Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, November 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated November 29, 1860 Page 3
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£§e (Oitiiui.i Conner, Local ar» Miscellaneous. OTTUiV A," IOW A, VV: XM~.~2!,' IM\ 'i'i.n AHLi^AlW.H.RAlLnOJlD. 11A XGE OF TIME. nw:l Arrlv Kfc tall at the 6 i0 A.M. 1:36P.M. 12:80 P.m. 1:95 P.M. COACttKS LEA VK HAIL Y. Des Moines, via Eddyvilie, Oskaloosa and 11H, at 1 a. m. coromodatlon for Oskaloosa, at II."00p.m. Charlton, via 01 ikesburg aad Albla, at '•"m. Bloosifleld, and Centrevllle, at 1 p. m. f*®* tteokuk Railroad, at 12 m. Sout! A. C. PARKS, Agefit. Offlc corner of Front and Market Sts.,Ottunnrn. "hen you want Boots, Shoes and Clothing, go to Temple'*, New Clothing Stor*. AMBROTTPKS.—B. NrsAMAEEK la now prepared to take Ambrotype pictures at his Jewelry Store, one door west of the Ottumwa Howe, Front 8tre°t. Gall and set specimens. [Oct. 2S, 1860-Sw. Court Week will be a favorable opprrtuhity for many of our subscribers to COURIER OlTMt We shall happy to see thctn. be Funds w. re raised here to-d ty to tiMOt the wants of a family whose house was recently burned in Keokuk couniy. A change of tim3 on thi B. & M. R. Riil road was announced on Monday. On and fcfler lat tints, it will be s'jon, the cars leave at 6:50 a in, and 1:33 and arrive at 12:30 and '2:55 m. ANOTHER RUNAWAY.—There wu another Runaway on Tuesday, attended w'th disas terous consequences to the wagon which fig ured in the race. A team iok fright some where about the Depot, and ran up Front! Street as for ns 10 lTn.i^ i„„„- i, as rur as 1 ,C arr Monday last TIN °ll liouso, leavm ing that it Is a s re, the wagon a wreck on the way. By gre.t exertions they were induced to hold up at the Cairoll House. omnttmsofT. B. Gnham was upset n^ar the depot of the B. A M. R. bus, which was considerably broken. An other buss team belonging to D. B. Abra hams was frightened at the samo time and tan a considerable distance before they were stopped—a wheel, only, was damaged. The roads being very icy was the cause of the accidcnt. SCIENTIFIC LBCTUBBS.—Drs. fomcjme next week by the latter geatleman. I V 1 having lectures up™ Litirarv an I S-ientiflc S.lljjei ts tills winter, we are confident our 8UCC0SS is going ahead finely, at whirh all good citi zens rejoice. WASHINGTON, NOT. 88.—Gen. telegraphs that he ibr Kansas. NEW YORK, WASHINGTON, NOV. 23,-Tho imjuior, the President is understood to be thoueh .1 o i »f, TT It is not yet positively known how Mis souri has gone, but it is understood that it has gone for Dougla'. Tlic Market. IIo^s continue to come forward in very large numbers, some dozen large droves ar riving every day, in fact it seems as if the roads leading into the city are alive with them most of the tune. Ihcy are destined i Jbr sh pment, some by th? B. St M. R., some %y the K. D. M. & M. Railroads, and other lots for Geo. Gillaspy & Co., to be packed here. At present the market for hogs is unsettled, and we are unable to quite. Al most all coming forward are for shipment on account of owners, or to fill contracts at this placc or elsewhere. Some 3000 head have been killed by Gillaspy fc Co. SJ far. The quality of the pork is very superior, and the weather as favorable for packing as cou'd be desired. This branch of business makes our city lively exceedingly, and is exerting & perceptible influence upon general trade. Cincinnati .TfnrUet. CINCINNATI, NOV. 24, packers K., severely brtlising Mr. G., who was on ihe Toilet Soap is no humbug, but the best., moat easily made, and the cheapest of any now In use. This Ault and jjJT'hitmarsh, of England, propose to favor our .Citizens with two Lecturts on Scientific sub jects, the first, on the blood, by Dr. Au!t, to come off at the Methodist Church, on Satur day evening, according to bills which will b? i «„.« i «l Issued previous to that torn* the second of these first lecturas, which mar be the opening of a series. Pro|«'cl«'I Improvfl'iiH'iitM. e lic-iir of extensive iinpiovpinenlg In contemplation another season, and amon'* them a Hock, cormr of Court and Front block f.fsevcrnl private residences oh the' WASIIIX( Square,—besides numerous residences bvl •r.. r.,b:,l,ly a very portion of the |r our citizens. Win. Dajrgctt has a residence L»SDS, STOCKS. BONDS, AND MNNTAUKX pro .• .. 1 CI:RI"II"!it of HI.IXTY LWOS AND LAXI* PATKNTS Pass unuer way on the west Side Of the Squnre, 0 foreign countries, Pensions, Land Patents Atld th" C.ltholie-i firp pri»ptin» a proveinenth tf another year, the K. D. M. & Persons wishing business transacted, Information or M. Railioad will probably erect Freight and f"' not doing anything. Nothing in Provisions no dumani, nal. Flour («NII:IMIAI,. VK vl, e l,v I assenger houses. On the whole Ottumwa RKFKHTO—rCV. Nov. '21.—Our Banks yester­ day discounted from $5,000,000 to $8,000, 000. NORFOLK, Nov. 23.—Gov. Wise has offer­ ed his services to the Governor of South Carolina, if not succored by Virginia. CHARLESTON, Nov. 23.—The RAI.EIC.IT, NOV. the bouth has just cause of complaint against cities, a-i ,,. ,. A i:i 1 i i"'i» Ulm Qtrney leares St Louia to-morrow Ex­ FARMER'S change Bank has suspended. 