Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, January 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated January 23, 1861 Page 2
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k 'fit* i 1 S 11 I *«5' Ml ?f -5 ,-j :«3 *j $ j. 1 Sjrc Dttumlu i (Courier. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. M. W. KORRSN, EDITOR. •5rTUMWA7' lowj^ T. a Jan. 29, ISM. ^K.nt „f the fiiciids of the I iiion, tind the uitiiuite '^fope, out of tha ruin*, to re-coiwtrwct pnrli\s Ot get up a new on-"! which they can roulru' MtJ diivct in a manner tosiibscrw theitown fit'poses and iii'ereU. It unttrs not to tiles.: in?n t'lat the Uni n of the Stat s is in ii influence I by none or those nisi ler.ilions tot tioi rectors of the whirl-wind." Those men are Hie nnst as ton i tetar them talk about compromise. They '#n't know even the sijinificniavo'f'ii^^rni. ^ISy them and they will be fund a':n f»rsally to mean, not mutual eonco ^io.i, but •'Wholesale concession to them of all tiny feire ever elaiiiied, and even more. .^The present difficulties can be ar.d we 'fjlnk will be, settled but it will not he by keeping alive partisan nnimo.ity, or con- staing from giving "aid and comf.rt," those in rebellion, and by ren lenn- Other. Which shall it be The Democrats have called a State Con vention at Des Moines, Jan. 31st. We are M&rrytosee calls Ibr party conventions, at 4|(is timo. We nogleeteJ to notice last week a large Union meeting at Fairfield, on the 8th. Geo. strong at Fairfield, as indeed, it is ever/- Binder, that treason nsun-t the government i .i it i i ii,„ .. i the United Stales—and the flunkies and the Mi a w s i s n e i n e a n a n u i u y #tlls np )n every patriot, every f. iond of li s countrv and race, to lay as'de for the time inj, all partizan fee'.it\» arid selfish pn po-e, and unite with all other l?ni-m in -n, fie preservation of thee instituiioox, hit n led down by a s tinted ancestry—these mvn an ... ire pirtiaa:is,notw»t.iotnnd tbuing partizm intrigue. It can only 'Je1'f,lt tTfiion by an abhoirence, deep mvl heart, «vpr^nttiy^ i" t'on-ress, imj.lonng them felt, of treason and traitors by careful ab-'to is it is. There are but two parties now.-' »|nre is a Un,o:i and a Disunion party. Eve-1tl,at ry citizen mu^t belong to the one or the i Mnn« Wcwi. next State Fair was appointed at AJcheson presided, and delivered an able and t^^untry wouldli'called u'p patriotic speech. The Union feeling I Wiere in the North. triumph of traitors. No: Let the South Tuesday demand now all it may want for thc next The Democrats of the HI., Legislature have century, or, at least, until a better breed ot concluded not to resign. One, however, did men shall inhabit the North. Let us sound CQsign, and an election to fill vacancy is the lowest possible depths of degr dation ordered. at once. A speedy descent to'the lowest 2000 men were in the Navy Yard at Pen- P()Sihle point ifiay perchance be followed by SJ|(XIA, Fa., on the l!)th. Troops were arri- upward movement, but we should never Vbig from all directions. Not decided wheth- ilhtellkl StoMKH mM*Sc* Orleans, 19th, for 5*2,000. The House of Alabama Legislature, passed Mi act, that pilots bringing vessels into Mo Mle, bo fine 1 and imprisoned, and ordTed fcfeacons and land mirks destroyed *t dis CJetion. Wivy, advised Col. Jlavn'-' to consult Gov. Pickens before demanding surrender of Ft. i 011 Hunter has resigned ChairmuisJiip of Fi l^nce Committee. Sev -ral ships in Gulf adron have been ordered home. .A fugitive slave. i?y, was under exam Illation before U. S. Court at Cleveland, on fist Unsuccessful attempt at rescue. Numerous applications from the South for Bs stage stamps. They don't get them un under pledge to respond to Uncle Sam. Six thousand stand of arm* sent South flfipm Watertowii, Conn. In the Ga. Convention, on motion of Mr. ^Pjwm'is, a defiant resolution, in response to HBsolutions of N. Y. Legislature, passed, and ordered to be sent to N. Y. Alabama. Mississippi and Florida Delega tions withdrew from Congress on the 21 St. Same day, Lovojoy presented a memorial of III. Methodist clergymen. Objected to by the South, but finally laid on the table. The Kansas bill passed the Senate. w —if -iil' Timely Warning. We owe it to the people of the North, as public journalist«, to warn them that th"y jure about to In- betrayed nnd sold out. The bourse pursued by the South is nlow'y but Jnurdy doinj its inter:rl -1 work. The on»ct- S(M.ejssi n to the present diuicuhies, a pnr!i/.an d.rcc- .. a n n v i s i n s e o n i n o i v a t- i w n tkn, with the manifest purpose ol dividing i •,.,» TT «n ordinance* by tiro or three „,rc. St:it"S tb seizure of ft few tnore Drmncosittt at Work# i i forts, arsenals nnd munition* of war tin An cflort is ma\iimhy deiiinjo (live iWl v ,.. ,. 'co ilW:it oi of addition-il cargoes of powder the maltreating and iniml.Tin^ of yet other ,y i Counlv and Stat- onvontio is they express mir men of Northern orijrui 11 some more wno vctel for fjinmhi, or win. not d..i.ig so, be lieve his election is not sufTL'icnt crm.Eof SJ wssion the fiiiiii a f-w jnore times ujion our national ila.r, and the utterance of a few ai re treasonable speeches in the Senate of E V thpir to thought, word an 1 *ed, prompt and nnquali fl^ed suppirt to the Constitution and Union D,m^s 1 of tho !(if,ud( The State Agricultural Society met at Pes in,itors had shown their teeth—before they Moines last week. (»eo. (.«. ti rhl was re- had fired upon the national flag, seized the elected President, Mark Miller ice Prcsi- national pv©pr\ty within their respective *nt, and J. II. Wallace, Secretary. II. Ihir- Sta'es, and defie 1 the Federal Government. Ijjy, R. Seevers, I)r. Wright, II. OLns'ead, [t «-oi Id seem that the threats were intended ilid P. Melendy, were eleet -d Directors 0Illy SIM :n Ant for, and had arrived at Oskaloosa. Last imports, we jire glad to pay, represent Judge If right .somewhat better. .