Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 1, 1860 Page 2
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N THE OTTL MW A lOW A. Nor. 1, 1860. -Hdpublicaii Tiokct. $ i Examine Every Tichot. Well a ithcnticatel infoinit'on h«s bern received of a concerted eff )rt to distribute in «-verv mnty in this District, gus Repub­ lican Tickets, all Republican exept Cur: is' turns oiuirted, in pi ice of which Col's r.ant'j out assistance? EVERY POLLED, ASD i\jme here the Lord knows from whence, to work a few months, and then to disappear as suddenly as knows where. When an election occurs, demagogues suddenly ike a deep interest in these men. Runners are sent out from the Court House to drum the n up, and bring them in to get their papers, the expense in$ paid for th'/m. They not unfrequently are importuned and'persuaded to apply for their papers, even when thev know they a,-e not entitled to them. Instances in poiiit have occurred here within a few days, and the parties are known. Than, besides, the Cjunty Judge has no authority to natural ize. If there ever was any doubt about it, that doubt was removed at the recent session «f tha Supreme Court, denying that power, which everybody is presumed to know. Uk ©ttumto (loiu'ut.i iu» pru-ti.i La.-, b-•_11 alon^, laborious nnd --r -~rzrz=it-: vexcitcd canvass. A vast amount of labor, CtTY PM^R- OFFICIAL •V I.W. IHOHUIS, fi«ltor. FOU PIIKMOFNT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, oF ILLl.Vois. Ton VICE PIJESIPr.ST, HANNIBAL HAMLIN, OF MAIXE. For Pre*id: ntial Electors at large, riTZ HEXRV WARREN, of the 1st Con*:. district, JOSEPH A. Cn APMNE, of the 2n Cong. District. For District Elector*, forthelstConirlJtstrict For Ju lie of the ^upr -me C'omt, GEORGE'(j. WRIGHT. F*»r Secretary of State, ELIJAH SELLS. For Auditor of State, JOXATH AN W. CATTKLL. For Treasurer of State, JOUX JONES. For Register of the State Land Oftl: ?, AMOS MILLER. Fov Attorney «cnrv!d, CHARLES C. NOURSE. jr Clerk of the JOSEPH will be inserted. They hope tha* no v and then one of theso will Had its way into the ballot-box, through the carelessness of lie- publieans. Don't let this fraud win Re publicans, bevigilent. Examine every tick et before it is voted. Read eve:y name on your ticket, and be sure that SAMUEL R. Ccr.Tis is on every one! Don't Trade Vote*! The .. i. 1 Douzlasitcs in this District are des­ perate, and will leave no sto:ie unturned to defeat Curtis and elect Cole. E-ery thing straight through romniittees appointed in each Township to arguments broadcast over the land, so that LEGAL VOTE MUST EVERY ILLEGAL Dontbe deterred by rain, busine?- or any country^. cause whatever. V»t« ^therestofthedfrr to work?, i y o n l/ook Out for Them An attempt will be ma le to get the votes of Irih laborers on the Rai'rcal in this county, Few, of them, have any right what ever to vote. In the first place, they are not residents here—in thc legal acceptation of the term, and in the next place few, if any of them, have been legally naturalized. They Now, if we read the Code aright, the se­ verest penalties are prescribed for not only voting illegally, but for enticing others to «lo si, and the question ar ses, will the legal voter? of'thiK county suffer their votes to be neutralized and made of no effect by these votes manufactured for the occasion. We think not. We are inclined to think that at all of the polls in this county, every man claiming a vot\ an 1 not be'ng known to be entif'ed to it, wi 1 be required show a ight. We can say to any and a'l. who may design to get lli-g 1 votes po'l 'd at this election, lat tbey will he w I'clu-d, and if they suc "-ed in tiiei desig is. they will be held to htrict Jicroiiut at tie bar of justice. Let all who value the iii,,:.,t!inal,l privilege the f'-anehiie, be firm, as w-11 n* vigilent. and ih j»reat m-*d wr-n-r and t:a id may be prevenied, if not entirolv evented, such a exan pi iy n a leof ih sc ncerncd •M it. a- will here er -e-vn a warning. IM it be distinctly videreftwd that our position is lid-: That we eanvM'y desire that every leg il vt », of whatever political complexion, shall be polled—md n the other wore up t0""S Closing llio ttook-. Speaki'rg, 0 1 f||.IRLES POnEllOV, for the !d Cong. Dia j^-nded that it has constitutional righ s of For Member of longrcss of .he itt Cong. District, protection at the hanls of th Fed oral Gov- Disti ict Court HAYNE. persuasion, documentary matter, land time, has l»sen exp.'ndjd, in the effort to place before the American people the piiuciplej and measures to We voted for or against at this election. The end of tlii has passed by. The iy or final trial is at hand. The present is the last opportunity we shall have, as journalists, to appeal to our readers. I«et us then, si far as snace will admit, review the ground we have gon?over. Practically, thare are but two principles now at issu1 before tin peonle of this Re-! publ'c—two antagonistic principles, the principle that negro slavery a* it exists in the southern States of the confederacy, is ri-ht iist and christian that it is good! where it exists that it may of right be ex- SAMl'KL R. CI'RTIS. ernment, as any other specie* of property i has. In short, that slaver}', as Inter.