Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, December 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated December 13, 1860 Page 3
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ni 1 r* -fi a v .Cfct. (Dttiuirtoa Courier. Ilocal and Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Doc. 13, 1860. tfllVIE TABLl:,B A 71. R.KAILHOAD CUA ii&X jF TIME. Leave Ottuiawa, 6:00 A.M.1:8BP.M. AeHveat 12:00P.M. :18P.M. CO A CUES 1. KA VE DAIL1' ^^jet—•ForDe* Moines, via EdUyville, Oskaloosa and Pell a, at 1 a. m. i* Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at II.*00p. a. Hm Charlton, via B1 ikes burg and ilbla, it 1p.m. iHtk-'fiir Bloomfiald, and Centrevillc, atl p. m. A. C. PARKS, Agi dfc llffiee comer of Front and Market Sts.,Ottumwa. Vhen you want Boots, Shoes and Clothing, go to (Staple's, N*w Clothing Store. Dr. Tayior continually keeps the Largest and Fullest assoit ncnt of Drugs in tbe inte­ rior of Iowa. If you cannot get what you W*nt at his Store, you ueed not y else where, an he ha* Everything known to Druygisti. The City Council. i.TTie oty Council met on Monday cv ning, fw the first time in several months. The principal business of lite session was mat ters of Auction License, and protection against unlawful trjpnsing up street*, alleys and public ground^, by elevations tKbrein. The result of a lengthy dis.-uslon of these topics will be found in two ordinan eot, published elsewhere. The next meeting if the one in course, the 1st Monday in Jan oary. Several accounts of officers instal ments of salary, and tor refundment of tiMi Wt57, were passed upon at this meeting. am Tin LADIE'S FESTIVAL.—Weci II attention H^the announcement of a Festival, to be gfren by the Ladies of the Ottmnwa Sowing Cirolf. at the Court Ii-ius?, on Friday even ing the 2lst. From the riot 's of jir -j aration audible around us, wo ar.' confident tie oc casion will be one of unusu il interest and attract i v.'nes*. Our Ottumwa Ladies are famous T»r tti.ig up such entertainments. Mid we doubt not they will even excel thCfe. adves on this occasion. XXXVI C'oiigreM, 9d Setsioiik HOUSE. —After further proceeding the HOI'SE.—The birt passed. It proves that the word minimum be construed ncording to the Land Graduation Afit so as to apply to alternate and reserved sections of land granted for Railroad or oth er international improvements anJ in favor at actual settlers, and not to mean onedollar and a quarter per acre aa new officially con flgiied. **iThe Speaker appointed tbe following spo ol* Committee, under Mr. Boteler's resolu tion, to reconsider questions connected with tfhit perilous condition of the country: jCorwin of Ohio, Chairman,. Millson of tffrginiM, Adams of Massachusetts, Wins lew of North Carolina, Humphrey of New York, Boyce of South Carolina. Campbell of ^nun'other writes Penn«ylvani, Love of Georgia. Perry of Con necticut, Davis of Maryland, Whiteley of Deleware, Tappen of New Hampshire, Strat ten of New Jersey, Kriatow of Kentucky. Morrill of Indiana. Taylor of Louisana, Da vis of Missouri, Kellojrg of. Illinois, Houston of Alabama, Morse of Maine, Phelps of Mis oonri, Rust of Arkansas, Howard ,ot* Michi gan, Hawkins of Florida, Hamilton of Texas, Washburn of Wisconsin, Curtis of Iowa, Bach of California, Widdotn of Minnesota, 8ttmt of Oregon. j.,, Speaker desired to aay that Tarlinmentry Ui age w ts to name tbe Com mittee. Tlie mover of the resolution under which the Committre was ordered to he formed, he had omitted the nauitt of Mr. Bfttler at toat gentleman's own request bob ad en leavored to appoint the Committee to the host of his jo Ignieiit aud at the ear- ness with which tbe Committee was entrus- Wr. Hnwkins, of FIs., said, last Tuesday, liSeggcd to be eicused from voting. For oimilar reasons 1 ask to be excused from serving on this Committee. I have consul ted with older members as tu whether it is I voluntary or not for a member appointed on i a Bern ber ofthe Committee. A, Iiest period, tn view of the important bus.- ed, win do. The Toilet Soap is useful for shaving, washing Committee to serve, and have been iuforni- I aabe lutd at the COI-*ikb Office. ed that be is compelled by tlie laws of t..e House to serve, unless excused, and that' if I fc*dor»not serve he subjects himself to ootlietliing like rebuke or reprimand oa the part of the House. Now, as long as I am a member of this body, I am anxiout to reepeet 1 all Its riiU'M, and BUI uu willing to draw upon ill block six (t!) in Taylor A Pounds addition to Agency i i .i City, In the State and count}" aforeoaid, for the tor JSelf rebuke or lepllllluud. 1 tbereloie p.we of securing the payment of a certain promissory oak tbe House to excuse me from serving aa If I am polled by the rules of custemo to se will be a very important, not an member I know I cannot aet with all y tO anything of that kmu in the past and am now, believing that the time for comprom- I e i Committee. As to the idea Of getting up a cost, the highe:t bidder for cash, at put.