Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 8, 1860 Page 3
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&(}t (Dttumlim Courier, T^ocal and Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Leave Ottnrawa, 6.10 For Charlton, via Dlikeaburg and Albln, at 1 p. m. •rath—For Bloomfleld, and' CentreviHe, Ml p. ni. —•'or Keokuk Railroad, at 12 m. A PRINTER IN room, ttneji A. C. PARKS, Agent. Office corner of Front and Market Sts., Ottumwa. When you want Boots, Show and Clothing, go to Temple's, New Clothing Store. AMBROTYPKS—II. NI'NAMAKER IS now prepared to take Ambrotype pictures at his Jewelry Store, one door west of the Ottumwa House, Front Stre"t. call •ad tea specimens. [Oct. 2ft, 18#0-8w. HOUSES TO RENT.—Several to rent.' Enpuire at thw office. The track on the Keokuk Railrorvd is laid within one mile of the city. Wc arc not in­ formed when the cars will commence run- ^niog. The weather on the day of eleclWn quietly. Everybody having the privilege of •otinjr lo their heart's cont« nt! SAI-T RivKit THE MARKET.—Fat PU:KFT»AI 1 A carriage and span of horses were stolen from the barn of Wm. It Crew, of Salem, Henry county, a fiTtnig|t ,ince. The thief was tracked into Mis»ou| nnd arretted with tLe nmnevtv n tne propei ty. lie is an I man, 60 age, with a larg-3 family,fan 1 ha hidierto borne a gooJ chancier.,' Ilis name is F- XI. Amold. We learn from the jfmpareil that Sheriff Craig, of that pluce incil Bluffs,) return ed from Missouri on Wednesday of la^t week, having in charg^ "Jake Ilurrl," one of the persons who woA guilty of kMnap ping an 1 taking to Mis-iiri, John Williaio son and two oi.h?r wluAl persons, a short time sines. There is a |'r prospent of the despeia lo's doing this St their "calaboose" will li December session of the We presume by this tiin^he rails on the K., Ft. I). M. fe M. R. R. h4o been laid to Ottumwa. Only a mile amii quarter were lacking several days a^o.l We hav» not heard how soon the pass ngl cars will gin to run, but when they dcLeein, soma of 11 wawill be a long and much tion. Our business men ha ward to it -ts an event ca'cula immense influence on busin s. Moines Valley natur.illy lo ks aa alvantageous trading poin that by extraordinary efforts, /t e^speak, tfided. I OSKALOOSA, IOWA, Nov. R, 1«R0. TIJII: TABU:, IS. A U ITAII ITO vu. VllAKGX OF TIME. Arrive at lfcgi)P.x.»0:00P.M. CO A CUES LKA VS DAILY. Wo*—For ©es Moines, via Eddyvllle, OskalooMand Pella, at 1 a. m, Accommodation for Oskaioosa, at 11:00 p. m. e 1 consu'na looked for 1 to have an expect to see Keokuk not on trade temporarily lost, but lir ^Increase that trade—Gate The Des retrain aouxapid cision Lrrx —Th^ Sal in regard to the location of till ti Lawrence town site, it is gil.... cut o(T some seventeen acre fi-fj "the east side of the city. This land i^of course, quite valuable, and it has been ij.testion of considerable intt rest as to who muM b" able to secure the title. The Lanjoffii.-e has now fully settled the question,!' allowin" John Speer to pre-f mpt it—pnyl* for the same one dellar and a quarter ptVere. Mr. Speer is fortunate.—Lawrence Ypuilican We are g'ad to record the lueklf an old friend and worthy brother of the |ift. Mr, Speer formerly edited a Whig anUlepnbli- ^epiy^' qui journal at Medina, Ohio, HeArted the I where a good tire and a plente afford a great resort for the loafers igwn, especially of nights and Sunda, 4On Saturday erening last called #ly mail there sat the "old Gonna WC call him, surrounded by a lot of hi loon i ass)ciatos and Dom cratie friends, onj ttoniselves as bfit they could. Hut Cteing me, a political enemy io the can afeostod mo with the following, bef ,ro (k.iowing my paper was ^rra, which is on the public street ii»re V.) *1 want you to get yoor mail and lcuv house." As he handed ma my pa] turned to leave the house quietly win began the assault by seizing mo bj|l iltoulders and telling some one to ope 4oor, gave me a shove that sent me i my I :i 1 !H?s,[lc't S he 116 oil «oor, and another that sent me o the at- This is but ouo of the many instanc^m which "peaceable and quiet men have n most grossly and willfully insulted dt ig this campaign by this contentious old al oificor, who i* a fair sample of the from whom he received the appoiutnie Nov.5th, I860. To KEEP POTATOES T* TTIF FVT.R.Att correspondent of the New Englaud Fai says: Put them in a pile as deep as you feniently can. IIo has ftr three or years noticed that where they were de.1 i they kept th3 best List full he put 125 bushels in ono bin, and filled them 1 $ feet deep. They decayed but little, h? found more rotten ones near the top -any w^tr* ei&». Nov. FBIKSD NORMS— 'urtis about even. A.M. 1 p.*. UtTTTElt. LAHn... ... TALLOW.... ....... BKKSWAX...... B(1C|8 ,,Vo• «**.• Cll K KSE ....... a regular line Is now running this trad*, regulary, an opportunity is afforded to nil ti e Donglnsite* for a free ride Apply for freight or passage at Invincible hinihprirters. .. DOl'ULAS A t#J"[nW»wi please copy.] JOHNSON, cattle and hoji, are coming forward in increasing numbers. We noticed a large lot of vf ry fine hrgs at G?o. tiilhspy & Co.'s Packfyg house. Tb**y \rAl commence operations irk -i few days. 7, HWU. Y Mahaska couuty gives HOD Republi­ can majority—may be a few moife, probably a few 1CM. Lincoln and Keokuk county glv©! 