23.—The suspension of the Banks has been legalized by the Legislature. Oocktaa Orrict, Nov. 29. §4,10(3*2,20 M.OUR (wholesale) WHEAT CORN .. SHELLED CORN .... CORN MEAL ..... OATS ... POTATOES (new) ..... Sweetdo M'llAR COFFEE .. ...... SALT .. .. HIDES, dry..,' green COTTON YARN NAILS PINE LUMBER, common, !l clear, 8 (trades SHINGLES .... LATH, BUTTER LARD TALLOW BEESWAX... EGGS,,. ...Y..41. .... E S E i i a SORGHUM..»....V.w. .....v.. ... PORK SIDE* "AM? CHICKENS daz QUAILS, 1? doz DRIED AI'PLKS. 59 ». «PEACHES »1 LEATHER (Sole). »f Calf 1,20 FURS—Mink, No. 1........ 1,20 COON 25(3140 1 WILD CAT 25®»)! RAT OTTER *#NFIAR.II! BEAVER jS ft ....T.VftlWT I'Mffc2ft BUFFALO ROBES iOCKailion HUfiii ARIAN HEED.:.:..: ..:. timothy :.:: ::::i2@2,2o WHISkEY VINEGAR bbl S 00 Rear Whal l*3iy«i'ian« Kay, RESPECTING DR. CHUISTIKM AGUE BALSAM. I Many high-minded physicians, who are above the narrow prejudices which govern too many oflhe pro fession, and are lvillin? to acknowledge merit wbere ever found, are n«ing the Balsam in their private practice, witli satisfaction to themselves and undoubt ed benefit tn their patients. One physician writes "I with confidence recommend tlie Balsam as super ior to any other preparation." Says another "I have used it with uniform success, and can confidently recommend it for all those com plaints for which It is ofTcrcd as a remedy.'* Once more "To tnv knowledge it has never disap pointed the reasonable expectations of those who have used'ft. f5,i another writes "I have no hesitation In »ay- CONVBNIKKT and very efficacious Docters use it is sensible a thing as thev can do.) F. N. BI TLKR, Morencl, Mich., writes '"'Tour med lclne Is doing wonders here. Even th* M. D.'s buy it to take themselves when they arc sick." JOHN D. PARK, Nov. ?, lSf)0-lm 184 Lake-st., Chicago, III. Soap, though recently patented, has already attained unprecedented popularity. It is used a* readily In hard as soft water. See what your neighbors say of It: I OTTrMWi, A tig. 81, 1S60. 1 G. E. ASPINWAM.,—Dear Sir: an ,v 1 1 u s e 'f^on- i lorinir »l*n 1 manufactured is, with me, an important item. Fiftv lerin„ the (,X..ecding desirability of The family right to man- ufacture Roraback's Compound Chemloal Washing and Toilet Soap, which I obtained from you, 1 regard as invalua-Me. Whatever other other patent inven tions may be, this oue is no humbug. The ingredients of which this soap is compounded are perfectly harm- less: and so far from clothes being injured by its use, I 1 believe five dollars a year will be saved in the usual wear and tear which results f. om the use of other soap, i The soap will eadily remove French polish, Print er's Ink, lead paint, wheel prease, tar, Ac., from the finest fabrics, without injuring them In the least things which no other soap, with which I am acquaint- I the Toilet Snap \s useful for shaving, washing 1 1 o thiiig f()r which toiu-t !«oap i $ e a n o n y o u e n s e o u i The cheapness »itii which the Washing Soap is pounds can be made at a cost of onlv M7'.4 cents, and e o11!.? a oa" m:lke rt .. «in o-Kiittuc too, that lothcs can ,e easily washed k'a"- „. i| ,v I iition to me. I would not be without a familv right tizens w ill se? the iinportancs of ensuring fr four times u« cost. w. w. JOIINSON. the r"1'washed-e-and "f ,'",T T1,e' water. Is of great conslder- Family Rights, formerly sold fcr $10, each, but now for $5, or $3 for the washing soap, and $2 for the toilet an be had attl e COCRIKB Office. OEO. E. ASPINWALL. CLAIM AGENCY AND I^eral Intelligence Office. TO.\ CITY, D. r. would respectfully offer his ser- ices to the public 11 the purchase and sa'eof h, ve u l(,n auu in aillOIICft are erecting a Cathedral on |oc»l lan.l ..flices in the Western States been returned the north side of the Square, opposite the ". the discontinuance of the various ,he i'»ni 1 1 UIC Court House. ill ad lltion to these, which before the Patent Office attf nded to In fact, office in wnshimrtou city, pat- cnts secured for inventions. Caveats filed, and all Im- fa,. Ktt^Si'&S^S^lSgSSlS: r, will pieifse enclose a fee in order to Insure a reply. C. P. CULVER. P. D. KaM' 1 tlie Ll'lon, anu the calling of a dispassionate 4uiblration of tll~ people in iy result 111 re- gtoring confidence and preserve the integrity «f the constitution It is apprehended here that secession will have to be practically dealt with by the pres ent administration. It is slated from a distinguished source that South Carolina secedes as soon ag the Convention resolves. Guriev, D. i., Washington city, D. C. Hon. A. 11. dreenwooil, Com. Indian Af fairs, (Jo Hon. 8. A. Dougla U. S S„ Chicago, III. lion. (i. E. Pugh, U.S. S., Cincinnati, Ohio Col. (i, w. Amlerson, Louisville, Kv. Col. Porter Culm sville, Wis. lion. A. I{ 'Wright, Ex M. C., Rome, «l a r. i IS a. "a Oov. Ford, (Ex-Lleut.'Gov.) Mansfield, Ohio Mr! J. W. Norris, Ed. Courier, Ottumwa, Iowa. Hon. A. II. Stephens, Ex-M. C.. Crawfordvillu. Oct. 4, lS«l-!J0-12-3m. Keokuc, Fort Des Moines and Minnesota CHANGK OF TIMK. Oii(3 Daily Train. AND AFTI THIS DATE AND UNTIL FUR hcr notice one Passenger train, w ill run each way, daily,(Sundays excepted,) aafoUows: Leaving Keokuk at 8:10 a. m. Leaving