|ic auction, Committee with unanimity, peace and in a JL' and the that •7 Be did not believe with the gontleman it important to the welfare of the country the galleries, accompanied by cries of order on the floor.) Ood grant that it may be stamped with the unanimity whieh patriot ism demands. If this country is not to bo saved if patriotirm is not suQciont to eom mand tho glorious result^ it is due that tho fC|!to of (fee Uoito* fttalof ok««ldkM» on their minds, and IgnOfailoe no longer be pleaded as an excuse for the acts which have brought us to this fearful precipice. If we are not to have a unanimous report to rave the country from the fangs and agony of secession, let us know what demands are made by one Motion of tbe eooatry from the other. COnMEKtlAL. Cocart* Omct, Dee. 11. We have no material change to aota In thie Mar ket. Hides are lower, 8##4e for green, 9QI0e for iry. Hog* are quoted at $8,SO to |4 gro*s. Market dull. Shipments *f Ho|i and Cattle* Pram Wednesday ma, the Mk, t« TMadajr aotl, the 11th: By Burllngto: Road, t,SSS hoga, and MS cattle.— Hogs in pena, 475. Whole number by this watw Rtr tkts seaaea, 11,* M1 hogs, 1,570 cattle. By Keo' uW Road, 4,S30. In pens, 1,000. The above la by car load, an approximation to the exact naa ber. Whole number by this road 12,S$0 hogs. Hop Packcd bjr Ceo. Glllnapy A Cm. During t\«e above pe.dod, 3,400. In pena 1,000.— Whole number packed ihi* season by thla Home, Moo. whole nwabar shipped fro* •Man tMe eoasoa* 14,041. Whole number shipped, paakeO here, aad mom In pens, 86,716. FLOUR (wholesale) hand., and ever) thing else for which toilet soap is, used. It is cheap, costiur only four cents per pound, The Cheapness »ilh which' the \Vashing Soap is niaiiufHc'ured i, with nie, an important item. Fifty pound* can be made *t a cost of only 87 V cents, and as easily as you can make a cup of coffee. The fact, too, that clothes can lie easily wa&hed and washed clean, in hard »iiphur ieat«r. Is of great consider-' ation to me. I would not be without a family right fur four times Its cost. W. W. JUHNSON. Family Rights, formerly sold fcr $10, each, but now tor #5, or $3 for the wasbingsoap, and for the toilet months after date, and bearing interest at the rate of serve, 1 10 per cent per annum. And whereas, tlie .aid deed efficient tru*'anthorlies 1 lhe ,r"n^ Union-saving maimer, I have been opposed i place sf said sale at iea..t twenty days iu some news-1 i if iiiiBiahiw^i^ if i i i i i in iii (ttifiif 'i MjirffitTfir^TriS 1^"" US1,i "^1'' •S.UO9.30 «0®«5 WHEAT CO UN ....a «»V. SHELLED COR* ...... ...iii. CORN MEAL. OATS RYE POTATOES .. Sweetda on Sl'GAIt....... J./.. I0®12( I COFFER 18 & 2U| 8 A I.T. ... #3,4(1 HIDES, dry 10 green ............... ..v£&'*&.. 4H COTTON VARA Si* NAILS 4.26 PINK LUMBER, common, M.......... 1230@20 (W clear, 3 grades.......... 25 00@4i) 00 SHINGLES .. •S 00(®4 7A I.AT 11, .» ... 800 RUTTER. 18^©15 LARD.... TALLOW... RKESWAX. E(JOS C/IKKSB..., SOIUJIIOM. PORK ..... SID KS 7(f^«i HAMS 10ai2 ClIIOKKJti y dM I. 1,00 QUAIL:*, ,lo* .VtTl J..k.W.» DRIED APPLkS, t«*@15 lb 10 PEArilES lbTjl MX LEATHER (Soli). .. t«@2S Calf '.*@1,80 rust—Mink. No. 1 ... awaioo COON 8nr»4n WILD CAT 80(7?i25 RAT 5T{^ OTTER 1 50CM.V' BEAVER 9 ft•• .*.„W..... .... 75 DEER V 15fc20 BUFFALO ROBES 6 00@lu00 HUNGARIAN TIMOTHY M®2,20 WHISkEY 25 VINEGAR bbl »,«» Hear Wliut Pliyticiaus fiaf, RESPECTING •|I. CHHISTIE*8 AGUE BALSAM. Many hlph-mlnded physicians, who are above the narrow prejudices which govern too many of the pro fession, and are willing to acknowledge merit where ever found, ar- using the Balsam in their private pr:icticc, with sati*factioN to themselves and undoubt ed henelt to their patients. One physician writes "I with confidence recommend the Balsam as super ior to any other preparation." Says another "I have used it with uniform success, and can confidently recommend it for all those com plaints for which it is offered as a remedy." Once more "To my knowledge It has never disap pointed the reasonable expectations of those who In« Hint It is a s ft, "I have no hesitation Inaay-. COSVEMKNT and very efficacious I medicine." Docter? use it \s sensihle a thin? as they can do.) F. N. HrTLKR, Morenci, Mich., writes: "Your med-' Icine is doing wonders here. Even th» M. D.'s bay it 1 to take themselves when they are sick." JOIIN D. PARK, Nov. 8, 1S6Q-Im 124 Lake-et., Chicago, Ilk Roraback'sCaaipoand Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap is no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and the cheapest of any now in use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attained unprecedented popularity. It Is uaed at readily la hard aB soft water. See a-hatyour neighbors «ajr of It: OTTMIWI, Aug. 81, 1S40. G. AarwwAUv-Dtar Sir: The family right to atan- tlfStefttrp Rnrabacfc'* Compound and Toilet Soap, which I obtained from you, I regard as invnluaMe. Whatever other other patent inven tions ty be, this one is no hiiinhng. The iugredlents of wl.ich this soap is compounded are perfectly harm less and eo fir from clothes lieing injured hy its use, 1 believe five dolUni ii year will be saved in the usual wear and tear which rt suits om the use of other soap. The .map uill eadily remove French polUh, Print er's Ink, lead paint, wheel prense. fur. Ac., from tbe finest fabrics, without injui ii in lit. leisl— thinir* which no other soup. i w i I a a i i u a i i i t- 1 OK.n. g. ASPINWALU, TRI.'STEE'S SAI.E. WIIFUEA8 Jonathan Pound and Rhoda Pound bis wife, the 1 7th day of November, A.D. 1M9, by deed of trust conveyed to me the following dea- i nnprnpc criied Rexl Estate, lyingand being in ihe county of Wapello and State of Iowa, to wit Lot no (2) two In block I8 thirteen also, Ints (.') (Ire and (6) six in block (Id) ten, in Ramsey's addition also, hit one (1) no"!