Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 22, 1860 Page 2
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if •if I II- u tr vj S ®ljt oMtumto (iourict. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER.1 -n W.01Utl^ Editor. CvciUMWX I t'A A, -. :^722,1800- The F|u»iic1hI Flurry. Thi fla.ry In the S.rath, the d-cl irsTon oC.t'n scce lers that t'u-y desire to g. out of the Union, mi the SK^r tint many Western Banking Institutions are based on the stocks of Sn.ii.hern States, ha? given the heirs, as they are call.d, a plausible pretext cry down s^curitieft an g?t up a panic which has the eif.-ct to derang* nnl cnhance th? value of ex Thing". It is th. opinion of the let inform? persons that this s'ate o thing-: cannot List many days. Tho banks mist like'v to he effected arj those of Illi- no's and Wisconsin, and in relation to those we have ni advices at this time, th it any have b?en discroditc-l. If ih present stat- of things «t the South continues, and south- additional security. That is all. At pres­ ent, ws have been unable to fln I any bi.ui- neis man who refuses currency of either State named. The fact is, the North an I West have tio intiu*ate relations, and they-are too inde­ us too nearly on an cqaality so for as the balance of tra le is oneerned, to justify a chang". Our merchants nay be obliged to thawn ag.iin-,1, is such, that we may look far Thz stay regulated, whatever South Carolina that the Col way ace proper to do. Union's pretense that there were no ejitra votes polled in this county at the late election, is si: 11 ply absurd. Somewhere near is a notori jus fact. Observation and the Democratic leaders bosted of it before el: c- road hands, how does it happen that they have only 287 majority. Deduct the extra votes, and haw much majority does anybody btdiCY3 they would have on Tuesday. It ifl reported that they have rented ground on the site of Sinnamon's old Brick Yard, for a Depot. Their Turn Table w ill be just back of the Half Mile House, and their cattle yards a short distance beyond, near the cluster of cabins. It is also rumor­ ed that trains will be run to Given st, just back of Irvin &, Co s Freight Hous\ We shall all knr.v the arrangements in due time, no doubt. The report of a free ri le, men­ tioned by us la-t week, seems to have been ljftsad upon misapprehension. Wo have lienrd nothing to that ctfect from any author­ ized source. The friends of Mr. Lincoln ha7e besn im­ portuned to induce him to publish a declara­ tion in advance of his Inaugural to pacify the South. A moments reflection must con­ vince any sensib'e person that sueh a course would, to say the least, be indecorous. Mr. Lincoln will deliver his Inaugural, in which be will set forth fully tho state ferred to his published, declarations already Joseph C. llornblower, Republican, Chailes E. Elmer, Republican, Edward W. Ivins, Republican, Isaac W. Scudder, Republican, Win. Couk, Democrat, Jo-d Parker, Demo crat, and Theodore Runyon, Democrat. This makes the total number of Klecto:al Vote«, as far as heard from, for Mr. Lincoln, 173. L*'gis|.iture in LowerEgvpt! Republican, has a mnj rity o*er ThtfiiMtt Cooper his Ueutocra4ic the Democrat been held in Georgia, and citizens of the State of influence and s'anding, such as whic the pendent of the rest of t!u world, articularly ^nd sistbrs aro entitled, cf the South, to bo long or seriously embar­ rassed by thu tantrums of S mth Carolina. Our crop, which is the real basi* of our ex­ changes, is too large an I valuable, an 1 places large increase of votes, proves this. The A State Convention, to considerSesession, on the poll list will prove it, and the is to be held in Alabama, Dec. 0. tion, and th.-ir actions on the day of election re to wait until that time, are respectfully re-. ^m,n'nS Cabinets for Mr. Lincoln, with A strong cotton Hotwe at Charleston, says at South Carolina is divided in regard to that ^es.^ion. business and pmfes.-ion men soccs.,.*,... »un...v.w F'ICKMUI.:.! ...v.. and aitisans arc opposed to i\ Per contra, »ewppnpc-r correspondents generally say that she will not back down, demonstration and muc! on the loth, to welc on.^lie Chaileston Dole-, gatian. A Palmetto tr?e was erected, Messrs. Stephens and Johnson, arc opposing thc secessionists with marked success. Illinois axd anl erS) they haLa gu-at t.iuL' g.'ncr d!y on the same remodeled, so that those untiring^ gentlemen A Ukxbbb FlK* EofW.-The Republi- cans ave realty eiert.-d a member of th? Narhan Cbews of fifteen, in the district com»K)scd of \V'nyne and Edwards, 1 he voted for Linco'n and the straight *Re-! a long platform, with heavy wood railing for publican ti« ket. the use of the Chief Justice and his associates. Large meetings opposed to recession have Wisconsin* Cckrexcv.—A rumor was received he:e hyTuesday night's train that several Illinois Banks ha4 wk pended, but it needs confirmation. Lincoln's mnjority in this State will be not fir from 1 1,500: of Curtis iu this District, nearly 4,000, nnd of Vandevtr in tho 2d District, some 10,000. i The Republicans of Illinois met at Spring­ field on Tuesday, to congratulate Mr. Lin- coin on the result ofthe 4ectiou. l\Uey liad! a glorious time. v It is denied th^lhTp^id^- pledged jth® to a s session movement, as charged by Bumi*. KeiU of Sou th Carolina. I The young folks of DwtY«r€% Gor. Wise, of Va., is «*W, i«fnian-. doighrido, o9 Action d»f.