Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, December 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated December 26, 1860 Page 3
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(Tjjc (Dttuinhw Courier. Local and. Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA. IVf. 2«, TIJIE TABl.Li H. A ^I.R.K llLltOAl). CffA SGE OF TIME. Leave Ottatawa, 4*0 a.*. 11:00a*. Arrive at 10:S0*.ii. TinE TABIiE Leave Ottumwa, .... Arrive, ... DMMoines, S:Mf.n. Ft. D. It. ROAD. T:0,T a.m. 2 fl0 p,*. 12.43 A.M. 8:1ft r.m CO A CUES LEA VE DAILY. "til—For via Eddy Title, Pella, at 1 a. m. Oikilooii and Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at 11:00p.m. J* For Charlton, via B1 ikesbttrg and AI Ma, at 1 p. m. •••Ik—For Bloomfleld, aad Centrevllle, atl p. a. A. C. PARK?, Agent. Office corner of Front and Market Sts., Ot uniwa. W hen ou want ltouU, 8tioei NUU UHUIIDI, |O to Templet, New Clothing Store. DONATION PARTY.—The Lidie* of the rrcsbyterian Sociable propose having a Do- n 0,1 P«rtv. «t the Court How, 81st, (Nw ear's eve.) on Dec. A good market is a desideratum, and we hate a good one. Brown, of the City Mar ket, has been dispensing steaks and choice cuts now even five-years, nrtd he has never failed us in gool or bad times. Go to Brown's for your ment. Holiday Presents.—Most splendid Gift Books and Annirtls, ctn be bought enenp at Dr. laylors Book and Drugstore. ana gentlemen were present, all of whom were entertained, and appeared m« irotl) to evening, ueir oysters were served under 18,avt,,oll,ill the superintendence of Mr. Henry Grube.- gV"mme The Ice Cream, prepared bv Mr Geo i, sawyer, a decided luxury the fruit nuts aenworm S ment- th«» roiiff./»tiriin^tf e\t i-r. ot Air. B. J. Boulton, one 1 he exercises were diversified by some appropriate sentiments, read Soauldin"1 Stiles Esq., Rev. S. II. Worcester and Cant r, i~, C. C. Cloutman. The response for the press by a member of the fraternity, was brief, and might just as well have been briefer. On the whole the late Festival was a suc cess, and as such creditable to its ltdy together a large number of agreeable peo pie, old and new citizens, who will hereafter better know and appreciate one another.— Pecuniarily it exceeded expectations, produ cing about $120, which is tc be applied to repairing the Congregational Church. One Of the most romnWn the best assortment of (Jroceries. in this citv can be fjund at J. A. Sohwortn's, nearly op- I%n •Itr flio II„„ .11 polite ie Ottumwa House. Al. r.icles used in family can be found there, and of the best quality. Schworm 9ells at Wholesale, also, having the stock to do it with. Ali kinds of groceries, salt, preserved fruits, very nice boots and shoes, Queensware, &e., comprise a portion of his stock. Give him call. ———a———— Otftimwa Hog and Cuttle Mar ket. COURIER OFFICE, Dec. 25. in that line, for the purpose of 30,780, to Tuesday noon. Packed by Geo. Ciillaspy & Co, To Tuesday noon, estimated at 14,000, in pens 1400. This house is shipping soine8 cars of pork per daj-, for Portland and New lork. It appears from the above, that 07,507 hogs have been received here up to yester day for shipment vim oar two railroads aod for packing here. FLOUR (wholesale)...... WHEAT CORN HI El.LED CORN CORN MEAL..., OATS RVE POTATOES Sweet do ...... Sl'CJAR.... COFFER... SALT HIDES, dry.,.., green .... COTTON YARN NAILS IJl'TTEtt.. LARD TALLOW BEESWAX.... rocs CHEESE SORCHUM PORK SID Ed II VMS CHICKENS f| daa .... QITAILS, V doz DRIED AITI.KS. ft. PEACHES ft# LEATHER (Sole) Calf FURS—Mink, No. 1..,., COON WILD CAT .... RAT OTTE1 REAVER V DEER V !.... lU'FFALO ROUES HCNOARIAN SEED.... TIMOTHY ..... WHIdkBV VINEGAR bbt -BURLINGTON MARKETS. Monday, P. M. Ffrmn'Mts nrvl upward tendency of funeral markets continue. Foreign news per steam ers Persia, Fulton nnl City of Manchester, are favorable for breulstuffs and proviMons, and the receipts of specie quite larg% amounting to over $3,0 )0,000 by the Persia. Our millers ive advanced price of Spring Wheat to 70 rents., from wagons. Winter nomiml, 80 to 65. In Chicago, Saturday, market was quite active. Dressed Hogs 5,62-1 to 5,75, $0 fur ht RUN AWAY. -A team belonging to Abra- ^^'^iVlng ham's Livery Stable run away with a sleigh i GO Tuesday. Damage slight. The LndieN Foiiral. i A ,er to ,k 8 J' our country. 1 Transactions in hogs, except upon previ ons contract, in few, and it is difficult t.! J2&,'2ar<S£i determine market vulu-s. We he»r ors.!-s I the regular packing here, soim-th'n^ is dong making cliange, which continues high and scarce.— KittredgeA Merrill hat* cut considerable quantity. Shipment* by the B. A in. R. R. From Tuesday noon, the ISth, to Mon day, the 24th, inclusive, there has been Shipment* by. K. Ft. D. & M. R. wa, 513 carloads, the cars averaging, they inform us, 60 hogs. This ex- T-«*a OF shipped by the above road 4951 hogs, as hard as soft water. follows on the 18th, 770 the l'Jth, 1G1G the 20th, 768 the 21,812 the 22d, 270 tlie 24th\712, Cattle during the same pe-' The family right to maa ,1 ff ,m nfSetnre Romhack's Compound "liemioal Washing una 65. Hogs in pens 200. Whole nuia- and Toilet Soilp, whicli I obtained from von, I regard bcr shipped by this road 21,127, and cattle ^urm'^h^ of •t,L-®2.20 .. 5U( Ift 20 80 ........ 12* ... 80 ... *. LATU, M.. .. SO fti» ............. ...It 16 3 20 .:. #2,40 10 4* it* i.Z' 1T0 ....... ioaia l.l'O 33 ........... 10 diyiding on 200 lbs. Good desirable brands of ..,v,.. 1 Tery agreeable entertainment was fur-. 