the party in this State. H. M. IIOXIE Chairman l!et. State will be decided. It is true that the signs of the times are so encouraging, as to stimulate exertion, and render it comparatively easv I™ and plea-ant but do we realize that what tecs of vigilense been appointed have sure arrangements been made to detect fraudulent I voting Is there not s mie last word to say to a Democratic friend, or neighbor, which might influence him to go for Lincoln. Ham lin, Curtis and Ilayne Are there nttvet man}' honest and enquiring minds, upon whom a speech of Lincoln, Corwin, or some body else A*ill exert a convicting influence In short, Republicans of Wapello, are you ready for the fth of November? The Supreme Jlld^hip. Fcr some tiin? past the Democrats have up one Daniel F. Miller, of Ft. Madison, who Thomas W. Clag^ett and some score others of like complexion, indite a mist seductive vast professional interest-, and so tha De- few who voted to leave the word white out i of the new Constitution Thev will doubt- less give him a hearty and cordial support. As for the Republicans, they will vole for Geo. G. Wright, who by common and universul consent, is the candidate of the Republic Party. And they will give him e.t guise of Independency, sore heads from other parties. Sen. Harlan in Wapello. Sen require, CHANGE OF TIME form Wednesday to Tuesday at the litter Pebsoxal. his way from lavinport, to his home in =jANARMYWIthhanxersi mocracy have an Indej€!t'ltnf candidate. ed by vociferous cheering, after which the We are rejoiced that the Dewcrtcy have remaining Wide Awakes, some 1200, niarch sjacceeded in finding a candidate, who will back to town, and most of them went consent to be sacrifised, even though it be a Quarters for the night. Some however, quasi Republican, an old Whig, one of the *Pent such a maj rity over t!i3 In lepemlant can-1 didate of Hall, Claggett & Co., as will satis fy all concerned, that the voters of Iowa, can appreciate in a candidate for the Supreme Bench those qualities and qualifications which Ju Ige Wright possesses in an eminent! degree, and which Mr. Dani F. Miller does not One other fact will also be taught, and t!»at is, that a partv will do better to run i. £5 000 J'lXl'U-: IS (OINni, Scarcely a Wet-k Do that whirl week only from next Tuesday-the great battle! V fjr Liberty and Union, Lincoln and Hamlin J'H'it,ons f.oai B. i-hton, Rieh- 2,000 Wide Awakes in Uni form. (,1 r:na,.'v.llIc' amI ono rnn ab°Ut n°a the largest and llnc.t demonstra'i n, by all odfls, ever witnessed in Io va. Th?re were fullv 23,000 'ople, and 2,0 10 Wide Awakes in attendance. Processions miles in length, company is decidedly the fin i with flags, banners and musk*, came in by the nu:ner ms rfids the entire popu'ation, I men, wmon, and children of Jefferson coun ty, seemingly weie there, and trains of 12 to 14 cars, densely crowded, iint at n on from the east and we.-t. The sc^ne on the arrival of the tra'n*, at wh'ch point the spectacle opened upon our vision, was the mo-t briliant and imposing we ever witnessed. The lev. 1 prairie south til tit u le, on foot, onh rs^back, in wazons, and over them waving in the breeze a thou sand banner.', biiiliant in colors, and multi farious in design. The day was bright and beautiful as ever shone on the beautiful city I of Fanfi' Id, and if there was'nt some citeinent then and there we are noiud-rc tnl/ccui!.nTtVep^ e uulu^Rlp'^tican party i P^ress of the interminable procession of -suspecting that the Dough,s Democracy, un of i ow t!i u the Committee, Wide Awakes, Minute men, Lincoln Rangers, !der the leadership of their State Central companies of ladies representing the states Committee, are laying th ir pipes for the and hundreds of wag ms, around the city.— perpetration of extensive frauds in Egypt by ly 000 b*3n casting around for a candidate fjr Su-1 hospitality on the occasion. Private houses Supervisor an da Township ticket, which rc preme Judge, and finally they have picked were thrown open, and all were ma le come- has been laboring under a scood deal of im-! After dinner, from several stands in the «*nd O. A. Dei by, lr jstees, T. Blake, Enoch patience and meri an office at the han Is ofsom"bdv. Fnding' son' thic distinguished gentleman excited because i others. The speeches were able but cannot his great pretensions had been passe 1 by, be noticed in detail in this connection. sucU independent Democrats as J. C. llall,! In the evening the Wide Awaes paraded, and tlie in epUtle to the Hon. Daniel F., sft soaping a!ii Iovva- Tlie city thc 1,etler ditional baiI was Ila!l. 2°°°' !, i .i boun-ied and irrepressible enthusiasm of the men of their own, than to take up, under the «... i PeoI"l! °f»tern Iowa, for Lincoln and Hamlin and Curtis, and to the same ex tent that it was gratifying to Republicans, it Harlan uiil »itivel\ lili the app itit-} Democrat*, a g»od many of who.n, we menLs made for him at Blakesburgh on Fri- i di}, and at Agency ity on Monday, the rij^eting will be fult-iii t^i» pui 26th and 29th in,t but the impossibility of. pla'*e nacessary. Will the friends at Eddy-1 