- i 't. cease to call us Hlack Republican*, or they long contiuuance of the present rate of ex*, whether wounded or not, and any olher facts which takes an oath to compass the Presi- 0 hold on a short time, but not long. The in- nothing except the hate and impotent malice ducements to send produce forward to be Pessonal.—Hon. a'-»le speedy relief from this quarter, and the great- was in the city on Tars lay, anl favored us I est activity among dealers. Business will: with a coH, unfortunat 'ly for us, in our ab-, soon regulate itself, and when it es, it will sencc. We were happy learn, however, Ulark Rrptibliciius No Longer. Iilucoln s Cabinet—Threatcuing A series of ivsoV.tions were proposed in the I^'tlers. will b* subject ti the censure of the South, and also to the penalties of Douglas' proposed sedition la.v. The Mexic\are crn securiti 'sshoti'db? p.Ttninently effected, I the fallowing onl 'r the banks based on them will have to furnish Legislature of South Carolina the other day, "•^a0 nmhiluile of conjectures whica hate Republicans" were de- jbeen thereupon arose and moved that the woid! that a black man had been elected President! ^cr by the people of the Nor*. Under the ap- pteliensicn that the term Black Republican the amendment was carried unanimously, their ancestors died without roebving if, in madj. 1st, The wido.v a i children. 21, Ifthjrebe n» wM w or dlild, father is entitled. News Items. is ca furni -h additional evidence 'fh?se things ditioii of cu' lie affairs, being tri e, if the Domo -rats iiad 27o majority without the extra votes of the Rail­ ]ie(i an sion in honor of secession, at Columbu, S. C. on the 15. Ex-Speaker Orr, Ke't% and i otheis spoki. Hop. disposal of the Governor, pasted the Georgia Senate. Special Dispatch to the M. Y. Tribune. Sprixcfiei.d, eal1 ul,OM of the untry, him seem to bs demanded, on the 4th aside unanswered. 1 more orloss before the public. "the resp'ns bility rested with them, as it The official vote of New-Jersey the Speedy with their sdections and announce election of t!ie following Presidential Electors: luen s nvuIe in n'SArJ 1 u' nuW nounced in the usual set term-. A member unauthorized by anything that Mr. Lincoln lls a in t'U! would excite insuireciion among the ir slaves, appointed when the names of the Secrotaiies are and the w.»rd "black" was struck out of the selecting, is to find men in the Sout i upon resolutions. I,vbo:n The doughfaces will pU-ase take notice and tlK living, t!ie mother can ob'ain it. perhaps a dozen, each atrocious. Death is name of Capt., Col., Ac, an 1 of Regiment in a hundred different parts of the South, they which they served when an I where they agree in one thing—that there is an organ- died whether in any battle and which ized band or broth rhood, every member of interest. Address this office. dent's death. The letters are evidence of Samuel R. Curtis, our 0f and popular Representative in mgross, is in excellent health, and as l-nio.i of the Slates must and sha 1 be pre- serve 1. Col. Curtis may justly be prou of the emphatic endorsement by his constituents i of himself and his course heretofore as their deeded as ever in the determination that the tolerable compared with what missives of! Geo. W. Sarannr.«, of Western va., I is sucscstcd as a member of President Lia-l coin's Cabinet. The K. F. D. & M. Road commenced run- cum» v.«u.m:i.. ,. I iNn^regular Trains to a point mar this cily, Tho Sloop of War, Maesdo tap, i fi.tlng forsea at Portsmouth, N. II. .Washington. Government and Judge Ilolfman for c'ahn- Pacific, via. Pike's Peak and Utah, was held the ir.jt notion can bo dissolved aad working at New York on the 10th. A committee was of the Mine proceed. appointed to obtain information. It is understood that Reverdy Johnson, of the State, and placing tho same at the N^smith of Oregon, will leave on the steamer Sen. Toombs spoke powerfully on Scses- sion at Milledgeville, (la., 011 the 15th. 111, Nov. 14, I860. There is a large number cf politicians here to-day from different parts the Union.— Mr. Linco'n continues to receive all who him at hi-{ rooms durin S Evir' m"lil brinS* and recommend such mcau e.s a may to ^,ir °®ce» wnich, it is supposed* are March next. Those who cannot Ive content' In regard to tho new pnrers which are the dn-v- a ho of applications '"g^iuity, he rem irks that "if "does with him, thy would be much less The only co acknowledgement thnt Mr. Lin- jn jr}ves to these varii in inventions is to say, laughingly—' They might have chosen "worse names"—and, as he says this of all, it iftnot rogiird -d as very i :nif\cant. Ai Ihc Capitol. Preparatory to the meeting of Congress lhe c.ipUoi 1S 1)(,ing renovated c]ianort.s ani lu ,,)C(1 Th -re was a great jn f,-ont of ihji Clerk's disk, has b-'en may have more room. Thi old Se.iate chain- ber vvhcr,: ^«-^t-r, and Clay, and Bnton, nnd Calhomi, an I iur first orators liava en- t,an?e ries listening Sor.ate-, and lul gall«- enthralled by their el^ucnc?, n"arb' U completed fur the use of the Supreme jenj.s ladies'gtilery and th^ dais which was occu- Edwnrd Bates, of St. Louis, air horizes pied by the Vice President's ch.tir, as well to contradict the r.'p it that as the disks of the Secretary and his clerks, he voted for Bell,and to state the fact that1 and the substitution instead of the latter of A square inelo-u/e in front of the bench has been railed off for the use of the bar, and outside of that seats will be provide fin* visitors.