*!, an institution, is National. The opposite principle is, that slaver}-, though a local interest and institution in some of the States, and as surh, exclusively within the control of those who maintain it, who are solely responsible for it, is yet a moral, social and political evil that being 'dependent upon local law, it cannot be ex outside the limi's and jurisdiction or|tie ithe States where th. knife oonsoquentlv, slavery cam ot he taken into the Tcrritori.-s of th. Republic that it U the: The Republican party hold the doctrine1 that slavery ought to be restricted that it is best for the whole country that it should mea ju up at the change of trading 1,000 Doughs enforcing th? w. votes for the same number of votes for Cole! Forewarned, forearaied! Don't trade! Vote thc Republican ticket u printed above, blj- made out in every Tov-nship if th,y .r. pfit Hon nc? gpt it A 'bo Ihat the power exists in Congress anl ., in the rnrts, and that it ought to bo exer- 1 15 I ll._ il.!, 1. .1 O i cised that this can b? done without impar i mg the integrity of tha I mon, or infringing i _. All parties opposed to thc Republican cates of slavery or ^different to it they all can be and are, with perfect consistency jn ^jic supported by thc s'ave interest. They only differ in regard to the mode of attaining the I same end. Thc v are ail unworthy of thc •-7rocnt'. swap any or all their candidates for a vote The Republican party is tho champion of f'rCole. VkQ urge Republicans to be on human rights of free labor of economy ia their guard trade. Li They know 5,000 at the very bwrst, and hcncc would sections of the To tlie PolM To ttao Polls! Republicans, need we u:ge you to turn Now, voters of Iowa, these are the issms. out on the day of the Election, an wo:k all We cannot here elaborate them. The time day at the Polls. Lists of voters are proba- for argument has passed. No one of you and it anv are sick and unable to attend with- an purposes of any or all th* parties, clain We are informed that the Republican VOTE UST BE EXCLUDED. To insure who this, the presence and active assistance of to every Republican voter in every Township devote tha remaining few days to a candid sp^ctive election "Jx L: i" Senator Harla-i spoke in tha afternoon to, fully 533 enthusiastic peop'e, of whom a por- tion was given to it throughout. Hon. C. C. they came, going nnboly Nourse came into the church while Senator t»i,w,4e Hon, Agency Cy ,„ay well be ,„o„ one. This being the last issue before th dec- «P?eih back a day or two for election returns. Vote for Seib«. Cattell, Jones, Mille -. and !'ourt! Tlioy arv ail -"net an^! frpablc I under obligation* to the generous, whole souled republicans of Agency City for the hospitality extendel on thit occasion. The latch string of every house was out, and a, eoidial welcome given to all. e also take i ourteous in their demeanor toward tii» He publicans on the occasion. heart.-d Republicans of B.akeshurg and vi- ier hand we just ns earnestly dosire and cinity had made preparations to entertain a re we dtmriiui AS a citizen and voters that large c. owd, and did entertain those at P'*"1"*'. tendance i,, f» han lso.n,st .... .ner. The I ofSen tiun, we have delayed the publication until ^rah' eloquent and able, the last moment. Sent week we may hold isuch 't a Campa'g Th« Right Hail far I'liKT. has at la.tcome. The ti:ne for argument jthc interests of himself, or his friend*, or ,l c-two antagonistic principles. One is him to pilfer from the cmnty, to speculate moment lon ger Arc of tno countrv h^s scnttcrin? fucts &nd .. .. .. ... i.oi, aon i neg.ecc 11 a moment i a 4. 1 A *1 tioa, they are b^ing distributed broad-cast n(iss with which you con luet this canvns. in Republicans denounce the various polls within reach of your ef foits." r" ffarft it ami JYourse at Agency. The meeting at Agency on Monday was a perftct success, the citizens of that place and of the surrounding country, for a con siderable distance, being in attendance. Wide Awakes from Martin burg and Ottura- amon^^ie pe0p]e ng votes at their hands. meeting at Bloomfield, on the 27th, was a in the county at their respective polls, 5* impartial examination of the pVf jrms As 0c cold, and the wind bl »wing, jn the transaction of various0 business, and the of th 3 several parti Vet? and it was impossible to speak in thc open their accuracy is such that a uniformity in! whole dey to the cause of your country. iiid*pendwtiv, wa were in a.ten lance, and united the person jn attendance. C. Taylor, J. Ba Agency City company i.t the exercises. Weaver, Dr. llurst, as well as many others, tion were Democrats. The speech, as all °f y3r for their efforts in Davis county. They I of ft.t -l.y. young Ladies, must be a jnt and a holy eloquent. Of Wi.le Awakes, there were Ken. ISui-Jaii at EB!ake*biirg Senator Harlan addressed the citizens ofi change a ballot of any elector by which puch Blakeburg and vicinity on political topics,! elector is deprived of voting for such candi on Friday last. The attendance was good, date or person as he intended, he shall be considering the-fa«t that it rained hard all puni.