51 tve tv le 4 T, at ,lie t:|ave tr ini sh:l11 ,,e asgt U wet! pleased. 1" of non-compliance with these pro-slavery i nenian« s, the Fire-Eateis threaten to secede from the A Very good supper was a feature of the i "i"". an st-'f U a 1,1 inro s fc.„ o u I hv Gen. Jackson when assailed bv South Carolina nol KC., popular establish- e,ur me coultctionery, including some very rich cakes, were from the manufactory 'N!i r7An1.!''ere niu iiicinuiaciory presented l»V that i gentleman, and another, contlining a ring, by Mr. Gump, the latter sold for some $5,00. In addition to th above, there were various articles, some manufactured by the ladies of the society and their friends, and other fancy articles hnnks irnl tnvu tola line 8l1 1,as by Rev. B. A. p00 wes, rn IUII10, anu reau af responses ny b. If. piomote the interests of the West, than papt rs pub- Iis,ie eils ,,r n l' ,0 managers, wno so generally participated in sin and Indiana. it SociMllv it trill Hn rnnl Tf From other portions of the country, and from for U. socially U Wilt do good. It brought eign lands, we derive our Intelligence^^from the multl far'.ous corresponecnts of the Associated Press, from an immense exchange list and the letters of numerous friends. nr^ A* flour were higher and held at the close of change at 4,33 to 4,50. No. 2 Spring Wheat steady nt the close at 80 cts. Now York news imparted more confidence and holders of produce were firm.—Haiclc Ef4. St., Loui« Hog IWarket. On the 20th (here was a good dorr and at 00 for ,,, to „,d ,0@ CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Devoted to Newt, Commerce. Politic*, Agri culture, KUmculion, Literature 4rt emi Science. Prospwtiw for 1S61. PoLfriCiL.—The great political campaign of IMS ). c1osc. The battle lias been fought and won, and Uie aples tif victory perch on the Republican banners. rk 1 T» eagles tit victory perch on the Republican banners. ABRAHAM Liscni.s has been triumphantly elected Pre? ident of the United States for four years from the 4th upon a year ,ri ,1.'e llh, which are as follows with, which are as follows DKHANDS that ill be memirable The fire-Eaters ,^nnilU ?r American politics. of the Cotton States hare undertaken to break up the American Union. The people have decided against them at llie ballot box, and they refuse to submit to the verdict unlets their demands shall be complied FKS—Int. Tlmt the Free s from labor ho may OF TIIK FIKE E ATF.K* mshed our citizens by the Ladies of the Ot- e'" Vi."efT''i!t' an'fJ^'iaws against kidnapping tumwa Sewing circle, at the Court Ilonse, ana!?'V^it^eJan^o^^V^i on Friday evening last. Some 175 ladies pe. 2d. That all Stale laws against kidnapping he re- opened ill the District of Columbia. Mb. That a law panting the right to slaveholders to by leaver'" ,he Free S,a'es' accom'-,a,,leJ Southern Confederacy, re-open «he African Slave Trade, and attempt to found a (treat empire. i.v absorbing Mexico Central o^u'e'hilunloniM, ?liV.1iilis,i't 11 Uulf Suc1 U llu pro ,e,,0 °^ves every sound patriot and ««r. \*eo. friend of the Lnlonand Constitution to stand by Administration as the old Democrats stood I'fi'rs. The free North must not e bullied nnr fright by the arrogant oligarchy Into a l«se surrender of Its dearest rights and moct cherished principles. are other important niatters to come before the new Administration.— Amonf-'lieseare: Free Homesteads for the Landless .. Improvements of Rivera and Harbors ConMru tion i of a Railroad to the Pacific Encouragement of the i Manufurtnrir.g ami Farming industry of the country Retrenchment ami Reform in the administration "of i Government a restoration, in short, of the earlier and purer days of the Republic. On all these |tn-s tions, the TmnrNK will ever be found an earnest cham pion on the side of Freedom, Riehi, and Patriotism. GRSKHAI. uln a nnicies, OOOKs anu toys, Tor sale. Jlost of son or hei immense system of Railroad.and telegraph them f)Und ready and generous purchasers 1 NKWS,- -Chicago is the Einpo- large portion of ^he North-west, and bv rea- hecoine a great news centre: and we are confident that western readers can obtain their ear- U __ of the Chicago TKIBI NK, which is a live newsi*AIer ,h and rendV^nnn ,..h,-p If 1 '"^"nation of passing events from the columns keeps fully up with the progress of the times, A l»:«l'cr is certainly better calculated to tniles away, which know little and care western interests, sentiments and require ments. COHHKSPOXDFXCE —During the coming winter one of the editors will correspond for the TKIIJCXK from Wash ington, giving full and graphic report* of the proceed ings of an exciting session of Congress. Another of the editors will attend at Springfield ami keep the people fully posted on what will be done b.v the Illinois Legislature. Correspondents will he f' cd at the capitols ol Iowa, Minnesota, Wlseon- MARKETS.—The TiHBrxK has achieved a high repu tation as a Coumercial paper.and in this department it possesses the confidence and enjoys the patronage of business men to a high degree. Its market reports, embrace every article 'hat the farmer or dealer can expect to find quoted in a newspaper, whether west ern, eastern or foreign markets. The TKIRI'NK also iliscusses very fully, in its editorial and news columns, Iirrenc.v questions. Railroad, llank and State Stocks, currency questiomi.'Raiirnad, Dai mplctt ar.d de. Idtdly agricultural products of America and Europe, and all conuected with the material interests of A«.RILI I.TI-RK.