—Glutei ^OU]t at its approac.iin^ D.c(inl»er Urm.— on the success of bis father. lie had been pr»» The change consists in the ratnoval of the and Union. W. C. Sti ick!er wheeled a barrel of apples fiom Kickapoo to Pooria thc other day, in 11,aymol|t"I a bet o:i the election. pie turned out to witness the feat, the apples. The official count of all but nine ^counties in Illinois, give Lincoln a plurality of 12,318 over Douglas, and a majority, ofG,14X The European mail brings the tidings of o[ tho widow of l,n Czar t-ubiuet, P^'iic or "l',a k'' be v-truck out, ml asig led as a he has not t'.eci.led wh his Con- leason the fact that it would strengthen the i stitutional advisers Bhall be. Wc taka it,! impression already entertaired by the slaves however, tlwt wisa-acres who labor un- are private. e are ad- Elusion that T,lnolrt is Dotiglaa, and that 1, arlviscis nu!St be thoso wll0:n las W0l,]«1 'mvu cal,e'1 l) !l s a5J. 1,0 ,lis" announc d. The point of difficulty in tb? 8 i^'y honor of a Secretaryship may be conferred, and who are at same time of sufficient consideration at homo to give character and streng'h t) tho new Ad­ ministration in tbe slave States. We do not doubt that the difficulty will be surmounted. Tho t»-be formed Union part)' of thi South Hews of Ttfwtto served in will afford abun lant material out of which entitled to in 1 as p\y, in case Secretaries and all the minor officers may be It is an unfortunate commentary upon the senders' course, the f.ict that anonymous and threatening letters, aldressed to Mr. Lincoln, are tho ig'it to be n^ces-iary to snp- 3d, Where neither of tha foregoing ara yort it. Of th^se lie is daily i.i rec.i it of 4th, If there be neither widow, ch'ld,, the least of the ills with which he is threat- father or mother living, then thi buotiieks ened. Death, preceded by the torture, and followed by the pains of fire and brimstone, In all such case-, report the facts us, is the least with which he can be cxcused. giving names in full comnany in which i These excite only contempt in him to whom c" L. 1, 1 a-u U I [A simple and effectual protection against they served State from whence they went they are addressed. Though coining from |.. ,. those wh) write them but their assertion iat a new ori rr IS llnfortunate|y soure.lfi more reputable w know the time a in liting such 8tllff Ilut it is an rthor .Fjrom Ft Extm Session oftho Vi,¥i„ia Log!.,la- \P«« ^anciscoon the8th, 7th, to consider (ho con- sort contain. These latter, in the text an pon an iuk skct( scn j. fioni Calilorjiia by Pony El preM. Kkarsky, here at 9S '"'.nging California dates via lort Churchill, by telegraph up to 10 p, 600 Minute Men had a torch light proocs- j. R'^]n-V exlr"s^ lt iirrueJ ilt 5th i,ntl the cxPress Th(jrt rt that the gouth totes ar preparing to dissolve the Un:on on account e cffect Sen. Hammond's resignation is uncondi- just closcd, an impression prevailes that ... ..... The Almaden Quick-silver Mine case has tional. He has ordered his effects from Judge McAllister wdl decide in favor of the jred. Flour dull and lower. O.her articles A meeting in behalf of a Railroad to the ant, rendering an appeal necessary be for# A bill appropriating §1,000,000 for defense Senator Benjamin and win, and Baker and leaving on the 10th inst Election returns.—The returns from cen­ tral counties foot up as follows Douglas, 13,385 Lincoln, 14,342 Brock. 10,438 Bell, 2,52('». The vote of the State will probably exceed 120,001. San Francisco gives Lincoln 0*«r 3,000 maj. This maj. is being gradually reduced as returns come in from the mountains, and 1 ft-x s.4, F»^c,s™ 8t!,.-Tho number Douglas 2,030. majority and put in its usual order Sinca the hst Hes.i()11) sovorul have been made of 110 little import- iangcs ],„ ve ,, 1 Wen made of 110 little import he s,1?lts ,lU(l (1 sks h[lv be n re t0 the House halI( and th 0f cuurst.( ,„ talk at Chaileston the resolution passed at th) la-tt ses- sion Thc desk of the mv tvinoved. This is in acrordance ctovcrntusnt report- inridg-i in each House, securing sufficient strongih to elect a Douglas Senator to sur-ceed ({win. Orkhom.—Accounts the 1st of November. Douglas Bell Total vote. The peo- Abe gets W. C. Gray, a land operatr, committed suicide at St. Paul, Minn., on Saturday week. Cause, pecuniary embarrassment. S'cUolUi to that field from Fort Wallawalla, with a .rations i II Grain, s-sem dispisad ftrca of 100 infantry and dragoons, who: to take iu a long breith, anl wait to se^ were on the march int- tho Snake Indian "what will turn up." 0 ir Miliars continue territory. I to pay ("o for v.l Spring Win it. Young Lincoln,son ofthe President elect, now in Harvard College, was, on Wednesday i night, called up mby a larg3 body of the sh|* n nt institution, and congratulated viously waited on by many, but this caff vas re f-r.nn!, though not more cJidial Vole of Illinois. Lineotn reeeived... Breckinridge M3,212 Linct ln over Douglas*, .1 l,f'.n Lincoln over all, »i 4,878 MISSOURI. It Uf«'t decile 1 yet how Missouri has gone. Tha last advices were favorable to Bell, but the general opinion if, that it has gone for Douglas CALIFORNIA & OREGON The News by Pony expires*, indicatesUlat the former State has gone for Douglas, and the latter fur Lincoln. Lincoln was ahead in California, notwithstanding, heard fronv Chicago, Nov. SO »s! 77 Northwestern c!ub 70@70J for No l^^pd 74@74fc for No 2 in storn. Corn—Firm and lc better. Higbwines—Steady at lC£@17c. Xxchanjjd MOgji UJ per and ft-.m. Pdteats Granted to Western In* von! or*. The following important Patents were is sued to We*tern Inventors fro:n the United States Patent Office, week ending Oct., 231, 1800. Reported weekly for the Broauxax & Solxi'.ora, St. Louis, Mo., and Washington, D.C., whoso terms, if so desired, are tional—no ousl John Gilchrist, Berlin City, Midey Sa'vs. majorities.] Jesse B.'