Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, October 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated October 25, 1860 Page 3
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fr (The ®ltnmlu Courier. Local and Miscellaneous. OTTn.HVA, TO-WA. M.. 18(50. CI c:h»Mects regularly every err a xge A elmn^c oftimoon the R. & M. 11. road is announced. The large Packing House in this ci!y be in operation in a few dnys. 0 w Friday evening,over Hedrlck A Qille*plc'sStore,Front J street. Members of the party are Invited to attend. NEW YORK, Oct. 2:5 I:too.\n.—Th™ bo- specimen of brooms we have seen is from the manufactory of K. U. Woodruff, Eddyville, Iowa. Mr. W. i 4 engaged in tliU branch of manufactory on a larg3scale. We call atie-ition to the advertisement of J. S. Kimball & Co., in this paper. They have a larg^» stock i goods, and off.r grea' inducemei.t* t» thoe in need of anything in their line. When you go liurl.'n^ton call in and sre them. Lawrence & Chambers are selling pods like hot cak s. Teams loading for the coun try, almost block up the street. Tin ir whole sale prices and the quality of their goods take with the public. See advertisement. OYSTERS.—Messrs.Simons it Grube have a ldud Oysters to the attractions of their es iblishinciit. They have tho host brands,! fresh, by express, for sal-', and served up in any shipraw, stwrei, or fried, t» suit lovers cf the luxury. RUN OYER.—OnTuesday, by the up bound train, K. Ft. D. Jr. & M. Road, two cows.— The cow.*, were badly hurt, but the pnssen pjers escape 1 all injury. Tie morning was foggy, ob.w.irinj the track a (h"rt distance nhcad. old homestead. "Lav in" ample supplies of' rd.Jyvlllr RcpnViIicnu C'luh—Mectg FLOUR—Maikct henvy and dufl. tvery Monday evening at Vance A Benedict's Hall. WHEAT- Market heavy end a Rhntle Every body is luvited to attend without, distinction ofparty. R. W. BOYD, Pre»t. ff*. I_ lilos, 14,000 bush at ijl,20(^2,25 LEOCEI HOUSE.—Wo had another oppor tunity enjoy tha sumptuous fare und es-1 CT-llent accommodations of ih? above House at the lato Demonstration at Fairfield, and it affords us pleasure to say that friend Leggct is one of the best landlords in the State.— \Va advisa our f. occasions. word, let everything bo "did," that the I sotting io of winter will find nothing "out of joint." J. w. Itonn, Seey. Chicago spring §1,2:3^1,2TJ Mil. Club TI.US: TAttLEtW.*#. i'ttluLBOAA I $t,28 amber Wis. 1,30(^1.05J winter red wcst.Mii $l,45@l,5o white western. or time. Le*»e Ottumwa, 5:10 A.*.1:80 m. Arrive *i 12:21 P.M.10:00 r.B. COACtMS LEAVE IAIL 1*. Watt—For Des Moines, via Eddyville, Oskaloosa ud Pella, st 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at 1100p.m. For Charlton, via UI ikesburg a id Albla, at p. m. loath—For Rlunmfletd, and CentrcTillo, at 1 p.m. —For Keokuk Railroad, at 12 in. A. C. PARKS, Agent!* Office corner of Front and Market St.s.,Otturatra. When you want Boots, Shoes and Clothing, go to Temple'.', New Clothing Store. AMiMoTvrKi*.-If. XcxAMtKKR iii now prepared to t:ike Amhrotype pictures at lilti Jewelry Store, one door west of the Ottu'ir.v.i House, Front Str' «t. Call and *e»*pt.ciinen». [Oct. 25,13G0-3w. Rail- Thc communication of John Wilcoi is un *\oidab!y crmdwl out this week. Re :itLl: and fat h(tg4 aro cwiinj ward in larw lots. roR 1»CI mn TON!—Let everybody that fx ssibly, g) to liur!i:igton next Satu-d.iy. Only $1 down and back. Th post week *as another of business and act vity it our city. The new crops are be'ng broug'it forward in fair supply. Our mills are ding an active business— running day and ni^ht—ar.d are filling nu marou orders from Missouri. Mr. Win. Daggett his purchased a lot next ornor of Court ana Front Streets, on the West side of lh^ Public Squ ire, on which he is erecting a fine residence. Lmds to st »p with him on all' CITY, D. C. rHEWASHINGTONrespectfully ran.* L*«ins, tsiocK.s, Hums, and MOKTAUM pro *-lent of HOI-STY I.ands AMI '''ll'ntK o\"KGovemtueiit, the Court of Clalaie. Pt»paruui anivr«"i!»r*'i?li'"iV hu,!n advice Vo \cwlt t'loyd. Sin—You nre hereby nofMed that there I* now on ie in the office-if the Clerk of the District Court of Wapello county, Irtwa, a petllion of A. 11. Long k Co., 4'i.iiming of you one himdrit) and thirty-three and frt.v (ive-huiidrcdths dollars, and interest thereon, a* luouey due -n three promissory notes to-wll One note drawn b.v you to plaintiffs for twenty-nine and J-liM) dollars, dated January 1st, 157, al one day after il te, und one other note drawn hv you to aintiffs for the iuin of tifty-lour and Ki-lim dollars, dated Jan uary 1st, 1«0", payable one day after date, and one other note drawn by you to plaintiffs, dated Jauuary 1st, 1.V, for the sum of forty-four and .'IT-liKi dollars, payable one day after date all ..f said notes drawing ten per cent, interest. Also all account for goods