Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, January 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated January 16, 1861 Page 3
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fit #ttuintoa Courier. I^ocal and Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Jan. lfi, 801. TI.flE TAIII,i:,lI A M. It.UAII.KOAI. CtfAXfiM TIME. Leave Ottumwa, ...*,,. 4:48*.*. 11:00AM. Arrive IT" 8:8ft p. «. 3:80 P.M. COTSTNKCTIONS. Going W.-sl -AT OTTFMWA with Stag?* to Iiloomjield, Leon, Chariton, Ft. Det Maine*, Council JHvffs, Siovx City. «W., pausing through all the, County Seats in South-western /own, To Omaha, Plattsmouth, Nebraska City, Fort Kearney, etc.,-in Xchraska Territory. To E'trood, Leavenvcorth% Atchison, etc.,—in ICatmas. To Denver and the Pike's PeaJe Country generally.—in Jefferson Territory. Woiiiff V.vl%\—AT1}FRLIXGTON"with the Chicago, Burlington $ Quincy R. R, for vhicago and all poine* east and south. With the Peoria, Oijuatrka 6 Rurlington R. It.,for for Peoria, Loga import, etc. With Daily Stages connecting irith the K. M. P. £, M. li. It., at Ft. Madison, to Keokuk, etc. TIME TABLE K. PC. D. R. ROAD. Leave Ottumwa, Arrive, 7:00 A.M. 2:0n r,y. 12.45 A.M. 8:15 P.M. CHICAGO. BITRI.IN«3TO!V ASIDQI IK* -i CVBAILnOAD. Arrive. Leave, lo 80 A.M. Express Trait). 12.410 M. 9.15 P.M. 8.45 P.M. CO A CUES KA VEDA IL Y. We*t—For Des Moines, via Eddyvllle, Oskaloosa and y I'ellH, At 1 a. m. _*? Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at 11/OOp.m. 't'or Charlton, via Blikesburg and Alhla, at lp.m. iMthr-^nr Bloo«tfisld,and Centrevtlle, atl p.nt. A. C. PARKS, Agent. Office corner of Front and Market St«.,Ottumwa. hen you want Boon, shoes and cio.i,m£, go «o posted, and several patriotic speeches deliv ered. The larger portion of the pork Pumroy's Mill h*Ui been purchased by Messrs. M.vlhon it Arrfn^lalo, with the view of removing it to this city, in connec tion with somo new manufacturing enter prise. About IS inches of snow feM here tart night, nnd appearances indicate dentinu ance of the storm. SEWING MACHINE.—Mr. J. Prugh, of this ritj', is Agent for L. Cornell & Co's excellent and popular Sewing Midline. what he says about it, ciseivhc-r*, WlIOLESAl.K GROCERS.—It reference to an advertisement in another col umn, that Messrs. Hayden & liubey have purchased the well known and popular Gro eery establishment of II. Jy Hunt, llurling ton. These are young men of good business capacity, having been connected (or a long period with the well known firm of McCart ney it Co., St. Louis. They have the best facilities for selling goo:ls as cheap as any other house in the West. Mr. Hunt re mains with them, and will be happy to sec i LIs old friends at tin old stand. Sec card. WANTED.—Geo. Gillaspy Co. want 100,000 Staves and 20,000 Hoop Poles, im mediately, for which they will pay cash.— Better bring them right along. See adver tisement. stock Of Clothing &e., of Iletts& Wmnlward, wards. HOME MAGAZINE.—We lncndation of Arthur's Magazine. It is LAD\ with the Courier for $2,00. Philadelphia, Publisher. n Cattle, 192 Sheep, 78. fiy lhe K. Ft. I). Jc M. R. R., H^gs, 720. Geo. Gillaspy & Co., packed herfc 3,000. Whole number shipped and packed at and from Ottumu a. T,_ 10. strong Union resolutions were unanimously of Somdoin anil Gomorrah, as has been in i the reoent State campaign. The fiult has .t i- i i i i pool has emanated alt tho abominations that Trains of the Keokuk Road arc transport-'1 ing rock from some quarry below here to the river side of that portion of their track through the city exposed to the action of water in time of flood. 1 OTTl.n\\ A I'UItU ClUHEAT FLOUR (wholesale) #2,U(32,2ii W11KAT 60(&6S CORN 7 15 SHELLED •1» .j .. iished l'lt«» miles away, which know little and care v» Hill attention to IIW very supww COE* .... .... 2i» CORN MEAL 80 OATS 1JW RYE PUTTER.. LARD.... »I ...*M TALl»OW............ BEESWAX EGOS ..... CHEESE H0RniUM.......,...i...... PORK SIDES MAMS ClIICKffNS «et QUAILS, doz DRIED A PI'LUS, FT PEACHES Ibf LEATHER (Sole) Calf FUM-Mlnk.Ho.1 COON WILDCAT.... RAT OTTKR REAVER ft DEER V ft..,.. BUFFALO R0BIS.., TIMOTHY urillSkKY fltr ,,,e the 1 1 Klarkvts it aid noawy. CocRtER OFFICE, The shipments for tho week foot op n follows i il Magazine for the family. Take it. Wttn too I embrace every article that the firmer or dealer can /, *1 Oi" 1 expect to And quoted in a newspaper, whether ws'. OUner, It IS I em, eastern or foreiitn markets. The TRIBC.M also flnn*-'* ... .• _(•1 currency questions. Railroad, Bank and State Stocks, GOD^ S S IiOOK We are in receipt of products of America and Europe, and all the February number of thi«, the bestmaca- Jo POTATOES Sweetdo fx SUGAR .••••••w. fi^ll) MIUK3, dry..«»•••• 111 i. green 4) hard aa soft water. See what your neigh bora say of It: COTTON YARN .. ................. NAILS PINE LUMBER, common, M. clear, grades......... 8IIINOLES LATH, ..W.. 22 Vf 4,(U 1250(ft'2o (Mi 26H)(r/U on .. 8 75(^4 75 .... ... 4H0 .. *2» lb 9 ..80 10 40 '.V.'V" ..... 10@12 1,00 85 ... S ........ .19 V i'lC.!"! loo ...... "jiaif ifjrhMiai nr TI inrrroi' nii»Ma(biM at^^i^ Cliarloniou lu the Hand* of Border Raff Ian*. Th« state of things which the lwdffl of the revolution in South Carolina have brought on themselves is, wo suppose, such, in many rcspects, as is scarcely suspcrtcd elsewhere. We learn, for instanco, through a private letter from a perfectly respectable sourrc in in Charleston, that the other day a hotly of twenty Minute-Men from the coun try entered a large private house in that city and demanded dinner. A dinner was given them, and they then demanded ten dollars each, sayinfi that they had not come to Charleston for nothing. and the money was funvshed also Another fart of still greater significance has como to our knowledge. Gov. Pickens has written to an officer of high rank in the United States Army, a native of South, Carolina, who is loyal to the stars and stripes, requesting him to come to Charleston and protect them from the mob. The officer hrs declined, saying that ho can serve his country elsewhere, and does not wish to have any part in the proceedings now going forward in tint State.