- During the coming year we shall pay particular attention to Farming matters. In each 1 issue will appear a carefully prepared Agricultural KiniLT'n'V?inlen,— ,1,,a" I «»ie ii«I«nn.uion pertainuitr to Hie fiirm HIK) I Interesting letters from Rural," and other Agricul tural and Horticultural writers will be published. No western newspaper devotes so much space to report! of ilrs, crops, live stock, Imprnve-nmplonv-nts nnd modes of c.'tnre, and all other mutteia of interest to the tillers of the soil. I KITCATKIN.—The a cause of Education will receive' due attention In our columns. And the Literarv and making the paper a welcome famtiv visitor, combin ing the agreeable aud useful. In short, the purpose of the publisher* is. 10 make the Chicago l'KinrNB so interesting and valuable that no well regulated west ern family can ARROUU ro IIK w iriiocr IT. Now Is the time to renew subscriptions and make up clubs for the new jrcar. A III tie effort in any- neigh borhood n ill procure a list of names. People can af ford to subscribe, as this is a year of abundance. sl„8,, nt $3,50 gr)s-s, which is probablv as naar £ourc,'l'ies Ten copies the value as can be reached. In addition to Twenty copies (and one to getter up of club)..!. Postage on the Chicago TuiBCSt is only half MS months'.' our risk. Addreaa wll'ch '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.floo Tai-WaKKLv—One year 4.nt) —Six months 2.00 Honey in Registered Letters may be sent at TRIBUNE, Chicago, lli. t^Roraback's Compound Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap Is no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and the cheapest of any now in use. This S ap th u,?h rcceotly »,,,tent,,,• attained u n e e e n e o u a i y I a n a e i a a a y a 8ee wl)atyour neighbors say of it: o. R. Aa««w4m~i*.r Aug 81 ,M0 this soap is compoumled are perfectly harm less aud so far from clothes being injured bv its use 1 1,*-lieV*,«ve l,i dollars a year ill he saved in the usual ... wear and tear which results f: oin the use of other soap. I he above road report as the entire ship- The soap will eadily remove trench polifh, Print men ts of ho-s since it was opended to Ottum- finest ^ai'rics, 'iWUmhu' 1 1 gives a total of ,inoothtrso ®i'. w ''i' which i amac.iu.iint- The Toilet Soap Is useful for shaving, washing hands, and everything else for which toilet soap Is used. It is cheap, costing only four cents per pound. The Cheapness aith which the Washiug Soap is manufactured is, with me, an important item. Fifty pounds can be made at a cost of only .'(T V cents, and as easily as you can make a cup of 'coffee. The Met, too, that clothes can be easily washed and washed for four times its cost. W. W. JOUNSON. for $5, or $3 for the washing soap, and #2 for the toilet an ba at the Cooaiaa Office. FamiI formerly sold fcr #10, each, but 'he payment of said! 12 V ...,2«a2S now GEO. E. ASP!NWALL. TRI STEE'S MALE. WHEREAS ,ru i 'u"' PINE LUMBER, common. M.. .'."l25e.r/.'-'.M»o .ccrue U ereon'lTs ,k"'ilal^v TATH J.'j! ,° 9t-0 r,f Jonathan Pound and Rhoda Pound his wife, the 17th day of November, A D. 1S'»9, by deed of trust conveyed to me the following des eri»t Real Estate, lying and being tn lie county ofi Wapello ami State of Iowa, to wit Lot no (•_') two in block (1M thirteen also, l»ts (.*1) five and (6) six in block (Hi) ten, in Ramsey's addition also, lot one (I) In block six (t) in Taylor A Pounds addition to Agency City, in the State and county aforesaid, for the ur- 1 pose of securing the payment of a certain promissory note, for the suit of Four Hundred and Thirty-seven Dollars dated llurlington, Ionrn, November 17th, IS.%9, and pay aide to the order of J. S. Kimball & Co., four months after date, and bearing interest at the rate of 10 per cent per annum. And whereas, the said deed "*es me If the said note, or the interest cost, tiI the highe:t bidder for ca«h, at pubpc auction, at the front doororthe Court House in the town of Ottumwa, by publishing the notice of the time and •••. place of said sale at least twenty days in some news Iater of general circulation in siid county. Ami iiu'/T,,!! the sai.l noteU now due, »n.| tlwre remains the sum of Hundred and sixty-two dollars w!th ....... .— 40 the interest accrued thereon unp.iid n w, therefore, at the request of the holders of said note, notice is' hereby given, that unless the balance remaining due upon said note Is sooner paid, I will, oil the'JSth of December, A. 1). In60, of said day, afler the above described leal estate (in such parcel* as I shall deem most advisable for the interests of the parties) for sale, to the highest bidder cash, at the front door of the court house, in the to n of OI'UHIW I'ofii, tn ....... 2ti(rr.i.