Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 15, 1860 Page 3
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t|)C New (Ditniuhm Courier. Tjocal and M!isicollaneous. OTTITM'VVA, TOW A, \,u. M, tSHO. TI31I. vill i:. B.A n.lMiAII UitAn. caAsoiitor tijte. LMVe Ottumwa 4:30 a.m. 1:96 p.m. Arrlva at 12:5ir.*.10:00r.*. 41 COACHES LEAVE DAILY. Dei MoIdm, via Rddyville, OskalooM and Pella, al 1 a. in. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at II.TO p. m. For Chariton, via ikesburg anil Albls, at 1 p. m. (Mrtti—For Hioomfleld, and Centrevlllc, «t 1 p.m. —For Keokuk Railroad, at 12 m. ArniROTVPks—II. Nlsamakkr Is now prepared to take Ambrotype pictures at his Jewelry Store, one door west of the Ottumwa House, Front Street, call ••d ses specimens. [Oct. 25, ISGO-Sw. IIouses to Rent.—Several to rent. Enquire at thi^ office. District Court.— The Fall Term in tYs C^Winty comnienc?s M^ndny we k. The new cri or corn is coming forvawf quite rapidly, and is s lling Tor 13 and 18$. More l)cautiful autumn weat icr than \t« fire now enjoying is as yet unheard» f— Io-.fa ajpjiMki the world fur line, li.altliful c'.i.uale. The weather the past week, an 1 mrle ?d, thts fall past, has been pleasant nnd in 11 In y. n the recc lleilion of the oldest in'iahitsm '. Scarcely a sign of winter yrt. Pehsonai..—We noticed several gentWn cn connected with the Keokuk Road, in town Richland Tp., ihis county, for a samr.le of, 1 acknowledging. Mr. II. manufactured l.',U0 gtHons of the same sort. A difcourse will le delivered at the Con- gregntionnl Church next Sabbath at 3 o'clock P. M., on the adaptation of the Scripture to children, in consequence of th? death of Henry Summtrs. Sahbath school children, th ir tewherd and fiiends are requested to te present It is mm'red that out citizens are lobavo ft free ride over the Keokuk road to Iveokuk, as soon as it is compled to this point, which time is near at hind, as th.i track is laid to within three-fourths of a mile from our city limits. Let's have the ride. The improvements of the city arc uuuba residences goinj up, as also a number of kw places of business. Prosperous city— ours—have another railroad in a "few days." 1 Road, will not run regularly until Tuesday Eatinc: common consent gave vent to their feelings in various most imposing and brilliant deiu- onstratii ns, tho like of which was never I heard of here before. 17o guns wore fired I the Wide Awakes paraded with music and torches bonfires blazed in tho streets, thronged with a multitude of delighted men, women and children flre-works were let off and most of tho stores, offices and residences of Republicans were brilliantly illuminated the city, indeed, seemed for the time to bo given up to light, joy nniJ gladness. So many buildings ablaze that it is iujpogsiblc (p no­ Dixon, J. II. Merrill, M. J. Williams, J. W. Iledrick, Or. C. C. Warden, J. W. Norris and others. The occasion was indeed a de- RYE—Dull. Sales at 72. BARLEY—Dull Sale* at 07©T0 State 70 Canada. CORN —Market heavy and I& lower.— Sales at (iS^O 7 western mixad, afloat 71 in store. OATS—Firmer. Sale* 1st 37@33 for Western, Canadian and State. WHISKY—Market lower. Saleft f|)() bbk. at 21j(^22. 4MJINRK(IAI, IF FEE A. ('. PARKS, Agent. Office corner of Front anil Market St*., Ot tumwa. When you want Hoots, Shoes and Clothing, go to Tample's, New Clothing Store. dwelling houses 00 lo 1 8ii ted, notwithstanding ills risk of approach- wear and tearVhlch rt suits from the use of other soap. ... The soap will eadily remove French polish, Print ing cold weather. We notice several private Our lumber merchants are doinjr a large manufactured is, with me, ail important item. Fifty ., ii mi pauuds call be made at a cost of onlv XTHi cents, and business this fall. 1 his is another S0 f-evi- I UCQ1) suraiounlcil, our farmers are mukingj y.-imily Hiirhts, formerly soIO frr f10T each, but now many valuable improvements on their farnu.! forf5, or ror the washing soap, and $2 for the toilet an be had at the Col'uikb Office. Wkstkhn Horsr Wc din it'ention meals can bj id consisting of Oyster-, Fish, i •nl congress. Gaate, arid oth'jr delicacies, at all hours.- Oysters in tho shell will be one of thft tures" of the cstabli^lnnent. Otluuiiva Jubilant. tice them all. Numerous dwellings do the SniVwa'tile bluff were resplendent with light. The demonstration was "concluded with1 Keokuk, sept -.-s, '6s. numerous short congratulatory speeches from J. C. Hinsej*, A. II. llamihon, J. W. Oot'Risit Orric«,lUv. tt. Business of atlfclnds In this market cnntlnttrt to be rery active, the excellent condition of the roads and th« pleasant weather being favorable to teaming. Pork packing wqs commenced here yesterday fcjr Geo. (illlaspy & Co. Pome two Vundred were slaugh tered. The prices are $4 25 for November delivery. There Is .ittle change In tfflMf. |'2 40 dried cents wholesale. FLOUR (wholesale) .. #2,10^2,20 Will'AT Corn ... •HELLED CORN CORN MKAL OATS POTATOES(new*} ........ Sweet ill) 81'OAIt 01 Lamis, cnreme at & Who have opened a new eating House wilhi to the «Jenc.-al Land Otlice in M'ashlntitoii city. Pat- I «!.. .| i i-i ents secured lor inventions. Caveats tiled, and all l»u- I a few days, near I'umroy's torn.-r, on Front St, under the name of the "Opera," wh«v f,'" 1 1 d,, r_:.i„ .i .. Janesville, Wis. Hon. A. Wright. E.