.Wheeler, Chicago, UK Machine for drying and cooling grain. Tlios. A. Morris. Green 3ay, Wis., asses­ sor to hi.ns If and F. R. Schcttler, of same place Improved method of adjti ting the Rake of Saw-*. gpmng up in the South, RE-ISSUES.—Benj. M. Nycc, Kingston, has confi mation from other Refrigerator. Patsntcd and creditable. Men Abraham Lincoln would notspen 1 From the countrv. seem to be propens'ty for the amalgamation of the reces with which it is ,r"wk E'"- Tcesd.vv, unehange 1. Future prospects look gloomy. CIIICAC.O LIVE STOCK MARKET. Cattle—S.des of 116 av'g 10:)0@IU0 lbs at 2J 40 do 980at 2 34 do 1180 at 2| 27 do J216 at 3 34 do 1000 at 21 01 do 1000 at 2*. Hogs—Sales of 3(5 av'g 280 lbs at 4,00 55 do"233 at 4,25 44 do 208 at 4 40 do 287 at 4 40 do 321 at 5,05 115 do 235 at 4,00 90 do 205 and 51 do 233 at 4,75 16D av'g 210 nett at $0. Sheep—Sales of 55 av'g 101 lbs at 3^. Nuw Al York, Tu^ candi- •Vfaf- Im- wle of Water Ra'sing from Wells. i». m.—Dull, lower and unscf.lcd, wou se?,n to a cial and financial matters throughout the Reporter, for the Chicago Board of Trade, Kov. 10.—The Pony Ex as well as nearly a'l the merchant le Ur of ,ur ^n's{t( i the market is dull. «-a"i trancisco on tlit Hogs of the 27th iiS rT }iro some indication of 1 Market. irrenPy we th in large supply but the favorable telegraph- (urn in the weather induces holders to be ed from Carson Valley to-day. more Hnn, but buyers still insit on a further ,! reduction it ml all confidence in the market seems to be gone. Xiie Wh at nnr ,. ofthe election of Lincjn, produces little at the msid" nriccs it advanced to 73c tor No from Tex is indicate tua Stite his gone for Jk ... Nov. Tl».—Fiour—Mu ket very i of votes returned from the State is 46,4 20.— Ureadstutfs ascsndunt in ihifc State. Money tight.— Lincoln 27,058 Douglas 24,422 Breckin-1 nkw vobk stock market. Banks awaiting tha acting of Philadelphia ridge 20,038 Bell 4,002. Lincoln ahead of First Board-New York Central 4» and New York. •^2 from Oregon «mip The proipect is fair for L'ncin to carry South effocts business vary seriously, as the State great numbers ofT^ougfas demo- Millers cannot sell bills drvrn agunst ®hi^ crats having gone over to thi Republicans, men's of Flour." leaving the Breckin:idr* wing of the d-'ino-^ We unljrstan I that a ditpit j't wts r#- crats stronger than the Douglas party. ceived in this city yesterd ty, from St. Louii, In consaquence of the late Indian massu- saying Bankers were selling Nc'.v York E*- creon the overland emigrant route, Capt.' cliange for Coin only. Dentffth?0th Infantry had been ordered In this marketev^ythln 1#q'lwt Qjpp- Bonds Tennessee 0 74 Missouri -JTs 07 Virginia G's 87. Closod heavy. A privato letter from St Louis Friday, p.m., says: "Whe.xt closed lowjr with m"re sell-1 ers than buyers. Tho agitation at the Our Bxakers have thrown out the issues of the following Illinois inks. M»fj will follow American Exchange Bank. Bank of Aurora. Bank of Raleigh. Grayville Bank, 172,545 J«0,549 .....4,840 .li,272 Bank of the Commonwealth. Corn Exchange Bank. State Bank, Shawnetown. National Bank. Southern Bank of Illinois. The following notice was posted on the desks of Banking Houses in this city to-day. in like fund- Hurrah for tbe "Slope." The news from the Missouri slope is glori-' ous. Democracy is cleaned out an«l dried up throughout that entire region. Potta wattamie and Harrison are wheeling into the Republican line Mills and Frecmont increase their Republican majorities Page gives Cur tis I8'J majority, and Amity township in that county 20.—B'lour—Market gives Curtis Wheat—Dull and at an advance of 1 @li giving ll7 majority for Curtis while Taylor John A. Martin, of Atphison, R. G. Elliot, doubles her majority of last year. Nine cheers for the gallunt and iodomitft ble Republicans of thc slope. *»ii =V .""is Orkoon Senators.—The phia Prfts U. S. Senators from Or?jon gon have spoken thei Courier their circulars of instructions—sent cratuit- cheii.died the memory and remembered the .M V ... .... the new Republican Senator, is the same who T. F* Autfrf pronounro the spIeivliJ over Iho re m-int in llublier Car Springs. •x mains of Brt l-rick in the city of ^an Fran- provement in Spoke Machines. .seouies. Whi n Baker closed his mournful F. Kcttler, Milwaukee, Wis Improved Rotary l-ingine. J. F. Letellier, Ghaml Ripids, Mich. Im­ provement in Steam Valves. James B. Mtdiler, Pekin, 111. Inprove- ment in Grain Weighing Machines. Murdoch Hutchison, Denmark, Tain Improvement in Cotton Presses. N. A. Patterson, Kingston, Tcun. Im­ provement in Cotton Gins. Miles J. Shino, Richmond, Tiul. Appar­ atus for detecting the frauds in Ballot Boxes. tonishing