and wares sohl and del'vered at your instance and request. And Iliat unless on appear and answer thereto and defend before noon of the secmnd day of the next term of the District Court of Wapello ccunty, Iowa, said be coniiiienci and held ou the 'Jtith day of and "Bill, why is your head like tie moon "I p,ire dat up." Wliy, because it is sup posed to l3 inhabited." To morrow is the day on which fatzy peo pto Work find fools reform. CO *1M12 CIA It, KYE—Quiet. Soles at 80^81. BAHLEY—Firw, fWa*, Canadian, 88® so. CORN'—Market shade easi'.r and rather nr-rj doing. Sales at ('iPJ@70, western mixed. OATS—Firm. Sa\s 37*@4 f« West ern, Canndian and State. WHISKY—Market heavy. Sales at 24. Oct. 4,1369-lm. Tui, i elSo»P i (.'iiiCAon, Oct. 23. FLOUR—Dull'ond at a decline of 12 Jc per bbl. WHEAT—Ma:ket closcd dull and heavy with sal-s of 44,000 bush at 86c for Norh western Club 83@83J for No. 1, and 80@ 80 J- for No. 2 in store. CORN—Mai ket declined 1c, with sales of 22,000 bush at 34©35c. OATS—Quiet. HIGIIWIXES—Steady at 19$c. w i i liccitts—Flour fur- 4",000 wh-at 120,00U «:orn 20,0'0 oiits l!»,000. .Shipments—Wheat 88,000 corn 10,000 oats 5,000. Freights—Qui-t. Exchange on New York 1 per cent COCBiBB OrFICK, Oct. S4. •S,l0Ct5,20 FLOUR (wholesale),...-. WHKAT CO UN SI1KI.LE0 CORN CORN MEAL OATS POTATOES (new) Sweitdo SL'OAR COFFEE SAI-T. HIDES, dry green COTTON YARM NAILS .... PINE Lt'MItKIt, common, M... clear, 8 grades.... SHINGLES LATH, At BUTTER LAKH TALLOW BEESWAX EGGS CHEESE SOItGlIUM PORK SIDES HAMS CHICKENS del QCATI.P, doz. DRIED APPLKS. ft BUFFALO ROBES HUNGARIAN fEEI) TIMOTHY IIISkEY. VINEGAR bll Probably more bu -iness of all kinds has been done in Ottumwa the past week, than was evtr done before in the same timo. A very lar»e amount of {roods have been sold, ill part at wholesale. Our streets have been t3P"Roraback's Compound Chemical Washing and crowded with teams, and have borne a buy, unbu*. l)Utliii£, active aspect. Hogs and Cattle Soap, though recently patcttted, has already attained for shipment arrive every day. Wheat is coming in, and flour is going out, to Missou ri especially. Winter is again approaching. Let all the arrangements (for old boreas,) be attend to, AND Toilet Soap, which I Obtaineil from you, I repard ..p ., as invaluaMe. Whatever other other patent inven aS tllC beautltul weather inost surely invitss tions miv lie, this one is no humbug. The ingredients v.iil i illior un lh sfrav imnlem. nfj nn.1 *hich this soap is compounded are perfectly harm yOU. uauiir lip In- stray impienuntN, anu leas atld so fjr from clothes lieini injureil by its use, utray stock, both of which should be housed. I 1 Dig and "hole" the "taters." Gather in the he soap will eadily remove Krench polish. Print I i s pumpkins. otew up (or down,) theSorgUin. finest fabrics, without injuring them In the least—| Pay the Printer. "Chink" and "daub" the 1 "chunks for lon jj Winter nighu. Maksths used. It is clieap, costiJtr only four cents per pouud. .. ti ...l. i .i n croilt. IlltSk an I crib the corn. Grind manufactured i.,, with me, all importaiil item. Fiftv tha buckwhcat. House the bees. In a l!e \n Iowa farmer who faile.' to sell his land last Spring at per acre, netted $23 per acre frjiu the prolific crop he has just har vested. To DAVID KIIIKH. CLAIM AGENCY AND General Intelligence Office. C5@.ns IS 2) 85 15cts. 80 20 fril 10® 12V Is (T6 20 *2,25 10 4 22* 4.2ft ....12507?'_'») oo ... 25 otia -iu no .. S 0('@.4 T.' :i DO 12,V@15 10 10 20 I'KACHES B^... LEATHER (Sol.-) Calf FUR8—Mink, No. 1 COON WILD CAT BAT OTTKF REVVER $ ft .. DEER $ lb 12}*@1.' 60 "(ftS 10@I2 1,00 «.% 10 15 2^28 C?-I.-2O 1.20 2sa-to 2&®l» ...... 1 ISO? 1 DO I 14rt?20 (KK3.1UOO '.".'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.".'.'.$2 @2,20 25 R.IK) SPECIAL NOTICES. S CO V ILL'S 1 SN»apBrilla and Siilliugia, or AM) I.IYLB SYH1P, CUKKS IB 1,000 SCROFULA. SCROFULOUS TUMORS. CIKI'S KING'S EVIL, MERCURIAL AFFECTIONS. nti:s WHITE SWELLINGS, SYPHILITIC AFFECTIGNS. tiiiKS UYSPEI'SIA, LIVER COMPLAINTS. crur.s DISEASED BLOOD, ALL SCROFULA DISEASES. CIRES MANY DISEASES INCIDENT TO FEMALES. JOHN D. PARK, Proprietor, 124 Lake Street, Chicago. bu/ undersigned would offer his aer- jsertion «f her by you, and absenting vie s to the public ia the purchase and Bale of bt!r without reasonable cau-e, for the space cf two years and more next preceding the commencing of this action, and cruel and inhuiuan treatment and a failure on your part to make ativ provision for her sustenance. And that unless y mi appear and defend before noon of the Second day of the next Term of said I.AND Patkms, L'ass- •i/o torelgn countries, Pensions, I.atnl Patents "'Wive upon the discontinuance of the various aw* Western States been returned ^j»l l.and Office in Washington City. |»at- Itor inventions, Caveats tiled, aud all bu- ents set i ljyii,e