\-M. C., Itnme, Oil Friday cMnin^ last, it IK'in^ definitely oa. Hon. a. ii. ^tepii«*ns, E\ m. c., crawfordviiic, ascertained that Old Abe was elected, the W. v t: Aift.i _„ i .j.. i .I i alimony, and the custody of tieorifi-11. Rider, a minor Hohtf1111 OIlO, and BC only regretted that a Child of her'sand said David Rider. The said peti-j more general notice did not securo a la trcr jtlu''.8,"'".K'"•* be clad to have a general county deinonstra-1 win, d.-fauit wii! he. judgment rendered ther.-on. tion yet, MARKETS. New York, Nor. 12. FLOUR—Market heavy and 5@10o low er. WHEAT—Market heavy and a trifle low er notwithstanding a decline of 3 farthings in freights. Sales at $1 lfy$l 22 Chicago spring: #1 2i Mil. Club $1 2H'Cl 27 amber Wis §1 2'J Cana-liati c'.ubj )J 20^/i I 84 winter red western afloat. CniCAeo, Nov, Floor—Dull. Wheat—Market closed dull and droop­ ing: sales 55,000 bus at 84 for North we tern club 8l@S3forNou I, and 79@8D for No. 2 in store. ^orn—Steady at GGo in stiMRp. data—Closed at Tie in strife, Itighwines—Easier at 17c. .. |k hange o i New Yo k I per oeut. «Mt«a65 I»@1S 20 88 i i -,«••«...*•• 18 IALT Hum:*, .Irar green COTTON VAltN NAILS PINK LUMBER, comiuop. fii/W ID 4 «2K 4,2o .it, bvmiMi'fii 00 clear, 9 gradoa mh%40 on SHINdLES ... 3mj@4 75 LATII, »«0 nutter ... lujaeas L.\I:I ... ... ............ io T.\ LLO *••»«*«.*'.•» 10 IIEEftWAX........ i.-i.. ... ..... -.• iiA.• 20 KtKiS... ... GjIEESE M'V..-... W ..i'i.UtfCMft SOIUi 11 I'M »i.'.• ..rtfw. 50 PORK ... ...*....P.4* .* ,*»»'••••*»«• •IDE* IIA MS Nftlt CHICKENS \i ilM .1,00 QUAILS, dor................1 85 &RIED APPLkP. 10 IM'.ACIIM 15 ti: \TIIRK (s..I,-) mon Tnlf 9:@1,20 rURS-Mink, Nl). I 1,20 coon tMMO tvil.l) CA* 25@4) RAT ... ......i OTTK't ...» r0^35t BKWKK V» 75(f)) 1 00 DK1M! lb .............. 14@20 MtTFFAI.O IKiHffl 000.1000 HI \i AUIAN flMnrnr f2@2,«o WlllfkKY •••.*» VINiiGAIl lhl. .. W..V. R.00 Clonr W!i:i« sjh RESI'KCTINO DB. IIUISTIE4 AOUE yesterday, nnd anionp ths ntimSer, Messrs. I narrow prejudices which govern too many of the t) i vit i fe»:nn, and are wlllinit to aeknowlfl^o merit whi MWiftVIC, Meed, lVliO ldrn, a*ni J'i Iton. ever found, art? nslnjr tli iIh hii In their priv i„ M|1 We arc indebted to Mr. W Many high-minded pliyslrliins, who are above the he pro where- private practice, with satisfaction to themselves and uMloubt- ii n ed benefit to their patients. One plivslclan writes .l.iron Iisrian, OI ..J W |th nfi(lencp rfcom-iiornl I!a' ii.ilaam as stiper- t« any other preparation" s niiotlicr I#1 the Very excellent Sorghutn Molfisscs tnade and can confidently recommend it for nil those com ... plaints for which It la ottered as a remedy." Ity liirn this year, which we take pleasure 111 Once mo*e "To mv knowledge It has never dlsap- Iiavo used it with uniform ?uccewt cxi,ec,8tl0ns of thMe who i gtiil another writes "I have no hesitation In say» Ing that it Is a a fe, convkmi.^t and very etlicacUnM medit'iii Doet-ers use It (is sensible a thin? as they can do.) F. N. lti-Ti.KR, Morenci, Mich., writes: "Your med icine is dolnjr wonders here. Even th M. D.'s buy It to tuka themselves when they are sick." JOHN n. PARK, Nov. S, ISGO-lm 124 Lake-st., Chicago, 1IL JS^ltoraback's Compound Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap I* no humbug, but the best, most easily made, aad the cheapest of any now iu use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attaiued unprecedented popularity. It la UMd n mtlBr l* hard as soft water. See what your neighbors lay of it: i Otti-uwa, Aug. SI, 1SC0. G. E. Asrowiu,—Dear ,Sir: i The family right to man ufactare Roraback's Compoumt riiemloal Washing and Toilet S«iai, which 1 obtained from you, 1 regard as InviiIuaMo. Whatever other other patent inven tlons may lie, this one is 110 humbug. The ingredient* of which this soap Is compounded are perfectly harm less: and so far from clothes beinc injured by its use, I believe live dollars a year wil! lie saved in the u.«ual er's Ink, lead paint, wheel preuse, tar, Ac., from the finest fabrics, without Injurlnir them lu the leasts things whieli no other soap, with which I am acquaint ed, will do. I The Toilet- Soap is useful for shaving, washing hands, and everything else for which toilet soap Is used, it is cheap, costiag only four cents per pound. I Tli» Cheapness with which the Washing Soap is HS «lnnt find til it u-i. nn nininirniu «n,1 on too, that clothes can le easily washed and washed P~r U. nJ el Clean, hard nil/ihnr water, Is of great consi tor terprising people. The hard times havilV Htion to me. I would not be without a family right Passenger cars on tha K. Ft. D. M. A: M. geo. aspiSWalL. or Wednesday next. A temporary turn- (JLAIM AGENCY table is being crnst»uct"d n?ar th? Half- Mile AND House on Mi. Retard s land v. hero, for the (J present, wc presume, will be the D.'pot. The easily as you can make a cup of coffee. The fact, /. for four times Its cost. W. W. JOHNSON. enera distance is a trifli furt'ier from town than 11c. ilu, 1... n «. \t fllllK undersigned would respectfully offer his ser tba lK-pOt of the B. a M. Road. vices to tlie public ii the purchase and sa'eof Intelligence Office. Stocks, Homo, aad Moktacks pro- i i- 4.ATI.M, IIOIM,. CI. .U.Ctitloil ports to foreign countries, Pensions, Land Patents! to the card of Messrs. (J imps, liusll ,N' tl as intents, l'sss- Co., liave upon the discontinuance of the various local land ofliees In tho W"stnrn Sr^ite-J been returned „. p:ltPIlt om. e att.n.i. to. i., ua,! kl!(suvcruiucal, ,.'lsof cl:,nn,8 C"U5° attendance from Other parts of the county.