-hed by imprisonment uy the county themirningd'.-fHTing miny from a distance jail not exceeding two years, and by fine not from attending. The meeting was held in exceeding one thousand dollars, nor le i i than the Biptist Church, a house of considerable one hundred dollars." size, which was pretty well filled. The noble ir IIarI:,n on this orrision I their timo is out the riffM He is ns conscientious in looking afier the interests of the county as he is his own in terost. lie never USH! of h5s Part?- an office io promote 1Ie lrMts al mcn civi,, cour- teouslv, and alik?. He never treats a politi- friend. Ho is already famiiiar with county affairs, and will not require two or three ex tra clerks to teach him his duties. He never kcpPs ™d extra laW is a personal interest in securing that result. cal opponent differently from a political vacant place on the ticket and that it was ofhnnjry hang?rs on around alwa's at his P0it b'Jt duty both of Conp^es* and t'le courts to see *bout Ottumwa, who alone manifest any to it that the Territories are protected f.-om' •n,ic,T C1 this curse of {slavery. of best clerk in thc SUto, an honor to this county, and as a man pure and unspotted in all and every relation. The above are facts as every citizen of this county well knows, and we arc willing to leave the subject right here. We have no disposition to say anything about Mr. Brown. It is unnecessary. It is well known that he lias had no experience in office, and it is not contended that he has. It cannot tlwt if he is electcd ho will enacted that "cod a™'ttnee and a g^,d deal of ,t wl„ch 1 ocountv will ave to paj an 11 thc in of hU If you would then promote both your own and the counties interests, vote for Joseph Havne. It is important that he be elected, A. i especially at this tune, when a new system o o u n y o v e n e n i s o e i n a u u a e nec" lhe Party hold substantially the reverse of this mln Vote for him, and get everj'body else I (*a*e doctrine they are all either positively a Ivo- ever 1 bv the Renublican nartv 1 auvocnte I in thc Kepublican pam anj id those of their opponents as there is in et^Se readers. else will be s.ibordinat to this. Tnev will regard to the paramount issue of s'avery.— cular, without name, address, or date, with the next C«Migres. country of respecting and speech and the press, and the purity of thc ballot box. Their practically anta cepting th e Dou^ lon- c,lllmnq 1 r»rp,.i 11 of the majority of main- taining inviolate the rights of opinion, practical knowledge of y e n w o a v e n o e i ,, the affairs of thc county and w 11 stand in uiion the rights of the slaveholding States. .„ services of a clerk who is posted |, np in evcry departmcnt. Mr. IIaym ig that to vote for him That te wil] he c]cctcdi there is no s]ialow cminfy votea tereKt JJAVNO wJJJ so support of a smgle sincere opponent of slave- An Infamow Roorback. Administration-the favoiite measures of ry agitation and extension. One of the basest political operations we the Republican party—the homestead law, There is as much difference fhe n 0f n°t a ln.—: air, two churches were procured, holding In the evening, after the Wide Awakes had made an imposing display, the people were IIil!is. Amp]e proviBions was made kept hotel all day. Great credit is (iue to jam,e Baker and j. B. Wea- Mr. Ilar.ans ore, was candid, thorough, able jjav.e canvassed every part« it with zeal and i didate for Judge, as ungraieiously as it was and convincing. Tae m)st earnest atten- alil i t^^, and their labors wilfbe rewarded in announced by the Davenport A etc*. Syl-1 Norember.— Gate City. Ilarlan was speaking and was received with Jleoliug at Burlington. "We hear that Miller is an out and o it! an outburst of applause, a sure indication of Rain on Friday and Saturday morning, Abolition Republican, who is only carrying! his unbounded popularity witn the people.' prevented as large an attendance of people at put some old quarrel with Wright, by enter Mr Nourse snoke briafly in tin day Burlington, as would otherwise have turned inRth« lists as a candidate and if Demo 'vjjr,e uii-uy I .L crats feel it necessary to vote for somebody. tinr*, and morp extende llyut night. Tbei0llt» jut it was, there? was a ver} Wide Awakes, of whom there w re some 200, crowd by Railroad from the West and East.! field, our own advice would be paraded the s'reets at night, making a most and from the surrounding counties. The Wright." imposing demonstration. Th? Lady Wide train on the B. & M. R, Railroad, consisted GIVES Awakes, members of the Agency City com- of 23 cars, all crowded. There were fully K- q., one of the assistant lit ll Electors cf this panv, griced the occasion with their pres I 2000 people cn hoard. In all there were State, has just retun.ed from New York, ence and gave to it one of its chief atirac probably 10,000 strangers in Burlington on i thoroughly convinced by what he has seen Hon. 0*e„ Lovej ,y. of those beautiful Luly wida awake-. The Hon. F. P. B.air, ofM irn. II. O Conner,, president of the United States, if his cause which is enlivened by the lovely pres °f Muscatine, were the principal speakers. life is spiral. However much he may wish ence an 1 apprvhg smiles of those beautiful! Of course their speeches were surpassingly itothenyisehe thinks that it is useless to NR W.M» A numerous companies, who, as usual, added Friends from a distance ware again placed much to the interest and attractiveness of (the occasion. Foa ELECTION DAY.