lii'titoiisoort at 2:30 p. m. Connecting at the latter place, as heretofore, with the coaches of the Western Stage Co., for all points in i ^liddle. Western and Southern Iowa, Nebraska, Kan- ",av i""1lhe exhauste 1. \o State ha* a right to commit' _f trt havingfttj effect of precipitating such a «()„Jitio„ of affair* as »-o„ld i,..luco or com- gjel otlier State-# toj »in her in a disruption of To 1 her i 1S5°- default Corsets, for ladies. Oct It—81-12-ts-«-12 THE M. Whiskey ac'.ive and held high T, but price, not yet agreed upon. Hogs n ini.ial wilh no di mand doing and *&.wm priOM nominal no at sabs. Att'jrs, WiLums IUMILTOI. Oct. 4,lS60-12-30-4w. To MARTHA HATCH. You are hereby notified that, on or berore the first day of November, 1SG», there will be on file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Wapello county, Iowa, a actltioa of Edward Hatch, plaintiff, claiming of vou a divorce from the bonds of matrimony now existing between the parties herein named, and alleging as a cause therefor wilful desert ion on your part, and without re as triable cs use, for the space of two years and that unless you appear and answer thereto on or before noon of the second day of the next term of said court, to be begun and held at Ottumwa, in said county on the -Jfith itay of win JTOrarWIilankcti neb office iu Bentonsport. J-ff-Kare as low as the lowest, to all Southern and the North, no State is justified in seceding, TIO^UMheTi M. 'R RTIU KAIRTEID''8REACHING' II \HDVVARE— SelHmr or in revolutionary movement,, until every Superintendent, constitutional measure for redress has been i TI,cktTl 0ffl°e*l the Depot. i Keokuk, SeptJJS, '58. lVIU RIDEn. {SSsnSSJ •v"""' "f jw av. XVS .'""cK'onK ^^i"'"0 state of lowa, by tlie first day of November, Is6*, pravlrig for a decree i of Divorce, a rinrtilo from the bontls of matrimony between heraud you, as her present husband, and for aHmony, and the custody of tieorge 11. Ri.ltr, a minor rhlld of tier's and said David Rider. The said peti lion setting up as cause for said Divorce, a wilful de sertion of her by you, and absenting yourself from her without reasonable cause, for the space cf two years and more next preceding the commencing of this action, and cruel and inhuman treatment and a failure on your part to make anv provision for her sustenance. And Hint unless you appear and defend tiefore noon of the second day of »)ie nextTerni of said I'ourt to he begun and held on the ifith day of No- be entered against you, I and judgment rendered thereon, HI accordance to the p'ayerofsaid petition. nil.i nERY, niLLIM'UY! MRS. PARCELL has just returned from the East with a large and well selected stock of Millinery consisting of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, ns also Dark Straw ds id Dresses, nm| Velvet Ribhi V ir'l'et'v'.f other thhiis'Jo ''l"', V 1 She Intends keeping oa lund a van t.\ or Other things too tedious to mention, for all Julv. 1*60. JOSEPH IIIYNF of which she expectsto find a demand, as her selec-j Ottumwa, Aug 18, *60-4w tWrt. 'on was a tie in refet ence ttithe increasing popula- ladies of tlon and tinprovem. tits in the taste of th Ottumwa a id neighboring towns. Having the latest sties for dresses and cloaks, Mrs. P. intends to suit all who may favor her with a call supply of Fura and NEW B00T& SHOE STORE. OPPOSITI Caaaou. Hocst, OTTIJIWA, IOWA. undersigned has Just reeeivtd and nponej oat a (ieneral Assortment of BOOTS k SHOES, which IK offers to the tilling public at Uniiiu prices, at Wholesale or Retail 4 o|ti:|.| October IS, '6')—12-S'2-»f IT V PROPERT1 I'OH MA l.K. J.^ ''Il* at rM i e,lc n January 2d, 6$. Second Street, near corner of Marion, for sale at a bargain, and partly on Possession given Immadlatelv. Enquire at lhl« office of J. w. fi 1 a s 9 o KOVEMKEI: STOCK AliUIVING DEVIN'S, Opposite llawloy's, Front Street, Ottumwa. Casli and T_jizlit Proffits. BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! Heavy St"ck of NO. 1 PRINTS. DELAINES, C1IALLIS, BERAC.S8, DIBXOM Alpaeeas MERINOS, TALENTIA Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS of erarjr description Ml ofthoae CHEAP IN(i IIA MS Fa.-t C..iors, LIMsULS 11A IS, IsOtir/sAS oAtJS, Chewin BRBCKIXRIDGE I100TS# BELL RIBBONS, A TSINISTRA TIOX?HOW, Ac. Wonders in ihe way of 1 CLOTHS CASSTMERES, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Flans GOODS, Constantly arriving. i county, Aug. 9.-'riii-2-.'-12 y. T. DEVIN. Oskaloosa Nurseries. ONE, A HALF MILE EAST OK TOW —And the other— ONE AND A HAL? MILES NORTH undersigueil ha\ing purchased Seever's Nur series east of town, and a portion of '/ImtnerinanY* North of this plarc. hold themselves in readiness to fill orders atxlsupplv the trade on liberal terms. The Vember, H60, default will be'entercd against vouand general supply of judgmeut rendered thereon. MARY RIDER. Ier We have some tin varieties, and at least trees suitable for transplanting Ihe ensuing Fall. All these vai ieties are hard.v and of the fruit-bearing kind suit able to this cllinate. We will also keep on hands a EVERGREENS, SHRUBBERY Et\ Etc., of all kinds suited to this climate. Trees from TitttKK N rivK VI.AKS IN.n NEW r.tWMV^.tNijA-*' 'J&to CAM A5 O £5 3B a 9 W O 1 COTTONS&c., for the MILL [OX. GROCERIES, Tobaccos-!: .