Indiana, and Lonncelicu', which give ville s *e to it that tho above change of time i E«et\oral votes. Of the other States, the i* made known. Republicans are sure of New York, Massa chusetts, New Hampshire, Rh de Island, 1 Xhe aukesh^ ^Nis.) Journal strikes jej the Douglas fiig, and displays tlie Lincoln colors. i had a disheartcing,depressing effect upon the lcam,-d, But if the excitement was intense at the! Ec-ypt to be Coloxizer ry the meeting of the 'ong trains from the east and m:s. We learn from Central and Southern wes', it wa- ent:rely irrepressi!,!e during the Illinois that there arc the best of reasons for The city was alive with people, and tho en- 'the importation of "voting cattle" from oth thusiasm was unbounded. wel-|sul^'d i laoonngunner agoou ncai oi un- v».n«.c., uum otwim fuuus iuj| .-i 1- i because his eminent (jualifications! speeches were made by Gov. Grimes, Demerris and Jacob Sibei ell, Assessor.?, Job its had failel to recommend him for ^0T- Kirk wood,Senator Harlan, Mr. Thomas J.Jay, Clerk, Daniel Commons, Consta- Ra»kin of Lee, Kasson, Kramer, and 1J- Lewis and P. B. T. Tinsley. exhibition was the finest ever seen ""as one universal blaze t0 him to the neeessary extent to work upon added a fine display of fire works. his vanity and self conceit, and inviting him ^lc t!*3 blaze of 2000 torches wcra c^° torun. To this, Daniel replios, accepting.'"S"5* about nine, the Wide Awakes who Ac., though ofcours.' at gr:-at sacrifice to his' wore the °f this portion of the proeeed- leave by the trains, were escorted to Depot, where theii departure was greet- Part of the night giving ad- expression to their enthusiasm. A eoi»g off at the same time, in Wells' In the morning the city seemed still alive with Republicans. The Park was surround ed, and the street filled with a crowd of some lJu Awakes and 0thers' whos° Cn thusias n was perfectly uncontrolable. It exceeded anything of the kind we ever wit" resscd. Everybody seemed loth to ave, and at one time we thought thay were de termined to make another day of it, but about 9 o'clock they were mostly gone, and the fair city of Fairfield was left to its propriety. Thi- demonstration was gratifying to lle publicans, demonstrating, as it did, the un- werc present. The influence of that the Cth of spending so much tiin) with u as the Welnesday'sanpointmentat Eddyviile would Sure Thixg. Since the nomination rf render- Mr. Lincoln was made, the Republicans ry to a choice. Council Bluffs. or) taking out Illino -, w '.ich is the only Hon. M. L. McPherson, Presidential Elector State the Douglasites no* pretend to be sure of this District, and family, passed on tha of, (but which is "certain sure1'for Lincoln,) same day, tti rjuU lo. Uis reiidonce, at we still have six inure votes are neces Wint. .'rselt.* gjiry for the 152. PtitsoNAi..—lion. J»hn G. Read, tha pop-1 The Republican of Vermont are greatly ular and very efficient Superintendent of mortified because one Democratic Senutor tlie B. & M. 11. R., was in the city yesterday, has been clected in that State 1 Laying'Track.—A Large force are at! Judge Newman, of Burlington, favored work laying track on the Keokuk road, work-! our citizens with an excellent Republican ing tins way from Stringtown and the other speech at the corner of Front and Market Way from Ottumwa. It expected that the streets, on Monday evening. Quite a r.u:n car* will rim to tills city, from Keokllk, in ber of the Wide Awakes were out, and the two.weeks. attendance was considerable, though less ~z: than it wo ild have been with a more exten- notice. IflurAiy! ]Ho«ld«|r! shooting himself with a shot gun. Cause, TwkHn to Burlington on Sattfttiay wHl bet insanity, oonsequent upon cxcossivedrink goud on filet icjulai' train Monday. Iowa, on xUVomber next. have won great victories in the following States: Vermont, Main?, Pennsylvania, Hon. Caleb Baldwin, one of i Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and tie Justices of the Supreme Court of Iowa, Minnesota, which give 87 Electoral votes. passed irough this city on Wednesday, on Tota) 1( 7( or l7 more than the 152 nccessa- Slicing. —Peter And r.-on, of Mt. Hcasant, committed juicide, on the 13th inst, by at Turnout nt Fairfield i Meetiug nml l'olo Raining nt [Col. CurtiM and tin* Pacific Rail" A^ilatid road. TIictj was a large aiul very spirited Re- The following extract is from a private publican meeting at Ashland, on Friday last, letter written to a gentleman in this city, by oti which occasion a very fine polo was raised, Mr. Wilson, formerly United States Land peet'hes were ma le by Hon. J. F. Wilson I Commissioner under Fillmore, and late Land magnificent torch-light procession by the Agency City Wide A nakes, numbering with the ladies, over 100. This Agency City wc have of th? Depot grounds, an iinmene extent of open space, level as a floor, and civered with !WVIV entertained in the hand-omest manner an I the CJulf, great comm Tcial marts, that green sward, was litera'ly covered with the I b.v ciliz-,,s the of t1,e t-x.!Pelicans 0f or To give some idea of the crowd, it is only Aledo to the Springfield Journal, says: necessary to say that there were 28 compa-1 "The following I have from an unmistaka nies of uniformed Wide Awakes, averagng ^]e s0,irCp, to wit: Yesterday, a Democrat probably 75 members, each with a land, who lja»l lcoi» pretty activciii stumping the Work ^a°s' ^annors» transparencies, and do* ices of county for Douglas, and who lias not a dol- init(ee, an,d oth'r 1 plaws- & remains to be done, must be done quieklv?