—We direct the atten lion of voters to the following extract from 713: e n e w o e o I o w a a pleasure in saying th it the citizens of Agen i ticket or ballot informing nun that it con cy, universally, so far as was observed, were. tams a nam If any person furnish an elect'r with a eornam-s different from those which are written or printed therein, with an intent to induce him to vote contrary to his inequation, or fraudulently or deceitfully thg i g™*.. It was just speech as makes votc^ A week and rer.w PEitsojf.vL.—We recreved a call from Col. Curtis on Tuesday. The canvass being con-! them of their obligations of honor, perhaps Blair said If Mr. sret ming to his home he win awajt fhe anounce. M, tril,„ htnt ro.electjo„ thefhtMiM Itfdaaith. i afcittt to return to America. eubsenbers will recollect that i. afler trxL,.8end in i Oarribaldi's Ministry tb' 1 tor ofN-ipl-w had r^ncd, "-*»V Thoy have no Candidate. The question in relation to tlic_Clerkl»ip! ocracv, have nt longtli announced that t'ley ii this county, is simply this. Joseph Unvne ^-fl] have no candidate for Supreme Jud^rein is an honest man. lie is a competent officer. The Stiit'.' Committee of the Pou^las Dom- the jld. Th \v say that Mr. Eihvood de I dines the nomination tendered to him but do not state that ths nomination was tand- ere 1 at so lat? a day, the self rcspset of Ell woo 1 forbid its acceptmce. He knew that every effort had been made to get up a trade with the Bell men, by proff.-rng them the only after this effort failed, that he was con sulted. As the last resort of the Doug'as d.macra- cy is n(nv tovote for Daniel pr0por F. Miller, it is made aware of that they should be­ off of tax payers, and operate in mnty the omerta'ice character of that gentleman.! order?:. He does the work him-elf, saves \s already stated, he opposed Lowe and duty, Stockton last year. His main objection to I _1 1 A* 1 I 1 .. it 1.1 _1 A 1 and always has the people's money deposited the latter was the dubious character of his with him ready when called for. In short, Republicanism and to prove this he cited Joseph Hayne is acknowledged to be the the fact that Stockton drew up resolutions sustaining the Compromise measures of 1850. Here is a passage from his letter, for which we are indebted to the Gate City.— Hear Hon. D. F. Miller: "I am radif ally onti-slavory in my polit1 cal sentiments, and have always been so.— During the twenty years I acted with the Whi.jr party I never failed, whether in pri vate or public, to bear my testimony s.gainst the accursed wrong of human slavery." Again he says:— "I was a member of the Congress which passed the Fugitive Slave act, though 1 did not procure my seat until its passage, in con- i ofrnv r.nlc.t w.lS mdrndmls. °,fction- ()pEN.j,Y Ire 'hoM who of all others, will be most likely to have kXI'UKSSK.I) MVSI-i.F at Washington AGAINST THAT INLQL'I TOU3 AND INFAMOUS LAW." Yotcr*6f Ihc First District. Th Keokuk Gate City tnak s a fitting ap­ peal to the voters of the 1st Congressional District. To ensure a majority that shall sue ces«fjlly crush our fraud, nnst be our aim, '"j" says our contemporary Njt less than 1000 e a o i y w i a n s w e a n w e o u o a v e into h^ard of, has just come to our knowl- protection of home labor, the Pacific Rail- ^ut fortunately in time to caution our! roil' admission of Kansas, and the re hndm c.rculuion here, a cir- the following sensation headings The People versus Curtis 1" "Who will ,., if the merits and demerits of the candidate and the best interests of the State are taken account-not less than 3Q00.-Saysthe "It possible that the P"Htiral complex-1 of a doubt if every voter result of \he ^"lecUon" ii this'oi strict" as his judgment and in- Truth to say, it is not only possible, but prob- Rotates. Enough of them to elect Mr. ahle that such may be the case and if it. should be, who can over estimate the nil- i portance of securing the elic ion of oli ne. n i Curtis? The great of Lincoln s I s'riction of Slavery-demand the presence and rcUvc ant|*inj|lience Qf of abuse and misrepresentation yond all perils from ^'bonier," "Cal #i......t. ^v. houn candie-boxes, Pottawattamie poll solitary fact that is not falsely colored ]t)|(| invention of Locofoco rascalitv mav or mistated Not one. It is a base libel sume to accomplish its only chcri.-hed hope base and cowardly to permit their names to i trate all your efforts in the great enterprise appear in connection with it. They have of carrying this District. Show your capac-' been deposited in every county, perhaps disP°-s|tion to enter upon the ^oik with a will. Let the excellence of your dis- [From Ilunt'* Merchants' Magazine.] FAIRBANKS' SCALES.