245 majority fbr the whole ticket. Yours truly, C. BcARt)8LET. conni:iuiAL. Oouaiaa OFFICE, Nov. J. RTOU*(«HOI«*NO... RMOAIME W11KAT v.. ..V... CN:.\ v so u(i ii m... PORK ...... 8I0KS HAMS W*H very pleasant, and everything parsed off CHICKENS $ d«a QUAILS, do* DRIED APPLrS. fl ft PEACHES LEATHER (Sole). Calf FURS—Mink, No, 1 I«. SHKI.LED CORN .. -20 CO UN SAL ..-T, •.•••? "6 OATS T».». .i IKU, RYE I' 80 POTATOK8(new)Vji.\'..'. i.....,....n... 20 Sweet do SO S I O A K 1 0 1 2 COFFEE .' 18 20 SALT |2,2ft HIDES, dry ..... 10 green 4 COTTON YARN 22ITF NAILS. '..i« 4,2» PINK LUMBER, common. 1»B0«M0 00 ade* .......J|5 0(1 .... ... aoo@4 Tft ::m 12,54(£15 10 10 clear, 8 grad SHINGLES LATH, dwelling house* ........... 10fel2 Hear W!iaJ I'liyticiitns KESrECT INO DR. IIIKISTIF.'S T,oo 8ft io 1ft 2S 3&< 2ft®4) COON WILD CAT RAT OTTE'i BK\VEItSB* ...7ftP5l100 DEER "(J ft 14(^20 BUFFALO liOISKS COi( HI NO VRIAN SEBD TIMOTHY .i..f2©fi,2n WlllSkEY 2S VI NEO A11 bbl. .... ... .IV. r.: ftjgO ..wif si. AGUE 1?ALSAM. Many lilirh-mlnded ph.\ sioip.ns, who are above the narrew prejudices which govern too many of the pro fession, and are willing to acknowledge merit where ever found, are using the Italsam In th"ir private pr.tctioe, with snti*f »etii.N to themselves and ut'doubt ed benefit to their patients. One physician writes i „r "I confidence recommend the llalsaiu as super- years of Io?.with to anv olher preparation." Says another "I have used it with uniform succesa, and can confidently recommend it for all those coin* plaints for which it is offered as a remedy." Once more "To my knowledge It has never disap pointed the reasonable expectations of those who have used it." St ill another writes "I have no hesitation In say lug thai it is a s FK, CUXVKNIKNT and veiy tflkacious inedi ine." Docters use it (is sensible a thin? as tlu.v can do.) F. N. BI'TI.KR, Morenci, Mich., writes: "Your med icine is doing wonders here. Even thx M. 1).'« buy it to take themselves when they are sick." JOHN I. PARK, Nov. 9, lP.60-lin V.'l l. ikc-st., Chicago, 111. |3F"Roraback's Compound Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap is no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and the cheapest of any now In use. This SOme service, if I Soap, though recently patented, has already attained Until the ""I'fecedented popularity. It is used a« readily in hard as soft water. See what your neighbor* say of Ul OTTPJTWA, Aajr'tT,~ikl£ I G. E. ASPINWAU.,—Dear b, li('vp 1 wear and ti ovation The opening of tliejiad to Ottum- our people reel like having a Ibilee OVJi the! The soap will, eadil.v remove French poiifb, l'rint Mnarilnn. „f *1,,. ,i QL.ii ,„1 Ink, lead paint, wheel grease, tar, Ac., from the Opening of the road. Shall wtl'.avo a regular finest fabrics, without injuring them In the least— 1 "dinwiirdich Hir: The family rl»ht to man­ ufacture Roraback's Compound Themloal Washing and Toilet Soap, which I obtained from yon, I regard as ItivalunMe. Whatever other other patent inven tion» may be, this one Is no humbug. The ingredienta 1 of which this soap is compounded are perfectly harm less and so from clothes being injured by Its use, five dollars a year will be saved In the usual tear which results froiu the use of other soap. Q0othersoa wUl1 which 1 in Inird *nl/hur water, o Kookuk'as And, now cilities of ac-|forfnur »n»aoquaiBt- Thy Toilet Soap Is useful for shavlnjr, wa«Mng hands, and everything else for which toilet soap Is used. It is cheap, costing only four cents per pound. I The Cheapness with which the Washing Soap la manufactured is, with me, an Important item. Fifty pounds can be made at a cost of only S" cents, and as easily as you can make a cup of coffee. Tne fact, too, that clothes can be easily washed and washed clemi, is of great consider- atiori to me. I would not be without a fainilv right times its cost. W. W.JOHNSON. C63S are furi^he.l C(]ual to Ot 1 pieces, wc for or $3 for the washing soap, and $2 for the toilet Family Rights, formerly sold fcr #1«, each, but no an be had at the COCUIBB Ollice. GEO. E. ASPINWALL. AIM AGENCY AND General Intelligence Office. I WASHINGTON CITY, D. C. THE undersigned would respectfully offer hit aer vices to the public 1.1 the purchase and sale of WEST URN LANDS, STOCKS, HONDS, curement of Rf :FPII flrst paper printed in Knuu, tiii.g 10. &1%ST.Va. office out of doors, if WO recollect at lit Hon- and TO—Rev For^thelurler. The Post l|ia^ter at Dahloneja is alan tnoro remarkable for his coarseness garity than his good raanucrd and He is continually, not only insultin aaulting quiet and pcaceable men, for their mail, merely because th #$th him politically. It matters Wore pcaceably and civilly a man Hko more grossly and contcmptably •Alts him. He keeps the office in P. D. Ourlev, D. D., Washington W- E- PuPh» v- rt- S-1 W. Anderson, Ijouisville, Ky.: Col. O Porter Culon, I Janesville, W19. Hon. A. 11 Wright, Ex-M. C., Rome, I Ga. Hon. A. II. Stephens, E.