-r,,r ,,ie !"u'* of 'our Hundred and Thirty seven Dollars dated liurlington, lown, November 17th, 1459, COin- aad payable to the ord -r of .1. S. Kimball A Co., four me— if the said note, or the interest accrued thereon was not paid when due—to sell said the real estate or so much thereof a» shad be necessary to secure the payment of said note with interest and ^°url ,,ous® f*'tJ'^".lrthereonnd loo. ha^pasaed forever. I at the request of the holders of said note, notice is I hereby given, that unless the balance remaining due Ur. John Cochrane, of If. Y, said tilt he upon sanl note is sooner paid, I will, on the 28th of had heard, With a great deal ef regret, his of said day, offer the above described real estate (I friend ask to bo excused from serving on the Committee. It has well been said be fore to-Jay, in the Chaplain s prayer, that the gray shadow of the dark wing of disso lution has been extended over our bouses and country, and so deep is the gloom that wo ean scarce discern one gleam of light to enable us to transact the ordinary business of legislation. Men's minds have been de voted for weeks past to the great and absor* bing topio of controversy thoughts and demands of every individual bio best exertions and efforts of all its citisens. I believe now, in the midst of this crisis, with perils impending over the conntry, that there is no reason why this Houe, representing the patriotism wisdom of the country, should excuse gentleman from Florida. I believe from all parts of his State, where the people are looking with solicitude on paoaing events and with envious eyes, if the voioe of i Jamm Loveu. his constituents could be heard, it would be in tones beseeching and appealing to their Representatives to stand forward in tbie issue and anuno tbe bliwtt of tbe controvert j" J1"" town of| Ottumwa, by publishing the notice ofthe time and paper of general circulation in s:iid county. And whereas, the said note Is now due, and there remains ,lx,trlw°w, 7i,h I the interest accrued unpaid n therefore, I December, A. D. I*do, at the hour of 2 o'clock, p. m. I such parcels as I shall deem most advisable for the interests of the parties) for sale, to the highest bidder aeries east of to cash, at the front door of the court house, in the North of this pli town of Ottumwa, and will apply the proceeds of such sale, first In payment of the costs of thia proceeding second in payment ofthe note and Intertst accrued thereon, and will hold the balance, if any, subject to the order of the said grantors. J. Q. A. DAWSON, Trustee. M-l*-«0 day». per A. \V. G*arrow, Att^. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. COX.YEXCKMEXTOF THESE PAW777 OL CUE The Publishers of THa ATLAKTIC llich enlists all pleasure in announcing that the new volume, to ooai mence with the number for January, ISSI, will con tain feature* ot remarkable interest and attractive ness. Among these, may be named TEltMS: Taaca that there should be a unanimous port on of th. MOXTHLT have A !ovel«Ry Mrs. Hiaaicv Itseim STOWRSlew author of L'ncle Toiu's Cabin," aad The Minister's Wooing." A New TV«*rttl**Rv it AMI** RRAM, VUH»l»WI|»|tl author of Christie Johnstone," Peg Wellington," etc. Slew *»ori«sk"-By Miss Hiaairr Paaacorr, aa thor of The Amber Gods," and 'Sir Rohan's Ghost.' A New Kamanrr~n.v the author of "Ch-rlaa Auchester," aad "Counterparts." Also Contributions In Prose and Poetry, hy tlitKnr* & KimhnU. ITenry w. t**QfWme XutAanitl AncMorwi. Oliver WtmdtU IttUma* Ttrry. DOI.LAU tho subject referred to by the committee.— aad back numbers n be supplied. t_/«i CLCBBINO AKRANGEMKNT8.—Subscribers to pay However, uod grant it may be (Applause in their own poatage. Twocopleafor FivaDollars Five eaa AsKtm, or Twanrv- rivacarrfl a Nuaaaa. t'poo the receipt of the sub scription price, the publishers will mall the work to any part of the United States, pre-paid, Subscriptions may brgin with either the flrsl, or any subsequent namber. The postage of tha ATLAKTICIS Eleven coplea for Tweuty Tfn DoIUr"! Booksellers and Newimea will obtain the tarm* by tha hiftdied, eto^, apon application to th* Pubilshare, TICKNOR A FIELDS, lift Waahlngton tk, Bostoa.. CITT PROPERTY. OTuforraaldeaeatcan he bad low andmoatJioa time of J. W. NOEBI?, •*W\'*' 9D pj 3S tSM n i i i o i W 55 Q- SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Ftim* ncls COTTONS 1c., for the MILLION GROCERIES. Tobaccos-?'"^""""""" TP A Q^I-ARQI! STOCK—| ILaO If Celling ao4 giving awav. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. •.