*i »fi4" 1HWV2.V. .... i:»Ci2o 6 00© 1 (10 0 M»j 1 hen due—to sell sail a« shall be necessary »i ^«id note wilh interest and 1 at the hour of -J o'clock, p. m. a, and will apply the proceeds of such I'ay'ent of the costs of this proceeding seeoml in payment of the note aud intertst accrucd thereon, aud will hold the balance, if any, subject to the order of the said grantors. J- A. DAWSON, Trustee. a#-H—20 days. per A. W. OABTOS, Atfy. CITY PROPERTY resl s 1 ri(wrr:HTl. Itime at i OTSfarraaldencekcan be had low and raaatlj aa A of t. W. NORRIS, Cearier OCti. •apt.U.UM. W fej 5 as rm !4 s» —2 5 o $ u o ft as OR o a l-H o I—I ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! T. J. DEVIN, Again East! HOVE Ml? Ell STOCK AUKIYIXG DEVIN'S, Opposite IIaw!ey*s, Front Street, Ottumwa. Cash and Light Pro'ffits. BARGAINS! BARGAINS// Heavy Stock of NO. 1 PRINTS, DELAINES, CM A I.MS, HERACiES, DEBEOVS Alpaceas MRRINOa, VALENTIA Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS •fwreiry description of those CHEAP OINOIIAM9—Fast Colon. LINCOLNIIATS, DOUGLAS CAPS, BRECglXRT&QE BOOT?, BELT. JWerr^rmanTiets, Ac. i, .so .2imm) RI (IRONS, ADMIXISTliA TI02f SHOES, IRREPBESSIBLa Wonders in the way of CLOTHSCASSIMERES, SATINETS, JEANS,CORDUROYS Flans 1Mb COTTONS Ac., for the MTILTQ&. GROCERIES, Tobaccos-!' ","'"" TEAS""^'"'^ STOCK—Beat and cheapest in the Country. COFFEES, SUGARS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA, SCMJ9, SPICES 4c. HARDWARE—Selling and giving away. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. #.-'00-22-12 y. T. DEVIN. Oskaloosa Nurseries, AA ONE, A HALF MILE EAST OF TOWN WWr —And the other— -A- ONE AND A HALF MILES NORTH. The undersigned having purchased Seever's Nur series east of town, and a portion of /.immermauV, North of this place, hold themselves in readiness to fill orders ami supply the trade on liberal terms. We have some 60 varieties, and at least treei suitable for transplanting the ensuing Fall. All these vaileties are hardy and of the fruit-bearing kind suit able to this climate. We will also keep ou hands a general supply of EVEHGHEESS, SHRUBBERY Et\ Etc., of all kind-' soiled to this climate. Trees from TIIRKK TO NVKYKTITS 01.0 will Le sold at FIFTEEN CENTS each, and purchasers can have the privilege of wa king their selection. PYLE A DUO DALE. Oskaloosa, Juue 21, 1S60 12-15-y NEW LUMBER YARD. UW A, IOWA. WEYardOTTI have located a branch of our Burlington at Ottuiuwa, where will be found at all times a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, anil Shingles, which w e will sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Persons about buying or ordering Wills of Lumber, would do well to call and aee for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL A McCLL'RE. Mar. IS, 18t0—I 12-jr FSTR AY NOTICE. TAKEN up by Samuel Austin at his residence In Agency City, Wapello county. Iowa, on the Mth day of November, A I) ISA), one Bay Mare, supposed to be three years old past about 15 hands high, a star in tlie forehead, the right hip knocked do the left hinil foot while nearly to the istern joint, some gray hairs around the root of the tali, U'ack mane and tail—appraised at flfty-flve dollars, before Joseph Myers, Esq., Justice, Ac. »S-12-:»ni JOSEPH IIAYNE, Co. Ci'k. I'kfrtsv Notice. TAKEN UP bv John M. Purder, at his residence In Pleasan* ton n»h!|, apello county, Iowa, on the ISth dav of August, lsrtn, two estravs of the following descriplioH, to-wit A bay mare, supposed to be thir teen years old, cap of right hi•» knocked down aud scar on same. Also, a brown ttlly three years old last spring, both hind feet white lo the past ure joint, blase in the tace and scar on the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised at #:». brown lilley at •(!.*, before Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justice of the Peace of said countv JOSEPH IIAYNE, Sept. 27, I SC.),-20-12 8in Count.vClerk. •NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE. Oprosiri CiaaoLL llor»a, I W A I W THEOeneral undersigned has Just received an 1 npensl out a Assortment of BOOTS SlloKS, which h'offers to the trading public at licitta Wholesale or Retail. I prices, at 1 Oeteter IS, 'K-1S4M WHRLL k CALL* AND SUE A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Richard's three story Brick, Front Street, Ottumw% JUST RECEIVED THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT- OF STOVES Ever brought to Ottumwa. THE CITY TRADE: TO W MY FRTftNDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOUI.D say, that with special reference to th-ir want#, I have supplied myself with a stock of Parlor, Box and other Stoves and wares in my line, whicti for cheap ness and adaptation to the demands of the sebton, have never been equalled in this market. N. It. Do not f^il to examine my store room office Stoves before buying. Fifty Tons old Iron wanted. Also old copper, A. D. 3 & O E S & W O O W A 5 EUI SPLC.VDID LOTS Or COATS, PANTS, VESH HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES CARPET SACKS* CLOTHS, SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, GUM SHOES,. GUM COATS, GUM GLOVIS, UMBRELLAS, TRUN3LS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, OASSTMERfiS, SATINETTS, JEANS, COTTONADES, and all nrticles usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call In and examine the Stock. ClotMac (SB Stanllv made to order, Ottumwa April 12th, '60-25-11-ch-MS. NEW OOOMI HEW GOODS I Just received from the East at J. A. SGHWORM'S GBOCEIIY AXO PItOVISIO.X STORE Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A LABOR AND SCPERI0B STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries Fmil«A.\iit«, Chewing pnd Smoking Toliaccos, Cigars, AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL. Queeiistcrtre, Boots and Shoes, AT! of which will be sold for Cash at the' W very TiOwe^t Market Prices, i Or **ekitnyel fur Country I'rodaci. I .