Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 29, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 29, 1860 Page 2
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$bc (hMUuntoa Convm. THE_OFF»c»AL CITY PAPER. J. W. ^ORHIS Editor. OTTUMWA,ToWA~. N«IT. 29,Tsoo. Tho Davenport Gazette thinks tV Ottum Conritr wrong to vfjolcv ni.icS over the cleetion n \v 'ciue there is s iiill tl:nio cratic jia'n in the county! We undertake t» say thnt no set of men in the State irr.rk e«l hnnh»r fur th? U-puMi vn party, from th«* v.*iy cimmen"em.Mit of the c.ittiplien ti its clrne, than lid the iraUant llvpublicns of AVaprllo ovinty. Th 'V are entitlfil to a large mee of pras And now, after they! have labored long md well, and against all!OF*:1 well nigh hav.» cani the county. The G'isette is in the 1 inner jbl'can i count}', which has me n »My, as has the! GmrUe itself. We cm tell it, however, that where ui"n fight well, and that «glinst inl 1, they are deseiving of even more raise tl an those who are cheered by prospects of sue cess. If the Gazette wants toveehard work ing Republicans it can find ill -m in the Nor lises, the Mitchells, tin Waidens, the Ilavn^s, the Summers, the Iveses, thrJ Ali sons, and others, not a few, all over Wapel k county. Nor arc we certain that, had there not been gros-: frauds perpetrated by the Demo crats of Wapello, it would have gone Demo cratic. Be that as it may, there, as in many other strongly Democratic conn ies—Davis, Wayne and Marion, for ins'ance—the Re- Clerk.hip Wnpello com ty.—Lnot% State i Reporter. Our talentei and warm hearted friend, Ingersoll, whom we set down a th author of the above, wi'l please acccpt the thanks of next four years But we did'nt give ojd A'w quite so much majority as Slott County (that is the coun ty where the Gazette fellow lives.) That is in the State when all this is taken into the account, the result in Wapello, to reason able, sensible people, wi.l not appear to bo one at which any Republican of Wapello need blush. In fact, the result was a victoay, a great deal better than we could hope under the circumstances, and one most surprising to the Democrats, who had calculated upon at least 600, enough they imagined to turn the nearly even political ballance in this District iu favor of C-'le. 1 pnl licans worked hard and long. That th -y for t!iis county, commenced on Monday at 2 have failed of n cess is t'.eir misf .rtune not handsome terms, and we hold ourselves in- Shields, S. Melleynolds, J. M. Bratifield. debted to him for this and tiuuicrous other Th: Court charged th (iraml Jury in an favors. our rejoicing over old Abo's election, he u ay reference to illegal voting at elections, to object and be darned. He lives away up in County officers, and to the several ciimes the fr zen regions, at an out of the way place, on the criminal docket of the term, and nobody in these parts knows,Jiim or The following constitute the Petit Jurors want to know him. We shi.uld like to see of the term hiin objecting to our celebrating Why we Benj. Canficld, J. C. M-Clun", Josiah Dib havc don? little else since the election, and S ble, W. C. Mclntirc, W. B. Fisher, Elias A. we intend to keep ui celebrating fir the Wareham, Hiram C. Humbolt, C. G. Pack- Now if tl e Editor of tlie Davenport- l4 g/'ttc', wlior.i le out the,sti:rm upon his liTHii majority, clioses to call in question our light simply to unite our voices with the shout which is going up in corciremorati n of the election of Honest Old Abe, all we have to say is, that wc think he is uukindr and un generous, and that we should have expected something dilierent from the Home ofllusch °bstr,U'tl0ns Price an Thorington. We are inclined to think that the E.litor in question has become .insane over his 1310 majority, and the pruba- who hav'nt any majority, narv patronMge, i and who have been fighting against odds for the fun of the thing—save the pleasure of rejoicing over Old Abe's victory, which latter we hope the Gazette will coine down and condu le to let us do. Financial matt -rs are^o worse, to *ay the least, ^han thay were last week. Sevan lli noi Bin'cs, to wit: Tlie Bank of Aurra, th-e State Bank, S'lawnctown Bin'i of the Commonwealth, Corn Evchang) Bank, American Exchange Bank of Raleigh, and National Bank, are still uncutrent— aLhough taken by some business men. The iinpres sion seems to be that they will soon become current again. Of the seven, Aurora and the Common wealth are considered the wont. Later from Kaiitat*. The following dispatch slows that former reports hive Iren highly e\ i -mti 1. Fo 1 'S30tt hs( nit wke t, a »1 -M :itg »m?ry has not even go u in'o Mi-ts-i'iri. Th 5Iis s turiaus Irivc ijee i badly ^c.wel, and all sorUof exagjerateri stories hive been told —which as uual have -en incr.-a^ as they tr.»veiled. II re i-t thi telegram liEAVicxwo'tTn, Nov. I t.—Toe latent In fn'tnUioi r^c.'iv.'d h3re from F.irt So itt be lias n iot?nti in of m.lesting th. ornuiMit been largely reinforced by n recently driven from the New York Indian Lnnds. nnd rendered desperate by want. Further intelligence from that region U axpeoted to tight. tho Week. There U exciting n?ws from Sonthorn Kan sas. Dates from Leavenworth, Warsaw, ai Clinton, Mo ,and Fort Seott, Kansas, of •he 15J, 21 and 22 ins*, say that the notori ous Montgomery and :U0 to 500 nun fully .armed, treiv threatening t'ie lives of pro slavery men in t'ie vicinity of Ft. Scolt The ciiizcns were leaving. Sum accounts state t'.iat Fort fSentt and other Towns were taken, and a Mr. Moore a CIran.l Juror, Mr. Scott, Mr. llarrisi n, and Mr. Ilin Is were murdered. Th? U. S. Cnurt f.x th? Southern Di trict was broken up, atd Judge William cmnpciled to fl'-c to Missouri. The object THU PROBA,,,* 1 U TO oeedingly ill-natured. The Gazette ought i ftdveifs-H to tiki* nW» in Dere-nlicr Sevo-i i i- A u e v i r\ to know that «, import ,li..