- I fS' Wag0" 2° °f We5f n"mcrous and from Fair- for they have already ten thousand Demo- lhere i oxen-- °VCr Has every Township been canvassed have Awakes in procession,some 100 and that they arc daily shipping railroad lists of voters been made o:it h.we commit-! I".1""? !8l°' Lndy pTlcstr h°rs,',nun- the march from tin Depot to the Park Arrived at the Park, the Wide Awakes were marched off by the citizens to dinner. Democrats, much to their credit, aided their neighbors in meeting this extraordinary de i mands upon tho hospitalities of the p'ace. All were provided for, and sumptuously so, a rao}"t from olhcr Stalc3 within the an(1 803 cnouSh wagons. The number of wagons in nil was vemher to overbalance the Northern Repub estimated at 1200. The procession must lican majority that thej'were successful in have been four or five miles long when on the central counties in Illinois in 183S by this means, and that they are bound to use the same means to success in I860.'' of F.iii Held, Hon. Elijah Soils, Republican Commissioner of the Illinois Central Rail-, TtnCLAKOKSTXEEIlSG OF TUX CAMPAIGN evening by Hon. II. C. Caldwell, of Keosau- he has been at Washington on Railroad bu- ""ocWtJ^^ it the 1 ha Republican meeting at Fairfield, on q»»- The attendance was large in the day sinews, ond is perfectly familiar with the «ame time. The IvjiisVure which elected Wednesday last, was grand bevond the time, and much larger, perhaps three times courso of Col. Curtis. Coming from such a th"s.' gentlemen ir fill th vacancies of Dela pawer of description—a glorious success—| as largo at night, when there was a most source, it i. indeed a cotnj.linunt. seed anywhere during the campaign. They this winter. This Road, and the Pacific nre perlertly drilled, anl the prosenco of the Railroad of Texas, as j*ou arc avvre, hive ladies, of whom we believe Ihcre are 55 con- engage 1 much of the attention of all tha leal nected with the company, adds an indis cribable charm. They attract much atten tion and elicited unbounded applause at sum on plenty receives it Com- with the instructions to bet freely, cratic votcrs at xvork on tho I1!illois CentraI Ra'Iroad and other Railroads in Southern very hne tca ns drawn Illinois that they have all been piocured W°ri3 Past fow wecks ans, hands and other Democratic votcrs into Lincoln («uaras numbering Ladies,, Egypt, and are bound at all hazards t:» have i "v"" '"Vv which he has so eminently graced such ln bofo:e the Gt!] of Xo" Admus !Voi5i!iiatioii. The llepubli-.'an.s of Adams met at their hall in Blake.burg and organ- i/,od b' calli"£ T- general thing. Fairfield maintained appointing Jacob Sibrell Secretary, and pro- nobly her reputation for generous ceeded to nominate a candidate for county Iil:lkp to lhc chair. n1 as follows: Supervisor, S. A. Swig- gette, Justices of the Peace, J. J. Langfeclt On motion the Ottuinwa Courier is Oct. 13 th 18fi0. Ticket* Tickets S The Republicans of each Township will please attend to supplying themselves with tickets. Send in the Township nominations and we will supply them at $1,00 for the first hundred, and 50 cents for eaclfaddition al hundred. The cash should accompany each order. It is hoped the friends will at tend to this matter early. quested to publiih the proceedings of this specimen of the dear old revolutionary and i meeting. Jacob Siberkll Sec, T. Blake Chairman. IIo\ Owen Lovejov speaks at Burlington that we show our appreciation of it and on Saturday, the 27th. It will be seen by more especially so, since wc find tha odi. reference to another col lmn, that the B. & ous Joctrine lately announced by an ex rep M. R. 11. run an extra Train on that occa- resentative of Wapello county, that "I will: sion, tho price of tickets to be only $1,00 from Ottuinwa to Burlington and return. This is such unheardof liberality, and so en tirely unprecedented, being only 1-6 usual fare, that we doubt net everybody will avail ^n(j ,nanj. themselves of the opportunity to visit Bur-1 Bfckesburg, Oct., lCtli I860. lington and hear the ablest speaker in the West. For particulars, see advertisement ville, on Wednesday the 31st, each meetin at o'clock P. M. It is is unnecessary to urge the people to turn out and hear Mr. Harlan. We have heard so many express a desire to hear him, that wc are sure that the people will turn out f/wuM, aL these ap pointments. Senator II\klax in* Wapfllo.—It will be seen that our distinguished and eloquent Senator, Hon. James ll.