% NTF.n~IIIDES, for which will ba paid the very highest market price in Cash. Call ar.d examine goods and prices,la Daua^tfeifck opposite the Ottumwa House, Front-at. October 6th, ch-30-oldl5-ll SUMMER ARRANGEMENT^* 1 THE WE«Ti:it\ STAGE COJIPASY ARE now running a Daily Four lloise Line of Post Coaches, from iHtmnwa to Hentrnsport, passing through Drakesville, llloomfield, Troy, Stringtown and Keosaui|ua, making sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'.v line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre ville, connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to Corydon, Leon, Decatur Cit.v, Mt. Ayr, Plattsville, Clarinda, anil through to Nebra ka City making qnicktiine aud sure coniiecfitlns at all points along said lines. Vv Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to their Interest to take this route. Stage Office, corner Market A Front Street*. Ottumwa, July 9th, 1SA9. A. C. PARKS, Ag't. CLAIM 3? General Oet AGENCY AND Intelligence Office. c. AVAKHI.X r«\ CITV, D. THE undersigned would respectfully offer his ser vices to the public 11 the purchase aud sa'e of W KSTLRN Lvsns, STOCKS, BONUS, and MOI W F.S pro­ curement of Bui'NTtr I.VNDS AND I,\M I'vTKMs, pass­ ports to foreign countries. Pensions, Land Patents which have upon the discontinuance of the various local land ofliees in the Western States been returned to the General Lanil Office in Washington City Pat ents secured lor inventions. Caveats tiled, and all bu siness before the Patent Office attended to. In fiot, will prosecute all kinds of Claims before the Executive Departiiieuts ot the (iovernment, the Court of Clai at, and Congress. Persons wishing business transacted, information or advice by letter, will please enclose a fee In order to insure a reply. C. P. Cl'LVER. RCFRH TO—Rev. P. D. Ourler, D. I)., Washington city, D. C. Hon. A. B. Greenwood, Com. Indian Af fairs, do lion. S. A. Oougla U. S S., hicago. III Hon. (i. E. Pugh, L". S. S., Cincinnati, Ohio C'd. O. W. Anderson, Louisville, Kv. Col. Porter Culon, Janesville, Wis Hon. A. K Wright. Ex-M. C., Rome, lia. Hon. A. II. Stephens, Ex-M. C., Craufurdvillt, («. Gov. Ford, (Ex-Lieut. Uov.) Mansfiehl, Ohio Mr. J. W. Norris, Ed. Courier, Ottumwa, Iowa. Oct. 4, lS&Mi0-i2 Stn. OTTUMWA Mafe and Female Seminary. Itsv. J. M. McELROY, A M., Principal. Miss M. C. HALLOW AY, I ... Miss M. E WILSON, A UnU Mas. l.l/./.lh' WOODWARD, Drawing aadFraach. RKV. S. II. WORCESTER, OH Pai'iting. "^TO effort will he spared to render this Institution worthy the continued conQdence of tlie friends of education. Tuit ion, per term of ten weeks from SM to fS, accord In* to the branches studied. The next Term com mences Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, 1SC0 For further informa tion write for a circular, or applv to the Principal la person. [Sept. 27-29-12 ly. 1 i.i.i^'ERYi MRSyiP.VRCELL li—SI-tS-1. wilh a large and well selected stock of Millinery Uood« consisting of Ribhons, Flowers, Feathers, llea.l Dresses and Velvet Ribbons »Uo Dark Straw Bonnets i.i varlelv Silk and Velv el Bonnets, ami a variety of other things ton tedious to mention, for all of which l.e expects to find a deaiand, as her selec tion was made in refe'encc to the Increasing popula tion a. improvements in the t«»te of the ladies of Ottu own a 111 neighboring towns. CITV PKOPEHTY 1'OItSAI.E. POPULAR PRICES Oll.CA »ii SII ifflME 4 CHAMBERS »«c Hoaaf» 2 0 0 a n a y i n s a 1 0 a s e par "ingall over tow» at 300 X" 1iV) Piacaa new style Drcaa goad*. tr%nj All Wool De CULVER. HEW GOODS HEW GOODS ARE CONSTANTLY RECEIVING FROM TRC jrtrl Oh Piccn Heavy Canton Flaaaal* al 11% regular pries Mcenu. Laioa. aell- Aanrtaaa PRINTS, all M*laa aad KKOU8H MBRINOKI A1TD ALFACC AS. Faacf WmI aod brass, pewter, and rags, for which I will pa-, In stoves aiM tinware, the highest irket prices. Oct Is, lSGo— ch:)2-12 riaida for Lailaa attl Children. Ladies Tratding Drut Oooie. Haallloa aad Faelfta Da taihia, Msgti, As. Ladies Woo! Hoods, Shawls, AND COMFORTS, OUR STOCK 09 FLANNELS, SATINETTS, CASStMERES AND TWEEDS A»MchlaiYwUaar*ertroff«radb«fen. 800 lbs..COTTON BATTING. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots JLower than they tan be beuyht elsewhere. 89 Itag» RIO COFF£E 3ft Obis si AKS. SO befi MAILS. CANDY TOBACCO, RAISINS, SOAP, CAXDLES, STARCI1, COTTON YAR3I At Wholesale. SANiilWS, ^XCHAiVJE, -AND— COLLECTION OFFICE, OF EDWARD A. TEM1*LE & CO, OTTI YWA, IOWA. THE R^DEUSK.M-N HAVR ITE moved their Exchange oftice from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact anv AI^D REAL HAVANA TOBACCO, business pert titling to Ranking, Exchange or Collec- tions, which in.iy be entrusted to us, feeliiig contident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, will enable us to 1 endersatisfactioa to our patrons. We sell 81«lir DHAI'TS OX NEW YOIIK, and other eastern points. In sums to suit purchaser, andean also furnish Exchange on E: '. I.AND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON! OBRMANY, FRANCE. SWEDEN. DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COl'NTKIKS OP El llOPK, I as well a» collect money. Inheritances, and every oth er claim in foieign counties. receive Deposits and issue Certificates which I bear 1 illei cst only by special agreement. made payable at otiroffice, i I will be remitted for, at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, will be collected and 'Xv""' !i and expense of collection.