™"'"'* T"T A 02—LAUC.i: STOOK-Baat eheap^ XXixLO lu Ui*i Couuuy. COFFEES, SUGARS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA. SOAPS, will be »ohl a' FIFTEEN CENTS each, and purc.hascrb can iiave the privilegeuf wa king their selection. L'YLE A DL'GDALK. Oskaloosa, June 21, 1SA0 12-15-y LUMBER YARD. O I S i I O W A E have located a branch of our Burlington W' Yard at ottumwa, where will be found at all times a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, which we will sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Persons about buying or ordering bills of Lumber, would do well to call and see for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL A McCLUKB. Mar. IS, IStfO—1 1'2-y IVES, Att'y for pi's. ESTRAV NOTICE. TIn AKEN up bv James Anderson, at his resilience Columbia Tt'Uii-hi|, Wapello county, Iowa, One Sorrel Mare, with white feet, small white strip In the forehead, a scar on thet i«lil thigh, some harness maiksan.l marked by collar on the top of neck, about 14 hands high, supposed to be from nine to twelve years old, and valued at Forty Dollars before """'I1''"' t" W. Boyd, a Justice of the peace, on the i's'th dav of I* irav TAKEN IVallre. UP bv John M. Pnrder, at his residence In Pleasant.township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the lStl. day of August, l^ilti, two estraysof the following description, to-wit: A bay mare, supposed to he thir teen years old, rap of right bin knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown Ally three ears old last spring, both hind feel white to the pasture joint, blaze In the tace mid scar on the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised at brown lllley at before Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justic- of the Pe ice of said county JOSEPH IIAYNK, 1 8ept. 2T, 1880,Una CountyCWjU 'j F.W.SMITH, I MERCHANTTAILOR, (First door «aat of tha Ottumwa House,) FRONT STREET, .... OTT0MWA. tfj I. kluda of work done In tha auat fashionable style, and at the shortest notloe. NORRIS. I H3T" Cutting doneto order. Nov. M, 1C-y A. D. CULVER, ng Richard's three story Brick, Front Sti-oet, Ottumwa. JUST RECEIVED THE LAR(iEST ASSORTMENT OF S O Y E S *^5 Ever brought to Ottumwa. Til btongl i TIIK CITY TRADE: f*".OMV FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOULD •L say, that with special reference to their wants, I have supplied myself with a stork of Parlor, Box and other Stoves and wares in my line, which for cheap ness and adaptation to the demands of the season, have never been equalled In this market. N. B. Do not fail to examine my store room and office Stoves before buying.' Fifty Tons old Iron wantad. Also old copper, brast. i pewter, anil ra^'s, for which 1 will pa-, lu stoves ani tinware, the lii^h.-^t market prices. Oct 1% h-!2 1-2 A. D. CULVER. IEW GOODS NEW GOODS! E S W O O W A ARB COySTAXTLK BECKIV/XO FROM TIIE SPLEXDID JLO rs OF I COATS, PANTS, VESTS HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, o 0 ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! T. J. DEVIN, Again East! SIIOSS GUM PANTS, GUM CLOTHS, SATINETTS, SATINETTS, UOTTONADES, SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, GLOVES, II AN DKERCIIlEfS, OVERALLS, GUM COATS, GUM GLOVES, SHOES, CARPET SACKS, UMBRELTIAS, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, JEANS, and all ,irli(.-u's usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call In and examine the Stock. Clotlikw e*H stantly made to order. Ottumwa April 12th, 6t)-25-ll-ch-5-12. NEW GOODS! SEW OOOIKI Jttkt received from the East at J. A. SCHW0HITS & ROC lilt Y AND :*i:OV|SC}\ Front Street, Oppomite the Ottumwa Ilause. A I,\roe AND srp^m^ TnrK OF firms and Confectioneries Friii's & !ViiS«s and Smoking Tolmecos, Cigars, AD HEAL IJAVAJtA TOB UTO, AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL. Qu*e.x-£ari', Loots and Shoe*, AH of which will be sold for Cash at tha very Lowest Market Prices, Or tsechangttl for Country Product. W.lNTi^ii"HIi)bi, very highest market price in Cash. Call ar.d examine goods and prices, in Daunts brick opposite theOttumwa House, Kront-St. October Cth, ch-&)-oldl5-ll SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS THE WESTERN* STAGE COMPAQ ARE SPICES Ac. and giving WHOLESALE AND RETAIL now running a Daily Foor ltoise Line of Poa( Coaches, from ottumwa to Bentrnsport, passing througli Drakesville, Hiootufleld, Troy, Stringtown and Keosamina, making sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a ilai'y line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre villit, connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to (Viryalon, Leon, Decatur City, .Mt. Ayr, Plattsville, ClUriuda, and through to Nebra ka City making! |tiick time and sure connections at all point? along saiil lines. {V Passengers for Western Iowa, anil Northern Missouri, will find it to their Interest to take this route. tw Stage Office, corner Market k Front streets. Ottumwa,My 9th, ISfiS. A. C. PARKS, Ag't. OTTUMWA Male and Female Seminary. I. a v J. M. McELROY, A M., Principal. Miss M. C. IIALLOWAY, I Miss M. E WILSON, Tuition, per term of ten weeksfrom f:l to fS, accord ing to the branches studied. The next Term com. ineuces Tuesday, Oct. 2ud, |s (l, j'or further informa tion write for a circular, or apply to the Principal in person. [Sept. 