Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 22, 1860 Page 3
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&EB: (Dttiunlua Courier. Liocal and Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Nor. ?o ,9^ TIMS2 IAB1,1',H.A N.R.R.ULHOAO. COAX OX OF TIXK. Leave Oltnmwi, 4:80*.*.l:aor.«. Arrive at 12 50 r.*.10:00 p.*. CO A CITES ISA VE DAIL V. W«t-ForDe* Moines, via Kddyville, Oakalooaa and Pella, at 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at II.-00p. m. for Charlton, via Bl ikesburg and Albla, at 1 p. m. Switi—For Bloomfleld,and CentrevtBa,*t1 p.m. —•'or Keokuk Railroad, at 12 m. AANNOTVPKS—II. *(T 0 »iirt Week wll he a favorable opportunity for many if call at tlra COURIER Trad?, will ol.lijjc in by irnis'ting us some of tint useful r.r id imni 'diaU'ly. A Coal Dspot, it s em-! to u«, vrould be a public convenience. If dealers would Jit least appoint some p'a?e where orlers ciuld bo luf:, it would be appreciated. We are happy to see our old friend mid 1 Town inan, R. F. Lewis, back a jc .in among na, after a-i a1sen"e of some eighteen months in Kin^as, Pile's Peak, and Illinois. Ed. cones back, w a^o f.leised to leirn satjaAcd that 0'ju:n\va is thi best placet aftrr a1J. RKAL BI VAIYES—Gumps Rush, at the Op -ra Saloon, have tha real Oysters in t'le shol', fr'.'sli as they ca no from their Ocean bids, t'je P.r .t ever brought tjOUum- wa. T'.iey are d"ci ledly moul I the nicest aiticle, at rat-js truly a4on- ishing and by means of which that inlispeti- ^jble article is greatly cheapened. Hew Cntidk Fuctorjr. Wo arj pl^asid io a*tho:in *2 to our r.'ai era, that a new CUK'IJ before th\v w^re stppel. Tin by wi- o it early it tin rae? up n th? ng ie ofthe wagon, in which- pjrilous position, lie I role the entire ditmce, and strangs ti say without serious injury. His escape wa well nigh providential. The street at the time was crowded with teams and people, but no i damage was done. Pork Tacking in Otlnmwa. Th: business nf pai.-king pork is now in full and operati n in this city, at the new a-id cxtynsiv.i establishment of Ge on satisfactorily, with the prospect of a verjr large and we hap:? profitable season's buid- •stablisinnent where the various processes pjrtainin to the business are goinj on, as we did the othor day, tmdor the polito ma- duct of Mr. A. Ilarhach, the accom'lished Clerk w hom we foun 1 in charge. A person who nevi-r witnessed tho various processes of 4.saving rate of four in a minute some in hanging up, while others are taking on trucks a half dozen at a time to the blocks, where one man cnts off the head and feet, another quarters, anther takes out the lard, another the spare- ribs and another trims the hnms, after which the several parts are rapidly slid h«]ow, where Falters apply the salt and st^w away. It i.s perfectly astonishing to a novice to see with how much expedition, system, and econ­ omy of labor, this imp irtant branch of busi- n«is is carried on. It struck us the other day that many of the employees at the Por'c House, were highly accomplished and skillful workmen, and such we learned on enquiry was the fact, many them having had expei ience in the business at both Builington and Cincinnati. We in­ tend to look in on them another day, the purpose of noting more deliberately the slights of hand of these knights of the butch er knife and cleaver, af er which we shall be able to dj thom justice. We are curicm to see more of the Pork House, decidet'ly the most important institution ever iiMfo- duccd into our city of Oitumwa. A FUJIIT.—There was a knockdown in Jfarket st., late last night, jusl as we frere qu|ch of a fight after all. Jlogsaro rushed into this market at tho I rate of thousands a day. We art in^~jk fifcir way of becotning a Po.kopoligf ALEXANDRIA, A. C. I'ARKS, Agent. Office corner of Front and Market SK, Ot tumwa. When you want Boots, Shoe* and ClothlBJ, g6 to Tottple'f, New Clothing Store. 14 NINAMAKER IS now prepared to take Atnbrotype pictures ut his Jewelry Store, one doorwestof the Ottumwa House, Front Street. call Mises specimens. [Oct- 25,1303-3*. Omen. W© shall be happy to see them. C«mrt sits next weik. It was quite cold and snored slightly On Mondiy nt this place. J3T.3* the ml of F. W. Smith, Tailor. Mfy Sn.ith t« a sup-ror wnrkmtn, and an iiidu*tr'otf, worthy man. Call en him. PIRR.—Th-r? nn niurtn (if lire on Fil» «Uy at IlcdricVs bu!l iing, oM Mill Donation. Th* lire was pot out bef re any damage wa« don«. (JOAL, COAL !—Suhj crihe:-s in the Coal CilEESE .... SORG I1U1I. .... PORK..... 81 It ES HAMS CHICKENS \1 dss QCAILS, y do* l)iti I:I» AIM'LKS. tar subscribers to "I NOT bid lo tak?. CANDLES.—Brown of t'10 City Market, if n-»t a Yankee, must be rel ttc t^that lug-n-1 ious nation. He ha• invented a curious ni l- chine mnulJinj ra:i llc s, or if lie did not invent it, he is pot one, by which crn Factory his N opened on Court Street, opposite t!w old Past Offlc?, iii this city, by Mr. S. G.Cham beri-', late of Farmington. The Manufacture ofSoap and Lar.l will soon bo addsd. We hiil this enterprise! as one of i nportanca our business prosperity. RIN AwAT--XEATTLY SEBIOCS.