^ their s.-ction, their principles, an 1 theirmanhoo l, by voting for in *h»c a lime when both classes had only brave nnd defiant words for traitors and rebels. When 1,is ,rfulk ^acc'1' trt ason musl 1,0 t1 no^ «ty, Sept. 24th, to continue 4 dty*. Thejin^,^ For tlu former an avenging arm wte was, Iowa City 38, Bur'.ingtoh 4. jand a terrible retribution—f. the latter, lion. Geo. G. Wright was severely injur words of kindness and conciliatl tvarid (nett­| ed one diy last!c, abmr two miles nor.h ures of concession only. 0f Oskaloosa, on his return from Pes Mt.ines. Has a^J manhood clean gone out of the There was danger of the sleigh in which he Noit'i Are all the stead fatness of purpose KTas riding upsetting and juin I give but bii satisfaction to a section that never fails get what it demands and in on to rec'ove1' from a to resist attack of Florida troops on the !of fenerations, and so in,gained in our very Furt. soul-?. In pity then, let tho South complete tt,J i fcnnoSMO Convention BkJ on Dfb «f |h„rim K nth northern politicians. 1, .t T, wliite Hag from Sumpter, demanded cessation tf erecting fortifications by S. C. Powder, Shot and Shells, were shippc I from Va., to Charleston on the lilth. Poney Kxpress. at Ft. Kearney, on the fC'th, report Gov Denver's chances best for Senator from California. avc'r.V*s'1:i the 19th, very much encouraged Let the South iucrcase her demands to this •t prospect of adjustnicnt, after intercourse cxt ,,nt hilc K jie is nll( I 0 1 .A stoniiy Union meeting was hel at ,. Pittsburgh on the lDth. A mujoiitv opposed ^a^or conceding to her present demands, a)| compromises. will be equally clamorous for the balance. •jLieut. Talbot reached Charleston on the 1 II th. II is report pioduced gloomy fwlinjp.! this crisis, but that hope does not rest ^py. and Cabinet in session all night. A Gitiieral N Hum TUKASOX.— Judge Smallcy, of the U. S. Circuit Court, in his charge to the Grand Jury of New York, on Fridaj', de clared South Carolitu gu lty of high treason. The Southerners threaten to confiscate Judge Douglas' plantation and negroes ip Mississippi, unless he keeps still at Wash ington or stand* by them iu their secession )vcin3#bfc "Tbit explains the Judge's po hisio:i. V i There was an effort Yirginia declines replying to the South, turc in that city but the scoundrels who until after her Convention is held. undertook the job were foiled. Gov. Pickens sent fresh provisions in li'imii i I «luurhfiec v.n I the cowards of the North will b^ upo i thdr knees, beggin for terms. It is impossible t»be nvstaken in thisniatter. On a'l si les the i-idieations thicken of nn ig no:»in'om surrendiT. The Noi thorn I)c »cracv are cverv wh 're caving in. In the mate, utiles* the whole North surrenders. th**v«ill turn their guns upon those who .* ishine thir'p the world is to ... L- nltnut piMniiroini«. TIIHV o i e- I n e s e o s i i o n s e y a o i n e 1 nrn bv a frank nnJ unqualified recognition Imvn ™»try, the latter are equally active in of the great and inestimable blessings of the ^Ui"S "P dcdare,i l!lt of lhw lmvn and the coun,r* c,,r°rc1,1 la'vs thc nalio,b wh"la l10Wcr if lhe Hcmow-acy of the North with one voice echoed and np- his words. But that was before the 1 IV :n llic Cliicnpc Trilunc. Oitr !dncc ,, ,. i v e u n i o v a i v e e n o a a i e s —bv men of capita' an 1 '.3' men intent up^n the profits of trade—'y men who own ships an 1 manufactories and merchandise —ly men who put a market price upon principles, nnd 1 who cmnt ease and personal safety of more i value than honor an patriotism. While the {former are holding their conventions the {undis^ui-ed purpose of giving aid and com- who are in arms against their nM'1 ^»'»t n? P^tit ons to their 1 .nitor.s or traitors in pom— (0 eison on a larg' scale, or to traitors out his and all the courare of the country in the feet Hew from under him and lie fcl', the possession of those who are in arms against back of his head coming in contact with the the gevernment? Have we sunk so low He was taken to Oskaloosa in r.n in- that we hasten to swallow evcrv brave word fMinsible condition, and cured »r at the resi- I we have uttered, the moment danger appears dtnee of \\r. 11. Street. Mrs. Wright was invijw? If so, then it matters not what may come, we c.umot be dishonored. The State Register says there will be no extra session of the Legislature of this $tate, unless the ^tate of the country should render a call upon the State formilitaiy ail necessary, in which event the Legislature would be called together in l)rn^'SSC(^ adherents, in Gods name let extraordinary session. every rema ning vestige of liberty be given up at once. Why stop with recognizing property in man—wi incorporating a Slave ,code into tho Federal Constitution—with paying the South in mey for all i's fuga [ciou-chattels Such an adjustment would And nov, if there is nit einu/j of muili ncss and of principle left at the North to meet this crisis, let the con sequences be what th^y may, without surrender, then let us beg of the South not to be modest in their terms. If whenever a demand is made in behalf of Slavery, Freedom is to be betray by 1 1 pass through another crisis, to be set- ttjd hy thc hutniliation of tlic Norlh and the 1 degredation that is the work Leth.ra.M.othooAordc mands the re-opening of the African slave trade—that our outward bound ships shall go freighted with cotton, and no vessel shall enter our ports that docs not bring a full cargo of slaves—that capital, every where, I shall own its labor, that no disti iction shall hereafter be made, in law, between the la- (lf lh Swlh 01lJ of (Ill 1 North—tha e nuary. North—that the distinction of free and slave viall le forever abolished, and that all ie alike lawful in every State, jHmipter. and the slaveholder's rights of property be »lion. Mr. Rives, of Va., left Washington protected in every land and on every sea.