—Weighed in thq ^»J-. ancc of ajust criticism, all are obliged to a(injL t*lon 1 Col. Curtis "Republicans of the First District: Re member that our responsiblity in this mat ter is great—too great to admit of calcula tion. and only to be met by a faithful, in dustrious, individual and united effort to make sure the election of Col furtis bc- Cal- book ro)bers," or whatever other shape tin the as thoit^ thr.t the of FairKank^. & Co are WITHOUT we|„hts about 1300 people. At least one half the country, thin making them a national legal-! assembly could not find entrance. S. F. fad standard. Nor are they confined to the Miller and Dr. Ilillis addressed the crowd in United States they have found their way to one house, and J. W. Rankin in the other. a]mlst are again addressed by C. C. Nourse and Dr. »weighed In these balances," at least weigh for all exception v i n v e n e I 0f these scales has wrought a revolution has been established all over the' every part of the civilized world, and adap'ed to the standards of all countries,! s0 that it imy b3 a]| by them. nations, if not ,1 Won't Stand It. Tha State Press, of Iowa City, (Sylyest-' cr's paper,) receives th f.t'emptto crowd D. F. Miller on the Democratic ticket, as a caiv-1 Tester'sadvice to Democrats is to touch not I the uclean thing. Hear him:— ^rSe i there bcin^ no iinorratic candidate in the IT for rp.—Our friend, J. C. Savery, dissem-de a fact about as obvious as the nose Qn ina i,g hw ._S(llte ST. Louis, Oct. 31.—Later and full returns from the Nebraska election, elcct Ddily, Re" publican, delegate to Congress, by 111 ma jority. Frank P. Blair returned to thc city yes terday, from an electioneering tour through Pennsylvania and Illinois, and addressed a large crowd at Soullard Market hist evening, in reference to the late presence of Douglas here, and his reply to questions propounded by the Bulletin as to his (Douglas) alleged complicity with Blair,to give thc latter Greens seat in the Senate. Ac. Douglas said in his speech here, that the Republicans make a false charge, and call upon the Breckinridge men to swear to it. These men go around and retail what they pretend to have been private conversations, furnishing them toBreekinridge and Repuh lican papers, and saying that if I will relieve- jn I they will speak out. DoUg|as intended to i i„ Cop. gu,ge, imply by the above Un­ ,h„ I ever sought an interview with him upon political subjects, and furnished Breckinridge papers with charges against him, based upon that conversation, and sought to have myself called as a witness to prove the cltnrge, he is guilty of a gross and wanton filsehvxi, anil I cim produce the most conclusive evidence to prove it upon him. I never furnished Breckinridge papers nor any one else with charges against Doug las, based upon what he said—nor did I communicate with any one upon the subject, except in accordance with his own vie vs and suggestions, and to forward his wishes, and I am not even responsible from the fact that the substanoe of the letter to B. Grata Brown was bruited about and made public—when asked subsequently and after I had been as sailed by Douglas partisans, I declined to say anything about the matter. I should not now say what I have except that a presi dential monomaniac has no license to vilify and slander those who encouraged him in the only gooi act of his life. Thc Douglas and Breckinridge processions hst night had a collision, just as the latter were dispersing fi-om their club rom. The accounts published charge the Doublas men as the aggressors, though the Breckinridge mcn were vicarious. Thc police alarm was gived, the fir3 department cal!el out and considerable excitement prevailed, but no serious damage was done. A special despatch to the Republican from Boonville says, Senator Green, in his speech there yesterday, declared that but for Douglas Kansas would have been a slave State. Con gressional protection to Slavery was the only doctrine to preserve the government, but he would support Douglas if it was the only chance to defeat Lincoln. He did not think Lincoln's election cause for secession, which was another name for revolution. LOUISVILLE, Oct. 30.—This morning's Journal says, a remarkably shrewd ar.d well informed politician, recently from Washing ton, states th it some principal Breckinridge lead rs from the South, including Wigfall of Texas, and Judge Meek of Ala., agreed last Thursday upon a plan of action in case of Lincoln's election, viz South Carolina, with in 30 days after the election would declare herself independent, and a me-jsenger sentto Washington asking recognition. If recog nized, other Southern States would follow suit, and after a sufil .-ient number of South ern States is recognized, a Southern confede­ racy would be formed. ST. LoWs, Oct. 30.—Sertator Crittenden addressed a large audience, composed of men from all parties at the Court House, last ni^ht. He eulogiz -d Douglas as a national man, a statesman, and his course in op* osi tion to the Lecompt n Constitution—he ur^ed a union of all men to vote for H,as the only candidate whose siocess would give peace to the country. He could see no reme dy whatever in dissolving the Union or sece ding from it, and though the Republican party may elect their President, we can out vote them and prevent harm from being ne. The South can find constitutional safety in the Union and preserve that greatest blessing for this country. He conclu led —It will IH» my prayer that this Union may last beyond any calculation. LEAVENWORTH, Oct. 80.