-irlan, will address the citizens of this and adjoining counties, at Blakesburg on Friday the 20th, at Agen-: Sclicitors, No. 44, Pine street, St. Louis, Mo., cy City on Monday theVjth, and at Eddy- '?n Campaign Subscribers will please take notice that their subscriptions will expire i Pic Nic and Excursion Seat with tite third number from and including the present. We hope all will renew before the close of tho time. The last number will be 83 vol. 12 old series. Tliree Cheers for Oregon. See the glorious news from Oregon an nouncing the election of Hon. E. D. Baker, Republican, and J. W. Nesuiith, Anti-Le conipton Democrat, as Senators to Congress, from that State. Right ok Way.—We understand that the K. Ft. D. M. k M. R. R. Co. have purchased the right of way over the grounds of Charles F. Blake, Esq., for the sum of $1,000, the same being the sum at which the damages werc assessed. Turn out to hear Senator Harlan at Blakes burg on Friday, at Agency City on Monday, and at Eddy ville on Tuesday, and go to Bur lington to hear Owen Lovejoy on Saturday. Fare down and back only 00. The Time'a Washington correspondent telegraphs that the Nicaraguan Minister no tifies the State Department, that a plot exists in the Southern States, to invade Central America for the purpose of extending sla very, under the auspices of a powerful com bination, o£ whiebtae. was tunply ascot. "v"* candidate for Secretary of State, and in the road. For the last two sessions ofCongrc3s! from Oregon. The elation took place on C/iicaoq, Oct. 1(J, I860. Di:Ait Sm :—The great Pa^ifi lload, to which you refer. I premrm, wi 1 hi consid ered, and probably disposed of, by Ccn^ross ing men of all parties i:i our country and no subject is regarded with more anxious consideration and none is n worthy of Fairfield. The speeches were aide and to jit. If they should be constructed, the effect! took placc this afterj)on. Twenty i the point, and they were listened to with in my opinion, will be, to make the valley of thousand people were preset. Tho late attention. It was designed only for a To .vn- t'ie Mississippi, and the Clulf of Mexico, the ship meeting, yet there were present in the great centra! tints of the trade of the whole evening fully 1500. Poisons from adis'ance .vorld and t) build up, o:i tho Mississippi vicinity who opened will monopolise and control the greater por- their houses, and spread their tables with a tion, if not the whole of that trade. In fact, most bountiful supply of good things. The by these means, and the adoption of a just Wide Awakes were treated to a sumptuous and t.ia'lF, the steady How of specie supper prepared especially for them. In from our country, which has enriched the short there are no belter or Wide Awake Re- merchant Princes of Europe, will at once be the aitU'le. i themselves in November. flowed from u will be turne 1, and this e!e-1 audicnce at the Court House this ening. States. A correspondent writing from dignify, command the cs'e -m and respect of I all and the vat fund of inf .rmation he has collected on the subject co.nmitte.l to his charge, which he knows perfectly well how to use to the best advantage, added to his purity of character, and extraordinary abili- ties, give him an influence and control, rare-1 Iy acquired by new members. I am not nt, all posted in your local politico but I cer-1 his duties of which he has discharged with so much dignity and ability. Sincerely yours, John Wilson. A Curd The undersigned in their own behalf, and of many others whom they are authorized to Township represent, beg thus publicly to offer their tribute of respect to Mr. J. II. Meckins, of this plac1, for the manly course pursued by him on Saturday night last, when he saw that the Republicans wcre shamefully molested in their peaceful mode of rejoicing over our late political success in certain of our Sister States. On that occasion Mr. Meckms give noble example of t':e true dignity of manhood, by casting aside all the paltry considerations of mere party and throwing himself into the re. scale of justice, order and fair play—a fine Jackson spirit, which said, "we inflict wrong, and we will suffer none." When we behold a sublime example of the above type, it is due to human nature support my party right or wrong." James Taunton, TllKiI'il Bi.ake, cwrm"r Glouck Dkuiit, A. II. Ghio\vu^ of oLilcrs Patents Ciraa««s»I to Western The following important Patents were is sued to Western Inventors from the United States Patent Olfiee, the week ending Oct. 1», lHi'i. Reportid weekly for the Courier by Broadnax & Gray, Patent Attorneys and Seventh and streets. Wash-1 Lecoinpton. one of their circulars of instruction. [This apparatus combines many improve ments of durability and utility. N. C. Cart r, Union City, lnd. Improve ment in Cultivators. A. M. Dye. Clinton, 111. Improved Fold ing Bedstead. (1. W. Grader and A. C. Wierback, Mem phis, Tenn. Improved steam Guago. James Hobbs, Columbus, lnd. Fire Es cape. [This machine is well calculated to save life and property from lire.] Salem J. Lamb, New Washington, lnd. Improvement in Harvesting Machines. Frederick II. Manny, Rock ford, ill. Im provement in Wmtioning Machines. ington, I). C., whose terms, it so desired, are 'f ho "Union" tOPOk-Iight procession is very con lit tonal—no patent no pay. Send for|. .. J. M. Perkins, Chicago, 111. Improved I.n- Robert Scott, Jr., Madison, lnd. proved Cotton Press. Henry Snyder, Dayton, Ohio Improve ment in Machines for Pulling aud Cutting Stalks. S. 1). Stout, Charleston, Tenn. Improve ment in Pumps. JainesI). Suitt, Indianapolis lnd. Im proved Device for Operating and Tilting Ta bles in Shingle Machines. J. L. Wells, St. Louis, Mo. Improve ment in (jompesitions for Tanning Hides. [The life, strengh and durability of leather tanned bv thi- process proves very superior. Albert Kleint.