Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 15, 1860 Page 2
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I' "S 'i *^ljc OttumVuA COUVUTJ ___ I.w.wonms E4U«ri OTTUMWA, 1()WA,V: 7 N«*. irH«flO. Particular IVottw. tatned. n Aft persons indebted ti this office arc par- P*''*nn"-- ..u. Carroll Cass ticular'y rcqivs'ed to call an I settle. Im perative necessity compels us to make this request. We want due «s to enable us to pay our debt*'wfU #l*t Vigorbrtaly *ti another campaign. New subscribers are & wji© pay biisUiesM. It is the only way that can In fr tha adir.inistration and the country, to Poweshiek co:nn to Iowa for the Head of a Department, we are sure that the Republicans ot the State would feel proud of the selection of Col. Warren, supposing a'l the time that such an arrangement would be agreeable to that gen tleman, of which we know nothing. There certainly could be no better selection so far wnsiiington .i i Wayne as personu worta, business qualifications, Webster and former experience in tha office are con- "um,'!l,ek cerncd. Col. Warren would make a *pteadid crecutive officer. Item* of IVenit 'Jfevid'g steam mill at Omaha was Wowti 1 1 TV' Kf rr junng sevejal otutTii, Lo.«is and no k Pennin^tun in New Jersey, and Thayer The famine in Kansas is excitin- the at-'antl tention of the country. The coun'trv is so- l:citcd to contribute for their rtfief. A com- mittec in Boston are authorized to recieve contributions. Thaddcus Ilyat is active in her behalf. He recently visited President Buchanan who consented to withhold their low a A'lnir.... -rirt.- A dams THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. App*noose \lamnx«« 15 -ited and oil ones. Crawford*. V...!. .1 wh'jse terms are about t'xpir't.gj. are rcq irst *d to renew. It is our ptirpis? to do here after cns'i or ready pnv bu.-i ieM. It mk 8escslon fl»? Sntttf). Tt eeems that ti io fire-eaters in S nth Caro lhiia, Georgia, and Alabama, are equine nt steatn at a great rat?. Senator* Chetriut of the first, and Toombs of tha second nam.-d States, have resigned. South Carolina is to hold a sescssion Convention on th 17th of December. Thi Legislature of Georgia, now in session, wrrj debiting whether to proceed to the election of a U. S. J$en:itr, J',n"«ir o i (iu?1ir*6 and were unalds to agrc3. Compmies of Minute men were forming ia the above States. Keokuk .... Retaliatory measures upon several No"tV?rn Lee*.^! States e of running passenger trains is announced for arc also engaged on the bridge at thc foot of The Result in this County. not far from $15,000. It has a large amount The defeat of .Joseph ILiyno in this coun- of casting• from the excellent Foundry of ty, for Clerk of the District Court, is a sub- Clur'.es llendric, Burlington. It ha^a, j»idc -ct of profound, and well nigh universd re- track connecting with the Reread, for its gret, for many who voted against in fact exclusive use. desired his election. It was effected by! It was late in the evening when we called, \tholesale fraudulent voting, stimulated and I so fate that the immense building was too urged on by the party leaders. These men obscure to bo seen advantage, but the spared no labor or expense to get in the three Messrs. Lad 1 & Mitchell, very obligingly .'t hundred fraudulent Irish votes which cnri i us i.i aiul .conducted u safely through the the count}', ilendt rsbott went to Kirkville variotn spicio-js departments. No packing on thc morning nf the election and induced has a j'et been done, but every thing is in the Judges to receive votes without the pro- a forward state of preparation, and by this duction of papers, on a simple oath of qtiali- tim", we doubt not, the machinery is in mo lication. Others rendered similar service at tion. We found 500 of Iowa's fattest hogs other poll and here, where there was a per- in hand to commence upon. They looked feet avalanche during tl»j whole day, tho quite comfortable in their n?w, clean pens, leaders stood at the polls urging everybody Hogs will be coming forward now every day. to swear it through. They picked up men This is the most important and valuable enterprise ever stai ted in this city. In ad dition the large cipital permanently invested, Myers, Dem., which was dccided by lot, in favor of the latter. Ui the street travelling through, pedlars and others, and goaded thein on to vote. With out votes of this class, Ilayne would havo! it will give imployment to soinc 75 men, leen elected by 150, and the county would who with their families will add perhaps 300 have gone Republican. But make thc most i to our populat on, and promote our business of your victory, gentlemen, it is the last. ii.terests in more ways than we can now K. Ft. D. M, & Zl. Rail rout!. Thc track of this road is lahl to lie inter-! Front street, city limits. The grading bo-! tween here a:ul Eldyville is about finished,1 and the hands having voted, are leaving for Mahaska count3', to work on the M. Co. road desireai to be posted in political matters.— Cody's Lady's Book The Republicanshave carried both branch es of the Illinois Legislature, insuring the reflection of Hon. Lyrn&ti TrttuibuU to the United States Senate. Tiikke P*ov»dence, ,norc lady readers to send for it without delay. Boards of (County) Supervisors, elected in In Cass Township, in this county, there Wapello Ccunty. was a tie vote betweeu N^'e, Republican, antl i Adams Township ... Wm. CLOYD. Months Extka Pat.-All tl.oic who served in the war with Mexico are en titled to three months extra pny. Send us your names, ye brave soldiers, and w® will gee that you get your 'just deserts. Nov, I2 -A large and spirited meeting was held hereto-night, to inauztir-! ,- ., ate measures for relieving the people sutler-I v iugfrom famine in Kansas. Gov. Spra^ue presided. Several speeches were utode and a handsome sum was subscribed. W«*lt*ria R«*M*rve of Oiiio. stronghold of Freedom piled up Tne This sirongiioio oi rie:'Hom piled up a prodigious majority for Lincoln on Tuesday, reaching a Republican gain of 4,Tj£ since lh- October eloction. invn it*. Kirk wood. RcmIjI" \ianinxvc ^...... Audubon...,ii ."Vi,. ItUck llawk .. I noone ....... Hretm-r •. lluei.a Vista...