\-M. C., Crawfordvllle, Oa. Gov. Ford, (Ex-l.leut. tlov.) MaiisHeld, Ohio Mr. J. W. NorrU, Ed. (ourier, Ottumwa, Iowa. Oct. 4, lS6tH)0-lg-8m. Keokuic, Fort Des Moines and Minnesota um. jzl. ON tzr East 'rn ci'lcn. ^.1 You are hereby notified that the Petition of Mary »'i" he on file in the office of the Clerk ofthe 01 v, i,lello ou of every description MORTAUKS ITOL'NTV LAKDS pro­ AND LANI PATKKTS, Pass­ ports to foreign countries, Pensions, Land Patents which have upon the discontinuance of the various local land oftiees in the Western Spates heen returned to the General Land Office in Washington City. Pat euts secured for inventions. Caveats tiled, and all bu siness before the Patent Ofllce attcuded to. In fact, will prosecute all kinds of Claims before the Executive Depart ineiits of the Government, the Court, of CUius, and Congress. i Persons wishing business transacted, Information or will please enclose a fee in order to XAK as xu». t.' II AXti IC OF TIM I- One Daily Train. i i i i i z i 1 Passenger* by this route tnake sure connec- with the AND AFTUt THIS DATE AND UNTIL FUR- ^Oli'V ther notice one Passenger train, will run each an i way, daily.(Suudays excepted,) as follows: Leaving Keokuk S:10 a. m, Leaving ^eiitoTi.^port at 2:30 p. m. Connecting at thelatter place, as heretofore, with the sas, Ac. B. A M. It Keoluk,Sept*28, '69. ha I :. To DAVID KIOI'II. ad i Fare as lou as the lowest, to all Southern ann, A. J-ills AIM at Fairfield, reaching OTTCMWA the same evening. mg w u uiutiiNa,&»«fi*tw4iNit. w»n H^Tlcket Office at the Depot, .* Kn county, State of Iowa, by I ine fir:».t of Noremtipr, i^rn.vhig for a «U*cree of Divorce, a riiu ttlu. front the bonds of matrimony between her and you, as her present husband, and for alimony, and the oustody of (ieorge II. Rider, a minor child of her's and said David Rider. The said peti Il0 'i011 setting up as causc for said Divorce, a wilful de sertlon of her by you, and abseuting yourself froin i he her without reasonable cause, for the space cf two i 8e"eral supply i years anil more next preceding the commencing of this aci ion, and cruel and inhuman treatment and a i.fallure *our Pi,rt iUe] I knew what I was about, an 1 tu qpon him, there stood a "great big, tw slab-sided, slender-shanked young in, .ffho, according to report, the P. M. ran im |»is house at tli-3 end of the poker a fow «rs |«go, because ho wanted to qjarry.his di h l^r, who took up tor the P. K. «hd th| it to n,!4lt: provision for her i sustenance. And that unless you appear and defend i0- before noon of the second day of the next Term of said Court to be begun and held on the gtith da.v of No vember, tnft, default will he entered against yon and judtjmeut rendered thereon. MAitY iiiDkK. Per her Att'jra, Oct. 4,1800-12 3e-4w. WILUAIU HAMILTON. T» MARTHA HATCH, You are hereby notified that, on or before the flrst day of November, lstlu, there will be oil (lie in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Wapello county, IowaAa petition of Edward Hatch, pi it i ii 11 IT, claiming of ou a divorce from the bonds of matrimony now exist rtig between the parties herein named, and alleglnr-asa cause therefor wilfttl desertion on your part, and without reasonable November, 1M80, default will be entered against you, and judgment rendered thereon, In accordance to the praj cr of said petition. 11 IVES, Att'y for pl'ff. ffllEI.INEHY, TOE 1.1. INE 111.' I MRS. WiWis uoqiuui PARCEL!, ha# just returned from the East with a large and well selected stock of Millinery Good.- .'on.slstiiig of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Head Dresses, and V-lvet Ribbon* also Dark Plraw Bonnets In variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of other things too tedious to mention, for all of which she expects to find a demand, a* her selec tion was made in refeu nce to the Increasing popula tion and improvements ill the taste «f the ladles i-r Oltuiuwa and neighboring towns. Having the latest styles fur dresses atidcloaks, Mrs. P. Intends to suit all who may favor her with a call. r-ne intends keeping ou h^ud *»upply of jfara and Corsets, lor ladles. Oct 11— 81 12-ls (»-U PRIVATE ROtnnim LIMITED NUMBER OF BOARDERS w #WILt. BE iinmodated wiih boarding and lodging at #2,50 per week, or #2,26 for dav I Applv to i Oct## fV«S-8J-»U. Mat.i: L.irQilu1 I A S Xa3 New Store is TiirmcE BARGAINS! xW CLOTHING, 1,20 BOOTS, SHOES, HATS & CAPS! UURiNG THE NEXT WRTY DAYS, T* WE WILL SELL EXTREMELY LOW! To make room for Fall Goods. We have just received a MV lot of a S y e 8ILK AND CASSIMERE A. B, Also a few piecca CASSIMERE, which wc will 9IAKE CP TO ORDER, and WAR­ RANT TO PLEASE. Al & TEMPLE & CO., No. 2. M"ln f»f Ottnmwa. 9 ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! T. J. DEVIN, Again East! NOVEMBER STOCK AUHIVIXG DEVIN'S, Opposite Haw ley's, Front Street, Ottuinwii Cash and Light I^rofTita. BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS of those CHEAP GINGHAMS—Fast Colors. LIXCOLXHATS, DOUGLJIS CAPS, BRSCKHTBIIWE BOOTS, BEI.L IIOCSTOS RIBBONS, ADXIXISTRJ. TlOXSllOm, li'ankets, Ac. irr:eprissibiiB Wonderw lu the way of C. P. Cl'LYEIL CLOTHS CASSIMERE®, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROtS Flano nels •"Inclnnati, Ohio Col.