— We will Wso pay attention t» securing and collecting doubtful debts. Parties jlding Uncurrent .Money, Drafts, Ce^r* tificutes of Deposife, or Billft of Exchange, Payable AT SIOIIT OK ON TIME, In any pl*ae,«an have them Cashed by calling at office. TAXI'S,—We have correspondents in nearly every county in Southern Iowa, and can pay taxea for non-residents and others, for a reasinable com mission. Money for taxes always required in advaMKM and all orders should be sent us by 1st of auuary, LAND WAISUANTS. We will at all times pay cash for I.and Warrants, and will also attend to the local ion of them, or the entry wiili cash, of Government lands, in IOWA, It A .MS AS, Oli \EIUtA9KA. We have ample asraugementsfor the selection of Je* sirahle lands iu the Territories, for individuals or for Colonies. LA iOV—We can furnish emigrants anil others I with first rate Farms, i. the central counties of this State, or with unimproved laud in this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be had ag "cheap as dirt." TOffX V,OTg. We have over two uu lred town lots ia Charltoa, Osceola, Afton aud Mount»vr, all good countjr Towns, three of which are on the line the llurli'nuMon A Missouri It. R. R. To parties desiring residence or husiness ltts, in any of these points, we will give good bargains. Parties at a distance, desiring information astothe property oifered, are requested to correspond with us. All others will please call at our office, on Market St. two doors from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. ElkW'O A. TL T1PLE CO. OotoberS, 196S-n2o-4sv. ASSIGNEE'S \oriri:. Notice I. hereby given, that Smith A Ne-iy ofRddy vllle, In the county of Wapello, State of Iowa, have as signed to me all there property, real and personal, fur thep'ivnient of their debts and their creditors mutpre sent their claims, u:ider oalh or affirm itiou to me. at my office, in the city of EJdy vill-, county of Wapello, State of lovra, within three month* from the date hei e of Dated 11 lis 28J dav of October, 1s4'*i. Ko. 34 11-6-w. K W. BOYD, Assignee. Opsra EATING HOUSE. URITIFS A HI SII Proprietors. Front Street, first door E..»t of l'uiuroy's DrugStara, OTI'I HWA, law A. MEALS served at all hours. FRESH OYSTERS In the Shell or Can, served in all st ylea. Pfparties supplied with refreshuieuts or Sap [X.iv. IS, 'to tf pera on short notice. KSTRAY NOTICE. The State of Iowa, I W a e o County T1AKKN has just returned from the East UP hy Joshua Hofcha at hi. realdaaeala Dahlonega township, tn saM eennt.r, the S6th day of October, INGO, Having the latest stv Ies for dresses and clonks, Mrs. A Pi"iv ate residence ou Second Street, near corner P. 1'itoii *s to suit all who in.iy favor her with a calL of Marion, for sale at a bargain, and partly 011 She ii tendskeeplnajinj^ind asupnly ot Fare and.4'311'- Possession *40 iMiuediaitli. Luuuire at Caraato, for ladiee. Uto office of t-HL. Jaasar, H.'SS. one bay Filly, oue year old last spring, poney built, left hind foot white, star In the forehead and a while spot on the nose. Valued al $ 0, before Leander J. iitaart, KM|., a Justice or the Peace of sa 1 county. JOSEPH II AYNE. Nov. 15, *(k) 38124a County CUrk. WO aa|B. NEW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, blULICT ft'JUML V1IE UA*'k\ C. C. "Warden. ttr»««hrlng and NOW* OPEN I N O a large and fashionabtp srerk of I Y O O S A*fr» IVotiontf Clothn 4k April It 1SC0. Cawlmciw, Hals, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Atid a complete aaanrtmerrt ff'«vprvlhmg »o meet the wants of inlivi*|iiats or families in his Hn(« of 'rH'l»,rrvnijiri-ii)^ in (i.irf follinv Rain, Black and Fancy Cissimere?, Broad Cl,t!i, Satinctts IICK3, SHIRTINGS. STRIPES, CORDUROYS, "JEA NS, DENNINS, DRILLS, BV/EACIIF.n Ac I N S Of every Var'uty, Styh ami Quality TOREIGN AND DOMKST1C GINITIIAUS Desides a gr it variety of Dress Goods! HI MEN, WOMEN, AND I! I l.lR EN, Wl i'.!i juld aut be .-UUMIUI jicJ in C. C. WARDEN. OVTV MWA CARRIAGE FACTO I-? Y ^UE un dersian would respectully solicit the at tention oftbe public to the facilities which he now possess for manufacturing CARRlAtiE? It WAU- ONS, of e"ery description, after the most improved styles as ^oo 1 as cau be obtained East, and upon sat is f« ctory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please rail and ex amine mv stock. tS^Repairing promptly attended to. A. UALDV lli. Ottumwa, ir. 1st ,lS59-f17-ly OGDEN & COPP, Successor* to Merjdenhall Whithain, Forwarding and Commission O i LAWRENCE k. CHAMBERS, i i Ottamva, Oat. It, lfM. MERCHANTS AND General Freight Agents,' NEAR TIIE RAILROAD DEPOT, O'X'N'JIWA IOWA. 1ST Liberal Cash adrancaa nada aa Produce City Market* •V-ont St. 2 doors enst Carrol! IIoaM. OTTUMWA, IOWA. bin TIlEsubscriber, grateful /JVTV** i-t favors, would say to th .'•lie thai his market, open- &V-A*— e.| nearly four years agi, is still iu full i used facilities to furnish onabk meats if all kinkx at ill re i-ioiiafde hours, at the low-1 est living rates. Tallow. Lard. Sausages, and every-! thing usually kept in a City Market for sale. The highest market price In cash paid for Fat Stock 1 A DLES at Wholesale and Retail. Ti-iMi* Buvariallv a»li. t*r 1 hoseh iving unsettled accounts.or notes INSURANCE. NEW ENGLAND 1'IlLi AND MA1LINK INSURANCE C0MPANT HARTFORD v CMARTEREO CAPITALS 500.000. 7CASE CAPITAL, $200.000.