«', w,. Rent on Itiiinlltnn .. Hancock ... lt:irn»on ... If»nlln.. .. Henry IfoMrnH ... IInnil)oliU Ma .... lon-a....... ark imp.... .I»!p«r ... .lc(Ti-r«oa .. Johnson .. Jon" resolved upon. Per C.mtra, private advices fivin tV S-ku'j. seo-it th? ivlea of sosession. l.iuti I.oulsa .... Mmllsnn Ma'uuka .. Marion... Marshall.. Miil« Mitjhell .. Monroe Tho I*osS Afasfor GoiivralNhip. It is too early to speculate about President Lincoln's Cabinet, but we have been pleased •^'f,nona o n o n y to notice among the nuineror.s sugg_».st'ons in»oat!ne .... of the fe .v days past, tha name of Col. Fi!z ivVh. AHo Ilonry Warren, for Po.t Mister (iencral.— '^10UYh When the tini'i comes, if it should seem best Po»-,iiihfntn Pottawattamie II in frsro Id S:»C Scott Pl)i'Hy Story Tam.a Ta.vt«r 1'niori Van Bared Wnpello Warren Winni'laso Woodbury Worth Wrl)iht •Official part insurance. we shall now be able to dcvJte ourself to Dipthem or Snwt «Mnh pmUng I mrttm awl thing, about 1 own. extensively in thu ««nty. It rWy f»t«l, W e a,e pleased to And that th„,Ss have, SST s ...24« •'...tie ...tie ... SO .1.V) ... 45 .... 5 ..131 Cedar... Cerro C.onlo ....... ClK'iokee.. .......... Chickasaw Ttav Clark Clayton Dnvir... H^rittw Helaw are ... Tie* Moinea... Di'-Vin.xrvn. .. Dnliu(|iie.... Km met F»\ ette Hoy il Franklin Fremont CJrecne... •3 sn ItflO 16? 1U ant u 10 87T -JI JW SO I# i i» Ifi5 0 638 I2C0 1^ 94 MS 4'2 ii 140 Ml A We section with the B. & M. Road, about one after it is in operation, in a few days, mile below thc city, and the commencement shall then be Me to tell our readers a1l("'l\- Tuesday. Fr.ight Trains havo be n running Foroigai by the Bremen Mid some days. Thc grading between the above s x\orIII American. point and thc city is going on. and workmen Tvv0 Stciinic's s Agency Cass .. Centre ..., Columbia Coinpetiu® Dabl Jii 'g'i Green Highland Keokuk ... Pleasant .v. mi i diag the grounds, two acres, will be important institution 'amvu New York an:l ncws mre We call attention to the Prospectus of the Russia and Prussia, had been held at War Congressional Globe in this issue. The saw, but nothing was done touching Italian Globe is thc only paper in which the entire affairs. Austria had announced a purely debates in Congress iffo published, antl it defensive policy. Spain had announced should be in the hands of every citizen who n0 *«je 1 on thi one at °»oU,cr at (^uchec- Seco^siosi it lliv 90 10* ..181 RnrhinM,.. .*•**..... .vi^. «V) 41M 840* •JO 819 ... 18 1403 4 •MI IS .. 24fi ... 814 869 ....UO .... Sit 80 0V5 ... 25 .... .. .... 67 ...•reT .. .693 less* ... 60 ... 2.1 ... ...310 ... 90 N 2S4 49 ....MI 480 .... W 278 AM .... 8 av5 24 100 8S •IT ...897 B74» .... 125 T8 W .*.!!» 801 n» "av-i ... is 100 "av-i ... is tit ...814 .... W ....lie ... I» 44 ... W OH ... 44 200 60 20C 57 81 Ta U8 Tiie Hew Pork IIoir*e. Polities has so absorbed our attention of y, hk« ™rc i,tlt as Honest Old Abe is now elected, among children. been puslvd on and kept moving 111 the i 111x1.1 1 1 ., 1 m,'lst of th- wc note excitement and absorption °f hanj, 4 Buriingamo in Masf,., are defealcl f„r. the eanvMS,anJlhat in the mean ti.neman, ,„d Congress. The latter trill carte,t, it is «i.l: institati .ns have gnra n n™ly to maturity,, !unon^ thc moth 1ackin- to w,li(h instituti'n I,aU1 The «interesting and important. In Eu- roPcftn market*whent^s in demand oat ^earoT C. %+TL de clined. A conference of sovereigns of Austria, utrality in I tnlian affairs. Victor Emanu- cl was co Ihere is no postnge on it. tack an Gaeta, which was to be bombarded ^~5ecewl6rf hY last of 1SG0, is before us, and it is a splendid I the U .ady progress ofthe revolution foretaste of the beauties rnd excollcneie.s to lie expected in IBfil. We advise all our interfering, as diminishing. .,,p .rating with Garibaldi in an al- and ,an(1 Thc tenor of tho news ir anl t5ie in" P!'° Pecl of other powers .TUOS llp:i)WELL. G. F. MY Kits. GEO. GILLASPY. «V »PETElt KNOX. «. W.....A. MAJOR. 44 44 Polk.... ... Ilichland .., Washington l.C. HINSEY. :. .XVtn. KNIGHT. SILAS OS HORN. ." Wm. C. MrlNTIRE. ..GEO. NEVILL. ROSE. ,44 AARON HARLAN. MOSES ISRAEL. Lol-isvills, Nov.12.—The bankers here are charging five per cent diseoai^ of South Cftro„M uud Georgia Batiks. Washi.ncto*. Nov. 12. What's become of popular Sovereignty? Atated--- Abe ate it iiXIj. ncg^DeiU Chaiii.eston", S. C-, Nov. W.—The Senate I two wevkp. lie did not believe in endorsing "f® J7, has passed a bill calling a Suite Convention so early Lincoln's election tin:re wereineas to meet in this city on the 15th of January.! urcs more nnpoitant to tho convention—re The election of delegates is totals place on the 6th of January. Coi.rsiEiA, S. C., Nov. 10.—On the open ing of the House of Assembly to-day for bu siness the Speaker announced that he had received a communication from James Chest nut, resigning his position ma Senator of the United States. Win. Whalley offered a resolution tfiat the n»!