Collins W. Griffith, Dayton, Ohio Im-! task, ho went iorlh to niakegoixl his declar- proved devise f,r adjusting tha lLko Leaving California, which at that, Km-" John MeArthur, Aurora, III. Iinproved of the shirt session of the present Congies at- Philadcl-1 thus speaks of the n?wly elected i by principles of which he was thi exponent, Git.iv, Patent Attorneys, nnd 'ani^ against his fooThe election if tMo Broderick lTnite*l States S nat rs from Ore in, which ti)ok i-lace on the 23d of Septem- jor js tho result which tells hew fondly patent no piy. Send for o:ie of and how sacredly the people of that State virto -s of dea I patriots. Col. E. D. Baker, D. A. Pahuer, Lexington, tM},j ImprOfe- cisco, and who, on that occasion, boldly ar- crawforj. ,*^..,^, I rsij:ned the men who murdered Broderick, natias ment in Leveling Mill atom's. i 7 ,« Pra't for Chaii-man. was appointed to draft an address to the pa mle of the States, set ting forth tha condttioii of Kansas, asking their aid. The Central Committee appo'nted an Exe­ cutive Committer five, with General Pomerny, of this city, as Charman. Contracts have been ma le with tho diff- erent Raihoad Companies, bv w'.ieh goods and pvov'sions for the relief of -Kansas are .••hipped at merely nominal rates of f:ei»ht if| Shelby consigned to tho ^a'r statement ofcomiter- 3as Th3*following sum-nary, made u by the Pariic'jl«r cotmty, ^wn.or dt-.tination, s0 East iigainst giving money to any change is selling at 5(V^G ctnt for lliinciiii i J'10- Martin, of Au hisop, ifitroduced and Wisconsin currency. The principal I resolution on returning the thanks of Kansas not having the endorsement of ihe Territoiia! reaard to financial mat-! .. 1 1 ,, Central Committee, was adopted. and has tern hx- 1 ... .' 11. „,1 i bo i:l a lllost Thaddeus II3 att f. his effoits on behalf ted. excellent condition to meet any emergency The Convention alo passad a rosstlution whic i mi^ht arise. introduced by Colon j1 Holiday, of Toptka, Thn-e is little demand for Provisiot s and requesting tho President postpone the land sale". There is unquestionably great destitution throughout the Territory an 1 will be much suffering unless speedy relief is afforded. New ct was irrC!:u]nr( opening «—--oi. 2, and To? foi No. S[irtn^, bnt del' Breckinriitg^ liy +,0)3 majority. dined to 72c for No. 2 and 74c for No. 1, at which the market closed steady. Corn. Oats, and Hurley dull and unehan- for Breckinridge by 11.000 inrjorit v. The Charleston Mercury and several other flree itingjourna's presist i.i ig to the people of that section that the Yix- Prefcident elect—Mr. Hnmli.i—is a on u i e a n o w n w a e n e n y o e s a e anxious to sill but buyers do not appear.— Declined 10e. Wasiiisoto*, Nov. I».—Amos Kendall \V h^at Demand for export has fulK n off published another article opposing secestion. and prices favor I,nyers for all .lescnpti-n--. rv 1 Decliued 2((h±. Almost unsaleable. Monsj' .. there seems every probabiht/ that Douglas tighter. Exchange almost unsaleable More 1 ths articls on {H0 ground thai its has carried the State. failures rumored. E litor is a Secesionist. Th? People's Reform ticket in San Fran- Corn— heavy anl de -lining. Cii.vni.ESTON Nov. Id.—A concourse of cisco had probably been elected. Foreign—-Steamer arrived with da'ei to leading man of Georgia, held at Milledgeville (Later by telegraph to Fort Chnrrhi.l.) the Till. Flour cl.jsed dull Pricjs of wheat unanimously agrje I to call a State O^L A ]ltT I Apl'.'lllOOH#- "Almost on the very anniversary of the \Ui.iakcc .,f day that Brodclick Ml, 0*lifirnl* an4 Ore I^.**A ieir verdict in favor ofthe Rooae. came to participate in those memorable oh-' nciawai-e .U peiiod was wholly hound in the fetters of the Administration, he passed over to Ore-1 Franklin gon, and there against almost hopeless odds, canvassed and revolutionized public senti ment. His collogue is a Democrat of the Brod rVk school. C\ IJ.ker, will occupy the va-* nt s^at finm Oregon at the openin and will serve for live years ami Ne-mithi u«wHr.i will be the successor of Joe Lane, the Seces sion candidate l'r Vie.' Pre»idenf, after the 4'hof March, 13Jl, andmhpv* fr six yealrs." ATcnitorial Central •mtnille", compo- sel of 13 members, one from ca:h Cunc'- District, with Gen S. C.'Pomeroy for Cha:r- man, was appointed. LacaV".!! A Comniiftec of five, with lion. M. J. Mahl^ka Bremtr Kiitlvr ... .v. i Iiuena Visflp. I Ht'lll.OD ,i, Rurhanan^ r*Uoun Carroll .... Caw i Cedar ,u i... and who drew tears from the lh .uands w ho Davi* Du'kins^ni it i(Ii,11|ue....... Fremont Greene... Grundy .. Cuihrle .. Hamilton Hancock lt«rrl»on It irdin.. Henry Jolmson Jon»-* Keokuk .. Kossuth.., Leo I i i- i e Monroe Monona Montcninufjr... Muscatine PdRe I'ato Alto Polk Plymouth Po'-'ialini, tag PottuwnttMii* Powcsliit'lc ltinpgolJ Sac Chah-man of the Committee Tama Tiytor Unton Gen. P«inv roy, Atcliison, and marked Kan KeUef'Joods by him. They will b« dis- ^"'H'-ren tributed throughout the Territory or sent to warren Wtisliin^lon ^ir^cted. A resolution, warning the «op?o Welmtcr Winneshiek Of the Wlnnetago i Woortlmrv Of those Worth 0:tbn.vx3, Nov 10.—Tha returns The bile Mercury clii ns Alabama WriitM •Official mulatto. Such are the materials with which the Dis­ union fire is fed, and such is the personal honor of men who are e ernally preaching about their solictudc for tho "honor cf the South." Mont!Jomk3y, Ala., Nov. 17.