- Witii a large Surplus. GAV/J./fi'h/TTXrv. XMtfATEM.W'Pn.t OT Policies issued on as favorable terms as by any other solvent Company. A. A. STCAHT, Agt., For Ottumwa and vicinity. SPECIAL HOTIC8! HOlFi IXSIRAXCECO.TIPAXV!! OF Now York. Ca«li Capital, §1,000,000! Asaetts, 1st January, 1SG0, $1,1AS,:J3® td. Liabilities, 42,580 43. CHARLES MARTIN, Pjesident, A F. WILLVARTII, Vice President, J. MILTON SMITB,Secretary. FV^H IS well known and reliable Caaapany hsnrlitg •. established an Agency at Ottumwa, for Wapella county and vicinity, are prepared to insure Dwi'llin-js, Stores, «ml other Duildinpt, MERCHANDIZE and Ft'llITCRE, against agt by FIRE, on terms as favorable aa the nature of the risks, and the renl security of the Insured, and of the eoii)|iitny will warran n f.vor»bt .I,- ntmr. This company Is managed by live. Imslncs men, roost of whom are known to the Merchants and Tra ders of this community, and whose names are a guar anty that its bOi'iuess will be comlucted lairly aud hom.r.i' V. DWELLINGS and FARM PROPERTY In-. W. aured Tor periods of THREE or FIVE year, at fair rates. Lo**t* equitably and promptly paid! i Application, received and policies Issued witkoat delay. EDMl'ND L. JOY, March 29 S-12-ly. Ageal, BIRTWRB F!t* !\SrR\Xf| fWFJLM, OF HARTFORD, CONN. I O I O A E i A 1 1 O CHARTER PERPETUAL. caaaciFtTSL, cariTtL, PAin ia M'RI'U, OVE* SLLO,IHXT. The reputation acquired by this Company dating the last fifty years, by an honorable course In the transact ion of its business, and thepro.upt and liberal settlement of Losses, together with th«- character of the securities composing its Assets, entitle the Com pany to I lie utmost confidence of the public, as afford ing reliable Insurance ag*itt»tloss ,r KAILRUAJbh. I IttlMMtlt, —II ZZ. —J1 i? tnrliuf.oii 4c ITIisacuri H. R. CIIAAGI: or TI O Mrivea. follow Nor. 29 ' counox ni SLIKS, .n. v11 ti»ein»nt like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, variety, and cheapness of his stock will he to call and look through for yourselves, lam also reuciving a welliolected stuck of FAMILY GROCERIES, tnichasTea. Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Dried Fralt,S*da, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, 4c. IIA RI) ir. I RE A CCTLER Y. Glam and X:iils, itliVrs material anil house fiirni«hinc pooils. And iia.o an entire slock complete in everything that would comprise a slock for the times and for this vicimtv, all of which lie is anxious to dispose of for tn* rsailv pay. or lo approved customers. Alt kinds of Country produce tak^n in pay for Good?. He solicits an examination of eworld 1 anil prices and u ill take pleasure in showing you through whether you buv of "t. Chicane, Mar. l, l&Cli. daa, will please call and pay up. J. W.BROWN. Ottumwa, Feb. lutli.I?i9.—4S PLOW r.AKI.\(i TilEsuhscr.oerrespectfullyinforms his friends and the pu» lie gener-llv, that he manufactures all kinds of plows, and is prepared to supply the Farmers of Wapello Co. with an article unsurpassediu material 1 and workmanship. BUcksmithing in all its various branches, horse* I shoeing.o\-shoeing, and jobbing of all kinds. CLt^Rcmeinber the place, tl.el.-mer SN-oniMIll. Ott umwa. r'eb. 11 .1 AARON MYLRS. I S."»s. n r,o-\ 1 IE.. un i fartkvt AND AFTKK NOV. 2i, *11,1 tire is /Iven, P«Monger Trains will leav« ir. A GOI3STG- W EST Stittrtre. accoiMiia*Tcia. Mrstst. RurlitigtoR, O.'KI a iu,laave. 11*45 a m,laaea Ifiil.lli t«*R. «.4« 11.16 Dli'iv ille.ift 7 u7 IU4 New Lomioftv 7.40 IL48 Mt. Pb asaat, a. 27 IS.17 a. Cheeatii|ila, B.Ud IS 43 tH-mUle. V.44 l.n« Fairfield. ln.83 IJSS Wl.iHeld, lu.M 1JM Bntav ia. It.tu Agencj ?!•», l2.nA ss ?S8 OMwaaat 12.9 arrive. S.U aerive. GOING EAST iCCmiMATMIt Etna*. C.U) a. at. leava. I.tA p. oi. Istv*r 7.» I.M 7M 8 28 S Jt 8.1 S S.ftf 9 44 1 V2* *.df 1:18 4.H Il.tH 4.4* 12.19 I #1* 1 ISM 6.1« elk/, Rata via, Whitfl-ld, Fnirfleld, Glenilale, Che nuqaa. Ml. Pleasant, New I.oi,iioB, Dan rille Middletotrn, Burlington. I.SO arrive. f.4.' aflva J. O. UKAD, Tlas Pros'l and Sup't. Chicago, Burlington & Ijimcj,. DEPARTURES: latnar Iiiiitr PiiHM'iigrr leavos Bur. 2d Acroiiiiiiuilutloii do do do S.4H p.a 34 IIvt-11 indo do do T.Up.n ARRIVALS: 1 'it Horii'c I'asscttgu arrireaatBur. Sil tI «'OIIMI*II do do do ( 3 1 do do do T.lSp.ia The above trains make close connections wilh the B. A M. R. R. ut Burlington, and with all the g:eet tus'ern thoroughfares at Chicago. D.ltkMlCK. PRRTNPNTR.. Oeti'l Ag't C.. B. A Q.R.R J. R. W/THROW. Passenger Ag.-nt, Ottumwa. FOR I WAYIVE A2F» CHICAGO RAILROAD i Now completed, and cars run from CMtfago tti hurg without change, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To New York, Philadelphia. Baltimore and Washing, t.'n City, and all the interior towns of Petini l var la, New Jersv, New York, Maryland, Aer: Merchants by tsking this route will have the baatST of all the eastern markets at uu additional cost. Baggage checked through. Trains leave the depot, corner Madison and Cfcnal' ati eets, west side, tnioe daily o» arrival af trains frcai the w est. coDiiei tii atCiestline with Clertland an* Lake Muoe UHiiroad to j) iiikiik, I i.lTalo, Ni agara Fuils, New York am! liostt n, and all the Interior li»wi:s o New Ei.gland ia New York Central and New York A Eiie Railroads. Also Pouth to Columbus. Zamn llle, Newark, Mt. Vernon. St. ubenv ille, W hueiing, aud i liter lor tons of ami Virginia. The above trains ronnect at Forest with trains aa Mail River ICond ti hpringtield, Crhana, Dnyton aud Cinch nati. Also, with traiLs al Liua for Daytan asd Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANT OTHER ROCTR. Passengers bound e«st will find this route brita pleasant and agree.ible, passing tliroug manr of tha iurg.'st ami finest cities in ttw Lnitsd States. l'^ssengi-rs arriving in Chicago on any of the roads will find attentive check ageti at'he depots to ra» reive chucks and convey baggage free of charge to tU* Pittrburg and Chicago cars. Meeping cars accon pany each for Shijiuitul. 