—The Timet has information from Southern Kansas, that 60 dragoons, under Capt. Sturgis, accompanied by Indian stent Cowan, had been driving the settlers from what is known as the Chero kee neutral lands. The 7 imrs correspondent states that seventy-four houses hnd been burned, and the occupants turned out. Much excitement prevailed iu Southern Kansas, but it is thought the statements are greatly exige latcd. A meeting of ci»iz°ns of this county was held last evening visc plans for the gene ral relief of the territory. A committee was appointed to solicit immediate aid from the East. Also, a comnvttee was appointed to act in concert with other counties in the matter. A call has been issued for a conference at Lawrence on the 14th November. ..„.*$«!"• PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 30.—The juty in the case of Wm j&riey, tried pn the chare** of forcing the election returns of thf^Hrsi OOQ gfessional district, thus ,] a:ing £JY. Leh nisn. Democratic candidal brought in a vordK-f (feis moming. His counsel will probably irry the case to the Supreme Court. NEW ORLEANES, Oct. 29.—Yancy is ad dressing a monster meeting in Canal street, to night. Two Union Representatives wera bfeeted to-day. INDEPENDENCE, Oct. 80.—Lieut. Aubrey has succeeded in recovering 63 of his mules that were stolen by Indians, and in all prob ability that is all he will ever get. Hostile Indians are all around Santa Fee, and the citizens dare not venture any dis tance out for fear of being murdered. There was no news from the army in the mountains in pursuit of the Navajocs. No hostile Indians were seen on the plains, and the news from them is of no importance. LEXIXC.TOX, KW, Oct. 30.—Vice-President Breckinridge authorizes the announcement that the letter published over his signature, purporting to be addressed to Dr. J. T. P. Cohoon, of Elizabeth city, North (Jaroliiu.un der dato of the 5th inst., is a frg 'ry—he has written no such latter. ST. JOSEPH, Oct. 30.—By the pony express this morning, we have advices from Jules burg, 430 miles from here, of one of the most severe storms that was ever known on the Plains, at any season of the year. On th" 2(iih it blew a hurricane, accompa nied by hail, until 3 o'clock p.m., when a heavy snow storm set in the weather rapidly growing eold. Emigrant's trains, line that station on every side, their cattle suffering more than in midwinter. It was thought emigrants below and above Juleshurg would also suffer severely and great loss would ensue. The pony was detained o hours in conse quence. It is blowing here furiously, and has appearance of snow and growing cold. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 12.—The pony ex press with St. Louis dates to the 7th inst, was telegraphed from Carson Valley this morning. There is intense anxiety to receive the news of the next express, to the loth, when the result of the Pennsylvania and Indiana elections will be beard. Politicians generally concede that if Foster Is elect -d. California will go for Douglas, while if Foster is defeated, and the other Northum States result in Republican victo ries, California will go for Lincoln. It is generally conce led that Breckinridge is losing ground in California. E. D. Baker, Senator elect from Oregon, is expected to make a tour through California for the benefit of the Republican ticket. Brevet Brig. General Clark, commander of the Department of California, died in this city, to iy, of chronic diarrouha, after two weeks illness. The rainy season has fairly commenced. News from Oregon is unimportant. The Democratic papers of both wing»« of thai party, denounce thc oalition which elected one Republican Senator. Nrw YORK, Oct. 29.—Thc police arrested a gang of counterfeiters having a large amount of spi nous bills on I he East River Ba ik, Ntw llork. The propeller Victoria was seized on Sat urday,, on suspicion of being a slaver. A Washington dispatch says Gov. Letch er, of Virginia, reports four batteries will be at Richmond this wet-k, and that 1'.) compa nies of Cavalry are reported to him as being now organized. CAPE RACK, 28th, via SACKVILLE, Oct. 20. —The Stea juihip Fulton, brings the follow* ing: Her news is three days latter then that brought by the Asia at New York. The Neapolitan Prlnccs had ordered a re newal of the attack on the Garribaldiars. It was asserted that there was great cdh sternntion among the Cabiaet of Turin, in onseque^ce of thc Rusdan and Prussian Ambassadors having remitted a formal pro test against the Strdiniari invasion of Na ples. Victor Emanuel entered Naples on the 17th. He had already entere 1 the Neapol itan town of Guilannova amid enthusiasm. Mazzini bad refused to leave Naples. The diplomatists at Gaeta had protested against the j^crce returned to Melinn, jyi.d all thc