*iber, Milwaukee, Wis. as signor to W. Musgr..ves of New York City Improvement in Lamps. RE-ISSUE. John R. Rogers, of Sacramento, Wis. Improved seeders. Boston, Oct, 80. At 9:30 this morning the Prince and suite left the Revere House under the escort of the Lancers, and proceeded to tho Eastern de pot, where they took a special train, splen didly equipped, for Portland. The depart ure was made amid hearty cheering by the immense crowds present at the depot. The train started at 9:40, and was expected to run to Portlaud in four hours. Very brief stops will be made cn route. ^uiLADELrHtA, Oct. 22.—Complete ofQc&J returns make Curtin's majority 32,093,. a Glorious Newt from Oregon. Col. E. D. Bake* F.loctcd to I lie Semlo. BvtUe Pony Kxpvcs which nriivcl at Sk Joseph, yesterday, wfc mve the joyful new# o^. tj*o e|Jct on 0f Gf nnf^ than those of Washington Town- checked ond not only retained here, but lh «, Louisville! let. 23. i thip, and a good account tli'y will givj of tide of precious metals, whi.-h has so long Mr. Yancey eloqoently addtess\l A large Col. I). Baker" formerly this Slate, to the Ciited Statjs Senate /.on Smith and Jo. Lam wan chosen bv a convention of the Republean and Anti-i.e compton paities of the St no, and it is entire ly safe to sny that when p:r'ie divide in th? next Congress,'ictween Lhcoln Republicans an Breckinridge l)eniodr'.ts, Mr. Nesmith will b? found acting withithe firmer. The news of Col. Baker's eleel n was received with great rejoicing in Caiornia.— Chiang* Press and Tribune. 1 Rocl'ster, Oct. 23. The trot between Flora Tonple and Patch rains made the track heavy, kul there was a slight fall of rain just i s the horses started. Patchen won the fill, heat Flora the 2nd, 3d and 4th. Timl-2.29 2.29 2.28 2.80. I 'n.inr'aa two persons. mont of prosperity, by which other nations Salle, tct. 23. have been so long favored, will be enjoyed by n,Ceti:ig u. But it is useless for me to enlarge cn: Peru, and surrounding country is Uing held this subject, as I presume you have been here to-day. The meeting was addressed thoroughly posted cn it by your very able this p. m. by Hon. Tom Corwin, an^i in the Representative, Col. Curtis, who is chair- evening by Hon. Owen Lovejoy anil others, mar of that committee. By the way. your The speakers were greeted by loud s.nd fre citizens were most fortunate, and evinced quent bursts of applause. Much gojil feel their good ju Igment, in selecting Col.jCurtis, ing and enthusiasm prevails. as their Representative. I have seldom metj The proceedings are now being coiiduded with a gentleman, who so speedily and thor- by a torch-light procession of Wid3 Awakes onghly secures the friendship and respect of and a fine display c.f fire-works. all who csme in contact with him. His! York Oct °3 courtesy and urbanity, combined with real Oct. 23 New Oilei iiical Works A loiler exploded in the CV at the corner of Julia and ul ti i streets to day, demolihing a portion of tlw front walls of the Republicans o^i/i. Salle, The 8team8hip Ariel arrived this mo ning with the Califoraia of 0ct. ovcp ^800 ist 000 in specie# nn] hvl, Vo]ante werc slightly of jour o.\n State, t.iat his onstituents will, Many buildings were entirely washel long continue him i-i his present position, away—the and the in boats. and Th,.re vvas a hcavy palc nt Buenos A yres Au^,st o8th. During which, the British b.irk, 0rusader and Reciprocity collided in the baiboi. and both sunk_11 9eainCn los- ins thoir liver. Many other vcsscls mrc driven ftshore an i otllcririse badly dam4g|!J. Tho V(,s ,t,ls tamly hope, for the benefit of the nation at Two American vessels, the bark Da*n, largc-of the growing West and especially jnjure(J wcre chi(!f1y foreign_ damaged, inhabitants having to be removed Large quantities of hides, beef, &c., at the saloderas and bari-acks were destroyed. Independence, Oct. 23. The New Mexican mail, with dates to the 8th inst., arrived this morning. The companies against the Narajoes had been gone about two weeks. In their ab sence a band of Indians came within 8 miles of Santa Fe and ran off 220 mules belonging to Ellsbury & Ausbury. A coir pan v of 30 soldiers under command ieCapt. .. .. -i i of (iibbs, went in pursuit but failed to overtake them. A company of Mexicans from Pueblos also went, and recovered 60 of the mules. The balance are entirely lost, which will be a heavy loss on the owners. About the same time of the above trar.sac tic n the Indians succeded in running fr the Government herd at Albuquerque 100 beef cattle and made their escape. On the 6th inst. a band Indians crossed the river within 12 miles of Santa Fe, going in the direction of Gallisteo. The Governor and Col. Fountelroy are at loggerheads in regard to tearing down an old adobe building. Xo news from the Plains of special inter est. Cincinnati, Oct. 22. Official returns from Ohio give Brinker hoff, Rep for Supreme Judge, 12,903 ma jority. New York, Oct 18 The U. S.Steamship Crusader had a shot fired across her bow by a Spanish man of-war steamer,"when Capt. Moffett replied by liring and hoisting his colors and steaming down with his men at quarters, demanding what was meant.