'J7-'JW-l ly. To Ncwlt Cloyd. Si a—You are hereby notiftwl thai U«erol» ^«v on (Jie In the office the Clerk of tbe District Court of Wapello county, Iowa, a petition of A. It. Long A Co., claiming of you one hundred and thirly-lhree and fifty five hundredths dollars, anil interest thereon, as money due on three promissory notes to-wit tine note drawn by you plaintiff* for twenty-nine and 1-liH) dollars, dated January 1st, L-v%7, at one day after te, and oue otlier note drawn bv you to aintitfs for the tutu of fifty-lour and S2-IOO dollars, dated Jan uary 1st, IV)*, payable one day after date, and one other note drawn by you to plaintiffs, dated January 1st, lS.'.s, for the sum of forty-four and oT-100 dollar*, payable one day after date all of ild notes drawing ten percent, interest. Also an account for goods and wares sold and del'vered at your Instance and reluct. And that unless you appear and answer thereto and defend before noon oftin'secend day of the next term of the District Court of Wapello ccunty, Iowa, said term to be commenced and held on the 2t5th day of November, IStiu, default will be entered atfalust yu«l. and Judgment reudered thereon. S K K i»U ij A n I i: O A S UUBEHCE & CHAMBERS Opposite the Ottumwa Ifous*. 200 Pl CBe hw 300 tnO ENOU81I MKR1N0ES AtID ALPACCAS. Fa«cr ViMt Flaida tor Ladle* and Chi Id IMS. La liet Traveling Brest Goodi. Hamilton and PaeiSe D« Laloa, Delregas, Ae. ladies Wool Honds, Shawls, AND COMFORTS, OUR STOCK or FLANNELS, SATINKTT?, G/tSStMERES AND TWEEDS Ara naehlarger than ever oBved be'ore. 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 oases Men and Boys Boots Loieer than they can be bought elsewhere. 99 CASSI MERES, Bass RIO COFFEE, •21 Bills SUGARS. 50 kegt NAILS. CAXDV, TOBACCO, ItAISIX.i, SOAP, CAN DEES, STARCH, COTTCN TAttll At Wholesale. LAWRENCE & CHAMBERS, Ottumwa, Oct. 2.'», IS6(. STOKE T«i^ for which will be paid the Assistants. Mhs. LIZZIE 1). WOODWARD, Drawing and Vraaeh. Rav. S. H. WORCESTER, Oil Painting. NOworthy effort will be spared to render this Institution the continued coufideuce of the irleuda of education. S. W. SUMMERS, AU'y for pi'tit- Oct. 35, 1S60-S3 12-4w. PLOW rjKn« fW^HEsubscr N ocr respect fully informs his friends and I thepatite gen»r-ll.v. that he manufactures all kinds of plots, and is preptred to supply the Farmers of Wapello Co. with an article unsurpassed in material an 1 workmanship. Illacksuiithiug in all its various branches, horse shoeing,ox-shoeing, and jobbing of all kinds. t4T*Reiueuiber the place, tbe Lower Steam Mill. AARON MYERS. Ottumwa.Feb. 11th.i S.S-nA0-v STONK CUTTING. THE subscriber can furnish CI KTOIVI! for for House Work, sills, caps, or anv other kind of Stone in use. Also rough Stone fr cellars, Ac 40-11 ch.23 12-y Will. *1 (l.l»\II. CITY FHOHEKTV. IOTSfor resideoces can be had low and ra A time of Se:t. K-i.lSM. pil I T« A'n.M1*8* Ily oa w. NORRIS. Courier Office. aeatly at th* COURIER OFFICE. executed i \»ERSK^ED HAVE ISE movetl their Exchange office frojn Chariton, Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pert lining to Banking, Exchange or Collec tions, which iy be entrusted to us that our past practical experienc Southern Iowa, »ill enable us to leudersatlsfaction to our patrons. We sell 8M» JIT 0HAFTS O^T I\EW YOIIK and other eastern points, in sums to suit purchaser! and can also furnis'i E\chaiiire on ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND 05 OERM ANY, FRANCE, SWEDEN, DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COl'NTIUES O# EUUOl'K, as well as collect money, inlieritancea,and aver/ot h er claim In foi elgn counties. We receive Deposits and issue Certificates which bearintercst only by special agreement. t'OLLEI l(i%. made payable at oar office, will be remined for, at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, will be collected and remitted, less exchange ami expense of collection.— We will also pay attention t^ securing andcollecttng doubtful debts. Parties d,ling Vneurrent Drafts. tiflcales of Dt'posifo, or Billsi •f Excliause, Payable AT SICJ11T OR ON TIME, In arty pta«r*,«an have tlieiu Cashed by calling at *ar office. AX ICS.—We have correspondents in nearly every county iu Southern Iowa, and can pay talea for non-residents and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required in advance and all orders should be sent us by 1st of ."anuarv. I. AX I) SV Al! I i faitofta Prints a* If wan iwyasd, hD- injallover town at lt"tf. p,i(0n WV/ prices. P,RCM new PRITW, all stylaa and it.fl® 35 Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoesi Drcsa goodi. All Wool De Lain*. ANTS. We will at all times pay cash for Land Warrants, and will also attend to lie location of them, or the eatry with cash, of Uoverument lands, in l»\V.\, KAYSAS OK M.IIKASKA. We have ample asrangenientsforthe selection of 4c sirable lamlsin the Territories, for iiiilividuals orfolr Colonies. I.A lS.