-'#0-22-1! y. T. EYESORE ENS, 8HBTTBBEBT Ef. EtCM of all kinds suited to this climate. Trees from rnaita vi rim rata* oi.o will be sold at FIPTKKN CKNT8 ench, and purchasers can have the privilege of ma king their selection. PYLE A niTiinii.K Oskaloosa, June 21, 1SC0 U15-y v3^35 O BET 3 V'A 2 isim ELEPHANTS RAMPANTI T. J. DEVIN, Again East! NOVEMBER STOCK AUHIVINQ AT DEVIN'S, Opposite Hawley'a, Front Street, Ottcmva. Ca.sli and Light Proflits. BARGAINS! BARGAINS// Heavy Stock of NO. 1 PRINT8. DELAINE8, CI1ALLI9, BKR AG E8, OEBEQCS Alpaceaa^ MEP.IN0.1, VALENTIA Plaida, f,hemioal Wahing of every description A I 0 1* ofllmea tllEAP OINOHAMS—Fast Colors. LIXCOLXIIATS, DOUGLAS CAPS, BCKCKIXBIDGE BOOTS, BELL RIBBONS, ADXIJflSTBA mA'SUOtt, flOCSTOXZUnlets, 4c. AitiA ui AiiuOilllfja LA11 of which will bo sold for Cash at the Wonders in the way uf -Y .. i very Lowest Market Prices, CLOTHS CASS oA A in the Country.' SUGARS. .4 PRUNES, i&O CURRENTS, SODA, 80 DEVIIf. Oskaloosa Nurseries. ONE, A HA I MILE EAST OP TOWN And the other— ONE AND A 1IALP MILES NORTH. The undersigned having purchased Seever's Nur and a portion of ZimmermanV, ace. hold themselves in readiness to fill orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. 1 We have some 60 varieties, and at least 2\000 trees suitable for transplanting ihe ensuing Fall. All theae vai ieties are hardy and of the fruit-beariug kind suit able tr this climate. We will alto keep on hand* a general supply of NEW LUMBER-VARDT OTTI .WWA, IOWA. WRTard have located a branch of our Burlington at Ottumwa, where will be faund at all times a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, which we will sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Persons about huylng or ordering bills of Lumber, would do well to call and see for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL A McCLVML Mar. 18,184SO—1 12-y Qntryt, S. //iUant. M*r. Dr. Brllcir*. At yard Taylor. Ktitoin p. Whipr^M Henry (iile*. and other dlaiingulshed writer*. tr* /basy Ktmbl*. wi rle* E. XorUm. Wisthrop Sargent. ttf* V. /figftnmm. Trowbridge. Sf E8TBAV Tin HOT1CK. AKEN up by James Anderson, at hii residence Columbia T»wn»hi| Wapello county, Iowa, One Sorrel Mare, with white feet, small white strip In the forehead, a scar on the right thigh, some harness maiksand marked hy collar on tha top of neck, about 14 hands high, supposed to be from nine to i twelve rears o'd, and valued at Forty Dollars before R. W. Boyd, a Justice of thapcace, on tho S8th day of July, I860. JOSEPH HAYNB. Ottumwa, Aug II, 10 -4w Ct*rk. Kstrav Satire. TAKEN UP bv cents a ATLANVW ar. atar-typed, countv Sept 27, John M. Purder, at his realdence In Pleaaant township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the 1SG0.-29-1 S:n lSth day of August, 1S60, two estrays of the following ,, description, lo-wit: A bay mare, supposed to be thir- 'n* 'i, Vivi? ieaa I J*?™, e e n y e a o a o i i n k n o k e o w n a n scar on same. Alio, a brown fllly three year, old la.! 'r„rite •pfing. bcthhlnd feet white to the pasture joint, bias* ISeP*- »»-11-1 y. In the faoe and scar on the right shoulder. Tbe bay JOSEPH HAYNE, CountyClerk. NEW BOOT & SHOE STOEE. Orrosiva Caaaeu. Hooao, •irrrnwA, i THE OetoO*r l», o CALX. AND SEE A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Richard1!three itorjr Brick, Front Street, Ottumwa. JUST RECEIVED THfc LARGEST ASSORTMENT OP TIIK CITY TRADE: ff .OMV FRIENDS AND CDSTOMRR8 I WOULD Ji. gay, that with special reference to their want., I have *u|pliel vself with a atnrk of Parlor, Box ami other Stoves and wares in ray line, which for cheap ncss and adaptation to the demands of the season, have never been equalled in this market. N. B. Do not fail to examine my store room and office Htoves before buyipif. fitly Ton. olrl Iron *»nliil. Also old copper, braaa, pewter, and rajrs, for which 1 will pa.-. In stovea and tinware, the highest mirtcet prices. Oct 18, 1S60—chSU-1 A. D. CULVER. MEW GOODS H£W GOODS.' ti 8 AI A S MPJLE.XDID MT8 'A bo ATS, PAXTS, ,VESTS,, IIATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES OVERALLS, O GUM PANT8, CLOTHS, SIHRTS, STOCKINGS, GLOVES, 4 HAXDKERCIIIEFSi i (nrx CARPET SACKS, COATS, GLOVES, GtJM SHOES, UM3RELLAS, Ottumwa April 12th, '80-25-ll-ch-5-U. "S TRUNKS,' POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, CASSIMEIIES, 8A TINETTS, JEANS, COTTONADES, and alt articles usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call In and examine the Stock. Oaa* stantly made t« order. NGtV GOODS! NEW GOOD4 Juki received fromth^ East at J. WORM'S GROCERY AMD PROVISION 4TOKE Front Street, Opposite tbe Ottumwa House. A TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS |^BOS ASD 8LT£KiOB STOCK OF 1 Groceries and Confectioneries, Frui:* Jk Kutk, Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AND REAL HAVANA TOR A TOO, AT WHOLESALE A RETAIL. ID Qncenswarc, Boot* and Shoes, IME lifiS, Or treJuinQfil for Cortntrtf WA VriiU— HIDES, for which will be paid Ihe very highest market price in Caah. Callard examine goods and prices, iaDaom'sbrick opposite (he Ottumwa House, Front-et. October 4th, ch-30-oldl&-ll SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS! Also a dai'v line of Hacks frmn Ottumwa to Centre ville. connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to Corydon, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsville, Clarinda, and through to Nehra ka City making |nick time and sure connecfions at all points aloug said Iinee. rr Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will And It to their Interest to take this route. |y Stage Oflce, corner Market A Front Miwti, Ottaawa, July 9th, ISM. A. C. PARK*, fg*t. CLAIM AGENCY A*D S General Intelligence Office. WASHINGTON CITY, ». C. THE 1 undersigned wonld respectfully offer hit ad vices to the public the and sale of WITITITBX LAND*,8TOCKS,iiOND.",purchase curement of AND Oct. 4,18*0-U0-14-8nn. O U A I E S FOR CASH U i N I K Oppoiltfe the OttUniWi ttonoe. arv\ Pnckfe fwnvy ffrlata at It Ma1toper/ard, wf»sa*IW 300 rT„" Or w SIGHT Product. "S. THE WKSTFRS STAGF. COMPAJIY ARE now running a Daily Pour Hoise Line of Post Coaches, from Ottumwa to Itentcnsport, passing through Drakesviile, Bloomtield, Troy, gtringtown and Keosauqua, making sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. and pro­ BOI'NVV LANDS LANDMoaTACes PATKNTS, lipOrlBis FltlNt*, all aulas aad Pracaa itaav/ 0aat«a Flaaaeto a* t$M eaota, npilar»riaa Idaaotii 1 1 AH Ptrcss new style Dress feeds. 