—JV. Y. Tribune, Sth. The Reign of Terror. The Southern (Confederacy, p»l'islied at At7nnta, Georgia, a paper which has hct?n fighting most gallantly fir the Union nnd the laws, says of the late election for meiP bers of the Georgia Convention "It is a notable fact, that, wherever the 'Minute Mori,' as they are railed, have 1I:K1 an organization, those counties have voted, hy large majorities, for immediate scrcss on Those that they could not control ly person I sion and coaxing, they dragooned and bullied i by throats, jeers and sneers. By this means thousands of good citizens were induced 'o vo(fi limiditv emp r,. ew o ng ore. |H,on |to0,|e] City mid Coitiftt? i¥ew». western Interest*, sentiments and reijuire- i workmen and the best goods characterize andTeep"the peopl their estaldishment. Ifyou want anything, ESMKPKC( advertised in another place. They have one editors win correspond for the TBIBI-SK from Wash *. iiigton. giving full and graphic reports of the proceed or the best stocks in the country. Superior i ngs of an exciting session of Congrci l,v ready-made, or made to order, in the line of sin and Indiana. Froin other portions of the country, and from for tientlcman S goods go to setts & Wooc- ei^-n lands, we derive our Intelligence from the multi farious corresponeents of the Associated Press, from an immense exchange list and the letters of numerous fr0*r-«P"rt jmmc,|jatc SOCC SlOn ticket through w os ar,d The City Guards held a mccHng at the J? Washington city for the especial occasion. le be candid, there never has been as much Court House on Tuesday evening, at wind) lyint? anl l»ul]vinir prsictico*! inflammatory rumors manufactured s ever cursed a free people.' packed hy Geo. Gillaspy i Co., at this place this sea son, some 25,000 hogs, goes Europe. It is dry salted, and packed in large pine boxes. The sides ol some 1500D hogs can row he s ?en in the Pork House cellar, a solid pile some 100 by 150 feet in extmt and five or nix foet high. They are shipping several car loads daily, via the II. & M. R. a side track of which road runs directly from the premises. -During the coming winter cne of renew our recom-1 ''^^.-The Tam-si* has achieved a high rop« tritlon H^ :i C^ianiercuil paper, fiiul 1 n this tlep.irtment possesses the confidence anil enjoys the patronage «•»«.•• of business men to a high deeree. Its market reports i discusses very fully, in Its editorial arid news columns, ,lier ,0i»,c« connected wiih the material interests of our country. zinc published. It can be had in a club! A. miTLrrRt:.— During the coming year w* shall pay particular attention to Fanning matters. In each JJOUIS A.tiOdy, issue will appear a carefully prepared Agricultural arMcle, containlnga large amount of fresh ami valua I ble information pertaining to the farm and garden,— 1 Jan. 16. Hegs are worth $4.00 $4,25 grow, find $5,00@$."»,25 net. Money to buy is plenty, so hring them along. The Packing Benson is drawing to a closo. 1 Interesting letters from Rural," and other Agricul I tural and Horticultural writers will he published. No western newspaper ih voles io nmcii space to reports of lirs, crops, live stfick, Improved Implements and modes of culture, and all other matters of interest to I the tillers of the soil. EprctTioii.—The cause of Education will receive, due attention In our columns. And the Literary and Miscellaneous matter will be prepared with a \iew to making the paper a welcome family visitor, combin i ing the agreeable nud useful. 1h short, lhe purpose of the punlishcrs Is, to make the Chicago 1'RtBt'MK so Interesting and valuable that no well regulated west- i ern family can AFTOHI ro HK WITHOIT IT. My the U. ft M. It. II., Hog*, 2,520 I Now is the time to reuew subscription^ and make i up clnbs for lhe new year. A little effort in any neigh- 't horhood will procure a list of names. People can af ford to subscribe, as this is a vear of abumlance. i er Postage on the Chicago TKIHI-NK li) only half as much H» on the New York or Exstern papera,' I TERMS OK TilK WEEKLY TKIBUNK. Single Subscribers, iu advance ..$ 1.50 Four copies S.IK) Ten copies 10.00 Twenty copies (and one to getter up of club) 80.00 T(MM& or DMLY—One year #T.(HI —Six months 4.00 Taaxs or T*I-W««KLV—One year 4.'»0 —Six montha 2.0t JjP Money In Registered Letters may be sent at our risk. Addresa TRIUUNE, Chicago, III. (VRoraback'a Compound Chemical Waahlng and 2d Toilet Soap is no humbug, but the best, moat easily the cheapest of any now in use. This COFFEE J8 20 8oap, though recently patented, has already attained umi'j'V'j #2,40 nnprecedented popularity. It II uel if Madlljr Is The Cheapness with which the Washing Soap manufactured is, with me, an Important Item. Fifty pounds can be made at a cost of only 87 cents, and as easily as you can make a cup of coffee. The fact, ....... 