„, of r.ttr^.4 ,"1?": u,1-. «t work on the Keokuk rond, c»„S"d x«nt. s ,n Sl,8s ,ur. werj .rming. ,he th.» l)jmo^ gain. But »r these th-s lie- The citizens of Walth^m, Mass., pr.'sonted srive *250 majority Lincoln over Breekin iMicai ga'ns off th* nilroal li.ic w.iuld Gov. Banks with a service of siiver p!ate. ridge. Doug'as was 000 behind Breckin- Mr. Lincoln, Pies, elect, and Mr. Hamlin. Vice Prest. elect, met in Chicago on the 22 1, and Conf-'ITC*! in reference to business of a i private nature. 70,550 lbs of flour, meat, bcani and pota toe had bc?n recieved at Atchison, Kansas, for the relief of sufferers up the 22d.— Distiibution had been ma le to 20 counties. oV District Tonrt flatter*. The November Term of the District Court .,()d „on their fault. Especially do we regret that ... ,, .s-ph ll.yn hi^n defeatel for fie wn the Republicans ofW ipcllo, for so prompt.! rick, C'.iar'.e-! K irtz, James II. Devol, E iociv ard generous a vindication of his old friends Demaris, F. L. Buehinan, John O. Brvant, io Lower Egypt. He has done it al' in ri^ht Seth Samson, Thomas MclJIothlin, s Tovrrscnd prcsi(lin JosPPh ,,a^ne Clerk' MOITOW ard, W. A. Combs, T. C. Peters, B. W. Jef fries, Leronzo Warner, James Brady, Wm. Buckman, J. G. Heacock. Dewit Bennett, 1). Thompson, Peter Jones, Thomas Manangle, a fact but we gave him all we could, an 11 Ambios Durbin, Geo. Mowery, Job P. Jay, five children and a Miss Trimball, wc did quite as well, under the circumstances, as an}' other county in the State, as well in formed politicians know. The Democrats commenced the canvass with abcut 3)0 ma jority, they s\y 500. They had from 800 to 1000 Railroad hands to operate up n, and keep to vote, an 1 they did keep 300 of them, who actually voted, making some 600 maj., to overcome, and the hardest kind of a :cia jor.ty too. Well, the result shows that they gave Cole 312, and Doug'as 287 majority ex actly, and Joseph ILiyne was beat only 120. Now if it is considered that Wapello county has been regir.led, and has been, the most reliable and obstinate Democratic county in the State that the moral nigf.t and darkness which broo is over the minds of the kind of Democra's which inhab:t this mnty has, been the most profound and inpemtrable perhaps on the dark surface of our political o-ean, constituting it the very heart and centre of Lower Egypt that th Peter Goff, Mahlcn Wright. We noticed the f-llowini Attorn-vs: S. W. Su nmers, H. B. Hendersho'.t. E. L. Burton, A* A. Siu irt, M. J. Williams, A. H. Hamilton, J. W. Dixo I, E. II. Stile-, T. Big'iam, A. W. Gaston, Tb'rn pared to announce any but the above. PuWish We are yet without the official result of AICI t,on ('f STA, Nov. 23.—A resolution was of- HERE b' Gt'or»11 DETROIT, bly rich fruits of a splendid local victory, Valley, with a cargo of 1400 barrels of Hour, and is disposed to turn up his nose at those ^°un'l from Mil .vauka to Grand Haven, went asbore Hotel was destroyed by fir.* last night. iib'iut ^H,000—insured lor I BOSTON*, shows that up to 1'iusday niglit no demo i Htratio:i had baetinrt le tlnre. it is th night paying Hanks in the present crisi*. In order «rc that Montgomery's obj^-t is only to to meet t'ie demands of t'ie commercial com drive o!f-iomi obnoxi MIS settler anl that ,, ... .. (Jo,. oifi'M'rs nt Fort Sfolt, or of invading theaccoiiumtnation of the public hy discount Missouri. His origin tl ind Ins probably ing to the utmost extent of their ability. FOUT KEARNEY, NOV. 25.—The SAN .r Gray Shenft. Solon Cira\*, and J. 0. Fi-her, Deputies The (Wand Jury was called, empannelled and sworn, as follows S. K. Thompson, Joshua Bryant, Wm. P. M. filings, Green\ille Hale, J. W. Hed- But, to the rascally Davenport Gazette, wo delivery, wh'ch was dwelt upon and devoted i had just arrived in the Valley from the com- after her arrival, a fragrant and beautiful bo-, have to say, that if he has any objections to manly to the duty of the Grand Injnest in inand ofCapt. Dent, who was ordered out E. L. Joy, John D. Dcvin, Jus. I). Devin, J. A. Johnson, M. S. Bonnifi.l l, A. Lotspeich, and J. W. Norris, Ottumwa D. Rorer, Burlington II. C. Caldwell, Keosauqna II. D. Ives, W. M. Allison, and W. H. McPherrin, Eddyville D. Anderson, C.R. Kelsev, and T. B. Pcrrv, Aibia and A. Harris, District Prosecutor, Centreville. The Docket shows 12 criminal, 211 civil and 47 chancer}' cases, cf which ninny will be continued, under operation of law. ig tha day appointed by the Governor Jis ft day of Thanksgiving. A discourse fidapted to the occasion will bo delivered by leaders of Rev. B. A. Spaulding, at ihe Congregational tiie county arc notoriously the mbst lying, Church, at 11 o'clock, A.M. It is possible been made by both part'e t) procure unprincipled ins?nipu'o«, and at the that other clergymen of the city will also! testimony. We cannot find room for any same tim3 tha most active set of managers preach at oth~r places, but we are not pre-! Portion r,f t,ial wil1 the election in this State, and shall not ir.- result is deemed quite uncertain, the evi i sert our table again, until ws receive it pro-1 denc° being circumstantial. bably next week. I v Congress meets next Monday. The Prea- blowing heavily from the west about 1 o'clock ident's Message will probably be received this morning, accompanied by rain which, some time next week but not in time for before daylight changed to snow. The gale the next paper. has continued to increase in violence and is now blowing feaifully. Its effects on the e Board of County Supei visors meet on Lakes must prove very disastrous, as there io 1-t Monday '"jJaHnary. are not far from one hundred vessels between Union, Nov. 22J.—The propeller Wabash jestenlav morning atr the mouth of 'ast JACKSON, MUS. NOV. Oqogreas- Confederacy. The s 'cession movement '^'H' DCBI Nov. 2t.