—It was a mistake the Crusader looks somen hat like the City of Norfolk, and h?nce the misapprehension. J. Cooper lias been appointed Receiver at ,ar*e nArt and *tmatcd Cyrus Uebolt, Ottawa, 111. Improvement various illuminations on the route. Several in Cultivators. delegations of minute men, Everett Guards, Francis B. Abbott, St. Louis, Mo Im- £c., present from Philadelphia, Boston and proved Quartz Crusher and Amalgamator combine other cities. at 20,000. There are fcNew York, Oct. 10. The obsequies of Ephriam L. Snow last evening, at the Green street Methodist Church, was largely attended by various Tem perance Societies. Addresses were made by Dr. Chapin, Mathew, Hale, Smith and oth ers. Detroit, Oct. 20. There was a ceUkioM on tho Detroit & Milwaukee Railway yesterday morning, two miles west of Birmingham, between a freight and an express train. Lines, mail agent, Nicholas, express messenger, and Wilkie, fireman, irere killed. Gfareland, Oct 20. A mail train on the C. & Erie R. R., go ing east, ran into a waggon at Painesville to day, killing Mr. S)lomon Stone and a boy named Dike, and injuring Mw. Dike, Mas ter Stoue and an infant. Savanah, Ga., Oct. 19 Tho Florenaarrived at Lybic at 5,o'clock, and at her wharf at 9 o'clock, Fridajr night, all well. Philadelphia, Oct. 20. Scofleld's woolen yam factory, in Wellen St, was burned last night. Loss $30,000. Boston, Oct. 20. The parties opposed to tho Republicans have fused in the 4th and 5th districts, uni ting on Messrs. Bigclow and Appl ton for Congress, against Messrs. Rice and Burlin game. Quebec, Oct. 20. The North IiritUm sailed at 10 o'clock with 84 passengers. New York, Oct. 20. The City of Manchester has arrived. Ad vices anticipated. The Representatives of the Great Atlantic 4 Western lines of Railroad have been in session at the St Nieholas Hotel during the Boston, Oct. '22.—A fire in Salem, Sun day morning, destroyed the Franklin bu.ld-! ings, occupied by several st'r the aruu ry of the Salem Cadets, the melodton manuf.iu-1 tory of E. T. Nichols, a primaly and a pri vate schotd, the club rooms, «Scc. Tiie build inj was valued at $-•"),000, and injured for $ 1H,000. Totid loss about 000. The reports indieate that the ship Black-! Hawk from Caluilt-i, for Uost n, befijre re ported missing, his been li st with all on board. She was last seen in the Hay of Ben- i gal, about the 15th, and afterwards portions of the wreck of an Amoiic&n ve.--gel wcre dis-1 vcred. WAsmxnTOX, Oct. 22.—Tho bids for the! new ten million loan were opened to day.— They amounted in the aggregate to about ten and a half millions within the range ofj 1 15-lOOlhs jer ceiit. premium. All the bids above par are acce| ted, and those at par are to get a pro rata amount of the re.-idue. The majority cf the bids are from New York and Washington, but. the following arej from theinteiin*: Lewis II*11n-o« k, Pough-, keeps e. $10,0 10 at par Bank of Lasalle, 11-! I'uois, $:)00,t00 at from 100 31-100 to 100 77-100 Bank of Tiov, $20.0» at 100 (50 100 Rufus If. King, Albany, $100,000 at to per cent, premium. New York, Oct. 22.—A block of houses on Sixth Avenue were burned this morning. Loss $20,000. They belonged to the estate ol'S. P. Townscnd. I Mr. I)wight, I'. S. Commis-ioner, K4ntto] Havana to take the testimony of Ex-p s'-' master Fowler in the case of the U. S. against Law and Conover, sureties on Fowler's ofli-! cial bond, returned to day with tile requited te.-timony. Brownsville, Oct. 22.—A party of emi grants from Utah arrived in this place on Saturday night. One of them named Allen ft. Morrow, was charged by another of the party, (Jeo. Millingman, a youth, of robbing him on the plains, near the lllue, of £:j'0iii gold, the result of 18 months labor in Utah. A committee of citizens was appointed, who investigated the matter and searched the ac cused, upon whom the stolen tnom y was found. The aggravated circumstances at tending the theft caused much excitement.