— ||i Va., Col Hvor of Army, and Com. Shubrieh,' Statos s!(al| 1 ,ut it _an(1 our won! it, thc same men at the North who are in There is yet a single hope for f.eedom in on the Nl(l tJl If ,lie Sl)Uth Carolinians would only make a determined assault upon Fort Sumpter, level its walls to the sea, and slaughter its gallant commander nnd all his men—then perhnp the North would arise in vindication of the Constitution and laws, and teach the South that this country nnd government wire not made wholly for slave holder. That is now almost our only hope.— CJtieug* Tribune. 1110b .1 .11 il i- 1 he sn w is very deep on the Hannibal« WHJ. Anderson on thc 21st. Declined such, ..... favors until instructed from Washington. St. Joseph Ilai'road, .No fighting at I'harlosluii yet. i numerous c.irs were "s.iowed in." Henry Ward Beecher at New Haven, after his recent lec- 111 Mo., so much so that Washington LctiM'. Sir. SrunntN SpiM'cl»~«»TI»r Anxiety to Hear it—IIIIH il WA« Itccrivcd. WASHINGTON*, Jan. 14,1861. Never in the history of the Ameiicm Con- gross has there b'-vn witnessed so intense an anxiety 0 bear a speech asth.'.t which prece ded thedilivery of Mr. Seward's, on iiatur-1 day afternoon. This absorbing interest was not confined to Washington, hut extended throughout the Union. T'-lcf-ranhic dis patches denoting the drift and points of the spe ch were teli graphed every fifteen rnin ntes various cities. Mr. Seward ha bis remarks printed in advance of lh"ir delivery,! and copies were sent to the 1 'adin:r papers in s»aport cities, simultaneous!}* with its ut terance here. No speech ever received in this country so wide a perusal in so brief n! time. Millions have already read it and! cviTV word and sentence has !ecn weighed and "considered. The effect that it will pro- remains le seen. What gave so mu 'li interest nnd weight I to the Senator's words, was tqe belief that it was equivalent to a speech from Lincoln him self, lie sp ike on the great cri-i.s as the I Premier of the new Admnistra ioi\ and au 1 thoritatively indicated to thc country the full extent to which Mr. Lincoln is prepared to go in the direct:on of concessions to the Oli garchy, and the dicy he will pursue in re Mst'ng secession and ujdioMing the Union. Mr. Seward spike not for himself, or #s a Sena!or, but as the Prime Minister f*r the new Administratis n. Hence the importance which popular belief attached to his oracular utterances, and the irrepressible desire to hear the speech. Men came here from Bos ton, Buffalo, New York, Richmond, Balti more and elsewhere—too impatient to wait a few hours or minutes to read it in the papers. Hours before the Senate met, the galleries were 'full to crushing and fainting. The lobbies and clork rooms wcrelitcrally packed with an anxious throng. The floor of the Senate was invaded by hundreds of ladies who were the wives and daughters of mem ber. an.l Cabinet Ministers. But so offens ivc was their presence to thc immaculate nnd sensitive Toombs, that he grullly insisted on the enforcement of the rules in relation to priviled *d persons, which expelled them from thc chamber. They unanimously voted him a brute as well as traitor in which verdict few of the nt&les declined to acqui esce. Long aft the surging crowd had jammed the halls and entrances and blocked the ap proaehes to the chamber, the living stream continued to flow towards the Senate wing of the Capitol. A part of the overflow swept into the spacious House naileries, tilling them w't'i a disappointed audience to witness the withdrawal of the Mississippi disunion mcni IKTS, and the passage of the Navy Appro priation bill, which Sherman by skillful ma I neuvcring managed to get through the House. Mr. Seward commenced speaking at twen ty minutes to one, and consumed over two hours in the delivery of his discourse lie spoke slowly, making frequent pauses, and often with much pathos. When he drew Iiis grand picture of the greatness and glory of the Union, and ther. drew the dark outlines of a dismembered Republic, grave Senators freely shed tears, and thc stillness of death reigned in the chmaber, as the vast audience strain 1 their caiv and eyes to catch every tone and gesture. The scene was deeply impressive, as the great man, clothed with authority to.speak in behalf of a powerful nnd vict trious party to the defnted minority who refuse 1 to submit to the popular verdict, plead for Ahc Union, and depicted thc evils and horrors that would befall those who were madly bent on its destruction. The whole diplomatic cirps were present, and gave the docpest attention to every word. When he concluded, many of them anxiously inquired of Senators to know whether his views would be accepted, and if the difficulty would be healed? Thc foreign ministers, without exception, regard the Secessionists jas palpably in the wrong. They can see no .just or sufficient cause for the wicked course the Disunionists are pursuing and such is the verdict of all civilized nations. All Eu rope dedan s that the alleged grievances of thc .slaveholder are unfounded, and their i demands for "great concessions" unjustilia-, hie nnd preposterous. But how was the speech received The Toombs and Wigfall school of politicians rid-1 icule it. and scornfully repel the proffered olive branch. No compromises with the North, no union with the