}:mtion be accepted. lie t-aid that what under other circumstances would be regard ed with regret would be only recognized as an act of loyal devotion to South Carolina. Mr. Desausure nndi! a report from the committee on raising means, recommending a bill to postpone the act reqniring the Ranks to have one-third of gold and silver to two thirds of their i*M», This report wa.1 unan imously adopted' A I i:l was introduced to provide a police Mr. Aldrich made a report from the com mittee on :il relations, making amend ments to the Senate bill calling a convention of the people, by inserting that an election be hold on the 6th of December, instead of tho 6th of January, and that tho convention meet on the 17th of December instead of. on the loth of January. After discussing the bill it was amended and passed unanimously, is hailed with the greatest enthusiasm. Mr. Simon offered a resolution in the Sen ate that the Governor bo requested to raise 10,000 volunteers. This resolution will be considered 011 Monday. Auoi sta,Ga., i thorized persons, and that this meeting was t0 Mns |,,er lvtl5t inf|ni nu,nber' ,„liM lbc raam' IIouse of Gillaspy & Co., a visit 0,1 beinS UK,xirj0'two lands from market, and «»iw-ribcJ ^lUO^O ,an,havin? connected with it Cooper's Shops, to the fund. and imniLi»s« yards for tbo mceommodation 11 is not yet^eflnitely decided, but ft Is °f«,tOCk' 1 The cost of the various structures, inchi proodule that Missouri has gone for Douglas, v i ^^.nday This is one ol the largest nnd mo.-t com plete establishments of the kind in the west, probably the largest ou'.side of Cincinnati, Ktories :ind a bas('rn(int' fatal to the vital interests of tho community. Jtesolcetl, That if thc existing laws are in sufficient for the protection of the rights of: Unequalftd excitement prevailed at the time and during tho meeting, which was ad dressed by Col. Cummings, Wright, Coone, Snecd, Montgomery, Ford, Dotie and other.-?. Conservative sentiments generally prevailed. The resolutions announced ware adopted. Augusta, Ga., Nov., 10—9 p. in.—The Secessionists are holding a large meeting ing that thc only remedy for the election of Lincoln is immediate secession. prolonged applause. Jlesolced, That the thanks of the South arc due to the brave and gallant men of the North, who attempted to roll back tbo tide of fanaticism. in relation to persons coining from the States 1 P*ace Georgia in antagonism the news would hostile to the South. i The Senate ,hh cre,,i„s ,,^,,1 tho House niiionilim nt rtml tlie^iill finally ptsed It is expected that Georgia, Florida, Ala-] in front of the Corgaree House, numbering the 7th. ovor two thousand men. The minute-men The weather in thc mountains is feport were also out in great force, marching down ed cold with considerable snow. the main streets and making a grand display This coach brings no mails or express, of fireworks. Judge McGraff and Messra. The Denver mail coach, with 7 passengers Connor, Colcook and Cunningham address- i $8,432 in gold dust and $0,000 in the hands ed the crowd in front of the Congaree House, of passengers, passed here Saturday night. Nov. 9.—Senator Toomb3 'S,uw of Ga., and Senator Chestnut, ofS. C.,have P°rted id| m0S,i' citizens had been notified to leave by unau-1 is about 25,000 Lincol 11(»,000. Fiity-four i,cr„thou,,, lccl hoM! al ,,m, ,1authorized men to take the law out cf our who rtcd lhe foI lowing: JJs expressed thc unanimous consent of thc MesoheJ, That we live under a govern-! people of Baltimore (the largest of all South-' ment of law, and that it is the bounden duty ern cities,) when he said that the true policy i of every good citizen to see all our lights re- of Maryland was to adhere to the Union spected and all our wrongs speedily redress- i if she could do so with honor and safety, ed in the forms provided by law. In conclusion, he said no causa has yet KcsoheJ, That the genius of our instittt- arisen sufficient to justify tha overthrow of lions forbids thc pun:shmcnt of a citizen this noblest and most beneflccnt Government without a fair trial by jury. ever established by human wisdom, and liesolrcJ, That the assumption by individ-1 which is consecratcd and endeared to thc uals, however influential and respectable, of hearts of all, not only by the abundant bless any powers of government are subversive of ings ofthe past, but the great hopes of the all civil liberty, and that its tendencies are future. JieiolceJ, That this meeting is pledged to A further resolution frf* tipta adopted condemning thc action of the citizen's meet ing this afternoon, and declaring that the resolutions adopted by that meeting did not express the sense of the community. Col. Anderson, of Savannah, is now ad dressing thc meeting, arguing in favor of de cided and immediate action. The most in tense excitement prevails. Arc.rsTA, Nov. 10—II p. M.—The meeting of the mirfute-men has just adjourned. The speeches made were very animated and elici- 1 U 4 Georgia, yesterday refused to fix a day for the election of U. S. Senator to succeed Alfred Ivcrson, agreeing to postpone the ballot un til thc nction ofthe State is dcteiniined. A bill calling a convention of the people will in a fow days. Mn.i.£EKEVii.ta} N0V.ff.—"^Resol ly resign, The Alexandria Bell a I Gawtte has returns from HI counties. gains 1S,1'J8, Ibeckenri.lge :0o7. We are privately informed that the dec laration cf independence of South Carolina was laid before the Presideat to-day. It needs confirmation. va our citizens, the prop-r cours? is to apply to) Southern trent'.einan made apply to the Legislature to amend and modi fy them as the interests of society may re quire. here to night. The Savannah resolutions receive a majority of both sections of the were unanimously adopted, amended, as follows: llesolveJf That it is the sense of this meet­ if the interests of the South re- quired it. Mr. Oliver favored the earliest dajr. lie objected to koeping candidates here on ex pense. Mr. Jones urged the greatest deky. lie regarded tho present a time for deliberation, as they needed all thc light that can be ob tained before acting a few weeks MMMWiMHiailiMHI Mr. SpinMing favored the postponement taliatory legislation claimed precedence over the election of a Senator. Gov. Seward favored the postponement, he was opposed to doing anything so early to indicate that Georgia' intended submit to Lincoln's election. Mr. Ilairis inquired whether Mr Seward favored secession, if Georgia so decide in Convention. Mr. Seward snid he thought Georgia would not be sustained by oilier Southern States, by thin indicating her willingness to submit to Lincoln's cleetipn. He considered it a safety to the South to act a». a unit. Mr. Law ton favored the utnio.