— The prisoner is stiil in ru-todv of the sheriff. Morrow was on his way to Jane.svillo, Wis., where he has friends. Doing* at Agency. Mr. 1mt»r:-A Accordingly, under lite espionage of citizens who ought to have some sense of prop/iety and decorum, n couple of boys—almost young men— blacked them selvt- up like darkies, and acted like darkies—than which they can do nothing better—they persevered In Intultingthe Wide Awakes while the ladies were in procession. And they used language which is not1 fit to b- heard by ears polite, but which In their par-! lancc 1- their most sublime flights of speech. Failing to raise a disturbance Friday night, they retreated and held a council of war to prepare for fresh salies on the i Monday night following, which was last evening, And hating determined to cast the weight of the «g- i gresMou if possible, on the wld« awakes, they sound-! ed the ahrni and last evening (locked into town, and hung around the wide awukes like a thick cloud cf evil, tie menial* of the Agency Democracy. Early in the evening there was a fight between two email boys of the opposing parties, and that having raised lhc ixcitemcnt, tome wid« awakes spoke out, and suid the wide cwakes should be let alone, which raised the iro of some of the Democrats, and thenee it seemed they determined to have a fuss, for ln a body larger than the wide awakes they hovered around, nsln: insulting language, getting in the way, an not gotticgout, although politvly requested. The ladies desiring to await the arrival of the card, the wide awakes marched to the depot expecting to form on the platform, but the noble "Uutorrifled" having anticipated the desire, marched down in ad vance, and for.ned in solid phalanx on the atform, and being polit .'ly requested to give way for the la dles, moved "mry peg." The wide awakes not wishing to create a disturbance then peaceably marched away, escorted the ladles home, but while they were marshing away, the "L'n terrifled," but disappointed crew 011 the platform, shouted and shouted in glee, thinking they had awed the Lincoln men, and then hurriedly marched.after In guerilla style, and swiftly passed, aud gathered around the hickory ployed, and torian cheers for Lincolu, which was answered by the rabble giving three cheers for Douglas. Then the wide awakes give tliree hearty cheers for Pennsylva nia, which called forth no response. Then three will ing cheers were given for Indian* whieh were uot an swered, and then the wide awakes and liepubli can i pectators gave three for the Union, which the rabble answered by giving three cheers for "the White girls and the constitution. Mutters by this time grew pretty warm, some few of the company left the ranks while the majority were attending to some business, and having gone among the crowd, overheard some of the Democrats talk in sultingly of the ladies, aud one of the wide awakes knocked an insulter down,which raised a great com motion, and during the metre, some one injudiciously called for the "wide awakes," whereupon they all has. tened to the spot, but e'er they reached it they en counUred a few of the "I'nterriflud" bullies' one of which, a stalwart fellow, hailing I believe, from Ver mont, and one, I judge, who has more reason of pri. ding himself u Id lleenan, and yelled out,''Come Into lue," "Come into me," and while a Republican—not a Wide awake—was dolling his coat, hit him a blow that felled him to the e«rth, aud knocked him the second Mine e'er he had recovered from the first fall. 1 know it is revolting to publish such deeds, but tbe evil doings of the Agency Democracy must be uiads known. Some party Is to blame, and any court of law and equity, could not fall cf couvlctlug the Demo cratic party of Agency were it on (rial. The Deiuo- they are accessory,claiming to be non-intervention Ists, they interfere with the rlgh's of others. Claim- me fair IVr it is the mostmed icine I have, it has not liiiled to euro in a ningle instance. p\r s:tlc by J. L. Taylor, Uttuiuwa. See advertisement. Students at college generally complaia of ti un-remrtting attentions of fathers. The fruit c.op in Massachu setts, this year, will be the largest ever gathered. Col. Fremont's back taxea, thii yewr» *T» $335,000. few davs. The meeting yosUrlay The steamship Y.ndubilt and City of Baltimore sailed to day for Europe. Thai former took 1S1 passengers and 1.0JO specie, and the latt? 2C5 passengers and no specie. .« adopted a uniform tariff of freights for the Western Road?, which it is believed will pre vent competition ia business between lha varxus lines. citizen of a town'fhould always spread abroad the advantage!", tlie l.-»w and order, the peacc and morality that are Incident to his place of rest denco, and never give publicity to th« disorder, the uproar and the immorality Hint chance to hover «ver I his adopted home like a blighting pestilence. But when one loves peace and order, and morality, and lias some defence for the rtghts of man, should he live in a Tillage where such are rarely knowD, he should publish the fact, and thereby warn all men, so that they may venture with eyes op:n, and then if! they take up their residence in such a village or town i they can hldme no one but themselves. In a former communication I said the Wile Awakes of Agency had never paraded without being molested i in some manner, and uow I have two instances, f' fresh molestation to record. __ A company of Lady Wide Awakes having been I 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. formed here, on last Friday evening, they appeared I publicly and marched in precession for a