free States, are their declarations. Crittenden says it will do as a first step towards conciliation, but there can be no peace until the Republicans give up their principles, and accept his slave code propositions. The reconstructionists, of the Hunter and Breckinridge school, say there is 110 use in talking of compromises until after the Union is dissolved. A Southern Con-' federaey must first be erected. When it has made a Constitution to suit the slaveholders, then such of the free States as will accept such Constitution will be admitted into the Southern Confederacy. Crittenden's slave code compromise is put forward to distract and divide the North while the wark of dis union is being carried forward. It is for this base purpose the poor, frail, old mnn, i now verging on second childhood, is pushed be the crafty, cunning conspirators. i With all moderate men Mr. Seward's! speech must produce a happy effect. It 1 cannot be ot.herw'se. Some of the more' radical Rej ublicans consider it a letting down, and complain, that if not an abandonment of principle, it is too temporizing in the face of treason. But thc majority view it differently, Mr. Seward being about to enter the Cabinet, and believing that civil war is eminent, de termined i.i behalf of Mr. Lincoln and the i Republican party, to offer as liberal a propo-1 sition to the slaveholders, as could be done without an abdication of cherished principles and a betrayal of the rights of the free labor i masses. He went to the utmost verge of con 1 cession short of humiliation and dishonorable surrender. Could he have gone an inch far- ther without abandoning the platform of his own party "and of conceding away a part of the platform of the Northern Democracy He offers the South a faithful observance of1 the Fugitive Slave Law, with such modifier:- i tions of the lan- as will not oblige citizens I against their will to chase fugitives, nnd as i 1 will protect free men from being carried off, 1 into slavery. He proposes the repeal of all Personal Liberty bills contravening the Con stitution or the laws of Congress. He pro perly isks also to have repealed all Southern police regulations for the imprisonment and selling into slavery Northern seamen of color 1 whose vessels may touch Southern ports.— As it is unscrupulously charged that the 1 I Republicans intend to interfere with Slavery* in the States, he proposes a Constitutional I amendment denying that power to Congress or States, forever. lie proposes after the) admission of Kansas, to pass enabling acts 1 admitting all the residue of the territories in i two States, with whatever Constitution they i may adopt, with provision, if it be constitu-' tional, for future subdivision into more States. He proposes the construction of two great] I Pacific Railroads, one of which shall connect. I the ports around the mouths of the Mis.sis.Mp I pi, for the benefit of the South and the, other to connect the towns on the Mississippi river and on the Lakes with the harbors on the Pacific coast, for the benefit of the Free States and, lastly, he is in favor of calling a Constitutional Convention, one, two or three years hence, when the present eccentric movements of secession and disunion shall have ended, and the public mind calmed down to the reasoning point, to consider and decide whether any, and what, amendments of the organic national law ought to be made. Once iu a century he thinks it may become necessary to revise the National Constitu-' tiou. Now, what more r.wld he have offi-red What other concessions have the Northern people to propose The slave-holders demand that slaves shall be recognized as property by the Const.tution that free Territory shall be converted into slave territory that a slave «Ufii (jyiiillfty^ mmmm code shall be extended ing to dismember sai'd-k"* over thc public main that they shall thc do­ have tho that right to take their slaves with them into tho free States an 1, finally, the African slave trade shall be re-cp-ned, as that legitimately and ine vitably follows thc other concessions. Now, these demands can never he complied with. a^ccpt State*, at*! thc la vSmade Itt,,Mnec tl.vre- of, are the supreme law of the land, a a- foundation. Detachments of French tivefMf which were under order for China, were s nt to ire inforce thc troops in Syria. Pacrio wa= elected president of the electo ral committee at Naples. It was reported that a Sardinian loan of three millions frances, was about tobe nego tiated in Paris. An insignificant re-action at Naples CM the 30th, was easily suppressed, Naples and the Provinces were tranquil. It is confirmed that a published version of the Pope's recent allocution is a forgery.— The red document is mild, inoffensive, and principally dwelling on the tiials to which the church is subjected. The official Prussian Gazette announces that the Prince Regent assumes the reins. Qf government as King William the 5th. A Beilin letter says the excitement in all the States of the German confederation great ly resembles the agitation proceeding 1842. A Frankfort Journal asserts the early sot ting of the German Diet. A proposition will be made to call on the Cabinet at Turin for categorical explanations relative to a desire of tho government Gener al of Anconn, in which Trieste id described as an Italian town. Many bid -4 as r-wehtsire the argument* irhieJt irere vrgeJ ana falls pretty dead. Tho Committee of 3:) iribeJuilfofthe saeci'us ful candidate in the neither saved the Union nor their own repu rip rrtss. his is nil. Werethoir ownargti- Interminable debate s'ill proceed ments against lum more satisfactory to Irs I 10. supporters Of course they were not they P^n lle'on gptaks to-in rrow, al.s» Sherman. could