—We can furnish emigrants and othera with first rate Farms, iij the central counties of this Stale, or with unimproved land In this and the south ern lier of counties, for Cash. They can be had as "cheap as dirt." TOWN I.OI S We have over two umlreil town lots in Charlton, Osceola, Afton and Mount vyr, all good countv Towns, three of which are on the line of the Burlington Missouri It. It. It. To parties desiring residence or business lots, in any of these points, we will gi vegood bargvins. Parties at a distance, desiring inform at Ion as to the property offered, are requested to correspond with us. All others will please call at our office, on Market St. tiro doors from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. El\% A. TLlll'LE ft CO. Octobers, 159 n2u--4w. ASSIKXDL'.X OTICE. NoHca lakereb) gi^-n, that Smith A Neely nf Itddy vtlle, in the county of Wapello, State of Iowa, have as signed to meal) there property, real and personal, for the pu nient of their debts and their creditors must pre sent their claims, under oath or affirm ition to me, at my utlice, iu the city of E id.vvill county of Wapello, St«t of loan, within three months from the date hcie of Dated this :KJd dar of October, iMta. No. 81-i'MJ-w. R. W. BOYD, Assignee. pvJJL EATING HOUSE. Cil'JII'S A III Nil Proprietors. Front Mrwct, first door East of Puuiroy's Drag Mare, OTA'I U HA, IOWA. jpfe. MEALS served at all hours. VyV FRESH OYSTERS In the Shell or Can. served in all stylia. Priul* parties supplied with rcfre»Iiiuetita or Sup pers on short notice. [Nov. Id,'0tf NOTICE. ESTKAV The State of Iowa, Wapello County '•1AKK\ up h.v Joshua Uohbs at his residence in M. Dahlonega township. In said county, on the SStll day of October, Ivlit, one htv Filly, one year old last spring, policy lmilt, left bind fool white, star In the forehead and a white spot on the nose. Y.Iu*d at #?J5, befure Leander J. £uurt, a Justice of the Peace of said county. JOSEPH llAYSK, Nov. Id,'«•» li te mia. JACKNO.y, Millinoi' »Sr 1 rt»s^ ^Taker! M4aKET fTBKKT, oCFosll i US 0Li CuCKT MOl SK. "Id !, "*j"J \. .? a wmmmmm ppiii NEW STOCK OF FALL AND IVINTER GOODS, DIRECT FROM TIIE EAST. O. C. "Warden, o is receiving and NOW OPENING- large and fashionable stcck of Y O O S AS» !lotiouf Clotbs 4k UM!meres. And completeaaiiortiatnt of ermthing 'o. Fairruid. ihe watifs of iii'Ilvi-l'ials or f,imilies in his oien.uie. lin* of tradejOoinjirisins in pnrf follow Plain, Black anJ Fancy fassinwrcs, Broad flulh, Satinelts TICK8, SniRTINGS, STRIPES, CORDUROTI, JEA XS, DEXX/XS, I)KILLS, BLEACHEO A KUnox .nt/SLIXS, FTtllST S Of every V.iritfy. Styh and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC GINHIAMS Besides a great variety of Dress a April 12 I860. EXCHANGE, -A!TD- OOIjI-JECTION OFFICE, OF EDWARD A. TEH i'LE & CO OTTUYWA, IOWA. -r i«ed bin '. meats s: foil MEN, WOMEN, ANL CUILDUEN, Which could not he enumeiated in an advertisement like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of his stock will be to call and look through fir yourselves. 1 am also uniting well selected slock of FAMILY GROCERIES, whether OTTI7 9I W A CARRIAGE FACTORY! TIIE ntidersigu woul.t fespectiilly solicit the at tention ofthe public to the facilities which be now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAO- i ONS, of e»ery description, after the tnot Improved styles, as good as can be obtained East, and upon sat isfactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please rail and ea amine my stock. UP Repairing promptly attended to. A. BALDWIN. Ottumwa, Mar. lst,tS39-ri7-ly OCiDEN & COPP, Successors to Mendenhall & Whitham. Firwardmg a n Commission rwSsOTs&iS MERCHANTS AND General Freight Agents, NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTT1.MWA IOWA, PT Liberal Cash advance* Blade on Produce tor! SliipiutiUt. 11 -32 tf. City neat 3Ynrkct. •nont St. 2 doors east Carroll House. facilities to furnish fall kinks at all reasonable hours, at the low feeling confident est Iiving rates. Tallow, Lard, Sausages, and ever? of ten years in i thing usually kept in a City Market for sale. The highest market price in cash paid for Fat Stock Term* In variably Cash. C?T"Thn«e»iHving unsettled accounts or imtr« dac, will pleasecalI and pay up. J. W. BROWN. Ottumwa, Feb. loth.lis*9.—48 COAL!(OALICOAL! Crate mi.TOY A ICatO.. are now selling a first- article of Coal at 6 cti. per bushel at their Bank one half mile from town, on the Dahlonega road, and are prepared to deliver Coal at cts. per bushel any place in the corporation. Orders may l.e left at their resilience, in the second block nrth of the Court House, which will be promptly attended to. Terms, Cash or Ready Pay. [Oct. 11 th,—55Mt-3t I NSC I! ANCK. NEWENGLAND ma ASIl MAKISl: INSURANCE C0MPANT HARTFORD CHARTERED CAPiVAi-S 53.0 -CASH CAPITAL, $200,000.^ With a lar^e Suri lu.c. GM//.//!'fti"n:s,.:x. AM^. tw Policies issued on as favorable terms as bg any other solvent Company. A. A. STl'ART. Agt,, For Ottumwa and vic'u »iiy. SPECIAL. H0TICS!- IIO.TIE IXSrRA3C delay. Maril.29-tJ-12-ly. Couuty Clerk. 10,1 A CO.T5 pa 9* New Voiic. Casta Capital, 11,090,000! Assetts, 1st January, 1S4B, |l,45S,S9d 2S. Liabilities. .4 43. 