— her without reasonable cause, for the space rf two I iir-i ii years and more next preceding the commencinK of, The Agency City W idc Awakes were ex- this action, ami cruel and iiiliuiuitu treatment and a I ^4„.l i.,.i ,1r..„.l _* i... i failure on your part to make anv provision fur her: pccted, but Were dcta.ned at homo by a 8m- sustenance. And that uuless vou appear and drfeud ilar demonstration of their own. We should 1 «'tht E.xClaiat, iep irhiifiit» oi llic the Court ol ^u,rlTe Persons wishing business transacted, information or advice by letter, will pleRse enclose a fee In order to Insure a reply. C. P. CULVER. I Rkfkk to—Rev. P. D. Gurlov, D. I)., Washin^on city, D. C. Hon. A. H. Greenwood, Com. ladi.m Af i fairs, do Hon. M. A. Dou^la 17. 8 $., Chicago. HI. Hou. (1. E. Pu^'h, II. S. S., Cincinnati, Ohio C*'l. O. W. Anderson, Louisville, Ky. Col. Porter Colon, V Republicans of the city and vicinity, could Oct. 4, isio-:i.i-i2-#uj. repress their enthusiasm no longer, but by H1'1" ov )Man.BOel,,«aU*5Mr* J. W. Norrls, Ed. ,nrltr, Ottumwa, Iowa. Keokaic, Fort Dos Moines and Minnesota CHANGE OF TIMK. i Ono Daily Train. V AND AFT! It THIS DATE AND UNTIL FtTR th it notli-e one Pusm njjer train, will ruu each way, daily,iSiiiiUay.-i excepted,) as follows: 1/.'living Keokuk at 8:10 a.m. O Leaving 'ientons»)ort at 2:30 p. m. Connectlnp at the latter place, as heratofore, a°ith tho coaches of the Western St ape Co., for all points in Mldille, Western and Southern Iowa, Nebraska, Kan sas, &c. Throajrh Tickets to St. Louis, Lculsvllle, Cincinnati and the East, may he had al theotticeln Ilentonsport. car Fare as low as the lowest, to all Southern and East -rn cities. f?f"Pafseu/ers hy this route make sure connec I tloos wlih the it. M. It II It at Fairfield, reaching same v. ninn. I Court to tie beKun and held on the 'itith day of No jntered apainst you and MARY RIDER. IHLI.nERV, niLLl!VERV! MRS. PARCELLhas just returned from the East with a I ante and well selecteil stock of Millinery Goods consisting of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Head Dresses, and Velvet Ribbons also Dark Straw Ilonncls in variety Silk and Velvet lionnets, and a variety of other thlnx? ton tedious to mention, for all of which id-.e expects to find a demand, as her selec tion was made in refeience to the increasing popula tion and Improvvmriit* iu the taste of the ladies of Ottumwa a'id m-itfhliorinx towns. HaviuK tile latest styles for dresses and cloaks, Mrs. P. Intends to suit all who mav favor her with a call. Wic intends keepi»Kon n1 a supply of Furs and Corsets, for ladies. Oct II—31-12 Is ti-U NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE. Oi eosir* Cakholi. IIolsk, TaOTTiniVA, atvj I I V I Iftcts. ............... 80 w, to .. fto New Store IS TFT* PLACE BARGAINS! Mmr CLOTHING, i BOOTS, SHOES, HATS & CAPS! BURINS THE NEXT THIRTY y DAYS, WE WILL SELL EXTREMELY LOWT To make room for Fall Goods. We have ju»t recirfd a new lot of SILK AND CA6S2MERE II A. B, Also a fc«f pieces CASSIMERE, which we will 9IAKC «V VO OBDEBt aad WAR­ RANT TO PLEASE. A. D. TEMPLE 60., T. J. DEVIN, AgamEa3t!i 7 DEVIN'S, QpjKtsitc ilawli-y's, Front Street, Uituuiwa. Oasli and Ha^lit I'roflits. BARGAINS! BARGAINS It Heav ts if No. 1 PRISTS. DEL.VINia, CHALLI?, of those CHEAP GINGHAMS—Fast Colors.^ 1 f,[ Di vorce, a »iifui de- sertion nf her by you, And absenting yuurnvlf from day of the next Term of said Per her Att'ys, Wouam UawLroa. Oct. 4,1S60-li!-80-4w. To MARTHA HATCH. Vou are hereby notlfledthat, on or before the flrst day of November, 1k$o, there will lie on file in the ofiice of the Clerk of the District Court of Wspello county, Iowa, a letltion of Edward Hatch, plaintiff, claiming of \u a divorce frosi the bonds of matrimony now existing between the parties herein named, and alleging as it cause therefor wilful desertion on your part, and without reasjnahle en use, for the space of two years and that unless you appear and answerthereto on orhefurc noon of the second day of the next term of said court, to be he(uii and held at Otlumwa, In said couhty on tlie 25th day of November, l*lll, default will he eutercd against you, and judgment rendered therein), lu accordance to the prayer of said petition. l» IVES, Att'y for pl'ff. LINCOLNIIATS, DOUOLAf 'ekVS, BRECKINRIDGE BOOTS, BELL RIBDONS, A DMIXISTHA Tioxmbib, HOCSTOS 1'lankets, Ac. IRREPRESSIBLE Wonders in the way of CLOTHS CASSIMERES. SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Flan nels COTTONS ic., for the MILLION. GROCERIES, TEAS- away. W U liu ('r INS, Superintendent. |?y°Tleket Ofiice at the Depot. To DAVID KIDF.R. Vou are hereby notified that (he Petition of Mary Rider will lie on tile iti the office of the Olerk of tho District Court of Wapello county, State of Iowa, hy the first day of November, ISflit, (irayliiv: fvw a decree of Divorce, rhwulo from the lionds of inntrim'iny between her and you, as her present hushftud, and for Lrauda uiJ lowesfc Tobaccos--l'rice' LAR0K 8TOCK—Be in the Chmilxr. COFFEES, SUGARS PRUNES, CURRENTS, I SOAPS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. 