not be. Does the Constitution, in Corw'n will probably letter or spirit, require or imply that the nr- Monday. The rumor of a fight between gum-nts of one party shall be satisf.ctorv to tlie other No that is impossible. AN hat i is the constitutional remedv for this inevita- 1°U3 canard. hie dissatisfaction Renewed debate and Mr. Adams unni'sta^a^° S!l construction and, secondly, that the stren gth of the vase in which the hopes of the iiation are held, consists chiefly in its re maining unbroken. Mr. Jefferson did not hesitate to say that States must be kept within their cor.stitution- States must be kept witlun their constitution- 1 ultimate rehearing in a subsequent election. Ji|s assent to tho majority report of the In regard to maintaining the Union iu its Committee of Thirty-Three, bccause South geographical intrgrty, Mr. Seward spoke in Congress, in the1 present case, ought not to be impassive. It ought, if it can, to. re- i Thc speech was eminently conciliatory all that could be said it oilers all the cnnces- Important reductions wefe made in f*r6r!ington. of Belgian coal and Iron. WAsniNfiTOJf, Jan. 16.—Col. Haync It is rumored that France may ask for called on the Pre ident last evening and was further indemnity from China. politely received. He stated, verbally and TELE G-RA-PHIO. From Washington. [Special ditpatcli to the Cinrinimtl Cn:nni4Nlal'l WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.-—Sickle's speech to-day was thc strongest Democratic mani­ ern 'an6U!l8c w en e I dread, as in u v inmost soul I abhor, ™d Hamilton unite on the Crittenden basis, civil war. I do pot know what the Union would be worth if saved by thc use of the thing else, making five reports in all. srord. Yet, for all this. I do notngree with o to be equally original, sovereign, and inde- I "1 pendent within its sphere. And the govern- i Niblack, English & Co., are now for him.— ment of the State can no more absolve the Thc Seeders are afraid of tho Northwest, people residing within its limits from allegi ance to the Union than the Government of the Union can absolve them from allegiance to the State. Thc Constitution of thc United Thc Monitor says financial events of for-j fully that the purpose of his mission was to eign countries influenced the French money [demand the unconditional withdrawal of the( i a i n a a n n e i s o e e e e u a i s o n a o S u e e s i e n liavo been offered for the 5,000,000,000 loan. They will be oflercd on Saturdaj\ The bulk of the loan probably be taken at 8 per cent. The President hasre-noniinatodMr. Doch orty, as consul at Constantinople. PROVISIONS.—Market quiet. Beef heavy pork dull bacon heavy and slightly declin ed lard and tallow quiet aagar and eoflee steady. The old King of Prussia, rendered crazy by strong drink and fast living, is dead. Prince Frederick WiUiain, his son, already acting sovereign, who is the husband of thc eldest daughter of Qu^n Victoria, and represented as a high-minded man, succeeds. Louis Napoleon has abolished the, piss port system, so far |t l$att, a* .the fenglish ar# concerned. Serfdom was abolished throughout the Russian Kmpire on the 1st of Jauunr^. Hungary is in an unsettled condition.— Several outbreaks, recently, aie reported- Wm. M. Evarts, H. J. Raymond of the Tines, D. D. Field, Horace Greeley, M. II. Grinnell, Ward Hunt and Gov. Morgan, are spoken of as candidates for Mr. Seward's place in the Senate. PERSONA1.. -We were favored the past week with calls from J. Teeidalc, Esq., of thc Stale Register, and Hon. John Edwards, of the Chariton Patriot. Union in these WIT IS ing federal property at all hazard's. market should be relieved from the pres It is that the disunionists did not of Massachusetts Washington, Jan. 18.—The question dis was whether m.or n„u.s no,„inatioa mount to all legislation of the States, wheth- he was a coercion^, his friends denying it of March. er made under thc Constitution, or by even and maintaining that it is his earnest desire In the deficiency bill, for appropriating their organic Convention. The Union can tQ preVont bloodshc''1, but to maintain thc $350,000 for carrying thc mails from Now be dissolved not by secession, with or with- jawsjJV evorv out artned force, but only by the voluntary *. ... ,• ,r ... consent of the people of the United States, i During the debate on the nomination Mr. hus anderbilt, was stri ck out, Mr. Latham collec ed in the manner prescribed by the Crittenden is said to have taken the ground insisting on the recognition of the scrvic3i Constitution of thc United States. that as Kentucky is now a Central State,! rendered by the Panama Railroad Com. a]1 th "e pro dress anv n*«l grievances of the olfen led °n the present union and form of govern-, ny. States, and then it ought to supply tlx Pecs- ment, she would never consent to its break- hlent trilh all the means necessary to main- ing un, and the formation of a Southern tain the,'Union in the full exhibition ami Confederacy of which discreet c.rerase. of its authority. Beyond State 0X!)0S 1 CuiCAf.o. Foreign lews this, with the proper activity on the part of 3uie,i.