«0. COTTONS ic., for (lie MILLTOX. GROCERIES, Tobaccos-'wH""1* TEAS COFFEES, .LARGE STOQK-ftHt in the Country. SUGARS. TT Iirvrrr coaches of the Western Stage Co., for all points in II Al\LiW ARE Middle, Western and Southern Iowa, Nebraska, Kan- a vn I l,, *V Through Tickets to St. Louis, Luilsvilie, Cincinnati anil the East, may be had at the office In lleiitonspor^ \A,T|I/~^T fO A Tj* A XTT^ PT1 4 IT The undersigned having purchased 8eever's Nur series east town, amla portion of Zimmerman'?, North of this place, hold themselves In readinoM to fill orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. e have some t» varieties, anil at least trees suitable for transplanting the ensuing Kali. All these vai ieties are hardy and of the fruit-bearing kind suit able to this climate. We will also keep on hands a To NfWit ('lo)'d. times a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, which we will sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Persons about buying or ordering bills of Lumber, would do well to call and see for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL A McCLL'RE. Mar. IS, lsK»—1 18-y I'puse, for the space of two years and that unless you appear AKEN up by .lames Anderson, at bis residence and answer thereto on or before noon ofthe second! in Columbia T-wnshi| Wapello connfy, Iowa, day of th-next term of said court, to be begun and One Sorrel Mare, witli white feet, small white strip In held at Ottumw a, in said county on the 2»itb day of. the forehead, a scar on the right thigh, mime harness ES* UA V NOTICE# niaiks and marked by collar on the top of neck, at.out 14 hands high, supposed to be front nine to tws-lve years old, and valued at Forty Doliars before R. W. Boyd, a Justice of the peace, on the 2Mh day of July. 1 stln. JOSEPH 1IAY NE, Ottumwa, Aug 14, *60 4v (Jkrl-. CALL ASD SEE A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Rlohard's three atory I'.rick, JFront Street, Ot umwa. 10ST RECEIVED THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF STOVES Ever brought to Ottumwa. THE CITY TRADE: FM IO MY FRIEND? AND CUSTOMERS COODST COATS, PANTS 4 CLOTHS, Heavy Stock of NO. 1 PUINT8. DELAINES, CIIALLIS, HER AGES, DEBEGKS Alpaceaa MXBINOa, TAtWfTIA Plaids, VEST* HATS, CAPS, ^^OTS, SHOES OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, :4*tM SATI^fiTTS, JFrui.'s 1 EVERGHEENS, SHRUBBERY Ete. Etc., file In the office *f the Clerk of the District Court of I of all kinds suited to this climate. Trees from THHICR W apello county, Iowa, a petition of A. It. Long ToKivavKAks 1LI will be sobl at FIF I'EEN CENTS claiming of you one hundred and thirty-three and I each, and purchasers can have the privilege of ma- fifty bve-huudredths doll »rs, and interest thereon, as king their selection. PYLfc A DUG DALE. money due on three promissory notes to-wit One I I'sti-ity Notice. T^AKEN UP bv John M. Purder, at his residence In Pleasant township, Wapello couuty, Iowa, o^the[ 1st! day of August, IsfiO, two estrays of the following i description, to-wit A bay mare, suppos. to lie thir- teen years old, can of right, hip knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown lilly three years old last i spring, both hind feet white to the pasture joint, blaze in the lace and scar ou the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised at brown Alley at before 'Joseph .Myers, Fsij,, a Justice of tlv Peac.* of gai county JOSEPH II AVNE, Sept. 27, I9#0, 29 12 "-ni CountvCIo rtii CITV PROPER TV |OU SALIv" A Private residence on Second Street, near corner Xwl of Marion, for salu at a bargain, and partly wn time. Possession given immediately. Enquire at thisoilleeof 1 &. Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars AND IIEAL HAVANA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE & 11ETAIL.. Queensware, Boots and Shoes, AU of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or tteekangtd for Country Product, w 7* "TE 4RE PRUNES, CURRENTS, SOAPS, SPICES Ac. Selling and giving IJ KL 1 i\lL GOODS, Constantly arririug, Aug. #.-'60-2-2-li y. r. piTif^ Oskaioosa Nurseries. m& ONE, A HALF MILE E\ST OF TOWN Kfpf —And the other— -A- ONE AND A HALF MILES NORTH. RKV. REV. D--1UOF.S, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. ill i examine goods and ]rices, In Damn's brick tilt the Ottumwa House, Frout st. OCtober 6th, ch-SO-oldl.Vll SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS! •HE WESTI:UN STAOE SFRIN6 I WOTLO "M- that with special reference to their wants, #have snjiplied myself with a stock of Parlor. Box and eth. Staves and wares in my line, which for cheap- tssramiadaptation to the demands of the aeason, ve rtevcr been erjualled in this market.. N. 1!. Do not fall to examine my storfi room and ®flire Stoves before buying. Fifty Trtns old Iron wautad. Also old copper, brass, gewter, and rags, for which will pa In stores and tinware, the highest irket prices. Oct B, 1S6U—ch:«-ia A. D. CULVER. MEW OOODS1 E 3 W O O W A CO.