—The QI E, LOBS tion was adopted at the meeting of the Bank Officers tiiis a! m.: Ketoleed. That the Associated Banks of RICHMOND, St. Louis, Nov. 24.—The different Milita ry Companies of tbis city met at their armo ries Inst ni^ht, when General Frost gave them Gov. Stewart's final orde s, which were to proceed at once to the Frontier. Several speeches wt re made by officers, and quite a ^as^v'^e- ^r0,n Charleston, brought 47 re numbor of recruits-, outside of th companies1 Nov. 54.—The following resolu- Nov. 2J.—Two deputy mar.) shals arrived here to-day tro:n New York,' bound to Kentucky, with a runaway slave i The officer who offered a regiment of New Uen. Ilarnay and GQV. Medary will arrive yor^ volunteers to South Carolina, isagradu- Kentuokv is as follows Bell (U tii« n. /.L here to-morrow, The force at Fort Leaven- n ivorth is ready to march at a moment's no- iatf Point, and son of a former cap-j inridge 58,886, Uouglas 25,614, Lincoln, up* taia of th« 1,866. Pouy Ex­ press, from San Francisco, with advices to 3:40 p. x. the 14th, passed here about 4 thin p. FKxKctttco, No*. 14.-**The Presiden tial election returns still lack 5,000 or 0,000 votes of being complete. The total vote re turned is 111,818, of which Lincoln gets "V 58», Douglas 35,000, Breckinridge 31.210, Bell 5,020. Linco'n's majority over Doug las 597. This is the mot favorable account for Douglas yet published, other authorities placing 1.i!n nearly 1,000 behind Lincoln.— The balance of the return* will probably re- duce Lincoln's majority, but the State hop» of sucresa, t»ilenv fie n the pleasure of of b'lls ngiin-t par.ies implicated in the Kan- c^n, though the official count »«quir«dtola commercial point of view. The West is Tv.i i^in at the g'rural good fortune, is ex- sas troubles, and to prevent the land sales, ge me all doubts. A d",|"trh Tr,,|i"' n™r 13A saV8 and Mrs. Banks with a gold wa'c'i, on occa- ridge, with three small counties to hear from, sion of hi departure for ih we.-t. The do nors have been neighbors of th Qov. Chica go is to be his future resid nee. ad lress which occupied about an hour in the dated November 31, says that an Express hand as a mere token of recognition. Shortly and subsisting upon the dead bodies of their associates. The messenger reports that some 12 dead bodies hail been found, and that 10 more were still .alive, secreted in parties of three and four, for a distance of among the living. The party were subsist ing upon the dead body of Meyers, t)l3 fa ther and of the family. Capt. Dent will return in a few days, when a full report will be forwarded to the Port land Pi ess. The most horrible slaughter of so many innocent emigrants calls for a sear ching investigation by the authorities. BCRCII BL-RCII. vs. i P^vent the finding generally conceeded to have gone Ropuhli-1 hereafter be felt, politically as well as in At 8 o'clock to-day the Express arrived at Fort Churchill, whence the news of the result of the Presidential election was sent to San Francisco and published in the Extra Bulletin and Alta Californian before 9 o'clock. The news was expressed from St. Joseph to the telegraph station in the unprecedented time of t-ix days. It produced a sensation. The Republican State Committee issued an ad dress urging a general illumination of San Francisco to-morrow eveni ig. A School Census of San Francisco gives 15,400 childen undy 18 years. Esparanza, one of the ring-leaders of the Fillibusters who went into Lower California from Los Angelos county recently, lias been killed in a fight. The Band is com mitting murders and robberies by the whole- sale on the Peninsula. The citizens of San p?ared promptly. Mrs. Burch, on the way Diego have sent relief to the Governor of, to her seat, was obliged to pass the ladies, Lower California. but failed to recognize thein. Hi mother A litter from Walla Walla, Washington passed the compliments of the morning with Territory, to the Portland, Oregon News, the niece, who coldly extended her gloved the testimony, and should not i4 w3 co an,l fered in the Georgia Legislature demanding el Detroit and are probably on Lake Erie.— I the repeal by Northern States of laws ob-! he blinding snow storm renders it -iinpos-1 istructing the rendition of fugitive slaves. i sible for vessels to make this port. Thej Also, nn enactment by Congress removing damage to the shipping in port will be quite Territories to the introduc- al! I,n,lW! nn°l'nt such aclicn on 'M. having doubts about the utility of that kind of reading. The probably be a lengthy one, and the BITFALO, Nov. 24.—The wind commenced Chicago, seven of which have pas»- ma,,y v^sels having been torn from the'r ,nooru,-s an1 ll:lshe1 aSainst eac! er and the docks. The stortu is conlii ed almost entirely to Lake Erie. BOSTON, Nov. 24.—Hon. Amos A. Lawrence presided at a meeting in Tremont Temple n'?ht, Muskegon, and become a total wreck. lives lost. Boat valued at $30,000. Small i subscriptions. insurance. Mayor Creen, of Cambridg No m,C nomina,f,1 men of this State met in this city to-day, I Ih^ckeit'sstable, on Nc and unanimously declared for a Smthern in aid of Kansas. Speeches were aU .a comrmttee the citizens act'on I^uke Kenosha ly relieve the Banks and enable them to dis count freely. The course of the Banks meets general appravalrfeeiag deemed «afe and ju dicious. NEW YOKK, tUrni'd stcera-e enrolled Ihemselves for the campaign. The °f,!.he ,IIavana' Charleston and Savanah lines Brig'id" leaves at 10 o'clock to-morrow, by an extra train to Syracuse, thence across the count^ to th scene of distiirbance. BOSTOV, Boston believe it to bo the duty of Boston j^tulorrowr" financial matters are easier. Banks to maintain the integrity of specie! YORIC, Nov. 23.—Liverpool, Satur day.