—Oa Fridty last, a two horse team attached to a wagon, belonging to one Davis, and driven by a boy, started on Front st., near the residence of Dr.. Warden, and ra i at a fearful rate ihe entir-j length of th) stroet to the upper Mill, curement of UOI NTV K Gillaspy & Co., where about 15')') hops.! have been slaughtered and packed in the last week. The Wv-'athor being ivorable, and tho machinery workin »a lmirablv, there has beon no draw backs, and everything i goiag i It is quite a curiosity to gi through (|ii bacou' as conducted incur day by ma chinery, would be surpr's?d as as grati­ fied by a visit to our Pork IIouso, where they would find some 75 men engaged, some in making barrels and tierces, some in dii- vins the hog-t t- thi 4 sticking pHce some in knocking down some in sticking so.oe in transferring the hogs to the scalding ves­ sels some in taking off the br'stlos one to take out the entrails, which i* done at the mm Va., Nov. ift.—The tia •Ite lias returns from all the State but Logan andWebster oo«ntie«. Be!I Qfit Breckin­ i e 4 1 5 i conMv.nci.tL. FLOUR Cooaiaa Orrict.Nov. si. (wholosate)..... *-',lo@2,S0 WHEAT CORN SHELLED CORN ........... CO UN MEAL OATS ........ RYE POTATOES(new) Sweet do .... gtGAR ..... COFFEE .„ IALT .. HIDES, dry green ... COTTON YARN NAILS ••••.» t,i.i FINK LUMBER, common, M......... el ear, 8 grades., 85 no@4n on SllIXQLE8«.^H..i.«V«i« LATH, Bl'TTEi TJA Rl) TALLOW.... BEESWAX.., IMK&Go lflcts. .........,I0®12X «M 8 00@4 76 son ...., 12«i@15 ....... io .. n i 2 0 ..... 50 V -1 a*. PEACHES LEATHER (Sole) Calf FURS—Mink. No. I.... OOON ...,%.v.- -.. WILD CAT BUFFALO KOI!US' ....... HUNGARIAN SKEI) TlMOTlfT wniskEr v.*, t®s 1,00 :. .......... 15 «oa2s 1.20 er.a.40 St&e.4) .. I toilM 5i ... on .... 149k'20 or® io oo REAVE'! W ft .. ..i, DEER ft •*. TlNEGAK bbl. .... MVcar What I*!iy«i.'i:ui3 Say, Kiri:cTi.\ti 1)K. ?f It I ST I £'8 AGUE HAT.SAM. Many hlpli-mlndeil ph.vslilans, who ure above the narrow prejudices which povern too nuinj' ofthe pro- I fession, anil are wllliiij to aeknowledfte tm rit where ever round, ar.' n«iti? the in their private practice, witli satisfaction to themselves nnd undoubt ed benefit to their patient*. One physician writes with confidence recommend the Balsam as super ior to any other preparation." S.iys another "I have used it with uniform success, nnd can confidently recommend It for all those com plaints Tor which it is offered as a remedy." Oncemo-e: "To my knowledge it has never disap pointed the reasonable expectations of those who have used it." Still another writes "I have no hesitation In say Ingilia It is a s FK, COXYE.NIEST F. and very tOicacioaa medicine." Doeters use it sensible a thin? ns thev can do.) N. IlrrLKR, Morenci, Mich., writes "Your med icine is dolnft wonders here. Even th M. D.'s buy li to tak* themselves when they are sick." JOHN I). PARR, Nor. 9, lS8l)-lm 124 Lake-st., Chicago, O.K. A.IPJSWALI.,—Dear Sir: III. Iloraback's Compound Chemical Washing «ii Toikt Soap Is no humbug, but the best, most eaatljr made, and the cheapest of any n.iw in use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attained nnprecedented popularity. It is used a* readily in hard as soft water. See what your neighbors say of il! flrrcstri) Aa£v II, 1M9. The family right to man­ ufacture Rorahack's Compound riieinioal Washing and Toilet Soap, which I obtained from yon, I regard as Invaiii.i.'de. Whatever other other patent inven tions m-t.v lie, this OIK- is no liunilii£. The ingredients of vvliich this soap is compounded are perfectly harm less and so from clothes heinq injured by its use, I believe five dolt irs a year will lie saved in the usual wear and toar which rtcults f. inn the use of other soap. The soap will, eadil.v remove French polith, Print er's Ink, lead paint, wheel grease, tar, Ac., from the finest fabrics, without injuring them in the least— thirds which no other suap, with which I am acquaint ed, will do. The Toilet Soap Is useful for shaving, washing hands, and everything else for which toilet sap is used. It is cheip, costi.jg only rour cents per pouud. The Cheapness with whleta the Washing Soap Is manufactured is, willi me, an important item. Fifty pound* can le made at a cost of only itT'i" cents, and as easily as you can make a cup of coffee. The fact, Ltoo, that eluthes can »e easily washed and washed, in »u!phur irater. GEO. E. ASPUIVTAU.. CLAIM AGENOf AND General Intelligence Offioe. \V.ISIII.\«TO 111, D. c. THE undersigned would respectfully offer his ser vices to the public i the and of WKSTKR.N Lust'S, STOCKS,I HONDHpurchase and MORTAUKSsale LANDS ANI L»SI PATENTS, Pass­ ports to foreign countries. Pensions, Land Patents which have upon the discontinuance of the various local land offices In the Western State? been returned to the Ucueral Lnnd '!Ti.*e I hin-jl -i City Tal ents secured for inventions. Caveats nic.i, un.i ...I ea siness before the I'.iteut Office attended to. In fact, will prosecute all kinds ,,f claims before the Executive Departments of the Government, the Court of Cluiss, and Congress. Persons wishing business transacted, information or i advice by letter, will please enclose a fee in order to Insure a reply. C. P. Cl'LVER. RKFKK TO—Rev. P. I), (iurlev, D. P., Washington city, I). C. Hon. A. II. Greenwood, Corn. ladian Af fairs, do Hon. S. A. Dougla U. S 8., Chicago, 111 Hon. (I, E. Pugh, 1". S. S., incinnati, Ohio Col. (}. W. Anderson, Louisville, Kv, Col. Porter Culon, Janesville, Wis. Hon. A. It Wrisrht, Ex-M. C.. Rome, Oa. Hon. A. 11. Stephens, Ex-M. CrawfordvlUe, (la. Gov. Ford,(Ex-Lieut, (jnv.)UansficM, Mr. J. W. Norrls, '"ouritr, Ottauwa. Iowa. 1S(JUEd. Oct. 4, -00-12-3UI. 1 Keokui, Fart Ses lloinc: and Minnesota DK CHANGE OF TIME. Ono Daily Train. AND AFTt THIS DATE AND UNTIL FUR ther notice one Passenger train, will run «a«h way, daily,(Sundays excepted,) as follows: L'.