Patent Office at Un.led to. In fact giries* e /I all kinds of Claims before the Executive transacted, Information or letter,VW^" P'e,se enclose a fi Inaure a V "l^iwi def ult will he entered againstyW I A "MITED Nl MRER OP HOARDPltS WIT.f. Mf" judgment rendered th- reo,,. A accommodated the best. m08t See what your neighbors say of U e*"y made, aaa the cheapest of any uow in uae. This unprecedented popularity. It is used as readily in bard as soft water. OrrttMva, Aug. 31, 1SG0. i I G. E. A*pinwali.,—Dear Sir: I I The family right to man ufacture Roraback's Compound rheinioal Washing believel"'Ul"s .Vear will be saved ill the usual wear and tear which results om the use of other soap. I er's Ink, lead paint, wheel, tar, ic., from the l't,n£m'dich 0ther80B with whlch 1 a,u Th,e Toi 1 ut s"aP.,s aciUi4int-, usrful toT "bavin*, washing hands, and everything else fr which toilet soap is The Cheapness with which the Washing Soap is l'ust to°' of ,1,at clean, for*s»or °'ily forthe c''n,t!''.HI|J I an easily as you can make a cup of coffee. The fact, cl"thes can be easily washed and washed in fiarrf *ul/ihnr water, is of great consider- ation to me. I would not be without a familv ri^ht for four times ils cost. W. W. JOHNSON. Family Rights, formerly sold ftr |lu, each, but now washing soap, and #2 for the toilet an be had at the CO'cbibb Office. GEO. E. AiPXNWALL. You are hereby notified that the Petition of Mary Rider will be on Ole in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Wapello county, Slate of Iowa, by the first day of November, lSlin, praying for a decree of Divorce, n rinrttlo from the bonds of matrimony between her and you. as her present husband, and for alimony, and the custody of George II. Kider. a minor child of her's aud said David Rider. The said peti tion setting up as cause for said Divorce, a wilful de yourself from Court to be begun aud held on Ihe 20th day of No vember, ISdO, default will be entered »'.-:iinst vou aud judgiueut rendered thereon. MARY RIDER. and judgment rendered thereon, In accordance to the prayer of said petition. II IYES, Att'y for pl'ff. 1 1 Per her AU'ja, WlUUlM A ttAMILTO*. Oct. 4,1880-12 80-4W. To MARTHA HATCH. You are hereby notified that, o*i or before the first day of November, lstfn, there will be on file in the office of the Clerk of the District IJ.I.IVKICY, .l|||.I.IX:iiV! MRS. PA III'ELL has just returned from the Ka*t Willi i large and well selected stock of Millinery Good* consisting of Ribbon*. Flowers, Feathers, Head Dresses, and Velvet Ribbons ulso Dark Straw lion nets iu variety Silk and Velvet Rounds, and a variety of other things too tedious to luclilion, for all of which she expects to find a demand, as her selec tion was made iu rt fe'ence to the increasing popula tion a: improvements in the ta«te of the ladies of Ottumwa a id neighboring towns. Ila\ ing the lat.-st styles for dresses and cloaks, Mr*. P. intends to suit all who may favor her with a call. She inte .ds keeping on lund a supply of Furs and C. rsets. tor In lies. Ocl 11—Sl-IiMs-6-1'3 PitIVATE BOAKDING. ltt S W. tl'MMEOa, Att'y forpl'ttt. P»''«r WJo for d«ji'hoard. Apply to 0ft 25 I 8U-S4-li-4w. i Ostobor 11, CM tf. Mas. R. L. T\ 00D. bonrdtn* and lodging a o i v New Store IS THE PLACE BARGAINS! K !V CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, IIATS 9c, CAPS! I DURING THE NEXT TH/RT/\ DAYS, We have just received a new lot of I WE WILL SELLl EXTREMELY LOW! To make room for Fall Goods. e SILK AND CASSIMERE A. B, Also a few pieces CASSIMERE, which we will NIKE (TP TO ORDER, aud WAR* RAXT YO PLEASE. A. D. TEMPLE FT CO., No. 2. Main-St., Ottuiuwa. o. A New Breed of Elephants! SECOND FALL AXD WINTER STOCK\ DEVIN'S, Opposite IIuw! n 's, I'nmt Street, Ottumwa. Cash and. Light ProfEts. BARGAINS/ BARGAINS!! of every description Heavy Stock of NO. 1 PRINTS. DELAINES, CUAU.IS, BERAGES, DEBEOVS Aipaceas( MERINOS, VALENTIA Plaids, Wonder.s In the way of TUIAIMING? an 1 NOTIONS of those CHEAP GINGHAMS—Fast Color*. LLYCOLXHATS, DOUGLAS CAPS, BRECKINRIDGE BOOTS, BELL RIBBONS, ADJf/SIXTHA 7/OXatlOES, BOUfiTOXNaubet*, Ac. CLOTHS CASSIMERES,: SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Flans nets COTTONS &e., for the MILLIOX. GROCERIES, Tobaccos-Ki'"1' TP A CJ..LAROK STOCK—Beat and ahupeat JL LilO in the Country. COFFEES, SUGARS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA. SOAPS, SPICES 4c. HAHDWARE— SeUlug aad giving away. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. P.-(5II--.'--1-J y. T. DEVIN. Oskaloosa Nurseries. ONE, A HALK MILE EAST OK TOWN Anil the other— ONE AND A llALt' MILLS NORTH. I The undersigned having purchased Seever's Nur series east of town, and a portion of Zimmerm.inV, North of this place, hold themselves in readiness to till orders and supply the trade on liberal terms, i We have some I'S) varieties, and at least 2.