11-32 if. I (raln. Tickets fo- sale at all the principal Ticket Offices 1% the Wot. a«d ,t the Company's Office, corner of Ran dolph ai Dearborn streets, opposite the Revere, or at the Depot, west side, corncr of Caul and Tan Buren streets. Chicago. Be patlieular tu s«k for tickets bv Fort Wsyna. B. F. PATRICE, Ticket Agent. Freight of all kinds will be carried from Chicsgn t* all points East at ail t.mes, at a* low rati* as ntj ot£ er lla^oad route. TO MERCHANTS AND 8Ii:rPE3. nil Chicago Railrrad' gemenl «i-1. the Pennsyt the trunr porta tion ot ght. property can now be 'hipped hy this 1 hrotigh treight. property can 1 liue between Chicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore York aud Losion, with pi omptness and despatch Contracts can be made at the following placet:. No. 2 Astor House, New York. No. 1 S. il'iam St., do No. 8 Battery place, do No. 77 Washington st., Boston. No. 8 Dock st.. Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. Depot. Charles street, West bide, near Tan Imr Street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P.. Ft. Wayne A C. R. R. lor further information apply to AS. W. .Mt'SSON. Freight A f'« "MfJt J. J. HorsTov, tjen'l Freight Agent Chicago. E1LFBES8* PASSENGER AFB^IUUl KOI TE. -VIA- New York Central, Great Western^ And connecting Roads to and from I0WAt AND ALL T11E WEST.. The Roads forming thU old and reliable rout# t!»» St aboard an thr- Wt-it, tinve or^an'zt 1 a FAST FREIGHT LIHII Giving perfect reliability and greatly Increaacd dUpatch to Freight—the trains lor'ming tha Line, East and West, run with the same regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus ot each Road as Through Passenger Trains. —C10SE CONNECTIONS 3fADZ— With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upon Laving their goods lcceive utmost despatch. During the Season of Navigation, the Fire k Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise skipped via Steam or S *i 1 Vessels, amounts in luany cases to More than the dilTerence between rail or water rates of freight, be.ides the difference of time, ae alii he seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by sending goods al the way by rail road T*lue per luolba. i Dry good (gn'l attWt) FSFL.CO Books and Stationery (com'n T2.00 Gen'l stock groceries (except Am't Irs. sae. per li0 lbs, at \per ct. pre. 60 ens U IS S'lgurj. and coffees,* 2(1.00 Boots A Shoes (av'ge val.) 74.1)0 Drugg'sU'JlGrocers' city as'tBi't44.Ce Hals, cups & furs (gt nl as'tin't) Sfi.tK) (W Hardware tshclfg-od» geu'lj) 36.00 SI Re:hi)itnitons Pfniui/ithj and FuirlyAdyusted. Mark Packages, "F:ut Exgrcss Line, via O. W, R." TV vriv VOnK, ,l)ellTel 1,1 1 V^i\|V) 1 b"r.f' PhiU Utt4- so Hive, Eailioa.lpaa- i .enger Depot, GO Warrrn St., cr at Canal St. Depot. TV lifK'rnV. Deliver goods at Boston and Worceitcr Railroad Depot, antl m:s**k a* nb*x*. Eastward bouud freigf of every d»scr!ptIoD will ha forwarded ut I w est cui rel.t rates, aud if from Wesin a Roads, should be consigned to "A. W i.I.lNGFOI! Chicago,"or"U RE AT WESTERN RAILWAY,'* For the transportation of Live Stock to Buffalo. Al hany. New York ati-1 Bo ton. this route i« unequalled for speed, stock cars. Sleeping cars for Drovers, and spacious iiinl convenient yards for stock, making it a moot desirable route for Shippers. Thro.igh bills of Lading given, and Reclamation* paid, at any of the c. lupany's offices. C. J. BRYD'iES, Managing Director O. W. R., Ham ilton. Jl'LICS MOVIl'S, Genl Agt. Buffalo. TIIO*. BELL, Getii Fr't K -t, Hamilton. W. J. 1MCER, Agt. Detroit. E. I*. BF.AC11, A^t JT:! Proadwai. N Ol KIMBALL, Agt il State st Boston A. WAI.LtM.IURU, Westere Aft., Cor. Lake and Dearborn St*.,opp. Treucnt Uou.e March 28, lbW. HICAGO 'llf WifLRI nLt.\tiTO.\ A il li V RAILROAD I.1NE. 0!1 an 1 Ouly Il-liaMo R.)tif? K.tst. From Burlington to Chicago, Detroit. Toledo, P^HS- lUltiinore. New York,aaJaH«IW .T i. ar haste u ami Southeastern Cities. 1 Mam ng I'rati: leaves 7 15 a HI. 2d Accoii.m dation 2 -'!n m. 3d Evening Expre« 2:*«) in Passenger-, leaving ll iilinitoo uu the fc6Dairi tr..ha Connect at Meiidota with the Illinois Central Railroad North and Som h, and at. Cbica^w both the morning and evening trains t5:iMi a in and m.) connect with all the E istern Railroad routes, lo wit C. R. R., via Detroit M. S. R. 1!., via Toledo, and pittsiimg HII I Ft. Wayne If. R., via Ft. Wayue, of which p'i.fteultrs can take their choice. Only iwent.v hours from Itiirliiigtou tn Toledo thir teen hours ahe i of any other rouU ieavtng Iturllug (on. Bagga'ite i-heeked through to Detroit. Niagara Falls and New York. Boston, Toledo, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Pittsburg and Philadelphia. Ticket* jr this great Eastern thoroughfare for sale at Ottam va, Fair ield, Mt. Pleasant, and al the TlcbcV ©tlice, i-Mtiii Frost and Water sts., Burlington. Meeping cars attached to the night train*. Fare as law ae If any other route. D. REM ICR,. $ 0 I a y 6 0 -t O e n A A n 1 damage ty brt. B. U. UTILES. Aiter.t, Kev.l*,1SWaS7tly OttaaiwI, Iowa. lai.'IML .MH i» nr oi'Firr «r —•*. V K A a n 1 1 1 1 i I i- o N O I E To Me cV.ant« and Shipiwrs wishing to ship by the above Road, will pi»a*e callat the Peoria R.IIrrad Ticket Office,28 ha*e their bills of lading signed. TMs C-mpany have irraneement. to .hip to St Lea la, CiaciaaaUaitd Caira, withaat akaage of curs. H. KLKA. •aa. f|aat

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