-smng Keokuk at H:10 a. m. L'.-avin^ 'JcntoiKoort at 2: {n p. m. Connecting at the latter place, as heretofore, with the Mutches of the Western Stage Co., for all poluts In TOddlc, Western and Southern Iowa, Nebraska, Kan sas, &c. WJII Through Tickets to St. Louis, Lrulsvili Cincinnati and lb.' E ast, may lie hud at theoftice in lientonsport. Fare as low a* the lowest, to all Southern and Eastern cities. HfTI'a ssengers by IhN route make sure connec tions with the II. A M. It It U at Fairfield, reaching OTTCMWA the same evening. W II HIGH INS, Superintendent. t^"Ticket Oflice at the Depot. Keokuk, Sept^S, 'M. To DAVID ItlDKK. You are hereby notified that the Petition of Mary Rider will lie on file in th ottice of the Clerk ofthe District Court of Wapello county, St ate of Iowa, by the first day of November, lSii i, praying fi«r a decree of Divorce, i rinruto from the bonds of matrimony between her and you, us her present husbauil, and for allmouy, and the eustoily ol George H. Rider, a minor child or her's and said David Rider. The said peti tion setting up as cause Tor said Divorce, a wiirul de sertion of her by you, au.l absenting yourself from her without reasonable cause, for the space cf two years and more next preceding the commencing or this action, and cruel and iuhuiuau treatment and a failure on your part to make au.v provision Tor her sustenance. And that unless you appear and defend before noon of the second day of the next Term of said Court to lie begun and held on the ifith day or No vember, lsfin, default will be eutered against vouand Judgment rendered thereon. MARY Oct. 4,1800-12-30-l«r. To MARTHA HATCH, You are hereby notified that, o-i or before the first day of .November, istkl, there will beonflleln the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Wapello county, Iowa, a etltion CHKAP pro­ ut Edward Hatch, plaintiff, claiming or you a divorce rrom the bonds of matrimony now existing between the parties herein named, and alleging as a cause therefor wilful desertion oti your part, and without reas Hiahle cause, for the space of two years, and that unless you appear and answer thereto on or before day of the next term of snld court, to be begun and held ut Ottumwa, lu said county oil the 2iith day of November, default will be eutered against you, and judgment rendered thereon, ill accordance to the prayer ofsnid petition. II IVKS, Att'y tor pl'flT. MUS. IIavinir the latest style* for dresses and cloaks, Mrs. P. Intends to suit all who may favor her with a call. She lute .ilj keeping oil li ,:id a supply of Furs and Cor»etgk lor ladies. Oct n-3l-12-ls-«-U going to press, but we could find not od NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE. posted, and hence concluded that it was'nt orrcw.xis CABKOU. OTTI THEGeneral HOM«, nwi, October IS, '(13—I2-S2-tf IOWA. undersigned has just received and npene! out a Assortineut of BOOTS A SHOES, which ho offers to the tiading pa^lte.-St prices, at Wholesale or Retail S OOCLL Ml & 2 O VI V£3 CV Is of great rnnsider- tion tu uic. 1 would not be without a family right 'or four times its coat. W. W. JOHNSON. Family Rights, formerly sold fir $10, each, but now for $5, or $3 for the washing soap, and $2 for the toilet an be had at the COCKIKB Office. ELEI'ilANTS RAMi'ANTI T. J. DEYIN, Again East I NOYKMBKK STOCK AUUlVINtx DEVIN'S, Oppcsite IhwVy's, Front Street, ():ti uiin. Crtsli and ProflitB. BARGAINS BARGAINS tf OINQ1IAMS—Fast Colors. LIXCOL.VIIATS, DOUGLAS BRECKiyRJDGK ~0 RIBBONS, AI* VTXIS Tit A TIOS CLOTHS CASSIMERE8, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS nels COTTONS Jt-r., for the VJLUOX. GROCERIES, Tobaccos ""Prices. TEAS- 1 0 i the Country. CiiirtiaES, SUGARS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA, SOAM SPICES GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. 9.-'(m--.»--l y. T. DEVIN. Oskaloosa Nurseries. ON E, llAl.F MILE EAST OF TOWN And the other— ONE AND A HALF MILES NORTH. The undersigned having purchased Seever's Nur series east of town, and a portion of ZiimnertnanV, North of tills place, hold themselves iu readiness tt till orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. We have some fin varieties, and at least 23,000 trees suitable for tr in.-piantin/ the ensuing Fall. All these vaileties are hardy and ofthe fruit-bearing kind suit able to this climate. We will also keep on hands a general supply of EVETtGRESNS, 8HHTJBBERY Et\ Ete., of ail kinds suited lo this climate. Trees rrom TO Oskaloosa, June "21, IS60 1215-y RIDER. Per her Att'ye, WiLUAMS 4 HAMILTON. mm mm* €ALL AND A. D. CULVELl, »Adjoining Richard's three story Brick, ITitont Street, OUiunwa. JUST RECEIVED TIIE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OP S O V E S Ever brought to Ottumwa. TTHE CITY TRADE: fyftMV FRIENPS AND PtT.