\inm treoa suitable for transplanting the ensuing Kail. All these vat ieties are hardy and of tiie fruit-bearing kind suit able to Ihi*. climate. Wc- will also keep ou hands a general supply of W EVERGREKNS, SHRUBBERY Et". Etc., I of all kinds suited to this climate. Trees from tiikric 1 TO KIVK vkaks oi.n Hill be sold at KlEl'EEN CENTS each, and purchasers can have the privilege of ma iking their s.•lection. PYLE Ji DL'GDALE. Oskaloosa, June-I, I Mia U-15-y NEW LUMBER YARD. I OTTI 'IHA, IOWA. TSMTR have located a branch of onr Burlington Yard at uttuaiwa, where will be found at all limes a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, and Shingle*, which we will sell at the very Ion est prices, for Cash. Persons about buying or ordering bills of Lumber, would do well to call and see for themselves b. fore purchasing elsewhere. CAJll'liLLL a MtiCjjii&K. Mar. 18,160.1-1 T.'y ksthat notice. I BYVKEN up by Jaiues Anderson, at his resldi tic.. I in Columbia Townhi| Wapello county, Iowa, One Sorrel Mare, with white feet, small white slrip In lb. .rebe l.1, a scar on the right thigh, some harries* matksan marked by collar ou the top of neck, about hands high, supposed to be from nine to twelve years o!d, and v.tlued at Forty Dollar* before R. W. Ilovd, a Justice of the peace, on the l^lli dav of July, 186i. JOSEPH 11AYNK, Ollumvo, Aug IS, '60-4w NEW B00T& SHOE STORE. Opi'U.-ITK C'AUnuLL UUL'iE, OTTI MIU'A, IOWA. THEGeneral undersigned ha* ju*t received and open,I ngd a Assortment of ROOTS A SHOES, whiilh offers to the trading publle al living prices, 61 Wholesale or Retail t. ODDLL. October IS, '6tl—12-32-tf CAIAj AM) 8KB A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Uicharil's three story Brick, Front Street, Ottumwa. JUST RECEIVED THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF S O Y E S Ever brought to OUumwa. THE CITY TRADE: rr.O MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOULD B. say, that, with ref re'i'e to their wmits, I have supplied myself with a stock of Parlor, Box and other Stoves and wares in my line, which for cheap ness and adaptation to the demands of the season, have never been equalled in this market. N. II. Do not fail to examine uy store room and office Stoves before buying. Fifty Tons old Iron wanted. A!»o old copper. brnML pewter, and rap*, for which will pa.-, in stoves anl tinware, the hijrheM irket prices. Oct is, lSCu—ch.J2 ia A. D. CULVER. Txew ¥ew goods SPLE.VDID LOTS OF COATS, PANTS, VEST? HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SI10£S CUM PANTS, SHIRTS STOCKINGS, GLOVES, HANDKEUCIIIEIS, OVERALLS, GUM GLOVES, GUM SHOES, CARPET SACKS, POCKET BOOKS, CLOTHS, Qucenncarcy t1&rl. F^fritT Entire. raiAKEN CP bv John M. Purder, at his residence In I Pleasant township, XVapcllo county, Iowa, on the l«.tl day of August, IMin. tuo e.stiaysof the following description, to-wit A bay mare, supposed to be thir teen years old, cap of right hip knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown tlItv tl.riv years dd iast spring, tn'th hind feet white to the pasture joint, bl»ae In the lace and scar on the right shoubhr. The liny mare appraised al brown lilley at $*i."i, before Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justice of the Peace of said county JOSEPH IIAVNE, Sept. tT, lil'., £9 12 S»n Count Clerk. CITV PltOPEHTV I'OH SAI.E. A Private residence on Second Street, near corner Jm. of Marion, for sale at a bargain, and paitlv on time. Possession given immediately. Enquire al thisofhreof J, W. N0RRI8. January C*,'40. UMBRELLAS,jgpR CASSIMKRES, SATINETTS, JEANS, COTTONADES, and all nrtieles usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call in and examine the Stock. CIotMag con stant lv made to order. Ottumwa April 12th, '60-25-ll-eh-fr-t8. NEW GOODS! !VEW GOOMI Just received from the Rast at J. A. SCHWORM'S GBOCNTY A^D PROVISION STORE Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A LARGE AND SCPKRIOR STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries Frttils .\ui% CViewing and Smoking Toljaccos, Cigars, AXI RCAI, HAVANA TOBAfrO, AT WIIOI-KSAL.K & HKTAII.. Loots and Shoes, AH of which will be sold for Cash at the •cry Lowest Market Prices, Or changed for Country Product. WAXTFO—HIDES, for which will be paid the very highest market price iu Cash. Call ai.d examine goods and pricc*, in Daura'a brick opposite the Ottumwa House, Frontal. October Otli, ch-3u-oldl&-ll SCMME" ARRANGEMENTS MWM TIII: WI:STI U. VI I: IO.UPAVT ARE now running a Daily Four Iloise Line of Pn.t Coaches, from Ottumwa to lientcnsport, passing through Drakesville, I'dooinfleld, Trov, Strintflown and Keo«auqua, making sure couuections with Ut* Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'v line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre* vllle, connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to Corydon, I.eon, Decatur Citv, Mt. Ayr. Plattsville, Clarinda, and through to Nehra ka City makinf quick time aud sure connecfious at all points along said lines. per Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find It to their iulerest to take this route. Stage Office, corner Market k Front Streets. Ottumwa, July ilth, 1S5'J. A. 0. PAH&S, A*"*. OTTUMWA Male and Female Seminary. Rkv.J. M. McELUOY,a M., Principal. Mis.sM.C. HALLOWAY, MBS. LIZZIE D. WOODWARD, Drawing a*4Vroach. Rkv. S. H. WORCESTER, Oil Painting. NOv.