2it(Sl2ft I too, that clothes can tie easily washed and wasiiej ... ... bfrhl clean, tn hir! auljJiur *mter. tr to K so 3' Ul c+ •-S CD CD c+- o c+ crh Resides, the towns and cities 4 th sensation despatch- inoe the time been at Washington City—from that cess .lefl". Davis has delivered his last speech. It was feeble and halting throughout. He wanted pearcabl? seres-ion and hinted at a possible rc-eonstruction. It do?s not follow that ltoiuc was built in the niirlit h:\-ause it wasn't boilt in a dav. CHICAGOJTFUBUNE. Devoted to .Yeirs, Commerce. Politics, Agri culture. Education, Literature Art and Science. Prospectus for 18C1. POLITICAL.—Tliepreat political oampal|»n of HiB la closed. The battle li a tieen foiijiht ami won, anil the eaples if victory perch on the Republican banners. AnK UUM I.INCI'T.N has been triumphantly elected Pres ident of tli«» t'nited States for four years fiom the 4tli of March, Isrtl. AVe are enterlnp upon a year that will he mcmorthle In the annals of American politics. The Fire-Eaters of the Cotton States have undertaken to break up the American l7nion. The people have decided against them at the ballot box, and they refuse to submit to the verdict unless their demands shall be complied with, which are as follows DKMANJIS or TIFK KIHK E »TFRB—1st. That the Free States shall pay for all fugitives from labor who may escape, 'id. That all ^tate laws against kidnapping slrill be repealed. -Sd. That Slavery shall be extended into all the Territories ind protected by a Federal Slave Code. 4th. That the Slave traffic shall be re Vcrv opened in the District, of Columbia. 5th. That a law shall be passed granting the right to slaveholders to travel and sojourn In the Free States, accompanied by their slaves. In case of non-compliance with these pro-slavery demands, the Fire-Ealers threaten to secede from the will be seen by union, and set up a Southern Confederacy, re-open I ill A /n! fll n I*,. .t it.h A Bk.l A 4 #..M i rn /n 1 i, ..Ha.. the African Slave Trade, and attempt to found a great slavehoMiitg empire, ly absorbing Mexico, Central America and the 1-I:iiids of the Gulf. Such is the pro gramme of the DisunionlM*. In this crisis it behooves every sound patriot and friend of the Union and Constituticn to stand by Lincoln's Administration as the old Democrats stood by Gen. Jackson when assailed by South Carolina ruii iiliers. The free North inust not lie bullied nor fright ened bv the arroirant oligarchy into a base surrender of its dearest rights and most cherished principles. OTHKK Q:.'KSTIONS.—And there are other important matters to come before the new Administration.— Among these nre Free Homesteads for the Landless Improvements of Rivers and Harbors Constru Hon of a Railroad to the Pacific Kncnragenient of the Manufacturing and Farming industry of the country Retrenchment and Reform In the administration of government a restoration, in short, of the earlier land purer days of »h IlepuMic. 0:i it!! tin se quc.- purer days or ir.- liepuMiC. U:i iti! tin se quc. tions, the Tiuni NK ill ever be found an e^rnesl chaiu pion on the side of Freedom, Ki«h and Patriotism. (JRSKKAI. NKWH.- -Chicago is the Commercial Etnpo i riuin of a large portion of lhe North-west, and by rea son of hei immense system of Railroads and telegraph lines, she has become a great news centre and we art confident that western readers can obtain their ear liest information of passing events from the columns of the Chicago THIRTHK, which Is a O /A?r»7YArBlankets, lire newspaper thrit keeps fully up with the progress of the times, A good western paper is certainly better calculated to promote ti e Interests of the West, than paptrs pub- rSJiKMI Ol i I __ i litors will attend at SprlnpAeld TnhnPPAQ ,,e ^inploye^l it tlie cajiXol» of Iowa, Miunenol«t kscon- The soup will. eatlily remove French polith, Print er's Ink, leail paint, wheel urease, tar, Ac., from the finest fabrics, without i-n^uring them in tho least— things which no other soap, with which Iain acqualut- ®priug, both bind feet white to the pasture joint, hi ale ed, wtyl do. I In the face and scar on the right shoulder. The bay The Toilet Soap la useful for shaving, washing mare appraised at brown Alley at *IW, before litnri?, and ev**r thlnjr eUe for which toilet i"*| Is Jo*cph Myers, K#q., a Juitii of the IV-ire of sal uaed. It it chfAp, coiti jjr unly four centi per pound. couuty JOSEPH IIA^NE, »ilh which the Washing Soap Is Sept. 27, Is of great consider* ....• ."!• stion to me. I would not be without a family right ftnrt^7." for four time* Its cost. W. W. JOHNSON. #M%lf 00 i formerly sold fcr flft, each, bat BOW !!'.*. |4®2,W lcTW, or $:! for the waslilnr soap, and $9 for the toilet a' aa he had at the Coran-a Office. 4s^wwim., ,-.]r An.vrxrsTB.i noxBUorx, *c. IHHEPHESSIBLB Wouder.-. iu the nay of CLOTHS CASSIMERES, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Flm nels COTTONS &c., for the rm (JD o'S a» in V* a O to as a W & tr1 a ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! T. J. DEVIN, Again East! NOVEMBER STO€K ARRIVING DEYIN'S, Opposite IIaw!ey'8, Front Street, Ottamwa. Cash, and Liglif T^rofTit^. BARGAINS! BARGAINS 11 Heavy Stock of SO. 1 PRINTSw DELAINES, CIIALMS, MILLION. GROCERIES, a 1 fully posted on what will be done lUUdtiL U£5 Prices. Legislature. Correspondents "'.lll ana leweat mTi A Ct LARGE STOCK—Beat end chaapeat JLililO In the Country. COFFEES, SUGARS. PRUNES!, SODA, away. cSURl^TS, SOAPS, SPICES 4c. CT AJinnr iOV Q-n* S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL fJOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. 9.