—The State Convention of Baptists met here Wednesday and resolved unaim msly in f.ivor of disun- xhey sent th ir resolution to Gov statps that tho Constitu(ion refuse to .»» «Hy .«y. Itei4al*ci U 71^ Galena _Rock_ Island 51^ jjJ3T0X) jfov. 17. At a meeting of Iiisk-| Don't fnintl the jam—we'll find SCtne' s't'at Core ran, of rest lvitions Conduct in i refusing i do nor t» the Princc of Wa'es, an ,j inviting him to Boston, when a mgiat^ ulitory public address will bo made him. Strrvctii or the Discxion Sr.vTE.s.—The secession sentiment is active, waa, by fie U. 8. Census of 1850, as follows South Carolina..... -. Mississippi Gewiia Florida. Alabama. whitj population of the States in which the 1861! Yob. X^ *al XVIII 2 7 4 5 6 118 ,#^|2I,57 .. 47,203 ... 42(5,513 Total,.. .... 1,505,570 This is a littla k*ai tlnn the total po^ula- during tho last ten yeirs, w mld probably give a total white population nnv of about 2,0)"*,000, which is about 7')),0J0 less than the present population of Ohio. The total ant a prescnt white "Until further notice, Illinois and iscon-10f (j00^ njnty, Illinois, and abut equal to .... sin currency will only bo received tyable t^atof Hamilton county, Ohio, or of Kings as^premlums to eonnty, Now York. Mobile #Nov. a plumper"—91 votes i Wednesday, and after a harmonious session and "nary one" f'r Cole. Ringgold is the adjourned the same day. lion. R. B. firm. I brightest gem in the Republican diadem, Mitchell, of Lyn county, was President, and of Douglas county, Secretaries. Ttley understand ^" far better one. to G«»rgi.. give Acocsta Ga.v Nov. 17.—E^ery«'ewnntjf^ AUCTI0B! AUCTI0F! GRIn tins, life. tion of the State of Illinois at the present :/*«••, time. 1 ho increase the live States named .... _, of the /Ioms Magtixino be regunltl In. the future E V I S CASH STORE. Through November and December *rA n E A V Y volume*. s O K must be sold if it lots not bring more llian 5 per cent. ami Hetls, Hough am! Tumble. Bring yOUf-tV way to Wiiit on you. 100,OO for lfiei ELEGANT 1'llKMlUMS TO OErTEIlS-Ul' OK CLUBS. Arthur's Home Magazine. EDITKD 11V T. S. ARTHUR AND VIUUIMA F. TOWXSRMO. Dccoted to Soda? Liter .it are. Art, Morah, He dth and Domestic Ilappineta. So well known Is the HOME M.10 AZ1NE in ail parts •f tiie United States and tiie Cauadies, that we are scarcely re|uired in the announcement for tSOI to •peak of its peculiar char act eristics. All that it* name Implies,' Ihe editors huve striven and will still strive i to make it. Our purpose has ever been to give may zlne that should unite the attractions of In the January na-n'i. Serial enliile colored population of thoie States, which certain!)* aids nothing to their strength Writers of the First Ta!eat aaj should they embroil themselves in war, was, WilLgive their be«t eiTort.«i to our pages. B««id«« its nearly equal i tho total wh.te population, [JK1,-A11,M.,NT, Th-» St-ito of Srnth Carolina in which ths ia sulc OI ui.n-arouna, in w n.c.i in. ••eession spirit appears to be most rampant, mknt, etc. etc. eM. ha a white population, in 1830, of 274,563, i colored pop.ila'ion of 884,084. Ilcr: six'to^Sght^igese'r dress, mantle, an i*needle*-work population is ab^iit double that I PttUelU3' 16. A meeting of all parties here to-day unanimously favoring secession. Resolutions to await the action of other States were voted down and with drawn. Atchison, Not. 16.—The Territorial Be lief Convention assembled at Lawrence on w'aol1'" IOWA MUTl'ltft*. Tho Wtstei n pwp.e are «o disgusted wittrJ^W KirkwooJ.^Dodje. De® Yo'k merchants who tredta 69 »T »T i 871 4S2 1M 100 4»A S20* 219 18 140) •967 ... is .: t4s «N* .. tu 8«S .k.lM SII 20 •35 ...» hM .1t 6 Z'.n 6t ...1ST ww* :..m w w* w w* .. Hii'iiboMt Ida .... Iowa Jae1 «op.., Jasper ... 9 .. .'110 «S4 V.'ui 4S ... S* «rs ..tsor W.1 .... 8 8A5 •it .i.W 055 ...897 r»74« ... I2T. 7S ... 73 831 I3t 100 is tto ...8I« ... tflt ...tie 44 ... n 44 853 ... 44 200 41 ... 80 8'J I Sll5 ft IS4 IM 163 588 1*240 I? si MB 47 4 i ft 110 II tii 149 •2S7 avi nt 80S 124 81 4* in 81 4 #"T n New Jersey has ele -t four Liaqoln and j1 three Bill electors, the Bell men on tin fu- i \vr A vt i 11 s f7w7smitii, E I I A N A I O (First door east of the Otiumwa House,) FRONT STREKT, .... OTTUMWA. tilll ,, sion ticket receiving the suppoit ofthe Dong-j Bea?iliful IVorki of Ar1 co:nprUIis,,' valuable iuitniK", marbles, par ianf la?ites. *1 In-4 New Je.'H 'y gives her electo- line*, &>•., formlnjta truly national iieneftt. v I e s u e e n a v i n w i e v e y s u s i e w i ral vote for Lin *0,n, vi.l.r bim every ri ir h- receive, entitled, "Kaita:l Mustei itijf bis UecruiU," is r,,r n 1 n-r'•Yrrvm one of the most beautiful-itnl popular enpravlnge ever o ri e 111 r-'. kinds of work done in the moat fashionable the shortest notice. Catting done to ortler. BOLT, IX, Iliimpety, Rumpel}-, Itoa l' &S SS eharai-ter, and therefore I deem it nceclles.1 to (rive a Hiimile aeeouiit of tin1 kind of matter they contain. i i- '1'he Daily ilobe will contain a report of the Debates tves, ajltl be happy Bring your Children and tee the Ele- 1 creatJ a financial panic at the cose of the canipa gn, ih order to defeat Lincoln, that they have determined to adopt the policy o rton intercoms-' with every New York mer­ chant who entered into this treasonable con- •|dray. Through on of their journals (thi ,fll^troit ...M SO ....1A0 .... 