-orthywill eff.rt be spared to render this Institution the continued confidence of the friend* of education. Tuition, per term often weeks from $ "I to accord ing to the branches studied. The next Term com mences Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, ISfirt. For further Informa tion write for a circular, or apply to the Principal in pwaou. Sept. 2T-W-12-ly. Garside's Patent Fence! rg^HK titideritfne.|. ivinc purch H. the above P.ite'st Fen-e, for Wap the Right of 11 o County, of­ fers tiicpjohc an opportunity of availiu* themselvoa of its ad vantages. Its cheapness alone, recommend" It, to say nothing of other if ranttg? over lh® Id fence. Any infringaieuts of this tent will lie prosecuted. Town, Farm, aud Township Rights ate to he had by applying to or addressing A. U. K AIOS. Sept. ST,'tk).-trj CoraifK OrKttE, Ottumwa. plow t:akis( r|^llEsubscr.oerre«pectfullyinforms his friends and I. the put III- gener-lly, that lie manufacture* all itiuds of plows, aud is prepared to supply the Farmers of Wapello Co. with an article unsurpasscdin material and workmanship. Klaeksinithitiir in all Its various branches, horse lliocing.ox-shoeiag, and jobbing of all kind*. |W Remember the place, the Lower Steam Mill. Ottumwa. Peh. 1 lth.l^AS-nAO-v I TIIK AARON MYERS. ST N I-I CIJ TTIN (i. IIIK subscriber can furnish Cf'T STOiTF for for House Work, till«, caps, or anv other kind of Stone In use. Also rough 8tone for cellars, Ae 40-ll-ch.8SI3-y Wm. tlALUXE. subscriber can forolshl'I'T STO^f for for House Work, silk, caps, or anv other kind of I I,,,,.ofresidence*can.... CITV PtlOPEIITV. OTS for resldencescan be had l»w and mostly on A time of J. W. NORKIS, Sept. 13,13.19. Courier OWee. S- O ir* Jr 13 HA Ml 1 :m O V1:1» to comer of Front and CHEAT ATTRACTION! J. LOOMS k COj IIAVC •rr.'v bcceivik« I he last four weeks, their GROCERIES, goods: 8 E S & W O O W A ARB COySTAXTLY RECEIVING FROM THE HATS, CAPS, Bonnets, WIUCU NOW MAKES THEIR STOCK I Our TOotlo "LOW PR WES WIN," Is warranted by our purchasing from at the 1/wcst pusiiblc prices. SPRING AND SUMMER CJoths A cawimeres -STOCK O#- Staplo and. Fancy first lnnds, and selling to a clwe, I proin'it, paying traJe, I I for Cash aud Ready Pay Ouly. TO ALL SUC1I we shall offer throughout the season, a complete and aim COATS, UNSURPASSED STOCK OF 0 S U E I N A TRUNKS, Staple and Fancy PIECE GOODS, GROCERIES, O O S A N S O E S HATS & CAPS, O N N E S i YANKEE NOTIONS, kC —at— WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, We will pay the highest market price for every variety of PRODUCE. We will pay the highest market price in cash, for WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. J. LOOMIS SL Ottumwa. Oct. 6,1 $59 -n-'ii CO. SAWKjNS, EXCHANGE, —AND— COl^kECTION OFFICE, OF EDWARD A. TE.HPLE St CO-, orrrsnvA, IOWA. The Ag Ut ntl Miss M. K. WILsON, AMlatan i' M1.ltsi« i:n ilT IIAVT RE* moved th.-ir Evchange othce from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, an.) are prepared to transact any business pert.lining to Bauking, Exchange or Collec tions, which may lie entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten year* in Southern lovta. will enable u» to ivudertatisfaction to our pat i ons. We sell jfcM UitAFTSON NEW VOHK^O and other eastern points, in sums to suit purchaser* and can also f.irnish Exchange on KNGLANIl, IKKLVND AND SCOTLAND. AND ON GERMANY, FRANCE, SWEDEN, DENMARK, AN'1 ALL OTHER Cut NTUlES Utf lUjllOPM, a* well a* collcct raoiuy, inheritances,audo*erjr oth er elalm in foi elgn counties. We receive Dcp-irits and issue Certificate* which bear interest only by spvcial agreement. COI„I. IO. made payable at our office, 111 be remitted for, Ht current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, will be remitted, less exchange ami expense of colleciiim.— We will also pay attention t- securing doul'tf .1 debt-. Par::, s ], d.lilij L,AN'I WAUKANTH. We wili at all liiii-s ptv cash for Land Warr»*»ts, and will also attend lo the location of them, or the eutry wUh cash, of Government land*, in lotv.%, oii M::si in! FALL AND WINTER GOODS, Dill EOT 'FUOM ¥«Ui UAU'V. i C. C. Warden,,** i receiving and NOW OPENING a large ami fashionable srrck of Plain, Y O O S d*» Hals, Caps v BOOTS & SHOES, Boots and Shoes, And a complete a*«orf in*nf of evorvtliinx »o c.Und .ie, meet the wants of inriivi Inals or families in his rhri-mnjna. |in#» of tra'le.romiiri'ine in part follow: I'J'-a«ai»l, Black aol Fanry Cassiraercs, Broad Cloth, Satiuefts TICKS, PHIRTIXGS. STRIPES, CORDUROYS, BurlingfoB, jea y\ i)/:.