\STAA TLY i*V*r RTT6U THE £i 8PLE\DID LOTS OF SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, GCM COATS, OITM GLOVES, SHOES, CARPET SACKS, UMBRELIiAS, TRUNKS," fScKET DOOKSf PIECE GOODS, CASSIMERCS JEANS,/ COTTONADEf, and all articlea usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call In ami examine the Stock. Clothing eon stantlr made to order. Ottumwa April 12th,'90-45-ll-eh-»-1«. 111W GOODS! NEW QOODSt Jukt received from the East at J." A. SCHWDPMI'S SUOCERY AND PROVISION STORE Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A LA ROE AND SUPERIOR STOCK OF 1^ Groceries and Confectioneries, COMPANY now running a Dally Four lloi se Line of Post Coaches, froin Ottumwa to Rentmsport, passing through Drakesviile, Bloomfleld, Tr'y, Strlngtown i sii Kcoxnuqua, making sure counections with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'y line of Hacks fron Ottumwa to Centre Tille, connecting with a trl-weekly line from there to Cory don, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattavltle, ''Clariiila, ami through to N'ebra ku City making quick time and sure connections at all points along said lines. I Passengers Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to their interest to tak* this r7^,ta2e0ffice, corner Market* Front Streets. Ottumwa, July 9th, 1S5#. A. 0. PARKS, Ag't. TWgit, uss. OTTUMWA1^ Male and Female Seminary. J. M. McELROY, A M., Principal. Miss M. C. 11 ALLOW AY, I Miss M. K. WILSON, Mas. LI//.II: U. WOODWARD, DrawingandFretoh. S. H. WORCESTER, OH PalntingT NOweffort will be spared to rendtr this Institution orthy the continued coulidcnce of the friends education. Tuh ion, per term cf ten weeks from to S, accord ing to the branches studitd. The next Term Com mences Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, IsflO. For further informa tion write fjr a circular, or apply to the Principal in person. »-t *T-a»-l'i-If. Oskaioosa, June 21, I860 1S-15-y note drawn !.y you to pUintiirs for twenty-uinc and 1 l-li»» dollars, dated January 1st, I V7, at oneday after \nr\V TT\TTJT.'1D V4D11 I* and one O e note drawn by you to plaintiffs i it Li i V.J i»l I) 1 IV I /\.IvU. f«ir the »u.ii of lifly lour ml v^-IOi) dollars, dateil Jan- Sin—Yon are hertby brmlf# that tht-*fe'f* Bb* on OT'I'I t|\V A. !4%V %. nary 1st, 1Sft7, (layaMe one day after date, and one have lo'a!• I a branch of om- Burlington °he- note draw^n by you to plaintiffs, dated January Yard at ottumwa, where will be found at all 1sl ,SRS» for tl »"1" & of Co., forty-four and :j7-HKi dollars payable one day after date all of s-tld notes drawing ten percent, interest. Al-o an account for goods ami wares sold and del'vered at your instance and request. Anil that unless you appear and answer thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the next term of the District Court of Wapello ceinty, Iowa, said term to he commenced an I held on the 2»th day of November, lsdo, default will bo entered against yuu, aud judgment render.-.I thereon. T' w NOURIS. S. W. SUMMERS, Att'.v for pTUb. Oct. 25,1S0O- w 12 iw. PIiOW r.AKIKU TnE*abaer.oerrefpcctfullyinforms hlsfrlendsmnd th. pul He generally, that he inaiinfaettirc* all kind? of plows, ami is prepared to supply the Partner* ot Wapello Co. with au article unsurpassed in iDUerlal and workmanship. i Blacksmithlng In all its various branches, horse tlioeing,ox-shoelng, and jobbing of all kinds. 5:8'™Remember the place, the Lower St-amMlll. AARON MYERK. OU«wwa.?eb. llth.t«8-nfi0-» H'I'C N K CIJTTINO. TIE stihsc-iber can furnish C*"i' fir f..|- House Work, silb, caps, or anv nth-r kind of St.oie in ose. Also rough Stone for cellar*, Jtc 4(1-11 .h.25 !2 y U in. t| VI.t'NE. C1TV PltOPERTV. IOTSforroaldenceacun be had low and Maallyon time of J. W. VORRI.^l Sept. 13,ISM). Courier Office. |JHnTI\B IS COt.ORW, neatly executed w «M «onm orrrax. AHNOUIfCEMEtlTl 6REAT ATTRACTION! HAVE BEEN RECEIVING The last four weeks, their SPRING'AND SUMMER R—•XOCIT OF- Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS! GUOCERIE3, boo%*«H#ES, I1ATS, CAPS, Bonnets, fcs., WHICH NOW MAfciift THEIR STOCK Our ftlotto "LOUT PRIDES WIN," Id warranted ly our [urchasing from first hands, and gelling to a close*, pTOfnpt, paying trade, (or Cash and Beady Pajr Ouly. TO ALL SUCH we sbatl offer throughout the season, a complete au4 UNSURPASSED STOCK OF SPRIIfO AND SUMMER :fitaple and Fancy Hosiery, YANKEE NOTIOSS.&C AT WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest possible piiees. We will pay the highest price for every vnnotv of PllODUCE. We will pay the highest market price in eash, for WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. J. LOOM 13 A'O'% Ottumwa. n,-t. fl. SAimm, ZZQUMSE, -AND— COJiLECTION OFFICE* OF EDWARD A. TKXPLC & CO, OTTUifWA, IOWA. THE Assistant*. LRNIFH*I \EI» HAVE IIE- moved their Exchange otliee from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pertaining to Hanking, Exchange or Collec-. ious, which may be cm rusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten year* in Southern wa, will enable us to lendersatlsfaction to our patrons. We sell i„MUHT DitAl'TS ON NEW YORG.