-'«0 22-13 y. T. DEVIN. Oskaloosa Nurseries. m& ONE, A HALF MILE EAST or TOWN tOOU 9w —And the other— -A- ONE AND A HALF MILKS NORTH. The undersigned having purchased Seever'B Nur series east of town, and a portion of ZiinmermnnV, North of this place, hold themselves in readiness to fill orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. We have some Go varieties, and at least 2.",0tM) trees suitable for transplanting the ensuing Fall. All these vailetles are hardy and of the fruit-bearing kind suit able to this climate. We will uUo keep on band, a general supply of 1 EVEEOBEENS, SHRUBBERY Ete. Etc., I of all kinds suited to this climate. Trees from THHKK TonvKYKAKS ot.n elil be sold at FIFTEEN CEN'18 each, and purchasers can hare the privilege of ma king their selection. PYLE & DUGDALE. Oakaloosa, June 21, 1S60 12-14-y ri.TOU W AJUtrr JWlMflg UHi K*vaug vices to the puolic the purchase and sale of NEW LUMBER~~YTRD7"i OTTI JIM A, IOWA. WEYard have located a branch of our Burlington at Ottmuwu, where will he found at all times a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, and ^binaries, which we will sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Person* about buying or ordering hills of Lumber, would do well lo call and see for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL A Mar. 18,18110— 1 12-y TAKEN OTTPHWA, Aug. 31, 1SW. O. It. AiniTUL,-/lMr Sir: Tbe fcmil.v right to man nfactore RorahaekV Compound Chemloal Washing and Toilet Soup, which I obtained from you, I regard as InvaluaMe. Whatever other other patent inven tions may he, this one is no humhug. The Ingredient* of which this soap is compounded are perfectly harm less and so fnr from clothes being Injured by its use, I believe five dollars a year wfll he saved In the usual wear and tear which results f: oin the use of oilier soap. 5 KSTRAT NOTICE. in up by Samuel Austin at his residence Agency City, Wapello county. Iowa.'on the I4th day of November, A. D. IS60, one Itay Mare, supposed t^ be three years old past about l.* hiind" high, with a (tar In the forehead, the right hip kuocked down, the left hind foot white nearly to the istern joint, »ome cray hairs around the root of the tail, b'ack mane and tail—appraised at flfty-Hve dollars, before Joseph Myers, bq., Justice, Ac. 8»12-«iu JOSEPH IIATNR, CO. CL*K. Rulrar !Notice. FWVXKFN UP bv John M. Purder, at his resilience In P1e«s«nt township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the lth day of AiiKUSt, IMMI, two estiaysof the following description, to wit: A bay mare, supposed to be thir teen years old, cap of right hip knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown tilly three years old laat CountvCli rk. ISft), 29 12 Sin NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE. OPPOSITB OaaaetA. ffotrs*, raOTTDnWA, i IOWA. TE undersigned ha* Jast received an.1 fre|i« fittt lieneral Assortment of IIOOTS k SHOES, which h" offers to the tiadhlg public at tiring CALL AND SEE A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Richard'* three story Brick, Front Street, Otturawt*. JUST RECEIVED THE I.ARUKST AS80KTMRNT OF SJOYES Srer brought to Ottumwa. THE CITY TRADE: rr,0 MV FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOUlll say, that with «prUI reference to thrir wanw, I havt' »u|plieil myself with stork of Parlor, I'ox and other Stoves and ware* in my line, which for clieap nes» and il.iptatl(ni tn the l"niitn'U of the seuson, have never been e^Mitlleil In this market.. N. It. Do not fiil examine my i(6re' room office ptnve* hefore huyii'ir. Fifty Tons old Iron wanted. Also old copper, hraw, pewter, and rajrs, for which I will pa.r, In stoves ant tinware, the h^hest m«rket prices. Oct 13, l«s6rt-rh.1M2 A. D. CULVER. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, COMXEXCEMEX TOF THE SE VEX Til VOLUMB The Publisher# of TRH ATLANTIC MOXTBLT hatr® pleasure in announcing that the new volume, to com mence with the numher for January, ISM, will con tain features ot remarkable interest and attractive ness. Anionj» these, in.ty he namel A ^'OW !*OTF*l—NY Mrs. IIARRIKT DKKCBKR STOWK. author of I'ncle Tom's Cabin," and Tka Minis: er's Wooing." A Xrw ovcl"»R,r CnARi.*s Rrnn. author of Christie Johnstone," Pejf WoflBngton," etc. IV"e%v Sfories—Hy Nliss HARRIET PRESCOTT, a« thor of The Amber Gods," and Rob in's Qhost.* Itomanrr-Rv the aurhor of Holm**. JttMfK Ilun^ll I.huM, I,in//fi U'.tM E'Ufrmm. •fnhn (i. WUitti«r. Ji i'/oril Tn/lor. Eilwin P. Whipple. Jfennj (rile*. and oilier distinguished writers. cn i—i V#- o A BRRAGES, DEBEOKS Alpaceas MSRINOS, VAI.ENTIA Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS of every description of those CHEAP C.INGHAMS-Fast Colors. ZIXCOLXHATS, DOUGLAS BRECKINRIDGE BOOTS, CAPS, BELL EIUBONS, S.T \r*: RE now running .» U.iilj 1'JUI IIoi»e Line of Post Coaches, from Ottuinwa to llentcns)iort, passing throueh l)rske«v!lle, lllooiuiield, Troy, Strin^town and K osaui|ua, making sure connections with the Car? for Keokuk. Also a dai'y line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre vllle, connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to Corydon, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsvllle, Clarlnda, and through to Nehra lea City making qnick time and sure connecfious at all points along said liins. cr Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find It to their interest to take this route. tW Stage Office, corner Market A Front Streets. ttttumwa, July i»th, 1859. A. C. PARKS, Ag't. CLAIM AGENCY AND General Intelligence Office. A\*ASIll!*GTO^r CITY, D. C. rW^TIR nnd^r«lime.t would rcsnectfnllg offer M« «»r- WBSTKRS STOCKS,iBa L.»st)s, curement of UorsTT 300 ffT rxouan MCh-rl« Auchester," and "Counterparts." Also, Contributions In Prose and Poetry^hy Ifenrn H' l.»nqfellw. Xothiinitf If tilth (Hirer II'enrifH Diehard B. Klmbatk George S. /fillard. Rout Terry. Itve. Ih\ BeUotr*. Mr*. Fanny A'emhtii. CtuirU* E. Xorlon. W*th n/) Smgent. T. //iyyinvin. J, T. Troxebritiqt. TERMS: THRER DOLLARS PKR Anwrsr, nr Twimrt* rivncKNT.s A NI'MREH. t'pon the receipt of the sufc« scription price, the publishers will mall the work to any part of the United States, pre-paid. Subscription* may begin with either the first., or any subsequent number. The postage of the ATLAKTIO is .'