*rOMKRS I WOPT.D say, that with special reference to their wants, I have supplied myself with a stnek of Parlor, Box and other Stoves and var-s in my line, which for cheap riesn anil adaptation to the demands of the setson, have never been equalled in this market. N. It. Do not fail to examine my store reoul and flice Stoves In fore buying. Fifty Tons old Iron wanted. Also old copper, brass, pewtir, and.rags, for which I will pa In ttoves aud tinware, the highest market prices. Oct IS lStkl— ch:VM-2 A. D. CL'LYER. NEW GOODS JliGW GOODS! E S W O O W A A Hi: GOXdTAXTL aPLE.'VDio tors OF COATS, PANTS. CLOTHS, llea.y Stock of NO. I l'UINTS. DELAINES, niAI.LIS, RF.R \GES, DEBEOV8 Alpaceaa^ MSSINOS.VA&SNTIA Plaids, of every descr'j.tlon of those tui CAPS, BOOTS, BELL S HQ£S, Ac. IRREPRESSIBLE Wonders In the way of TUHKK Mvt vrc »KS in.ii Hill be sold at FIFTEEN CENTS each, and purchasers can have the v king Iheir selection. l'YLE 'lcge ol ma­ A DL'UDAUC. NEW LUMBER YARDT OTimW I, IOWA. WEYard have located a branch of our Burlington at ottinuwa, where will he found at all times a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, which we will s. II at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Person about buying or ordering bills of I.umber, would do well to call an.l see for then.-" Ives lierore purchasing elsewhere. CAMPUELL A McCLCHK. Mar. IS, 18(50— 1 12-y L'STHAY NOTICE. Tin IIOOU of the second NILLIKEKY PAKCKI.L till, just returned from the Vast with a large and well selected stock of Milliner? Goods consisting of Itibhous, Flowers, Feathers, Head Iresse«, and Velvet ltibhnn« also Dark Straw Bonnets in variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of other things too tedious to mention, for all of which she expects to tind a demand, as her selec tion was made in refei enre to the Increasing popula tion and improvements in the taste or the ladies of OUuiuwa a id neighboring towns. AK EN up by James Anderson, at his residence Columbia To« nhl| Wapello county, Iowa, One Sorrel Mare, with white feet, small white strip in the foreliea.l, a soar 011 the right thigh, some harness inaiksand milked ty collar on ths top i,r neck, about 14 hanos high, supposed to be from nine to 1 twelve years old, and valued at Forty Dollars before .and judgment render K. W. lioyd, a Justice of the peace, on the £th day of July, lMK). JOSEPH HAYNE, Ottumwa, Aug 10, tO-4v CUrt. Entrnv \oliee. T^AKFN L'PbvJobnM. Purder, at his residence In Pleasant town-hip, Wapello county, Iowa, on the 1 fiti: day of August, l»(io, two estrays of the following description, to-* it: A bay mare, supposed lo be thir teen years olU, cap of right hip knocked down and scar on same. Al*o, a bro« 11 filly three years old last spring, boililiind feet white to the pasture joint, blnse in the taee and scar on the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised at 'tfi lirown tilley at before i Jiueph Myers, EiMj., a Justice of the Peace uf said I county JOSEPH HAYNE, Sept. 27, 1 son, 'J'J-I'J :'.m C.niiitvCierk. p-tni'EHTl roil MALE. ACITY Private residence 011 Second Street, near ciH-nar of Marlon, for sale at a bargain, and partly on' time. Possession given Immediately. Eni|uire»t| this ..(lice of J. W. NORRM. January 2C,'00. A PUIVATi: BOAltlHMl. I LIMITED ilRER OF BOARDERS WILL BE accommodated with boarding aud lodging at #3,50 a. Apply to 1 per week, or $2,20 for day boar! October II, '61—51-12-tf. R. L. WOOD.. & (MM YKSTS HATS, CAPS, COOTS, SHOES SlIUtTS, STOCKINGS, (1LOVES, i IIA N KERCH |EFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS*- i CARPET SACKS, GPM COATS, GUM GTjOVES, snoiw, UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, CKKf BOOfeS, PIECE GOODS. CASS I MERES, SAriNETTS, '•JfcA'XS. COTTONADES, and all articlM usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call in and examine the Stock. Clothing con st antly made to order. Uttuojwa April l'ith, '60-25-1 l-eh-6-li. TVH.V GOODS! IVEW GOOD&! Just received from the East at J. A. SGKWORM'S ftROCEKY A» PUOVISIOIV STODE Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS LAaoa AND SUPERIOR STOCK Of troceiies and Confectioneries, Auis, Chewing and Smoking Tobacops, Cigars, AKD REAL ISA VAX A T(illA(CO, AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL. Qucciisware, Boot* and All of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or exchanged for Country Produce. «. & .4 N i' «•--tl 1DKS, for which wilt be paid the V w very highest market price iu Cash. Call a:.d examine goods and prices, in Daum's brick opposite the Ottumwa House, Krent-st. October Cth, ch-a0-oldl6-tl tte«»est Sr.MMKli AliRANGEMENTS! Tin: r.vri:ini &c. Seufnff and ffiying Corv iou, I^on, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsville, IClaiinla, and through to Nelira ka City milking I quick time and sure counec^ious at all poluts along isa i I lines. Wlinr TTC V IT1 A XTT^ DTTT'VTT J-ST" Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern ."V 1-iili All \J X\J2s 1 /Vllj. Jiissouri, will Und it to their interest to take this route. STAUI: (OMPASI' A 11E now running a Dally Four llo-se Line of Post /-%. Coaehes, rrom Ottumwa to Rentrnsport, passing ilhrough Drakesville, Blooralleld, Troy, Strlngtown and Keosauipia, inuking sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'y line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre villi conneciing with a tri-weekly line from there to Stage OfBce, orner Market A Front itreets. Ofttamwa, Jaly 9th, ISi#. .A. C. PARKS, A«t. OTTUMWA Male and Female Seminary. UKV. J. M. McELROY, A M., Principal. Miss M. C. 11 ALLOW.vV, I .