1 w AH Wool De Lataa. BNQLUtl MBtlXOM 1X9 ALPACCiJ. FancV Waal Plaids (at Ladles *adl ./' •». & WOODWARD ARE CQXSTAXTLY £EC£lViXti Ladiet Ttamtling Drm Gpod*. jJJ* (Kasallua aad hdk De tdai, Dsktia^','' -1 VC. Uk foil H, Stats, AND OOMFORT^" MX 1 il'i Wfmm 'tMnr/'Sj ttyx TSASSIMERES AKD TWEEDS? Are M««(ev thfa ft ever efttad M-^aa. 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 £&&& Men'and B^ys Bodt6 Lower than they can be bought eheichere. S9 Bags RIO COFFER *14 Dbts SUG lItS^JTij SO ke^4 NAILS. CAXDV, TOBACCO, A CA.1DLCS, ITABt'll, COTTOK YARN "At Wholesale. LAWItE\( E & CHAMBERS, Ottarewa, Oct. IStll. SACKING, EXCHANGE, -AND— •^COLLECTION OFFICII OF CD WARD A. TEHPLE A CO, OTTl'YWA, IOWA. I IHR INI:ITSIC EN HAVE N F- moved their Exchange otlice from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, ami are prepared to transact any business pert lining to Banking, Exchange or Collec tions, which miy be entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, will enable us to i eudersatisfaction to iourpatrons. Wesell DRAFTS We receive .A Pass­ ports to foreign countries, Pensions, Land Patents which have upon the discontinuance of the various local land offices in the Western States been returned to the General Land Office in Washington City. Pat ents secured lor inventions. Caveats Hied, and ail bu siness before the Patent Office atttnded tn. In fact, will prosecute all kinds of Claims before the Executive Departments of ihe Uoverntaenl, the Court of Ciai ns, and Congress. Persons wishing business transacted. Information or advice by letter, will pleaao enclose a fee In order to Insure a reply. C. P. CL'LVKR. Raraa vo— Rev. P. D. Ourlev, D. P., Washington I city, D. C. Hon. A. B. Oreenwood, Com. Iadian Af fairs, do Hon. 8. A. Dougla U. 8 8., Chicago, 111. Hon. G. E. Pugb, U. 8. S., Cincinnati, Ohio C"l. (1. W. Anderson, Louisville, Ky. Col. C. Porter Culon, Janesville, Wis. Hon. A. K Wright, fcx-M. C., Rome, Oa. Ilou. A. H. Stephens, Ex-M. (3., Crawfordville, U». Gov. Ford, (Kx-Llaat. Gov.)Mans(UM Oi4u»AU* J. W. Norris, Ed. 'Wrier, Ottumwa, Iowa. OTTUMWA Male and Female Seimary. Rav. J. M. MoELROY, A M., PrlaolppL M»a M.C. HALLOW AT. L'' Miss M. E. WILSON, Maa. LIZZIE D. WOODWARD, Drawing and Preach. Rav. 8. IL WORCESTER, Oil Painting. Nworthy O effort will be spared to render thla Inattowtltn the continued confidence of the frtenda of education. Tuition, per term of ten week* from $S to $8, accord ,or elrCuUf' or |OI w II ilon i lion i IOWA. undersigned h§| jn*t received and openel oat a Ooneral Assort man of ROOTS A SHOES, which he offers to th* trading public at Urtma pricea, at: She lataadakaoplng WhelataU et BataU tu o safes s «PP»yto the Principal In mm .. mare appraised at $W brown Alley at before8*, MILLINERY I Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justice of the Pease of*ald I "jyj'RS. PARCELLhaa just returned from the East Mav BWK ith a large and wall selected stock of Millinery Goods consisting of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Head Dre**es, and Y-lvet Ribbon, also Dark Straw ltonnets In variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of other things too tedious to mention, for all jof which ske expects lo Snd a demand, as ber selec was made in refe ence to Ihe Increasing popula and improvements In the taete af the ladles of mwa a id.neighboring towoa. Having the latest styles for dresse* and cloaks, Mrs. F. Intend* to *alt all who may favor h*r with a call. on h*nd aanpplyof Purs aad Ottun IM IiIIm, ON NEW YORK* and other eastern palntj,ln sums to suit purchasers andean also furnish E*ch tn?e on ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON E A N Y K K A S E S W E E N E N A K AMD ALL OTIIER COt'NTRlBS OF K U O K aa weli at collect money, inheritances, and every alt er claim in foi eign counties. Deposits bear interest only by ami issue Certificates which special agreement. t'OI.,I„§• !'11».Vs. made payable at onr office, will be remitted for, at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, will be collected and remitted, less exchange aud expense of collection.— We will.-tl.o pay attention to securing and collectina doubtful debts. Parties holding (Jncurrent Money, Drafts, Cer* tiflcates'of Deposife, or Bills of Exchange, Payable AT SIGHT OR ON TIME, In any plaea.f an have them Cashed by calltaf ate^ office. 'I'AXKS,—T\'e have correspondents in nearly every county In Southern Iowa, andean pay taxta for non-resident* and others, for a reasonable com. mis.ion. Money for taxes always rerjuired in advancf and all orders should he sent us by 1st of January A N W A K K A N S We will at all times pay cash fur Laud Warra*»ta, will also attend to the location of them, or the entr£ with cash, of Government lands, in IOWA, KANSAS, OR NEBRASKA. We have ample asrangementsforthe selection of d«i sirable lands in tbe Territoriea, for individuals orfo* Colonics. L.AIXDS.