9. -"fin n?y. T. DKVIH. Oskaloosa Nurseries. I ONE, A HALF MILE EAST OF TOWN —And file other— ONE AND A HALF MILES NORTH. The undersigned having ixirchased Seever's Nur series east of town, and a portion of Zimmerman's, North of this place, hold themselves in readiness to fill orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. We have some tiO varieties, and at least ii5,iH*l trees suitable for transplanting the ensuing Fall. All these vai ietics are hardy ami of the fruit-beariu^ kind »uit ableto this climate. Wo will also keep ou ha ads a general supply of i EVERGREENS, SHRUB BEE Y Etc. Etc., of all kimls suited to this climate. Trees from TBaaa i TO kivk VKAHH oi.d will be sold at FIFTEEN CKNT8 each, and jiurciiasers can have the privilege of mi klnjf their selection. l'VLE A DL'GDALE. Oskaloosa, June Jl, 1S6 12-15-y NEW LUMBER YARdT I OTTI HWA. IOWA. WM7 E have located a branch of our Burlington Yard at Ottumwa, where will be found at all times a full assortment ofLumber, Lath, and Shingles, which we will sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Persons about buying or ordering bills of Lumber, would do well to call and see for themselves before purchasing clsuwhere. CAMPBELL A McCLl'RE. Mar. IS, IbOO— 1 li-y IOWA IE undersigned has just received and o|i»n« I out (teneral Assortment of ROOTS A SHOES, which he offer* lo th« ttatllag Utity prices, Wholesale or Retail. C- OD£L.l«. Qctobcr 19, *6t-15-32 tf WM' \-L KSTKAY NOTICE. FB^AKEN up by James Anderson, at hM residence M. in Columbia Towurliit Wapello county, Iowa,' One Sorrel Mare, with white feet, small white strip Id the forehead, a scar on the ri»eht tliijch, some harness inniksand marked by collar on the top of neck, about 14 hands higti, supposed to he from nine to twelve years old, and valued r.t Forty hollars before It. W. Ilovd, a Justice of the p«ace, on the Svh day of Jdly, *fc». JOSEPH 1IAVNE. Ottumwa, Auf 16,'t'.O -.r Cl+rt.' I'«trnf- IVotlce. FB^AKKN I'P by John M. Purder, at hts residence In Pleasant, township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the 1mI day of Auifust, l-«ti(), two estraysof the following ile««"riptlon, to-wit A tay mare, snp|ios'd to he thir teen ears old, cap of ri»fht hip knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown Ally three years old last spring, both hind feet white to the pasture joint, blaze In the face and scar on the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised at $&> brown lilley at before, Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justice of the Peace of said county JOSEPH llAYNK, Sopi. 2T, 1S40,-99-12 Sm CoontyClerh. CITV PIIOI'IIHTV lillt SAI.i A COATS, .'Al.l. A\ 1» SHE niuce A. I). CULVER, Adjoining Richard's three story Brick, Front Street, Oitiimwa, 3L JCST RECEIVED THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF S O V E S Ever brought to Ottinnwa. THE CITY TRADE: /iJ*.OMT FRIENDS AND CL'STOMKRS I AVOCT.T) .1 say, that with special reference to tlieir vants, jfhave Mipplied mvselfwitha stuck of Parlor, Box and }0ther Stoves anil wares in my line, which for cheap jies* and adaptation to the demands of the Beaton, felave never been equalled In this market. N. II. Ifo not fail to examine iny store room and jOfliee Stoves btivipg. Fifty Ton* old Iron wantid. Also old copper,brass, Jlewter, and ra?s. f»r which I will pa.-, In stoves and ftnware, the highe«t nvirket prices. Oct 1^, IStiO—eli-I'i 12 A. D. CULVER. iVEJV GOODS NEW GOODS! E 3 W O O W A .a: ixstaxtly xjsui.ivixu FROM Tllfl A E splg.\did v».rs or PANTS, GLOVES, No. 2. Main-St., Ottumur*. CLOTHS, ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! COTTONADES, and all articles usually k HE It AGES, DKBEGrSAlpseess, i MEUIN09, YALENTI A Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOT1QSS I of every d« si ription YJfcSES HATS, CAPS, 0TS, SHOES jSHIRTS, STOCKINGS, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, CilTM SHOES, CARPET SACKS, GtJM COATS, OU24 GLOVES, UMBRELLAS, CASSIMERES, SATINETTS, JEANS, ^r d° NOVEM1SKH STOCK "K&^iprtnS AK1J1 VIN T, ,N Vn- Call In and examine the Stock. Clothing MB- Kic.v goods: new goods.: Jiifet received from the Ka«t-at J. A. SCHWORM'S CUOCCRY A.DO PROVISION STORE Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A LABCR X96 SUPERIOR STOCK 0# Srocerles and Confeclfoneries, Jr'ruiii dc KutK, Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos. Cigars, AND IS I'AL UAVAX.l TOIMK'O, AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL. Qttceuzware, Boot* and Ail of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or tXiAtitiffed /of Country Product. W TI'D—HIDES, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. C^til a:.d examine poods and prices, la Dauui's luick. opposite the Ottumwa House, Front^St. October Cth, ch-0t)-old 15-11 SIMMER ARRANGEMENTS! •JLOLt i l'HE WI.M i .II ALI: tO.TSI»AXY 4RE .. orly.ES «c. i./'iltid lin.-s. IV Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern tlissouri, will tiud it to their interest to take tills HARDWARE-Belling and gmog *ue^ now running a Dally Four Hot se Line of Post Coaches, from Ottumwa to lientrnsport, passing through Drakesville, Bloomtleld, Troy, Strinfftowu atiil Keosaiiqua, makinj sure connections with the Cars fur Kenkuk. Also a dai'y line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre »ilie, connecting with a tri-weekly line front there to Vi/vA* i Corydon, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsville, l^lurinda, and through to Nehra ka City makinK o niATO e.. 1 anlck time and sure connections at all points along Stage Othee, corner Market A Front Streets, 0tt«mwa,JnIy9th, 1SS®. A. C. PARKS, AjX OTTUMWA Male and Female Seminary. Rkv. J. M. McELROY, A M., Principal. MissM.C. HALLOWAY, I ,„ ls.V( 1 Private residence on Second Street, near corner of Marion, for sale at a har^ tin, and partly on i & i S i i s i i k •January U,'M. lllUnt Miss M. E. WILSON, Asslsiania. Mas. LIZZIE D. WOODWARD, Drawingandfraneh. Rkv. S. II. WORCESTER, Oil Painting. 