—Th*? African mail steamer hud arrived. e render all aid poss.ble for Pass'-n^rs- The steamers will Jake n m^re steerage passengers. A few days ago, two women named Mrs. Titus, wife of Capt. Wm. Titus, and her sister, Mrs. Duval, were burned to dea'.h at Centreport, near Huntington, Long Island, by the explosion af a fluid lamp, Nov. 23.—The Banks hold amset- The slave trade w is reported brisk. The American ship Lauretta is supposed to have left Whybash on the 28th Septem- ber, with tiOO slaves on board, and the Am ri can bark Buckeye sailed a fair days ff§n ous with a cargo of slaves. Kentucky for Bell—Official. LOUISVIM.K, NOV. 24.—The official vote of iventuoK} isasioilows. UeJI t»4,0ie, Breck- The Postmaster Generalship. The I v a City Republican, af\er copying, an article of our-? on the above subject, com ments as follows: "We are certain thit to tha abori artMe, the Courier speaks the unanimous wih of the Republicans of Iowa. Although it is probably too early to speculate about Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet, it is not too early to l»ear isfuc'.ion to ti e party in this State, but that it The North West *ou'd be hailed with joy 0n Utcst adviocs from Or-gon which cannot vary the result. It is he'ieved that a majority of the people of California voted against calling a Con stutional Convention. entitled to one or more Cabinet appointments, and we know of no man better suited to dis charge the duties of the General Post Oflice I Department than Col. Wairen. He is not only a ripe and accomplished scholar, but, actual servioc in that particular department! under a former Admini.-tration. has given I him an experience that only a few posses* ment tendered to Col. Warren, if he would be willinS to accept the position. The Burch Divorce Cai8» Its Progress and *i9irr»ii*idi»g«. [Si'ci ial Correspondence of the Chieairo Journal Aith nijih tlie weatlur is very cold and raw, and. a dense snow-storm has prevailed all day, the Court room has been CTO vded with a dense throng of people, who have kept their seats through Loth sessions cf the' A large number qf spectators have been1 present to-day from Chicago, among them Mrs. Mather, Mrs. Thompson and Fanny Bnrch, niece of the complainant, residing nt Little Falls, Herkimer county, N. Y., who is often mentioned in the testimony. Mrs.1 Burch and her mother, accompanied by her brother, Horace Turner, Esq. of Detroit, np- luet upon the Emigrant Road, in the vicinity of handed them to her mother, who passed Ft. Boyd, to investigate the report of the them to a gentleman, requesting him to place massacre of the emigrants. Capt. Dent —The Chicago papers are now puhlshing full reports of a case on trial at Naperville, Ills removed thence from Chicago, entitled Burch vs. Burch, being a suit of I. II. Burch, a wealthy Banker of Chicago, for Divorce from his wife, who is a ntice of Hon. v v rj.i Lr«stusi Coining, of Albany, N.Y. Ihc wealili an.l «oc,nl stand,ng of, the parties un lh?ir cxt-n.-ive, acquaintanco both west and east, have invested the case with an unus«al mot uP'm November 26,1860. American Excliange Bank, Bank of Raleigh, Bank of the Commonwealth, Bank of Aurora, Corn Exchange Bat#,-: •fitate Bank of Illinois 1 We would be most happy to see the appoint-1 t'lc Mi-sourians, and looked forward hope- i of flowers was sent to Mrs. Burch. She them upon the reporter's fable, where they .l found some 10 or 12 emigrants stdl alive, remained during the entire day. tutions of a sovereign State, we must rccog- After the disposition cf Mrs. Harriet C. I Brown's deposition, the witness, Miss Fanny Burch, was called to lire stanu. The witness is a young lady, as appears from tcsti niony, of twelve miles, in the vicinity of the attack. round face, very closely resembling Mr. Some had died from actual starvatiorf. Mr. Rurch in the lower part of the face. Sha was Meyers, his brother's wife, Mrs. Meyers, with dressed in fashionable mourning. twenty-two }'cars of age, dark hair, The only pic of conversation now is this ens". The outside nejrs of the great world, Secession and Disunion troubles, monetary panics, bank suspensions and Palmetto flags cause no sensations here, as they are scarce- ly heard of, unless by a stray newspaper con,™^ which finds its way down here. The case will probably last about three week*. There is an army of wi ncsscs upon each side, in addition to depositions to be read. The case is being conducted very ably on each side, the iunsel most actively en gaged being Messrs. Beckwith, Farnsworth, Browning and Defence: nnd kr for the Prosecution. Many of the others are fee alw n e wjJO degree of interest. The c,n'!10nt counsel of the country are cn ),h si(,es'an1 extraordinary eff- id Cauifteld, on the part of the pUrejy ornamental ami serviceable only Hcv. Mr. Patterson. I'.stor of p^,,^ jvis ian Churcii of Chicago o summoned as a witness on each side, arrived to-dav. OFFICE CHICAGO BANK NOTE LIST. OF THE s National Bank, Southern Bank of Illinois, Oirayville Bank. The following Banks are New York Bank of Sing Sing1, N. Y.. Bank of Commerce, Erie, Pa., Crawford Co., Pa., out. Lawrence Co., late Bank ol New Castle, Pa^ Uprer Canaifli. All Southern money 25 per pent discount in New York. -AM Pennsylvania Banks thrown LATCT.- DIPTMERIA has been for re-election. Xorth Moroan street, was burned last night with six horses. the Brink officers, at their Srvntcs great cxcltjment throj-ht the State, 'neetinx to-day, is considered favorable. It throat, let the patient use a simple solution of application that every housekeeper can npply was decided that the balance at the clearing! salt and water, as a gargle, every fifteen promptly, house should be paid partly in bills, instead minutes. Al the same time moisten a piece of whol!