{6 cents a year, if prepaid. The pages of the ATL.-NTIC are stereotyped, and hack numbers n be supplied. CLUltltlNO ARRANGEMENTS—Subscribers to pay their owu postage. Two copies for Five Dollars Five copies for Ten Dollars Eleven copies for Twenty Dollars. Booksellers and Newsmen will obtain the terms by application to the Publishers, TICKNOR k FIELDS, 188 Washington St., Boston. 1TEIT GOODS! NEW COO] U* Just received from the Kast at J. A. SCHWORM'S 1BOCERT PaOVISlON «rOKlS Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. LABOT AND SUMMON STOCK or Groceries and Confectioneries, I'riiitsA Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AMD RI'AL HAVANA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE 1* RETAIL. Qiuensware, Boots and Shoesy AH of which will be sold foi Cash-.J& flic Tery Lowest Market Prices, Or tmckanged ,Ar Country Product. WAXTKD—HIDES, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. Call ar.d examine goods and prices, iu Daum's brick oppOHite the Ottumwa House, Front-at. 0i loher Oth, cli-HO-oldl.Vl I Sr.VMF.ll ARRANGEMENTS I ONPS. and pro­ LANDS A*I LANDOKTAGFS PATKNTS, Pass­ ports to foreign countries. Pensions, Land Patents which have upon 11»e discontinuance of the various local land offices in the Western States been returned to the General Land Office in Washington City. Pat ents secured ii.r inventions. Caveats Hied, and all bu siness hefore tbe Patent OlMce alttnded to. Iu fact, will prosecute all kinds of Claims before the KxecutI ve Departments of the (1'jvernraenl, the Court of Claims, and Confess. Persons wishing business transacted, information or advice by letter, will please enclose a fee In order lo Insure a reply. C. P. CULVER. Reran to—Rev. P. I). Ourler, D. D., Washington city, I). C. lion. A. B. Greenwood, Com. Indian Af fairs, do lion. A. A. ltougla V. 8 9., Chicago, 111. Hon. G. K. Puj!^, T\ ?. S., Cincinnati, Ohio Co), o. W. Anderson, Louisville, Kv.: Col. Porter Celon, Janesville, I*. Hon. A. Wrii/lit, Ex-M. C., K(one, Ga. Hon. A. II. Sliph'-ns, Ex-M. C., Crawfordville, (t*. Gov. Ford, (Kx-Lleut. Gov.Mansfield, llhio Mr. J. W. Norrls, K.d. Courier, Ottumwa, leer a. 0^t.4,19«(J-:Ui-12-am. OTTUMWA Male and Female Seminary. Biv. J. M. McELROY, A M., Principal. MissM.C. HALLOWAY, I Miss M. E. WILSON, Asitatente. MKS LIZZIE D. WOODWARD, Drawing and French. RKV.. S. 11. WORCESTER, NOworthy Oil Palatlng. effort will be spareil to render this Institution the contiuued confidence of the frienilM of education. Tuition, per term of ten weeks from #3 to accord ing to the brunches studied. The next Term com mence* Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, ISM. For further informa tion write for a circular, or apply to the Principal ID person. [Sept. 27-211 12 ly. MII.MMIHY, nil.LIM:ilYI MRS. PARCEL!, has just returned from the East with a large and well selrcte 1 sto.-lc of Millinery Oooils •onsistint of Ribbons, Klowers, Keath"rs, Head Dresses, un.t |vet 11iIl.• 11-, uis i Dark Straw Honnetj in variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of ol her tfilngs too tedious to mention, for all of which she expects to find a demand, as her selec tion was made in refcence to the Increasing popula tion and improvements in the tittte of the ladies of Ottamwa a'id neighboring towns. Having the lutest styles for dresses and cloaks. Mm. I*. Intends to suit all who may favor her with a call. She intends keepingon h^nd a supply of If'urs and Corset*. 'idles. oetu—ai-i2-u-aia ESTBAY NOTICE. TAKCT up bv .lohn Reed athi? re«|»ten«»f tn fntt petiue Township, Wapello county Iowa, on th« loth day of December, IxiO, two estravn, one a Black mare Colt, supposed to he two years old last spring, and entirelv black, no other marks or brands n«ur ceivable. The other a Sorrel Iwirsc Colt, supposed to be two years old lastspring, bl le In the forehead, some wliite on left fore foot, nnd right hind foot, with a runaii:g sore on the left shoulder. The mare valued at $•'•. and lhe horse at #14, before Joseph Myers, a Justice ef the Peace. JlthEPil 1IAYNC, Cl'k. Jan. 4th, "11- 44 12-3m prices, at, Wholesale or Retail 4' ODKLL Indiana may be considered th« eoppor huretl'' tj pe of ^i»n!i in-i. I E S FOR CASH., LAWRENCE & CHAMBERS Opposite the Ottumwa House. 9HA hM| PHtla at ta nti p* |u4, gg Phub llMvy^anto* FtiMnti at -i'Vi 1 no PIKH new style Drew gee*. All Wool Oe Lalua. mH- kmthtmm FRINTt, aft MjrtM and UKRIXOU ALPACCAS. raacyr WMI Plaids tor LadlM aai ChllAM. HemlKee a*4 FeelSe De fcalae, Delwges, Ac. Lais Woo! Hoods, Shawls A N O O S UUFT STOCK or FLA.VXKLS, SATINKTTS, GASSIMERtS ARO TWEED8 AreaMMh larger «IMMI velvet SFCRED bi%H. 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 ones Men and Boys Boots Lovxr than they can be ImtgUi elsewhere. tO Bag* RIO COFFEE, t4 Bbls SUGAR!* *O kegs KAILS. CAXDY, TOBACCO, RAISLWS, SOAP, CANDLES, 8TAHC11, COTTOI* 1AB!K At Wholesale. LAWREXCE fc CHAMBERS) Ottumwa, Oct. 25, Isftl. 8ANX1N0, £XCHANS£, —AND— COLlsECTION OFFICE# OF EDWARD A. TEMPLE & CO, OTTUYWA, IOWA. Tnr SlfiHT DRAFTS Ol* NEW YORK* end other eastern points. In snmstesuit purchaser* andean also furnish Exchange on ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON GERMANY, FRANCE, SWEDEN, DENMARK, A.