1^" o effort will be spared to render this Institution i^l worthy the continued coufldence of the iriands of education. Tuition, per term of ten weeksfrotu to |S, accord ing to tht branches stuillvii. The next Term com mences Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, l»60. For further informa tion write for a circular, or apply to the Principal lu person. [Sept. 2T-S9-l'i-ly. To .\cwlt Cloyd. Sih—You are hereby notified that there Is now on file in the ottice of the Clerk of tbe District Court of Wapello county, Iowa, a petition of A. R. Long A Co., claiming of you one hundred and thirty-three and fifty five-hundredth* dollars, and interest thereon, as money due on three promissory notes to-wit One note drawn lv you to plaintiffs for twenty-nine and l-ltii» dollars, dated January 1st, lN"iT, at one day after 1 te, and one other note drawn by you to plaintiffs fbr the sum of lifty-lour and si-100 dollars, dated Jan Mary 1st, 1S57, payable one day after date, and one other note drawn hy you to plaiutilf*, dated January 1st, for the sum of forty-four and .'JT-l'Hi dollars, payable one day after date all of s lid notes drawing ten per cent, interest. Also an account for gooits and wares sold and del'vercd at your instance and rnjuest. And that uuless you appear and answer thereto and defend before uoon of the second day of the next term of the District Court of Wapello ecunty, Iowa, said term to be commenced mi held on the StJth day of November, 1S«U, def iult will be entered against you, •nd judgment rendered ther. on. Illjcksmitliiug in all Its various branches, hor*# tlioe lug, ox-shoeing, and jobbing of all kinds. »£f~Jieweiuler tlia place, the Lower Stsam Mill. STONE CITTTINti. Tfor HE can furnish «'I'T STIFVK for Housu Work, silks, caps, or am other kind of Jituuc in use. Also rough Stone for cellars, Ac 40-Il-«h.S5 1i y Wiu. .HAjLtt^C. CITY PBOPF.RTV, Itime OTH for rssldNM«a«M toahad low and mostly on A of J. W. NORRIS, Sept. I&,t*59. Courier Offlet. )itiTi\ i' rof.nis, M«iir«UHUl at the COURIER OFFICE. J_ UMCE 5 CHAMBERS Opposite the Ottnniira House. .inn Pikcks Fancy Prints at 1# log all over town at 12^. Wool OeLalos. ycr jraari, nil- r) 3Q0 Pntcts Aaitiioan YlISM, aft and OA PiHCM. Heavy Canton Flannel* at u regular price 14ceala. 1 AH PiacCT near style Dim f«od«. IVJ \J A ENGLISH MERIN0E.S AND ALPACCAS. Faacy Wtol Plaids imt Ladies and Children. Ladiet Traveling Drm IIunUttM arid Pacl&c Da Um, Otb*g«s, At. Ladies Wool Hoods, Shawls, AND COMFORTS, ofi: STOCK OF FLANNELS, SATINETTS, GASStMERES AND TWEEDS Aromadilitfgtv tb*a trcroflhred bc^sr«. 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots Ia&*r than TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE aoons. they can 39 Ela^-s HIO COFFEE, 44 DbXs SKiAItS. 00 keg* \A1LS. CAXDT, TOBACCO, SAISISS, SOAP, CANDLES, STARC'TT, OTTOI* VABlf At Wholesale. mHB r?rpi:Rsu:\Ei) II*T! *e moved their Exchange ofiice from CTi.triton, Iowa, to this point, anil are prepare,! to transact any business pert-lining to Iiankint.% Exchange or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, willcnubleus to leudersatisfactlon to our patrons. We sell i LAWREKCE k. CHAMBERS, OtlviMra, Oei. t5, IMi. —AND— COI .I.TSCTIOX OFI ICE, OF EDWABD A. & CO, OTTUVWA, IOWA. SMaiT DR AFTS OX SEW lORK, and other eastern points. In sums to suit purchasers and can also furnish Exchange on ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON GERMANY, FRANCE. SWEDEN, DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES OF liuiiopi:, as well as collect money,inheritances,and every olh vr claim in foi eign counties. We receive Depo.-its atnl issue Certificates which 1 bear interest only by special agreement. I '»I.I.lit'T!» J*. made payable at our office, will lie remitted for. at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at ether points, will be collected and remitted, less exchange anil expense of collection.— We will aiso pay attention to securing audcollecting doubtful debts. Parties holding I iicurreiit Money, Drafts. Cer­ tificates of Depusite/or Hills of Exchange, Payable AT SIGHT OB ON TIUB, In any place,«au have them Cashed bjr calling At* 4* office. l\!'S.—TTe have correspondents in nearly every county iu Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-rrsiiUnts and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required in advauce andall orders should be sent us by 1st of January. JLAND W All IiANTS. We will at all times pay cash for Land Warrants, and will also attend lo the location of theui, or the entry wiiii cash, of Government lands, in IOIVA, IkA.NSAS, Oil M'.UICASKA. Wc have ample asrangetKCiiUfor the selection of de sirable land.- in the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. I.A^OK.—We can furnish emigrants and others with first rate Farms, ili the central counties of this State, or with unimproved laud In this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be had as "cheap as dirt." TOWN I.OTS. We hare over two undred town lots in Chariton, Osceola, Afton and Mount »yr, ail good county Towns, three of alilch nre on the line of the Burlington A Missouri R. R. R. To parties desiring residence or iMisiiinsslots, in auy of these points, we will give good bargains. Parlies at a distance, desiring information astotlie property offered, are requested to correspond with us. All others will please call at ^tur ottice, on Market St. two doors from Front St., Ottumwa, loiwi. i:»\vi A. TEtlPLE Sc CO. October 6, lS.V.