-t delay of election of Senator. There was no necessity of speedy action, as Georgia would be repre sented in the Senate until the 4th cf March. He agreed with Gov. Seward that so speedy an indication to submit the election would be Speedily «cnt over the country that Georgia acquiesced in thc election of Lincoln. Mr. Spaulding move.l that the resolution lie on the table for tho present. Adopted. A bill was introduced heavily taxing man ufacture:! articles fioin Massachusetts, Con necticut., New York, Pennsylvania, Michi gan. Wisconsin, and other States nullifying thc Fu/U:v3 S,ave L:uv als0 for c'l'zcns Tl'° M«ndV. bfttca, Texas and Mississippi hill go with Omama, Nov^-^wtimooich Wived South Carolina. at noon to-day 7 passengers, through The news of the resignation of llr. Toombs from Denver in 5 days—brings Denver dates hi8 P™ntin of offending States from in thc courts of Georgia. kU ng tOtheGth. Miners generally going into:ninter quar ters in the town3. This evening a great crowd has assembled city authorities and was to hive his trial on nt tho "PP61" the Council Camber this afternoon. Mayor'about 30 counties to hear from. Thc Bulletin AY. P. MeClurc, charged with an attempt Lincoln, removiag his hat, bowed in ac to kill a Mr. Golden, lud submitted to thc P,att3 tole Thc Mayor stated thatj figures Bdl considerably ahead with 33 conn-1 I- h»d received infonrnticn that t,vo ofour «ieS to hear from. The vote ferB^Ainrt*. crossing is re from 7 resigned their seats in the IF. S. Senate. St. Loris, Nov 13 —Thc Kepubfican and A large meeting of the citizens was held in I Democrat figure Douglas slightly ahead with [2 inches deep. result is definitely known. I las lie closed his Inaugural Address with strong expressions of Union sentiments.— The expediency of calling a mass meeting sscd by our business men., ance ill Baltimore street this morning, with Washington*, Xov. 13.—The Times cor-1 respondent says B-'varal leading Virginians have represented it to be the purpose of their State to become thc mediator b:twe2n the sections, when South Carolina shall have ac complished secession. The basis wM require that no one be elected President unless he after being: Union and that no law bo passed, cxcept1 I by a majority of the members representing submit to a rate of taxation to raise a million resent the sentiment of the State in favor of Cobb and Thompson are greatly alarmed at of dollars to arm and organize the military cf submitting to the administration of Lincoln, the oyster-dike silence of the O. P. F., and Rumors gain credit that Attorney General: may resign before two weeks have rolled by. thc State. ted the most enthusiastic applause egation of ten minute-men were appointed to of secession and the duty of other States to. n people here arc greatly rejoiced to hear that Georgian ho fell in the conflict, the head* £cuteit South Carolina has unanimously passed a of two convention bill. outrage on State Sovereignty. Macox, Ga., Nov. 10.—The Legislature of! There «is U ti on S notMftS the election of Senator he moved to Monday, Aow that ho has carried the State. 17th, aud other days, were postponed. Mr. Harris, of Worth, favored the earliest introduced a resolution in the Legisla tiine, as it was well known who Georgia pre- fure declaring Georgia out of the Union. ferred, and, when elected, he would iustant- with." now a blue cockade in his liaf. lie was regarded I It is certain that the young Vice Preeidvili with much curiosity, but evidently with but! has lately expressed the bitterest regret at little favor. both sections thus securing a ™rnt^ °f!.gainst the Disunionists in the State of the the whole people in each case.. Hearing of Gov. Wise s mo.vefliopUl of or- This resolution was received with loud and gani/.ing Minute men, Gov. Letcher, it 's tionably carry the St*t« against Br^oke»» said, addressed him a note, hinting that he, Wise, was nolonger Governor,but thatanoth-j The World's correspondence fays several Black and Secretary Fioyd have informed the President that they will resign if he up-, holds the Federal laws in case of nullification by any Slate. New York, Nov. 13.—On Sunday night 3 was large. Resolutions were passed, favor-!0Ugh intorestinj Legislature. A simiIar h\]\ calling C1^ might determine and developc matters that ought to be known before election. freak the New Orlkass, Nov. 13.—Tlie schooner. W. L. Cogswell has been seized on suspicion of being a slaver. Richmond, Va., Nqf. j^L-rJlnfk.'a moj, ITIr. V,iaro!ii Deposit A special correspondent at Springfield tel egraphed to the New York Tribune the inci dents attending Mr. Lincoln's visit to the already have been polls to perforin his'duty ns a voter "The xnultituie at the Court House, wlrtre till five o clock, was counseled to tatte ad- crowd surrounding it, from his window, and stopping a moment to read a fragment of good news sent hira from New York by Sim* eon Draper, started out, accompanied by a few of his inoro immediate associates, and walked leisurly over to desposit his vote. He was not observed by the masses until he reached the Court House steps. but at that moment he was suddenly saluted with the wildest outbursts of enthusiasm ever yield* ed by a popular assemblage. All party feelings seemed to be forgotten, and even the distributors of opposition tick ets joined in the overwhelming demonstra tions of greeting. Mr. Lincoln passe 1 thr'o the hall and up the stairs without impedi ment, but on reaching the Court Room the crowd gathered about, him with such excess of zeal that it was with some difficulty that he made his way through. Here, as in the street, there was only one sentiment i expressed—that of the happiest and most •".