\rxrx .. bit, BLCACXIf'.n .V CO'I WO* .UIUIXK) I N S R- men, See., FAMILY HOC ERIE*, "nehasTe*. Co flee, Suar, Klee, Dried Frail,Soda,! Tobacoo, Yinejrar, Soap, Jfcc. I1A 111) W. Ill-J CUTLER Y. G1a*« ami N.iili, Builil^rA material »ml hmtsp I'ini«liin£ £ool*. And lias an eiilire alock ci-inplete in ewei lliinj that «votill comprise] a stock for'.lie iimes ami fortliis vicinity, all I of which he is anxious to dispose of for tne Tfady pay. or to approved customer*. All kinds of Country produce taken in pay fur: Gooil?. Mf solicits a't esnuiinatioii of e«*oil» ami pricesaii'l ill take ple.iMire in sliovvibg! you Ihrougti whether von boy or not. April 1118*1. OTTI' n W A CARRIAGE FACTORY! ilHK undersign would respectull.v solicit the at-|ceiva now possess for uiannfartiiriiiif CA lil! I At! ES & WAG ONS, of e^'ery description, after the m»t in-proved styles, as (food as can ic obtained Ea»t, aud jpoiisat lafiiptor\ t.-rins. Those w'jliiup to purchase will please cul! anJ ex amiiie iny stock. tS^Uepairiug promptly attended to. I OAL !. OAL!COAL! anl IIILTON A IJUO.. ire now selKng a flr»t-J rate article of Coal at »i ct per bushel at their I Hank one half mile from town, on the Dahloneaa road. are prepared to deliver Coal at S ets. per tuishel auv place in the corporation. Orders may .e left at tlM-ir residence, in lh.- ,-e, n.l block north of the Court House, which »iil I..'promptly alte:i.U-.l Tert.t». Cash or Readv I'ay [ft. 11 th,-:.!l-12-3t INSURANCE. NEW ENGLAND niij ASI mailing INSURANCE COMPANY U iijj -s- C8Ar,TEF,LCCAFiTAt5i5C0m ,-CA,SS C/J?ITAL,52CC.0C-X n !:a\* Stirphts. e£&!uiih\?r,:sr^. XMhirmxx.. rr Policies issned on as favorabV terms as by any other solvent Company. A. A. STL'ART. A|t., For Ottuiuwa and vicinity. SP.EGIAL JH0TXCH! noun nSVEtJCECOJIPAJIV! OF Now Yorlc. C'IMII Capital, and collecting Uiicuirent .Money, Draffs. c*r lilicatcs of or llil a o Excliaugc, PayalJe AT SUiilT OR ON TIME, In any place,«an have them Cashed by calling at car office. '•'A\EK,—We have correspondent, in nearly every county In Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents and «Miers, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required in advance and ail orders should he sent us by 1st of Jauuary. A. We have amjile «srai«gementsforthe s.-ieetion of,|»r slrabie lauds in the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. l,Al)V-«'e can furnish emigrants and others w,,h fir"* rate 8 »"h 'he central comities of this unimproved land tn this aud the south­ ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be h*4 a* "cheap as dirt." TOW* i.ors. ,, Osceola, Aftoti and Mount »vr, all gooil county Towus, OTS for be had low :iud mostly on three of which are on the line of the Iturlincton A 4 time J. NORKIS. Missouri It. R. II. parties desiritig residence or business lots, iu any of these poiuts, wt give good We have over two 'uridied t.rvri lot? In fh^rfton, R» Parties at a diatunce, desiring information as tothe Oo«rt property offered, are requested lo corresponil with Streets, to the ctand latelv op.-upled he J. B. us. Allothers will |-.'--i«r- rail at our olflce. on Market D-l .ee and formerly by Charles Lawroure, where bo At. two doors from Fro ,t St.. Ottumwa, Iowa. will be happy to to* hi* friends. A new stork eipeet-' KD\V'D|A. Tl'.TSPX.E A: CO. td la a few dagrv f0et.ll, i*l-13 Oetebor 6 l«»M-tr" -4w •IMP $1,090,000! Assetts, 1st Jan nary, i860 I .-t-'cvWti is. Liabilities, 42,.%^ 4-% CitAHLRS J. MARTIN, Paesidcnt, A. F. collect.-.| WILLVARTH, Vice President, md j. MiltosSmith, Secretary. rf^ms well known and relWbt# CVuwpa iiavwsg, established au Agency »t tlttuoina, for Waj»ell«' county and vicinity, are prepared to insiue Dw.'llin-'s, Stores, -trul otiier Huildinssa, MERCIIANDt/.E and FIT!:ITURF., against DWELLINGS and FtUM PROPERTY In- -V4/ suri-d for periods of THREE or F1YC year* at fair rales. e-iulUibly (Hljittlffl au4 prom i!'ft pai't' Applications received aa| policies Issued whhaut delay. K0MUN0 L. JOV, March 9-8-I8-Iy Agent. IICTfy&O FIRE l\sm\t'E fiuriim ail St rai-ri' A. HALDWl.V Ottumwa, Mar. lit.lSSJ-flMy OGDEN & COPP, Sueeessors to Mendenhall it Wii nam, 311 u wrwaroing iiLRCHANTS AND O^uiieral Freight Agout.- ,, NEAR TIIE KAILROAD DEPOT, OTTT.nW A IOWA, |g* LiberalCaatadraat.esmade on Produce for! Shipment. 11-U2 tf. City neat ^Iark«t. Front St. 2 doors east Carroll House. OXXTTIwOTW-A*, IOWA. 1 J1 I n I.-!—' Thrt.ui.