4 OIURLESJ MARTIN. fwMwt, A F. WILLVARTII, Vice President, v 3. MUTOK SMITH, Secretary. Fjl^llIS well known and reliable Company havlnir established an Agettcy at Ottumwa, for Wapello couuty and vicinity, are prepared to Insure Dwelling. Stores, ml othor liiiiltlniirs, MEItCII VNOIZE and FUR ITU RE. ag.insf .')#*»•, lam tlfft by EIRE, mi terms as the risks, ami the real security of tliu iusured, and of the company will warran*. This company Is mantled hy live, busines men, most of whom are know u to the Merchants and Tra- «ler t»f thi.s coiumuuivy, nuii who»e nauifs Brt» a^®.ir- 'n^ hoiiorably. EDMUND L. JOY, Agent. UKTFORD FIRE INSI RAME fOSflM, OF HARTFORD, CONN. n O K O A E A. D. I 8 •, CHARTER PERPETUAL. 0*KII t^HITSL, $l,0lH»,nt». CtriTAL, r*ID (*Ml ,lV rt. •ranrs, ovaa SlMi.iHIO. i The reputation acriwfred tftfr *fiTnpany dmlng the last fifty years, by an honorable course in the transaction of ts business, aud the prouip' and liberal settlement of Losses, together with the character of the securities composing Its A»«e»s, ent'tk- the Com pany to the utmost confidence ofthe public, as afford- RAILROADS. 'Earito( on & 41is.curi u. il. tt. CIIAIS'OE OF TI7IF. AVn \KrER NOV. 8, and until further tice i. ^iven, Pjmenger Trains will i«av« a«d arrive a» follon 3 (JOINO WEST: «T»TIOSS •orlingti Mlddlef. Danville. New I.OIKIOB, Ml. I'lea-ilMt, •ciuf|ii a, ndale, ir field, Whitfield, Bat a via, Agency Cltr, Ottumna, AcroVMCH»*TK'K. 0. o a in,leave, «,4»i 7.0T 44 8.-.T •16 9.44 10.«n 10.64 11.W I -V,A- psny to the utmosl'conffdence ofthe public, a* afford- *ian st anv point otithe Miss s«ipnl. Alsoth^seA *an" Goods kept constantly oa Ing reliable lusuranct. against loss or damage I y Are. Shinnies of our manufacture, full count, sverv Shingle hand. Altering sod Bleaching done in the la- E STILES A'ct perfect. tD RAND A CO style nil. arr.»tt»-aSM»»y 0«MMa«a,l»Wa. »t«l si|»tf sxrai PS. 10.4ft a m.lMVC. 11.10 11.89 11.48 If.l? n 18.48 iM l.K 12.$) arrive. srsr toss. Ottumwa, Agency thy, Rata\is, W'ti'fcid, citccHWiua, Mt. pleasant, New London, Dam i(1 e. Ml'blletown, Burlingt. D, Mt tM arrive. o-orisro EASl? HI ll'Ji leave. .It't'llJI* B.i" a. ii i.zi T. S K.28 Hi 9 44 1«.23 11.18 11.-IS 12.18 12 UNmI, I .?.', P. M. IS 1.64 v.ia IV 8.4 5 84 X.41» 4.14 4.42 6 01 Ma (M arrive J. ii. READ, I.SD arrive. Nov 2»'SO.nSS S'l such ns Tea. CofTe •, Sugar, Rice, Dried Frait, Soda, «as»ern thoroughfares at Chieagn. D. REM ICR, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. Geu'I ig't C.. B. A Q. «.k IIAHDWillEdk CUTLERY J.R. WITH ROW. r.rssengor Agents Ottumwa. Glass ami ^jils, IJ'iilil^rs in.iterial hhd hoii'f w%^ v Ton buy or not. C. C. WARDEN. Yic« l'res't and Sujl't. Chicago, Burlington & Quiriey, DEPARTURES: I vl HoriiiuB I'n••«• liprrr leavualiur. 7 15 a re Jil li'com timtlnliou do do do t.4fi p.ra 3tl do do do 7.30 ARRIVALS: I *1 ^loru'sr Pa«*cnfi arrives at Bar. *.1$a.» 2«l Arrntiitl'u ,lu do do EvonV (To do do 7.15 ro The above train* make close ecnnectlons with tha B. A M. I: R. at Murllngton, and with all the caat i fiirnishini: jrooils. /ml has an t-iiiire stork Ji. CI'ICAOO RAILROAD complete in everything tliftl tvould compri-e Now completed, and cars ruu from Chicago fa Ug a Stock for 'he titnes ami fot this vicinity, alii burg without change, connecting with the of wliicli he is anxious to dispose of for tn» CREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RMLROAD rsadv pav. nr to approved customer*. All To New York, Piriadeiphia. Baltimore and Wa.Mn* kinds of Country produce taken in :iy for ton City, and all the Interior towns of Penn.,1-^ Good*. He solicits at, pxam.nalion of e.o.l^ v., u, New Jersy.Ncw York, Maryland, Ac. and prices and lIM-ke pleasure in showing I Merchants by ,along this route will have the b«a«flt you through 'r^i I s*0*. t'Dii v ... «n twa cf all the eastern markets at no additlcua! cost. Baggage checked through. Trains leave the depot, corner of Canal and iTa* Bunin streets, west side, twice daily on arrival traiua from the west. connecting at Crestline with Clettland and Lake Shore Railroad to Dunkirk, buffalo, KI-" apara Fwtls, New Y01I and Boston, and all lb# Interior towns o New England via New Y'ork Cktitral and New York A Erie Kniltnads. Also Soutli to Columbus. Zancsviile, Newark, Mt. Vernon, SO ubcnville. Wheeling, and Interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. Tbe above trains connect at Forest with trains 08 Mad River Road to Springfield, I'rbana, Dayton and ffincli nati. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton and Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANV OTHER ROUT*. Passengers bound east a ill find this route both pK isaiit anil agreeable, passing throug man of tha largest anil finest itics in the United States. Passengers arriving In Chicago on any of the roads will find attentive check sgents at the depots to rt* ceive checks and convey baggage free of charge to tha. PittsliLrj: and Chiciign rm. ^K-epi::g cars ac oinpany each train. TIcke's fir sale at all the principal Ticket Offices fa I the \\e*t, and at the Company's Office, r:.irof Ran dolpli and Le irborn streets, opposite the Revere 1 Hi" s", or at the Dtj ot, west tide, corntr of Caual^utd Van Buren streets, Chicag*. Le particular to ask for tirktU bv Fort Warnet, B. F. PA1R1CC, Ticket A gel*. Trelgh «.f all kinds will be