}' in specie. This measure will great- of flannel wilh a solution of the same kind, made as warm as the patient can bear it, and bind it around his throat, renewing it as often as the gargle is administered, and in the meanwhile sprinkle fine salt between the i Nov. 24.—Tlie steamship flannel and the neck. Use inwardly some tonic or stimulant, either separately, or if tlie prostration be great use both together. The! treatment, as may be seen, is extremely sim ple, and if used in the earlier stage of the disease, will effect a complete cure. W The Vicksb irg papars a inou ice ence of Judge Daug'as in that city. He was a paseng »r on board fhe steamer James was on his way to his plantation in Issaque na county. Mrs. Douglas: does not accom pany her husband. The injuries she receiv ed by a steamboat accident at Mobile a few days ago, have ma le it necessary for her to remain at New Orleans a little wliillonger. BOSTON, Nov. Tlie Trouble. hearty testimony to th," valuable services of the same spirit of John Brown, inake a army are without pay an in th? greatest Col. Wanvn, and to utter the belief that his appointment would not only give general sat-' ftnl f°r sam? purp ses. The careers of man credit is almost destroyed, and yet the bith tha« men have been similar, and they seem ,8 is a power in the Union, and her influence subject, and s-ince the death of Brown on The man is mad. Never was such consu thc scaffold, Montgomery has been laboring mate fo'.ly and hardihood henrd of since 'l incessantly to procure the neccessarv means to prosecute the same scheme, in Missouri and Arkansas. Until now efforts have' been of little avail. Tiie settlers of Kansas, I having fought successfully their war with the Border Ruffians, were anxious to till their soil, so dearly bought in peace and quiet, an hence discourage 1 any warlike spir it, but suffered patiently the indignities of fu1,y to t,ie time This contest though exciting our pity for ths misguided men who engage in it, cannot receive our support for any scheme such as ofJohn The Notes of the following Illinois Banks $533,001,000. Supposing the Molalla silver van°Buren are throw i cut in tlih ity: m'n s AND ITS CI RE.—The distin- guishing mark of this malady from other Brown, to war against the insti- nize as unlawful, and a crime to be severe ly punched. (Jen. Ilarne}* has been order ed to march against the little army and with the ample force at his command, the experi ence of Montgomery in guerilla warfare though considerable, will not long endure Obtaining no support and sympathy from the North, Ins little 1 and will soon be extor ,, unrated. But it is one of the natural results of the policy toward Kansas of Pierce ami Hnw»ri Buchanan, and one for which they will l»e anSMi*erabIe mines, says the O. egon City Argus, or the headwaters of the lalla, seems be getting intense. Parties ar.! continually arriving in town, making their outfit an 1 departing for the silver regions. A party fro n town went out this week and returned after each one had taken out a claim of one hundred feet fpontf I Messrs. an Annan and Mil- X|ie running to the top of the mountain.— a!n ount of silver supposed to be there is almost fabulous. D. P. Thompson, Esq., one of the returned party, think-i the moun tain ii a mass of silver ore, containing prob ably hundreds of millions of the tniier il— or, a* any rate, double as much as there is in the Santiam mines, which were stated by jiw to amount to 103,010,000 of tuns, which at 5,333 to the tun —estimated—would give to contiin 201,000,000 of tuns, and to Waieiio be equally as rich as the Santiam ore, there is no qucslKHv but iiiey are worth $1,^36,^)0. °0%.' .. :—t ALSMI, JOHN D. PAm, relieved ry its use. I also reommendud it fo a Gentleman from Warren Co., who af ter using one bottle, sent for six more, and was fully cured of an affection of the Lung*, of long standing, and tending into Consump tion Many more ises I could report you, where a permanent cure ha been affected. Suffice it to say, its merits are too well i known in this section to require an indorse- mt-nt: S. MACY. For Sale by J. L. Taylor, Ottumwa. See Advei tisement. SURE REMEDT diseases of tlie throat, is the formation of a fill eruption, with all the "remedies" reenn membrane which increases gradually until, mended, is seldom arrestel until it ha run a the patient is strangled to death. It is some- certain course, after causing great suflering "PPOinted fo solicit' times accompankd with ulceration and great for two or three days and nights. The follow bodly prostration. To prevent the formation ing is said to be a certain cure: "Take a pint of this membrance is to arrest and cure the i of common soft soap and stir in airslacked disease. The Cincinnati Pms gives the time till it is of the consistencc of gtyzior's following simple remedy:—In the early tty. Make a leather thimble, fill it with stages of complaint, which is always accom-1 this imposition, and insert the finder there panied by a soreness and swelling of the in, and a cure is certain." This is a domestic CALOVCBI. GIVEN exp rionce' of tlie Battle, which stopped at the wnarf about an °n the 0., B. & Q. R. H., will leave East hour. The Judge was greeted by many Burling'on at 6 o'clock a m, and 2 o'clock of his friends and a hot of citte rns. Just and 6 o'clock and arrive at 10:10 a m, before the boat pushed out he made a few and 2 o'clock and 8:30 in. The ferry boat remarks in relation t" t'ie present political leaves Burlington 15 minutes before the train excitement. The Judge looked well, and startr.—JTawTc Eye. FOI.I.Y Captain Montgomery, the chief instigator I respondent of the New York World writes of the present Kansas difficulties has, it ap-1" The Sultan ij 'joined his idols,' and the pear«, been contemplating the present junc-1 allied powers seem to be coming to the con ture forjmore than a year. His war of '57 and elusion to let him nl'Wie. The decrepit suc '58 begun f»r th purp^s? of protecting the ces^or of Mohammed must be infatuated.