ambassadors had signed it. Gen. Guyon had re-occupi-d VitnrtV Three new forts, armed with rifled cannon had been completed between Sido and Me- lomoctes, and thc armaments on thc whole of the Veuetian shore being renowed and c»nnccted with an electric battery. The vote on the question of annex itifttl to Piedmont is to be taken Sicily, Oct. 27th. The Russian ambassador will demand his passports, if no regard is paid to protests. Advices from China state the allied troops reached the Peiho on the 1st of August, and established camps at Phetany. They found the Northern and Southern forts evacuated, and attacked the Tartar Camp on the 12th. the Chinese fled in disorder. At thc depar ture of the mail the allies were opposite the ^ie Taku forts, where thc Chinese were prepar- i.agto resist the grand attack which was to take place on the 15th of August. The rebels attacked Shanghai on 4he 18th of August and wera repu'sed^ .^ Jfrade was Stepped. ,5 The Fulton lias 272 pi ssengefs and 3000 tons of cargo. She has experienced a con tinua'ion of severe gales since leaving South ampton. London Money irk it—There was a bet ter demand for Illinois Central sppd New York and ErieR. R. securities. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 29.—A report having been current here that the Governor elect. Col. Curtin, was dead, we are happy to as sert its untruth. lie is in od health in Boston, and speaks to n:ght at Providence. canvas is between New York, Oct. 29.—U. S. Marshal Ryn-! town derj hr.s been arrested for an alleged as sxult upon Lewis Tappan, ar.d grandson. R. M. Whittlesey, a well-known merchant was re 'iously injured the other day, by bi ing carg'it between a freight car and the wnils of the f!e iot on Centre str et. per part of the city, but was thrown off Jtjy. WASHINGTON, Oct. 2D.— The U. S. Court of Claims has resumed iti session after a long recess. The number of ca3eg. .09. the docket is small. *i»r Renewed tffjr&"wift Vj made to firocu'e at) amendment of the Jaw y&Lo'.ishing this tribunal so that award* not exceeding 3,000 dollar ,, uny be final in?t »ad of having, as now, to ^e definitely acted upJD by Con gress. The Executive Committee of the four po litical parties a»*e closing up their business having ceased to issue any new pr.ntxl ma terial. It is estimated that the aggr. gate •.,!. number of documents circu'ate 1 bv them since the co:nmen 'einent of the Pr vd lential! MX and seven millions. The Star of the West, from Havana 27th, teports a slave vessel with 300 negroes bro't' sailed at 11 o'clock to-day, with 74 passen gers for Liverpool and 18 for Halifax, but, no specie. BALTIMORE, Oct. 31.—Messrs. Jo^kth Lee Messrs. Appleton & Co., have also closed their doors. New JERSEY.—Besides the fact BOW dered certain that Lincoln will sweep the State by a decided ir.njority, the prospects are giod for a dean sweep in the five Congres sional Ditriets of the State. Speaker Pen-! nington's is probably' the most doubtful dii trict in the five, but the Newark Meroury 1 regirdi his election as beyond a doubt. Some three months ago, one of my neigh bors was telling one of the cures made by your BLOOD and LIVER SYKUP. To the polls 1 Lincvln, Hamlin Slavery! I got a bot­ tle, and found that liis appetite began to he mueli better, also his color, and by thc use of ten bottles UE HAS BUEX CCKKD. JAMES RE1LY, Lower Market, between Maine and Syca more. For sale by J. L. Taylor, Ottumw*. Sce Advertiscment. Vote early. Vote for and the restriction of IIi:U""On tlietfliit Inst, SA A FKASCKS, (laugh t«-r of.11)«:fill and Mary Iluyne, »ge«l 10 years and 9 months. New Advertisements.. A881U.\i:KVS NOTIC E. Notice is hcreliy given, that Smith A N'erly oflMdj- TS1I», in the conn I y of Wapt-llo, Ijtatt? of If'wa,have as tltjnt'il to ini' all there property, re »l mi'l personal, for tlie payment of their di hl s and their creditors must pre gent their eliiiinn, under oath or nftirinxtiou, to me, at my ollh-e, in the city of F.ddyville. county of Wapello, SlutE of IIIWH, within three montlm from LH« date here­ of Dated thin ®Jd day of October, lsi'm. No. 34-12-6-w. K. W. UO YD, Assignee. r*r JM tar Winchell's Drolleries, AT THE COURT HOUSE, yiiis- (Friday) Evening, Nov. 9d. NEW YOUR, Oct. 31 .-The champion gaucs of the billiard tournament was w to day by Dudley Kavanaogh of New York, beating s opponent Tiltnen, of Cincinnati, 864 points in 1,000. The prL:e is a splendid one given by Mike Ph^lan. CINCINNATI, Oct. 31.—The Phd idelphia Board of Trade at Lexington, Ky tins morning were conducted to Ashland by lion. J. C. BreckenHdg", and on their return par ok of a dinner tendered by the merchants o"Lexingto\ and were afterward escorted lo th s cily by n 'inmittee of the Chamber Coinm -ic *, arriving at six o clock. A grand banquet will take acc to-mor* row night at the Burnet House. A ten mile trotting race will corns oil at the Trolting Park, Saturday next, between Girsev Queen of Chicago, Capt. McGown, of Lou svillc, and Lady Gay of Cincinnati, ,for a purse of $2,300. Thc two former horses trotted a ten mile race at Louisville, Wednesday, making a dead heat, the only case of the kind ever known in tin United States. Great interest is manifested in tho forthcoming contest. LANCixoBurir,, Oct. 31.