\p).siu ua.i 111, iMii„ir.s .HIIKISS-SJ thc Executive, the responsibility of saving ofsu -h a position. It is stated that he was I Every Vorcign Government represented the Union belongs to the people, and they much excite I during this portion of his re-: here, aro distinctly opposed to secession are abundantly competent to d'ischarg3 it. markSt nn e sion that the vast majority of the people will Prom,*c th s in ne permit any living man to propose, and it took the position that the Union must [•liocs the sentiments of twenty millions of! preserved at all hazards, either by peaceabl white "freemen that discontented persons must he kept within their spheres by "iin pul ion if tliev cannot be held bjr attraction." However passion may have succeeded the coercion of a State. The speech b.'ing un reason of the fanatics in the Slave States, exp cted, it created great sensation among who are precipitating their section into the i jjje Senators horrors of civil anjl senile war .vet tlureare ,'(we1', I means or force, and that fjrcc used ngainst rfat thousands of minds which it will reach, and cause them to pnu»e, ponder, nnd shudder Consul at Lyons. before taking the fatal plunge into the awn- Tlia Indian Office is in receipt of late intet ing, chasm of dissolution of the Union. ligence that 5000 Sioux are collected on a Lwrf, i pj-jttp^ an( PORTI.AND, Jim. IT.—ly the Canadian and stop all westward emigration. this afternoon, iijic brings i 13,000 in spe-1 The story about the psrsmal rencounter cic. i in executive session between Senators Wade Negotiations for a treaty of commerce be- and Benjamin, is a sheer fabrication. tween France and Belgium, had terminated i Gen. llarney has been challenged hy a satisfactorily, l*te officcr in thc army. Both are in Wash- clares that the report fhnt France was under heard him through, but then requested him hens laying all winter. Give them animal thi necessity of having recourse n new to submit it in writing when he would con- to supply the place of insects they fy his views, and hc has telegraphed this ther instructions, and these Southern Sena tors insist on South Carolina d,ing no act which will involve a collision. Senator Davis has dictated and forwarcfcd a letter to Governor Pickens, which Was Written by another senator, in which lie suppncau s mem 10 which would involve hostilities. f„, o i U tip* ffittidrasrs cmbers have generally retired, thus showing unwiilingnoss to compronds?. Love Nelson, Terry, Stout, and Burch, have 0lir Miyor those who. with a desire to avert that great ...... .... ., ,i Pertinent protesting against issuing arms to ca'anntv, advise a conventional or unopposed 1 1 o o separation, with a view to what they call a various ward volunteer association*, on ac recon^truction. It is enough for me, first, count of the political character of thc move that in this plan destruction goes before re-' has Written to the War De ment. Lieut tla.ll did opt leave with dispatches for Charleston, hut on a mere visit to his friends in New York. Lieut. Talbot left this morning with des- e nl sphere lv im|m'sion, iflliey could not lie l^jchcs fiir^Anil jrson. held thereby attraction. I fully adndt the D:ugas is a bad fix. His best friends originality, ihe sovereignty, and the inde- are dissatisfied. McClernand, Cox, Morris, pendence of the several States within their yj0g in and Adams arc against his tcmporiz-' sphere. Rut 1 hold thc Federal Government |. ,. ,ra ,« i n o i y i s e n e i e s V a n i n a fearing an avalanch of Union nrrn coming dotn. supplicates them to abandon anv nolicv getting up eggs. If ah she cats and lhe Cabinet has determined ngainst hoi-j dmg auy intercourse with any South Car- olinians ns .\nil.iKsailor.4. the dc facto irovcrnmcnt of South ,. ... ... to turn to eggs. If her boa v is all shrunk Carolina the aejacto go\ eminent ot boutli tarolina .. or any other seperate State seceding, it ..—. ... if embracing three or more States combin ed. Y: It is known in most reliable Republican circles that so far Messrs. Seward and liatea are the only gontlemen yet selected for Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet, and probably Mr. Wellf%j of Conn. The others will not be absolutely determined upon till the arr^*l hereof the President elect. June, 1 son, has been roccived here, praying Congress for relief, first, because Cobb refn scd to deliver the stock when called on sec ond, bccausc Cobb, while withholding their stock, was preaching disuni in, injuring the fcedit of the Government nnd depressing th« market value of the stocks: third, be came Prcdilent Buchnnan tol rated such conduct and fourth, beranse the months Corwin s report is printed tins mining, sure thus occasioned in view of the act au- iko Senat rs Wuda ai!(1 Grtva his first sp?ecli to-day is a ridicu- thorizing a new fame of t^ti million of tre* ury notes. j. three. o o 5 e i e & facto WxaillKOWn IT-—Although the free jVom cold air-holes that sir: is comforta• Republican Senators yesterday voted against WASIIISOTON, Jan. lit.—Secretary ITol|| transmitted to Congress to-rlay a statement*' from Col Craig, chief of the ordinance bure^1 au, which shows that early last year, by special direction of Secretary Floyd, he transferred 115,000 stand of arms from Springfield and Watervliet to arsenals in! -g Xorth Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, I Alabama and Louisiana. The larger nutn-1 her were Sprinlield mukets of the latest pattern. The remainder were muskets alter ed to percussion locks and rifles. Col. C. adds, the arms sent to South Carolina, Ala bama and Louisiana have since been seized by thc State authorities. ...... A petition signed by Lopfevood C9., wynne Washington, .Tan 17.—Tiie President1 to-da y s e n o e S e n a e e n o i n a i o n o Mr. Holt, for Secretary of War. It was considered in executira timlon. and from all accounts, the discussion was of an ex -iting charactcr. An elTort was made by It* oppon-nts to] refer it to thc committee on military af fairs, but this was strenuously at|d successfully resisted by tho motion of refi*« encc being defeat.*!, by a vote of 34 ngainpt 13. Tho objection to Holt, by his opponents, is, that in their opinion, he is a coorcionist, and this, some of them openly avow. Ilis confirmation is no.v considjred certain.