*"• Frtda, .r'"" t»e voting table and handed in histicket, up on which, it is ha^lv necessarv to say. nil thc namcg wer0 8ound Repn wioftnB. name frem the top, where it had been printed. As he emerged after votiug, from the temporary inclosure, the manifes taiions of enthusiasm were doubled, and Mr. knowledgmcnf. Many persons pushed for ard to take his hand aud exchange a cor dial word with himj but the crush was /too great for comfortable conversation, so lie was soon released, and escorted out with all the popular honors that could be lavished upon him. He at once returned to bis room in the State House, after an absence of not w object of as overwhelming a dther city bonks. public affectioa *s ever any (nan was visited |i' k it was eJ that lie Wftg e count'.cs official, give Bell 34,894 Douglas I citizens, without distinction to party, called 29,f)I7. It will be some dttys before the oa men B.u.timoke, Nov. 13.—Win. fleo. Brown, cess as the Republican?. I!j bore himself the Reform Mayor, was inaugurated to-day. under the circumstances with his usual modesty, and good nature, Bhaking hands with everybody, rich and poor, young and old, male and female, and had a good word for each. iected, Mr. Lincoln's felloe being apparently as glad of his Mr. Cobb of the fata! rislc he is running- ,, «iau to the City Police, who lodged her in w ill probably be not far from ten thousand.: jie Miu.kdc.evh.le, Nov. 12.— Mr. P*ttidge has been introduced sioncr icuucb. New Orleans, Nov. 10.—The Miuutc men mot this evenine and resolved to reotiext the *c,ur mot tins evening, ana resoivta to request tnc Governor to call a meetmgofthe L^islature cockades are worn by a few persons. Sacramcnto City, California^. 1ms IS,896 ioliabitants. cf citizens to sustain the Union iamuch Can- i Justice Wayne wnsan original Jnckson man isters, with U. S. Minister McLune, were at 'and was appointed to tha high psitioa he «"alap. It was bolicve 1 that some decided -v ._ »_ steps was contemplated by them. his appear- adorns by the hero of Isow Orleans. _! rkjiors* of sir. dbeckenriD02. the position ho was made to occupy by Disunionists. Virginia Congressmen are hero. They rep- strong Union ground in his message. Both 'l»atcd.. Lkxingtov, Ky., Nov. attend the military convention, which is to I Kil^tsiin their rights, lie declared if the, precinct was rejected by the judges, which "J""* be held next week at Millcdgevilic. The! Federal troops attempted coercion for every gives the Democrats the county. The lie- ^nn iMMlliMip the polls are fixed, was very great during the LeAVRNwoatu, K. T, Sunday Nov. 11 ... Complete returns from lite Territorial elec forenoon and the early part of the afternoon The on)v altcration he mftd Wft the cutting off of own the ILL FEELING tiSTHSKt Wl$X XXif |.XTCnKS. Much bad feeling prevails between ex* Gov. Wise and Gov. Letcher of Virginia, oa accountofthc latter having re-asserted his devotion to Douglas, and refused nauce extravagant military preparations to help forward secession. SAM UOtSTOS. Late Texas papers prove that the llero of San Jacinto is making tremendous headway Suj aud .f ft rjjge er should succeed him who would take caro president, in the event of tl»* election of the public interest of the Stata. tW(J nwre weeks were '4iowej( JJqJl ^ud iiyurett. would untjues- alarm in tue cabinkt. 0 Lincoln, intends to deprive tho latter of allcredit for devotion to the Union by taking 'ts 12.—The rumor that Vice President Breckenridge is going South to make Union speeches or interlere in any manner whatever with the troubles of the Secession States, is without foundation. A meeting of the ISel 1 and Douglas parties thc Eric Railroad safe at the Jersey City was held here to-day. Resolutions were Depot was robbed of $10,000 in bills and Passed denouncing in strong terms any at- ly, and lhay recruit mostly h/ drawing vol tempt at secession or disunion by any State. unteers Xrom the Dou las ranks. Speeches were made by Lwlie Combs and Mim.kdovillk, Nov. 13.—The Military others. l--i.ii i *i i i State Convention met totny. The attendant' 10-A tr»»a b..» .nerfenud da.Mt the o,ly ,1,»- county wi(h the ully 8bcct lhe catir# VQte ot ,un f,.n (1.« i publicans arc very indignant and will pros* fjr tha support of Mr. Lincoln to the Prosi- t0 tliectldi armor in order to tind out, ifpossi- i Federal soldiors should atone ft* the ble, the parties guilty of the outrage. defeated. Chicago, Nov. 12.—Considerable exeite- Tho continental Club mot tWti evcning uicnt was caused here to-night by the arrest ,an adopted rOioltHlOiM 4XpT3iiihg good by the U. S. Marshal of a negro woman, Kliza i negroes and was compelled to give the wo- y that Enough counties have been heard from to be made in the morning to take her to Spring- for safe keeping. An efF'irt will field for examination before Commissioner Conan. The streets and vicinity of the ar mory is crowded with negroes white persons in a high state of excitement, whe declare their intention to prevent the woman from being taken away from the city I,,,. I ju-ruorruw 11 unaci^iuuu niin uic COUUbCl i a mi k of wm iamwj" Mi s. I'ureh's parly declare (lint in no veil- print ipally of farmers. The trial, when/it tomniences, will probably last ten days. tion of but, toward 3o'clook it diminished sufficient- tires, show a large Republican majority in ly to allow tolerably free passage. Mr. that hod.v. i o n a u s a o a e s s e e a Lincoln, who had iiitenued to delay voting i n Kest an' Coi.ewiii, S. C., Nov. 12.