„ istant Miss M. E. WILSON. MHS. l.IZ/I E D. WOODWARD, Drawing and Freaeh. Rhv. S. II. WORCESTER, Oil 1'aiating. VO effort will be spared to render this Institution worthy the continued contldcnee of the lrieuds of education. Tuition, jier term of ten weeks from f."J to $S, accord ing to the branches studied. The next Term com mences Tuesday, Oct. 2udt ISflO. For further informa tion write for adrcalar,or apply to the Principal In person. [Sept. T-3(M2-ly. 1 To !V«*,wIt rioyd. I SIR—You are hereby notified that there Is now on (lie In the otlice if the Clerk or tbe District Court or Wapello county, Iowa, a petition or A. B. Long A Co., claiming of you one hundred and thirty-three and fifty tlve-hundredths dollars, and interest thereon, as I money due 011 three promissory notes to-wit One note drawn by you to plaintiff., for twenty-nine and 1-100 dollars, dated January 1st, 1*37, at one day after •I te, and one other note drawn by yuu to p.alntiifs for the sum fifty lour and ----HW dollars, dated Jan uary 1st, INof M, payable one day after date, and one Other note drawn by you to piaintiirs, dated January 1st, ISSS, ftr the sum or forty-four :u»d 37 UK) dollars, payable one day after da'e all or s lid 11 te* drawiug ten percent, interest. Also au account for goods aud wares sold ami del'v-red at your instance and request. And that unless you appear and answer thereto and defend before noon of thesecen 1 day of the next term of tbe DNtrict Court of Wapello ecunty, Iowa, said term to be commenced and held on the )Wth day of November, lMCo, default will be entered against yuu, I thereon. PLOW IMF 'I AK.«,\o •'.ner respect fully informs h1sfriendsand ubscr '.ner respect fully informs hi put be gener-.lly, that he insnufactures all kinds of plows, an 1 is prepared to supply the F.inner* or Wapello Co. with an article uasurpasscdimuaterial and workmanship. lilaeksmithing In all Its various branches, horse tlioi i ng.ox shoeing, and jobhiug of all kinds. £jjr*U*iu«niber the place, the Lower Steam Mill. I' (.) 1* U 1mA- lv U IC Jbifc5| O A S LAWRENCE {CHAMBERS Oppotife (he Otlumwa House. ?c* i PiactiM Faa«jr Pfittto »t 1 w OS 1'IKCM 1 1' RUCM 10 cents per yan lug all o*#r town at IS.'/. qrkA Pttciis AMrtaaa HlXTIt td atplaa aad uuu prices. Heavy Cauton Flauncis at regutar price Kctuiti. fVn Piacta new at Ie Dress xynf i /-V MOM THE \i\ KOOJP. All Wool De Laina. ENGLISH M«fir*Ol..S AN1) ALPACCAS. i'aac) AVcal Plulils f*r Ladln and Cliildrea. i- Laditi Tw*cU*g Dtmm filfcfc. llviUM «HIPaclSe 94 Late*, Dcbeges, AJ. Ladiss Wool Hoods, Shawls, COMFORTS, ULU STOCK OP fLAXNKLSt 8ATINETTS, GAS51MERES AND TWEEDS A re «achtarf«r thaa««*ver «IM4 IMAH-S. 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots jLftVtr tkan they ca* be bought titeteLcre. 33 S£IO COFFEE, I •Jliihis sic AXIS. 00 kesi 1V.411S* CAXDV, TOBACCO, RATSLVS, SOAP, CATOLES, STAI51II, COTTCX YAH5T At Wholesale. LAW11EXCE CHAMBERS, OttunMM.Ovl.ttk 19&J. EANXms, EXfiHAN6£, -AND— COLLECTION O FIT CIS, OF EDWARD A. TEMPLE & CO, OTTCYWA, IOWA. THE I'X5 :ITSNIM:N HIVE RE* nioeed their Exchange oOice from Charlton, Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pertaining to flanking. Exchange or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, reeling eonfldeiu that our past practical experience of ten yeaisin Southern Iowa, will enable us lo lender satisfaction to our patrons. We sell SKIIIR NHAFTS o:v CIir S. W. SUilMICIlS, Atl'jf Ui'tflu o^.w.isaiMfc ii 4w. AARON MYERS. Ottuinwa.Feb. 11th .l&S-n&O-v S'L'ONT, T'UTTINO. HE subscriber can fiiriiWh ('1'T VI'0%'1-7 for for House Work, sills, caps, or any other kind of Stoue iuuse. Also rough Store cellars, Ao. 40-U-eh.^ li y Win. UALOXE. Ti CITY PIKH'EIITV, I OTS for resldoaooaoMlMbad low and mostly on A time of J. W. NORRIS. Sept. 13.IS3#. Courier 09e«. punTIS« n/ OKI, Mtlf tMWtod rtie COURIER OFFICE. SEW YOBK, I and other eastern points, in sums to suit purchasers and can also rurnish Exchange on I ENGLAND, lltEI.AND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON GEUMANY, FRANCE, SWEDEN, DENMARK* AND ALL OTHER COINTRIE3 OF El) ItOPl-'n as well as collect money, inheritances, and tTtTf otll» er claim in f.ueign counties. \Ve receive Deposits and issue Certificates which bear interest only bv spwcial agreement. COLLIvCI'l made pavable at our office, will lie remittt*'J for. at current rates of Exchange ami those maturing at oilt* {xilnt^, ill oolleete«t and rviuitted, exchatiire and expense of dlection.— W(» will 4U0 pay aitoution t^^ecuriug audcoUccting! dnulitfal dtflits. l*ai ti« lucinreiit Mouey, Drafts. Cer tlflcates of De pus i e, or Ills of Exchange, Payable AT 3IGU1' OU O.N HUE, In any placeman have them Cashed by calling at rar ollica. AXES.—We have correspondents In nearly every county i Southern Iowa, and can pay taxes lor non-residents and others, r.r a reasonable com mission. Money Tor taxes always required iu advauco and all orders should lie sent tis by 1st of January. LAND W.YIIKANTS. We wlli at all times pay cash for I,and Warrants, and will also attend to tlie locution of thcui, or the eutry with cash, or Government lands, in IOWA* ICAXKAK, OK M:BI:ASKA. We have ample asrangeiueutsfor the selection of de sirable lands in the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. I.A'U^.