— The matter is specially a-signcd f»r consi eration to morrow. The nomination of Mr. Mclntyre, as Col lector of Customs in thc neighborhood of Charleston, is still suspended in the commit tee on Commerce. It was incorrectly stated in the Senate re port that Mr. Latham, of California, moved the indefinite postponment of the Puci&c Railroad Bill. The motion was made by an other Senator. .. e *r ,p3rity possible and peaceable means, York to San Francisco the name of Corne- conSPqu?nt 1 she cd to a'l th- dangers and lo«soS fi seating his property in case of refusal. i the manner in which he »nd will make tlwir- public' the Southern men who defeated his Com-' the occasion occurs. wa*i "7 severe. 11c .1 ,,pJ pany an Pacific Mail Steamship Cornp*- 1|(,n- Mr- Alken»of bonth be?n t0 contribute $10,000 to the rev- would be a bor.lT govcnrninen', under threat of coa- Word has been forward.-d to Gen. Scott, fully organized, and ready to come on from c'^' 1 the lawless citizens of a government i.s not defence of the District and the Federal Cnp- threaten to take Ft. Kearney, nnd wipe out the white settlers, shortest notice, to as:st in itol. The commander of the company has communicated the proposition to Gen. Scott. The following the substance of the or ders transmitted to the com maiider of the steamship Brooklyn, previous to her recent trip: '•You are to procecd di:cct to Charleston Harbor, but not to go over the bar nor come to anchor, but lay under steam outside, the exKting stnt.' of affiiis ther1, and then return immediately to Hampton Ituads." Do You Want KffK* in Winter? Then give the manufacturers material-' to In i^° wor^ W. II. Ai & Kay, and other* subscri'jers to embroider. J. FH( IIF thc loan authorized by the act of tho 22d of ottumwa, them with, and n comfortable place to 'n- Let the egg less say what they wc sider it and communicate his reply. This ortch 'n summer, and then let th'.'in have a was all that occurred, and Col. Ilayne is per- war:n ^peak what we know, when WJ ns- s s c'c-» an(^ urgent solicitations of a large number Sravel^()r their grinding mill, and lime to of Southern Senators, I rndcntand "lake shells out of, and we will warrant the. have induced Col. Ilayne to modi- fact to Governor Pickens, and asked for fur- ^)rec^ an'ma^s k P'ump she has to keep constantly changing from standing on one foot to thc other to keep e i O o e e z i n s e o i s o o i n k auanuon any poney must be expended in keenino- un "•'"i''1"- it.wi.»« 0 DAGGETT & EDGEHLV, (SaceaaMMfcto VB "i stead law for free white men which will forever nettle e e y a s i e o k e e ll fectly in the dark as to what the reply will frozenwater, not snow, and a frequent taste be. He has been busily. engaged most of "f green food such as cabbage leaves, pota to-day in preparing tho document, but the ^ocs' iee to run into, with plenty of un- remember to supply some repay all the care and food, in nioa! eggs no matter what thc particular may be. Try it. A hell "without some kind of meat and gravel, and lime, compelled to cat snow for1 stnjie copies, Where copies are already water or go without, can not make eggs. If I. PoP the heat of her body, she lias rotlnng left 00 up It U rumored, and app»nnUr op« (M.1 «W to-: PIKE'S PEAK GOLD MINES! the South that while lie can never recognize. .... .. A VI\«J spent a!mo«t thewhoie of last season In liislng I ant or any other seperate State secedinp, it 7 now prepare'mo sen or casn, or trade ror produce, tne ooutn ttiat wlulc lie can never recognize. ,. 1 A I N .pent aimovt the whole of last se.-i Ponse "ie »l,ne ,n '. lcr in fiUcJ dwarf rrodut {ion ft copies, Paggvtt.) DEALERS IN A W A E U N O U E Y IROt, KAIIAIC'-AES, SASH, DOORS, BUNDS, Hubs, Sp'okofr, Folloeip, TIN PLATE, TINNERS' STOCk, (BO.XT St., OTT17IWA, IOWA. AGENTS FOR Manny'* Reaper »0'1 Mow«r, I.ittte Giant Corn and Cob Crurlier, Fairbank'g Scnlcs. WM. P.VUOETT. /. W. EDO January 1st, 1881—4S-lf4«-to^-lA. Thc Alabama Senators to-day, wcr3 r.oti* fled by telegraph, from the president of tbt Convention, not to leave their scats until they were further informed. The trouble is BE'TTS W^OODlATARD'Si jn thc refusal of the delegates from N#rth I Alabama, to sign tho ordinance, unless the time »r secession is postponed until tho 4th lishin^ a newspaper bevond two or a n s e s e o u n i s e s e y o n and thc other fixings named above, not fjr- getting the water, and make her quarters so anJ s the Crittenden Compromise, their chief ob- her natural occupation of manufacturing, jection was to that part which propos to eggs, much to her own satisfaction, and the divide the Territories which may hereafter profit of her owner. be acquired, but a measure of that character, confined to the present Territory, meets with some degree of favor by the Republicans in both branches of Crongress. l,e can't help giving attention to •JIKM—In tliis city, Dec., 17th, SA A A. daujrh ter of J. W. and Mary l,ewi«, agetl 7 years. Also, on the'2^d inst., JOHNT. son of the same parents, aged 18 I years. Now Advertisement,#*. IIAYDEX, T. II. BLBKV. HAYDEN & RUBEY, (9ucct:a.sori to II. K. IKunt & Co,,) W O E S A E O E S Anil Dealsrs in F««igi tad lomestie Win«s ud Liqna 1IOOP POLKS, for wrliivh Ui* liighect pricev will be paid In (AK11. For further particular!), enquire at the Pork Houae, CttoinwA, Iowa. UEO. (ilLLASPY k Co. Jan. 16, '61—4.V12-4* SEWING MACHINES. I.. A 4 «.VS W ATE I lll*llOVi:i DOt lll.K LOCK TKillT MJ Htlteh, H.irrtnted to (jive aa good »iitiffaclion aa the hi^hvKt priced machine In market. Under feed—Htraiiiht needle—seiri from common »pooli«, from-I to vjotitche* to ilie inch—U nicely fln ivheil, aud a ill ilitcU, heui, fell, tuck, (father, cord and Jaa-1«, Kill. r. NEW &30ID3 AND Low Prices* WirOLMALK & RGTAIU AT IKIV VOI O O I N -1 Of BBTTS WOODWARD. DVT XOITR Carolina, has WATS A CAP» Of KKiTS k WOODWARD. BVY YOl'B IfOOTS A Sliors Of I1ETTS & WOODWARD. BUT roiiu Si n fiHODS Of I'.KTTS it WOODWARD. BtTV YOl'B 821 HITS & GI.OVES Of liKTTJ & WOODWARD. SELL tOlU i lts To BETT8 A WOODWARD. Leave your Measure lora Now Su t, matiH* factured by BKTTS & WOODWARjfr.' Dlrcc-lly oiijiosite ttie Ottumva House, Ottuinvrn loH'H. Jan. 15, 'fil -45-I2-y 1801.""'