£ and other eastern points. In sumetosuit purchasers andean alsofurni Exchantre on £*ULAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AXDOJi OillMANY, FRANCE. SWEDEV, DENMAMK 1 v AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES OF K i llO I'Ki as well as collect money,inheritances, aude very oth er claim iu fmeign cout.ties. We receive lit posits and issue CortiftcatH Which bearinterest only by ipuclal agreement. IIOAV made |ayatle at our office, ill be reniitt -I for, at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, will be collected and remitted, less ex eh an ge and expense of collect ion. We will also pay attention to securlu# anil collecting doubtful debts. Parties ddiug I ricurrciit Noncy, Drafts. Cer flllcalt*t o^Deposife, or isit s E*clia«is e, PKyabjrf-'* AT SIOHT OR ON TIME, In any placeman have them Oa*hel bf oalita^V*^ office. T.l\l'S,--*'e have correspondents in nearly ••very county in Southern Iowa, andean pay u»\es for non-residents and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes il«ays required In advance and all orders should be seut us by l*t of January. LAND \V A It It ANTS. We will at all times pay cash for Laud Warrant*, and will alsrt attend to the location of them, or tile entry wiih cash, uf.tiovei uiueut I.i..«!s,in IOWA. KA^NAS, o» M:HKANKA. We have imple asraiipemcutsfor the sel ction of de sirable lands iu the Territories, for indiv iduals o"rfir Colonies. ran furnish emigrants and others with first rate Farms, iti the central counties of this State, or with unimproved laud iu bis and the south-, em tier of counties, for Cash. They cau bo had a« ^"eheap a* dirt." TOIVX f.O'I'S. We have aver two tin. I ret town I .ts in Charlton, Osceola, Aftonand Mount vr, all I countv Towns, three of which are on the l:ne of the Burlington & Missouri R. R. It. To parties desiring residence or business lots, In any of these points, we will give good bargains. A JIA. NEW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, *»j DIRECT FIIOM THE EAST. C. O. "Warden, I# receiving tad N O W O E N I N a larg«ani fashionable stcck dt J- kinds --U -H Y O O S AWD Cloth* & CaMitnem. Hats, Caps, Boots and Sboes. Awl a comptefe a«snr' mpnt r,f pvtv filing to meet Hie waiits of iivUvt^inals or families in his line of tra lf\crm|(ri,*inff Plain, Black and Fancy Ca^aeres, Broad Cloth, Satinctts TICKS, SIIIRTIXG3. STRIPES, CORDUROTS, JE.i Vo, DEXXIX.i, DRILLS, BLEACHED A On»F»N .lilSEINS, I N S Of every Vnr'uty. Styl, and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC GINGHAMS Resides a greit vari*-'} of Cm of and T:- IDress Ss aj-tiP FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN, Which could not be euumetated In an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of his stock will l»e to call and look through for yoorselvea. I am also receiving a well selected stock of i FAMILY GROCERIES, i I such as Tea. Coffee, Sugat, Rice, Dried FrUll, Boda, i Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. ir. 1 III) WARE GCTLER V. Glans Nail*, Dnil-Vr* material and Itotifte fivrnishimr goods. And fias an entire slock completp ir* everything that would compri a sfoeiv for'die time? ice?and v* ?C1 IBOOTS AXD SHOES, HATS & CAPS, O N N E S, OTTUMWA, IOWA. TIlF.subscribcr, grateful for A't VA pa«t favors, would say to iublicthat his market, open iU fl nearly four years ago, is stL: tiiast, with increased facilities to furnish seasonable meats ofall kinks at unreasonable hours, at the low est living rates. Talbw, Lard,Sausages, and every thing usually kept in a City Market for sale. 1 and for this vieinit v, all of w!iich he ia nnxious to dispopp of for tur rfB'lv pay. or to approved custotners. Al' Country produce taken Good?. HP snhrjfs in pay ill take you for an examinaf ion of E^ods pleasure in through whether showing you bnv April 12 1SC0. or not. C. C. WARDEN. n U A /Itj' T? T' A."" Those wishing to purchase will please call and ex amine r.iv stock. t9~Repairiug promptly attended to. Ottumwa, Mar. Ist,l?89-fl7-ly OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Mondeohall it Whith-.m), Forwarding and Commission I: MERCHANTS AND Groneral freight Afrent»j NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTC.HWA IOWA. tW Liberal Cash advances tttade' on Produce for Shipment. 11-82 tf. City Meal Market. Front St. 2 .loort eastCarrollITouse. The highest market price in cash paid for Fat Stock Torm* Invariably C'adi. UP Those bavin s unsettled account*, or note* due, will plea«e cal! an I pay up. J. W. UJOWN. Ottumwa, Feb. loth. 1S!.—IS market COAL! COAI.T COAL! 1IIlI/r«»N A UllO.e are now selling a lirst rate article of Coal at cts. per bushel at their I'.ank one half mile from town, on the Dahlonega road, and are prej.ared to deliver Coal at eta. per bushel any place in the corporation. Orders may ie left at their residence, !n the second block north of the Court House, which will be promptly attended to. Terms. Cash or R-ady Tay. [Oct. 11th,—St-12-St INS! KANCK. NEWENGLANDl 1'IltK XSlt JLU1IKK INSURANCE COMPANT HARTFORD CHARTERED CAPITALS 5(10004 rCASH CAPITAL, $200,000.^5 --^""^'illi a 1 r.ri ':1 Suriilus. ''.7Tv... sjiivijniv.ur.r-*. SPECIAL "KOTXCS! HOME nSl AXCECO.UPASl OP 1 I Parties at a distance, desiring information as*othe i propertv offered. are request ed to correspond wlth|^ "ecuri'.ies composing its Assets, ent .lie the'"om us. Allotbere will pl-a*e -all »t our office, on Market Pany to the utmost con«denre of the public, i* afford St. two doors fro 10 Frout St., Ot111111 wa, 1 o» *. Iing reliable Insurance against Ims or damage by tire. i:»W'l a. TE1IPLE A CO. E. II. STILUS. AgeM. Now Yorf«. Cash Capital, $1,000,000! Assetts, 1st JaBMix, ISfiQ, Liahltttles. .... 