43 .... I'erro (iortl# ClicroVce.... Chickasaw .. Otay .... ... Clark ... ... Clayton Clinton Advertiser) 6M ti» MM 1ST ....m 84 000 1* ITS 435 WT JjINOULW lb hiLKU 1 jS L), ofa lay do. not make more than forty-live columns, i Miey will appear iii The Daily (Jiobe of the next morn Antl the btore must be cleaned out t»y lnu, Which will contain, also.the news of the day, a a. together with such editorial articles as may be svg- choit-e mvl elegant littit/tlife iritU high moral tiiiw, and teaclr useful 'carefully nhteil I.I rEll.\R) [ht'ARJ Mk.VT, by the Census of IojO, 1,4 8,698—being portion ofthe Magazine is devoted to subjects of i iii i*a L' sie-ial A lTilK„*s 1 AN lessons to men, women and children. In all degrees «f t1 ass free through the mails so ion as the s ime shall .S'/'l uiif'6 eminr ntl/ trill l\i* futfuft vf twctl- u*tWnt*s i*t',e rending mutter wiII be commence aMtf NOTHING BIT S0\EY, By T. 9 ARTHUR. Miss. Towmskxd Will continue to furnish, those charming stories an 1 ex juisite picture-sketches which have been the delight of so many readers. While nil trho nun up cinb*. l** they call upon the Re- (Mib I-an p.ip'T-5 ofXe.v York to publish A list of the disunion merchants rf tiiat cit^'. r^niiii i), McKvctport, Pa., Xovcmber 15th, by R«r. M.Mo Kirstkt, MR. VIM. II. NOKTHltUP, of Iowa, and Mi S3 JOSEPHINE E. CURRIK, cf the former place. •On the lSlh Sevimber, l»y Rtwr, K«c., MM. THOMAS ROUT and MAUUAI.ET HALI3, both of Ws|j«lIo County. ttlKOf tu Kirkrillc, Wapullo county, November 18th, iir. I M'mhb. ageit "A yean. Mr. X. county Mine It years. had resided In Uila Oper. EATING HOUSE. Cf JUPS Ar B1H Proprietor*. front Street, firdt door Kilt of Pumroy'i Drug flk»T*, orrrjiw.i, low.t. .— ME\I.i servel at all liouri. %\fy FRESH OYSTER8 In the Shell or Can, served tn all (tylet. I'i" inr!i?n supplied with refre«liinent» or Sop pt a mi ?!nirt notice. [Nov. lfl, 'W tf ESTBAt JIOIICE. The State of Iowa, t_ Wrprtlo County AKKX u by Joclina Itoblu &t hii reddeiie* lu Dnliloni'Kri Votrnsiiip, In satil county, on the 25th October, 1SG0, one bay Killy, one year old la»t g|irlnjr. poney built, left himl foot wliitc, star In thd ftir'lica'i and a yrhi'e spot on ttie nose. Valued at before Lt-ander J. Stuart, Eki)., a Justice of th« of said county. JO.'EP!! It.VVNK, Nov. l.", '00 County Cltrk. SEVEN YEARS The seven years of unrivalled mccess atlen liiif th« '•COSMOPOLITAN AST AS8DCIATI0^." hav« de it a household word throughout every qnarter ofthe couiitry. L'nder the auspices of thi* popular Institution, over ttiree hundred thousand homes lnive learned to appre ciate—by beautiful works of art on their walls, and de ice literature on tlieir Utiles, the great benefit* derived from beconiinjr a subscriber. Subscripts ns are nnv V'ln/ received in srstiovo^ iaraleii w'th lh .t of any previous year. TKKMS OF SL-USCltlPTIOV. Any fjerson can become a member by eubscrlbtltf ikret uutl.h'n, for which sum they will receive 1st.—The Urge and aupcrb steel engraving, SOxSt luchei, entitled "FALSTAFF MUSTKRiyQ HIS RECRUITS 2d.—One copy, one y«»r, of that elsgantly illtutra inKgaElue, ••r/AV COSMOroliTAX a a rjo u/IXA 31—Four i lirilssions, during the season, to "7Y/A* GALLERY OF PAlSTIXdS, 5H ii'jr, BROAD" sen YORK." In addition to the above benefits, there will en to the subscribers, as gratuitous premium*, o?e* FIVM IIUXDKE! out- Issued iu tbis country. It is loue on steel, in flue Una and stipple, and is printed on heavy plate paper, SO by indies, tn ikiiij? a most clioicc ornament, suita ble ft-r the -.vails of either the library, parlor or office. Its su!.j»- is the celebrated scene of Jmi- John FalstalT ri-ceivinjr, in Justice Slialiow's office, tiie recruits which have been (fathered for his "ragged regiment." It could not be furnished by the trade fur lens than Ti.c Art Journal is too well known to the whoit country to need commendation. It is a magnificently illustrated l.ia^ar.lue of A.t, containitif? K.ssays, Sto ries, 1'iteiiis, tjowip, Ac., by the very best writers iu A .lerica. The en^ravin^ is sent to any part of tin* country mail, with safety, being packed In a cylin der, postage prepaid. Subscription* will be rccelvpd until the Evening of Mie 'l»t of January, lsGl, at which time the books will Close and tiie premiums be given to subscribers. No person is restricted to a single subscription.— Those remitting $!!", are entiteil to five membership* and to one extra Kiifrravin^ for their trouble. Sub eerq.tioi 3 fn:u California, the Canada.', and all For eign Countries, must be i J-il instead of $:!, iu order to defray extra postage, etc. For further particulars send for a copy of tha el egantly illustrated Art Journal, In# first of Jannary. sted by passing .. vents. The Con^re.'siunai tliobe and Appendix will contain —a report of all the Debates in Conpresti, revised by tha speakers, t!ie Messages of tiie President of the United 'e«, the Annual lteporis ofthe Heads of the Kxecu- T. DKVIN, Ottumwa, Nov. 22*1860. be p'iblish-d by order of Congress a interest to the Home circle. It has A IIk.iltii dkhaktmo-nr, a T..:L«r a»u W» Dkpiktwknt, a Ilov's amd Oikl's Tksas- A 1IolJjJi KI(KI,1{ltis uKPOs,To»v, A Uuvuw Dkpahi- klkuant STEEL EN'au.vvx *Ou»"of tbeiu ig called "SKVKNT V-SI V,'" and is ll inches .y'W: I the other, 'UK KSKW T11K SC it I l'l'l' It KS FROM |IiS TilUTH," J4 ir.c(K*» by 30. .'J'h. y nre first-clatei eu I graving? as to execution, uiH will in tkr lj:tu1^«• or* Damenti for tiny irl»r. The publUher'a prlc« fot the&e tacli. TKBMS, IJ ADVANCE. 