-n-4w. HIC AGO.VsT'TILIXGTCM & Ql lSC RAILROAD LINE. OM and Only Reliable Route East. From Bui'liugton ta Chicago, Detroit, Tvled#^Fttta burg, Phil jdciphia, ll iltimore, New York, Md fttl*Ut er E istern an 1 S«utheastern Cities. 1st Morning Train leaves I.Sam, lid Accommodation S::tn n. )td Evening Express l.Vl m. an-l e vouinjc trjiiii'i«a iu *uil *:m.) counf:t l(lI1 S. W. bL'UUU&S, Att^XtiCji^'tCt. a*.M,lM(Ht M*-4w. PLOW ITAKINU 11 -ithscr ,ier eapet*|fu I ly iti forms his friends and I Hi 'luMiC gener-lly, that he ni.inufartnres ail kinds of plows, and is prepared to supply the Farmers of Wapello Co. with au article unsurpuascdtJiuiaturial And workuianship. A A ROM MY BBS. Ottumwa. Fab. 1 lthJftM-uAO-* April IS 1^0. bought thmhfrf. NEW STOCK OF RAILKUAU.S. FALL AND WINTER GOODS) DIRECT FROII THE EAST. C. O. Warden, o Is receiving and NOW OPEN IN a large and fashionable sleek of Y O O S AKD Xoliou?, Cloth* Ac Ci*i«fS»ere*. Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Ami a comple'r a«fortin«"ril of pvt\ thing tne« 1 lie wants of iii'livi !nals or familiei in his line of trail? .romt.ri-'ini in part s« fol!mv«: Plain, black iuj Fancy Ca^simeits, Bread Cloth, Satinets TICKS, FIIIRTINO?. STRIPE?, CORDUROYS, JEA .VW, in:XXI A'.\ It HILLS, OLl'.KIHD A Cimnoiv MISLISS,' PRINTS, Of every Variety. S'yh and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC GINPHAMS Itesides a gre:ii ,.i Dress Soods! FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN, Which could not !e enuineiated in an aJvertfoemant like this. The only wa.v to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of tils stock will 1e to cali and look through for yourselves. I am also reeeiring i a well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERlkW such as Tea. CoT-e. fajar. Rice, Dried Fruit, Soda, Tobacco, Vinegar, rioap, tc. II. 1 nit ir.4 HE 1 Cl'TL ER 3* Glass ami Xails, JJ iil!i*rs maleifal iiinl hoti.«f fnrnisliiiif: And has au ^ntir» utork CHICAGO RAILROAD complete in even lliinir that wouM coinpri»»» i C. C. WARDEN. OTTUMWA CARRIAGK FACTORY fM^IIK undersign would respeetully soli.-it thp ::t M. -tition of the public to the facilities which he now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGE? A A'i ONS». of e"ei v description, after the most Improved styles, as irood as can be obtained East, and upon sat isfactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please call and ex amine tny stock. EVRepalring promptly atteuded to. A. BALD1T11I. Mir. 1stt1S»-fl7-ly OGDEN & COLT, Successors to Mendonhall & Whitaani, Forwarding and Commission! MERCHANTS AND Greneral Freight Ajxeiite, NEAR THE RAILROAD DEl'OT, ormmvA IOWA. 0T Liberal Cash advances made on Produce fi*r Shipment. -1i-a® i 4. J. llorsTojt, Oen'l Freight Agent Chicago. City meat Market. Front St. 2 doors east Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. THEs'thscriber, grateful for,^ra«» v&J i past favors, would say to thu public that his market, open- .a im Passenger' if iving Hurlington mi the am train I facing well known an-l rellaWo Company harlng connect at Mendata .th t.,e Illinois Central Rullroad established an Agency at OttuaiWa, tor Wapello i North and South, an I at hicago both th^ morning Haggagc checked through to Detroit, Niagara Falls m«id ofwh anl.New York, I piston, Toledo, Dynltisli, Buffalo Piltslnifgand Philadelphia. Tickets for ihis «reat Eastern thoroughfare for tale at Ottamtva, tirlirld, Mt. Pleasant, anil at tli« Ticket Ofiice, corner Front and Wuter-sts.. Rurlingtoa. Sleeping cars attached to the night trains. Fare as low fcjr mjt other route. U. RKMlvKf May. to— tf. esa'l Ag't A C. B. ». B. BI'lEKHir OFFICE OF I'IMiim. o }t VN\ K\ in I Rt'RLINUTDN H. K.--NO i'lt'E. To Merchant* and Shippers wishing to ship by the above Road, ill u'ease call .tl the Peoria Railroad Ticket Oftice, 'I'i Water-st, to have their bills of ia'ling signed. Ttiis Company have arrangements to sh1pto8t. Lou-' is, Ciaoiau*U u4 Caico, witlMttt cbsaige of cars. U. C.KiNO. —4f. Usa. Ageut ^o-rtrr. Notice is here'.* that Smith i Neely of Kddy vllle. In the coimlv of Wapello, State of Iowa, have as signed to uicull there property, real and personal,fos the pay me ii of their debts ami their creditors mut pre nt their claims, under ath or affirmatioH. to nte. my office, lu the city of E Idyville, county of Wapello, i pany to the utmost confidence of the public,as aff-ird state of luwa, wLUtiu thrve :uonths fr'.u) Utc dati UttiC' t-°tf rallablw l«aurut«» wgaAwMves or damase by fit *, of Mt«Kl this £M 4kVof OcIaIkt,1WH. No. IM-IS4-W. K. V. U0Y9, AjMlmtf. K,ov. H, lSJ#-n8j-ll-y tfttumva.IovA. i ed nearly four ye: rs ago, is sii.i i..i! blast, with increased facilities to furnish seasonable meats i-ful! ki.iks at unreasonable hours, al the low est thill', rates. Tallow, Lard,Sausages, and every thingusually kept iu a City Market The l.i-rli'-sr market jiricc iu chs'i paid fur Fat Stock Terais Iiivaviably Cii"*li. H^Thosehaving unsettled in ciMtiiti»,ti notes due, will please call and pay up. J. W. BltOWS. Ottuinws, Feb. lt)th.1S59.