- Free State settlors, and fr tl»*t reason justi- The province of Syria is delugnl with tears fiable, and receiving the approval of a larje and blood, thousands are destitute of .«he't*r portion of the North, has instilled into him «nd c'othing, th soldiers of the Imperial war of aggression, like the raid in Virginia, straits, the treasury is empty, and the Otto-! -nei 1 1 when Congress would ad mit their Territory as a Free State, and thus put an end to their many troubles. So Montgomery's insane scheme received no support, but promised a mis?rahle failure. But Congress failed, by tho partisan pur- pose* of a Democratic Sonatc, to admit Kan sas last winter and this year the scanty cr »ps gave to t'le ill-fate 1 Territory th? pros- pc'ot.°fa f,,n,inc 5 Court. carried cn by the Mi sourians and to crown all, the seltler-i were thrown from their ho :nes on the Indian Reservation by the mur ler nnd ™P'ne were Federal authorities, and their houses burned by the Indian agents in th Mr very sight. Goaded on to desperation by all thes cir- 1 cumstaness, and saeing that the 'aws and Appanoo: goveriiment, instead of strengthening and protecting them, were used to deprive them of their homes an fi e-sides, Montgomery had little Iiffieulty ia in lucing them to join his army. But by so doin thny do not en ter into the treasonable schemes of their leader—to make war upon Missouri and her property—but they fight to protect them selves and their fanvlies. 'irri?oii in History.—Hawk-Eye. SM.VKU WRshinRton Wayne Wi-lwter Wiimt'sliiak S'innH ago "'o.nlliury Worth Wri^'-.t •Ofliriitl JVSK, 1800. "REAR Silt.—T*'a:iriot speak too highly of Dl\ Halls Balsam for the Lungs. Some tirne since my wife wasaffinted with a cough, .... i of long standing, and has been very much WWWij OQ» ID! t» i •, TIRKTSII SII.TAN. —A OF THE Sultan Abd-el Mcdjid is actually en^ng^d in to have b?e:ij fanatics upon tha same building nixfeen pnlaMt on the Bosphortis. io-ab dus feasted on nightingales and Ca'ig ula fed his horse on gilde oats. Th1* Christ- 1 ans of Syria are being driven to despair, and the Turks are 'fiddling while Rome is burning.'" FORKtax.—By Now i TO Cows.-—A correspon­ dent of some Virginia pafier says, "I wish you would say to your readers, that calomel in one ounce doses, will cure a cow of al most any disease. At least, let me give my 1 havc COWK5 l'iey two fine cows, valuable have had, it srem* to me, some "orst diseases that prevail—tongue murrain, Ac., and when I saw they were about dying, I mixed one ounce of calomel to diy corn meal, which they Kelt Up, and it has nevvfr foiled to cure. CHANGE TIME.—On OF until furth'T notice, regular passenger trains NEW YOBK, Nov. 24.—The measures adop­ ted on Wednesday by associated banks for relieving the financial pressure, ine^t with universal approval. Bank creditors are sat isfied, and consequently calls for specie are few. Currency still fluctuating, the closing ^l',e ^'caring house I rates yesterday being 19c to 20c discount for the Southern States, 5 to 10c for Weg- committee recommends thj Banks to dis count their e itir^ receipts, and the adoption tem, Southwestern and Middle, and 1c for •ra *yaUm airailar to Ihat York. jHwrTorit sad New England. the Africa news comes that Victor Emanuel had entered Napl *s and Gar ibaldi resigned on the 9ih and retir?l to pri vate life. Emanuel was received enthusiasm. He also finally accepted the Sovereignty of th Two Sec lies. It was re ported that Gaeta was about to be surrender ed, an l^thj -pasture of Francis II. was isn niinent. The vote of S cily on tho quastion of an nexation to Sardinia shows a union of Sen ium nt on this subject that is alike favorable to Italian liberty and complimentary to Yic tor Emanu 1. The vote'stood 43,204 for an nexation, and only CG7 against. The weather is d.-li^h'ful for out-door 1a lor. Rather cool o'nitthts. iow.i ui.rrin! Dodga. Gains'" Hurtiin.. ............ Iowa. jHcksor. Jaaper .. Morxr'viN'.-The excitement tlie ne vly (lis a ,overwd ,.«.. .IrffiTson Johnson ...... Joiu-s .. Keokuk ........ K o s s u si!ver Le« I/inn •.••.v.. Louisa ......... I.ucas Madison Mahaska Marion.. Marshall Mills ... Mitchell Monroe Monona Montponiery ,, Mu^catint .... Papt Palo Alto .'.V.. Polk .......... Plymouth PochahoiltM PottawattMlle Powt'.shick RiiifrgoM Sac Scott Shelby Storjr Tama Taytor R«B 4 ....188 SAO at» .....tie ....tie .... 80 'P ....160 BoO .... 5 ...181 Mt .... 0 ftoo ....Ill 1«7 ,...»1 .... 84 500 .... 10 .... 173 .... 42ft (Tfl #77 280 .... AS 49ft .... S19 820* .... 14 1403 •WfT ...'. 18 .. 243 604* ... 214 MS ...UO ...UO «tl ...... 20 935 a» a» 0 25 ...'. ^7 ... 9(1 .167 ...6SW IDS8* .. AO i .... «n .... 2 ....210 *84 49 !"'24l 88 ....SAT im .i.. 8 24 too 83 prinv \OTKT. TAKEN TAKFX FOH A FKf-ON.-Thi-i very pain- up by Hi nry .1. l'arrutt, »t liia resilience in Columbia Tp., Wapello ccmut.v, Iowa, on the 8tli day of November, A. t. 1(JI. one horae Mule, »hout two years old last Sprinjr, coior nearly Mark, willi gome brown or bay color on tlie head and nose, no other marks or brands |n-u-ci valili—appraised ai sixty dollars before Joshu i Marfliall, K»q.. .Iiictice,4c. Nov. 29, "G0-2S-i2 8iu and after to-day, AXfiTimliu&ma It is that Mrs.'^yrcf,jn take her to th-? White IIciaT^ :ile a snow rin visited country last Thursday. 100,00 for IIMMANT PREMIUMS TO UETTEUS l^," wi'h ffi'Pat scarcely required in the announcement for 1861 to "peak of its peculiar characteristics. All that Its name implies, the editors have striven and will still strivv to make it. Dew .. .. 49 ... Si 68 .... KVT 871 .... Ruena Virta Itenton......... ... Jtiic-ba.iiait.^........ CHIIIOUII .. Cnrrott Cnss Cflar Cerro Unrdo ...... Cliernkee........... Chickasaw Clay.... Clark Clayton ............ Clinton 4 Crawfnrl. ......... Dallas... Davis ... D*oatui-.»..» Dcia»" aro ... PES MninaA.V I)i'-kinsiit|..., Duhuqiii'.:.. Emmett Fsyetttf Floyd Franklin .... Fremont ...i' ttreenc... flrnndv .. Cutlirie .. tlaniillon ........ .. Hancock toss,. 887 .... Amltili'in Mack Hawk........ rtonne Rremer RnlWr ... 886 489 .... 1M 90 .... as 100 ... 181 •. i 288 •IT .. 4«fl 925 ....297 R74» .... 125 I ..i 7S *8 VI .... 13 801 '182 S0»! 853 .... 13 It) ....812 .... 94 109 ....He .... 1) 44 ... 658 .... 44 i. 41 200 41 HO 80 ts I 806 5 184 I9 MS 1240 IS 84 i 4 8 140 248 *2ST 855 6Ti 68 09 SI 260 617 18 72 2S Advertisomentp. O S i n u e n y w a s o s i n i i s i y (or between here ninl Huch-nanV Mill.) on the Kith inst., 1 fcrihed as follows: Nitt'i $.') Iiills, lianka not remembered, ami three hills, one of which hatl a piece of while paper parted on the hack, and wa» much worn—they were all wrapped up in a piece of« hrown paper. Any -person havinzfound he fame will be liberally rewarded lv leaving it at thi« olbco. 1). T. PU'fMAM. up by Samuel Austin at bin reatilen** In liandsoi Agency (.'ity, Wapello county, Iowa, on the 14th day of November, A. 1). Is(5i», one Ha.v Mare, supposed to be three years old past about 15 handi hitch, with a star in tlie forehead, the i ii(ht hip knocked down, the left hind foot, while nearly to the istern joint, some gray hairs around tlie root of the tali, biack mane and tail—appraised at (ifty-0ve dollars, before Joseph Myers, Justice. Ac. 88-13-8m JOSEPH IfAYNS.Oo. Clit. EST It AY \OTIti: JOSKl'll IIA V.N K, Clerk, S3-19-8gi Jly W. Golilimlth, Dep'y. EJIPLOVHE.VT. THK tTXDEItSlGNKD are desirous of (ecurlnRthe services of a few Younp Men to engag« In a Travelling Agency, upon a salary of FORTY DOLLARS J'El! MOXTH, and all expenses paid. This Is an opporlunity geldom offered, and to thos^ who merit the approbation of the Subscriber*, hy strict attention to business,'can rely upon constant employmeiiI for a term of yeM*.— for further particulars address GRA^l) SALES, CASH STORE. Through November and Deoeraber A E A V Y S O K must be sold if it does not bring more than 5 per cent. ROLL IN, Humpety, Bump(fty, ffiati aud Heels, Rongh nnd Tumble. Bring your Wives, and be happy Bring your Children and see the phant. LINCOLN IS ELECT*?©, And the Store must be cleaned out by the first of January. Don't mind the jam—volt way to wait on with s riam Edwards, of Spiin^i *ister, Mvs. Mi­ nn educa. ted and accompli.-hed lady, gcodloak ing niece about eighteen yenrs*^^ v A Mr. Davis, living in PIeasantVjnwnship, hid his hous? burnt on last Nothisig was saved of the household JTui ni. trro. The family wag thus turned fout of doors at this inclement gsason.-nf .J/y'a t'l tlOll 6 VfelJW Arthur's Home Maga rorl§01! Vols. XVII. and XVI Si ill- EDITKD I!V *»T. S. AKTIILIt AND VIKGIXIA F. 'IOWX81CXD. Detoted to Social Literature, Art, Ile dth and Domestic Ilappinew. So well known I* the HOME M.JOAZINE In *11 part* of the I'niled States anl the Canadies, that we are Our purpose has ever been Io give a matr *lne thit should unite the attractions of choirt ttnrf e/cffitrit Ji/erature villi high atom/ trim*, and teach useful lessons to men, woni"n and children, in all degrees «f life. SHU wire eminently tcilt ihi* feature of excel lence, intarettan-l mefuXnen* in the reading matter vf the Hume Magazine be regarded in the futur* volumct. In the Jan-inry number trill ba commenced a serial entitled— KOTHIXG BUT MONEY, T. S ARTHUR. Miss. TOWSSEND Will continue to furnish, those charininp stories and exquisite picture-sketches which have been the delight of so inany readers. Whll« Writers of the First Talent^and Reputation Will give their best efforts to our pages. Reside* Its atrefnily eiiite't LITEt!A It Y DEl'AR 1 MKNr, WURK-T HLK II:H VKTUKST, A BOY'S UIKL'S a portion of the Mapixine is devoted to subjects of sp- ial interest to tlie Home circle. It has A HCALTH l».:PVRrMKNT, A MDTIIKR'S I)KP IHTMENT, A TOII.ET ASK TitkAit- t'KV, A HOUSKKI-SIMSB'S UTL'OSITOKY, A KSVIKW OtriBT MKNT, ctc. ETC. tic. AN EI.E3ANT STEEL EXQRAVIMl Is given in each number of the .Magazine, besides from fix to eight pa(?e9 «f dress, mantle, and needle-work patterns, and other choice illustrations. We offer two ele? uit and attractive steel engraving* as premiums to ir'ia make up Clabe. One of them Is called "PKV ENT VSIX," and is 11 Inches ,y 23 the other, 'HE KNEW T11K SO It I I'T U K ES KltOM HIS YOtrrit," 14 inches by iio. They are first-class en Kravintrs as to execution, and will make hamlsome or naments for my irlor. The publisher's prka# these plutOs is ^l,ro cach. TIIKTIi, IIV ADVANCE. 1 copy (and one of the premium plates.) -'is ,00 2 copies (and one of the premium plates to get ter up of Club,) .... 8^)0 8 (and one of the premium plates to get ter up of Club,) 4fQ0 4 (and one of the premium plate* to get e u o u 5 (and an extra copy of Magaiineand one premium plate to trett r-up of Club,) 10,00 li rt (and an extra copy of Magazine, and both y. premium plates to jjetter-up of Club, 15,00 1f (and an extra copy of Magazine, and both premium plates to pvtter-up of Club,) 30,00 Three red stamps must lie sent, in every case, to pn.v the cost of mailing each premium. Specimen uum'-ci-ts «t// to all ic.'iu with io tubscfibe, or tnake up •/«'*. t'LUBSIWS. Itira? Mninrtnp, and Uodey, llarper, or Knlcker bocker, per annum. Home Magazine and Saturday Evening Post, $4,09. Ad lrn«. T. S. ARTHUR & CO., 323 WALNUT Ptreet, PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 22 W SEVEN YEAES The seven years «f unrivalled succiss attending the "COSMOPOLITAN AST ASSOCIATION," have de it a household word throughout every quarter of the country. Under Ihe auspices of this popular Institution, over Ihree hundred thousand homes have teamed to appre •eiate—bv beautiful works of art on their wall*, and eh-ice literature on their tables, the great benefit* derived from becoming a subscriber. SulmcriptW ns are now belnji received to antttBft* finraled w't that of any previous year. .Vv TERMS OK SUBSCHIPTI03I. Any person can become a ineirtber by subscribing three ifol/arK, for which sum they will receive 1st.