—We can furnish emigrants and others with first rate Farms, in the central counties of this State, or with uni 111 pro veil land iu this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They eaa he had as -'cheap as dirt." T(W!V LOTS We have over two hundred town lots in Chariton, Osceola, Afton and Mount *.vr, all good county Towns, three of which are 011 the line of the Burlington A Missouri R. R. R. To parties desiring residence or businosluts, in any of these points, we will gi vejjood bargains. Partiesat a distance, desiring information nstothe property offered, are renue-sted to correspond with us. AH others willpl-.ise call at our otlice, on Market St. two doors from Front St., Ottumwa, lowa. IIUU 'O A. RL UPLL A CO. October C, ISMI-n^O—4w. %KO.KI HLl^GTOX ft Qri!TC\ RAILROAD LINE. OU Nnil Only Reliable Route EAKI. From Btirliu,'toii to Chicago, Detroit.Toledo,^tHa burj, PhlU lelnhia, It iltiiunre, New Yont^MHF«K«U^ er Easte n and Southeastern Cities. 1st Morning l'rain leaves 7 IS a m, 2d Aeeouimodation i:!io 111, 3d E/eniug Expre-is -J..Vt 111. Passengers leaving Burlington 011 the fl-'hVi Fare as low a* fcjr any other route. S.vicicH^rand om(F or issic\rr'» xoTirc. Notlee Is hereby given, that Smith A Neely of Kddy ville. In the count v of Wapello, St ate, have as signed to tnc all there property, real and personal, for tin- pavment of their debts and their creditors must pre sent their claims, under oath or affirmation to me, at my oRiee, in the city of Kddyvllle, county of Wapello, State of Iowa, within three months from the date h)H« of Dated this Aid 4af of October, 18C0. No. «•«. *. W. BOYD, Assignee. mm mmmmmm NKW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, DIRECT FROM Tilt: EAST. C. C. "Warden, Is receivintr and INTOW OPENING a larg* aad fashionable nock of Y O O S AND foffouv, C1«I!h & CanUmerai. Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. Ami a coinpt^Tc M*ortm*iit of ^rcrvthoi^ tnpel ihe of iii'iivHuals or families in l.u line of tra Ip.rotnfirisi!)? in p^rt fr.l!»w Main, Black ani Fancy Caaiaeres, Broad Cloth, Saliacttn TICK?, S1IIRTINU5. STRIPES, C0RDUR0Y5, JEA y:, DZ.VXLY.J. DRILLS, BLEACIiro A- Otrnts\ XISLHS. I N S every Varitty. St'jU. and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC HN*miAMS r.-sia r'-at v.u et V of ^j?5Cp well selected stock of 1 e*ad-31 i Glaftfl ^nit Naitx, UniliVrs material ami bo«» fiirtiishii jiooiis. Aud lias an fiiiire ^l^t•|^ I coiiipltle in evcr\lliiic iltat wouhl ooin|iri.«f a stock for'.he times ami for this vicinity, al i of which tie is anxionn to dispose of for tuf I r*'aily P'tv. »»r to approvetl custotnor*. All kinds of Country produce ink^n in pay for I Goods, lie solicits an exatr.iiidtion of tfkod* ami prices and ill Take pletMire in ulioMitig you tbrough whetbpr von bnv or April PARRIAOE FAOTOl^ rg^lllj nnderslirn would respectullv solicit B. t-ntion ofthe public to the facilitUs which he now possess ror manufacturing CARRIAGES OTTTTlwZ'W-A., IOWA, 1^" ins T"** grateful for iHIl y past favors, would sa.v to th»'* -i public that his market, open sAed nearly four years ,1s blast, with increased facilities to furnish seasonatii meats ofall kinks at all reasonable hours, at the low est living rates. Tallow, Lard.Sausages, and everv tSlingu-nally ke'it in a City Market for sate. Tbe hi ah est market price in cash pi. id fur atStocn Term* luvariubSy |3f"Thoschaving unsettled neeuisats.oj' notes dtlt, will please call and pay up. J. W. CUOWN. Ottumwa, Feb. Il)th.l8&0.—48 U.U! COAL! COAT.! i]||I/K) .* liliO- are now selling a first-j rate article of Coal li cts. per bushel at their Bank one half mile from to i n, 011 the Dahlonega road.! and are prepared to deliver Coal a» S cts. per bushel any place in the corporation. Orders may i.e left at their residence, In the second block north of the Court House, which will be promptly att'-nded to. Terms, Ca-h or Ready l'a\ [Oct. Uth,—31-12-iit IXSl'lJANCK. NEWENffEiAND 1'IUI AKI INSURANCE COMPANY k II ART FORD CHAKTFRED CAPITALS 50.0.004 CASH CAPITAL. S200.000. -C Wiih a ha^c Surplus CmiUEKETT.Scn-. XMKXTEPM\X.Pr,d. Policies issued on as favorable terms SPECIAL KOTTCe! UOJiz: wai8A.\ci tTinll Cayital, A**etts, 1st January, 1S0O, .. Liabilities. ra train connect at Meiidot. with the IlllnoisCentra! itailmnd North and South, and at Chleaeo both th* morning and evening trains (rt.iMi a and T:to tu.) connect with all the Great Eastern Railroad routes, to wii: M. C. It. R., via Detroit M. S. H. K., via Toledo, and Pittsburg aud Ft. Wayne K. R., via Ft. Wayue, of which passengers can take their choice. Only twenty hours from Burlington to Toledo ihir teen hours ahead or any other rout.- leaving Burling ton. Ila.'gage checked through to Detroit, Niagara Falls and New York, Boston, Toledo, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Pittsburg and Philadelphia. Tickets for this great Kateri. thoroughfare for sale at Ottamwa, Fairiield, Mt. I'leasaut, and at th4 Ticket Otlice, corniT Frost and Water sts., Burlington. 8'eeplng cars attached to th.* night tr iiiis. at fair rates. Lis»tn D. RKM10K, May. '60—tf. Gen'I Ag't A C. B. Q. R. R. PEOI: I A. Oijl*\WK\ Bl'UUNUTON It. R. —NOTICE. 