—48 I COAI .tCOILlfOAtl JUI.TOX A IJ«5.. are now selling a first-i rate article of Co-il at cti. per bushel at their Bank one hair mile from town, on the Dahlonega mart, i and are prepared to deliver Coal at S o6s- per hushe! any place in the corporation. Order? may i.e left nt their residence, in the second block uorlh of the Court House, which will be promptly attended to. Terms, Cash or Ready Pay. [Oct. 11th,—Sl-12-St INSl'ItANTK. NEW ENGLAND I'IIQ AND MAiUNi: INSURANCE COMPANY IIAIITFORD CHARTERED CAPITALS 5(l0aC4 -CASH CAPITAL, 5200.000.^ --*7"Wit]i" l:uVo Surplus. (2£0D.JKWETr.Hce\-. XM.WMLW.lKSre*. Si'I'AKT kmt SPECI&L NOTICE! nOJUUi lit ASCli CO.*! IMSV! OF Now York. Capitu!, Ass«tts, 1st January, 1S60, fl,458,XM 9S. Liabilities, 42,aSt 4*. Cll V r.LES ABflJI, CUesldant, A. F. WII.LVARTII, Vice Prosident, J. Milton Smitu,Secretary. CJUn nd vic n witti mI! the UitMt Kastorn K*ilroad routes, to wit: M. StTO, 'Mid othor HmltiinjTS, C. R. R., via Detroit M. S. R. U., via Toledo, and MERCHANDIZE and Fl.'R1Ti'!!E. airjinst I itisburg and It. Wayne yt- Wayue, of ,IV prepared U insure FJ |{K 1 trruu which passengers can take their choice. (the risks, and th* real security of the insured, and of i the company will warran*. lioice. Only twenty hours from iiurlingtou to Toledo thir teen liju i a e a o a n y o e o u w e a v i n u i n Bmitiktf on & -Tlifsouri R* K. K. I f,,coral,lo as the nature of This company is managed hy live, busings tn^n, 1:11 ace known to the Merchant* and Tra- ders of this community, ami whose names are a guar anty that its business will be condunted 1 airly and honornblv. Jlrpsr* I'WKLLINOS and FARM PROPERTY In sured for pcriuda of THREE or '1VE years at fair rates. Lot*tquUubts unit prvmptty putd.' Applicatlona received and pollclea Issued without delay. EDMUND L. JOY, March •_» li-lv. Agent. IIVHTFOCD FIRS IU!EA.\(E Cftii'iVI, CF HARTFORD, COSIt. INCOBPOIMTID, A. ». 1810 CHABTBB BBRPKTUAL. CASH CAM**. CAPITAL, fAiO 1M 8i *r|.fs, ovrit The reputation acquired by this Company dut Ulff 1 Pie(i*tttf, fitrfJe/i?, the last hftv years, by an houorable course in the! O TTT* AtAV A Ji ono/vw. Jl't ,'WI'I. transaction of its business, and the prooipt and lineral Settlement cf i-sses, together with the character of the securities composing It* Assets, entitle the Com- I g. H. BTILF.S, Agent. CIKAXii: OF TMIK. AXI) AFTER MAC. 1, and until furlVr PS" ii-e Is yiven, P.isscngcr Trains aill lca\c af '-t i rn as follows C3-OIISTOr WEST KYl'ltKSS. AUIHtMOD*tW». a 111,leave, :!..!« HTATlnXS. •urlln^ton, Midiilvtown, lliim ille, New Loudon, Mi. Pleasant', t'h»'i'aU*|Ua, (ilenditle, Fairfield, field, itatat la, Ageney Citv, Ottuiuwa. I,MI S.fiT ».U H.S7 i».4 |||..'U 10.^7 p. :o. •taTlotia. Ottnmwa, Ajjeiiry tlJ, ISHtavla, Whit field. Fit ir held, Gii n.l»|e, Cheeauijua. Mf. I'leaMint, New London, Diinviii,.. Mi'Mktown, iluiiinjfton. 4M4..V» cm Ml h.1.*. t.8l U.iO »4I .arfi* t. 11.40 li.o7 C3-OXKTO- EAST X'O'MJIODATION 4.=tU a. u:.leave. kxrfeBM*. I 3d p. m. Iea* .2u 8-44 4.»'S 4.ti 4M •Viit .8U t.*4 *.« MT 10.11 l«,»t it,i5 arrive Alar !, 'tlo.tti arrive. J. (i. REAM. Vice l'rct'i and ihip't. ChicagofWington & Quinc.y, DEPAP.^UP.ES: I**! 7f «irJiiisr Pii.*!*ciig:cr Uav^Itur. 7 15 a.r* 2«I Accuimiiodut ".«» do do do 3il do do do 7.60 (.*• l*t fflorn'ii: Pa**onjfi arrives atRnr. 7.1a. 2d .% com€l*n lo do do 2.OnI'-^t 31 1) t'rnV do do do ,f The niiovf trains make close rennectlonf with tlA B. A M. It. R. at lturIiiij ton, atnl with all the g'eat eastern thoroughfares at Chleago. I. REMICK. (ien'l \(f I' .l'.iQI J. R. WITl.'ROW, Passenger Ag.-nt, ottnmwa. I 1 K»*«ou a slock for the litnes ami fot Ihis vicinity, all v. »il.out change,connectItijr with the of wl.irli he is an\iou- todispo-e cf for Inej Cttl-'AT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD r*adv pnv. or lo approved customers. A III To JTtw York, I'liiinleljihia. Italtimore and Washint kinds of Cunntry produce taken in pay for Sim City, and all the inttrior towns of Penus\l Good?. Hn solicits an exami'iation rf ir-'Oflsj vat In, New Jersy, New York, Maryland, 4c. and prices and w ill take pleasure in allowing ftlerclmnt* ti.v taking this route will have the bcnet.1 you through whether you bny or not. WA* Jfll AKI pleied, and cars run from Chicajro to tU of all the eastern markets at uo additiiutil cost. Baggage checked through. Trains leave the depot, corner of Canal and Vim Buren streets, west side, twice dully on arrival trains from the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland atl4|» Lake Shore Railroad to Dunkirk, Buffalo, tigara Fall.-, New York mul Boston, and nil tlM interior towns o' New Kngiaud via Nuv Yol^fc C^ntruland New York i Eric Railroads. Ai##, South to Colttmfins. Zanesviile, Nev.aik, Vertion. Steubeiiviile, Whceiiug, Slid il.te'iaf tows of Ohioand Virginia. The above trains connect at I'oreft with trains a^, Jlail River Road to Springfield, I'rhana, Dayton and Clticir tati. Also, with tralus at Lia'.a forDnyton ainj Cincirinati^ilirecf. FAKE AS LOW AS RY ANY OTHER ROUTE. Passengers bound east will find this route both pleasant and agreeable, passing throug manv of t)i« largest anil finest eitity in the United Stales. Passengers arriving In Chicago on auv of the roai|p will find at tent e check ngents at the depots to rfcy] reive cherks and convey baggage free of charge to t|K|'. Pittsburg and Chicago cars. Sleeping cars accompany each train. Ticket.