—The lart?e and superb steel engraving, 80x83 inches, entitled '1FA LS TA FF if US rEHISTG HIS RECRUITS." 2d.—One copy, one year, or that elegantly illu*tra ted mr. jazine, THE COSMOPOUTA A* ART JOURXAl,n 3d—Eour admissions, ditrioj the season, to "THE GALLERY OF PAIM'TIXHS. MS BllOAD .4 A'A'B YORK:' In addition to the above benefits, there will be giv en to tlie subscribers, as gratuitous premiums, ovwr FlVli lIUNIItKL Hoiki of Art! frtmprlstn.' valuable paintings, marbles, parians, out lines, 4i-., forminjra truly national benefit. The superb engraving, which every subscriber will feceive, entitled, "fa 1st a IT Musi ering his Recruit*," is fine of t'ie niost beautiful and popular engravings ever Issued in this country. It is done on steel, in Bne lint* and stipple, and is printed on heavy plate paper, 80 J'.* iueties, miking a most choice ornament, suita ble for the walls of either tlie library, parlor or office. Its subject is the celebrated scene of Sir John FalstalT receiving, in Ju.-tice Shallow's oflice, the ricruits which have been gathered for his "rapped retfiment." |t could not be fumi.-hed by tlie trade lor less than $5. Ti.e Art Journal is too well known to tlie whole tounlry to need coimnendation. It is u uiaKuiflcent'iy lilustrateil magazine of A. t, containing Essays, Sto ries, Poems, Cossip, &c., by the very best writers in A aerica. The engraving Is seut to any part, of the rouutry mail, witli safety, being packed ill a cylin der, postage prepaid. Subscriptions will be received until the Evening of IheSlst of January, l.s(il,at which time the book* will close iiini the premiums lie given to subscribers. No person is restricted to a tingle subscription.— Those remitting flft, mo entiled to five memberihlpa and to one extra Engraving for their trouble. Sub scriptions from California, the Canada*, and all for eign ountries, must lie f-l I) instead of $3, In order |o defray extnppostage, etc. For further particulars send for a copy of the el illustrated .-lr( tKanlly w Journal, 1 a to, 1 you. T. DEVIN. Ottumwa, Nov. 22, I860. prouounced th# e-t magazine in America. It contains cata logue of premiums, and numerous superb engravings. Itegulsr price, SOcents per number. Specimen copies, ishiiig to subscribe, however, will lie sent- to those ou receipt of Is ceUs, in si,imp, Address, e. L. DKItltY, Actuary C. A. A. n M(i Broadway, New-York. Subscriptions rtreiveI nnt! forwarded by A N. UABTON A-rent for Ottumwa and rtciDlty. irh«r« •peclmen Ki^ravings and Art Journal can be i«en. THE GLOBE: Tbc Official I*u[»r of CongfWF, I publish now my annual Prospectus of Tim DAILY l"K (tl.ORB ARB APPKMIIII. to Ienuni subscribers, and inform those who may de sire| tosubscahe tha' Congress wi 11 meet on the first li l,h ,)eet ml,l n.Vn CONANT A DRAKE, 81 Main St Atkinson Depot, N. II. 1 V "T\rr: l!.V I shall resume pub- ,t 'eu ^'"ve-nanied papers. They have been i hllt moat P«»»»c men know their therefore I deem it needless to Klve a ,h I e k,n,, "'»alterthe.v contain. Iii hltl „!i contain a report of the Debate* In botii branches of Congress llg taken down by repor- fh\.,,U"' of short hand-writer* wi, :.b a "V," ht C°u,ltr-V- A tnaj«rity ol then, woiil4 n' i 'RT'!,NR,•VKRHATIM, ten thousand ^mkenh v ('i",Ur'i HV"ra-'- number of words laml fiv 1 7 speakers rarely exceeds seven thou of a I v W! ,,ou Whe n,e lcbate« ro for, r.7,P.'r"Tl'Ti'""i:t'J user i ei v' rif •reat measure i -flve columns, lhR laily (ilobe of the next uiorn- y will appear in The Daily (ilobe of the next i I*/-, WIII• IKJJ uill ot.ntjihi, also, the new* nf th» together with such editorial ankles as may be«lg K sled by passing events. 1 i aWS I lb 1 ™v T*• *acb nnnib-r Mm 8 ,lohe ani1 Appendix will contain «ie ikers tl i \i f^ates in Congress, revised bv the ft ate, il 1! 'V'! "f the United tiei VI' Kepori* ofthe Heads of the Execu ted ™!1' T'"/' I"18"1''1 luririfr the sessioD, ,l»- They will he printed on i 'l °°,k r°nn' ro'lil lu'4r,0 "1m» sixteen page*. The whole III make, it is believed, at loasl 2,IMMI pages. This la anv co! ot ^'l.' 0 ,he ^""-t work -ver sold In re|'ri,ltor lrlnled l'ATA t,K' uvi'ra« n j'f S ,T in W without 'I""''', be an un- e l,e 1 cause t,ie Jlect aniUbe' I-I ,T debates will. In a UP°M U e policy of U,e noat th I*' ITMldeBt K9 *IHB for ma*) years past, the onlj source from which full debate* of Congress can be obtained. (5IOBK 45N V e a i n i^t U 11° APPBXDIX pass free l'1"it,e,, be teen Joit,t WI i vt eati n hetw.«er.C.°:' Si, lies Ele­ ,ie8()lution vou^i ess the 6th of August, passed by J,",,|'1!irlurl^n l,rov' for the distribution ofthe ,he Conirres ».,ei.i A", thereon. circul 'Wi.rLtui' il »H«n ofthe law* of d, ateH "",rl,»uting to the trueln- 1 fo ,u,ike free the communl- 1 eeu tl,e relresentatlve and constituents militia ».. Provided, Th»4 •o huig herein shall r»t con»irucd to authorise ill# cir fulation of.!.. Dally Globe free of postage Appro red, August t5, 1P.VJ. Terms! ror copy of THK DAII.V OI.OBK for four months KM yr two copies ditto, when ordered .t th«'.ane time Aim.° t,,fntlon WUI ft nti bepald to any order ualeaa Ute Bioiiey Hccompany It. IJauk notes, current in the section of the country where a subscriber resides, will be received at p»r. flH-who'e.or any part of a suhscrlption may IK W JJ! ,r«n Ji! sla K Mamps, which Is preferable l»*»y i jfurrency, enceirt gold or *ilvir ... .- fc *«e|K (fold orsilrer. n ajshinjton, Oct. JOHN C.-EIVM-

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