- ritosi'F.c rus Ol 1'IIK BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. Tlio l:itlle lii-twrrn Slavery unit FriMMlorn lias bravely nn ascertain if the Star of the West has landed Government to full millions or dollars in »iina ally in time of peace, hrcau.=e the la.vinp of duties (O her troops countermand her O.ders, and Jiroiluce neeiled revenue will uHVirl inciileiitiil pfo order her, with the In Ili.mi.lnn tectlon to white lal.orinp mcn In the free States, go tro ops, to Hampton Roads, and also, give any information as to P'VIS i«wer to »i.» litjcii fought anil won. Alir.ilinm Lincoln ia l'rcti •lent elect. On the +th i»f March he will lie civorn to olliee, anil then the (invcrninvnt will ceaec to be for the i.eneiit of a section. No ptich mUvral»!e policy will prevail n« that of permitting th« snon as th popular revolution reaches the Senate and sa we are to have a UOIM- the ne^ro |ue«tlon and prevent the further extenrfWi of Slavery. In the mean tlroo we are to have an excttlnp session of Congress. Southern tire eaters ami disunioniils are yet to give iis« the finality of alt their threats. It yet remains to he seen whether Wise will muster the Virginia troops, and march npo'i the Capitol, or is for tin •. villi ool.l, »l,c h«S,i roam mi.l« for «n bones, her pride requiring advance payment. rent paper, or stamp* Claims, o«, Q,m, iz 01 nnw two or Bttb- Mile without further a lo ami save his neck. The year will, at any rate, be nn eventful one, fall ol interest. As heretofore, the proprietor of tU Journal will spare neither labor nor expense to make It a full and liiitlifal mirror of current events. I2 the matter of news, foreign and domestic, it will as here competition. The various eill will contain the very l*t(st news by mails and teie^rapl., reliable market report* from all important points by teiepraph, nnd a very fall puninnry of Iowa and Northwestern intelligence not found tn any other Journal. The various editionsM the paper are afforded at the following very low raMK TILK ILWLY HAWKEVK Is afforded at $0 per annum, $8 for six montba. Tiirtft copies will be sent, commcnciog at one time, to pogt-ofhoe, for I."1. T1IK SIMI-WFKKI.Y HAWKKVR This edition is believed to be the cheapest paper illr culated in Iowa. It is printed upon the same sitwt paper as the daily. £ach number contains an aver409 of twenty-three columns of closely printed matter. Single copies fi AO 8 4 80 5 1100 10 *)rJW, TIIB WKKKI.V IIAWKKVR on ofl, ,a st ftlT' P'ibiifhed in theJState, la lent to cuhscribern at Ihe following rate*: ient, 160 00 $ to one a,T,tress, 8 00 The experience of four years past has taught the proprietor of this paper that theonly safe way of pub- for cash in advance. The a w k e y e a s o w n a n o s e e a n e e n e I circulation ami influence throughout the state by ail who adhered to the oi.i system have been "snunred credit out." This Is my license Hemlt, risk. Address t\ WXIIAM, In c0V*' throuifh the i» omce, at iiuriing on. low*. Chance for Bargains! prospecting, jire-empting, ami pure /.w^, ""'l)r,-:v different lodet in the i,r«-,P!irr'1s,, for cash, or trade for pr mining districts, thereby saving time, trouble, and fl)r, v "dixc different iode« expense, 10 persons polntr out. in the spring, of pros- ,,, -Jjg I'ui furlUcr iufoi'iuution addre MAV, Ilurlinfrton, Iowjh' Or, apply in penion at the office of Cami Ivell A Me. Clares l.nmher Yar«l, Burlington, Iowa, Hhere tpMi* mens of (^iiartz from the different Lodes, with a com plete map of the mining district can be seen at anr time. January 2,1861—43-12-^in. THE PLACE TO BUV »IUK«, SIIIX.I.I S, Ac., IN A V.II^IBER YAI2US At XuMitffioti, 3ft. Pita sunt. Ft i rfie U Aatuttt OTTUMWA, WIIKllK will be found the largest stock ever of fered In the weM.and which willbesold lower thHii at anv point on the Missiskippl. AluothostA Shiuglesof our manufacture, full count, every Bhlngto Perfect. C. D. HAND CO. Oct.«T .i85#-n8S-11 tf THIS No. HI Main street, Uurlington, Iowa. 8'n Jat) 16, *#1 —43-12-Cm temher ls5S *t the Iowa Slate Fair in October, 1S60, over the Kureka Mill, and the first premium At evury Cauuty fair where exhibited. 1 i u A i i v OO,(«» NI'AVI.S 20,000 li SCARLETT'S EAGLE CORN AND COB MTT.T., PATKSTKD Jrsx 29, 1S5S. INIM, TOOK TIIR FIRST *RNEMI(JFCI at the Illinois State Fair In IS5» at the WUcW State Kairin 1H5^ at the t'nited States Fair, SEP* A. II. t'l'LVEK, Affcut* Jan. 9, *61—44-12-8nj For Ottumwa, Iowa*' OFFICE OF B0ARI OF PUPKItVTSOItS, OTTUMWA, Jan. 14, 1-.CI. BY Resolution of Iloard of Superv|ors the Cleric If "autborited to receive propoiialf until the 24MI day of February next, from persoas to move upon (lie Poor Kami, to perform the dutir» of Uireetor and Steward, inclusive," as required liy law, and to ''CM* tract with the lowest responsible and capHlile bidder." And in the same manner to employ a Physician MV' Poor Farm. Send in your bids, Healed. 45-12 8t HUGH BROWV, Clerki KTRAYDD. ^Itrayefl from the undersigiietl on the 2stb, W a large Red Cow, S years Id, tip of one hara' broken. Any oueleavitiK infoniiationaincerulng iMf at thi* office, 01 at the K. FWM, (A. M. K. R. Dep| .. .. will be liberally rewarded. Jan. 2, '61, 44 12 If. 0 1 chlae c. r. sxows

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