— We can furnish emigrants and otheiCu with first rate Farms, in the central counties of thia St»te, or with uuimproved land in this and the south ern tier of counties, for Caah. TUey can be had aa "cheap as dirt." TOW* I.OTS. We have over two hundred town Iota In Chariton, Oaceola, Afton and Mount \yr, all good coanty Towns, three of which are on the line of the Burlington k Missouri R. R. K. To part lea desiring resilience or business lots, in any of these point*, we will givego id bargains. Parties at a distance, desiring information as othe property offered, are requested to correspond wlt|| us. All others will please call at our office, on Markei St. two doors from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. CDW'D A. TE.VPLE COi OetefcerO, !W n2Mw. ASSIGNEES NOTICE. Notice is hereby given, that Smith A Neely ofEddy vllle, In the county of U'apello, State nf Iowa, have aa igned to me all there property, real and personal, for the payment of their debts and their credit ors In C"m' T^AKEN must pre sent their claims, under oath or affirmation. to me, at my office. In the city of Eddyville, county of Wapello, State of Iowa, within three months from the date hei e of Dated this 2Sd dav of October, IHrtil. No. M-lf-0-w. R. W. BOYD, Aaclgne*. Opera EATING HOUSE. GI'WPS Ac RI SH Proprietor*. Front (Street, Srst door Ea.t of Puuiroy'a Drug Store, OTTi nWA, IOWA. MEAL8 served at all hour*. FRE8H OYSTERS the Shell or Can, served In all sty lea. Private panic* supplied with refreshments or Sup* per. an abort notice. {Nov. 1A, 'ffM Morit-K. EMTKAY The State of Iowa, I Wtprllo County up by Joshua Ilobhs at hi* residence In Dahlouega township, in said county, on the 25th day of O-'tober, l&flo, one bay Filly, one year old last spring, pooey built, left hind fool while, star iu the forehead and a white spot on the nose. Valued at before Leander J. Stuart, Esq., a Justice of the Peaco of said cowity JlMKlMi HAYNE, Nov. IS, *00 M-li Sn County Clark. CITT PROPERTY FOR SALS. A Private residence on Second 8treel, near corner ofHarloa, for sale at a bargain, and partly on time. Foaseealon given immediately. Enquire at \T\ NOKKIS NEW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, DIRECT FROM THE EAST. O. O, "Warden, Is receiving and DRY mU- GOODS TICKS, 8UIKTIKGS. STRIPES, CORDUItOTS, JEA Ar.s\ DEXXryS, DRILLS, U E A E A o n n o i w I N S Of ctery VfLty. ityU. find Qua1•"j FOREIGN AND DOMKSTIC GINGHAMS licside* a gi'eat variety o( Dress Goods! FOR MEN', WOMEN, AND CillLftREN, Which could not be enumeiated in an adrerti»emetl and look through ir yourselves, a well selected stock of such as Tea. COIJVj, Sti^ar, Ulce, Dried Fralt, Soda, eastern thoroughfares at Chlcapo. Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. FAMILY GROCERIES, wit. Soda HA I) 1VA E & CUTLER J'. i Glass and Nails, liK'ers m.iterial ami liou«e furin?liiii: gooils. .An'l haa an etiiire atork complete in e»-er\lliin« tha' wouM rom|trii» a «tor!« for'he time® nrsd foi thi* vieifiily, »H of whirh lie is an\io*ia to ili^noif of for t?»e| readv pav. or to apprnve.l cuafomcra. All kinifa of Comitrv proiliic»» mkeii in pay fi»r Good«. He aohri's an examination of uods| and price* and ill take pleasure in allowing voo through-wbetln^J'on b»»y or not. i O W k f'l rz —A -j# ,-Cn V CARRIAGE TACTOHV! rjpiIE undersign would respcctully solicit tbf MERCHANTS General Freight Agent#*, NEAR TIIE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTrnWA lOlTA. fW Liberal Cash advance* Shipment. City lUToaf JlarkcJ. Front St. 2 doors eastCarroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA. THEstibscriber, grateful for pa«t blast, favors, would say to thv public that his market, open­m ed nearly four years ago, is still with increased facilities to meat" est lit iug furnish of ali kinks at Terms Invariably Cash. HTThos ehaving unsettled account*.or notes due, willplease call and pay up. J. W. BROWN. Ottumwa. Feb. 10th.lS59.—4S PI.OW .TAKING THEsubscr.nerrespectfully informs his friends nnd thepnUic gener-llv, that he manufactnrea all kinds of plows, and is prepared to supply the Farmara of Wapello Co. with an article unsurpassed in material and workmanship. Blacksmithing in all its various branches, hor|e shoeing,ox-shoeing, and jobbing of all kind*. Remember the place, the Lower Steam MQ|, AARON MYEItSV Ottumwa,Feb. 11th.IW-nSO-v INSl'RAXCE. NEW ENGLAND FIRE AKD MAHTXE INSURANCE COMPANY HARTFORD ZCASE CAPITAL, $200.000Q a lai'sfc Surphis. cmDJEv, -£TTXv'. iv.Ast. |JP Policies issued on as favorable terms as hy any other solvent Company. A. A. STt'ART, Agt., For Ottumw a and vicinity. SPECIAL NOTICE! non E IXSI A ICE CO.U PAX1! or New York. V Caah Capital, g1,000,0##! Asaetts, 1st Janaary, 18(0, 3$. Liabilities', .43,fi80 4SL CHARLES J. MART 131, PawhWat, A F. Vice President, J. MWILLVARTII, ILTOS SairH, Secretary. a(t« by FIRE, on terms as favorable a* the nature of the risks, aud the real security of the Insared, aad af. the company will warran'. This company Is managed by live, busine* me»ti most of whom are known to Ihe Merchants and Tra-1 ders of this community, and whose name* are a guar anty that its businea* will be conducted lairly aud honorably. RA1LRO 0\ -Y\.k '•NOW OPENING a larfe and fashionable stock of '. A*f» XolioHf, Cloths St Cam'mm, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes.!53,,. And a ertnpleteaNwftm*n1 of eteftfliinp *o meet the wants of in-livt-l'ial* or fam'lie* in lii« line of radp, cnmiiriiin? in part a* follow Pbia, B!ark and Fancy CissimerM, Broad C!