\'l ALL OTHER COUNTRIES OJF EUHOPKi a* well a« collect money,inheritaoce»,andeeery eth er claim Info. elgn counties. We receive Deposits and uisue Certificates which bear interest onlv by special agreement. COLI.EC i V made payable at our office, will be remitted for, at current rates of Exch inge and those maturing at other points, »ill lie collec'ed anil remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— We will also pay attention to securing andcollectldg doubtful debt*. Parties hjlding ITncurrent Money, ^Drafts, Cer­ tificates of Deposite, or Bills of Exchange', Payable AT SIGHT OR ON TIME, In any place,can hare them Cashed by calling at r'er office. T.4XES,-Wf have correspondents In nearly every county in Southern Iowa, and can pay taxes for non-residente and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required in advaece and all order* should be sent us by 1st of January. LAND NVAIiHANTS. We will at all times pay cash for Land Warrants, and will also attend to the location of them, or the entty with cash, of Government lan.Is, in IOW A, KANSAS, OK ^KBRISKAI We have ample asraogemenUfor the selection of Ae* siraHe laud* in the Territories, for individuals orfor Colonies. A. AADS.-We can furnish emigrants and other* with first rate Farms, in the central couotle* of this State, or with unimproved land in this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be had as "cheap as dirt." TOWX EOT8. We have over two hundred town lots in Chariton, Osceola, Afton and Mount t.vr, all good county Towns, three of whi.'h are on the line of the Ilurlitnton A Missouri K. R. R. To parties desiring residence or business 1. :s, in any of these points, we will gi vegood bargains. Parties at a distance, deslringinformation astothe property offered, are requested to correspond with as. AH others willplease call at. our olTice, on Market Bt.two doors from Front St., Ottuinwa, lowu. UPW'D A. CO. Oe*efcer«, 18M-n20-4w. ASSIGM.EH ^lOTICr. Notice Is horebv !vnt, th^t Smith A Neely of Eddy- Tllle, In the county if W apello, State of Iowa, have as signed to mi'all there property, real and personal, for the payment of their debts nnd heir creditors must, pre sent their claims, under oath or affirmation, to me, at my office. In the citv of Ed lyvilie, county of Wapello, State of Iowa, within litre* mouth* from the uale heie of Dated this 24d dav of October, 18ftI. No. *4-lil-G-w. R. W. ROYD, Aaslgnee. Opera EATING HOUSE. ,Gl ^IP A %Qjty FRESH OYSTERS In the Shell or Can, served in all styles, frivite parties sujiplied with refreshments or Snp peis on short notice. [Nov. 1.\ '60-tf CITY PROPERTY FOR *ALE. Private residence on Second Street, near comer of Marion, for sate at a bargain, and partly me. Possession-given linmedlntely. this office of Jauuary 26,'10. KSTRAY NOTICE. TAKEN up by a. A. McDowell, on the MU 4*7 mt November, 1^6', at his re»id.-nce in Keokuk Tp. I Wapello county, Iowa, One Whits Cow with a roan neck a'lH red etr*. Jfarked with two ^WHllow frks la the right ear. atid tw splits and a hole In 'J.t left ear. Supposed to be four years old last Spring, appraised at |IS Oil, before L. Rupe, Esq. JosKPII IIAYNIi, Cl*k. Qtteraea, Sec. 12th, '99* li IXAin NEW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, V DIRECT FROM THE CAST. C, C. Warden, o Is receiving mn'ncli 6 A V E E moved their Exchange ollice from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, and are .reps-ed to transact any business pert .ining to Hanking, l.xchRnce or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten year* In gout her n Iowa, will enable us to i coders at isfaction to ear patrons. We sell and NOW OP ENING a tarfeand faslithqable ttede or Y O O S AMD Ifotioi*, Cloth* St Camimere*, Hats, Caps, Bunts and Shoes.:™ And a complete a'«ortment of everything meet 111h wauls of iivlivi-liials or families in his lin* of rst'lp,cmprNni! in part j» follows Laim TrattUtf Drm O^l,. CrO©dS flain, Black and Fancy CassimcrM, Broad Cloth, Satinelfs, London, DNiiville. Middi.f,*a, 1ICKS, SHIRTINOS. STKIPES, CORDCitOYf, I^F.ACIII'.D JEAXS, DLWXr.YS, DRILLS, 'nJv' ^"^ Ac connom NRSLHI, I N S Of every Vitrirfy. ly! and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC (iINiIIAMS| Besides a jrr^at vort^frof I KOR MKN, WOMKN, AND CHILDREN, Which could not bo "immeiated in an advertisement like this. The only way lo appreciate the extent. I variety, and cheapness of hts stock will he to call and look through for yourselvea. 1 am alse receiving I a well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES. such as Tea. Coffee, Su car, Rice, Dried Prait,8*4t, i Tobacco, Vinegar, Sloap, Ac. HA Itl ir.I Itt: S CUTLER Y Gla'satul Nails, LI iiliVra material HIWI hmisp ft*rmi-liintr goods. A for'lie Ii:nfs ahil for this vicinity, all of which lie is anxion* to difpojp of for tnr» r«adv pav. or to npproved cnifomT*. All kinds of Country produce takpii in paj' for Goods. Ho solicit* an examination of tc^odn and prices and v ill take pleasure in sliowinj| you through whether jrou buy t»r not C. C. WARDEIf. April 12 ISdrt. OT VM w A v 6 CARRIA.OK FACH )H Y! THE underslBii would respectully «o ieit the «t tenti.n ofthe puhlic to the faeiliti. .-f n hich he now pr!«ess for man-.ifaeturiii|t I'AHlIlAiil.P A W AO 0X.y, ofe-'er.v description, after the most improved aisles, as ijood as can*be obtained K*at, and upouaat Ufactory terms. Those w shin^ to purchase wlllplease call and es amine my itock. ty"Kepairing promptly attended to. A. lIALDVn. Ottumwa, Mar. 1st,ISSP-fl"-!