—Travel on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad has been interrupted by a freshet. Connections will not be made for a week. CORNING, Oct. 31.—Flora Temple and1 Patchin o'ted hee to-day. Flora won in three straight heats time 2:33|, 2:31 and 2.81 track heavy. Advices from Syria state that th? Fiwsll have established a provisional municipality at Deirial Karnmnr and rp-in-tite the chris t'a is in houses built by French soldiers. The Paris Flour Market waS higher anfrr ra'ny wta*1 r- Look out for Roorback's election I on the eVfc »f a Don't for et to vote for Joseph llayne. O U A I E S O A S UIWS CMlilt Opposite tlae Ottuiuwa HolCfce. Fancy Prin„ 8t 300 ffsr OK I)a7e P. 3rown attempted su'c'de U*t n'ght by throwing himself iu front of a loco motive, on the Harlem Railroad, in the up- i Ari PIKCRS AmtriMa PK1X1S, alt ataa* Heavy Canton FlUUMZl af XtV'ftadlt, regular price 14cento. PIECES new ,t.vle Drcnfoodi ALL Wool De Lain*. the cow-catcher. He was si riou-ly hu|^7— cause, he had recently lost a daughter. A letter from Manilla, July 18, reports that an A merle sh'p was taken in charge of by the authorities of the northern end of WmI Plaids far LADLES the islani. The crew had mut'ned, wound ed the cap'ain, and confined him and his wife and offi *ers, and three persons were killed on board and'several wounded. The^ vessel is presumed to be one of the Brif'sh chirtered transports. HKOUSH MIBINOK8 AND A&VACCA*. Children. Ladies Trmvding Drm Uawilton and Ladies Woo! Hi •. •j*f AND COMFORTS, tfOi'STOCK Nearly all of them were fo'.d at the Capi-1 tol. i NEW YORK, Oct. 31st.—Pa*t »r Bosinus who recently absconded from Havana with, $2,000 belonging to the firm for whom he 800 lbs. COTTON BATTINGr, wa working, was arrestel here yesterday. I 1 & Co., closed their banking house today.' They have made an assignment. 39 Cincinnati, April 12,1850. Messrs. A. L. SCOVILL & Co.— Gents.—From a sense of duty, I give you a statement ol a cure of my son by the use of your BLOOD and LIVER SYRVP. OF FLANNELS, SATlNETTS,' CASStMERES AND TWEEDS Arc- maoh larger the^fpt cases Men and Boys Boots Low*r than they eaa I* fought ela*ohim$*i Ka«s There are other numerous suspensions' ubig SLTG4IIS« among stock dealers. S O He was taken three years ago with the Scrofula sores made their appearance upon thc side of his neck, under the skin, which was hard and red (or inflamed). We called upon one of our tirst Physicians of this city, who treat ed him, but the sores, under his treatment, became Ulcerous, and broke and discharged. The physician did all he cculd, but the suf ferer continued to get weak and poor, and had but little appctito. I called on another in consultation, but without any better suc cess. j* NAILS. PKINTS, from worth 10 to /!t. 1 COFFEE, CANDY, TOBACCO, RAISING 80APr CANDLES, STA1M II, COTT«H V4BN At Wholesale. |*4H'RENC£ k. CHAMBtBSf Oct. 25, I860. 4 $200,000 WORTH OP O O la Mere and to arrive at the Eatabllihmenta Of J. S. KIMBALL &, CO. 50 esses assorted 5 to 10 ct*. peryard, I'J}], I'tsLIALES ASSORTED 6 to in ets. per yard, worth SnKKTINO,from III to 15 cts. 25 bales ass'U COTTON- FLASXKW, from S to lo per yard, wortli 12tolArts 2' hales assorted Rctn_, KD WHITK and Ykl- L«w ALI. wooi. KUXSKLS, very low 20 bales assorted (iiNOinns, from lit to 1.% ets per yird, worth 20 to 2f cts 10 bales assorted LINSKYP, from 111 to in cts per yard, worth 20 to 25 ets 2-~ rases assorted TICKINGS, from 8 to 12 rts peryard, worth 15 to 20 cts 15 cases assorted IIN.K(IR SHIKTINU, S to ets peryard, worth to 14 ct! 25 cases assorted S»TINI T, from 25 to SO els per yard, worth 75 to $1,1X1 25 cases assorted Da Una, from 10 to 15 cti yard, worth 15 te 26 cts. Abu dklss oooivs ta grwrt extent and variety, EJTIIEHKLY Loir. C')SS*T8 and MILLI.NKKV GOODS at New York prloee Also a great variety of other Dry Goods aud XotioM,- CLOTHING, 1IATS AND CAPli BOOTS AN SHOES, Ac., Ac. CAUl'ETS CAltPETS! In this department r.ur assortment and |iriee» defy *ny nature of competition and will be fonnd complete and at such prices as will suit all. We also have at all times a full assortment of CURTAIN' GOODS, OIL CLOTI®: BHADM, TASSELS, COHUCKP, MATS, MIBSOBS, A«.,A«. O E I E S I In this department our stock nhall nertr he erctll ft In extent or v-irlety. and never he found abave the prices of «t. Louis or Chicago, (freipht added). FCST'ALL goods sold extremely for CASH or prompt time buyer*. J. 8. KIMBALL A CJ. Oct. NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE. OrrimtTE CAKROI.L Horsr, OTTl.niVA, IOWA. TilKCi-ner::! under«i)rned has just received and openeJ out a '.ssortment of BOOTS A SMOKS, which h-. offer* to ti.e ti tdiuK publio at prices, at Wholesale or Retail C. bDLL'L. October H, *6*—12-32-tf S. OPPER II KlE I-! I? to corner of Proof nnd Court' Strec l.i, to the Mtlfi-i itely eceiipied hy J. K and form.-rh la- Chuiles l.awefice, where he will be happy to't^e lift Mewl*. A new stonk etytert edirt«fewd*/fc t«ct. U, 'W»—

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