«db, Satinctts Jli 4tau rilA.IRG OF TIBIK. AND \rrK« »OV. »«, and until fdrtfief ao tlre is s i ven, 1'aMenger Trains »1U leave aa*' arrive a* follows QOINQ WEST: STATIOSS. Ourlinpton, Mldllrtown, Danville, New London, Ml. Pleasant, Cbecauqoa, (ilendiile. Kairtleid, Whitfield, Hatavia, Agency Cltv, Ottumwa, ACIOMMOPitloa. 0.M) am,leave, •,46 TOT 1.m s a« «.u« #.44 axparae. 10.44 a as.tedli ll.U I I 11.40:,. lt.l7«M» iia*^ 1.0# i.M iM t.lS «M t.W ateteo. its IS.05 111) arrive.. QOING UTS: ACCOMMODATION 6 i a. ic. leave. T.» Batavia, Whitfield, Fairfield. Glendale. Checau^iia, Mt. Plei'sant, New Londofcj Danville. Middlefowtl, 1Jurlin|t»"ii, I .»P. 1.54 e.ift i.ii •.1.4 9.ST S4 8.49 4.14 4.41 6 01 M# 4.43 a O. RHAD, }1.4% (.2S t.4 12.19 1* I.Ho arn«0« Nov. i:9 'MjiM like this. The only way to appreriate theexleot, at Ttf«»ni*{r PaaOcnfrr arrives at BOr. T.18|kA. variety, and cheapness of his stuck will he to_ call, 2H .* rromri'n do do- do aOfip.» JI-.I I'.vrn's do do «fo T.lSp.ia I an also raeaiviaa' I PCfllCAGO C. C. WARDEN. April IS 1960. i Visa Pree't and Sup' Chicago, Burlington & Quincf, DEPARTURES: I a* TSurnills' Pwaaen(fer leaveafiur. 7 15 84 tcronunodatlou do do do t.4B p.» I 34 rv« nii»tf do do do T.Mp.a^ ARRIVALS: Tlie ahave trains make cloae cotnectloDS with the II. M. K. R. at Burlington, and with all the great D. REMICK. Gen'l iff't C., H. A Q.t.*, J. P., WITHROW, isseng«r Agent, Ottumwa. |TT*PI »M FOI*T WAYNE ANK& r.MLRCAD rlow completed, and cars run from Chicago to |M burg without change, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILRO,t®f' To New York, Phil i.-|'.-1|hla. Baltimore and Washl®^-^ ton City, and all the interior towns of Penn»»f* vat la, New Jersr, N'ew Tork, Maryland, Mt. r- 1 Merclinutp by takin« this route will have tbe betAM^ of all the eastern miirkeU at uu additii.Lal cost. Bn^iruite checked through. Tr lins le.i\ e the d»jot, corner Madi«on and Caaat [streets, west side, twica dailj on arrival aftralaa (Totn the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland and", Lake Share KnilrOad to Dunkirk, buffalo, Nt**. agara Full", New York and Boston, andalltba Interior ton ns o New Kngland via New York Central and New York A Erie Railroads. Also Sooth to Columbus, Zanfsville, Newark, lit Vernon, ubeDvil!e, Wbeellog, and Interior tow* of Ohio and Virginia. •he abo»e trains ronnect at Porest wfth trains. 0* Jfrari River Koiii to ^iu iutftield, L'rbana, Psyton aad1 i Cincii nati. Al?o, with trains at Lima fur Dayton aa#x Cincinnati, direct. A K A 3 O W A A N O I I E O I Pa'scnjrers bonnd east will find this ronte both pleHSHl:t »nd apreeahle, passing throug tnanv of the larjrest «nd finest cities in the United States. Passengers arriving In Chicago on any of theroaflff ... will find attentive check agents at the depots to aO"" tenticn ofthe public to the facilities wh.c.i he ,.ejVe heck« ini! convey bug^rage freeofchargatotkO' now possess for manufacturing ARttlAG E3 A WAG-: pjti|(ur^ ONS, of e'-ary description, after tlie most improved! sleeping cars arrntnfunj ench train. styles, as good as can be obtained East, and upon sat- OGDEN "& COPP^S Su'"ces«rs to Mendenhall it Vrhith :m. Foiwarding and and I'hicago ears. 1 isfactory terms. the H-t, mid at the Company's Office, comer of Raa' Those wishing to parchaae willplea»« rail and ex-1 ioi|h and Dearborn streets, opposite the Revero amine my stock. House, or at the De).ot. west side, corner of Canal m£ Repairing promptly attended to. I Tan Ituren street!, Chicago. A. BALDWIN. Bepai titular to a«k for tickets br fort tVayfta. Ottumwa. Mar. 1st, 1959-117-1* it. P. PATRICK, Ticket Agenfe Tickets for snie at Hli the principal Ticket Ofllcra itt Fre'gh! of all k!ndswill1 at all time*, route. Goman1Through be carried from Chicago* Ik s, at aa low rates aa any tip TO MERCHANTS AND SlIirPKS. The Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and CMeago Rfti'rfO^ Co. havi.ig eRected an arrangement with tbe Pann^k aai.l Central R. R. Co. for the transportation ot Freight, property can now be shipped by IfclS Hoe between Chicago, seasonable all reasonable hours, at the low­ rat e-i. Tallow, Lard, Sausage., thing aud usually kept in a City MarVei f.,r ^aie. U The highest market price it! ca?h paid for Fat Stoefe, Philadelphia, llnltimore, No*- York aud llosion, with piomptriess and despatch Contract, can lie made at the foUtfelagplaaaa Ho. 2 A»tor House, New Jork. Mo. 1 S. Wiliiani St., riff Mo. Iialtery place, do No. 77 \\M.-1IIij^t'»n st.,r.oston. Mo. 5 Dock st.. Philadelphia, .-jfc,.* Depot, North «tr*et, li iliiniore. v, ,• Depot, Charles street, Weat SidS^Oeae •o adt en Produce for atreet bridge, Chicugo. !..!