1 A F. WILLV ARTII. J. MILTOM SMITH, Secretary. "cftA'!!.E8J MAnllN,4««d4|t, K1MDU 1. VICE PRESIDENT, .' a_ aa Fffi^lUS well known an-1 reliable Company having. I established an Agency at Ottumwa, for Wapello county and vicinity, are prepared to Insure Dwellings, Stores, nd other Buildings, MERCH ANDIZE and FURITURE. aye by FIRE, on terms as favorable as the nature of tbe risks, :.n.l thi» real necuritj* ofthe Insured, and of the eoii pun v w III warran*. This romp-iny is managed by live, busliwce men, most of whom are known to the Merchants and Tra ders rf this community, nnd whose names are a guar anty that its business will be conducted talily and liouorabl v. HARTFORD F1K£ l\Sl'RV\fK COMPANT, Oy HARTFORD, CONN. INCOUl'OU ATE D, A. 11 19 CHARTER PERPETl'^ CV»HC*PIT .S'»..«I|1^,IKT,TI(V. CLMTLT, HU» IX »oaPLi, VlMOuri K. Bnrliutf «n ft Si niiE OF Tl^iE* AND AFTER MAR. 1, and until further Mi ic« Is given, Passenger Trains will leave aHd iitrri ve as follow s 3-OI3ST» WEST: I STATIC!!?. kxp^KSS. Burlingtor, MiddletOWD, Danville, New London, Mi. 1'leasan', Cbecauqtta, Ol 'Tidnl?, Fairfield, I Whitfield, liatavla, S.VJ Ai°l'OMMODATlC. 8.10 li m,lcav«. 8.5T 4.19 4.W 6.M 6M T.ll a IU,leave, 11.14 9.87 It*. 8 l«i. 84 1*' fT p. ui. 11.2T 11.44 18.07 1S.H3 ltAMntti. Agency Clt*, Ottumwa, •TAT in part a* f.illow* 8.11 ».•* V 41 l|).10,alrl»^ GOIN 3- EAST Was. ACCIMMO»ATIO!I Exrkaa*. Ottamwa, 4.I& a. m. ie^ve. Agency City, 4.4f Hatavla, 5.^4 Whitfield, 6.M Fairfield, M| lilendale, T.if Cheeanqua, 6.W Mt. Pleasant, 8.44 New London, t.w Danville, 10.11 M!ddl« town, 10J51 tturlington, ll.W artlre. I Mari.4j 8.00 p. at. leftTk 8.80 844 4.)S 4.27 4.S« 5.50 «.«« 6 42 f.M 7.25 arHHM J.ti. RICA®, Vice Pres't and tttp't. Quincy. I3EJP_^XlTTJ31ESi 1 vt llornitix rn*sei»gtr leaves Bur. 7 lfi a.m 2d Ai't'omiiiotlntioii do do do 2.46 p.a 2d do do do 7.50p.m AIR, 3^,1^7" AILS: 1st 9Iorn ir arrives at Bur. T.tfta.M 2d Accomd'n do do do if.fMi p.m 3I E»P!i'(r do fo do 7.15p.m The above trains make close connections with tM B. A M. R. R. at Hnrlinirfon, and with all the (T'tak eastern thoroughfares at Chicago. D. REMICK. (ien'l Ag R. (J.R.g J. R. WITIIilOW, Pussenger Aifetit, Ottumwa. WAYNE AND CHICAGO RAILROAD I No*r completed, and car* run from Chicago to tie. burg without change, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washlcf tpn City, and all tbe interior towns of Peiitisl var la, Now Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac. Merchants by taking this route will have the benefit of all the eastern markets at uo additicnal cost. Baggage cheeked through. TiaiiiS leav i! .|iot, corner of Canal and Van Buren streets, west -due, twice dally ou arrival J# trains from the w»st. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland w JL t-ntion ofthe public to the facilities which he ceive checks and convey bapya({c free of charge to the now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG- Pittsburg and Chicago irs. ON.1*, of e»ery description, aner the most improved. Weeping cars accompany each train. styles, as good an can be obtained East, and upon sat-1 Tickets for sal -at alt tbe principal Ticket Offices ill isfactorv terms. A. BALDlflir./ Lake i^lv re Railroad to Dunkirk, buffalo, KB. agara Falls, N.-.v York and B«stonrand all tlflp-" Interior town.-, o New England via New Yoil|.. Cwntral and New York Erie lt i!:f irls. AIm» South to Columbus, /anesville, Newark, Mfc* Vernon, Stt.ubenrille, Whueiiu^, and iutrriot tows of Ohio and Virginia. Tlie above trains connect at Forest with trains *tk Mad River Road to f|.rinj:fielil Urbatia, Dayton anrf i Cinclrnntl. Also, with trains al Lima for Dayton and. Cincinnati, direct. I FAKE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROUTE. I Passengers bound east will find this route botB pleasant and agreeable, passing throug manv of the ar fe8 ,ni "nest cities in the nited States. A /\.a.X JT# f* /Vv A 11 1 1'assengnrs arriving in Chicago on auy of the roads i: undersign woull restectiilly solicit the at-1 "l "r.d iittentiTe cheek agents at the depots to re- Tickets for sale the West, and at the Company's Ortic», coraeT of Ran dolph ami Deart-orn streets, npjiogite the Revere House, or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal a lid Van Buren •treets, Chicago. Be particular to ask for tickets bv Fort Wayne. it. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Frr'f-dit of all kinds wl'.l be carried from Chicago to all points East at all tiaies, at aa low rates as any oth er Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SIIIPPF.S. The Pittsburg. Fort. Wayne and Chic.-'ro Railrvaj^ Co. having effected an arrangentiru with the Pennsyl vania Central R. R. Co. tor the trat.vortation Through Freight, property can now be 'l-.