-h Frtiicht, property can now bp-hip uoijibissiob I'll ^subscriber, grateful ~t favors, would say to ti ll.' lie that bis market, epen nearly four years ago, is still in full |bl«s'. v. increased facilities to furnish seasonable i aii ».!,.? at all reasonable hours, at tlie luw est living rates. Tallow, Lard, Sausages, and every- thing usually kept in a City Market for sale. The highest market price in cash paid for Fat Stock S Tornis Invariably Cusli. ty Thosehaving unsettled accounts or not-» doe, i W®1 plea.secall all.1 iv in. J. W. RltOWIJ. I I I O I S I .% AND AFTER MAR. 1. and until full ... ti«'u Is *iveii, Passenger Tiains will lck|p«i»l arrive as follows »T\HIINS. I II In IN'A II. Atiency i.y, Catavlii, Willi field. MiddleloWS. Mari,,,0B4 v u i a o u i n o n & u i n FOREIGN ANT) DOMESTIC ilN( iIAMs' DEPARTUB,E3: Besides a jreat vaiiety of I*i«snoi»£-rr leaves Bur. 7 Bress Goods! '••••'-TJtfp.aido W O E A N I E N Which could not lie enumeiated in an ad verti»em»ut lilce tills. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of tils stork will be to call and look through for yourselves. I a:n alio receiving a well selected stock of C. C. WARDEN. n C3-OHTC3- WEST: CVU*MIllkttVtt+ •tATIOJlS. Burlington, i 1 1 i o i i Dlinville, M«-w Londnn, lit. I'liaian'., Clieeaii|ua, Ul'-ndnle, Fairfield, field, Bs'.IWH. Aftencv Citv, OttMVli K\rnf.-ta. .".so a nt,l«ar«, M. 9.10 i Hf.T 4.VJ v,)0 V u H.lil lil.n ln.JU ln.67 p. m. 11.2T 11.44 12.07 Ml I2.IW 12.i0arrlve. Ml lv.rO arrive. OOI3STO- EAST LOOMMOPTTIKN 4.15 a. BI. leave. 4.4V 6.V4 5.M «.*» 7 v* axra»a« •.An p. ui. IMtva t.fu 844 4.1« 4.V7 4iHt H.4A V.»'7 ew i..,,,|on, 6.5o e.2» «4J «.f.l T.iW arrive. 10.11 H'.Hl 11.10 arrU«. i. O. KK.AD, Ylee Pres'lan Sup't. 3d r.v«ninir do do AERIVALS: I -it- lIorll,^I*aa«cug'erarrivesatDur. T.lOa* 2-1 AC-(-OIII]*U do do do S.Ofip.m 3 I livi-n'tf do do do 7. IS p. CHICAGO RAILROAD. ID T''P above trains tnakr close connection* with lHa B. M. K. R. at llurlinjrton, ami with all 11- e a eastern thoroughfaresut Chiengn. J. REMICK. OenM Ajr U. A 4.R.K i, R. W1TI/ROW, Pu."sen|fer A^ciit, Ottiunwa. ptTT*ipi »f3. IOMT WAlNi: AND Sow completeil, and cars ran from Chicago ta Mo burg without change, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wa slilnf ton City, and all the Interior towns of IVnnsjl vai la, New Jcrsy, New York, Maryland, So.* Merchants by taking this route will have the tienoSi of all the eastern market* at no additional i»tt. liagEag'- checked llirougb. Trains leave the depot, corner of Canal ami Tots liureti streets, west side, twice dally on arrival of trains from the west. connecting at Crestline with Ctevetand •&<! Lake Shore Kallroad to Dunkiik. Iluffslo, Nf airara falls, New Y «k and l:okt n. HIMI all ll« interior tonus New England via New Toik C.ntml and New York A Erie Railroads. Also £oii:li to C'oiuinhiis. /anesville, Newark, Mt. Vernon. Stt uhenv ille, U heeling, and interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. The above trains connect at Forest with train* on Mad River Road to Spriujjfleld, I'rhana, Dayton and Cincii niitl. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton and Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROUTE. Passengers bound esst will find this route both pleasant and agreeable, passing throug man .'uf tho iaigest and finest cities in the I'nited Stuti s. Passengers arriving In Chicago on any of the rood* will find attentive check agenls at the detmts to re rhecks i 11.1 onve.v baggage free v,f charge to tho i Pittsburg aud Chicago cars. Sleeping cars uccuipany e.irh train. 1 Tickein for sale at. all the principal Ticket Office* In the NVei-t, anil ..t ihe Company's OHIce, cofier »t-Itan- dolph and Dearborn streets, opposite Ihe Kevere IIoush. or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal and Van Isureu streets, Chicago. lie particular to ask fur tickets hv Fort Wayne. D. F. PATRICK, Ticket Ageafc. Freight of ail ktmla will he carried from Cbtcago to all points East at all times, at as low rates as acjr otb if Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SIHPPtS. The Pittsburg, Tort Wayne and Cidcago Ralttsro4 vuni i i u. u. 1.0. ior lite Co. having eRented an arrangement with the Pennsyl vania Central It. I!. Co. for the transportation of ped by I hi* LaJtiiaore, New despatch plavcs: Contract' can be made at the following No. i Aslor llouse, New York. No. I S. William St., do No. K Hatterv place, d« No. T* Washington st., Boston. No. 8 Dock «t.. Piiiludelphia. Depot, North street, Bnliimore. Depot, Charles street, West tide, near Vaa »IH• Hr-iet briilge, Chicxgo. Mark pxekuges via P., Ft. M'ayne A C. B. ft. For further information apply to JAS. \X. Ml'SSON, Freight Ag'tChloac*. J. J. IIortJT'iN, Gen'l Freight Ageut Chicago. Chicage, .Mar. 1^ 1 -.'Jc. I:XPB£M,RASSRF I:R a FB' ICNT BUI"IE, -VIA- Jew fork Central, Great Western, And connecting Roads to and from IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. The Roa.le forming this old and reliable route from the Seaboard aud the West, have