* 0 OGDEN & CO P, to Nfundenball & AV!utli u* i, I 0 Foivardinf 1 1 The a n u i n i i s s i MERCHANTS Oenoral Freight- Agents. NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTrmwA il#ii. jy Liberal Cash advances made on Produce fcr Shipment. Tcrmt Invariably Cash. F^Thosehaving unsettled accounts.or notes due,: Will please call an.l pay up. J- W. BUOWX. Ot' UIIIV* a. Ft h. 1 OT li, 1 .VJ. 4s PLOW r.AKIX«i THE*ubacr.eerrespectfulIyInforms hisfr lends and i the pu lie L'ener-.lly, Uiat he manafacture* all' kinds or plows, and is preptred to supply the Farmer* of Wapello o with an article unsurpasscdiu material i and workmanship. Illacksmithing lu all its various branches, horse shoeing.ox-shoeing,and jobbing of all kind?. |jy"Remember the place, the Lower Steam Mill.' AARON MYER5. Ottumwa.Feb. lltli.lW-n.M)-» i INS I itAX'v'K. NEW ENGLAND FIEl ASI) MAITLXK INSURANCE COMPANY HARTFORD CHAKTfRtDCAPITALS 55MM. qCASH CAPITAL.S200.000. *~AVitJi i 1 fSurjdus. rr Policies Issued on as favorab! any other solvent Company. SPSG?ai: NOTICE! HonE IIM'BAXCfi CO.HFAIY! or XQW ,YI €»«k Capital, $1,000,000! Asset ts, 1st Jannary, 1SA0, $1,4SS,3M 2ft. Liabiiitlee, 4*. CHARLES.! MARTI!F r«8)ltp«. A. F. WILI.VARTM, Vice President, J. MILTOSSMITH,Secretary. TIIJ^ RBO Proprietors. Front Street, first door East of Pumroy's Drug Store, OTTI n\¥A, IOWA. ME \L3 served at all hours. well known and reliable Company having established an Agency at Ottumwa, for Wapello count.*- and vlclulty, are prepared to Insure lvvellin^. Stores, ,inl other Buildings*, VIICH ANDIZE and Fl*RITI' RE, a?alnst age bv FIRK, on terms as fav irahle as the nature or the risks, and the real security ef the insured, nud of the company will warruu*. This company is managed by live, busine* men, most of whom are known to the Merchant* and Tra ders of this comtnnnlty, and whose names are a guar anty that its business will be conducted I airly nnd honorably. nWEI.LINOS md FARM PROPERTY In 'rV V sured for periods of TUKEfc or FIVE years al i' rat«r». Lj i J. W. Enquire at NORRI8. \ea tjuUa' ly adjusted and proittji/iy jiaid! Application* received and KMiaiiiiii I V*##tUIII£ U It U wuiitllliuvi '"v through Freight, property can now I -1 i, fed by thfi i Bue between 1 hu ng.. Philadelpliia. |tH:t niore, Ree 11-34 tfc City !foat !tfarkcf. Front St. 2 doors east Carroll House. i IOWA. II Esubscrlber, grateful fo- j.:.^t favors, would say to i,:.lie that his market, op u _™— ,ie:irly five year* ago. is still in full blast, with increased facilities to furnish seasonable me iTs'»f.i[I kinks at all reasonahle hours, at the low est livirates. Tallow, Lard,Sausages, and ovtry tliing usually kept in a City Market for sale. The highest market price in cash paid for FatStock at Wholesale an 1 Uetail. RAILROADS. •TATIOS*. Ottumwa, AKeuey t'IVy, atu\ i.i, Whitfield, Pnirfleld. Olendale, hei aili|Ua, lt. Pleasant, N.5H ».Ut 9.48 llt.l* lir.1l ll.iw arrive i policies Issued without delay. EDMUND L. JOY, I 1st, day of December, lslhl, one Bay Mare of lhe fol MarchS^-H-lr. A^otaC j|«wing description to It One Bay Mare supposed he'tlve vear« old. bl ick mane and tail, black leet, A.** llHrliiigiOii dc lTliwvuri M« K*i* c^Alfor. or TIME. "%&'* y ANn AFTKK NOV. *«, and until furthe^ tlce is irlven, Passenger Trains aill leavv-Miil arrive a* follows v. 0-0I3STC3- WEST «t»TIOSS. Blirliniilon, MidilK to%a, Danville, New l,on.|»»». Mi. Picasaa'., Cloo- :i 11 quia, Ulendale. Fairfield, Whitfield, Batavia, Agency Citv, Ottumwa, ACCOMMOBATIOS. S.O(I ni,leave, •.',4 rxraKf#^ 1l.lAa ni.toav* 11.4 s 1S.01 «.« 4 2T t.«6 1.SU 1.4* «.ia 6.56 T. M.oa S.SlltM'rfV*. 9jSt O-OIlsTO- EAS* JICI OMMOP »TIOW 4.4.*i a. ui. leave. uritiitf. a. m. learf 11.44 42.D6 12.34 1SW 5.ft0 6.i8 T.4 7.4» 4 o ts I.J s as K.4S ».2W arrlv J. «. KKAll, Vice I'res't and Sup't. Chicago! Burlington & Quincy, DEPARTURES: |«1 lsnrnlnc I*a«tweii|r'r leaves Itnr. 15 a.te 2«l Accnmtuotlaliott do jlo do 2.46 p.ra 3d Evrniiit do do do I.Wp.a ARRIVALS: 1 «t norn'vl'aswenner arrives at Itnr. T.1S a.m 2«1 Aeroind'u n.i do An ?.)f»p.«it 3l do do T. IS p. in The ahovo trains make close connections with' tha II. A M. K. R. «l Burlingtoli. and with all the |pe»t eastern thoroughfares at Chicago. I. KCMICR. fren'l *(r't C., li. Q.R.R i J. R. WTTMROW, Passernrer Aitnit, Ottuina a. PlTT-HI nd has an etiiire »lo-k complete iii oicrvtliiiiff thai »vould cnmprt««» CII WATXK A\D Ri FORT ClIit'Afifl l5Atl.l:OAI) Novr e,i:npi -t(.i|. iitnl ir-ar* run from Chicaj[f to t^ hurg without chaii(?»-, ronneetinir with the GREAT PKNX?YLVANI\ C»f\TRAL RAlLltOAf) To Xew V.r!c, PhiUdelphiu, Ilaltimore and Waslilng^ ton City, and all the inttrlor towns of Penn«l« vat la. New Jersy, Xew Ver!, Marvlnm', A«." Merchants l»y taking this route will have the benefit ef ail the eastern markets at no additional cost. Iia^'tra|ce ehct keil iliruuj'h. TrHiii! leave tin- urpoi, corner Ma^li^on and Canal alreet«, west »)tle, twice duil on arritul of train* fren the west. connecting at Crestline wl'.li Cleveland and ^.ake .^liore Railroad lo Dunkirk, buffalo, 'M nir ir i Kail5, Xew York a'lM Boston, nisd allth*: inler'un torn.* o. New Ku^laud via New York C'viitral aitd .New York & fct ie Uail|"o ids. Alhf fonth to t'duuil»u, /.-iTit svlt'e, Newark, Mr. Vernon, St ubenvlll'-. Wheeling, and interior t.»n-» of Ohio atid Virginia. The «l»ove train" connect at Korest with trains ofr Slad River Roal t•• Springfield.'l-'rhHtin, I»ayton and Cincit natL Also, with ualns at Lima f*r Dayton ani CiticiniisRI, I'lreet. FAKE AS LOW AP DV ANY OTHER ROUTS. l*a*senir«-rs hound e ist *511 find this route b#lh pleasant and titireeahle, passion IhroLa roaJi. of the liirpi'st anil titu -t ei i^« in tl:e 1'uiied Males. •, I'iipsenners urriviii) in Chicago on any of the road* will nd attentive check a?ints at the depots to re» ceive checks and couvej ha^^a^e free of charge to (lie Piltshr.rir and Chicspo cars. Meepiny ears accompany each train. Tieket for sale at .