short time with the Wide Awakes, and made a most respectable and beautiful appearance, suoh as would call forth the approbation of any respectable citizen. But in the mean time the Democracy had word of the af /dr and being chagrined, no doubt, by the result of tlie late elections, and rankling under the knowledge t.iat the Republicans of Agency had beaten them at evcrylaudible, and honorable undertaking and, being determined to wreak their vengeance in some mode, they know of no way of creating a disturbance, other tli n talking disrespectfully of the Lady Wide Awakes an! doing everything In their power without resort ing to open mob violence, to tlcvart, and insult tlie Wide Awakes while on parade. ItJ A It IS I Kit —On the 16th li«.,ut the resiJcnce of the bride's fattier by F. .1 Jcnktn*. Mr. Jacob to Miss t'ni.oa Jan:. Comstcxk, 34 Ubls SUGARS. SO kegs NAILS. "ulft as wheat," there will be heard no "lamcuta- Notlo-w, tlous"in Agency. VltHtTAP. CAI*(i, Oct. 16th lbOO. B00T8AND SHOES, 4c.,4c. Hoik all ef this) county. New Advertisements. O U A I E S O A S LAWRENCE & CHAMBERS Opposite I he Offuniwn House. OHO Fancy Prints ft! tfrctal* ptf Jptl|t ltU ingntl ovvr to*il at 'l®.V* ./ 300 American I'lttSIB, iH MfM* Ud ok Piktm Heary Ciinlon I"l«Bnrb at tt)f e«B^ regular price 14evito. 1 OH Pikcks new «tyle Drcca foods. 1 All Wool le La Ins- KNQL1SU MER1NOES ARB ALP.lCCXH. Faaef VmI Flalda tor Ladles Children. Lai'as Traveling Drest Goqdt. Hamilton and^acUIc D« Ulna,|*te|w»£r. Ladies Woo! Floods, Shawls AND COMFORTS, UUU STOCK Oi' FLANNELS, SATfSETTS, GASStMERES AND TWEEDS r« much larger than *w vffmd before. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots Lower than they can le bought elueicfure. 30 Bag* RW COFFEE, CANDY, TOBACCO, RAJSLYS, SOAP, CANDLES, STAltCIf, COTTON YARN At Wholesale. LAWROCE & CHAMBERS* Ottuinwa, Oct. "JO, l!-60. Grand Republican Eally! AT BUKMSGT0H, 1 SATURDAY. Ol'ToBKR UTth, 18G0. Hon. Owen Lovejoy. VMPARALLI:LEI) KEDUCTION i OF FARE, Bt'RLlKGTOM A TOISSOCRX UIYEB iiaii.I a 1 0. lj 1 -t to i-0 l£atc. As Follows Fron Middle-town to Burlington and Ileturn, CO eta. Danville New London, .Mt. Pleasant, tlieeau'jua. Ifiiilale, Fairfield, Whitfi.-ld, Uatavia, Agency City, 40 50 75 90 11,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00. From Ottuinw a to Burlington and Return, Aii Kxtra KxnressTrain will be run upon flie Bur lington and Missouri Klver K. K. for this occasion, leaving Oitmnwa and way Stations for Burlington and roturniiig as follows COINU EAST. GOING WB3T. pole, opposite which the wide awakes Ue-, Ottuiuwa, 6.50 A. M. Leave Burlington, 9.00 after forming a circle, gave .ten- ^^^01^ .V HI. it Held, 6.07 8.30 9.01 9.80 10.08 10,38 11.03 11.19 11.50 Faiilield, (•lendale, t'hecauqua, Mt Pleasant, New London, Danville, Mitlillitown, Burlington, New London, Mt. pluus..ut, Chccautua, Olcmlale, Fairfield, Whitftaid, Bat.ivia Agency CMy, Ottuinwa, 10.14 10.17 11.15 11.40 12.1a 1-2.8-' 12.57 1.28 1,40 First Class Passenger Cars will be reserved for tho Ladles. Tickets for this Train will be sold at the above named Stations Passengers without Tickets will bti chared full fare. II. T1I1ELS0N, Oen'l Ticket Ag't. HEKI), Vice Present k Sap'I. $200,000 worth ©r GOODS, la store an U the Eitabli.-tiiuehts of J. S. KIMBALL &, CO. 60 can-s assorted Prists, from 5 to 10 i ts. perys worth 10 to 1'JX ct»- 50 bales assorted Sii»i:ting, to 10 cts. per yard, worth 10 to 15 cis. 25 bale« jvi Cotton Ki.annki.a, from to 10 ets. per y ar '. 12 to 15 cts 25 Wales assorted Km*, WHITE low a LI. WOOL Fi. is.NKi.s, very low 20 bal (.il.vutiAMs, from lo to 15 cts per yard, w cts lo bales asorted LIXSKV.-, from lot:' yard, worth 20 to 25 cts 25 cases assoi fr«ui .3 to 12 cts per yard, worth 15 to 2o assortnl Hit kov Co., Wa.i tAUHF/rs. Mr. J. Monissoii of Tr.-nton v w., iu»*a, Juno :U)th, 18U0 S:.ys: "Since tlie introtluc- ...» prices defy tion of Christie's Ague Hnlsam, I can no other \j:ue Rcnu-dy, it gives the most pci l'eet satist'action. You will please send all liuMts a full assortment ef w Hi, Siiiktini crals are the aggressors, and it can be proven in any cts per yard, orth 75 to #1,00 36 cr jg asscm dli courtof law. They are not all engaged It is true, but Kami's, from 10 lo 15 cts yard, worth 5 S to 12,V cts j. 12^ to 11 cts 25 eases assorted Satink. ,« lo ct8 e^i DRESS GOO I) 1 |ng non-interference with good and evil, yet tliey ln- extent and variety, Extbk ri terfere ia (avorofevil! But swift retribution ma)* some Bo**bts Mn.l Mti-uxnav Goomi v.- y i day overtake them, and when the devil has them to Also a great variety Dry J", v CURTAIX GOODS, OIL CLOTHS, TASSI.I.S, iiimck.", MATS, SIIBRORS, O O E I E S In4hS- department oUr st„ok i e y e t- i 1 e v 1«-/«:h'.S.u Oct.», im. i- o u n Xboretho ®r,.I 'Y'"!1'aihhl,) extremely l.«w for C*SH or tw All ooiU prompt time buyers. J-H. KIMBAJX jewulbt LOST. C'».n.o,„ket8 ,„d Chain, .liunra nliiiature ofmvsrlf ,ll(, W jf "in-, mall, one not »:ileil. sam. to me In Ottumwa, wlU^uiT^iv Oct. 54, IM0-84-1M,/ ii aA3&.

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