- for sale at all tlie principal Ticket Ofliees t/tif the West, and at the Company's Office, corier of RaVt dolph and Dearborn streets, opposite the Reve#A" House, or at the De|iot. west side, toi :nr of Canal and Van liuren streets, Chicago. lie particular to ask for tickets hv Fort Wayne. jJ. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Freight of all kinds wlil be carried from Chicago to all points Kast nt all times, at as low rates as any oth er Raihuad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SHIP PES. The IMttsb urg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Ratlr«a4 Co. having el'ectcd an arrangement v. t: it the Pennsj i vania Central It. R. Co. for the transportation it hrouj_li l'reigh'. property can now be -'..^ppedby tl4g e bet we«-n Chicago, Philadelphia. :'timore. Nttsl^ ork and Ui smn, witli promptness a'\:? desjiatcii Contrac ts can be made at the following jnaces Astor House, New York. No. 1 S. William St., do Jh». Battery place, do No. T7 Washington st., Boston. So. Dock st.. Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. Depot, Charles street, West Side, near Van itarv{ street bridge. Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wnyna #rC. R. B. For further information apply to vg w Mi-,^ox,Frei»rtit Ag'tChlcaya. Olicag*, Mar. IS, IS6». iStTCESS,PlSSI^GEi: IFBI tCin KOM'E. -VIA New York Centra!, Great Wes{emt A^d eoBMCttug Bsaib to and from IOWA, AND ALL THE WM, "l'lic Road# forming this old and reliable rants from the Seaboard and the Wtet, have organized a FAST FREIGHT MKE1 Giving perfect reliability and greatly increased diipatch to Freight—the trains forming the Line, East and West, run n'ah the sMM regularity, making as sure connecting' .* at the terminus of each Road as Throagh Passenger Trains. -CLOSE CONNECTIONS MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads dlverglig, from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upf% ha iug tl.elr goods icceit e utmost despatch. Dvriuj7 the fkttvm of Navigation, Irnggists\t(^rocers, er- Policies is-ue,l on as fnvoratil any other s n o a n y A A I foe Ottumwa and viefnity. »engr Depot, fd Warren st., or at Canal st. l)lp.t. the Fir* k Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise sh!pp«iL via Steam or Sail Vessels, amor.nts lu many cun to More thau the difference between rail or watajfc rates of freight, be*ides the difference of lime, will li e seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by sending gooue all the Buy to* rail road: Vajae (»er An't Ins. s»*« IdOlbs. per luo il f, at Dry(Md^|i/I asl'm't) !}si).i«) Bonkrt and citation* ry com'n) Ueu'i stoek groceries uAcept J^per ct. pre. t:n CcaU Sunars mid 'ff-e*,) 30.00 1ft Roots A Shoes (at'g« v»l.) T-MHI U city «s'ti!i't44.:»t Sit Hals, caps .t furs (g. ul as'l m't) Sd.4M Aft Hardware (.rhelfgoods gen'ly)?C.tW VT Rifi tti.!)«• ../it,'t/and Fiit /./A.'j mted Mark Packages, "Ta.«i Exgress Line, via G. Vr'. R." it.:., terms as by IN NEW YORK Ue,1 4 U and i Ea ,T rn H' VlLLLXMS A HA.MiLlUS, Ally 's for Oct Ilth, 1MU-BM8- }pB»elM I son River Ealtroad sengcr Depot, fii Warren *t., or at Canalst. Dipi t. TXT nOsTnV Deliver goods at lloston a»d Worcester i^tiiroad Icp«t. ark as a'..o\ e. •fri' bound freight of eTerjr il-scrjptif-n will lift forwarded at lowest current rates, «n ifftuin esKtsja Roads, should be roiss'tgned to "A. WAI.LINOFORbL Chicago,"or'HJREAT KSTFRN RAILWAY. Detroit.^ For the transportation of Live Stork lo lluffaio, Al bany, New York oti.l J!o-l»n. this route is une|ualto4 for speed, stock ears. Sleeping cars for Drovers, a£4| spacious and convenient yards fur stock, making 11% most desirable route lor Shippers. Th rooghbills nf Lading gic^n and RulauiaticHtJ paid, at any of the mpany's otBces, '.S, :-n»g' MO C. J. URYDilES, M:-n»gliig Director 5. W. R., I1m| nl Agt. liutlalo. TUOS. ilton. JI LI I EELL, tieul Fi't 11tj i: 11. i n. W Detroit. K. P. REACH, A,t KIMLSAM., A^t -I Stale ,-t. VI IS, Rioadway, N. Y. A. W ALl IM.KiIl|», W^t^rc A A* Cor. Lake and Dearborn 8M.,opp.Vtanont Ifoutm March SV, lsuHK 1H1CAH| Edyard Boyd, V vs I District Cnart cf WftiuiUou Acorda*d f- Wapelto Cout tv, Isst. Sarah A cord, et:al. Nov«ml et Teriu.l'Sfli. To llamiltou Acvrd and Sarsh Ai ord: \eu,m»4 cm.h of you are hvreby not'^ed that the ttiticn of Edward lioy .1 is uow on tile in the otlice of the Clerit of the Disliict Court of Wajn-liu County, Iowa. pray, lug that said court v ill decree kihI quiet tbe title Iw s»id Hoy o thi- t.i !o«lng described e?ti.le, sits Bated in county, to-wit Tbe north-west qunr|«sf of tlie n- rth-e:ist ii'.l.irter of sei lion t««-nf\-eijj»t, township li vent -tin ee, rant e fourteen »c*t,!|i Wa» peljo county, low a, and sail petition uiiikts you Slid John Sinft uud Maigart Siuft pui::es defendvuts t]| said claim. Now unless you, Hamilton Acotd uid Sarah 4co»d, appear and un-'ver or deii nr to #a|,| p4)'!tioii on nr before noon of the second day of tbft next lerni tbe District Ccta in anil for said count*, to be hohleii the 1'Cth Jn of November, I Mill, tlefa^li wlUbetak en acaliis/ you, and a oeciee rendered thoMr. tin accor.llo to pi aver of }etitlin. v th im ,aoii m* LI mtr.K, Silix !-!::.. Arr., A RAMI'S LI MBEK YAHU9 •*1 "IT 11 HUE will be found the largest stock ever •*. W fered In the west, and which w III be sold l»WH than at anv polut onthe Mississippi. Ahnthnc*.^ Shingles of oar manufacture.fulle»aiii. wery p«»fwt X.D. UANJ A (a 0t.»T .t«M uSS Il if

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