—The Senate btil to o« pendthc penalties of suxpeuslons ofspocle payment* by Bunkx passetl the sccond reading In the House. The Convention bill «rasre:«l the third time aad passed unanimously. Its title r«a changed to an act and *eat to the Senate to be ratified to-morrutr morn ing. Mr. Prenholmes1 resolution, that the Joint Com. mltle on Military, of both Houses, during tha recess, prepare a pUn for arming thc gt te, and that tho Joint Committee on Finance prepare a system to raise the necessary supply vas adopted. Mr. Cofltu proposed that the Presidents of the flanks of the S'ato he authorized to advertise till the 1KM of November for sealed proposals for ajoaalof $(00,000. lie was authorized by a friend to say that he would take 10,000 nt live per cent premium* The btil toarm the State wa» recommended. •1 A resolutiou was passed for the managers tj gltq notice of the election. The resolution of the Committee on Military to en quire Into the propriety of fortifying various exposed towns 011 the sea coast was loft. The House met this evening and read the Bank bll| the third Its title was changed to an act and it was sent to the Senate for ratification. Ca.\ Rt.KSTos, S. C., Nov. 13.—The lagest and most enthusiastic meeting ever held In Charleston, assera bled at Institute Hall, to ratify the call for a Con vention by the Legislature. The galleries were filled with ladle*. Judge MuGrath presided. PpueChes were made by McUrath, Spratt, Khctt, Colcock, Con ner, and others. When a sneaker declared, "This Union Is dissolved," the enthusiasm was perfec'ly wild. Outside meetings irere addressed 7 leading mer chjints—all declaring thelr.readineas to sacrittye I11 the maintenance of South Carolina's honor. There Is no longer a doubt but th.»t South Carolina ill secede. l'aliuelto banners are multiplying. The Courier office displays thj Palmetto flag jlth the word?, "South Carolina has moved—other States will fii|o,v." more tlmu five minutes olto^etliei, and re- with rooai for others as they cmnc hi. sunied his quiet intercourse with his visitors, The Legislature adjourns to-morrow noar, as composedly as if he had not just been the x„ wiies otfl Ktiri tftvlvr iik was /. 1. ELECTED. We learn that on its being fully ascertain- steps was coutemplaled by them. Pvh:iimom, Va., Nov. 12.—Tho affairs of the Soul!) attract much atteutiju here, and tho people are calmly awai ing the iisue. Meetings will probably be held in all the di lFerent counties of the Slate before the 'fij-'egifltit ure meets, for an expression of pub flic opinion. 1 Tlie rota of theStAte is not aseerlaiued— both parties figure out majorltiea. counties are yet to be heard from,- Oct. I7th arrived at San Fran-isco on the 29th. -J'-f Th' ftrgitasnt In tlu Quick Silver Mins c.ts3 continued. Tlu Court housi) has been crowded during the trial. Nearly :ill tha lawyers in tho city giving their con taut attention to the intellectual striig^'e betw-iaa Mr. llaudolph and Ileverdy Johnson. The pollitical campaign drawa towards c'ose The disastrous eastern news seeirs to p&r alize both wings of the Democracy. Senator Gwin and Ex-Senator Wuller, in their political tours, are coldly received sometimes postponing a meeting for want of an audience. Tha Douglasitos ware lit tle better. All parties concede Lincoln's election, and thc Republicans are gaining strength rjpid- Tho discovered in the election returns of McDon-, tagc they hive had «ince the campaig i open- The vote of Prairie City was ing secession. Governor Tlrown made ajlGl.andso returned to the Clerk's office at L, A del-: strong resistance speech, declarirg the right I Macoml.. Soon after the 1 was discovered to The Republican l^idWiAW iwpefu! of car hare been altered to9, and as it did not agree ryuig tlu Stato. od jie cl 'fr hls Nai'ikhville, 111., Nov. IS. Although the jv toward her home, for about two witnesses whose deposition ?}(lllIL':1.him of M| k n jn St Ix)uis Tha fl ien(llJ of Burch Bay w-, w in selected are composed (heJHouxe of Itepresenta- most nn vantage of this opportunity. He according- last evening, the occaf ly. after surveying the Court House, and tho 1 Lincoln s election enthusiastic crowd assetnblea y tinie during the canvass in this he canvass in .lfln mon beinjx in honor ot S hoOr and a half. The ted. salutes fired and Wide Awakes paraded with full ranks. New Orleani, Not. 10—Returns from Texas indicate that the State has gone for Breckenridge by a large majority. Iu Gal veston his majority is 509 and in Houston It is SuO. On tli reverse side It Is a tffogle Wasii nuton, Nov.12.—At and warmly congratulated him. the Dong- t" destroy the Kepubllcan Wigwam by the Ilreeken" buc- DlHiiuioii Woh'I The following paragraphs from the Wash ington correspondence of the Philadelphia ^ebuantepec charter. Press nted no comment: JCT1CE WAYNK ltfOlflWAS*. & Justice Wayne of the Supretna Court 0? the United States, and a citizen of Oeorgia, who reached Washington last evening, after a brief visit to New York, is exceedingly in dignant at the course of tho Disunionists, and announces liis intention to admonish The Hank of Charleston has agreed to take $100,000 ilay of October, ISfiO, one bay Killv, one year old la*t ." ,* i *nd the balance ofthe tlOD.OOOlwn will be takej by 1"'"^'. ponoy built Itft bin 1 foot white, star in th* testimonial Of The Constitutionalists were still htbr# i •c-'nprtsing \-ilnable palutinsrs, marbles, parians, out m.liilcrrr.i lines, Ac., for::ihi£a truly national benetit. The sujierb Hi^r«i-iug, which every subscriber will The country was in a dreadful state. receive, entit ed, "K.iIsMIT Mustering his Recruits," Is It was reoorted that MiraiUOU proposed lo jj^cVuiridgj wing arc gaining some a the NVM Tll* ing the acts of her husband they are only, Thv fllinoii Sl.ifo IiqjUU'i\ too oj.itral' I exposing the hidden deformity of the mon- ])Vtl.jiils orgm of tlvs State, and which, be ster. Feeling runs high. The panel jjury .. ... rireheail and a while spot on tho nos«. \ before I.eander J. tHunrt, Ksq., a Justice of tho J0.5KP1I IIAVNK, Kill, member of the llonse, froia fteorjlH. hlis ta- Peace of said .