organized a PAST FREIGHT LINE! Giving perfect reliability aud greatly incrensetl dispatch to Freight—the trains lortuing the Line, East and West, run with the satuo regularity, making as sure connection al the termluus of each Roail a* Through Passenger Trains. CLOSE CONNECTIONS MADE— With Express Freight Train* on all road* diverging from Chicago, and Western Shipper* can rely upon having their good* tecelve utmost despatch. During the Season of Navigation, tht Fin k Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shipped via Steam or Sail Yessels, amounts la many case* to More than the difference between rail or water rates of freight, be»h1e the difference of time, a* will be seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by sending goods all the way by rail road: Value per 1001W. Dry gc,oi| Igti'l ast'in't) fSfl.t)0 books and Stationery (rom'ii) Ti.04 Gen'l s: ck groceries (except Suaat s .Ltd eotfi-rs.l 20.00 Poots Shoes (av'ge xal.1 74.1)0 llruugists'AG recers' city k('tlo't '4.IMI Hats, caps A furs »gi r.l as'tm't) S6.0O Hardware shelf gods geu'lv) otf.dO Rtrltintiitonn nifi f.uuo tty? by FIRE, on terms a f.vorablr as the nature of the risks, aiid tiie real security of the iusuivd, nild of the company will warrau*. This co:npany Is managed by live, hualties men, most of whom are known to the'Merchants and Tra ders this cniiimuniky, aud whose names are a guar acitt it* business will be coaducted tairly aud ht.o .r..l !v. CilHFAM, O? llAUTFOKD, CONN. iSCOllPOIiATEl), A. D. 18t9.| CIIARVER PERPETUAL. CiSMC*riT«l fl.KW.IHW. I »PITAI., r»!l» I* t». srarLrs, ©van S^o.iKW. The repMtatlon acquired by thla Company dm tn the last fifty vcara. hjp an honorable course tn the I ttatisacliou of it«bii*ines«, airii thet»ro.upt and liborai I settlement uf Losses, together with the diaracter of tthe securities composing its Asse's. entlilr the Com pany to tlie utmost confidence of the tdic. .is »(ford ing reliable Insurance against loss or l-« i Nev^t4, iiJS nS7-11 y 1 Am't In*, aav. p.-r loo lbs, at Vperct. so Pj'Othj'tfij cm*|re. IS 58 SS CH sr ami F'tirli /AJjust&I. Mark Packages, "Fast Exgresa Hue, viaO. W. R." TV VpiV Vf) ik' I Deliver goods at liud 1 UilK-, on ivt EailroadpM- setigcr D. pot. arreii st., crat Canal st. Depot. TV lirKTOV 1 "'liver goods at l'.oston and ilroad Depot, 1 Worci»ter Eaiiros und murk as above. Eastward bound freight of every description will be forwarded at hu eut current rates, and Iffrniu Western Roads, should be consigned tn "A. WA 1.1,1 NO FOR D, Cbicago,"«r"ORKAT ESthRN RAILW AY. Detroit.'^ For the transportation of Live Stock to Ituffsio, At bany, New York an.i Po-ton. this route Is unequalled lor speed, stuck ears, sleeping car* for Drovers, and -pncioiis coiiveii'em ards for stock, luakiug It ft most desirable route for Shippers. bi'ls of Lading given, and Reclamation* paid, at any uf the mpuri.v's ollice*. C.J. IJRYDGES. Managing Director O. W. R., Ham ilton. Jl'LI I'S Mi i V 11", Geul Agt. buffalo. Til OH. DELI., Giul Fr't \iil, llniuilton. W. J. SPll'ER, Agt. Detroit. K. P. BEACH, Agl 27S l'.Loadway, N. Y. O-. KHiUALL, Agt ill »t HosMu. A. W AI LINt.fCKD, Wesfere AgX, Cor. l.s'.e and St*., opp. Tremont House a I A O Idvant Roy ts District Court cf Hamilton Acord and Wapettn Comity, Ioi»a. t-arab Acord, et-al. 1 N" v»ml er Term, To Hamilton Acnrd and Sarah Aeoul: You, and each of you are hereby notified that the peliocn of Edward Itoyd Is now ou tile In tli» o(bc» of the Clerk of ih" Distr'rt Court of W apello County, h*». pray Ina that said court ill di-cree at-.t riui.-t the title iiv S^iii poyd to the following (V-rcrlbeil real estate, stt nateil in s»i.l count), to wit Thcr.orth '.ve»t quarter of the u r'li-essl q-iarler of section twenty-eight, townsh'p sex enty tht ee, rant e fourteen west, in 1U pelio eoaritj -.ra.and sai petition makes you and Joho Shift and Marg.irct fiuft srl!^ .b-r. udeiits i« said claiiii. N'o«r in Je«* you, ll imillon Acord aud Surah Acord, appe ir arid an«wer or lietrar to said I'etirton on or b.for" noon of the secom) «|Ky of the tlf kf term of the l»i -ti ict Court in and for said couuty, tie l.e hoi leu the Vlith «piy c.f November, l*»l», default tlillbe taken aealns/ you, atid decree rviiJered there OU acc-irding to pravi-r of petlt-Jou, W ILL! A Ms k It AMILTCW. Atty'k fer Pe4ttlonct^ Oct lith, iNJo-Slsii '11II'. lM.ACi: TO 1JUY I.VBIBMI. s «A\ir* s SKI.1IGt.I S Ar., IS i.itisuj: yakdh A' I, V'. //.r .'".f/.-.f,/.*, .lytltci I.-SI O i W A %TaTHERE wil! tie found the lar e»t stoci eTer o* fered in the west, and which wlllbe sold lower anv point on the Misai»*i|.pi. Also thorn- A n loss or damage by fire. Shii glesof our uianufacture, ftt'l c»iint, everv Shln£t II. STII.ES, Agcr.t, a p.rfevt. L. 1). ouuinaa.luwa. Ocl 27, !l«A0-uSC It tt BAND A COk

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