'I .. M. 1 hauls and Shippers wlohine to bip by the above id, will p'v.i*e call at the 1'e uia Kaiir.tad Ticket Otlice, 2S \Viler-st,to have their bills of la liug signed. This Company have arrangements to shlptoSt. Lou is. i'incinii»ii 4ud Cairo, without cbauge of cant. U. C. KINO. it Geo. Agent •at $ OF N*3\jf Y oi*k. «I,4A»,SM 49. 4 »,-V»o 4i. Cll Vltl.KS MAUTIX, ?ac»ident, A F. WII.LVAUTH, Vice President, J.\ SMITH,Secretary. r*!IIIS well known an-l reliable Company hnrhtg M. established an Agency at Ottumwa, tor Wapello county and vicluity, are prepared to insure Dwell iii rs. Stores, «nd otii^-r liuildinps, I E A N I Z E a n E n n s by FIRE, on terms as favorable as tllo nature of the risks, and the real semrity of the insured, and IL.".fr- of the eompany will warran*. This company Is manag hy llv»e, bnsfnr* men, most of whom are ktioa u to th^Mt i chants aud Tra ilers of this coiumuully, and whose names are a guar anty that its business will be conducted fairly and honorably. DWELLINGS and FARM PROPERTY In jured for putiiMi* of TUiiEK or FIVE years tijuttably aifjiuteil jutUi! Application* received and policies Uiu«J wkU^tyt delay. SDMCND L. JOT, •tarch 20 S-12-ly. Agent. mum mi ksesuwe asrax OF HARTFORD, CONX. INC0BP01IATF.D, A. X. ISIO.t CU ARTER PERPKTCAL. Ptwctmtt ftiMIWA. ejtrrrsL. rain IK fctt.twn. srapi.t s, I O OVEB 3 K»,O0O. The renutatlon acquired by this Cotapanv dui in« the lastttfty years, by an honorsMe c«ars in the transaction of its business, and the pro..ipt and liberal settlement of Losses, together with the character of the securities composing iu Assets, entitle the Com pauy to the utuiusl confidence of the public, as afford- mm ~K A11. ROADS. Bnrlfun 022 At .ik»«.uri HI. ilon, MT. •'I-a«aw,t Checaoqua, Oi-i.tale, t'airlld, l.iltirlo, llatavts. Ag ncjr Cltr, OtlHluW*! 1 Pvr-rvpi C. C. WARDEN. O U W A A V AG- ONS, of e-erv description, after the most Improved styles, as good as can be obtained East, and upousat isfactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please call .and, es I amine my stock. t^HRepairing promptly attended to. A. BALD1X1N. Ottumwa, Mar. lsf,tS35*.fI7-li OGDEN & COPP. Successors to MendeDhall & Whit!"i:. Forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS AND -General Freight AgentsJ, NEAR TUB RAILROAD DEPOT, orrrnwA City Meat Market. Front St. -2 doors eastCarroll House. It. U It* OF TI31E. A^U ArrKR MAR. 1, and aatil further no tice is given. Passenger Traius will leave an 1 as folio* OOI2STO WEST: •T.1TIONS. Itarllnginn, MiiMieioan, l)„r.\ ille, 1, Kiritcss. uiriiMMOBATlnt. -, i a iu,Uave, y.lo in,leave. »,*iO B.CiT V 14 AIV ».S7 4.U lo.S ln.94 6 »6 10.67 p. in. 7.11 11 *T S.ift 11.4« s»» lioT ».ot 1*.t« •.41 li^earrleo. iu.10 arrive. OOINO EAST ACCI XMCC.N 1IM £3,. lt ta la. W hit add, Fairfield. Gl-nitelr, Chrc:tii(tl:a. Mt. Pleasant, New London, Kanviile .Xlid.'lttown, Burlington, w*...'a.«A xratw*. 4.'to a. IU leave. 1 Ko p. m. U9 TOR MEN, WOMEK, AND CHILDREN, ARUIVALS: Which could not be enuniei ated in an advertisement T-• like this. The only way to appreciate the exteut, *"*. FAMILY GROCERIES, sweh as Tea. Coffe?, Sugir, Rice, Diied Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, A :. IF AT! WAR t: .• Cl'TLERY. variety, and chenpn.'is af hi« stock will he to c*H li roiild'li «!o do lO&p.M and look through for yourselves. I am also receiving 1 leata *.so *44 tM 44.Y'9T.t 4I1 &.2« f.fs) §.«t «.SO 19.11 (5 '.1 LF.*L «.f 5 11.1} awlvc. T.» aiTfr«l J. O. RKAV,' Vice Prc'taud Sap*t: BEPABTXJUES: i l«l leaves Bnr. Ifta.Hl i 24 A -oii) mod at ion do de do 4.45 v-S ui»r 'Io d« de ,Wor*»»IR I»I»**OSIPCI arrives at Bur 71*A.M cn S*-' arrives ail.ur. 3 4 Kvrti'ir de do do 7.15p.S TIIP Hh'M E trains make close connections wlih tMf H. A M. R. it. at tturllngton, and whh all the great* eastern Iboroughfares at Chicago. II. KEMICK. Oeti'i ig C.. I!. A (J.R.» J. R. W IT»M!OW, Passenger AgL-i.t, llttuni«a. Mf: Ff»HT TVA1 HE AHD CHICAGO RAILRtAD Now completed, and cars run from Chicago (0 tl* burg wlthort change, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To Slew York, Philadelphia, li.lilniore and Wa»hii U'U City, and ail Ille Interior towns of Peunsyl- rm la, New Jersy, New York, Mar} land, Ac. Merchants by t.iking this route will have the bettcfit bf all the eastrrn markets at no additional lost. Kaggnge cliecked through. Trains leave the depot, corner of Caniil anil Van liuren streets, wi tt side, tnlte daily on arrival ot. trains fn ui the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleviland a A# Lake Sboi Railroad to Dunkirk, HuB'alo. agara Fails, New York and llostou, and all tktf interior towns o Ntw Fi,nl iiHl via New York C»utral and New York A Erie Rcilrcads. A!so South tu Culuniliiis, Zanrsviile, Newark, Mi. Verbon. Steubenvilte, Wheeling, and iltwIM. tows of Ohio und Virginia. !i« kt»o\e tralu3 .tjuegt »t Forest with trains f{K, Mad River Road to .ajirfngfleld, t'rbana, Dayton a nil t'iucir iiuri. Also, with trains at Lima for Deyton and Cincinnati, direct, FARE Ad LOW AS BY ANY OrllER ROUTS. ...... Passengers bound east will Onil this roste boflt pleasant and agreeable, passing throug man of t%# iaigcst and Sues! ilies in the United Slates. I Passeugnis a-i riring In Ci.icaeo on auy or the roalf i wilt find attentive check sgents at the depots to reive checks and convey buggage free of charge to tM"' Pittsburc nnd bicago car*. f-leeping cars accompany each tfafft. Tickets ir sale a? all the principal Ticket Offices to i the We?t, and at the t'oivpai ulSce, corner ot ltafrf dolpb and Di art orn stre» t». onposite the LeveW I Horse, or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal sa& Van liuren si reel*, 4. hicayo. De particular tu ask for ticketg by Firt N®. -Astor House, New York. No. I t*. William st., do 1 No. Hatterv place. do IU*VA. fW~ Liberal Caab advances made oa Produce for Shipment. 