«ia lt-S3 tf. I Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne For further information apply to JAS. W. J.J. IlorsTON, Qen'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicago, Mar. 18,1860. ITKPREMT PASSEXIEFT A FB ROITE. -VIA- in fa 11 »(*1 NewYork Central, Great Westenrr And connecting Roads to and from V IOWA, AND ALL THE WFST. The Roada forming this old and reliable reate the Seaboard and the Weat, have organised a FBlllIS well known and reliable Company havlne established an Agency at Otlumwa, for Wapel'o ^Ifllt' tli'I.HI HLlAtol'VA A «|t l.\C«r county an.l vicinity, are prepared to insure RAILROAD LINE. 4gell(. BARTWR1 Fltt IXSCW\fl C0SPA.M, OF HARTFORD, CON*. INCORPORATED. A. 0. 1 tO. CIIARTKft PK&PETVAlt. 0A8RCSPITIL, ... ciriTu, r*io ta searLCs, ovas Soti.iioti. The reputation acquired bv thi. Company dm ing the last flftv years, by an honoralle coarse in the transaction of its business, and theprooipt and liberal •ettlemeut of Losses, together with th the securities composing its Assets, entitle the Com i afford by tire. fng inny to the utmost confidence af «i1(. public, a* afford reliable lusurance against loss or .tatnag %».§VIHTa«f-tt.g Nitwittf»*wr^ FAST FREIGHT IINX! i v i n e e e i a i i y a i a y n e a e dikpatch to Freight—the train* forming the Line, East and West, rnn with tbe same regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus ot each Road ao A 3 MCS^ON,Freight Ag'tChiagg#. Through Passenger Train*. 3(3^ CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MADE-* With Express Freight Trains on all reads dlverjtyi from Chicago, and Weet«rn Shipper* can rely afp* having their goods receive utmost deepafajb. Dvrjng the Season of Xatigation, {he fitf A Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shipped Via Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts in many case* ftu More than the difference between rail or water mtes of freight, be.ides the difference of lirne, a* Will be seen by the following comparative statement of iiuurauct *a\bj sending goods all the way bf rail read: Talne per loo lbs. i Dry good (gn'l ast'm't ISO.SO Rooks and stationery (eom'ti'i 7S.S0 Gen'l stock groceries (exccpt 1 Cue ars and cofees,) 20.00 "j Boot! A ?hoes ^av'ge val T4.00 Drnggifts'AUrocers'city «s'tm't44.00 Hals, caps A furs (genl as'tm't) SC.M Hardware (shelf g'-ods gen'ly) 8(.d& (.Rer'iiWKiiton* For the transportation of Live Mock to Buffalo, 4^ fcany, New York and Ilo-toii this route is unequalled for *peed, Mock cars, creeping iars for Drovers, and •pac'on HT:d criivenieni ards for stocl, making it n most desirable route fi.r Shippers. Dwellinzs, Stores, mti other I'uildinjrs, OiJ an Only U.'iialile Uontt? East. MERC 11 AN PIZE ind Fl'RITl'RE, agninst fo»*nrdnm- From Burlington to Chicago. Detroit, Toledo, PilMT. DWELLINGS and FARM PROPERTY In sured for periods of THREE or FIVE year* at fair rate*. Lotsen equitably aJjtuttd *nf promptly pa it I.' Application* raceived aad policies Issued without delay. EDMUND L. JOT, *UrchW8!f-ly. Through bill of Lading given, aad RedaatatlilMf paid, at any of the c. nip.iuj s offices. C. J. BltYIXiES. Managing Director ft. W. R., Rte.' i It on. Jl'LIl MOV ll, tienl Agt. Huffaln. THOR. l'.ELL, Oenl ^r•t \gt, Hamilton. W. J. SPICER, Agt. Detroit. E P. HEACil, Apt -l"H Broadway, N. T. •. KiMDAL!., Af.-l Mate st., boston A. U AI.I,tXt »KD, Westere Ag'tv Cor. Lake ai Dearborn St"., opp. Treuout llaOOO' I March W, lf«». CUICJ^P barg, Philadelphia, Baltimore. New York, and t|! ar iMi-rn and Southeasteru Citle*. 1st Morniu^ Trsm leaves 7 !.*» a a*, id Accommodation !:*0|i ». »il Rveniti^ Express ?:A0 a. Passengerii leaving Hurlin^'on on the S:0*a train connect at Mendora with th' IllinoisCentra! Railroad Nor'h -ind South, and at Chicago both tbe morning and evening trains ft:'*! a and 1:10 tn.) connect with all the Great Eastern Railroad routes, to wit: M. O. It- It., vis Detroit M. S. It. R., via Toledo,• aud 1'ln.inirf and Ft. Wayne R. R., via Ft. Wayne^of which tsseuger* can take their choice. Only twenty hours from Burlington to Toledo thir teen hours ahead of suy other roufe leaving Bur I lag ton. Ragf*c»e'.e.-ked th'ongfc to Detroit. Niagara Fall# and Ne\r York. Boston, Toledo, Dunkirk, Hiillds, Ptttsbor and Philadelphia. Tickets f.'r 'his creat Eastern th«roughfnrefor sale at Qttamwa. Pairfleld, Mt. Ploasant, and at th« 1 Offce, corner Krnat and W»l»i fii Burllngfn. K!erp'»»i cars atmeiied to the o'ght trala*. Fare as I ,w as bv any other reute. D. REMICK,t Way. '30—If, fien'l Ag't A C. B. PTtl'MiffT OtJt'AW, character of Ticket Office, 29 Water-st.M havt tNeir bills of la-ttitr signed. Thi* Company have arrangement* to iblp to St. l», Oiuclnuati and Cairo, without change of cnr*. i Am'tlns. aav. per Iuo lbs, at Kl^eret. pre. 60 Ceata 04 18 64 88 «7 PjMHuf/thj and FnirltfAdj"fftj i Mark Packages. "Fast Exgress Line, via O. W. lfc»' i I E W Y O i K e 11-* 1 V.fiXlV^ K a d- son River Eailroad pae* scngir Depot, 62 Warren st., or at Canal st. Deput. IN BOSTON* Deriver sood« Boat op tad w (rce*ter Railroad Depot,. and snarlv as above. fcistwnfd bound freight of every description- wlB be forwarded at towest current rate*, and iffrom Western Roads, should consigned to "A. WALLINGFORB, Chic ago,"or "Gil EAT WESTERN RAILWAY, Detroit. 4s^' y 'I i' I •t R" Urn- orfice OP PEOHIA, ami BrKLINCTON R. R. —NOTtCK To MiTcf'tnts and Shippers wishing to ship by th«* abov Road, will n'»a.e ill at the Peoria Ralfro*^ I^C.RIJt#

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