1 copy (and one of the premium plates,) $2,00 4 copies (aud one ofthe premium plate* to fet ter-up of Club,) .... 8fuo 5 (and one ofthe premium plates t* get ter-up of Club,) .... 4 4,i-M i.v (and one of the premium plitteslo get i the-up of Club,) VQQ *''(aad an extra copy of Magazine nnd one premiiun plat 1^ (and an extra rrPT'I* 'ipremium plates IT find au evtra copy of Magazine, and both premium plate* to gwtt«r-up of Club,) So 00 ft copy one »te to Kelt r-up of Club,) 10,00 I «l COp\ of tes to g«*tter-up of Club, I Three red stamps must be sent, iu every case, 'to pay the cost of mailing each premium. QpMimett nuinherit to all ic.'to «U «r tnake up club*. vauntoiC. 0. CoU, whu. Breek,nn,lg., of no«te», AdJrMT there not »6»graentWt—ero#(7iE«y. and perhaps few doaon »i^o«ii^^Wsj*inLADEi.wiiA. /. au.Ai w .v -rTvtT&n* CLIBBim "Home Mapiciue, and Godey, Harper, or Knicker-' vH**r t«TRKrr, pronounced tho hanilsoine-t magazine in America. It contains cata logue premiums, and numerous superb engravings, itegular price, 5.1 cents per number. Specimen copies, however, will be sent to thoso wishing to subscribe, on receipt of IS cents, in stamps or coin. Address, C. L. DliitllV, Actuary A. A. M(i liroadway, New-Vork X. B.—Sub-crlptlon* received am! forwarded by A. W. UastoX. Agent for Ottuiiiwa and vicinity, whert •pecimen KnfiravingB and Art Journal can b« KM. Notr. ia, isao—tf THE GLOBE: e o s i i s i B»apor of Coi grew. I pubMsii noi* niy airiiuai i'rospi'i tus of Tn« DAII.T, an 1 Tiir Cunurus.-mnai. Oi-ohk and Arptsuix, to remind subscribers, and inform those who may de «ire to nub'dlbe, tha' Congress ill uieet on the fir*l i Monday next Iteceiuber, when I .«hall resume pub- I Ix both branche* of Congress as taken down by repoi .1 i .• i U-rs, e(|ii«l, at leiist to any corps of short hand-» r'.ter* In this, or any other country. A majority of them Will, each, be able to report, vkrbatim, ten*thousand J)ll.'tlll. words an hour, while the average number of words --c j.®|)oken by liuent speakers rarely exceeds seven thou ttvt/iatv to t-t tx *ind Hve hundred words aii hour. When the debates tive Departments, the passed during the session, and copious indexes to all. They will be printed ou double royal sheet, in book form, royal quarto site, Jjach number containing sixteen pages. The whole »ill make, it is believed, at least !4,t 0l pages. This 1* acknowledged to bailie cheapest work ever sold iu $ny country, whether a reprint or printed from man uscript copy, taking for ijata the average number of »ord it contains. The comii session will, without doubt, be an un usually interesting one, because the debates will, in a great measure, be upon the policy of the President elect, ami the Globe will be, as it has been for many years past, the only source from which full debates of Congress can be obtained. Tin: Con ukssiu.\*i. (Ji.onE Avn ArrKxnix pass free through ihe mails of the United States, as will beseen by reading tl e following Joint Ilesolutlon passed by Congress the 6th of August, 1S54 Joint IteKoluilon providing for the distribution of tha Laws of Congress and the Debates thereon. With a view to t!i3 cheap circulation of the laws of Congress and the debates contributing to tiie true in thereof, and to make free the communi cation between the representative and constituent* bodies Bh it r«8 )i.ved by the Senate and House of Repre a»ntat!ves of the United States of America in Congresk Assemble,l# That from and after the present session ol 'ngr.'ss, the Congressional Globe and Appendix, which contain the laws nnd the debates thereon, shall •i Provided, Tblt nothing heri in shall be construed to authorize th* cir culation of the Daily (llobe free of postage. Approved, August 6, ISO'i. Term*: For copy of Tiib Wui.y ( for four months 1303 For one copy ofthe Congressional Ulobaaud Ap pendix, goo For two copies ditto, when ordered at the same time ft 00 Nj attention will be paid to any order udIms tho money accompany It. i :i. notos, curreut in tiie section of the country •'here a subscriber resides, will be receiveil at par.— Ihe whole ur any part ofa subscription nuy be re mitted in postage stamps, which is prulerabu to sbf currency, exceDt gold or silver. Washington, Oct. IStW. JOHN C. RIVE0. S.OPFEE H-l I!I!M«VKn to corner of Front and Court Streets, to the stand lately occupied by S. B. Chailes Lawrence, where ho will be happy to mo bfi friends. A new stock expoeV edia a few days. [Oct. II, 31-1$ MRS. SOVSia & HISS PEItRF.JI, MILLINERS & DRESS MAKERS, FBONT STREKT, NgARl.T OPPOSITB JKrEFBSO* HOCSI, oTTiMww, HAVE I0WA JI ST RECEIVED rrfyn Chicago a larjjfe ami choice selection of Spring ®na Sunt jHe.- Millinery (i.iods. Also, a «ood supply if Mourn IHs'lJoods. Hieechlnp and Pressing promptly done. l.:tilies .-jre respectfully iuvited to April ISth, 1640, O U W A ^ASJT, DOOR AXD BLIXD FA CTQBi ,1^i47. fl t*, Ull(l /ii i/mi yy Mtll y tn€ Depot MM1SEY & BROTIIEB, OTTUMWA, IO Auf. IS, 1S69—n28-y 1 mis. JACKSON, Milliner Dress Maker OFFOStTB TBI OLD COrttTliOCSV. I OTTUMWA .IOWA MILL1VE V

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