•ounty k«:u a decided stand far secessloa. Nov. 13, (IJ 3U-li-3m Stiiatoer Hammond has resigned'. /yrz&» C1T1T7'T' KT t/l' A "D C! I JT25\ Netrl h's boenreclved from the Governor of'Mis-! tjXl V JjJLl 1 xJjQ.xIjW i tlssippi, stating that lie would call the leglslatute gether immediately. the trial of the rioter*, to-day, it transpired that there was a concerted plan ridge club, before the election of Lincolu. The police are seriously iniplL-ated in the outrfttfe. A company of U. 8. Artillery left Port Hamilton 00 Saturday for Kuyett 'Vllle, N. C.,to protect the L*. ?. Anunlu at ethat place. Froai Mt'xlr®. Nk:w OBtKASs. Nov. 10.—The' stpamship Tennessee from Vera Cru» 7th, arrived tc uigl-t. The States newsp iper comes out Independent, and I derived from becoming a subscriber. :-k, Subscriptions are now "jeing received'!® arCtM lttt*' opposes disunion. The Juarez government had granted ao.tx- Ojnmpo had been appointed Miuistef" bf Foreign Aff lira, aud Mata Miuiater of the Ti'vs isury. The liritMi legation had been permanent ly released from Mexico. A p.irtion of the I legation itne '*y the Tennessee. i one l,f ^e8sexcitemont thanvas antic- l'-o.orin Clubs of this city a posse du&jateJ n sections who escaped from Nebraska City, N. T., a short time siuce. The woman is claimed as -A- Ward Club his adopted resolutions a slave by Stephen T. Knuckles, of Nebraska, tendering their ssrvices to Mr. Lincoln to The Marshal, in taking the woman, wa? I •topped in the street by an excited crowd of! oppose any attempt of the minuta men ofthe South to prevent his inauguration. Mlrdku and at man n mud Bail some was n, a.n ny will, a jroui* Uy m.d »l «... cgnclusio., 41,,'., ol the service he found that his horse had been taken away. Ih- walke 1 with tlie la- v "i* for Burch will move for a continuance, on i v i ir V the ground of a desire to show up the char- ,, i And t.uic Yocum lul it. iio li^l so)1! aF* i Wari^J)pu,u 'l now they will be able to demonstrate thfl exist- him and that in self defence he shot ence of the greatest and most attrociouaeon- great deal cxcitemen prertiln in •piracy against him that is passibie to con. ccivc uf. ,n.Ja''- .^ BSigllt IT.l1!* uprv»wnt edited by Ja-nas W. Sh-ahan Esq., Senator Douglas'particular ftiend, no doubt ro nearly sp:.ilvs Dri'U-i' senti ments than any other paper in the country, concluded an articlo on the disunion bluster, in its issuj of Lut We lnosdiy onming, a3 follows: "Should Mr. Lincoln be elected, great "the Calamity will prove to be, still we think "it is tii dti'y of every to givo to "his administVa'.i n (not his partv) every ai rt lhat 11 l',e",ost resign. The Hritish, Prussian, and Spanish Min- ii.v inches, ikin,' a most Ma fur the w ills of either the library, parlor or olllee. Several Fj.tT K2ah\"ey, Nov. I.i.—Tho Poncy to counte- Express with California advues to tho 31st u!t, parsed at o.l'J this afternoon. Tiie Po:iy express with St. Lou's dates to f10 ,valient can con- .fc. Mr. Parrott spoke an I "ftut.on illy demanlo citizens and if in streets were illumina- evetv.s of his b.-i Jt.cs, the arm of le of treison be nise i, it will bo thc duty of cv "ery D-vnocrar, when calle 1 up m, to aid th" "^•wrnnunt iu all cjnstitutional measure* "to put )\v i tha treason, punish thc "thi traitors, aaJ protect fie A ueriww U.i "ion." Thi Lnisvilla JjimhI ho'X? laijn^o si:nilar to this. JOIIX D.TARk76hicai HI.1 Dfi.YTtStrt—!I.i7in^ boan ownoatol with th? Drug isiiuss for several y ars, ant dealt mrrj or less in Patent Jicines, I ta'e great pleasure in informing you thai t'lere is n j.vj t'.nt ha ptivon bjttor sitt'nfiic tio-.i fordu:as S of thc j!ig4, wh?n an ex pectrant it required t'.nu Dr. Hills Balaam for t'13 L'ln *^, thiivforj I etn chiarfuVy rec c'jniuicnd it to thc afll'cled., J. J. TAl'* LIKP, Dnissist. l'ittsfi-ld, Pike Cd/ JlSne 2oth t80o. For Sale by J. L. Tylor,». Sec ndvcrt s'inent. Tho oppincnts of Lincoln tried hard to carry the election into tho House, but tho people have decided to carry Lincoln into tbc House—th'j white House. Now A11 vert 1 f? e 111 en t!». a JL1 EATING HOUSE. 5 P. I MPS, Iti'Sil k CO., Proprietors. Front Street, first door K:ist of I'umroy's Drugstore* O'i' i nVA, liHV.t. SIK.VLS served at all ii '»rs. FRESH OYSTERS' In the Sh -ll or Can, served in attstfle*^ Private parties supplied with refreshments of Sap- person short notice. ESTn.'.* H:e State of Inwi», iipeilo CVunty [Nov. 15, '00 tf saiJCE. '91AKEN up by Joshua Ilobbs at his re^^enee In D. llahlonega .. towns'ifp, In satd eonnty, rtn the Wfti County Clerk. Thc ^even years unriv alled t-uceess nttendiiv th'* "333iI0.J3LITA:r AST AS833IATI05.", have in de it si ln iseliold word throughout #Vtry tju ii ter of the country. Under the auspices of this popular Inntitiition, over three hundred thousand homes have learned to appre ciate—b.v beautiful works of art 011 their whIIs, mid eh' lee literature 011 their tables, the great benefits paruleJ w'.tii lhat of any previous year,. ., }. TKR.MS SUUSCKIl'TIOS. Any p'rs:)n cai beenme a member by subscribing three dot lam, f«.r which sum they will receive 1st.—The lar-^e and superb steel engraving, 30x33 inches, entitled! FA LS TA FJ' MUSTERING HIS It ECU UITS," 2d.—Oiia cop -, ona year, of thit el ga:itiy Illustra ted innjatine, "•Tilli COSMOPOLITAN ART JOURNAL," 3d—V'ojr ail iilssions, daring the season, to TIIE OA LI. EH OF l'A /.V"77.