carried from Chicago 4» all points East at all, at as low rates as any 1 «r Railroad route. TO MERCHANT? AND SHIPPES. Ttie Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Ch'u I'.ailrfad ). ig effected a:i :irr.uigfmti.t with the Pennayl sportation of ped by thi* more, New •patch Con'i Mt-fs can be made at the faUawlagplam No. Astor House, New York. No. 1 S. William st., do No. 3 Battery place, do No. 77 Washington st., Boston. No. 3 Dock St., Philadelphia. Depot, Noth street. Baltimore. Iha\i UM I^ a:i CJ jrk ami Boston, with promptness and do :trranrr«Uikt it tl Depot. Charles street, West Sid*. MST |m| •tt-eet bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne A C. It. B. For further information applr to AS. W. Ml SSON. Freight Ag'tChlt J. J. HorsTos, (ien'1 Fi trigUt Agent Chicago. Chicbg#, Mar. 1 s, IbOO. IOWA. OTTUMWA, TilEsubscriber, grateful hr 1 favors, would say to lii Jt pii!.lie that his market, ope:. ••1 nearly four years ago, is .-tlil •I i!t raw. E\fKESS, FASSENCER & FRFlctfT BOITE. New York Central, Great Western. And connecting Road* to and from IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. The Boada forming this old and retiaite mill til, FcuTioafit iiiul ITirf, IKIVO CW'xuizuu u FAST FREIGHT LINE I (jiving perfect reliability and greatly Increased dUpatcli to Freight—the trains forming the Line, East and West, run with the same regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus ot each Road an Through Passenger Trains. CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MADg— With Express Freight Trains on alt roads divergfttf from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upoa having tbeir gooda rtceire utmost despatch. Ihtring the Seaeon of Xacigatitm, the Fire k Marine'risk on most kinds of merchandise shipped, via Steam or S*il Vessels, amounts in many cases to More than the difference between rail or watar rates nf freight, be-ides the difference of time, as will be seen by the following comparative statement of Insurance saved by sending goods all the WaJ by rail road: V.ilne per luUlbs. Hrrgood (gnl ast'm't) fSO.W Books and Stationery (com'ny 7H.09 Ck-n'l stock gtoceries (except Am't Trs. a*t. er 10o lbs, at £»per et. pre. Cents 18 W Sugars and coTees,* 20.00 •puts A Shoes (av'ge val.) 74.00 Druggists'AtJrocers' city as'tm't44.SS Hals, caps A furs (g, nl as'tm't) S«.(M» Hardware (shelfg -ods gen'ly) o6.0® Hcriiiu(iittn# P/Khiij/tija.-id FairlyAdjutted. a •ft ST Mark Packages, "Fast Exgress Line, vi.iG. W. B." IX \EW YO 411 I e «t Hud- 1 ou RiverKailroadpaa- aenger Depot, C'i Warren st.,. rat Canal st. Depot. IV T?(")STO\^ Deliver good, at Boston and I)*7.TlU^(W(,rC((U.r Railroad Denot, t. ark asahove. K mtw anl l»r»un«l freight cf every M-*^nptJon will be forwarded at liwest current rutes, and Iffn West em Roads, si Ot,Id I,., consigned to W ALI.I NGFORD.' Chicago, "or-GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY, Detroit."' For the transportation or Live St ck to Buffalo, AI fenny. New York an 1 Bo-ton. this mute is uuet|iMtll«t Ibr speed, stock e.»rs. Sleeping cars for Drivers, and apacion- and convenient arils fof stock, making It a miost desirable mute for Sliippirf. Throcgh bill* of l.iding given and Reclamation? |»4iid, al any of the e- atpan.\'» cAices. C.J. ISRYIHiES. Msnigin? Director S. W. R., !Um llton. S MdMl'S, Genl Agt. Buffalo. TU0S. BELL. Genl Er't Agt. Hamilton. W. J. hPlCER, Atfl. ]rtroit. E P. BEACH, Agt 27:1 Broadway. N. Y. •. IC1MBALL, A^l -JI State St., Boston A. A I !.».. II HI), Weslere Car. Lake and Iceuont CHICAGO March KV, 1(^0. Edw.-iril Boyd, Hamilton Acordand table as the iiature of Sarah Acord, et-al. anty that its buaiueas will be couducted fairly aud I'oj to the following described real estate, sit uateii in slid county, to-wit The tmrt Vwcst quartec DWELLINGS aud FARM PROPERTY In- «tjuarivr of se, lion twenty-eight, sured for period* of THREE or FIVE years UTt ItLstrlct Court cf Wapello Coiu.ty, Iowa. Nnv. mtirr Term, I" To lliiMillton Acorf and Surah Aeord You, snif each nf yu are hereby notified that the petltlcn of Edward Boyd is n«w on file in the t.Rice of the Clerk of the D'.sitict Cocrt of Uaprllo County, lowa.pray-•|»r»jiiinn, ri* ..v .. .v. w» .» n|iriiu v i'miii,! 1lt 9a\t\ cc»urt ill «lvor** »n«l the thle itx th'****,- r««« nt fair rates. P«llo county. Iowa, and sanl petition makes vouand i ,, ... John Sinfi ami Hargiret sinft tisrtVes il.Tet/dents In /. •••jUitallt/ at)u*t*l andproiHjMy fUtUH i said cl.iut Now unless you, Hamilton Acord and Applications recslfatf iad policies Issued without f*1":'/.' ord, upneai an.l answer or demur to said pe llion on or before noon of the second dav of Ihe next term of the District Court in and for saif coanty, jo be holdru the "Jtith day of November, |s(}ii, default e fourleeu ».st,iu Wa­ taken agains/ v«iu, and a decree rendered there r.'ii'g to prayer of petition. Wlt.l.l AMSA AMILTON, Atfy's for Petitioner. OCT lltii, i?titi—3 -id K I'I.AC K T() BUV^r fMfBi'n, Nimci PS. tk jf* IJVMI S MIllil'R WUDH \'r l\, i rfi\ OTTUMWA, WVT'llKRK will be found the largest atoet e*tvn|k ftcrt'tl 1 n tSe wwt, an 1 wl il* be ®c?d lotrfr

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