-'ppedby this "ine between Chicago, Philaiielj iila, H: ltimore, New fork and Uos on, with promptness and despatch Contracts can be made at the foll«WtVg*lrtnce« I No. 2 Astor House, New York. No. 1 William St., do No. Lattery place, do No. 77 Washington st., Boston. I No. Dock st„ Philadelphia. Depot, N'orMi street, 1! .ltimore. Depot. Charles street. West Side, ACk#-'¥a« ~linr«c. i street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne C. R. K. For further information applv to AS. W. Ml'SSON, Freight Agt Chicago, i J. J. ll'ifstox, Oen'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicago, Mar. Iti, lbtkl. EXFHESS, PASSEN»EB A FBEWLTT BOFTE. -VIA- New York Central, Great Western, And connecting Roads to and from IOW,\, AND ALL THE WEST. Tbe 11. e ?e i DWELLINGS and FARM PROPERTY In snred for periods of THREE or FIVE years at fair rates. Lnmf* .»•/ ititaJJt/ Ami filj/ ptrtd! Applications receive# antf" pollclca Hwued wtthont delay. EDMUND L. JOY, MARCH K9-S-194.V. AGENT. ovaa .,4...,... -. -Sinvhm. The rrp'i?:»l!on aeqtiTfe ti^* tTfTs* Coiophnv dm I'.tg the last ti ft y y^ars, hy an honorable course In tbe transact ion Its lutslness, ami the firo.iipt and liberal settlement of Losses, tog ther with the ctiarxeier .f fbrmtaglhla old and yellahle roate firwu and the W. -!. T.-ive organized a FAST FREIGHT LINE! Giving perfect reliability and greatly Increased 4ipateh to Freight—the trains torming the Line, East and West, run with the same regularity, making as sure connection •t the terminus ot each Road as Through Pae'esger Trains. —CLOSE CQXSEOTIOXS MADE— WHh Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging, from Chicago, and Western Shippers cm rt(f apji having their goods receive at most despatch. During the Seaton of Xarigntion, the Fire A Marine risk on moat kinds of merchandise shipped via Steain or Sail Vessels, amounts in many casea to More than the difference between rail or wattF fates of freight, besides the difference of time, M'? will be see u by the following comparative ktateuieafl' of h»suranc»*aved by sending goods all the way hjt" rail road: Sugars and coffees.) 20.00 Boots k Shoos vav'ge val.l Drugglsts'itirooers' city as'tm*t-»4 '*0 Hats,caps A furs (geul as'trn't) vti.tuji Hardware (shelf goods yen ly ^,^. Edward Boyd, vs llainiltiju Acordand Sarah Acurd, et al. Ain't Ins. SMS*. wsriub ibs,#:^ Xptr ct. p«*. «i«) CeilH w Value per lUU lbs. Dry goad (gn'l a*t'm't). goO.tx) Books and Stationery (eom''u) 72.tX) Genvt stioli groceries (except 16 *S an «A *T Rerlamaitoiu* Pjtcuqith,'and h'niriyAl}i?fed. Mark Packages, "Fast Exgresa Line, viati. W. R." terma as hy IN ^NE\\ Oi^ I\ ITART l«f 0T- Policies issued on a* favorabl any other solvent Company. A. A. STUART. ,¥or Ottumwa and vicinity Deli**Vr 1 on TM ROSTOV) Liver kailroad pas- a and CuiUr. *engt Depot, C2 Warrui »t., or al Canai at. Depot. DeUver at Boston and liX DU^iUA|w#rN|tw Railroad Depot. and murk as above. Eastward bound freight of evry 1 west currei rates, an Depot, •riptlon will IHR if from is.eya forw .,ded at Hoads, should e cotisi^ ... Chicago,"or"i RE AT WESTERN lLAlLWAY,I)etrol«»A' to "A. WALLlNCrORK For the transportation of Live Stock to Buffalo, 4| bany, New York an 1 Boston, this route is uur^uallMl Cor speed, stock ears, Sleeping ears for Drovers, a44 spacious and convenient arils furat««k, making it C. J. lUtVIMlKS, Miii.tging pirerlor (». W. K r..|ik* 8S. ilton. Jl' S MOVIUS. tienl Agt. Bnlfalo. TIKML 42,.Vst 43. bELL. Uenl i Aj-'t, Hamilton. W. a must desirable route tur Slilppers. Through bills of Lading elven and Reelaaiatiou* paid, at any t.f the ct otlices. .1. L" V i, ... s. m. SPICER, AgK |». irf. Ayt Ti7:t Broadway, Si. X, V. Agt 2i ^tate »t., Boston A. V* AlU.Mt «IIt I», We»«err AJL'I. Cor. ]ake ai:d |)t •arbii March 29, liftttf. I p. Tremonl lioae CUICAtsU District Court t.f Wapello County, Iowa. N«-v»mber Terui, To Hamilton Acord a ISKU). and Surah Acord: You, mul, each of you are hereby no.ilied tl.-o the pititiro Edwaril Boyd is uuw ou tile in tlii office of the Cl*fk of the District Court of Wjprllo County, !ow*.|r«y ill® that said court ill decree and nuict the title said Bo to tbe following described real estate, sit* uated in county, to-wit The northwest i|U:irter of Uie 11. rlh-easl i|iini'tti' of section tw townidilpseventy three, rsni e fourteen west, in W|. pello county, Iowa, and said pitition makes jou Mftil Jjhn Sinft aiul Sii»fl jii*rti s tit-f l« cUim N«'W Uiilcws )uu, !Iau*ilUtu Acord U«l t^xrah Ai'fu'str *ntl «(Hwcr or tU:-. urto S.ld pe:Uioii on or b.fore noon of the seccud dny of th* lo-xtterin of tf'.e DUti lct Court in and for s«id* county, lo tie bolden tbe 26th day «f November, Istki, defuult will tie taki-.i against ou, ami a decree reudkrvd there OO accor linir to praver of petition. V ILL I A M. Jfc HAMILTON, A«ly'» lor PctiUuuer. Oet 11U1, ixsi- i THK I'LACE Tt RUY 1.5-TfItER, DHIHfll.r*!. Ar f* *T RA ii's n iu: it if 1 A V/. J'rVMun/, htirtit Ul, Ajtnrg,* O W A WI1KRF wUlbef.unl the large, gtock ew«r«l» fered 111 he west,an w I leb w il! be sold lower tban at IHV OUomara.f uwu. point on the Ml«sl«»lppl. AbothowA Shingles of our utauufactort. (uli count, even Shlngl* perfect. D. BAND CM.

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