\V,'.v Ms BROAD ir.i v, xxn YORK." Iu addition t| tho bbore benefits, there will b« (flv «n t» Mk* subsrfibers, as gratuitous premiums, over rrvj IIUXDIIKU Work) ol Art! beautiful and popular engravings ever issueil iu this country. It is done on steel, in tine Hue an.l sli|i]de, and is printed on heavy plate paper, 30 orti.ime:it, suita- Its subject i s I lie celebrated scene of Sir Jolin i'nUtatf rtceiviiij iiit Jusliee Shallow's ollice, the r«.cruit-i which havr Ijeen L'lliiered fur his "rajf^ed regiment It could not e furnisiied by the trade for less tliait Tue Ait .jouriiiil is too well known to the whoU country I" ni-ed couiuiemlation. It is a maguiticently illustrated itag.uiue of A. t, containing Kssays, Sto ries, I'oeins, Gossip, Ac., by the very best writers in A atriea. '(he^ enx'ravin^ is sent ti» any part ofthe country li piail, with safety, being packed in a cylin der, postiirl prepaid. Subscriptions will be ri ceived until the Kveuin# of the 81st January, 1 S(il, at which time tiie books will close and tie premiums be^'iven to subscribers. ipe. s:iii is r. stricteil to a liniile subscription.— Those runfting j!5, are eutited to five memberships and to onf extra Kri^ruv in^ for Iheir trouble. Sub scriptioi s from California, the Oanad is, ami all For eign Com.frit.•, mu^t be .'U instead of $:i, iu order to defray ^xtra postaiff, etc. For Imiher particulars send for a copy of the el egantly jlustrited Art Jo'irnal, pronounced the hainldoiii^t magazine in America. It contains cata logue of premiums, and numerous superb engravings. ll'V'ulai jriee. bo cents jier uumiier. Specimen cojdcs, however,-will Vesent to those wishing to su'jsciibe, oa raceiiit of Is cents, iu stamps or coin. AdJfess, C. I.. liKlillY, Actuary C. A. 1 f'tiJ Uroadway, Novr York. N. n.-+Sub'crlptions received and forwarded by A. W. OAMOS. Agent for Ottumwa and vicinity, where spec! in In Engravings and Art Journal cau be seen. Nov. if., i-au—tf TIIE GLOBE: 0fi«-ial I*u|»'r of €oi:gr«M. puflNlwioir iny The annual Prospectus of THE Daily (Ji.o.wiiiwi i Tiji I'O.NGUES.NKINAI. (ILOBI AND AITI NIH.\, to rt uJnd tubscribcr?, ant! inform those who may tie sire U|suh-nihe, th Jougr».s will inet-t on the first Mnodiy o! next DcoeMibrr, whri* I shall resume |»ub lisiiinl th above-named papers. They have been published so iun#r, that m»st public men know their chap .ill er and therefore I deem it needless to tt ininutf hfount ofthe kind of matter ihey contain. The 1% iy Cilohe will contain a report of lhe Debated In both .niches of Congress as trtken down by repot* ters, least to any corps of short hand-u tern in tin*, any other country. A majority ol them will, eaf i, be aide to report, vkkbatim, ten thousand words ii hour, whlL thi av.«ra^e number of wordw spokt n |y iluent speakers rarely exceeds seven thou «and hundred words an hour. When the debates ofa uav do not make more than forty-live coluiuu*, tlu-y wt I nppear iu The Daily Globe of the next uiot'ii in^'t wlich will contain. Also, the news of the d*y, to^eth^ with such editorial articles as uiay be jftrsted ly j»aHsln^ events. lh l* «nj re.sioi!iil Ulobe and Appendix will contain a rep or of all the Debates In Con^w-ss, revised by the speaker, the Mes«»ai»es of the President of the United States,the Annual llepoi is ofthe Head of theK^cu tive D«pai tments, the Laws passed during the session, and ccioud indexes t« all. They will b«» printed on a doi|)2e royal sheet, in book form, royal quarto size, each/number conUining f'xteen pages. The whole will fiake, it Is believed, at least 2,Kh pages. Tins is ac!dwledged to bj the cheapest work eversoldln any rouiitry, whether a reprint or printed from inau* usorpt copy, taking for data the average number of wor»j it contains. e eoniii.g ses.tion will, without doubt, be an un* usidly interesting one, because the debates will, iu a gr#it measure, be upon the policy of the President el# t, aud the Ulobe will be, as it has been for lu&'iy yar* past, the only source from which full debates of Co gress can be obtained, Iiik CoxtsftussiDNAi, lii.oBK asi Aphkxuix pau free tiitmgh the mails of the United States, as will beieeu byreadin/t Ue following Joint Resolution passed by COigtvss the li of August, 1.SV2 Xiiit lU-solutlon providing for th. distribution 9 Mr. Pleasant.—A young shot and killed, four miles fro ii the city of Mt. Pleasint, on Sun- I'l"August day evening hst hy a youn^ nian nam -1 1 or im. lsell had »eon at church in rotnpa- Br 1 himtedf up, atul \vas "vers that CT wUh th(J accused him of ati-aling the rse, and at- Mt. Pleasant, and the matter is now u i ler ioiiiir invest iralion.—Hotel ofthe .... V1*'8 Congress ami thu Dub a tea thereon. •Villi a vn-w to the cheap ciroulution of the ltttri of C'tiiji K^ and thu ilebate.-i c-ontrihutlng the tru« in 11 prcliit.tjn thereof, utxl to muke free lhe eomsanni f.tIon betweeu the representative and constituents Foilicii: 11k ii K&Hot.vKD ly the Senate anil llous? of Repre sentatives of the United States of America iu CuiiKrckh As'-eiuhled, That from and after the present session cf Cou res», the Congressional ( and Appendix, w.noh colli nil the laws and the debutes thereon, shall through the mail* s.i loni a« th* e:ime«h'»li blpuMished by ..r.h-r of Con/r-sa Provided. Thai nclnii^ het'eiu sliall be construed to authorise the clr* cfatnii of the Daily Globe free of postage. a copy I Tr of T.uDa four months ttOQ on« 0°py ofthe Congresilunal Globe and Ap- 6 00 V» uttentiou will be paid to auy order unlets the fi.itey accompany it. ^ilank notes, current In the section of the country i will be received at par.— a subscription majr be re whlch Is preferable t« miJ sliver. JOUN C. RIVBS. S. OPPER IS UKJ! «»v »:i»to corner of Front and Oourt .sir-jt-tM, to the stand lately occupied by J. E. i-iVu'' 'l'" 1 r'-,rt"^rly ''i' Chuiies Lawrence, where (ill be nappy to BVU his friends. A new stock expect •JUa a few days. 1M1TEI) NlMIlKIt k e*p« [Oct. 11, 1'HIVATK UOAKDINCi. OF us IJOAUDKKS WIIX BK .dated with boarding and lodging at k, or Iir day boat ii. Applv to OcMm U, *u*. «, U, W9U«, .i. ai'commodat 1CI:

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