1 tf. Hes York Central, Greal Western^ Maid connecting Coads to and from IOWA, AND ALL TUE WEST. The Roads forming this old and reliable route the Seaboard aud the Wi.-t, have organised a ["FAST FREIGHT LIEBT Giving perfect reliability and greatly increased dispatch to Freight—the trains forming tho Line, East and West, run with the sMM(. regularity, making as sure connectiMk at Ihe terminus of each Road as- Through Passenger Train*. CLOSE COXXEC TJOXS JlAtE~ With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging1 from Chicrgo, and Western Shippers con rely up£v Im.iiiy their goods icceive utmost despatch. During the Seomm of Xatigathnt, tJu Fir* 4 Marine rlffe on most kinds of merchandise shfppo4 Tin Steam or Siil Vessels, amounts iu many caaoB toM orethauthe diifireiice between rail or watoa? rales of freight, be-ides the difference of time, M~ will he seen by the following comparative btateiueaA of inturance saved by sending goods all the way %f rail road: Value per lUOlbs. Book* and StatToneiy (eotu'li) 72.00 Gen't stock groceries (except Pugiirs and coffees,) 2t.CV Roots A shoes (av'ge val.) 74.00 Dru££iB!*'£Groccii' citj a»'tm't44.n|: Mat*. Clips A furs (g« Til as'tm't *.0| Hardware tshtlf g- ods gen'l.i Ctj.w^ Redavuiitonn l)«inrpt?y and IN XKW any other solvent Company. A. A. STCAR T. Aet., ........ For Ottumwa and vtcluily. i ,eo i 1 I- Wayne. i. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Freight or all kinds* til be carried from Chicago t« 1 all p«ints Fiibt at all titnes, at as low rate* a* any oth 1 tr Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SHIPfES. The Pittsbursr, Fort AVavne and Chicago liailn «d 1 Co.tlavitip effected an arrangemn.t itli the Pennsyl vania t'cntr.i! I!, it. Co. fur ti..- 11 asportation at Through Freight, property can now be hipped by tltfe line between liicngo, Philadelphia. Italtiiuore, NMfc York anil ISesiun, with promptness nml de.-pfttch I Contracts can he made at the foiisvllffltcct No. TT Washington st., Kuston. No. Dock «t.. Pliiludeiphia. Depot, North street, Ua Hi more. lepo. Cliarics street, West Side, near Tu fiacta street bridge, Chicngo. Mark packages via l».. Ft. Wayne A C. R. R. For further information apply to JAt». W. t'St*ON, Freight Ag't eklta(«. i. J, lloi'HTox, Geu'l Freight Agent Chicago. (Micage, Mar. 18, lCo. !VSIBEIS,PAvm \»:K ArsncHT 1 Koiri:. -VI Aes't Irs. satr. per loo lbs, at Xper ct. pre. 10 Ceat» 64 ISO.OO Exgress Liae, *ia G. \V. R.* D.-pof. i. Warren at., er at Canal st T\T liflsTOV Depot.' Deliver goods at Bostou a li.-* liVJD I Worcester KailroaJ I\p and «nai k as abov For the transportation of Live Stock to HuTiilo. Al. biiuy, New Yoi k iiii 1 I!o ton. this lotite Is iiue^uallit# for speed, stock cars, ,-leeplng tars for Drovers, alnt spacious and coniei.ieni yards for stock, niakiug It.jt Uioi4 desirable route for Shippers. Thro.iph bills of Lading given and Keclamisttoaffv paid, .»l nuy i the uip.iuy'r oltices. C.J BltYDGES. Managing Dlrei tor G. W. R., lllon. JIT.ICS MOVU S, ti-i,l Agt. Buffalo. THO#. KE1.I.. Geiil hr'i V-^t. Hamilton. J. SFH'IB, A||. Detroit E. I' bf At II, Agt 2T:! Itrotidaay, N. Y. m" KlMltALL, Ajt 21 State »t., BoMcti. A. ITAIL.l(.»€lllI WotereAg't.,/ Cor. Lake trad Dearborn Sis., cpp,Trem»Mt IIOUMB Marchs9, lot^. CIIICACW Edward Coyd, "J vs I District Coart To ll.imittou Acord and Sarah Acord: You, aaH' fnrh i-f Jen are hereby notified that the petlticn of Ed* aid Boyd is now nu tile in the '-Rice or the Clerk nT the I).istrict Court of Wapello Coun'y, lowa. pre** ingltiit said court ill di vree and qui. the title f» said Roy to Hie following described real estate 4|. uatcd In »uld oeu'ity, to wit Thciurt!i-«-est ijuartlF of tfie_ n rth-easf quarter section twenty-eiglM*.. toWiuhip-eventy lb''r, li e fourteen west.'in Wa,» pt-Ho county, Iowa, aud said petition jtiaVe^ \»u aaA John Sinfl and Margaret Sii.ft ait\» ndetls 1* said t-laim. Now units* yon, k llaniir''r. A next term of the District to be hidden the -.titb day 1 i -A it I" *. cf Ilaniilton A cord and ITapello County, Io«a. Sarah A-?ird, et-al. November Term, rd Sarah Acord, appear allil answer or demur to pe Uion Oil II.Tore no«« MI4aad of the secr.Qd day of tho i rt inandfsraaid counljr,^ Novemher, lf-BO, i'efat»|f will be taken agninf you. and a decree rendered theft in a rear ling to prwyer of prt'.iioii. w 11-l.lAM j. HAMILTON,"Ally's £*t Hill, ls3i)-d!-|-J fat Petitioner. 4 THI: IM.ACI: Tc) BITv IMIliril, SHI Mil.EN. Ac,. IN AT RAXU'S L11IHFiii V.lIIOS At3tiriitk{fUn. Ml. tV.V, Jgturr,mi# O U W A WHEREpoint Ing reliable Insurance against loss or damage by 0r»,, Shlaales of our maufcbet E. II. STIl.lW. Ajjer.?, p^rfw-». will he found the largest stock ever fered In th» west, an wMeti wllihasold lo«*r" n at anv point on the Mississippi. Also thosf maiifcbett**, falleaont. evrrr ^Idcrfhf v 1 S 5 0 n S 7 I y O i u i u a a a a u e 1 i on tr, K. B. RAND A COk f4

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