-ill the principal Ticket Officcs In the We.-', at:d at the Company's Ofio f. corner of l!an* dolph and Ufirborn streets, opjiosite the Kevei House, or at t'.e lu-fot, est side, corm of Canal uiii Van Kuren streets. Chicago. Tt'r Be particular to ask for ticket* by Fort Wayne.' It. F. PATRICK, Ticket Ag«t^' Freight of a'l kinds will be carried from Chieafe »e TO MERCHANTS AND SHIPPI*. The Pittshurg, Fort Wayne at'.il Cblei^p Raljr'»d rort ^a.vne mui vlii'^sp Tork and Itoston, witli ptomptness atirt il. ^patch Contmi'tj* can he mnitt at the placet No. 2 A«hr House, New Yuri No. I S. William st., do No. Battery place, do No. 77 Washington St.. BostoT, .No. I'ock st.. Philadelphia le|Mtt, North street, RaltliuHr-e. Depot, Charles street. West a Me, near Van If reel bridge, Chicago. Marti packages via P., rt. Wayne A C. R. R. »*j Eor further information spplj to J.U«. W. MUSSON, Freight Ag'tChlea^. J. J. HorsTON, (len'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicago, Mar. Is, 1S60. yu«fi«i,PASsr^(3f BOI TK, V V, i -VIA New York Central, Great Westertij And connecting Roads to and from IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. (the The Road* forming this old and reliable renteIfcMB Seaboard and the West, have organised a ,, iFAST FREIGHT LINE? Giviuri perfect reli.iliiiiiy and greatly Increased 7 difcpatch to Freight—the trains forming the Line, East and West, run with the same 1 regularity, making as sure connaeUea at the terminus ot each Roait at: Through Passenger Trains. CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads diveiytag from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely npea Varlng their goods receive utmost despatch. Ttring the Season of Xarljatiov, ihe Fire k Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shipped via Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts iu many cases to More ihan the difference between rail or water rate* of freight, besides tbe difference of time, as will bes^eubv the following comparative statement wf iw^f*w«**vtil by »eiuiing good* all the way by rail road Value per tod lbs. IVy good, jin'l ast'm't^ $80.00 Hooka and Stationery (cotn'nl 72.OM (ieu I stock, groceries (egcept Am'tlns. per loo lbs, at iiper ct. pre 80 CenU 54 Snirars and coffees, frt IW )8 Boots ,t Shoes (av'ge val.) «4.oil W I»ru«Ki*tj'ai«rocciE' city as'tm144.00 83 II»t«, i ftps A fui« (*ml as'fm'l) Sfi.iw.t OB Hardware (elieif g"oU (jeii'ly) S6.H) *j» Reclamaitonx Ppomjtthj and Fairly Ad Mark Packages, "'Fast Exgress Line, viaG. W. E." |IX NEW YORK\t"r terras hy •enger Dej' i'. WHrrcn Company. A A. STt'ARX, Af*., I y V) deliver goods at Bpston and For OttuiKH ami vufnity. IA 1 U.\ iroodfi »t }lv4* River E»i ro,jd 1f. St., at Canal st. Depot. WorCe,u.r K4 nnd mark as above. n ro E:s"\.ir.i •"-•iiul rrv»»bt of.ev»n- d-*pr!pt!- will be forwrirde-' st low est current rate,., »n.l Ifrnni estei n Roail*, should'je consigned to W LI. JNti FORD, Chicago." ttr-URKAT WESTERN U 11LW AY Detroit.'* For the transportation if Live Stock tft Ituflalo, A*1 bany, Ne» York au.l lio-tvu-. Ihis route is uuequjlled r.u speed, stock cars. Sleeping cars for Drovers, and Spacious and con\ ruiei.i arils for slock, i.:akxiig it A most dc.sirublc ryut« tor Shippers. Through hills of Ladinc c'ven. and Reelsmationp paid, at any of the uipani s ofHces. C. J. BltYDUES, Managlni: D'eect«»r O. W. R., |itin. jl I.1CS MOVifS, lienl'A^r. Buffalo. THOS. l.KLL, Getil Fr'l Av». Hamilton. W. J. PPICF.R, Ag«. Detroit. E. P. REACH, A ^t *TS Broadway, N. Y. O. KIMBALL, A^t Stale ot., Boston. A. U A I O K W e s e A Cor. LaVe an.l Dearborn Sts., opp. Tremont House Match r, lin CII1CAOO eg^li: VNDkRSHlNED are desirous of or dam­ IAKTF0RD FIRE INSURAXfE 001PAM, i^l.ite^p^ln «he forehead no"th^^^ marks or l.r.nd. sMh«*rt*eiviah!i». JIIHI to woun lhlM*fl\' OF 1IARTFORD, CONN., jtlollars CHARTER PERPETUAL. J, ci!«iic*!rrAL,. ..^ ...... $1,''00,000. c*eiT*u, run iiiNi,il00. ci'«rii-!i, SiW,u00. The retutation se?wfre4 duiln* the last tlfty vear?, !y an honorable course tn the transact ion of its bosluess, and the prompt and liberal settlement of Losses, together with the character of the securities composing It* Asse's, en'llle the Com pany to the utmost confidence of he puMlc, as aflfard nig reliable lnsut aurt against loss or damage t.y fire. i s^curlngthe -rvices of a few Young Men to engage Tn n T^avt '.ling Agency, upon a salary of Y i .\n$rER.vnxTir, an all expenses paid. This is an opportunity seldom offered, nn.l to thos* who merit the appi ohatlon of the Subscribers, hy strict busine**, can rely upon constant employment for a term ef years. For further particulats ad.ii -s* CONANT A DRAKE, Si Main St., Alkinsou Dspat, Jf. It. Sni EKTUAY '5IOTICK, Township, Wapello County lows, on the before I MCDlt Pni] ITI? I), n a ia said Co J08ICPH DAYNE,Clerk, In vOKrOli A 1 L. U» A. D. I 8 A O. w Go J.Whipple, a Justice of Oe e .{ j, Um |th, Deputy. no-41 In KSTRAT NOT HE. FM^AKF.N up by sniar Moo--«, llrlag in Keokuk M_ Township, Uapelio Counir, l..wa, on tbe Mh day I December, iNjll, one Sor.el Mare of th. follow ing de-eripfion. to wit. One sorrel mare ahout three years It. II STILES. Ag»ri». nT 11 04sw^we,*s^s. old next spring, star in the face, and a white stripe from her nostril up to near her eye. aerrel metis and tail, U ft hiu.i foot white, and th* otter bind foat sinned Said mare appraised to be worth foriy-Avs dollars before A. A Douglas, Esq. lc*« I s :ii-LHt»

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